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Careers 2017 - State of Oregon Employment Department
Career and job search information                                                                                                                   OREGON 2017

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Careers 2017 - State of Oregon Employment Department

          There are many paths to help you reach a career
          that is right for you. Here is your guide to a variety
          of opportunities to help you gain education,
                                                                     15                                                                                                      EDUCATION
                                                                                                                                                                             This section displays a variety of
                                                                                                                                                                             education options after high school, from
                                                                                                                                                                             apprenticeships to the military to college
          training, skills, knowledge, and abilities in different                                                                                                            and more. Also, learn tips on paying for
          settings on the way to your careers.                                                                                                                               that education.

OREGON CAREERS 2017                           FREE Brochures, Activities,
                       Brenda Turner
                       Carlee Justis
                                              and Parent Resources
Editorial Assistance   Felicia Bechtoldt,
                       Jessica Nelson,        TO ORDER THESE FREE                                                                                                                                                         their children’s career development.
                       Kathi Riddell          MATERIALS, CONTACT:                                                                                                                                                         Brochures are available for schools
CIS Information        Matt Bell              Oregon Employment Department                                                                                                                                                to hand out at parent-teacher
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The WorkSource Oregon Employment                                                                                                                                                              distribute at parent nights.
Department is an equal opportunity
program/employer. Language
                                              (503) 947-1204,
assistance is available to individuals        (800) 262-3912, ext. 71204                                                                                                                                                  OCCUPATIONS IN DEMAND
with limited English proficiency free         TDD (800) 947-1391                                                                                                                                                          This brochure lists occupations with
of cost. Auxiliary aids or services are                                                                                                                                                                                   the most projected job openings in the
available upon request to individuals
with disabilities. Contact your nearest
                                              CAREERS MAGAZINE IN                                                                                                                                                         coming years sorted by education level.
WorkSource Oregon Center for                  ENGLISH OR SPANISH                                                                                                                                                          Median wages for each of these most in
assistance.                                   Order hard copies of this magazine                                                                                                                                          demand occupations is also listed.
                                              in English at no charge. The Spanish
                                                                         BACHELOR’S DEGREE:
                                              edition, Carreras en Oregon 2017, will
                                                                                                                          Completion of a

State of Oregon Employment                                               four-year college program is typical to enter these occupations.

                                                                          Registered Nurses
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Average Annual
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Job Openings
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               2016 Hourly
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Median Wage
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               OCCUPATIONS IN DEMAND 2016
Department WorkSource Oregon
                                                                          General and Operations Managers                                                                                27,869                 1,121               $39.52

                                              be available online only in early 2017
                                                                          Accountants and Auditors                                                                                       12,623                   607               $29.96
                                                                          Managers, All Other                                                                                            11,135                   385               $42.90
                                                                          Elementary School Teachers, Except Special Education                                                           10,804                   336             $58,655*
                                                                          Business Operations Specialists, All Other                                                                     14,097                   332               $30.03
                                                                          Software Developers, Applications                                                                               7,662                   328               $46.97

Employment Department
                                                                          Substitute Teachers                                                                                            11,437                   313               $21.89
                                                                          Secondary School Teachers, Except Special and Career/Technical Ed.                                              7,740                   254             $60,637*

                                              in the “Careers” section of
                                                                          Financial Managers                                                                                              6,308                   246               $48.55
                                                                          Civil Engineers                                                                                                 4,552                   221               $38.16
                                                                          Sales Managers                                                                                                  5,671                   218               $48.74
                                                                          Computer Systems Analysts                                                                                       5,112                   210               $40.96

RS PUB 107 (11-16)
                                                                          Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists                                                              4,852                   203               $27.69
                                                                          Human Resources Specialists                                                                                     5,755                   202               $26.77
                                                                          Management Analysts                                                                                             6,289                   198               $37.71

                                                                          Web Developers                                                                                                  3,408                   188               $29.36
                                                                          Cost Estimators                                                                                                 3,731                   187               $28.77
                                                                          Marketing Managers                                                                                              4,185                   179               $50.27
                                                                          Industrial Engineers                                                                                            3,560                   178               $47.16

                                                                         ADVANCED DEGREES: Extensive skills, knowledge, and
                                                                         experiences are typically needed for these occupations, including at least one
                                                                         year of college coursework beyond the completion of a bachelor’s degree.
                                                                                                                                                                                          2014         Average Annual          2016 Hourly
                                                                                                                                                                                   Employment           Job Openings          Median Wage
                                                                         Physicians and Surgeons, All Other                                                                              6,415                    278                  N/A
                                                                         Lawyers                                                                                                         8,247                    239               $51.14

                                              PARENT RESOURCES
                                                                         Physical Therapists                                                                                             2,750                    177               $39.78
                                                                         Pharmacists                                                                                                     3,750                    130               $60.61
                                                                         Mental Health Counselors                                                                                        2,635                    114               $23.30
                                                                         Elementary and Secondary School Administrators                                                                  2,615                   100             $100,772*
                                                                         Health Specialties Teachers, Postsecondary                                                                      3,189                     98            $119,263*
                                                                         Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Workers                                                                2,103                     91               $21.31

                                              The Parent Involvement = Future
                                                                         Nurse Practitioners                                                                                             1,447                     84               $53.56
                                                                         Clinical, Counseling, and School Psychologists                                                                  1,820                     84               $34.87
                                                                         Educational, Guidance, School, and Vocational Counselors                                                        2,562                     78               $26.02
                                                                         Health Diagnosing and Treating Practitioners, All Other                                                           914                     69               $39.14
                                                                         Physician Assistants                                                                                            1,139                     65               $50.74
                                                                         Family and General Practitioners                                                                                1,628                     65               $85.27
                                                                         Postsecondary School Administrators                                                                             1,967                     65               $45.90

                                              Success brochure is a free resource that
                                                                         Rehabilitation Counselors                                                                                       1,768                     60               $17.59
                                                                         Art, Drama, and Music Teachers, Postsecondary                                                                   2,637                     58             $67,377*
                                                                         Dentists, General                                                                                               1,600                     55               $86.71
                                                                         Medical Scientists, Except Epidemiologists                                                                      1,455                     51               $32.74
                                                                         Occupational Therapists                                                                                         1,147                     50               $41.37

                                                                           * Annual Wages                                                                                 WorkSource Oregon is an equal opportunity employer/program. Auxiliary aids

                                              offers tips, guidelines, and a wealth
                                                                         * * Apprenticeship typically needed to attain competency in the skills needed in the occupation. and services, and alternate formats are available to individuals with disabilities
                                                                                                                                                                          and language services to individuals with limited English proficiency free of
                                                                         NA – not available
                                                                                                                                                                          cost upon request. TTY/TDD – dial 7-1-1 toll free relay service. Access free
                                                                                                                                                                          online relay service at:
                                                                         CONTACT:          Oregon Employment Department                                                    WorkSource Oregon es un programa que respeta la igualdad de oportunida-
                                                                                           Workforce & Economic Research Division                                          des. Disponemos de servicios o ayudas auxiliares, formatos alternos para
                                                                                                                                                                           personas con discapacidades y asistencia de idiomas para personas con
                                                                                           875 Union St NE • Salem, OR 97311
                                                                                                                                                                           conocimiento limitado del inglés, a pedido y sin costo. Llame al 7-1-1 para
                                                                                           Phone: 503-947-1204 •                                        asistencia gratuita TTY/TDD para personas con dificultades auditivas.

