2020 2021 Royal Academy of Dance

2020 2021 Royal Academy of Dance
Royal Academy of Dance

                         2020 – 2021
                                       ROYAL ACADEMY OF DANCE PROSPECTUS 2020/21
2020 2021 Royal Academy of Dance
100                                                                                              WELCOME TO THE
    1920 — 1954
   Genée, DBE
                                                        years                                                        ROYAL ACADEMY OF DANCE
                                                        of RAD
                                                                                                                             LUKE RITTNER, CBE                                                   DR MICHELLE GROVES
                              1991 — 2012             Our presidents have contributed widely to our
                                                                                                                             Chief executive                                                     Director of Education
                                                     development over its 100-year history, with each
                            Antoinette              having travelled extensively, promoting the work of
                            Sibley, DBE              the RAD and communicating with members and
                                                                    students worldwide.                   Approaching our centenary in 2020, we now find                      Here at the RAD, we recognise the importance of having
                                                                                                          ourselves operating in over 89 countries, with a worldwide          qualified, well-informed and inspirational dance teachers
   Adeline Genée in
                                                           As internationally famous ballerinas,          membership of approximately 13,000 and offering teacher             who can meet the challenges and expectations of dance
     Alaska, 1898
                                                      and as RAD Presidents, they are ambassadors         training programmes to more than a thousand students.               teaching fit for the twenty-first century. Dance teachers
                                                       for the importance of dance education and                                                                              are important role models, with the power to motivate
                                                                   training at all levels.                The reputation of the Royal Academy of Dance was                    and influence not only the next generation of dancers and
                                                                                                          founded upon the expertise of an international group                dance teachers, but also the dance audiences of the future.
                                                                                                          of dancers and, perhaps most importantly, teachers. It
                                                                          2012 —                          is thanks to generations of these visionaries that we are           In the RAD’s centenary year, there is much to celebrate
                                                                                                          recognised internationally as a leader in our field.                in terms of how dance teacher education and training has
                                                                      Darcey                                                                                                  evolved to meet new thinking, new approaches, new
                                                                                                          More than 240,000 candidates around the world take RAD              expectations and a new populace. While ballet remains at
    1954 — 1991                                                     Bussell, DBE                          exams annually and the prestigious Genée International              the RAD’s core, the Faculty of Education recognises that
   Margot                                                                                                 Ballet Competition, recently renamed in honour of Dame
                                                                                                          Margot Fonteyn, is staged in a different country every year.
                                                                                                                                                                              the landscape of dance teaching will continue to be wide-
                                                                                                                                                                              ranging, with teachers working across a breadth of contexts
 Fonteyn, DBE                                                                                             As we approach our 100th birthday, we take great pride in           which embrace the cultural and artistic diversity of today’s
                            Antoinette Sibley in                                                          being able to offer education that has been developed,              dance communities.
                           Romeo and Juliet, 1970                                                         refined and proven over many years. But, we don’t rest
                                                                                                          upon our reputation: we continue to strive to ensure that           The Faculty of Education’s portfolio of programmes has
                                                                                                          our teaching and training is at the forefront of knowledge          been specifically designed to meet your immediate and
                                                                                                          and practice.                                                       future aspirations as a dance teacher. Central to our
                                                                                                                                                                              approach to dance teacher education and training is
                                                                                                          The RAD is one of the world’s most sought after dance               putting our students at the heart of their learning and
                                                                                                          teacher training and education organisations simply because         teaching experiences, acknowledging that each and every
                                                                                                          of the unique breadth of our activities. We are seen by             one of our students has different needs and aspirations.
                                                                                                          many as an extended global family rather than just another          By studying with the RAD, you will also join a global
                                                                                                          teaching organisation, as we believe that every student             community of dance students and teachers who
                                                                                                          should be supported and encouraged within a professional            share your love and passion for dance, and are
                                                                                                          yet considerate and sympathetic environment.                        dedicated to promoting the benefits of dance to all.

                                                                                                          I commend this prospectus to you. If you are considering a          Faculty of Education students and graduates have the
                                                                                                          career in dance teaching, then I do not believe you could           potential to make unique contributions to the future
   Margot Fonteyn as                                                                                      do any better than start by enrolling on a Royal Academy            development of dance education and training and we
 Princess Aurora in the                                                                                   of Dance Faculty of Education programme – especially in             look forward to helping you realise your ambitions in
 Royal Ballet’s Sleeping                              Darcey Bussell as Princess Aurora, in the Royal     our centenary year.                                                 this most special and rewarding profession.
Beauty for BBCTV, 1959                                 Ballet’s performance of Sleeping Beauty, 2003

2020 2021 Royal Academy of Dance
                                                               HM Queen Elizabeth II

                                                               Dame Darcey Bussell, DBE
                                                               Royal Academy of Dance
     01	Welcome to the Royal Academy of Dance
                                                               36 Battersea Square
     04   100 Years of the RAD                                 London, SW11 3RA
     07   Open Days
                                                               Tel: +44 (0)20 7326 8000
     08   Why Study with the RAD?                              Email: faculty@rad.org.uk
     10   Which Programme is for you?                          royalacademyofdance.org
     13   Careers & Industry                                   Royal Academy of Dance® is a charity registered in
     14   Your Future                                          England and Wales No. 312826
     17   Excellence in Teaching                               ROYAL ACADEMY OF DANCE® and RAD® are
     18   Facilities                                           registered Trade Marks of the Royal Academy of Dance.
     21	Studying On-site or by Distance Learning
                                                               The use or misuse of the Trade Mark or any other content
                                                               of this publication, without prior written permission from
     22   Study & Accommodation in London                      the Royal Academy of Dance, is strictly prohibited.
     25   Undergraduate Programmes
                                                               All photographs included in this prospectus are present
     27		      BA (Hons) Ballet Education                      and past students and staff members of the Faculty of
     33		      BA (Hons) Dance Education                       Education, unless otherwise stated.
     39   Postgraduate Programmes                              If you require this prospectus in large print, please contact
     41		      PGCE: Dance Teaching (with QTS)                 Registry, Faculty of Education.
     47		Master of Arts in Education (Dance Teaching)         Tel: +44 (0)20 7326 8086
     53   RAD Awards                                           Email: faculty@rad.org.uk
     55		      Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies
                                                               Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
     58		 Translations
                                                               The RAD aims to create an accessible and inclusive working
     61		      Diploma in Dance Teaching Studies               and learning environment in which all people are treated
     67		Licentiate of the Royal Academy of Dance             fairly with dignity and respect and in which they are able
     73   Professional Dancers’ Programmes                     to give their best. We are committed to equality, diversity
                                                               and inclusion and have in place policies and procedures to
     75		Professional Dancers’ Teaching Diploma
                                                               ensure fairness, equality and professionalism.
     81		Professional Dancers’ Teaching Diploma: China
     83		     Professional Dancers’ Postgraduate              Safeguarding
               Teaching Certificate                            The protection of children and vulnerable adults is
     89	International Students                                important to the RAD. We have a ‘duty of care’ to
     90	Global Connections / Studying in English              provide a safe environment that is conducive to ensuring
                                                               that the children and vulnerable adults with whom we
     92   International Applications                           come into contact are well protected and that there is a
     94   Student Application Timeline                         system in place to protect their welfare. Safeguarding and
     96   How to Apply                                         promoting the welfare of children and vulnerable adults
     100 Tuition Fees for Entry                                is the responsibility of all staff who work at the Royal
                                                               Academy of Dance.
     102 Supporting You
     105 Step into Dance                                       RAD policies
     106 Benesh International                                  These can be downloaded from royalacademyofdance.org
     108 About us                                              or hard copies can be obtained from the Head of Quality
                                                               Assurance in the Faculty of Education. The RAD continues
     109 Continuing Professional Development
                                                               to maintain academic standards, enhance the quality of
     110 RAD Membership                                        student learning opportunities, and provide information
     111 Contact us                                            about those opportunities.

