NEWS CLIPPINGS • February 21, 2019

By the numbers: Measuring the value of this year’s potential trade deadline acquisitions
By Dom Luszczyszyn                                                  Corsica’s player ratings have Panarin rated as the fifth-best
                                                                    left winger in hockey and Stone as the eighth-best right
Generally speaking, there’s no day in the hockey season             winger. Adding that kind of talent to a team is a game
news cycle that is more overhyped than trade deadline day.          changer, the kind of move that can legitimately put a team
It’s a day filled with the hope that potential blockbuster deals    over the top.
can shake up the league in dramatic fashion, yet rarely
delivers. Seldom are there any legitimate difference-makers         Both players can pile up points, each scoring at over a point-
available that can move the needle towards that goal.               per-game pace, but perhaps more importantly, they drive
                                                                    play better than almost any other players in the league.
A quick look at the “top commodities” dealt over the past five      Among those that have played over 1000 minutes in the past
deadlines reveals just how shallow the talent pool has been,        three seasons, Stone ranks first in relative Corsi percentage,
even at the very top, and why trade deadline day has often          while Panarin ranks third. Importantly, that dominance
been a huge dud.                                                    translates to the scoresheet, too. Their teams have each
2018: Ryan McDonagh, Derick Brassard, Evander Kane,                 seen a greater than 10 percent increase in goal share with
Rick Nash                                                           each player on the ice, Stone ranking second and Panarin
2017: Kevin Shattenkirk, Martin Hanzal, Patrick Eaves,              19th in the league. In terms of micro-stats, Panarin’s work is
Thomas Vanek                                                        illustrious as he’s one of the league’s best in transition, as
2016: Eric Staal, Andrew Ladd, Jiri Hudler, Mikkel Boedker          well as creating chances in the offensive zone. Stone isn’t on
2015: Keith Yandle, Antoine Vermette, Jeff Petry                    the same level and earns his value elsewhere, but he still
2014: Martin St. Louis, Ryan Miller, Thomas Vanek, Marian           looks elite in that regard.
Gaborik                                                             In last year’s post, I estimated that one win of talent is worth
2013: Jarome Iginla, Marian Gaborik, Jason Pominville, Jay          an increase of anywhere between one-to-three percent in
Bouwmeester                                                         Stanley Cup odds for a contender. For players like Panarin
I count a couple of top pairing defenders, one true game-           and Stone who are worth over 3.5 wins each, their addition
breaking winger and a number of OK top six players – but            alone can fundamentally change the playoff landscape
very little in the way of top tier talent. If these are generally   depending on where they go, something only a handful of
the calibre for marquee names available, then it’s no wonder        players in this league can do. These two are absolutely in
the annual snoozefest has become so overhyped.                      that tier.
However, this year is different.                                    Aside from those two, there are still a lot of other talented
                                                                    pieces available. The winger market, in particular, is very
Artemi Panarin and Sergei Bobrovsky are set to depart               interesting.
Columbus, Mark Stone and Matt Duchene are likely moving
on from Ottawa, and there are a few other intriguing names          Mats Zuccarello and Gustav Nyquist have played like first
too – the market is bursting with game-breaking talent in a         liners this year, albeit on poor clubs, and despite not
way that hasn’t been seen in recent seasons.                        generating much hype, grade out as high-end second liners.
                                                                    As far as wingers go they’re both responsible and capable in
Over the past two years, I’ve done an annual trade deadline         all three zones and would be decent complements to any
value post, measuring how much the rumoured names can               top-six group. After those two, there’s a number of capable
improve a team. According to my model, last season had              second-line calibre players that can provide depth scoring.
zero top of the lineup calibre rentals and McDonagh was the
only non-rental traded that graded out as high. The year prior      Micheal Ferland looks promising, has shown well next to
there was one. This year there are five, with two (Panarin          talented players like Sebastian Aho and Johnny Gaudreau
and Stone) grading out as elite.                                    over the past two years and plays the game with an edge –
                                                                    something many teams covet at this time of year. However,
That makes this year’s trade deadline significantly more            with the Canes surging of late, it feels unlikely the team will
interesting as there’s a number of names that can                   move him.
appreciably alter a franchise’s fortunes – including the teams
trading those talents away. Based on Craig Custance’s trade         Ryan Dzingel is another pending UFA in Ottawa and while
board (along with a few other names he passed along) these          his surprising scoring prowess this season is nice, it looks to
are the most valuable players available.                            be shooting percentage related as well as having an
                                                                    opportunity to play on the power play, an opportunity he’s
Let’s start at the top. In Panarin and Stone, potential suitors     unlikely to get elsewhere. He’s one of the lesser 5-on-5
would be acquiring players that are bonafide top 10 talents at      players in terms of relative stats and that’s saying something
their position, maybe even top five. My model considers both        on a weak Ottawa team.
to be top 20 players in the league right now, with Panarin at
10th and Stone at 20th. Evolving Hockey’s WAR model has             Marcus Johansson and Jakob Silfverberg are rounding out
Stone and Panarin both in the top 10 this season while              into form at the right time and would be attractive depth
                                                                    additions. In February, Johansson has eight points in 10
                                                     NEWS CLIPPINGS • February 21, 2019