                                              of information for parents to support
                                                                                                                                              Obtenga acceso gratis en Internet por medio del siguiente sitio:
                                                                         The Oregon Employment Department •                                                                                           RS PUB 242 (0816)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Quality Information • Informed Choices •

2                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              OREGON EMPLOYMENT DEPARTMENT
Careers 2017 - State of Oregon Employment Department
24                                       JOB SEARCH
                  Looking for a job today is very different
than looking for a job a decade or two ago. Learn the dos and
don’ts of searching for employment in today’s job market.

44                                       CAREER GUIDE
                   Want to know what a certain career pays?
Or where to go to get higher education in a particular career
field? Or if a particular career has a positive employment
outlook? Look at more than 200 occupations in this section.

70                                       RESOURCES
                 So you don’t overlook a single resource
that could be beneficial in your career search, read over
this section.

Posters are 18” x 12”                                                                                                                                                                          ACTIVITIES FOR STUDENTS
                                                                                                                                                                                               The CAREERS 2017Activities Guide
                                                                         LA EDUCACIóN PAGA                                                                                                     contains activities to help students
                                                                                 PORCENTAJE DESEM
                                                                                                                  PLEADO      NIVEL DE EDUCACIóN
                                                                                                                                                           PROMEDIO DE INGRE
                                                                                                                                                                                SOS POR HORA
                                                                                                                                                                                               explore this magazine.

    Education Pays
                                                                                                                            TÍTULO DE CUATRO
                                                                                                                                             -AÑOS O MÁS

                                                                                                                                                                                               To print a copy of the
                                                                                                           3.8%                 TÍTULO UNIVERSITARIO
                                                                                                                                    DE DOS-AÑOS
               perCeNT uNemployeD           eDuCaTioN level            average Hourly
                                                                                  5.0 earNiNgS         %

                                                                                                                                                                                               CAREERS 2017 Activities Guide,
                                                                                                                                ALGUNOS ESTUDIOS
                                                                                                                             UNIVERSITARIOS, SIN
                                                                                                                                                 TÍTULO                $18.45
                                  2.6%    Four-year or HigHer Degree                                          $30.75
                                                                                               5.4 %                             CON DIPLOMA DE

                                3.8%       Two-year College Degree
                                                                         8.0%                  $19.95

                                                                                                                           SIN DIPLOMA DE PREPAR
                                                                                                                                                                                               go to
                         5.0%              Some College, No Degree                            $18.45

                         5.4%                HigH SCHool Diploma                        $16.95

     8.0%                                  No HigH SCHool Diploma             $12.33
                                                                         RS PUB144-S (0716)

      RS PUB144 (0716)

These brochures will help students learn about STEM
careers, with information about nine STEM fields to help
pique their interest.
 • Biological Sciences          • Health Care
 • Computer Information         • Engineering
   Systems                      • Mathematics
 • Computer Science             • Physical Sciences
 • Drafting and Surveying       • Social Sciences

OREGON CAREERS 2017                                                                                                                                                                                                                   3
Careers 2017 - State of Oregon Employment Department

                  Career Planning – without a plan, how do you know
                  what direction you are going?
                  Thinking about your interests, your preferences, things         which case being an AmeriCorps or Peace Corps member may
                  you enjoy doing, and looking at options available to you        work well for you.
                  for learning and gaining additional education are all part
                  of career planning. Whether you are having a conversation       You can also explore information online. One of the best
                  about different occupations, or talking about work-related      websites in Oregon to read about careers is the Oregon Career
                  goals you have for yourself, you are pulling together the       Information System at You may have
                  pieces that will help you create a career plan.                 access to Oregon CIS at your school – just ask your counselor.
                                                                                  You can also explore Oregon CIS at libraries and WorkSource
                  So many options!                                                Oregon offices all over Oregon.

                  Learning about different careers can be a lot of fun. You can   On Oregon CIS, you can take a survey to help you match
                  visit someone working in a job you are interested in learning   your interests to different careers, read detailed information
                  more about and ask them questions about their job, how they     about various careers, read testimonials from people working
                  got it, what education they have and more in an informational   in jobs, and learn where you can go to get additional
                  interview. You can also job shadow or complete an internship,   education after high school that you may need qualify for
                  or volunteer for a variety of organizations or events to get    your future job.
                  exposed to all kinds of jobs.

                  Maybe you want to have some life experiences while learning
                  about the hundreds of career options available to you, in

                  Jobs That Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago
                                                                                  User experience analysts look for ways to keep you on their
                                                                                  website and to make your experience memorable and useful.

                                                                                  Business intelligence developers collect and organize a
                                                                                  company’s raw data by using different technology and tools,
                                                                                  then transform it into readable reports.

                                                                                  Distance learning coordinators prepare and run online
                                                                                  courses at colleges and schools.

                                                                                  iOS and Android developers write and test code, and build
                                                                                  web applications.

                                                                                  Chief sustainability officers coordinate with management,
                                                                                  shareholders, and employees to address sustainability issues
                  Drone pilots fly drones to gather data and information.         and oversee the company’s sustainability strategies.
                  Companies in electronic shopping anticipate using drones for
                  delivering small packages over short distances.                 Informatics nurses apply their skills in health science,
                                                                                  information technology and computer science to help health
                  Uber and Lyft drivers drive personal cars to transport          care providers collect, retrieve, and use data that applies to
                  passengers.                                                     patient care.

                  Social media strategists use social media tools to help         Disaster-recovery managers are IT professionals who
                  companies interact with customers and create a buzz about       develop plans to recover from cyber-attacks, terrorism or
                  the company’s products.                                         natural disasters.

                  4                                                                                             OREGON EMPLOYMENT DEPARTMENT
Careers 2017 - State of Oregon Employment Department
When you meet with people for informational interviews,            THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS WILL HELP YOU
you can learn what they do in their jobs, how they prepared        GET THE MOST FROM A VISIT:
to do it, what they like and dislike about their jobs, and what
advice they have to offer you. They may even have ideas for        1.   What is your job like?
you after you share your goals and interests with them.                 • On a typical day what do you do?
                                                                        • What kinds of problems do you solve?
Remember that an informational interview is not a job                   • What kinds of decisions do you make?
interview. Applying for a job is an entirely separate process.
While you can expect an informational interview to give you        2.   What do you like most about your job?
confidence and expand your network, you cannot expect it                • What do you find challenging?
to result in a job offer. Just relax and enjoy learning about           • What do you not like about your job?
occupations.                                                            • Is your job different from how you first thought it
                                                                          would be?
When contacting people to request informational interviews,
introduce yourself, explain that you are gathering career          3.   What things (work, activities, classes, or hobbies)
information, and mention how you got their names. Ask for               did you do before you entered this occupation?
15 to 20 minutes of their time to talk about the career field in        • Which have been most helpful?
which you are interested. Since every job is slightly different,        • What other jobs can you get with the same
it is helpful to meet with more than one person in each                   background?
occupation.                                                             • What attracted you to this type of work?

