Bologna Book Fair 2020 - Rights Guide -

Bologna Book Fair 2020 - Rights Guide -
Bologna Book Fair 2020
      Rights Guide
Bologna Book Fair 2020 - Rights Guide -

Middle Grade & Younger Readers
5     The Heartsong of Wonder Quinn by Kate Gordon
6     Footprints on the Moon by Lorraine Marwood
7     Zoe, Max and the Bicycle Bus by Steven Herrick
8     My Dog is a Winner by Elizabeth Fensham
9     As Fast as I Can by Penny Tangey
10    The Elephant by Peter Carnavas
11    Untitled by Nova Weetman
12    Fozia and the Quest of Prince Zal by Rosanne Hawke

Young Adult
15   Henry Hamlet’s Heart by Rhiannon Wilde
16   This One is Ours by Kate O’Donnell
17   When We Are Invisible by Claire Zorn

Picture Books
19    The Bird in the Herd by Kathryn Apel & Renée Treml
20    Time for Adventure, Daddy by Dave Hackett
21    A Quiet Girl by Peter Carnavas
22    No Place for an Octopus by Claire Zorn
23    My Dad is a Dragon by Damon Young & Peter Carnavas

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                       as of April 2020

Bologna Book Fair 2020 - Rights Guide -
The Heartsong of
                                                     Wonder Quinn
                                                     Kate Gordon
                                                     The Heartsong of Wonder Quinn is an
                                                     enchanting fairytale celebrating
                                                     friendship, bravery and the
                                                     importance of staying true to

                                                     Wonder Quinn is a lonely orphan who lives in
                                                     the attic of Direleafe Hall with only a gloomy
                                                     crow for company. Every year she watches the
                                                     other girls return to school, hoping to find a

Middle Grade &
                                                     friend among them. And every year her heart
                                                     breaks when she doesn’t.
                                                     So when a fiery new girl befriends her in class,
                                                     Wonder’s dreams seem to be coming true. But

Younger Readers   ‘
                                                     as the girls grow closer, Wonder discovers her
                      As with her previous titles,
                                                     friend has a list of strange wishes: Throw a pie,
                      Gordon’s strength lies in
                      conveying the power of
                                                     leap into the sky, break someone’s heart…
                      friendship.’                   What is Mabel’s big secret? And why is she in
                                                     such a hurry to finish her list?
                      Books+Publishing               Kate Gordon Kate Gordon grew up in a very
                                                     booky house, with two librarian parents, in
                                                     a small town by the sea in Tasmania. After
                                                     studying performing arts and realising she was a
                                                     terrible actor, Kate decided to give in to genetics
                                                     and study to be a librarian herself. She never
                                                     stopped writing. Her most recent publications
                                                     are the young adult novel Girl Running, Boy
                                                     Falling (A&U) and the younger reader series Juno
                                                     Jones: Word Ninja (Yellow Brick Books).

                                                     ISBN 978 0 7022 6282 1
                                                     RRP $14.99
                                                     Category Younger Reader, 7+
                                                     Format B-format paperback, 180pp inc 6 b&w illos Pub
                                                     date September 2020
                                                     Rights held UK, US, Can, Trans
                                                     Rights sold Russian (Eksmo)
Bologna Book Fair 2020 - Rights Guide -
Footprints on the Moon                                                                  Zoe, Max and the
                               Lorraine Marwood                                                                        Bicycle Bus
                                                                                                                       Steven Herrick
                               Lorraine’s previous book Leave                                                          From the master of free verse
                               Taking was the joint winner of                                                          Steven Herrick comes this funny
                               the 2019 NSW Premier’s Literary                                                         and uplifting middle-grade verse
                               Awards, Patricia Wrightson Prize
                               for Children’s Literature and was                                                       novel about a classroom of kids who
                               shortlisted for the 2019 CBCA                                                           get on their bikes to ride for change.
                               Book of the Year, Younger Readers.
                                                                                                                       With their new teacher’s help, the kids in Class
                               A verse novel set against the backdrop of 1969,                                         5D ride to school together in a bicycle bus.
                               when humans first landed on the moon and the                                            Olivia can fix a puncture in two minutes and
                               Vietnam War was raging.                                                                 Max can ride on one wheel.
                               Sharnie is trying to make sense of the confusing                                        Lily wishes she wasn’t quite so wobbly and
                               and changing times while also starting at a new                                         Dylan has a speedy getaway from alley cats,
                               school, dealing with her grandmother having                                             Dabir’s glad to be part of a group and Zoe’s
                               health issues and coping with her wayward                                               bike even has a name (Esmeralda). Everyone