games and has helped shoulder the load offensively with             For those that miss out on Duchene, Kevin Hayes appears to
Taylor Hall out. Silfverberg has been Anaheim’s best player         be a decent consolation prize. He hasn’t scored as much this
(low bar, I know) with four goals and an assist in nine games       year, but his 42 points in 49 games are nothing to scoff at
while being one of five Anaheim players with a positive shot        and his possession numbers have been very decent on a
differential.                                                       bad Rangers team. The former isn’t too surprising – it comes
                                                                    with more ice time, specifically on the power play – but the
That leaves one other marquee name: Wayne Simmonds.                 latter is, given his track record. Some extra time next to Chris
The Philadelphia winger is perhaps the most controversial           Kreider this season is likely a big factor. At 5-on-5 Hayes is a
name on the board this season, mainly due to his price-tag. It      proven first-line scorer given his rate of production, but don’t
seems that a team will likely have to spend top dollar              expect a 70-point player unless he’s on the top power play,
acquiring Simmonds’ services this season, under the ruse            and maybe don’t expect the same play-driving ability either
that the player they’re acquiring is the same 60-point power        unless there’s a capable 200-foot winger next to him.
forward they’ve seen in orange and black over the last
decade or so.                                                       Eric Staal makes for a decent wild-card option at a much
                                                                    cheaper price, especially with the Wild in free-fall (after a 1-
That’s not who Simmonds is anymore, as he’s on pace for             6-3 swing, their playoff chances sit at 26 percent) and taking
just 37 points this season, which would be his lowest since         a more honest look at their club both in the present and
2010-11 – his last season in Los Angeles where he played            future. Staal is getting up there in age, but he has playoff
three fewer minutes than he does today and didn’t get top           experience. He may lag behind the other two centres
power play time. As he’s moved down the Flyers depth chart,         mentioned above in production this season, potentially a sign
it’s become clear he’s generally a passenger at 5-on-5 too,         of aging, but over the past three seasons he’s actually out-
scoring now at a fourth line rate and having a negative             produced Duchene (2.02 points-per-60) and Hayes (1.92
influence on the team’s shot rates. This quick decline              points-per-60) at 5-on-5 with a 2.16 rate. He has a better
shouldn’t come as a shock either. Bruisers like Simmonds            two-way pedigree too.
tend to age quicker than others with Milan Lucic in Edmonton
being a prime example of what Simmonds’ future may look             On defence, Nick Jensen appears to be the only useful rental
like.                                                               that’s available. He doesn’t produce much on the scoresheet,
                                                                    but he limits shots at an above average rate, is decent with
My model projects that the sum of Simmonds’ on-ice                  the puck and can play up and down the lineup (he actually
contributions is worth just half-a-win, hardly enough to justify    fared OK playing against top competition during certain
spending a first round pick or more. With Simmonds though,          stretches this season). Adam McQuaid is the other “big”
there’s the sandpaper element to his game that may just be          name on the market and will likely hurt more teams than he
worth the price. I’m personally skeptical in today’s NHL (and       helps. He has some defensive upside with bark to his game,
would rather have Ferland if that’s the case), but it’s certainly   but few defenders are more anemic on offence than he is,
possible that the model is missing something there when it          making him purely one-dimensional – and not very good at
comes to Simmonds.                                                  that one dimension to boot. He really struggles at moving the
In terms of low-key additions, Carl Hagelin’s production may        puck, a vital trait for defencemen in today’s game, and is also
be pitiful, but he’s a strong play-driver that can contribute       one of the least disciplined players in the league. Cody Ceci
well to a bottom six. Richard Panik is underrated for what he       might also be available and while he’s much maligned by
brings to the table as well and is a decent depth scorer.           many in the analytics community, it’s possible he might fare
                                                                    better in a reduced role – he currently has one of the
At centre, Matt Duchene is the obvious marquee name and             toughest assignments in the league and is a surprisingly
while I don’t believe he’s in the same class as Panarin and         decent puck-mover. That being said, his situation isn’t
Stone, he’s likely the biggest available difference-maker           enough to excuse his poor play at 5-on-5 where he’s been
outside of those two (and the most likely of the three to be        below a 45 percent shot share in each of the past four
moved too) – a legitimate first-line centre. Duchene has 58         seasons.
points in 50 games this season, a 95-point pace that would
shatter his previous best season where he had 70 in 71              On the non-rental front, any team that can pry Jonathan
games. The concern with Duchene is paying for that                  Huberdeau or Mike Hoffman out of Florida will get some
production and then not receiving it. He currently has a 21.4       serious scoring punch. The two are very capable top line
percent shooting percentage, a 63 percent increase from his         scorers who are likely considered expendable due to a poor
previous norm. His 5-on-5 on-ice shooting percentage is at          plus-minus. I don’t buy that stat much, but it might mean a
11.5 percent, a number that’s likely to come down as well,          team is in for a steal.
given that it’s a generally an unsustainable number.                Brett Pesce is the next most intriguing name here and is
The other scary thing about Duchene is that as much as he           likely the best defender available right now, especially
provides on offence, he often gives it back the other way. His      considering he’s a right shot. He’s a solid 2/3 that always
teams have only outshot the opposition three times in his 10        does well in his own end and can kill penalties – generally
NHL seasons, with his career mark sitting at 48.4 percent.          good for a 54 percent shot share, a good number anywhere
That doesn’t scream dominant number one centre, and while           else but Carolina. Considering the team’s recent success, it
part of that is being on crappy teams (he’s generally a             seems unlikely he’ll actually be dealt, unless it’s for scoring
positive relative player), one has to wonder why he hasn’t          help.
been part of the solution either.                                   As for the rest, Jeff Carter seems to be a shell of his former
                                                                    self and on a serious decline. Charlie Coyle is a passable
                                                    NEWS CLIPPINGS • February 21, 2019

second-line scorer with middling possession numbers. Ilya          doubt than others, especially with a large body of work.
Kovalchuk is far from the talent he used to be and a serious       Bobrovsky is in that tier.
defensive detriment at 5-on-5. Adam Henrique is a 29-year-
old, third-liner whose five-year, $29.1 million contract doesn’t   Jimmy Howard is the back-up plan to Bobrovsky and
kick in until next year – hard pass.                               considering his play this year, his salary, and his cost to
                                                                   acquire, he might just be the better bet. Jonathan Quick, on
Then there are the goalies.                                        the other hand, still grades out highly, but given his drop-off
                                                                   this year, age, and contract term left (four years) he should
Talbot was already traded and he grades out as the worst           be avoided.
available (numbers displayed above are with the Oilers).
After being a key cog to Edmonton’s 2016-17 playoff run,           It’s not often that trade deadline day is worthy of the hype,
Talbot has fallen off and is in the middle of the worst season     but this season’s crop of talent might prove to be the
of his career. He grades out as below replacement level            exception to the rule, especially at the forward position. This
making it no surprise he lost his starting job in Edmonton.        year there are some real game-changers available, guys
The other three should still be decent starters based on their     who can seriously move the needle and make a difference to
recent track record, even if two of them have seriously            a team’s bottom line. If there was ever a year to go all-in, it’s
struggled this season.                                             this one.
Bobrovsky is the obvious big name and while he has been            Of course, there’s the Tampa Bay factor underlying it all. The
sub-par this season, he has a lengthy track record of              Lightning are so far ahead of the pack that it’ll take a lot of
excellence that suggests a bounce-back is likely. His goals        catching up for any team to be on par. In most years it would
saved above expected this year is negative for the first time      be near impossible, but this year’s marketplace has some
since 2015-16 and he was one of the league’s best goalies          weapons that can actually make that happen. And even if
over the past two years. In the three years prior, he averaged     not, they can bring a team closer and turn a potential series
0.41 goals saved above expected per 60, ranking third in the       from a cakewalk to a nail-biter.
league among starters. Goalies are fickle beings where even
the best aren’t safe from a weirdly bad season. However,           In a sport as random as hockey, every team has a chance
those in the upper echelon do deserve more benefit of the          and every extra percentage point matters. This season, there
                                                                   are a lot more percentage points up for grabs.

Lundqvist stuffs Hurricanes in 2-1 Rangers win
Future Hall of Fame goalie stopped 43 shots to keep                offensive zone penalty just after the New York penalty
Carolina from moving into playoff position                         expired.
Cory Lavalette                                                     Then on the 5-on-4 penalty kill, Brock McGinn was called for
                                                                   a trip, setting up the Rangers with 42 seconds of a two-man
RALEIGH — The Carolina Hurricanes took more than 46                advantage. The Hurricanes easily fended off the 5-on-3, then
minutes to score on Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist back           held firm for the rest of the second infraction.
on Feb. 8.
                                                                   But right as McGinn’s penalty expired, Vladislav
They scored sooner Tuesday night — just before the game’s          Namestnikov banged in the puck from the slot for even-
midway point — but could only manage one goal on the               strength goal — in name only — at 6:10 of the third.
future Hall of Famer in New York’s 2-1 win in front of 13,343
at PNC Arena.                                                      “It’s tough when you’re in a 1-1 game,” Hurricanes goalie
                                                                   Curtis McElhinney (24 saves) said. “You don’t want to get
“He was good,” Brind’Amour said of Lundqvist, who had 43           into any penalty trouble any time, so it was unfortunate that it
saves. “Our guy was good. Both goalies went at it, and he          maybe took a little bit of momentum. But I thought we had
made a few more saves, especially at the end.”                     some looks that were more than capable of going into the
Knotted up at 1-1 early in the third period, the Hurricanes        net, and we didn’t get the bounces tonight.”
had a chance to take the lead on the power play. But a Justin      The other two goals happened in less than a minute at the
Faulk shot rang the post, and center Lucas Wallmark took an        middle point of the game.
                                                    NEWS CLIPPINGS • February 21, 2019