02                                                        03
2020 2021 Royal Academy of Dance
100 years of the rad

The RAD began life as the Association      From the beginning, RAD teacher            the first RAD degree programmes
of Teachers of Operatic Dancing of         education employed a wide                  and, the creation of the Faculty of
Great Britain, a cumbersome title          curriculum, drawing on the fields          Education. Access to funding for
subsequently shortened, in 1935,           of human sciences, history and, of         students followed and the rest, as
to the Royal Academy of Dancing.           course, education studies. The early       they say, is history.
The organisation owes much to its          programmes also included teaching
five original founders, each of whom       practical skills necessary for ballet      From 1999 to 2010, the Faculty of
represented one of the great classical     teachers: the making of tutus, darning     Education created a portfolio of
ballet traditions: Adeline Genée           pointe shoes, deportment and voice         degrees and professional awards
(the Danish school), Edouard               coaching. As the decades passed,           to meet the needs of an increasingly
Espinosa (French), Lucia Cormani           the needs of a rapidly expanding           diverse dance teaching profession.
(Italian), Phyllis Bedells (English) and   and increasingly international RAD         The work continues, with the
Tamara Karsavina (Russian). The            exerted an influence. Graduates            refining of content and expansion
combination of their knowledge and         from the full-time Teacher Training        of delivery to reach student teachers
expertise informed the first syllabi       Course were to ensure the accuracy,        across a global network, pioneering
and examinations framework and             reliability and validity of the syllabus   developments in distance learning.          Keith Lester & Teacher Training Course students, 1970
enabled the Academy to set new             and examinations framework, from           As this prospectus shows, the
standards in dance teaching.               pre-school to the final stage of           defining characteristic of the
                                           vocational training. From 1976, The        Faculty of Education today is ‘choice’:
The education and training of dance        College (which occupied the top            certificates, diplomas, undergraduate     “Education is wider
teachers was a priority of the RAD
under its first President, Adeline
                                           floor of the RAD headquarters in
                                           Battersea) produced generations of
                                                                                      and postgraduate degrees, part-time
                                                                                      and full-time study, on-site and           than teaching, a thing
Genée. By 1939 she had formulated
plans for a full-time teacher training
                                           graduates whose status as Licentiates
                                           of the Royal Academy of Dancing was
                                                                                      distance learning, private and state
                                                                                      sector contexts, ballet specialism and
                                                                                                                                 which all teachers,
course which would elevate the             recognised in the private dance            dance diversity – the opportunities        especially specialist
dance teacher to a qualified
professional, recognised within state
                                           sector internationally.                    are endless. It may have taken one
                                                                                      hundred years but this is, without a       teachers, need ever
education and academia. A lecture by
Miss E.R. Gwatkin, given at the RAD
                                           By the early 1990s, the withdrawal
                                           of local council funding and the
                                                                                      doubt, a cause for celebration.            to keep in mind.”
                                                                                                                                E.R. GWATKIN,
in January 1939 and subsequently           introduction of degrees in dance
published, set out an ambitious and        meant that a new direction was                                                       1939
far-sighted plan to ‘educate’ rather       needed, and it came from an unlikely
than simply train dance teachers. The      source. The Academy’s former
outbreak of the Second World War           President, Dame Margot Fonteyn
delayed activities until 1945, when the    (1919-1991), had been Chancellor                                                                                                     June Mitchell with college students, 1996
first full-time course for ‘teachers of    of the University of Durham, a link
dancing’ was launched.                     which was to open the door to

                                                              04                                                                                                               05
2020 2021 Royal Academy of Dance
                                     The best way to find out what it’s like to study at
                                    the Royal Academy of Dance, is to come to one of
                                       our open days and experience it for yourself.

     Our open days are fun, interactive
                                                                                        OPEN Days
                                              RAD tours
     and informative. Not only will you       We welcome visitors to our
     find out more about the programme        headquarters, and offer tours
     of study you are interested in, but
     you will get to sample it too.
                                              (subject to booking). These are
                                              run between 10am and 4pm,
                                              Monday to Friday. They begin at
     Join in classes                          reception with a staff guide, and
     Take part in a practical dance class
     relevant to your choice of programme
     and experience life as an RAD
                                              last approximately 45 minutes.
     student first-hand.
                                              UCAS and higher education fairs
                                              We travel across the UK to attend
                                                                                        OCT 2019
                                              UCAS exhibitions and careers fairs
     Watch RAD students at work
     Get to see our students at work in
     their day-to-day classes by watching
                                              and have staff on hand to answer
                                              all your study and career questions.
                                              For further event details please visit:
     a ballet or performance class.           royalacademyofdance.org/openday           OCT 2019
                                              or email: faculty@rad.org.uk
     Take a tour
     Tour the building and explore the
     dance studios and study facilities.
                                             “The classes and
                                                                                        NOV 2019
     Meet students and staff
     Chat to our staff and students over
                                              lessons were
     an informal lunch.                       inspirational and                         22ND
     Presentations and questions              gave a good insight                       OCT 2020
     Find out everything you need
     to know about studying your
                                              into life at the RAD.”
     chosen programme, and the career
     choices it offers, at our careers
     fair session. Programme Managers
     and Registry staff are on hand to                                                  NOV 2020
     answer your questions.

     If you can’t make one of our open
     days, you can join us for our virtual
     open days – keep an eye out for them
     via social media to ask questions and
     enjoy them from the comfort of your
     own home.

06                                                              07
2020 2021 Royal Academy of Dance
Why dance
         WHY STUDY WITH THE RAD?                                                                                                                 teacher Education?
                               At the forefront of dance education and teaching
                               for a century, we have the experience, expertise
                                and enthusiasm to help you realise your goals.

