EACH     2021-22


In an environment of high
expectations, high support,
and no excuses, the staff of

Federal Way Public Schools will
continually learn, lead, utilize
data and collaborate to ensure
our scholars have a voice, a
                                                                  to the 2021–2022 school year!
dream and a bright future.
                                                                  In Federal Way Public Schools we are
                                                                  committed to each and every one of
• We believe that EVERY
  scholar can learn at the                                        our scholars and their success, both
  highest level.                   academically, and social-emotionally. Activities and athletics are an
• We believe that race,            extension of that commitment, and offer important comprehensive and
  socioeconomics, language,
  cultural background, and         challenging choices to enhance the educational experience for scholars.
  other exceptionalities should
  not be predictors of student     The focus of the activities and athletic program is to teach
  achievement.                     sportsmanship, teamwork, and respect for fellow competitors, officials,
• We believe that our scholars     opposing team members, and opposing team fans — it is grounded in
  must have a voice, see
  themselves in their schooling,   our strategic plan Goal 2, to ensure all scholars are thriving, confident,
  and be connected to the          responsible individuals.
  adults that teach them.
• We believe that what we do       In this handbook, you will find information and expectations regarding
  in the classroom every day
                                   policies related to scholar behavioral expectations, as well as information
  has the greatest impact on
  student learning.                related to scholars and families and scholar rights and responsibilities.
• We believe that we must          Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Jerry
  continually learn and grow in
                                   Peterson, our Director of Equity and Athletics.
  our practice if we are to meet
  the needs of all scholars.
                                   Thank you for being partners to support our scholars as they participate
• We believe that we must
                                   in activities and athletics.
  intentionally collaborate
  and use data as a guide to       Have a great school year.
                                                                                STRATEGIC PLAN

  improve our practice.
• We believe that our families                                                       Whole Child:
  are critical partners in each                                                      THRIVING,
  child’s learning.                                                                  CONFIDENT,
                                   Dr. Dani Pfeiffer                                 INDIVIDUALS
                                   Superintendent                                    Every student scholar
                                                                                     will be empowered and
                                   Federal Way Public Schools
                                                                                     prepared to develop
                                                                                     personal responsibility
                                                                                     in order to be positive,
                                                                                     productive members
                                                                                     of society.
                                                                                                           High priority measures -
                                                                                                           priority emphasis during
                                                                                                           the implementation phase

goals                                               measures of progress                                 equity means

    The Early Years:                                • Percent of scholars enrolled in high-quality       Each scholar acquires
    BUILDING THE FOUNDATION                           preschool programs                                 the academic and
                                                    • Percent of scholars meeting state PreK standards   social-emotional
    Every student scholar will enter                                                                     skills to be successful
    kindergarten ready to learn with the              in literacy and math
                                                                                                         beyond 3rd grade.
    social-emotional skills that will propel each   ’ Percent of scholars ready for kindergarten,
    student to meet or exceed grade level             as measured by WAKIDS assessments
    standards in English Language Arts (ELA)
                                                    • Percent of scholars meeting Social
    and Mathematics by the end of 3rd grade.
                                                      Emotional Learning (SEL) standards for
    By 2024 80% of 3rd grade scholars will            the early learning years
    be meeting or exceeding grade-level
                                                    ’ Percent of scholars meeting or exceeding
    standards in ELA.
                                                      grade-level standards in English Language
                                                      Arts (ELA) and Mathematics by the end of
                                                      3rd grade

    Whole Child:
    THRIVING, CONFIDENT,                            ’ Percent of scholars participating in at least      Each scholar knows,
                                                      90% of classroom instructional time                understands, and embraces
    RESPONSIBLE INDIVIDUALS                                                                              his/her own and others’
                                                    ’ Percent of scholars and families participating
    Every student scholar will be empowered           in student-led conferences                         cultural backgrounds and
    and prepared to develop personal                                                                     learning needs, in order to
    responsibility in order to be positive,         • Percent of scholars meeting expectations on        advocate for self and others.
    productive members of society.                    non-academic behaviors on standards-based
                                                      report card
    By 2024 there will be no disproportionality
    evident in discipline data.                     ’ Percent of scholars who feel their school
                                                      is safe and welcoming as measured by a
    By 2024, 100% of scholars feel their              perception survey
    school is safe and welcoming as
    measured by perception survey.                  • Percent of scholars who complete 24 hours of
                                                      community service before graduation

    Active Learners:
    ENGAGED, EMPOWERED                              • Percent of scholars engaged in at least one        Each scholar is
    CRITICAL THINKERS                                 extracurricular activity                           actively engaged in
                                                                                                         critical and creative
                                                    • Percent of scholars who successfully prepare
    Every student scholar will be empowered           and present capstone projects at the end of        thinking, goal-setting
    with ownership of their education and be          transition years                                   and demonstration of
    fully engaged in becoming critical and                                                               cultural competence.
    creative thinkers.                              ’ Percent of scholars that are engaged
                                                      and challenged as measured by a
    By 2024, 100% of scholars are engaged             perception survey
    and challenged as measured by
    perception survey.                              ’ Number of staff proficient or distinguished
                                                      in student engagement practices, as
                                                      measured by the Center for Educational
                                                      Leadership’s 5 Dimensions of Teaching and
                                                      Learning™ (CEL’s 5D) and the Association
                                                      of Washington School Principals (AWSP)
                                                      leadership framework
                                                                                                           High priority measures -
                                                                                                           priority emphasis during
                                                                                                           the implementation phase

goals                                              measures of progress                                  equity means

    Content-Area Competence:
    MASTERY OF ALL SUBJECTS                        ’ Percent of scholars meeting grade-level             Each scholar develops
                                                     standards in core subjects, as measured by          cultural confidence
    Every student scholar will receive equitable     state assessments                                   as a learner and
    opportunity for success, and will meet or                                                            rigorously applies
    exceed standards of performance in all         ’ Percent of scholars demonstrating
                                                     proficiency in a standards-based grading            his/her knowledge
    subjects by the end of each grade.                                                                   and skills to new and
                                                     system (in each subject)
    By 2024, 80% of 8th grade scholars will                                                              different experiences.
    be meeting or exceeding grade-level            • Percent of scholars enrolled in and completing
    standards in ELA.                                Algebra by 8th grade with a 3.0 grade point
                                                   ’ Percent of scholars participating in advanced
                                                     coursework and earning a passing grade
                                                   • Percent of scholars who are biliterate
                                                   • Percent of scholars meeting standard on
                                                     benchmark assessments

