YEAR 7 2021 WELCOME GUIDE - Servite College

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YEAR 7 2021 WELCOME GUIDE - Servite College
YEAR 7 2021
YEAR 7 2021 WELCOME GUIDE - Servite College

        Welcome to the Class of 2026             P3

        Meet the Heads of Community at Servite   PP 4-5

        Important Dates for 2021                 P6

        College Contacts                         P7

        Medical Management                       P8

        2021 Booklist                            P8

        Student Lockers                          P9

        Mobile Phones                            P9

        Our Uniform                              P 10

        SEQTA Engage                             P 11

        Map of Campus                            PP 12-13

        iPads                                    PP 14-15

        Daily Procedure                          PP 16

        Times of Day                             P 17

        Transitioning to Secondary School        PP 18

        Community Domain                         P 19

        The Cafe and FlexiSchools                P 20

        Travelling to School                     P 21

        Learning Domain                          PP 22-23

        Parent Communication                     PP 24-25

        Ministry Domain                          P 26

        Timetable                                P 27

        Co-curricular Activities                 P 27

        Tips for Students and Parents            PP 28-29

        Study Habits and Getting Organised       PP 30-31

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YEAR 7 2021 WELCOME GUIDE - Servite College
                                                FROM THE PRINCIPAL

Welcome to the Class of 2026

We are stewards of the historic Servite        The curriculum is dynamic and evolving
tradition established by our Seven Holy        and has been created to generate lots
Founders in 1233, just outside of Florence,    of excitement as our Year 7 students
Italy. To this day, Servite College believes   discover new skills and become really
that it is a community of faith, where         involved in their learning.
we work and study not as individuals           We encourage great success but we
but as a safe and caring community.            also celebrate failure. We know that it is
We encourage our students to have the          in failing that we truly learn. It is also in
‘courage to lead’ and grow as people of        failure that we learn persistence and a
service in our community.                      growth mindset that forces us to focus
This is a really exciting time to be part of   and improve. We want to give your child
the Servite community as we embrace            time to become accustomed to their
and combine the virtual, pedagogical           new routines, environment and study
and physical spaces to create a learning       schedule and therefore have a formation
environment where every student                program that transitions them into
succeeds. We recognise that the spaces         secondary schooling.
in which our students, work, live and
                                               This program is literacy and numeracy
learn have a profound effect on how
                                               focused whilst including a STEM
they feel, behave and perform. We have
embarked on a dynamic building plan
                                               Maths) project that our students complete
that includes refurbishment of existing
                                               collaboratively. The program is designed
facilities and new buildings.
                                               to be fun whilst developing the skills
Transitioning from primary to secondary        necessary for your child to access the
schooling is a big step for both our new       Servite curriculum and thrive.
Year 7 students and their families. We
                                               Our lesson structure for Year 7s is based
understand that our students need skills
                                               on brain and educational research. Our
to navigate this new territory and that
                                               teachers understand that it is vital to
our Servite families need to understand
                                               awaken the brains of our Year 7s within
these skills so that they can support their
                                               the first few minutes of class.
child at home.
We have a dynamic learning                     We want you to feel assured that your
environment in Year 7, that is designed        child’s needs are safe in our hands as we
around our student’s natural curiosity         will strive to engage both their heart and
– we want to harness their bright eyes         head and give them new opportunities
and active brains as they begin their          and skills to discover all that they are
learning journey with us. We want your         created to be.
child to discover their own personal           I wish you every blessing as you become
learning trajectory. We encourage them         part of our learning community.
to discover a range of subjects so that
they can see what they are good at, what       Jeff Allen
they need to improve on, what they are         Principal
passionate about and what doesn’t suit
Next year your child will be given the
opportunity to learn languages, cooking,
textiles, media (including photography)
dance, drama, visual arts, music, robotics
and coding along with core subjects of
Religious Education, Science, English,
Maths, Humanities and Health and
Physical Education.
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YEAR 7 2021 WELCOME GUIDE - Servite College

        MR MARCUS ALLEN    Marcus.Allen@

        MR BRETT DAYMAN    Brett.Dayman@

        MR DEAN ROBINETT   Dean.Robinett@

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YEAR 7 2021 WELCOME GUIDE - Servite College
Rosemarie.McAuliffe@   MRS ROSE MCAULIFFE

Jill.Melbourne@        MRS JILL MELBOURNE

                        MR WAYNE WILKES
                                            |   5
YEAR 7 2021 WELCOME GUIDE - Servite College

        Term 1                                             WA Public Holidays

        1 February - 1 April 2021                          2021 Public Holidays
        For students in Year 7, 11 and 12 and all
        other new students                                 1 January       New Year’s Day
                                                           26 January      Australia Day
        2 February - 1 April 2021                          1 March		       Labour Day
        For students in Year 8, 9 and 10                   2 April		       Good Friday
                                                           5 April		       Easter Monday
        Monday 1 February 2021 is the first day of the     25 April		      Anzac Day
        school year for Year 7 students and all new
                                                           26 April		      Anzac Day Holiday
        students to the College.
                                                           7 June		        Western Australia Day
        Year 7, 11 and 12 students attend school for the
                                                           27 September Queen’s Birthday
        full day, from 8.40am to 3.20pm.
                                                           25 December     Christmas Day
        New Year 8, 9 and 10 students attend school
                                                           26 December     Boxing Day
        from 8.40am until Recess (10.50am - 11.10am)
                                                           27 December     Christmas Day Holiday
                                                           28 December     Boxing Day Holiday

