2022 Class Catalog of Traditional Skills for the US and Abroad

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2022 Class Catalog of Traditional Skills for the US and Abroad
2022 Class Catalog of Traditional Skills for the US and Abroad
2022 Class Catalog of Traditional Skills for the US and Abroad
“   I recommend that farmers keep
                        Farmer, Mother of Four   “
2022 Class Catalog of Traditional Skills for the US and Abroad
Why Traditional Skills Still Matter
     For many communities, historic skills and tools are as relevant now as they were generations ago.

    Estrela Augusto Antonio understood that the best way to                     Estrela plans to continue to work hard and attend additional
    keep her family alive was to keep her cow alive. The cow, a                 Tillers International trainings to learn more about farming,
    frail jersey as pale as the dry soil beneath her, looked gaunt              animal care, and tool production. Estrela sees continuous
    and barely produced half a gallon of milk a day.                            learning as her family’s path away from extreme poverty and
                                                                                towards a brighter future.
    Estrela’s family lives in Matsinho, Mozambique, in Southeast
    Africa, where a merciless dry season can be followed by an                  “My goal is to continue producing silage so that we can make
    equally vicious typhoon season the following year. The un-                  enough money from selling milk so that I can finish our house
    predictable weather often brings brutal challenges to farmers               for my children,” said Estrela.
    needing to feed themselves, their families and, their animals.
                                                                                                             Tillers International’s training in
    Estrela kept her cow in a pen                                                                            developing countries offer farm-
    and foraged for sparce grass-                                                                            ers the opportunity to develop
    es and plants as feed. In a part                                                                         the skills and knowledge to pro-
    of the world vulnerable to ex-                                                                           duce more for themselves, their
    treme weather, farmers often                                                                             families, and their communities.
    struggled to find enough feed                                                                            These life-changing training ses-
    for their livestock especially                                                                           sions are only possible thanks to
    over the dry season.                                                                                     support from people and organi-
                                                                                                             zations like you that understand
    Estrela learned about trainings                                                                          the importance of having access
    offered by the United States                                                                             to the right tools and knowledge.
    Department of Agriculture’s
    Food For Progress Program                                                                                We teach variations of the same
    implemented by Venture 37                                                                                skills at Tillers International USA
    and carried out by Tillers In-                                                                           though mostly for personal and
    ternational. The now defunded                                                                            professional development and
    program offered trainings for                                                                            seldom for stakes as high as
    farmers on how to make silage,                                                                           those faced by smallholder fami-
    a form of fermented, high nu-                                                                            lies internationally.
    tritional value feed that can
    sustain livestock over the dry season. In the spring, Dense                 The classes in this catalog reflect the core skills we teach
    and rich vegetation is grown, harvested, chopped, then                      internationally -- animal care and handling, blacksmithing,
    placed into airtight storage to begin the fermentation pro-                 and woodworking (the latter two are used to make appro-
    cess iin order to have it ready for the dry season.                         priate-scale farming tools). To some, the classes may seem
                                                                                traditional, sentimental, and timeless, but for millions of
    Estrela and her family worked hard to implement what she                    smallholder farmers in poverty stricken communities, pre-in-
    learned with Tillers International. She set aside space as pas-             dustrial skills and tools are as relevant and useful today as
    ture, grew a variety of grasses, and made silage for her cow.               they were in 19th Century America.

    As the months passed and her cow enjoyed a steady diet of                   As you browse through the catalog, we invite you to imagine
    nutritious feed, her cow began to produce more milk. Her                    how these skills would be helpful to communities with limit-
    once skinny cow that could barely produce half-a-gallon of                  ed access to modern resources. We ask you to consider mak-
    milk per day became a beautiful healthy cow able to pro-                    ing a donation to Tillers International so that farmers such as
    duce almost two gallons a day, a jump of nearly 300-per-                    Estrela can face tomorrow with hope, dignity, and the ability
    cent. In a country where farmers make as little as $6 USD                   to feed themselves and their families.
    a day, increasing a cow’s output by four times makes an in-
    credible difference.

   ON THE COVER: Draft Horse Instructor Rick Eshuis and his Percherons, Jenna and Missy

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2022 Class Catalog of Traditional Skills for the US and Abroad
“                  Keep visiting us.
What Tillers International Does
Tillers International is a non-
profit that teaches the skills and
                                           animals can make an incredible
                                           difference in the lives of these
                                                                                                             HELENA JOSE GUMBO
                                                                                                                   Farmer, Mother of Five
                                                                                                                   Mozambique Training Participant

knowledge needed to use animal             farming families.                                           SUSTAINABLE
power effectively on small-scale                                                                         FARMING
                                           Industrialized countries, such     HISTORICAL                                                 FARMING
farms in developing countries.
                                           as the U.S., have hundreds of      MODELS
Our objective is to collaborate                                                                    INTL. SMALL-SCALE
                                           years of pre-industrial farming
with farmers to create tools                                                                            FARMERS
                                           technology and knowledge that
and training that take local
                                           is still globally invaluable.
agricultural conditions, animals,                                                          TRADITIONAL              APPROPRIATE
and resources into account.                We work with small-scale                              SKILLS             SCALE TOOLS
                                           farmers to adapt the historic
Millions of small-scale farmers
                                           knowledge and concepts behind
live “off the grid” in developing
                                           pre-industrial ag tools to their
countries because, in a practical
                                           needs and provide hands-on                               CRAFTSMANSHIP
sense, there isn’t a grid they can
                                           training to put everything into
use. Caught between a lack of
resources and reliable access to
power, many farmers have little            The classes offered at our U.S.
choice but to farm by hand.                site are based on the skills
                                           we teach and rely on in our          OUR MISSION: To preserve, study, and exchange skills
The leap between farming with
                                           international work.                  and tools that empower communities worldwide to
hand tools and farming with
                                                                                improve livelihoods and agricultural productivity.

                                                                               Most of our projects in recent        parasitic borne diseases among
                                                                               years have been in Africa             domesticated      livestock  -
                                                                               where more than 1.3 billion           farming wih animals was nearly
                                                                               live. It’s easy to imagine Africa     impossible throughout most of
                                                                               as being one large country,           the continent.
                                                                               but it’s, in fact, 54 countries
                                                                                                                     Veterinary science helped
                                                                               that span across an enormous
                                                                                                                     combat the tsetse fly in Africa
                                                                               ecologically diverse landmass.
                                                                                                                     during the 1970s which made
                                                                               Most people reading this
                                                                                                                     it possible for people to keep
                                                                               understand        the   diversity
                                                                                                                     domesticated animals like
                                                                               found in the ecosystem within
                                                                                                                     dairy cows and oxen healthy
                                                                               the United States. Scale that
                                                                                                                     and strong.
                                                                               diversity to a continent the
                                                                               size of Africa and it becomes         Nearly 61-percent of people
                                                                               plain to see how a cookie-            in Africa are farmers with
                                                                               cutter approach to working            an estimated 33 million
                                                                               with farmers is impossible.           smallholder farms.
                                                                               The complexity increases
                                                                                                                     According to The Food and
                                                                               when you take into account
                                                                                                                     Agriculture Organization of
                                                                               the more than 3,000 ethnic
                                                                                                                     the United Nations1, providing
                                                                               groups, 2,100 languages,
                                                                                                                     women with the same
                                                                               and many religions including
                                                                                                                     agricultural resources as men -
                                                                               Christianity, Judaism, Islam,
                                                                                                                     which we do - can reduce the
    KENNETH FIELD                                                              Hinduism, and ethnically
                                                                                                                     number of hungry people by
    Kingston University London                                                 specific traditional religions.
    THE CARTOGRAPHIC JOURNAL                                                                                         12-17-percent, or 100 to 150
                                                                               People have been farming with         million people worldwide.
     “The State of Food and Agriculture;
                                                                               animals for thousands of years

