BigFoot artS education - Foundation, Key Stage one and Key Stage two

BigFoot artS education - Foundation, Key Stage one and Key Stage two
Bigfoot Arts Education

Foundation, Key Stage one
and Key Stage Two
BigFoot artS education - Foundation, Key Stage one and Key Stage two
3	Introduction to Bigfoot                    11   Bespoke Workshops
5   Bigfoot ARTS eDUCATION Introduction      12 Sustainability - Introduction
6   BigfootERS                               12	Creative Approach
7	Our commitment to quality                  13	Creative Curriculum Consultancy
8	Early Years and Foundation Stage           13	Mantle of the Expert
8	Extended Schools Programmes                14	Off Site Training Courses
9	Curriculum Enrichment Programmes           14 Bigfoot Arts Club Network (BACN)
10	Creative Supply Days                      15	Contact us
10 360° PPA Programmes
11 Spotlight Specialist Performing
	Arts Workshops

BigFoot artS education - Foundation, Key Stage one and Key Stage two
In tr od uc ti on
to Bi gf oo t
We’re Bigfoot Arts Education and we’re here because we love                            share with others. And so, they used their imaginations to educate fellow
drama. Correction…we love children and drama. To be more                               members of their tribe, particularly the children who were most susceptible
                                                                                       to fun and learning, in lots of creative ways: through song and dance, games
precise…we love teaching children through drama. Why? Well,
                                                                                       and painting, poetry and playing musical instruments. Best of all though, they
to tell the story of Bigfoot Arts Education, we have to start with                     loved to sit around a campfire and tell fantastic stories; using their voices and
Karl Wozny. But to tell Karl Wozny’s story, we must first tell the                     bodies to bring them alive.
story of the Bigfoot people. So, pull up a chair and listen well…
                                                                                       Next to the Bigfoot campfire grew a special tree; special because every time
                                                                                                          the Bigfoot people would tell a new story, a very curious
              long, long time ago, before time was really kept, when all the forests
                                                                                                                          thing would happen, it would grow a new
              met all the mountains, and all the rivers met the only sea, and
                                                                                                                            leaf. And so, it came to be known as the
              all the world was one and known as Pangaea…lived a very
                                                                                                                             Story Tree. The Story Tree was the Bigfoot
              special tribe of people called Bigfoot. Strictly speaking
                                                                                                                                 peoples’ pride and joy, and every night
they weren’t really people, at least not like us. They looked more like
                                                                                                                                   they would tell tales to nurture it.
gorillas or apes, except they always walked upright and were very,
                                                                                                                                   Thousands of leaves later, when the
very tall; at least 5 feet taller than a classroom door! As their name
                                                                                                                                   tree was taller than Big Ben in London,
suggests, they also had very big feet, longer than your standard
                                                                                                                                  they ran out of new stories to tell. The
ruler; ideal for long-distance walking, and the Bigfoot people did
                                                                                                                                Bigfoot people decided that they would
lots of it, but more of that later.
                                                                                                                               have to put their big feet to good use and
Most importantly, the Bigfoot people were extraordinarily                                                                     travel the length and breadth of Pangaea
creative, with the most wonderful imaginations and an                                                                           to garner inspiration and stories from
unbelievable capacity to store and apply knowledge.                                                                              other people’s cultures. And that’s
Knowledge, they believed, was a glorious gift to behold and                                                                      exactly what they did…

