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DAS RHEINGOLD Richard Wagner - Virginia Opera
Richard Wagner
DAS RHEINGOLD Richard Wagner - Virginia Opera
STU D I O o n e
                                     September 14 - 23, 2021

                                     STU D I O t wo
                                     October 26 - 31, 2021

                                     the     N U TC R AC K E R
                                     December 11 - 23, 2021

                                     ROMEO & J UL I E T
                                     February 18 - 20, 2022

                                     STU D I O t h r e e
                                     March 22 - 27, 2022

                                     STU D I O fo u r
                                     May 10 - 15, 2022

ric h mond b a l l e t . co m         The E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation
DAS RHEINGOLD Richard Wagner - Virginia Opera
From the President & CEO

                       As I write to you today, I have been at Virginia Opera nearly
                       a year – and with this production of Das Rheingold – I will be
                       seeing a Virginia Opera mainstage production for the first time.
                        Virginia Opera’s reputation for artistic excellence was a major
                        reason I was so attracted to this opportunity to serve as
                        General Director & CEO of the company. Our young artists
                        did not disappoint last fall, or this spring, as they performed
                        safely in a variety of in-person and digital settings. Trouble in
Tahiti, presented in partnership with the Virginia Arts Festival, the Virginia Symphony
Orchestra, and the Richmond Symphony Orchestra, was a particular highlight for its
quality and innovation. But for good reason, the magnitude of these efforts was limited.
Now here we are, with Das Rheingold at Topgolf, where together we will reaffirm
the value and importance of live performance. Our creative team has outdone all
expectations and delivered an entirely new concept for operatic performance. The
artistry on display is magnificent, as was to be expected.
Knowing the reputation of Virginia Opera, and now experiencing it for myself, I have
confirmed that the artistic product of our company is incredible. As Artistic Director,
Adam Turner has a clear vision and executes it in tandem with our professional staff.
With this building block firmly in place we should look to the next evolution of
Virginia Opera – strengthening our connections to our communities and being an
opera company for all. Despite the many obstacles of the last eighteen months, we
have already forged several new, meaningful partnerships with local organizations.
With these collaborations come new prospects for programs that will expand our
ability to have an impact within the areas we serve. This important work is at the
core of attracting new audiences that reflect our entire community – ensuring a
healthy and vibrant future for our opera company.
I am so very delighted to be in Virginia, and to share with all of you the beauty and
power of opera. You are the reason we are here, and your support gives us renewed
hope for the future of the company and the artform. We indeed survived the most
challenging time for the performing arts, and I pledge that we will thrive well into our
very bright future.

Peggy Kriha Dye
General Director & CEO
DAS RHEINGOLD Richard Wagner - Virginia Opera
DAS RHEINGOLD                             Richard Wagner
     Adaptation of The Rhinegold by Jonathan Dove and Graham
      Vick, orchestration by Jonathan Dove, by arrangement with
                                    Birmingham Opera Company

                           Sung in German with English Surtitles

 Conductor, Adam Turner
 Stage Director, Mary Birnbaum*
 Costume Designer, Sara Jean Tosetti*
 Wig and Make Up Designer, James P. McGough
 Production Stage Manager, Jonathan S. Campbell*
 Assistant Conductor, Brandon Eldredge
 Associate Director/Magic Consultant, Geoff Kanick*
 Sound and Lighting Provided by L!VE
 Video Provided by JLK Productions

                               in order of vocal appearance

Woglinde                 Wellgunde                  Flosshilde        Alberich
A Rhinemaiden            A Rhinemaiden              A Rhinemaiden     A Nibelung
Catherine Goode^         Lauren Cook*^              Whitney Robinson^ Aubrey Allicock*
Fricka                   Wotan                      Freia              Fasolt
Goddess of               Ruler of the Gods          Goddess of Youth   A Giant
Domestic Virtue          Kyle Albertson             and Beauty         Hidenori Inoue
Daryl Freedman*                                     Sarah Tucker*
                         Donner                                        Erda
Fafner                   God of Thunder             Loge               Goddess of the Earth
A Giant                  Eric J. McConnell^         Demi-god of Fire   Whitney Robinson^
(Fasolt’s Brother)                                  Joshua Blue*
Ricardo L. Lugo