        Term 2                                             Year 7 Formation Camp
                                                           24 - 26 February 2021
        19 April - 25 June 2021

        Term 3
        19 July - 24 September 2021

        Term 4
        11 October - 10 December 2021

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YEAR 7 2021 WELCOME GUIDE - Servite College

Key Contact              Details

Student Absentee         9208 0999
                         0477 700 714 (Text Line)

Student Reception        9208 0802

College Reception        9208 0900

ICT Helpdesk / Library   9208 0970

Uniform Shop             9208 0946

College Counsellor       Mr Steve Morrison
                         9208 0861

School Psychologist      Mrs Nadia Truong
                         9208 0951

                         9208 0806

Parents and Friends

                                    Dates correct at time of printing

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YEAR 7 2021 WELCOME GUIDE - Servite College

        The parents / guardians of students          Please contact Student Reception should
        with medical conditions are required         you wish to discuss your child’s Medical
        to provide the College with a Medical        Management Plan, or for ongoing
        Management Plan, and any medication          renewal of processes and procedures in
        prescribed on those plans.                   this regard:

        Medical Management Plans can be              Telephone: 9208 0802
        collected from Student Reception or
        requested from:

        Mrs Lisa De Domenico - Student Services

        2021 BOOKLIST

        Our College partners with an Australian      The Box of Books platform is available
        company, Box of Books. a world leader        to students in both an online and offline
        in the provision of physical and digital     reader platform, ensuring access to their
        education resources to support our           resources independent of location and
        learning programs for the 2021 school        on a variety of devices including tablets,
        year.                                        phones and laptops.

        Through Box of Books, Servite delivers       All our booklist resources are supplied
        better student ergonomics through            via Box of Books. Using the Box of Books
        reduced schoolbag weight, helps to           online store, families can easily order and
        support the environment through              arrange payment and delivery of both
        cutting down less trees for physical books   the physical and digital resources.
        while also providing a leading platform
        for enhanced education resources for         Specific details will be sent to families
        every student.                               directly with our 2021 booklist towards
                                                     the end of 2020.
        Our students have access to enhanced
        texts and publisher resources through
        our simple to use platforms that they will
        access using their school credentials.

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YEAR 7 2021 WELCOME GUIDE - Servite College

All students are allocated a locker for
them to secure their bags and other
school requirements.

All items should be clearly labelled with
their name and secured with the College
issued padlock.

Your child’s locker is their responsibility. It
is important that they are organised and
get into good habits early. Students must
always have their lock on their locker
and should never tell anyone their lock

Students must always lock away their
valuables (phone, wallet, etc).

Should your child have any trouble
with their locker or lock, or should they
need to purchase a replacement lock,
they need to visit Student Reception
to discuss this with their Head of


The College recognises that on occasion,          •   Students are not permitted to use
mobile phones may be useful / necessary               mobile phones during school time,
for students to bring to school for safety            unless permission is given by a
or communication reasons.                             teacher
                                                  •   Parents are requested to only contact
The College encourages responsible and
                                                      students via mobile telephone at
courteous use of mobile phones:
                                                      the conclusion of the school day. At
•   All phones are to be secured (locked              any other time in case of emergency,
    away) in student lockers during the               parents may telephone Student
    day                                               Reception on 9208 0802

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YEAR 7 2021 WELCOME GUIDE - Servite College

         The Uniform Shop is currently                New Student Uniform Fittings:
         accessible to Parents / Guardians via
         113 Stoneham St, by appointment only
                                                      •   12, 19 & 26 November (2pm-6pm)
         Regular Uniform Shop open hours are          •   14 & 15 December (9am-3pm)
         available on our website :
                                                      •   21 January (8am - 2pm)
                                                      •   22 January (12pm - 6pm)
         Special Opening Hours:                       •   23 January (9am - 3pm)

         Special hours are in place over the school   To book your appointment via
         holiday periods and are advertised in the    Trybooking, please visit the following link
         online iServi Newsletter.          

         Please contact our Uniform Shop
         Manager, Mrs Michelle Di Lanzo to
         discuss any uniform queries by phone         Additional Dates, no booking required:
         on 9208 0946 or via email to                    •   25 January (8am – 2pm)
                                                      •   27 January (12pm - 6pm)

         How to book a uniform fitting for a new      •   29 January (9am – 3pm)
         incoming student:
         Appointments for 2021 Year 7 students
         are available on dedicated dates for your

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What is SEQTA Engage?