BigFoot artS education - Foundation, Key Stage one and Key Stage two
Each year they would return from        times the length of Karl’s and he lost him, as well as a sense of where he was. So when
                                                         their travels to the Story Tree,     dusk came, Karl made a small campfire by the river and set up his tent to sleep in.
                                                               and stage a huge
                                                                 celebration, inviting        Under the starry night-time sky, with nothing but the sounds of hooting owls around him,
                                                                  people, for miles around,   Karl cooked his beans. Then: crunch, crunch…the sounds of snapping twigs and crispy
                                                                   to watch and take part     leaves. Karl looked up, startled by the reappearance of the creature who must have been
                                                                    in their ‘Festival of     at least 10 feet tall! “Don’t be afraid” he said, with a calm voice and a warm, wide smile,
                                                                    the Imagination’. The     “I’m Bigfoot!”
                                                                    festivals were truly      Karl invited Bigfoot to sit down by the fire and share his food.
                                                                   spectacular; for seven     Bigfoot then began to tell Karl all about the Bigfoot
                                                                   days and seven nights,     people and that he was the last survivor
                                                                   the Bigfoot people would   of the Bigfoot tribe. His stories were
                                                                  mesmerise their audience    so amazing that they stayed up all
                                                                 with all the amazing         through the night to the very next
                                                               songs, dances, games,          morning, when the campfire
                                                            paintings, poetry, musical        burned no longer. Karl was
                                                   instruments, and best of all, stories      fascinated by the Bigfoot
                                             they had discovered on their expeditions.        people’s creative way of life,
Sadly, thousands of years ago, after the world separated into smaller continents, the story   especially their tradition
tree was lost and the Bigfoot people became extinct...well…sort of. It is said that a hairy   of telling animated stories
ape-like creature can sometimes be spotted walking around forests and mountains all           around a campfire to feed
over the world. Some people call him Yeti, some call him Sasquatch, in China they call him    the Story Tree. “We call that
Yeren. But we know that it’s Bigfoot because we have a true story of our own…                 drama!” Karl explained to his
                                                                                              new friend. “Can I see the Story
One day in the Rocky Mountains of Canada, a young boy called Karl was trekking with his       Tree?” Karl asked eagerly.
scout troop. Whilst studying the wildlife, Karl was sure, as sure as sure could be, that he
had spotted a strange ape-like creature lurking between the trees. No one believed him.       “I would love to”, said Bigfoot in a saddened voice, “But I don’t know where it is. I’ve
“Stop making up stories, you’re scaring the others” Karl’s scout leader scolded. You see,     been searching for it all my life. I’m the last of my kind you see, and for me to find the
Karl was well-known for his rather overactive imagination                                     Story Tree would mean that I can pass all the knowledge of my people to someone else
and sporadic bouts of day dreaming. But this                                                  to share with the world.”
time, Karl knew what he had seen                                                              “I’ll help you find it” said Karl, this was just the type of adventure he’d always wanted.
was real, and he was determined                                                               “But I have to get back to my camp, everyone will be looking for me. We will see each
to prove everyone wrong.                                                                      other again won’t we?”
As the troop continued to                                                                     “Of course”, said Bigfoot, “We are friends forever now, whenever you come back here
trek, Karl suddenly saw the                                                                   I will find you, and we shall look for the Story Tree together. Now let’s get you back to
creature again. It looked                                                                     your camp”
right at him! But then it ran.
Karl pursued immediately,                                                                     Back at the scout camp, the two parted ways, with Bigfoot promising to visit Karl again,
running deeper and deeper                                                                     and Karl promising that he’d be back soon for the adventure of a lifetime…
into the woods. The creature’s
strides must have been 4 or 5

BigFoot artS education - Foundation, Key Stage one and Key Stage two
Bigfoot ARTS eDUCATION Introduction
          any, many years later, in the Bigfoot Arts Education                                    Bigfoot is not just the largest arts education organisation in the UK; we are a nationwide
          Head Offices in London, England, teachers of the young                                  creative arts movement! Each week our Bigfooters – the crème de la crème of arts
                                                                                                  facilitators – challenge 40,000 children to be courageous learners. And that’s not all...
          and very young have gathered for Bigfoot’s top-secret
          initiation ceremony, reserved for only the most daring                                  Our Bigfooters are not one-trick facilitators, their skills lie threefold:
and inspiring arts educators in the UK…
                                                                                                    Deliver an eclectic range of creative learning programmes to pupils, from Early Years to
                                                                                                    Post-16, inside and outside school hours

  Three Big cheers for Bigfoot!
            of Children’s Creativity!
                                                                                                     Train and consult teachers in drama-based approaches to learning and teaching the
                                                                                                     National Curriculum, on and off-site