    Women in Agriculture - Closing the
    gender gap for development”, Food                                                                                In 2022, we’ll have projects in
                                                                               including in parts of Africa. For
    and Agriculture Organization of the
    United Nations, 2011, www.fao.org/3/                                                                             Burkina Faso, Mozambique,
    i2050e/i2050e00.htm                                                        a variety of reasons - including
                                                                                                                     and Senegal.
4                                                                                                                                   [800] 498.2700
2022 Class Catalog of Traditional Skills for the US and Abroad
Ways that Your Support Matters
The classes we teach in the U.S. reflect the skills we teach and rely      outside of the classes themselves including the care and feeding of
upon in our international work. Currently, tuition covers materials, in-   the draft horses and oxen, maintaining the U.S.-based training center,
structors, facilities, and other related expenses, but not toward our      community outreach, etc., and, most importantly, our life-changing
work internationally.                                                      work with small-scale farmers in developing countries.
We typically rely on support from donors and grants for anything           Here are some ways we can put your financial gift to work:

International Draft Animal           International Tool Building           Training Farming Families              Community Outreach
Health and Training Clinics                                                                                       through schools and events

U.S. Based Development of            Facilitating the Teaching of          Care and Feeding of Our                Upkeep of Barns, Tools,
Approriate-Scale Farming             Traditional Skills in the U.S.        Oxen and Draft Horses                  Fences, and Other Training
Tools for International Use                                                                                       Center Related Expenses

       How to Support the Sharing of Traditional Skills
              and Knowledge Here and Abroad
Donations and other means of
financial support play a critical
                                     are immensely thankful.
                                                                           Leave a Legacy                         Volunteering
part in getting tools and training
                                     A supporting gift can be made         Around the World                       We can always use people
                                     on our website, by calling (269)                                             interested     in    volunteering
to small-scale farmers.                                                    As you plan your legacy, please
                                     626-0223, or by mail at Tillers                                              their time and/or expertise.
                                                                           consider leaving a gift to Tillers
This year, as in past years,         International, 10515 E. OP Ave.,                                             Whether you enjoy refurbishing
                                                                           International. There are many
tuition mainly covers the costs      Scotts, MI, 49088.                                                           tools, working with animals,
                                                                           ways to make a contribution
of providing the classes and                                                                                      landscaping, website design,
                                     Businesses or organizations           including donations through
contribute       towards Tillers                                                                                  t-shirt design, CAD, event
                                     interested in sponsoring domestic     Required Minimum Distributions
International USA, our training                                                                                   planning, cleaning, helping us
                                     or international projects, future     (RMDs), Bequests, Tax-Free
site in Scotts, MI.                                                                                               around the office, consultation
                                     catalogs, events, or special          Charitable      IRA       Transfers,
We’re always looking for suport in   projects can contact us via email     Charitable      Gift     Annuities,    services within your area of
whichever way it can be provided.    at Tillers@TillersInternational.org   Outright Gifts, and others. Please     expertise, or anything else,
For example, several businesses                                            consult with your estate planning      please let us know so we can
helped offset the cost of this       In-Kind gifts of goods or services    attorney about contributing a gift     work with you to help continue
year’s class catalog for which we    are also appreciated.                 to Tillers International.              the mission here and abroad. Any
                                                                                                                  help is always appreciated.
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2022 Class Catalog of Traditional Skills for the US and Abroad
“   Effective and innovative animal power

            is a

                      for farming families, local artisans,

                                  and regional economies.

6                                                        [800] 498.2700
2022 Class Catalog of Traditional Skills for the US and Abroad
“Tillers International has provided
                    low-stress training of oxen to farmers
                               in over fifteen countries since
                                        our founding in 1981. ”
                                                ROB BURDICK
                                                     Executive Director
                                                   Tillers International

TILLERSINTERNATIONAL.ORG                                                   /DONATE 7
2022 Class Catalog of Traditional Skills for the US and Abroad

                                                                                                          Farmers have been working with
                                                                                                        oxen for more than 6,000 years. In
                                                                                                          many parts of the modern world,
                                                                                                                 oxen are still in heavy use
                                                                                                           because they’re an inexpensive
                                                                                                                 alternative to tractors and
                                                                                                                   an excellent resource on
                                                                                                                small farms or in woodlots.
                                                                                                                    This class will teach you

                                                                                                                         to drive oxen using
                                                                                                                  visual, verbal, and tactile
                                                                                                                    cues. Expert instructors
                                                                                                                     introduce you to these
                                                                                                         amazing animals by concentrating
                                                                                                          on driving skills, yoking, training,
                                                                                                     hitching, and alternatives to standard
                                                                                                      techniques. No previous experience
                                                                                                                with large animals needed.
                                                                                                                              MARCH 12 - 13
                                                                                                                                 SAT - SUN

                                                                                                   OXEN BASICS
                                                                                                   ROB COLLINS AND JEHRA SMITH
                                                                                                   $495 WITH YOKE IN JUNE
                                                                                                   $395 WITHOUT YOKE IN AUGUST
                                                                                                   This comprehensive class lead by the
                                                                                                   former president of the Midwest Ox Drovers
                                                                                                   Association, Rob Collins, develops skills
                                                                                                   in driving, training, and yoking. Learn to
                                                                                                   select, team, and care for oxen. Use low-
                                                                                                   stress training to teach calves. Drive teams
                                                                                                   hitched to various loads, practice field tasks,
                                                                                                   and June participants can try their hand at
                                                                                                   making their own small yoke (added charges
                                                                                                   for yokes more than 6” bow width. Note:
                                                                                                   The August class does not make a yoke).

