HANDBOOK FOR FRESHMEN - Lingnan University

HANDBOOK FOR FRESHMEN - Lingnan University
HANDBOOK FOR FRESHMEN - Lingnan University

Content                                                      Page

Ideal Graduate                                               P.1 - 3

A Glance of Important Dates                                  P.4 - 5

Financial Assistance Schemes for Students                    P.6 - 7

New Student Orientation (NSO)                                P.8 - 9

NSO Salon                                                    P.10 - 13

Parents Orientation                                          P.14

Lingnan University Student Societies Orientation Programme   P.15

Student Hostel                                               P.16 - 17

Integrated Learning Programme (ILP)                          P.18 - 19

First Year Exploration Week                                  P.20 - 21

Swimming Courses & Workshops                                 p.22 - 23

Civic Engagement                                             p.24

Service-Learning                                             P.25

Counselling Services                                         P.26

University Teams Recruitment                                 P.27

Orientation Camp Posters                                     P.28 - 44

Campus Map                                                   P.45
HANDBOOK FOR FRESHMEN - Lingnan University

    Dear New Lingnanian,

    A very warm welcome to you becoming a new member of our big

    Entering university marks a new chapter in your life. This handbook
    provides you with handy tips to your campus life as well as contains
    vital information about the plentiful resources and abundant
    opportunities that you could not miss, such as New Student
    Orientation (NSO), financial assistance schemes, student hostel,
    student development programmes, community service, etc. It also
    contains valuable information on ways for further advice and support.

    To keep abreast of further updates and useful information about your
    studies, extra-curricular activities, resources and support in addition
    to this handbook, I would like to urge you to check your university
    email regularly, respond and take necessary actions on a timely

    I would like to reassure you that you are in the care of a supportive
    and welcoming team. You are now part of our future, and I hope that
    you make us part of your future as well. I wish you all a rewarding
    and enriching university experience and become a part of the
    Lingnan university culture.

    Yours sincerely,
    Jenny Ko
    Director of Student Services

HANDBOOK FOR FRESHMEN - Lingnan University
Lingnan Logo

        The mountain, river, trees and path illustrated in the University logo
        each symbolise a profound principle: The White Cloud Mountain
        depicts the highest aspiration in life; The Pearl River represents the
        wide dissemination of Lingnan education; The lychee trees - with ripe
        fruit hanging in clusters - represent the commitment to realise the
        precept "For God, for Country, and for Lingnan"; The path represents
        the road to the future by virtue of hard work. The "vibrant-red" and
        "iron-grey" colours of the logo symbolise integrity and loyalty.



        Education for service

HANDBOOK FOR FRESHMEN - Lingnan University
Characteristics of Lingnan's Liberal Arts Education

Liberal arts education at Lingnan University aims to instil a sense of civic duty in our
students and to cultivate skills, competences and sensibilities that enable graduates to
pursue their goals in a rapidly changing social, cultural and economic environment. The
ideal Lingnan graduate will possess the following attributes in terms of knowledge, skills
and attitudes:

● strong oral and written language competence in both English and Chinese (Putonghua
   as well as Cantonese)
● a secure grounding in his or her chosen academic field(s) and an awareness of
   possible cross-disciplinary applications
● proficiency in information technology

● excellent interpersonal communication ability
● strong analytic competence and a capacity for independent critical thinking
● creative and sound problem-solving and planning capabilities

● commitment to involvement in and service to the community
● an international outlook and an ability to understand problems from various cultural
● tolerance, integrity, civility and a sense of personal responsibility when interacting
   with others
● a desire for life-long learning

Key Elements of Lingnan Liberal Arts Education are broad-based curriculum, close staff-
student relationship, fully residential campus, rich out-of-class learning experience,
active community service, multi-faceted workplace experience, strong alumni and
community support and global learning opportunities. These characteristics are reflected
in five areas, namely Curricula, Teaching and Learning, Campus Life, Internationalisation
and Community Service.

A Glance of Important Dates in August 2017

      Mon              Tue             Wed            Thur           Fri            Sat              Sun
                                  9              10             11             12              13
                                      Reporting Day & Hostel                        Programme-based
                                             Selection                              Societies OCamp

14                15             16              17             18             19              20
     Programme-based Societies OCamp               Deadline     Registration    Application
                                                       for         Day           deadline
                                   Deadline         payment                     for SALON
                                      for                       Briefing for
                                                   for hostel
                                  declaration                    TSFS &
                                    of food                       NLSFT
                                  allergy for
                                                                 Result of

21                22             23              24             25             26              27
    Application                                       NSO                             Student Hostel
     Deadline                                                                       Associations OCamp
    for Parents

28                29             30              31
     Student Hostel Associations OCamp

     NSO                                                                   Hostel Selection
     (Details in P. 8 – 9)                                                 (Details in P. 16 – 17)
                                                                                      Guidelines for New
                  Catering (Vegetarian & Food allergy form)                           Students about
                  (Deadline : 16 August 2017 by 11:59pm)                              Hostel Selection
                                                                                      (Selection period :
                                                                                      7pm – 11:59pm on
    Parents Orientation Application Form                                              9 August 2017 &
    (Deadline : 21 August 2017 by 7pm)                                                7pm – 11:59pm on
                                                                                      10 August 2017)

                  NSO Salon Registration
                  (Deadline : 19 August 2017 by 10pm)

     For more details, please visit

* Updated on 8 Aug 2017

A Glance of Important Dates in September 2017

                                                                                        
                                                                                                     

                                                                                    

                                                                                          

                                       
                                                                
                                                           
                                                                     

                                                                                          

                                           
                                      

                                                                            

Exploration Week (4-19 Sep)                                          Recruitment of University
                                             Team members
             WR\RXLQWKH¿UVWWKUHHZHHNVRI6HSWHPEHU                           
                                              
                                                         
                          

                               Financial Assistance 
                                           
                                                
                                                 
                                             KWWSZZZOQHGXKNVVF¿QDQFLDOXQLXVIV
                                      

Financial Assistance Schemes 2017-18

Full-time local students who are financially needy are eligible to apply for the following financial
assistance schemes.

