Parent Handbook 2019-2020 - Hayden Recreation Centre


Parent Handbook
The principal purpose of the Josiah Hayden Pre-School is to provide a supportive, developmentally age
appropriate, and positive first school experience.
The curriculum at the Josiah Hayden Pre-School is designed to not only meet the developmental needs of
each age group, but also challenge each student individually. Through monthly themes and daily
discussion topics, our students follow a curriculum that enhances their language and literacy skills, helps
to develop their math concepts, and encourages scientific exploration.
Our staff work with the students to encourage and support each student as they learn important self-help
skills and independence.
We believe that play is essential to a child’s whole development. Through the use of imagination,
creativity, and hands-on experiences, we can create a healthy and safe environment for children to have
the freedom to express themselves, explore, discover their immediate world, and have the opportunity to
build their self-confidence.
Overall, we strive to create a classroom environment that promotes an interest in learning, a strong sense
of community, a celebration of the diverse cultures that make our town unique, all while fostering each
child’s own independence. We focus on activities that support each child’s whole self- emotionally,
cognitively, socially, physically, and creatively and do this by providing our students a balance of
structured learning, free choice, and play.

About Us:
       We are licensed by the Department of Early Education and Care.

       Our program services children between the ages of 2.9 to Pre-Kindergarten in a mixed-age group

       Children are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis and all our children must have a current
        Hayden membership and a completed Pre-School registration.

 This program will not discriminate in providing services to children and their families on the
 basis of race, religion, cultural heritage, political beliefs, national origin, sexual orientation,
                                    disability, or marital status.

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                                 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
                                     LIZABETH C. FESTA

                 SIOBHAN ROBB                                         LAUREN ST. CYR

                                DIRECTOR OF PRE-SCHOOL
                                       LAURA TERILLI

Children’s Records

The registration forms filled out for each student contain areas of important information. All information
required by the Department of Early Education and Care must be provided by the parent/guardian upon
  All information on these sheets is strictly confidential. All children’s records are kept in folders in a
                                                locked closet.

These areas include:
   1. Child Information Sheet
           Gives background on the child’s physical and emotional well-being.
   2. Current Physical and Immunization List
           A written statement from a licensed health care practitioner within one month of
             admission that indicates that the child has had a complete physical examination
             within one year prior to admission.
   3. Lead Test
           A statement signed by a physician or an employee of a health care agency
             obtained within one month of admission stating that the child has been screened
             for lead poisoning
   4. Emergency Information Sheet
   5. Authorization for Treatment Form
           Give permission for emergency treatment to the Josiah Hayden Pre-School staff.
             This is taken with the child in the event of an emergency.
   6. Transportation Plan and Authorization of Release Form
           List of names and telephone numbers of all persons with whom the child may
             leave the program.
   7. Authorization for Automatic Payment
   8. Children with Disabilities Form
   9. Tooth Brushing Authorization
   10. Permission to Use On-Site Swimming Pool
Arrival and Departure Policy:
                          ATTENDANCE CALLS: 781-862-8480
       Parents MUST call the Hayden Centre prior to 9:00AM if your child will be absent
       If a child does not arrive within the designated arrival time and the staff has not been notified, the
        staff contact the parents
       Children must be signed into the program upon arrival

Arrival Time for:
REGULAR DROP OFF:                Monday through Friday                      9:00AM
AM ENRICHMENT:                   Monday through Friday                      8:00AM

       Each child must be signed out of the program upon departure
       The person designated to pick up the child(ren) are to come into the building
       In the event there is a change in any child’s departure plan, the JHPS Director MUST be notified
        in writing

Departure Time for:
HALF DAY:                        Monday through Friday                      12:00PM
FULL DAY:                        Monday through Friday                      3:00PM
PM ENRICHMENT:                   Monday through Friday                      4:30PM or 6:00PM

Authorized Pick-Up:               All children who will not be picked up by a parent or other authorized
consenting adult must have written permission on file at the time of their departure.

Late Pick Up:            Parents who are consistently late picking up their child(ren) will be charged a late
fee. Each late pick up will be documented by the JHPS Director and the parent/guardian will be asked to
initial their documentation. On your fourth time, you will be charged $1.00 for every minute you are late
which is to be paid for on that day. If a fifth time occurs, a meeting will be held between the
parent/guardians and the Child Care Director to decide if the Josiah Hayden Pre-School is the appropriate
program for your child.