                                                                                                   JUNE 19 - 23		                    SUN - THUR
                                                                                                   AUGUST 20 - 22 (NO YOKE)           SAT - MON

                                                                                                   OX TRAINING/DRIVING CLINIC
                                                                                                   ROB COLLINS AND JEHRA SMITH
    RICK ESHUIS AND JEHRA SMITH                                                                    $375
    $495                                                                                           Designed to take your ox training skills to
    This course is a unique opportunity to put skills in ox and horse handling to work. We         a higher level. Experienced teamsters share
    immerse you in a wide variety of field work—tillage and planting, the first hay cutting,       training skills for remote commands, driving
    and cultivating early weeds. Part of each day is spent learning skills and the rest in field   from behind, use of lines, etc. Participants
    practice. Coaches help refine field skills and draft animal handling. Assignments depend       are also encouraged to bring their own
    on skill and specific activities may be weather dependant.                                     animals for focused training

    JULY 21 - 24 THUR - SUN                                                                        OXTOBER 15 - 16		                   SAT - SUN

                                              ADDITIONAL DRAFT ANIMAL RESOURCES
    Tillers International.org > Resources                         Draft Animal-Power Network (DAPnet): Draft Animal Power.org
    All Things Oxen Facebook Group                                Farming Magazine: Farming Magazine.net
    Appropriate Scale Mechanization Consortium: ASMC.Illinois.edu Feed the Future: Feed the Future.gov
8                                                                                                              [800] 498.2700
2022 Class Catalog of Traditional Skills for the US and Abroad
  MI: $425		     NY: $495
  Please note: The April class will be taught at
  Tillers International’s training site in Scotts,
  Michigan, and the October class is being offered
  at Donn Hewes’ Northland Sheep Dairy Farm in
  Marathon, New York.
  Draft horse experts share draft horse handling,
  hitching, and driving skills. Participants begin
  by building confidence with the gentle giants in
  the barn, brushing, and harnessing. Then, skills
  will be honed with simple ground driving of a
  single horse before progressing to plowing and
  other fieldwork with a team.
  More details on our website.
  MI: APRIL 22 - 24 FRI - SUN         $425
  NY: OCT. 20 - 23 THUR - SUN         $495

                                                                               Horse Training
                                This rare class will take place at the farm of an Amish ferrier in
                      Centerville, MI, and will cover Draft Horse Basics for students interested           Seminar
                                                                                                                 HARLEN YODER
                               in training techniques. Harlan Yoder, who specializes in training
                          working horses, will take you through the steps for transforming an
                            inexperienced colt into a well-behaved workhorse. Topics include
                      working inadequately trained horses and building confidence in horses.
                                                                            SATURDAY, APRIL 30

                                  ADDITIONAL DRAFT ANIMAL RESOURCES (continued)
Horse Progress Days.com                                                   Percheron Horse Association of America: Percheron Horse.org
Midwest Ox Drovers Association: Midwest Ox Drovers.com                    Rural Heritage Magazine: Rural Heritage.com
North American Suffolk Horse Association: SuffolkPunch.com                Small Farmer’s Journal: Small Farmers Journal.com
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2022 Class Catalog of Traditional Skills for the US and Abroad
Blacksmithing I
                                                                             JOHN SARGE          $305
                                                                              This fast-paced introduction              Safety, tools, techniques,
                                                                              to blacksmithing moves you                   materials, terminology,
                                                                               through the fundamentals:              and shop set-up will all be
                                                                                 basic hammer skills, heat                explored. With an anvil
                                                                              treating, forge welding, and             for each student, there is
                                                                                   identification of “found”         plenty of hands-on learning
                                                                                   steels. By the end of the         and superb coaching in this
                                                                                  second day students will           popular class. Students will
                                                                                  be turned loose to make                 work almost exclusively
                                                                                  interesting forged pieces             with coal. This class is an
                                                                                      with the support and            excellent start for a hobby,
                                                                             collaboration of a blacksmith           taking advanced classes, or
                                                                              with 30 years of experience.               for career development.

                                                                               9 - 5 PM A. JAN 15 - 16     SAT-SUN          G. JULY 9 - 10 SAT-SUN
                                                                                        B. FEB 12 - 13     SAT-SUN *H. AUG 6 - 7 [OFF-GRID] SAT-SUN
                                                                                        C. MAR 5 - 6       SAT-SUN          I. SEPT 17 - 18 SAT -SUN
                                                                                        D. APR 23 - 24     SAT-SUN         J. OCT 15 - 16 SAT-SUN
                                                                                        E. MAY 21 - 22     SAT-SUN          K. NOV 17 - 18 THU-FRI
                                                                                        F. JUNE 25 - 26    SAT-SUN          L. DEC 3 - 4    SAT-SUN

     BLACKSMITHING II: SKILL BUILDING               forges, create anvils, and ways to work             KNIFE MAKING
     JOHN SARGE                                     with metal when a traditional workshop is        TIM CARR
     $375                                           nowhere to be found. Great for those into        $375
                                                    international development, missionary work,
     Build on skills learned in Blacksmithing I.                                                     Instructor Tim Carr shows you the care
                                                    homesteading, and those that want to be
     Hands-on projects improve your hammer                                                           needed in forging high carbon blades. Refine
                                                    prepared for anything life throws at them.
     skills and add to your techniques. Work                                                         hammer skills, make corrections with the
     on two projects, a trivet and tongs, and                                                        file, and develop annealing and tempering
     have plenty of time for individual projects.   AUGUST 6 - 7		                   SAT - SUN       techniques. Mount a fine wood handle
     Coaching speeds your progress. A great way                                                      to add beauty and contrast to the steel.
     to enjoy and refine your smithing skills.                                                       Tim is active on the board of the Michigan
                                                    ADVANCED BLACKSMITHING
                                                                                                     Artist Blacksmiths’ Association (MABA)
                                                    JOHN SARGE
     FEBRUARY 19 - 20		                SAT - SUN                                                     and has been smithing professionally for
     AUGUST 27 - 28		                  SAT - SUN    $375
                                                                                                     nearly 20 years. This class is recommended
                                                    The class will primarily focus on two            - but not required - before taking advanced
                                                    different skills: forge brazing and punching     knifemaking classes such as Friction Folder
                                                    a hole through metal such as a hammer’s          Knife or Knife Making: Hamon Blade.
                                                    head. Forge brazing is a way to weld pieces      PREREQUISITE: Blacksmithing I or equivalent.
                                                    of metal together with softer metals such as
     This introduction to blacksmithing covers      copper or brass. Punching allows smiths to          APRIL 30 - MAY 1 		                  SAT - SUN
     the same projects as Blacksmithing I except    create a hole through metal for functional          SEPTEMBER 24 - 25                    SAT - SUN
     in an all female environment. This class is    or design reasons.
     intended to create an atmosphere where
     students feel free to ask questions and        NOVEMBER 19 - 20                   SAT - SUN
     explore tools, materials, and techniques as
     they begin their journey into the craft.
                                                                                                          AS RUGGED AND
     MARCH 19 - 20		                   SAT - SUN
                                                                                                           ICONIC AS YOU
                                                                           THE CLASSIC STORMY KROMER CAP
                                                                           WHEN HARD-WORKING FOLKS NEED RUGGED
     $375                                                                  EQUIPMENT TO GET THE JOB DONE.
     If there is one blacksmithing skill in which    Artist
     we uniquely excel in it’s blacksmithing in      Blacksmith            Find Stormy Kromer caps and apparel
     areas under less than ideal conditions.         Association           online or at local dealers near you.
     Join us for this one-of-a-kind blacksmithing                                   1238 WALL STREET • IRONWOOD, MI • 888-455-2253
     class where we explore ways to improvize                                              WWW.STORMYKROMER.COM [800] 498.2700
  JOHN SARGE          $595
  Teens and their parent (or other adult)
  together can learn metal forging skills in
  the blacksmith shop with experienced
  instructors in this popular class. Students
  make BBQ tools, chisels, and other
  projects. The fire and tools used in
  this class demand respect and develop
  responsibility. Note-Teen and parent/
  adult need to register together for this
  class. Tuition and materials price reflects
  registration for the pair.