First, Dougie Hamilton and Andrei Svechnikov hooked up for          The loss squandered a chance for the Hurricanes to regain a
a nifty give-and-go in the New York zone, and Hamilton took         playoff spot. Montreal defeated Columbus while Pittsburgh
a shot that was redirected on net by Jordan Martinook, who          topped New Jersey to give the Canadiens and Penguins a
then got his own rebound and scored his 13th of the season          three-point cushion for two of the final three spots in the
to make it 1-0 at 9:53 of the second period.                        Eastern Conference race. Both winning teams jumped over
                                                                    the Blue Jackets, who with 69 points are one ahead of
The Rangers answered less than a minute later when                  Carolina for the second wild-card spot with a game in hand.
Connor Brickley — who has bounced around the league
since Carolina lost him the expansion draft to the Vegas            “That was our best game we probably played in probably
Golden Knights two summers ago — crashed the net after a            seven or eight, and it just didn’t work out,” Brind’Amour said.
Filip Chytil shot and bodied the puck past McElhinney to tie        “So we come with that mindset and play that hard, we’ll be
the game at 10:40 of the middle frame.                              where we want to be at the end of the year.”
The goal was initially waved off by referee Wes McCauley,           Notes: Hurricanes owner Tom Dundon was at PNC Arena for
but after review it was deemed a good play because the              the game and spoke to the media, along with Alliance of
puck went in off Brickley’s body and not his glove.                 American Football founder Charlie Ebersol, about Dundon’s
                                                                    $250 million investment in the AAF. Dundon, with his
The Hurricanes took control while trying to tie the game late,      investment, is now the chairman of the new eight-team
peppering Lundqvist with shots. But the Swedish goalie              football league. … Captain Justin Williams was credited with
wouldn’t be beaten again, even with McElhinney pulled for           10 shots on goal, the most by a Hurricanes player in a game
more than two minutes at the end of the game to try and get         this season. The team has six instances of eight shots on
the equalizer.                                                      goal this season: Nino Niederreiter (2), Williams, Svechnikov,
“Honestly, I think that’s the way the rest of this season’s         Wallmark and Faulk. … Sebastian Aho played 26:25 in the
going to be,” McElhinney said of the low-scoring game. “It’s        game, the most of any Hurricanes forward in a game this
going to be tight hockey, and it’s going to come down to            season. The previous high was Aho’s 24:40 on Feb. 10 in
some bounces. I think we had good looks tonight, so there’s         New Jersey.
nothing to hang your head about. It’s a tough loss, but move

Preview: Hurricanes at Panthers
Canes take mentors to South Florida                                 But the highlight of the trip is the time they get to spend with
                                                                    their sons, brother, nephew and son-in-law.
by Michael Smith
                                                                    "I think it's great for the fathers to see what goes on and the
SUNRISE, Fla. - A brief, two-game road swing takes the              ins and outs of it all," head coach Rod Brind'Amour said.
Carolina Hurricanes and their mentors to South Florida and          "Great memories are really what you're creating."
                                                                    Back to It
An old Southeast Division match-up begins this short road
trip, as the Hurricanes face off with the Florida Panthers for      The Hurricanes captured back-to-back wins over Edmonton
the second of three times this season.                              and Dallas before falling to the New York Rangers, 2-1, on
                                                                    Tuesday. Go figure, then, that the game against the Rangers
Mentors in Tow                                                      was their best of the three.
The Hurricanes have some extra guests with them on this             "I'm happy that the game was how we wanted to play,"
two-game road trip, which is the team's annual Mentors' Trip.       Brind'Amour said. "If we can do it that way for the rest of the
Along for the ride this season are 14 dads, one brother, one        remaining games, I think we'll be in good shape. Frustrating
uncle and one father-in-law from seven different countries.         because we were right there, and that game probably could
The mentors' itinerary is chalk full of tours and events. They'll   have gone our way, but it didn't."
be at the Everglades before Thursday's game, AT&T                   The loss snapped a three-game winning streak for the
Stadium in Arlington, Texas, after practice on Friday and the       Hurricanes, who are 6-2-0 in their last eight games.
Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas before Saturday's game.
                                                                    The Last Meeting
                                                     NEWS CLIPPINGS • February 21, 2019

The Hurricanes closed out their season-long, six-game               not higher up in the standings," Brind'Amour said. "Every
homestand on Friday, Nov. 23 with their first match-up of the       game from now on, they're all tough."
season against the Panthers. Jordan Martinook netted his
first career hat trick, and Curtis McElhinney made 34 saves         WORTH A CLICK
on 35 shots, as the Canes scored a 4-1 win, their third in a        News
row and fourth of the homestand (4-1-1).
                                                                    Recap: Canes Edged by Rangers
The Opposition
                                                                    Hurricanes Jersey Breakdown for 2018-19 Season
The Panthers bring a three-game winning streak into
Thursday's game, their sixth in a seven-game homestand,             Videos
which has anchored a stretch of playing 11 of their first 12        Highlights: NYR 2, CAR 1
games in February at home. The Panthers, who are 26-24-8
(60 points) on the season, own a 15-10-5 record at BB&T             Postgame Quotes: Feb. 19 vs. NYR
Center. Aleksander Barkov leads the team in scoring with 60
                                                                    Gameday Links
points (23g, 27a). The 23-year-old Finnish center tallied a hat
trick and an assist in his team's 6-3 win over Montreal on          Cool Bars: Cary
Sunday, and he followed it up with a three-point performance
(1g, 2a) in a 4-2 win over Buffalo on Tuesday.                      FOX Sports Southeast Channel Finder

"Their real strength is down the middle, but we've hung             WATCH, LISTEN & STREAM
around with teams that have the same kind of make-up.               Watch: FOX Sports Southeast, FOX Sports app
They're a dangerous team. It's surprising to me that they're
                                                                    Listen: 99.9 The Fan, Hurricanes app,

Super 16: Bruins enter top 5 of power rankings
Blues use 11-game winning streak to reach No. 10; Maple             16 should look like. Those are submitted and a point total is
Leafs fall two spots                                                assigned to each.
by David Satriano                                                   The team picked first is given 16 points, second gets 15,
                                                                    third gets 14 and so on down to No. 16, which gets one
See which one of your favorite teams moved in or out of this        point.
week's Super 16 Power Rankings
                                                                    Here is the latest Super 16:
The Boston Bruins have used an 9-0-3 run to move up the
NHL standings and into the top five of the Super 16 rankings.       1. Tampa Bay Lightning (46-11-4)
The St. Louis Blues, who have won 11 straight and cracked           Total points: 208
the rankings last week for the first time since the first week of
the season, were the biggest gainers, moving from No. 15 to         Last week: No. 1
No. 10.                                                             Hit: Prior to being held off the scoresheet in a 5-2 win against
The Tampa Bay Lightning remained the unanimous No. 1                the Philadelphia Flyers on Tuesday, forward Nikita Kucherov
choice, followed again by the San Jose Sharks. The Calgary          had 18 points (seven goals, 11 assists) in his previous five
Flames, Winnipeg Jets and Bruins, who rose three spots,             games for the Lightning, who have won seven straight and
rounded out the top five.                                           are 9-0-2 in their past 11 games.