Transportation Policy: It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to provide their own
transportation to and from the Pre-School for their child(ren). In order to ensure the safety of all our
students and families, we will not release children to any adult not authorized to do so. We must have
authorization in writing.
In the event of a medical emergency where a child’s health is in danger, we will call 911 to transport the
child to the nearest medical facility. Children will NOT ride in a staff member’s car.
The Josiah Hayden Pre-School does not take field trips that would require transportation.
Fee Schedule:
Tuition for the Josiah Hayden Pre-School is due on the first Friday of the previous month.
             Fee Schedule for the 2019-2020 School Year is as follows:

                                MONTH                 DUE DATE
                                October         September 13, 2019
                                November        October    4, 2019
                                December        November 1, 2019
                                January         December 6, 2019
                                February        January    3, 2020
                                March           February   7, 2020
                                April           March      6, 2020
                                May             April      3, 2020

*A $5.00 late fee will be charged for every week after the due date. If your child is still attending the
 program and the fee has not been paid, a written warning will be sent to the parent/guardian requesting
the delinquent fee to be paid within three (3) business days. If payment is not received or the Child Care
            Director has not been contacted, the child may be terminated from the program.

Cancellations (withdrawing your child completely):
Cancellations must be made in writing and given to the Child Care Director preceding the month
in which you wish to cancel. Cancellations can be done by email and sent to the Child Care
Director. A full month notice of cancellation must be made in writing for a full refund. The Child
Care Director will contact the family to confirm that the cancellation request was received.
Example: If you wish to cancel for the month of May, you must submit your cancellation to the
Child Care Director by April 1st. We do not offer mid-month cancellations.

Schedule Changes (any changes that do not include withdrawing child completely):
All schedule change requests must be submitted in writing at least ONE WEEK prior to the
desired change and given to the Child Care Director. Requests can be sent to the Child Care
Director. The Child Care Director will contact the family to confirm the start date of the
requested change if space is available.

Automatic Payment:
Families have an automatic payment option with your credit card. The fee will be charged to
your account on the first Friday of each month. Families must opt into this program by
completing the “Authorization for Automatic Credit Card Payments” form. Forms can be found
in the Parent Packet and on our website
Daily Schedule:
Morning Activities: Morning activities are centered around our monthly theme and will
include music, songs, art, stories, group discussions, structured curriculum, and time for free
choice play.
   9:00:         Arrival
   9:00-9:20: Free Choice & Learning Centers
      (Sensory, Science, Math, Pretend Play, and Fine Motor)
   9:20-9:30:     Clean up Time
   9:30-10:00: Morning Greeting and Circle Time
   10:00-10:30: Hand Washing & Snack Time
   10:30-11:00: Gross Motor Play
   11:00-11:45: Theme based curriculum
      (Language and literacy, math, and science exploration)
   11:45-12:00: Clean up Time
      (½ Day Kids: Closing Circle & Dismissal)
      (Full day: Hand Washing and Lunch)

Afternoon Activities:

   12:00-12:30: Lunch
   12:30-12:45: Toileting & Tooth brushing
      (Lunch Bunch Dismissal)
   12:45-1:45: Rest & Quiet activities
   1:45- 2:45: Learning Centers/ Gross Motor
   2:45:        Clean up Time
   3:00:        Closing Circle (Dismissal)
                                        What to Pack:
                           The Josiah Hayden Pre-School is NUT free.
    Please be sure to label everything your child brings to Pre-School. Children will be very active
 throughout the day, so we encourage children to wear clothing that they can move freely in and easily
                             manipulate. We also suggest closed toe shoes.

Half Day:
      Morning snack
      Water bottle
      Change of clothes in a bag with child’s name on it. (This may stay in his/her cubby)
      Diapers/pull-ups if necessary
      One Small comfort toy optional
Full Day:
      Morning snack
      Water bottle
      Non-perishable lunch
      Change of clothes with child’s name on it (This may stay in his/her cubby)
      Diapers/pull-ups is necessary
      Blanket for rest time/ one comfort toy optional
2019-2020 Pre-School Yearly Calendar
       First Day of School: Tuesday, September 3, 2019
         Last Day of School: Wednesday, June 3, 2020
       End of Year Celebration: Thursday, June 4, 2020
        The Josiah Hayden Pre-School will be closed on the following days:
   o   Monday, September 30, 2019: Rosh Hashanah
   o   Wednesday, October 9, 2019: Yom Kippur
   o   Monday, October 14, 2019: Columbus Day
   o   Monday, November 11, 2019: Veterans’ Day Observance
   o   Thursday, November 28, 2019: Thanksgiving
   o   Friday, November 29, 2019: Thanksgiving break
   o   Monday, December 23- Wednesday, January 1, 2019: Winter Break
   o   Monday, January 20, 2020: Martin Luther King Jr. Day
   o   Monday, February 17- Friday, February 21, 2020: February Vacation
   o   Friday, April 10, 2020: Good Friday
   o   Monday, April 20-Friday, April 24, 2020: April Vacation
   o   Monday, May 25, 2020: Memorial Day