  JULY 16 - 17 		              SAT - SUN
  OCT 8 - 9 		                 SAT - SUN

$375                                                Copper
A friction folder relies on the handle pressing
against the blade to “lock” it in place. The
simplicity of the design alludes to the fact
                                                                  Smithing                                                              DOC SCHERTZ
                                                                                                        This is a beginners class for those who are
                                                                                                      interested in learning the basic skills to ma-
that this is one of the first styles of folding
                                                                                                   nipulate copper. Students begin by learning to
knives commonly used around the world.
                                                                                                           deburr, clean and anneal copper. Basic
This class will focus on creating the blade,
                                                                                                            hammer control introduces texturing.
handle, and hinge required for this unique
                                                                                                                 Design layout and chasing will add
knife. The photo above shows roughly what
                                                                                                                   another skill level by introducing
to expect by the end of the second day, but
                                                                                                                         chisels and their unlimited
students can continue buffing their knives
                                                                                                                             uses. Students will also
to their liking at home. Blacksmithing I or
                                                                                                                                        learn the tech-
similar experience recommended.
                                                                                                                                         nique of silver
MAY 14 - 15		                       SAT - SUN                                                                                      soldering and low
                                                                                                                                   relief. Finishing up
                                                                                                                                  with a patina finish
BEGINNING TINSMITHING                                                                                                    will highlight the texturing
MIC RUNYON                                                                                                                    and designs. Students
$305                                                                                                                              will take home four
Students will be introduced to the basics                                                                                                class projects.
of tinsmithing. The class will start with a
simple project that each of us will work                                                                                              AUGUST 13 - 14
through at the same time. After finishing                                                                                                 SAT - SUN
up with the first project, we will then
choose individual projects to work on for
the remainder of the class. There will be a       TINSMITHING: PATTERN LAYOUT                       demonstrated and practiced in depth with
variety of project choices which the student      MIC RUNYON                                        easy to understand steps. Students will be
can choose from including mugs, canisters,        $305                                              laying out the flat patterns for various geo-
baking pans, mixing bowls, candle holders,                                                          metrical shapes, including frustums of cones.
                                                  Being able to layout patterns is vital to in-
etc. Starting with basic layout and pattern                                                         We will also be looking at the art of reproduc-
                                                  creasing your overall tinning skills. Starting
making, we will walk through the cutting,                                                           ing an object, and how to get full size mea-
                                                  with the study of construction techniques, we
forming, and assembly of the project.                                                               surements from a photograph.
                                                  will be exploring the development and layout
MARCH 26 - 27		                     SAT - SUN
                                                  of patterns used in the creation of tinware.      AUGUST 20 - 21			                        SAT - SUN
                                                  Parallel and radial line development will be
TILLERSINTERNATIONAL.ORG                                                                                                                                   11
     There is a real sense of

     between you and the animals.

     People have been working with draft
     animals for thousands of years. The
     partnership with draft horses, oxen,
     donkeys, and other draft animals, enabled
                                                                           KODY HARRIS
                                                                           Tillers International
                                                                           Intern 2021

                                                     versatility, and pleasure of working with
                                                     draft horses and oxen.

                                                     The Plain Community (the Amish and
     people to farm around the world, travel         Mennonites) have proven that even
     across continents, create industries, and       American farmers can thrive and find
     literally establish nations.                    success working with draft animals
                                                     regardless of how traditional the
     Millions of people still work the land with     technology being used may appear on
     hand tools and don’t have the resources         the surface.
     to acquire and maintain machines such
     as tractors or trucks. Draft animals with       Whether you’re interested in food
     appropriate scale tools allow these             security in developing countries, farming,
     communities to achieve more in a                homesteading, history, sustainability, or
     sustainable and meaningful way.                 simply love animals, we’d love to have your
                                                     support. Please consider taking any one of
     In North America, many people are               our classes, telling a friend about us, or
     rediscovering what was so common only           simply showing your support by making
     a few generations ago: the effectiveness,       a donation.


12                                                                                                 [800] 498.2700
     BEN GRABER       $375
     Blending styles and techniques from both              which looks even more striking against
     Japanese and Western knifemakers, this class                       a finely sharpened edge.
     with cover clay hamon heat-treating, acid
     etching the blades, hand-sanding and finish of         This class will focus on both the func-
     the blade and handle, and the importance                    tionality and beauty of the knife.
     of a good grind.
                                                            Guest instructor Ben Graber has been
     Hamon is a visible indication be-                       making knives since 2017 specializing
     tween the hard and soft portions                     in hunting and kitchen blades. In recent
     of the blade obtained by using                            years, he’s shipped his handcrafted
     differential hardening. The end                       Graber Knives to sportsmen, chefs, and
     effect is an organic-looking line                              collectors around the country.
     separating two tones on the blade
                                                                         JUNE 11 - 12    SAT - SUN



      Learn to cast aluminum in green sand molds.
      Begin with mixing your own sand and making a
      small furnace. Fuels, furnaces, and crucibles are
      discussed, challenges of patterns and molding
      are explored. Learn different techniques for
      duplicating objects. Bring a small, simple object
      for use as a casting pattern.

      APRIL 9 - 10
      SAT - SUN
14                                                                                      [800] 498.2700
                                                   JIM SLINING      $450
                                                   Jim Slining has been a student of historic work processes
                                                   his entire life. When 12 or 13, this interest was manifested
                                                   through a furnished scale model of a 1700’s era English
                                                   watchmaker’s shop, which he built as a school project.
                                                   Later, this subject became the focus of a career making
                                                   accurate 17th-19th century iron reproductions and an
                                                   avocation using draft horse power in forest and field. Jim’s
                                                   interest in relearning the historic approaches required for
                                                   optimal “skill-intensive” tool performance (paradigms which
                                                   developed over thousands of years though largely lost in the
                                                   past hundred) are the focus and common
                                                   thread running through all of his classes.

                                                   For a complete description
                                                   of each class, please visit
                                                   our website or call
                                                   our office.