Hip-hip hooray! Hip-hip hooray! Hip-hip hooray!                                                      Fill the shoes of absent teachers as specialist Creative Supplies

                                                                                                  We know what you might be thinking…but here at Bigfoot, high quality service and value
Teachers! Practitioners! Heads! Bigfoot greetings! And thank you all for being here with us       for money are not mutually exclusive!
today. Before we begin proceedings, a brief warning…Bigfoot’s theatre and performing
arts programmes are not for the fainthearted. Upon our arrival, classrooms full of creative
risk-takers are highly likely. Be aware that you invite us at your own peril; Bigfoot is unable
to accept full liability for hazardous levels of fun and drama. With that said, programmes
can be customised for your safety, so please do consult your nearest Bigfooter.

                                                                                                                                                                   JOIN THE
Splendid - no one has left! Brave, very brave…

Since our founding at the beginning of the new millennium, the following statements have
been held as universal truths by the Bigfoot organisation:
         •   Drama has the power to unleash young people’s extraordinary
             imaginations, and in turn, to build confidence and empathy.
         •   All forms of the arts are valid – from theatre to filmmaking,
             painting to dance, music to yoga.
         •   Children must be given the space to freely express themselves
             without the fear of judgement.
         •   The best learning results are achieved by making learning
             seriously play-full.

BigFoot artS education - Foundation, Key Stage one and Key Stage two
Bigfoot Chieftains, based all over the UK use their knowledge                                 And so, it is time for you to take The Bigfoot Pledge. Repeat the following:
and expertise to pick the very best Bigfooters to work in their
schools. But they need to pass the test….
Bigfooters-in-training, it has been a long and demanding journey towards arts facilitation.
Your CVs have been scrutinised and verified and your references have been carefully
checked. You have done artistic battle against other Bigfoot hopefuls in our competitive
selection process, proving yourself wise and able in the art of lesson planning, adaptation
and facilitation. Many of you are graduates with at least three years experience working
with children in a variety of settings. Yet, you have embraced additional training in
Child Protection, Supply and PPA work and shadowed our most experienced and                       I pledge to Bigfoot Arts Education that I will:
knowledgeable Bigfoot Mentors in pursuit of professional excellence.
                                                                                                  • Commit myself to becoming an arts facilitator of the highest
We can therefore say, with complete confidence, that you are the best trained actors,
                                                                                                    quality and standard.
directors, dancers, choreographers, musicians, circus specialists, physical theatre
practitioners, filmmakers, designers, painters and poets in the land.                             • Recognise that that I have a responsibility to uphold the integrity
                                                                                                    of the Bigfoot name by providing children with quality learning
   The Bigfooter ‘is’ the performance. It’s not just what they do in terms of the
           they provide, but it’s the way in which they do it which makes them stand
                                                                                                  • Have a professional approach and attitude to my work and always
                                                                                                    strive to achieve excellence.
out from the crowd. Bigfooters know how to play. What would normally be a routine
exercise becomes an engaging and memorable learning experience, captivating their                 • Develop my skills by attending Bigfoot’s professional development
                                                                                                    courses and adopt the required ‘Good Practice’ policies of the
class and involving them completely in the creative learning process.
                                                                      ”                             company as set out in each of the Bigfoot training courses.
– Lauren Senatore, HR Manager,
Bigfoot Arts Education                                                                            By completing the Bigfoot Induction Training course and
                                                                                                  agreeing to the Bigfoot Pledge you will officially now be known
                                                                                                  as a ‘Bigfooter’!


BigFoot artS education - Foundation, Key Stage one and Key Stage two
Our commitment
to quality
Before The Bigfoot Quality Oath, an important and extremely
exciting announcement:
Bigfoot Arts Education is proud to announce that it has been awarded the prestigious
Quality in Study Support (QiSS) kitemark! Hurrah! As many of you will know, the QiSS
offer support to schools, local authorities and lots of other educational organisations in
raising students’ achievement outside school hours. The award is a very proper, public
recognition that Bigfoot is utterly committed to the Extended Schools agenda and
upholding quality standards, using rigorous self-evaluation methods any teacher would
respect and welcome. A Big thank you to QiSS!

