St Peter's College Information Booklet for Senior School

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St Peter's College Information Booklet for Senior School
St Peter’s College
Information Booklet for Senior School

                                        Our Senior School

                                        At St Peter’s College every boy is

                                        celebrated and honoured for his

                                        uniqueness. To achieve this, we believe in

                                        an holistic approach to education:

                                        we are educating minds, building healthy

                                        bodies and nourishing spirits.
St Peter's College Information Booklet for Senior School
St Peter's College Information Booklet for Senior School

Message from the Headmaster          02   01



Positive Education                   05



Keystone and eSmart                  11


Outdoor Education                    13



Road Safety Procedures               16

School Fees and Buses                17

Key contacts for the Senior School   18

Frequently Asked Questions           19

Map                                  20
St Peter's College Information Booklet for Senior School
Message from the Headmaster

02   The staff, students and I look forward to welcoming      Our internationally recognised whole-of-school
     you and your family into the School in 2019.             approach to wellbeing means that every staff
                                                              member understands that developing a student’s
     At St Peter’s College we believe in a holistic           character is as important as fostering his intellect
     approach to education. We are educating minds,           and I encourage you to take advantage of
     building healthy bodies and nourishing spirits.          opportunities to learn more about our positive
     We achieve this through our strong, inclusive            education and wellbeing programs. This will enhance
     Anglican ethos, through the delivery of a robust         the close partnership we enjoy between student,
     academic curriculum, and through the diverse             parent and teacher that enables every student to
     range of co-curricular activities that embrace a wide    fulfil his potential.
     variety of sports, outdoor education, the creative and
                                                                                                                     Mr Tim Browning,
     performing arts. We have a long tradition of success     I hope that you will find the information contained    Headmaster.
     in providing a truly rounded education that prepares     in this booklet a helpful guide that will address
     students to seize the opportunities and manage the       questions you may have as you prepare to join
     uncertainties that inevitably lie ahead.                 the School. The staff, students and I stand ready
                                                              to make the transition into Saints as seamless as
     ‘Pushing the Boundaries’ is a well-researched            possible for you.
     outdoor education program designed to enrich
     the students’ spirit and broaden the depth of their      Please do not hesitate to make contact with the
     experiences within a natural environment. I ask each     School if you need further clarification.
     student to embrace this experience to develop his
     personal attributes of courage, grit, determination,     We look forward to seeing you soon.

     passion, endurance, commitment and integrity.

     You can be confident that in coming to St Peter’s
     College you have chosen a school where we have
     outstanding teachers who understand the specific
     needs of students, and where students are allowed
     to be themselves. Each student is nurtured and
     cherished for the contribution he makes to the
     broader School community. We take pride in
     really knowing each student in the School and we
     value every individual and his unique qualities. We
     understand how best to encourage him to discover
     and develop his gifts, talents and true strength of
St Peter's College Information Booklet for Senior School

Vision                                                     Values                                                 03

Our vision is to be a world-class school where all         Our values are central to enabling us to achieve
students flourish.                                         our vision and mission. Our values underpin our

                                                           They inform how we interact with each other and
Our mission is to provide an exceptional education         engage with our local and international communities.
that brings out the very best in every student.
                                                            •   Building lifelong commitment to serve others.
We do this within an intellectually and spiritually rich
environment that nurtures international-mindedness,         •   Building leadership capability.
intercultural understanding, respect and a
                                                            •   Celebrating the uniqueness of each student.
commitment to social justice.

                                                            •   Celebrating accomplishment.
                                                            •   Developing emotional maturity.
We build great men:

                                                            •   Developing lifelong learning, engagement,
 •   who believe safety, service and integrity are
                                                                meaning, and purpose.
     fundamental parts of their lives;

                                                            •   Embracing creative potential.
 •   who are active members of socially and
     culturally diverse communities;
                                                            •   Fostering honesty, integrity, and wellbeing.

 •   who engage in political, ethical, and
                                                            •   Honouring diversity.
     environmental challenges as good citizens.

                                                            •   Valuing teamwork, collaboration, and

                                                            •   Unlocking individual virtues and strengths.
St Peter's College Information Booklet for Senior School

04   At St Peter’s College the wellbeing of all of our           Chapel program
     students and staff is central to all we do. Whilst
                                                                 Through our Chapel program students are
     wellbeing has always been important at Saints, there
                                                                 encouraged to develop an appreciation of the role
     are now even more compelling reasons for us to
                                                                 that spirituality has in wellbeing. This is an inclusive
     have a wellbeing focus at this School. Approximately
     a quarter of young people in Australia report to have       program, focussed on encouraging thoughtful

     a mental disorder (ABS, 2008), and the World Health         engagement and meditation. We impart our
     Organisation predicts that depression will be one of        Anglican values directly through our House Chapel
     the largest burdens of disease by the year 2030. We         Services, School Musters, and indirectly through
     are committed to nurturing the wellbeing of all of our      the role-modelling of our teachers and through the
     students and understand that every interaction at           celebration of students past and present who have
     School has an impact.                                       represented these values to all.

