WELCOME   Dear Colleagues,
          Welcome to the Diploma Centre Prospectus for 2020/2021.

          We are delighted to open this new academic year with a wide range of certificates and diplomas, Master’s
          programmes and a professional doctorate in law. Our commitment, as always, is to enhance the skills and career
          opportunities of solicitors in Ireland. We strive to do this by providing a diverse range of postgraduate courses
          that cover core areas for every solicitor’s practice, together with more niche innovative topics.

          Supporting the profession has always been a priority for the       titioners, and a redesigned Diploma in Insolvency Law and
          Diploma Centre. This year, in response to the Covid-19 pan-        Corporate Restructuring.
          demic, we introduced a suite of initiatives to support solici-
          tors and trainees during a very challenging time.                  It is envisaged that our autumn 2020 programme will be
                                                                             delivered online, with live interactive lectures and workshops.
          Our spring 2020 courses were adapted for online delivery,          All sessions are available on playback and podcast to provide
          enabling students to continue their professional learning          for flexible learning. We will continue to follow public health
          and successfully complete their courses as originally              advice on Covid-19 and hope to invite students and lecturers
          planned.                                                           back to our wonderful campus as soon as it is safe to do so.

          Two free online courses were launched in April: (1) The            Finally, as always, we are indebted to our lecturers and tutors,
          Certificate in Technology Law and (2) The Introduction to          all of whom are seasoned practitioners and who are so giving
          Arts, Entertainment and Media Law. Both courses granted a          of their time. We would like to sincerely thank them for en-
          total of 22 hours of free CPD to participants, with certificates   abling us to deliver such a high-quality learning experience.
          awarded upon completion. We are delighted that over 3,800
          solicitors enrolled for these courses.                             On behalf of the Law Society of Ireland, I would like to thank
                                                                             you for your continued support and wish you every success in
          As a further support, we will be introducing discounts for         your future studies. Stay safe and well.
          our autumn 2020 courses. These are available to solicitors
          working on reduced-hour contracts or who are currently un-         Claire O’Mahony
          employed and wish to expand their knowledge and enhance
          their career opportunities.

          New courses to serve the profession are always a priority,         Solicitor,
          and this autumn we are pleased to introduce a Certificate in       Acting Head of Diploma Centre
          Mediator Training, a Diploma for Personal Insolvency Prac-         c.omahony@lawsociety.ie


•   Enhance your skills,
•   Broaden your career opportunities,
•   Avail of unique courses that are designed by solicitors for
•   Learn from leading experts and experienced practitioners,
•   Combine academic theory with practical application, all
    delivered online, live and via playback,
•   Obtain discounts, including a 10% discount for trainees
    and special Covid-19 discounts (see www.lawsociety.ie/
    diplomacentre for details).

Two free online courses (Certificate in Technology Law
and Introduction to Arts, Entertainment, Media Law)
were launched in April, attracting 3,800 solicitors

Over 250 students studied our aviation courses in

Participants on our courses were based in 35
countries worldwide

During the Covid-19 pandemic, all courses were
adapted for online delivery

To support the profession in Covid-19, discounts are
offered for solicitors who are unemployed/working
reduced hours


6     LLM Advanced Legal Practice
6     LLM Employment Law
7     Professional Doctorate

8     Diploma in Law

9     Diploma in Finance Law
10    Diploma in Criminal Law and Practice
11    Diploma in Construction Law
12    Diploma in Judicial Skills and Decision-Making
13    Diploma in Corporate Law and Governance
14    Diploma in Regulation Law and Practice
15    Diploma in Education Law
16    Diploma in Sports Law
17    Diploma in Trust and Estate Planning
18    Certificate in Aviation Leasing and Finance
19    Diploma in Aviation Leasing and Finance (Spring 2021)
20    Diploma in Insolvency Law and Corporate Restructuring (NEW)
21    Diploma for Personal Insolvency Practitioners (NEW)
22    Diploma in Technology and Intellectual Property Law
24    Certificate in Agribusiness and Food Law
25    Certificate in Conveyancing
26    Certificate in Immigration Law and Practice
27    Certificate in Trademark Law
28    Certificate in Mediator Training (NEW)


30    Conferral Ceremonies
32    Terms and Conditions

Saturday 26 September 2020

                                     STRUCTURE                                           programme provides the ideal opportunity        WHO SHOULD ATTEND?
                                     Our LLM Advanced Legal Practice, offered            for professional development in a specialised   Applicants must either be:
Distance learning
                                     in association with the Northumbria Law             area of law. Candidates undertake in-depth      • Qualified as a solicitor in this jurisdiction,
                                     School, is specifically designed for those who      study of an agreed legal topic under individ-     or
ASSESSMENT:                          are qualified solicitors. Uniquely, the LLM         ual tutor supervision. The programme starts     • Enrolled on the PPC at the same time as
Dissertation of between 15,000 and   provides participants with the opportunity          with an induction day, followed by one-to-        they enrol to the LLM Advanced Legal Prac-
17,000 words                         of using a solicitor qualification as a building    one research supervision. Supervisors are         tice.
                                     block to achieve further recognised academic        drawn from a panel of subject-matter experts,
FEE:                                 qualifications. In summary, the award re-           comprising both internal Law Society staff      Any student enrolled on the PPC at the same
€3,400                               quires 180 credits, and a solicitor qualification   and senior external practitioners/academics.    time as the LLM must satisfactorily complete
                                     already provides 120 points towards this. A         The programme lasts for up to two years,        the PPC before they can be awarded the LLM.
                                     research-based dissertation then makes up           with early exit points – a timescale designed
                                     the remaining 60 points required.                   to allow students the flexibility to complete
                                                                                         the LLM in keeping with their work commit-
                                     Building upon the solicitor qualification, the      ments.

                                     LLM EMPLOYMENT LAW IN PRACTICE

START DATE:                          Our LLM Employment Law in Practice is               pervision. The programme is taught primarily
Saturday 14 November 2020            offered in association with the Northumbria         through distance learning, with supervisors       Why Complete a Master’s
                                     Law School and is specifically designed for         predominantly based in the Law Society. The       Programme?
DELIVERY METHOD:                     those who have completed our Diploma in             programme lasts for one year, a time-scale
Distance learning                    Employment Law. Uniquely the LLM provides           designed to allow students flexibility to
                                     participants with the opportunity of using the      complete the LLM in keeping with their work       Apart from the personal satisfaction of
                                     Diploma in Employment Law as a building             commitments.                                      gaining a Master’s, our LLM programmes
ASSESSMENT:                          block to achieve a further recognised aca-                                                            provide career benefits through focus on
Dissertation of between 15,000 and   demic qualification. In summary, the award          WHO SHOULD ATTEND?                                skills that are directly relevant to the needs
17,000 words                         requires 180 credits, and the Diploma in Em-        Those who have completed the Diploma Cen-         of a modern work setting, including:
                                     ployment Law already provides 120 points to-        tre’s Diploma in Employment Law are eligible      • The development of existing expertise and
FEE:                                 wards this. A research-based dissertation then      to apply for the LLM Employment Law in               knowledge,
€3,400                               makes up the remaining 60 points required.          Practice.                                         • The opportunity to gain expertise in a new
                                     Building upon the Diploma in Employment                                                               • Enhancement of skills in research and
                                     Law, the programme provides the ideal                                                                    legal analysis, and
                                     opportunity for professional development                                                              • Enhanced understanding of the wider
                                     in a specialised area of employment law.                                                                 context in which the law is developed and
                                     Candidates undertake in-depth study of an                                                                is implemented.
                                     agreed legal topic under individual tutor su-
PROFESSIONAL DOCTORATE IN LAW                                                                                                                           START DATE:
                                                                                                                                                        Friday 13 November 2020