‘                                                                                     ‘
    Exquisite.’                sister, Cas.                                                                            loves their new way of getting to school.
                                                                                          ‘Herrick homes in on the
                               Footprints on the Moon dextrously raises                   emotion of the moment
                                                                                                                       But there’s a narrow stretch with no white line
    Children’s Book Daily on   important and timely themes for its intended               and traps it like a bug in   to separate the cyclists from the local traffic, so
    Leave Taking               audience: friendship, family, death, grief,                a jar.’                      Zoe and Max decide they need to make it right
                               support, war, protesting, and conscription.                                             (even if that means breaking a few rules).
                                                                                          Sunday Age

                               Lorraine Marwood was born and raised in                                                 Steven Herrick is the author of twenty-five
                               rural Victoria and lives with her husband on                                            books for children and young adults. His books
                               a dairy farm. She has six children and twelve                                           have twice won the New South Wales Premier’s
                               grandchildren, and she loves to craft, sew,                                             Literary Awards and have been shortlisted
                               garden, walk her dog Monti and bake for family                                          for the Children’s Book Council of Australia
                               gatherings. She has been a headmistress of a                                            Book of the Year Awards on nine occasions.
                               rural school and has studied literacy.                                                  He is the winner of a prestigious Deutsche
                               ISBN 978 0 7022 6283 8                                                                  ISBN 978 0 7022 6300 2
                               RRP $14.99                                                                              RRP $16.99
                               Category Younger Reader, 7+                                                             Category Middle Grade, 9+
                               Format B-format paperback, 136pp                                                        Format B-format paperback, 228pp
                               Pub date February 2021                                                                  Pub date October 2020
                               Rights held UK, US, Can, Trans                                                          Rights held Film/TV, UK, US, Can, Trans

                                                                                  6                                                                                          7
Bologna Book Fair 2020 - Rights Guide -
My Dog is a Winner                                                                       As Fast As I Can
                                   Elizabeth Fensham                                                                        Penny Tangey
                                   The third book in the ‘My Dog’                                                           From CBCA-shortlisted author Penny
                                   series. My Dog is a Winner is a                                                          Tangey comes this funny, heartfelt
                                   paw-some tale of friendship,                                                             novel about ten-year-old Vivian and her
                                   compassion and finding happiness.                                                        quest to one day become an Olympic
                                                                                                                            middle-distance runner.
                                   Eric Bright and his doggy best mate, Ugly, are
                                   back. They’re up against their biggest challenge                                         Ten-year-old Vivian is determined to compete
                                   yet: solving the serious problem looming over                                            at the Olympic Games one day. Problem is, she
                                   Eric’s mean and miserable big sister, Gretchen.                                          hasn’t found a sport she’s any good at yet. But
                                                                                                                            everyone says if you work hard enough you
                                   It’s lucky Ugly is the friendliest dog ever. He’s                                        can achieve anything, right? So when Vivian
                                   a star companion pooch, working with kids at                                             discovers she has a talent for cross country
                                   school. He’s surely going to rescue Eric’s sister                                        running, finally, her Olympic dream might
                                   – and, on top of that, win almost every category                                         actually come true.
                                   at the upcoming school pet show. Surely.