RAD graduates are in demand              We are an international                                               Dance Education is an incredibly diverse and exciting
Our graduates are highly sought          organisation                                                          profession. It is an area that is enjoying continued
after by employers, with graduates       We have students from all around the                                  worldwide popularity and offers a number of different
working across a number of sectors       world studying with us on university-                                 career opportunities. Graduates who have completed
and teaching contexts throughout         validated and RAD programmes. We                                      Faculty of Education programmes have pursued a range
the world.                               have 36 international offices, and                                    of rewarding careers all over the world. Many have set up
                                         one programme is offered in nine                                      their own successful dance schools, developed innovative
Connected with the world                 different languages.                                                  dance practices, contributed research to the field, and
of dance                                                                                                       taken on leadership roles in dance.
We have partnerships and                 History and experience
connections with many dance              When you join us, you will become                                     Dance teachers can work in many different contexts
education organisations around the       part of an organisation that has a                                    depending on their interests and choice of qualification;
world. Our work placements and           long and distinguished history.                                       you could be preparing students to become professional
visits add to your learning experience   Established in 1920, we have 100                                      dancers, providing specialist subject education in a school
and ensure that you are well             years’ experience in training and                                     or college, or helping people to learn more about dance
prepared for the workplace.              educating dance teachers.                                             and movement so they can develop their artistic and
                                                                                                               creative skills whilst improving their health and wellbeing.
London – an exciting place               Professional membership                                               You could be teaching dance in private dance schools,
to study                                 As a student, you gain access to the                                  vocational schools, state sector primary and secondary
The RAD’s central location gives         professional membership body of the                                   schools, community settings, and in further or
easy access to West End theatres,
dance performance spaces, resident
choreographers and companies.
                                         RAD which, in addition to a global
                                         support network, ensures you have a
                                         competitive advantage from day one.
                                                                                  100 Years’                   higher education.

                                                                                                               In addition to high-level dance subject knowledge,
With numerous museums and art            This includes access to information on
                                                                                  in dance teacher education   prospective dance teachers need to develop excellent
galleries on your doorstep, London       worldwide job opportunities.                                          communication skills and engage in critical, reflective and
is an amazing city and a world-class
centre for culture and the arts.         Registered Teacher Status
                                         Most of our students are eligible
                                                                                  Over 4,500                   creative practices. If you are passionate about dance and
                                                                                                               enjoy working with people, dance education could be
                                                                                                               the right career path for you.
World-class education at an              for registration as teachers with        dance teachers trained by
affordable price
We make our programmes of study
                                         the RAD on successful completion
                                         of their programme.
                                                                                  the faculty of education
as accessible as possible to all
students, and provide an excellent
education at a competitive price.                                                 36
                                                                                  international offices


                                                           08                                                                                                                 09
2020 2021 Royal Academy of Dance
                        We offer a range of programmes of study, including degrees
                        validated by the University of Bath, and Awards of the RAD.

                 UNDERGRADUATE                                              POSTGRADUATE                                             RAD AWARDS                                                PROFESSIONAL DANCERS
BA (Hons) Ballet                 Language: English        Postgraduate Certificate         Language: English   Certificate in Ballet            Language: Chinese, English,          Professional Dancers’           Language: English
Education                        Page: 27                 in Education: Dance              Page: 41            Teaching Studies                 German, Greek, Italian,              Teaching Diploma                Page: 75
                                                          Teaching (with Qualified                                                              Japanese, Korean, Portuguese,
Location: RAD, London and        Validated by:                                             Validated by:       Location: Distance learning,                                          Location: RAD, London           Validated by:
                                                          Teacher Status)                                                                       Spanish
teaching placements                                                                                            on-site intensive study period                                        Start: June 2021
                                                                                                                                                Page: 55
Start: September 2020                                     Location: RAD, London and                            and teaching placement
                                                                                                                                                Validated by:                        Duration: 3 months full-time
                                                          teaching placements                                  Start: January 2021
Duration: 3 years full-time
                                                          Start: August 2020                                   Duration: 2 years part-time
BA (Hons) Dance                  Language: English        Duration: 1 year full-time                                                                                                 Location: China                 Language: English and
Education                        Page: 33                                                                                                                                            Start: Summer 2021              Chinese with translations
                                 Validated by:            Master of Arts in                Language: English                                    Language: English                    Duration: 3 months full-time    Page: 81
Location: Distance learning,                                                                                   Diploma in Dance
and on-site intensive study                               Education (Dance                 Page: 47            Teaching Studies                 Page: 61                                                             Validated by :
seminar at RAD, London                                    Teaching)
                                                                                           Validated by:                                        Validated by:
                                                                                                               Location: Distance learning
Start: September 2020                                     Location: Distance learning,                         and teaching placement
Duration: 3 years full-time or                            with induction seminar at RAD,                       Start: January 2021
6 years part-time                                         London in August
                                                                                                               Duration: 2 years part-time                                           Professional Dancers’           Language: English
                                                          Start: September 2020
Diploma of Higher                Language: English                                                                                                                                   Postgraduate Teaching           Page: 83
                                                          Duration: 2-3 years part-time                        Licentiate of the Royal          Language: English                    Certificate
Education: Dance                 Page: 33
                                                                                                               Academy of Dance                                                                                      Validated by :
Education                                                                                                                                       Page: 67
                                 Validated by:            Postgraduate Diploma             Language: English                                                                         Location: Distance learning
                                                                                                               Location: RAD, London            Validated by:
Location: Distance learning,                              in Education (Dance              Page: 47                                                                                  with on-site induction and
and on-site intensive study                               Teaching)                                            Start: May 2021                                                       intensive study period in
                                                                                           Validated by:
seminar at RAD, London                                                                                                                                                               Berlin or Sydney and teaching
                                                          Location: Distance learning,                         Duration: 5 weeks full-time
Start: September 2020                                     with induction seminar at RAD,                       Annually for 3 years
Duration: 2 years full-time or                                                                                                                                                       Start: Berlin: January 2022
                                                          London in August
4 years part-time                                                                                                                                                                    Sydney: July 2022
                                                          Start: September 2020
                                                                                                                                                                                     Duration: 1 year part-time
                                                          Duration: 2 years part-time
Certificate of Higher            Language: English
Education: Dance                 Page: 33                 Postgraduate Certificate         Language: English
Education                                                                                                      Our programmes offer flexible learning and are delivered              Our university-validated programmes are designated at
                                 Validated by:            in Education (Dance              Page: 47
                                                          Teaching)                                            by highly experienced tutors. You can choose from on-site,            levels consistent with the Framework for Higher Education
Location: Distance learning,                                                               Validated by:       full or part-time study, or distance learning which enables           Qualifications (FHEQ) in which first year undergraduate
and on-site intensive study
                                                          Location: Distance learning,                         you to study from your own home. The Certificate in                   is Level 4 and Master’s qualifications are Level 7. Most
seminar at RAD, London
                                                          with induction seminar at RAD,                       Ballet Teaching Studies is also offered in nine                       of our programmes offer eligibility for registration as a
Start: September 2020                                     London in August                                     different languages.                                                  teacher with the RAD.
Duration: 1 year full-time or                             Start: September 2020
2 years part-time
                                                          Duration: 1 year part-time

                                                     10                                                                                                                         11
2020 2021 Royal Academy of Dance
           We give you opportunities to work with
       organisations and schools that will enhance your
          profile as a student teacher and graduate.

