2020 Key Messages Future Direction

2020 Key Messages Future Direction
2020 Key Messages
 Future Direction
2020 Key Messages Future Direction
What St Joseph’s offers your son and daughter
    ABOVE the delivery of the National Curriculum…
• Junior Choir, Senior Choir, Junior Band, Senior Band, Junior Strings Ensemble and
  Senior Strings Ensemble.
• Access to five instrumental teachers who work weekly on Mondays and Fridays.
• Access to a subsidised instrumental music program in Year 4.
• Every year in third term, our amazing St Joey’s Arts Showcase Celebration. This is
  where every child from Prep to Year 6 is on our hall stage, in the spotlight,
  showcasing his or her individual talent and growth in The Arts. In 2019, at our
  evening performance this was in front of an audience of over 600 people.
• Recognised and established external partnerships with both the University of
  Queensland and Griffith University in the areas of STEM and Robotics.
• Over $55 000 worth of Robotics that are utilised across Prep to Year 6.
• In collaborative, positive partnership with our Parents and Friends Association:
  St Joey’s Netball Club, St Joey’s Athletics Club and St Joey’s KM Club.
• Dance Troup where students train and participate in an external
What St Joseph’s offers your son and daughter
    ABOVE the delivery of the National Curriculum…
• A plethora of extra curricular activities, before and after school on our school site
  for your convenience as parents: Tennis, Speech & Drama, Chess, Martial Arts,
  Hip Hop, Basketball, Cricket, Rookies to Reds, ROAR soccer, AFL Auskick, NRL, Go
  Sports, Physical Culture, Hip Hop….. just to name a few.
• Extensive HPE program: Swimming Program for Prep to Year 6, participation in
  Interschool Zone Events, access to Education Officers, Gala Sports Days, our own
  carnivals: cross country, swimming, athletics, opportunities to represent at
  District and Regional level….Did you know that currently, we have both a boys Year 4
  and a girls Middle Years Cricket team, both competing at Regional level?
• Opportunities to shine at Interschool Initiatives: Reader’s Cup, Debating, Maths
  Competitions, STEM projects, Tournament of the Minds, Coding as a Language,
  Brain Raiders….Did you know?….we are one of only two Catholic schools that
  participate in the University of QLD Young ICT Explorers competition. This
  representation has been for the past four years.
What St Joseph’s offers your son and daughter
    ABOVE the delivery of the National Curriculum…
•   Leadership opportunities where our Middle Years students have the honour and joy
    of being a buddy for a prep child. This connection and relationship can be an
    amazing lifelong memory.
•   Authentic student voice, where our Student Council initiate change for school
    improvement. This student team meet weekly with our Assistant Principal so they
    have regular access to the school leadership so we can act quickly together.
•   Our commitment to Social Action and Justice where we promote humanity. Our
    students act via education, participation and or fundraising for identified causes or
    initiatives. For example: We have our Market Day coming up on 1st November to
    raise money for “Rosies ~ Friends on the Street”. Our students are actively creating
    a product to sell at their own year level stall to raise money for this charity to help
    the homeless. Representatives from Rosies will speak to our students on assembly
    about the important work they do……Another example: Shortly, our Senior Choir
    will be visiting and performing at the Wesley Hospital to share and spread
    some joy and sunshine with their gift of singing.
What St Joseph’s offers your son and daughter
    ABOVE the delivery of the National Curriculum…
• A recognised whole school approach to wellbeing and mental health of students ~
  acknowledgement each term in Week 7 to highlight this area of importance,
  educative initiatives and messages on assembly, daily designated time for meditative
  prayer ~ in silence, stillness and mindfulness. Implemented whole school programs:
  explicitly teaching “Zones of Regulation”, “Play is the Way”, “Program Achieve” our
  STAR expectations, our external positive partnership with Autism QLD. A designated
  place in our school for students ~ Creation Station as our maker space, with our LEGO
  wall and opportunities to “chill out”.
• Year 4 Camp, Year 5 Camp and Year 6 trip to Canberra ~ These are important
  opportunities for your children to step outside their comfort zone, show
  independence, develop resilience, confidence and teamwork.
• Student leadership representation at Brisbane Catholic Education and
  wider community events and significant days/celebrations.

As a small to medium sized Catholic school, St Joey’s are truly committed to
offering above and beyond so all students have the opportunity to shine.
2020 Class Teachers and Projected Student

Brooke Purse moves to our Middle Years team. Brooke has taught Middle Years (Years 5 and 6)
for 4 years in Melbourne and also 4 years in Canberra. She brings this wealth of experience of
Middle Years from two southern states to our current context.

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the outstanding dedication and expertise
of our current MY team: Louise, Michael and Annmaree with introducing Middle Years
to St Joey’s. We are blessed with such gifted teachers.
2020 Classroom School Officers
      to support learning and teaching
Classroom School Officers will be 20 hours per week. 4 hours per day, 5
days a week.

