COMPONENT PROFILES - Membership Matters - December/January 2020

COMPONENT PROFILES - Membership Matters - December/January 2020
Membership Matters
                             A publication of the Oregon Dental Association • December/January 2020


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COMPONENT PROFILES - Membership Matters - December/January 2020
COMPONENT PROFILES - Membership Matters - December/January 2020
Volume 25, Issue 2 | December/January 2020



            By Thomas Dudney, DMD


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            By Dr. Rick Asai                                                                                                                                                                                     Oregon Dental Association
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      7     NEW MEMBERS
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COMPONENT PROFILES - Membership Matters - December/January 2020

Exceptional protection from people who understand your profession.
Founded in 1980 by a small group of dentists, TDIC continues to deliver on its promise
to protect only dentists. Our success is due in no small part to the collective strength of
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grown to serve.

It’s our privilege to support a community of dentists who are engaged in the bright future
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Protecting dentists. It’s all we do.

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                                                                                       the Oregon
           @TDICinsurance                                                       Dental Association
COMPONENT PROFILES - Membership Matters - December/January 2020
      EDITORIAL              What are Dental Pilot Projects?
                                          treat Alaska natives in 2005. It looked     categories of dental personnel,
                                          like Oregon was next in line.               accelerating the training of existing
                                             Because Dr. Teri Barichello and I        categories of dental personnel, or
                                          had participated in the Boston Group,       teaching new oral health care roles
                                          a series of national educational            to previously untrained persons. The
                                          discussions about dental therapists,        pilot projects were also required
                                          in 2010, we had concerns about how          by SB738-2011 to operate for 3 to
                                          dental therapy would actually work          5 years or a sufficient amount of time
By Dr. Rick Asai                          in the U.S. and, more specifically,         to evaluate the validity of the pilot
                                          here in Oregon. Because of these            project, and evaluate quality of care,
YOU MAY HAVE HEARD ABOUT                  concerns, we, the ODA, agreed to sit        access, cost, workforce, and efficacy.
THE PILOT projects overseen by            down with a professional mediator              We have been very attentive to
the Oregon Health Authority and           and representatives from OrOHC to           getting good metrics in assessing the
wondered what they are all about. I       create legislation for the 2011 session.    outcomes of these pilot projects. We
am writing to provide a brief summary     State legislature leaders assured           are also attentive to the pilot projects’
of the history of these pilot projects.   us that there would be a bill on oral       intended goal to focus on providing
   There was a great amount of            health adopted in 2011, and a dental        care to populations that evidence has
discussion on the national level          therapy bill was the default if we could    shown have the highest disease rates
around 2008, being driven by some         not agree to an alternative plan.           and the least access to dental care.
national foundations and public              There was no actual U.S. experience         There are currently two pilot
health organizations. The concern         of dental therapists except in Alaska,      projects in progress. Pilot Project
was in follow up to the 2000 Surgeon      where they were limited to tribal clinics   100 is utilizing a dental therapist in
General’s Report on Oral Health           with very different geographic and          Tribal Dental Clinics. Pilot Project
in America. The focus became all          demographic challenges than we have         200 is using EFDHs to place interim
about access to care. Access is a         in Oregon. After lengthy discussions        treatment restorations. Both are
multifactorial issue, but discussions     in 2010 and 2011, we agreed that the        working under the supervision of
soon focused on mid-level providers,      point of this legislation was access        a dentist.
which led to the proposal of dental       to care, and we created a mediation            When evaluating these pilot
therapists, who are employed in           workgroup called the Access to              projects, we want to make sure that
several other countries around            Care Workgroup.                             we are not creating a two-tier dental
the world.                                   To make a long story short, we           care system where one demographic
   The Oregon Oral Health Coalition       ultimately agreed to the language           receives lower-quality care than
(OrOHC) was finalizing a proposal to      of SB738-2011, which allows for the         another demographic. We also want
allow dental therapists to practice       testing of innovations to address           to make sure that dental therapy
in Oregon in 2010, and legislative        access to dental care in Oregon             increases access for populations
leadership in Salem was ready to          through the use of 3-5 year pilot           who are not getting care now,
introduce legislation for the 2011        projects. We felt that by doing this        instead of continuing to provide
legislative session. This big step        testing, we could evaluate different        care to those already being cared
followed on the heels of Minnesota,       models of delivering care in Oregon         for. These two areas — along with
which adopted dental therapy              before adopting legislation to allow for    the others specified in SB738 — will
legislation in 2009. The Alaska Native    one or more of the following: teaching      be our focus as we determine what
Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC)          new skills to existing categories of        the pilot projects have taught us.
began utilizing dental therapists to      dental personnel, developing new            Stay tuned.                                                                           December/January 2020          5
COMPONENT PROFILES - Membership Matters - December/January 2020

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                            acquisition and equipment loans to refinancing and more. And since we’re a community
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COMPONENT PROFILES - Membership Matters - December/January 2020
UP FRONT   New ODA Members!
           Jennifer Bergstrom, DDS            Daniel Mesa, DDS
           Multnomah Dental Society           Multnomah Dental Society

           Elise Borja, DMD                   Nicholas Mooberry, DDS
           Multnomah Dental Society           Lane County Dental Society

           Phong Bui, DMD                     Mastaneh Pournaderi, DDS
           Multnomah Dental Society           Multnomah Dental Society

           Richard Del Togno Armanasco, DMD   Nadia Razani, DMD
           Multnomah Dental Society           Multnomah Dental Society

           Dix Densley, DDS                   Jill Renton, DMD
           Washington County Dental Society   Rogue Valley Dental Society

           Michael Faber, DMD                 Michael Reynolds, DDS
           Yamhill County Dental Society      Southern Oregon Dental Society

           Shashank Joshi, DDS                Daniel Rodriguez, DDS
           Umpqua Dental Society              Washington County Dental Society

           Tysa Judd, DMD                     Marn Schweinfurth, DMD
           Multnomah Dental Society           Multnomah Dental Society

           Harmeet Kaur, DDS                  Samuel Seo, DMD
           Lane County Dental Society         Washington County Dental Society

           Jonathan Kim, DDS                  Marcus Uchida, DMD
           Washington County Dental Society   Clackamas County Dental Society

           Roland Lee, DMD                    Michael Yesenofski, DDS
           Washington County Dental Society   Washington County Dental Society

           Caitlin Magraw, MD, DDS            Roman Zakhariya, DMD
           Multnomah Dental Society           Washington County Dental Society
COMPONENT PROFILES - Membership Matters - December/January 2020
                                         Richard Trout, CDT
                                                       Available to increase patient satisfaction,
                                                       shorten treatment times and lower costs.