‘                                                                                          ‘
    Eric is an endearing young
                                                                                                                            But then a family illness is uncovered and all of
                                                                                               As Fast As I Can will have
    character with a distinctive                                                                                            Vivian’s plans begin to unravel. Can she keep
                                   But when Ugly goes off his food and refuses to              you cheering from the
    voice.’                                                                                    sidelines from start to
                                                                                                                            her dream alive? Or will she be stopped in her
                                   play, Eric must figure out what’s hounding him.                                          tracks?
                                                                                                                            A funny, heartfelt novel about resilience,
    ‘A funny trip into child       Can he fix Ugly and Gretchen on his own?                    Allayne L. Webster, author   acceptance and dreaming big.
    and animal psychology.’                                                                    of Sensitive
    Kids’ Reading Guide            Elizabeth Fensham’s first novel, Helicopter                                              Penny Tangey largely writes humorous books
                                   Man, won the 2006 CBCA Book of the Year                                                  for young people. While at university Penny
                                   for Younger Readers. It has been followed by                                             performed stand-up comedy, including in the
                                   numerous award-winning titles. The first of the                                          Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Penny
                                   My Dog series, My Dog Doesn’t Like Me, was                                               now works as a researcher for television quiz
                                   published in 2014 followed by the second,                                                shows Hard Quiz and The Chase, but is still
                                   My Dog Gets a Job, in 2017. Elizabeth lives in                                           terrible at trivia.
                                   Victoria’s Dandenong Ranges.
                                   ISBN 978 0 7022 6295 1                                                                   ISBN 978 0 7022 6281 4
                                   RRP $14.99                                                                               RRP $16.99
                                   Category Younger Readers, 7+                                                             Category Middle Reader, 8+
                                   Format B-format paperback, 224pp                                                         Format B-format paperback, 248pp
                                   Pub date September 2020                                                                  Pub date May 2020
                                   Rights held Film/TV, UK, US, Can, Trans                                                  Rights held UK, US, Can, Trans

                                                                                       8                                                                                        9
Bologna Book Fair 2020 - Rights Guide -
The Elephant                                                                                Untitled
                                   Peter Carnavas                                                                              Nova Weetman
                                   An exquisite first novel from                                                               The not-to-be-missed third and
                                   acclaimed picture book author and                                                           final book in the award-winning
                                   illustrator Peter Carnavas about                                                            ‘Secrets’ series.
                                   Olive, Dad and his elephant.
                                                                                                                               Clem Timmins survived the first year of high
                                                                                                                               school and is back for round two. Everything’s
                                   ‘Your dad won’t fix your bike – until you fix                                               changing. Her best friend has turned boy-crazy
                                   your dad.’                                                                                  over the Summer and Clem’s mum has taken a
                                                                                                                               job working at the school canteen.
                                   Olive’s father has a sadness so big that she
                                   imagines it as an enormous elephant following                                               How is she going to survive Year Eight without
                                   him around. Every day Olive sees the elephant,                                              dying of embarrassment? Unlike everyone else,
                                   and every day she wishes it would go.                                                       she doesn’t want a boyfriend. She doesn’t want
                                   With the help of Grandad and her best friend,                                               to wear makeup. She just wants to be herself.
                                   Arthur, Olive sets out to chase the elephant                                                But sometimes that’s easier said than done.

