2023 Pisces Yearly Horoscope - BY ASKGANESHA

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2023 Pisces Yearly Horoscope - BY ASKGANESHA
Pisces Yearly

2023 Pisces Yearly Horoscope - BY ASKGANESHA
Yearly Predictions 2023: is an ebook which is all
about the effects of the 12 Zodiac Signs in the
year 2023. The book is structured in an easy
manner through which you can easily check your
zodiac sign effects for the year 2023.
We published this book because we are excited
about the New Year 2023 which is going to be
really eventful for all the zodiac signs. As you
know each year the zodiac signs have a shift of
planets with directly and indirectly affect our life
be it Love, career, romance, money health, travel
and lot more.
In this book you will find each sun sign in their
order starting from Aries upto the last Pisces
with their description and also their effects in
the year 2023. This book also provides the
predictions of each zodiac sign with the
paragraphs of Professional , Love and
Relationship, Finance , family and social life,
Health, travel and also we have mentioned Vedic
remedies too.
This book is written for you all by Experienced
Astrologers Mr. Amit Saini and Mr. Abhishek
Dhawan. Mr. Amit Saini is expert in the field of
Vedic and Nadi (simplified KP) Astrology. His
qualifications including a Degree in Jyotish
2023 Pisces Yearly Horoscope - BY ASKGANESHA
Acharya, along with his other degrees of
Engineering and Masters in Computer
Applications. He has done extensive research in
combining the astrology with technology.
Mr. Abhishek Dhawan has been associated with
astrology since his school days. He has also been
honored with Jyotish Shiromani and Jyotish
Martand. He also has received astrology rewards
too. Mr. Abhishek is an ardent devotee of
Goddess Durga and Lord Ganesha and owes all
his success to these two only apart from support
from his parents and family.
Askganesha possess astrology operations
experience. Our astrologers are well versed in all
aspects of multiple occult fields, from astrology
to vastu. We pride ourselves on our proven track
record for effective astrology remedies and
advice. Exceptional functional and technical
astrology expertise coupled with extensive
occult knowledge makes Accurate Astrologers
the ideal choice for an astrology consulting firm
to manage the different aspects of life

2023 Pisces Yearly Horoscope - BY ASKGANESHA
Astrologer Mr. Amit Saini

Astrologer Mr. Abhishek
2023 Pisces Yearly Horoscope - BY ASKGANESHA
                   Zodiac Sign
Starts from February 19th to March 20th each
calendar year.

Pisces is the last and twelfth zodiac sign and has
a part of characteristics of all other sun signs.
Pisces are selfless and spiritual. They are always
undergoing an inner journey of their own which
makes them highly emotional as well as
perceptive. They are dreamers in true sense as
they are almost invariably far-sighted folks who
in their illusory world can foresee the future.
Famous Pisces born personalities are
Michelangelo, Elizabeth Taylor, George
Washington, Bruce Willis, Rupert Murdoch,
andJon Bon Jovi.

Pisces sun sign is represented by a pair of fishes
swimming in opposite direction, depicting their
unique personalities which are strong enough to
swim against or with the flow and humble
enough to not make waves. They are chilled out
and very easy going people who don’t mind
sacrificing their own work for others’ wishes and
2023 Pisces Yearly Horoscope - BY ASKGANESHA
at times are taken advantage of. Their Mutable
Quality further makes them very flexible to ideas
and the duality of fishes helps them see the yin
and yang of every issue. This is to say that they
are just and unbiased and often the Pisces
decisions originate from their intuitive psychic
self. These Fish folks are happy and confident
and have less regard for how people perceive
them. If they are happy with themselves, they
don’t care what the world has to say.