SEQTA Engage is the Information              You can access SEQTA Engage from the
Service Utility used at Servite College to   Servite website :
organise and process information related
                                             •   Select Menu option of the upper right
to parents and their corresponding
                                                 hand corner of the screen. You will
information and events.
                                                 find SEQTA Engage under Portals
It is a very important function used by      •   Log in with your Username and
students, teachers and parents.                  Password

Each family will be provided with a
SEQTA Engage login and password at
the start of their child’s commencement
to the College.

                                                                                         |   11


                                                             P Parking

                                                             R   College Reception (Current temporary location)
         St Kieran Church
                                                            SR Student Reception (Current temporary location)
                            Tyler Street

          Parish Centre
                                                            AR Alexis Research Centre (ARC) Reception

           To Main
                                                 Cape Street
                                                                                                           Bus Zone
                               One Way Traffic

                                                                                    No parking between 7.30am - 9.00am and 3.00pm - 4.15pm

                                                                                                   Gate 1                                             Gate 2

                                                                                                            College Reception &
                                                                                                                       Student Reception
                                                                                                             R   SR



                                                     St Kieran Primary School
                                                                                                            Diversity Centre
                             Tyler Street

                                                                                                                       Alexis Research Centre

                                                                                                 Gate 5     P                  One Way Traffic
                                                                                                                                                       Gate 4

                                                                                Morgans Street
                                                                                  Entrance                                                  P
                                                 Morgans Street                                                  Restricted Parking Hours

                                                 Hector Street
12   |
y Street


                                                                                                                                To Wanneroo

                                                                                                                  Cape Street

                                                                                                Stoneham Street

                                         Bus Zone
                  No parking between 7.30am - 9.00am and 3.00pm - 4.15pm

                            Gate 3


                                                   Seven Holy Founders

                      St Juliana
                                                         Cafe                         Uniform


                                                         One Way Traffic

     P                                                          P

           Morgans Street
                                                                                                Stoneham Street
                                Myers Street


                                                                               Hector Street
                                                                                                                                              |   13
14   |
YEAR 7, 2021

All Year 7 students will be issued with an   IMPORTANT:
iPad to enhance their learning at Servite
College in 2021.                             Students must be accompanied by a
                                             parent or guardian when collecting their
iPads are to be collected from the Alexis    device as there will be a loan device
Research Centre during one of the below      agreement to be completed and signed
sessions prior to the commencement of        by the parent/guardian and the student.
the 2021 school year.

If you are unable to collect your iPad
during these dates, please email

 Wednesday 20 January 2021
 Session One                                 8.30am to 10.30am

 Session Two                                 2.30pm to 4.30pm

 Session Three                               5.30pm to 7.00pm

 Thursday 21 January 2021
 Session One                                 8.30am to 10.30am

  Session Two                                2.30pm to 4.30pm

 Session Three                               5.30pm to 7.00pm
                                                                                        |   15

         What happens in Homeroom?                       What do I do if my child needs to leave
                                                         school early?
         Homeroom is the first class of each day
         and takes 15 minutes. Homeroom is               If your child needs to be collected prior
         important as it is a time for students to       to 3.20pm, families need to notify the
         meet with their Homeroom Teacher who            College in the morning, by sending a text
         will take attendance, check uniforms and        (0477 700 714); calling Student Reception
         read the daily notices.                         (9208 0802), or by emailing:
         Homeroom is an opportunity for
         students to build positive relationships        Kindly advise of the reason for early
         and develop teamwork skills as students         departure and if student will be picked
         are involved in a range of activities           up by anyone other than their parent
         including circles, brain breaks and games       / guardian, the College will require
         that not only build connections but             notification of these details in advance.
         activate the brain so that students are
                                                         This will allow your child to leave the
         ‘learning ready’.
                                                         classroom and make their way to
                                                         Student Reception at the prearranged
         What do I do if my child will be absent         time.
         from school?                                    Families are currently required to remain
         If your child will be absent from school,       in their vehicle when picking up their
         please notify the College before 9.00am         children. On arrival at the College, please
         by sending a text to 0477 700 714; calling      phone Student Reception on 9208 0802
         the Student Absentee Line on 9208 0999,         and students will sign out and exit the
         or by emailing:                                 College on Cape Street.

                                                         Leaving Materials at Student Reception
         What do I do if my child will be late to
                                                         for Students to collect?
                                                         Students occasionally forget materials
         If your child will be late arriving at school
                                                         they need for school and ask their
         for any reason, please notify the College
                                                         parents to drop these off at the College
         by sending a text to 0477 700 714; calling
                                                         for them.
         the Student Absentee Line 9208 0999, or
         by emailing studentreception@servite.
                                                         On such occasions, parents are permitted by 9am. When your child
                                                         to leave the item at Student Reception,
         arrives at school, they must sign in at
                                                         who will send an email to the student to
         Student Reception before going to their
         next class.
                                                         It is the student’s responsibility to collect
         What do I do if I need to attend a              the item from Student Reception, as it
         meeting at the College during school            will not be delivered personally to the
         hours?                                          student.

