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Pattonville School-Community Relations - Communications Plan and Evaluation 2020-2021 - BoardDocs
Pattonville School-Community Relations
Communications Plan and Evaluation 2020-2021

Pattonville School-Community Relations - Communications Plan and Evaluation 2020-2021 - BoardDocs
The Pattonville school-community relations (SCR) department                Services that Support the
supports the district’s mission “That All Will Learn” by facilitating
communication with internal and external audiences and building and        District’s Mission
maintaining relationships to continue Pattonville’s high level of          •   Communications
community support and involvement. The program is key to the               •   Internal and external
district’s accountability to students and the community by                     communications
demonstrating to stakeholders that Pattonville is fulfilling its mission   •   Community involvement
and meeting goals set forth by the board of education. The department          and engagement
serves 10 schools, approximately 1,200 Pattonville and Special             •   Crisis communication
School District staff members, 40 administrators, 6,100 students in        •   Marketing
                                                                           •   Media relations
preschool through 12th grade (and their families), the board of            •   Multimedia services
education and more than 20,000 households throughout the district. In      •   Social media engagement
2003, the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary                  •   Publication production and
Education (DESE) identified Pattonville’s emphasis on public                   design
engagement as a strength of the district and said the level of             •   Recognition programs and
participation could serve as a model for other districts in the state.         events
                                                                           •   Event planning
Since that time, Pattonville’s engagement efforts have continued to        •   Website management
grow as the district involved its community with strategic planning        •   Photography and video
and critical issues such as tax levy and bond issue decisions and the          production
addition of social media and online communications.

Mickey Schoonover, APR
Director of School-Community Relations

Kelly Gordon
Community Relations Specialist and Secretary to the Board of Education

Brian Heyman, MJE
Multimedia Communications Specialist

Alexis Pick
Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent and Community Relations

Pattonville School-Community Relations - Communications Plan and Evaluation 2020-2021 - BoardDocs
The Pattonville school-community relations (SCR) program supports the district’s
Comprehensive School Improvement Program (CSIP) efforts and the district’s mission “That
ALL Will Learn” by building and maintaining relationships with our school community and
preserving and enhancing the district’s high level of community support.

Objective 1: The Pattonville community demonstrates a high level of satisfaction with the district and
support for its goals and programs as evidenced by survey data and other measures.

Indicators    ✓   Awards from external organizations or for which the district is nominated/applies for indicate the
                  district is high performing (i.e., Top Workplaces, U.S. News Best High Schools, etc.).
              ✓   District survey data indicates a high level of support and trust in the district and the work it does for

Objective 2: Pattonville’s recognition programs and publicity efforts effectively recognize students, staff,
volunteers, individual schools and the district for their accomplishments.

Indicators    ✓   Achievements of students, staff, volunteers, individuals schools and the district are recognized
                  through internal and external communication channels.
              ✓   The SCR team coordinates programs which recognize students, staff and volunteers for their efforts
                  and accomplishments.
              ✓   Staff opinions about the district indicate a high level of support and engagement.

The SCR program supports the district’s CSIP efforts and mission by facilitating effective
communication to and from internal and external audiences.

Objective 1: The majority of parents, staff and community members feel informed about the district as
evidenced by surveys given as part of the SCR program evaluation and/or periodic community surveys.

Indicators    ✓   Survey data shows respondents feel informed about district issues and events.
              ✓   Metrics indicate Pattonville’s communications channels are effective in reaching parents, staff and
                  community members and are continuing to expand in reach.
              ✓   The district’s accomplishments, plans and issues are routinely shared through district and external
                  communication channels.
              ✓   The SCR program provides crisis communication leadership and support as needed.

Objective 2: Pattonville places an emphasis on engaging its parents, staff and community members by
encouraging involvement in their schools and the decision-making process in Pattonville.

Indicators    ✓   Survey data indicates Pattonville does a good job with its efforts to involve stakeholders in their
                  schools and the decision-making process.
              ✓   Opportunities are provided to enable face-to-face communication between the district and its
              ✓   Programs are available to involve residents who are not connected to the schools by a student.

Pattonville School-Community Relations - Communications Plan and Evaluation 2020-2021 - BoardDocs
Listed below are the key stakeholders identified as critical to our communications goals.

Internal                                          External
Certified staff                                   Taxpayers
Support staff                                     Senior citizens
Special School District staff                     Business partners and leaders
School resource officers                          Faith leaders
Board members                                     Real estate agents
Administrators                                    Retired staff
                                                  Municipal leaders
Extended Internal                                 Legislators
Students                                          First responders
Parents/guardians                                 New residents
Parent organizations                              Private/parochial school parents
Student organizations                             Prospective new families
Support organizations                             Media
Extended family members

In general, messages relayed in Pattonville’s communications channels demonstrate how students, staff,
administrators and volunteers are living out the district’s mission “That ALL will learn to become responsible
citizens in a nurturing environment where diversity means strength, knowledge means freedom and commitment
means success.”

These messages illustrate the following characteristics about the Pattonville School District:
• Personalized learning supporting the needs of all students;
• Caring and responsible students and staff;
• Innovative in preparing students for a world yet to be imagined;
• Strong sense of community;
• Diversity being a strength; and
• High achieving students, staff and district.

Pattonville School-Community Relations - Communications Plan and Evaluation 2020-2021 - BoardDocs
Clear and consistent messages are provided to key internal and external stakeholders through a variety of media
year-round. Items with an asterisk are coordinated/managed by a department other than SCR.

Category          Channel                                             Audience                               Frequency

Electronic        District website                                    Parents, students, staff, new           Daily to weekly
                                        families, alumni, community

Electronic        School websites*                                    Parents, students, staff, new           As determined by
                  SCR assists schools as needed                       families                               building

Electronic        “Pattonville @Work” e-newsletters (separate         Parents, staff, media, legislators, After regular board
                  ones for parents/community and staff)                retirees, community who subscribe meetings (12x a year)

Electronic        Peachjar e-flyer distribution                       Parents                                As needed

Electronic        SchoolMessenger (automated email, phone, Parents, staff                                     As needed by district,
                  text)                                                                                      individual schools

Electronic        Direct email                                        Parents, students, staff                As needed by district,
                                                                                                             individual schools

Electronic        District app                                        Parents, students, staff,               Daily to weekly
                                                                      community members

Social media      Facebook                                            Parents, students, staff,               Daily
                               community members, alumni

Social media      Facebook (15 school/program sites)*                 Parents, students, staff,               Daily to weekly
                  SCR provides support and training                   community members, alumni