1. Government Financial Assistance
    (a) Tertiary Student Finance Scheme – Publicly-funded Programmes (TSFS)
        Means-tested assistance is provided in the form of grants and/or loans to full-time local
        undergraduate students.

    (b) Non-means-tested Loan Scheme for Full-time Tertiary Students (NLSFT)
        Non-means-tested assistance is provided in the form of interest-bearing loans to full-time local
        undergraduate students to settle their tuition fees.

        All TSFS and NLSFT applicants must submit the completed application form and supporting
        documents (about 50 pages) online to the Government Student Financial Assistance Agency’s
        (Government Agency) electronic platform (E-link) on or before 15 September 2017.

        E-links Provided by the Government Agency
        網上遞交電子表格及 50 頁以內之證明文件
        Tertiary Student Finance Scheme – Publicly-funded Programmes
        Non-means-tested Loan Scheme for Full-time Tertiary Students

        Applicants should submit supporting documents through a drop-in box placed at the Student
        Services Centre on or before 30 October 2017, if their supporting documents are more than 50
        如同學所須遞交之證明文件超過 50 頁,請於 2017 年 10 月 30 日或之前遞交文件至學生服務中心

        Briefing will be arranged to introduce the TSFS and NLSFT schemes as well as the E-submission
        system on application
        Date:      18 August 2017 (Friday)
        Time:      12:45 pm - 1:45 pm
        Venue: MBG22, G/F, Patrick Lee Wan Keung Academic Building, Lingnan University


2. University Financial Assistance
   a) University Student Finance Scheme
     The University Student Finance Scheme is available for full-time UGC-funded local students, and
     is provided in the form of general bursaries, hostel bursaries / hostel scholarships and interest-
     free loan. Hostel residents who have applied for the Scheme may be considered for award of
     hostel bursaries and/or hostel scholarships.

     Submission of Application
     Date: 21 & 22 September 2017
     Time: 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
     Venue: Room 318, Amenities Building, Lingnan University

     For details, please watch out for SSC email and refer to the following website

 b) University Emergency Fund
     Bursaries are available to assist full-time UGC-funded local undergraduate students who face
     unforeseen financial hardship caused by death, serious illness, accident or sudden unemployment
     of students’ major breadwinners at any time of the academic year.

     For details, please refer to the following website


   (a)   Government Financial Assistance
         Tel : 2802 2345

   (b)   University Financial Assistance
         Ms. Lam Lam
         Student Services Centre
         Tell: 2616 7305
         Email: lamlamz@LN.edu.hk

New Student Orientation (NSO) (23-25 Aug)
              Important Notes for Participants
    23 August from 8:30am (exact time depending on which hostel you are assigned)
    to 25 August at 5pm (Free of charge except the air-conditioning charges)

New Student Orientation (NSO) aims at helping you adjust to university life and build up relationship
network. The programmes include Official Welcome, talks, campus tour, Campus Life Carnival and group
sharing. Students will be grouped according to which hostel they are assigned to. There will be about
25 students in each group led by 4 - 5 senior students as mentors. They will accompany you to attend
NSO, share their invaluable experience with you and continue to help you adjust to university life after
NSO. Your peer mentors will call you from 18 to 21 August to fix the meeting time and place for NSO. For
details, please refer to http://www.ln.edu.hk/current-students/student-orientation.

1. Attendance
     Students who could not attend NSO owing to very exceptional reasons should apply
     to Students Services Centre (SSC). Students with permission of leave of absence
     will be required to make up 15 Integrated Learning Programme (ILP) units.

     1.1 All Year one undergraduate students are required to attend NSO which is part of
         the ILP. All students need to acquire 75 ILP units as a graduation requirement. Each
         participant of NSO who has completed the NSO will be granted 15 ILP units.

     1.2 Local students who were students/ graduates of CCLU/LIFE can either
         attend NSO or the video session held in September 2017. They can also make
         up the 15 ILP units by attending other ILP programmes. If these students
         would like to join NSO, please complete the registration through http://www.
         ln.edu.hk/ssc/nso by 15 August 2017. Students will be informed about the
         registration result via email by 17 August 2017. Students who prefer attending
         the video session could register at http://www.ln.edu.hk/ssc/nso before 9am on
         7 September 2017.

     1.3 Non-local students who were students/ graduates of CCLU/LIFE are required
         to join NSO. No registration is required.

2. Parents Orientation
     The Parents Orientation will be held on 24 August (Thursday) from 7:30 to 8:45pm.
     The orientation aims at introducing to parents about the liberal arts education,
     hostel life of Lingnan University and showing how parents themselves could
     help their children in adjusting to university life. Registration could be made via

3. NSO Salon
     NSO Salon is a series of sharing sessions about university life and campus life. They
     will be conducted by professors, staff members, alumni and senior students. All new
     students are required to join at least 2 hours of Salon. For registration, please click
     http://www.ln.edu.hk/ssc/nso .
     The deadline for registration is 19 August 2017, Saturday at 10 pm.


4. Check-in Hostel
All NSO participants will check in hostel on 23 August. The hostel room allocation and the time for
check-in will be posted on the notice board outside SSC on 18 August. Your peer mentors will contact
you from 19 to 21 August to confirm the meeting time and point. If you will not stay in student hostel in
the coming academic year, you will still be given a hostel place and a temporary key/ key card during
NSO. However, you need to return the temporary key and key card to your peer mentor before 9:45am
on 25 August. If you are not going to join NSO, your check-in hostel date will be from 26 August onwards.

5. Luggage
Please bring your own personal care, bed sheet, pillow, blanket, clothes enough for
use during NSO and a cardigan for indoor activities. Please do not bring sizeable
luggages. You may consider to bring them to hostel after NSO.

6. Dress Code
Causal wear is preferred. As you will be attending fitness test in the GYM, please have a set of sports wear
and sports shoes. SU will give each new student a T-shirt. Please wear it in the afternoon of 24 August
when you attend the SU Session. No slippers and shorts are expected other than hostel area.

7. Catering Arrangement
The University provides dinners to participants on 23 and 24 August, breakfasts and
lunches on 24 and 25 August. Lunch allowance will also be provided via peer mentors
on 23 August. If you are vegetarian or have allergies to any food, please let us know
by filling in the online form (http://www.ln.edu.hk/ssc/nso) before 11:59 pm, 16 August.