OK…now for the all-important oath:

                in the name of all the children,
                teachers and schools bigfoot service,
                we promise that we shall deliver our
                programmes, respecting and valuing the
                feedback provided by you and committing
                ourselves to always attempting to better
                our performance, in the true spirit of
                craftsmanship, for the advancement                                           “programmes
                                                                                                There is a ‘Bigfoot’ way of doing things, from the quality of the
                of arts education and the honour of                                                         we create, the nature of the trained Bigfooters that
                                                                                             deliver them and the caring staff that look after you, everything is
                children’s learning.                                                         done in order to provide you with the very best possible service
                                                                                             – Karl Wozny, Founder, Bigfoot Arts Education

BigFoot artS education - Foundation, Key Stage one and Key Stage two
Early Years and                                                                                Extended Schools Programmes
Foundation Stage
Teachers of the very young, we are excited to tell you all about the dramatic delights
Bigfoot has to offer you and your pint-sized pupils. We journeyed to the centre of the Earth
where the Story Tree grows, spending long days and long nights listening to every story it
has liked and remembered since the beginning of time. Needless to say, it took us a while.
But with the help of our expert Early Years Arts Consultants who know just what your
pupils need to blossom into confident learners, we have whittled it down to three, they are:

• The Feather, the Tooth and the Kiss (A friendship story)
• Around the World with Boone (A multicultural story)
• How the Story Tree Came to Be (A literacy story)

Our Bigfooter – The Story Tickler – will be your tiny troop’s Story Tree tour-guide.

They will bring:

• bags of enthusiasm
                              “in the
                                  The children were inspired, engaged and participated
                                      workshop/ drama activities. The Story Tree Tickler
                              really encouraged the children to use their imagination and      Teachers of the young, we are thrilled to let you know all about the after-school treats
• cases of creativity                                                                          Bigfoot has to offer you and your slight scholars. We didn’t need to travel as far as
                              to bring the story to life. I would like Bigfoot to come again
and                                                                                            the Story Tree for inspiration, only a few miles to the glorious and golden Houses of
• a luggage of liveliness
                              to deliver a literacy programme in the near future.
                                                                                  ”            Parliament. We just so happened to be there on the day Government declared “Every
                                                                                               Child Matters” and began writing, in detail, on lots of Green Paper that all children must
Get ready!
                              - Samina Chaudry
                              – Nursery Leader at Iqra Primary School.                         have SHEEP! It was all very exciting, but a little strange, until they said that SHEEP
                                                                                               stood for Safety, Health, Enjoyment/achievement, Economic well-being and Positive
                                                                                               contributions. So as soon we got back to our Head Offices we worked our fingers to the
                                                                                               bone, making sure our Extended Schools programmes had lots of SHEEP in them. They
                                                                                               are as follows:

                                                                                               • After School Performing Arts clubs

                                                                                               • School Holiday Performing Arts Projects

                                                                                               • Personal Development Programme for
                                                                                                 underachieving pupils

                                                                                               • Family Learning Programmes to encourage
                                                                                                 parents to support their children’s learning

                                                                                               - Bravo Bigfooters!

BigFoot artS education - Foundation, Key Stage one and Key Stage two
Curriculum Enrichment
We are particularly proud to announce this next menu of one-day programmes inspired
by a chance meeting between our Bigfoot forefathers and the brilliant Shakespeare! Allow
us a moment to explain: our Bigfoot ancestors toured the world amassing a wealth of
stories and wisdom. One of their stops was Elizabethan England where they met a young
playwright called William. He read them the first draft of a play he was working on and they
were immediately taken by the following lines:

All the school’s a stage,
And all the children special players;
Every subject’s a script to be learnt.
He later changed it a little, of course, but the original lines lived on through the Bigfoot   Ah, almost forgot…all the programmes are accompanied by a comprehensive Resource
people, who used interactive theatrical performances and workshops to teach the Bigfoot        Pack including a CD-ROM, lessons plans and other useful materials, making it easy for
children important values, academic topics and lots of other practical information. So,        you and your little learners to continue exploring the work.