Social media      Twitter (@PattonvilleSD)                            Parents, students, staff,               Daily
                        community members, alumni,
                                                                      leaders in region, nation

Social media      Instagram (@PattonvilleSD)                          Parents, students, staff, alumni,       Daily
                      community members

Social media      YouTube                                             Parents, students, staff,               Frequently
                        community members

Print             “Pattonville Highlights” district newsletter        Taxpayers, district residents,         Mailed 8x a year
                             parents, students, staff, retirees

Print             “Flash” 55+ Club newsletter                         Senior citizens, 55+ Club              2x a year
                                                                      members, retirees

Print             “Green and White Gazette” alumni                    Alumni, alumni association, visitors 2x a year
                  newsletter                                          to homecoming athletic events

Print             Activities guides for high school activities/       Students, parents, staff, visitors to   3x a year
                  athletics program                                   athletic events, community

Print             District brochure                                   Community leaders, prospective         1x a year
                              new families and staff

Print             Crisis Teamwork Guide                               Administrators, BOE, secretaries,      1x a year

Print             Emergency Procedures Guides for                     Administrators, staff                   1x a year
                  individual buildings (11 guides)

Print             Retiree directory                                   Pattonville retirees                   Once every other year

Print             Oasis tutoring program newsletter “Tutor            Oasis tutors, older adults             1x a month October
                  News”                                                                                      through May

Pattonville School-Community Relations - Communications Plan and Evaluation 2020-2021 - BoardDocs
Category         Channel                                          Audience                                Frequency

Engagement       Community forums on district issues (i.e.,       Taxpayers, district residents,          As needed
                 finances, facilities, bond issue)                parents, students, staff,
                                                                  community members

Engagement       School improvement teams and CSIP                Parents, students, staff,                3-4x a year and as
                 meetings*                                        community members                       needed at school level

Engagement       Board meetings with municipal leaders            Community leaders, BOE                  3x a year

Engagement       Board meetings with religious leaders            Faith leaders, BOE                      1x a year

Engagement       Board meetings with legislators                  Legislators, BOE                        In conjunction with
                                                                                                          Parkway and Rockwood

Engagement       55+ Club Dinner Theater                          Senior citizens, 55+ Club               4x a year (two nights
                                                                  members, retirees                       each fall and spring)

Engagement       Oasis Intergenerational Tutoring Program         Senior citizens, volunteers, retirees   1x a month November
                 meetings                                                                                 through May

Engagement       All-Staff Orientation                             Staff, administrators, BOE               1x a year

Engagement       Superintendent meetings with Teacher             Certified staff, administrators          2-3x a year
                 Advisory Council (TAC)*

Engagement       Superintendent meetings with Support Staff        Certified staff, administrators          2-3x a year
                 Advisory Council (SSAC)*

Engagement       Superintendent meetings with Parent              Parents, legislators                    2-3x a year
                 Advisory Council and legislators (PAC)*

Engagement       Meetings with high school students               Students, staff, BOE,                    Several times a year
                 (BSAAC)*                                         administrators

Engagement       Administrative and cabinet meetings*             Administrators                          Weekly to monthly

Engagement       Liaison with community groups (i.e.,             Community leaders, administrators Weekly to monthly
                 Kiwanis, Pattonville Education Foundation,
                 Alumni Association, chamber)

Engagement       School-business partnerships for                 Business leaders, parents,              Ongoing throughout the
                 academics and activities*                        students, staff, alumni                  year

Recognition      Board meetings with student/staff                 Parents, students, staff, BOE            9-10x a year

Recognition      District Appreciation Night                      Parents, staff, administrators,          1x a year
                                                                  BOE, volunteers

Recognition      Teacher and Support Staff of the Year             Certified and support staff              January-May

Recognition      Pride of Pattonville                             Staff, volunteers, parents               January-May

Recognition      Oasis tutor recognition                          Senior citizens, volunteers             1x a year

External media   Television                                       Parents, students, staff,                Periodically
                                                                  community members

External media   Radio                                            Parents, students, staff,                Periodically
                                                                  community members

External media   Print/online newspapers and magazines            Parents, students, staff,                Regularly
                                                                  community members

Evaluation       Bienniel program evaluation                      BOE, superintendent’s cabinet           Every other year
                                                                  (LCAT), administrators, SCR team,
                                                                  parents, staff, community

Pattonville School-Community Relations - Communications Plan and Evaluation 2020-2021 - BoardDocs
High Marks from Parents, Community
For more than two decades, a consistent, sizable
gap has existed between parents' satisfaction
with their child's education and Americans’
views of U.S. education in general. In 2020,
Gallup’s research showed the gap remained,
with 72% of parents in the nation satisfied with
the quality of their child's K-12 education and
50% of Americans overall satisfied with K-12
education quality in the U.S.

In addition, Phi Delta Kappa (PDK)
International’s annual survey of the public’s
attitude toward public schools showed 60% of
K-12 parents rate their community’s schools
positively and 76% give their own child’s school
an A or B grade. In the same survey, just 19% of
Americans overall give the nation’s schools an A
or B grade, while 44% of Americans give an A or B to their local schools.

Pattonville asked residents (parents and residents without current students) to assign letter grades to the district via periodic
community telephone surveys administered by UnicomArc beginning in 2000. While the percentage of residents assigning As
or Bs to Pattonville has increased over time to nearly 80%, it’s notable that the percentage assigning As has increased
significantly since 2000 - from 28% to 46% in 2016 (most recent data available).

Highly Recommended
Pattonville was awarded a 2020 Top Workplaces honor by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The district was ranked ninth among the
Top 15 large employers in the St. Louis area (employers with 500 or more employees). This is the sixth year in a row Pattonville
has earned Top Workplace recognition, and no other school district ranked higher on this year’s lists than Pattonville. The
recognition is based on employee feedback through a survey administered by Energage, an independent research firm.
Approximately 69% of staff responded to the 2020 survey and 89% highly recommend working at Pattonville (see below).

 Energage Survey (February 2020)                                         2015     2016      2017     2018     2019       2020

 I would highly recommend working at Pattonville School                   84%     87%       90%      87%       88%       89%
 District to others.