DAS RHEINGOLD Richard Wagner - Virginia Opera
From the Board Chair

                         I am delighted to welcome you to Virginia Opera’s
                         47th season and our first production in more than
                         18 months. I hope you are as excited as I am to
                         experience again the thrill of live performance.
                         Although our mainstages were dark last season,
                         Virginia Opera was “Stayin’ Alive” with free outdoor
                         performances, online content for schools, our
                         entertaining online “Martinis, Manhattans and
                         Maestros” series, and a joint Virginia Opera/Virginia
                         Arts Festival production of Leonard Bernstein’s first
                         opera, Trouble in Tahiti.
Our longtime President and CEO, Russell P. Allen, retired last fall, and I cannot
thank Russell enough for his dedication, leadership and love for Virginia Opera.
A search process led us to our new General Director and CEO, Peggy Kriha Dye,
who brings a creative vision and a track record of community collaborations to
Virginia Opera. Peggy was, herself, an opera singer with a successful 25-year
career before moving into administration, leading Opera Columbus (Ohio).
Welcome, Peggy!
We kick off this season with our first Das Rheingold, the first “music drama”
of Richard Wagner’s monumental Der Ring des Nibelungen (the “Ring Cycle”),
in a most unusual setting, and in an abbreviated version with no intermissions
– part of our cautious and deliberate COVID protocol designed to keep our
audiences, artists and musicians safe and comfortable in a public setting. It
promises to be an adventurous and memorable evening!
Finally, I want to thank each of you for your deep commitment to Virginia
Opera…our donors who so generously supported us in a most challenging
year…our subscribers who donated or rolled over their 2020-21 subscriptions…
our Emerging Artists who kept our music alive…our magnificent staff who kept
Virginia Opera running under the most difficult of circumstances…and our
wonderful Board members who provided a steady hand guiding us through this
strange year. Each of you has my heartfelt gratitude!
Deborah Wyld
Chairman of the Board
DAS RHEINGOLD Richard Wagner - Virginia Opera
2021/2022 Signature Season
Downtown at the November Theatre
where magic happens.
                                              OCT 15 - NOV 7, 2021

                                              It’s a Wonderful Life:
                                              A Live Radio Play
                                              DEC 3, 2021 - JAN 2, 2022

                                              A Doll’s House, Part 2
                                              FEB 4 - 27, 2022

                                              Ain’t Misbehavin’:
                                              The Fats Waller Musical Show
                                              APR 8 - MAY 15, 2022

                                              Mamma Mia!
                                              JUN 24 - AUG 7, 2022


                        Motivated by integrity, innovation and
                        excellence, we concentrate on our clients
                        and use our depth of experience to achieve
                        real results. We applaud the dedication
                        of those that focus on artistic endeavors.
                        We can. And we will.‰

DAS RHEINGOLD Richard Wagner - Virginia Opera
2021-2022                       Allan S. Reynolds, Jr. 2005-2007   Wollan, Chair, Governance         Peggy Kriha Dye, General
BOARD OF DIRECTORS              Mark T. Cox IV 2007-2009            Committee                           Director and CEO
PAST CHAIRS                     Joan B. Miller 2009-2011           Christopher J. Coffing, Chair,    Nancy Branch
Edythe C. Harrison              Alan D. Albert, Esq. 2011-2015      Strategic Planning Committee     Lynn Carwell
Founding Chair 1974-1977        Allan S. Reynolds, Jr. 2015-2017   Edith G. Grandy,                  Langdon Christian IV
Stanley G. Barr, Jr., Esq.      Dr. Elisabeth Muhlenfeld            Member-at-Large                  Benjamin Cottrell IV
  1978-1979                       Wollan 2017-2019                 Courtney Hyers,                   Bess Decker
Edythe C. Harrison 1979-1981 Paul Winslow 2019-2021                 Member-at-Large                  Raymond DeFrank
Walter P. Conrad, Jr. 1981-1983 OFFICERS AND EXECUTIVE             Peter M. Huber,                   Henry Garrity
                                                                    Member-at-Large                  Lenore Hart
Mary R. Albergotti 1983-1984 COMMITTEE
                                                                   Susan Quate, President,           Kathleen Le Mons
Edward S. Stein 1984-1985       Deborah H. Wyld, Chair               Hampton Roads Board of          Ina D. Levy
Eleanor Bradshaw 1985-1986 Paul Winslow, Vice Chair                  Governors                       Edward L. Lilly, MD
Thomas H. Nicholson 1986-1988 Gwen Burroughs, Secretary            Cynthia Holmes, President,        Diana Rupert Livingston
Dorothy Doumar 1988-1989 Michael Lott, Treasurer and                 Central Virginia Board of       Sue Ann Messmer
Jane Patton Browning 1989-1990 Chair, Finance Committee              Governors                       Valerie Neff
Joyce H. Strelitz 1990-1992     Andrea Holloway, Chair,            Roy Hart, President, Northern     Gerald J. Pepe, Ph.D
Peter M. Huber, Esq. 1992-1994 Hampton Roads                         Virginia Board of Governors     Patti Pusey
Dixie Wolf 1994-1996              Development Committee            Allan S. Reynolds Jr., Chair,     Dr. John Reynolds
Peter M. Huber, Esq. 1996-1998 Jeannie Baliles, Co-Chair            Virginia Opera Foundation        S. Warren Richards
Alan D. Albert, Esq. 1998-2000 CVA Development Taskforce            Board                            C. Jeffers Schmidt, Jr.
Robert M. Rubin, D.M.D.         Courtney Hyers, Co-Chair           Amber Taylor Reeves,              Nicolas Schuck
                                  CVA Development Taskforce        President, Virginia Opera Guild   Martha Lee Shaw
                                Marilyn Scott, Chair, Civic        Paul Winslow, Immediate           Hon. Lydia C Taylor
John Turbyfill 2001-2003           Engagement Committee
John Field 2003-2005                                                Past Chair                       Guy K. Tower
                                Dr. Elisabeth Muhlenfeld