The cooper was essential to packaging early
fluid products. Learn to make your own small
bucket or piggin with hand tools only. Among
other things, students will shape bucket staves
on the shaving horse with draw knives. They
will also use a croze, inshave, hollowing knife,   FORGE WELDING, BRAZING
floor jointer, and hoop driver to complete the     AND HOT RIVETING
project.                                           APRIL 6 - 8    WED - FRI
APRIL 2 - 3			                      SAT - SUN
                                                   MAKING A BETTY LAMP
AUGUST 27 - 28			                   SAT - SUN
                                                   OCT 20 - 22    THUR - SAT



This class targets woodworking professionals
and serious amateurs wanting to learn how to
identify wood no matter the sample size, be
it a board, a log, antique chair, or a splinter.
Learning to identify wood is an indispensable
                                                                                                  Wilder Creek
skill whether you are trying to sort through a     /DONATE                                         WO R K S H O P
stack of mixed timber to attempting to evaluate                                                           MARSHALL, MI
the strength of an existing timber building.                                                      wilder creek workshop @ gmail.com
MAY 7				                           SATURDAY                                                            (616) 318-9360

TILLERSINTERNATIONAL.ORG                                                                                                              15
Timber Framing
                                                                              & Raising
                                                                                                        CHRIS NEWMAN AND TOM NEHIL              $850

                                                                                                   This class is widely considered one of the best
                                                                                                      values for learning timber framing in North
                                                                                                 America as we’re more interested in keeping this
                                                                                                    skill alive rather than profiting from students.
                                                                                                        Participants can expect to begin hands-on
                                                                                                       learning within a few hours of the first day
                                                                                                           of class. An engineer will discuss design
                                                                                                          elements and experienced framers guide
                                                                                                           you through layout, boring and chiseling
                                                                                                             mortises, forming tenons, cutting wind
                                                                                                                braces, assembling bents and more.
                                                                                                                    Please enroll at least a month in
                                                                                                                 advance to give the Amish sawmill
                                                                                                                     enough time to prep materials.

                                                                                                                           MAY 9 - 14 MON - SAT
                                                                                                                          SEPT 19 - 24 MON - SAT

INTRO TO HAND TOOLS                                BASIC JOINERY                                        a razor-sharp edge. The focus of this class
DAVE KRAMER AND ROB BURDICK                        DAVE KRAMER                                          will be on sharpening wood chisels and hand
$150                                               $150                                                 plane irons. We will also briefly cover filing
                                                                                                        and setting teeth on a hand saw. Bring a dull
In this day and age, so many people are            Accurate joinery gives strength and beauty to
                                                                                                        tool with you to work on.
rarely taught how to use basic hand tools          wood projects. Learn what type of joint to use
even though most of these tools have been          for different situations. You will have a chance     MARCH 8            TUESDAY         6 PM - 9 PM
around for hundreds of years. This is Part One     to practice laying out and cutting by hand           NOVEMBER 8         TUESDAY         6 PM - 9 PM
of a series of fundamental classes for those       a variety of wood joints including: through
wanting to return to basics and be able to work    dovetails, dados, and mortise and tenon joints.
and create with your hands. The skills covered     This last class in the wood fundamental series       SQUARING ROUGH LUMBER
in this class will get you started creating your   will elevate your skills to the next level. Taking   WITH HAND TOOLS
own small wood projects. This class will cover     the previous wood fundamentals classes or            DAVE KRAMER
fundamentals such as:                              their equivalent, is HIGHLY recommended.             $75
 • Identifying chisel types and best uses
                                                   MARCH 16       WEDNESDAY        9 - 5 PM             Squaring lumber to size is the first step in most
 • Identifying saw types and best uses
                                                   MAY 25		       WEDNESDAY        9 - 5 PM             woodworking projects. Learn how to use a
 • Identifying hand plane sizes / styles
                                                   NOVEMBER 15 & 17 TUES & THUR 6 PM - 9 PM             scrub plane, winding sticks, bench plane, try
 • Hammers and mallets
                                                                                                        square, marking gage, block plane, and shooting
 • Measuring and marking / basic layout tools
                                                                                                        board to make a smooth and perfect rectangle
 • Vices and clamping methods
                                                                                                        from a rough sawn, warped piece of lumber.
                                                   TOOL SHARPENING
                                                                                                        MARCH 10           THURSDAY        6 PM - 9 PM
MAY 18		          WEDNESDAY        9 AM - 5 PM     $75                                                  NOVEMBER 10        THURSDAY        6 PM - 9 PM
NOVEMBER 2        WEDNESDAY        9 AM - 5 PM
                                                   Working with dull tools is dangerous and
                                                   inefficient. Learn how to grind a bevel to the
                                                   correct angle, and use a honing guide to get
16                                                                                                                                      [800] 498.2700
Mary Rose
Tankard                                               Stone
 JOHN DAVENPORT         $375
                                                BLAIR BATES
                                                TOM NEHIL

                                                Instructors will take you through
                                                the history and theory of stone
                                                construction, making of mortar, and
                                                shaping of fieldstone into building
  This small coopering project is a             stone. Presentations will provide insight
  straight staved small container, with         into geology and the characteristics of
  a twist, mainly the handle, and cover.        different stone types, the mechanics
  This style of tankard is based on             of splitting and dressing stone, and
  those found on The Mary Rose, a               the evolution of mortar systems from
  warship in King Henry VIII’s navy             ancient to modern. You will then have
  that was sunk in 1545. Its wreck was          opportunities to practice selecting,
  rediscovered off the coast of the Isle        splitting, shaping and building with raw
  of Wight in 1971. Coopers have been           materials quarried locally.
  using its distinct profile as inspiration
  ever since.                                   SEPTEMBER 15 - 17
                                                THUR - SAT
  OCTOBER 1 - 2     SAT - SUN

Many of the specialty tools of the cooper
are hard to find, new or used. Learn to make
your own using basic blacksmithing and
machining skills. This class has substantial       /CLASSES
value and expands the skills of a cooper
into the realm of tool-making.
nsectetur vitae utrum blandit
MARCH 12 - 13		                     SAT - SUN

                                                                          BENCH HOOKS, MITER BOXES, AND SHOOTING BOARDS
 BUILDINGRENOVATION LLC.COM                                               DAVE KRAMER
       We Teach Historic                We Do                             Shooting boards and bench hooks (pictured) offer woodworkers
   Tuckpointing & Repointing           Aerial Drone Inspection            quick and easy ways to hold a project in place while sawing and
               Brick Masonry           Aerial Drone Photography/          planing. Miter boxes hold hand saw blades to make accurate cuts
              Stone Masonry            Video                              at set degrees of 90 and 45. In this day long class, you will construct
              Plaster / Stucco                                            and learn how to use your own bench hook, miter box, and shooting

        (269) 680-9615                                                    APRIL 13          WEDNESDAY		                 9 - 5 PM
            WEST MICHIGAN
      Blair E. Bates, C.T., President
TILLERSINTERNATIONAL.ORG                                                                                                                       17
How to Make
     $450                  Chair
 Students will learn to make a
 Mission-style rocking chair. The class
 will focus on learning mortise and
 tenon joinery, steam bending and
 laminate bending, and more. Please
 note, students will be working in
 groups to construct a chair but will
 not be creating individual chairs to
 take home. The class is focused on
 building skills for chair construction.
 Details on our website.