Snow Cancellation Policy:
In the event of snow, please check our website, Facebook page, Instagram,
and/or the Lexington Public Schools website.
    If Lexington Public Schools are DELAYED due to weather, the Josiah Hayden Pre-
     School HALF DAY program and AM ENRICHMENT program will be closed.
    If Lexington Public Schools are DELAYED due to weather, the Josiah Hayden Pre-
     School FULL DAY program will also be delayed.
    If Lexington Public Schools close early or the Superintendent cancels activities due to
     weather, the Josiah Hayden Pre-School will close at 3:00pm. There will be no PM
     ENRICHMENT and parents will be contacted to pick up their children early.
    If Lexington Public Schools are CLOSED due to weather, the Josiah Hayden Pre-School
     will be closed.
Daily Care Policies:

    Diapering and Changing Procedure:
    Children should arrive to school in a clean, unsoiled diaper. Parents are asked to provide the
    appropriate size diapers/pull-ups for their child. The Pre-School staff will notify families if their
    supply is running low.

                    Children will be changed when needed.
                    Staff will wear gloves at all times
                    Supplies, including diapers, changes of clothes and gloves will be kept in each
                    The child will be brought to the changing station (located in each bathroom) which
                     will be covered by a disposable cover.
                    The diaper/ pull-up will be removed with care not to contaminate the surface.
                    The child will be wiped clean from front to back and with a fresh wipe each time.
                    The child will be cleaned and changed into dry clothing.
                    Diapers/pull-ups will be disposed of in a plastic bag and placed in a readily
                     accessible covered receptacle. The receptacle will be emptied and disinfected daily.
                    Soiled clothes will be placed in a plastic bag to go home at the end of the day.
                    Staff will help student wash his or her hands and will be brought back to the
                    Staff will remove and discard disposable cover in a closed container, sanitize the
                     diaper changing area and wash his/her hands.

We believe that toilet training varies from child to child. We encourage the use of the toilet at certain
times throughout the day (before going outside, after snack, before nap, etc.) and the child will be allowed
to use the bathroom at any time during the day upon request.
Accidents do happen and staff will assist the child in changing into the spare clothes provided in his/her
Hands are always washed after using the toilet.
We encourage you to discuss any concerns or issues you may have with us regarding your child’s toilet
training and ways that we can help to encourage consistency in the process. For example, we would love
to know if your child is being sent to school in underwear for the first time.
Your child does not need to be toilet trained to attend the Josiah Hayden Pre-School.

Rest Policy:
Children who are enrolled in the Josiah Hayden Pre-School’s full day program will participate in a
mandatory rest period each afternoon.
The Josiah Hayden Pre-School will provide a sleeping cot for each child that will be stored in the
classroom. We encourage families to send in a blanket from home to make their rest time more
Children who awaken early or who are choosing not to sleep will be provided with a quiet activity at this
Parent Communication:
                             We would love to hear from you!

      Communication between families and school is of great importance to the staff at the Josiah
     Hayden Pre-School. We strive to provide several avenues of communication between home and

Parental Visits:
Parents are encouraged to visit the program at any time with no notification to the staff required.
Parents who are visiting must realize that the staff’s first priority is to the children and, therefore, may
not have the time to spend with the visiting parent.
Parents and children are encouraged to visit the program and meet the staff before the child’s

Just Checking in:
Wondering how your child’s day is going? Please feel free to call the Centre at 781-862-8480 and ask
to speak with the Pre-School staff who would be happy to give you an update!