2021-2022                        Allan S. Reynolds, Jr.             C. Jeffers Schmidt, Jr.           The Honorable
BOARD OF GOVERNORS               S. Warren Richard                  Marilyn Scott                       Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA)
HAMPTON ROADS BOARD OF           Nicolas Schuck                     J. Kenneth Timmons, Jr.           The Honorable
GOVERNORS                        Dr. Stephen V. Scoper              Dr. Elisabeth Muhlenfeld            Rep. Elaine Luria (D-VA)
Susan Quate, President           Martha Lee Shaw                       Wollan                         The Honorable
Donna Allen                      Homer A. Smith, Jr.                CENTRAL VIRGINIA                    Rep. Robert Wittman (R-VA)
Allen Baker                      Hon. Lydia Taylor                  ADVISORY COUNCIL                  The Honorable J. Chapman
Stanley G. Barr, Jr., Esq.       Guy K. Tower                       Eldridge Blanton                    Petersen, Senator, Virginia
Nancy Branch                     Carrie White                       Elizabeth M. Bredrup                General Assembly
Lynn Carwell                     Paul Winslow                       Amy Bridge                        The Honorable Janet Howell,
Christopher J. Coffing           Deborah H. Wyld                    Deborah Corliss                   Senator, Virginia General
Benjamin Cottrell IV             CENTRAL VIRGINIA BOARD OF
                                                                    Mark T. Cox IV                    Assembly
Bess Decker                      GOVERNORS                          Judy Gonzalez                     The Honorable George Barker,
Raymond DeFrank                  Cynthia Holmes, President          NORTHERN VIRGINIA BOARD             Senator, Virginia General
Lisa Delevie                                                        OF GOVERNORS                        Assembly
                                 Jeannie P. Baliles                 Roy Hart, President
Helle Dresdner                   Gwen Burroughs                                                       The Honorable David L.
Peggy Kriha Dye                                                     Peggy Kriha Dye                     Bulova, Delegate, Virginia
                                 Langdon T. Christian, IV           Lenore Hart
Marilyn Gindroz                  Josée Covington                                                        General Assembly
Edith G. Grandy                                                     BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE          The Honorable Kenneth
                                 Ammon G. Dunton, Jr.               VIRGINIA OPERA FOUNDATION
Laura Gross                      Peggy Kriha Dye                                                        R. Plum, Delegate, Virginia
Kathy Heaton                                                        Allan S. Reynolds, Jr., President General Assembly
                                 Sharon Ferranti                    Raymond DeFrank
Andrea Holloway                  Cary Fountain                                                        The Honorable Vivian Watts,
Nancy Huber                                                         Peter M. Huber, Esq.                Delegate, Virginia General
                                 Courtney Hyers                     The Honorable Lydia C. Taylor
Peter M. Huber, Esq.             Esta Kornstein                                                         Assembly
Lauren Kadish                                                       Dr. William Waldrop               The Honorable Jeffrey C.
                                 Dr. Susan Kornstein                Mary “Bucci” Z. Zeugner
Kathleen Le Mons                 Diana Rupert Livingston                                                McKay, Chairman Fairfax
Ina D. Levy                                                         Peggy Kriha Dye, Ex-Officio         County Board of Supervisors
                                 Michael B. Lott                    Paul Winslow, Ex-Officio
Edward L. Lilly, MD              Sue Ann Messmer                                                      David L. Meyer, Mayor,
Linda H. Lilly                                                      Deborah H. Wyld, Ex-Officio         City of Fairfax
                                 Carolyn Pitts
Valerie Neff                                                        HONORARY MEMBERS                  Rick Davis, Dean, College of
                                 Patricia P. Pusey
Thomas Nicholson, III            Marika A. Rawles                   The Honorable                       Visual and Performing Arts,
Gerald J. Pepe, Ph.D             Dr. John Reynolds                    Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA)           George Mason University
Amber Taylor Reeves
DAS RHEINGOLD Richard Wagner - Virginia Opera
DAS RHEINGOLD Richard Wagner - Virginia Opera
Das Rheingold

In the depths of the Rhine, the three Rhinemaidens guard the Rhinegold,
a treasure of immeasurable value. The Nibelung dwarf Alberich is dazzled
by the sight of it. The girls explain that whoever wins the gold and forges
it into a ring will gain power over the world, but must first renounce love.
Frustrated by his unsuccessful attempts to catch one of the girls, Alberich
curses love and steals the gold.