                                                                                   DAVE KRAMER AND JOHN SARGE
                                                                                   Learn to construct wooden wheels for wagons. See how small
                                                                                   hubs are turned and mortised. Practice shaving spokes. Felloes are
                                                                                   steam bent. Lend your hand as the team heat shrinks steel tires
                                                                                   onto wheels in a cloud of steam. Wheel wrighting is a fascinating
                                                                                   combination of early precision wood and metal working. This is the
                                                                                   only class like this in North America. Discount available for members
                                                                                   of the Association for Living History , Farm and Agricultural Museums
                                                                                   (ALHFAM). ALHFAM members should contact us for discounted rate.
                                                                                   JUNE 4 - 5 					                                              SAT - SUN

WOODEN BOX WITH HINGED LID                               WINDSOR CHAIR MAKING                              MAKE A SHAVING HORSE
AND DOVETAILED CORNERS                                   JIM CRAMMOND                                      JOHN SARGE
DAVE KRAMER AND ROB BURDICK                              $650                                              $305
$375                                                     Students will transform literal logs into         A shaving horse is an invaluable aid when
Build a wooden box for keeping your tools,               an iconic chair in the world of traditional       using tools such as a draw knife. Working with
memories, gadgets, or anything you treasure,             American furniture. Versions of the Windsor       a shaving horse allows you to “clamp” a piece
safe and organized.                                      Chair can be found in museums, living history     of wood in place while you work on it then
                                                         sites, homes around the world, and has served     quickly move it as needed. It’s a surprisngly
This two-day class will focus on laying out and          as the inspiration for countless chair designs    helpful tool! Photos on our website.
hand cutting dovetails for the box and apron             that followed it.
corners, gluing and assembling the box and                                                                 DECEMBER 10 - 11			                   SAT - SUN
apron, and fitting the lid.                              In this five day class, students will fabricate
                                                         parts and assemble them for the construction
                                                                                                           MAKE A BOW SAW
Commercially purchased hinges                  will be   of a Windsor bowback chair.
                                                                                                           DAVE KRAMER
provided, but you will need to               purchase                                                      $150
your own handles. We will                     not be     The topics covered will include riving a
applying any finish during the                class as   log, sharpening, and using a drawknife and        Make a bow saw that can be used to cut
you can enjoy doing this final               touch at    spokeshave, bending wood, edge jointing,          curves and make ripping and crosscutting
home where the finish can dry                properly.   carving a seat, round mortise and tenon           faster. A variety of sizes and blade options will
                                                         joinery, spindle turning on a lathe, chair        be available to choose from. Cut and shape
Additional details, along with photographs of            assembly, and finishing with milk paint.          parts on the band saw, then mortise and
past versions of the box, can be found on our                                                              tenon the cross member and turn handles on
website.                                                 SEPTEMBER 13 - 17		                  TUE - SAT    the lathe.

JULY 29 - 30		                             THUR - FRI                                                      JUNE 15            WEDNESDAY          9 - 5 PM
18                                                                                                                                        [800] 498.2700
Using a Wood                                                             Herb Walk
                                                                             & Medicine Making
                               DAVE KRAMER AND TOM HURST

                                                                             BRENNA PIXLEY

                                                                             Herbs are a traditional
                                                                             source of nutrition and
                                                                             medicine. Join us for an
                                                                             herb walk to learn to
                                     This class introduces you to a          identify and responsibly
                                     lathe, one of the most useful           forage native seasonal
                                     tools in woodworking. Wood              plants with an emphasis
                                     lathes allow you to make                on those that foster
                                     handles, legs for pieces of             immunity and vitality,
                                     furniture, rolling pins, can-           followed by a workshop
                                     dlestick holders, and so much           on preparing herbs for
                                     more. Join us to learn the              use in teas, tinctures,
                                     basics of the Wood Lathe and            infusions, and salves.
                                     how it can work for you.
                                                                             AUGUST 6, SAT
                              APRIL 5 & 7 TUE - THUR 6 PM - 9 PM             9 AM - 12 PM
                              SEPTEMBER 7 WEDNESDAY 9 - 5 PM                 OR 1 PM - 4 PM

                                               Plane Making
                                             Rabbet Plane & Coffin or Jack Plane
                                             DAVE KRAMER AND ROB BURDICK

WOODEN RAKES                                 Shaping and finishing a project with a
ROB COLLINS                                  plane you crafted yourself is a rewarding
$150                                         experience. In this class, every student will
                                             make two planes. Each student will make a
This is a basic woodworking class.           rabbeting plane (a tool used to cut a notch
Students will start with a pair of           — a rabbet — along the edge or a board)
blanks, cut to size. They will first split   and then choose between a coffin profile
the handle blank and rivet the handle        smoothing plane or a jack plane with a
to make a split end, then drill the          handle. Learn how to shape the wooden
head for tines and cut a joint to hold       bodies for the planes and then harden and
it all together. Once assembled, they’d      temper your own cutting irons to fit your
shape the handle on a shaving horse          planes. You will also be taught how to set
using a spokeshave. Each student             and adjust the blade in a wooden plane
should complete a rake.                      with the blade secured by a wedge.

JULY 20 WEDNESDAY                9 - 5 PM    OCTOBER 27 - 28		           THUR - FRI

TILLERSINTERNATIONAL.ORG                                                                                19
Tillers International USA
                                                                                                                           is located at
                                                                                                                           10515 E. OP Ave.
                                                                                                                           Scotts, MI 49088.

                                                                                                                           Most classes meet
                                                                                                                           at the Stone House
                                                                                                                           on the first day unless
                                                                                                                           otherwise noted.