Parent/Teacher Conferences:
Parent conferences can be held at the request of the parent or Director. Such conferences will be held
if a problem or situation arises which may require additional attention that cannot be given during
regular program hours.
To schedule a conference, please contact the Pre-School Director at 781-862-8480 or

Newsletters, Calendars, Special Announcements:
Each month the Pre-School Director will be emailing a newsletter and calendar to families containing
important upcoming dates, reminders, and an overview of our theme and curriculum. Special
announcements and events will also be emailed home. Hard copies of these notices are available in
the classroom. Please be sure to leave the email address you would like to use for all announcements
with the Child Care Director or email

Parent – to – Parent Communication:
We would love our families to have the ability to connect with each other for play dates,
birthday parties, or get-togethers! If you would like to be part of our Parent-to-Parent email
list, please complete the form located in your parent packet or ask a Pre-School teacher for
more information.
These are suggested lunch menus if you send lunch to the Josiah Hayden Pre-School.

                2 oz. Roast Beef on Whole Grain Bread
                1 cup Raw Carrot Sticks
                8 oz. 2% Milk
                Total Calories = 498
                2 oz. Turkey on Whole Grain Bread
                1 cup Raw Cucumber Slices
                8 oz. 2% Milk
                Total Calories = 498
                2 oz. Tuna with Low Fat Mayonnaise on Whole Grain Bread
                1 cup Raw Broccoli / Cauliflower
                8 oz. 2% Milk
                Total Calories = 599
                2 tbsp. Cream Cheese and Jelly on Whole Grain Bread
                1 cup Celery and Carrot Sticks
                8 oz. 2% Milk
                Total Calories = 590
                8 oz. Plain Yogurt and Bagel
                Raw Red / Green Pepper
                1/2 cup Fruit Cup in Natural Juices
                3 Graham Squares
                1 oz. Cheese
                Total Calories = 540
Medication Policy
Medication Authorization:
     The Josiah Hayden Pre-School will not administer medication, whether prescription or
      non-prescription, to a child without parental authorization which indicates that the
      medication is for the specific child.
     The Josiah Hayden Pre-School will not administer any medication, prescription or non-
      prescription, without a written order from a physician. It must indicate that the medicine
      is for the specific child and specifies the dosage, number of times per day, and number of
      days the medication is to be administered.

         When leaving a medication, prescription or non-prescription, with the Child Care
                               Director it must be accompanied by:
          Hayden’s Authorization for Administering Medication Form
          A medication order form the child’s physician
          The medication must be in its original container with the prescription label and
            child’s name affixed to it
Storage and Records:
     Medication will be stored in its original container with the child’s name, the name of the
      drug, and the directions for its administration and storage. The Josiah Hayden Pre-
      School will not administer any medication contrary to the directions on the original
      container unless so authorized by a written order of the physician.
     A written record will be maintained by the Josiah Hayden Pre-School of the
      administration of any medication, prescription or non-prescription, to each child which
      includes the time and date of each administration, the dosage, the name of the staff
      member administering the medication and the name of the child. The completed
      medication record shall be made part of the child’s file.
     All medication will be stored out of the reach of children and under the proper condition
      for sanitation, preservation, security and safety. All unused medication shall be disposed
      of safely or returned to the parent.
Medication Administration:
     All medication shall be administered by a staff member or, upon written authorization of
      a parent, the child may be permitted to administer his/her own medication, under the
      supervision of a staff member.
     Josiah Hayden Pre-School will ensure that all staff members are aware of individual
      children who have allergies or possible emergency medication requirements (Epi’s,
     The Josiah Hayden Pre-School Staff will complete the EEC’s online medication
      administration training. He/she will review the training on an annual basis or as needed.
**All required Medication Administration Forms and Consent forms can be found on our
       website: or in the Josiah Hayden Pre-School classroom.
Emergency Healthcare Policy
Infection Control and Illness Exclusion Policy
 If your child is not feeling well, please keep him/her home. It is more comfortable for them and
safer for the other children if they stay home. We may ask for a note from your child’s healthcare
                provider in order for them to return to the program after an illness.

Medical Reasons to be Sent Home:
              Temperature of 100 degrees or higher
              Vomit once
              Diarrhea
              Uncontrollable and persistent cough
              Appearance of acute illness or complaint of severe pain
              Evidence of lice or eggs

Parents May NOT Send Child to the Josiah Hayden Pre-School if:
              Strep throat which has not yet been treated with an antibiotic for 24 hours
              Child has a rash or acute onset associated with fever or symptoms of illness
              Child has a temperature of 100 degrees or higher Child must be fever free
               WITHOUT MEDICATION for 24 hours to return to the program.
              Persistent vomiting or diarrhea
              Child has impetigo with less than 24 hours of treatment
              Child shows signs of lice or eggs
              Child has pin worms
              Child has conjunctivitis which has not been treated within 24 hours
              Child has hepatitis, mononucleosis, or any other contagious disease

Emergency Medical Transport:
If a child is ill or injured and requires medical attention, they will be transported to the nearest
hospital by ambulance or by a parent. Parents will always be contacted FIRST, with the
emergency contact being called only if parents are unavailable.