In addition, Pattonville administered a climate survey to parents and staff in October 2019. Respondents included 537
parents, 377 certified staff and 112 support staff. Survey results showed:

 Climate Survey (October 2019)                                                          Parents      Certified     Support
                                                                                                     Staff          Staff

 I would recommend Pattonville School District to other parents/staff.                        92%            96%         94%

Pattonville School-Community Relations - Communications Plan and Evaluation 2020-2021 - BoardDocs
Engaged Staff Members
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch's Top Workplaces
survey shows Pattonville outperforming
benchmark K-12 districts throughout the U.S.
on several measures of organizational health,
including cultural drivers and business
outcomes. The following areas were
considered strengths in this survey, as they
earned scores above the 75th percentile when
compared to benchmark districts.
• Pattonville encourages different points of
• New ideas are encouraged at Pattonville.
• I believe Pattonville is going in the right
• At Pattonville, we do things efficiently
     and well.
• I feel well-informed about important
     decisions at Pattonville.
• Pattonville operates by strong values.
• Administrators understand what is really
     happening at Pattonville.

The Top Workplaces survey also measures engagement as the percentage of employees who are: highly motivated, committed
to staying with an organization and willing to highly recommend an organization to others. An employee is considered
engaged if they answer positively to all three of the survey statements listed below:
1. This company motivates me to give my very best at work.
2. I would highly recommend working at this company to others.
3. I have not considered searching for a better job in the past month.
Approximately 66% of Pattonville staff are considered “engaged” employees.

Trusted by the Community
The Pattonville community has shown a history of placing its trust in the district by passing all but one ballot issue over the
past two decades.

 Year Ballot Issue                          Cost to Taxpayers                                      Result        Percent Yes
 2000    $37 million bond issue             10-cent tax increase                                   Passed        58.9%

 2000    Technology tax levy                10-cent tax increase                                   Failed        44.5%

 2006    $19 million bond issue             No tax rate increase                                   Passed        76.15%

 2010    $41 million bond issue             No tax rate increase                                   Passed        75.82%

 2013    Operating tax increase             99-cent tax increase (35-cent residential promise)     Passed        70.28%

 2017    $23 million bond issue             No tax rate increase                                   Passed        80.11%

Pattonville School-Community Relations - Communications Plan and Evaluation 2020-2021 - BoardDocs
In addition, on periodic telephone surveys of the community, responses show a high level of trust in and satisfaction with the
district. The chart below shows the percentage of respondents giving positive answers on the following statements over the
last several years.

 Statement (Community Surveys)                                             2016      2013     2010       2006         1999

 People move into the district because of the reputation of the            80%       65%      78%        78%          75%

 We get an excellent value in education for the taxes we pay to the        83%       75%      76%        72%          N/A
 Pattonville School District.

 I trust the Pattonville School District/Board of Education to spend tax   78%       71%      79%        79%          79%
 dollars efficiently/make good financial decisions.

 The district kept its promise to keep the residential property tax rate   64%       N/A      N/A        N/A          N/A
 lower than the tax rate levied against commercial properties.

 I trust the administration and Board of Education to make the right       82%       N/A      N/A        N/A          N/A
 decisions about improving our school buildings.

The 2019 climate survey also showed parents and staff agreeing with the following statements:

 Statement (2019 Climate Survey)                                                  Parents       Certified       Support
                                                                                                Staff            Staff
 Staff in our school work hard to make sure my child does well.                    91%           N/A             N/A

 I feel respected and supported in my school.                                     N/A           87%             88%

 Staff in my school have the opportunity to engage in collaborative decision       N/A           81%             73%
 making and problem solving.

 Our school has effective systems in place for parents to communicate with         92%           93%             80%
 the school.

 Our school offers parents opportunities to participate in making decisions        78%           81%             63%
 that affect the school community.

 I feel informed about district issues and events.                                91%           93%             86%

External Recognitions
Pattonville is consistently recognized on the regional, state and national level,
including by organizations that offer options for public feedback (see chart on the next
page). In addition to the honors shown on the next page, Pattonville was chosen in
2018 to receive a What's Right with the Region Award by FOCUS St. Louis. The
district was among 20 individuals, organizations and initiatives honored for making a
difference. Pattonville was recognized in the category of "promoting stronger

The SCR team provided leadership in submitting nomination information or
coordinating surveys for the following awards: Outstanding Board of Education, Top Workplaces and What’s Right with the

Pattonville School-Community Relations - Communications Plan and Evaluation 2020-2021 - BoardDocs
2002           2013           2015         2016          2017          2018          2019          2020           2021

                                                                                          Not            Not           Not
                                                                                       applicable     applicable    applicable



Recognizing Students, Staff and Volunteers
Board Recognitions
The SCR team coordinates all district-level recognition programs, including a student and staff recognition program at
monthly board meetings during the school year. The program has grown over the years to include the recognition of
hundreds of students and staff, culminating in a major end-of-the-year recognition program that must be staged at Holman
Middle School due to the number of honorees invited to be recognized by the board. Recognitions are published in:
        • District newsletter delivered to all residents in the district and to all staff;
        • Social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter);
        • E-newsletter; and
        • District website.
The COVID-19 global pandemic starting in spring 2020 required suspending the board recognitions, however the SCR staff
continued to recognize individuals in print and online media, as well as by sending students and staff letters of recognition.

District Recognition Programs
The SCR team coordinates the
employee and district-level
recognition programs, including
Teacher of the Year, Support Staff of
the Year, Pride of Pattonville, service
milestone recognitions, retirees,
Oasis tutor volunteer recognition,
support volunteer recognition and
School-Business Partner of the Year

programs. With the cancelation of District Appreciation Night in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the SCR team pivoted to
virtual and/or physically distanced recognitions, as appropriate. Examples include: car parades and yard cards for district
Teacher and Support Staff of the Year honorees, videos of the Pride of Pattonville winners, and recognizing milestone honorees
with social media posts. All staff were also recognized in a special publication distributed for All-Staff Orientation.

With support from the SCR staff, the Pattonville Teacher of the Year goes on to be nominated for the regional teacher of the
year, with the chance to advance to the state level. Two Pattonville teachers have been named Missouri Teacher of the Year
and six others have been named state finalists since 1986, including Willow Brook Elementary School English language
learner teacher Yulia Kotets in 2015. Allison Stout and Jeremiah Simmons were regional finalists for the state award in 2016
and 2019, respectively. There have only been 46 Missouri Teachers of the Year since the state began the program in 1974.
Missouri does not conduct a state program for educational support staff.

Other Recognition Initiatives
In an effort to provide additional ways to recognize staff members, the SCR team added the following initiatives:
• Adding staff shoutouts and recognitions to a special staff version of the “Pattonville @Work” e-newsletter;
• Recognizing staff on different employee recognition days on social media (i.e., National Custodian Day, etc.); and
• Sharing more social media posts about staff members working behind the scenes (i.e., bus drivers painting during COVID-19
     shutdown, maintenance building plexiglass dividers, food service assembling meals for curbside deliveries, etc.).
The SCR department is also discussing other ways to recognize staff, such as a possible “Rising Star” award for certified and
support staff members in their first three years of employment (who are not eligible for district-level awards).

