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         A Birthday at the NY
          Foundling Hospital

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10                             Special Education                                   ■   EDUCATION UPDATE                          ■   AUGUST 2007

                                                                                                           Taking Giant Baby Steps: Early
What Can I Do If My Child Has                                                                              Intervention Services Under Part C
Anxiety at the Start of the School Year?                                                                     According to recent statistics done by the
                                                                                                           Developmental Disabilities Branch from the
                                                                                                                                                                   intervention services for infants, toddlers, and
                                                                                                                                                                   their families. Some of the questions that he cov-
        By Glenn S. Hirsch, M.D.                                                                           Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in           ers in his article include:
                                                                               in school. Children who     Atlanta, GA, about 17 percent of children under           -What is Part C is out of the IDEA?
  As I get older it feels like the summers get                                 are reluctant to attend     the age of 18 develop and cope with learning,             -What early intervention services are available
busier and shorter each year. And so it is time                                school often express        behavioral and developmental disabilities. Out of       and who is eligible for them?
to talk about getting the kids ready to go back                                some upset in the eve-      these children less than 3 percent of those under         -What are the signs of a child with a disability
to school.                                                                     ning before school,         the age of three are participating in the feder-        and steps to take after diagnoses?
  For most children the return to school is greeted                            especially after a week-    ally funded Early Intervention programs. Early            Randy Chapman is the Director of Legal
with eager anticipation combined with a mild                                   end, and many children      intervention, with proper diagnosis and support,        Services at The Legal Center for People with
dose of anxiety. Greeting old friends, sharing                                 with separation anxiety     is crucial in these kids development.                   Disabilities and Older People, Colorado’s
their summer experiences, and wondering who                                    complain of stomach           Educational law expert Randy Chapman has              Protection and Advocacy System. He is the
the new teacher(s) will be are all part of the mix                             upset or headaches on       answers for parents and educators on how they           author of three books, including The Everyday
of thoughts leading up to the first day of class. schooldays. When asked, these children may               can use Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities     Guide to Special Education Law, (The Legal
The new school year presents new possibilities tell you that they are worried about something              Education Act (IDEA) to enhance their child’s           Center 2005). The Everyday Guide is also avail-
and opportunities, a chance to start fresh, and bad happening to their parents or that they fear           development and minimize developmental delay.           able in the Spanish/English version, Gui?a de la
make new friends.                                   being kidnapped or their home being burglarized.       In his new article, “Taking Giant Baby Steps:           Ley de Educacion? Especial. For 29 years, he
  A minority of children, however, approach Often they will call home several times a day to               Early Intervention Services Under Part C,” Randy        has been promoting and protecting the rights of
school with trepidation and fear, and some will be ‘check-in’.                                             answers some                                            people with disabilities.
so paralyzed by their anxiety that they will refuse   If your child does express some anxiety at the         commonly asked questions regarding early
to go to school.                                    start of the school year, the following suggestions
  Preschoolers’ fears are often due to separating are offered by the clinical faculty of our Institute
from their parent. They will often cry and plead for Anxiety and Mood Disorders:                             But, you may ask, how can I do that if my             unhappy, has physical symptoms before leaving
for their mother or father to stay with them when     If your child expresses concern about starting       child is so unhappy? Try to find ways to enable         for school, or develops sleep problems it is time
being dropped off at daycare or preschool. For school, accompany your child on a visit to the              the child to go to school. For example, a child is      to seek professional help.
most children this anxiety is transient, but for school and meet the teacher before school starts.         likely to feel reassured if times are set for him         I hope the end of the summer and beginning of
some this may be part of a pattern that includes      Do not deny the child’s anxiety or worries,          or her to call the parent from school. In extreme       the school year are enjoyable and successful.
anxiety and fearfulness going to sleep at night, but acknowledge them and reassure him/her. For            cases, a parent may stay with the child in school,        This monthly column provides educators, par-
going to a peer’s house for a play date, or being example: “I know you’re worried I won’t be there         but only for a specified length of time, which is       ents and families with important information
left with an unfamiliar person.                     to pick you up, but there’s no reason to worry. I’ll   then gradually reduced. It is most important to         about child and adolescent mental health issues.
  By the time children get to elementary school be there.”                                                 tell the child exactly what s/he is to expect. There    Please submit questions for ASK THE EXPERT
we no longer expect them to experience sustained      A child with separation anxiety breaks the heart     should be no “tricks” or surprises.                     to Glenn S. Hirsch, M.D., Medical Director at
separation issues. However, some will continue to of any compassionate person. Yet, the best rem-            Do not quiz the child about why s/he feels            the NYU Child Study Center at glenn.hirsch@
have the same anxiety they had in the preschool edy is to help the child to not give in to anxieties.      scared. The child often does not know why.              med.nyu.edu. To subscribe to the ASK THE
years, and others will develop severe anxiety for As much as possible, you should prevent accom-           Reiterate that the fears make no sense and that the     EXPERT Newsletter or for more information
the IDA-NYC_AVEad_F                    12.17.06
     first time. Anxiety can be triggered               09:24
                                          simply by modating         PM by Page
                                                                the child    allowing 2him/her to avoid    child has to fight them.                                about the NYU Child Study Center, visit www.
the start of the school year, a move, or change separations.                                                 If your child is not flourishing, is visibly          AboutOurKids.org or call 212-263-6622.#

      “Our son is
       failing spelling.                                                                                                                        Aa-Ss
       He tries so
       hard, but it’s
       not helping.”

         If your child or someone you know is struggling
         with reading or writing, we can help.

                                                The New York Branch of the
                                                International Dyslexia Association                                    asperger-syndrome
                                                provides information, referrals,                                      Learn about Asperger Syndrome. Children with AS can’t
                                                workshops and support to parents                                      navigate the complexities of social interaction. If they don’t
                                                                                                                      get enough age appropriate social experiences as they
                                                and professionals on the impact                                       grow, they can become increasingly isolated from their peers.
                                                                                                                      Treatment and educational intervention are critical. To learn
                                                and treatment of dyslexia.                                            more contact the NYU Child Study Center.

                                                                                                                          NYU Child Study Center - Giving Children Back Their Childhood
         INFORMATION Contact us at 212.691.1930 or visit www.nybida.org.                                                             www.AboutOurKids.org - (212) 263-6622
AUGUST 2007                  ■   For Parents, Educators & Students                                              ■   Education update                                                           11