Contagious Disease:
If a child enrolled in the Josiah Hayden Pre-School program develops a contagious disease, all
families enrolled in JHPS will be notified.

Healthcare Policy:
Parents may request a copy of the Josiah Hayden Pre-School Healthcare Policy at any time.
Behavior Management: Child Guidance
The Josiah Hayden Pre-School will follow a discipline and guidance plan that will be consistent and
based on an understanding of the individual needs and development of the child. The Director and all
staff will direct discipline to the goal of maximizing the growth and development of the children and for
protecting the group and the individuals within it.
The Josiah Hayden Pre-School will use behavior management techniques such as:

               Setting reasonable and positive expectations for each child
               Offering choices to each child in an area that will help him/her to settle down and refocus
                on the activity at hand
               Provide children with an opportunity to verbalize their feelings and recount the situation
                in their own way which will help children to develop self-control through understanding
               All children, regardless of the problem, will be spoken to with a low voice. No loud
                voices will ever be allowed by any staff member

If a child needs time away from a situation, the child will first be redirected while the teacher works with
the child in order to encourage behavior change. If after several attempts at redirection the child does not
respond, the teacher may at that time choose to use a “time out” in which the teacher will pick a chair and
ask the child to sit for no more than one or two minutes to calm down.
The Josiah Hayden Pre-School will prohibit the following:

               Any type of physical hitting inflicted in any manner upon the body
               Any punishment which subjects a child to verbal abuse, ridicule, or humiliation
               Denial of food, rest, or bathroom facilities
               Punishment related to eating or not eating food or forced feeding
               Punishment for soiling or not using toilets
               No child will be forced to remain in soiled clothes, or forced to remain on the toilet
               Accommodations related to the toileting needs of any child shall not be considered an
                undue burden
Our belief is that through a consistent, well-articulated and respectful plan of discipline, children will
understand and accept the importance of considerate individual and group behavior. Teachers will set
clear limits, within which children may exercise choices. Teachers are encouraged to include children in
the process of developing school rules. Once clear expectations have been established, each case of
inappropriate behavior will be handled according to the severity of the situation and the program’s
knowledge of the individual child, their age, and the child’s ability to respond appropriately.
The following procedure will serve as a general guide, taking into consideration the specific situation and
ages of the children involved:

               Soothe any injured or unhappy child
               Encourage child to verbalize feelings and re-tell the situation
               Identify the problem/inappropriate behavior
               Explain how the behavior was inappropriate
               Redirect child to an appropriate behavior
               Make it clear what the consequences will be if the inappropriate behavior continues
1. The Josiah Hayden Pre-School (JHPS) shall monitor the environment daily to
   immediately remove or repair any hazard which may cause injury.

2. JHPS will not permit smoking in any area of our facility or outside grounds.

3. JHPS shall keep all toxic substances, poisonous plants, medications, sharp objects,
   matches, and other hazardous objects in a secured place out of the reach of children.

4. JHPS has procedures for injury prevention and management of medical emergencies. A
   first aid kit is kept in the director’s possession at all times and emergency numbers are
   also readily available.

5. An injury report for any incident, which required first aid or emergency care, shall be
   maintained in the child’s file.

       a. An injury report shall include, but not limited to: name of the child, date, time and
          location of the accident or injury, description of the injury and how it occurred,
          name(s) of witness(es), name of person(s) who administered first aid or medical
          care, and any first aid or medical care which may still be needed.
       b. JHPS shall maintain a central log or file of all injuries or mishaps, which occur
          during program hours and shall routinely monitor the safety record of the program
          to identify problem areas.

6. JHPS shall maintain a record of any unusual or serious incidents such as behavior-
   related incidents, accidents, property destruction, or emergencies. The Program
   Administrator shall review these reports on a regular basis.

7. JHPS shall inform parents immediately of any injury which requires emergency care
   beyond minor first aid and shall inform parents in writing of any first aid administered to
   their child within 24 hours of the incident.
Hayden Recreation Centre, Inc. ("HRC") is committed to protecting, to the best of its
ability, all children from abuse and neglect while they are in the care of HRC. Under
Massachusetts law. HRC is considered a mandated reporter for abuse and/or neglect of
children under the age of 18 years.