The Toronto Maple Leafs fell out of the top 5 to No. 7, and         Miss: Defenseman Victor Hedman did not play Tuesday
the Montreal Canadiens (No. 12) and Columbus Blue                   because of a lower-body injury.
Jackets (No. 14) each fell three spots.                             2. San Jose Sharks (35-17-8)
To create the power rankings, each of the 13 staff members          Total points: 181
puts together his or her version of what they think the Super
                                                   NEWS CLIPPINGS • February 21, 2019

Last week: No. 2                                                 compared to 19-8-3 on the road. Center John Tavares has
                                                                 not scored a goal in his past five games.
Hit: Center Joe Thornton had a hat trick in a 6-5 overtime
loss to the Bruins on Monday and has 12 points (three goals,     8. Nashville Predators (35-22-5)
nine assists) in his past 11 games.
                                                                 Total points: 126
Miss: San Jose plays its next four games on the road,
including three against teams currently holding a Stanley        Last week: No. 7
Cup Playoff spot. The Sharks are 16-12-3 away from SAP           Hit: Defenseman Roman Josi has 13 points (five goals, eight
Center this season.                                              assists) and is plus-8 in his past 10 games.
3. Calgary Flames (37-16-7)                                      Miss: Nashville has lost four of its past six games (2-3-1),
Total points: 174                                                allowing at least three goals in five of them.

Last week: No. 4                                                 9. Washington Capitals (33-20-7)

Hit: Defenseman Mark Giordano leads the NHL with a plus-         Total points: 103
29 rating and has already set an NHL career high with 58         Last week: No. 10
                                                                 Hit: Forward Alex Ovechkin has scored five goals in his past
Miss: Forward Matthew Tkachuk has scored 24 goals this           five games and leads the NHL with 42. He's the fourth player
season, but none in his past 12 games.                           in NHL history with at least 10 40-goal seasons, joining
4. Winnipeg Jets (36-20-4)                                       Wayne Gretzky (12), and Marcel Dionne and Mario Lemieux,
                                                                 who each also did it 10 times.
Total points: 167
                                                                 Miss: Braden Holtby's 3.04 goals-against average is the
Last week: No. 3                                                 highest in his nine-season NHL career, and his .907 save
                                                                 percentage is tied for the lowest.
Hit: Forward Blake Wheeler is second in the NHL with 57
assists.                                                         10. St. Louis Blues (32-22-5)
Miss: The Jets have lost six of their past eight games (2-4-2)   Total points: 92
and forward Patrik Laine has no goals in his past 15 games.
                                                                 Last week: No. 15
5. Boston Bruins (36-17-8)
                                                                 Hit: St. Louis has won a team-record 11 in a row while
Total points: 164                                                outscoring opponents 43-16, including three shutouts in its
                                                                 past four games.
Last week: No. 8
                                                                 Miss: Forward Robby Fabbri has five points (two goals, three
Hit: The Bruins have won seven in a row and are 9-0-3 in         assists) in 25 games and hasn't scored in his past 14.
their past 12 games, including sweeping a California road trip
for the first time in their history.                             11. Pittsburgh Penguins (32-21-7)
Miss: Boston does not have a 20-goal scorer outside of its       Total points: 71
top line of Brad Marchand (23), Patrice Bergeron (21) and
the injured David Pastrnak (31).                                 Last week: No. 13

6. New York Islanders (35-18-6)                                  Hit: Defenseman Justin Schultz has two assists in three
                                                                 games after missing 53 because of a fractured left leg.
Total points: 138
                                                                 Miss: Matt Murray has allowed at least three goals in seven
Last week: No. 6                                                 of his past 11 starts after going seven straight without
                                                                 allowing more than two.
Hit: After allowing an NHL-high 293 goals last season, the
Islanders have given up an NHL-low 137, including two or         12. Montreal Canadiens (32-21-7)
fewer in 13 of their past 17 games.
                                                                 Total points: 65
Miss: Forward Anders Lee has scored two goals in his past
13 games.                                                        Last week: No. 9

7. Toronto Maple Leafs (36-19-4)                                 Hit: Forward Max Domi leads the Canadiens in points (52).
                                                                 He's scored three goals in his past two games and has 20
Total points: 133                                                this season, the first time he's reached the mark in his four-
                                                                 year NHL career.
Last week: No. 5
                                                                 Miss: Forward Jonathan Drouin has no points and is minus-7
Hit: Center Auston Matthews has seven points (four goals,        in five games after he had nine points (three goals, six
three assists) in his past five games.                           assists) in three games.
Miss: Toronto has scored two goals in its past two games (0-     13. Vegas Golden Knights (32-25-5)
1-1) and plays its next four at home, where it is 17-11-1
                                                  NEWS CLIPPINGS • February 21, 2019

Total points: 45                                                New York Islanders; 10. Pittsburgh Penguins; 11. Montreal
                                                                Canadiens; 12. St. Louis Blues; 13. Vegas Golden Knights;
Last week: No. 12                                               14. Columbus Blue Jackets; 15. Dallas Stars; 16. Carolina
Hit: Vegas is 11-5-2 against Pacific Division opponents this    Hurricanes.
season.                                                         BRIAN COMPTON
Miss: Marc-Andre Fleury is 0-3-1 with a 3.97 GAA and .875       1. Tampa Bay Lightning; 2. Boston Bruins; 3. Calgary
save percentage in his past four starts.                        Flames; 4. New York Islanders; 5. San Jose Sharks; 6.
                                                                Toronto Maple Leafs; 7. Winnipeg Jets; 8. St. Louis Blues; 9.
14. Columbus Blue Jackets (33-23-3)                             Washington Capitals; 10. Nashville Predators; 11. Montreal
Total points: 42                                                Canadiens; 12. Pittsburgh Penguins; 13. Carolina
                                                                Hurricanes; 14. Columbus Blue Jackets; 15. Vegas Golden
Last week: No. 11                                               Knights; 16. Dallas Stars
Hit: Forward Cam Atkinson has 30 points (16 goals, 14           NICHOLAS J. COTSONIKA
assists) in 30 games at home, where the Blue Jackets will       1. Tampa Bay Lightning; 2. San Jose Sharks; 3. Calgary
play five of their next six games.                              Flames; 4. Boston Bruins; 5. New York Islanders; 6.
                                                                Winnipeg Jets; 7. Toronto Maple Leafs; 8. Washington
Miss: Forward and leading scorer Artemi Panarin, who
                                                                Capitals; 9. Nashville Predators; 10. Pittsburgh Penguins; 11.
missed a 3-2 loss to the Canadiens on Tuesday because of
                                                                St. Louis Blues; 12. Montreal Canadiens; 13. Columbus Blue
an illness, could be on the move prior to the 2019 NHL Trade
                                                                Jackets; 14. Carolina Hurricanes; 15. Vegas Golden Knights;
Deadline on Monday at 3 p.m. ET.
                                                                16. Philadelphia Flyers
15. Carolina Hurricanes (31-23-6)
                                                                TOM GULITTI
Total points: 31                                                1. Tampa Bay Lightning; 2. San Jose Sharks; 3. Calgary
                                                                Flames; 4. Boston Bruins; 5. Winnipeg Jets; 6. New York
Last week: 16                                                   Islanders; 7. Toronto Maple Leafs; 8. Nashville Predators; 9.
Hit: Goalies Curtis McElhinney and Petr Mrazek have helped      St. Louis Blues; 10, Washington Capitals; 11, Pittsburgh
the Hurricanes limit the opposition to two goals or fewer in    Penguins; 12. Montreal Canadiens; 13. Columbus Blue
five of their past six games.                                   Jackets; 14. Vegas Golden Knights; 15. Carolina Hurricanes;
                                                                16. Dallas Stars.
Miss: They are still without center Jordan Staal, who has won
a Carolina-high 56.6 percent of face-offs but hasn't played     ADAM KIMELMAN
since Dec. 22 because of a concussion.                          1. Tampa Bay Lightning; 2. Calgary Flames; 3. Winnipeg
                                                                Jets; 4. Boston Bruins; 5. San Jose Sharks; 6. New York
16. Dallas Stars (29-25-5)                                      Islanders; 7. Toronto Maple Leafs; 8. Washington Capitals;
Total points: 19                                                9. Nashville Predators; 10. St. Louis Blues; 11. Vegas
                                                                Golden Knights; 12. Pittsburgh Penguins; 13. Columbus Blue
Last week: 14                                                   Jackets; 14. Dallas Stars; 15. Carolina Hurricanes; 16.
                                                                Montreal Canadiens
Hit: Center Tyler Seguin, who leads the Stars in goals (25)
and points (55), has scored seven goals in nine February        ROBERT LAFLAMME
games.                                                          1. Tampa Bay Lightning; 2. Calgary Flames; 3. Winnipeg
                                                                Jets; 4. San Jose Sharks; 5. Nashville Predators; 6. New
Miss: Dallas has lost three straight games, including two via
                                                                York Islanders; 7. Boston Bruins; 8. Washington Capitals; 9.
shutout, and five of its past six (1-4-1).
                                                                Toronto Maple Leafs; 10. St. Louis Blues; 11. Pittsburgh
Others receiving points: Philadelphia Flyers 8, Chicago         Penguins; 12. Vegas Golden Knights; 13. Montreal
Blackhawks 1                                                    Canadiens; 14. Columbus Blue Jackets; 15. Dallas Stars; 16.
                                                                Carolina Hurricanes
Dropped out: None
                                                                MIKE G. MORREALE
HERE'S HOW WE RANKED 'EM                                        1. Tampa Bay Lightning; 2. San Jose Sharks; 3. Winnipeg
AMALIE BENJAMIN                                                 Jets; 4. Toronto Maple Leafs; 5. Boston Bruins; 6. Nashville
1. Tampa Bay Lightning; 2. San Jose Sharks; 3. Calgary          Predators; 7. Washington Capitals; 8. New York Islanders; 9.
Flames; 4. Winnipeg Jets; 5. Boston Bruins; 6. Toronto          Calgary Flames; 10. Montreal Canadiens; 11. St. Louis
Maple Leafs; 7. New York Islanders; 8. Nashville Predators;     Blues; 12. Pittsburgh Penguins; 13. Philadelphia Flyers; 14.
9. Montreal Canadiens; 10. Washington Capitals; 11.             Carolina Hurricanes 13. Columbus Blue Jackets; 16. Vegas
Columbus Blue Jackets; 12. Carolina Hurricanes; 13. St.         Golden Knights
Louis Blues; 14. Pittsburgh Penguins; 15. Vegas Golden          TRACEY MYERS
Knights; 16. Dallas Stars                                       1. Tampa Bay Lightning, 2. Calgary Flames, 3. San Jose
TIM CAMPBELL                                                    Sharks, 4. Boston Bruins, 5. New York Islanders, 6.
1. Tampa Bay Lightning; 2. Calgary Flames; 3. Winnipeg          Winnipeg Jets, 7. Toronto Maple Leafs, 8. Nashville
Jets; 4. San Jose Sharks; 5. Nashville Predators; 6. Toronto    Predators, 9. Washington Capitals, 10. St. Louis Blues, 11.
Maple Leafs; 7. Boston Bruins; 8. Washington Capitals; 9.       Pittsburgh Penguins, 12. Montreal Canadiens, 13. Vegas
                                                   NEWS CLIPPINGS • February 21, 2019