     We know that wellbeing is an inherently complex
     concept, dependent on a multitude of individual and         Pastoral Care
     cultural factors. In order to make some sense of this
                                                                 We know that students and staff who feel safe,
     complexity we have adopted the PERMA framework
                                                                 supported and connected are more likely to flourish.
     developed by Professor Martin Seligman to monitor,
                                                                 Our integrated pastoral care system ensures that
     qualify and quantify the health
                                                                 every student in the School is seen, known, heard,
     of all areas of the Saints
     community. This                                             understood and supported.

     scientifically informed
                                                                 House System
     model (Seligman,
     2011) comprises five                                        Upon commencement at St Peter’s College, every
     elements that we                                            student is allocated into a House, each of which is
     focus on when it comes
                                                                 led and guided by the Head of House. Houses are
     to wellbeing. These are:
                                                                 the fundamental units in the pastoral care system
                                                                 at the School. Each student should feel part of a
     In the Saints context our Christian values such as
                                                                 House, to which he can give his loyalty and from
     love, forgiveness, acceptance, and inclusivity inform
     our approach to wellbeing. These values demand a            which he can receive guidance and encouragement.

     holistic approach to wellbeing and we are concerned
     with the emotional, spiritual, physical, social, mental     Our House system promotes the social, academic,

     and intellectual health of our students and staff. All      spiritual and emotional wellbeing of each student.
     of the structures, practices and policies within the        In Years 9 to 12 (the Senior Years) students are
     School reflect this understanding. At the centre of         organised into smaller groups, known as Mentor
     these structures and practices are our Pastoral Care        groups under the care of a House Mentor. In Years 7
     System, the Positive Education Curriculum, and our          and 8 (the Middle Years) students are part of Mentor
     Chapel program.                                             Classes with other students from their year level.
                                                                 The House system provides many opportunities
     Through these formal structures, we aim to
                                                                 for each student to participate in annual traditions
     acknowledge, nurture, and celebrate the uniqueness
                                                                 and community activities enhancing the sense of
     of every student as well as equip them with the tools
                                                                 belonging and camaraderie. Friendships formed by
     they will need to navigate the difficult periods of their
                                                                 the students during House activities often last
     lives. We do this by imparting our values, connecting
     our students to a community and fostering                   a lifetime.

     relationships, and by the direct teaching of skills
     through our Positive Education programs.
St Peter's College Information Booklet for Senior School

The Head of House is the first point of contact where      Positive Education                                      05
a student, parent or teacher can turn to for help or
                                                           Through our taught positive education curriculum
                                                           students learn a strength-based approach for
                                                           interacting with each other, responding to adversity,
In Years 9 to 12 the Head of House, Mentor and
                                                           and growing themselves as human beings.
Head of Senior Years take a collaborative approach
in guiding and supporting each student. In Years 7
                                                           A Strengths-based Approach
and 8 the Mentor, year level coordinator and Head of
Middle Years collaborate to support students.              From the youngest students in the Early Learning
                                                           Centre our Teachers guide the students to use
Aims of the House System                                   appropriate language to share their thoughts
                                                           and feelings. The strengths-based education we
 •   To increase the positive influence of the School
                                                           have implemented at Saints takes a more ‘formal’
     on a student’s character; to help students meet
                                                           approach from Reception, when character
     their responsibilities – in their studies, in other
                                                           strengths are taught both explicitly and implicitly
     School activities and in the wider community;
                                                           throughout the curriculum.
     to instil the lasting virtues of courage, honesty,
     decency, devotion and loyalty.
                                                            Years 7 to 10 and Co-curricular

 •   To foster a School spirit that expresses itself                   We deliver a program developed in
     in positive relationships between students and                    the United Kingdom called Personal
     staff, and in sport and other activities.                         Wellbeing Lessons for Secondary
                                                                       Schools: Positive Psychology in Action
                                                            Year 7
 •   To discover and recognise the talents of                          written by Dr Ilona Boniwell and Lucy
                                                                       Ryan. This course focuses on developing
     each student.
                                                                       positive attitudes towards self, body,
                                                                       emotions, mindsets and relationships.
 •   To help students with any problems that may
     arise.                                                             We deliver the Penn Resiliency
                                                                        Program written by Professor Martin
 •   To delegate responsibility to all senior students.                 Seligman and his team. Based on
                                                            Year 8
                                                                        over 20 years of research in the field
                                                                        – this program focuses on cognitive
 •   To provide academic, moral, social and
                                                                        behavioural and problem solving skills.
     emotional support and guidance.
                                                                        Students complete the Strath
Senior School Houses:                                                   Haven Positive Psychology Program
                                                                        designed by Professor Martin
 •   Da Costa House            •   MacDermott House                     Seligman. These lessons focus on the
                                                            Year 10
                                                                        development of character strengths,
 •   Farr House                •   School & Allen House                 mindfulness, gratitude, optimism and
                                                                        resilience. Students are encouraged
                                                                        to develop signature strengths too.
 •   Farrell House             •   Short House

 •   Hawkes House              •   Woodcock House

 •   Howard House              •   Young House
St Peter's College Information Booklet for Senior School

06   Benefits of our Programs                                 •   Character strengths of the mind
                                                                  (e.g., self-regulation, perseverance, love
     Our Positive Education program takes into account
                                                                  of learning) were predictive of school
     the science of many other researchers. Recent
                                                                  success (Weber& Ruch, 2012b).
     findings summarised by Gregory Park (2013) on the
     benefits of teaching wellbeing have shown:
                                                              •   The character strengths – perseverance,
                                                                  love, gratitude, and hope – predict academic
      •   Using one’s signature strengths in a new
                                                                  achievement in middle school students
          way increased happiness and decreased
                                                                  and college students (reported in Park &
          depression for six months (Gander, Proyer,
                                                                  Peterson, 2009a).
          Ruch, & Wyss, 2012).

                                                              •   Changes in a student’s self-control predicted
      •   Self-control predicted high school grades,
                                                                  changes his/her school grades six months
          absences, and at-home study habits better than
                                                                  (Duckworth et al., 2010; Duckworth et al., 2011).
          IQ (Duckworth & Seligman, 2005).

                                                              •   Self-control predicts childhood health, too.
      •   Self-control predicted homework completion,
                                                                  A study of children progressing into
          classroom conduct, and report card grades in
                                                                  adolescence found that self-control was an
          a longitudinal study of over 500 middle school
                                                                  important protective factor against becoming
          students (Duckworth et al., 2012).
                                                                  overweight (Tsukayama et al., 2010).