If any staff member has reasonable cause to believe that there has been an incidence of
child abuse or neglect, either at or away from HRC, they shall adhere to the following
procedures for reporting:

   1. All staff, including employees and volunteers, shall immediately verbally notify the
      Executive Director of any instances of known or suspected abuse and/or neglect and must
      document his or her observations including the child's name, date, time, child's injuries, child's
      behavior, and any other pertinent information.
   2. Massachusetts law requires mandated reporters to immediately make an oral report to the
      Department of Children and Families ("DCF"), 24 hour number: 1-800-792-5200 or Regional
      Office in Arlington, MA: 781-641-8500, when, in their professional capacity, they have
      reasonable cause to believe that a child under the age of 18 years is suffering from abuse
      and/or neglect. The Executive Director, or the staff member with the assistance of the
      Executive Director, will make a verbal report to DCF, to be followed by a required written
      report 51A within 48 hours. If a staff member feels that an incident should be reported to
      DCF, and the Executive Director disagrees, the staff member may report to DCF directly. The
      Executive Director shall maintain a copy of said report in the Executive Director's office at
      HRC. All information shall be kept confidential as circumstances permit.
   3. In addition to filing with the DCF, if the suspected incident involves HRC’s
      Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) program, the Executive
      Director will notify the EEC. Additionally the Executive Director may notify
      local law enforcement of any suspected abuse or neglect.
   4. All concerns of suspected abuse and/or neglect that are reported to DCF will be
      communicated to the parents/guardians by the Executive Director unless such a report is
      contra-indicated. The Executive Director will inform the parents/guardians that it is HCR's
      mandated duty to file a 51A report with DCF.
   5. HRC will cooperate to the best of its ability with DCF's and if applicable, EEC’s
   6. If a HRC staff member and/or volunteer is suspected of abuse or neglect, the staff/volunteer in
      question will be immediately suspended from the program pending the outcome of the DCF
      and if applicable the EEC and any further possible investigations. If the allegations of abuse
      and/or neglect are substantiated, it will be the decision of the Executive Director whether or
      not the staff/volunteer will be reinstated.

Under the Department of Children and Families regulations (110 CMR, section 2.00),
Abuse and Neglect are defined as follows:

Abuse: The non-accidental commission of any act by a caretaker upon a child under age 18
which causes, or creates a substantial risk of, physical or emotional injury; or an act by a
caretaker involving a child that constitutes a sexual offense under the laws of the
Commonwealth of Massachusetts; or any sexual contact between a caretaker and a child
under the care of that individual. This definition is not dependent upon location (i.e., abuse
can occur while the child is in an out-of-home or in-home setting).
Neglect: Failure by a caretaker, either deliberately or through negligence or inability, to
those actions necessary to provide a child with minimally adequate food, clothing, shelter,
medical care, supervision, emotional stability and growth, or other essential care; provided,
however, that such inability is not due solely to inadequate economic resources or solely to
the existence of a handicapping condition. This definition is not dependent upon location
(i.e., abuse can occur while the child is in an out-of-home or in-home setting).
Who is a caretaker?
A "caretaker" can be a child's parent, step-parent, guardian, or any household member
entrusted with the responsibility for a child's health or welfare. In addition, many other
people entrusted with the responsibility for a child's health or welfare, both in and out of
the child's home, regardless of age, is considered a caretaker. Examples may include:
relatives from outside the home, teachers or staff in a school setting, workers at an early
education, child care or after school program, a babysitter, foster parents, staff at a group
care facility, or persons charged with caring for children in any other comparable setting.
1. When a staff person notices any behavior that would require a referral to a parent, the
   staff person will notify the program’s director who will then notify the Recreation
   Director. The director and the staff will work together to best accommodate the child’s

2. A written record of the child’s behavior by the staff person’s observation will be done
   and reviewed with the director prior to making a referral to the parents.

3. Once the director feels a referral is necessary, it will be stated in writing to the parents
   with a date to meet and discuss the program’s concerns.

4. A current list of referral resources will be available to staff and parents at all times.

5. The parents must consent to the program’s referrals in writing before any referrals are

6. The Josiah Hayden Pre-School Program will maintain a written record of any and all
   referrals including any conferences held with parents and their results.