                                   Careers & industry links
                                   We work with organisations around the world to ensure
                                   our programmes and teaching staff are at the forefront
                                   of dance education, and provide you with a breadth of
                                   experience to launch or develop your career. In addition
                                   to work placements and visits, you will also enjoy input
                                   from guest tutors and speakers, including leading figures
                                   from the world of dance and education.

                                   Work placements
                                   Many of our programmes offer face-to-face teaching
                                   experiences through placement opportunities. These
                                   develop your teaching skills and help you gain confidence
                                   while working with real students in a supportive and
                                   supervised environment.

                                   We work with many different partnership schools to
                                   provide a range of placements for students. These provide
                                   a multitude of dance teaching contexts and ensure that you
                                   become well-rounded and experienced teachers, equipped
                                   to face the unique demands of the profession.

                                   “It’s an honour
                                    when your dream
                                    job becomes
                                    a reality.”

12                            13
2020 2021 Royal Academy of Dance
                         Our successful graduates go on to work all over the world,
                          leading the way in dance and dance teacher education.

I have been working as a teacher of Dance and Physical                As a teacher, I wanted to improve my teaching methods
Education and am a school-based tutor for the PGCE                    while enhancing my career prospects, so I chose the MA
programme. The PGCE prepared me immensely well for                    because the programme offers a unique approach to
my career as a dance teacher. The wide breadth of the                 advanced learning through work-based research. The part-
programme allowed me to develop my understanding of                   time, distance learning aspect also allowed me to work and
teaching in a number of settings, styles and key stages, and I        take care of my family. My biggest challenge was returning
felt well equipped as I began teaching as a Newly Qualified           to academic life as a mature student, but my tutors gave
Teacher. I particularly enjoy mentoring trainee teachers from         me the support to strengthen my confidence and I believe
the RAD; supporting them on placement as they develop                 I am a much better dance teacher for it. An unexpected
as teachers and I hope to apply the skills I have gained both         outcome from this experience is my newly-found interest in
on the PGCE and as a teacher to develop these in a dance              research and academic writing and the most important thing
department as a Head of Dance.”                                       the programme has taught me is that it is never too late to
                                                                      pursue an education.”
Bethany Walker
Graduate, PGCE: Dance Teaching (with QTS)                             Melinda Green Traves
                                                                      Graduate, Master of Arts in Education (Dance Teaching)

I began my dance training in Kristiansand, Norway and                 After gaining my Bachelor of Education degree in Canada,
chose the BABE programme due to the combination of                    I moved North to pursue my teaching career in a thriving
practical and theoretical modules. Since graduating, I have           dance community in Yellowknife. The DDTS programme
been employed as a ballet teacher in China and Germany                was a great fit for me, as a public school educator, as
and have realised the most valuable thing I learnt on the             I appreciated the programme’s emphasis on diverse
programme was the importance of working with what you                 pedagogical methods and inclusive practice. I loved that
have before you. This has been vital when teaching students           it focused on more than just teaching dance steps; but
who are accustomed to a different culture, discipline and             helps teachers learn how to nurture individual children as
teaching style. My future career aspirations are to share             dance artists. Balancing part-time studies with the rest of
the joy of dancing and deliver enjoyable and inspiring ballet         my life required careful scheduling, but if it weren’t for this
classes. To see a student’s pride and confidence in their own         structure, I would not have achieved my goal of becoming a
achievements is what I am most grateful for and inspired by           RAD Registered Teacher.”
as a teacher.”
                                                                      Tomiko Robson
Stina Bjelland                                                        Graduate, Diploma in Dance Teaching Studies
Graduate, BA (Hons) Ballet Education

                                                                 14                                                                     15
2020 2021 Royal Academy of Dance

      Academic staff                                Lecturers & speakers
      Our teaching staff are knowledgeable          We regularly invite visiting lecturers
      and accomplished practitioners                and guest speakers to the RAD,
      whose experience of a wide range              providing members, staff and students
      of dance teaching sectors ensures             with a fascinating insight into the world
      that you keep pace with the industry.         of dance and education. Our Guest
      All are highly-qualified, with many           Lecture Series has brought together
      pursuing research in their specialist         a diverse set of perspectives on dance,
      field. Staff also regularly present at        including:
      international academic conferences            •   Gerard Charles
      and events.                                       (Artistic Director, RAD),
      Support staff                                 •   Amanda Eyles
      Our friendly team of support staff                (Choreologist, Royal Ballet),
      are on hand to advise you in all non-         •   Roslyn Sulcas
      academic areas related to your                    (dance writer and critic,
      study, such as queries regarding                  The New York Times),
      your programme, student finances,             •   Dr Ross McKim
      equipment and facilities. We also                 (former Artistic Director of
      have a Student Support Officer                    Rambert School of Ballet and
      who provides pastoral support and                 Contemporary Dance),
      guidance in relation to additional            •   Dr Ann Hutchinson Guest
      learning needs and a Study Skills                 (world-renowned expert in
      Coordinator who will be able to                   dance notation, highly acclaimed
      support you in the development                    author, researcher on dance
      of your academic study skills.                    and founder of the Language
                                                        of Dance Centre).

16                                             17
                         The RAD has superb facilities and resources which make
                             it a centre of excellence for the study of dance.