      •   Individuals’ levels of grit—perseverance for
                                                              •   A recent meta-analysis of 213 school-based,
          long-term goals—predicted several forms of
                                                                  universal Positive Education or Social
          academically-related achievement, including
                                                                  Emotional Learning (SEL) programs, involving
          grades at top US universities, retention in elite
                                                                  over 250,000 students, concluded that these
          military academy classes, and ranking in a
                                                                  interventions had positive effects across a
          national spelling competition (Duckworth
                                                                  range of outcomes (Durlak et al., 2011).
          et al., 2007).
St Peter's College Information Booklet for Senior School

The curriculum at St Peter’s College provides                                                                            07
                                                            Year 10
opportunities for every student to be educated to take
                                                            From Year 10, there are a couple of noticeable
their place in the world as informed, active, responsible
                                                            differences. Whereas students study Science as a
citizens, often in positions of leadership in the
                                                            single subject in Years 7–9, in Year 10 the Science
community. We want every student to commit to being
                                                            program divides into three specialised subjects
a creative, open-minded, life-long learner. Importantly,
                                                            – Biology, Physics and Chemistry. Students will
every student is to be responsible for his own learning.
                                                            study each subject for a trimester (approximately 11
Teachers will work with every student to enable him to
                                                            weeks each). Year 10 also offers greater choice and
show independence of thought, develop intellectual
                                                            subject specialisation on elective lines. Students are
tenacity and to understand himself as a learner.
                                                            able to pursue areas of interest, including Design,

From Year 7 to Year 12, students at St Peter’s              Technology, Art, Drama, Sports Science, Geography
College are challenged, inspired and nurtured               or Music. Here they begin to prepare themselves for
through both a rich and diverse curriculum and              either the South Australian Certificate of Education
through evidence-based, innovative teaching.                (SACE) or the International Baccalaureate Diploma
Opportunities are provided for students to come             Program (IBDP) Diploma. Year 10 students are also
to know the world through different perspectives,           strongly encouraged to continue studying their
represented by subjects within eight Faculties;             language of choice.

 •   The Arts (Visual and Performing)                       Years 11 and 12

                                                            All courses in Years 7–10 are designed to provide
 •   English
                                                            a firm basis for either of the two options offered to

 •   Personal Development (Health & Physical                students in Years 11 and 12;

     Education; Religious and Values Education;
                                                             •   The South Australian Certificate of Education
     Positive Psychology)
                                                                 (SACE), or
 •   Humanities
                                                             •   The International Baccalaureate Diploma
 •   Languages (including EALD)                                  Program (IBDP)

 •   Mathematics                                            The School offers the SACE and IB Diploma at Years
                                                            11 and 12; over twenty-five SACE subjects and fifteen
 •   Science                                                IB subjects, in six different areas, to enable students to
                                                            select a course of study in keeping with their abilities
 •   Technology
                                                            and interests. All three languages (Chinese, French
                                                            and German) are offered in Year 11 and 12 for both the
Course Structure                                            SACE and the IB Diploma. Students who take the IB
                                                            Diploma must study at least one language other than
Years 7–9
                                                            English. Italian and Spanish ab initio are also offered in
During the first three years of the Senior School (Years
                                                            the IB Diploma program. These are beginner language
7 to 9), students study a broad range of subjects
                                                            courses which can be undertaken without previous
with no early specialisation. Students choose one
                                                            experience in this language. Due to small class sizes in
Language other than English (LOTE), selecting from
                                                            Years 11 and 12 Languages, often the SACE students
Chinese (Mandarin), French or German. Arts and
                                                            will study the IB Diploma language curriculum in a
Humanities subjects are compulsory, offering the
                                                            combined class with IB students. More information on
broadest possible base on which students can build
                                                            both the SACE and IB programs can be found in the
from Year 10 onwards. There is one elective line in
                                                            Senior School Curriculum Guide.
Year 9, in which students may select from a range of
Technology and Arts subjects.
St Peter's College Information Booklet for Senior School

08   Catering to Diverse Learning Needs                            Important Contacts
     All students are different and therefore learn differently.   For information regarding subject selection
     For the majority of stduents, educational needs are           or curriculum you are welcome to contact
     met through curriculum planning, including the use of         the following staff:
     setting, and through differentiation in the classroom.
     Curriculum content or speed of lesson presentation is         Learning and Teaching
     varied to reflect the particular needs of a class group.      Nick Carter
     Subject teacher planning is flexible in recognising           Academic Deputy
     the needs of all students as individuals and ensuring
     progression and relevance. However, students whose
     needs are exceptional require enhanced provisions to          Sam Cheesman
     enable them to fulfil their potential.                        Director of Studies
     There are provisions made across the Senior
     School for both enrichment and reinforcement in the           Year 11 and Year 12 IB Diploma
     curriculum. Students who have a diagnosed learning            Mr Paul Hadfield
     disability or difficulty may be eligible for Curriculum       International Baccalaureate Diploma
     Support. Curriculum Support provides programs and             Program Coordinator
     support through several methods. Students may be    
     on an Individual Learning Plan or be provided with
     in-class support. Students who require more intensive         General Academic Assessment
     support may meet the criteria to be eligible for              & Reporting Enquiries
     Curriculum Support Class (Years 7–10). These classes          Ms Pierina Deck
     are smaller and allow for more individual attention.