Effective Communications
Context: National Trends
News Trends in U.S. and St. Louis
A 2019 study by the Pew Research Center shows YouTube and
Facebook remain the most widely used social media platforms in
the U.S. (see chart at right). YouTube tops the list, with around
three-quarters of U.S. adults (73%) saying they use the platform.
Among 18- to 24-year olds, 90% say they use it. The only other
social media platform that approaches YouTube in terms of its
reach among Americans is Facebook. It’s also common for
Americans to get news on YouTube. In a 2019 survey, 28% of
adults said they get news there, behind only Facebook (52%).

For local context, the Pew Research Center indicates St. Louis
area residents rely on the following for news (March 2019 study):
• 42% television
• 21% news website/app
• 17% social media
• 11% print
• 9% radio
According to Pew, adults in the St. Louis area most often get their
local news from: KTVI (21%), KSDK (15%), KMOV (13%), St.
Louis Post-Dispatch (11%), TV-unspecified (4%) and KMOX
radio (2%).

U.S. Parent Trends
Blackboard and Project Tomorrow released research in March 2018 conducted with more than 500,000 students, parents,
teachers, administrators and community members in the U.S. as part of the Speak Up Research Project. Their research found:
✓ Parents like information to be pushed directly to them instead of having to seek it out;
✓ Parents don’t want to be overloaded with messages, therefore schools should send timely, highly impactful information;
✓ Email is the best way to reach parents no matter their child’s grade level or whom the communication is coming from;
✓ The popularity of visual social media channels (e.g. YouTube and Instagram) is on the rise; and
✓ The top four most effective methods for schools or districts to communicate general news with parents are email (76%),
    phone messages (62%), text messages (45%) and online newsletters (26%).

Pattonville Trends: Effective Communications and Engagement
Parents, staff and community members gave high ratings when asked about the district’s performance with communication
and involving stakeholders. The following charts show the percent of respondents in telephone community surveys (1999
through 2016) and the 2019 climate survey indicating the district doing an excellent or good job in the following areas:

 Performance Area (Community Surveys)                                        2016     2013    2010   2006      1999
 Communicating with area residents.                                          70%      66%     77%    78%       N/A

 Encouraging public input in the work of the district.                       73%      N/A     65%    64%       N/A

 Maintaining effective and consistent district leadership.                    76%      N/A     N/A    71%       N/A

 Statement (2019 Climate Survey)                                                    Parents   Certified     Support
                                                                                              Staff          Staff
 I feel informed about district issues and events.                                  91%       93%           86%

In addition, 74% of staff agreed “I feel well-informed about important
decisions at Pattonville” in the 2020 Top Workplaces survey. This placed
Pattonville in the 79th percentile among benchmark school districts in the
U.S. that took the 2020 Energage survey for the Top Workplaces program.

The SCR team also assembles a monthly Communications Scorecard shared
among the SCR team and superintendent’s cabinet to regularly monitor the
effectiveness of its mission-driven messages and communication tools,
including what messages are most important to Pattonville’s followers. The
scorecard includes: social media insights (including reach and growth of
followers), e-newsletter metrics, website statistics, app downloads, top stories/
posts for each communication channel and other communications data.

Employing Effective
Communication Channels
Pattonville continues to use a multifaceted approach to communicating with
its school community. Survey results indicate the district is focusing its
efforts on the most effective communication tools for various audiences.

The district newsletter (“Pattonville Highlights”) continues to be the preferred source of information about the district for
Pattonville residents and parents. This publication is the main ways for residents to get news about Pattonville, especially for
those who do not have children attending Pattonville schools. During the most recent community telephone survey conducted
by UnicomARC in 2016, 44% of residents said the district newsletter was their primary or secondary source of information
about the district. The 2018 SCR survey showed the following media as the top 10 sources of district information for parents
and staff (The COVID-19 pandemic precluded being able to issue a new community relations survey this year.):

 Parents                                                  Staff
            1 District newsletter (Highlights)    60%            1 District emails                       73%

            2 Principal newsletter or email       57%            2 Principal newsletter or email         61%

            3 District emails                     53%            3 District newsletter (Highlights)      60%

            4 Automated phone messages            52%            4 District e-newsletter                 55%

            5 Peachjar flyers                     48%            5 District website                      53%

            6 School website                      48%            6 Meetings at school                    52%

            7 Text messages from Pattonville      47%            7 School website                        44%

            8 District website                    45%            8 Pattonville Facebook                  41%

            9 District e-newsletter               37%            9 Automated phone messages              32%

        10 Pattonville Facebook                   36%          10 Text messages from Pattonville         17%

Social Media
Social Media Usage Continues to Grow
In the summer of 2013, Pattonville ventured into the social media world with its first official district platform, a Facebook
page. Since that time, the district has established itself on the following social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
and YouTube. With training support from the SCR team, each school maintains a Facebook page. In addition, the high school
has a presence over many platforms, including ones operated by student journalists for school and athletic news.

In the 2019-2020 school year, the SCR program reorganized to create the role of a multimedia communications specialist.
The job responsibilities of this position included serving as a “district journalist” chronicling Pattonville’s news, events and
accomplishments via social media, the website and print media. The reorganized position has been effective in increasing the
district’s audience, reach and engagement on social media. The chart below shows the growth of social media in Pattonville.