Our studios & performance space          Our flexible lecture spaces are          The library is also home to the RAD
For the majority of our programmes,      equipped with computers, Wi-Fi           Archives which comprise an enviable
studying at the RAD includes             laptops, printers and charging pods,     range of rare photographs and
attending sessions at our headquarters   alongside video, DVD playback            artefacts such as letters and costume
in London where you will benefit         facilities and large TV screens.         designs which support numerous
from a new state of the art building.                                             teaching and research areas, including
Seven fully equipped dance studios       Dance Library and Archive                documenting the development
will provide students with plenty        Our new, bespoke, state of the           of the RAD’s 100-year heritage.
of opportunity to practice and           art library will feature a variety of    A unique collection of over 600
rehearse, alongside our purpose-         bright, contemporary spaces for          Benesh Movement Notation scores
built 200 seater performance space/      private and group study, including       is available for consultation and the
theatre for student and community        audio visual stations, a group study     video collection enables you to use
dance performances.                      suite for collaborative working and      a range of professional dance works
                                         a second study room dedicated to         for resource-based teaching whilst
Learning technology                      viewing material from the secure         on-site.
Both on-site and distance learning       archive room.
students have access to the Faculty                                               While off-site you will have access to
of Education’s Virtual Learning          Our library collections attract          the online Dance in Video database
Environment (VLE) from which you         dance scholars and researchers           which offers a large collection of
can access study materials and use       from around the world and as an          professional dance productions and
interactive learning and discussion      RAD student you will have access         documentaries. A selection of online
forums. The VLE fully integrates         to these extensive book, serial and      journals and other resources will
Adobe Connect webinar software           audio-visual collections, covering all   enhance your research opportunities.
for online taught sessions, group        aspects of ballet and other dance
tutorials and other interactive          genres, anthropology, biography,         You will be offered training in
learning experiences on distance         choreography, criticism, education,      discovering and using these resources.
learning programmes.                     history, notation, physiology and        Friendly library staff are available to
                                         psychology, plus materials to support    support you throughout your studies
To support learning and self-            your writing and study skills.           and encourage individual and
assessment of practical performance                                               creative thinking.
work and teaching, on-site students
have access to a range of digital
cameras and tablet devices, some
with specialist movement analysis
software. To support study skills
and those students with additional
learning needs, we offer access to
computer equipment with specialist
assistive technology.

                                                            18                                                              19
Studying ON-SITE
     or by distance learning
         We offer a range of full and part-time programmes which can be
      studied at the RAD in London or from the comfort of your own home.

         If you choose to study one of our               Our university-validated degrees
         distance learning programmes, you               are of the highest academic standard
         will join an international community            and will fully equip you for entry to
         of dedicated students, many of them             postgraduate programmes or
         working professionals, with diverse             research degrees.
         experiences and interests.
                                                         Becoming a student on an RAD
         Our distance learning programmes                programme means becoming part of
         are about widening access to dance              an international learning and teaching
         education, providing a flexible learning        community. On successful completion
         experience and sharing our expertise            of one of our programmes, you may
         globally. With RAD offices and highly           be eligible to apply for Registered
         experienced mentors all over the                Teacher Status with the RAD.
         world, distance learning offers just
         as much opportunity to engage                   As part of the RAD’s commitment to
         with the teaching profession as                 lifelong learning, Faculty of Education
         our on-site programmes.                         graduates have the opportunity to
                                                         participate in the RAD’s Continuing
         We have an international reputation             Professional Development (CPD)
         for the highest professional standards,         scheme, which supports dance
         and all our programmes are delivered            teachers through every stage of
         by highly-qualified, experienced tutors.        their career.

         Our professional qualifications
         are respected by employers and
         professional bodies alike, and will
         provide you with an essential
         platform to launch or develop your
         career as a dance teacher, whether
         you are new to dance teaching or
         already have substantial experience.

20                                                  21
Study & Accommodation
                   in London
                          London is one of the most exciting and diverse cities in
                           the world, and a leading cultural centre for the arts.

Students come from far and wide to       You can participate in a buddying
study at our headquarters in London.     scheme when you start your on-
They are attracted by the choice of      site programme, and this can be a
programmes we offer, the expertise       good way of getting to know other
of our highly-qualified staff, superb    students. Whether it’s advice on
resources and our location close to      accommodation, the best place to
the capital’s centre. The RAD sits       shop, or simply where to go to have
on the bank of the River Thames          fun, you will find many new friends
in South West London, with bars          who share the same interests and
and cafés on the doorstep, a short       love for dance.
journey away from the lively activity
of the city.                             There is no on-site accommodation
                                         for students at the RAD. We do,
London has something to offer            however, provide you with a list of
students of all ages, from venues        accommodation in the local area that
which host a wide variety of             is used by many of our students. This
international dance tours, to art        includes private house shares, student
galleries, open air concerts, and        halls and purpose-built student
the famous ‘West End’. There are         apartments. Our admissions staff are
thousands of shops, bars, restaurants    on hand to advise and support you
and cinemas within the city, and many    through the process.
stunning sights. You’ll benefit from
a thriving dance scene, with many        Useful websites                          “We are here to
opportunities to see some of the
world’s leading companies, and to
                                         royalacademyofdance.org/study             answer all your
take part in the cultural diversity of
dance in the UK.
                                                                                   questions AND POINT
                                                                                   YOU IN THE RIGHT
Student accommodation
For many of our students, studying
                                         london                                    DIRECTION IN FINDING
at the RAD will mean leaving home.
This can be an exciting prospect,
                                         ish.org.uk                                accommodation near
but you might also feel apprehensive     queenalex.com                             the RAD.”
about moving. We understand              For more information, please contact     ADMISSIONS OFFICER
how important it is to support           the Admissions Officer                   RODRIGO PERONI
you through this process.                Tel: +44 (0)20 7326 8086
                                         Email: faculty@rad.org.uk
You will be joining a small but
supportive and vibrant community
comprising students from all over the
world. They have been through the
same experience and you will find
their advice and support invaluable.

                                                           22                                             23
         BA (Hons)              BA (Hons)
     Ballet Education        Dance Education
            27                     33

24                      25
                               BALLET EDUCATION
                           This programme reflects our history and heritage in promoting
                             knowledge and understanding of ballet and ballet teaching.

     This three-year full-time taught degree   Your student experience                    The BA (Hons) Ballet Education
     has a unique focus on both ballet and     You will study five subject strands;       programme is consistently praised
     education, making it one of the only      ballet and contemporary technique          by external examiners, the Quality
     programmes of its kind within the         and performance, dance histories and       Assurance Agency, and external
     UK which combines dance training          analysis, dance science, choreography,     review panels for its high-quality
     with preparation for the professional     and education studies. Additionally,       teaching and learning, its robust
     world of teaching. You will form a        you will have the opportunity to           and fair marking and moderating, its
     small but significant group of on-site    undertake four practical teaching          thoughtful structure and content, and
     learners who work closely with            placements with experienced mentors        wide range of teaching placement
     specialist tutors and staff at RAD        giving you real-life teaching experience   opportunities for students. Such
     headquarters to improve your dance        in a variety of dance teaching contexts.   consistent praise demonstrates that
     and dance teaching practices. The                                                    this programme is exciting to be a
     programme attracts both UK and            All students are invited to participate    part of, with the student experience
     international students, who make the      in a number of extracurricular             at the forefront of its delivery.
     most of their time in London with its     activities including attending live
     diverse, innovative, and world-class      performances, company rehearsals
     arts and theatre culture.                 and workshops; enjoying free body-
                                               conditioning sessions led by Faculty
     The BA (Hons) Ballet Education            of Education tutors; participating in
     (BABE) programme is delivered             the Choreographic Project to explore
     across two semesters each year.           movement creation or the Dance
     Modules integrate practical and           Education Performance Group, to
     theoretical study as well as hands-on     devise a ballet and workshop visiting
     practical teaching experience.            local primary schools. You will also
                                               receive free RAD coaching classes
                                               and Karsavina classes for extra ballet
                                               training and the opportunity to study
                                               Benesh Movement Notation from the
                                               RAD’s world class experts.