Golden Knights, 14. Columbus Blue Jackets, 15. Dallas            DAN ROSEN
Stars, 16. Carolina Hurricanes.                                  1. Tampa Bay Lightning; 2. San Jose Sharks; 3. Winnipeg
                                                                 Jets; 4. Calgary Flames; 5. Boston Bruins; 6. Toronto Maple
BILL PRICE                                                       Leafs; 7. New York Islanders; 8. Nashville Predators; 9. St.
1. Tampa Bay Lightning; 2. San Jose Sharks; 3. Boston            Louis Blues; 10. Washington Capitals; 11. Vegas Golden
Bruins; 4. Winnipeg Jets; 5. Calgary Flames; 6. Nashville        Knights; 12. Montreal Canadiens; 13. Columbus Blue
Predators; 7. Toronto Maple Leafs; 8. New York Islanders; 9.     Jackets; 14. Pittsburgh Penguins; 15. Carolina Hurricanes;
St. Louis Blues; 10. Washington Capitals; 11. Vegas Golden       16. Dallas Stars
Knights; 12. Pittsburgh Penguins; 13. Montreal Canadiens;
14. Dallas Stars; 15. Columbus Blue Jackets; 16. Chicago         MIKE ZEISBERGER
Blackhawks                                                       1. Tampa Bay Lightning; 2. Calgary Flames; 3. Winnipeg
                                                                 Jets; 4. Boston Bruins; 5. San Jose Sharks; 6. New York
SHAWN P. ROARKE                                                  Islanders; 7. Toronto Maple Leafs; 8. Nashville Predators; 9.
1. Tampa Bay Lightning; 2. San Jose Sharks; 3. Boston            St. Louis Blues; 10. Washington Capitals; 11. Pittsburgh
Bruins; 4. Winnipeg Jets; 5. Nashville Predators; 6. New         Penguins; 12. Montreal Canadiens; 13. Vegas Golden
York Islanders; 7. Calgary Flames; 8. St. Louis Blues; 9.        Knights; 14. Columbus Blue Jackets; 15. Carolina
Toronto Maple Leafs; 10. Pittsburgh Penguins; 11.                Hurricanes; 16. Philadelphia Flyers
Washington Capitals; 12. Carolina Hurricanes; 13. Montreal
Canadiens; 14. Dallas Stars; 15. Philadelphia Flyers; 16.
Columbus Blue Jackets

NHL Power Rankings after Week 20: Who should buy, sell at the trade deadline
Emily Kaplan                                                     and Evander Kane trades, San Jose doesn't have a first-
                                                                 rounder for the next two seasons.
The trade deadline is less than a week away, but placement
in the standings isn't the ultimate deciding factor on if each   4. Boston Bruins
team should go all-in. For this week's power rankings, we
identified which teams should buy, sell or stand pat before      Previous ranking: 8
Monday's deadline.                                               Buy: The Bruins want to make a hockey trade. What they
How we rank: The ESPN hockey editorial staff submits polls       really need is someone to help with their dreadful 5-on-5
ranking teams 1-31, and those results are tabulated to the       scoring. Boston should be in on anyone who can score.
list featured here. Teams are rated through Tuesday night's      5. Winnipeg Jets
games, taking into account overall record, recent success
and context such as injuries.                                    Previous ranking: 3

1. Tampa Bay Lightning                                           Buy: The Jets have been linked to the available Senators
                                                                 forwards -- Matt Duchene, Mark Stone and Ryan Dzingel --
Previous ranking: 1                                              and any would be terrific fits. The lack of a solid second-line
                                                                 center once again tantalizes Winnipeg at the deadline.
Buy, cautiously: What to get the team that seemingly has it
all? Look, we're wary of messing with the chemistry that's       6. Toronto Maple Leafs
working. But a depth defenseman wouldn't hurt.                   Previous ranking: 5
2. Calgary Flames                                                Buy, cautiously: We know the Leafs are still in the market for
Previous ranking: 4                                              a right-handed shooting defenseman. The market offerings
                                                                 are slim, so Kyle Dubas should be wary of overpaying.
Buy: The Flames have been dynamite, and there's no reason
not to go all-in. The team could buy goaltending assurance,      7. New York Islanders
but a middle-six forward would be a nice luxury, too --          Previous ranking: 6
especially if James Neal is out a while.
                                                                 Buy: Nobody knows what Lou Lamoriello is going to do. He's
3. San Jose Sharks                                               a tight-lipped GM. We do know the delightful Islanders could
Previous ranking: 2                                              make a serious run if they acquire one of the big available
Stand pat: Part of the issue here? The Sharks don't have
much to offer, assets-wise. Depleted by the Erik Karlsson        8. Nashville Predators
                                                     NEWS CLIPPINGS • February 21, 2019