     Students who are recognised as being more able,               Student Learning Needs (including Learning
     will be taught in mainstream classes as part of a             Support & Gifted Enrichment)
     differentiated curriculum. Teaching and learning
                                                                   Mrs Carmen Bester
     methodologies, which encourage all students
                                                                   Coordinator of Students with Diverse
     to extend their thinking and learning, are utilised
                                                                   Learning Needs
     across all subject areas. Students who require
     more intensive support may meet the criteria for the
     Enrichment Class (Years 7-10), offering higher-order          English as an Additional Language
     thinking and learning strategies and competitions for
                                                                   Miss Sally Ziniak
     their extension.
                                                                   English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EALD)

MacBook Program                                            If your son does not have a MacBook                      09

All students from Year 5 through to Year 12                Families are free to choose any new model of
                                                           MacBook. Specifications worth considering are
participate in an Information and Communication
                                                           the devices weight, size, storage capacity and cost.
Learning Technology (ICLT) MacBook program as
                                                           We recommend you purchase no larger than a 13”
part of their enrolment at St Peter’s College. This
program requires all students in these year levels to

purchase their own MacBook. These machines are
                                                           Option A – Purchasing from
the only laptops compatible with this program.
                                                           St Peter’s College ICLT online store
                                                           To assist in providing affordable and ready access to
If your son already has a MacBook
                                                           Apple technology, St Peter’s College has partnered
To ensure the machine is ready for use in our teaching     with an Apple reseller. to provide a range of
and learning program for Term 1, we must ensure            purchasing options.
the machine’s systems and settings have been
configured to integrate with the Saints network. This      While you will have the flexibility to choose your own
will allow your son to connect to printers, the wireless   vendor, the use of the ICLT online store provides
network and access subject specific software.              convenience. The order process is done entirely
                                                           online, with the machine delivered directly to the
For new students, this configuration process will          School ready for your collection. While the ICLT

take place during a set-up session at school. Details      online store includes a range of MacBooks, there is
                                                           also the opportunity to purchase a range of optional
of these sessions will be communicated to families.
                                                           peripheral devices such as backup drives and
For existing students, new MacBooks need to be
                                                           laptop cases.
presented at the Keystone Support Centre in the

Senior School Miller Library. Please contact the           To take advantage of this purchasing program,
Support Centre on (08) 8404 0444 or                        members of the Saints community can access the to arrange a                   ICLT online store via Keystone.
convenient time. The Support Centre is open 8.00am

to 4.00pm Monday to Friday.

As part of this process, all of the files and software
stored on the machine may be erased. Please make
sure you or your son backup and save any data he
wishes to retain.

The Mac OSX includes a program called Time
Machine, which allows any data saved on the
machine to be backed up and restored. It is a
requirement that your son has a portable external
hard drive to run Time Machine. The storage
space required is 1TB. If you need assistance in
establishing a backup process, please refer to http:// or visit the Keystone
Support Centre in the Miller Library for advice.

10   Purchasing from the online store can take place at      Apple Repair Centre
     any time; however, please allow approximately three
                                                             In the event that your son’s MacBook requires
     weeks for delivery. Instructions concerning the order
                                                             repairs, the School provides servicing and repairs
     process are provided on the online store.
                                                             through an authorised Apple Repair Centre.
                                                             This service can be accessed via the Keystone
     In addition to the MacBook options, the online store
                                                             Support Centre.
     also provides special pricing for some optional
     peripherals, which may be of interest:
                                                             Insurance and Warranty
      •   The portable hard drives are an ideal solution
                                                             The responsiblity for repairing or replacing a
          for backing up data on the machine using the
                                                             malfunctioning MacBook rests with you. The
          program Time Machine which is preinstalled
                                                             School recommends that you consider the 3 Year
          on the MacBook. All students are responsible
                                                             CompNow Care (an affordable alternative to Apple’s
          for the backing up of their data on their
                                                             3-year warranty) when purchasing the device,
          MacBook and as such this is a highly
                                                             though this is not compulsory.
          recommended option.

      •   The School strongly recommends you ensure          Software supplied by the School
          the 3 Year AppleCare Protection Plan (APP) is
                                                             Software provided by the School includes Microsoft
          included when purchasing the device. When
                                                             Office, iWork and a range of general-purpose
          comparing prices with external vendors please
                                                             applications and utilities. This software can be
          consider if the price provided includes APP
                                                             accessed via the School network once the machine
          which is an additional $339 – $449 depending
                                                             has been configured via the during the set-up session.
          on the model of MacBook.
                                                             Any software required for the teaching and learning
                                                             program will be provided at no additional charge.
     If you have any technical questions about

     any items provided on the online store please
                                                             Laptop bags or sleeves
     contact our Keystone Support Centre on

     (08) 8404 0444, via email   A bag, hard case or sleeve is required for the device.

     or visit                               While we allow the use of bags, they must be in
                                                             the form of slim line style bags and should not be
                                                             designed to carry anything other than the laptop.
     Option B - Purchasing from
     another vendor
     If you decide to purchase the device from another
     vendor, the School will require it to be presented to
     a set-up session at the start of Term 1. If your son
     already has a Macbook, please read the section
     found on page 9 of this booklet for more information
     regarding this process.
Keystone and eSmart

Keystone                                                  eSmart                                                  11

Keystone is the School’s central platform for digital     St Peter’s College is an accredited eSmart School.
information, communication, learning and reporting
processes.                                                eSmart assists our teachers, students and the
                                                          whole School community to embrace the benefits of
Information in Keystone includes:                         technology and reduce our exposure to cyberspace
                                                          risks such as cyberbullying, identity theft, online
 •   School Calendar – A list of School events
                                                          sexual predation and accessing or sending
     updated daily
                                                          inappropriate images and content. We address these
                                                          issues proactively, focussing on both protective and
 •   Learning Curve / Academic Footprint –
                                                          educational practices.
     Academic reports and progress