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Having graduated in 1991 from L.H. Bates Technical College, this
marks his 28th year in the Dental Laboratory Industry. For nearly ten
years, Richard was mentored by Gary Fritz while working with
Dahlin Fernadez Fritz. Richard has sought specialty training throughout
his career and is an experienced All-On-Four ® technician.

With over 3,000 implant cases of experience with ClearChoice,® he is excited to provide
Assured Dental customers with his expertise to ensure dental practice implant success and
increase patient satisfaction.

Contact Assured Dental today to utilize Richard’s knowledge and skill to improve your patients’
quality of life, shortening treatment times and lowering costs with removable prosthetic options.

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COMPONENT PROFILES - Membership Matters - December/January 2020
Events & Education
                                   Component CE Calendar
    E D U C AT I O N               Calendar provided by Mehdi Salari, DMD

            Host Dental                                                   Hours
  Date                             Course title            Speaker                        Location                 More Information
             Society                                                       CE

                           Review of CDC Guidelines
                           for Infection Control
01/14/20   Marion & Polk                            Samuel Barry, DMD       2     West Salem (Roth’s)        marionpolkdentalsociety@
                           in Dental Health Care
           Washington      Green Dentistry -        Barry Taylor, DMD,            Beaverton         or
01/14/20                                                                   1.5
           Co.             THC and Teeth            FAGD, FACD, CDE               (Stockpot Restaurant)
                                                    Akshay Govind, DMD,           Portland (OHSU School of or
01/15/20   Multnomah       Botox and TMD/TMJ                                2
                                                    MD                            Dentistry)       
                           Updated Hypertension
           Central                                                                Bend (Riverhouse           www.centraloregondental
01/16/20                   Guidelines and           Mark Backus, MD         2
           Oregon                                                                 Convention Center)
                           Connection to Dentistry
           Southern                                                               Medford           or
01/23/20                   Green Dentistry          Dr. Barry Taylor       1.5
           Oregon                                                                 (Patterson Dental)
                                                                                  Oregon City       or
01/28/20   Clackamas       Wealth Creation          Joe & Ted Furgeson      2     (Providence Willamette     executivedirector@clackamas
                                                                                  Falls Comm. Center)
                                                    Barry Taylor, DMD,
02/11/20   Marion & Polk Marijuana & Oral Health                           1.5    West Salem (Roth’s)        marionpolkdentalsociety@
                                                    FAGD, FACD, CDE
                                                    Dr. Monica                    Eugene            or
02/18/20   Lane            Infection Control                                2
                                                    Monsantofils                  (LCC Main Campus)
                                                                                  Oregon City       or
                           ODA Ambassador
02/25/20   Clackamas                                TBA                     2     (Providence Willamette     executivedirector@clackamas
                                                                                  Falls Comm. Center)
           Southern                                                                                 or
02/27/20                   Implant Seminar          Dr. Riley Clark        1.5    TBD
                                                                                  Oregon City       or
03/17/20   Clackamas       Dental Team Ergonomics Sarah Stuhr               2     (Providence Willamette     executivedirector@clackamas
                                                                                  Falls Comm. Center)
                           3D Bioprinting/
                                                    Luiz Bertassoini,                               or
03/18/20   Multnomah       Biomaterials and                                 2     TBD
                                                    DDS, PhD                                       
                           Tissue Engineering
                           Individual and Household
03/10/20   Marion & Polk                            Gregory Walsh          1.5    West Salem (Roth’s)        marionpolkdentalsociety@
                           Practice Management -
           Washington                                                             Beaverton         or
03/10/20                   Finding and Keeping an   Candice Martin         1.5
           Co.                                                                    (Stockpot Restaurant)
                           Outstanding Team
           Southern        Conservative Treatment                                 Medford           or
03/12/20                                            Dr. MaryAnn Geness     1.5
           Oregon          of TMJ                                                 (Patterson Dental)
                                                                                  Oregon City       or
                           Functional Approach to
04/28/20   Clackamas                                Casey Means, MD         2     (Providence Willamette     executivedirector@clackamas
                           Medicine & Dentistry
                                                                                  Falls Comm. Center)
           Southern                                                               Medford           or
05/08/20                   Functional Aesthetics    Dr. David Hornbrook     8
           Oregon                                                                 (Hilton Garden Inn)
                           Oral Cancer/             Daniel Petrisor,
05/12/20   Marion & Polk                                                   1.5    West Salem (Roth’s)        marionpolkdentalsociety@
                           Oral Pathology           DMD, MD
           Washington      HIPAA Training -                                       Beaverton         or
05/12/20                                            Terre Harris           1.5
           Co.             Staff Invited                                          (Stockpot Restaurant)
05/20/20   Multnomah       Table Clinics            TBA                     2     TBD
                                                                                  Oregon City       or
05/26/20   Clackamas       Perio                    Drs. Tran/Nguyen        2     (Providence Willamette     executivedirector@clackamas
                                                                                  Falls Comm. Center)
                                                                                  Oregon City       or
10/27/20   Clackamas       Risk Management          Chris Verbiest          3     (Providence Willamette     executivedirector@clackamas
                                                                                  Falls Comm. Center)

Find this calendar online at Click “Meetings & Events” > “Calendar of Events”.
COMPONENT PROFILES - Membership Matters - December/January 2020
Board Meeting Highlights
 UP FRONT     Friday, September 27, 2019

              • Molly Bordonaro, Dr. Mark Jensen, George Passadore, and
                Dr. William Ten Pas were appointed to a four-year term on the Board
                of Moda Holdings Group.

              • The Board began its 2020-2022 strategic planning process,
                facilitated by Steve Swafford from Leadership Outfitters.

              • The Board approved additional funding to support the transition to a
                new registration provider for the 2020 Oregon Dental Conference.