‘                                                                                              ‘
    Carnavas takes the             away.                                                           A perfect story about
    tough topic of caregiver                                                                       being in-between. Moving    Can Clem find the strength to be at peace with
    depression and gives                                                                           and utterly absorbing. I
                                   But how can Olive move something so big?                                                    herself and speak up?
    it a delicate, graceful                                                                        could go on reading about
    touch. His plot weaves                                                                         Clem forever.’
    tightly together, and the
    ending twist is a lovely                                                                       Emily Gale
    completion. Black-and-         Peter Carnavas writes and illustrates award-                                                Nova Weetman lives in Melbourne with her
    white spot illustrations       winning books for children and the grown-ups in                                             partner and two children. She has written for
    throughout give a visually
                                   their lives. He is a popular presenter in schools.                                          film and TV as well as award-winning YA and
    accessible feel, as do
                                   Peter lives on the Sunshine Coast with his wife,                                            middle-grade novels. The Secrets We Keep and
    the short chapters… A
    delicate, lovely story about   two daughters and a small, charming dog called                                              The Secrets We Share are both CBCA Notable
    caregiver depression that      Florence.                                                                                   books.
    will validate and empower                                                             
                                   ISBN 978 0 7022 5961 6                                                                      ISBN 9780 7022 6276 0
    Kirkus Reviews                 RRP $14.99                                                                                  RRP $16.99
                                   Category Younger Reader, 7+                                                                 Category Middle Reader, 10+
                                   Format B-format paperback, 180pp                                                            Format B-format paperback, tbc pp
                                   Pub date July 2017                                                                          Pub date March 2021
                                   Rights held Trans                                                                           Rights held UK, US, Can, Trans
                                   Rights sold Film/TV, North America, UK, German,
                                   Turkish, Hungarian, Catalan, Italian, Chinese Simpl,
                                   Russian, Greek                                         10                                                                                    11
Bologna Book Fair 2020 - Rights Guide -
Fozia and the Quest of
                            Prince Zal
                            Rosanne Hawke
                            Set following the aftermath of the 2010
                            floods in Pakistan, this is a sensitive tale
                            of community spirit, human kindness
                            and the magic of family.

                            Twelve-year-old Fozia has survived the worst
                            flood in Pakistan’s history. But her life will
                            never be the same. With her little sister gone
                            and her parents missing, Fozia now lives with
                            Jehan’s family in a new village, hoping that
                            one day she will see her family again. But after
                            returning to her old home and coming face to
                            face with the brick-kiln owner, Fozia realises
                            there is much more at stake if she’s made to pay
                            back her family’s debt to the owner.

    A captivating story.’   To escape her new reality, Fozia tells her friends
                            a fairytale about Prince Zal. He rides a magic
    Readings Monthly
                            carpet on a quest to find his little sister, battling
                            leopards and hidden serpents along the way. But
                            can Prince Zal succeed in his quest if the truth
                            behind Fozia’s story is revealed?
                            Rosanne Hawke is an award-winning South
                            Australian author of over twenty-five books. She
                            lived in Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates
                            as an aid worker for ten years. She teaches
                            creative writing at Tabor Adelaide and writes in
                            an old Cornish farmhouse with underground
                            rooms near Kapunda.

                            ISBN 9780 7022 6276 0
                            RRP $14.99
                            Category Younger reader, 7+
                            Format B-format paperback, 184pp (TBC)
                            Pub date March 2021
                            Rights held UK, US, Can, Trans

Bologna Book Fair 2020 - Rights Guide -
Henry Hamlet’s Heart
                                              Rhiannon Wilde
                                              A romantic teen comedy-drama
                                              in the vein of the smash-hit
                                              Love, Simon. Winner of the 2019
                                              Glendower Award.

                                              Henry is neurotic and insecure: academically
                                              gifted, but directionless. School captain, but
                                              largely unpopular, he navigates the social mires
                                              of the private school scene with difficulty and
                                              hilarity by hiding behind his enigmatic best
                                              friend, Lennon Cane.

Young Adult                                    A photographer and football star, Lennon lives
                                              with his father. He is brilliant at most things,
                                              but highly emotionally guarded.
                                              After it becomes apparent that Len has always

                  It’s easy to get carried    had feelings for Henry, the two fall in love, with
                  away by this story, which
                                              both beautiful and disastrous consequences.
                  deftly breaks your heart
                  and sticky-tapes it back
                                              Dealing with key themes of friendship,
                  together again.’            LGBTQI+ rights, first love, and belonging, this
                                              is a coming-of-age, coming out story with a
                  Queensland Literary         twist.
                  Awards judges               Rhiannon Wilde is a high school teacher who
                                              loves words, books, and coffee. Her short
                                              story inspired by urban Brisbane, You Deserve
                                              Nothing, was longlisted for the Queensland
                                              Young Writer’s Award in 2014. Stylistically she
                                              has always been influenced by poetry, and the
                                              works of people like Sylvia Plath and WB Yeats.