                          Duration             Language                Level/credits      Fees and costs
                          3 years full-time    English                 Levels 4–6         See page 100
                          Start                Location                (360 credits)
                                                                                          Apply by
                          September 2020       RAD, London             Application        15 January 2020
                                               and teaching            Via UCAS,
                                               placements              audition and

26                                                                27
Level 4                                   Level 5                                  Level 6
Level 4 is a year in which you study      At Level 5, you will increase the        At Level 6, you will be able to choose
both theoretical and practical modules.   knowledge and understanding that         whether to focus on performance,
These will prepare you for studying at    you have gained, continue to work        choreography, dance science or
higher education and entry into the       on your own dance skills, develop        critical studies for your elective.
professional dance teaching world.        your choreographic skills, and study
                                          dance from historical, scientific and    In selecting your elective, you will gain
You will study modules that will allow    critical perspectives.                   an enriched and in-depth experience
you to expand your practice in both                                                in your chosen area. Alongside your
ballet and contemporary techniques.       You will have the opportunity to         modules you will also undertake
You will study dance histories            explore technique and performance        a dissertation which is individually
practically through lectures/seminars     through the learning of ballet and       tutored and draws on knowledge and
and through independent research          contemporary repertoire. You will        skills gained at previous levels. Teaching
and explore dance science and             learn how to choreograph dance           skills are developed through a final
somatic practices to understand both      pieces on other bodies, study ballet     professional placement, supported by
your body and the bodies of those         history critically and engage in a       theoretical study of education, policies
you will teach. You will discover and     deeper understanding of dance            and practices relevant to the dance
perform dance repertoires; engage         science and somatic practices through    teacher. The Professional Placement
in various dance analysis skills; and     the lens of a teacher. You will deepen   and Career Preparation modules
learn dance education theory              your knowledge in education theory       prepare you for entry to the world of
through observations, discussions         and undertake three professional         work and today’s professional dance
and lectures.                             placements (across two modules) in       environment, and allow you to remain
                                          which you will teach different groups    in one teaching placement through
The assessments for all modules           of students in three dynamically         the duration of the year. This will
are inclusive, offer variety, and have    different contexts. Throughout your      allow you to watch your students’
been praised for their robustness         experience, you will be supported        progression from start to finish.
and creativity. You will be assessed      by qualified, experienced mentors
through group and solo practical          from the variety of partnerships we      Assessments can include:
dance performances, in essays and         have, as well as the wide professional   performances, essays, case studies,
case studies, presentations and poster    expertise of the staff at the RAD.       practical teaching assessments, viva
presentations, and written reflections.                                            voce; and one final dissertation.
                                          Assessments range from group and
Compulsory Modules:                       solo dance performances; essays          Compulsory Modules:
• Ballet: Fundamentals of Ballet          and case studies; performance of         • Dissertation
   Technique                              choreographies, and practical
                                                                                   • Education Studies
                                          teaching assessments.
• Introduction to Dance Science                                                   • Professional Placement (Part 1)
   and Somatic Practice                                                               and Career Preparation
                                          Compulsory Modules:
• Frameworks for Dance Analysis                                                    • Professional Placement (Part 2)
                                          • Technique and Performance
• Ballet Repertoire                                                                • Plus one module option
                                          • Ballet: Genre and Style
• Dance History: Repertoire,                                                       Module Options:
                                          • Choreography: Craft and Form
   Techniques and Styles
                                          • Dance Science and Somatic             • Performance Practice
• Introduction to Dance Teaching
                                             Practice for Teaching                 • The Creative Teacher /
                                          • Dance Teaching: Theory and                Choreographer
                                             Practice                              • Ballet Practices: An International
                                          • Teaching Placement 1                      Perspective
                                          • Teaching Placement 2                   • Dance Science -
                                                                                      Optimising Performance

                                                            28                                                                  29
          Grace Marett                                                                                                        REQUIREMENTS

                   I began dancing at my local dance school in Jersey               Three GCE A level passes (Grades          Award
                   in the Channel Islands. I love to dance because it is            B, B, C). RAD Intermediate or             Successful completion of the
                   incredibly rewarding, but I knew I wanted to become              equivalent examination in ballet.         programme leads to the award
                   a dance teacher from the age of 11. So studying at               Appropriate English Language              of the BA (Hons) Ballet Education.
                   the RAD, on the BA Ballet Education programme,                   Proficiency Test for students             Graduates are eligible for registration
                   has always been my goal. It is such a highly-respected           whose first language is not English.      as dance teachers with the RAD.
                   programme and organisation, and I was particularly               Candidates with two GCE A level
                   attracted by the balance between practical dance and             passes and a strong dance background      Further study and career
                   theory which was confirmed through the open and                  will be considered (candidates wishing    development
                   audition days, which I really enjoyed. As I progress             to apply on this basis should contact     Students enrolled on the BA
                   through my first year, it is even better than I thought          Registry for further information).        (Hons) Ballet Education may apply
                   it would be, as the tutors want the very best out of                                                       for the Licentiate of the Royal
                   each student, the classes are all engaging and suit my           For applicants who reside in countries    Academy of Dance programme
                   interests perfectly.                                             that do not have the equivalent of A      and study for this award alongside
                                                                                    levels, the Faculty of Education offers   their degree at a discounted fee.
                   The most challenging part about coming to the RAD                a Foundation Module that meets
                   was moving to London which is a big change from the              the entry criteria for undergraduate      Following successful completion
                   small island of Jersey. However, I settled in very quickly       access. For more details, please visit    of the BA (Hons) Ballet Education,
                   and love living here. I have had some amazing experiences        royalacademyofdance.org/                  graduates may wish to apply
“The range of      in London as there are so many opportunities for
                   students here.
                                                                                    foundation-module.                        for the Postgraduate Certificate in
                                                                                                                              Education: Dance Teaching (with
 placement                                                                          Assessment mode                           Qualified Teacher Status) or Master
 opportunities     As a first year, my future after the RAD still seems a long
                   way off, but I feel certain that I will be completely prepared
                                                                                    Modules are assessed through a
                                                                                    variety of practical examinations,
                                                                                                                              of Arts in Education (Dance Teaching).

 has raised my     for my career as a dance teacher when I graduate. I have
                   learnt that there is a wide range of possibilities and I am
                                                                                    written assignments, presentations,
                                                                                    and teaching assessments.
                                                                                                                              More information:

 awareness of      keeping an open mind about my career options and just

 the many ways     making the most of every minute of my time at the RAD!           Employment prospects
                                                                                    Students from this programme go
                                                                                                                              Validated by:

 a dance teacher                                                                    on to work in a range of careers in
                                                                                    dance teaching, both in the public
 can benefit the                                                                    and private sectors, all over the
                                                                                    world. Many of our students also go
 community.”                                                                        on to postgraduate studies here at
                                                                                    the RAD or at other universities.