              • The Board reviewed and approved the retention of the ODA
                Investment Policy.

              • Dr. Rick Asai and Dr. William Ten Pas were appointed to serve
                additional terms on the Dental Foundation of Oregon Board
                of Directors.

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                                        Dr. Bob Skillicorn
                                        Elyria, Ohio
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                                                                         best trips ever. We loved the small groups sizes and tours. AHI even
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                                        Dr. Eric Rindler
                                        San Antonio, Texas
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                                        Dr. Margaret McGrath
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                                                                         it wasn’t law, we want to communicate easily with all of our families.
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Electronic Records & Forms
                                        Colleen Pittner
                                        Sheboygan, Wisconsin
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                                                                                                                                                     +         $   200
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Emergency Medical Kits
                                        Brandi Klimowicz
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                                        Crown Point, Indiana
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                                                                         using before. It was simple to apply and sign up and the automatic
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                                                                                                                                                                     +                 592
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                                                    Family Dental Associates           things even with our logo on them. Plus, last year alone we saved
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                                                    Dr. Robert Csillag
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                                                                                                                  ODA BOARD OF TRUSTEES

                             Dental Practice Transitions                                                          PRESIDENT
                                                                                                                  Barry Taylor, DMD
                                                                                                                  Multnomah Dental Society
                                                                                                                  Brad Hester, DMD
                                                                                                                  Central Oregon Dental Society
                                                                                                                  Scott Hansen, DMD
                                                                                                                  Multnomah Dental Society
                                                                                                                 AT-LARGE MEMBERS
                       Aaron Pershall, CBA                           Randy Harrison                              Jared Adams, DDS
                                                                                                                 Central Oregon Dental Society
               Contact us for a free consultation and put our knowledge                                          Jason Bajuscak, DMD
                and experience to work for you! You’ll be glad you did!!!                                        Multnomah Dental Society
                                                                                                                 Amberena Fairlee, DMD
                         1-503-807-0009 • www.PracticeSales.Com                                                  Central Oregon Dental Society
                         Check our website for current opportunities!                                            Cyrus Javadi, DDS
                                                                                                                 Clatsop County Dental Society
                                                                                                                 Mark Miller, DMD
976536_Professional.indd 1                                                                     05/09/19   2:48 PMYamhill County Dental Society
                                                                                                                 Mark Mutschler, DDS, MS
                                                                                                                 Clackamas County Dental Society
                                                                                                                 Kevin Prates, DDS
                                                                                                                 Mid-Columbia Dental Society
                                                                                                                 Calie Roa, DMD
                                                                                                                 Southern Oregon Dental Society
                                                                                                                 Deborah Struckmeier, DMD
                                                                                                                 Multnomah Dental Society
                                                                                                                 Frances Sunseri, DMD
                                                                                                                 Clackamas County Dental Society
                                                                                                                  ASDA REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                                  Brad Thomson
         OUR PACIFIC NORTHWEST GENERAL DENTISTS AND SPECIALISTS ENJOY:                                            Rachel Wittenberg
                                                                                                                  Trustee Designate
            • Competitive base salaries and        • An opportunity to become                                     ADA DELEGATES AT LARGE
              additional incentive-based pay         an owner in the business
                                                                                                                  James McMahan, DMD
            • Generous medical and dental          • Camaraderie and                                              Eastern Oregon Dental Society
              coverage                               professional growth that
                                                     a group practice offers                                      Caroline Zeller, DDS
            • Rich employer-paid 401(k)                                                                           Multnomah Dental Society
            • Market leading paid time-off                                                                        NON-VOTING MEMBERS
                                                                                                                  Alayna Schoblaske, DMD
                                      ONLINE: WWW.PDA-DENTAL.COM                                                  Southern Oregon Dental Society
                                      PHONE: 503-813-4254                                                         Editor
                                      EMAIL: PDAJOBS@KP.ORG                                             
                                      Well qualified dentists with a GPR or AEGD and/or 2-3 years of              Rick Asai, DMD
                                      practice experience: Contact our Recruitment Team                           Washington County Dental Society
                                                                                                                  Speaker of the House

957725_Kaiser.indd 1                                                                           3/26/19 12:59 PM
            Dental Therapy
IN ACTION   By Jen Lewis-Goff and Conor McNulty

            What is it?                                 Is there a national movement on
            Dental therapy is a new mid-level           dental therapy?
            provider type model with a scope            There has been a recent concentrated effort,
            of practice typically between a             funded primarily by big think tanks like Kellogg
            hygienist and a dentist. There are          and Pew, to pass legislation in states authorizing
            different models or versions of dental      dental therapy. Despite this effort and dental
            therapy, and not all are the same.          therapy legislative authorizations in other states,
            Different models require different          there are very few practicing dental therapists
            education requirements, different           in the country and no CODA-approved dental
            authorized scope of practices, different    therapy education program.
            supervision requirements, etc.
                                                        What is Oregon doing on dental therapy?
            Is a dental therapist to dentistry the      Oregon began legislative discussions about a
            same as a nurse practitioner is to          dental therapy model back in 2010. The negotiated
            medicine?                                   outcome was SB 738 in the 2011 Legislative
            Some equate a dental therapist to           Session, which allows models to be tested in a
            a nurse practitioner in medicine;           pilot project process through the Oregon Health
            however, that is a false equivalent as      Authority. The pilot project process was intended to
            the standards and training for dental       test and evaluate proposed new provider types in
            therapy vary so much. Additionally, most    a controlled environment, ensuring patient safety,
            dental therapy models allow the provider    quality of care, and the collection of data by which
            to perform non-reversible surgical          to evaluate the model and its efficacy in Oregon.
            procedures, which is not comparable            There are currently two dental pilot projects
            with a nurse practitioner.                  operating in Oregon:
                                                           1. Pilot Project #100 is the usage of a DHAT in
            What’s the difference between a                   tribal clinics.
            DHAT and a DT?                                 2. Pilot Project #200 adds Interim Therapeutic
            A DHAT, or dental health aide therapist,          Restorations (essentially scoop and fill) to
            is based on an Alaska model, which                hygienists’ scope of practice.
            trains its students in two years to do         A proposed Pilot Project #300 would test out a
            a wide range of dental services from        Minnesota-like dental therapy program, utilizing
            preventative care to extractions. The       hygienists and adding dental therapy skills to
            DHAT does not usually have additional       their scope of practice.
            education or training in dentistry aside
            from those two years.                       Future Legislative Sessions
               Most other dental therapy                Oregon may see dental therapy legislation
            models combine additional dental            introduced as early as the February 2020
            therapy training with a hygiene             Legislative Session. Stay tuned for additional
            curriculum — essentially upscaling a        information, details, and engagement alerts.
            dental hygienist.                              Questions? Comments on dental
               As noted above, no two models of         therapy? Send them ODA Government
            dental therapy are the same, with various   Affairs Director, Jen Lewis-Goff at
            educational and scope differences.
Highlights from ODA’s
HIGHLIGHTS   Component Dental Societies
                                                  Number of
             Component                                        Officers