The Professional Doctorate in Law is offered      body of knowledge at the forefront of practice      WHO SHOULD ATTEND?
                                                                                                                                                        DELIVERY METHOD:
in partnership with the Northumbria Law           development. The programme aims to enable           The programme is open only to Irish quali-
                                                                                                                                                        Blended learning – 3.5 years
School and is specifically designed for qual-     candidates to:                                      fied lawyers and is designed for two kinds of
ified solicitors. It is a part-time programme     • Acquire a range of research skills and to         candidate – first, those with professional ex-
structured to facilitate those in full-time         be able to apply these to the conceptual-         perience and a Master’s degree within the last
employment. The programme is designed to            isation, design and implementation of a           five years; and, second, those with profession-
provide a structured and supportive learning        project, adjusting design in the light of         al experience but without a Master’s degree.
experience that will enhance a solicitor’s          unforeseen problems;                              All candidates will undergo assessment for
theoretical understanding of their profession     • Be able to translate ideas into a form            advanced standing entry onto the programme
and will assist in the development of practice,     understandable by and meaningful to their         that will formally capture their attainment
through critical insight and evaluation,            profession;                                       of the required Level 9 of the Irish National
building on academic and research skills          • Produce a thesis or portfolio of original         Framework of Qualification. Evidence for this
acquired via formal subject delivery and the        quality in the professional area;                 will be provided both by their application and
doctoral research subsequently conducted.         • Disseminate/publish that research and its         subsequent interview.
The research may be doctrinal, perhaps in a         outcomes to the professional audience.
practice-based area such as criminal justice
and evidence, or the law in action in areas       The taught element of the programme is
such as human rights or data collection and       assessed by the proposal assignment, and the
privacy or legal education. Those who com-        research element is assessed by submission of
plete the Professional Doctorate in Law will      the final thesis or portfolio, culminating in a
have made a significant and original contri-      viva voce examination with two independent
bution to the creation and interpretation of a    examiners.

  The Diploma Centre in partnership with the Northumbria Law School

                                                  the Northumbria Law School, Northumbria             For Further Information
                                                  University.                                         Rory O’Boyle, Solicitor,
                                                  A multi-award-winning faculty, the School of        or DiplomaTeam@LawSociety.ie
                                                  Law at Northumbria counts the Queen’s Anni-
                                                  versary prize among its many honours and the
  The Law Society of Ireland’s Diploma Centre     university is currently one of the highest ranked                                                      Northumbria University, Newcastle
  offers our two innovative Master’s and our      institutions for graduates in professional em-
  professional doctorate in association with      ployment in the UK.

START DATE:                                     DIPLOMA IN LAW
         Friday 4 September 2020

                                                                                                           the various substantive topics of law with the     FACULTY
                                                                                                           added benefit of being able to relate to the       The teaching faculty for this diploma com-
         Live Wednesday evening lectures,
                                                                                                           real life practice of law when required.           prises a fantastic array of renowned legal
         6pm to 8.30pm; one block weekend
         each month (Friday and Saturday                                                                   Students can choose between a one-year or          practitioners.
         9.30am-4.00pm). Available to view                                                                 two-year option of study to best suit their
         on-demand                                                                                         needs. Those students who select the two-year      CONTACT
                                                                                                           option generally elect to study two modules        Course Leader: Patricia Harvey, Barrister
         ASSESSMENT:                                                                                       per semester.                                      E P.Harvey@LawSociety.ie
         All modules are assessed through a
         mix of continuous assessment (written                                                             Our innovative blended-learning approach af-
         assignments and online tasks) and a                                                               fords ultimate flexibility in terms of accessing
         written examination                                                                               our course, and this may appeal to those who
                                                                                                           are working or based outside Dublin while
                                                                                                           undertaking the diploma.
         €2,300 per year if taken over two
                                                            2019 Diploma in Law graduate Seán Smith and
         years; €4,600 if taken over one year
                                                                     Ms. Justice Aileen Donnelly           MODULES
                                                                                                           The programme is based on the following
                                                                                                           module scheme and covers key themes as
                                                         PROGRAMME OBJECTIVES                              listed below:
“I started the Diploma in Law in 2017 and had a truly    The Diploma in Law from the Law Society of
   great experience. I found the diploma to be a solid   Ireland has been created for those seeking a      SEMESTER 1 (SEPTEMBER – JANUARY)
 springboard for the FE1s, which I have now success-     greater knowledge of the law, professionals       Module 1: Constitutional law,
 fully completed. I’m working in a law firm now and      who would like to gain new skills and, in turn,   Module 2: Criminal law,
   will heartily recommend the diploma at the Law        add value to their current roles, and gradu-      Module 3: Contract law,
               Society to all I encounter.”              ates keen to acquire new expertise or those       Module 4: Tort.
                                                         who are thinking of commencing the solicitor
                                                         qualification.                                    SEMESTER 2 (FEBRUARY – MAY)
                Seán Smith,
                                                                                                           Module 1: Company law,
          Diploma in Law Graduate
                                                         PROGRAMME STRUCTURE AND                           Module 2: EU law,
                                                         APPROACH TO LEARNING                              Module 3: Property law,
                                                         An intensive postgraduate diploma spread          Module 4: Equity or Employment law.
                                                         over eight modules, this course is designed
                                                         for those who require an introduction to the      WHO SHOULD ATTEND?
                                                         discipline of law in a number of core areas.      This course is open to non-law graduates
                                                         This course is unique in that it integrates the   from any discipline or suitable non-graduates
                                                         academic theory with the practice of law. Our     with a demonstrable level of work experience
                                                         module tutors are experienced practitioners       in the area of law.
                                                         and are well placed to provide instruction in

DIPLOMA IN FINANCE LAW                                                                                                                                         START DATE:
                                                                                                                                                               Tuesday 6 October 2020

