Canterbury, UK Learn Study Explore - Chaucer College

Canterbury, UK Learn Study Explore - Chaucer College
Canterbury, UK
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Canterbury, UK Learn Study Explore - Chaucer College
Canterbury, UK Learn Study Explore - Chaucer College

Your English Adventure Awaits

About Us                     3    Exam Preparation           12
Our Location                 4    Subject Specific Courses   14
Accommodation & Facilities   6    Junior Summer Camp         16
Our Courses                  9    Courses For Groups         18
General English              10   Trips & Activities         20

Canterbury, UK Learn Study Explore - Chaucer College
10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Chaucer College
    ✔   Our experience - over 27 years’ experience in teaching English as a foreign language
    ✔   We are a British Council accredited English language school
    ✔   Located in the world renowned City of Canterbury, in Kent – ‘The Garden of England’
    ✔   Just over 1 hour from London and easily accessible from all major London airports
    ✔   Perfectly positioned in the South East for popular sightseeing locations
    ✔   Self-contained facility offering on-campus residential and nearby host family
    ✔   Secure study centre with 24-hour monitored security cameras and on-duty porter
    ✔   Wide variety of courses available for students of all ages and levels, groups and
    ✔   Fully adaptable courses to meet student needs. We work with you to provide exactly
        what you need
    ✔   Flexible and caring approach with post-course support. We go above and beyond to
        ensure every student experience is exceptional
Canterbury, UK Learn Study Explore - Chaucer College
Founded in 1992, Chaucer College is a British Council
accredited language school with over 27 years’ experience in
teaching English as a foreign language.
Our purpose built study centre is located in the world
renowned city of Canterbury, Kent - ‘The Garden of
                                                                    OUR MISSION
We offer a range of courses for both groups
and individuals throughout the year, including
General English (both part-time and intensive),
                                                                   To promote
exam preparation courses and subject specific
programmes. Our popular Junior Summer Camp
                                                           international cooperation
offers a comprehensive course alongside a packed
schedule of activities.
                                                              and friendship through
Chaucer College has an excellent reputation for being            the study of the

a welcoming and caring language school. We aim
to make all of our students’ learning journey as                English language
relaxed and enjoyable as possible - throughout the
booking process and during their time with us.

We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of
our students and take our responsibilities very seriously.
  • All Chaucer College staff have oversight of the

    safeguarding of our students.
                                                             a r e
  • On-duty security porter, 24 hours a day, 365
                                                         We          w ith:
    days of the year. We also have 24-hour
                                                              e l p
    monitored security camera surveillance.
                                                         to h           ht c o u r se for
                                                                                   e rig
  • All staff and host families are enhanced police
                                                              h  o  o  s ing th
    checked to ensure students safety and wellbeing       • C
                                                                                    tions                    d stay
    at all times.                                               i s a  a  pplica                    t o  a n
                                                           • V                               elling
  • Resident house parents are on hand overnight to                        n c e  o n trav
    assist any students and group leaders staying in        • 	Gui         land
    our residential accommodation.                              in ngE
                                                                                        sfers                          ith
                                                                                                                 nts w e
  • Students are accompanied by college staff and                   i r p o rt tran                    s t u d e
                                                             • A                              t for                nguag
    group leaders on all excursions and during
                                                                              n  g   s  uppor n future la
    activities by a ratio of 1 to 15 students.                • 	Ongoi d advice o
                                                                   help a                                               don
  • Emergency phone numbers are provided to all
                                                                        a r n i n g                        a re a , Lon
                                                                    le                              cal
    students, group leaders and parents prior to
                                                                                    r i n g the lo
                                                                      Discov UK
    arrival and can be contacted 24 hours a day.
                                                                 • 	             e
                                                                       and th

Canterbury, UK Learn Study Explore - Chaucer College




                                                               to L



    The world renowned City of Canterbury has welcomed people for
    centuries, from pilgrims coming to Canterbury Cathedral more
    than 800 years ago, to the international students of today.
    Canterbury has developed into a lively, vibrant city
    with friendly people and great amenities, including
    excellent shops, a wide variety of cafés and restaurants
    and a modern theatre hosting regular West End
    London productions and world famous comedians.
    With beautiful parks, a magnificent World Heritage
    Cathedral, a bustling high street and its quaint back
    streets, studying in Canterbury is guaranteed to be a
    unique and unforgettable experience.
    With direct access to London within 1 hour by road or
    high-speed rail, we are perfectly positioned to explore
    the best of what the South East of England has to