                                                                   4.   Has technology changed your work in any way?

                                                                   5.   How could I start working in your field?
                                                                        • What are the major qualifications for success in this
                                                                        • If you were starting again, what, if anything, would
                                                                          you do differently?
                                                                        • What is a typical pay range for someone entering this

                                                                   6.   What other advice do you have for a person considering
                                                                        this career?

                                                                   AFTER THE INTERVIEW

                                                                   Ask your interviewees for referrals to others in the same field.
                                                                   However, you should not expect them to help with personal
                                                                   problems or provide career guidance.

                                                                   Follow up with a thank-you card or letter. Let them know
                                                                   they were helpful, and thank them for their time. Ask them
                                                                   to keep you in mind if they come across any information that
                                                                   may be helpful to you in your career research. If the interview
                                                                   went well, consider asking if they will allow you to do a job
                                                                   shadow, where you spend a day watching them work. Also
                                                                   consider asking an interviewee if they are willing to mentor
                                                                   you as you look for work.

                                                                   Source: Excerpted from Oregon Career Information System, ©2016-2017,
                                                                   University of Oregon, All Rights Reserved.

OREGON CAREERS 2017                                                                                                                       5

                  Tips for a Successful Job-Shadowing Experience
                  Job shadowing allows an individual the       Along with informational interviews       the products or services the employer
                  opportunity to observe and work along-       and internships, job shadows can help     offers. Be ready to discuss your career
                  side an experienced worker to help gain      you learn about different occupations,    goals and interests. Prepare questions
                  insight into their particular work area.     which can lead to informed decisions      in advance. Take your notes compiled
                  Job shadows typically last a few hours       about career choices.                     from your research that went into
                  or a full day. Some companies offer job                                                setting up the job shadow. Plan to arrive
                  shadows that last for several days.          During a job shadow, you will             ten minutes early on your job shadow
                                                               learn firsthand the role and the          day.
                                                               responsibilities of an employee and may
                                                               perform simple tasks, and interact with   When job shadowing, it is important to
                                                               the staff.                                act professionally. Stay focused on your
                                                                                                         host’s job and career field. Be thoughtful
                                                               Most students directly contact            of the host’s time constraints. Try not to
                                                               companies or organizations they           ask questions that can be easily found
                                                               would like to job shadow with and         on internet.
                                                               arrange job shadowing themselves.
                                                               School counselors, local chambers of      After the job shadow, be sure to thank
                                                               commerce, and colleges’ career centers    your host by sending an email or a
                                                               can also help you arrange a job shadow.   handwritten note.

                                                               Before a job shadow, research the
                                                               employer, industry and the career field
                                                               you are interested in. Be familiar with

                  At first, being a volunteer might not         • Network
                  have much appeal. After all, you give           Never underestimate the power of
                  up your free time and have to work –            networking. Volunteering improves
                  sometimes very hard – and all without           your job opportunities. Meet new
                  getting paid! But the benefits can easily       people so you will have more
                  outweigh the drawbacks.                         contacts when the time comes to
                                                                  look for a job.
                  Volunteering helps you:
                                                                • Strengthen Your Job or College
                   • Explore Careers                              Application
                     Volunteering is a great way to learn         Include volunteer experiences on
                     about career options and develop             job and scholarship applications
                     job-related skills. You can learn            to show your job-related skills,
                     about a particular role, sector, or a        motivation and dedicated attitude.
                     cause. Volunteering can also expose
                     you to workplace and office culture.       • Have an Impact
                                                                  Show your community what
                   • Learn New Skills                             you care about. Whether you            Many organizations, such as
                     Learn and improve basic skills like          raise awareness about an issue,        government agencies and nonprofits,
                     teamwork, communication, patience,           deliver meals to the homeless, or      need volunteers to fill a variety of roles.
                     and hard work. Volunteer projects            become a tour guide for a local        Find a volunteer opportunity that you
                     can also teach specialized skills, such      historical organization, you can       would enjoy. If you already know about
                     as public relations, gardening, or           make a positive difference in your     organizations that need volunteer help,
                     home construction. Volunteering              community.                             you can contact them directly. Friends
                     can even help you discover new                                                      and family can help you find volunteer
                     hobbies you were unaware of.                                                        opportunities as well.

                  6                                                                                              OREGON EMPLOYMENT DEPARTMENT
Benefits of an Internship
An internship is a hands-on way              Just like a job, you normally go
to learn new skills at a company or          through an application process to
organization. Internships are a great        get an internship. Applying and
opportunity for high school students         interviewing for internships enhances
or recent high school grads, college         your job application and interviewing
students, and even adults looking to         skills, which will be helpful when
explore a career change.                     you apply for a job. An internship
                                             on a résumé differentiates you from
Completing an internship can expose          other job seekers and makes you more
you to the workplace, letting you            competitive.
see what really goes on in a certain
industry, which is helpful information       Internships are temporary. They usually
as you consider various careers.             last a few weeks to a few months. But
                                             they can lead to long-term benefits,
An internship can help you understand        such as job opportunities in the
whether the field or industry you would      company and increased knowledge
like to work in is the right path for you.   about the industry. In addition,
                                             your supervisor and colleagues can
In addition to gaining work experience,      be a reference for a job, college or
an internship helps improve your             scholarship application.
soft skills. You will advance your
communication, teamwork, and                 While many internships are unpaid, the
negotiation skills. You will enhance         benefits of completing an internship are
your self-confidence, email and phone        priceless.
etiquette, and your awareness of a
workplace. These skills are highly
sought by employers today.

  Keep up in Today’s World, Never Stop Learning
  Want to increase your chances of getting and keeping a            the right skills for the job.
  good job? How about increasing the odds of advancing in
  your career over time? As you plan for your career, keep in       There is so much to learn from other aspects of your life
  mind that increasing your education and expanding your            outside formal education! For instance, you can learn
  skills with lifelong learning will increase your chances of       organization and leadership skills in so many ways. Here
  getting and keeping a job in the future.                          are just a few examples:

  Learning is power. And it does not need to end when you            • organizing a group to pick up roadside trash
  get a diploma. Seek new things to learn and new ways to            • coaching a youth academic or sports team
  learn in all aspects of your life. (Maybe that is why they call    • learning communication skills by tutoring students
  it lifelong learning.)                                               or volunteering at a community event
                                                                     • asking someone with an interesting hobby to teach
  In years, or perhaps decades, past, holding a degree or a            you about it
  certificate was enough to qualify for certain high-level jobs.     • teaching others about your hobbies.
  While it is still absolutely necessary for many jobs, these
  days employers are focused on much more than just your            If you embrace a lifelong learning attitude, and seek
  formal education.                                                 ways to create new learning opportunities, there is a
                                                                    good chance you will become inspired, and inspire those
  Employers want their employees to have skills, to be able to      around you. Who knows? You may discover a new love for
  do certain tasks, and to learn quickly if they don’t have just    learning as it’s fueled by the passion of your dreams.