PROGRAMME STRUCTURE AND                          Module 3: Banking sectors                         We welcome applications from suitably
                                                                                                                                                               DELIVERY METHOD:
APPROACH TO LEARNING                             • Regulation of banking in Ireland,               qualified non-members. Please explain your
                                                                                                                                                               Live online lectures on Tuesdays,
This diploma provides participants with a        • Codes of practice,                              interest and set out any relevant experience in
                                                                                                                                                               6pm to 8.30pm, and online
comprehensive and in-depth understanding         • Corporate banking.                              a cover letter and a brief CV. Such applications            interactive workshops. Also available
of the law in relation to the provision of fi-                                                     are subject to a supplemental fee of €300.                  to view on-demand
nancial services from a national and inter-      Module 4: Loan financing
national perspective. This dynamic area is       • Loan Market Association,                        CONTACT                                                     FEE:
constantly subject to regulatory and statutory   • Equity financing,                               Course Leader: Suzanne Crilly, Solicitor                    €2,600
changes at both European and national level.     • Recovery and restructuring.                     E S.Crilly@LawSociety.ie
Brexit has the potential to have a significant
impact on this sector.                           Module 5: Capital markets
                                                 • Bond markets,
The modules in this diploma will consider the    • International Swaps and Derivatives
current financial services market in Ireland       Association,
and the regulatory framework in which it         • Irish Stock Exchange.
operates. Ireland is recognised as a global
financial services and technology hub, and       Module 6: Corporate governance
the course will examine the use of FinTech       • Corporate governance,
and RegTech in the industry. The course          • Money laundering,
also focuses on specific technical and legal     • Insider dealing and market manipulation.                                                            “The Diploma in Finance Law enabled me to broaden
aspects, including a review of the underlying                                                                                                          my knowledge in areas of finance law that were less
principles and characteristics of banking and    WHO SHOULD ATTEND?                                                                                      familiar to me, while at the same time building on
financial markets, perspectives on corpo-        This course is suitable for solicitors, trainee                                                        the practical experience I had gained in investment
rate finance, and the regulatory issues that     solicitors, paralegals, and other suitable pro-                                                       funds law. The lecturers provided practical examples
relate to domestic and international capital     fessionals who wish to expand their knowl-                                                           of the types of matters that can arise, and the tutorials
markets.                                         edge of the financial services industry with
                                                                                                                                                         allowed for further in-depth discussions, based on
                                                 a view to moving into the area. It will also
                                                                                                                                                            practical scenarios. The course materials were
MODULES                                          appeal to solicitors and others in the banking
                                                                                                                                                        comprehensive, and being able to view lectures and
The programme is based on the following          industry, and other suitable professionals
                                                                                                                                                            access notes online was a real benefit. I would
module scheme:                                   seeking to gain a thorough understanding
                                                                                                                                                        recommend this course to anyone wishing to move
Module 1: Financial services market              of the rules governing the regulation of
                                                                                                                                                           into the area of finance law for the first time, or
• Legislative provisions,                        banking and a detailed knowledge of banking
                                                                                                                                                          someone seeking to build on existing experience.”
• The Central Bank and regulation,               documentation. Additionally, the course is of
• Investment firms,                              interest to directors, tax consultants, accoun-
• FinTech.                                       tants, bankers, fund managers and those who                                                                       Mairéad McGuinness
                                                 wish to familiarise themselves with the funds                                                                  (Central Bank of Ireland)
Module 2: Industry sectors                       industry and compliance issues relating to
• Investment funds,                              the financial services industry.
• Insurance,
• Pensions.
Friday 9 October 2020

                                           PROGRAMME STRUCTURE AND                           • Sentencing – recent developments and              tence, fines, community service, probation
                                           APPROACH TO LEARNING                                emerging trends.                                  and poor box, binding over,
Live monthly block release lectures
                                           This diploma offers students in-depth expo-                                                         • Sentencing hearing.
and workshop sessions over five
weekends (Friday and Saturday).            sure to and practical insight into key practice   Module 3: The District Court and advoca-
All sessions live online and also          areas of criminal law in Ireland from both the    cy skills                                         Module 8: Regulatory crime
available to view on-demand                prosecution and defence perspectives. A core      • Initial applications in the District Court,     • Regulatory crime – practice and procedure,
                                           component of the course is the goal of de-        • District Court advocacy skills,                 • Criminal offences, the Companies Act 2014,
ASSESSMENT:                                veloping the advocacy skills of those attend-     • Running a District Court case – the role of     • The role of the Office of the Director of
Continuous assessment through              ing, through interactive workshop sessions          the practitioner,                                 Corporate Enforcement.
online activities (15%), advocacy skills   that mirror situations faced in the criminal      • Bail applications,
assessment (25%) and written assign-       justice process. The ethical and professional     • Aspects of higher courts criminal advocacy,     WHO SHOULD ATTEND?
ment (60%)                                 considerations of advising an arrested person     • Legal aid.                                      This course is suitable for solicitors, trainees,
                                           in custody, dealing with vulnerable witnesses,                                                      and barristers who currently work in the area
                                           and victims’ rights in a criminal trial process   Module 4: Dealing with victims and vul-           of criminal law or aspire to do so. It will also
€2,600                                     will be considered in detail. The course also     nerable witnesses                                 appeal to members of An Garda Síochána and
                                           includes an in-depth look at sentencing law       • Criminal Justice (Victims of Crime) Act 2017,   employees of statutory agencies and offices
                                           and practice.                                     • Prosecutorial challenges – vulnerable vic-      that have a criminal justice function and oth-
                                                                                               tims and witnesses,                             er suitably qualified professionals who have a
                                           MODULES                                           • Sexual offences – Criminal Law (Sexual          professional interest in criminal law.
                                           The programme is based on the following             Offences) Act 2017,
                                           module scheme:                                    • Domestic Violence Act 2018.                     We welcome applications for this course
                                           Module 1: Arrest and detention                                                                      from suitably qualified non-members. Please
                                           • Criminal Justice (Forensic Evidence and DNA     Discrete areas of practice                        explain your interest and set out any relevant
                                             Database System) Act 2014,                      Module 5: Judicial review                         experience in a cover letter and a brief CV.
                                           • Advising clients in Garda custody.              • Procedure in judicial review applications,      Such applications are subject to a supplemen-
                                                                                             • Identifying a judicial review,                  tal fee of €300.
                                           Module 2: Evidence and criminal law               • Advocacy skills.
                                           updates                                                                                             CONTACT
                                           • Rules of evidence,                              Module 6: Road traffic offences                   Course Leader: Patricia Harvey, Barrister
                                           • ‘Beyond JC’ – the impact of the new exclu-      • Basic proofs in a drink-driving case,           E P.Harvey@LawSociety.ie
                                             sionary rule,                                   • Recent case law developments,
                                           • Recent legislative and procedural updates,      • Advocacy skills: running a District Court
                                           • The European Arrest Warrant,                      case and Circuit Court appeal.
                                           • Criminal evidence and the European Conven-
                                             tion on Human Rights,                           Module 7: Sentencing law and practice
                                           • Data protection and criminal trials,            • General principles,
                                           • Dwyer v Commissioner of An Garda Síochá-        • Mitigating factors and aggravating factors,
                                             na (2018),                                      • Relevant legislation and case law,
                                           • The role of the Children Court,                 • Sentencing – custodial, suspended sen-
DIPLOMA IN CONSTRUCTION LAW                                                                                                                                 START DATE:
                                                                                                                                                            Saturday 10 October 2020