    Persistence To Graduation:
    HIGH SCHOOL                                    • Transition rates from Pre-Kindergarten to           Each scholar – starting
    GRADUATION THROUGH                               Elementary school, to Middle school, to High
                                                     school, and to Post- secondary experiences
                                                                                                         early and with proactive
                                                                                                         support – creates/uses
    SUCCESSFUL TRANSITIONS                                                                               a flexible, individualized
                                                   ’ Percent of 9th grade scholars on track for
    Every student scholar will successfully          on-time graduation                                  transition plan as a tool
    navigate the critical transitions in their                                                           to promote accelerated
                                                   • Increase in scholar scores on college entrance      academic performance,
    schooling, and will graduate from high
                                                     tests (ACT, PSAT, SAT) and ASVAB                    steady progress
    school ready for college, career, and post-
    secondary experiences.                         • Percent of scholars who have STEAM                  towards graduation,
                                                     (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts             and career awareness
    By 2024, 95% of the senior class will
                                                     & Mathematics) experiences                          and explorations.
    graduate on time.
                                                   ’ Percent of seniors with a Career Plan
                                                     letter outlining at least one of these:
                                                     college acceptance, military, trade/technical
                                                     training, industry certification/apprenticeship
                                                   ’ Percent of scholars who complete
                                                     applications for College Bound
                                                     scholarships, FAFSA and WASFA
                                                   ’ Increase in high school graduation and
                                                     decrease in dropout rates
                                                   • Percent of graduating scholars who persist two
                                                     or more years in college and acquire a college or
                                                     post-secondary degree
                                                   ’ Percent of scholars enrolled in academically
                                                     rigorous course work as measured by the
                                                     Academic Rigor Index

                                                      ATHLETIC HANDBOOK
                                               c ontents
                                              COVID-19 Athletics Update.................................................................................... 6
                                              North Puget Sound League..................................................................................... 6
                                              NPSL Sportsmanship Code .................................................................................... 6
                                              Activities and Athletics................................................ ……………………………... 6
                                              Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (HIB)...... ……………………………... 7
                                              Athletic Code..................................................................... ……………………………... 8
                                              Coaches……….……………………………………………………………………………...... 10
                                                     Coaches Contract……………………………………………………………................. 10
                                                     High School to Middle School Spring Contact………………….......................... 10
                                                     Open Gym……………………………………………………………………................... 10
                                                     WIAA Guidelines: Coaches, Stipends and Gifts................................................ 10
                                                     Communication Tool for Coaches: Remind........................................................ 10
                                                     Summer Camp......................................................................................................... 11
                                                     Summer Athletic Activities................................................................................... 12
                                              WIAA Enrollment Guidelines: Transferring Scholars.................................. 13
                                              Middle School Philosophy....................................................................................... 14
                                              Legal Duties of a Coach............................................................................................ 15
                                              Coach Checklist........................................................................................................... 16
                                              What Every Coach Needs to Know...................................................................... 17
                                              Media Guidelines........................................................................................................ 18
                                                     Social Media ............................................................................................................ 19
                                              ASB and Booster Clubs............................................................................................. 20
                                              Head Coach Budget Responsibilities.................................................................. 20
Director of Equity and Athletics
Jerry Peterson 253-945-2082                   Resources....................................................................................................................... 20
                                              Federal Way Public Schools Nondiscrimination Statement
Federal Way Memorial Field                    Federal Way Public Schools does not discriminate in any programs
Stadium Manager                               or activities on the basis of race, color, national origin or ethnicity,
Greg Flynn 253-945-5575                       religion, creed, sex or gender, sexual orientation, gender expression
                                              or identity, age, marital or family status, veteran or military status,
                                              disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal. The
                                              District provides equal access to the Boy Scouts of America and
                                              other designated youth groups.
                                              If you have questions or complaints regarding alleged discrimina-
The information contained in this             tion please contact the district office at 33330 8th Avenue South,
handbook was current at the time of           Federal Way, WA 98003 and ask for one of the following
printing. Federal, state and local laws may   coordinators listed below.
influence updates to district policies and
procedures, and the most current version      Civil Rights Compliance Coordinator
of the handbook can be found on the fwps. | 253-945-2000
org website. All policy and procedures can
                                              Title IX Coordinator
be found at Federal Way Public Schools              | 253-945-2000

                                              504/ADA Compliance Coordinator
                                              Executive Director of Student Support Services
                                     | 253-945-2000
STRATEGIC PLAN                              COVID-19 Athletics                                                 Activities and Athletics

                                                                                                                  Federal Way Public Schools
        Whole Child:                                                                                              believes activities and athletics are
        THRIVING,                                  As we transition into full athletic
                                                                                                                  important choices to be offered in
        CONFIDENT,                                 activities for the 2021–22 school
                                                                                                                  a comprehensive and challenging
                                                   year, FWPS will follow the recom-
        RESPONSIBLE                                mendations from the Washington
                                                                                                                  educational experience for all scholars.
        INDIVIDUALS                                State Department of Health (DOH)
                                                                                                                  The goals of the activities and athletic
                                                                                                                  programs are to teach sportsmanship,
        Every student scholar                      and Washington Interscholastic
                                                                                                                  teamwork, and respect for fellow
        will be empowered and                      Activities Association (WIAA). We
                                                                                                                  competitors, officials, opposing team
        prepared to develop                        will continue to monitor the situ-
                                                                                                                  members, and opposing team fans.
        personal responsibility                    ation and make decisions based on
                                                                                                                  Policy 2151 and Procedure 2151P
        in order to be positive,                   guidance from the WIAA and DOH.
        productive members                                                                                        To this end, the district holds the
        of society.                                                                                               following beliefs:
                                               North Puget Sound                                                  1. Participation to any activity and/
                                               League (NPSL)                                                           or athletic program is contingent
                                                                                                                       upon the scholar’s achievement of
                                               Olympic Division                                                        required academic standards and
                                               Auburn                                                                  regular attendance in all classes.
                                               Auburn Mountainview
                                               Auburn Riverside                                                   2. Scholars participating in any
                                               Decatur                                                                 activity and/or athletic program
                                               Federal Way                                                             will be focused on learning and
                                               Thomas Jefferson                                                        improvement, both as an individual
                                               Todd Beamer                                                             and as a member of a team or
                                               Cascade Division
                                                                                                                  3. Activity advisors and coaches will
                                               Kentlake                                                                teach, practice, and model respect,
                                               Kent-Meridian                                                           responsibility, and integrity. Scholar
                                               Kennedy Catholic                                                        participants will demonstrate these
                                               Kentridge                                                               qualities.
                                               Kentwood                                                           4. Activity advisors and coaches will
                                               Mount Rainier                                                           include families as partners in the
Extracurricular activities                                                                                             education and development of their
provide a channel for                                                                                                  scholars.
reinforcing the lessons                        NPSL Sportsmanship Code                                            5. The purpose and goals of all activity
learned in the classroom,                      The NPSL emphasizes sportsmanship                                       and/or athletic programs will be
                                                                                                                       clearly defined and articulated to
offering scholars the                          through its sportsmanship code:
                                                                                                                       scholars and parent/guardian(s).
opportunity to apply                           Show pride, class, spirit and respect.                             6. All Washington Interscholastic
academic skills in a real-                     Display modesty in victory and                                          Activities Association (WIAA) and
world context, and are                         graciousness in defeat. Please                                          North Puget Sound League (NPSL)
thus considered part of a                                                                                              athletic requirements and standards
                                               enjoy the game and promote good                                         are in place to assist scholar athletes
well-rounded education.                        sportsmanship. In the North Puget                                       with player safety and eligibility.
National Center for                            Sound League, everyone is a winner.                                     Please request an Athletic
Educational Statistics                                                                                                 Handbook from your school’s
                                                                                            athletic director.
                                               •    Game schedules                                                In order to represent our community,
                                               •    Playoff information                                           school, and themselves in interscholastic
                                               •    Season standings                                              competition or performance, scholars
                                                                                                                  are responsible, concerned about their
                                               •    NPSL handbook
                                                                                                                  health, and refrain from using drugs,
                                               •    Directions to game sites                                      alcohol, and/or any tobacco products
                                               •    Contact information                                           (including e-cigarettes).