         All parents / guardians are required
         to enter via the Cape Street gate and
         must sign in at Reception. Parents are
         to remain in Reception until they are
         directed further by a staff member.
         Kindly maintain the recommended social
         distancing practises where possible and
         adhere to non-contact greetings.

16   |

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday          Wednesday / 7 Session Day
8.45am       Homeroom                      8.45am      Homeroom
8.55am       Change bell                   8.55am      Change bell
9.00am       Period 1                      9.00am      PCP/ Assembly
9.55am		     Period 2                      9.45am      Period 1
10.50am      Recess                        10.30am     Period 2
11.10am		             End of Recess Bell   11.15am		   Recess
11.15am		    Period 3                      11.35am     End of Recess Bell
12.10pm      Period 4                      11.40am     Period 3
1.00pm       Lunch                         12.25pm     Period 4
1.35pm		     End of Lunch bell             1.10pm		    Lunch
1.40pm		              Period 5             1.45pm		    End of Lunch bell
2.30pm       Period 6                      1.50pm		    Period 5
3.20pm       Bus                           2.35pm      Period 6
                                           3.20pm      Bus

                                                                            |   17

         What happens on the first day?                After recess, Year 7, 11 and 12 students
                                                       will follow a modified timetable to allow
         For Years 7, 11 and 12 students, the first
                                                       students to meet their subject teachers
         day is a full day from 8.40am to 3.20pm.
                                                       and to begin to find their way around the
         For Year 8, 9 and 10 students, the first
         day is from 8.40am to Recess (10.40am-

         All students are to wear their College        Are parents involved in the first day?
         Summer Uniform. Students will not need
                                                       Pop Up Coffee Bar
         all of their books, but basic stationery is
                                                       8.00am Monday 1 February 2021
         New students will begin their first day by
         meeting in the College Auditorium, then       From 8.00am on Monday 1 February, all
         spend the rest of the morning with their      parents of newly commencing students
         Homeroom Teacher and Student Leaders          are warmly invited to our Pop Up Coffee
         where they will be given timetables,          Bar at St Juliana Square.
         Student Diaries and allocated lockers etc.

         All students are allocated a Year 11 Buddy
         who assists them in their transition to the

18   |

What is the Pastoral Care system at            The program is integrated into the
Servite?                                       curriculum and is presented in a
                                               developmentally, age-appropriate
Pastoral care at Servite is based on
                                               manner and delivered within the
a deep respect for the dignity and
                                               teachings of our Catholic identity.
uniqueness of the individual person as
we are all made in the image of God
                                               What is the role of the Homeroom
(Genesis 1:27). Our program is based on
positive psychology research promoting
a proactive approach to student                The Homeroom Teacher has the most
wellbeing, the valuing safe communities        important role in our Priory system. They
curriculum whilst embedding the                are responsible for creating a safe and
principals of the Berry Street Education       happy environment where each student
model.                                         is personally known and valued and feels
                                               an integral part of the College.
At Servite, all students and staff belong to
one of six Priories – Annunziata, Senario,     The Homeroom Teacher is a mentor
San Clemente, Saint Mary, Our Lady of          for each student and is responsible for
Sorrows and Saint Anthony. Each Priory         positively interacting with students
contains seven Homerooms.                      so that they are learning ready. Other
                                               responsibilties include taking attendance,
The Pastoral Care system at Servite is         checking uniforms, processing student
vertical, which means that Homerooms           reports and assisting students with their
are made up of students from all year          studies. The Homeroom Teacher is your
levels. Your child will have regular           first point of call for any questions or
opportunities to interact with students        concerns regarding your child.
from a variety of year groups. Students
remain in the same Homeroom, with the          What is the role of the Head of
same Homeroom Teacher, throughout              Community?
their time at the College.
                                               Each Priory is guided by a Head of
                                               Community (HOC) responsible for the
To enhance student wellbeing our
                                               overall wellbeing of the students, and
Pastoral Care Programs are delivered
                                               support of the Homeroom Teachers
in Year Groups. In 2021 Pastoral Care
                                               within that Priory. They have the role
will be on Wednesday morning and will
                                               of liaising with parents, Homeroom
address issues relevant to the particular
                                               Teachers and Heads of Learning Areas in
age group. Students wear their Priory
                                               tracking student progress and resolving
Uniform on this day.
                                               pastoral issues. Heads of Community are
                                               responsible for organising Priory activities,
What is the Keeping Safe: Child
                                               year level activities and whole school
Protection Curriculum (KS:CPC)?
                                               events, as well as the selection of Student
The Keeping Safe: Child Protection             Leaders who will work with them to
Curriculum is an evidence based,               ensure the smooth running of their Priory.
best practice program developed
collaboratively with child protection
experts, teachers, educational leaders
and other professionals. The program
aims to empower students with the
understanding that they have the right
to be safe and teaches lifelong skills that
will help them to be safe by talking to
people they trust.