PROGRAMME STRUCTURE AND                            • An overview of the standard forms of con-        professionals, including engineers, claims
                                                                                                                                                            DELIVERY METHOD:
APPROACH TO LEARNING                                 tract,                                           surveyors, and expert witnesses.
                                                                                                                                                            Live online lectures Wednesdays,
This advanced-level diploma course aims            • Specialists and subcontractors.
                                                                                                                                                            6pm to 8.30pm, with a number of
to provide a comprehensive overview of the                                                            We welcome applications for this course               live online interactive workshops
specialised discipline of construction law and     Module 2: Construction procurement –               from suitably qualified non-members. Please           on Saturdays. Also available to view
practice in Ireland.                               the tendering process                              explain your interest and set out any relevant        on-demand
                                                   • An overview of the Public Procurement Direc-     experience in a cover letter and a brief CV.
This diploma takes a practical approach to the       tive,                                            Such applications are subject to a supplemen-         ASSESSMENT:
complex issues that arise from the multiparty      • The tendering procedure,                         tal fee of €300.                                      Continuous assessment and three-
nature of the construction process. Students       • Remedies available to unsuccessful candi-                                                              hour closed-book written examination
will be introduced to the standard forms             dates.                                           CONTACT
of construction contracts, with particular                                                            Course Leader: Liam Dunne, Solicitor                  FEE:
focus on the public works and RIAI con-            Module 3: Construction contracts                   E L.Dunne@LawSociety.ie                               €2,600
tracts. There will be specialised introductory     • Responsibility for design in construction
streams for lawyers and non-lawyers and              contracts,                                                                                             CPD:
specific modules on the tendering process          • Lump sum and quantities contracts,                                                                     The course is recognised by Engi-
and construction dispute resolution. Other         • Supply chain: subcontracting,                                                                          neers Ireland for CPD purposes.
prominent areas of study include the Con-          • Change,
struction Contracts Act 2013, allocation of risk   • Time and completion,
between the employer and the contractor,           • Security and overall liability,
collateral warranties and bonds, specialists       • Ordinary certification and payment.
and subcontractors, and the Building Con-
trol (Amendment) Regulations 2014. Practical       Module 4: Construction dispute
training through the use of case studies and       resolution
workshops will be enhanced by consideration        • Multiparty construction litigation,
of the overall regulation of construction and      • Conciliation and mediation,
the role of regulatory authorities, case law,      • Dispute resolution through adjudication,
and recent and future developments.                • Arbitration practice and procedure.

MODULES                                            WHO SHOULD ATTEND?
The programme is based on the following            This course is suitable for solicitors or
module scheme:                                     barristers currently working in the area or
Module 1: Introduction to construction             those who would be interested in practising
law                                                in this area (including trainees). It would also
                                                                                                                                                       Diploma in Construction Law 2019 prize winner
• Specialised stream for lawyers introducing       be of interest to dispute resolution solici-                                                        Derek Duffy with the Ms. Justice Aileen Donnelly
  the construction process,                        tors and barristers looking to broaden their
• Specialised introductory stream for              understanding of an area of law that gener-
  non-lawyers introducing the principles of        ates a large amount of claims and litigation.
  the law of contract,                             Additionally, it would appeal to construction
       Wednesday 14 October 2020

                                                      PROGRAMME STRUCTURE AND                          • The effect of the Mediation Act 2017,            FACULTY
                                                      APPROACH TO LEARNING                             • Functions and duties of chairpersons of a        Lecturers are drawn from members of the
       Live online lectures on Wednesdays
                                                      This diploma will provide participants with        board.                                           judiciary in Ireland both past and present,
       and Saturdays, with interactive
       workshops. Also available to view              case-management leadership skills and                                                               leading barristers and solicitors, and mem-
       on-demand                                      practical training on how to run a case in any   Module 3: Written judgments and deci-              bers of independent public bodies.
                                                      forum. It will also prepare participants for     sion-making skills                                 Past speakers have included:
       ASSESSMENT:                                    adjudicatory, tribunal, and board roles, and     • Drafting written judgments,
       Final written assignment (60%) and             will explore the skills needed to preside over   • Proceedings involving litigants-in-person,       • Ms. Justice Marie Baker, Supreme Court,
       continuous assessment (40%) based              various forums.                                  • Assessing credibility; assessing expert            Ireland,
       on participation and completion of                                                                evidence.                                        • Mr. Justice Michael Peart, retired Court of
       workshop assignments                           Practical workshops on arriving at a determi-                                                         Appeal Judge, Ireland,
                                                      nation and drafting judgments will be facili-    Module 4: The social context of law                • Mr. Justice John A. Edwards, Court of Ap-
       FEE:                                           tated by means of case studies and role-play     • Examination of cultural diversity in Ire-          peal, Ireland,
       €3,000                                         sessions. A module on mediation will discuss       land,                                            • Mr. Justice Donald Binchy, Court of Appeal,
                                                      how the Mediation Act 2017 affects traditional   • Independence and accountability,                   Ireland,
                                                      court-based proceedings, with a particular       • Equality legislation and inclusion,              • Judge Petria McDonnell, Circuit Court,
                                                      focus on mediation in the commercial context     • Consistency in sentencing,                         Ireland
                                                      and in family law. The diploma also features a   • Dealing with vulnerable clients or               • Tina Bond, Deputy District Judge on the
                                                      distinct module on awareness and sensitivity       witnesses.                                         North East Circuit England and Wales,
                                                      training and dealing with vulnerable witness-                                                       • Judge Colin Daly, President of the District
                                                      es and clients.                                  WHO SHOULD ATTEND?                                   Court, Ireland,
                                                                                                       This course is suitable for solicitors, barris-    • Judge John O’Connor, Circuit Court, Ire-
                                                      MODULES                                          ters, and other relevant professionals who           land,
                                                      The programme is based on the following          wish to develop the skill-set necessary for        • Judge Patrick McMahon, retired District
                                                      module scheme:                                   adjudicatory, tribunal, and board roles, or          Court Judge, Ireland,
                                                      Module 1: The exercise of judicial skills        the skills necessary to preside over various       • Geraldine Clarke, Gleeson McGrath Baldwin
                                                      and decision-making                              forums. The course is also of appeal to direc-       Solicitors and former President of the Law
                                                      • Ethical considerations; types of judicial      tors or other relevant professionals seeking         Society of Ireland,
                                                        roles/quasi-judicial bodies,                   to gain necessary training with regard to          • Dr Jennifer Carroll MacNeill TD.
                                                      • The application and recruitment process,       overseeing decision-making processes in a
                                                      • Understanding and managing the trial           corporate environment.                             CONTACT
                                                        process,                                                                                          Course Leader: Cian Monahan, Solicitor
                                                      • Rules of evidence from the decision-mak-       We welcome applications from suitably              E C.Monahan@LawSociety.ie
                                                        er’s perspective.                              qualified non-members. Please explain your
                                                                                                       interest and set out any relevant experience in
Judge Petria McDonnell addressing 2019 participants
                                                      Module 2: Mediation, managing proceed-           a cover letter and a brief CV. Such applications
                                                      ings, and administering justice                  are subject to a supplemental fee of €300.
                                                      • Mediation overview from a judicial per-
DIPLOMA IN CORPORATE LAW AND GOVERANCE                                                                                                               START DATE:
                                                                                                                                                     Tuesday 6 October 2020