OREGON CAREERS 2017                                                                                                             7

                  SURF THE NET -
                  Here is just a sample of the countless     NATIONAL SITES                             O*NET ONLINE
                  career exploration websites available to                                    
                  help you explore careers and learn how     CAREER BROWSER                             Detailed information on occupations,
                  to apply for jobs.                       including a search that finds
                                                             explore-careers                            occupations requiring the skills you
                  OREGON-SPECIFIC SITES                      Explore careers and learn about            already have.
                                                             working conditions, job forecasts,
                  MYPATHCAREERS                              and related professions. Great site for    STEM CAREERS
                              students, parents, and teachers! 
                  Explore career options, courses,                                                      Career planning resources in science,
                  skills and credentials to prepare for a    CAREERONESTOP TOOLKIT                      technology, engineering, mathematics,
                  high-demand job through Oregon’s               computers, and healthcare. Provides
                  community colleges.                        toolkit/toolkit.aspx                       career preparation tips; salary data;
                                                             Conduct research on jobs, where to get     job search ideas; information about
                  OREGON CAREER                              training, what jobs are in the greatest    scholarship opportunities; interviews
                  INFORMATION SYSTEM                         demand, and so much more.                  with people working in STEM fields;
                                                                 and updated lists of summer camps,
                  CIS is a complete Oregon-based             EMPLOYMENT & TRAINING                      national programs, and projects.
                  occupation, education, and job search      ADMINISTRATION (ETA)                       They also offer free monthly online
                  information system. It can be accessed                  newsletters.
                  from computers at most middle and          Career exploration, job hunting
                  high schools, community colleges,          resources, and links to providers and      THE WALL STREET JOURNAL
                  WorkSource Oregon Centers, and at          services.                        
                  home. If you are accessing CIS from                                         
                  home, click “About CIS” and then           MILITARY AND VETERANS                      Updated daily, these sites offer a wealth
                  “Contacts” and contact CIS regarding                    of information and interactive tools for
                  accessibility.                             Online resource for those who are          effective job hunting, college searches,
                                                             seeking information on jobs in the         and career exploration.
                  OREGON GREEN CAREER                        military.
                    MY FUTURE
                  Learn about the skills needed for green
                  (environment-friendly) jobs and see        Provides information on colleges,
                  where you can receive training for         careers, military service, scholarships,
                  green jobs.                                financial aid, and money management
                                                             designed specifically for young adults.
                  QUALITY INFO
                                OLDER WORKFORCE
                  This site contains wages, skills and
                  employment information, such as            Click on the ‘Work & Jobs’ link from
                  where the jobs are located and job         the AARP home page to find articles,
                  trends for hundreds of occupations.        programs, and online community
                  Look under the Jobs and Careers tab.       chat groups geared for folks age 50
                                                             and older.

                  8                                                                                             OREGON EMPLOYMENT DEPARTMENT
Is a Career Hot                            1.   PICK AN OCCUPATION FROM THE CAREER GUIDE
                                                (pages 45-64)
or Not for YOU?
                                                Occupation Title:

THERE ARE MANY QUESTIONS                   **Does the Occupational Description describe a job you might like to have?
ARE EXPLORING CAREERS.                          Yes            No
                                           2.   LOOK AT WAGES FOR THE OCCUPATION:
 • Where do I want to live? Are there
   jobs in my career field there?               Less Experienced wage $
 • What matters most to me? Having
   fun, working with my hands,                  More Expreienced wage $
   working with others, getting paid            (usually earned after 5 or more years)
   well, or some combination of these
   and other?                              ** Is this enough income to meet your needs?
 • Would I like to work outdoors?
 • Do I have any specific skills or             Yes            No
   talents that I could apply to a job?
 • Am I artistic?                          3.   CHECK OUT THE EDUCATION LEVEL TO ENTER THIS
 • Do I like working with numbers?              OCCUPATION. HOW MUCH EDUCATION IS NEEDED?

Answers to these types of questions                     None
can help you narrow down your career
search.                                                 High School or equivalent

To help guide your career exploration,                  Postsecondary (a certificate earned at a private
consider taking a career assessment                     career school or a community college, can take
test. These tests are fun and easy. They                from a few months up to two years to earn)
ask you about your likes, your dislikes,
and questions similar to those above.                   Associate’s degree (two-year college degree)
You can find them on the Oregon
Career Information System’s website                     Bachelor’s degree (four-year college degree)
( or ask your
career counselor about them. Be sure                    Master’s degree, Doctoral or professional degree
to talk with your counselor after you                   (one to three + years of college beyond bachelor’s degree)
take an assessment so they can help
you interpret the results.                 **Are you willing to get this level of education?

Complete this simple questionnaire to           Yes            No
see if a career may be a good choice
for you.                                   HOW MANY OF THE QUESTIONS DID YOU ANSWER “YES”?

                                           3 Very promising match for this type of work
                                           2 Might be a good choice, but keep your options open
                                           1 Might want to consider a different choice
                                           Also, if the number of job openings in the 4th column is average, above average,
                                           or substantial, this occupation is expected to have a good number of openings,
                                           increasing your likelihood of landing a job in this field.

OREGON CAREERS 2017                                                                                                           9

                  Do you dream of becoming a professional athlete? You                 with the thousands that want to become one. It can happen,
                  are not alone. You, and many others like you, may be very            and it does for a lucky few, but the odds are not that great.
                  athletic and talented in your sport. The problem is, there are
                  only a handful of slots for professional athletes compared           CHECK THIS OUT.

                                            Source: NCAA Research. Figures based on 2014-2015 school year. Professional figures,
                                              which include NFL, MLB, WNBA, and NBA include only those drafted from NCAA.

                    Scholarship Scams – Be Careful!
                    A scam is when someone deceives “customers” to take                 • The scholarship offer requires you to give a credit card
                    something from them, usually money. There are scammers                or bank account number.
                    out there that want to make money from you! These tips              • The “scholarships” are actually loans.
                    will help you keep your money in your pocket.
                                                                                       A small number of legitimate scholarships do charge
                    There are many scholarship search agencies. Some are free,         a small processing fee. Check with your high school
                    while others charge hundreds of dollars. Some provide              guidance counselor or financial aid office if you are unsure
                    good information; others do not. Many search companies             about a scholarship.
                    will not refund your fee if you are dissatisfied with their
                    services. Be sure to check out refund policies before you          LEARN MORE AT:
                    pay any enrollment fees.                                 

                    Signs of a scholarship scam:                                       FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION
                       • You have to pay money before or after you receive             financial-aid-scams
                       • The matching service guarantees success.                      YOU CAN REPORT SCAMS TO THE NATIONAL
                       • Financial aid “seminars” turn out to be sales pitches.        FRAUD INFORMATION CENTER AT:
                       • You are a “finalist” in a contest you never entered or
                         “selected” by a national foundation for a scholarship         Source: Excerpted from Oregon Career Information System, ©2016-2017,
                         you did not apply for.                                        University of Oregon, All Rights Reserved.