                                                              Nathan Lenox, DMD-President
                                                              Jared Adams, DMD-Vice President
             Central Oregon Dental Society           143
                                                              Erica Crosta, DMD-Treasurer
                                                              Jessica Henderson, DMD-CE Director
                                                              Lynn Yu, DDS-President
                                                              Jeremy Suess, DMD-Vice President
             Clackamas County Dental Society         232
                                                              Jacob Goertz, DMD-Secretary Treasurer
                                                              Fred Bremner, DMD-Executive Director

             Clatsop County Dental Society           41       Matt Starley, DMD-President

                                                              Jason Walker, DMD-President
             Eastern Oregon Dental Society           66       Justin Bingham, DMD-Secretary
                                                              Jeremy Larson, DMD-Treasurer
                                                              Daniel Gailis, DMD-President
             Klamath County Dental Society           35       Andrew Smith, DMD-Vice President
                                                              Theresa Tucker, DDS-Secretary Treasurer
                                                              Terri Baarstad, DMD-President
                                                              Ivan Paskalev, DMD-President Elect
             Lane County Dental Society              208
                                                              Elizabeth Vivona, DDS-Secretary Treasurer
                                                              Jim Wilcox-Executive Director
                                                              Jev Clark, DMD, MD-President
                                                              Paul Brannen, DMD-President Elect
             Marion & Polk Dental Society            192
                                                              Alex Johnson, DMD-Treasurer
                                                              Teri Butler-Executive Director
                                                              Justin Schmidt, DDS-President
             Mid-Columbia Dental Society             31       Andrew Olsson, DDS-Secretary Treasurer
                                                              Colin Taggart, DMD-Editor
                                                              Dennis Nicola, DDS-President
                                                              Octavia Lively, DDS-Vice President
             Multnomah Dental Society                625      Deborah Struckmeier, DMD-Secretary Treasurer
                                                              Melissa Beadnell, DMD-Editor
                                                              Lora Mattsen-Executive Director
                                                              Brent Erickson, DMD-President
             Rogue Valley Dental Society             53       Devin Nelson, DMD-Vice President
                                                              Joshua Westphal, DMD-Secretary Treasurer
                                                              Brandon White, DDS-President
                                                              Adam Fox, DMD-Vice President
             Southern Oregon Dental Society          110
                                                              Alayna Schoblaske, DMD-Treasurer
                                                              Tonya Sowles-Executive Director
                                                              Brian Summers, DMD-President
             Southern Willamette Dental Society      118      Pete Morse, DMD-Vice President
                                                              Brett Brown, DDS-Secretary Treasurer
                                                              Heidi Pahls, DDS, MS-Secretary Treasurer
             Southwestern Oregon Dental Society      45
                                                              Devin Brice, DMD-Editor
                                                              Jon Petersen, DMD-President
                                                              David Sutton, DDS-Vice President
             Umpqua Dental Society                   38
                                                              Shashank Joshi, DDS-Secretary Treasurer
                                                              Jeff Kobernik, DMD-Study Club Liaison
                                                              Susan Weinberg, DMD-President
             Washington County Dental Society        329      Alex Marrero, DDS-Secretary Treasurer
                                                              Becky Peterson-Executive Director
                                                              Todd Hyder, DMD-President
             Yamhill County Dental Society           37       Randolph Heiman, DMD-Secretary Treasurer
                                                              Marvin Johnson, DMD-Editor

             *numbers as of November 11, 2019.
Central Oregon Dental Society
Clackamas County Dental Society
   The Clackamas County Dental             scareware, onion routing, and root         other members and find a place to
Society is organized to function as        kit. We will hear from the ODA’s           discuss common practice issues.
a component society of the Oregon          Wellness Initiative about the Wellness        In November 2018, Clackamas
Dental Association. Its mission is to      Ambassadors armed with resources           County built the Veterans Village
encourage the improvement of the           to help support colleagues dealing         complex. This was designed to provide
health of the public, to promote the       with wellness issues.                      a temporary safe living place for 15
art and science of dentistry, and to          A lecture on ergonomics will            homeless veterans. Many volunteer
encourage dental education and             be presented for the entire dental         groups are helping to provide things
camaraderie. The following activities      team to be sure proper posture             needed for these veterans to have a
were organized to accomplish               keeps the physical body healthy. A         normal living environment.
this mission.                              lecture on functional medicine will           Clackamas County Dental Society
   The theme for this year’s CE            help practitioners keep their own          took on the responsibility for the
courses is maintaining a healthy           body healthy and introduce a new           dental health of these vets. The
dental practice. We first covered          philosophy of helping our patients         Comfort Care dental van was used
the security of office electronic          maintain good health. All who              to take X-rays and examine six of
equipment to protect your information      attend our CE meetings have great          the veterans who indicated they had
from ransomware, form grabber,             opportunities for networking with          some dental problems.