                                                                                               |   19

         Servite Café Cashless Card Payment
         Option – Flexischools
         For the convenience of the Servite           During the registration process you
         community, the College offers an             might be asked to provide your child’s
         alternative payment method for               StudentID. This is located on their
         purchases at the Servite Café –              SmartRider as the Student Number.
         Flexischools. Please note that the Servite
         Café does still accept cash payments.        To register, go to
                                                      For assistance, please call 1300 361 769
         The Flexischools cashless card system        or contact or
         links a student’s existing StudentID/        as your first point of contact. Your Child’s
         SmartRider card to a pre-loaded account,     ID number has been associated with the
         giving students the ability to make          other email and will need to be moved to
         purchases without cash. Flexischools         your new email address.
         will send you a confirmation email with
         instructions to setup your account. If       Any further issues, please contact
         you do not wish to use the Flexischools
         system, do not set up an account.
                                                      When can my child use the Café?
         The Flexischools system allows you
         to limit the daily spend per child and       The Cafe opens every day for breakfast
         includes an automatic top-up option so       before school, Recess and Lunch.
         they never go without access to funds.       Students may not visit the Cafe at any
         Students will be able to use the barcode     other times.
         on their Student ID/SmartRider cards to
         access to make purchases. Please note
         that the funds you add to the SmartRider
         for TransPerth or Horizons West are
         separate to the funds you add to the
         Flexischools system.

20   |

What time does my child need to arrive      Which Transperth services are
at school every day?                        available?
All students must arrive at school by       Transperth train services are accessible at
8.40am, ready to begin Homeroom at          Glendalough and Stirling train stations,
8.45am. Students are expected to have       and a list of Transperth bus services
been to their lockers and to be organised   accessible to Servite students is available
for their first two periods by the time     at the following link:
they arrive at Homeroom.
                                            Please use the Transperth Journey
Where can I drop off and pick up my
                                            Planner for detailed information on times
                                            and routes. Returning buses depart from
The drop off and pick up zone is located    the bus stops at the front of the school
in the car park on the eastern end of       along Cape Street.
the College, and can be accessed via
Morgans Street, as indicated on this
map. The car parks on the College side      A SmartRider is the electronic ticketing
of Cape Street are bus zones before         system available to everyone who uses
and after school, so pick and set down      Transperth trains, buses or ferries.
is not available in these areas during
                                            Servite College has negotiated with
these times. Child safety, courtesy and
                                            the Public Transport Authority to issue
patience, needs to be observed at all
                                            SmartRider cards (free for initial card).
                                            The information released to the PTA is
                                            a student photo, student name, date of
Does the College have bus services?
                                            birth, address and student number.
Yes. The College offers two private bus
                                            The PTA must comply with the privacy
routes, run by Horizons West The routes
                                            requirements for the public sector and
can be accessed on the College website
                                            will only be issuing the information
at the following link:
                                            provided by the College for the issuance      of a Student SmartRider concession card.
Students travelling on the above routes,    SmartRider cards are arranged by the
tag on and tag off the bus with their       College and issued within the first few
SmartRider card. Parents prepay online      weeks of school to all Year 7 students.
with a minimum of $20, into an account      If the card is lost, a new card can be
linked to the students’ SmartRider card.    ordered through Student Reception
Money deposited for the Horizons West       upon payment of $5.00.
Bus cannot be used for Transperth buses
                                            Should you have any queries, please
or the College Cafe. Each account is
                                            contact Servite College Student
                                            Reception or the Transperth lnfoline on
Any student in the College who intends      13 62 13.
to use either one of these private buses
                                            Can my child ride to school?
must be registered. To do this, the
student must bring his/her SmartRider       Yes. Bike racks are available on the
card to the College Library to have the     College Campus. It is the responsibility
card scanned and added to our register.     of your child to ensure that their bike
                                            is secured with a chain or lock, as the
You will also now have the opportunity
                                            College cannot take responsibility for
to download an App and see in real time
                                            damaged or stolen bikes. Helmets must
the location of the Bus.
                                            be worn by students travelling to and
                                            from the College.

                                                                                          |   21

         Servite College is a dynamic community.     Servite delivers an integrated
         As we learn, we acquire and develop         curriculum, challenging the creativity,
         memories and behaviors, including           initiative and ability of each student.
         skills, knowledge, understanding,
                                                     Our curriculum is attentive to the current
         values and wisdom. Learning is the
                                                     and future needs of the individual in
         goal of education and the product of
                                                     this century and how each student best
         experience. Learning is a process.
                                                     learns. We encourage all to work to the
         Servite has adopted an inquiry approach     best of their ability, by aiming to provide
         to holistic learning that deepens           authentic, relevant and dynamic learning
         understanding and builds on knowledge       opportunities that are formed around an
         through local and global contexts.          intercultural awareness, holistic learning
                                                     and effective means of communication.
         At Servite we
                                                     Students are shown that learning
         •   Develop skills in thinking and other
                                                     takes place at school and at home in
             key approaches to learning
                                                     partnership with teachers, their families
         •   Design learning opportunities where     and themselves. Servite develops
             all students can experience success –   partnerships with the wider community
             personalised learning                   to enable the sharing of resources and
         •   Use various approaches to learning      facilitate community based learning and
             and contemporary tools that support     growth.
             the creation, use and transference of
         •   Reflect and evaluate to promote
             a critical awareness of one’s own
         •   Articulate high expectations that
             when implemented will lead to
             optimum student outcomes
         •   Plan for purposeful teaching
         •   Target professional learning for
             teachers that focuses on developing
             the core attributes and capacities of
             an effective teacher