PROGRAMME STRUCTURE AND                           Module 3: Boardroom simulation                    from legal secretaries and those involved
                                                                                                                                                     DELIVERY METHOD:
APPROACH TO LEARNING                              • Practitioner’s perspective of corporate         in improving their knowledge of company
                                                                                                                                                     Online live lectures on Tuesdays,
The Diploma in Corporate Law and Gov-               governance,                                     law and documentation and other suitable
                                                                                                                                                     6.15pm to 8.45pm, and occasional
ernance aims to provide students with a           • Advising directors,                             professionals with an interest in the area are   interactive Saturday workshops.
comprehensive and in-depth understanding          • Boardroom simulation workshop.                  also accepted.                                   Available to view on-demand
of the law in relation to this interesting and
changing sector, which has seen numerous          Module 4: Corporate transactions                  We welcome applications for this course          ASSESSMENT:
changes since the introduction of the Compa-      • Tax issues,                                     from suitably qualified non-members. Please      Continuous assessment (20%) and
nies Act 2014.                                    • Financing a transaction,                        explain your interest and set out any relevant   final written examination (80%) in
                                                  • Sectoral regulation,                            experience in a cover letter and a brief CV.     April 2021
The diploma focuses on typical events during      • Share options.                                  Such applications are subject to a supplemen-
the lifetime of a corporate entity that solici-                                                     tal fee of €300.                                 FEE:
tors advise on, as well as practical aspects of   Module 5: Mergers and acquisitions                                                                 €2,600
corporate governance. We have introduced an       • Share purchase agreements,                      CONTACT
innovative boardroom simulation module,           • Asset purchase agreements,                      Course Leader: Suzanne Crilly, Solicitor
which will take place over a two-week period.     • Acting for the investor.                        E S.Crilly@LawSociety.ie
Students will gain an interactive insight into
boardroom meetings and effective board            Module 6: Public limited companies and
behaviour.                                        securities markets
                                                  • The securities market,
MODULES                                           • Types of public offers,
The Diploma in Corporate Law and Gover-           • Market regulation,
nance programme is based on the following         • Takeovers regulation by the Irish Takeover
module scheme:                                      Panel.
Module 1: Introduction to corporate law
and governance in Ireland                         Module 7: Insolvency and corporate
• Overview of the Companies Act 2014,             restructuring
• Company life-cycle,                             • Insolvency and restructuring,
• Funding a start-up,                             • Advising during receivership process,
• Advising shareholders.                          • Winding-up process,
                                                  • Formal and informal restructuring.
Module 2: Corporate governance
• Share capital and company status manage-        WHO SHOULD ATTEND?
  ment,                                           This course is suitable for solicitors, barris-
• Corporate governance of regulated entities,     ters, and trainees, who work in the area of
• Transactions involving directors,               corporate law and governance. It will also ap-
• Office of the Director of Corporate Enforce-    peal to company directors seeking to broaden
  ment.                                           their understanding of corporate law and
                                                  their duties and responsibilities. Applications
Thursday 15 October 2020

                                        PROGRAMME STRUCTURE AND                           • Overview of the professions,                   • The role of the legal assessor.
                                        APPROACH TO LEARNING                              • Teachers, solicitors, doctors, healthcare
Live online lectures on Thursdays,
                                        The Diploma in Regulation Law and Practice          workers, architects (statutory bodies),        WHO SHOULD ATTEND?
6pm to 8pm, with online interactive
workshops on Saturdays. Also            provides participants with an overview of the     • Accountants, engineers (membership bod-        This course is suitable for solicitors, bar-
available to view on-demand             rationale for regulation and the various types      ies),                                          risters, and trainees who advise clients on
                                        of frameworks, and will introduce partici-        • Professional codes of conduct and ethics,      regulatory matters. It will also appeal to
ASSESSMENT:                             pants to key theories and concepts guiding        • Professional disciplinary and fitness to       suitably qualified professionals such as legal
Continuous assessment (20%) and         regulation. It will demonstrate the cross-sec-      practice hearings,                             assessors, members of complaints and disci-
three-hour closed-book written exami-   toral impact of regulation, as well as intro-     • Fair procedures, role of experts,              plinary committees, regulatory compliance
nation in April 2021 (80%)              duce a number of the main regulatory sectors,     • Evidential rules at oral hearing.              professionals, and those who aspire to work
                                        including financial, health, energy, telecoms                                                      in the area of regulation.
FEE:                                    and the professions. Additionally, some of        Module 4: Advising on regulation issues
€2,600                                  the key aspects in providing legal advice to a    • Data protection, confidentiality, FOI,         We welcome applications for this course
                                        regulatory body will be examined, as will the     • Delegation of authority, statutory interpre-   from suitably qualified non-members. Please
                                        mechanism for enforcing regulation both in          tation, transparency,                          explain your interest and set out any relevant
                                        the courts and at quasi-judicial level, includ-   • Advising on use of power,                      experience in a cover letter and a brief CV.
                                        ing professional conduct committees, High         • Whistleblowers.                                Such applications are subject to a supplemen-
                                        Court challenges and judicial review actions.                                                      tal fee of €300.
                                                                                          Module 5: Enforcing regulation
                                        MODULES                                           • Audits and investigations,                     CONTACT
                                        The diploma programme is based on the             • Overview of phases in regulatory cycle,        Course Leader: Liam Dunne, Solicitor
                                        following module scheme:                          • Role of mediation,                             E L.Dunne@LawSociety.ie
                                        Module 1: Introduction to regulation law          • Grievance, pre-inquiry phase, settlement
                                        • Rationale for regulation and context,             negotiations, hearings and decision,
                                        • Regulation in the context of economics,         • Prosecutions, appeals/review.
                                          corporate governance, risk management,
                                          competition,                                    Module 6: Challenges to decisions of
                                        • Types of regulation and sectors,                regulatory bodies, litigation
                                        • Function of regulation,                         • Challenges to processes and procedures,
                                        • Private vs public regulation,                   • Emergency applications, injunctions,
                                        • Compliance vs complaints regulation.            • Judicial review/appeals,
                                                                                          • Misfeasance in public office.
                                        Module 2: Industry regulation
                                        • Financial services regulation,                  Module 7: Oral hearings, inquiries
                                        • Competition and Consumer Protection             • Independence and accountability; ethics,
                                          Commission,                                     • Dealing with vulnerable individuals,
                                        • Energy; environmental; healthcare,              • Investigations,
                                        • Role of the Ombudsman.                          • Sanction, prior disciplinary history,
                                        Module 3: Regulation of the professions           • Suspensions,
DIPLOMA IN EDUCATION LAW                                                                                                                                        START DATE:
                                                                                                                                                                Friday 30 October 2020