 Locations                            Platform     Launched        Followers      Followers Followers          Growth from
                                                                   2016           2018      2020               2018
 District                             Facebook     2013             3,147         5,118         7,518          47%

 District                             Twitter      2013             825           1,583         2,120          34%

 District                             YouTube      2013             N/A           80            386            383%

 District                             Instagram    2015             227           1,083         2,848          163%


Locations                              Platform    Launched         Followers   Followers Followers        Growth from
                                                                     2016        2018      2020             2018
 Pattonville Today                      Twitter     May 2011         N/A         1,563        1,630         4%

 Pattonville Today                      Facebook    Mar. 2012        N/A         2,831        3,118         10%

 Pattonville Heights                    Facebook    Jan. 2013        503         649          793           22%

 High School                            Twitter     Mar. 2013        528         1,022        1,251         22%

 Holman                                 Facebook    Mar. 2013        485         853          1,128         32%

 Pattonville Today                      Instagram   Jun. 2013        700         1,180        1,303         10%

 High School                            Facebook    Sep. 2013        789         2,274        3,089         36%

 Drummond                               Facebook    Sep. 2013        384         612          859           40%

 Willow Brook                           Facebook    Sep. 2013        275         455          544           20%

 Early Childhood                        Facebook    Sep. 2013        164         382          599           57%

 Community Education                    Facebook    Feb. 2014        404         650          897           38%

 Bridgeway                              Facebook    Jul. 2014        339         619          761           23%

 Parkwood                               Facebook    Sep. 2014        237         361          537           49%

 Remington                              Facebook    Oct. 2014        274         403          508           26%

 Rose Acres                             Facebook    Dec. 2015        235         437          636           46%

Facebook Analysis
Facebook is Pattonville’s preeminent social media platform, where the district experiences its best connection with families,
staff and community members. Department restructuring in 2019 enabled the SCR team to significantly increase and improve
content shared on Facebook, as well as its reach and the number of people engaging with the content, as noted in the chart

 Facebook Metric                                                     2018-2019    2019-2020     2020-2021 (Thru Oct.)

 Posts Shared (Total)                                                248          598           181

 Average Post Reach                                                  3,568        3,760         4,905

 Average Daily Reach (All Posts)                                     2,911        4,847         4,906

 28-Day Total Reach (Average)                                        38,668       65,364        62,307

 28-Day Total Engaged (Average - Likes, Shares, Comments)            6,727        10,825        11,423

 Followers (As of End of School Year)                                5,787        6,966         7,518

 Growth in Followers                                                 939          1,142         552

 Growth in Followers (% From Previous Year)                          19%          20%           8%

Top Facebook Content
Pattonville must provide quality content in order to reach the most people in its school community on Facebook. This is
because Facebook uses an algorithm to control who sees a post from a brand’s Facebook page. According to Sprout Social,
“The Facebook algorithm controls the ordering and presentation of posts, so users see what is most relevant to them. Rather
than publish content chronologically, posts and ads are presented based on what Facebook sees as relevant to you, the user …
The takeaway from (Facebook’s) efforts is that ‘likes,’ comments and any other form of engagement are all valuable currency
for brands who want to be seen as relevant to their followers.” Fortunately, a number of social media stories have resonated
with Pattonville’s school community. Since July 2018, more than 40 posts on Pattonville’s Facebook page have reached more
than 10,000 Facebook users (see chart below). Some even garnered TV media coverage, such as the posts about Pattonville
staff members sending students off last spring with signs of encouragement and the surprise ACT scholarship announcement
caught clandestinely on a GoPro camera.

 Date                Post Topic                                                                Reach     Type

 March 2020          PHS staff send off students at buses (COVID-19 shutdown)                    159,184   Video

 March 2020          Pattonville offers free curbside food for students                         41,086    Photo graphic

 April 2019          PHS named to U.S. News Best High Schools list                             37,521    Photo graphic

 August 2018         Niche Best School Districts list                                          36,152    Photo graphic

 July 2020           Maintenance department building plexiglass dividers                       34,068    Photos

 June 2019           PHS at Binnington Street (St. Louis Blues Stanley Cup tribute)            32,817    Photo graphic

 March 2020          School closed due to COVID-19                                             27,723    Photo graphic

 September 2020      360-degree photos of PHS for virtual homecoming week                      26,322    Photos

 July 2020           Superintendent announcing 100% virtual start to new year                  22,295    Video

 April 2020          School canceled for the rest of the year                                  21,616    Photo graphic

 May 2020            Last day for seniors (photo mosaic)                                       21,569    Photo graphic

 September 2019      Bridgeway teacher paints sensory walk in hallway                          19,307    Video

 November 2018       School’s canceled-snow day                                                18,991    Photo graphic

 November 2019       Surprise ACT scholarship announcement                                     18,614    Video

 August 2018         Now hiring cooks                                                          18,423    Photo graphic

 December 2019       School’s canceled-snow day                                                17,494    Photo graphic

 August 2020         Staff pep talk for new year                                                16,982    Video

 May 2020            Alumnus Behnken going up on first commercial space flight                 16,353    Photo

 August 2020         Student pep talk for back-to-school/All-Staff Orientation                  15,586    Video

 October 2018        Staff dance at homecoming pep rally                                        15,340    Video

 August 2019         Pattonville mascots ready to go back to school                            15,289    Video

 August 2019         Goats on the Go help clean up PHS garden                                  14,944    Video

 August 2020         Alumnus Behnken prepares to return to earth after historic space flight   14,315    Photo

 September 2020      Rose Acres earns National Blue Ribbon recognition                         14,253    Video

 October 2020        Niche Best School Districts list                                          14,115    Photo graphic

 August 2019         Alumni who return to work for Pattonville (group photo)                   13,797    Photo

 July 2020           Pattonville shares detailed return plans during COVID-19 pandemic         13,650    Video

Date                    Post Topic                                                                  Reach       Type

 June 2019               Pattonville named at Top Workplace                                          13,598      Photo graphic

 December 2019           School’s canceled-snow day                                                  13,517      Photo graphic

 August 2019             Niche Best Schools List 2020                                                13,030      Photo graphic

 August 2020             Rose Acres earns Gold Star                                                  12,866      Photo graphic

 August 2018             All-Staff Orientation student speech                                         12,578      Video

 May 2019                Graduation cap toss                                                         12,019      Video

 June 2019               Sandy Weis retires after 49 years                                           11,940      Video

 March 2019              Hydroponic towers at PHS                                                    11,681      Video

 May 2020                Willow Brook teacher poem about empty classroom on last day of school       11,607      Photo graphic

 May 2019                PHS senior graduation speeches                                              11,437      Video

 June 2019               PHS graduate drafted by Cardinals for minor league baseball                 11,402      Photo graphic

 August 2019             Goats on the Go help clean up PHS garden                                    11,085      Photos

 April 2020              PHS students earn CNA certification                                         10,773      Photos

 December 2019           Pattonville hiring cooks                                                    10,718      Photo graphic

 January 2019            School’s canceled-snow day                                                  10,706      Photo graphic

 March 2020              Pattonville band teachers play virtual fight song to lift spirits           10,225      Video

 July 2018               Now hiring paraprofessionals                                                10,119      Photo graphic

Video Storytelling
The Pattonville SCR team is focused on increasing quality video storytelling as a way to demonstrate how Pattonville carries
out its mission “That All Will Learn” and show the caring, innovative nature of Pattonville students, staff and community.
The chart below shows how video storytelling has increased in the past three years with restructuring one position to serve as
a multimedia specialist starting in the 2019-2020 school year.