                                   AT HLE T IC H A ND B O O K 2 0 2 1– 2 2 • F e d e r a l Wa y P u b li c S c h o o l s                                    6
Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (HIB)
Reporting                                        Sexual Harassment                                                           Federal Way Public
All reports of harassment, intimidation,         The district is committed to a positive                                     Schools is committed
or bullying should be reported                   and productive education free from
immediately to an adult at the school.           discrimination, including sexual
                                                                                                                             to a safe and civil
Scholars often report bullying to                harassment. Sexual harassment is                                            educational environment
school staff with whom the scholar               unwelcome behavior or communication                                         for all scholars, employees,
and/or family feels most comfortable,            that is sexual in nature and (1) leads the
including the following personnel:               scholar to believe he/she must submit
                                                                                                                             parents/guardians, family
counselors/social workers, safety                to the unwelcomed sexual conduct or                                         members, volunteers,
officers and/or school resource officers,        communication to gain something in                                          patrons, and guests,
teachers, and principals/assistant               return—for example, a grade or a place
principals.                                      on a sports team, or (2) the conduct
                                                                                                                             free from harassment,
Reporting will initiate an investigation         substantially interferes with a scholar’s                                   intimidation, or bullying.
                                                 educational performance or creates
and parent/guardian will be informed
                                                 a hostile environment. Any scholar or
of the outcomes of the investigation.                                                                                        RCW 28A.300.285 defines
                                                 school employee can be the target of
The school will work with parent/                                                                                            harassment, intimidation or
guardian to decide next steps to help            sexual harassment, regardless of sex,
                                                                                                                             bullying as any intentionally
address the issues. If the scholar/              sexual orientation, gender identity,
                                                                                                                             written message or image—
                                                 or gender expression. The district
parent/guardian disagrees with the                                                                                           including those that are
                                                 prohibits sexual harassment of scholars
findings of the investigation, the                                                                                           electronically transmitted—
scholar/parent/guardian can appeal the           by other scholars, employees or third
                                                                                                                             verbal, or physical act,
decision. Contact the Office of Equity,          parties involved in school district
                                                                                                                             including but not limited to
Scholar, and Family Success at 253-945-          activities such as academic settings,
                                                                                                                             one shown to be motivated by
                                                 educational extracurricular, athletic,
2000 to appeal.                                                                                                              race, color, religion, ancestry,
                                                 and other programs or activities of
The Federal Way Public Schools HIB                                                                                           national origin, gender, sexual
                                                 the school, whether the program or
Compliance officer can be reached                                                                                            orientation, including gender
                                                 activity is in a school facility, on school
at 253-945-2000. Policy 3207 and                                                                                             expression or identity, mental
                                                 transportation or at a class or training
Procedure 3207P                                                                                                              or physical disability or other
                                                 held elsewhere.
                                                                                                                             distinguishing characteristics,
Discriminatory Harassment                        Examples of sexual harassment could                                         when an act:
Scholars and parents/guardians                   include:
can report and/or file a complaint                                                                                           •   Physically harms a scholar
                                                 •    Pressuring a person for sexual                                             or damages the scholar’s
regarding discrimination and
                                                      favors.                                                                    property.
discriminatory harassment to any
school staff member. For a copy of               •    Unwelcome touching of a sexual                                         •   Has the effect of substantially
the district’s nondiscrimination policy               nature.                                                                    interfering with a scholar’s
and procedure, contact your school or            •    Distributing sexually explicit texts,                                      education.
district office or view it online here:               emails, or pictures.                                                   •   Is so severe, persistent or                         •    Physical violence, including rape                                          pervasive that it creates an
WA01919399/Centricity/                                and sexual assault.                                                        intimidating or threatening
domain/224/3000/3210.pdf                                                                                                         educational environment.
                                                 A complaint of sexual harassment                         should be reported immediately to                                           •   Has the effect of substantially
WA01919399/Centricity/                           the Executive Director of Human                                                 disrupting the orderly
domain/224/3000/3210P.pdf                        Resources & Community Outreach at                                               operation of the school.                         253-945-2000.                                                               In Federal Way Public
WA01919399/Centricity/domain/840/                Policy 3205 and Procedure 3205P                                             Schools, we are committed
human%20resources/3210F1.pdf                                                                                                 in guaranteeing that each
                                                                                                                             scholar knows, understands,
                                                                                                                             and embraces his/her own and
                                                                                                                             others’ cultural backgrounds
                                                                                                                             and learning needs, in order to
                                                                                                                             advocate for self and others.