                                                          As an eSmart School we have integrated cybersafety
 •   My Tasks – Student homework information
                                                          into wellbeing policies, established clear procedures
 •   My Wellbeing – Pastoral care reporting about         to deal with incidents, and developed a curriculum
     your son                                             around the smart, safe and responsible use of
 •   Sports Zone – Sports choices, fixtures and
     results for every sport
 •   Medical Form – An online form to update your
                                                          The School Newsletter is emailed to parents each
     son’s medical details
                                                          fortnight. In addition, at the start of each term, a
                                                          calendar of School events is also emailed.
 •   Community Directory – Parent contact
                                                          If you encounter any issues with Keystone please
                                                          contact the Keystone Support Centre.
 •   Lunch Orders – Pre-order School lunch or top up
                                                          T: +61 8 8404 0444
     your ID card for purchasing lunch in the tuck shop
 •   My Timetable – Your son’s academic timetable

 •   Music Tuition Form & Timetable – Enrol in music
     instrumental lessons

 •   My Teachers – Find your son’s teachers and
     their contact details

 •   Learning resources to support the delivery of
     the teaching and learning program

 •   ICLT online store – Purchase hardware through
     our online store

12   More than ninety boarders call School & Allen House       Mr Mark Colsey, Head of House for Years 11 and 12
     home for 38 weeks of the year. They are supported by      The first point of contact for all Year 11 and 12
     qualified and dedicated boarding staff who provide        students.
     the necessary support for the students in their care.
                                                               Mr Rob Green, Head of House for Years 7 to 10
     The boarding staff supervise students out-of-school       The first point of contact for all matters relating to
     hours and provide pastoral and academic support.          Year 7 to 10 students.
     Senior boarding staff are teachers at the School and
     are in constant communication with the boarder’s          Mentors
     mentors and class teachers to ensure they are
                                                               Each student, as part of a small group, is assigned
     accessing the necessary support.
                                                               a mentor. The small groups meet with their mentor
                                                               each morning and several times during the week.
     We recognise that all students are unique and
                                                               Academic or general schooling enquiries can be
     respond to the challenges of living away from home
                                                               made directly to the mentor.
     in different ways. Led by our Head of Boarding,
     our staffing structure ensures that students always
                                                               Resident Supervisors
     have someone to speak to while also encouraging
     students to develop independence.                         The Boarding House is by staffed by two qualified
                                                               boarding supervisors: Mr Nathan Allom and Mr Tom
     The health and wellbeing of our boarders is our           McNeil. They are responsible for facilitating the daily
     primary concern, and we encourage students and            routine and are the immediate contact for students
     parents to make contact regarding any concerns            regarding daily responsibilities.
     which may arise.
                                                               House Parent
     A significant amount of thought and planning is
                                                               Mrs Tracey Hiern is responsible for the day-to-day
     put into the staffing of our Boarding House. This is
                                                               services including laundry, cleaning and in-house
     to ensure all students are well supervised and are
                                                               catering. Tracey is available during the week and is
     able to access a staff member for any questions
                                                               the main contact for all uniform enquiries.
     or concerns they may have. There are always two
     live-in staff on-duty who are directly accessible by      House Assistants
     students. Furthermore, during supervised study
     periods additional tutoring staff are accessible to       To assist in supervision, academic support and
     provide flexibility in offering small group and one-on-   overnight care of the boarders we have four
     one academic assistance when required.                    experienced House Assistants. These staff provide
                                                               specialty academic assistance and pastoral support
     Each night a staff member resides in a dedicated          to students.
     overnight room, so the students have a single
     location to go to during the night should they need       GAP Students
     support or feel unwell.                                   St Peter’s College supports a healthy GAP program,
                                                               where undergraduate students complete a 12-month
     The Head of Boarding and Heads of House also              placement at the School. These third-year university
     live on School grounds in close proximity to the          students provide additional supervision and coordinate
     Boarding House and are accessible to students             after hours recreational activities and gym sessions.
     whenever they are needed.
                                                               Support Staff
     Key staff                                                 In addition to our direct supervisors and Health
     Mr Ray Pearson, Head of Boarding                          Centre, the boarders have access to the School
     Ray overseas all aspects of the Boarding House            Chaplain who lives on campus. The School also has
     including pastoral care, academic development,            three psychologists who are available and speak
     staffing and operations.                                  regularly with the Heads of House to monitor student
                                                               health and wellbeing.
Outdoor Education

Pushing the Boundaries                                      Pushing the Boundaries delivers a series of               13
                                                            journeys in a wilderness environment that provide
St Peter’s College’s Outdoor Education Program
                                                            an opportunity to excite, challenge and contribute
Pushing the Boundaries focuses on the development
                                                            towards growth. The experiences encountered
of students outside of the classroom. Designed to
                                                            on these journeys touch students’ inner core
assist them to identify and develop their character
                                                            resulting in a greater respect for self, others and the
strengths, foster persistence, bravery and integrity
                                                            natural world. The confidence gained will build on
through teamwork, the program fundamentally
                                                            foundations and provide an enhance preparedness
enriches the holistic learning experiences for
                                                            to be custodians and champions of the wonder of
students through co-curricular endeavours.
                                                            the living landscape.

The objective is to deliver a structured, clearly
                                                            In 2019 Pushing the Boundaries will consist of the
defined and measured program that is strongly
                                                            following program for all Years 7-10 students:
linked to our academic, wellbeing and
co-curricular goals.

 Year Level      Term                  Program

 Year 7          Term 2                An overnight lead-in program based at Finniss to prepare students
                                       for their expedition.
                                       A five-day canoe/walking journey in the Riverlands.

 Year 8          Term 1                An overnight lead-in program based at Finniss to prepare students
                                       for their expedition.
                                       A six-day climb/cycle/walk journey in the Northern Grampians National

 Year 9          Term 4                An overnight lead-in program based at Finniss to prepare for their
                                       expedition, and an intense two-day first aid course based at Saints.
                                       A seven-day journey where students have the choice of one of the
                                       following: sea-kayak/walk on the Glenelg River mountain bike/walk
                                       at Mt Remarkable, rock-climb/walk at Warren Gorge.

 Year 10         Term 2                Peak experience – a 21 day program where students complete an epic
                                       journey through the Flinders Ranges on bike, foot and camel,
                                       in small expedition groups.