Previous ranking: 7                                                 Buy: How do you seperate yourself from the Avs,
                                                                    Blackhawks, Wild, et al? Go big. Dallas is a sneaky good fit
Buy: The Predators were exposed by having only one                  for Matt Duchene or Artemi Panarin. Duchene could even
functioning line in last year's playoffs, and -- despite the        stay long term.
mucky playoff picture behind them -- could use some
upgrades up front.                                                  17. Philadelphia Flyers
9. Washington Capitals                                              Previous ranking: 19
Previous ranking: 10                                                Sell: The team has begun righting the ship, but still probably
                                                                    won't reach a long-term deal with fan favorite Wayne
Buy, cautiously: The Caps might need to make a move to get          Simmonds. The 30-year-old will find a new home next week.
them going again but only need something small. A third-line
forward or sixth defenseman would do.                               18. Buffalo Sabres
10. Pittsburgh Penguins
                                                                    Previous ranking: 18
Previous ranking: 13
                                                                    Stand pat: So the hot start has cooled, considerably. The
Stand pat: GM Jim Rutherford is never satisfied. But he has         Sabres are probably not a playoff team for 2019, and should
already made enough tweaks for his team this season,                take the long view here and stay the long-term course.
including the recent Nick Bjugstad addition. It's time to ride it
                                                                    19. Minnesota Wild
out and see what the Penguins can do.
                                                                    Previous ranking: 17
11. St. Louis Blues
                                                                    Sell: The Wild are still in the playoff mix, but GM Paul Fenton
Previous ranking: 16
                                                                    will want to make his stamp on this roster eventually. Eric
Stand pat: A sizzling six-week stretch has the Blues (a team        Staal is getting interest and -- despite a desire to stay --
we left for dead) back in the mix. With goaltending settled,        could find a new home.
why mess with the chemistry here? This roster is good.
                                                                    20. Colorado Avalanche
12. Columbus Blue Jackets
                                                                    Previous ranking: 22
Previous ranking: 11
                                                                    Stand pat: They've showed some flashes of life, but the
Buy and sell: The months-long dilemma with pending free             Avalanche are nowhere as good as they looked for the first
agents Artemi Panarin and Sergei Bobrovsky will finally             25 games. Stay the course. The core is there, and the
come to a head. We'd advocate for keeping Panarin as the            prospects are coming.
team's own "rental." Another scenario: parting with Panarin
                                                                    21. Chicago Blackhawks
and adding an Ottawa forward.
                                                                    Previous ranking: 23
13. Montreal Canadiens
                                                                    Stand pat: The Blackhawks might make a surprise run to the
Previous ranking: 9
                                                                    playoffs, but this season should be more about transition.
Buy, cautiously: GM Marc Bergevin has already said he's not         Chicago should exercise patience and make a bigger splash
in the rental market. That means the only thing to do for this      in free agency.
team, a pleasant playoff bubble surprise, is to make a more
                                                                    22. Vancouver Canucks
conservative move or two.
                                                                    Previous ranking: 20
14. Vegas Golden Knights
                                                                    Buy, cautiously: It would be great for this young core to get a
Previous ranking: 12
                                                                    taste of playoff hockey. The Canucks will want to stick to
Stand pat: George McPhee has been calculated in every               hockey moves -- adding players with term left -- but could
move so far in building this team; his only misstep was             benefit from some additional depth.
overpaying for Tomas Tatar at last season's deadline. No
                                                                    23. Arizona Coyotes
reason to repeat that mistake.
                                                                    Previous ranking: 21
15. Carolina Hurricanes
                                                                    Sell: Ravaged by injuries, the Coyotes haven't made up
Previous ranking: 15                                                ground in the murky West. Once again, this might not be
                                                                    their year. They should be testing the market on players like
Buy and sell: The Canes have had the same unbalanced                Josh Archibald, Kevin Connauton, Richard Panik and Jordan
roster all season, so -- lurking for a playoff spot -- let's        Weal.
address it. Buy a top-six forward, trade away one of their
talented defensemen to get him.                                     24. Florida Panthers
16. Dallas Stars                                                    Previous ranking: 25
Previous ranking: 14
                                                    NEWS CLIPPINGS • February 21, 2019

Sell: The season has gone awry. The Panthers should              29. Detroit Red Wings
regroup for a big push in free agency. Derick Brassard
should be flipped. Mike Hoffman is a bit pricey but also could   Previous ranking: 28
find a new home.                                                 Sell: Ken Holland won last year's deadline with his thievery
25. New York Rangers                                             involving Tomas Tatar. Can he orchestrate another coup?
                                                                 Maybe not, but a few picks and/or prospects for Gustav
Previous ranking: 24                                             Nyquist, Nick Jensen and Jimmy Howard would do.
Sell: Hey, at least the Rangers have been transparent about      30. Los Angeles Kings
their plans. Mats Zuccarello's stock is soaring; Kevin Hayes
is generating interest, too, as is veteran right-handed          Previous ranking: 26
defenseman Adam McQuaid.                                         Sell: Jake Muzzin and Nate Thompson are already gone, but
26. Anaheim Ducks                                                GM Rob Blake is still working the phones. If teams offer
                                                                 decent returns for Jeff Carter, Tyler Toffoli, Ilya Kovalchuk or
Previous ranking: 29                                             Alec Martinez, why not?
Sell: How committed is GM (and interim coach) Bob Murray         31. Ottawa Senators
to shaking things up? A deal to keep Jakob Silfverberg in
Anaheim was announced Wednesday night, but other teams           Previous ranking: 31
might inquire about Brandon Montour, Adam Henrique, Nick
Ritchie and others.                                              Sell: Matt Duchene is as good as gone. Mark Stone and
                                                                 Ryan Dzingel could be out the door with him. The bright side:
27. New Jersey Devils                                            They should recover the 2019 first-round pick they traded for
                                                                 Duchene. Downside: It probably won't be as high as the one
Previous ranking: 30
                                                                 they're sending to Colorado as part of the deal that brought
Sell: Perhaps the most attractive player the Devils have to      Duchene to town in the first place.
offer right now is Marcus Johansson (who has a five-team
no-trade list). But if teams call on any other depth players,
New Jersey should listen.
28. Edmonton Oilers
Previous ranking: 27
Sell: This is not your year, Edmonton. Repeat: this is not
your year. All the Oilers can do now is clear some unwanted
contracts for the next GM. Easier said than done.