                                               2018-2019         2019-2020         2020-2021 (Thru Oct.)

 Number of Facebook videos posted              61                115               29

 Number of YouTube videos posted               13                64                24

YouTube Growth
Video offers the ability to tell powerful stories and share important information. For this reason, Pattonville has increased its
focus on YouTube. While Facebook exposes more people to Pattonville’s videos, YouTube users tend to spend more time on
videos they watch on YouTube (a minute or more on YouTube as opposed to only seconds on Facebook). The chart below
shows the growth and impact of YouTube on Pattonville's communications. Pattonville currently has 382 subscribers to its
YouTube channel.

 YouTube Metric                                2018-2019                         2019-2020                 2020-2021 (Thru Oct.)

 Video Views (Total)                           3,425                             11,081                    13,083

 Growth in Subscribers                         46                                82                        194

YouTube Metric                            2018-2019                         2019-2020                      2020-2021 (Thru Oct.)

 Number of Videos Posted                   13                                64                             20

 Watch Time (In Hours)                     56.1                              240.4                          553.3

 Impressions*                              35,100                            110,200                        65,100

 Average View Duration (Minutes/Secs)      :59                               1:18                           2:32

 Top Video Posted                          This is Pattonville               Mascots going to school        Pattonville Returns
                                                                                                            (superintendent message)

 Top Video Views                           359                               1,048                          3,650

 Top Video Average View Duration           38%                               23%                            67%

*Impressions refers to the number of times a thumbnail of one of Pattonville’s videos was shown to YouTube users.

Instagram Growth
Pattonville’s Instagram platform continues to grow at a significant pace, having more than doubled in followers in the past
two years. In addition to parents and staff being primary audiences, many high school students also engage in the content.

 Instagram Metric                                                       2018-2019         2019-2020       2020-2021 (Thru Oct.)

 Posts Shared (Total)                                                   74                255             158

 Average Impressions                                                    1,070             1,302           1,270

 Followers (As of End of School Year)                                   1,388             2,677           2,848

 Growth in Followers                                                    305               1,289           171

 Growth in Followers (% From Previous Year)                             28%               93%             6%

Twitter Growth
Pattonville’s Twitter platform continues its slow growth. Audience members tend to be staff, students, the media and other
education professionals.

 Twitter Metric                                                         2018-2019         2019-2020       2020-2021 (Thru Sept.)

 Tweets Shared (Total)                                                  602               588             151

 Average Monthly Impressions                                            39,558            60,525          41,925

 Followers (As of End of School Year)                                   1,754             2,069           2,120

 Growth in Followers                                                    216               315             51

 Growth in Followers (% From Previous Year)                             14%               18%             2%

Online Communication
”Pattonville @Work” E-newsletter
Pattonville launched the “Pattonville @Work” e-newsletter in February 2015. The newsletter is published after every regular
board meeting and sent to parents, staff, legislators, media, retirees and subscribers on a special mailing list. Although
Pattonville’s open rate for the newsletter appears to be small (see figures in chart below), it is greater than the industry
averages for education and government, according to information released by MailChimp in January 2020. The rate people
open e-newsletters in the education market is 23%, with 3% clicking on a link in the email (click-through rate). For
government communications, the industry open rate is the highest across all industries at 29%, with a 4% click-through rate.

In an effort to improve the readership of its e-newsletter and provide an additional means to recognize staff members, the
SCR team revamped “Pattonville @Work” in the 2019-2020 school year. The changes included developing separate e-
newsletters for parents and community members and an e-newsletter specifically for staff. While the staff newsletter includes
many of the same stories as the parent/community version, the staff edition also include staff shoutouts and staff
accomplishments, along with other relevant information, such as information on benefits or professional development. This,
along with efforts to improve readability and make the newsletter more scannable, has resulted in an increase in the number
of individuals opening both versions of the newsletter. The chart below shows metrics related to e-newsletter improvements.

 E-newsletter Metric                               2015-        2016-        2017-        2018-         2019-        2020-2021
                                                   2016         2017         2018         2019          2020         (Thru Sept.)
 Newsletters Sent                                          21           22           19           16            30              4

 Average Number of Emails Sent                          5,899        6,175       7,623       7,648*       8,027*            7,830

 Open Rate (ALL Audiences)                               32%         32%          32%         37%          42%               41%

 Open Rate (Staff)                                         N/A          N/A         N/A         N/A         45%               45%

 Open Rate (Parents/Community)                            N/A          N/A         N/A         N/A         40%               37%

 Click Through Rate (ALL Audiences)                      15%         10%          15%         13%          17%               18%

 Click Through Rate (Staff)                                N/A          N/A         N/A         N/A         20%               14%

 Click Through Rate (Parents/Community)                   N/A          N/A         N/A         N/A         14%               21%

* The e-newsletter was also shared with an additional 283 retirees in 2018-2019 and 311 in 2019-2020.

Pattonville Website
Under the leadership of Pattonville webmaster Simon Amies, Pattonville launched a redesigned district website in summer
2020 that uses a new content management system and offers added features such as embedding videos within articles and
easy posting to multiple school sites as one time. The website is designed to scale for ease of viewing on smartphones and
tablets. The website includes the ability for users to translate the website into their language of choice using the power of
Google translate. Pattonville continues to use a firm called SiteImprove to help gain insights to improve the district’s website
and ensure it is accessible for all users. The program “crawls” through the district and school websites, checking for
accessibility compliance; quality assurance areas such as misspellings and broken links; readability; usability and more. The
district webmaster uses the data to improve the district website, and district technology specialists have been added as users
to repair quality assurance issues for their school websites. Pattonville is in the process of updating its Google Analytics
connection to provide future analytics on the website. Since July 2018, Pattonville has shared more than 360 stories on its
website, most of which are also shared via the e-newsletter and social media (164 in 2018-2019, 160 in 2019-2020 and 38 as
of September in the 2020-2021 school year).

Automated Messaging
Pattonville uses SchoolMessenger to communicate with parents and staff for snow days, emergencies or other important
updates. School administrators also use SchoolMessenger to communicate with their families and staff. SchoolMessenger
enables Pattonville to send emails, automated phone calls and text messages to individuals based on their own preferences on
an immediate or pre-scheduled basis. The program also provides language translation to better reach our English learner

District App
In June 2017, Pattonville launched a district app created by students in the Computer Science Capstone
class at Pattonville High School. The app is available for download from the Mac App Store for iPhones or
Google Play store for Android phones. The SCR team worked with the students, teacher Jeremiah
Simmons and the Pattonville technology office to develop the app using data from a 2016 parent and staff
survey to determine “must-have” features. To date, the app has been downloaded more than 4,400 times,
but growth has slowed significantly. The SCR team will work with the teacher and the technology
department to refresh stagnant features (i.e. photo carousel) and determine what other updates may be
necessary to improve interest in the tool.