8. Contingency
In case the typhoon signal 8 or the black rainstorm is hoisted or the
pre-warning is issued on 23 August at 7am, NSO will be postponed. Please watch
out for the announcement of the Hong Kong Observatory and SSC Facebook:
https://www.facebook.com/LingnanSSC. If you have enquiries, please consult your
peer mentors.

9. Peer Mentoring Programme
NSO is just a start of peer mentor and mentee relationship. We encourage you to keep in
contact with your peer mentors after commencement of the new academic year by joining the
reunion activities and Tuesdays with Mentors with your NSO groups. For details, please refer to

Enquiries: Student Services Centre Tel: +852 2616 7309 Email: ssc@LN.edu.hk Homepage: http://www.LN.edu.hk/ssc

NSO Salon / NSO 沙龍
NSO 沙龍邀請了老師、職員、畢業生、高年級同學和各位新生分享大學學習及校園生活經驗,所有參加
NSO 的新生必須參加,同學可在下列 11 個沙龍中選擇參加兩項沙龍 ( 如參加沙龍 4-7 則衹可選一項 ) 共 2
截止報名日期為 2017 年 8 月 19 日 ( 星期五 ) 下午 10 時正。

NSO Salon is a series of sharing sessions about university life and campus life.
They will be conducted by professors, staff members, alumni and senior students.
All new students are required to join one Salon in Session A & one in Session B
(Participants of Salon 4-7 could only join ONE Salon). For registration, please click:
http://lingnan.asia.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_50lldHqURLaVi8B. The deadline for
registration is 19 Aug 2017 (Fri) at 10:00pm.

 沙龍 Session A (25 August from 10:00 to 11:00am or 12:00nn)

                                                                                           Duration/ Medium of
                                                                                           Instruction/ ILP Unit &
 Salon   Topic & Speaker                   Description
                                                                                           Domain/ Venue/ CRN/
                                                                                           Finishing time
 1       不一樣的路                             什麼是博雅教育 ? 不是讀專科 , 作為新                           1 hour/ Cantonese/ 1
         A Different Road                  生的你有否擔心過 , 四年後出路比別人                             ILP unit in INT/ MBG06 /
                                           窄呢 ? 不必忐忑不安 , 副校長莫家豪教                           CRN5386
                                           授會和你談談博雅教育的精義 , 幾位嶺
                                           南畢業生亦會和你分享在博雅教育的薰                               End at 11:00am
                                           陶 , 他們走出一條「不一樣」的路。

 2       怪獸同房 ?                            有否想過,大學生活中與你相處最多的                               1 hour/ Cantonese/ 1
         Monster Roommate?                 人可能是你的同房。同房可能會變成你                               ILP unit in SOC/ MBG07
                                           最好的朋友或最討厭的人,甚至是被看                               / CRN5387
                                           成怪獸,究竟他 / 她是矛盾的起源,還
         ( 嶺南大學一級助理學生服
                                           是不打不相識 ? 你會如何和同房相處 ?                            End at 11:00am

 3       學習無疆界 – 工作實習與學                  Lingnan students have plenty of                   1 hour/ English/ 1 ILP
         生交換計劃                           opportunities to see the world by                 unit in INT/ MBG22/
         Make the World your             participating in different programmes,            CRN5388
         Classroom: Opportunities        such as Internships by Student
         for Internships and Student     Services Centre (SSC) and Student                 End at 11:00am
         Exchange Programmes             Exchange Programmes offered by
                                         Office of Global Education (OGE). In
         Speakers:                       2016, about 800 students participated
         Dr Josiah Chan, Assistant i n i n t e r n s h i p s a n d / o r e x c h a n g e
         Director of Student Services programmes in Australia, Europe,
         and Representatives from the Americas, Africa, Asia, China and
         Office of Global Education Hong Kong. Apart from introducing the
         ( O G E ) a n d E x c h a n g e application requirements of relevant
         Returnee                        programmes, an exchange returnee
                                         will share with you his/her first-hand
                                         experience and useful tips on planning
                                         for exchange studies.


                                                                       Duration/ Medium of
                                                                       Instruction/ ILP Unit &
Salon   Topic & Speaker             Description
                                                                       Domain/ Venue/ CRN/
                                                                       Finishing time

4       咖啡渣紥染工作坊                    香港人很擅長喝咖啡來追趕時間,咕嚕                  2 hours/ Cantonese/
        Coffee Grounds Tie Dye      咕嚕,沒有空多看一眼。                        2 ILP units in AES/
        Workshop                    於是,我們決定舉辦一場關於咖啡的盛                  AM317/ CRN5389
        導師 :                        拿來染布!參加者會用雙手去摸像泥土                  End at 12:00nn
        蕭芷澄小姐 ( 巨人染創辦人              一樣的咖啡渣,聞著濃濃的香氣,然後
        之一 , 嶺南大學社科畢業生 )            親手從咖啡渣中萃取出天然染料,再把


5       模擬 ILP 之開學熱身賽               綜 合 學 習 課 程 (Integrated Learning   2 hours/ Cantonese/
        ILP Simulator: Pre-season   Programme – ILP) 在嶺大可謂無人不          2 ILP units in INT/
        Game                        識,新生更加要早著先機,知多一點                   LKK101/ CRN5390
                                    點。 ILP 是嶺大同學其中一項的畢業要
        主持:                         求,讓同學於課堂以外的學習體驗中培                  End at 12:00nn
        劉子軒先生(嶺南大學二級                養全人發展。是次活動將以社會體驗活
        助理學生服務經理)及 馮曉               動(soci-game)的互動形式進行,透
        蕾小姐(嶺南大學高級學生                過模擬的 ILP 活動, 讓同學一試 ILP 多
        服務主任)                       元化的學習體驗,掌握 ILP 的結構以及
                                    更多 ILP 精彩有趣的內容, 是次活動絕

6       服務研習 嶺南校園導賞遊                為讓新生更了解校園環境及服務研習                   2 hours/Cantonese/
        Service-Learning: Lingnan   項目,服務研習處聯同「文化承傳 - 服                2 ILP units in CIV/
        Campus Tour                 務研習藝行大使 - 文化導賞延伸活動小                LBYG02/ CRN5391
        Instructor:                 帶領新生了解校園之設計理念、建築及                  End at 12:00nn
        服務研習處職員                     環境特色,讓同學能從不同角度認識及
        「文化承傳 - 服務研習藝行              欣賞校園生態,使日後校園生活多添
        大使 - 文化導賞延伸活動               姿彩。