NHL Power Rankings: When Trades Go Really Wrong… Edition
Luke Fox                                                         The Lightning dealt Brad Richards and goalie Johan
                                                                 Holmqvist to Dallas for goaltender Mike Smith and forwards
As we speed toward Monday’s 3 p.m. ET trade deadline,            Jussi Jokinen and Jeff Halpern, plus a fourth-rounder at the
hockey fans salivate at all the possible ways their local        2008 deadline. Tampa gave up on Richards too early, as he
general manager can make their team better.                      lit it up at better than a point-per-game pace in Dallas. Smith
Just as likely: He’s going to make your team worse.              and Jokinen would also move on from Tampa before playing
                                                                 their best hockey.
In our NHL Power Rankings: When Trades Go Wrong…
Edition, we flip back through the great big book of hockey       2. San Jose Sharks
transactions and regurgitate 31 of the yuckiest/luckiest ones.   San Jose underscored the danger of trading futures at this
Hindsight, that 20/20 banshee, brings into focus all the         time of year, moving second-year defenceman Josh Georges
decisions we regret.                                             and its 2007 first-rounder (Max Pacioretty) at the deadline
                                                                 that year to Montreal for blue-liner Craig Rivet and the
As always, the clubs are ranked below according to their         Canadiens’ fifth-rounder (Julien Demers). Rivet played well
current awesomeness. The write-ups drag up a deal that           during his 18 months as a Shark, but Pacioretty and Georges
altered each franchise’s trajectory in a bad way.                were essential to the Habs’ lineup for a combined 16-plus
1. Tampa Bay Lightning                                           seasons.
                                                                 3. Calgary Flames
                                                    NEWS CLIPPINGS • February 21, 2019

Brett Hull — a sixth-round Flames draft pick — was a point-        return? Eddy Beers, Charlie Bourgeois and Gino Cavallini.
per-game rookie in 1988 when Calgary traded him (and               Yep. Mullen was a point-per-game player over 1,062 career
Steve Bozek) to St. Louis for defenceman Rob Ramage and            games.
goalie Rick Wamsley. A risky deal that did help Calgary fill
the gaps and win its only Cup, but imagine giving up on Hull       11. Columbus Blue Jackets
when he still had 714 goals left in the tank.                      Jeff Carter brought some short-lived star power from
4. New York Islanders                                              Philadelphia to Columbus in 2011, but the package going the
                                                                   other way — Jakub Voracek, a first-round pick (Sean
In Alexei Yashin, the Islanders believed they were acquiring       Couturier) and a third-rounder (Nick Cousins) — was a juicy
an elite, 90-point scorer. So much so, on draft day 2001, they     one. Carter played all of 39 games for the Jackets before
sent Ottawa Zdeno Chara, a first-round pick (Jason Spezza),        moving on to win Cups in Los Angeles.
plus Bill Muckalt. Yikes.
                                                                   12. Pittsburgh Penguins
5. Boston Bruins
                                                                   At the 1996 deadline, the Penguins dealt Markus Naslund to
Guy Allen and Paul Reid combined for zero NHL games                Vancouver for Alek Stojanov, he of six points and 45 games
played. That’s who Boston obtained from bitter rival Montreal      played in Pittsburgh. Naslund, a five-time all-star, would go
in exchange for some guy named Ken Dryden (and throw-in            on to become one the greatest Canucks, period.
Alex Campbell). Dryden faced the Bruins, the team that
drafted him, four times in the post-season, twice in the final,    13. Carolina Hurricanes
and won every time.                                                The Hartford Whalers helped turn the Penguins into early-
6. Toronto Maple Leafs                                             ’90s championship material when they dealt Ron Francis, Ulf
                                                                   Samuelson and Grant Jennings in exchange for John Cullen,
Toronto’s love and loyalty for Wendel Clark got the best of        Jeff Parker and Zarley Zalapski at the 1991 deadline. (Note:
the organization at the 1996 trade deadline, when the Leafs        If Elias Lindholm and Noah Hanifin lead the Flames to the
reacquired Clark, as well as Mathieu Schneider and DJ              Promised Land, we might be tempted to update this entry.)
Smith from the New York Islanders in exchange for Kenny
Jonsson, Darby Hendrickson, Sean Haggerty and a first-             14. Philadelphia Flyers
round draft pick. An act of desperation and an ill-advised         The Flyers had themselves a true No. 1 Russian goaltender
attempt to save a lost season. Young Jonsson went on to            but guessed wrong. Giving Ilya Bryzgalov a monster
play 600 games for the Isles as a solid D-man, something           contract, Philadelphia dealt a young, disgruntled Sergei
Toronto needed at the time (and ever since). The real kicker       Bobrovsky to Columbus in 2012 for a second-round pick and
is that first-rounder: future Hall of Famer Roberto Luongo.        a couple of fourths that never amounted to much. Goalie
7. Winnipeg Jets                                                   Bob, of course, went on to win two Vezinas with the Blue
In 2008, the Atlanta Thrashers held a coveted rental in
Marian Hossa. In a quality-for-quantity deal, they traded him      15. Montreal Canadiens
and Pascal Dupuis to Pittsburgh for Colby Armstrong, Erik          A new generation of fans might be surprised not to see P.K.
Christensen, Angelo Esposito and a first (Daultan Leveille).       Subban’s name brought up here. Known simply as “Le
Hossa and Dupuis won Cups; Atlanta’s hockey team no                Trade,” Patrick Roy got his wish and forced management’s
longer exists.                                                     hand in 1995, when he and Mike Keane flew to Colorado in
8. Washington Capitals                                             exchange for Jocelyn Thibault, Martin Rucinsky and Andrei
                                                                   Kovalenko. When the goalie you give away backstops your
Imagine a top-six in Washington that included not only Alex        trading partner to two Stanley Cups, you’ve lost the deal.
Ovechkin, Nicklas Backstrom, T.J. Oshie and Evgeny
Kuznetsov but also Filip Forsberg. Instead, the Capitals           16. Chicago Blackhawks
traded the prospect to Nashville for Matin Erat and Michael        Yes, there once was a deal worse than Artemi Panarin–for–
Latta in 2013 to a pirate named David Poile.                       Brandon Saad. In the summer of ’92, Chicago sent Dominik
9. Nashville Predators                                             Hasek to Buffalo for Stephane Beauregard and then flipped
                                                                   Beauregard to Winnipeg for Christian Ruuttu three days
David Poile’s track record in Nashville is pretty excellent. The   later. Ruuttu lasted two-and-a-half seasons in Chicago.
Predators did, however, give away a good, young                    Hasek dominated.
defenceman — Cody Franson — to Toronto as part of
Matthew Lombardi’s salary dump. In return, the Preds               17. Vegas Golden Knights
received a lot lot of nothing: Brett Lebda, Robert Slaney and      The most surprising and underwhelming trade of the 2018
2013 fourth-round pick (Zachary Pochiro). Note: Depending          deadline actually belonged to George McPhee’s Stanley Cup
how Kyle Turris and Samuel Girard perform, the three-way           finalists. The GM dealt away a hefty package of early-round
Matt Duchene trade could eventually take the crown here.           picks — a 2018 first-rounder, 2019 second-rounder and 2021
10. St. Louis Blues                                                third-rounder — in exchange for Tomas Tatar, who ended up
                                                                   scratched for the bulk of the post-season and was eventually
In February 1986, St. Louis traded future Hall of Famer and        flipped to Montreal as part of the Max Pacioretty deal.
three-time Stanley Cup champion Joe Mullen to the Calgary
Flames, along with Terry Johnson and Rik Wilson. The               18. Dallas Stars
                                                   NEWS CLIPPINGS • February 21, 2019

The Stars overpaid for Pittsburgh defenceman Alex                being dealt to Chicago, but the jury is still out on John
Gologoski in exchange for not one but two guys who would         Chayka’s moves. The Jets/Coyotes trade of Teemu Selanne,
become bona fide NHL studs — winger James Neal and               Marc Chouinard and their 1996 fourth-round pick (Kim Staal)
defenceman Matt Niskanen — at the 2011 deadline. Neal            to the Ducks for Chad Kilger, Oleg Tverdovsky and a third-
would go on to be a 40-goal man in Pittsburgh.                   round pick (Per-Anton Lundstrom) is a monster. Selanne, it
                                                                 turns out, still had some good games left in the tank. He
19. Florida Panthers                                             retired as Anaheim’s all-time leading scorer.
Roberto Luongo makes this list again. Florida GM Mike            25.Colorado Avalanche
Keenan shipped Luongo, Lukas Krajicek, and a sixth-round
pick (Sergei Shirokov) to the Canucks for Bryan Allen, Alex      Colorado traded Calder Trophy winner Chris Drury and
Auld, Todd Bertuzzi and a conditional 2007 pick (not             Stephane Yelle to Calgary in October 2002 in exchange for
exercised) prior to the start of the 2006-07 campaign.           Derek Morris, Dean McAmmond and Jeff Shantz. Yeesh.
Luongo provided Vancouver with much-needed stability in
goal and came within one win of a Cup in 2011.                   26.New Jersey Devils