For further information regarding please contact
Anthony Bates, Head of Outdoor Education
T: 8404 0453 M: 0428 747 545

     Date                           Event                                   Information

                                    Middle Years
     Wednesday 28 November 2018                                             7:00pm Memorial Hall
                                    Parent Information evening

                                                                            8:30am to 3:30pm
                                                                            Meet at Memorial Hall
     Friday 30 November 2018        Years 7 and 8, 2018 Step-up Day
                                                                            PE Uniform of student’s current
                                                                            school to be worn

                                    Information evening for new
     Monday 3 December 2018         parents and students joining the        6:00pm Angas Parsons Room
                                    Senior Years (Years 9-11)

                                    New boarders to enter the               From 3:00pm
     Monday 28 January 2019
                                    Boarding House                          The Boarding House

                                    Headmaster’s welcome to all 2019        8:30am to 12:00pm
                                    Middle Years students followed by       Memorial Hall
                                    orientation                             Full summer uniform to be worn

                                    Boarding Community BBQ                  6:00pm Boarding House
     Tuesday 29 January 2019
                                    New Years 9-12 families in 2019
                                    individual meetings with Head of        Senior School office will
                                    Senior Years and Head of House/         contact families

                                                                            8:35am (first bell 8:30am)
     Wednesday 30 January 2019      School commences
                                                                            Full summer uniform to be worn

                 Term 1 commences                                Wednesday 30 January
     Term 1
                 Term 1 concludes                                Friday 12 April

                 Term 2 commences                                Tuesday 30 April
     Term 2
                 Term 2 concludes                                Friday 28 June

                 Term 3 commences                                Tuesday 23 July
     Term 3
                 Term 3 concludes                                Friday 27 September

                 Term 4 commences                                Tuesday 15 October
     Term 4
                 Term 4 concludes                                Friday 6 December

For your reference, below is a simple checklist to     15
ensure the lead-up to your son’s commencement
is as easy as possible:

        Uniform purchased

        Books ordered

        Laptop ordered

        Complete medical form online

        Complete sports choice form online

        Complete parental consent form for the use
        of student images

        Provided latest school reports to Admissions
        (School must have Term 4, 2018 report)

        Provided most recent NAPLAN report
        to Admissions

        Provided any other reports to the School
        about your son’s particular learning needs
        (including information about the need for
        learning support or disabilities)
Road Safety Procedures

16   Pedestrians                                                   Drop-off and Pick-up
     When students are crossing North Terrace on their             Parents may drop off and pick up students inside
     way to and from School, they must always cross at             the School grounds in the Hackney Road car park,
     the pedestrian traffic lights situated near Trinity Street.   outside of Memorial Hall, or in the Avenues. However
     Students should not cross the road at any other               there is no long term parking in the Avenues, or in
     place, even when traffic is stopped for the lights.           front of Memorial Hall. Parents are asked not to
                                                                   drop their sons off along the road adjacent to the
     Students who need to cross Hackney Road must                  Memorial Hall and Lloyd Oval.
     use the traffic lights on the corner of North Terrace.
     Under no circumstances are students to cross                  Parents may drop and collect their sons at the
     Hackney Road at any other point than the pedestrian           Pembroke Street gates. Please note there are some
     island crossings or the North Terrace traffic lights.         parking restrictions in this area, and parents should
                                                                   not drive their car through this gate to drop off their
                                                                   son inside the School.
     Students, parents and staff must drive with due               Parents are asked not to use the Hatswell Street
     caution inside the School and in the                          gates for drop off, as this is a student parking area
     surrounding roads.                                            and the adjacent street is very narrow, and not
                                                                   designed for significant amounts of traffic.

                                                                   Parents should not drop students off nor collect
     Students who drive to School should park in the               them from the Western side of Hackney Road, but
     Hatswell Street or Hackney Road car parks. They are           are encouraged to drive into the School and use the
     to register their vehicles through the Senior School          Hackney Road car park.
     Office, as well as register any approved passengers.
     Students must not park in other school car parks              In the Junior School, there is a drop off zone in the
     and are asked not to park on surrounding roads.               North Terrace car park. Parents are not to leave their
                                                                   car parked unattended in these spaces. Alternatively,
     Senior School parents should park in the Hackney              there is a turning circle at the end of the Junior
     Road car park.                                                School Avenue for parents to use.

     In the Junior School, parents should use either the
     North Terrace or Hackney Road car parks. Parents
     are asked to respect any designated spaces                    There is a bike shed available for storage of students’
     assigned for Staff parking.                                   throughout the School day. The Bike Shed entrance
                                                                   is through Pembroke Street gates.
     In the interest of student safety the Junior School
     Avenue is open for parking until 9:30am each week
     day. It is then closed for traffic throughout the day
     and reopens at 2:30pm. On weekends the Avenue is
     available for general parking.
School Fees and Buses

To ensure the School community is aware of the          along Cross Road then Portrush Road (stopping at          17
view and payment process for School fees, the           all Metro stops along this route when hailed).
following information and important dates will assist
you in your financial planning:                         The bus then runs express along Magill Road to St
                                                        Peter’s College (North Terrace). The reverse route
 •   An email will be sent to all members of the        operates in the afternoon.
     School community in December each year,
     advising of the fees for the following year,       Hills Bus Service

     payment options, and terms and conditions.         Hills Bus Service is a privately-operated service
                                                        through Roundabout Charter coordinated by
 •   School Fees for 2019 will be emailed in January,
                                                        the School. There are two routes available, the
     at which time you will be provided with three
                                                        Balahanah route and the Hahndorf route.
     options for payment:

                                                        Every passenger will need to be registered prior to
      •   Three equal instalments due on 28
                                                        travel. To register a passenger, a consent form must
          February, 31 May and 31 August; or
                                                        be completed and received by the School.