Bank Street’s Leadership                                                                                                I will educate tomorrow’s innovators and inventors.
Preparation Institute (LPI)                                                                                                                        I am a PolyThinker.
  As long as New York City schools continue             Bank Street, is the program coordinator.
to need leaders dedicated to bringing effec-              BETLA, a specialized teacher-leader program,
tive learning to students who represent a wide          offers 13 graduate credits to students who take
spectrum of abilities, Bank Street College of           a series of courses in advanced curriculum and
Education’s Leadership Preparation Institute            instructional practice, staff development and
(LPI) will be there.                                    leadership development. BETLA-trained teach-
  “The Institute prepares school leaders for the        ers are prepared to lead and counsel other teach-
opportunities, realities and challenges present in      ers of English language learners.
urban school contexts,” said Dr. Sabrina Hope             Laura Ascenzi-Moreno, a 2004 graduate of
King, the newly appointed LPI Director.                 BETLA, says she learned at Bank Street how to
  The three programs that comprise the LPI regu-        develop sound relationships and nurture profes-
larly turn out scores of teacher-leaders, coaches,      sional development skills with the teachers she
assistant principals, and principals, all of whom       coaches.
are dedicated to the special needs of students at         “Now I sit in on classes in my school, then help
all levels of achievement.                              the teachers without a leadership background by
  These programs include:                               studying how language intersects with their stu-
  The Principals Institute (PI), whose goal is to       dents’ cognitive experiences,” she said.
increase the pool of women and leaders of color
in the city’s public schools. PI’s mission is to pre-
                                                          The third program of the LPI is the Teacher
                                                        Leader Program, a certificate program that pre-
                                                                                                                            Join us for a graduate infosession!
pare public school leaders who are ethical, reflec-     pares students to support teacher development
tive, and collaborative. In addition, they leave the    in their schools. Similar to BETLA, the Teacher                          Thursday, August 23rd, 6 p.m. - 8 p.m.
PI with the knowledge, skills and dispositions to       Leader students are prepared to assume formal
create a school environment where staff and stu-        and informal roles as teacher leaders while retain-        Westchester Graduate Center 40 Saw Mill River Rd. • Hawthorne, NY 10532
dents can reach their highest potential.                ing their positions as classroom teachers or while          Brooklyn MetroTech Campus Six MetroTech Center • Brooklyn, NY 11201
  PI students work towards a master’s degree and        gaining release time to assume additional roles.             Long Island Graduate Center 105 Maxess Road • Melville, NY 11747
state certification as School Building Leaders,           After taking a class in literacy as part of the
which enables them to get jobs as principals and        Teacher Leader program curriculum, former stu-
assistant principals.                                   dent Krista Senator decided to become a literacy                Inquire about graduate scholarships for education professionals.
  Students are assigned into cohorts for the            coach in her school.
eighteen-month program, participating in and              “A literacy coach is a staff developer focus-
supporting each other in classes together. Each         ing on literary professional development, which           •   biological & chemical science
student is assigned an advisor who meets with           helps meet school goals in that area,” she said.          •   computer science                               Please RSVP
him or her throughout the program.                        All three of these programs under LPI focus             •   engineering
                                                                                                                  •   finance & risk engineering                     phone: 1-800-POLTYTECH
  “The advisors sat with you, helping you to            on student mutual support, collaboration with
                                                                                                                  •   management                                     e-mail: gradinfo@poly.edu
become a more reflective practitioner,” recalled        instructors and personal as well as professional
                                                                                                                  •   tech writing & digital media                   online: www.poly.edu/graduate
Trevor Naidoo, principal of Landmark High               growth, with an emphasis on group meetings.
School in Manhattan and a graduate of the PI.              “Reflective questioning in groups really helps,
  Another program under PI is the Bilingual/ESL         especially when it is as active as possible. That
Teacher Leadership Academy (BETLA), a collab-           kind of group work is key,” said Senator.
orative effort between Bank Street and the New York       All three programs, LPI’s King said, “share
Education Department’s Office of Bilingual Education    something else in common and that is a strong
and Foreign Languages. Dr. Lillian Hernandez, of        commitment to young students most in need.”#

Bergen Academies                                        Telecommunications is also a futuristic take on
                                                        education. Working with Cisco Systems, students
                                                                                                              NCLB                   continued from page 4
                                                                                                                                                                      Instead of what the brief calls “shortsighted
                                                                                                                                                                   proposals” that merely extend testing require-
                         continued from page 7          build their own networks from the ground up.                                                               ments to high schools or simply reserve portions
                                                          The Academy for Visual and Performing Arts            • NCLB holds schools accountable for test          of current funding streams for high schools, the
labs, is that it is staffed by two medical profes-      boasts three powerful strands: music, art, and the-   scores, but does not effectively hold high schools   Alliance calls on Congress to reauthorize NCLB
sionals, each with decades of experience in genet-      atre. At the heart of the music program is a sym-     accountable for whether their students actually      with “a systemic solution that reflects all that
ics and molecular biology. Students in AMST             phonic orchestra, a jazz band, and a host of other    graduate.                                            is known about improving high schools from
are learning medical diagnosis through the use          ensembles and quartets. The Academy Choir,              • 71 percent of the nation’s eighth graders read   research and best practice.”
of robotic patient simulators, typically reserved       which has been invited to the White House, has        below a proficient level, yet there is no federal        According to Wise, “Research and best prac-
for training medical professionals. “Sim-Man”           won National recognition for excellence. The          effort to improve reading and comprehension in       tice have demonstrated that there is no excuse for
(robotic patient) can be programmed to exhibit          Visual Arts Academy is outfitted with a complete      middle and high school as there is in grades K-3.    failing to address the needs of our high school
symptoms of hundreds of medical conditions to           4-camera television studio, capable of broadcast-       • The limited tools NCLB provides to improve       students. NCLB reauthorization must include
challenge students to make accurate diagnoses           ing around the world.                                 low-performing schools reflect neither research      provisions to improve the calculation of gradua-
based on symptoms obtained through sophisti-              The challenge at BCA is not what to sample,         nor best practice and are not effective for high     tion rates, invest in data systems, support educa-
cated instrumentation.                                  but finding enough hours in the day to experience     school reform.                                       tors, drive meaningful accountability linked to
  Venture into the nerve center of the Academy of       the countless opportunities for learning and self-      Wise continues, “The present NCLB does not         high school improvement, and ensure the neces-
Engineering and Design Technology and witness           growth. At Bergen County Academies, the future        effectively reach high schools, and too many         sary resources and capacity to provide an excel-
students bringing the blueprints they create in         is bright indeed.#                                    children are being left behind by the ninth grade.   lent education for every student. Some of these
state-of-the-art graphic design programs to life          Danny Jaye is Education Update’s “Outstanding       With the law up for renewal this year, this is       issues are addressed in existing proposals from
with computerized 3D modeling machinery.                Educator of the Year 2005” as well as former          the time to build on the ideals of ‘no child left    Members of Congress, including the Striving
  A visitor to the Academy of Business and              chair of the math department at Stuyvesant HS         behind’ and pass legislation that will lead the      Readers Act of 2007 (S. 958 and H.R. 2289) and
Finance will find students versed in the use of         in NYC.                                               nation toward ‘every child a graduate.’”             the Graduation Promise Act (S. 1185).” #
SAP, the software that major manufacturers use
to run their companies.
  The Academy for the Advancement of Science
and Technology boasts a math team with hun-
dreds of members. Their passion for problem
solving is evident through their practice schedule                   Expert Electrical                           Schools &                                                HELP! CHEMISTRY,
                                                                                                                                                                           PHYSICS TESTS
that includes Saturdays and Sundays.
  The Academy for Computers and
                                                                     Work at
                                                                     Reasonable Rates
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   email us: ednews1@aol.com                                         Plainview, NY 11803                                                                              www.HighMarksInSchool.com
                      H elping C hildren
                                                                                                                          in         Need
                     A Unique Birthday Celebration
                  at the New York Foundling H ospital