4                                                                           3
Canterbury, UK Learn Study Explore - Chaucer College
e  m   i ssed!
N o t t o amous Cathedral ury’s                                  history
            h e f                             t e r b
     isit t                      ut Can
✔V               o re abo
       ar n   m                  s’
✔ 	Le nterbury Tale                           ost Tou
    ‘Ca                            ury Gh                                   lf in
                    C  a n t e r b
                                                       s in  g    yourse
        ke th   e                                 e  r
 ✔ Ta                                 , imm
                 e r    p unting
        o r   iv                                                         y
 ✔ 	G tory                                                   kle Wa
                                             b  & Win                            the
                      c y c le  the    C r a
                                                            s  a t  any of
          alk or                                      a  ll
    ✔W                                   City w
                   w   it h in the d gardens
            lax                     s an                                   e
     ✔ 	Re merous park                                          Theatr
                                              M   a rlowe                        treet
                         h  o w    a t th  e
                                                              s  o ld   high s
              joy a s                           famou
      ✔ En                      g   in the centre                                      s
              o shop
                          p  in
                                      opping                                   variou
       ✔ 	G d modern sh                                   t  a n y of the
           an                              e time
                     d  y  o  u r leisur and bars                                 at any
         ✔ 	Sp és, restauran
                                                                 a n d  bands
             caf                                    music                    fer
                                   g u lar live enues on of                              t
                  ten t    o   r e
                                                     v                            n even
          ✔ 	Lis the pubs or                                   o r a t tend a
               of                                cricket
                             a   g a me of nd                                         with
                   atc   h
            ✔ 	W the Spitfire G
                                                                    W   h it stable,
                at                                       town
                                a r b y  seaside
                    isit ne                  rbour
              ✔ 	V beautiful ha
                  it s

Canterbury, UK Learn Study Explore - Chaucer College
    Chaucer College Canterbury is a purpose built private and secure
    facility, set within its own grounds on the University of Kent
    Located within minutes of the city centre, our campus boasts all classrooms, dining room and on-site residential
    accommodation on one enclosed campus.
    The safety, well-being and success of our students is at the centre of everything we do. Our campus has 24-hour
    monitored security cameras with a porter also on duty 24 hours a day.
    We are just a 25-minute walk from the centre of Canterbury, with a bus stop directly outside, offering a regular bus
    service to Canterbury city centre, its railway stations and nearby towns. By high-speed rail, there is direct access to
    London within 1 hour.
    With a teaching capacity of 300 students, we offer those

    studying at Chaucer College Canterbury full board,

                                                                 Camp ies
    on-site residential, and nearby host family
    accommodation options.
                                                                      i l i t                    ntial
        Teaching Capacity - 300 students
        Classrooms - 24
                                                                 f a c ms, dining ro losed campus
                                                                                    o m & reside

                                                                              sroo                          enc
    •   Residential Beds - 340                                     • 	Clas oms on one                                  securi
                                                                       bed    ro                              C C T V
    •   Homestay Beds - 80                                                                     nitore                     urs a d
                                                                          4 - h o ur mo                         2 4  h  o
                                                                    •	2                               orter,                         tering
                                                                               s i t e   duty p                     - h o u  se ca
                                                                     • 	On                                nd in
                                                                                     g     r o om a
                                                                          Dini    n
                                                                          team                                                               rt
                                                                                                                                       e sma
                                                                              u c k   s  hop                          i n t e ractiv
                                                                        •	T                                       h
                                                                                                          m wit
                                                                                  m   p   u ter roo
                                                                         • 	Co
                                                                              board                         re the
                                                                                                                     atre                    pus
                                                                                         s e a t  l e c t u
                                                                                                                               u t t h e cam
                                                                                       -                                  h  o
                                                                          • 	200                               hroug                  on
                                                                                            a v a  i l able t commodati
                                                                                    i - F i                ia l a c
                                                                           • 	W              sident
                                                                                and re
                                                                                           rts fie
                                                                              •	Spo                             t                              fun
                                                                                              e t b  a ll cour                  e   ro o m for
                                                                                            k                         /leisur
                                                                               •	Bas
                                                                                                 n  t   c o mmon
                                                                                • 	Stud laxation
                                                                                      a  n  d  re

Canterbury, UK Learn Study Explore - Chaucer College
RESIDENTIAL                                                      HOMESTAY
ACCOMMODATION                                                    ACCOMMODATION
Our residential accommodation on campus offers                   Perfect for students who want to study English and
students the opportunity to live on-site whilst                  experience life living with a local family for a fully
studying at Chaucer College.                                     immersive, cultural experience.