Wotan, lord of the gods, is reproached by his wife Fricka: he has promised
to give Freia, goddess of youth, to the giants Fasolt and Fafner in return
for their building a fortress for the gods. When the giants demand their
reward, Loge, the god of fire, suggests an alternative payment: the ring
Alberich has forged from the Rhinegold, and his other treasures. The
giants agree, and Wotan and Loge leave for the Nibelungs’ underground

In the meantime, Alberich has enslaved the Nibelungs to work for
him, forging the Tarnhelm: a magic helmet that transforms its wearer
into any shape. Alberich appears and mocks the gods. Loge asks for a
demonstration of the Tarnhelm and Alberich turns himself into a dragon,
then into a toad, which the gods capture. Dragged to the surface, the
dwarf is forced to summon the Nibelungs to heap up the gold. Wotan
wrests the ring from his finger. Shattered, Alberich curses the ring:
ceaseless worry and death shall be the destiny of its bearer.

The giants return and agree to accept the gold. The gods have to give
up even the Tarnhelm, but Wotan refuses to part with the ring. Erda,
goddess of the earth, appears and warns him that possession of it will
bring about the end of the gods. Wotan reluctantly gives the ring
to the giants, and Alberich’s curse claims its first victim as Fafner
kills his brother in a dispute over the treasure. As the voices of
the Rhinemaidens are heard, lamenting the loss of their gold,
the gods walk toward their new home, which Wotan names

Adapted by Virginia Opera from
DAS RHEINGOLD Richard Wagner - Virginia Opera
“Mark well my new poem – it contains the beginning and end of the world!”
(Richard Wagner, in a letter to Franz Liszt, February 11, 1853) From the first
fundamental tones of Das Rheingold’s prelude evocative of an emerging
universe, to the catharsis elicited by those transcendent final measures
of Götterdämmerung, Richard Wagner’s revolutionary, groundbreaking
contribution to the world of theater – his monumental four-opera cycle
The Ring of the Nibelung – has for generations provided audiences with an
extraordinary journey into the musical-dramatic world. And Rheingold, starting
with its subtle rumble of low-Eb’s, ebbing, flowing, and growing, gradually
cascading into arpeggios that burst forth with the first Rhinemaiden’s siren-like
call – well, it certainly does seem to capture the spirit of a world’s beginning!
Wagner first embarked on crafting his prose sketch for “The Nibelung Myth”
in 1848, incorporating a combination of material from Nordic and Germanic
sources. Over the next two decades, much like the ebbing and flowing of
the Rhine, Wagner’s sketches would continually expand and evolve into
what we now recognize as a masterpiece of epic scale – three dramas and
one “preliminary evening”: Das Rheingold. Initially conceived as Der Raub:
Vorspiel (The Theft: Prelude), then Der Raub des Rheingoldes (The Theft of the
Rhinegold), there could be no question that the ultimate catalyst of this entire
saga would center around the stealing of the gold, leading to the disruption of
natural order and setting off absolute chaos. No one – gods, dwarves, giants
included – escapes unscathed.
This watershed production of Das Rheingold at Topgolf represents our first
mainstage activities since the winter of 2020, and we take our first communal
steps back into the world of opera, dipping our toes in the Rhine, once
again experiencing the transformative power of live, in-person singing and
storytelling. And what could be a more fitting return to our stages! Originally
crafted by Jonathan Dove and Sir Graham Vick for Birmingham Opera Company,
this edition of Das Rheingold allows us the flexibility and ingenuity to expand
how we reach our communities. Sadly, the opera director and impresario Sir
Graham Vick very recently died, aged 67, from complications of Covid-19. We
respectfully and gratefully acknowledge Vick’s contributions to our field, and
offer our sincere condolences to the staff of Birmingham Opera Company.
With these performances of Das Rheingold, I hope that you are thoroughly
entertained in heart and mind, and that this return to our stages is consoling
and restorative. Thank you for your continued generous support and
patronage, and please enjoy today’s performance!

Adam Turner
Artistic Director
Vahn Armstrong
VIOLIN II                       BASSOON
Elizabeth Coulter Vonderheide   Laura Leisring
VIOLIN III                      HORN
Angelina Gandolfo               Jacob Wilder
VIOLA                           Stephen Slater
Satoko Rickenbacker             TRUMPET
CELLO                           David Vonderheide
Michael Daniels                 TROMBONE
Rebecca Gilmore Phillips        Scott McElroy
BASS                            Jeremy Loudon (Bass Tpt.)
Chris White                     TUBA
FLUTE                           Peter DuBeau
Joanne Meyer White              TIMPANI/ PERCUSSION
OBOE                            Michael Laubach
George Corbett                  HARP
CLARINET                        Barbara Chapman
Michael Byerly                  ORGAN
SAXOPHONE/BASS CL.              Daniel Stipe
James Nesbit

                                Brian Moody
                                Jane Pangilinan
                                Michael Singleton
During our year-plus without live opera, there was no single piece of music I
wanted to hear in a theater more than the overture to Das Rheingold. Critic
Barry Millington describes Wagner’s composition as “the birth of the world,
the act of creation itself.” What a perfect way to usher in a new kind of opera,
after a dark period which changed the way we think of creation and certainly
made us more grateful for the essentially human act of telling a living story
all together, in person.

