BT Ireland Unified Communications - A more detailed view of Unified Communications

BT Ireland Unified Communications - A more detailed view of Unified Communications
Unified Communications
BT Ireland

A more detailed
view of Unified Communications
BT Ireland Unified Communications - A more detailed view of Unified Communications

•   Unified Communications Description
•   The BT and Microsoft Unified Communications Proposition
•   The BT and Microsoft Unified Communications Proposition
•   The BT and Microsoft Unified Communications Proposition
•   Routes to Unified Communications

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What is Unified Communications?

•      Unified Communications (UC) has become the inclusive name for a
       converging set of voice, data, and video infrastructure services that
       integrate with common business applications to reduce typical
       communication bottlenecks.

•      UC links communication technologies (e.g. voice) with collaboration
       services (e.g., email, calendaring, instant messaging and presence) to
       improve information workers’ ability to interact with co-workers more
       quickly and effortlessly.

•      Functionality enabled by session initiation protocol (SIP) eliminates
       communication channel silos and provides services like presence,
       integrated messaging, multimodal conferencing, desktop call control,
       and asynchronous collaboration integration to accelerate business

•      Unified Communications demands close integration and seamless user
       experience across three historically siloed areas –
        – Network Infrastructure
        – Mobility and
        – Collaboration and Communication.
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What is Unified Communications? The analysts
With Unified Communications (UC), workers          Gartner defines UC products (equipment, software
collaborate with colleagues anywhere to solve      and services) as those that enhance individual,
business problems on an immediate basis*           workgroup and organizational productivity by
UC solutions eliminate technology silos and        enabling and facilitating the control, management,
integrate applications to provide richer           integration and use of multiple enterprise
functionality for existing desktop and             communication methods. UC products achieve this
communication applications*                        through the convergence and integration of
*Forrester November 2006                           communication channels (that is, media), networks,
                                                   systems and business applications, as well as
                                                   through the consolidation of controls over them. UC
UC enables users, from the desktop and from        products may be made up of a stand-alone product
any business application, to choose to email,      suite or a portfolio of integrated applications and
voice call, video call or IM through one click,    platforms. Gartner Jan 2007
without having to leave the application. UC
enables users to collaborate and conference
though a choice of communications medium, and            Collaboration &
to hold "virtual" meetings regardless of the             Communication
location of the participants and benefiting from
their known state or ‘presence’
Infrastructure, Mobility and the                                         solutions
Desktop/Application need to work together to                                         Infrastructure
provide Unified Communications
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Unified Communications…removing discretion


                                                                                                                                                                   Common Management
             Separate Management                                                                                Unified Experience

                                                                                                       Unified Messaging
               Instant Messaging


                                                                                                       E-Mail &



                                                                          Voice Mail

               E-Mail &



                                                                                                 Horizontally integrated common platform
  Vertically integrated communication silos
                                                                                                 Standards-based distributed architecture
  Proprietary architecture
  Limited accessibility                                                                          Accessibility in the entire network
  Many different databases
                                                                                                 One common database (active directory)

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What is UCC from BT
BT’s Unified Communications and Collaboration proposition brings together functions in
   IT and telecoms to exploit new available technologies and drive cost and inefficiency
   out of the IT department and ultimately the business. Consolidating networks into a
   single IP environment and migrating and consolidating IT infrastructures to the
   minimum number of instances, application and server rationalisation and
   consolidation allows voice, video, instant messaging, email messaging, fax, voicemail
   to all be integrated. The proposition allows for future flexibility to support changing
   business needs – risk mitigation.

BT’s Unified communications and collaboration proposition enables your organisation’s
   communications infrastructure, mobility, desktop and applications to work together.
   Users can take part in almost any kind of communication to anyone at any time, by
   linking voice, mobile and data services with desktop. BT UCC proposition enable
   individuals or workgroups to work together e.g. via voice, email, instant messaging,
   presence applications, voice and web conferencing, file sharing, applications sharing,
   records management, or online discussion groups

                         Unified Communications and Collaboration
                         will enable more efficient engagement with
                         employees, suppliers, customers and
                         business partners
                         Traditional value chains will be transformed into
                         dynamic, multi-directional trading networks
                         delivering greater business flexibility
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BT UCC – Position in the collaboration value chain..