Male and female residents are accommodated                       The majority of our host families will host two or three
separately and have full use of the College’s leisure            students. However, some families are available to host
                                                                 single placements.
areas and sports facilities.
We provide our         own house parents in all                  We are lucky to have a large number of long-standing,
We  have an excellent
accommodation         rapport
                 blocks       with
                        who are  onthe localtocommunity
                                     hand       help with        Families
                                                                 reputable offer accommodation
                                                                             families who are moreand than
                                                                                                               to either one,
                                                                                                                     to share
and problems
any   are fortunate  to workyou
               or questions   with
                                may a have
                                      large during
                                              number   of
                                                     your        two
                                                                          three students in eachstudents
                                                                                 and welcome      household,   dependingthe
                                                                                                            throughout     on
stay.          host families.                                    requirements.   Homestay is seen by many  of our students
                                                                 year. All families are enhanced police checked and are    as
                                                                 one  of the
                                                                 visited      most important
                                                                           annually  by our and    enjoyableaccommodation
                                                                                               dedicated      aspects of their
All students accommodated
ACCOMMODATION             in Homestay will be transported
                      SUMMARY:                                   course.
to and from the College each day by our own private
    •	Full board accommodation service
minibuses.                                                       ACCOMMODATION SUMMARY:
   •	340 is
Homestay     beds  inasingle
               often   popular and  twinamongst
                                 choice   rooms International
                                                 (with bunk         • Located
                                                                      	      within the City centre and surrounding
students.  It gives them a chance to experience life with a           towns and villages
British family, learning
   •	Balcony             a little more
                 rooms offering          about British
                                    panoramic   views culture,
                                                       of the       • Minibus
                                                                      	      pick-up and drop-off service provided to
while city
            centre their language skills in a comfortable and         group bookings
informal setting.
   • 	Shared toilet/shower and kitchen facilities                  • 	Breakfast and dinner provided by host family
   • All
     	 bed linen and towels provided (changed                      • 	Hot lunch provided in college
                                                                    • All
                                                                      	 bed linen and towels provided (changed
   • 	Laundry room (subject to additional charge)                    weekly)
   • 	Wi-Fi available throughout accommodation                     • 	Laundry service offered twice per week
                                                                    • 	Wi-Fi provided by host family

                                                                 When not in class, take advantage of the College’s
                                                                 large playing field to the front with volleyball and
                                                                 football goals. Next to the College is the popular
                                                                 North Foreland golf course and tennis courts which
                                                                 are available to use for a small additional cost.
                                                                 The College has a large common room equipped with game
                                                                 consoles, a large television screen, a projector and plenty
                                                                 of films to choose from, or you can challenge a friend to a
                                                                 game of table tennis, pool or table football.
                                                                 The campus is also well-equipped to offer beach sports
                                                                 during the summer. For those who are more adventurous,
                                                                 the local Surf School offers many watersport classes during
                                                                 the summer, available to students at an extra charge.

Canterbury, UK Learn Study Explore - Chaucer College
Chaucer College offers a wide range of quality English courses to international
students throughout the year. Suitable for all levels and ages, choose from
any one of our General English, Examination Preparation or speciality courses.
We can also arrange short-stay programmes for group bookings, to include
offerings such as school immersion, teacher training and other bespoke
On the first day of the course, we give each student a placement test to assess their language level and identify their
leaning needs. We provide all course materials and give valuable feedback through end of course certificates for
each student.