without further ado, the programmes divided into four key subject areas are:

Literacy:                                       Social & Emotional Aspects

• The Big Read: Creative writing
                                                of Learning (SEAL):
                                                                                                   A fantastic morning- very enjoyable and suitable for our children. I loved the way the
                                                                                                           responses were taken into consideration, developed and incorporated; making
                                                • The Bigger Picture: Promoting Positive
• Charlie the Time Traveller:
  Literary genres                                 Relationships
                                                                                                ideas real.
• Play in a Day                                 • Working it Out: Promoting Positive           -Miss Cook, Bevington Primary School
• Come An’ See Anansi: Storytelling
• Rapspeare: Shakespeare through rap
                                                • Big Steps: Year 6 Transition
                                                • Moving on Up: Transition performance
                                                                                                  Please pass on my thanks. The children and teachers all
                                                                                                        it was fantastic, the facilitator’s skills were excellent
                                                                                                and the children learnt heaps
• Have You Heard?: Drugs Awareness                                                             - Brian Welsh, Holy Trinity
                                                • Black History Month
• Super Healthy Me!: Healthy Living
                                                • Think Simple, Act Big: Refugee Week
• Best Foot Forward: Healthy Living
• Cool It!: The Environment &
  Climate Change
• Rights Respecting Schools (UNICEF)

BigFoot artS education - Foundation, Key Stage one and Key Stage two
Creative Supply Days
We are half-way through proceedings, apt timing we think for a little edutainment…so here
are some informative non-jokes about our Creative Supply Agency:

What do you get if you cross a Bigfooter with a Supply Teacher?
A Creative Supply!

What does an absent teacher leave in the classroom?                                            360° PPA
Big shoes to fill!

Who would best be able to fill them?
Bigfoot’s Creative Supply Agency - the UK’s first ever specialist creative supply agency
                                                                                               It may be surprising to hear, but just like humans, the Bigfoot people loved to celebrate
we might add!
                                                                                               birthdays too. The only difference was they would celebrate them for the whole year!
What kind of day do your pupils get when a Bigfooter covers your absence?                      With this in mind, when Bigfoot Arts Education turned 10 we did something extraordinarily
A Bigfoot Day that covers the same topics you would have done using entertaining yet           special, began offering schools year-long customisable creative arts programmes to
enlightening creative arts and performing arts activities, not a day off!                      complement and enrich the learning already taking place. Simply put: you tell us what
                                                                                               you want your pupils to work on; it could be a specific skill, learning style or theme,
What’s the price difference between a
Bigfoot Creative Supply day and a
                                                “ …your Bigfooter was so enthusiastic
                                               and motivating for our children. When
                                                                                               and we’ll plan and deliver a whole terms worth of work using one or more of the
                                                                                               following disciplines:
standard supply day?                           he left, the children continued with the
None! No really, none!                         buzz he had created. You don’t get that         •   Creative Learning through Drama
                                               with standard supply agencies. What a           •   Creative Learning through Dance
What’s the catch?
Once you use Bigfoot you’re hooked
                                               fantastic service! Thank you very much!
                                                                                           ”   •   Creative Learning through Yoga (Yoga4life)
forever…goodbye standard supplies!             - Mrs. Pengelly, Wilson Primary School          •   Creative Learning through Music
                                                                                               •   Creative Learning through Visual Art
                                                                                               •   Creative Learning through Filmmaking (Cineclub)

                                                                                               Our Bigfooters can work with one class or lots of classes or a particular year group,
                                                                                               whatever you like. But, at the end of term we suggest that the pupils share their work
                                                                                               with the rest of the school community, just like the Bigfoot tribe did in their ‘Festivals of
                                                                                               the Imagination’.