Other Communication Tools
Print Publications
Pattonville’s print publications include:
• “Pattonville Highlights,” published eight times annually and
      mailed to all residents (approximately 23,500 households) and a
      list of subscribers (retirees, etc.) and delivered to all staff;
• “Flash” newsletter for 2,200 members of the 55+ Club;
• “Green and White Gazette” alumni newsletter published twice a
• Oasis newsletter for tutors published once a month during the
      school year;
• Marketing brochure for the district;
• Activities Guides for the high school; and
• Specialty publications (i.e., Return to School Plan Book,
      COVID-19 symptoms postcard, human resources marketing and
      recruitment materials, etc.)
The COVID-19 global pandemic has required the SCR team to adjust
its regular print publications and timelines since March 2020. More
emphasis has been placed on online and electronic communications to
adapt to the frequently changing news and circumstances in the

Media Relations
Pattonville’s media relations program facilitates stories in print, online and TV news. Print coverage is severely limited due to
changes in the newspaper industry. The Localite Shopper is the only remaining hyper-local newspaper in the district and
regularly prints Pattonville stories in publications targeted to the St. Ann and Bridgeton communities. TV news coverage is a
challenge due to reduced newsroom staff and the St. Louis competitive market. Nevertheless, Pattonville has worked with

local media to highlight the district through positive news stories. In addition to a wealth of sports coverage, highlights from
the past two years include the following:
• Backpack giveaway for Drummond and Holman students (Ch. 5)
•   Live remote (2.5 hours) with meteorologist at bus stop for weather and promotion of bus driver hiring (Ch. 2)
•   'It’s not court': How Pattonville elementary students are solving more
    of their own conflicts (St. Louis Public Radio)
•   Students become teachers - technology EdCamp at Remington (Ch. 4)
•   PHS students take Polar Plunge with Tim Ezell (Ch. 2)
•   Chief meteorologist features classroom visit to Rose Acres
    kindergartners during weather special (Ch. 2)
•   Energy efficient upgrades at PHS (Ch. 4)
•   Goats on the Go help clean up garden at PHS (Ch. 2)
•   Elementary safety day at Bunge (Ch. 4)
•   PHS senior wins ACT scholarship (Ch. 2)
•   Pattonville teachers reassure students ahead of extended break (Ch. 5)
•   KMOV graduation promotional videos featuring PHS seniors (Ch. 4)
•   Alumnus Bob Behnken on historic space flight (Ch. 2, 4, 5)
•   Teacher parades during COVID-19 virtual learning (Ch. 2)

Crisis Communication
School Crisis Planning
The SCR team annually supports the schools in updating their school-specific Emergency Procedures Reference Guides,
which include steps to address an array of potential crisis situations (from fire to intruders). The SCR updates the guides per
administrator and law enforcement recommendations and ensures consistency in district-level protocols and practices. The
guides also include a basic crisis communication plan, floor plans and relevant forms needed for crisis response. The district
shares these plans with local law enforcement agencies to support a common response for emergencies.

Each year, the SCR team also updates and publishes a Crisis Teamwork Guide, a
small booklet shared with all administrators, building secretaries and school resource
officers (SROs) that serves as a quick resource in an emergency situation. The
booklet includes phone numbers for all administrators, SROs, counselors and other
important contacts, along with a crisis response flow chart, basic steps to take and
other relevant information.

Pattonville Crisis Communication Plan
Pattonville’s goal during a crisis is to provide accurate, timely and factual
information that contributes to student, staff and community safety; promotes
transparency; and builds and maintains relationships with parents, students, staff and
the Pattonville community.

For more more than two decades, Pattonville has included a basic crisis
communication plan in the schools’ Emergency Procedures Reference Guides. In the
2019-2020 school year, the SCR team created a formal crisis communication plan for
the district. The new plan includes goals, objectives, roles (and back-up personnel for
each role), social media guidelines and more. The plan also provides “communication starters” for potential crisis situations
ranging from bus accidents to a sewage backup. These starters provide the SCR team and administrators with communication
pieces that can be customized to their unique situation during a stressful, busy time and provide consistency with messaging.

COVID-19-19 Communications
The COVID-19 global pandemic meant Pattonville had to
approach communications with a blend of crisis
communication and its everyday communication practices.
Pattonville’s COVID-19 communications are designed to:
• Demonstrate the district’s competence and expertise;
• Demonstrate Pattonville’s empathy, caring and
    understanding of family, student and staff needs and
• Emphasize what audiences need to know and do;
• Show honesty, openness, commitment and dedication;
• Ensure timeliness of information.

To accomplish this, Pattonville has communicated updates, status
changes and “need to know” information; worked to demonstrate its
preparedness, training and safety precautions; prepared families and
staff for different learning environments (virtual/hybrid); focused on
fostering pride and school spirit; and shown concrete examples of
Pattonville’s caring and support. The SCR team works with the
district’s COVID-19 contact tracing team and administrators to
develop letters to communicate to impacted persons regarding positive
cases in the district. The SCR team has also employed a number of
tools and tactics to keep families and staff informed about the district’s
planning and response to COVID-19. Tactics used include the
• A COVID-19-19 website dedicated to the district’s COVID-19
     response last spring;
• A Pattonville Returns website (
     launched in summer 2020 that serves as a resource and
     information hub and includes the district’s COVID-19 dashboard,
     which communicates district-level data on positive cases and the number of individuals quarantining due to an exposure
     to a positive case (as of mid-October, the Pattonville Returns website has been visited more than 7,300 times);
• Pattonville Returns Plan Books published in English and Spanish (English version has been downloaded nearly 4,000
• Events, including a virtual All-Staff Orientation, virtual Homecoming week and virtual and/or physically distanced
     recognition programs;
• Video projects, including superintendent updates, virtual learning video series, staff safety video and student and staff
     pep talks; and
• School/district spirit items, including back-to-school signs, Facebook frames, Zoom backgrounds, branded masks and
     shoutouts on social media for alumni who are serving on the front lines in the COVID-19 fight (i.e., medical personnel)
     and Pirate Praise shoutouts for students excelling at virtual learning.