Josiah Hayden Pre-School                           Department of Early Education & Care
24 Lincoln St                                      360 Merrimack St. Building 9, Third Floor
Lexington, MA 02421                                Lawrence, MA 01853
781-862-8480                                       978-681-9684

Health Care Consultant
Dr. Nuria Gine-Nokes                               781-862-4110
57 Bedford St, Suite 100
Lexington, MA 02421

Lexington Police                                   911 /781- 862-1212
Lexington Fire                                     911 /781-862-0270
Lexington Ambulance                                911 /781-862-0270
Poison Information Center                          617-232-2120
Department of Children & Families Arlington, MA    781-641-8500
Department of Child & Families 24 hour Emergency   1-800-792-5200
Department of Early Education and Care             978-681-9684

Medical and Dental
Lexington Pediatrics                               781-862-4110
Lexington Dental Associates                        781-862-0550

Children’s Hospital, Boston                        617-355-6000
Emerson Hospital, Concord                          978-369-1400
Lahey Clinic, Burlington                           781-273-5100
Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston             617-726-2000
Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary                  617-523-7900
Lahey Clinic, Burlington                           781-7445100
Newton-Wellesley Hospital, Newton                  617-243-6000

AIDS                                               800-235-2331
Alcoholics Anonymous                               617-426-9444
Alanon/Alateen                                     800-425-2666
Battered Women (including shelter in Waltham)      781-899-8676
Wayside Beaverbrook Counseling Center              800-564-4010
Bridge Over Troubled Waters (troubled teens)       617-423-9575

Child Abuse Hotline                                800-792-5200
Alcohol Hotline                                    800-317-9038
Parental Stress                                    800-632-8188
Parents Anonymous                                  800-882-1260
Poison Control                                     800-682-9211
Rape Crisis Center                                 617-492-7273
Samaritans (24-hour suicide help)                  866-508-4357
Shelter for Runaways & Homeless Youth              800-579-0000

Educational Referral Services
Advocacy Associates (special needs consulting)     617-489-2745
Eastern Massachusetts Literacy Council             888-466-1313
Early Intervention                                 781-861-2580

If a child enrolled in the Josiah Hayden Pre-School program demonstrates behavior that is
considered inappropriate by a staff member, the behavior will be brought to the attention of the
Child Care Director. If the Child Care Director deems it necessary, or if the behavior continues,
the Child Care Director will notify the Program Administrator, the parents, and will file a report
regarding the behavior.
If the behavior continues the Director and/or Program Administrator will schedule a meeting
with the child’s parents/guardians. At this time, the Program Administrator and Director will
work with the parents/guardians to develop a plan in the attempts to modify the behavior. The
Director may also ask for permission to consult with other professionals working with the child.
This may include teachers, behavior specialists, therapists, or other professionals suggested by
the parents/guardians. Through consultation with both the parents/guardians and other
professionals we will develop a behavior plan with the intention of helping the child remain in
the Josiah Hayden Pre-School program. Together the parents/guardians and the Director and/or
Program Administrator will review the child’s behavior after an agreed upon duration of time.
If, after that predetermined time, the behavior has not been modified, a written warning of
termination will be given to the parents/guardians and the child may be terminated from the
The Josiah Hayden Pre-School program may offer referrals to the parents/guardians for services
that may include evaluation, therapeutic, and diagnostic services. A list of possible referrals is
included in this Parent Handbook.

Payments for enrollment in the Josiah Hayden Pre-School are due on a monthly basis. Payments
are due on the first Friday of the previous month. Failure to make payments on time may result
in the termination of the child from the program.

Late Pick-up
If parents/guardians are consistently late picking up their child at the end of the program day
their child may be terminated from the program.
Josiah Hayden Pre-School will hold practice evacuation drills with all groups of children and
staff at least every month. The drills will be held at different times of the program day. The
Josiah Hayden Pre-School will document the date, time, and effectiveness of each drill. Josiah
Hayden Pre-School will develop specific procedures to be followed for evacuation children with
The children leave the building through the appropriate access routes and meet at the field house
behind the Centre. Staff will take the roster and the children’s emergency numbers.
If the evacuation was not a drill and no one was allowed to enter the building, families or
emergency numbers would be called from the skating facility and the children would go home.
Loss of electricity or heat would also be cause to send the children home. If there was a loss of
water but the skating facility had water, we would remain open. If the skating facility was also
without water, the children would be sent home.
In the case of a natural disaster, we would go to the basement and/or listen to media reports and
alerts for information and instructions.