When Adam Turner and Peggy Kriha Dye told me of their plans to produce
Das Rheingold in a Topgolf, I fell in love with the idea; Wagner would have
loved the epic scale of the driving range and the idea of merging his art with
a futuristic-looking venue. What I didn’t count on was how resonant the
theme of games and game-play would be in the libretto, where the German
word “spiel” (“play” as in, play a game) features prominently. We started
to think of Wotan, the chief of the Gods, as the consummate power player,
who continually tries to cheat everyone around him by bending the rules of
the game in order to win the Gold. The other realms are also golf-inspired;
the Rhinemaidens swing and drive like shiny golf-clubs, the denizens of
Nibelheim, led by Alberich, act as our grounds crew.

There’s a darker element to this idea of play. The characters give up
everything, including love, to win power and privilege, and what starts out
as “kinderspiel” (child’s play) has deadly consequences as the characters
get more serious about attaining the gold. There are so many warnings
here about the destruction capitalism ushers in, but fundamentally Wagner
asserts that a culture that doesn’t have the fortitude to take responsibility for
its selfishness and victim-blaming is a culture doomed to repeat violence, a
culture where no one wins.

Mary Birnbaum
Eric Jacobsen
               and Branford
DECEMBER       Join us to welcome new Music

 Th 32
               Director Eric Jacobsen. Plus enjoy
               Grammy-winning saxophonist

 Fr 5
               Branford Marsalis for his debut
                             with the VSO
    7:30pm                   for an evening

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    Sandler                  celebration!

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In Order of Vocal Appearance
                     Catherine Goode ^
                     Soprano: Woglinde
                     Last Virginia Opera Appearance: Kate Pinkerton, Madama
                     Butterfly, 2019
                   Recent Highlights: Young Artist, Merola Opera Program;
                   Lucia, Lucia di Lammermoor, Opera in the Heights;
                   Susanna, Le nozze di Figaro, Opera in the Heights
Upcoming: Kenzie, Earth to Kenzie, Virginia Opera; Amore, Orfeo ed Euridice,
Kentucky Opera; Barbarina, Le nozze di Figaro, Virginia Opera.
Underwriting provided by: Stanley and Anne Barr
                     Lauren Cook ^
                     Mezzo-soprano: Wellgunde
                     Virginia Opera Debut
                  Recent Highlights: Hannah After, As One (Oklahoma
                  Premiere), Painted Sky Opera; Antonia, Man of La Mancha,
                  Opera Saratoga; Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Scalia-
                  Ginsburg, Opera Naples
Upcoming: Edwin/Eddie, Earth to Kenzie, Cherubino, Le nozze di Figaro, Virginia Opera

                     Whitney Robinson ^
                     Mezzo-soprano: Erda/Flosshilde
                     Last Virginia Opera Appearance: Tisbe, La Cenerentola, 2020 (Debut)
                   Recent Highlights: Housekeeper, Man of La Mancha, Opera
                   Saratoga; The Marquise of Berkenfield, La fille du régiment,
                   Opera Saratoga; Witch, Hänsel und Gretel, Opera Saratoga
                   Upcoming: Marcellina, Le nozze di Figaro, Virginia Opera;
Zanetto, Zanetto, Operativo.
Underwriting provided by: Marietta McPike