                                                                    o d a tion
                                                          Accom ance
                                                          & ass            studyi
                                                                                  ng at
                                                                    ff e r   a ll stud ll board
                                                             We o                      e, fu
                                                                       e r  Colleg            tay
                                                             Ch  a u c
                                                                            i a l o r homes
                                                             residen odation.
                                                              accom                             lp
                                                                                         can he transfers.
                                                                                  , w  e
                                                                           ired                 rt
                                                               If requ return airpo
                                                                            s e

     Our General English language courses are designed to help improve and
     consolidate each learner’s English, with a focus on speaking and communication
     skills, vocabulary and grammar development.
     Lessons include a mix of language input and communicative activities. The language input and practice lessons
     follow a topic based syllabus which aims to maximise interest and, as a result, increase motivation to learn. The
     primary language focus is on speaking and fluency, supported by listening and pronunciation work throughout. The
     communicative classes are designed to further extend and practise the language through videos, games, role plays
     and so on.
     Available to students aged 16 years and above, choose from our standard course of 15 hours tuition per week or opt
     for a more intensive course of 30 hours tuition per week.

      Tuition        Classes          Course Dates   Start Date       Course Length Minimum Age Student Level
      15 hours per   Monday to        2021           Every            Minimum         16+ years       Beginner to
      week           Friday.          Monday 4th     Monday           1 week                          advanced
                     Classes may be   January to                                                      (A1-C1)
                     morning or       Friday 17th
                     afternoon        December

      Tuition        Classes          Course Dates   Start Date       Course Length Minimum Age Student Level
      30 hours per   Monday to        2021           Every            Minimum         16+ years       Beginner to
      week           Friday.          Monday 4th     Monday           1 week                          advanced
                     Classes are      January to                                                      (A1-C1)
                     morning and      Friday 17th
                     afternoon        December

     As the registered test centre for IELTS examinations in the South East, on
     completion of any of our preparation courses, students can register to sit the
     official IELTS examination here at Chaucer College, subject to booking and

     Aimed at any student who is planning to sit the IELTS academic exam and wanting a more flexible preparation
     programme, as opposed to our 2-week intensive course.

     Tuition         Classes          Course Dates   Start Date       Course Length Minimum Age Student Level

     15 hours per    Monday to        2021           Every            Minimum          16+ years       IELTS score 5.5
     week            Friday.          Monday 4th     Monday           1 week                           (average)
                     Classes may be   January to
                     morning or       Friday 17th
                     afternoon        December

     Designed for any students planning to sit the IELTS academic exam and wanting an intensive course, with exam
     techniques and practice as its focus.

     Prior to arrival, we issue each student with a pre-course needs analysis, in order to identify your learning needs
     and areas for development. The course covers all aspects of the IELTS academic examination and will provide
     students with the opportunity to sit a mock IELTS writing examination with focused, individual feedback.

     Tuition        Classes      Course Dates                         Course Length Minimum Age Student Level

     30 hours       Monday to   2021                                  2 weeks         16+ years        IELTS score 5.5
     per week       Friday.                                                                            (average)
                    Morning and Please see website for
                    afternoon   current dates.

     Designed for academic IELTS students who are looking to improve their writing skills to achieve a band 7 for
     professional or academic purposes.

     The course covers all aspects of the writing section of the IELTS academic examination and will provide students
     with the opportunity to take mock IELTS writing examinations.

     Tuition        Classes      Course Dates                         Course Length Minimum Age Student Level

     2 hours per    Every        2021                                 5 weeks         16+ years        IELTS score 6
     week           Tuesday,
                    7.00pm       Please see website for
                    to 9.00pm    current dates.

Covering all aspects of your chosen Cambridge exam – speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Students will also have the opportunity to learn from sample exam papers in order to be better prepared and
achieve the best possible result at your English level.

Tuition        Classes          Course Dates   Start Date     Course Length Minimum Age Student Level

15 hours per   Monday to        2021           Every          Minimum         16+ years          Beginner to
week           Friday.          Monday 4th     Monday         1 week                             advanced
               Classes may be   January to                                                       (A1-C1)
               morning or       Friday 17th
               afternoon        December


     Chaucer College’s English for Work course is specifically designed for learners looking to
     secure a job in English working environments, from submitting an application to facing
     the interview panel.

     Each day will focus on a specific element of the job application process. Key elements include:
       • 	Writing your personal profile
       • 	Writing cover letters, identifying your key skills, strengths and experiences
       • 	Writing a CV/résumé tailored to specific job requirements
       • 	Practise interview questions
     On completion, students will be fully prepared with the English they need to start their career.