                            Business Transformation
                    Aligning IT more closely with the business       BT Underpins
                        Business Process re-engineering

                           The Highest Level Collaboration:
                              • Applications to Application
                                 • Business to Business              BT Provides for..
                            • Horizontal and Vertical drivers
                                • Composite Applications
                             Service Oriented Architecture

                            Person to Person Collaboration:
                           • Application and information sharing     BT Provides
                              • Cross functional team working
                           Unified Comms and Collaboration

                           The Collaborative infrastructure:
                       • Instant access to information and people    BT Provides
                     • Presence aware, multiple service capability
                            Service Oriented Infrastructure
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BT UCC Customer Benefits
• Simpler collaboration, improved productivity - users benefit from a more
  controlled and manageable communications interface and can work and
  collaborate more effectively. Use of Instant Messaging can lead to a 30%
  reduction in mobile phone bills, 40% reduction in email traffic, 15% reduction in
• Increased responsiveness - converged voice and data facilitates a rapid
  response to changing business needs and seamless communication of
  information to all stakeholders.
• Increased business agility - geographically dispersed team members can more
  effectively function as a group and benefit from shared resources and information
  and use of core business functions/tools .
• Reduced cost - significant cost savings can be achieved through more effective
  communications management and reduced travel costs.
• Increased client facing time - individuals can increase time spent with
  customers through more effective communications management. Greater
  efficiency in contact centre / service desk environments resulting in more sales,
  faster fault resolution and greater customer sat, depending on the application.
• Growth of business ecosystems and value networks - providing
  organisations with additional opportunities to expand their business throughout
  the value chain.

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Will my company benefit from Unified Communications
& Collaboration?
 Forrester say Yes if your         Market Evidence Confirms
 business -
 requires on-going internal and    BP UC pilot to reduce time to first barrel by enhancing team
 external collaboration            collaboration and speeding up decision making.
 is ‘Face-time’ sensitive          Sage Research – UC frees up time that can be spent with
                                   customers, partners or employees -
                                   • Presence - Save 32-mins per day
                                   • Unified messaging – 43-mins per day
 strives for deeper                BT & Microsoft enable Federation – the ability to extend UC
 communication with customers      solutions beyond the corporate firewall to include customers,
 and partners                      suppliers and partners
 has distributed workforce and     BT employees 110,000 globally - UC enables 60,000 remote
 road warriors                     workers and 11,500 home based – Result – Property savings
                                   £500m pa
 operates in competitive market    BT Flexible working improved customer focus and helped
 conditions                        create a project based organisation renowned for its ability to
                                   rapidly create and deploy virtual teams irrespective of where
                                   the right skills may physically sit.
 considers employee productivity   BT - Productivity of teleworkers is consistently 15-30% higher
 and job satisfaction a high       than those based in the office, saving BT a further £6 million
 priority                          a year. 99% of employees who take maternity leave return to
                                   work once they have given birth.
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Why UCC? Facts & Figures (1)
 Web conferencing
     Companies using integrated voice and Web conferencing reported a
     30% reduction in conferencing expenses (by making integrated conferencing
     capabilities available in-house and on-network) and an average saving of
     $1,700 per month in travel costs.
 Unified messaging
     Organisations using unified messaging reported that employees saved
     43 minutes per day from more efficient message management, while mobile
     workers saved 55 minutes per day.