     William Baccaglini Jr., Director, The NY Foundling & Gillian Granoff                                                  Gillian Granoff & children

             By Dr. Pola Rosen                        lical Hebrew prayer before eating as well. The
   Gillian Granoff, a Brown graduate, had cel-        warmth and love in the room was palpable, the
 ebrated her 10th reunion at Brown University,        exchange of prayers made each person aware
 when she decided she would have her birthday         and accepting of religious differences.
 party with 15 children, ages 4 to 12 whose birth-       Covenant House, founded in 1859 by the
 days, and indeed existence, had been ignored by      Sisters of Charity, was to provide shelter and
 absentee parents for years. With her customary       respite to poor orphans as well as abused and
 thoughtfulness and concern for others, Gillian       abandoned children. Today, there is an acute unit
 (a reporter for Education Update) planned the        for ill children as well as the unit where Gillian
 party with the Foundling Hospital’s director         had her party which contains a Department of
 William Baccaglini Jr., arranging for 6 huge         Education School, and in addition, a unit for
 pizzas, salad, bottles of soda, cake, pin the tail   pregnant teens where their babies can be born
 on the donkey, hokey pokey and prizes for all.       in safety.
 Gillian asked friends and family to bring small         Are you having a birthday soon? Follow
 stuffed animals and toys in lieu of gifts for her.   Gillian’s tradition; consider sharing your spe-
   There was lots of fun and good old fashioned       cial day with children less fortunate who will
 cuddling and hugging of all the children inter-      remember your birthday forever and treasure the
 spersed with the excitement of the games, good-      small toys that no one else cares to give them.#
 ies and toys.                                           Contact Gillian at gilagran@aol.com for more
   One of the Sisters had the children say a          information.
 blessing before eating and Gillian shared a bib-

          Adoptive Families’
       S ummer Reading G uide                                                                                          Gillian & her mother Perry Granoff
       It’s July, and time for Adoptive Families’      AF PICKS: Best Memoirs
     yearly crop of summer reading picks. Below,
     you’ll find powerful adoption memoir             •The Waiting Child, by Cindy Champnella
     excerpts. To the right, you’ll see our first
     annual Best Adoption Books list. Visit AF’s
                                                      •I Wish for You a Beautiful Life, Sara
                                                         Dorow, ed.
                                                                                                           “A life of homelessness and poverty is devastating
     bookstore for even more recommendations.
     Happy reading!
                                                      •Borrowed Finery, by Paula Fox
                                                      •ITHAKA: A Daughter’s Memoir of Being
                                                                                                           for a child. The stigma of being a social outcast
     Love in the Driest Season
                                                         Found, by Sarah Saffian
                                                      •The Kid, by Dan Savage                              erodes a child’s sense of self-worth. For a home-
     by Neely Tucker                                  •In Their Own Voices, by Rita J. Simon and
       “She blinked again. Then she reached out          Rhonda M. Roorda                                  less child, education offers probably the only
     and, in a wobbling gesture, wrapped her hand     •An Empty Lap, by Jill Smolowe
     around my little finger....” Read more.          •Love in the Driest Season, by Neely                 road out of his seemingly hopeless situation. It

     China Ghosts
     by Jeff Gammage
                                                      •The Adoption Reader, Susan Wadia-Ells,
                                                                                                           offers contact with a stable, sheltered world; it
       “These kids, with their wan smiles and
     growling stomachs, follow you across the
                                                      •Secret Thoughts of an Adoptive Mother, by
                                                         Jana Wolff
                                                                                                           provides examples of strength and courage; it
     ocean, move into your house....” Read more.
                                                       AF PICKS: Best Adoption Storybooks                  teaches self-worth and initiative. And it provides
     The Mistress’s Daughter
     by A.M. Homes                                    •Sam’s Sister, by Juliet C. Bond; illustrated        badly-needed skills.”
       “I have allowed this because I understand
     the need for proof, for some true measure of
                                                        by Dawn Majewski
                                                      •How I Was Adopted, by Joanna Cole;
                                                                                                                  Broken Lives: Denial of Education to Homeless
     our relationship....” Read more.                   illustrated by Maxie Chambliss                            Children. National Coalition for the Homeless.
                                                                                                                                                 December 1987
Museum Mile                                                                  AUGUST 2007 | EDUCATION UPDATE

            El Museo del Barrio                                                                                   Mummies in Brooklyn
                S potlights                                                                                      Museum Collection to
             Emerging Artists                                                                                   Undergo S cientific S tudy
               By Sybil Maimin                            on the floor illustrates “the beauty of horror,” in
   For those unfamiliar with El Museo del Barrio,         the words of Jesus Rivera (Cuba). Adriana Lopez
the exciting Latino cultural institution on Fifth         Sanfeliu’s (Spain) photos of women in Spanish
Avenue between 104th and 105th                                                 Harlem capture conflicted
Streets in Manhattan, now is a                                                  roles in a machista, dominant
great time to become acquainted.                                               white society. An installation
For those who are already fans, the                                           of a floor-based Calder-like
current show, El Museo’s Bienal:                                              mobile that resembles an oil
The (S) Files, which runs until                                               field infrastructure together
January 6, will reward a return visit.                                        with pertinent documents is
Featuring the work of 51 emerging                                             Alessandro Balteo Yazbeck’s
Latino/Latin American artists who                                            (“Venezuela) bitter commen-
currently reside in the New York area,                                       tary on the Iraq war. Fernando
the Bienal is brimming with ideas and                                        Falconi paints himself into
talent. (S) Files means “the selected                                       large-scale copies of illustra-
files” and alludes to the choice of                                         tions in popular children’s text-
most of the work from unsolicited                                           books in his country (Ecuador)
submissions to the museum’s Artists’ Archive. In          to reread his nation’s image of itself. Some work        The Brooklyn Museum Conservation                  mine, but it remains unclear whether the paint
addition, a “guest country,” Ecuador, that does not       utilizes video, light, sound, and interactive ele-    Laboratory is beginning a study of the human         itself was manufactured there or, alternatively,
get much exposure in the New York art world,              ments and others are site-specific installations.     and animal mummies in the Museum’s collec-           whether if the lead ingredient was traded to
has contributed the work of five of its artists. The        El Museo del Barrio director Julian Zugazagoitia    tion, using the tools of modern-day scientific       Egypt with the paint then produced locally.
art is contemporary and wide ranging in medium,           speaks of “the Latin American contribution to         investigation to reveal new information about           In addition to X-ray fluorescence, the team will
subject, and style. Curator Elvis Fuentes explains,       defining the cultural landscape of New York”          mummification practices in ancient Egypt thou-       use CT scanning: this will permit a non-invasive
“People tend to think there is a style of Latino art.”    and his goal of “strengthening support of Latino      sands of years ago. The project will bring           examination of the mummy interiors, providing
The show “is not about denying traditional Latin          artists” in the city. Rodolfo Kronfle Chambers,       together scientists from the Brooklyn Museum,        medical information related to, for example,
American art, but about showing variety. Artists          curator of the art from Ecuador, explains his         the Getty Conservation Institute, in Los Angeles     the condition of the bones, as well as examin-
look for new ways to express traditional subjects.”       nation has “mostly traditional art which is a         and the University of Bristol in England. It will    ing other burial materials that might have been
Three themes emerge. “A Wild Eye” encompasses             problem because artists have to go outside the        begin with the X-ray fluorescence (XRF) of the       included within the wrapped linens. Carbon 14
nature and global warming. “Adrenaline” includes          country to become known.” Participating artists,      first-century C.E. mummy known as Demetrios,         dating will also be used to help provide an accu-
the cult of hyper-masculinity, violence, and war.         several being shown for the first time, are clearly   which will be a part of the forthcoming exhibi-      rate date of the mummies’ creation. Finally an
“Agora” addresses current “hot” political and             appreciative of the opportunity. Reflecting senti-    tion To Live Forever: Egyptian Treasures from        analytic method known as GC Mass Spec, will
social topics.                                            ments of many of his colleagues, Augusto Zanela       the Brooklyn Museum.                                 help determine which chemicals were employed
   Florencio Gelabert (Cuba) constructs an eight-         (Argentina), whose outsized black and white wall         X-ray fluorescence will allow analysis of the     in the technical process of mummification and
foot long plywood and resin replica of the island         graphic frames entry to the exhibit, speaks of        painted surfaces associated with the wrapping        how their composition changed during the three
of Manhattan filled with artificial plants but no         the show as “very important, the most important       of mummies, including painted linen bandages         thousand years these techniques were in use.
buildings. It sits on the floor and will be moved         show in my career so far.”                            and shrouds. Preliminary results have shown             The Brooklyn Museum’s world-renowned col-
to various locations during the exhibit. Having             El Museo del Barrio was founded in 1969             that the red paint used on the Demetrios mummy       lection of ancient Egyptian material includes
no space of its own, it becomes a “nomadic                in response to concern in the local community         may have been made, in part, from components         five human mummies and nearly fifty animal
sculpture.” Dulce Pinzon (Mexico) photographs             that Puerto Rican culture was not represented in      imported from Spain. The lead in the paint is        mummies, among them cats, crocodiles, and
ordinary working people doing their jobs dressed          New York museums. In 1994, because of local           suspected to have come from a Spanish silver         birds.#
in super-hero garb in order to question our defini-       and national demographic changes, the museum
tion of hero and our indifference to those laboring       extended its representation to all Latin American
around us. Melissa A. Calderon (New York City)
explores the stereotype of Latina emotions as
                                                          and Latino communities in the United States.
                                                          Thanks to the MetLife Foundation, admission                 The Studio Museum in Harlem
                                                                                                                                     Youth Program
“dramatic and over exaggerated” with a large cas-         to the museum will be free during the run of the
cading arc of white, cried-on tissues shooting out        Bienal. Tours are given on Saturdays at 1 pm
of a silver box. A large golden rocket standing tall      (English) and 2 pm (Spanish).
                                                                                                                  The Studio Museum in Harlem is dedicated           so please RSVP by August 1, 2007 to (212) 864-