      •   10 equal monthly instalments from February
                                                        All associated fees will be added to the School
          to November (by Direct Debit only).
                                                        fee account. The Coordinator of Roundabout Bus
                                                        Services, Mr James Howard will make contact once
 •   N.B. A surcharge of 1% Visa/MasterCard
                                                        the consent form has been received to advise route
     or 1% American Express will be applied.
                                                        details and timetable.

 •   Total School fees include tuition fee, boarding
                                                        Northern Bus Service
     fee, fixed charge and IT Levy.
                                                        Details to be finalised in Term 4,2018. Please
It should be noted that music fees, bus fees,           register your interest with Admissions via email at
overseas and interstate trips and some        
miscellaneous charges are not included in School
fees and are billed separately, with payment due        St Peter’s College Morning Shuttle Service
within 30 days of invoice.
                                                        A morning shuttle bus operates from Walford
                                                        Anglican School for Girls to St Peter’s College,
Fees can now be paid online. Please visit Keystone
                                                        offering great convenience for the many families with to find out more.
                                                        children at both schools.

Please contact Business Services for fee enquiries.
                                                        St Peter’s students of all ages are enjoying using this
T: +61 8 8404 0505
                                                        safe and efficient service.
                                                        The shuttle bus departs from the Kiss and Drop
                                                        pickup point in Northgate Street Carpark at
School Buses                                            8am, arriving at St Peter’s College Junior School

St Peter’s College operates two bus services and a      Administration Building at approximately 8.25am.

shuttle service.
                                                        To book this service go to trybooking – St Peter’s

Unley Bus Service                                       College Morning Shuttle Service

St Peter’s College provides a bus from the Unley
district which starts at Stop 3 Unley Road, travels
Key contacts for the Senior School

18   Headmaster’s Office                                Donations
     Mr Tim Browning, Headmaster                        Emily Dreniak, Development Manager
     Ms Paula Angel, Personal Assistant to Headmaster

     Head of Senior School                              Fees
     Mr Ben Hanisch, Deputy Headmaster and              Ms Liana Calabro, School Accountant
     Head of Senior School                    
     Mr David Scott, Head of Senior Years
     Mr James Tamblyn, Head of Middle Years             Keystone Parent Support
                                                        T: +61 8 8404 0444
     Administrative Matters and General Procedures
     Mrs Helen Cocca, Personal Assistant to the
     Deputy Headmaster/Head of Senior School            Library Matters

     Email:                   Mrs Pat Aller, Head of the Miller Library

     Student Absences                                   Music

     Ms Jess Ennis, Senior School                       Mr Philip Walsh, Director of Music
     Administration Assistant                           Ms Jill Page, Music Secretary                

     Admissions                                         Outdoor Education

     Mrs Amanda Bruce, Admissions Manager               Mr Anthony Bates, Director of Outdoor Education

     Boarding                                           Sports Department

     Mr Ray Pearson, Head of Boarding                   Ms Natalie Worster
                                                        Administrative Assistant - Sport and Athletic
     Student’s Pastoral Care and Behaviour              Development
     House Mentors, Head of House, Head of Senior
     Years, Head of Middle Years.
     Careers                                            Mrs Stacey Nattrass, Uniform Shop Manager
     Mr Mark Colsey, Careers Counsellor       
                                                        or phone 8404 0490
     Chaplaincy Matters
     The Reverend Dr Theo McCall, School Chaplain       Wellbeing and Positive Education
     The Reverend Ben Bleby, Associate Chaplain         For wellbeing or positive education matters, please
                                                        contact Mr Ben Hanisch, Deputy Headmaster,
     Counselling Issues
                                                        Head of Senior School
     Ms Kirsty Jackman, School Psychologist
     Dr Mike Oliver, School Psychologist                St Peter’s College
     Mrs Zoe Alford, School Psychologist                St Peters, Adelaide, Australia, 5069
                                                        +618 8404 0400
     Learning and Teaching                              @SPC_Adelaide
     Nick Carter, Academic Deputy             
     Mr Sam Cheesman, Director of Studies
     Mr Paul Hadfield, International Baccalaureate
     Diploma Coordiantor
Frequently Asked Questions

How and when do I purchase my son’s                    How and when do I order my son’s                          19

school uniform?                                        school books?
Firstly, it is important you organise an appointment   Campion Education are the School’s supplier and
with the School’s Uniform Shop. The Uniform Shop       orders need to be placed online. Once the books
will be able to supply the whole School Uniform,       are ordered and paid for online, they are picked
except shoes. Nametags for clothes can either          and packed by Campion Education and delivered
be ordered and purchased through the Uniform           directly to your home. When you enter the Campion
Shop or online via Cashs’ labels.                      Education bookshop website (,
                                                       click on the heading on the left-hand side, “Order
Normal trading hours are:                              Now”, then select the correct state, select the name

Monday: 8:30am - 5:00pm                                of the school from the drop down menu listing, and
                                                       then select which year level and then tick the subjects
Tuesday: 11:00am - 5:00pm                              that books are required for. Follow the prompts to
Used Uniform Shop: 3:00pm - 4:30pm                     completion. Our school code for orders is: 613.

Wednesday: CLOSED
                                                       How do I report my son as unwell/late/
Thursday: 11:00am - 5:00pm                             leaving school early?
Used Uniform Shop: 3:00pm - 4:30pm                     Please email any student absences to
                                                       Miss Jess Ennis in the Senior School office to
Friday: 11:00am - 5:00pm
                                              or phone 8404 0422.

Parents and students must make individual
appointments at the uniform shop.                      When do we select sport choices and
                                                       how do we do this?
To book your appointment please visit
http:/                         Please complete the online Sports Choices
                                                       submission form by the prescribed date in the
The Uniform shop accepts cash/cheque as well as        information pack.
debit and credit cards.