7       從嶺南貓說起                      嶺南校園除同學老師同事,還有嶺南                   2 hours/Cantonese/2
        From Lingnan Cats           貓。但嶺南貓在校園扮演什麼角色?我                  ILP units in CIV/
                                    們又應該如果對待他們?活動將播映有                  MBG01/ CRN5392
        主持 :                        關動物權益的台灣電影《十二夜》片段,
        嶺南大學學生會貓關注組及                讓新同學了解何謂動物權益;並以嶺南                  End at 12:00nn
        義工                          貓作為一個起點,希望新同學能關心校

NSO Salon / NSO 沙龍

沙龍 Session B (25 August from 11:15am to 12:15pm)

                                                                                         Duration/ Medium of
                                                                                         Instruction/ ILP Unit &
Salon   Topic & Speaker                        Description
                                                                                         Domain/ Venue/ CRN/
                                                                                         Finishing time

8       虎地方志                                   虎地書室是是嶺南大學一座學生經營的                         1 hour/ Cantonese/ 1
        Local Records of Fu Tei                書室,當日書室委員會作簡介,並談談                         ILP unit in INT/ Fu Tei
                                               經營心得和意義。此外,委員還會跟新                         Bookstore/CRN5393
        主持 : 虎地書室委員                            生分享大學的讀書經驗,日常的閱讀習
                                               慣和興趣,鼓勵新生多作分享。                            End at 12:15pm

9       語言是你通行世界的溝通護                           CEAL is your language partner here at     1 hour/ English/ 1 ILP
        照                                      Lingnan University.                       unit in INT/MBG22/
        Language …Your Passport                The English Language Support Service      CRN5394
        to the World!                          (ELSS) offers a wide range of English
                                               assistance programmes and fun social      End at 12:15pm
        Speakers:                              activities to help you improve your
        M r. M a r c C . L E B A N E -         English abilities. The Visiting English
        ELSS Coordinator/Senior                Tutors (VETs) will be on hand at the
        L a n g u a g e I n s t r u c t o r,   Salon to provide you with some insight
        Lingnan University                     into each of our services and run down
        The VETs: Amala, Carmela,              what social (FUN) events they have
        Elizabeth, Molly & Walter              planned for you this year. So, whether
                                               you are looking to gain a certificate
                                               of proficiency or just want to learn a
                                               language for fun, this is the place to


                                                                                    Duration/ Medium of
                                                                                    Instruction/ ILP Unit &
Salon   Topic & Speaker                     Description
                                                                                    Domain/ Venue/ CRN/
                                                                                    Finishing time

10      瑜 伽 之 旅 ─ 追 尋 快 樂 與 “Yoga is contentment. Learn to                          1 hour/English/1 ILP
        滿足                                       be happy as you are and then       unit in SOC/AM320/
        Yoga Journey for Happiness everything in your practice will                 CRN5395
        and Contentment                          amply your ease and flow.” (Kino
        Instructor: Ms. Elaine YAM MacGregor, International Yogi)                   End at 12:15pm
        ( 5 0 0 - h r R e g i s t e r e d Yo g a This session of Yoga practice
        Teacher with Yoga Alliance)              will give you a new experience     Dress code: Sporty
                                                 on breathing, yogic poses and      wear is preferable.
                                                 concentration. Through the         Remarks: Yoga mats
                                                 journey of yoga practice, you      and blocks are provided
                                                 will find your contentment,        for the class.
                                                 calmness, stamina, devotion and
                                                 Dress code: Sporty wear is
                                                 Remarks: Yoga mats and blocks
                                                 are provided for the class.

11      嶺大創新及創業計劃體驗                         Lingnan Innovation and                  1 hour/ English/ 1 ILP
        Experience Lingnan Innovation       Entrepreneurship program aims           unit in INT/ MBG06/
        and Entrepreneurship Program        to promote entrepreneurial              CRN5396
                                            spirit and capacity in campus.
        Instructor:                         It designs to nurture ethical           End at 12:15pm
        Mr. Nicholas OOI                    risk-taking innovators in a
        Senior Project Officer, Office      liberal arts context in terms of
        of Service-Learning, Lingnan        Innovation, Entrepreneurship and
        University                          Transformative Education. This
                                            program will serve as a guidance
                                            for Lingnan student’s aspiring
                                            entrepreneurs and leaders.

                                           「 創 業 」(Entrepreneurship) 及
                                           「 轉 化 型 教 育 」(Transformative
                                           Education) , 並將社 會創 新及 初

家長迎新 2017                                  Parents Orientation 2017
     歡迎 ! 您的子女已進入嶺南大學,並展開人生學習旅程的新一頁。希望透過講座,能讓家長了解嶺南
     Welcome! As your son/daughter is going to start their new page of academic life in Lingnan
     University, we hope this orientation can support you to have a better understanding of Liberal
     Arts Education and the hostel lifestyle in Lingnan University. Wish our sharing can give you some
     insight to support your son/daughter to adjust to the upcoming learning journey. Please join us!