Tillers International USA, is located on a 200+   Students planning to take the October, 2022,       Closed-toed shoes are highly recommended
acre farm in Scotts, MI. We have several          Draft Horse Basics in New England: Due to          for most classes. Steel-toed boots and other
timber-framed structures onsite including         the popularity of fall foliage tourism, Students   safety shoes are not required, but you’re
picturesque barns, two main workshops, and        should reserve a place to stay ASAP. The Three     welcome to wear them. Draft animal classes
a beautiful stone-house where students may        Bear Inn (ThreeBearInnMarathonNY.com) is           include field work so please bring appropriate
stay overnight at additional charge.              the nearest hotel to the class site.               footwear such as muck boots. Brimmed
                                                                                                     hats, sun screen, and general sun protection
WHERE TO STAY                                     SAFETY & WHAT TO WEAR                              is recommended. Rain gear should also be
We offer neo-rustic bedrooms with access          Most of the classes we offer come with             brought as most classes are “rain or shine”.
to a fully-equipped kitchen, a dining area,       inherent dangers especially when safety
a library, and more. Most bedrooms have           or other instructions are disregarded. Our         We do have some Personal Protective
their own private bathrooms. The house’s          classes often involve working by an open fire,     Equipment (PPE) available on site, but
stone walls help keep the rooms cool through      handling sharp or heavy tools, working with        encourage you to bring your own protective
the early part of summer and a wood-fired         powerful draft animals, etc. While all efforts     eyewear, ear plugs, and work gloves. Not all
furnance keeps rooms toasty in the fall and       will be given to student safety, an assumption     classes require PPE.
winter. The house includes rural Wi-Fi. Rates     of risk is still involved.
for the rooms start at $75 per night.                                                                FOOD
                                                  The specifics of what to wear may vary             All day-long classes include lunch from Scotts
Students are welcomed to camp on-site             by class, but as a general rule we suggest         Corner Cafe in Scotts, MI. Please let us know if
for only $10 per night or $15 per night with      dressing in layers as weather in Michigan is       you have any dietary restrictions (e.g., gluten-
power (water or septic hook-ups for RVs are       often unpredictable. For our blacksmithing         free, vegetarian, vegan, kosher, halal, allergies,
not available). On-site camping comes with        classes, we recommend avoiding synthetic           etc.) People staying overnight are welcomed
access to bathrooms and a shower in The           fabrics such as nylon or polyester which melt      to use our kitchen to prepare their own food.
Stone House.                                      and adhere to skin when they’re burning.           The nearest grocery store is in Galesburg, MI,
                                                  While all fabrics are flammable, we suggest        and is six miles away (ten minutes) from our
We are located minutes away from Airbnbs          natural fabrics.                                   site. There are many restaurants to choose
and hotels in Kalamazoo and Battle Creek.                                                            from in the surrounding areas.
20                                                                                                                                   [800] 498.2700
Hundreds of people come to Tillers                    Any funds forfeited to Tillers International         authorities and support you and them in
International USA throughout the year and             because of cancellation or failure to attend         any resulting investigations.
their safety is our utmost concern. We’re             class will be treated as a donation and used
asking that people respect other students,            to further the work done by the organization.        Students acting out inappropriately may be
volunteers, and staff, by doing your part                                                                  asked to leave without refund.
in creating a safe environment including              Tillers International reserves the right to cancel
extending the courtesy of wearing a mask              classes for any reason. In the unfortunate           AGE REQUIREMENTS
when indoors. We’re not requiring proof               event that Tillers International cancels a class,    Students must be at least 18-years-old at the
of vaccination, but rather are relying on             all paid tuition will be refunded in full.           time of the class. There are a few exceptions
your sense of honor to respect the health                                                                  such as our Parent & Teen Blacksmithing
and well-being of others enough to wear a             PETS                                                 class. We can make additional exceptions
mask indoors.                                         Students are not allowed to bring pets such          on a case-by-case basis after speaking to
                                                      as dogs and cats to Tillers International            the prospective student’s or legal guardian.
Many of our classes take place outdoors or            while taking a class. Exceptions include
in large, well-ventilated buildings which will        draft animals that might be used in a class.         INTERNSHIPS
have open doors and windows as weather                If you have a service animal, please let us          Each year Tillers International invites
allows. During colder months, when doors              know by calling (269) 626-0223.                      internship applicants who are interested
and windows are closed, we ask people to                                                                   in international development and/or
please be considerate and wear a mask.                DRUGS AND ALCOHOL                                    farming with draft animals. Most intern
                                                      Impaired students pose a danger to                   compensation is the opportunity to learn
CANCELLATIONS                                         themselves, other students, and our                  rare skills. For the duration of three to nine
Most of our classes require students to make          instructors. Illegal drugs are not allowed at        months, interns work on the farm and in
arrangements at home and/or work months               Tillers International USA nor is the use of          our shops. Their work is focused on hands-
in advance meaning it’s difficult for us to fill a    alcohol or recreational cannabis during a            on learning in farming, blacksmithing,
suddenly available opening – regardless of how        class. Tillers International reserves the right      woodworking, tool design & innovation,
popular the class may be – at the last minute.        to eject a student from our property without         and international development. Many of
                                                      refund if that student fails to comply with          our interns have gone on to work overseas
Cancellations more than 21 days before                our policy on drugs and alcohol.                     or on small farms in North America.
the first day of class will result in a $50                                                                For more information on our internships,
administration fee. Due to the cost of                SEXUAL HARASSMENT AND OTHER                          please visit our website.
materials and preparation required by our             INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR
                                                      Tillers International is a fun place to hang
organization and instructors, cancellation                                                                 DISCOUNTS
by the student less than 21 days before the           out and enjoy the company of other people            We offer discounts during sales on select
class start date will result in the full forfeiture   who are into learning new skills. That               classes throughout the year. However, we
of tuition. The cancellation policy extends to        said, Tillers International will not tolerate        will be offering a few permanent discounts:
30 days before the first day of class on select       sexual harassment of any kind including
                                                      from our own instructors and staff. If you             10% Senior Discount (65+)
courses such as Timber Framing, Draft Horse
                                                      experience any sexual harassment while                 10% Veterans Discount
Basics, and Windsor Chair Making.
                                                      at Tillers International – whether it’s from           10% Member Discount
Failure to attend the class will result in the full   a student or member of our staff - please            Memberships are $100 for a year.
forfeiture of tuition.                                contact our executive director immediately.          To use a discount, please call (269) 626-
                                                      We will work closely with neighboring legal          0223 to receive a discount code.

We’d like to thank the businesses and organizations that helped
sponsor the printing and distribution of our 2022 class catalog.

If your business or organization would like to help sponsor
future catalogs, events, our farm animals, workshops,
or our international work, please email us at tillers@
tillersinternational.org for more information.

TILLERSINTERNATIONAL.ORG                                                                                                                                    21
                   School of Practical Skills, USA
                                        TillersInternational.org/Classes             +1 (800) 498-2700