                                                 • Termination of employment,                        • School policies and procedures,
                                                                                                                                                                DELIVERY METHOD:
                                                 • The Teaching Council, registration, and ‘fit-     • The examination and assessment process,
                                                                                                                                                                Block placement – four Friday and
                                                   ness to teach’ – part 5 of the Teaching Council   • Equality law provisions.
                                                                                                                                                                Saturday sessions with lectures
                                                   Acts 2001-2015.                                                                                              online (to coincide with periods of
                                                                                                     Module 7: Compliance matters and mis-                      school leave). Also available to view
                                                 Module 2: Employment law in the school              cellaneous provisions                                      on-demand
                                                 context – part 2                                    • FOI and data protection,
                                                 • Appointment and promotion procedures,             • Child protection obligations,                            ASSESSMENT:
                                                 • Equality in the workplace,                        • The Protected Disclosures Act 2014,                      Two 2,500-word written assignments
                                                 • Managing bullying and harassment,                 • Tusla reporting requirements,
                                                 • The application of TUPE.                          • Health and safety provisions.                            FEE:
                                                 Module 3: Admissions policies and stu-              Module 8: Higher, further, and adult
                                                 dent conduct                                        education
      Diploma in Education Law prize winner
                                                 • Admission, enrolment policies,                    • Governance structures at third level,
      Kathryn Nerney with Michael Carrigan       • Codes of behaviour and school disciplinary        • Student conduct issues,
                                                   procedures,                                       • Issues relevant to international students.
PROGRAMME STRUCTURE AND                          • Peer-to-peer bullying,
APPROACH TO LEARNING                             • Managing parental complaints.                     WHO SHOULD ATTEND?
Now in its fifth year, this highly regarded                                                          This course is suitable for solicitors, bar-         “The Diploma in Education Law was a practical
advanced-level diploma provides participants     Module 4: School structures and gover-              risters, and trainees who advise or wish to       course relevant to my role as a primary school teacher.
with a comprehensive understanding of the        nance                                               advise on education law matters. It will also      The course modules dealt with the wide range of legal
complex legal topics that arise when advising    • Legislative framework – the Education Act         appeal to key stakeholders and decision-mak-       issues that arise from the day-to-day interactions of
on education law matters, including employ-        1988 and amending legislation,                    ers within the education setting, including         the partners in education. It has equipped me with
ment law, equality law, conflict resolution,     • The role of boards of management,                 school principals, assistant principals,             a thorough and broad understand­ing of the legal
corporate governance, child protection,          • The role of principals and teachers,              inspectors, and teachers at all levels. It will    pitfalls, with a particular focus on the most litigious
data protection and litigation. The course is    • The inspectorate.                                 also be of interest to teachers in manage-
                                                                                                                                                         areas for management. Lectures were always very
designed to be as accessible as possible, with                                                       ment organisations, trade unions, and staff
                                                                                                                                                                       insightful and practical.”
key sessions taking place during standard        Module 5: Negligence and litigation                 associations.
school holidays.                                 management
                                                                                                                                                                       Kathryn Nerney
                                                 • The duty of care in the school context,           We welcome applications suitably qualified
MODULES                                          • The standard of care,                             non-members. Please explain your interest                   (primary school teacher)
The programme is based on the following          • Sporting activities organised by schools,         and set out any relevant experience in a cover
module scheme:                                   • Contributory negligence of children,              letter and a brief CV. Such applications are
Module 1: Employment law in the school           • Liability of the school authority.                subject to a supplemental fee of €300.
context – part 1
• Recruitment of staff; status of workers,       Module 6: Providing for special educa-              CONTACT
• The contract of employment,                    tional needs                                        Course Leader: Liam Dunne, Solicitor
• Grievance and disciplinary procedures,         • Legislative provisions,                           E L.Dunne@LawSociety.ie
START DATE:                                      DIPLOMA IN SPORTS LAW
         Wednesday 21 October 2020

                                                          PROGRAMME STRUCTURE AND                                  module scheme:                                        Module 5: Key issues in sport
                                                          APPROACH TO LEARNING                                                                                           • Corruption and violence in sport,
         Live online lectures Wednesdays,
                                                          This diploma will provide participants with              Module 1: Governance and regulation                   • Concussion; second impact syndrome,
         6pm to 8.30pm, and four interactive
         workshops. Also available to view                an insight into the dynamic area of sports law,          • Sporting bodies,                                    • Gambling and manipulation of sports,
         on-demand                                        both domestically and internationally. The               • Organisational structure; setting up a club,
                                                          course begins with a look at the regulation              • Rules and regulations,                              Module 6: Anti-doping
         ASSESSMENT:                                      and governance of the sporting sector and                • EU law and sport.                                   • Application of the WADA code,
         Three-hour closed-book written                   examines setting up a club.                                                                                    • Testing and exemptions,
         examination (90%) in April 2021 and                                                                       Module 2: Commercialisation of sport                  • Sanctions.
         continuous assessment through                    The course focuses on topical areas such as              • Sponsorship agreements,
         online activities (10%)                          child protection, data protection, player pro-           • Ambush marketing, merchandising,                    Module 7: Disciplinary procedures
                                                          tection, contracts and IP rights. This diploma           • Broadcasting and ticketing.                         • Disciplinary codes and procedures,
         FEE:                                             also provides a detailed examination of the                                                                    • Dispute resolution bodies, arbitration,
         €2,600                                           commercialisation of sport, including spon-              Module 3: Membership                                  • Suspensions and appeals.
                                                          sorship agreements, broadcasting, ticketing              • Player and management liability,
                                                          and merchandising. Key issues such as cor-               • Protection of players,                              WHO SHOULD ATTEND?
                                                          ruption in sport, violence and gambling will             • Club policies and procedures,                       This course is suitable for solicitors, barris-
                                                          be examined, followed by an in-depth look                • Child protection/data protection.                   ters, and trainees working in sports law, or
                                                          at the WADA anti-doping code, disciplinary                                                                     aspiring to do so. It will also appeal to pro-
“Transitioning from athlete to coach to international     procedures and sports arbitration.                       Module 4: Player rights                               fessionals working in national/international
 administrator, I felt there was a gap in my skill set.                                                            • IP and media rights,                                sports governing bodies and those working
 The Diploma in Sports Law was a great fit. The case      MODULES                                                  • Image and player rights,                            in sports administration or coaching who
studies used real world examples that were presented      The programme is based on the following                  • Player contracts and rights protection.             wish to broaden depth of their sports law
 by industry leaders that brought the subject to life.                                                                                                                   knowledge. In addition, athletes or, indeed,
The knowledge I gained has been invaluable. I would                                                                                                                      individuals who volunteer/are committee
                                                                                                                                                                         members of a sports club would also benefit
 highly recommend this course to all working in the
                                                                                                                                                                         from this diploma.
                  sports industry. ”

                                                                                                                                                                         We welcome applications for this course
           Lúcás Ó’Ceallacháin
                                                                                                                                                                         from suitably qualified non-members. Please
       (High Performance Director
                                                                                                                                                                         explain your interest and set out any relevant
        at Wrestling Canada Lutte)                                                                                                                                       experience in a cover letter and a brief CV.
                                                                                                                                                                         Such applications are subject to a supplemen-
                                                                                                                                                                         tal fee of €300.