22   |
When our students come to us in Year            We see our Year 7 students as natural
7, bright eyed and excited about the            inquirers, seeking answers and
beginning of their learning journey at          knowledge as we foster their curiosity
Servite, we tap into our students natural       in a dynamic learning environment that
curiousity. We are conscious of providing       meets their personal needs.
a transition to secondary school that
encourages each individual to discover
their own personal learning trajectory.         How much homework should my child
We want our students to experience a            be doing?
range of subjects so that they can see
                                                We focus on study techniques in Term 1
what they are good at, identify their
                                                as this is an important skill that our
areas for growth and develop interests
                                                students need to master. In Term 2
they are passionate about.
                                                homework will be introduced with
                                                students taught how to create a study/
Core subjects                                   homework timetable. There are lots of
•  English                                      good tips about study habits on page 26.
•  Health and Physical Education
                                                What should I do if my child has
•  Humanities                                   difficulty with a subject?
•  Maths
                                                If your child has difficulty with a subject,
•  Religious Education                          contact the subject teacher via email.
•   Science
                                                All staff email addresses follow the same
Elective subjects
•   Technologies (Robotics, Coding,
    Textiles, Food and Woodwork)                Alternatively, please call College
•   Performing Arts (Dance, Drama)              Reception on 9208 0900
•   The Arts (Media, Art, Music)
•   Languages (Indonesian and Italian)

We want our Year 7 students to build
their capacity for research skills,
time management, study strategies
and working collaboratively and
independently as this skill set is
important right throughout their
secondary schooling. We encourage our
students to learn from their successes
and their failures as we see this as a
first attempt in learning. It is, after all,
in failing that we truly learn, it is also in
failure that we learn persistence and
develop a growth mindset that forces us
to grow and learn.

   Year 7           Year 8             Year 9          Year 10           Year 11         Year 12
I Discover          I Seek          I Become          I Choose           I Lead           I Am

                                                                                                   |   23

         Who do I contact if I have any                          There are three main people you should
         questions?                                              contact, depending on your question:
         If you have concerns regarding your                     •   Your child’s Homeroom Teacher –
         child at any stage of their schooling,                      questions relating to Pastoral Care
         it is best to inform the school so that
                                                                 •   Your child’s Subject Teacher –
         we are able to support where possible.
                                                                     questions relating to the child’s
         Whether the concern relates to your
         child’s academic progress, behaviour or
         emotional well-being, there are different               •   College Reception – administrative
         people whom you can approach at the                         questions
         school. If the concern is related to your
         child’s academic progress in a particular
                                                                 What is the best way to contact a
         subject, you may discuss your concerns
         with the Subject Teacher. Other people
         who you can discuss your concerns with                  Email is the easiest way to contact your
         are your child’s Homeroom Teacher,                      child’s teachers. All Servite staff email
         Head of Community, Deputy Principal                     addresses follow the same format:
         and Vice Principal. Servite also has a        
         College Counsellor who is able to offer                 Alternatively, please call College
         support in a number of areas.                           Reception on 9208 0900
                      College Counsellor / School Psychologist

24   |
|   25

         A Faith Community                           Liturgy and Retreats
         At Servite, students from a variety of      Our community celebrates its
         cultures and religions are united in a      faith through various liturgies and
         common journey of formation as young        participation in retreats. These events
         adults. Our students and families place     are rich opportunities for all our students
         a strong importance on core values and      to come together and reflect, share
         a holistic education as the foundation      and celebrate who we are as a catholic
         for personal growth. As a community         community. Throughout the year
         we integrate faith, life and culture        opportunities also exist for our students
         throughout our daily life. We seek to       families to join us in these celebrations.
         embrace opportunities for personal and
         social transformation in all our students
         as they learn to respond to our Servite
         calling to serve others and make a
         positive impact on the world.

         Christian Service Learning
         Christian Service Learning forms
         part of our school curriculum. It is an
         educational activity that contributes to
         the development of our students as just,
         compassionate and courageous young
         people. All our students participate in a
         variety of activities each year.
         Our Christian Service Learning program
         goes beyond giving, encouraging our
         students to encountering others, learn
         about the dignity and needs of others
         and about God reaching out to and
         through each person.
         Details of our Christian Service Learning
         program are available at:

26   |

The following outlines an example timetable. It is to give you an idea of what your
child’s timetable will look like when they start at Servite.

Students will receive their own timetable on the first day. It will look similar to this: but
will be personalised with their own teachers, rooms and subjects.