Marion & Polk Dental Society
What do you consider                      is that is local and provided almost        component offer to your local
to be your component’s                    every month.                                member dentists?
greatest strengths?                          We have also been able to keep costs     Being able to keep our costs
I believe our greatest strength is that   down for our members. Our component         down for members allows them to
we listen to our members and solicit      dues have not changed in over five years.   attend CE and pay our local member
their feedback to ensure we provide                                                   dues at low rates, even when
high-quality, relevant continuing         What unique member                          everything else continues to increase
education to our members that             benefits does your                          in costs.
Does your component put on              our list, Salem Boys & Girls Club,      20 years to a Chemeketa student. We
any special events for your local       Community Connect, Medical              believe in helping a local student by
members or community you                Teams International, Neighborhood       promoting education and providing
would like to highlight?                Dentist, and Salem Free Clinic.         assistance to an enrolled student
Marion & Polk Dental Society            MPDS has also held their own            of the Dental Assisting Program at
members participate in many             successful Dental Day in 2013 and       Chemeketa Community College. The
charitable efforts as well as           MOM in 2014.                            scholarship is used to help defray
community outreach. To name a few,        MPDS has proudly offered a            their tuition costs and other fees after
but this certainly doesn’t complete     Dental Assisting Scholarship for over   meeting certain criteria.

Multnomah Dental Society
   The Multnomah Dental Society
encourages the improvement of the
health of the public, to promote the
art and science of dentistry and to
encourage dental education. We
are here to serve our members and
the public with valuable oral health
information, advocacy, and resources.
   Dentist members as well as
nonmembers are encouraged to
take advantage of our continuing
education courses as well as social
events throughout the year. Two of
our most popular events, Member            Serving in a leadership role is
Appreciation and New Dentist events,     also a great opportunity provided
provide an opportunity to gather with    by MDS to stay involved and
peers and colleagues for networking      promote organized dentistry.
as well as social interaction. We also   MDS is proud of our many
value our dental students, who are       member benefits, including
always welcome to attend all of our      enhanced website, monthly
meetings and events at no charge.        newsletter, e-newsletter, after
   We provide an opportunity to          hours on-call services and
volunteer on many levels. Our            our award-winning Senior
nationally recognized Give Kids A        Smile program.
Smile event allows members to help         There are plenty of options to
provide a community service to many      get involved and take advantage
underserved children and families        of being a member of the
in need.                                 Multnomah Dental Society.

Southern Oregon Dental Society
What do you consider to be               What unique member benefits            Party, December 13th. For every
your component’s greatest                does your component offer to           event a member attends, they earn an
strengths?                               your local member dentists?            additional drawing entry.
Southern Oregon Dental Society’s         SODS offer quarterly drawings for
greatest strengths are the               members who attend our events,         Does your component put on
opportunities to network with dentists   both social and continuing education   any special events for your local
throughout our community. In             events. In August, we gave away an     members or community you
addition, we provide a wide variety of   Apple Watch to Dr. Pam Ortiz at our    would like to highlight?
continuing education opportunities       Summer Picnic. Our current raffle is   Southern Oregon Dental Society is
throughout the year; most are free to    for a $250 Amazon gift card, which     excited to bring Dr. David Hornbrook
SODS members.                            we will give away at our Christmas     to Medford May 8, 2020.
Restoring Canines in the
     SPOTLIGHT                Lateral Position
                                           prior to beginning treatment. A            and therefore winged bridges and
                                           desirable treatment plan would be          implant-supported crowns would be
                                           one that achieves the aesthetic and        acceptable treatment options. The
                                           functional goals of the case while         specific problems in this case that
                                           preserving as much healthy tooth           needed to be addressed included:
                                           structure as possible. The following       gingival asymmetry, tooth proportions,
                                           case illustrates the treatment of a        excessive negative space, and a flat
                                           patient with congenitally missing          smile arc (Figures 1-4). Additionally, the
By Thomas Dudney, DMD                      lateral incisors who at an early           patient was unhappy with the color of
                                           age had been treated with canine           her teeth and wanted a whiter, brighter
CONGENITALLY MISSING                       substitution and composite bonding         smile. She had inquired about and
LATERAL INCISORS ARE A FAIRLY              to simulate laterals and was now           was interested in porcelain veneers,
common condition that may be               seeking a more aesthetic option.           and while an acceptable result could
either unilateral or bilateral and often      The advantage of canine substitution    be achieved with veneers only, there
presents restorative challenges.           in these types of cases is that it’s       would be some compromise to
Some of the treatment options              not necessary to prepare teeth for         ideal gingival symmetry and tooth
that exist for this clinical situation     bridges (even conservative winged          proportions. With that in mind and in
are: a removable appliance, space          design) or maintain spaces and bone        order to achieve the most aesthetic
opening with bridges (conventional         levels until the patient is old enough     result possible, the agreed-upon
and winged, 3-unit and 2-unit              to have implant-supported crowns           treatment plan called for orthodontic
cantilever), space opening with            placed. The disadvantages of canine        extrusion of the canines and intrusion
implant-supported crowns at                substitution are that canines are darker   of the premolars to correct the gingival
the appropriate age, and space             and larger than laterals, they have a      asymmetry, narrowing of the canine
closure with canine substitution. An       bulky canine eminence instead of a         width for better tooth proportions,
interdisciplinary approach is key to       flat facial contour, and the gingival      and 10 porcelain veneers to decrease
arriving at the appropriate treatment      height is more apical than that of         negative space, improve the flat smile
plan with collaboration between the        a lateral. Also, the gingival height       arc, and to change the shape of the
orthodontist, surgeon, and restorative     of the first premolar which must           canines to laterals, the first premolars
dentist ideally beginning at an early      occupy the canine position is more         to canines, and the first molars to
age. Regardless of the restorative         coronal than the canine, creating          second premolars. Furthermore, the
option selected, there are both            more gingival asymmetry. It should be      shade of the porcelain would give
advantages and disadvantages that          noted that canine substitution could       the patient the whiter, brighter smile
must be discussed and addressed            be contraindicated in some cases,          she desired.
                                                                                                                                   PHOTOS BY DR. THOMAS DUDNEY.
they provide a blueprint for the
                                                                                                                     laboratory to follow when fabricating
                                                                                                                     the final restorations. In addition to
                                                                                                                     pictures and an impression of the
                                                                                                                     temporaries, the following information
                                                                                                                     was sent to the lab: material selection
                                                                                                                     (in this case e.max Press lithium
                                                                                                                     disilicate), shade of the prepared