                  10                                                                                                      OREGON EMPLOYMENT DEPARTMENT
                                AmeriCorps is often             watched the power of community collaboration in action,”
                                considered the “domestic        says Lynn about her AmeriCorps experience.
                                Peace Corps.” Each year,
                                75,000 members complete         A significant educational advantage is the Segal AmeriCorps
                                projects in education,          Education Award (currently $5,730), which Lynn said was
                                environment, economic           crucial towards financing her bachelor’s degree.
                                opportunity, health care,
                                public safety, and disaster     In addition to the education award, AmeriCorps offers you:
                                                                 • A living allowance of about $4,000 for 10 months
                                   Lynn Kneeland from            • Housing, healthcare, meals, member uniforms, and
                                   Salem, Oregon completed         equipment
                                   her AmeriCorps VISTA          • The ability to defer qualified student loans and qualify
                                   program with OregonASK,         for tuition funding or service scholarships at 150 U.S.
                                   Oregon’s Expanded Learning      universities
                                   Partnership. Lynn helped      • Training and work experience in an area of your
establish a database of afterschool and summer programs and        interest
led efforts to create local leadership development programs      • The opportunity to serve in any community across the
for after-school professionals.                                    country and expand your professional networks
                                                                 • Job skills such as leadership, team building and
After her tenure as an AmeriCorps member, she was hired by         negotiation skills
OregonASK and spent nine years supporting these programs,        • CPR, first aid and disaster response training
making them more accessible and sustainable.                     • One year of non-competitive eligibility for federal
                                                                   government jobs for AmeriCorps VISTA alumni
“AmeriCorps poured the foundation for my professional            • Up to $400 a month for childcare, if eligible.
career. During my service, I practiced my organizational,
communication, and marketing skills. I learned the              To learn more about AmeriCorps programs, go to
importance of relationship building in the community and

Peace Corps – A Launching Pad for a 21st Century Career
When Tim was 13, he decided that one          for jobs in the federal government      consider Peace Corps service equivalent
day he will serve in the Peace Corps.         after his service with Peace Corps      to work experience.
Well, this day for Tim has come.            • The ability to get tuition funding
                                              and scholarships for graduate school    To apply you must be 18 years old and a
This summer, Tim departed for Guinea        • $8,000 pre-tax income for the           U.S. citizen. For more information, visit
to serve in the Peace Corps. He will          transition to life back home. 
work on agroforestry projects. One
of the reasons Tim decided to apply       Applicants can choose their country
was “to understand and gain a new         of service among 61 countries in
perspective on how the world works        Africa, Latin America, Europe, and
outside of the United States.”            Asia. They can select a program area
                                          they would like to focus on including
Peace Corps offers Tim:                   education, youth development, health,
 • A monthly stipend that covers          environment, community economic
   living and housing expenses            development, and agriculture. Peace
 • Compensation for                       Corps service is 27 months.
   transportation costs
 • 48 paid vacation days                  With the Peace Corps, volunteers
 • Leave for family emergencies           acquire international work experience,
 • Full medical and dental coverage       fluency in foreign languages, and
 • One-year non-competitive eligibility   cultural awareness. Many employers

OREGON CAREERS 2017                                                                                                           11

                  Job Corps – a Path for a
                  Successful Future
                  Adriana dreams of working in the aviation industry painting
                  airplanes. This is not only a dream, because Adriana is                    Can we include a picture with
                  working to make this a reality through her dedication to                   someone painting an air-
                  her training at the Angell Job Corps Center. The painting                  plane?
                  program teaches her the skills required to succeed as a
                  professional painter.

                  At Job Corps, Adriana receives housing, food service, a
                  living allowance, basic health care, and transportation for
                  her initial and final trip to the center and home, all at no

                  WHAT IS JOB CORPS?

                  Job Corps is a career and education program that helps          YouthBuild Programs
                  young people advance their education, begin a career, get a
                  better job, and make more money. Job Corps might be right       – Building Community,
                  for you if you are 16 to 24 years old, a citizen or permanent
                  resident of the U.S., and meet income qualifications.           Building Lives
                  WHAT PROGRAMS ARE AVAILABLE                                     With YouthBuild programs, students learn to be leaders.
                  AT JOB CORPS?                                                   They put in hundreds of hours of volunteer service in their
                                                                                  community. They gain experience in public speaking and
                  Job Corps offers training in more than 100 occupations          speak about issues that affect them. They learn construction
                  across the U.S. in:                                             skills and gain environmental expertise.

                   •   health care,                                               During the program, students build affordable housing
                   •   information and technology,                                that is environmentally friendly. They earn monthly living
                   •   finance and business services,                             stipends and an education award ($1,515) to pay for college
                   •   advanced manufacturing,                                    or vocational school.
                   •   renewable resources,
                   •   hospitality,                                               To apply, you must be 16 to 24 years old and a citizen or legal
                   •   automotive and machine repair,                             resident of the United States. You must have an interest in
                   •   culinary arts, and                                         building trades, construction, or energy conservation and
                   •   protective and security services.                          meet income qualifications.

                  In Oregon, around 30 career programs are available at one of    Through the program, students acquire a high school
                  the six Job Corps centers:                                      diploma, GED or college credits. They also acquire industry
                                                                                  recognized certifications.
                   • Angell Job Corps Center in Yachats,
                   • Partners in Vocational Opportunity Training (PIVOT)          In Oregon, there are three organizations offering YouthBuild
                     Job Corps Center in Portland,                                programs:
                   • Springdale Job Corps Center in Troutdale,
                   • Timber Lake Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center in         • Portland YouthBuilders in Portland,
                     Estacada,                                                     • Community Services Consortium YouthBuilders in Linn
                   • Tongue Point Job Corps Center in Astoria, and                   and Benton counties, and
                   • Wolf Creek Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center in          • Heart of Oregon Corps in Sisters, where youth from
                     Glide.                                                          Central Oregon can apply.

                  For more information, visit or call            For more information, contact the organizations listed above.
                  (800) 733-5627.

                  12                                                                                            OREGON EMPLOYMENT DEPARTMENT
FEMA Corps – Making a                                                      Teach for America –
Difference When it Matters Most                                            Be on the Front Lines
Every year, millions of individuals suffer the effects of natural and      of Change
man-made disasters. FEMA Corps is an excellent way for those who
have an interest in a career in emergency management or a related          Are you passionate about education? Do you like
field to help.                                                             to teach and help children have better academic
                                                                           outcomes? Then be part of Teach for America, a
Members are involved in projects within the Federal Emergency              nonprofit organization that recruits college graduates
Management Agency (FEMA). They are assigned to one of the four             to serve as teachers.
                                                                           Members teach for two years in one of the 53 low-
 •   Pacific Region FEMA - Sacramento, CA                                  income communities in the U.S. They earn a salary
 •   North Central Region FEMA - Vinton, IA                                from $24,000 to $55,000 depending on where they
 •   Southern Region FEMA - Vicksburg, MS                                  teach. Members may be eligible for:
 •   Atlantic Region FEMA - Baltimore, MD
                                                                            • Education awards up to $5,730
They develop materials, collect information, compile reports, or            • Loan forbearance
work directly with disaster survivors. They help survivors complete         • Tuition funding or scholarships for graduate
applications for disaster assistance and make sure they have the              school at selected U.S. colleges
necessary supplies.                                                         • Fellowships in the U.S. Congress, Rural School
                                                                              Leadership Academy, and the School Systems
FEMA Corps Members receive a living allowance of about $4,000                 Leaders
for the 10 months of service; an education award of $5,730; housing;        • Discounts for technology, clothing, classroom
meals; basic medical benefits; and up to $400 a month for childcare,          materials and travel at selected retailers, and
if necessary.                                                                 much more.