Prep B: Cathy Stagnitti
Prep G: Susan Drinkwell
Prep W: Deb Brennan
Year 1 & 2: Judy Reid
Year 2 and 3: Anthony Holland (majority of time in Year 3)
Year 4 and Middle Years: Kim Francis (majority of time in Year 4)
2020 Specialist Teachers
A change for us in 2020, moving forward, every student will have the following weekly
“specialist lesson”: that being ~ 40 minutes per week of each subject from Prep to
Middle Years.

•   Chinese Language and Culture: Ganlo Williams

•   Physical Education: Christie Lewis

•   The Arts: Drama, Dance & Visual Arts: Amber Pryor

•   The Arts: Music: Kathryn Robinson

•   Information Technology, Digital Citizenship, Literature Studies and weekly book
    borrowing at our ALC (Active Learning Centre): Josephine Hill (Tuesdays &
    Thursdays) and Nena Morgante (Wednesdays)
Exciting News and Initiatives coming
St Joey’s will be introducing in 2020:

• Education Officer STEM: We warmly welcome Claire Byrne to our team. This is a very
  exciting new role and we are blessed to have the experience of Claire. Claire will be
  working part-time over two days. Her role is to further strengthen our current
  engagement with outside agencies such as our partnership with University QLD, Griffith
  University + CSIRO. Claire will be working with teachers and students with Inquiry STEM
  projects with a cross curricular priority focus on sustainability. Claire is an experienced
  primary school teacher who is currently engaged in postgraduate study in STEM at QUT.
  Spending majority of her career at St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School, she worked as a junior
  school classroom teacher (including extension Mathematics classes), Year 7 Mathematics
  teacher, and was a member of the Technology Integration Support Committee. In more
  recent years, Claire was responsible for the conception, development and implementation
  of the successful Enrichment Learning Program at Christ the King, Graceville, which
  specialised in Gifted and Talented Education. She also has experience planning and
  teaching the Scientific Inquiry Program at Milton State School. Claire is passionate about
  providing opportunities for students to be creative, innovative and
  think critically.
Exciting News and Initiatives coming
St Joey’s will be introducing in 2020:

• Middle Years Debating Interschool Competitions: Nena Morgante will be leading this
  initiative on Wednesdays. This is an extension of our current MY debating program that
  both Annmaree and Louise have led in 2019. The Queensland Debating Union (QDU)
  organises various competitions for schools during the year, one of which is the Primary
  Schools Competition for students in Years 5 and 6. There are four debates in this
  competition, the first held in Term 2 and the final debate in Term 4. Students in this
  competition must abide by the QDU rules and the debates are judged by adjudicators paid
  by the QDU. Information on the competition, including rules and fees, can be found by
  going to the QDU website https://www.qdu.org.au/

• Christie Lewis will further support teachers and students in the area of the Health
  Curriculum with identified year levels and projects for the last session: Tuesday,
  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

• Our Education Officer: ICT: Martin O’Brien will continue to co-plan and co-teach
  with teachers and students every Wednesday in the classroom around working
  innovatively with technology.
Exciting News and Initiatives coming
St Joey’s will be introducing in 2020:

• Cecilia De Aguiar will be our Support Teacher: Inclusive Education: focusing only on
  students in Prep to Year 2 (full time). I am very pleased to announce that in 2020 Annie
  Donohoe will be a second Support Teacher: Inclusive Education: focusing only on
  students in Years 3 to Middle Years (full time). This increase in time is significant. It is to
  further support the class teacher to target students at both the lower and higher end.
  Cecilia and Annie will manage and support our school officers in literacy and numeracy
  intervention across our school. Cecilia and Annie will co-plan and co-teach with our class
  teachers to support both literacy and numeracy intervention as well as extension for high
   end students.

• We warmly welcome in 2020, Jess Delbridge to our team. Jess will be our new Tuckshop
  Convenor. Jess comes with a professional background in catering and management.
  We are thrilled she is joining the team. In the coming month, as a school community
  we will acknowledge and thank Beck Gibbons for her outstanding role as our Tuckshop
2020 Specialist Timetable
Updated 2020 Classroom Plan

In 2020, our Year 4 cohort will be relocating classrooms. Year 4B and 4G will move to the
classrooms currently assigned as The Arts (above the hall). These classrooms are more
contemporary and much larger than the current Year 4 classrooms.