   Magnificent, R arely
                                                                                                                to creating a safe environment for youths to         4500 x264
                                                                                                                express themselves creatively. The Museum hosts        Family Programs
                                                                                                                free programs for high school students outside         Are you looking for something fun to do with

 S een Tapestries on V iew                                                                                      the school environment. These programs offer
                                                                                                                students opportunities to meet and converse
                                                                                                                                                                     your kids instead of watching Saturday morning
                                                                                                                                                                     cartoons? Bring the family to the Studio Museum

at M etropolitan M useum
                                                                                                                with prominent visual artists, express their ideas   and experience art in new and exciting ways!
                                                                                                                through discussions, facilitate tours and hands-on     The Studio Museum acknowledges the need for
                                                                                                                workshops and develop important communica-           families to spend time together. Nurturing bonds
  From the Middle Ages through the late 18th cen-         and noblemen, these woven frescoes embody the         tion and critical thinking skills.                   between parents and their children through art,
tury, the courts of Europe lavished vast resources        grandest artistic ambitions of their patrons. The       • Hands On: Design with Gregory Grey,              the Museum offers programs and activities that
on tapestries made in precious materials after            pieces have been selected for their condition and     Tuesday, August 14th—Friday, August 17th,            allow families to share in the creative process.
designs by the leading artists of the day, and            color, and together will provide an unprecedented     2007, 11:00am - 3:00pm                               Bring the family and explore our exciting exhibi-
works in this spectacular medium were prized by           insight to the role of tapestry in 17th–century         This fun filled, four-day workshop exclusively     tions. Become an artist in a hands-on workshop
the aristocracy for their artistry and also as tools of   court culture.                                        for middle school students will provide an oppor-    and create works of art with your kids!
propaganda. Tapestry in the Baroque: Threads of             The secondary theme of the exhibition is the        tunity to work with a professional New York            Family programs are designed for families with
Splendor—on view at The Metropolitan Museum               stylistic development of tapestry during this         designer who will introduce the basics of design     children ages 4 to 10 years old. Family programs
of Art beginning October 17—will offer the first          era and the contributions of artists like Peter       practice. Students will be guided through the        are FREE. Pre-registration is required. Please call
comprehensive survey of high-quality 17th-cen-            Paul Rubens, Jacob Jordaens, Simon Vouet,             process of creating their own functional interior-   (212) 864-4500 x264 to register.
tury European tapestry, and will demonstrate the          Charles LeBrun, Pietro da Cortona and Giovanni        designed spaces based on their own needs, inter-       Family Programs are funded in part by public
importance of tapestry as a prestigious figurative        Romanelli, as they responded to the challenges of     ests and personalities.                              funds from the New York State Office of Parks,
medium throughout that century. “This exhibi-             the medium in unique and individual ways. The           This is a great summer opportunity to meet         Recreation & Historic Preservation, made avail-
tion will provide one of the grandest displays of         exhibition will include about 25 designs and oil      other creative teens, learn from a professional      able through the office of Assemblyman Keith
Baroque tapestry that has been seen since Louis           sketches, demonstrating the thought and artistry      artist and develop new skills! Space is limited      L. Wright.
XIV strolled through the galleries of Versailles,”        which these woven frescoes required.
said Philippe de Montebello, Director of the                About half of the tapestries in the exhibition
Metropolitan Museum. “As a visual experience, it
will be without parallel for a modern audience.”
                                                          derive from Flemish workshops, reflecting the
                                                          preponderant role of the Low Countries in the
                                                                                                                            This NEW MUSEUM SECTION
  Drawing from collections in more than 15
countries, Tapestry in the Baroque: Threads of
                                                          greatest tapestry production of the day. Highlights
                                                          of the Brussels tapestry industry include the
                                                                                                                                will be a monthly feature.
Splendor presents 40 rare tapestries made between
1590 and 1720. Commissioned by kings, popes,
                                                          Triumphs of the Church designed by Peter Paul
                                                          Rubens for the archduchess Isabella in 1626.#
                                                                                                                           To advertise, email ednews1@aol.com
14                               Special Education                                     ■   EDUCATION UPDATE                           ■   AUGUST 2007