                                     AT HLE T IC H A ND B O O K 2 0 2 1– 2 2 • F e d e r a l Wa y P u b li c S c h o o l s                                         7
Athletic Code
Alcohol, Anabolic Steroids,                        the exception that the academic                                             five (5) days to no more than
Illegal Drugs, Tobacco Products                    eligibility requirements listed                                             fifteen (15) school days. The
(including e-cigarettes), and                      below will substitute for the WIAA                                          period of ineligibility may be
Misuse of Prescription and Over-                   academic requirements. A copy of                                            modified if a scholar self-reports.
the-Counter Drugs                                  the WIAA eligibility requirements
                                                                                                                           B. Alcohol, Anabolic Steroids, or
At all times during the athletic/activity          will be provided to each scholar who
                                                                                                                              Illegal Drugs (Second Offense):
season, scholars are to abstain from               participates or turns out for a sport
                                                                                                                              For a second violation of
illegally using, possessing, selling,              or activity prior to any practices. In
                                                                                                                              numbers 1, 2, or 3 above, the
distributing or being under the                    addition to this Athletic Code, all
                                                                                                                              scholar will be immediately
influence of alcohol, anabolic steroids,           the rules of the district will apply
                                                                                                                              ineligible from participation
illegal drugs, or tobacco products                 where appropriate. In addition to
                                                                                                                              in any district activity/athletic
(including e-cigarettes), or misusing              any other corrective action described
                                                                                                                              program for one calendar year
prescription or over-the-counter drugs.            in the Federal Way Public Schools
                                                                                                                              from the date of the second
                                                   Rights & Responsibilities Handbook,
Unsportsmanlike Conduct                                                                                                       violation.
                                                   scholars who violate rules regarding
An athlete will exhibit appropriate                the use of alcohol, anabolic steroids,                                  C. Alcohol, Anabolic Steroids,
conduct in practices and/or contests.              drugs or tobacco products (including                                       Illegal Drug (Third Offense): For
First offense: verbal warning. Repeated            e-cigarettes) will be subject to the                                       a third violation of numbers 1,
offenses may include removal from                  following sanctions.                                                       2 or 3 above, the scholar will be
activity for a period of time specified                                                                                       permanently prohibited from
by the coach.                                      Violations and Penalties:                                                  participation in any district
                                                   Alcohol, Anabolic Steroids                                                 interscholastic activity/athletic
Attendance at School                               and Illegal Drugs                                                          program.
An athlete will attend school for at               Parent/guardian must be involved in
least one half day on the day of an                                                                                   Violations and Penalties:
                                                   these processes and law enforcement
athletic contest. Penalty: If an athlete                                                                              Use or Possession of Tobacco
                                                   authorities will be contacted.
receives an unexcused absence for any                                                                                 Products (including e-cigarettes)
portion of the day, the athlete will be            1. Alcohol, Anabolic Steroids, Illegal
                                                                                                                      Parent/guardian must be involved in
ineligible to participate in contest on               Drugs, First Offense: Sale or delivery
                                                                                                                      these processes
that day. If excused, the athlete may                 in school, on adjacent property or
                                                      at school functions: scholar will be                            1. Tobacco Products (including
participate if he/she was in attendance
                                                      expelled from the school district                                  e-cigarettes), First Offense: The
for one half day or more.
                                                      and be immediately ineligible for                                  scholar will be suspended from
Absence from Practice                                 interscholastic competition for the                                any district interscholastic activity/
An athlete is expected to be in                       duration of the expulsion.                                         athletic program for ten (10) school
attendance at all team practices unless                                                                                  days. In order to regain eligibility
                                                   2. Possession or use: The scholar
excused for illness or by prior approval.                                                                                for the current school year a scholar
                                                      will be immediately ineligible for
The penalty for unexcused absence                                                                                        must also enroll in and complete a
                                                      interscholastic competition for
may include ineligibility to participate                                                                                 smoking/tobacco use cessation class.
                                                      a term of forty (40) school days.
in the next contest.                                                                                                  2. Tobacco Products (including
                                                      The period of ineligibility may
Violation of Law on                                   be modified by up to twenty                                        e-cigarettes), Second Offense: The
School Grounds                                        (20) school days if a scholar                                      scholar will be suspended from
When a scholar is found guilty of                     self-reports the incident and/or                                   any district interscholastic activity/
committing an illegal act while on                    participates in an assessment by                                   athletic program for twenty (20)
school grounds or at a school activity,               an agency approved by Federal                                      school days. In order to regain
the corrective action will depend upon                Way Public Schools and follows the                                 eligibility for the current school year
the nature of the violation.                          recommendations(s) made by that                                    the scholar must also enroll in and
                                                      agency.                                                            complete a smoking/tobacco use
Repeated Offense                                                                                                         cessation class, as well as participate
If a scholar repeatedly violates one               3. Not immediately leaving a situation
                                                                                                                         in an at-risk assessment and agree
of the above rules, he/she may be                     where above-mentioned substances
                                                                                                                         to follow the recommendations of
removed from the team for the                         are being used :
                                                                                                                         the assessment.
remainder of the sports season.                         A. Scholar will be immediately
All scholar participants must meet                         ineligible for interscholastic
the eligibility requirements of                            competition for not less than
the Washington Interscholastic
Activities Association (WIAA), with

                                       AT HLE T IC H A ND B O O K 2 0 2 1– 2 2 • F e d e r a l Wa y P u b li c S c h o o l s                                      8
Athletic Code | CONTINUED
3. Tobacco Products (including                    the district. Subsequent to the ruling of
   e-cigarettes), Third Offense: The              the Deputy Superintendent/designee,
   scholar will be suspended from                 the scholar, parent, or guardian, upon
   any district interscholastic activity/         two (2) school business days’ prior
   athletic program for ninety (90)               notice will have the right to present
   school days. In order to regain                a written and/or oral appeal to the
   eligibility for the current school year        Superintendent/designee. An activity/
   the scholar must also enroll in and            athletic suspension will remain in force
   complete a smoking/tobacco use                 until the appeal process is complete.
   cessation class, as well as participate
                                                  Academic Eligibility for
   in an at-risk assessment and agree
                                                  Participation in Interscholastic
   to follow the recommendations of
   the assessment.
                                                  To be eligible for participation in
Appeals Process for Discipline                    interscholastic competition, a scholar
for Violations Pertaining to                      must meet the following academic
Illegal Drugs, Alcohol, Anabolic                  requirements: Enrolled in at least four
Steroids, Tobacco Products                        (4) credits, and receive a passing grade
(including e-cigarettes), or                      at the semester in each class the scholar
Ineligibility Due to Grades                       is enrolled (see Policy 2420). Schools
There will be an Appeals Board for                will monitor each participant’s grades
violations involving illegal drugs,               every six (6) weeks during the semester.
alcohol, anabolic steroids and tobacco            To maintain academic eligibility during
products (including e-cigarettes), and            the semester, the scholar must have a
ineligibility due to grades. The Appeals          passing grade each class. The scholar
Board will be composed of a minimum               with failing grades at the six (six) and                                    Sports help teenagers
of three (3) district representatives             twelve (12) week grade checks, will
comprised of athletic directors or                regain eligibility as soon as the teacher                                   live a more active life
administrators representing the                   verifies the scholar’s grade is passing.                                    —thus reducing their
scholar’s school and at least two (2)             Ineligible scholars may continue to                                         risk of obesity, diabetes
other schools at the same level, i.e.,            practice but may not participate in any
high school or middle school. The                 interscholastic activity, competition                                       and other serious health
administrator who issued the school/              or performance during the period of                                         complications—and
athletic discipline may not serve as              ineligibility (see Policy 2420). The                                        athletics affect teens
a member of the Appeals Board                     scholar and his/ her parent/guardian
(however, may be present at the                   are responsible for establishing a                                          mentally, socially and
hearing). The scholar may invite up               work plan with individual teachers                                          psychologically.
to two (2) personal advocates. The                to improve grades to meet eligibility
athletic director, activities director,           requirements. Participation in                                              Livestrong, 2016
administrator, coach, athletic liaison            activities/athletics as a written part of
and district administrator will be                the scholars Individualized Education
selected by the Deputy Superintendent             Plan (IEP) will be governed by the
or designee. Appeals for all violations           language established in the IEP. Middle
named above will be made in writing               schools may modify these requirements
within three (3) days of notification of          to meet specific building or program
ineligibility to participate in athletics         needs, with prior approval of the
or activities pursuant to this policy to          Superintendent.
the Deputy Superintendent who will
select and convene the Appeals Board
within five (5) business days of receipt
of the request to appeal. Subsequent
to the ruling of the Appeals Board,
the scholar, parent, or guardian upon
two (2) school business days’ prior
notice, will have the right to present
a written and/or oral appeal to the
Deputy Superintendent/designee of