                                                       When will my son be issued
Please contact Uniform Shop Manager,
                                                       a Student ID Card?
Mrs Stacey Nattrass on 8404 0490 or via email                           Your son’s photo will be taken at orientation or
                                                       sometime during his first week (depending on
For detailed information about the uniform, please     numbers and scheduling). ID cards will be distributed
read the Uniform Handbook, available to download       via Mentors.
via Keystone.

                                                       When will my son be issued
                                                       a locker and do I need to provide him
                                                       with a lock?
                                                       Your son will be issued with a locker at orientation
                                                       and the School will provide him with a combination
                                                       lock. The cost of this lock will be invoiced on your
                                                       first term’s account.


                                           Farr Oval                                                                                                               9
                                                                                                                                       11                                  11
                                        Farr Oval                                                 Wilson Oval                                        8            10
                      Williams                                                                  Wilson Oval                                          9 31          6
                     Sports Field                                                                                                               7                  30
                    Williams                                                                                                                                                      4
                   Sports Field                                                                                 29                              8             5
                                                                       Caterer Oval                                                         6                                     4
                                                                     Caterer Oval                              14                           7               25
                                                                                           12                             28                                2
                                                                                         13                              15


                                                                                                                                                       Main Oval
                                                                                                             17          13                            Main Oval


                                                                                              34                                                        26

                                                                      Main Entrance

       St Peter’s College                                                                                                                       1.   Oval House (visitors and enquirie
                                                                                                                                                2.   Old School House / Headma
       St Peters, Adelaide, Australia, 5069                                                                                                          Office (Senior School administr
                                                                                                                                                3.   Memorial Hall
       +618 8404 0400                                                                                                                           4.   Chapel
                                                                                                                                                5.   Big School Room                                                                                                                       6.   Miller Library
                                                                                                                                                7.   Da Costa Dining Hall and Kitc
                                                                                                                                                8.   Florey Science

       CRICOS Provider No. 01535E. The Anglican Church of Australia Collegiate School of Saint Peter, trading as St Peter’s College.
Lloyd Oval

           Lloyd Oval                    10
 11             3 8                      11        Trinity Street Entrance
                                  32                       Lloyd Oval
 12             3 9 31
                                                     Trinity Street Entrance
4                                 6                         Lloyd Oval
              7                   30           4
                                                 33              3
                                                                                                 Trinity Street Entrance

              8              5                                                                                       25
                                                                                                    Trinity Street Entrance
      6                                        4                  3
      7                     25                                                                  33              21
                        1 2                                                                                        27
                                                                          1                                                                               27
                                                        Girdlestone Oval                         24                           26
                       Main Oval                                                                                                                                                          Junior
                                                           Girdlestone Oval                         23Girdlestone Oval                    24                                 26
                       Main Oval
                                                                                                         Girdlestone Oval                    23
    18                                                           Palm22
                                                                      House Oval
                  17                                                                   23                           19 Oval
                                                                                                              Palm House
                                                                  17 Palm House Oval                                               23                 Junior
                   21       16                  18                                                24
                                                                              16                                       25 Oval
                                                                                                                Palm House                            Entrance                             Junior
                                                                     21                        18                                           24                       25                    Entrance
                             20                    22
                        26                                                    20                 22

 es)          1. and
         9. Art    Oval House (visitors and enquiries)
                      Technology                           9.18.Art and Technology
                                                                 Uniform   Shop                         18. Uniform   Shop Pavilion
                                                                                                              27. Nitschke                              27.   Nitschke Pavilion
              2.   Old School  House / Headmaster’s        10. Drama                                    19. Old Palm House (Early Learning Centre)      28.   Pentreath Building (Middle Years)
aster’s 10. Drama                                           19. Old Palm House (Early Learning Centre)        28. Pentreath Building (Middle Years)
                   Office (Senior School administration)   11. Maintenance and Grounds Workshops 20. Junior School Hall                                 29.   Gordon Building
 ration) 11. Maintenance and Grounds Workshops              20. Junior School Hall                            29. Gordon Building
              3. Memorial Hall                             12. Brookman Pavilion                        21. Shinkfield Building                         30.   Big Quad
         12. Brookman
              4. ChapelPavilion                             21. Shinkfield Building                           30. Big Quad
                                                           13. Health Centre                            22. Burchnall Sports Centre                     31.   Information Technology
         13. Health
              5. Big Centre
                       School Room                          22.Tuck
                                                           14.   Burchnall
                                                                      Shop Sports Centre                      31.Palm
                                                                                                        23. New    Information
                                                                                                                        House Technology                32.   Senior School Changerooms
         14. Tuck  Shop Library
              6. Miller                                     23.Boarding
                                                           15.   New Palm    House
                                                                         House                                32. Senior
                                                                                                        24. Bickersteth     School
                                                                                                                         (Junior     Changerooms
                                                                                                                                 School administration) 33.   College House
         15. Boarding   House
              7. Da Costa    Dining Hall and Kitchen        24.Athelney
                                                           16.   Bickersteth
                                                                         House(Junior School administration)  33. College
                                                                                                        25. Junior           House
                                                                                                                    School Pool                         34.   Allen House
chen     16. Athelney
              8. Florey House
                          Science                           25.Hill
                                                           17.   Junior
                                                                    Wing School  Pool
                                                                         Music Centre                         34. Paddock
                                                                                                        26. Goat   Allen House
         17. Hill Wing Music Centre                         26. Goat Paddock Shed
                                                                                                                                                                                                     OBH 17715
                                                                                                                                                                 OBH 17715
St Peter’s College

St Peters, Adelaide, Australia, 5069

+618 8404 0400


CRICOS Provider No. 01535E. The Anglican Church of Australia Collegiate School of Saint Peter, trading as St Peter’s College.
                                                                                                                                OBH 25493
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