                   誠意邀                        日期 Date : 2017 年 8 月 24 日(星期四 )

                      長 參 加!                  時間 Time : 7:30 pm - 8:45 pm
                  您的家                         地點 Venue : 王忠秣演講廳 (MBG22)

       家長講座 Seminar                            〔1〕嶺南大學博雅教育的特式
                                                  Introduction of Liberal Arts Education at
                                                  ● 宿舍生活 Hostel life
                                                  ● 大學學習經歷 Learning experience
      講者 Speakers :                               The role of parents in assisting students in
      副校長 Vice-President                          adjusting to University’
                                                                         s Life
      輔導主任 Counsellor
      宿舍高級導師 Senior Tutor                         Living & Learning in Hostel
      宿生 Student Resident
                                                  Question & Answer
                                                講座以廣東話進行 Seminar to be conducted in Cantonese

            Parents are welcome to visit the Campus Life Carnival at Lingnan campus

            You are cordially invited to learn about Liberal Arts Education at Lingnan.
            查詢電話 : 學生服務中心
            Enquiry : Student Services Centre 2616 7309

            座位有限 額滿即止
            Registration will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis

            請於 8 月 21 日晚上 7 時前網上登記
            Please register online before 21 August 2017 7:00pm

Lingnan University Student Societies Orientation Programmes 2017

     Student Society                  Date                      Venue                 Contact Person

                            HKCCC Onight: 17 Aug
                                  & 5 Sep                Lingnan University /
 Christian Fellowship &
                             LUCC Onight: 6 Sep           City University of         Sarah: 67727060
    Christian Choir
                             LUCF Onight: 5 Sep              Hong Kong
                              LNC Oday: 1 Sep

Business Administration                                  Hong Kong Baptist            Sky: 52257257
                                   13-15 Aug
       Society                                           Assembly, Fanling            Coco: 93461698
                                                       Pak Tam Chung Holiday         Edwin: 97904876
    Chinese Society                12-14 Aug
                                                               Camp                  Sunny: 66920165
                                                       Lions - YMCA Junk Bay        Suilam: 54987521
   Philosophy Society              12-14 Aug
                                                            Youth Camp              Waichun: 64346975
   Society of Cultural                                 Lions - YMCA Junk Bay         Siuyau: 66756050
                                   14-16 Aug
        Studies                                             Youth Camp                Joe: 95217799
    Society of Social                                 Sheung Shui Community         Kwun Hei: 53733887
                                   12-14 Aug
       Sciences                                               Sports                 On Wa: 66823090
                                                      Sheung Shui Community           Wing: 68716264
   Translation Society             14-16 Aug
                                                              Sports                  Suki: 53281180

 Willam M W Mong Hall
                                                                                      Joey: 90347886
 The Bank of East Asia             26-28 Aug              Lingnan University
                                                                                      Tung: 93361050
       Hall (MEA)
 Tsung Tsin Association
                                                                                     Manki: 94475220
 Hall Fok Cho Min Hall             27-29 Aug              Lingnan University
                                                                                     Yennis: 61590230
  Chung Shun Yee Min                                                                  Ian: 69717252
                                   28-30 Aug              Lingnan University
     Hall (CSYM)                                                                    Rainbow: 61606372
  Lam Woo Hall (LWD)               27-30 Aug              Lingnan University           Ken: 63867537
  The Jockey Club Hall                                                               Tszho: 54002928
                                   28-30 Aug              Lingnan University
         (JCE)                                                                      Alannah: 66203040
  The Jockey Club Hall                                                                Dicky: 66959514
                                   27-29 Aug              Lingnan University
         (JCF)                                                                        Isaac: 68995702
 The Jockey Club New                                                                  Apple: 51133548
                                   26-28 Aug              Lingnan University
     Hall (JCNG)                                                                      Kpey: 51148250
 The Jockey Club New
                                   27-29 Aug              Lingnan University          Ping: 91928165
     Hall (JCNH)
 Wong Hoo Chuen Hall                                                                  Dave: 52335041
                                   28-30 Aug              Lingnan University
       (WHC)                                                                          Stella: 66259927
                                                                                    Soloman: 67683385
Wu Jieh Yee Hall (WJY)             27-29 Aug              Lingnan University
                                                                                     Danna: 51089221
For details, please refer to the promotion posters (P.26 - 42) and contact the student society directly
Student Hostel
     1. Hostel Arrangements
     ●   Hostel life is one of the key elements of liberal arts education in Lingnan University. All students
         are encouraged to reside in student hostels during their course of study in the university, which is
         a distinctive and unique feature of Lingnan University among other local tertiary institutions.
     ●   All UGC-funded students who will study in the University for four years will be required to reside
         in student hostels for at least two years (four academic terms)
     ●   All UGC-funded senior places students who will study in the University for two years will be
         required to reside in student hostels for at least one year (two academic terms);
     ●   To help new students adjust to university life, all first year students of the 4-year system should
         reside in student hostels.
     ●   Students must attend the New Student Orientation (23-25 Aug) and Hostel Orientation Camp
         (3 to 4 days between 26-30 Aug) unless you have granted special permission from SSC or your
         Hostel Warden.

     2. Hostel application procedures and room assignment
     ●   Date of application: 9-10 August 2017, from 9am to 5pm, at MBG07
     ●   If new students report to LU from 11 Aug, please contact Student Services Centre (SSC) directly
         at the G/F of Dorothy Y.L.Wong Building

         Hostel application procedure :
         Time                         Procedure
         9-10 Aug                     1) Complete and submit the hostel application form, student hostels
                                      agreement, and collect the hostel fee payment note in MBG07
                                      2) Visit the Hostel Promotion Booth at the Wing On Plaza/ Jackie
                                      Chan Gym
         9 Aug – 7pm to 11:59pm, 3) Login to your Lingnan Portal and submit hostel online preference
         10 Aug – 7pm to 11:59pm form (can only submit once, cannot change preference after
         On or before 17 Aug          4) Settle the hostel fee HK$6,535 at any branch of Bank of East
                                      Asia. This is the hostel fee for double room of WHC/WJY/Jockey
                                      Club New Hall. Hostel fee adjustment for other room types will be
                                      reflected in term two hostel fee. (Special Remarks: Hostel fee will be
                                      reviewed annually, any hostel fee increase will be applied to student
                                      intake from 2015/16 onwards)


3. Application for Deferment of Residence:
  ●    Submit the application form for deferment of residence with the true copy and a set of copy
       of relevant documents (e.g. medical certificate, Comprehensive Social Security Assistance’s
       document, family income proof, etc.).
  ●    Submit to the duty staff in MBG07 during the reporting day, staff from Student Services Centre will
       discuss with the applicant case by case and inform them the application result on the same day.
       (9 & 10 Aug)

4. Announcement of room assignment
  ●    Hostel Room Allocation result will be posted at the notice board outside Student Services Centre
       (Address: G/F of Dorothy Y.L Wong Building)
  ●    New students are required to check the room assignment result on campus on 18 Aug
  ●    Student Hostels Associations will set up counter for new students to sign up for the hostel
       orientation camps outside SSC on the same day. (18 Aug)