                                                                         Careers in special education

                   Working                             with            Special Needs Adults                                                             in       Residences
              By Skip Holiday                           on hand prompting. These are tasks that we tend         (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy. Since their       this disorder. The goal is to have these consum-
   Autism is a perplexing neurodevelopmental dis-       to take for granted but for the autistic population     functioning and behaviors vary their treatment as      ers functioning at a level where they can behave
order that has befuddled the medical community          it takes years of treatment plans to learn how to       well as their behavior and goal plans are different.   and socialize appropriately without the use of
for many years. It is a disorder that surfaces before   master these tasks and as direct care staff we help     We have consumers that have tooth brushing and         medications that can have adverse long term side
a child turns three years old and is more prevalent     and guide these consumers to master these tasks.        showering goal plans because their functioning is      effects such as dementia. But I have found that if
among males than females. It is a disorder that            In the residence where I work, two staff mem-        behind some of the high functioning consumers.         the methodology of ABA isn’t executed properly
can affect anybody regardless of race, social class     bers are assigned to a house with four consumers.       We also have high functioning consumers who are        than it can be useless. That is one of the criticisms
or gender. What makes autism so complex is that         We rotate depending on the shift that consists          on community awareness and socialization goal          that I have about this field and the agencies that
the medical community still can’t pinpoint the          of evening and overnights during the week. The          plans so they can learn to socialize and integrate     are entrusted to treat the autistic population. In
causes and while there are various methods to           consumers we work with range from medium to             themselves in a community setting. We have con-        the agency in which I work, we are trained to
treat autism, there is still no cure for it.            high functioning and each of them have their own        sumers who are on money management goal plans          administer medications and learn how to appro-
   I have been working with the autistic popula-        behaviors, peeves and disorders. Some of them           to learn how to manage their money effectively.        priately handle situations of crisis but we have
tion for over three years in a residential setting.     only have autism but others have autism along              With ABA, a team of QMRP (Qualified Mental          no training in ABA therapy and how to execute
I work as a direct care counselor for a mental          with other mental disorders such as schizophrenia,      Retardation Professionals) implement the behav-        these behavior and goal plans properly and that is
health/social services agency in New York City in       psychosis and mental retardation. We work with-         ior plans and methodologies with the hope of get       a problem if we are the ones that work with them
what is called an IRA (Individualized Residential       several consumers who have Asperger’s syndrome,         ting all of these consumers functioning at an inde-    in a residential and community setting.
Alternative). An IRA is similar to a group home         which is an autism spectrum disorder common in          pendent level where they can maintain a job and          When implemented and executed properly
but there are differences between an IRA and a          high functioning consumers. These consumers are         live on their own instead of a group home setting.     ABA therapy can be a wonderful method to treat
traditional group home such an ICF (Intermediate        allowed to travel on their own. We also work with          Our consumers are also treated with medication      autism; when not executed properly, the results
Care Facilities). In an IRA you typically work          non-verbal consumers who despite the fact they          therapy such as Risperdal, Zyprexa and Prozac.         can be mediocre. These consumers didn’t have
with a small number of consumers compared to            can’t communicate verbally, can read and write          Unfortunately these medications are designed to        a choice in being afflicted with this disorder so
an ICF. Also, an IRA is designed for high func-         and understand every word that is spoken to them.       control and modify behaviors and peeves. There         the least the hierarchy of these mental health and
tioning consumers who can complete their ADL               Our work in the IRA is fairly simple because         is no magic pill that can stop these consumers         social services agencies can do is provide these
skills (Activities of Daily Living) independently.      most of the consumers can do things on their own        from behaving violently when they are upset or         consumers with the best chance to succeed and
An ICF tends to be for low functioning consumers        such as washing and drying their own laundry,           stop making them behave hyperactively when             part of that starts with integrating direct care
who need assistance in completing tasks of daily        cleaning their homes, cooking their breakfast,          they are in a community. There is no miracle sur-      counselors in the implementation of these treat-
living that we take for granted such as showering,      ironing their clothes and so on. We are also            gical procedure that can cure autism and for me        ment plans and methodologies that fall under
tooth brushing, shaving, eating and toileting to        responsible for tasks such as maintaining a per-        that is the saddest part about working with these      ABA therapy.#
name a few. These consumers work “one on one”           sonal log of their behavior and daily activities as     consumers. This disorder doesn’t go away.                Skip Holiday is a pseudonym for an employee
with a staff that works with them to complete their     well as administering their medications.                   Through all my years working with this popula-      that has worked with autistic individuals for
ADL skills with verbal, gestural and physical hand         Their autism is treated primarily with ABA           tion, ABA therapy is probably the best way to treat    many years.

National Institute for the Deaf Receives $900,000 Grant
  The National Technical Institute for the Deaf, a      dent participants with moderate to profound hear-
                                                                                                                   Corporate Contributions
                                                                                                                         to E ducation
college of Rochester Institute of Technology, has       ing losses, enrolled in public school programs in
received a three-year, $900,000 Steppingstones of       four locations, will receive either real-time note
Technology for Individuals with Disabilities program    taking or speech-to-text plus graphics support.

                                                                                                                   Marsh & McLennan Mentors
grant from the U.S. Department of Education.              The research team will examine the effects of
  Grant monies will be used for the project,            tablet PCs on classroom achievement by conduct-
Evaluation of the Use of Tablet PCs and C-Print         ing a study of retention of a simulated lecture with