                                                                                                                                                                         Course Leader: Riona Leahy, Solicitor
                                                              L-R Professor Jack Anderson (Director of Sports Law, University of Melbourne), Cliodhna Guy, (Head of
                                                                                                                                                                         E R.Leahy@LawSociety.ie
                                                             Legal, Irish Horseracing Board), Páraic Duffy (former Director General, GAA), Claire O’Mahony (Solicitor,
                                                                                                      Law Society of Ireland)
DIPLOMA IN TRUST AND ESTATE PLANNING                                                                                                                    START DATE:
                                                                                                                                                        Saturday 12 September 2020

PROGRAMME STRUCTURE AND                             Module 4: Trust drafting                           STEP and on completion of a Diploma Centre
                                                                                                                                                        DELIVERY METHOD:
APPROACH TO LEARNING                                • Requirements of a valid trust,                   application form. All course participants
                                                                                                                                                        Online Saturday lectures and
The Diploma in Trust and Estate Planning is         • Classification of trusts,                        will automatically become student members
                                                                                                                                                        workshops (both interactive),
offered jointly by the Law Society of Ireland       • Drafting an effective trust deed.                of STEP Worldwide, and this is included in       10am to either 1.30 or 3.30pm, and
and the Society of Trust and Estate Practi-                                                            your course fee. Successful completion of        available to view on-demand
tioners (STEP). The course has been designed        Module 5: Administration of trusts                 the course provides a structured route to
by practitioners with specialist exposure to        • Office of trustee and trustee powers,            full membership of STEP and the use of the       ASSESSMENT:
give a practical insight into key estate plan-      • Breach of trust,                                 internationally recognised “registered trust     Written assignment (20%) and two
ning and legal- and tax-based concerns for          • Tax issues in trusts.                            and estate practitioner” designation.            closed-book exams in May 2021 (40%
private clients in the area of trust and estates.                                                                                                       each)
The focus of the diploma course is to enable        Module 6: Will drafting                            Please see STEP Ireland’s website (www.step.
successful candidates to advise clients on all      • Testamentary capacity,                           ie) for full details of membership criteria.     FEE:
aspects of the creation of wills, the operation     • Solicitors’ duty of care,                                                                         €3,200
of trusts, associated tax implications, and         • Assisted decision-making.                        We welcome applications for this course
overall estate planning for clients. Practical                                                         from suitably qualified non-members. Such
in its approach, this course provides partic-       Module 7: Administration of estates                applications are subject to a supplemental fee
ipants with real-life situations that practi-       • Applying for the grant,                          of €300.
tioners face, and it gives real solutions to        • Litigation,
problems encountered.                               • Distribution of assets.                          CONTACT
                                                                                                       Course Leader: Riona Leahy, Solicitor
MODULES                                             WHO SHOULD ATTEND?                                 E R.Leahy@LawSociety.ie
The Diploma in Trust and Estate Planning            The course is intended primarily for persons
programme is based on the following module          who have practical experience in the areas of
scheme:                                             wills, trusts, estate planning, probate, and the
Module 1: Course introduction                       administration of estates within Ireland. In
• Lifetime and estate planning,                     order to participate on the course, you must
• Basic legal principles,                           have relevant work experience of at least one
• Basic tax principles.                             year in the areas covered on the course and
                                                    one or more of the following qualifications:
Module 2: Introduction to taxation issues           solicitor, barrister, or another professional
• Application of tax principles,                    qualification deemed eligible by the Law
• CGT, income tax, stamp duty, CAT,                 Society and STEP.
• Double taxation agreements.
                                                    Note: In order to apply for the course, appli-
Module 3: Lifetime and estate planning              cants must apply for affiliate membership
• Lifetime gifting and passing of value on          through STEP before being accepted on to
  death,                                            the course. Once approved as an affiliate
• Legal issues and tax implications of wealth       member of STEP, applicants can then enrol
  planning structures,                              on to the diploma course through the Law
• Financial planning.                               Society with proof of affiliate membership of                                                                    17
Thursday 24 September 2020

                                       PROGRAMME STRUCTURE AND                               Module 3: Aviation financing                        Those who have successfully completed the
                                       APPROACH TO LEARNING                                  Module 4: Key technical issues                      Certificate in Aviation Leasing and Finance
Thursdays 6pm to 8.30pm, with
                                       The Certificate in Aviation Leasing and               Module 5: Regulatory environment                    and wish to progress to the diploma may avail
interactive workshops on Saturdays.
All sessions available to view on-     Finance provides coverage of the key aspects          Module 6: Taxation and aviation                     of a discount.
demand                                 of the aviation leasing and finance industry.         Module 7: Insurance and aviation
                                       It aims to deliver an analysis of the core legal      Module 8: Career Panel event                        We welcome applications from others who
ASSESSMENT:                            and practical issues that parties typically en-                                                           are suitably qualified. Please explain your
2,500-word written assignment (80%),   counter in aircraft leasing and finance trans-        WHO SHOULD ATTEND?                                  interest and set out any relevant experience in
short multiple-choice quiz (10%)       actions. Participants will gain an overview of        It is not necessary to have prior experience or     a cover letter and a brief CV. Such applications
and continuous assessment through      the key legal, financial, and technical issues,       knowledge of the aviation industry in order         are subject to a supplemental fee of €100.
online activities (10%)                as well as an understanding of the broader            to apply for this certificate. It is an excellent
                                       regulation, tax, and insurance aspects rele-          course for those already in the industry who        CONTACT
FEE:                                   vant to aircraft leasing and finance.                 wish to deepen their knowledge of the leasing       Course Leader: Claire O’Mahony, Solicitor
€1,650                                                                                       aspect of aviation or for those who want            E C.OMahony@LawSociety.ie
                                       MODULES                                               to enter the industry. This certificate also
                                       The programme is based on the following               functions as a preparatory course for those
                                       module scheme:                                        intending to take the Diploma in Aviation
                                       Module 1: Aviation industry                           Finance and Leasing but who do not meet the
                                       Module 2: Aircraft leasing                            entry requirements.

                                          AVIATION COURSES AT THE DIPLOMA CENTRE

                                          Now in their eighth year, the Diploma Centre          • Diploma in Aviation Leasing and Finance
                                          aviation courses have proven to be popular              (Spring 2021)
                                          with lawyers and non-legal aviation profes-
                                          sionals worldwide. Students are attracted             The teaching faculty for our aviation courses
                                          to study our aviation courses as Ireland is           is comprised of a fantastic array of legal
                                          internationally recognised as the global hub          practitioners from top-tier law firms in Ire-
                                          for aviation leasing and finance law, with 14         land, UK and the USA and leading aviation
                                          of the top 15 global aircraft lessors enjoying a      industry specialists.
                                          presence here. More than 60% of the world’s
                                          fleet of leased aircraft is owned, leased, or         We offer a career panel event for participants
                                          managed in Ireland.                                   to assist them with entry into the industry.