5. Check-in Procedures
  A. New students who will join the New Student Orientation (NSO)
     New students can check-in in the morning on 23 August 2017 (Wed). You have to report to your
     NSO peer mentors at specific time and bring along your hostel fee’s receipt
  B. New students who get the approval for absence from New Student Orientation (NSO) from the
     University because of special reason(s) BUT will join the Hostel Orientation Camp
     Check-in from 26 August 2017 (Sat) morning during office hour of the Campus Support Office
     (CSO) which located at the G/F of Indoor Sports Complex

      Enquiries:                                             Campus Support Office,
      Student Services Centre                                Facilities Management Division
      (Tel: 2616-7312 /                                      (Tel: 2616-7134)
      Email: sschostel@ln.edu.hk)
                                                             More information

Integrated Learning Programme (ILP)
Integrated Learning Programme (ILP) is one of the signature co-curricular programmes in the University
which facilitates students to extend their learning beyond the classroom. With its wide spectrum of
contents and interactive delivery modes, students are enabled to unlock potentials, boost confidence,
make plans for life and achieve success. Students can develop their new interests and explore many
learning opportunities from over 400 ILP activities each year. There are 6 learning domains in the ILP:

                                   Intellectual               Civic
                                  Development               Education

                           Social and           Integrated
                           Emotional             Learning
                          Development           Programme

                                   Aesthetic                Hostel
                                  Development              Education

           Roadmap of your out-of-classroom learning:

                Year 1
               FYEP - First Year           Year 2-3
               Experience Programme                                   Year 4
                                         AYEP - Advanced Year
               • Explore the ILP in 6    Experience Programme
                                                                       AYEP - Advanced Year
                 different learning
                                           • Participate  actively in  Experience Programme
                 domains and identify
                 your personal interests.    any  ILP activities that
                                             interest and / or inspire • Refine and execute
                                             you.                        both your career and
               • Set goals and plan
                                                                         life plan.
                 ahead for your
                 University life.          • Equip and enhance
                                                                       • Reflect your learning
                                             your learning skills
                                                                         achievements and
               • Fulfil the basic ILP unit   through the holistic
                                                                         relate them to your
                 requirements of certain enrichment activities.          portfolio.
                 learning domains.
                                           • Fulfil the overall ILP    • Track your ILP records
                                             unit requirements as        and ensure that you
                                             soon as possible.           have fulfilled the ILP
                                                                         unit requirements
                                                                         before graduation.


All Lingnan undergraduate students are required to fulfil the minimum ILP unit requirements as one of the
graduation requirements. The breakdown is as follows:
                                                          Minimum ILP Unit Requirements
                                                                                         Senior Year Places
 ILP Learning Domains                      Students         Outbound Exchange
                                                                                        Students on a 4-year
                                          on a 4-year      Students (for one term)
                                                                                       programme (designated
                                          programme        on a 4-year programme
                                                                                             as Year 3)
 Civic Education                                5                      5                           5
 Intellectual Development                       5                      5                           5
 Physical Education                             5                      5                           5
 Social and Emotional
                                                5                      5                           5
 Aesthetic Development                          5                      5                           5
 Hostel Education                               5                      5                           5
 Free Electives (any learning
                                               30                    22.5                          10
 New Student Orientation (NSO)                 15                     15                           15

 Total Unit Requirements:                      75                    67.5                          55
*For students under other types of Senior Year Admission, please refer to the ILP Guidebook for more details.

The online registration is scheduled from 13 to 14 September 2017. Please refer to the time schedule
below and click into http://portal.LN.edu.hk for enrolment.
                                                     Last Digit of Student             Dates of Payment
  Target Students        Dates & Time Slots
                                                       ID Card Number                   (if necessary)
                                    13 September 2017 (Wed)                     E-Payment (Online):
  Year 4 Students            18:00 – 19:30                 0, 2, 4, 7, 9        13 Sep 2017 (Wed),18:00 –
                             19:45 – 21:15                 1, 3, 5, 6, 8        14 Sep 2017 (Thu), 16:00
                                    13 September 2017 (Wed)                     Cash Payment (at SSC):
  Year 3 Students            21:30 – 23:00                 0, 2, 4, 7, 9        14 Sep 2017 (Thu)
                             23:15 – 00:45                 1, 3, 5, 6, 8        10:00 – 12:30 & 13:30 – 16:00
                                    14 September 2017 (Thu)                     E-Payment (Online):
  Year 2 Students            18:00 – 19:30                 0, 2, 4, 7, 9        14 Sep 2017 (Thu) 18:00 –
                             19:45 – 21:15                 1, 3, 5, 6, 8        15 Sep 2017 (Fri), 16:00
                                    14 September 2017 (Thu)                     Cash Payment (at SSC):
  Year 1 Students            21:30 – 23:00                 0, 2, 4, 7, 9        15 Sep 2017 (Fri)
                             23:15 – 00:45                 1, 3, 5, 6, 8        10:00 – 12:30 & 13:30 – 16:00
*For fee-paying activities, you are encouraged to make E-Payment (online) to quickly secure your enrolment.

Ms Elaine YAM        Tel: 2616 7304       Email: sselaine@LN.edu.hk
Mr Jeffy LAU         Tel: 2616 7403       Email: jeffylau@LN.edu.hk
Ms Juniva FUNG       Tel: 2616 7367       Email: junivafung@LN.edu.hk
Website:     http://www.LN.edu.hk/ssc/ilp
Facebook:    https://www.facebook.com/LingnanILP                                                                19
First Year Exploration Week 2017
(Registration: 23 – 31 Aug)
Welcome to Lingnan University! As a University student, are you ready to face new challenges and new
opportunities? What are your goals and expectations in your University life? How do you prepare yourself
for the future? It’s your choice to make your University life enjoyable and fulfilling!
In the First Year Exploration Week 2017, three series of ILP programmes are offered to you in the first
three weeks of September:

     D    Possibilities Discovery Series show you different perspectives of Lingnan University
          and how you could be motivated in response to the abundant learning opportunities.

     S    Personalities Shaping Series help you understand yourself and strengthen your
          positive traits, which lay foundation of your lifelong success.