                                                                                                                  Bklyn HS’s New Legal Academy
to Support Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students,           90 students, a study of fidelity of implementation
which will be led by Michael Stinson of NTID’s          by the service providers, and an observational study
Department of Research and Teacher Education.           of 16 classrooms using one of these two options.
Co-principal investigators are Lisa Elliot,             The materials that service providers, teachers and
Susan Foster, and Marc Marschark, all of the            parents can use to facilitate students’ use of tablet                by Joy Resmovits                          Academy’s first students involved in Pipeline,
Department of Research and Teacher Education.           options also will be refined during this project.         Two groups huddle on either side of the board-       stressed the importance of continuing the pro-
Marschark also is affiliated with NTID’s Center           The project will yield knowledge that will be         room overlooking a sunny urban panorama,               gram. “What more can we do with the group?”
for Educational Research Partnerships.                  critical in moving toward subsequent widespread         enthusiastically negotiating their clients’ claims     she asked. She said she hopes the program will
  Tablet PCs are mobile computers whose touch           implementation of tablet-based note taking and          with an insurance company—just like a real             “show them that there is more to the legal profes-
screen or “tablet” allows users to operate the          speech-to-text services.                                case. The only difference: the average age of the      sion than what they see on TV.”
computer with a stylus or digital pen instead of,         NTID is the first and largest technological col-      opponents is 16.                                          The next step is a continued mentoring program.
or in addition to, a keyboard and mouse. The            lege in the world for deaf and hard-of-hearing            The boardroom is in Marsh & McLennan                 “The goal of Street Law is to promote diversity
computer is linked to a network using a wireless        students. One of eight colleges of RIT, NTID            Companies’ (MMC) New York office, site of the          so that the best and brightest are interested in and
or wired connection.                                    offers educational programs and access and sup-         recent culmination of the firm’s collaboration         anxious to enter the legal profession,” Crowley
  The project will evaluate two options for using       port services for the 1,100 deaf and hard-of-hear-      with the students of Brooklyn High School for          said. “Fear of the unknown may have existed
tablet PCs to provide support services for deaf         ing students from around the world who study,           Public Services’ nascent Legal Academy. For            before this program,” he added.
and hard-of-hearing students. One option uses the       live, and socialize with 14,400 hearing students        months, attorneys from MMC came into Legal                Student feedback was phenomenal when stu-
tablet to provide real-time note taking support,        on RIT’s Rochester, N.Y. campus.#                       Academy on a regular basis to work with students       dents read from their evaluations. Erica Moody,
and the other uses it to provide graphics as well         For more NTID news, visit http://www.rit.edu/         for the final simulation and for encounters with       who claims her attention span is “really short,”
as real-time text. Middle and high school age stu-      ntid/newsroom.                                          law later in life. Attorneys had visited the school,   said everything was an “attention grabber.”
                                                                                                                encouraging students to learn the ins and outs of         “My interest got higher in being a lawyer,”
                                                                                                                law via games such as the wheel of misfortune,         Nikita Felix said.
                    Are you A nys licensed                                                                      which entailed matching insurance options to              “It expanded me,” Nataki Hemmings said.
                                                                                                                unfortunate events.                                    “Negotiations, I loved them. It’s set. I know I
                 speciAl educAtion teAcher?                                                                       Corporate Legal Diversity Pipeline made the          want to go into corporate law,” she added.
                Are you bilinguAlly certified                                                                   match. Pipeline is an initiative of Street Law and        Lee Arbetman, director of US Programs
              in chinese or in spAnish? then our                                                                Association of Corporate Council that matches
                                                                                                                corporate law firms with local high school stu-
                                                                                                                                                                       for Street Law is also coordinator of the US
                                                                                                                                                                       Department of Justice’s national law-related edu-
               children Are wAiting for you!!!                                                                  dents in order to engage diverse people to pursue      cation program, Youth for Justice, and an adjunct
                                                                                                                a legal profession early in life.                      professor of law at Georgetown University,
                Associates for Bilingual Child Development Inc. is                                                After each side negotiated—one side made             helped launch pipeline. He co-teaches a Supreme
               Seeking Mono/Bilingual Special Ed Itinerant Teachers                                             significantly more money than the other—the            Court Summer Institute for teachers. Arbetman
                                 Bilingual Certified                                                            lawyers and students reflected on the negotia-         stressed not only the pipeline’s goals in involv-
                        Teach Preschoolers 3-5 years of age                                                     tion process. They all recognized that bargain-
                                                                                                                ing skills used in court are only applicable
                                                                                                                                                                       ing diverse groups in legal professions, but also
                                                                                                                                                                       in teaching law skills that are applicable to daily
                       Full-Time and Part-Time Opportunity                                                      only to law. Kevin Crowley, an MMC attorney,           life, such as negotiation. “Street law is practical
                           Competitive Salary and Rates                                                         said he saw “fire in everyone’s eyes,” during          law,” he said.
                       Non BOE Employee Applicants Only                                                         the process.                                              Arbetman said that school visits and games
                                Call: 718-436-5147                                                                At the end of the day, the students gathered in      were “attempts to work off kids’ brains, not
                           Fax resume to: 718-436-6843
                                                                                                                the auditorium to evaluate the program. “You           adults’ brains.” When he was studying in law
                                                                                                                were our guinea pigs today,” Chief Legal Ethics        school, Arbetman realized, “the stuff here could
                     E-mail resume to: abcdinc@verizon.net                                                      Officer & VP of Litigation, at Marsh & McLennan        be remolded and reshaped into excellent teach-
                       Visit our website: www.abcdnyc.net                                                       Companies, Inc. said of the pilot program.             ing materials. It’s too important to leave it all to
                                                                                                                  Patricia Anderson, teacher of the Legal              the lawyers.”#
AUGUST 2007              ■   EDUCATION UPDATE                         ■   Special Education                                                         15

        Resources for Children
          with S pecial N eeds
Bronx                                               Central Library Grand Army Plaza Flatbush
   Jewish Child Care Association                  Ave. and Eastern Parkway 11238
  555 Bergen Ave. Bronx 10455                         October 30, 2007 Getting Appropriate
    November 7, 2007 Advocacy Skills for          Educational Services 10AM-1 PM
Parents                                             November 27, 2007 Early Childhood Services:
    10 AM-1 PM                                    Birth to 5 10AM-1PM
  FRIENDS Program at Visiting Nurse Service         Manhattan
of New York, 489-493 E. 153rd. St. 2nd Floor         Andrew Heiskell Braille & Talking Book
10455                                             Library 40 W. 20th St. NYC 10011
   November 9, 2007 Transition from School to       November 13, 2007 Getting Appropriate
Adult Life 10AM-1PM                               Educational Services
   Brooklyn                                         10:00 AM- 1 PM
  Brooklyn Heights Library, 280 Cadman Plaza        November 20, 2007 Transition from School to
West Bklyn. 11201                                 Adult Life 10 AM- 1 PM
  October 24, 2007 Transition from School to        November 27, 2007 Advocacy Skills for Parents
Adult Life 10 AM-1 PM                             10 AM-1 PM
  October 31, 2007 Early Childhood Services:        Resources for Children with Special Needs,
Birth to 5 10 AM-1 PM                             Inc. 116 E. 16th St. 5th Floor NY, NY 10003
  November 14, 2007 Advocacy Skills for Parents     November 15, 2007 Early Childhood Services:
10 AM-1 PM                                        Birth to 5 10 AM-1 PM

                   Neuropsychological, learNiNg Disability aND
               atteNtioN Deficit DisorDer evaluatioNs aND treatmeNt
                     Extended time evaluations, Cognitive Remediation,

                          Neurofeedback, Tutoring, Psychotherapy
                               Children, Adolescents, Adults
                               J. Lawrence Thomas, Ph.D. Director
                                   Faculty, NYU Medical Center
                      International Dyslexia Association, Board of Directors

          19 West 34th st., peNthouse, NeW york, Ny 10001 • 212.268.8900
                  Nurosvcs@aol.com • WWW.thebraiNcliNic.com

                                                                                                         Adaptations                            What Does Adaptations Offer?
                                                                                                         The Young Adult                        • Social outings—museum visits,
                                                                                                         Life Skills Network                      bowling, dinners, walking tours, cooking
                                                                                                                                                  workshops, exercise programs, comedy
                                                                                                         offers college-educated young            & theater events
                                                                                                         adults, people in their 20’s and       • A comprehensive website with
                                                                                                         30’s with learning disabilities or       resources, event happenings with social
                                                                                                         those needing support—the benefits       and community access
                                                                                                         of a supportive environment as         • Participation in The JCC in Manhattan
                                                                                                                                                  community-wide programs and events
                                                                                                         they work towards achieving their
                                                                                                                                                • An employment specialist who works on
                                                                                                         life goals. Adaptations offers a
                                                                                                                                                  career development
                                                                                                         wide variety of opportunities—from
                                                                                                                                                • Monthly family support group
                                                                                                         social activities to ways to improve
                                                                                                                                                • Weekly social skills groups
                                                                                                         interpersonal skills, explore career
                                                                                                                                                • Casual get-togethers
                                                                                                         options and more.