                     Aubrey Allicock
                     Bass-baritone: Alberich
                     Virginia Opera Debut
                     Recent Highlights: Bartolo, The Barber of Seville, Opera
                     Columbus; Minskman, Flight, Seattle Opera; Argante,
                     Rinaldo, Glyndebourne
Upcoming: Yusef Salaam, Central Park Five, Portland Opera; TBA, Lyric Opera Kansas City.
Underwriting provided by: Deborah Wyld
Daryl Freedman
                   Mezzo-soprano: Fricka
                   Virginia Opera Debut
                    Recent Highlights: Azucena, Il Trovatore, Opera San Jose;
                    Schwertleite, Die Walküre, The Metropolitan Opera;
                    Princess Eboli, Don Carlo, Washington National Opera
                    Upcoming: Giulio Cesare, Giulio Cesare in Egitto, Atlanta
Opera; Third Lady, The Magic Flute, The Metropolitan Opera; Powerful
Woman/Adelaide Johnson, Rise, Washington National Opera.
Underwriting provided by: Homer Smith
                   Kyle Albertson
                   Bass-baritone: Wotan
                   Last Virginia Opera Appearance: Scarpia, Tosca, 2019
                   Recent engagements: Wotan, Das Rheingold, Opera Santa
                   Barbara; Scarpia, Tosca, Phoenicia Festival of the Voice;
                   Frank Maurrant, Street Scene, Oper Köln
                   Upcoming: Bluebeard, Bluebeard’s Castle, Opera Roanoke;
                   Angelotti, Tosca, Metropolitan Opera; The Dutchman, Der
                   fliegende Holländer, Oper Graz.
Underwriting provided by: Kaufman and Canoles
                   Sarah Tucker
                   Soprano: Freia
                   Virginia Opera Debut
                   Recent Highlights: Donna Anna, Don Giovanni, Pensacola
                   Opera; Micäela, Carmen, San Diego Opera; Frasquita,
                   Carmen, Dallas Opera
                   Upcoming: Adina, L’elisir d’amore, Dayton Opera; Pamina,
                   The Magic Flute, North Carolina Opera.
Underwriting provided by: An anonymous donor
                   Hidenori Inoue
                   Bass-baritone: Fasolt
                   Last Virginia Opera Appearance: Bonze, Madama Butterfly,
                   2019 / Makoto Kobayashi, An American Dream, 2019
                   Recent Highlights: Escamillo, Carmen, MTM Hong Kong;
                   Colline, La Bohème (Movie), Opera Omaha, Tri-cities Opera,
                   Opera Columbus, MTM Hong Kong; Sarastro,
                   Die Zauberflöte, Opera Maine
Upcoming: Mefistofele, Mefistofele, Knoxville Opera; Sarastro, Die Zauberflöte,
North Carolina Opera; Angelotti, Scarpia(cover), Tosca, Opera Columbus.
Underwriting provided by: An Anonymous donor

Ricardo L. Lugo
                    Bass: Fafner
                    Last Virginia Opera Appearance: Timur, Turandot, 2017
                    Recent Highlights: Oroveso, Norma, Musica Viva Hong Kong;
                    Commendatore, Don Giovanni, Michigan Opera Theatre; Il
                    Pedone, La Wally, Sarasota Opera
Upcoming: Colline, La Bohème, CulturArte de Puerto Rico; Sacristan, Tosca,
The Metropolitan Opera; Fasolt, Das Rheingold, Nashville Opera.
Underwriting provided by: Atlantic Union Bank

                    Eric J. McConnell ^
                    Bass-baritone: Donner
                    Last Virginia Opera Appearance: Sam, Trouble in Tahiti, 2021
                   Recent Highlights: Ceprano, Rigoletto, Central City Opera;
                   Bartolo, Il barbiere di Siviglia, Opera Colorado; Sodbuster,
                   Proving Up, Aspen Music Festival
Upcoming: Colline, La Bohème, Bartolo, Le nozze di Figaro, Virginia Opera
                    Joshua Blue
                    Tenor: Loge
                    Virginia Opera Debut
                    Recent Highlights: Rinuccio, Gianni Schicchi, Opera Theatre
                    of Saint Louis; Tamino, The Magic Flute, Washington National
                    Opera; Harlekin, Der Kaiser von Atlantis, Wolf Trap Opera
                     Upcoming: Peter, Porgy and Bess, The Metropolitan Opera;
Evangelist, St. Matthew Passion, LA Opera; the Duke of Mantua, Rigoletto,
Opera Philadelphia.
Underwriting provided by: Sandbox
Adam Turner
                   Artistic Director since 2018 (previously Principal Conductor
                   & Artistic Advisor, 2014-18)
                   Recent Highlights: Three Decembers, San Diego Opera;
                   Madama Butterfly, Carmen, Man of La Mancha, Central City
                   Opera; Eugene Onegin, Intermountain Opera Bozeman
Upcoming: Il Trovatore, Toledo Opera; La Bohème, Three Decembers, The Marriage
of Figaro, Virginia Opera.
Underwriting provided by: Edith and Cy Grandy

                   Mary Birnbaum
                   Virginia Opera Debut
                   Recent Highlights: La Bohème, Santa Fe Opera; Dido and
                   Aeneas, Juilliard & Chateau de Versailles; Director and
                   Translator; The Barber of Seville, Opera Columbus
                   Upcoming: L’Orfeo, Juilliard; In a Grove world premiere,
Pittsburgh Opera; The Sound of Music, Virginia Opera/Virginia Arts Festival.
Underwriting provided by: Jordan A. Miller, Jr and Peggy Kriha Dye