         Last Name, First Name
         2 Feb 2020

                Monday                      Tuesday                     Wednesday                   Thursday                    Friday
          HR    OLS3 Homeroom Our           OLS3 Homeroom Our           OLS3 Homeroom Our           OLS3 Homeroom Our           OLS3 Homeroom Our
                Lady of Sorrows             Lady of Sorrows             Lady of Sorrows             Lady of Sorrows             Lady of Sorrows
                SH03 Ms Patrina Howells     SH03 Ms Patrina Howells     SH03 Ms Patrina Howells     SH03 Ms Patrina Howells     SH03 Ms Patrina Howells

          PCP                                                           07PCP2 Pastoral Care
                                                                        AL02 Ms Alexa Pagnoni

          P1    07TDE3 Technology           07PE3 Physical              07REL3 Religion             07ENG5 English              07SCI1 Science
                Design                      Educaon                    SH09 (was AL04) Mrs Jill    SH13 (was AL05) Mrs Susan   SA11 Mr Ericius Tan
                MO06 Mr Patrick McHale      GYM1 Ms Viktoria Marevic    Melbourne                   Srling

          P2    07HUM3 Humanies            07MATG4                     07ENG5 English              07ITA2 Italian              07HUM3 Humanies
                SH13 (was AL04) Mrs Maria   Mathemacs General          SH14 (was AL05) Mrs Susan   AL18 Ms Gabriella           SH12 (was AL04) Mrs Maria
                McGovern                    SH03 Mrs Kim Walker         Srling                     Townsend                    McGovern

          P3    07MATG4                     07REL3 Religion             07MATG4                     07HEA3 Health               07REL3 Religion
                Mathemacs General          SH10 (was AL04) Mrs Jill    Mathemacs General          Educaon                    AL09 (was AL04) Mrs Jill
                SH03 Mrs Kim Walker         Melbourne                   SH03 Mrs Kim Walker         SA06 (was AL04) Ms          Melbourne
                                                                                                    Viktoria Marevic

          P4    07ENG5 English              07SCI1 Science              07MATG4                     07SCI1 Science              07ENG5 English
                AL14 (was AL05) Mrs Susan   SA11 Mr Ericius Tan         Mathemacs General          SA11 Mr Ericius Tan         AL14 (was AL05) Mrs Susan
                Srling                                                 SH03 Mrs Kim Walker                                     Srling

          P5    07SCI1 Science              07ENG5 English              07HUM3 Humanies            07HUM3 Humanies            07TDE3 Technology
                SA11 Mr Ericius Tan         AL08 (was AL05) Mrs Susan   SH13 (was AL04) Mrs Maria   SH13 (was AL04) Mrs Maria   Design
                                            Srling                     McGovern                    McGovern                    MO06 Mr Patrick McHale

          P6    07PE3 Physical              07ITA2 Italian              07TDE3 Technology           07TDE3 Technology           07MATG4
                Educaon                    AL18 Ms Gabriella           Design                      Design                      Mathemacs General
                GYM Ms Viktoria Marevic     Townsend                    MO02 Ms Claire Howard       MO02 Ms Claire Howard       SH03 Mrs Kim Walker


Co-curricular activities offered?                                                Alternatively, students can contact the
                                                                                 staff member in charge of the extra-
We offer a wide range of academic,
                                                                                 curricular activity for more information
sporting, creative and spiritual co-
curricular activities. Programs include                                          What is NAS and how can my child get
inter-school sports, our music program,                                          involved?
drama and dance productions, a range
                                                                                 The Northern Associated Schools (NAS)
of national and international trips, and
                                                                                 inter-school sports competition is
social events for year groups such as the
                                                                                 organised by the AssociatedStudentCatholic
River Cruise, Dinner Dance and Ball.                                                                                         Page 1
                                                                                 Colleges (ACC). Through NAS,         Servite
                                                                                                           Printed October 29, 2020

How can my child get involved?                                                   College competes with 4 other schools
                                                                                 in our district – Newman College, John
Once the school year begins, sign-ups
                                                                                 XXIII College, Sacred Heart College and
for various co-curricular activities will
                                                                                 Chisholm College. The competition is
be advertised in the daily notices. It will
                                                                                 only for Term 1 and Term 2, with different
typically involve attending a meeting
                                                                                 year levels competing on different days
during Break time to receive information,
                                                                                 of the week. Your child can get involved
ask any questions and sign up.
                                                                                 in NAS by attending the trials which are
                                                                                 held early in each term.
                                                                                                                                                            |   27
28   |

The first day of Secondary School is a very exciting time for Year 7 students and
equally exciting for older students joining from other schools. The following tips
should help to make your first day, week, term and year at Servite go smoothly.