     A    Take Action Series provide you a platform to put your thoughts into practice. Walk
          your talk, walk your thought!

Check out the programme schedule below and make online registration at
http://www.ln.edu.hk/ssc/new-students/exploration between 23 and 31 August 2017.

4/9/2017 (Thu)                             【游泳入門工作坊】Swimming Workshops (Beginners)
16:45-18:45 or 18:45-20:45
                                           This program is especially designed for students for fearing
@ Tin Ka Ping Swimming Pool                of water or lacking in any swimming abilities. Through the
2 ILP units each                           workshop, students are able to hold your breath and float
(Physical Education)                       in the water, and to well prepare themselves for learning
(Cantonese, supplemented with English)     advanced swimming courses and can enjoy swimming in the
(Register at SSC during office hour from   pool.
23/8 to 31/8/2017)
(For details, please refer to page 22)
4/9 - 19/9/2017 (Mon - Fri)                【體適能工作坊】Fitness Workshops
@ Fitness Room,
Sports Complex
                                   A       Good level of physical fitness can ensure physical and mental
                                           health, and help to cope with the pressure for studying and
                                           examination. Through the workshop, students are able to
2 ILP units each                           learn the proper ways of using the fitness equipment, and will
(Physical Education)                       be eligible to use the fitness room in the University.
(Cantonese, supplemented with English)
(Register at SSC during office hour from
23/8 to 31/8/2017)
(For details, please refer to page 23)
6/9/2017 (Wed)                             【嶺南創新及創業計劃 – 香港創業周末 @ 嶺南】
17:00-18:00 @ LBYG02
1 ILP unit                         D       Lingnan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program – Startup
                                           Weekend Hong Kong @ Lingnan
(Intellectual Development)                 Lingnan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program aims
(English)                                  to promote entrepreneurial spirit and capacity in campus,
                                           creates a sense of social responsibility, build an innovation
                                           culture and entrepreneurial spirit in a liberal arts context.
7/9/2017 and 14/9/2017 (Thu)               【性格類型 : 自我認識及生命規劃】
(2 sessions)
15:00-17:00 @ AM319                S       Personality Types: Enhancing Self-understanding and Life
4 ILP units                                Why should we learn our personality types? Learning
(Intellectual Development)                 personality types is a way for better self-understanding. When
(English / Cantonese)                      you know what motivates and energizes you mostly, you can
                                           seek for more opportunities to develop skills and strategies to
                                           work out your strengths and potentials. You may then become
                                           more well-rounded and capable of achieving great things in
20                                         your life.

11/9/2017 (Mon)                                【禪繞繪畫與靜觀】Zentangle and Mindfulness Workshop
17:00-19:00 @ AM319
                                                Zentangle is a meditative art form. Unplanned patterns
2 ILP units                                     unfold your creativity and flexibility. Just concentrate
(Social and Emotional Development)
(English / Cantonese)                    S      your doodling without distractions, without interruptions,
                                                without demands from the outside world. You are the
                                                cornerstone of your tribe to design your own unique
11/9/2017 (Mon)                                【忍受還是享受?給新生們的閱讀建議】
16:30-17:30 @ MBG01                            Give Up or Read Up? Some Tips for Freshmen
1 ILP unit                                      Reading is a crucial part of university study. Required
(Intellectual Development)
(Cantonese)                              D      reading book lists, extended readings etc., University
                                                students involve much times on reading. How to read
                                                effectively? This talk will give you some powerful tips and
6/9/2017 (Wed)                                 【分享一點愛 : 手製拓染明信片製作工作坊】
17:00-18:30 @ AM317                            Spread the Love out: Postcard Making Workshop
1.5 ILP units
(Social and Emotional Development)
                                         A      By writing and creating a postcard from pounding the
                                                color out of leaves and flowers, you can spread the love
(Cantonese, supplemented with English)          and pass the positive energy to the neighborhood. Don’t
                                                underestimate your little action. Sometimes a smile, a
                                                hug, a positive message is big enough to change the
16/9/2017 (Sat)                            【嶺南大學義工服務日 2017】LU Service Day 2017
Afternoon (Exact time depends on projects)
                                           In support of Lingnan University’  s motto“Education for
@ Lingnan Campus / Tuen Mun District
                                           Service”, volunteer-service related student societies,
2 - 4 ILP units                            including LU Wofoo Leaders’Network (LUWLN) and
(Civic Education)                          UNI-Y, coordinate with Student Services Centre to
(Register via http://ln.edu.hk/ssc/ce)
                                         A organise service project in LU Service Day. We are
                                           inviting first-year students to make wonderful results
                                           in volunteering. We care for others, to make a positive
                                           impact for the betterment of humanity. Join hands with
                                           your fellows to serve our community in LU Service Day.
                                           For details: http://www.ln.edu.hk/ssc/ce.
19/9/2017 (Tue)                                【星期二盛宴】Tuesdays with Mentors
19:00-21:30 @ Lingnan House
                                                Inspired by the book“Tuesdays with Morrie” written by
1 ILP unit
(Social and Emotional Development)
                                         D      Mitch Albom, a dinner talk“Tuesdays with Mentors”is
                                                held in one of the Tuesdays in September every year.
(Cantonese)                                     It aims to provide additional reunion opportunities for
(Register via your NSO Group Leader)            mentors and mentees. An outstanding alumnus will be
                                                invited to give a short talk to participants about his or her
                                                life experience. Other alumni will also be invited to join
                                                the dinner to share their Lingnan and career experience
                                                with new students.

 查詢 Enquiry :
 劉子軒先生 Mr. Jeffy Lau                                                                    Registration:
 Tel: 2616 7403                                                                         23 – 31
 Email: ilpcom@LN.edu.hk                                                                August 2017
 Website: http://www.ln.edu.hk/ssc/new-students/exploration
Swimming Courses & Workshops

                                                                              1st term, 2017-18
報名方法 Enrolment
由即日起至課程開課前一天,親臨黃玉蘭樓地下學生服務中心報名 ( 名額有限、先到先得 )
Register in person at the Student Services Centre, G/F, Dorothy Y. L. Wong Building on a first-
come-first-served basis from today to the day before the workshop / course.