                                                                                               Happy Bigfoot Year!                     “ Every other Thursday the whole faculty is on
                                                                                                                                                                         LOTC Logo
                                                                                                                                      PPA and Bigfoot send in 9 of their facilitators to take
                                                                                                                                      classes. We have been doing this now for 3 years and
                                                                                                                                      our children have developed immensely during this
                                                                                                                                      time, particularly in their speaking and listening
                                                                                                                                      - Catherine Morgans, Headteacher, William Davis
                                                                                                                                      Primary School

Bespoke Workshops
                                                                                             Bigfoot has gone to extraordinary lengths to cover most of the bases in order to meet
                                                                                             your needs. But because education is so broad and exciting from time to time a school
                                                                                             or organisation may want something created and tailored especially for them. These are
                                                                                             glorious times because we can get creative and plan a project in partnership with our
                                                                                             customers which is unique in every way. Below are some examples of bespoke projects.

                                                                                             •   A workshop to launch the new caterpillar wing of London Zoo
                                                                                             •   A play and workshop to tour primary schools on alcohol abuse
                                                                                             •   A play and workshop to raise awareness of environment issues
                                                                                             •   An installation project to create an authentic classroom in 1940
                                                                                             •   A drama project to help develop strategies for improved revision
                                                                                             •   A sleepover drama event at Natural History Museum
                                                                                             •   A workshop and performance project at Tower of London

                                                                                             There’s nothing we can’t do to help you get the project you want on time and on budget!

Spotlight Specialist                                                                         Let’s get Creative
Performing Arts Workshops
Bigfooters come to us with an abundance of specialist skills and love nothing better than
to help kids learn these valuable skills so that they can appreciate, understand and enjoy
other aspects of performance. Workshops are designed for a maximum of 30 students,
and a standard one day format includes a maximum of four workshops and a sharing
session at the end of the day to which parents and other students can be invited.

Workshops include:
•   Rhythm and Percussion        •   Physical Theatre
•   Clowning                     •   Puppetry
•   Circus Skills                •   Voice
•   Mask and Mime                •   Stage Combat

Use Spotlight to support Arts Week, summer projects, a post SAT activity or
just for some creative fun!

Let the performance begin!

Sustainability                                                    Creative Approach
- Introduction                                                    Creative Approach is Bigfoot’s long-running and wildly successful whole school
                                                                  INSET programme.

                                                                  Areas covered include:

By now you will be wondering how you                              • Creative curriculum using drama
can incorporate and sustain Bigfootish                            • Creative lesson planning and structure
levels of creative learning in your own                           • Use of drama for soft skills
day-to-day teaching. Fear not, Bigfoot is a
Big believer in sharing good practice! In                         Essential Requirements:
fact, it is our humble goal to help at least
                                                                  • A can-do attitude
two members of staff in every UK school
become able and confident in using drama                          • An ability to have fun (no experience required)
to inspire their students. The passing down                       • Willingness to move around (flexibility an advantage)
of ancient Bigfoot traditions though is very
serious business, so before we reveal our 5                       Additional Requirements:
sustainability programmes you must first take
                                                                  • An ability to regress to childhood levels of silliness (qualification preferred)
the Pledge of Bigfoot Allegiance:
                                                                  • Advanced laughing at yourself skills (experience needed)

                                                                  Customisation possible. Learning guaranteed.

                 we, teachers of the young and very
                 young, pledge allegiance to the former
                 land of the bigfoot people, pangea, and
                 to the creativity for which it stood; and
                 as one united people, we pledge to bring
                 drama to the classroom so as to achieve
                 engagement, enlightenment and enrichment
                 for our nation of children.

Creative Curriculum
To ensure that creative teaching becomes embedded in your school’s DNA, Bigfoot’s
Creative Consultancy programme provides your school with the support and mentoring of
our Senior Facilitators. These Bigfooters love nothing more than having their brains picked,
particularly the left-hand side! Drawing from their arsenal of performing arts disciplines,
our Bigfooters will work alongside you to plan, deliver and assess a scheme of work. As
part of the package you’ll also benefit from our Creative Approach INSET sessions. Brace
yourself for the Bigfoot invasion!