•       Get organised and make sure that you have everything ready that you need to
        start school
•       Make sure that you know how you are getting to school and work out what time
        you need to wake up so that you are ready in time
•       If you are not sure of something, make sure you ask someone. You may talk to your
        parents, teachers, friends or your Head of Community
•       Remember, on the first day you are not expected to know how everything works
        or where to find everything - the other newsly commencing students are probably
        unsure as well
•       Catch up with friends who you know are going to Servite College over the
        Christmas holidays if possible and talk to them about going to high school
•       You could also organise to go to school with a friend on the first day so you can
        help each other find your way around
•       Most importantly, have fun!


    Moving to a new school can be challenging for some students. While it is an exciting
    time, it can also be a time that is filled with a variety of emotions including anxiety,
    fear and uncertainty. The following tips are for you to help your child transition to
    Secondary School:

    •   Get excited with your child. Talk about how great school will be – what they will
        learn and the new friends they will make. Your child will generate an excited and
        enthusiastic energy if you do.
    •   Let your child go shopping with you for their new school items eg. Stationery
    •   Organise for your child to see some friends who will also be going, or are already
        students at Servite College, just before the beginning of the school year. This will
        give them a chance to talk to their peers about moving to Servite. Getting in touch
        with friends just before the beginning of school can make it easier on the first day.
    •   If your child is catching public transport to school for the first time, go through
        the timetables and have a practice run in the holidays. It is better to make the
        mistakes in the holidays than on the first day of school.
    •   Encourage your child to get organised early and begin talking about goals
    •   Ensure your child is a part of all organisation - don’t just do it all for them, as then
        they will have more understanding of the requirements.
    •   Remember that you may feel worried or anxious about your child moving to a new
        school. It is important that you do not relay this feeling to your child as they will
        sense your worry and it could make it more difficult for them to settle.

                                                                                                   |   29

         In moving from Primary to Secondary
                                                        Note Taking
         school, there is a considerable difference
         in the expectations placed upon
         students to independently manage              We use what is known as the Cornell
         homework and study.                           note taking method. Students learn how
                                                       to take notes in all subjects. This is an
         Homework refers to work set by the            important skill to master as it shows that
         teacher, including assignments,               students are understanding what they
         assessment tasks and completion of            are learning and notes are what they will
         class work, which extends and enriches        use for revision for tests and projects.
         learning. Study is the work initiated by
         students themselves to revise materials       Every afternoon/evening during the
         already completed which helps                 school week, students should set aside a
         consolidate understanding, prepare            thirty minute block to read over all notes
         for assessments and broaden learning.         from the day. We know that doing this
         Study is a skill that for many students       helps students remember 80% of the
         needs to be taught and not something          information learned. If left for one week
         that they would probably not have had         that decreases to 50% and a month 30%.
         much practice with in primary school.

         The expectations for your child when
         they are in Year Seven will be different to
         what they are used to at Primary School.      Memory
         When your child is in Year 7, they will
         be expected to do a certain amount of
         homework throughout the week.                 We want students to be able to move
                                                       all things learnt in a day from short
         The information regarding a study             term memory to long term memory.
         timetable, study environment, Student         Along with reading notes over and
         Diary and time management outlined            over, students can also use flash cards
         previously contribute to effective study      and/or teach a member of their family
         habits. The role of the parent is to help     what they have learned during the day.
         the child to set up a study timetable and     Teaching someone is often the best
         then help them to stick to it. Younger        way of remembering information. It is
         students are not necessarily internally       important that children get lots of sleep
         motivated by the drive to succeed but         because it is while sleeping that the
         rather external motivators such as not        information gets embedded in their
         getting a detention or getting to go          long term memory.
         on the computer after completing
         homework. As a parent, you may need to
         provide rewards for your child when they
         stick to a study timetable.

         The following information outlines
         further tips for improving study habits
         including how to take notes in class and
         then how you can remember what you
         learn for tests. If you combine these tips
         with an effective study timetable and
         regular use of the Student Diary, you will
         be more organised and better able to
         study effectively.

30   |

The beginning of the school year is a              Study Timetable
good time to start practicing some good
organisational skills. If students start the
year off organised, it is much easier to       One of the most effective ways to get
maintain momentum.                             organised is to use a study timetable.

Using their Student Diary is the key to        The following are some tips to make your
remaining organised. In addition to this,      timetable more effective:
it is important for your child to organise
their time with a study timetable.             •     Include times for sport, chores, meals,
Some tips are listed to help your child
design a study timetable, create a good        •     Use different colours for different
study environment, use their Student                 activities
Diary effectively and manage their time        •     Put the timetable somewhere you
well.                                                can always see it
                                               •     You may need a new planner each
                                                     week as activities change
                                               •     Cross off the ‘to do’ items as you
                                                     complete them
                                               •     Use your Student Diary to write down
                                                     homework and assignments


                                               Ensure that your environment is
                                               conducive to study.

                                               Keep the following in mind:
                                               •     Try to have your own space for study
                                               •     Keep it neat and tidy
                                               •     Organise your books and worksheets
                                               •     Either have one file for every subject
                                                     and use file dividers or have a
                                                     separate file for every subject
                                               •     Use colour coding so you can find
                                                     books in your locker easily

                                                                                               |   31

32   |
You can also read