To apply, go to                                                            For more information about Teach for America, visit          

Are you looking for a summer job or a temporary job during the school year? Are you looking for an educational and fun
experience in nature? If you are, then apply for one of Oregon’s Youth Corps programs.

Youth Corps programs are paid positions. Depending on the program, Youth Corps members may be paid a modest
“educational stipend” (below minimum wage), at minimum wage, or at a higher hourly wage for their service.

Natalie is a team leader for a crew of eight to 10 high school teens working in the Tualatin National Wildlife Refuge as part of
Northwest Youth Corps. “We cleared a lot of blackberries, an invasive species on the refuge. It helps bring back and conserve
the native plants in the area.” During the program, Natalie and her crew members learn about natural resources and the
environment. They also learn about good-decision making, how to write a résumé, interview for a job and how to conduct
oneself professionally.

To participate in the program, look for opportunities at:

 • Northwest Youth Corps:,
 • Heart of Oregon:, or
 • Local partners of Youth Conservation Corps ( and
   Oregon Youth Conservation Corps (
   html), or contact your school, school district, education service district or
   local government and ask about Youth Corps programs in your area.

OREGON CAREERS 2017                                                                                                             13

                  Check Out These                            Meet Mary Altieri, a Young
                  Resources to                               Entrepreneur that Transformed a
                  Help You Start a                           Great Idea into a Business
                  Business                                                                                            For her eighth birthday,
                                                                                                                      Mary Altieri from
                  Young Entrepreneurs provides                                                                        Astoria, Oregon
                  teenagers with programs and services to                                                             received four baby goats.
                  encourage youth entrepreneurship. For                                                               When the goats starting
                  more information, go to                                                                producing milk, Mary
                  starting-business/how-start-business/                                                               says, “I couldn’t drink
                  business-types/young-entrepreneurs.                                                                 three gallons a day, so
                                                                                                                      I thought I need to do
                  Oregon Secretary of State, Corporate                                                                something.” And she
                  Division provides several business                                                                  had an idea – why not
                  guides online, free of charge. To learn                                                             make soap from goat
                  more, visit                                                                milk and sell it?
                                                                                                                       So at the age of 9, Mary
                  Oregon Small Business Development                                                                    started a business,
                  Centers ( offer help                                                               “Mary’s Milk Monsters.”
                  in developing management skills vital                                                                She started making
                  to a successful business.                                                                            soap for sensitive skin
                                                                                                                       and now she sells a
                  Distributive Education Clubs                                                                         wide range of goat milk
                  of America (, an                                                                        soap, including orange
                  international association of high school                                                             blossom, lavender,
                  and college students that prepares         gentle dog, coffee, and oatmeal scents. “I created a special soap for Halloween –
                  entrepreneurs in various career fields.    the Zombie Survival and Defense Goat Milk Soap,” which Mary says customers
                                                             ask for all year around. She now produces soap from 15 goats.
                  Corps of Retired Executives provides
                  counseling to small businesses. To         Mary also makes and sells dish soap, liquid soap, Japanese knotweed jelly,
                  locate the SCORE chapter nearest you,      seedless blackberry jelly, and tote bags made from her goats’ feed bags. She is
                  visit:                      also working on creating a goat milk body lotion.

                  Source: Oregon Career Information System   She sells her products online on, at the Astoria Sunday Market
                                                             and she recently bought a brick-and-mortar store, where she sells her products
                                                             during the weekend. Many times Mary brings her goats to the store or to the

                                                             She advertises her products through her business website, Facebook page and
                                                             at the Astoria Sunday Market. Her plan is to expand her business online. Mary
                                                             donates a part of the profit to the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance.

                                                             Mary attributes her success to the Clatsop County 4-H Young Entrepreneurs
                                                             Club, where she learned how to make and sell her products, manage her
                                                             business, and be financially responsible.

                                                             Mary’s advice for those who want to start a business is: “You have to REALLY
                                                             like what you are doing, because when you work for someone else you work for
                                                             8 hours, but when you work for yourself you work for 24 hours. There are going
                                                             to be lots of curveballs over time, be flexible with your schedule, you might find
                                                             yourself at 10 o’clock at night or 3 in the morning wrapping soap for an event.”

                  14                                                                                           OREGON EMPLOYMENT DEPARTMENT
So Many Education and Training Choices after High School

Regardless of what you do after high           Also, a person who continues their          have tuition assistance, as does the
school, you’ll gain knowledge and skills       education beyond high school generally      military. And apprenticeships pay while
that you’ll use for the rest of your life in   earns more than a person who                the apprentice learns.
the career you choose.                         doesn’t. And, they are less likely to be
                                               unemployed. But you do have to weigh        Read about all these opportunities in

Continuing your education, either              the costs of education with the benefits.   the Careers magazine.
through schooling or through a vol-            While you will likely earn more, you
unteer or paid program, will help you          will also have to pay for that education.
gain invaluable skills and knowledge to        There are many ways to pay for it. For
enhance your job opportunities.                example, some programs in the Corps

          APPRENTICESHIP:                                                                            UNIVERSITY:

             Earn while you                                                                          Small. Large.
           learn in dozens of                                                                        Urban. Rural.
              occupations.                                                                         So many choices!
                                               Pages                               Page
                                               16-17                                18

 JOIN ONE OF THESE                                                                                         PRIVATE CAREER
  ORGANIZATIONS:                                                                                               SCHOOL:

     Peace Corps (11)                                                                                        You can learn

     AmeriCorps (11)         Pages                                                                  Page    dental assisting,
      Job Corps (12)         11-13                                                                   18      truck driving,
      YouthBuild (12)                                                                                        welding, floral
     FEMA Corps (13)                                                                                            design,
   Youth Conservation                                                                                      and so much more!
        Corps (13)

                                               Page                                Page
                                                23                                  19

               MILITARY:                                                                              COLLEGE:

             Opportunities                                                                          Get a certificate
               abound.                                                                             in a few months,
                                                                                                       or earn a
                                                                                                   two-year degree.

OREGON CAREERS 2017                                                                                                                15
Apprenticeships: get TRAINING and get PAID at the same time!
            An apprenticeship is training that combines on-the-job experience with classroom instruction. Individuals in apprenticeship
            programs get direct, relevant experience in their chosen career, and advance in the profession as they learn. Apprentices
            graduate fully trained in their field – and not as an entry-level worker.