                                      AT HLE T IC H A ND B O O K 2 0 2 1– 2 2 • F e d e r a l Wa y P u b li c S c h o o l s                               9

Coaches Contract                    High School to Middle School                                       WIAA Guidelines:
                                    Spring Contact                                                     Coaches, Stipends and Gifts
All coaches employed                High School Athletic Directors/                                    Philosophy of Coaches
                                    Administrators may schedule one
by Federal Way Public                                                                                  Coaches are primarily responsible
                                    general sports information meeting
Schools are bound to the                                                                               for imparting valuable educational
                                    at the feeder middle school. The                                   experiences to scholar participants.
Federal Way Coaches                 time and place of this meeting is at                               Therefore, the WIAA believes that all
                                    the discretion of the middle school
Association Bargaining                                                                                 coaches should have training in at least
                                    administration. The purpose of this
Agreement negotiated                                                                                   the essential areas of study required
                                    meeting is to disseminate information                              for a physical education teacher’s
between the Federal Way             about the high school athletic program                             endorsement in Washington secondary
                                    emphasizing fall sports, introduce
Education Association                                                                                  schools and the NFHS Coaches
                                    members of the coaching staff, and
(FWEA), a sub unit                                                                                     Education Program.
                                    create preliminary rosters. Middle
of the Washington                   school athletes are prohibited from                                23.1.0 Employee of the District
                                    participating in any high school spring                            No school team or individual
Education Association                                                                                  contestant will be eligible to represent
                                    camp, league, open gym, or any
(WEA), and the Board of             one-on-one contact with high school                                a school in an athletic contest unless
Directors of Federal Way            coaches until after the last middle                                the coach is an employee of the school
                                    school athletic event of the year.                                 district in which he/she coaches. This
Public Schools. Current                                                                                requirement applies to all paid and/
contracts are available             Open Gym                                                           or volunteer coaches. Volunteers
at the Human Resources                                                                                 become representatives of the
                                    Schools may conduct open athletic
                                                                                                       district, and may serve as coaches,
Office at the Educational           facilities (gym, pools, field, and track)
                                                                                                       only upon registration, approval and
                                    in the off season if all of the following
Service Center, or online                                                                              authorization of the school district
                                    conditions are met:
at                                                                                       Board of Directors.
                                    •    Scholars have a choice of activities;
                                                                                                       23.1.1 Coaching stipends and all gifts
                                    •    Activities are open and advertised                            to a coach exceeding a total of $500
                                         to all members of the scholar body;                           in a season must be approved by the
                                    •    No coaching or drilling of the                                school’s board of directors.
                                         athletes attending occurs;
                                                                                                       Communication Tool for Coaches:
                                    •    Supervision is provided by any
                                         individual approved by the school
                                         district; and                                                 •    Remind is the only communication
                                                                                                            tool that is used by coaches to
                                    •    Participation in open gym cannot                                   communicate team messages
                                         be a requirement or conditions of                                  with parents via email, texting
                                         participation on a school team.                                    and voice and scholars via email
                                                                                                            and texting (ages 13 & over). For
                                                                                                            more information, please visit our
                                                                                                            website at
                                                                                                       •    Remind allows for safe
                                                                                                            communication between coaches
                                                                                                            and scholar athletes/families
                                                                                                       •    Resources for Parents/Guardians
                                                                                                            and Scholars in Parent Portal www.
                                                                                                       •    Contact your school principal to set
                                                                                                            up your Remind account.

                        AT HLE T IC H A ND B O O K 2 0 2 1– 2 2 • F e d e r a l Wa y P u b li c S c h o o l s                                10
Guidelines | Summer Camp
Guidelines and Procedures                          Camp Proposal must include the                                     Camp requirements
for Summer Camp Approval                           following information:                                             •    Participants will register and pay
•   Applicants must submit a Summer                •    Name of camp                                                       the required fees through the
    Camp Proposal, Camp Flyer, and                                                                                         school’s ASB or Booster Club.
                                                   •    Purpose
    Facilities Use Form to the building                                                                               •    Middle School and High School
    principal and building athletic                •    Camp Director
                                                                                                                           camp participants must have a
    director for approval.                         •    Location                                                           current physical.
•   The Athletic Director will determine           •    Date                                                          •    All Purchases approved through the
    if the activity and proposal meets all                                                                                 school’s ASB or Booster Club.
                                                   •    Camp Cost
    WIAA and district regulations.
                                                   •    Participant ages                                              •    All camp supervisors must be district
•   Camp participants must have a                                                                                          approved. Non-district employees
    current physical examination,                  •    Staffing
                                                                                                                           must complete all requirements
    parent permission, and                         •    ASB or Booster Club                                                through Human Resources.
    acknowledgement of Concussion
    and sudden cardiac arrest                      •    Contact Information                                           •    The camp director will submit
    information sheet.                             •    Camp Flyer                                                         timesheets to the ASB or Booster
                                                                                                                           Club for payment of camp staff.
•   Applicant must attach budget                   •    Camp Registration Form w/
    indicating all revenues and                         concussion and sudden cardiac
    expenditures, including staffing                    arrest information.
                                                   •    Principal & Athletic Director
•   Camp Proposal, Camp Flyer, and                      approval
    Facilities Use Form submitted
                                                   •    Facility Use Form
    Director of Athletics and Business
    Services for final approval. Due by
    the end of May.

                                       AT HLE T IC H A ND B O O K 2 0 2 1– 2 2 • F e d e r a l Wa y P u b li c S c h o o l s                                    11
Guidelines | Summer Athletic Activities