“  Thanks for a fantastic term of work with your trainers. Our teachers were
inspired and motivated to use drama in the classroom and the results have
been fantastic. There’s a new air of excitement buzzing around our school,
and I’d like to put it down to this experience with Bigfoot

- Philippa Golding, St Peters

                                                                                               Mantle of the Expert
                                                                                               Mantle of the Expert is a cross-curricular programme teachers are calling “unmissable”.
                                                                                               Based on the truly genius dramatic-inquiry approach to teaching and learning by
                                                                                               revolutionary Dr. Dorothy Heathcote, Kevin Holland, Bigfoot Chieftain for Sussex, brings
                                                                                               you a unit of work that will be remembered and explored for terms to come. In the fictitious
                                                                                               world of ‘the company’ your class become a ‘responsible group’ with a challenge of
                                                                                               helping a ‘client’ in need. Critics are saying “it’s fantastic…children are enabled to become
                                                                                               agents in their own learning”.

                                                                                               The synopsis:

                                                                                               • Programme opens with an INSET for the whole school staff in using the approach for the
                                                                                                 first time
                                                                                               • Followed by, a day of planning, with you, to create an exciting unit of work
                                                                                               • We then work in role with your class to get the project off the ground
                                                                                               • As the project progresses, preliminary visits, in role, to ‘the company’ are arranged
                                                                                               • Project closes with a breath-taking climax: a final visit to ‘the company’!

Off Site Training Courses                                                                       Bigfoot Arts Club
In keeping with the conventions of theatre, Bigfoot offers you a dramatic change of scene       Network (BACN)
with our Off Site Training Courses.
                                                                                                Remember we mentioned our modest plans to train a minimum of two staff members
The setting? Our lovely Head Office in South West London.                                       in every UK school in delivering high-quality arts programmes? Well…this is our BACN
The cast? Absolutely anyone who suspects they have Bigfootish dramatic tendencies               master plan in a footshell…
and would like to learn how to use this predisposition and other arts disciplines as an         • Make all school staff eligible for BACN training: teachers, HLTAs, TAs, Learning Mentors
educational tool. No previous experience is required, unless you would like to star in one of     and Youth Workers.
our advanced courses.
                                                                                                • Use 4 inspirational INSET sessions over 3 terms to empower staff to be autonomous
The plot?                                                                                         forces of arts-based teaching and learning. Skills to cover: drama, behavior
• Vocal Skills for Class Teachers                                                                 management and facilitation.
• Advanced Behaviour Management                                                                 • Get trainees to stage 3 schemes of works in their school. Trainees can choose to deliver
  Strategies using Drama                                                                          their drama programmes as part of literacy, PPA cover or as an after-school drama club,
• 2 day introduction course in                                                                    or perhaps all 3.
  ‘Facilitating Drama’
                                                                                                • Inform schools that BACN can pay for itself in 1 year and help raise much needed
• Working creatively with Foundation Stage                                                        revenues for their school if they cut back on outsourcing and request those parents
  & KS1                                                                                           that can afford to pay (Non Free School Meals) to contribute a small fee for their child to
• How to Create Devised Theatre with                                                              attend after school sessions.
  your group
                                                                                                • Give participants a new name at the end of their training: Bigfoot Arts Club Leaders! And
• Working Creatively with Young people
                                                                                                  tell them what that means: they will be the ‘go to’ drama people in their school - human
• Drama Games Day                                                                                 theatrical resources!
• How to use Visual Art in a class room
  or workshop Setting
• How to Develop the use of Music in your                                                       “alive!
                                                                                                    When I taught my class using the skills I’d learned I felt truly
                                                                                                        This is why I got into teaching, to make a difference. I can
  classroom or workshop setting
• How to facilitate Dance in a workshop
                                                                                                 be that teacher that pupils remember in years to come
  (for non-dancers)                                                                             – Teacher, Holbeach Primary

All courses take place at our regional
                                                                                                                                        “   I can’t believe how my pupils have developed in
                                                                                                                                        their speaking and listening skills since I started this
centres across the land and are suitable for                                                                                            programme. The thing that has struck     me even more
                                                                                                                                                                          LOTC Logo
all teachers, HLTAs and TAs regardless of                                                                                               is seeing how they have grown in their confidence
their level of drama experience.                                                                                                        each term. I did this!
                                                                                                                                        – Teacher, Riversdale Primary

 Hello there!
 Let me introduce you to the Bigfoot Head Office Team Below.