                            30                                                                                                                   31

          This programme offers a unique opportunity to become
          part of an international community of learners engaged
                in the study of dance education and teaching.

     Established dance teachers, as well as           Your student experience
     those new to the profession, regularly           Each level of the BA (Hons) Dance
     seek out ways to increase their                  Education (BADE) programme can
     knowledge, understanding and skills              be studied full or part-time, with
     to enhance their teaching and support            the option to change your mode
     their professional development. One              of study as circumstances dictate,
     way of achieving these aspirations               and you can choose to study at
     is to study for an internationally-              certificate, diploma, or degree level.
     recognised qualification such as the             The programme is modular and
     BA (Hons) Dance Education.                       is delivered across two semesters
                                                      each year. The compulsory Intensive
     As a distance learner, you will be               Study Seminar (ISS) week during the
     able to study from home, with online             first semester of Level 4, at RAD
     study materials and be fully supported           headquarters, will allow you to meet
     every step of the way by a dedicated             students and staff on the programme.
     team of specialist tutors.
                                                      All modules are supported by
                                                      online study guides that contain
                                                      key source materials, tutor-guided
                                                      tasks and suggestions for further
                                                      study. You are allocated a specialist
                                                      tutor for each module, with whom
                                                      you will have regular contact via
                                                      email and scheduled telephone and
                                                      online tutorials. You will have access
                                                      to online forums, via our virtual
                                                      learning environment, as a means of
                                                      communication with other students
                                                      and tutors throughout the world.

     Duration              Start                      Location              Language
     1–3 years full-time   September 2020             Distance              English
     2–6 years part-time   Level/credits              learning and
                           Level 4 Certificate        on-site intensive
     Apply by                                                               Full-time via UCAS
                           (120 credits)              study seminar at
     Full-time                                        RAD, London           Part-time via
     15 January 2020       Level 5 Diploma                                  Registry, Faculty
     Part-time             (240 credits)              Fees and costs        of Education, RAD
     30 April 2020         Level 6 Degree             See page 100
                           (360 credits)

32                                               33
Certificate of Higher Education:        Diploma of Higher Education:             BA (Hons) Dance Education
Dance Education                         Dance Education
At Level 4, you will gain a broad       At Level 5, you will be able to extend   At Level 6, you are required to
perspective on dance education and      your knowledge of philosophical,         complete two compulsory modules
dance studies. You will be introduced   pedagogical and professional issues in   and choose from a range of module
to educational concepts which are       dance teaching, as well as developing    options. You will complete a
fundamental throughout your studies,    your research skills. You will be able   dissertation where you will have the
as well as gaining knowledge and        to choose from a range of module         opportunity to research an approved
understanding of dance history,         options which are studied alongside      topic and be supervised in methods
analysis, music and dance studies.      four compulsory modules.                 for researching dance and education.

Together, the Level 4 modules           You will have the opportunity to         Alongside this, you will explore critically
provide essential knowledge on dance    take a more philosophical approach       the philosophical considerations of
as a subject and how it interrelates    to considering the nature of dance       the role of the arts in education,
with education. You will also reflect   by critically exploring what is meant    debating issues such as objectivity
upon your own experiences as a          by the term ‘dance’ and challenging      and subjectivity, and the mind/
dancer or teacher, and make links to    assumptions and pre-conceptions          body dichotomy. Further modules
fundamental principles essential for    about dance and dance education.         will enable in-depth exploration of
effective learning and teaching to      Alongside this, you will develop a       specific topics, which will connect
take place.                             practical understanding of the core      directly with your own interests and
                                        principles of learning and teaching      practice in dance education.
Compulsory Modules:                     styles and how these can be applied
• Frameworks and Perspectives           in dance education contexts. Key         Compulsory Modules:
                                        educational theories, including          • Perspectives on Dance Education
• From Coralli to Khan: Journeys
                                        motivation, differentiation and
   Through Dance History                                                         • Dissertation
                                        progression are all explored. You will
• Dance Education: Concepts and         engage with analytical tools required    • Plus three module options across
   Contexts                             to critically analyse dance as well         Semesters 1 and 2
• The Dancing Body                      as undertake an exploration of the       Module Options:
• Music in Dance and Dance              relationship between the physical        • Dance and Older Learners
   Education                            and psychological dimensions of
                                        dance performance and teaching.          • Optimising Performance
                                                                                 • Cultural Trends in Dance
                                        Compulsory Modules:                      • Dance in Higher Education
                                        • The Nature of Dance                    • Designing Dance Curricula
                                        • Dance Analysis
                                        • Perspectives on Learning
                                           and Teaching
                                        • Enhancing Performance
                                        • Plus one module option in
                                           each Semester
                                        Module Options:
                                        • Practical Teaching Placement
                                        • Perspectives on Music and Dance
                                        • Dance Education and Training in
                                        • Dance as a Community Practice

                                                          34                                                                   35
           Sophie Briffa                                                                                                   REQUIREMENTS

                   Having initially graduated from the CBTS programme            Three GCE A level passes or               Award
                   and started teaching, I realised my drive and desire to       equivalent. RAD Intermediate or           Successful completion of Level 4 leads
                   learn more made me consider furthering my studies             equivalent standard in any dance          to the award of the Certificate of
                   in dance education, so I enrolled on the BA Dance             genre. Appropriate English Language       Higher Education: Dance Education.
                   Education programme.                                          Proficiency test for students whose
                                                                                 first language is not English. For        Successful completion of Level 5 leads
                   The part-time distance learning structure allows me the       applicants who reside in countries        to the award of the Diploma of Higher
                   flexibility to continue pursuing my dance studies whilst      that do not have the equivalent of A      Education: Dance Education.
                   continuing my postgraduate studies in science as well as      levels, the Faculty of Education offers
                   my scientific career, and the programme has offered me        a Foundation Module that meets the        Successful completion of Level 6 leads
                   valuable knowledge and skills for my teaching career. My      entry criteria for undergraduate          to the award of the BA (Hons) Dance
                   greatest challenge has been the self-discipline required to   access. For more details, please visit    Education.
                   wake up early to study before the start of my day!            royalacademyofdance.org/
                                                                                 foundation-module.                        Further study and career
                   I now run a dance school in Birmingham, and having                                                      development
                   gained more insight into the different aspects of dance       Assessment mode                           Students who gain the BA (Hons)
                   and dance education, I hope to effectively put my skills      Modules are assessed through a range      Dance Education may be eligible to
                   and knowledge into practice. My ultimate goal is to offer     of assignments, including essays and      apply for the Postgraduate Certificate
                   the best guidance for future dancers wanting to dance         case studies. At degree level, you will   in Education: Dance Teaching (with
“The programme     well and enjoy the experience.                                submit a written dissertation on your
                                                                                 area of interest.
                                                                                                                           Qualified Teacher Status). Graduates
                                                                                                                           with teaching experience may also
 has offered                                                                                                               apply for the Master of Arts in
 me valuable                                                                     Employment prospects
                                                                                 Students who have completed this
                                                                                                                           Education (Dance Teaching).