1. Federal Way Public Schools allows             Building Athletic Directors are                                             •   Head coaches are required to
   district employed coaches to seek             responsible for activity approval and                                           have an Emergency Plan on
   approval to organize and conduct              compliance to ensure scholar safety.                                            file with the building Athletic
   summer athletic activities on district                                                                                        Director. Emergency plan must
   facilities and/or grounds.                    Athletic Directors must ensure:                                                 include location of the nearest
                                                 •    All coaches have completed                                                 AED.
2. Approved activities must comply
                                                      the WIAA and FWPS training
   with all WIAA and FWPS Rules and                                                                                          •   Refer to Heat Index Guidelines
                                                      requirements with the certification
   Regulations.                                                                                                                  for hydration schedule and
                                                      of completion on file with the
                                                                                                                                 practice duration/intensity
3. Participation in summer athletic                   building Athletic Director’s office:
                                                                                                                                 model during times of high
   activities are open and available
                                                      1. First Aid & CPR/AED                                                     heat. Coaches should always:
   ONLY to scholars properly
   registered to attend school at the                 2. Sudden Cardiac Arrest                                                   •   Be aware of adverse
   start of the upcoming school year.                 3. Concussion Management                                                       weather conditions,
                                                                                                                                     constantly monitor athletes
4. Proper supervision must be present                 4. Safe Schools “What Every Coach                                              for any signs of heat related
   at all times.                                         Needs to Know”                                                              challenges and make proper
5. The High School Athletic Director             •    All conditioning workouts are                                                  adjustments to modify
   is responsible for the review,                     optional and must comply with                                                  workout times and intensity
   final approval and administrative                  WIAA and FWPS regulations.                                                     as necessary.
   oversight of all summer athletic
                                                 •    All scholar-athletes are fully cleared                                     •   Allow additional and ample
   activities conducted by their
                                                      and registered on RankOneSport.                                                hydration schedule during
   respective school.
                                                                                                                                     times of high heat
                                                 •    All scholar-athletes have a current
6. Incoming 9th graders are not
                                                      physical examination on file at the                                        •   Move workouts indoors,
   allowed to participate in summer
                                                      school.                                                                        postpone, or cancel outdoor
   activities until the conclusion of the
                                                                                                                                     activities when appropriate.
   Middle School spring sport season.            •    A written practice plan including
                                                      times and duration of practice must                                        •   Monitor all students with
7. Volunteer coaches must be fully
                                                      be authorized and on file in the                                               additional attention to
   cleared and under the direct
                                                      athletic office.                                                               those who you know to have
   supervision of the head coach all
                                                                                                                                     asthma, respiratory or heart
   times.                                        Coaches are required to:                                                            conditions. Direct these
8. All summer outdoor conditioning               •    Possess at all times, medical                                                  students to reduce activity,
   practices must be held in the                      emergency information for every                                                increase rest periods, and
   morning hours and concluded prior                  scholar-athlete.                                                               increase hydration.
   to noon.
9. Summer Athletic Activities
   Approval Form must be submitted
   and approved by prior to June 1.

                                     AT HLE T IC H A ND B O O K 2 0 2 1– 2 2 • F e d e r a l Wa y P u b li c S c h o o l s                                     12
18.11.0 Transferring Scholars: After                   adjudicated as a ward of a juvenile                                   Endorsed by
registering with, attending, or                        court where residence is the result
                                                                                                                             the Washington
participating with a middle school                     of assignment by the government
or high school, scholars changing                      entity charged with his/her care.                                     Interscholastic Activities
enrollment to/from one school district              E. A scholar who has a residence                                         Association and dozens of
to another school district or from one                 change because of the death of                                        experts across medicine
high school to another high school                     a member of the family unit or
within a multiple high school district                                                                                       and sport, Heads Up
                                                       military deployment in order to
will be considered transferring scholars.              reside with a relative.                                               Football fulfills the WIAA
In order to be eligible for varsity
                                                 18.11.3 A scholar attending a member                                        Coaching Standards
competition, transferring scholars
must meet the transferring scholar               school for one (1) calendar year or                                         Program requirements.
requirements of 18.11.1, 18.11.2,                more is eligible in the same school/
18.11.3, or be granted a waiver under            school district during subsequent                                           WIAA, 2014
18.13.0 and 18.25.0.                             attendance, so long as the enrollment/
                                                 attendance is continuous.
A scholar who is ineligible in a member
school may not become immediately                18.13.0 Residence Rule Waiver:
eligible at another member school                Transferring scholars, unless eligible
without completing the conditions of             via 18.1.0 through 18.11.0, will be
ineligibility.                                   deemed to have transferred at will
                                                 and must apply to the WIAA District
18.11.2 The following scholars who               Eligibility Committee for a waiver of
are attending a member school will               the Residence Rule. Such an application
be deemed to meet the residence rule             will be processed under the appeal
requirement and transferring scholar             provisions contained in Article 19 of
rule requirements:                               the WIAA Handbook. The procedure
  A. A scholar whose transfer is based           for evaluation a transferring scholar’s
    on a bona fide change of residence           application will be as follows:
    to a new school (district) due to an         18.13.0 The scholar must meet all
    actual physical relocation of and            other eligibility requirements of
    with the entire family unit to a             Article 18 of the WIAA Handbook.
    different residence and preceded
    by termination of all occupancy of           18.13.2 The scholar must establish
    their previous residence.                    a hardship as defined under the
                                                 provision of Article 19.1.0 and as
  B. A scholar attending a school                determined by the District Eligibility
    outside of his/her residence                 Committee.
    district for (1) calendar year or
    more is eligible thereafter at that          18.13.3 There can be no evidence
    school provided the enrollment/              that either the scholar transferred
    attendance is continuous.                    for the purpose of participating in
                                                 interscholastic athletics or transferred
  C. A scholar whose parents(s) or legal         as a result of having been recruited
    guardian(s) reside at different              for the purpose of participating in
    abodes as the result of a divorce            interscholastic athletics.
    or court legal separation is
    allowed one (1) transfer between             18.13.4 In addition to the above
    parents or guardians after                   requirements, the District Eligibility
    entering the ninth grade without             Chairperson will, as an added
    being restricted to sub—varsity              condition of eligibility, require that the
    competition for one (1) year.                transferring scholar submit a WIAA
                                                 Previous School Statement. A copy of
  D. A scholar who is under                      the signed form must be retained on
    commitment to the Department                 file in the school office for the duration
    of Social and Health Services, a             of the scholar’s attendance at that
    scholar who is on juvenile parole            school.
    status and a scholar who has been

                                     AT HLE T IC H A ND B O O K 2 0 2 1– 2 2 • F e d e r a l Wa y P u b li c S c h o o l s                            13
Middle School Philosophy
Recognizing the unique            Participation                                                      Scheduled Contest
developmental needs               •    Emphasize participation over win/                             Scheduled contests may not be
                                       loss records                                                  changed by competing schools due to
of the middle school                                                                                 player or coach availability. Schedule
                                  •    Balance competition with
scholars, Federal Way                                                                                changes are allowed due to
Public Schools promotes                                                                              extenuating circumstances and
                                  •    Encourage lifelong participation in                           authorization from the Athletic
activities that build                  activities                                                    Director from the respective schools.
scholar success through           •    Emphasize having fun                                          Extenuating circumstances may include
active participation,                                                                                school program conflict, facility
                                  Skill Building                                                     conflict, bereavement, emergency
increased skill                   •    Develop age appropriate skills                                school closure or weather cancellations.
building, and positive                                                                               Other extenuating circumstances must
                                  •    Focus on fundamentals
sportsmanship.                                                                                       be approved by the FWPS Director of
                                  •    Develop skills as a foundation for                            Athletics. The Commissioner will notify
                                       improvement                                                   the league of the approved schedule
                                  •    Develop a positive team attitude                              Practice
                                  •    Encourage, cooperate, and                                     The Federal Way Public Schools middle
                                       collaborate with peers                                        school sports are limited to two hour
                                                                                                     practices. Practice days are Monday
                                  •    Present positive adult role models
                                                                                                     through Friday. Saturday and holiday
                                       that demonstrate self-control and
                                                                                                     practices are not allowed. Coaches are
                                       mutual respect.
                                                                                                     expected to practice on all school days
                                  Middle School Coaches                                              during the sport season—excluded
                                  Will Understand:                                                   early release days.
                                  •    Scholars have varying levels of
                                       ability, and coaches need to
                                       present a Program developmentally
                                       appropriate for all scholars
                                  •    Positive encouragement is the
                                       strongest tool for learning
                                  •    Coaches should provide a safe
                                       environment for kids to “risk” and
                                  •    Activities should be meaningful and
                                  •    Fundamentals and practice are
                                       building blocks for a successful
                                  •    Coaches are a key role model
                                  •    Every team member’s responsibility
                                       is to encourage one another
                                  •    Today’s superstar could be
                                       tomorrow’s bench warmer and vice
                                  •    The importance of commitment and