                Karl Wozny - Bigfoot Elder                                                               Agatha Ogbe - Accounts Manager
                Karl’s the Bigfoot Elder, he’s the one with the big feet, and the one who met with       Agatha Ogbe is the numbers lady. She creates wonderful relationships with
                Bigfoot himself and helped him to find the Story Tree. In 2000 he set up Bigfoot         the people who pay for our services and the people we pay to deliver them,
                out of his bedroom, but he had to move out to spread his feet more when                  ensuring complete harmony in the accounts department. Agatha is extremely
                the demand for his workshops became too much it gave him foot ache. He                   studious, constantly taking courses and passing exams.
                branched out and sourced the best Bigfooters in the land to help the company
                develop to what we know and love today.                                                Sarah Gray - Staffing Manager
                                                                                                       Sarah is the Bigfoot head hunter, and ensures that every workshop is staffed
             Lauren Senatore - Company Manager                                                         properly, matching every customer with the appropriately skilled Bigfooter. She
             Lauren manages the team’s effectiveness and undertakes all of the HR,                     knows who works best in each environment so her memory is better than an
              recruitment and training within Bigfoot, ensuring we choose and nurture the very         elephant! She has two daughters and in her spare time is a magistrate.
              best Bigfooters! Last year she climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for charity.
                                                                                                     Sam Sharman - Extended Services Manager
              Lizzie Howard - Projects Manager                                                       Sam manages all things clubby such as after school projects and also talks to
              Lizzie cracks the whip to ensure that every project is run to exceed customers         schools who want to have their absent staff covered by our Bigfooters. Sam loves
              expectations. She is the consummate organiser, and has a special sense for             going to music festivals and is often seen in fields with his guitar. In his spare time
              what schools need. You may have previously booked some of her wonderful                Sam is a trainee counsellor and from time to time works with the Samaritans.
             Curriculum Enrichment Programmes for Black History Month, Refugee Week and
             Anti-Bullying Week to name a few. Every year she collects money for Poppy Day            Heidi Hinchliffe - PPA Manager
             and cycles the London to Brighton for charity.                                           Heidi is Bigfoot’s newest star. Previously a primary teacher, then a recruitment
                                                                                                     manager for a leading teacher recruitment agency, Heidi jumped at the chance to
           Carolina Giammetta-Cordes - Master Trainer                                                work for Bigfoot to help schools obtain top quality creative PPA provision. Being
           Carolina is the longest serving Bigfooter. Joining in 2001, she has developed all         Australian Heidi loves to travel all over Europe. In her spare time she is a school
           of the Bigfoot training for Bigfooters, teachers and non-teaching specialists. We         governor for a primary school in Newham.
           believe that Carolina is the best trainer in the world. She embodies the essence of
           Bigfoot and shares her skills with thousands of children, young people and adults          Adrian Benn - Master Bigfooter
           alike every year. Carolina is also a brilliant project manager and curriculum writer.      Adrian is our Master Bigfooter. He facilitates the whole range of Bigfoot
           Having just finished her Triathlon for charity, she also has a penchant for camping.       programmes and is the busiest Bigfooter in the world. We have yet to have
                                                                                                      a school that has not given him 11 out of 10. As if thats not enough he’s a
           Gail Clark - Schools Liaison Manager                                                       musician, DJ and runs the Bigfoot Youth Theatre with Lizzie and Lauren.
           Gail is the second longest serving Bigfooter and has done everything from project
           management to curriculum writer and business development to customer relations.
           Currently Gail oversees all of the schools who enquire about our services, ensuring
           that they are looked after to the point of booking when they are passed over to
           their project managers. Gail has had four books published and is about to have                        COnTACT US:
           her second child.
                                                                                                                 t 0800 644 6034
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