     Sensitivity, accuracy and clarity of communication are key skills in the medical field.
     Specifically designed for healthcare professionals or university students, Chaucer College’s
     Medical English Course is carefully designed to develop these English Language skills in
     a variety of contexts.

     The programme will assist in enhancing confidence when communicating with colleagues, patients and their
     families. The course also includes preparation for the Occupational English Test (OET), so there is an emphasis on
     the exam techniques and study strategies required to pass the exam.

     English is the language of business. Chaucer College’s Business English Course is
     specifically designed to help develop the skills and confidence needed to succeed
     in the business world.

     As well as focusing on language for the workplace, our programme also looks to develop specific business skills,
     such as report writing, giving presentations and negotiating deals.

     Law is an international business. Our Legal English Course is designed for
     practising lawyers, law students and other professionals dealing with legal matters
     in their work.

     The main focus of the course is learning specific legal terminology and how to use it appropriately, while
     improving all four English language skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening) within a legal context. The course
     also includes preparation for the Test of Legal English Skills (TOLES), so there is an emphasis on the exam
     techniques and study strategies required to pass the exam.

     Tuition        Classes          Course Dates     Start Date        Course Length Minimum Age Student Level

     15 hours per   Monday to        2021             Every             Minimum          16+ years        Intermediate
     week           Friday.          Monday 4th       Monday            1 week                            to Advanced
                    Classes may be   January to                                                           (B1-C2)
                    morning or       Friday 17th
                    afternoon        December

     Our Junior Summer Camp is an exciting mix of communicative English language
     classes, fun activities, project work and excursions. By the end of the course,
     students should see a significant improvement in their level, confidence and
     Students enrolled to our Summer Camp will share classes and trips with others enrolled during the week. Classes are
     divided according to placement test results, taken during the first morning lesson.

                  Course       Arrival & Course         Minimum           Student                         Activity
      Tuition                                                                             Excursions
                  Dates        Departure Length         Age               Level                           Programme

      20 hours 2021         Every            1 to 4     11 to 17          Beginner to     1 full day      Full afternoon
      per week Tuesday      Tuesday          weeks      years (group      advanced        trip and 1      and evening
               22nd June to                             bookings)         (A1-C1)         half day trip   activities (2
               Tuesday                                  16 and 17 years                   per week        evening activities
               10th August                              (individual                                       for homestay
                                                        enrolments)                                       residents)

                    Tuesday       Wednesday Thursday        Friday        Saturday      Sunday       Monday       Tuesday

      Morning       Arrival Day                    Morning Lessons                      Full Day     Morning      Departure
                                                                                        Trip to      Lesson       Day /
                                                                                        London                    On-site
      Lunch                                              Lunch                                       Lunch        Activities
      Afternoon                   Local       Project       Sports        Half Day                   Project      for
                                  Orientation Class         Afternoon     Trip to                    Class        Continuing
                                                                          Dover                                   Students

      Dinner                                                         Dinner

      Evening       Welcome       Trashion      Barn Dance Karaoke        Arts &        Film Night   Farewell     Welcome
      (Residential) BBQ           Show                                    Crafts                     Disco        BBQ for
                                                                                                                  New and
      Evening                     Evening                   Evening     Evening     Evening                       Continuing
      (Homestay)                  with Family               with Family with Family with Family                   Students

     Enrol your group to Chaucer College and we will create a package tailored
     specifically to your length of stay, lesson content and your preferred trips and
     activities. Available for junior groups aged 9 – 17 years and adult groups aged
     18+ years.