                                              ISBN 978 0 7022 6314 9
                                              RRP $19.99
                                              Category YA, 15+
                                              Format B-format paperback, pp tbc
                                              Pub date July 2021
                                              Rights held Film/TV, UK, US, Can, Trans

Bologna Book Fair 2020 - Rights Guide -
This One is Ours                                                                             When We Are Invisible
                                  Kate O’Donnell                                                                               Claire Zorn
                                  Sofie is a dreamy young artist with her                                                      The haunting, timely and highly-
                                  head in the clouds, but when she travels                                                     anticipated sequel to the award-
                                  to Paris on exchange, she’s awakened                                                         winning dystopian novel The Sky So
                                  to the power of art in inspiring change                                                      Heavy.
                                  in the world. Can she reconcile what
                                  art means for her?                                                                           ‘Instinct has kept us alive so far. It’s like a compass in
                                                                                                                               my gut and I tune into the needle often: trust/don’t
                                  When she goes on exchange, she is expecting                                                  trust, run/stay.The winter has brought out the animal
                                  magnificent adventures of the heart and mind.                                                within all of us and we teeter between predator and
                                  Yet France isn’t what she imagined. Sofie’s more                                             prey, trying to find the balance of humanity between
                                  homesick than lovesick.                                                                      the two. I can’t read the needle right now.The
                                                                                                                               warmth of the room is clouding my judgment.’
                                  But then her host sister, Delphine, and fellow
                                  artist Olivier show her a different side of Paris,                                           Lucy, Fin and Max flee Sydney in the aftermath

                                                                                                                               of a nuclear winter and find comfort and

    ‘I adored this book, with
                                  and Sofie starts to question her ideas of art,
                                                                                                     I couldn’t stop reading   refuge with a small settlement in the southern
    its gorgeous prose and        beauty and meaning. Of everything. There’s                         until I knew what would
    characters I didn’t want to   truth in what her best friend, Crow, has been                                                bushlands. There’s much relief in a warm bed
                                                                                                     happen. If there is a
    leave behind. Read it.’       saying all along: the world is in crisis and people                sequel, bring it on.’
                                                                                                                               and a full stomach, but soon Lucy begins to
                                  need to take notice. And when a catastrophe                                                  question the community’s ideals. Maybe they’re
    Cath Crowley on Untidy        strikes close to home, Sofie realises she needs to act.            Good Reading Magazine     not as safe as they think?
    Towns                                                                                            on The Sky so Heavy
                                  Kate O’Donnell is a writer, editor and                                                       Claire Zorn lives on the south coast of New
                                  bookseller specialising in children’s and young                                              South Wales with her husband and two small
                                  adult literature. She has a BA in History and                                                children. Her first young adult novel, The Sky
                                  French from the University of Melbourne and                                                  So Heavy, was a 2014 Children’s Book Council
                                  studied Professional Writing and Editing at RMIT.                                            of Australia Honour Book for Older Readers,
                                  Her first YA Novel, Untidy Towns, sold to great                                              shortlisted in the 2013 Aurealis Awards for Best
                                  acclaim.                                                                                     Young Adult Novel and shortlisted in the 2014
                                                                                                                               Inky Awards.
                                  ISBN 9780 7022 6028 5                                                                        ISBN 978 0 7022 6313 2
                                  RRP $19.99                                                                                   RRP $19.99
                                  Category Young Adult, 15+                                                                    Category Young Adult, 14+
                                  Format B-format paperback, XXXpp                                                             Format B-format paperback, 304pp
                                  Pub date October 2020                                                                        Pub date April 2021
                                  Rights held UK, US, Can, Trans                                                               Rights held UK, US, Can, Trans

                                                                                            16                                                                                              17
Bologna Book Fair 2020 - Rights Guide -
The Bird in the Herd
                                                  Kathryn Apel & Renée Treml
                                                  A rollicking story for early
                                                  childhood, perfect for reading aloud
                                                  and laughing along.