Community Engagement
Community Engagement
Pattonville’s culture of collaboration, communication, engagement and transparency ensures the Pattonville community
works together to provide students a learning environment where they remain the focal point in every decision. Emphasis is
placed on face-to-face communication and involving stakeholders in important decisions that impact students. Since 1999,
Pattonville has engaged thousands of parents, students, community members and staff through public engagement programs,
including: school improvement teams at each school; regular meetings with municipal, religious, legislative and law
enforcement leaders; student advisory groups; parent advisory council; teacher and support staff advisory councils; regular
collaborations with the Pattonville National Education Association (PNEA) and Pattonville Employee Support Professionals
(PESP); and other topic-focused committees (i.e, Curriculum Coordinating Council, Personalized Learning Committee and
Technical Advisory Committees at Pattonville High School). When updating its facilities plan or seeking solutions to
financial issues, the district’s practice has been to hold community-wide forums to allow residents to provide feedback and
suggestions on proposed plans. In 2003, the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) identified
Pattonville’s emphasis on public engagement as a strength of the district and said the level of participation could serve as a
model for other districts in the state. In addition, in 2018, the Pattonville Board of Education earned the Outstanding Board of
Education Award for Climate, Culture and Organizational Efficacy from the Missouri School Boards’ Association (MSBA).
The same culture of communication and collaboration that earned these recognitions continues to this day.

School Improvement Teams (SITs)
The backbone of Pattonville’s engagement efforts is the school improvement team (SIT) process. The Pattonville Board of
Education embedded collaboration and shared decision-making in its strategic plan (Comprehensive School Improvement
Plan, or CSIP) in 1998, and that focus has remained constant through several CSIP updates since that time, leading to
sustained engagement by parents, students, staff, community members, board members and administrators in guiding the
direction of the district and individual schools. SITs operate for each school in the district and the early childhood program.
These teams consist of 50% participants who are not staff members, including parents, students and community members.
The teams are charged with developing plans to improve their own schools and also provide critical feedback and support in
developing and updating district plans.

Community-Wide Engagement
Pattonville engages stakeholders on an as-needed basis for special issues by using both community forums and surveys. The
SCR team has coordinated periodic community forums to address specific needs of the district, such as a community forum in
August 2013 to determine the need for a tax levy increase and avoid a projected $10 million in budget cuts and another forum
in 2016 to determine facility needs for the future. In the past two decades, these processes contributed to the successful
approval a 99-cent operating tax levy increase and $120 million in bond issues, all but one of which involved no tax rate
increase (see chart on page 8).

The SCR team also coordinated focus groups and other background work for scientifically valid community telephone
surveys that are conducted periodically, the most recent of which occurred in 2016. These surveys are important for gauging
the priorities and perceptions of the entire Pattonville community because they reach a wide audience of residents without
children in school. As an example, 70% of the 2016 telephone survey respondents did not have school-aged children living in
their households and more than half of them were aged 50 or older. Beyond the telephone survey, Pattonville regularly
surveys parents, students and staff to evaluate its various programs and services, including climate surveys (parents, students,
staff) and the Energage/Top Workplaces survey (staff).

Board/Administrative Outreach
The Board of Education regularly meets with different school and community groups throughout the year to keep an open
dialogue the school community and key community leaders. The following are annual board meetings scheduled by the SCR
team: Bridgeton city officials, Maryland Heights city officials, St. Ann city officials and religious leaders. The SCR team
previously hosted an annual meeting for board members with Pattonville legislators, but the district has ceased hosting this
meeting in order to combine efforts with the Parkway and Rockwood school districts. Each of the districts rotates hosting one
major meeting a year, and Pattonville board members, administrators and parents attend periodic meetings in between.
Pattonville also develops ways to engage other targeted internal and external audiences. Below are some examples:
• Administrators active in local organizations: Bridgeton Kiwanis, Maryland Heights Chamber of Commerce, Maryland
     Heights Convention and Visitors Bureau, North County Inc. and Northwest Chamber of Commerce;
• SCR team support/liaison for Pattonville Alumni Association, Pattonville Education Foundation and Pattonville Retirees
• SCR participation on North County Inc. Marketing Ambassador Committee; and
• SCR team coordination of All-Staff Orientation and assistance with New Teacher Orientation.

Student Engagement
Pattonville believes student voice is important to the success of the district and its students. Students at all grade levels are
regularly given opportunities to provide input and take leadership in their schools, from the Leader In Me teams at Rose
Acres Elementary School to students serving on school improvement teams (SIT) and district committees. For more than two
decades, the Board Student Administration Action Committee (BSAAC) has enabled board members, teachers and
administrators to engage with high school students and allow for student voice in their school and district functions.

Older Adults
Pattonville places an emphasis on engaging older adult members of the
                                                                             Year       55+ Club      Oasis      Students Served
community in the life of the district. Pattonville’s 55+ Club enables                   Members       Tutors     by Oasis Program
students, board members and administrators to interact with older adults
in the community as they visit Pattonville High School twice a year to       2014-2015 2,356          63         79
enjoy a district-sponsored dinner theater, which includes a meal and
                                                                             2015-2016 2,288          66         86
tickets to see the high school play and musical. Twice yearly, the SCR
team coordinates two dinner theaters (total of four) for the 55+ Club that   2016-2017 2,300          68         87
draw a typical crowd of between 300 and 350 senior citizens each night.
In addition to seeing students’ hard work in the plays and musicals,         2017-2018 2,268          63         87
these guests are also able to interact with students in the high school      2018-2019 2,230          69         81
National Honor Society and International Club who volunteer to serve
during the dinners. Brief school and district updates are also provided by   2019-2020 2,245          65         81
the superintendent and high school principal.

Pattonville’s Oasis Intergenerational Tutoring Program is coordinated by the SCR team. The program links older adults in the
community with students in kindergarten, first, second and third grade to assist with one-on-one reading and language skill
development. Surveys returned from both teachers and tutors indicate the program is a positive experience for both students
and tutors. A history of participation in the Oasis and 55+ Club programs is shown in the table above.

The COVID-19 global pandemic put a hold on the 55+ Club and Oasis tutoring program activities. However, the SCR team
has continued communications with both groups over the months of school closures and reopening to keep the members
informed. Heading into the 2020-2021 school year, the SCR team also surveyed Oasis tutors on their comfort level with
possible virtual activities (76% of tutors said they were unsure or unlikely to tutor virtually) and their commitment to
returning when conditions allow (65% said they would return in the spring if offered, while 89% said they would return next
school year).
You can also read