                                                                                                                     teeth, length of centrals, bite
                                                                                                                     registration, stick bite, impressions,
                                                                                                                     opposing model, and final shade
                                                                                                                     (BL 2/BL3). At the seat appointment,
                                                                                                                     the definitive restorations were tried
                                                                                                                     in to evaluate fit and contacts, and,
                                                                                                                     after isolation with a rubber dam, all
                                  Before orthodontic treatment            built out facially to decrease negative    10 were bonded in at the same time
                               began, the canines were reduced            space in the buccal corridors. The         with a universal adhesive and light
                               mesially, distally, and facially           first premolars were prepared facially     cure resin cement. After clean-up,
                               to approximate the size of the             and lingually (removing the lingual        the occlusion was checked and the
                               laterals and to make it easier for         cusp) so the restorations could            restorations were polished.
                               the orthodontist to position them          simulate a canine, and the canines            The patient returned in one week
                               properly. Bracket placement allowed        (in the lateral position) having already   for a post-op follow-up appointment,
                               the orthodontist to extrude the            been adjusted prior to ortho, were         at which time she stated that she was
                               canines and thus move the gingival         minimally prepared so the restoration      very pleased with the appearance
                               margins in a coronal direction and         would be the ideal size and shape of       of her smile (Figures 8-10). This
                               intrude the premolars moving the           a lateral incisor. After impressions,      case illustrates the benefits of
                               gingival margins in an apical direction    the provisional restorations were          an interdisciplinary approach to
                               (Figure 5-7). After the ortho was          fabricated utilizing a putty matrix        treatment planning difficult cases and
                               completed, the patient was ready           made from the diagnostic wax-up.           the importance of communication
                               for veneer preparation. The mesial         Provisionals are critical to the           with the right dental lab in achieving
                               buccal cusp of the first molars and        success of the case because they           the desired aesthetic results.
                               the second premolars were prepared         allow the patient to preview the
                               with a chamfer finish line and little or   final result and offer feedback;           Patient satisfaction would not have been
                               no facial reduction so the restorations    they allow the dentist to evaluate         possible without the efforts and talents
                               could simulate second and first            aesthetics, function, and phonetics;       of Gary Vaughn and the entire team at
                               premolars respectively and could be        and, once approved by the patient,         Corr Dental Lab.

                                                                             Want to Learn More?
                                                                                 April 2–4, 2020 | Portland
                                                                                 Oregon Convention Center

                                 Dr. Dudney is presenting on
                                 Saturday, April 4 at the
                                 2020 Oregon Dental Conference
                                                                Learn more at


                                                                                                                               An event for the
                                 Mark your calendar and                                                                          entiredental team

                                 plan to attend!
A New Non-Profit Dental Clinic —
                             Saving Teeth & Restoring Smiles
     SPOTLIGHT               A program of Portland Adventist Community Services

By Katie Linfoot             OUR NON-PROFIT DENTAL CLINIC is                    for dental care but make too much to
                             a little different from most clinics in the        qualify for the Oregon Health Plan, which
                             Portland, Oregon area. An 1,800-square-foot        limits income to 139% of the Federal
                             facility, Gateway Grace Clinic sits west of        Poverty Level. We have already seen
                             Portland Adventist Community Services              patients who have not had access to oral
                             (PACS) in a newly renovated space that             hygiene instructions, regular cleanings,
                             used to house an acupuncture clinic.               or a clinic where crowns and root canals
                             Gateway Grace Clinic is in the business of         can be done.
                             saving teeth!                                         “Our vision and mission at this clinic is
                                “Gateway Grace Clinic is here to serve          to be able to save teeth, restore smiles,
                             uninsured adults who fall between the              love people like Jesus, and give patients a
                             cracks of not qualifying for Oregon Health         hope and future beyond anything they could
                             Plan and who are unable to pay for private         ever imagine,” said Carol James, dental
                             dental insurance. Our clinic has a unique          clinic manager.
                             $20/visit dignity-pay, and a patient can              The clinic has been open since
                             receive some much-needed care,” said               September 17, 2019, operating with two
                             Dr. Robert Stafford, ODA member and                volunteer dentists and two paid staff.
                             Gateway Grace clinical director. The clinic        We have seen 33 new patients since the
                             sees patients who are uninsured and make           opening. We are always in need of more
                             less than 300% of the Federal Poverty              volunteer dentists. For us to be open three
                             Level. These patients have difficulty paying       days a week, we would need 12 dentists.

Some of the Gateway Grace Clinic Dental Team — L to R — Becky Drury Bradshaw,    Dr. Robert Stafford examining a patient’s teeth
Erina Lee, DDS, Carol James, DA, EFDA
Another Gateway Grace Clinic volunteer,            make this dream a reality: Prosper Portland,      “Our vision and
Dr. Erina Lee, says, “Prior to graduating             The Oregon Community Foundation, M.J.
                                                                                                        mission at this
dental school 12 years ago, I knew that               Murdock Charitable Trust, Kaiser-Providence
I wanted to work in a place that was                  Clinic Initiative, Vera L. Smith Charitable       clinic is to be
service-oriented, helping our underserved             Foundation, Newberg-based dental                  able to save teeth,
population. Volunteering at Gateway Grace             manufacturer A-dec, Generations Retirement        restore smiles, love
Clinic has been fulfilling because I get to see       Communities, Adventist Health Portland,
patients who already come in with a sense of          Oregon Conference of Seventh-day
                                                                                                        people like Jesus,
gratitude. Although I am providing a service          Adventists, and two anonymous donors.             and give patients
to patients, I also feel like God is giving             Gateway Grace Clinic is part of Portland        a hope and future
me a learning experience as well, and I am            Adventist Community Services (PACS),
feeling very grateful for the opportunity to          which also serves the community with a
                                                                                                        beyond anything
volunteer here.”                                      food pantry, mobile food pantry, and a            they could ever
   Gateway Grace Clinic includes a                    low-cost thrift store. PACS was founded in        imagine,” said
reception and waiting area, doctor’s office,          1934 and is affiliated with the Seventh-day
consultation room, sterilization and X-ray            Adventist Church. PACS is a faith-based,
                                                                                                        Carol James,
rooms, three operatories, a break room, two           non-profit organization made up of staff,         Dental Clinic
restrooms, and two rooms that are planned             volunteers, donors, prayer partners, and          Manager.
to be used for vision care in the future.             community partners.
   Dr. Stafford said, “It’s extremely satisfying        If you are a dentist and would like to join
to volunteer in a place where we can provide          us in serving this community by Saving
comprehensive care to a very appreciative             Teeth and Restoring Smiles, please call
group with state-of-the-art equipment.”               503-907-6768. We would love to partner with
   This new clinic was not thought of                 you to ensure our patients receive the care
overnight. The vision began in 2001, and              they need for their health and dignity.
fundraising started in 2013. The overall cost           For more information about Gateway
was about $700,000, with $300,000 of that             Grace Clinic, call 503-907-6768 or go to
just for the building and renovations.      
   Many churches, donors, and businesses              We are located at 1424 NE, 109th Ave,
have helped raise funds over the years to             Portland, OR 97220.