                                                  Look! A herd of cows.

                                                  Can you see…
                                                  the bird in the herd,
                                                  that stalks as it walks,
                                                  eating slugs, grubs and bugs,
                                                  that the herd stirred.

                                                  From a beloved children’s poet comes this

Picture Books
                                                  bouncing picture book celebrating rhyme,

                    ‘Another stunning read.       rhythm and cows, of course!
                    Kathryn Apel has mastered
                    the art of word selection.’

                    Kids’ Book Review

                                                  Kathryn Apel is a born-and-bred farm girl
                                                  who’s scared of cows. She lives with her
                                                  husband and two sons among the gum trees,
                                                  cattle and kangaroos on a Queensland grazing
                                                  property. She has written three verse novels Too
                                                  Many Friends (2017), On Track (2015) and Bully
                                                  on the Bus (2014) to much acclaim. A Bird in
                                                  the Herd is Kathryn’s second picture book.

                                                  ISBN 978 0 7022 6294 4
                                                  RRP $24.99
                                                  Category Picture Book, 2+
                                                  Format Hardback, 32pp + ends
                                                  Pub date March 2021
                                                  Rights held Film/TV, UK, US, Can, Trans

Time for Adventure, Daddy                                                                  A Quiet Girl
                                  Dave Hackett                                                                               Peter Carnavas
                                  The hilarious new picture book in                                                          From award-winning author/
                                  Dave Hackett’s ‘Time for…’ series                                                          illustrator Peter Carnavas comes
                                  that’s perfect for encouraging the                                                         a delightful picture book that
                                  whole family to go exploring.                                                              celebrates the beauty of the world
                                                                                                                             around us.
                                  ‘Come on, Daddy, it’s time for an adventure!’
                                  ‘But I have more jobs to do,’ says Daddy.’                                                 Mary is a quiet girl. Her family makes so much
                                                                                                                             noise they hardly notice her – or anything else.
                                  How can a little girl get her daddy ready to go                                            Until Mary, in her own gentle way, shows them
                                  on an adventure when he doesn’t want to leave                                              what they’ve been missing.
                                  the house?

                                  When the sun is shining, and there’s the
                                  promise of a picnic, the best thing to do is to
                                  head out into the big yellow day. Time for

‘                                                                                          ‘
    Hackett’s turnaround tale     Adventure, Daddy flips the fun on leaving                    Peter Carnavas is a magical
    and brilliant cartoonesque                                                                 storyteller you’ll want to
                                  work behind and adventuring into the world,
    illustrations are seriously                                                                listen to again and again.’
    kid friendly.’
                                  celebrating the special relationship that fathers
                                  share with their children.
                                                                                               Dr Mark Macleod, author,
    Boomerang Books                                                                            publisher and academic

                                  Dave Hackett is an artist, cartoonist, author                                              Peter Carnavas writes and illustrates award-
                                  and dad who divides his time between the                                                   winning books for children and the grown-ups in
                                  Sunshine Coast and the South of France with                                                their lives. He is a popular presenter in schools.
                                  the nicest lady on the planet (to whom he is                                               Peter lives on the Sunshine Coast with his wife,
                                  also married). He owns a share in two more                                                 two daughters and a small, charming dog called
                                  cats than he planned for and often paints huge                                             Florence.
                                  pictures on the walls of his house.                                              

                                  ISBN 978 0 7022 6285 2                                                                     ISBN 978 0 7022 6002 5
                                  RRP $24.99                                                                                 RRP $24.95
                                  Category Picture Book, 2+                                                                  Category Picture Book, 2+
                                  Format Hardback, 32pp+ends                                                                 Format Hardback, 32pp+ends
                                  Pub date August 2020                                                                       Pub date April 2019
                                  Rights held UK, US, Can, Trans                                                             Rights held Film/TV, UK, Trans
                                  Rights sold Turkish                                                                        Rights sold North America, German, Italian
                                                                                      20                                                                                          21
No Place for an Octopus                                                                     My Dad is a Dragon
                                 Claire Zorn                                                                                 Damon Young & Peter Carnavas