 knowledge and                                                                   programme work in a range of
                                                                                 careers in dance teaching, both in
                                                                                                                           More information:

 skills for my                                                                   the public and private sectors, as

 dance education                                                                 well as in other communities including
                                                                                 dance for older and adult learners.
                                                                                                                           Validated by:

 and teaching                                                                    Many of our student’s progress
                                                                                 to postgraduate studies or have
 career.”                                                                        extended their freelance work into
                                                                                 new dance contexts.

                            36                                                                                                               37
          PGCE:             Master of Arts
     Dance Teaching          IN Education
       (with QTS)          (Dance Teaching)
           41                     47

38                    39
               DANCE         TEACHING
                         If you want to teach dance in secondary
                        education then this programme is for you.

     This programme combines                         Your student experience
     postgraduate studies with initial               The programme comprises 13 weeks
     teacher training to give you a                  of full-time study on-site (in three
     comprehensive preparation for dance             blocks) at the RAD in London, and
     teaching. It includes two contrasting           24 weeks (120 days) in two distinct
     teaching placements in secondary                professional placements within
     schools or colleges, supported by               schools or colleges covering the
     regular periods of study at RAD                 11–19 age range.
     headquarters in London.
                                                     Modules taught at the RAD
     You will be introduced to the                   are delivered through practical
     standards and requirements for                  workshops, lectures and seminars
     government-recognised Qualified                 as well as group and individual
     Teacher Status (QTS), and work to               tutorials. During your placements,
     fulfil these standards through the              you will work alongside school-based
     duration of your studies. You will be           tutors who are dance specialists.
     supported by experienced school-                You will develop your knowledge
     based and RAD tutors who will                   and skills through a combination of
     provide valuable, regular feedback              observation, teaching, and discussion
     on your progress. On successful                 with your tutors who will provide
     completion, you will have gained                support on planning, teaching and
     a postgraduate qualification with               self-reflection. Alongside the two
     QTS and will be eligible to become              contrasting teaching placements,
     a registered teacher with the RAD.              you will also teach across a variety
     Graduates from this programme can               of educational settings including a
     also apply for the Master of Arts in            specialist performing arts school,
     Education (Dance Teaching), with                primary schools, specialist Special
     60 credits exemption.                           Educational Needs and Disability
                                                     provision schools and a Pupil
                                                     Referral Unit.

     Duration                Apply by                Level/credits        Location
     1 year full-time        Applications            60 Credits at        RAD, London
     Start                   open via UCAS           FHEQ Level 7         and teaching
     August 2020             in September and        and 600 hours        placements
                             will close when         of professional
                                                                          Fees and costs
     Language                all places have         practice
     English                                                              See page 100
                             been filled
     Via UCAS

40                                              41
THE PROGRAMME COMPRISES THREE                                                                                    SPOTLIGHT
  INTERRELATED AREAS OF STUDY                                                                       Gemma Mills
                                                                                                Lecturer in Dance Education, Faculty of Education

                   Dance Studies                                                                                I was fortunate enough to have had a successful
                   You will extend your knowledge of dance as a subject in                                      career as a professional dancer prior to undertaking
                   secondary education across Key Stages 3, 4 and 5. You                                        a PGCE at the RAD. But having not undertaken
                   will study and deliver a selection of dance specifications,                                  any academic dance study during this time, it was
                   courses and curricula including the AQA GCSE and A Level                                     a daunting prospect to enter higher education at
                   specifications and the BTEC Level 2 and 3 programmes in                                      postgraduate level.
                   Performing Arts.
                                                                                                                The RAD offered excellent facilities which I was able to
                   Professional Studies                                                                         utilise to develop my literacy skills and confidence with
                   In preparation for teaching, you will be introduced to                                       academic writing and was supported to produce and
                   selected education theories and pedagogies, studying the                                     present work of the standard expected at Postgraduate
                   professional standards and requirements for all teachers                                     level. My journey through the PGCE: DT programme
                   working in the state sector in England.                                                      and my professional teaching practice has enabled me to
                                                                                                                develop essential multidisciplinary skills. I gained invaluable
                   To gain Qualified Teacher Status, you will be required to                                    knowledge in Dance Education and Pedagogy, alongside
                   demonstrate achievement of all the Teachers’ Standards                                       learning the organisational and time management skills
                   legislated by the UK government.                                                             needed to be efficient and effective to my students in a
                                                                                                                teaching environment.
                   School Experience and Teaching
                   The third strand of the programme takes place in our
                   partnership schools and colleges in the form of two
                                                                                 “There is little               After graduation, I was able to secure a job as a
                                                                                                                Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) of Dance at a selective
                   school experience and teaching placements. In addition,        doubt that the                Performing Arts Academy for students aged 14-19 years,
                   an Individual Training Plan gives you the opportunity to
                   enhance and enrich personal, practical and teaching skills     reputation of                 with an aptitude for Dance and Musical Theatre. This
                                                                                                                Academy was high achieving and, therefore, a challenging
                   throughout the programme.                                      the RAD, and its              work environment; however, the RAD had prepared
                                                                                                                me thoroughly, so that my NQT year was positive and
                   Partnership schools and colleges                               extensive dance               successful. I have always had a special interest in teaching
                   Our partnership schools and colleges are based in inner
                   and outer London, Essex, Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire,      education                     within Higher Education and more recently in Teacher
                                                                                                                Training and Continual Professional Development, and as
                   Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire.                  programme,                    an RAD tutor, my aim is to develop trusting and holistic
                                                                                                                relationships with my students in order to positively
                                                                                  has a positive                affect their experience at the RAD. I am delighted to be
                                                                                                                back where I started and look forward to continuing my
                                                                                  impact on the                 passion for dance through a vocation in teaching.
                                                                                  quality of
                                                                                  training and the
                                                                                  outcomes for
                                                                                  OFSTED 2018

              42                                                                                                          43
You can also read