                   Sara Jean Tosetti
                   Costume Design
                   Virginia Opera Debut
                   Recent Highlights: Costume Designer, Salomé, LA Opera;
                   Xerxes, Glimmerglass Opera, West Side Story, Barrington
                   Stage Company (Berkshire Award: Best Costume Design of
                   the Decade).
                   James P. McGough
                   Wig and Make-up Design
                   Resident Wig and Make-up Designer since 2006
                     Recent Highlights: Season Wigmaster 2000-2006, The
                     American Players Theatre; Wig and Make-up Designer 2006
                     -2013, The Fort Worth Opera; Wig and Make-up Designer,
                     various, The Atlanta Opera; 2017-2019; Wig and Make-up
artist, Spoleto Festival USA, 2017-2019
Upcoming: Wig and Make-up Designer, A Hitchcock Halloween, Cultural Arts
Foundation of America; Wig and Make-up Artist, Spoleto Festival USA

Geoff Kanick
                   Associate Director/Magic Consultant
                   Virginia Opera Debut
                     Recent Highlights: Host/Co-Creator, The Conjurors’ Club,
                     American Repertory Theater; Sarastro/Resident Creative
                     Team, Queen of the Night (Drama Desk Award), The Diamond
                     Horseshoe at The Paramount Hotel; Assistant Director/
Resident Director, Immersive NYC Spectacle Seeing You
Upcoming: Co-Creator/Co-Director, On The Lawn, LubDub Theatre Company

                   Brandon Eldredge
                   Assistant Conductor
                   Last Virginia Opera Appearance: Assistant Conductor/
                   Pianist, Trouble in Tahiti, 2021
                  Recent Highlights: Conductor, Dido and Aeneas, Central City
                  Opera; Associate Conductor, Rigoletto, Central City Opera;
                  Conductor, Mozart and Salieri, Opera Saratoga
Upcoming: Assistant Conductor and Chorus Master, La Bohème, Three
Decembers, Le nozze di Figaro, Virginia Opera

                   Jonathan S. Campbell
                   Production Stage Manager
                   Virginia Opera Debut
                   Recent Highlights: Stage Manager, I Do! I Do!, Utah Festival
                   Opera; Assistant Stage Manager, Mahagonny Songspiel,
                   Florentine Opera Company; Stage Manager, La Tragédie de
                   Carmen, Florentine Opera Company
Upcoming: Assistant Stage Manager, Luisa Fernanda, Florentine Opera
Company; Assistant Stage Manager, L’enfant et les Sortilèges, Flornetine Opera
Company; Stage/Production Manager, Die Kathrin, Folks Operetta

From our community to the
world at large, we’re proud to
be your choice for insightful
programming. As Virginia’s home
for public media, we’re here to
educate, entertain and inspire.
PEGGY KRIHA DYE,         HARRISON OPERA             Elyse Messick,
GENERAL DIRECTOR         HOUSE                      Wig Shop Manager
AND CEO                  Roberta Brennan,           Heidi Mallett,
ADAM TURNER,             Facilities Manager         Make-up 3rd Chair
JOHN-PAUL SCHAEFER,      DEVELOPMENT                Derrion Hawkins –
MANAGING DIRECTOR        Amanda Ely,                Lighting Supervisor &
ADMINISTRATION           Director of Marketing      Crew Chief
Bridget A. Edwards,      Rob Belford,               John Luke Whitten,
Executive Assistant      Box Office Supervisor      Stage Hand
                                                    Emanuel Jones,
ARTISTIC                 PRODUCTION                 Stage Hand
Rachel L. Ginzberg,      Ken Steadman,              Alan Terrell, Stage Hand
Director of Artistic     Director of Production     Kim Fuller, Stage Hand
Operations               Stage Management           William Dowdy, Stage Hand
Brandon M. Eldredge,     Jonathan S. Campbell,
Assistant Conductor &                               THE HERNDON
                         Production Stage
Chorus Master                                       FOUNDATION EMERGING
Hannah Crown,                                       ARTISTS PROGRAM
                         Patricia Garvey,
Company Manager                                     Lauren Cook,
                         Assistant Stage Manager
ACCOUNTING               Jennifer Shaw,
                                                    Catherine Goode,
Ken Johnson,             Assistant Stage Manager
Director of Finance     Props                       Nicholas Martorano,
DEVELOPMENT             Roberta Brennan,            Baritone
Lisa Sands, Statewide   Properties Manager          Eric McConnell,
Director of Development Jessie Ciccolella,          Bass-Baritone
Karen Hays, Statewide   Props Artisan               Whitney Robinson,
Grants Manager          Costumes                    Mezzo-Soprano
Jamie Wilson, Statewide Pat Seyller, Costume Shop
Development Coordinator Manager
Felicia Fields,         Jessica Hensley, Draper
Development Assistant/ Jessica Land, Stitcher
Events                  Audrey DeHaan, Crafts
CIVIC ENGAGEMENT        Artisan/Dyer
Rachel L. Ginzberg,      Wigs and Make up
Director of Artistic     James P. McGough,
Operations               Resident Wig & Make-up
thank you 2020-21 members for building
         a secure future for local arts.
Pacesetter                 chamPion                    Wilbanks, Smith & Thomas The Dragas Companies
                                                       Asset Management, LLC
Dollar Tree Stores, Inc.   Atlantic Dominion                                    Palladium Registered
                           Distributors/Hoffman        Willcox & Savage, P. C.  Investment Advisors
Foundation                 Beverage
(anonymous)                                            advocate                  Raymond James
                           The Perry Family
Hampton Roads              Foundation                  B.M. Stanton Foundation   Southern Bank
Foundation                 Leader                      Davenport & Company,      Wall Einhorn
                                                       LLC                       & Chernitzer, P.C.
Norfolk Southern           Bank of America
Foundation                                             Dixon Hughes Goodman      Williams Mullen
                           Birdsong Corporation
                                                                                 Arts Ally level contributors
                           Kaufman & Canoles                                     at www.bcartsupport.org