 Productivity / business continuity
     Use of soft phones realised average savings of $1,727 per month in mobile
     and long distance charges. Mobile workers saved 40 minutes each day,
     enjoyed greater communications convenience, and generated annual
     productivity gains of 3.5 days per year through business continuity impact.
 A presence enabled workforce
    Organisations using unified communications clients saved an average of
    32 minutes per employee, per day, because presence technology enabled
    staff to reach one another on the first try.
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Why BT as your global UCC provider?
•     People: BT has thousands of highly trained and certified people
      with Microsoft, IBM Cisco, Nortel and Avaya qualifications
      delivering Professional Services
•     Providing messaging technology to over 250 customers for in-
      house deployment
•     BT is Leader in Gartner MQ in Networked IT Services
•     Key partner relationships: Gold Partner accreditations from,
      Microsoft, Cisco, Nortel & Avaya
•     We support over 6,000 audio conferences a day – more than 2
      million minutes a day together with 1,000 video conferences a
•     We are Europe’s largest conferencing business with 12,000 ports
•     We host and manage Microsoft’s EMEA LiveMeeting web
      conferencing platform
•     Email service is a key BT competency and we operate one of the
      largest email systems in the world
•     Over 16 years experience providing messaging, archiving and
      boundary protection services for a wide range of large global

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Why BT as your global UCC provider?
•     Unified Communications solutions requires expertise and capability in both the IT and
      Networking environments. BT has a unique capability to deliver networked IT solutions.
•     BT has a set of tools that can prove a customers infrastructure across the local and wide
      areas and into the data centre and IT environments. Using these tools it can pin point any
      issues within that end to end infrastructure and instigate fixes to make that infrastructure
      Unified Comms ready. BT has a unique capability to integrate voice into a UCC
•     BT’s solutions are fully scalable. Customer can start implementing UCC on a small scale
      such as within one LAN in one building. They can then increase the intregration into their IP
      and IT environments on a global scale.
•     BT has from its heritage the knowledge and understanding of the “old” world of voice
      communications and how to integrate these with the new wave services associated with the
      new communications applications.
•     BT has the capability to deliver a seamless service across both the IT and telecoms
      environments resulting in extremely high service levels. BT can then deliver a single
      service level agreement from the application to the wires. This is fundamental to ensure the
      maximum performance from person to application. BT can off one point of contact for all IP,
      IT and UCC services.
•     BT has deployed the world leading 21st Century Network. This environment will transform
      / is transforming communications as we know it today.
•     The experience and capability around 21CN takes us to new levels of IT Service excellence
      and we are industry leading with regard to adopting Service Oriented Architectural
      standards. Ultimately BT has the capability to offer our customers a high service availability
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      environment from person to application and from application to application.
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UCC Main Messages

Key Messages •               Bring together functions in IT and telecoms to exploit new available
                             technologies and drive cost and inefficiency out of the IT department
                             and ultimately the business
                           • Consolidating networks into a single IP environment and migrating
                             and consolidating IT infrastructures to the minimum number of
                             instances, application and server rationalisation and consolidation.
                           • Provide voice, video, instant messaging, email messaging, fax,
                             voicemail all in a single instance.

                          • A single communications interface including voice, video, instant
Benefits                    messaging, presence awareness and collaboration.
                          • A single repository for all forms of messaging whether voice or
                            electronic with faster access to information and business tools
                            regardless of location and in a consistent format.
                          • An efficient IT and network infrastructure to support the business and
                            future business applications
                          • Optimised costs to meet IT budgeting challenges

                          ● Voice integration
  USP                     ● Network capabilities

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                          ● Single supplier for IP and IT Services
 Telecommunications plc
The UCC Proposition comprises products and services from a number of vendors.
The following lists out key underpinning products and services that support UCC:

 Microsoft                              Nortel:
 • Exchange Server 2007 Unified         • MCS 5100
                                        • CS1000
 • LCS 2005
                                        • IP Telephones
 • Sharepoint 2007
                                        • Converged Office
 • OCS 2007
                                        BT Conferencing provides:
 • Unified Call Manager (Version 5.1)
                                        • BT MeetMe and audio integration to LM
 • IP Telephones                          and LCS
 • IP Communicator                      • Microsoft Live Meeting 2005
 • Meeting Place                        • Microsoft Live Meeting 2008
 • Unity (unified Comms Platform)       • Microsoft Live Meeting Conference Plus
 • Desk Top Video                       • Cisco Enterprise Solution – available
 • Cisco Unified Presense Server          now for bid
   (CUPS)                               • LCS
 • Telepresense                         • Cisco Telepresence available now for
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The BT & Microsoft Unified Communications
Proposition…the software