20. Buffalo Sabres                                               New Jersey traded away Pat Verbeek in exchange for the
                                                                 Hartford Whalers’ Sylvain Turgeon. The one-for-one deal
The return Buffalo received for the greatest goaltender in       would see Verbeek go on to become a Whalers icon, while
franchise history (and arguably ever) was underwhelming.         Turgeon — the more established star at the time — did have
On July 1, 2001, the Sabres sent Dominik Hasek to Detroit        one 30-goal campaign as a Devil.
for Vyacheslav Kozlov, a first-round pick (2002) and Jim
Slater. Kozlov spent just one season in Buffalo, the pick was    27.Detroit Red Wings
moved to get Daniel Paille, and Slater never suited up for the   Imagine deciding to move playmaking centre and one of the
Sabres. Hasek won a Cup with the Wings.                          best passers to bless the game, Adam Oates, before he
21. Minnesota Wild                                               peaked. Oates and Paul MacLean joined the Blues in 1989
                                                                 exchange for Bernie Federko and Tony McKegney – two
Oft-cited example of a high-drafted bust, defeceman Cam          veterans whose best days were in the rear view. McKegney
Barker was sought by Minnesota at the 2010 deadline. The         was quickly traded again and Federko retired one year after
Wild gave up future Cup winner Nick Leddy (still relevant on     joining Detroit. Oates was made the Blues’ No. 1 centre and
Long Island) and Kim Johnsson to pull Barker from Chicago.       paired with some guy named Brett Hull.
Barker amassed all of 12 points and went minus-12 during
his 71 games in Minnesota. He hasn’t played pro hockey in        28.Los Angeles Kings
North America since 2013.                                        Way back in 1981, the Kings traded an ’81 third-rounder and
22.New York Rangers                                              ’83 first-rounder to Buffalo for forward Rick Martin. Martin,
                                                                 hampered by a knee injury, played a measly four contests in
Rick Middleton had played two 20-goal seasons before the         L.A. and isn’t event the most famous Rick Martin. That first-
Rangers gave up on him, sending what would become one            round pick in 1983? Two-time Cup champion and U.S.
of the greatest Bruins scorers ever (402 goals with a B on his   Hockey Hall of Fame goaltender Tom Barrasso.
chest) to Boston in exchange for Ken Hodge. Hodge enjoyed
on nice season in New York (62 points in 1976-77), but 18        29.Anaheim Ducks
games into the following season his NHL career was over.         The Ducks sent Kyle Palmieri, in 2015, to New Jersey for a
23.Vancouver Canucks                                             second- and third-round draft pick. Palmieri leads the 2018-
                                                                 19 Devils in goals (26) and points (47), outscoring all of
Vancouver traded Cam Neely and a 1987 first-round pick to        today’s Ducks, and it’s not even close.
Boston for Barry Pedestrian Pederson. In Boston, young
Neely immediately put up 36 goals and 72 points, more than       30.Edmonton Oilers
doubling his production from his most recent season in           31.Ottawa Senators
Vancouver. During a decade of success in Boston, Neely
would thrice put up 50 goals, and later, as club president, he   The Mika Zibanejad trade hasn’t aged too well at all. At the
would oversee the Bruins’ 2011 Cup victory on Vancouver          time, we argued it was a salary-saving move. Growing into a
ice.                                                             No. 1 centre, Zibanejad is now leading the Rangers in goals,
                                                                 assists and game-winners, contributing to both special
24.Arizona Coyotes                                               teams. Meanwhile, Derick Brassard, the more established
Max Domi leads all Canadiens in scoring (51 points) and          forward at the time (2016), has changed teams twice since,
Dylan Strome is playing at a point-per-game pace since           and may get moved again before Monday.
                                                   NEWS CLIPPINGS • February 21, 2019

NHL Power Rankings: Blues and Bruins catch fire as the Canadiens take a tumble
St. Louis continues to climb out of the depths, while Boston
is quietly surging despite injuries                             Rk Teams                                             Chg Rcrd

by Cody Benjamin                                                    Lightning   doing, it'd be national news.
                                                                                Anything less than a Final
A couple things can't be said enough as the NHL trade
                                                                                appearance would be a major
deadline approaches and teams prepare for the home
stretch of the 2018-19 season.
First: The Tampa Bay Lightning deserve every bit of attention                   No reasonable hockey fan would
they get. They're a tired story now, right? They've been the                    object to a Sharks vs. Lightning
front-runner for months. Well, just hold on a second. Take a                                                             35-
                                                                2               championship. This group has     --
second to consider what kind of headlines they'd be racking                                                              17
                                                                                more than enough big-name
up if they played baseball or basketball -- other sports that       Sharks      talent to go the distance.
require long seasons. And don't try to write that off by
suggesting Tampa isn't as dominant as NBA or MLB
powerhouses that warrant the hype. Let us remind you                            If you like them at No. 2, that's
they're working with a plus-77 goal differential. Their                         fine, too. But you have to
regulation-loss totals have yet to hit double digits at home    3               wonder what their playoff ceiling --
and away. And their best player might hit 125 points. That is                   will be after a three-goal loss to
                                                                    Flames      Tampa.
Second: While the Lightning are very clearly No. 1 in the
NHL, there's no telling who will emerge from the five to                        If we were them, we'd be just a
seven teams vying for premier playoff positioning after them.                   little afraid of Boston's come-up.       36-
This is the case almost every year, of course, but just this    4                                                  --
                                                                                It's not like they're lacking star       19
week, our Power Rankings showcase two surprise streakers            Maple       power, though.
in the Blues and Boston Bruins. We've known Boston is               Leafs
among postseason favorites for a while, but with leading
scorer David Pastrnak out of action, the Bruins have                            Make a splash at the deadline,
proceeded to play some of their best hockey of the year. St.                    and all of a sudden we're talking        35-
Louis, meanwhile, has risen from the ashes behind rookie        5                                                 --
                                                                                about a legitimate postseason            18
goalie Jordan Binnington and just might be a top-10 team                        contender.
come next week.
Watch regional NHL games and prime-time nationally                              Somehow, they're playing some
televised games all season long through fuboTV (Try for                         of their best hockey without their
free).                                                                                                                   36-
                                                                6               best scorer. This team is quietly 3
It's all on display in this week's NHL pecking order, which                     shaping up to be the
                                                                    Bruins      postseason's biggest spoiler.
also features a tumble by the Montreal Canadiens, who
finally ran into top-tier competition:
Biggest Movers                                                                  They haven't hit their stride like
                                                                                San Jose yet, and we've said
4 Blues                                                                         several times this year that             36-
                                                                7                                                    1
                                                                                Patrik Laine could stand to up           20
6 Canadiens
                                                                    Jets        his game. But the pieces are
Rk Teams                                            Chg Rcrd

                 They should really be a bigger          46-                    Speaking of deadline splashes,           35-
1                story. If there were an MLB or an --           8               they could probably use one.         1
                                                         11                                                              22
                 NBA team doing what they're                        Predators   They've been struggling to
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