                                 Dive into this sweet and sensory                                                            From the award-winning author/
                                 journey through one boy’s                                                                   illustrator duo Damon Young and
                                 imagination.                                                                                Peter Carnavas comes a rip-roaring
                                                                                                                             picture book celebrating dads
                                 After discovering an octopus in the rock pools at the
                                 beach, a boy wonders about all the fun adventures
                                 they could share if he took the octopus home. From
                                                                                                                             ‘Some dads pull billy carts
                                 multi-award-winning author Claire Zorn comes this
                                                                                                                             painted blue and black.
                                 gentle tale of friendship and understanding.
                                                                                                                             But my dad is a dragon ...
                                                                                                                             I sit upon his scaly back!’

                                                                                                                             All dads are different. But what if your dad was
                                                                                                                             really different?

‘                                                                                             ‘
    I’ve always loved Claire’s                                                                                               What if your dad was a dragon?
                                                                                                  The pictures and the
    magical way with words                                                                        text are each joyful and
    and now her stunning                                                                          energetic – the combo
    illustrations have gone                                                                       is exuberant. Highly
    straight to my heart.’                                                                        recommended.’

    Megan Daley                                                                                   CBCA Reading Time
                                 Claire Zorn lives on the south coast of New                                                 Damon Young is a philosopher and writer.
                                 South Wales with her husband and two small                                                  He lives in Hobart with his wife, Ruth, and two
                                 children. Her first young adult novel, The Sky                                              editors (also known as children).
                                 So Heavy, was a 2014 Children’s Book Council
                                 of Australia Honour Book for Older Readers,                                                 Peter Carnavas lives on the Sunshine Coast
                                 shortlisted in the 2013 Aurealis Awards for Best                                            with his wife, two daughters and a scruffy dog
                                 Young Adult Novel and shortlisted in the 2014                                               that occasionally escapes.
                                 Inky Awards.
                                 ISBN 978 0 7022 6260 9                                                                      ISBN 978 0 7022 6049 0
                                 RRP $24.95                                                                                  RRP $24.95
                                 Category Picture Book, 2+                                                                   Category Picture Book,
                                 Format Hardback, 32pp+ends                                                                  Format B-format paperback, 32pp
                                 Pub date November 2019                                                                      Pub date 06/08/2020
                                 Rights held UK, US, Can, Trans                                                              Rights held UK, US, Can, Trans, Film/TV

                                                                                         22                                                                                     23
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Agence Littéraire Lora Fountain & Associates      T: 972 3 5614121                                       Herengracht 162                                  Bahariye Cad. 8/9-10
7, rue de Belfort 75011 Paris France              E : Tami Harel,                     1016 BP Amsterdam The Netherlands                34714 Kadikoy
T: +33 (0)1 43 56 21 96                                                                                  T: +31 (0)20 616 0940                            Istanbul / TURKEY
E:                              Italy                                                  E: Lester Hekking,              T:. +90 216 338 87 71 (Ext. 12)
                                                  Valentina Martello                                                                                      E: Begüm Ayfer,
Germany                                           book@ literary agency                                  Poland
Annelie Geissler                                  Seconda Strada 7                                       Ryszard Turczyn
Mohrbooks                                         San Felice, Milano, Italy                              AKF Literary Agency
Seefeldstr 303, CH-8008 Zurich Switzerland        T: +39 3479803359                                      ul. Hoza 21/23 m. 30 00-521 Warszawa
T: +41.43.244 86 26                                                Poland
E:                                                                        T: +48 22 621 8860

                                                                                                    24                                                                                                     25
    Kate McCormack
Rights & Contracts Manager

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