                              Emergency Evacuation
      WEIGHT ROOM: Exit through outside door and up outside stairs. Meet at the FIELD
      DANCE ROOM, HODDER LOBBY---Summer Camp Tricon: Exit through side
       double door entrance. Meet at the FIELD HOUSE.
      GYMNASIUM: Exit through brown doors. Meet at the FIELD HOUSE.
      HAYDEN AFTER-SCHOOL---Summer Art Room and Adventure Room:Enter hall,
       turn left and go down back stairs (stairwell # 2). Exit from rear of building. Meet at the
      PRE-SCHOOL AND STAFF KITCHEN: Exit through brown door and down back
       stairs (stairwell # 2). Meet at the FIELD HOUSE.
      EXECUTIVE OFFICES: Enter hall, go down back stairs (stairwell #2) and exit from
       rear of building. Meet at the FIELD HOUSE.
      SWIMMING POOL: Exit outside pool door (shallow end). Meet at the FIELD
      LOCKER ROOMS—Boys and Girl and Family: Enter hallway, turn right, and exit
       through main entrance through lobby. Meet at the FIELD HOUSE.
      MAIN LOBBY AND SNACK ROOM: Exit main entrance in front lobby. Meet at the
      AUDITORIUM: Exit through door at the right side of stage in auditorium. Meet at the
      ROUND ROOM: Exit through camp office door (double glass door). Meet at the
      POTTERY AND ART ROOM---Summer Spotlight Camp: Down main stairs
       (stairwell #4) and exit through main entrance in front lobby. Meet at the FIELD HOUSE.

In the event that we are required to leave the grounds and go to temporary location;
      Members and staff will walk down the side Hayden hill and enter the Ice Skating Facility.

      If it is safe to return to the Recreation Facility, we will do so. If not, parents/guardians
       will be routed to the Ice Facility for pick up.

In the event of a fire, natural disaster, intruder or other situation requiring evacuation of
the building;
     Students and teachers will evacuate the building following our emergency exit plan.
       Routes to follow are posted by each emergency exit.
     Exit through door by kitchenette, go down back stairs, and exit building through grey
                             Meet at Field House on Lower Green

      Exit through glass panel door (main entrance to classroom), enter Hodder Lobby (back
       lobby), exit building through double doors at right of building and turn right to back of
                               Meet at Field House on Lower Green

      Teachers will take first aid kit, daily attendance, class roster, and medical consent forms
       with them when exiting the building. Attendance will be taken to ensure that all students
       and teachers have left the facility.

In the event that we are required to leave the grounds and go to temporary location;
     Students and teachers will walk down the side Hayden hill and enter the Ice Skating
     Parents/guardians will be called from the Ice Skating Facility to notify them of the
     If it is safe to return to the classroom we will do so, if not, children will be dismissed
       from the Ice Skating Facility.

In case of a medical and/or injury event:

      Staff members who are certified in CPR and First Aid training will assess the situation
       and follow the protocol put forth by their American Red Cross training.
      All Hayden Recreation Centre staff members who work directly with children are CPR
       and First Aid certified.
      All building supervisors at the Recreation Centre are CPR and First Aid certified.
      Once the event is over, the responding staff member will complete an Accident Report
       and leave a copy in both the Facility Director’s and Executive Director’s mailbox.
      If the event resulted in calling 911 or involved emergency personnel, the building
       supervisor will call the Facility Director and/or the Executive Director.
Intruder in the Facility:
In the event that an intruder with the expectation of causing harm enters the building:
If possible an announcement to immediately evacuate the building due to an intruder will be
made over the public address system.
      Staff will lead children in the facility to the closest emergency exit. Staff and children
       should RUN out of and away from the facility.
      Aim to RUN to one of two Rally Points- Left up Lincoln Road to Temple Isaiah
                                                    Right to Worthen Road to St. Brigid

       In the event that you are unable to reach an exit:
      Staff will attempt to HIDE and help/ encourage children in the immediate area to HIDE.
      Staff will look to closets, classrooms, under desks, etc. to take shelter.
      If possible, lock door, turn off lights, silence cell phones and try to remain silent.
      Most rooms have magnet strips on the door jams that can be removed to lock the door.
      If possible move heavy objects, desks, chairs, bookshelves in front of room entrances

       If you have no other option:
      Fight as a last resort and only when your life is in imminent danger.
      If others are with you, work together as a group.
      Attempt to incapacitate the intruder
      Act with as much physical aggression as possible.
      Improvise weapons or throw items at the active shooter.

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