                      AT HLE T IC H A ND B O O K 2 0 2 1– 2 2 • F e d e r a l Wa y P u b li c S c h o o l s                              14
Legal Duties of a Coach
•   Duty to Plan: A coach must                    •    Duty to Instruct Properly: Athletic                                    Several obligations
    demonstrate awareness of the                       practices must be characterized by
                                                                                                                              or duties have been
    maturity, physical development                     instruction that accounts for a logical
    and readiness of athletes with                     sequence of fundamentals that                                          identified as absolute
    appropriate plans for instruction,                 lead to the enhanced progression                                       requirements for
    conditioning and supervision.                      of player knowledge, skill, and
                                                                                                                              coaches and athletic
•   Duty to Supervise: A coach must
                                                                                                                              administrators. These
    be physically present, provide                •    Duty to Match Athletes:
    competent instruction, structure                   Athletes should be matched with                                        standards have evolved
    practices that are appropriate for the             consideration for maturity, skill, age,                                as a result of various case
    age and maturity of players, prevent               size, and speed.
                                                                                                                              law proceedings and
    foreseeable injuries and respond to           •    Duty to Condition Properly: Practices
    injury or trauma in an appropriate                                                                                        legal judgments against
                                                       must account for a progression of
    manner. This duty requires                         cardiovascular and musculoskeletal                                     individuals and school
    supervisors to make sure facilities are            conditioning regimens that                                             districts. It is important
    locked and that scholars are denied                prepare athletes sequentially for
    access when a competent staff                                                                                             that all coaches, including
                                                       more challenging practices and
    member cannot be physically present                competitive activities.                                                assistants and volunteers,
    to supervise. This duty may also
                                                  •    Duty to Provide Emergency Care:                                        know and understand
    require coaches to control reckless
    player behaviors. Supervision                      Coaches are expected to be able to                                     the following duties.
    responsibility also pertains to athletic           administer standard emergency care                                     This is not all-inclusive
    administrators who are expected                    (first aid, CPR) in response to a range
                                                       of traumatic injuries                                                  but is generally accepted
    to be able to supervise coaches or
    competition.                                  •    Duty to Design a Proper Emergency
                                                                                                                              as the “Legal Duties of
•   Duty to Assess Athletes Readiness                  Response Plan: Coaches must                                            Coaches” by the NFHS
    for Practice and Competition:                      design plans to ensure an expedited                                    (National Federation
    Athletic administrators and coaches                response by EMS and an effective
                                                       transition to the care and supervision
                                                                                                                              of High Schools) and
    are required to assess the health
    and physical or maturational                       of emergency personnel.                                                National Interscholastic
    readiness skill and physical condition        •    Duty to Provide Proper                                                 Athletic Administrators
    of athletes. A progression of skill                Transportation: in general, bonded,                                    Association.
    development and conditioning                       commercial carriers should be used
    improvements should be apparent                    for out of town transportation.
    from practice plans. Athletes                      Self or family transportation for
    must also be mentally screened in                  local competition may be allowed
    accordance with state association                  if parents have adequate insurance
    regulations before participating in                coverage for team members other
    practice or competition.                           than their family members. (Follow
• Duty to Maintain Safe Playing                        school district guidelines.)
  Conditions: Coaches are considered
  trained professionals who possess
  a higher level of knowledge and
  skill that permits them to identify
  foreseeable causes of injury inherent
  in defective indoor and outdoor
  facilities or hazardous environments.
•   Duty to Provide Safe Equipment:
    Courts have held athletic supervisors
    responsible to improve unsafe
    environments, repair or remove
    defective equipment or disallow
    athlete access.

                                      AT HLE T IC H A ND B O O K 2 0 2 1– 2 2 • F e d e r a l Wa y P u b li c S c h o o l s                             15
Coach Checklist                   | FEDERAL WAY PUBLIC SCHOOLS

Coach: ____________________________                       School: ___________________________                                 Sport(s): ________________________

I have read, understand and agree to the items listed below. Initial all applicable items:

_____ I have completed all FWPS Human Resources requirements to perform the duties to coach.
_____ I have read the FWPS Athletic Handbook:
_____ I have reviewed the WSRMP Athletic Liability Manual.
_____ I understand when I am and I am not a district employee while coaching.
_____ I have developed/reviewed a written plan defining the teaching progression of sport skills, the hazards for each activity,
         and the specific safety skills, and required equipment.
_____ I have reviewed the FWPS Sexual Harassment Policy 3205 and 3205P and FWPS Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying
         (HIB) Policy 3207 and 3207P and understand the reporting procedures and consequences.
_____ I understand the requirements for proper documentation of injuries and/or incidents during games or practices and the
         24-hour reporting guidelines.
_____ I have reviewed or been instructed how to implement House Bill 1824, also known as the Zachery Lystedt Law regarding
         concussion protocols Policy 3422 and 3422P.
_____ I have reviewed the venue specific emergency protocols for my sport.
_____ I understand that I am responsible for insuring the playing and/or practice area is appropriate for the activity and been
         inspected for hazards.
_____ I understand that I am responsible for completing all WIAA and FWPS coach training requirements for my sport and to
         provide a copy of all training certificates to the building Athletic Director.

District Athletic Policies

■ An athlete must attend school for at least half a day to participate in a practice or contest. Exceptions include absences to
  attend school related activities or pre-arranged parent approved appointments.
■ If an injured athlete sees a physician, he/she must have a physician clear the athlete for the referred injury prior to return to
■ Athletes’ removed from a contest or practice due to a concussion, he/she must have written approval from medical
  professional before return to play.
■ If an injury bridges seasons, written clearance from a physician is required prior to participating in the subsequent sport
■ Hazing and/or initiation ceremonies not allowed.
■ Inappropriate postings on social media subject to athletic discipline.
■ Texting individual students prohibited. Team text messages permitted.
■ The volunteer coach will be responsible to the head coach and must always remain under the supervision of a regular
  member of the coaching staff, both during practices and games. Policy 5630
■ Not fulfilling your professional duties and obligations may be cause for non-renewal.
■ Federal Way Public Schools Coaches Contract available at:
■ High school students only: Approval of Choice Transfer does not guarantee athletic eligibility. Please consult with building
  athletic director on all Washington Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA) transfer rules.