                                                                                                 ILP      Fee /
   Level Skill      Title        Goal       Workshop CRN          Date        Time Instructor
                                                                                                Units    Deposit

                                                                              1645                       Deposit
                                               1     5317      4/9 (Mon)

                            Able to                                                                        $50
  不懂游泳、          游泳入門                                                         1845    徐婉靜
                           hold your                                                                     (Refund
     畏水           工作坊                                                                  女士
                            breath                                                                      of deposit
 Lacking in any Swimming                                                                Ms        2
                           and float                                                                       after
   swimming     Workshop                                                              Carmen
                             in the                                           1845                      attending
    abilities   (Beginner)                                                             Tsui
                             water             2     5318      4/9 (Mon)                                    the

                                                                              2045                      workshop)

                                                                                                 ILP      Fee /
   Level Skill      Title        Goal       Course   CRN          Date        Time Instructor
                                                                                                Units    Deposit

                                               1     5320                             徐婉靜

                                                              6/9, 8/9, 13/9,
                                                                               2000    女士
                     胸泳                                     15/9, 20/9, 22/9 &
                   ( 蛙式 )                                          27/9
                                                                               2000   Carmen
                     初班                                         (Wed, Fri)
                                               2     5321                              Tsui

      須懂           Stroke
                                Able to
    水中閉氣           (Elem)
                                 swim                                         2000
                               25 meters       3     5790                                                Course

     Able to                                                  5/9, 7/9, 12/9,        鄭玉立
                                   in                                          2115              8        Fee
    hold your                                               14/9, 19/9, 21/9 &        女士
                               particular                                                                 $50
     breath                                                        26/9             Ms Echo
                               swimming                                        1845
    and float                                                   (Tue, Thu)           Cheng
                                 style         4     5791

  in the water
                     捷泳                                                       2000
                  ( 自由式 )
                     初班                                                               徐婉靜
                                                            6/9, 8/9, 13/9,
                 Front Crawl                                                 1730      女士
                                                          15/9, 20/9, 22/9 &
                    (Elem)                     5     5319                               Ms

                                                                             1845     Carmen
                                                              (Wed, Fri)

Fitness Workshops

                                                                           1st term, 2017-18
報名方法 Enrolment
由 即 日 起 至 課 程 開 課 前 一 天, 親 臨 黃 玉 蘭 樓 地 下 學 生 服 務 中 心 報 名 ( 名 額 有 限、 先 到 先 得 )
Register in person at the Student Services Centre, G/F, Dorothy Y. L. Wong Building on a first-come-first-
served basis from today to the day before the workshop / course.
Deposit: $50 (Refund of deposit after attending the workshop)

             Goal                 Workshop   CRN      Date       Time    Venue      Instructor    ILP Units

                                     1       5322

                                     2       5323

                                     3       5324

                                     4       5325

                                     5       5326
   嶺南大學健身室使用資格                                      11/9/2017
                                     6       5327                        Fitness
   Students are eligible to use                       (Mon)      1030
                                                                         Room      陳炳康先生
       the fitness room of                                                                           2

                                                    12/9/2017           of Sports Mr Ellis CHAN
 the University Sports Complex       7       5328                1230
                                                      (Tue)             Complex
     after completion of the
                                     8       5329

                                     9       5330

                                     10      5331

                                     11      5332

                                     12      5333

                        Enquiries : Carmen Tsui 26167301 / Foris Lin 26167026
ICAC Ambassador Programme

     Project X          X計劃                      公民參與

     Hong Kong Air Cadet
     Officer Trainee Programme
     香港航空青年團 長官學員訓練計劃

     Lingnan Off-campus Volunteer Experience

     Ms. LAM Lam
      2616-7305
      LamLamz@LN.edu.hk
     Ms. Dilys LI
24   SSC [G/F., Dorothy Y.L. Wong Building]


  informa=on                osl@ln.edu.hk                   LBY101   2616	
  8067   LingnanOSL

Counselling Services

     To acquire the attitudes and skills for a
     smooth transition into university study
     To p l a n f o r p e r s o n a l g r o w t h a n d
     To explore potentials
     To enjoy university life

                                                                     To reassure abilities
                                                                 To build up confidence
                                                                 To embrace challenges
                                  To find the right path for academic success

Being a university student can be both exciting and stressful. Come and talk to our counsellors who are
professionally trained to work with you for different needs. To schedule an initial appointment, please
call 2616 7024, email counsel@LN.edu.hk or register through the online system (www.LN.edu.hk/ssc/
counselling). You may register at the counter of Counselling Services (AM316, 3/F Amenities Building,
Lingnan University) in person.

In case you need psychological support beyond office hours, our 24-hour counselling hotline 2616-8866,
which is managed by The Christian Family Service Centre, is also available to you. You are never alone.

Email: counsel@LN.edu.hk
Website: http://www.LN.edu.hk/ssc/counselling

                                                                           Our opening hours:
              Our office:
                                                                           Monday to Friday
              AM316, 3/F Amenities Building,
                                                                           9:00 am-12:30 pm
              Lingnan University
                                                                           1:30 pm- 5:15 pm

All information collected will be kept confidential, and be destroyed three years after the student
graduates from/leave the University. However, the rule of confidentiality will not apply when (a) you or
other people may be in jeopardy; and/or (b) legal responsibilities are involved.

University Teams Recruitment (9 Aug – 6 Sep)

SSC organizes the following University Teams:

 Sports     Badminton, Basketball, Fencing, Handball, Judo, Karate, Rowing, Rugby, Soccer, Squash,
            Swimming, Table-tennis, Taekwondo, Tennis,
            Track & Field and Cross Country, Volleyball and Woodball

 Cultural   Dragon Boat, Lion Dance & Martial Arts, Choir, Debate Teams (Chinese and Putonghua)

All trainings will be conducted by professional instructors or coaches. Selected team members will
represent Lingnan University to participate in different competitions or performance.

                                             The recruitment for university team members is
                                             organized once a year. If you are interested in joining
                                             the University Teams, please register at:
                                             on or before 6 Sep 2017 (Wed). The personal data
                                             collected will be released to the Team Coordinator,
                                             Team Captains and Coaches for contact use.

  More information for University Teams, please visit http://www.ln.edu.hk/ssc/sports/team-recruitment

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