Dr. Robert Stafford and Dr. John Ritacca working together to       Gateway Grace Clinic Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on
provide the best care for patients                                 September 9, 2019
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                                    concerning your practice and retirement:

                                    • How long will it take to sell my practice?
                                    • What is happening in the marketplace?
                                    • Should I bring in an associate or partner?
                                    • What will my practice sell for?
                                    • How can I maximize the value of my practice?

 Whether you
Whether    youare
                                                  for the
                                                       the future,    no
                                                           future, a no
cost,  noobligation
          obligation meeting
                      meeting with
                                 with Consani
                                      Consani Associates
                                               Associates Limited
                                                            Limited will
provide  youwith
             with valuable
                   valuable information
                              information from the people whowho know!

                                                                         Phone: (866) 348-3800
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            Paul Consani
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Consani Associates Limited currently works with doctors actively looking to purchase practices in
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OHSU School of Dentistry Helping
                                                                   Implement New Oregon Vaccination Law
        & SCIENCE
                                                                   160 dental students trained on vaccines,
       UNIVERSITY                                                  give each other & faculty flu shots

                                                By Franny White,   THE OREGON HEALTH & SCIENCE                       early 2020. They will be able to do so thanks
                                                OHSU Strategic     UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY is                 to Oregon House Bill 2220, which Gov.
                                                Communications     helping Oregon prepare to implement a new         Kate Brown signed into law in May 2019.
                                                                   state law that will allow dentists to vaccinate   Marucha partnered with the Oregon Dental
                                                                   their patients starting next year.                Association to draft the bill.
                                                                      As part of the dental school’s first-ever          While two other states — Minnesota and
                                                                   vaccination training, about 100 third- and        Illinois — allow dentists to administer flu
                                                                   fourth-year dental students were trained          vaccines to their adult patients, Oregon
                                                                   in vaccine science and safety on Friday,          will become the first to allow its dentists
                                                                   Sept. 27. Following the training, the students    to provide all vaccines to all patients,
                                                                   put their new knowledge to use by vaccinating     including children.
                                                                   each other and OHSU dental faculty against            The Oregon Board of Dentistry worked
                                                                   the flu virus. OHSU School of Dentistry Dean      with the Oregon Board of Pharmacy, Oregon
                                                                   Phillip Marucha, PhD, DMD, was the first          Health Authority, OHSU, Oregon Dental
                                                                   faculty member to receive a flu shot.             Association and others to create rules and
                                                                      Oregon dentists are expected to begin          procedures needed to implement the law
                                                                   providing vaccine services to their patients in   in 2020.
                          The Dental Foundation
  OF OREGON               of Oregon

Go Westward, They Said!
Thank you to everyone that joined us at Westward Whiskey on Thursday, October 24th for our 2019 Fall Giving Celebration.
  Evening highlights included a bottle signing by Westward Whiskey Founder/Distiller Christian Krogstad,
who spent the evening with our guests and signed bottles from the family of Westward Whiskey distilled spirits,
behind-the-scenes distillery tours, and the very popular mixology classes, where guests learned to make
mini-cocktails. We served an array of delicious appetizers from Olympia Provisions, torch-fired artisanal s’mores (an
American classic) from 1927 S’Mores Company, relished a visit from the Franz Bakery “Grilled Cheese Machine,”
who served hot off the grill and ever-so-yummy grilled cheese sandwiches, along with non-alcoholic beverages
including Steven Smith Teamaker.

                                                                                                                           PHOTOGRAPHY BY AMY NICOLE.
Special Thanks to Our Community Partners
Thank you to Dr. David J. Dowsett and the staff with Complete Health Dentistry of Portland for their recent and
very generous donation in memory of Betsy Burton. Over the summer, Dr. Dowsett hosted the Tooth Taxi at his office,
and throughout the day patients were asked to select which charity they would like their dental fees to be donated to:
The Dental Foundation of Oregon, The Jerome Kersey Foundation, or The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.
Not only did the DFO share in the financial support to the foundation, but the Tooth Taxi team and Dr. Dowsett’s staff
were able to help increase awareness of the need for oral health care throughout Oregon.

                                                                                                                         COURTESY OF DR. DAVID J. DOWSETT.
   Permanente Dental Associates, PC (PDA) and Northwest Permanente Physicians & Surgeons, PC (NWP)
recently presented The Dental Foundation of Oregon with $2,000 in support of our mission. For five years now, the PDA
Canines soccer team and the MWP’s FC Thrive soccer team have been holding an annual charity match where each
side put up $1,000, with the total $2,000 pot donated to the winning team’s charity of choice!
   Dr. John J. Snyder, executive director and CEO with Permanent Dental Associates shared, “In the 2019 edition of
this rivalry, the PDA Canines won the match 1-0 after finally scoring in the 87th minute following a highly defensive
match. As with our victories in 2015 and 2018, PDA has elected this year that the charitable donations should support
The Dental Foundation of Oregon and its Tooth Taxi. Thank you for all that you do. Keep your fingers crossed for the
Canines in 2020!”