                                                                                                         For more information
                                                                                                         about Adaptations,
                                                                                                         please call
                                                                                                         Missy Jacobs at 646.505.4367 or
                                                                                                         Jonathan Kaufman at 646.505.5739

                                                                                                         or visit www.adaptationsonline.org


                                                                                                                                                 Adaptations is funded through the generosity of donors
                                                                                                             adaptations                         to UJA-Federation of New York and is a joint initiative
                                                                                                                                                 of The Jewish Community Center in Manhattan and
                                                                                                                                                 F.E.G.S. Health and Human Services System.

                                                                                              adaptations_amny.indd 1                                                                        6/25/07 5:42:27 PM
16                                                  COLLEGES & GRADuate Schools                                                      ■   EDUCATION UPDATE                            ■     AUGUST 2007

Chancellor Recognizes 2007 Graduates                                                                                                      CCNY Senior Jessica Tibbets
Who Have Overcome Extraordinary                                                                                                           Wins Fulbright Scholarship
Odds To Receive A Diploma                                                                                                       Jessica Tibbets, a graduating senior at The          of Scholars, which administers the Fulbright
  Walton High School graduate Keila Matos                               diploma                                               City College of New York (CCNY), has                   Scholar Program.
receives diploma while battling lupus                                     19-year-old Yulisa Ramirez learned to grow up       received a 2007-2008 Fulbright Scholars                  Ms. Tibbets wrote her senior thesis on the pos-
  Keila Matos was diagnosed with lupus when                             at an early age. When she was five, her parents       Award to study Arabic and learn about the deaf         sibility of a global sign language. She says she
she was nine years old. The disease left her                            were deported to the Dominican Republic and           community in Yemen.                                    believes a more cohesive and broadly understood
weak, and at times she received home instruc-                           Yulisa ended up in foster care in Massachusetts.        As part of her research, Ms. Tibbets will pro-       sign language would empower deaf people who
tion when she was not able to attend school.                            Eventually, she returned to the Bronx to live         duce an ethnography and documentary about              currently use different methods of signing.
She is currently in dialysis three times a week                         with her sister. For the past four years, she has     deaf people in Yemen to show to hearing and              At CCNY, Ms. Tibbets received the Anne S.
for her failing kidneys. However, she returned to                       attended Fannie Lou Hamer High School while           non-hearing people in Yemen and abroad. The            Kheel Scholarship from the College’s Colin
Walton High School in the Bronx for her senior                          holding down a full-time job. Of the ten children     Wichita, Kan. native is expected to graduate from      Powell Center for Policy Studies. The scholarship
year and has flourished, despite her physical                           in her family, Yulisa is the only one to receive a    CCNY magna cum laude June 1 with a B.A. in             paid her tuition since her junior year.
limitations. Keila will graduate on time with her                       high school diploma. “To be able to say that I got    International Studies with a concentration in            She also received the Winston Fellowship from
class, and plans to attend Hostos Community                             my diploma is amazing,” Yulisa said. “It took a       Culture and Communications.                            CCNY’s International Studies (IS) Program for
College in the fall. “This has been a great                             lot of work and a lot of effort, but I did it. I am     “This is really exciting,” she said of her           a study trip to Brazil in 2004 through Columbia
year,” Keila said. “I haven’t felt that sick. I’m                       very lucky.”                                          Fulbright award. “I spent six months in Yemen          University, and taught English in El Salvador in
really going to miss this school, my teachers and                         Yulisa will attend City College in the fall where   last year teaching English so that I could fund my     summer 2005 with the Presidential Scholarship.
my guidance counselor.” Keila plans to study                            she plans to study accounting or psychology.          stay while improving my fluency in Arabic and          The latter was in conjunction with the school’s
Computer Science. Her teachers say her deter-                             New York City Schools Chancellor Joel I. Klein      learning Yemeni sign language and I loved it. I        International Studies “Service Learning in El
mination has been an inspiration and motivation                         will congratulate Keila, Yulisa and other students    can’t wait to return to my friends there!”             Salvador” program. In addition, she was a mem-
to the entire school community.                                         who’ve beaten the odds to graduate at a ceremony        “The award gives me an opportunity to con-           ber of the women’s soccer team and was named
  Fannie Lou Hamer High School gradu-                                   at Department of Education Headquarters.#             tinue my study of Arabic as well as my research        All City Player in 2005.
ate Yulisa Ramirez first in family to receive                                                                                 and work with the deaf community in that coun-           Currently living in the Bronx, Ms. Tibbets
                                                                                                                              try,” she added. “I started learning Arabic in my      teaches Arabic to second graders at an After
                                                                                                                              freshman year at City College and fell in love         School Program at the Kingsbridge Heights
                                                       IN Memoriam                                                            with it. That’s the main reason I went to Yemen
                                                                                                                              last year.”
                                                                                                                                                                                     Community Center and interns at AFS, a not for
                                                                                                                                                                                     profit intercultural exchange program for high

                                              Peggy Benjamin
                                                                                                                                While there, she decided to apply for the            school students.
                                                                                                                              Fulbright. Yemen’s Ministry of Social Affairs,           Ms. Tibbets says she chose to study at CCNY
                                                                                                                              the Deaf Association in Aden and a research            in 2003 because of the College’s highly regarded
                                                                                                                              center in Sana’a, Yemen’s capital city, backed         International Studies Program, beautiful campus
                                                                                                                              her application. The three organizations provided      and diverse student body. She plans a career in
                                                                                                                              the supporting letters required from all appli-        health care policy, particularly as it would benefit
                                                                                                                              cants by the Council for International Exchange        citizens of underdeveloped countries. #

                                                                                                                                visit us online at www. educationupdate . com
                                                                                                                                             2      million hits per month

                                                                                                                                            Create the
                                                                                                                                            future you
  Only 26 years old, she was a heroine to her                           her radiant smile and large brown eyes were full                    deser ve in
mother, Josette, her husband Alix and her 3-year-                       of compassion.
old son Junior. Battling for years with lupus,                            “Death be not proud” for though she is gone,
suffering pain and numerous hospital admissions,                        we will always remember her.
she never complained. Tall, slender and beautiful,                        Knowing Peggy has enriched all our lives.#

                                    FOR ARTISTS WHO WANT                                                                                    THE COLLEGE OF                    Learn innovative teaching strategies and develop

                                     TO BECOME TEACHERS                                                                                      NEW ROCHELLE
                                                                                                                                                                              professional leadership skills for teachers and
                                                                                                                                                                              educational administrators

                                                                                                                                          GRADUATE SCHOOL                     Engage in practical training through our extensive
                                                                                                                                                                              field placements
                                                                                                                                                      is dedicated to
                                     The School of Visual Arts offers a Master of Arts in Teaching in                                                                         New 39-credit Dual Certification Master’s in School
                                                                                                                                                                              Building Leadership and School District Leadership
                                     Art Education. This 36 credit, three-semester program, leads to                                              preparing students
                                                                                                                                                                              Enjoy flexible class schedules, evening, weekend
                                     a New York State Initial Certification in Art. The MAT curriculum                                                                        and summer courses
                                                                                                                                            for successful careers in
                                     centers on a community-oriented approach to art education.
                                                                                                                                                                              Generous scholarships for well-qualified full- and
                                     The faculty of artists offer expertise in a range of areas, including                                 the helping professions.           part-time students
                                     arts-integrated curricula, technology and museum education.
                                                                                                                                                                               Apply Now For Fall Session.
                                     For further information, please request a Graduate Programs                                                                               Visit www.cnr.edu/gs for fall course schedules. Classes begin Sept. 5.
                                     catalog from the Office of Admissions, 212.592.2107.
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AUGUST 2007                ■    EDUCATION UPDATE                        ■   COLLEGES & GRADuate Schools                                                                               17