            Benefits! It is a terrific way to earn
            a living wage and pursue higher

            education at the same time! With a
            registered apprenticeship, you receive:

             • A paycheck: From day one, you
               will earn a paycheck guaranteed to
               increase over time as you learn new
             • Hands-on career training: You will
               receive practical on-the-job training
               in a wide selection of programs.
             • An education: You’ll receive hands-      When you apply for an apprenticeship       over several weeks or months. For more
               on training and have the potential to    program, it is important to be prepared!   information, visit
               earn college credit, even an associate   Pre-apprenticeship programs exist          BOLI/ATD/pages/a_ag_partners.aspx.
               or bachelor’s degree, in many cases      to make you a better candidate when
               paid for by your employer.               you go to apply for an apprenticeship.     You can also contact your local
             • A career: Once you complete your         They can help guide you through the        community college and ask them about
               apprenticeship, you will be on your      résumé and interview process and give      their apprenticeship and trade-related
               way to a successful long-term career     you a heads-up on what to expect as an     programs. If you need to brush up on
               with a competitive salary, and little    apprentice and tradesperson. They will     your algebra, science, or writing skills
               or no educational debt.                  also expose you to many different career   – or take a placement test – community
             • National industry certification:         options. Some pre-apprenticeship           colleges are a great resource! They also
               When you graduate from a career          programs are free, while others are        often have information on the different
               training program, you’ll be certified    available at community colleges for a      trades and can provide contacts within
               and can take your certification          small fee, and they are stretched out      the apprenticeship programs.
               anywhere in the U.S.

                  EXPLORE AVAILABLE                      CONTACT PROGRAM                       DO YOU NEED
                  TRADES AND LOCATE                      FOR REQUIREMENTS.                     HELP MEETING THE
                  AN APPRENTICE                                                                REQUIREMENTS?
                                                         Different programs
                  PROGRAM.                                                                                                         YES
                                                         have different minimum                One way to test your
                  Start your exploration with            requirements. It is also              readiness is through
        ’s               important to know when                oregonapprenticeship.
                  Trade Locator!                         to submit an application,             org’s Apprenticeship
                                                         as not all programs                   Readiness Survey.
                  Examples: carpenter,
                                                         accept applications year-
                  elevator mechanic,
                                                         round. Contact your
                  pipefitter, renewable
                                                         program of interest to get
                  energy tech.
                                                         these details.

            16                                                                                             OREGON EMPLOYMENT DEPARTMENT

Soon after I began college, I realized      in a major that would leave me few              Programs at Oregon Tradeswomen,
that the “traditional” path of university   post-graduate job options and a                 Inc. that benefit from federal grants are
education was not for me ‒ I desired a      mountain of debt.                               crucial to the success of women in the
more independent, hands-on education                                                        trades. The work of this organization
where I could achieve tangible, practical   After living abroad for nearly 10 years,        helps diversify the construction

results rather than a theoretical degree    I returned to the United States with the        workforce, provide alternate
                                            dream of a career in the electrical field.      perspectives, and encourages green
                                            I was excited to begin the interview            building technologies and employment
                                            and testing, but, being brand new to            opportunities.
                                            everything, I knew little about the
                                            intricacies of the electrical trade.            I am proud to now sit on the board of
                                                                                            Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc. and work to
                                            Walking in my neighborhood in                   help women excel in the trades the way
                                            northeast Portland, I serendipitously           they supported and helped me get to
                                            stumbled upon an organization called            where I am today.
                                            Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc. I signed up
                                            for Oregon Tradeswomen’s Trades and             As a member of the Local 48 of
                                            Apprenticeship Career Class. During             the International Brotherhood of
                                            the class, I learned skills that prepared       Electrical Workers, I earn while I
                                            me for a successful apprenticeship.             learn, and the training is paid for by
                                            It was at Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc.              the union. I get experiential as well
                                            where I was first introduced to and             as classroom education, where I can
                                            captivated by green building concepts           apply my knowledge in real situations.
                                            such as alternative materials, the              It is an exciting, dynamic, active, and
                                            importance of conservation and                  rewarding job where the sites and tasks
                                            reuse, storm water management,                  are ever changing.
                                            deconstruction vs. demolition, green
                                            and solar roofing, and brownfields.

    Contact the              Apply for               Once your                           Take any
    program                  and                     skills meet the                     required
    for more                 complete                requirements for                    tests and
    information.             the pre-ap-             the program of                      complete
                             prenticeship            your choice, it is                  application
                             program.                time to apply for                   process.
                                                     the apprenticeship
                                                     program. It is a
                                                     good idea to stay                                           BECOME AN
                                                     in contact with the                                         APPRENTICE!
                                                     program so you
                                                     meet application

OREGON CAREERS 2017                                                                                                                17
Oregon’s                                     Career School: Short-term Training for
            Colleges and                                 Long Lasting Skills
            Universities:                                Private career schools offer education      Make sure you understand all the
                                                         after high school. Courses range from a     school costs, and student rights and
            In Person or                                 few weeks to a year or more.                responsibilities. Read the policies
                                                                                                     on attendance, satisfactory progress,

                                                         Career schools offer training in a          and requirements for graduation or
                                                         variety of career fields, including         completion. Read the school’s policy on
            Many careers with high levels of             cosmetology, truck driving,                 filing a grievance if you are dissatisfied
            responsibility require at least a            phlebotomy, pet grooming, real estate,      with the program.
            bachelor’s degree. Hundreds of               massage therapy, dental assisting,
            fascinating majors and quality               bookkeeping, tax preparation, and           Verify that you meet admission
            programs are available across the            many more!                                  requirements.
            state, from traditional or emerging
            fields including veterinary medicine,        Before you enroll in a career school:       Verify loans you will be taking to
            computer science, journalism, the arts,                                                  make sure that your potential earnings
            engineering, and agricultural studies.       Talk with others who are working in         are enough to repay the loan and also
                                                         the field you are considering. Make sure    provide for your living expenses. To
            Urban or rural, big or small, there is       you really understand what people in        learn about the potential wages in a
            a university in Oregon that fits you.        that profession do on a daily basis.        career, go to and
            You can even start your education at a                                                   click on Jobs and Careers, and then on
            community college and then transfer          Visit the school you are considering        Occupation and Wage Information.
            to a four-year university in Oregon.         attending. Visit classes, too.
            Can’t move away to go to school? Not                                                     Analyze the loan agreement carefully
            a problem. Check out the numerous            Determine total cost for the entire         for any money you might borrow to go
            distance education alternatives (online      program, including tuition, fees, books,    to school.
            courses or classes at different locations)   and supplies.
            on each university’s website.                                                            Don’t rush. Take your time. Don’t
                                                         Talk with employers at companies            let yourself be rushed into making a
            Oregon’s universities offer many ways        where you might want to work. Ask           decision.
            to help you pay for your education,          them if they have hired any graduates
            including scholarships, grants, work         of the school you are considering. If       For more information, call (503)
            study, and loans (see the financial aid      they have, ask them if the employees        947-5716 or visit
            article in this publication).                were well prepared. If they have not, ask   HigherEd/Pages/priv_career_schools.
                                                         them if the training you are considering    aspx.
            To learn more about Oregon’s seven           would help you get a job in their
            public universities, find links to           company.                                    Source: Excerpted from Tips on Selecting a Private
            the colleges at                                                          Career School, Private Career Schools, Higher
            HigherEd/Pages/campuslinks.aspx. For         Prepare to enroll by talking with           Education Coordinating Commission.
            private universities, go to the Oregon       the admissions representative at the
            Alliance of Independent Colleges and         school. Review the catalog, the school
            Universities website at    calendar, the student handbook and
                                                         any other material that might help you
                                                         know more about the school. Also read
                                                         through the enrollment agreement with
                                                         the school representative.