                                                                                                                         COURTESY OF PERMANENTE DENTAL ASSOCIATES.
Mark Your Calendars
                                 November to December 2019                                                      April 2-4, 2020
                                 Willamette Week Give! Guide                                                    Oregon Dental Conference
                                 Thank you for considering the DFO when
                                 making your charitable end-of-year gifts.                                      June 12, 2020
                                                                                                                16th Annual Chip! for Teeth Golf Tournament
                                 March 14, 2020                                                                 at Langdon Farms Golf Course
                                 Salem Paddy Pint Race                                                          Registration officially opens January 2, 2020 at
                                                                                                                the DFO website.
                                 March 15, 2020
                                 Prineville Paddy Pint Race

                                                            Tooth Taxi Statistics (September 2008-October 25, 2019)

                                                                                22,942                                   13,305
                                                                                   students screened                     appointments in the van

                                                                                24,666                             $7,720,565
                                                                                 students received oral             value of free dental care provided
                                                                           hygiene education in the classroom

The Dental Foundation of Oregon is grateful to our business and community partners, donors, and volunteers who
annually help us achieve our mission to advance oral health education, provide charitable care, and coordinate
resources for Oregon’s children and vulnerable communities.

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                         ADA Managing Debt and
        & SCIENCE
       UNIVERSITY        Wealth Program
                         ON AUGUST 30, 2019, THE ADA                  to sage advice from Dr. D’Ambrosia, which
                         Managing Debt and Wealth program was         included examples of financial mistakes
                         presented to first-year dental students at   she made throughout her dental journey.
                         Oregon Health and Sciences University by     The success programs are presented at no
                         member dentist Alysa D’Ambrosia, DMD,        charge to students or dental schools by the
                         a 2013 OHSU graduate. This program is        American Dental Association and/or state
                         one in a series of success programs on       and local dental societies. The Success
                         topics most relevant to students today.      program helps students prepare for life
                         The students enjoyed an ODA-sponsored        as a dentist — good choices now, great
                         lunch from Elephants Deli while listening    dentists later.

                 ASSOCIATES WANTED                                             G/P PRACTICE FOR SALE IN WEST PORTLAND Annual collections
                                                                               approximately $575K. Hi net, lo overhead practice. Great collection policy
Looking for a Full or Part time long term associate dentist to add to our
                                                                               in place. 3 fully equipped operatories, 3 more plumbed. 2,500 SF office,
well established growing practice. A great opportunity to practice in a
                                                                               digital X-rays. Modern building located on a very busy street. Lots of
state of the art facility with advanced technology alongside two highly
                                                                               parking. Contact; 503-680-4366
trained clinicians available to mentor if desired. Experience preferred, but
interested in all applicants. Please E-Mail resume to
                                                                               EAST VANCOUVER Mid-sized practice in popular area. 4 equipped in about
ASSOCIATE SOUTHERN OREGON Larger, established practice looking for
                                                                               1800 sf. Marius equipment, digital, Dentrix. Ideal for second location or
associate with future buy-in potential. Ideal candidate would be able to do
                                                                               an affordable place to grow. All endo, ortho and implants are referred
most Endo procedures. Owner was a Spears Mentor for 10 years and Cerec
                                                                               out. 10-15 new patients/mo via Google and insurance. 2017 collections
is available. Benefits: malpractice/medical insurances, 401K, CE allowance.
                                                                               around $300K. Contact 503-830-5765, (WD239)
Contact Megan Urban at 503-830-5765, (OD116)
                                                                               Columbia River Scenic Area — General Practice available for purchase
ASSOCIATE SALEM, OREGON Associate position. Large free-standing
                                                                               on track to collect $861k in 2019 working only 3 days per week. This
building with 1 GP, 1 endodontist, and 1 periodontist. Has been a dental
                                                                               busy 3 Op practice with updated equipment and an above average
office for 40 years. Tiered compensation package and potential equity
                                                                               net (44%) has a lease available with future expansion opportunities.
interest. Contact Megan Urban, 503-830-5765,
                                                                               Contact Lynne or Donna at Practice Management Associates
                                                                      or give us a call at 503-912-5160
                 PRACTICES FOR SALE
SOUTHERN OREGON - GP practice and building for sale collecting $527,000                   SPACE AVAILABLE/WANTED
in 180 days. Beautifully updated, great location! 5 ops — 4 equipped,
                                                                               Associate Position in Portland OR area High-tech, organized, total health,
1 plumbed. For more information, contact Megan at
                                                                               successful practice looking for an associate at least 3 days per week.
or call 503-830-5765. (OD110)
                                                                               Practice owner is a Spear educator, utilizes a consultant and office
Endo Practice for sale in Southern Oregon. Annual collections of $600,000      manager. Contact Megan Urban at 503-830-5765,
on 100 days of work. Incredible potential for growth. Doctor will introduce    (OD121)
you to all referrals. Asking $300,000. Email for
                                                                               Associate Position in Portland OR area High-tech, organized, total health,
info. (OD105)
                                                                               successful practice looking for an associate at least 3 days per week.
CENTRAL OREGON: Large Dental Practice and Building for Sale. Over              Practice owner is a Spear educator, utilizes a consultant and office
$1,874,000 in Seller’s Discretionary Earnings in the last 3 years. 7 fully     manager. Contact Megan Urban at 503-830-5765,
equipped operatories. Digital xrays and CT. 30 minutes from Bend. Staff        (OD121)
is expected to continue and assist with the transition. Offering Price
                                                                               NE Portland Practice and Building — Charming, impeccably maintained
$985,000. Contact Megan, 503-830-5765,
                                                                               building off I-84 — great visibility. 3 ops, Daisy, onsite parking,
                                                                               potential option to expand. All perio, endo, surgery, ortho referred out.
SALEM, OREGON Extraction Clinic — Retiring oral surgeon has been               Dedicated team prepared to help new dentist grow the practice. Contact
in same location over 20 years. Patient referrals from a large area and, 877-866-6053. (OD113)
from 2 denturists. Cash only practice, collecting about $320 per hour
                                                                               ALBANY — 4 op building for sale in Albany near hospital and related
for simple extractions. Asking $60,000. Contact Megan Urban for more
                                                                               services. Parking, street signage exposure. 2,025 square feet. Has
information — (OD120)
                                                                               been dental office 43 years. Contact for more
McMinnville Heart of Wine Country — Cozy, 3 operatory, digital, “bread         information. (OD108)
and butter” practice. Team has been together for around 20 years and
would like to work more. 2017 collections around $243,000, room to grow!
Lease space is zoned medical/dental only. Contact;
503-830-5765. (OD123)
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