 Blacksmithing I                   Draft Horse Basics: Michigan            Blacksmithing I                    Knife Making
 15-16    9 - 5 p.m.		      $305   22-24     9 - 5 p.m.		         $425     9-10    9 - 5 p.m.		        $305   24-25     9 - 5 p.m. 		       $375
                                   Blacksmithing I                         Parent and Teen Blacksmithing
           February                23-24     9 - 5 p.m.		         $305     16-17   9 - 5 p.m. 		       $595                October
                                   Draft Horse Training Seminar            Wooden Rakes
 Blacksmithing I                                                                                              Coopering Tankard
                                   30        9 - 5 p.m. 		        $150     20      9 - 5 p.m. 		       $150
 12-13    9 - 5 p.m. 		     $305                                                                              1-2       9 - 5 p.m. 		       $375
 Blacksmithing II                  Knife Making                            Farming with Oxen & Horses
                                                                                                              Parent and Teen Blacksmithing
 19-20    9 - 5 p.m.		      $375   April 30-May 1    9 - 5 p.m.   $375     21-24   9 - 5 p.m. 		       $495
                                                                                                              8-9       9 - 5 p.m. 		       $595
                                   Plow Day 2022: Public Welcomed          Dove Tail Tool Box                 Blacksmithing I
                                   30        11 a.m. - 3 p.m.     $5       29-30    9 - 5 p.m.         $375
              March                                                                                           15-16     9 - 5 p.m. 		       $305
 Intro to Hand Tools                                                                                          Ox Training/Driving Clinic
 1&3      6 p.m. - 9 p.m    $150
                                                    May                                August                 15-16     9 - 5 p.m. 		       $375
 Blacksmithing I                   Identifying Wood for Advanced           Herb Walk & Medicine Making        Blacksmithing: Betty Lamp
 5-6      9 - 5 p.m. 		     $305   Woodworkers & Professionals             6       9 a.m.- 12 p.m.     $75    20-22     9 - 5 p.m. 		       $450
 Tool Sharpening                   7         9 - 5 p.m. 		        $150     6       1 p.m.- 4 p.m.      $75    Draft Horse Basics: New England
                                   Timber Framing & Raising                Blacksmithing I: Off-Grid          (This class is in Marathon, New York)
 8        6 p.m. - 9 p.m.   $75
                                   9-14      9 - 5 p.m. 		        $850     6-7     9 - 5 p.m. 		       $375   20-23      9 - 5 p.m. 		       $495
 Squaring Rough Lumber
                                   Friction Folder Knife                   Appalachian Brooms                 Wooden Plane Making: Rabbet
 with Hand Tools
                                   14-15     9 - 5 p.m. 		        $375     13-14   9 - 5 p.m. 		       $375   Plane and Coffin or Jack Plane
 10       6 p.m. - 9 p.m    $75
                                   Intro to Hand Tools                     Basic Coppersmithing               27-28     9 - 5 p.m. 		       $375
 Coopering Tools
                                   18        9 - 5 p.m $150                13-14   9 - 5 p.m. 		       $375
 12-13    9 - 5 p.m. 		     $375
                                   Blacksmithing I                         Oxen Basics                                   November
 Ox Driving Intro
                                   21-22     9 - 5 p.m.		         $305     20-22   9 - 5 p.m. 		       $395
 12-13    9 - 5 p.m. 		     $305                                                                              Intro to Hand Tools
                                   Basic Joinery                           Tinsmithing: Pattern Layout
 Basic Joinery                                                                                                2         9 - 5 p.m. 		       $150
                                   25        9 - 5 p.m.		         $150     20-21   9 - 5 p.m. 		       $305
 16       9 - 5 p.m		       $150                                                                              Tool Sharpening
                                                                           Blacksmithing II
 Blacksmithing for Women                                                                                      8         6 p.m. - 9 p.m.     $75
 19-20    9 - 5 p.m. 		     $305                    June                   27-28   9 - 5 p.m. 		       $375
                                                                                                              Squaring Rough Lumber
                                                                           Coopering Buckets/Piggins
 Beginning Tinsmithing             Wheelwrighting                                                             with Hand Tools
                                                                           27-28   9 - 5 p.m.		        $375
 26-27    9 - 5 p.m. 		     $305   4-5       9 - 5 p.m.		         $375                                        10        6 p.m. - 9 p.m      $75
                                   Knife Making with Ben Graber                                               Basic Joinery
               April               11-12     9 - 5 p.m. 		        $375              September                 15 & 17   6 p.m. - 9 p.m      $150
                                   Making a Bow Saw                        Wood Lathe Turning                 Blacksmithing I
 Coopering Buckets/Piggins
                                   15        9 - 5 p.m. 		        $150     7       9 - 5 p.m. 		       $150   17-18     9 - 5 p.m. 		       $305
 2-3      9 - 5 p.m.		      $375
                                   Oxen Basics with Yoke Making            How to Make a Rocking Chair        Advanced Blacksmithing
 Wood Lathe Turning
 5&7      6 - 9 p.m. 		     $150
                                   19-23     9 - 5 p.m. 		        $495     9-11    9 - 5 p.m. 		       $450   with John Sarge
                                   Midwest Ox Drovers Association          Windsor Chairs                     19-20     9 - 5 p.m. 		       $375
 Forge Welding, Brazing
                                   Gathering at Tillers International      13-17   9 - 5 p.m. 		       $650
 and Hot Riveting
                                   24-26     9 - 5 p.m.		         Free     Stone Masonry                                 December
 6-8      9 - 5 p.m 		      $450
                                   Blacksmithing I                         15-17   9 - 5 p.m. 		       $425
 Small Foundry Work                                                                                           Blacksmithing I
                                   25-26     9 - 5 p.m. 		        $305     Blacksmithing I
 & Pattern Making                                                                                             3-4       9 - 5 p.m. 		       $305
                                                                           17-18   9 - 5 p.m. 		       $305
 9-10     9 - 5 p.m. 		     $375                                                                              Make a Shaving Horse
                                                                           Timber Framing & Raising
 Bench Hooks, Miter Boxes, and                      July                   19-24   9 - 5 p.m. 		       $850
                                                                                                              10-11     9 - 5 p.m. 		       $305
 Shooting Boards                   Horse Progress Days.com
 13       9 - 5 p.m		       $150   1-2 		                Montgomery, IN

                                   /CLASSES                            /DONATE                       /STORE
22                                                                                                                                [800] 498.2700
Friends Caring
for Your Friends                Our team is committed to
                             educating our clients in how
                           to keep your pets healthy year
                               round, with good nutrition
                                and exercise. We stay on
                             top of the latest advances in
                             veterinarian technology and
                             above all, remember that all
                             animals and pets need to be
                                 treated with loving care.

                              A N I M A L H O S P I TA L
                                         (419) 882-7688
                                            Sylvania, OH


TILLERSINTERNATIONAL.ORG                                     23
Non-Profit Organization
                                                                                                    U.S. Postage
      10515 East OP Ave.                                                                          Permit No. 112
      Scotts, MI USA                                                                               Kalamazoo, MI

     “       Food is the moral right
                      of all who are born into this world.
                                                                        NORMAN BORLAUG
                                                                          Nobel Peace Prize
                                                                        Winning Agronomist

 Tillers International staff testing a prototype of a draft-animal drawn planter during an exceptionally dry spring
 in Michigan. The planter was created in collaboration with farmers in Northern Haiti who will be making the final
 tools themselves. Skills in farming with draft animals, woodworking, blacksmithing, and creative problem solving
 - skills we teach in the U.S. and internationally - came together to make this tool possible. For some, these skills
 promote personal or professional development, but for others, in a different context, these same skills can lead to
 life-changing improvements. Your support helps us bring tools, abilities, and empowerment to these communities.
 Please consider making a donation, taking a class, becoming a sponsor, or telling a friend about what we do.
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