            18                                                                                                 OREGON EMPLOYMENT DEPARTMENT
Find Your Future at an Oregon Community College!
At Oregon’s community colleges you can get training for           different locations, and online. And the cost of courses at
many high-demand careers with one to two years of college         community colleges is significantly lower than at four-year
courses. There are even options for short-term training or        colleges. You can save money while earning credits during the
certificates – just one or two terms – that can lead to higher-   first two years of college and then transfer. Finally, enrollment
paying, in-demand jobs.                                           at community colleges depends on a student’s “ability to
                                                                  benefit,” not a required grade point average (GPA) or test

And with the Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer degree you         score.
can start at a community college and then transfer to one of
Oregon’s four-year universities, as well as to many private and   Whether you’re starting out, applying for a promotion, or
out-of-state colleges.                                            looking for a career change, take action. Right here in Oregon
                                                                  you’ll find 17 community colleges with resources to get you
Not yet ready for a degree but need to enhance some skills?       started and moving toward the life you want for yourself.
Community colleges can help with that, too. Not only can
you prepare for specialized careers, but community colleges       For more information, visit
also help students improve basics skills such as math, writing,   index.aspx.
and English.
                                                                  Source: Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission, Office of
Community colleges have flexible course schedules                 Community Colleges and Workforce Development
including classes offered at night and on weekends, at


One way to continue education after
high school, whether it is right after you
graduate or many years later, is at one
of Oregon’s community colleges. You
can take a single class, or take many
courses. You can earn a short-term
certificate, or a two-year degree.

To help students complete training for       clicking on the map. Click on the              that is comfortable for you. The shorter-
specific careers, Oregon’s community         city closest to you to find your local         term certificate gives you a competitive
colleges offer Career Pathways, or           community college. Once you click on a         edge when applying for entry-level
defined lists of courses that, upon          city, you will see the Pathways programs       positions in a given career. As you take
completion, prepare students for             offered at your local community college.       more courses, you’ll find that each new
specific careers.                                                                           Career Pathways Certificate will give
                                             A Career Pathways Certificate opens            you an advantage for better positions.
Read about the Career Pathways offered       the door to your educational and career        These certificates can eventually lead to
at your local community college by           goals. Each certificate requires just a        an associate’s degree – or even beyond!
going to and           few courses. You can move at a pace            It’s up to you how far you want to go.

OREGON CAREERS 2017                                                                                                                    19
            HOW CAN I AFFORD COLLEGE?                        financial aid programs, the Oregon            the scholarships offered at www.
            Students of all backgrounds can afford           Opportunity Grant, and the Oregon    OSAC
            college. More than half of all college           Promise grant. Complete your                  offers one common application for
            students in Oregon receive some sort of          FAFSA as soon as possible after               nearly 500 scholarship programs
            financial aid, including:                        October 1, 2016, if you plan to               that pertain to academic and career

                                                             attend college anytime between fall           choices; specific populations;
             • Grants and scholarships – these do            2017 and summer 2018.                         employers and membership
               not have to be repaid.                      • Apply for the Oregon Promise grant            organizations; and the high school
             • Loans – these must be repaid with             if you are planning to graduate high          from which the student graduated.
               interest.                                     school or receive a GED in 2016-              The deadline is March 1, 2017,
             • Work-study – students get paid for            17. The new Oregon Promise grant              and applications submitted by
               working while in school.                      covers some or all of the tuition             February 15 qualify for an early bird
                                                             at an Oregon community college                review and a chance to win a $500
            You can start today by researching your          for recent graduates. Students                scholarship.
            options, and planning your college path.         must complete an Oregon Promise             • Research which school and
                                                             application, meet GPA and other               programs will best help you meet
            GETTING STARTED                                  eligibility requirements, and enroll          your goals by browsing campus
            If you are in high school:                       at an Oregon community college                websites, contacting admissions
                                                             within 6 months of graduating                 offices, or accessing the Oregon
             • Start with your high school                   high school or receiving a GED in             Career Information System at many
               guidance counselor or ASPIRE                  Oregon. The application opened                schools, libraries, and all Oregon
               mentor, if ASPIRE is offered at your          October 10, 2016. Details about               Employment Department offices.
               school. Tell them about your college          requirements and deadlines are              • Contact financial aid offices and
               interests, and ask for their help.            available at www.OregonStudentAid.            research college costs at the schools
             • Go to                gov/oregon-promise.aspx. (NOTE:               you are thinking of attending.
               and click on the “Plan & Pay for              as of Fall 2016, funding for Oregon           Financial aid offices will have
               College” tab for information about            Promise is contingent upon                    information about campus-based
               financial aid basics and tips for             legislative approval.)                        awards and application deadlines.
               getting scholarships, grants, loans,        • Apply for scholarships for the                They will also require FAFSA data
               and other financial aid.                      2017-18 academic year by filling              (see above). Average costs for
                                                             out the online “OSAC scholarship              Oregon students are listed below,
            If you are an adult who is thinking about        application” administered by                  but individual student budgets vary
            going back to college:                           the Office of Student Access and              by school and program of study.
                                                             Completion (OSAC), and explore
             • Go to,
               and select the link to “I am a …           2016-17 AVERAGE COST FOR AN OREGON RESIDENT TO ATTEND COLLEGE
               Adult Learner.” Click on the “Plan                                       Oregon    Oregon       Oregon
               & Pay for College” tab for financial
                                                                                        Community Public       Independent
               aid basics and tips for getting
                                                           Expenses                     College   Universities College
               scholarships, grants, and loans.
                                                           Tuition & Fees                       $4,983            $9,302             $31,738
            If you are getting ready to attend college:
                                                           Room & Board                         $8,719          $11,077              $10,968
             • If you will be a first-year student
               in the fall, be sure to complete an         Books & Supplies                     $1,474            $1,280               $1,116
               application for admission to the
               college(s) you hope to attend and           Personal Expenses                    $2,882            $3,377               $2,870
               apply for financial aid.                    (including transportation)
             • Fill out the Free Application for
               Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at             Note: Estimates are based on full-time enrollment for 15 credit-hours per semester/
      The FAFSA is             quarter, as of August 2016. Actual budgets may vary. Private career schools such as
               the required application for federal       beauty and business schools are not listed because their tuition varies widely.

            20                                                                                                  OREGON EMPLOYMENT DEPARTMENT
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