        MSPinNYC at Hunter College:                                                                              Innovative Teaching Methods At
        A Model Educational Program                                                                              Hunter College Summer School

            Stanley Blauser                                     Dr. Faith Muirhead

                                                                                                                       By Alberto Cepeda                          concepts and terminologies weren’t the goal of
                                                                                                             The two most interesting things that I observed the lesson. The teachers and tutors demanded that
                                                                                                           taking place in these classrooms were the teach- their students thoroughly comprehend the material
                                                                                                           ing techniques used by the teachers and tutors to through reviews that took place every ten to fifteen
                                                                                                           get these at risk students to comprehend the mate- minutes within the lesson.
                                                                                                           rial being taught in these classes and the number        I was also surprised how proactive these stu-
          Dr. Charlotte Frank                                           Ernest Logan                       of tutors who were in the classroom to provide dents were as they participated and how thor-
                                                                                                           support to these students.                             oughly they explained their answers. It was clear
                By Liza Young                         He, as well, has been able to import techniques        The first classroom visited was a living environ- that they fully grasped the lesson which consisted
   With mass media exploding with news of             he practiced during the summer   Education
                                                                                          program to Update
                                                                                                      his ment class that consisted of about thirty students of scientific terms such as nucleotides, chromo-
the latest innovations in technological devices,      classroom at Truman HS.          August 2007 Issue   with three teachers and three tutors on hand to somes and DNA. The teachers as well as the
it’s refreshing to see the mentor-mentee model           Four teachers involved in a science planning teach them the material. The lesson was centered tutors challenged these students to fully grasp the
used with dramatic success to enable failing                                           P.O. #:
                                                      lesson shared how students, working      on 19591
                                                                                                  a metal on taking scientific terms and breaking them down material which is the key to getting the students
HS students to score high on regents exams            reactivity task, engage in inductive reasoning; into concepts from the biggest to the smallest.             to succeed.
after a summer at Hunter College. Education           while not being told the point of their task, they     It was startling to see that the teaching techniques   Dr. Faith Muirhead, Program Director of MSP
Update visited Hunter College to see the New          discovered on their own a 5determination
                                                                                           ⁄8 x 7 3⁄8 of being applied by the professors weren’t limited to in NYC and her staff are on the right track to
York City Mathematics and Science Partnership         chemical hierarchy through data collection and writing on the blackboard. The teachers challenged meeting the goal of MSP and fulfilling the dreams
(MSPinNYC) summer program at work, hosted             examination.                                         the students to explain the terms and how they got of success that every student deserves.#
by Dr. Faith Muirhead, project director of the           Muirhead further explained that students use their answers. A simple right or wrong answer                 Alberto Cepeda is a student at CCNY & an
program, accompanied by guests Ernest Logan,          college provided materials such as a petri dish— would not suffice in this class. Memorizing these intern at Education Update.
president of the Council of Supervisors and           which some students have never seen
administrators (CSA), Dr. Charlotte Frank, Senior     before—to study their everyday inter-
VP, McGraw-Hill, and Marianita D.Damari,              ests including mouthwash and sun-
NYC Department of Education MSP Liaison. At           screen. Following their experiments
the meeting we observed the comprehensive and         some students have exclaimed, “I felt
successful summer program in action with lively       like a scientist.”
class discussions, intense teacher planning ses-         During our visit to a Math A tutoring
sions, and a tutor analysis meeting with respect      meeting, we watched tutors analyze
to student performance.                               student performance on regents ques-
   The MSPinNYC five and a half week summer           tions, breaking down student errors,
program is a productive learning experience for       tackling misconceptions, and how to
teachers, tutors, and of course for students, with    address the math problem from a dif-
2006 data revealing a stunning 70 percent pass        ferent angle.
rate on the chemistry regents compared to the            Tutors, Muirhead pointed out, actu-
traditional city summer school program pass rate      ally take mock regents exams on a
of 27 percent; a 90.6 percent pass rate on living     weekly basis, to monitor their exper-
environment compared to 35.8 percent for public       tise in the area. This year, MSPinNYC
school summer programs; 58.8 percent passing          experimented with recruiting tutors
rate compared to 30.6 percent on the Math B           who excelled as well as those who did
regents exam; and a 56.7 percent pass rate com-       not, in order to have a more empathet-
pared to 32 percent on the Math A regents exam.       ic group of tutors who had grappled
   Several complementary factors differentiate        with similar problems. Interestingly,
MSPinNYC from traditional summer school pro-          as Dr. Frank indicated, research shows
grams including the heavy role of professional        that mentors often learn more than
development, where teachers collaboratively dis-      mentees.
cuss and analyze lesson plans; use debriefing            Careful analysis of class lessons for
sessions after classes for further analysis; and      research and evaluation are being con-
incorporate feedback from students to modify          ducted this year by college professors,
teaching methods. Tutors, comprised of high           based on taped sessions, which will
school and undergraduate students excelling in        serve to further enhance the program
math and science, are an essential element of the     in the future.
program and play the role of “co-facilitator” dur-       Of great interest, currently, is how
ing class sessions, Muirhead indicated, with more     to translate the program to additional
traditional tutoring on a three-to-one level during   high school sites. Presently, features
the afternoon.                                        of the summer school model are oper-
   Participating teachers underscored the unique-     ating at two schools, Harry S. Truman
ness of MSPinNYC as collaborative teacher             HS and Columbus HS, although the
planning. Stanley Blauser, math teacher at the        two schools are using their own gen-
Gateway School for Environmental Research,            eral models. MSPinNYC has provided
appreciates the opportunity at MSPinNYC pro-
gram “to see the subject from other teachers’
                                                      tutors and professional development
                                                      in the incorporation of tutors.
                                                                                                   Becoming a Teacher:
points of view.” He has additionally been able           At the conclusion of the tour of the      A Forum for Career Changers
to test creative approaches to teaching math, and     program, President Logan promised
bring them to his regular classroom during the        he would work toward incorporating                 Wednesday, August 30, 5:30 – 7:30 PM
school year.                                          this model in schools throughout the
   Hassan Laaroussi, participating math teacher       academic year. There are currently             Bank Street College Graduate School of Education
from Truman HS also enjoys being able to share        partnerships with colleges, where
ideas with other teachers, and experiment with        undergraduates majoring in math
                                                                                                     610 West 112th Street, New York, NY 10025-1898
                                                                                                                                                                                    INNOVATION IN
new teaching methods. He described the program
as a place in which “wherever kids turn they
                                                      and science serve as tutors in high
                                                      schools, and the hope is to solidify         www.bankstreet.edu                        212.875.4404                     TEACHING AND LEARNING
will find help. If they turn to the left they will    and increase such partnerships in the
find tutors; forward they will find teachers…”        future.#
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