Our current Year 4 classrooms will become our new “Specialist Block”.
These 4 classrooms will become:
1. Visual Arts classroom (current 4W classroom)
2. Music classroom (current 4B classroom)
3. Dance, Drama and Health classroom (current 4G classroom)
4. To join our existing Languages classroom

Beginning 2020 all students in Years 3 and 4 will have brand new contemporary furniture to
replace the existing furniture to maximise space in the classroom and for flexible learning.
Did you know?
St Joseph’s is one of only two Catholic primary
schools on the North side of Brisbane that have a
signed agreement by the current 2019 Ambrose
Treacey College principal, endorsed by the 2020
principal that if a St Joey’s boy is given a place at ATC
to commence in Year 4 the parent may defer this
place and is guaranteed a definite place for Year 7.
This agreement which is in writing means you as
parents can chose for your boy to finish his primary
education at St Joey’s if you wish.
2020 Administration Staff
2020 Teaching Support Staff
2020 and beyond Student Technology Device Master Plan

Our Vision
Our goal is to further enhance the engagement of technology at St Joseph’s. Over the past few years, we have
reviewed our approach, reflected on contemporary research and strategically chosen and implemented
numerous technology tools, including many forms of robotics and coding devices. We acknowledge the rapid
pace with which our world is constantly changing in the area of technological devices. Our objective is to
always ensure our technology choices are driven by effective teaching and learning across all year levels, while
continuing to provide a financially friendly model as we move into the future. At St Joseph’s, we constantly
strive to implement our vision of equity and excellence in education to integrate technology in all of our year
levels. Technology devices are a pathway to make connections across many subjects of the National

Our Current Context
We have had continued success with our 1:1 device program in our Middle Years classes, which has seen our
students use 1:1 devices to compliment, support and enhance their learning. Over the past few years, we
have introduced greater injection of iPads across our Early Years classes. In 2019, our introduction of a 1:1
program in our Year 4 classes and 1:2 program in Year 3 classes. The use of these devices has allowed students
to greater increase their engagement in learning and created new, exciting opportunities for both teachers and
students. These devices have provided a platform to create, collaborate and connect.

Our Plan Moving Ahead
2020 will mark a new era for our 1:1 student device program, and we will be formally implementing a 1:1 iPad
Program to cover all students from Years 3 to 6. Years 3 to 4 will be 1:1 “stay at school” devices.
Middle Years will be 1:1 “take home” devices.
2020 and beyond Student Technology Device Master Plan

Information Session: Wednesday 6th November
Time: 7.00pm
Presenters: Education Officer: Mr Martin O’Brien, Representative Teachers and Leadership
Location: Hall
Audience: We strongly encourage attendance for all parents of current Year 2, 3 and 4
students, however all parents are welcome to attend. This information session is for Parents.

Special Showcase morning: Friday 1st November (combined with Market Day)
Time: 8.00am to 9.00am
Presenters: Our Year 3 students in partnership with Mr Anthony McGibbon, Mrs De’anne
Meagher and Mrs Kim Francis.
Location: Year 3 classrooms
Audience: We strongly encourage attendance for all parents in every year level to see what
our kids are capable of.
Facilities Master Plan 2020 onwards
          (in no order – will occur when funding becomes available)

Stage 2 Rosewood Street Development: planting and mulching of this area, installing
playground equipment, grassing a section…. Working towards having this space available in
some sort of capacity beginning 2020 Term 1….starting as an entrance and exit from our
school. Over time, this exciting area will become a huge Nature Play reserve for students to
access for play breaks and as a context for outside learning. Rosewood Street Development
Legacy Plan to support funding possibilities.

New contemporary furniture for Year 3 and 4.

Toilet refurbishment for the current toilets in the under croft to lift student wellbeing – to
repeat for Early Years toilet block and Hall toilets.

Refurbishment of small brick toilet block between PW and 1B.

External multi-purpose courts surface needs replacing with better quality flooring for both
Facilities Master Plan 2020 onwards
              (in no order – will occur when funding becomes available)

STAR room to have shelving installed to house all Early Years home readers, guided readers
and big books for greater access for students and staff.

Redevelopment of new Specialist centre (previously the Year 4 classrooms) i.e. install wall of
mirrors in Drama, Dance & Health room, upgrade lighting and storage, create outdoor zones
and outdoor stage/amphitheatre on grassy slope next to roundabout to utilise during
specialist lessons and as seating for afternoon pick zone.

Shade sails over The Drive entrance and exits.

Shade sails between PW/2W and Year 1 & 2 classrooms.

Redevelopment of Early Years play area. The artificial turf (not the new soccer pitch) needs
to be replaced.
Facilities Master Plan 2020 onwards
              (in no order – will occur when funding becomes available)

Continuation of Concrete Community Space (BBQ area outside Church) to create a bigger
outdoor learning space for our Year 4 to access. To fence this area of the side access road.
The join this area internally with glass doors to the 4B (current Visual Art) classroom. To
extend the roof out to have a space for storage for school bags. To create a concrete path
and entrance from the existing stairs to the Year 4 classrooms.

Extension and redevelopment of the school oval.

Area to the left of 1B classroom to be enclosed as an additional storage space for Early Years

Redevelopment of car park next to multi-purpose courts.

Redevelopment of The Drive car park.
2019 Mantra
   One team, one goal: joy-filled learning
Already in Week 3 of this fourth term in 2019 our team
have 3 big touch stones on our agenda:

1. Peace ~ How can I be a person of peace?
2. Smiling ~ How do I greet the day?
3. Care for School ~ How do I make choices as a
   caretaker of creation?
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