The Fishes are ruled by Jupiter and Neptune
which brings them unique vibrations and
energies. The harmonious combination of these
planets makes Pisces spiritually oriented and
charitable. If they say, “I know how it feels,” trust
them, because even without actually going
through the mess, they are able to feel what you
are feeling. They are compassionate and always
looking forward to making people feel home. In
that sense, they are also known as the
homemakers of the zodiac. Their unique
planetary combination also makes it difficult for
Pisces to distinguish real from fantasy and at
times more focused on how things should be.
This brings them remorse and melancholy. It is
obvious for Water to the representative element
for this sun sign. Those born under Pisces are
2023 Pisces Yearly Horoscope - BY ASKGANESHA
hence, emotional and often unpredictable. They
frequently feel misunderstood by those around
them and cry a lot. However, water also brings
them immense creativity, originality, sensitivity
and creative talent. Pursuing them is only natural
for a Pisces as they consider this solitary
practice another inner voyage they love to take

The physical traits of Pisces include an average
height and delicate built, big dreamy eyes, and a
generous calm demeanor. They like to keep a low
profile and often lost into their own world. They
are chameleons when it comes to appearances
and possess a natural affinity for colors like Lilac,
Violet, Sea green, etc. Water sports are a great
way for Pisces to relax and chill out. They love to
swim and are often great swimmers with a
variety of tricks up their sleeve.

The lucky number which is most favorite of the
Pisces zodiac sign born people is 7. The years 3, 7,
12, 16, 21, 25, 30, 34, 43, 52, 61, 70 are seen to be
important for them.
2023 Pisces Yearly Horoscope - BY ASKGANESHA

                        PISCES, 2023

2023 is predicted to be a promising year for the
Pisces zodiac sign born. this year will
compensate for all the troubles and hardships
you went through, dear pretty Pisces! You will
have many opportunities to get lucky in your
career, personal life and wealth arena. In the first
half of the year, you will achieve success and
would feel that you are at the peak of your life.
But there will be few difficult circumstances that
you may haveto face in the second half of the
year. Owing to your good times that you are
blessed with in the first half of the year, you may
get little too confident and full of pride that you
may not notice the doom coming your way. But
with your intuitive abilities, you will see the
impending thunderstorm at the verge. Though
things can turn disastrous but somehow you
2023 Pisces Yearly Horoscope - BY ASKGANESHA
know how to manage the worst and still perceive
it as the best being a positive human. You are
advised to stay grounded even if you are gifted
with beautiful wings and forced to fly in a fake
     PISCES, 2023
Your professional life will be full of happy
surprises this year. Mainly because you suffered
a lot in the past one year, you will enjoy the rare
glee. Over the period of first six months of the
year, you will have the best of both the worlds.
You will shine as a professional. Your superiors
will admire you and your colleagues will be in
awe of you. Read More

Pisces zodiac sign born are dreamy and
romantic. They are charming and can woo their
potential partner in fraction of seconds. The
transit of ketu in your horoscope this year
predicts the upcoming of both positive and
negative effects to your love life. You may face
ups and downs in your relationship throughout
this year. You are predicted to have a stable
relationship at the start of the year. Read More
2023 Pisces Yearly Horoscope - BY ASKGANESHA
This year the Lord of Wealth will be very happy
with you. you and your family will be financially
blessed this year. You will be getting constant
flow of income during this year. With the
increased income, you must be searching for
places to put your money where it can grow
further rather than places where you can destroy
it. Read More

This year will be good in terms of family relations
for Pisces sun sign natives. You share a caring.
bond with your family, friends and closed ones.
Though your participation is not always
noticeable but you make it a point to attend each
function and ceremony being held in your group
with great enthusiasm and zeal. Read More

     HEALTH, PISCES, 2023
Most of your health issues are created by your
own imagination so think less and act more. Let
the lousiness go and opt for a healthy lifestyle
incorporating exercises and other activities to
keep your nerves calm. Read More
Being an artistic and imaginative person, Pisces
love to travel. Though the Piscean never look too
enthusiastic for a trip and hardly show any
excitement. They secretly wish to enjoy their
trips. This year travel due to work and for leisure
is predicted. Read More

Astrology solutions for Pisces in 2023

   Chant the Lord Jupiter Mantra
   Donate Yellow clothes on Thursdays
   Do the Lord Guru Puja and the Ganesha
   Observing Fast on Thursdays will be good for
   Download and place the wallpaper of
   Lakshmi Ganesh on your phone and laptop.
   Feed cows for 11 Thursdays
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