                      Unified Messaging                Enhanced IPT

                   E-mail and Calendar                IM and Presence

                                                            SharePoint Server

   Conferencing                           Common                 Centralised
                                          Directory           document storage
                                                              Document, review,
                                                               signoff, control

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BT Managed Microsoft UCC Applications

• Microsoft Exchange 2007: offers built-in protective technologies to
  reduce spam and viruses, enable confidential communications and assist
  with regulatory compliance.

• LiveMeeting: enables multiple users to participate in online meetings,
  training and events using unique interactive tools that seamlessly integrate
  with existing systems and productivity applications.

• Office Communications Server 2007: facilitates instant messaging and
  presence as part of a secure, scalable, enterprise-grade solution that
  seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft products.

• Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003: provides an intelligent portal
  capable of seamlessly connecting users, teams, and knowledge to enable
  more efficient working and dissemination of relevant information across
  business processes. SharePoint Portal Server 2003 integrates information
  from various systems into one solution through single sign-on and
  enterprise application integration capability.
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Why BT and Microsoft
• BT and Microsoft better together
   – Reduces operational management time, risks, and end-to-end costs
   – Provides an extensive portfolio of communication and collaborative
   – Builds on your existing estate and services
   – Provides a platform for outstanding innovation
• Unified service model
   – End-to-end service options
   – Integrated service desk removes complexity
• Systems integration
   – The ability to provide collaborative application, access,
      communication networks and computing infrastructure
   – Integration of Microsoft with voice and networking infrastructure
   – Comprehensive Nortel and Cisco implementation and integration
   – Fixed and mobile access
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The BT and Cisco Unified Communications
BT Managed Cisco UCC Applications
•   Unified Communications Clients
      – Cisco Unified Communications Manager: enables unified messaging, multimedia
          conferencing and collaborative contact centres.
      – Cisco Unified Presence Server: supports Cisco Unified Personal Communicator and
          Cisco Unified Communications Manager to access voice, video, instant messaging,
          conferencing and presence information.
      – Cisco Unified CallConnector for Microsoft Office: streamlines communications and
          facilitates collaboration.
•   Presence and mobility applications
      – Cisco Unified Attendant Consoles: human operators can quickly accept calls, check
          user-busy status and effectively dispatch calls.
•   Messaging
      – Cisco Unity Connection: voice and integrated messaging solution.
•   Conferencing for collaboration
      – Cisco Unified MeetingPlace: an integrated voice, video, and Web conferencing
      – Cisco Unified Conferencing for TelePresence: connects Cisco TelePresence
          systems in a meeting.
•   Cisco managed services
      – Cisco Unified Application Environment: rapid development, reliable execution, and
          automated management of applications that converge voice and video with enterprise
          applications and data.
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Why Cisco
• Cisco is an industry leader
   – Cisco is a leader in total enterprise voice shipments in
     Europe, Middle East and Africa*
   – Includes both TDM and IP telephony
   – In the UK, in Q3 2006, Cisco sold more line systems
     (including TDM and IPT) than Nortel & Avaya put together**
   – Cisco is the worldwide market leader in wireless WLAN***

• Cisco provides key infrastructure which supports unified
  communications applications
   – Over ten million Cisco IP phones have now been shipped
   – Over 6.8 million unified messaging seats now shipped
   – Cisco is displacing more than 15,000 TDM phones every
     business day
   – Cisco’s market share of IP phone shipments is more than
     double that of its nearest competitor
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Why BT and Cisco