                                          We offer two courses:                                 In 2019 our diploma course was awarded the
                                          • Certificate in Aviation Leasing and Fi-             accolade of Postgraduate Course of the Year –
                                            nance (Autumn 2020)                                 Law at the gradireland awards.
DIPLOMA IN AVIATION LEASING AND FINANCE                                                                                                                             START DATE:
                                                                                                                                                                    Thursday 28 January 2021

                                                       Module 3: Aviation finance                       Module 11: Career Panel event
                                                                                                                                                                    DELIVERY METHOD:
                                                       • Commercial debt financing for aviation,
                                                                                                                                                                    Blended learning: Thursdays 6pm to
                                                       • PDP financing,                                 WHO SHOULD ATTEND?
                                                                                                                                                                    8.30pm, with interactive workshops
                                                       • Expert Credit Agencies structures,             This course is suitable for solicitors, barris-             on Saturdays. All sessions available
                                                       • Typical security taken over aircraft.          ters, and trainees who advise aviation clients              to view on-demand
                                                                                                        or who wish to join the aviation sector. It will
                                                       Module 4: Regulatory environment                 also appeal to professionals working in the                 ASSESSMENT:
                                                       • Role of the Irish Aviation Authority,          aviation industries who wish to expand their                Three-hour closed book written exam:
                                                       • ICAO, IATA, EASA                               knowledge with a view to career advance-                    July 2021
                                                       • The Cape Town Convention,                      ment or moving laterally to another disci-
                                                       • The International Registry of Mobile Assets.   pline within the industry – such as contract                FEE:
                                                                                                        administrators, engineers and professionals                 €3,000
                                                       Module 5: Taxation and aviation                  in aircraft leasing companies and airlines.
                                                       • Importance of Irish tax residence,             In addition, the diploma is suitable for
Diploma in Aviation Leasing and Finance prize winner   • Tax opinions, legal opinions, double taxa-     accountants, finance professionals, and tax
 Aengus Farrell with Marie O’Brien, A&L Goodbody
                                                         tion treaties.                                 consultants advising aviation clients, and in-
                                                                                                        surance professionals specialising in aviation
PROGRAMME STRUCTURE AND                                Module 6: Insurance and aviation                 insurance.
APPROACH TO LEARNING                                   • Airline aviation insurances and key clauses,
This advanced-level Diploma in Aviation                • Lease insurance provisions,                    ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA                               “The programme and syllabus is comprehensive and
Leasing and Finance delivers an in-depth               • Lessor considerations; claims manage-          In order to apply you must (1) be a lawyer, or       well designed. I studied many topics which I was
analysis of the core legal and practical issues          ment.                                          (2) have a minimum of two years’ full-time           already quite familiar with from my day-to-day
that parties typically encounter in aircraft                                                            experience in the aviation industry, or (3)          work, and this gave me the opportunity to really
leasing and finance transactions.                      Module 7: Applied leasing issues                 have successfully completed the Certificate in     drill down into these areas and develop my expertise.
                                                       • Redelivery of aircraft,                        Aviation Leasing and Finance.                       Equally, we covered topics I was a lot less familiar
MODULES                                                • Helicopters – leasing, registration,                                                              with, and getting the opportunity to study these areas
The programme is based on the following                • Engine leasing; maintenance reserves,          We welcome applications for this course
                                                                                                                                                           and understand the fundamentals of them has really
module scheme:                                         • Aircraft records management.                   from suitably qualified non-members. Please
                                                                                                                                                                     broadened my knowledge base.”
Module 1: Introduction to the aviation                                                                  explain your interest and set out any relevant
industry                                               Module 8: Repossession and recovery              experience in a cover letter and a brief CV.
                                                                                                                                                            Aengus Farrell (Associate, Matheson),
• Profile of aviation industry 2021; Ireland as        • Repossession in practice.                      Such applications are subject to a supplemen­
  an aviation hub,                                                                                                                                              Diploma in Aviation Leasing
                                                       • Relevant default provisions; termination.      tal fee of €300.
• Analysis of main industry players,                   • Applications to court, enforcement.                                                                        and Finance Graduate 2019
• Overview of regulatory framework.                                                                     CONTACT
                                                       Module 9: Fleet planning                         Course Leader: Claire O’Mahony, Solicitor
Module 2: Purchase and leasing aircraft                • Fleet planning by airlines; strategies.        E C.OMahony@LawSociety.ie
• Reasons for investing in aircraft,
• Aircraft operating lease agreements,                 Module 10: Case law and future trends
• Purchasing aircraft and delivery; aircraft           • Irish and UK aviation case law update;
  trading (GATS).                                        future trends.                                                                                                             19
Wednesday 7 October 2020

                                      PROGRAMME STRUCTURE AND                            • Examinership,
                                      APPROACH TO LEARNING                               • Schemes of Arrangement.
Online lectures Wednesdays, 6pm
                                      This diploma course aims to provide a com-
to 8pm, with interactive workshops.
Also available to view on demand      prehensive practical overview of the current       Module 3: Restructuring, debt recovery,
                                      legislative framework in Ireland with respect      enforcement and mediation
ASSESSMENT:                           to insolvency and corporate restructuring,         • Debt restructuring and rescheduling,
Three-hour closed book written exam   from an analysis of basic concepts of debt         • Financing a restructuring process,
                                      restructuring to a consideration of more           • Equity capital raising,
FEE:                                  complex issues, such as financing consider-        • Debt recovery in court,
                                      ations that may arise during the corporate         • Enforcement of judgments,
                                      restructuring process. The course will also        • Mediation.
                                      delve into the effects of insolvency on com-
                                      panies in Ireland. It will examine in detail the   Module 4: Bankruptcy and personal
                                      obligations on the directors and the options       insolvency
                                      for the company from initiating the corporate      • Personal Insolvency Act 2012,
                                      restructuring, to court procedures, to the         • Debt resolution mechanisms,
                                      enforcement of judgments.                          • Insolvency Service of Ireland,
                                                                                         • Bankruptcy law practice and procedure.
                                      The final module of the course will provide
                                      a practical knowledge of the practice and          WHO SHOULD ATTEND?
                                      procedure of personal insolvency in Ireland        This course is suitable for solicitors, barris-
                                      including bankruptcy.                              ters and trainee solicitors who are seeking to
                                                                                         expand their knowledge in the area or who
                                      MODULES                                            currently practice in the area of insolvency
                                      The programme is based on the following            and debt recovery. It will also appeal to other
                                      module scheme:                                     suitably qualified professionals working in
                                      Module 1: Introduction to insolvency and           the field who wish to expand their knowl-
                                      corporate restructuring                            edge and practical application of corporate
                                      • Insolvency law in Ireland,                       recovery.
                                      • Current trends in corporate restructuring,
                                      • Lifecycle of a distressed company,               We welcome applications from suitably
                                      • Restructuring professionals.                     qualified non-members. Please explain your
                                                                                         interest and set out any relevant experience in
                                      Module 2: Liquidation, examinership and            a cover letter and a brief CV. Such applications
                                      receivership                                       are subject to a supplemental fee of €300.
                                      • Voluntary and compulsory liquidation,
                                      • Powers of the liquidator,                        CONTACT
                                      • Receivership,                                    Course Leader: Cian Monahan, Solicitor
                                      • Insolvency litigation,                           E C.Monahan@LawSociety.ie
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