____________________________________________________________		                                                              ________________________________
Coach Signature                                                                                                             Date

*Return Coach Checklist to your Building Athletic Director prior to performing any coaching duties.

                                             AT HLE T IC H A ND B O O K 2 0 2 1– 2 2 • F e d e r a l Wa y P u b li c S c h o o l s                           16
What Every Coach Needs to Know
                                        REQUIRED ONLINE SAFETY TRAINING FOR ALL COACHES

                                        Login and Registration Instructions

                                        1. As a DISTRICT EMPLOYEE, you will need to go to the Federal Way’s SafeSchools
                                        homepage, and login with your Employee ID Number.
                                        You will then need to click on “Take More Courses” and scroll down to the
                                        miscellaneous section to find the training.

                                        2. As a DISTRICT VOLUNTEER or if you ONLY COACH with the district, you will
                                        need to register yourself to the system in order to take the training. There are
                                        two ways to do this.

                                      1                                                                   2
                                              Use your registration key:                                        Use the “quick link” registration
                                              4c8d9eeb                                                          URL: fwps.wa.safeschools.
                                              Go to Federal Way’s SafeSchools                                   com/register/4c8d9eeb Enter
                                        homepage, fwps.wa.safeschools.                                     the address above in your internet
                                        com and click “Register” (next to                                  browser address bar and you will
                                        the “Sign in” button). On the next                                 be directly taken to the registration
                                        screen you will be prompted to                                     page where you will enter your basic
                                        enter the registration key above.                                  information, including your username.
                                        Next you will be prompted to enter                                 Once you login to the site, you will
                                        some basic information, including                                  see a list of courses assigned to you,
                                        a username which you will use to                                   and the date on which they are due.
                                        login to the system moving forward.                                To begin a course, click on the title
                                        We recommend using the format                                      then follow the prompts. To earn a
                                        first initial of first name, last name.                            certificate of completion, you must
                                        Example: Joe Smith = jsmith                                        complete all sections of a course and
                                                                                                           pass the quiz. You do not have to take
                                                                                                           SafeSchools courses in one sitting,
                                                                                                           however; if you are called away, the
                                        Required           What Every Coach                                system will remember where you left
                                                           Needs to Know                                   off and allow you to pick up again at
Under state and                                                                                            that point.
federal law, the                        Required           Quiz
overall benefits
and treatment of
athletic programs
for girls and boys must
be equitable. “All
interscholastic, club,
or intramural athletics
operated, sponsored,
or provided by the
school district must
provide similar benefits,
opportunities, and
treatment to female and
male scholars.”
OSPI, 2016

                            AT HLE T IC H A ND B O O K 2 0 2 1– 2 2 • F e d e r a l Wa y P u b li c S c h o o l s                              17
Media Guidelines
                                              FOR FWPS ATHLETIC COACHES AND DIRECTORS
Specific Tips for Dealing
with the Media                                You have a responsibility to                                       Coaches Must Respect
Remember, the image you                                                                                          Scholars’ Privacy Rights
                                              Federal Way Public Schools,
project not only reflects upon                                                                                   Coaches must adhere to Federal
you, but upon your team and                   our community, scholars,                                           Educational Rights and Privacy Act
Federal Way Public Schools as                 parents and guardians who                                          (FERPA) requirements when sharing
well. You are encouraged to                   are interested in our athletic                                     scholar information. FERPA is designed
contact the Communications                                                                                       to protect the privacy of scholars. This
Office for assistance if you feel             programs, to cooperate with                                        law says there are situations in which
you need help with the proper                 the media whenever possible.                                       scholar information can legally be
techniques for handling media.                Always remember­—when                                              shared. But it also gives parents the
Some tips are listed below:                                                                                      option of forbidding the release of that
                                              dealing with the media—to                                          information in all but extremely limited
•   Organize your thoughts
    before a scheduled interview
                                              present an image that is                                           situations.
    so that you are sure about                consistent with the ideals and                                     Sharing scholar information with the
    the points you want to                    high standards of Federal Way                                      media or with coaches/staff outside
    communicate. Treat all                                                                                       of the school district can easily be in
    interviews the same whether
                                              Public Schools.                                                    violation of this federal law. Do not
    it is for The Seattle Times or            View the media as friends, not                                     share information that may violate the
    one of the local papers.                  adversaries. The longer you coach                                  privacy of a player, including academic
•   Be sure to understand the                 a team, the more likely you might                                  standing, whether he or she is on your
    reporter’s question before                develop a personal relationship with                               team or another team, without getting
    answering it. Ask for                     some of the media representatives                                  guidance from the Communications
    clarification if the question is          regularly covering your team. While                                Office or the district’s athletic director.
    not understood.                           we encourage these relationships,                                  Generally, schools must have written
•   Be wary of an “off the                    remember that, regardless of what is                               permission from the parent or
    record” situation. It is usually          said, a reporter’s first obligation is to                          eligible scholar in order to release any
    not in your best interest to              report the news. Don’t say it if you                               information from a scholar’s education
    do interviews in this manner              don’t want to see it in print.                                     record. However, FERPA allows schools
    as it may be left open to
                                              On rare occasions, the general tone                                to disclose records, without consent,
    interpretation as to what is
                                              of an interview is such that you may                               to the following parties or under the
    or is not “off the record.”
                                              not be comfortable continuing an                                   following conditions (34 CFR Section
•   If possible, try not to be
                                              interview. Should this occur, please                               99.31):
    evasive or to answer “no
    comment”, as it raises                    notify the Communications Office. In                               •    School officials with legitimate
    suspicions. It is better to               general, when speaking to the media,                                    educational interest;
    answer, “I am not familiar                be confident, courteous, and prompt.                               •    Other schools to which a scholar is
    enough with that issue to                                                                                         transferring;
    give a fair answer.”                                                                                         •    Specified officials for audit or
•   Do not become overly                                                                                              evaluation purposes;
    sensitive about a particular                                                                                 •    Appropriate parties in connection
    question or a particular story.                                                                                   with financial aid to a scholar;
    With very few exceptions,                                                                                    •    Organizations conducting certain
    reporters who cover our                                                                                           studies for or on behalf of the
    athletics program are fair                                                                                        school;
    and are not out to “get                                                                                      •    Accrediting organizations;
    somebody.”                                                                                                   •    To comply with a judicial order or
•   Do not criticize other district                                                                                   lawfully issued subpoena;
    coaches or teams in the                                                                                      •    Appropriate officials in cases of
    media. If you have concerns,                                                                                      health and safety emergencies; and
    share them with your school                                                                                  •    State and local authorities, within a
    athletic director, not                                                                                            juvenile justice system, pursuant to
    the public.                                                                                                       specific State law.

                                  AT HLE T IC H A ND B O O K 2 0 2 1– 2 2 • F e d e r a l Wa y P u b li c S c h o o l s                                 18
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