• BT’s Cisco credibility
   – Cisco Gold Partnership status in the UK, US, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain
       and Ireland
   – Cisco Global Managed Service Provider Partner of the year 2005
   – In-depth experience to deliver Cisco solutions with more than 4000 Cisco-
       trained field engineers.
   – We have won the following Cisco awards:
         o Global Award Winner for Service Provider Managed Services for 2006
         o Service Provider of the Year for UK, Ireland, Spain and Belgium for
         o Managed Service provider of the Year in Hungary, UK and Ireland for
         o Gold Partner of the Year in Ireland for 2006
• BT is a Cisco partner with
         • Cisco Powered Network (CPN) status on our WAN and LAN
         • IP Telephony Partner status
         • Advanced Security Partner status
         • Wireless Partner status
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         • VPN Security Partner status
The BT and Nortel Unified Communications
BT Managed Nortel UCC Applications

Nortel Communication Server (CS) 1000 IP phone system and Meridian 1 support a
  broad range of business applications, such as:
• Unified messaging
     – Nortel CallPilot: brings voicemail, e-mail and fax into one easy-to-use
     – Nortel Integrated Call Director: a personalised, one number find-me service
        that provides greater control
     – Nortel DECT Mobility: a digital enhanced cordless telecommunications
        (DECT) solution
• Audio conferencing
     – Nortel Integrated Conference Bridge: reduces travel time and expense,
        improves teamwork, speeds up decision making and shortens project lead
• Contact Centre solutions
     – CS1000 and Meridian 1 support a range of contact centre solutions.
     – Nortel Integrated Record Announcement: a fully integrated, multi-featured,
        digital recorded announcement and music on hold service
• Multimedia
     – Nortel Multimedia Communications Server: delivers multimedia
        communications including telephony, conferencing, e-mail, instant
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        messaging, and video
  Telecommunications plc
Nortel Converged Office proposition

Simplification             • One client for unified communications – Office Communicator

  1 23
                           • Full telephony control from the desktop
                           • No retraining – Retain the existing numbering plan

Collaboration              •   Real-time collaboration integrated with Presence
                           •   Integrates IP telephony with Microsoft Applications
                           •   Extend beyond firewall – Federation connectivity – MSN
                           •   AOL & Yahoo! + Other LCS enabled organisations

   Access                  •   Extends reach beyond PC to PC communications
                           •   Delivers telephony gateway for seamless communication to
                               the PSTN
                           •   Enhances mobility

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Routes to Unified Communications…

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Extending to unified communications and
         collaboration                                                  Microsoft
                                                                    Active Directory
                                                                    LCS 2005 / OCS 2007
                                    IP PBX
                                                 BT MeetMe              LM 2005
                                                                     MS Exchange

                                                                                                                           You have
You have                                                                                                                   achieved a high
achieved a state                                                                                           Federated
                              Cisco Users                            Cisco (UCP)                                           state of
of convergence                                                                                           - Collaboration
                                                                    Unified Personal         Federated   - Presence
readiness with                                   Unified Call Mgr
                                   Cisco PBX      CM 4.2/5.0         Communicator               IM       - Conferencing    Communication
common apps                                                                                                                providing an
                                      User        CM Express            Unified                          - Voice
such as IPT                                                                                              - Desktop apps    operationally
                                                      3.4/4.0       Presence Server
wholly or                                                                                                                  efficient,
partially                                                            Unified Client                                        business class
deployed                                                                                                                   infrastructure


                              IBM Users                             IBM Lotus Notes                                              AAI
                                                                    IBM Websphere                                            Monitor or
                                  Lotus Domino                                                                                 Manage
                                   User Base
                                                                    IBM Lotus Quickplace                                     Firstwatch
                                                                    IBM Lotus Sametime 7.5

                                  Convergence        Enterprise
                                     Journey        -Site Based
                                   Currently          Fusion                  Centrex
                                   Fixed IPT                                -Net Based
         © British                  Solution                                  Fusion
         Telecommunications plc                                              (Kennet)
Next Steps?

• Contact the BT Ireland Convergence team on:

• Phone: 086 909 6568

• Email:

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