     GENERAL ENGLISH                                               SCHOOL IMMERSION
     Chaucer College can help organise General English             For groups of students aged 11 – 17 years, we can
     short-stay courses for both junior and adult groups.          provide school integration days with one of our local
                                                                   partner schools.
     Providing a personalised service for each group, we
     will work with your group leader to organise the              Each student will be partnered with a ‘buddy’ and
     students’ preferred trips and activities throughout the       follow the school’s timetable of lessons and break
     duration of their stay.                                       times, for a true experience of life and learning at an
                                                                   English school.
                                                                   The group will be asked to share a piece of their
       • Flexible start dates throughout the year
                                                                   cultural background through presentations or
       •   Full board residential or homestay                      performances for a shared cross-cultural experience.
                                                                   Our school integration days provide students with the
       • Mix of classroom based lessons, project work              opportunity to study specific school subjects as well as
         and activities                                            build lifelong friendships with students from England.
       • Full day and half day excursions
       • All course materials and end of course certificates

     Delivered by a team of dedicated and suitably
     qualified staff, our     Practical English Teaching
     course is designed for non-native elementary and
     junior high-school teachers of English.
     Teachers will learn practical teaching ideas and
     methodology, practice common classroom instructions,
     explore   language,      literature   and   classroom
     management techniques whilst developing their own
     fluency and learning of the English language.
     There is also a possibility to observe lessons in a British
     primary school, subject to availability.

     OET PREPARATION COURSE                                        BESPOKE PACKAGES
                                                                   Aimed at groups of students and schools wanting to
     The OET examination assesses the English language             study in the UK, where the course length and content
     skills of 12 healthcare professions: dentistry, dietetics,    are designed specifically to meet the requirements of
     medicine, nursing, occupational therapy, optometry,           the group.
     pharmacy, physiotherapy, podiatry, radiography,
     speech pathology and veterinary science.                      Our dedicated academic team will work with you to
                                                                   create a course that is truly unique, tailored to meet
     The examination is intended to provide accepting              the interests and specific learning needs of your
     organisations with a reliable assessment of the English       students. Whether the group is looking for an intensive
     language proficiency of health care professionals             academic programme; a fully immersed cultural and
     seeking to register & practise in an English speaking         trip programme; preparation for a specific examination;
     environment.                                                  or a course focused around a specific theme, sport or
                                                                   project that students are studying or are passionate
     Our OET preparation course covers all aspects of the
     OET exam: speaking, reading, listening and writing.
                                                                   Contact us today and we will be happy to help create
                                                                   a course designed specifically to meet your groups’
                                                                   learning requirements.

     All group packages include a full programme of trips and activities. Dependent
     on length of stay, groups will usually have one full day trip and one half day
     trip during every week of their stay.
     We have a large selection of popular trip options to choose from and we are also happy to work with your
     group leader in arranging more specific excursions that are of most interest to the group.
     Similarly, groups can choose from our extensive range of afternoon and evening activities or we are welcome to any
     suggestions. Our dedicated Centre Manager and team of Activity Leaders are experts at engaging students in a fun
     and exciting way that solidifies knowledge gained in the classroom.

     Enhance your groups’ stay with our selection of                • 	Theme park visit – Alton Towers, Thorpe Park,
     additional activities and exciting days and evenings             Chessington World of Adventures, LEGOLAND
     out, subject to additional costs and availability:
                                                                    • Discover
                                                                      	       the magic of Harry Potter World,
       • Take
         	   a tour of Canterbury’s famous Cathedral or              complete with a shopping trip to Diagon Alley
         Canterbury Tales
                                                                 ADDITIONAL LONDON TRIP ADD-ONS:
       • Visit
         	    the Marlowe and Gulbenkian theatres for
                                                                    •	London Eye
         West End theatre performances and world
         renowned comedians                                         • 	Madame Tussauds / Baker Street
       • A
         	 trip to the local cinema to catch the latest            •	London Dungeons
         blockbuster movie in English
                                                                    • 	The Globe Theatre
       • Treat
         	    your group to a meal out at some of our
                                                                    • 	West End Theatre matinee show
         popular local restaurants
                                                                    • 	West End Theatre dinner and evening show

     Leeds Castle, Kent

                                                 Half D
                          Scotney Castle, Kent
                                                  Tr i p s stle
                                                           s Ca
                                                  • Leed
                                                       o v e r  Castle
                                                   • Chat           D ockyar
                                                            o  r i c
                                                      Hist               e
                                                    • Port
Madame Tussauds, London

                                                 Tower Bridge, London

                                                 Punting on the Stour, Canterbury
Greenwich, London

  Full D
   Tr i p s
     • Lond
     • Brigh
        C a m b ridge
       • Oxfo
      University Road • Canterbury • Kent CT2 7LJ

+44 (0) 1227 787800

       FOLLOW US @chaucercollege
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