                           Virginia Natural Gas, Inc

                           Wells Fargo Foundation

The businesses and foundations listed here have helped
provide $25 million in reliable support to the local arts. For
over 30 years, the BCAS has been there when they needed us.
You can be, too. | 757-383-6047 | info@bcartsupport.org
Virginia Opera is grateful to the following contributors for their support of either
our 2020-2021 or 2021-2022 Annual Fund Campaign.

Director’s Circle ($25,000 and above)       Williamsburg Area Arts Commission

Corporate            				                   Individual
Altria					 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Delevie
Business Consortium for the Arts Support			 Mr. and Mrs. Vince Ferranti
Dominion Energy					 Ms. Cary Fountain
Norfolk Southern					 Mr. Leslie H. Friedman
Virginia Eye Consultants                    Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus W. Grandy V
								                                    Eva and Michael Hardy
Foundation					                             Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Huber
Christian Family Foundation					            Mrs. Patricia Pusey
                                            Dr. John Reynolds
E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation
Goode Family Foundation					                Dr. & Mrs. Wilhelm Zuelzer
Herndon Foundation
                                            Artist Patron Society
Margaret Massie Disharoon Charitable Trust
Mary Morton Parsons Foundation				          ($5,000 - $9,999)
Slatten-McDonald Fund
Government					                             Troutman Pepper
City of Norfolk					 Wells Fargo Advisors

Anonymous					 Government
Anonymous			                                Chesapeake Fine Arts Commission
Anonymous					 Virginia Commission for the Arts
Anonymous					 York County Arts Commission
Arts Consortium Challenge
Muriel W. Bonney Estate					                Individual
Dr. & Mrs. William D. Covington				         Anonymous
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Hill					            Mr. and Mrs. Cabell B. Birdsong
					 Ms. Gwen D. Burroughs
Producer’s Circle ($10,000 - $24,999)				   Mr. and Mrs. Langdon T. Christian IV
                                            Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Coffing
Corporate            				                   Hon. and Mrs. Robert G. Doumar
                                            Robert and Lawrence Edwards
Omni Medical Group, LLC
					 Mr. Sean P. Foohey
Foundation					                             Mr. and Mrs. Ray Gindroz
R.E.B. Foundation					 Mr. and Mrs. George L. Hart
J.L. Camp Foundation, Inc					              Mr. James A. Hixon
Louise B. Cochran Charitable Foundation				 Mr. and Mrs. Marcellus C. Kirchner
Thomas L. Disharoon Charitable Trust				    Ms. Ina D. Levy
Franklin Southampton Charities				          Dr. and Mrs. Edward L. Lilly
Hampton Roads Community Foundation				      Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Lott
Helen G. Gifford Foundation					            Mr. William H. Mears
E. K. Sloane Fund					 Mr. Jordan A. Miller Jr.
James M. Willcox Memorial Fund					         Ms. Kathleen Le Mons
					 Mr. Tom Nicholson III and Mrs. Christie Nicholson
Government					                             Michael and Millie Ott
Chesterfield County					 Dr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Pepe
                                            Mr. and Mrs. Robert Petterson
The Arts Council of Richmond - Cultureworks
                                            Dr. and Mrs. Larry Quate
Portsmouth Museum and Fine Arts Commission
Newport News Arts Commission				            Mr. and Mrs. Allan S. Reynolds Jr.
Ms. Marilyn Scott					Ms. Joann Reynolds
The Betty and Jack Shannon Charitable Fund					  Ms. Lynn Cobb and Mr. Stephen W. Richard
Dr. Homer A. Smith				                           Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Schmidt Jr.
Mr. John Spruill					Dr. Stephen and Nancy Scoper
Mr. J. Kenneth Timmons, Jr.					                 Dr. Rick Shepard and Ms. Jennie Calhoun
Mr. Guy K. Tower					Dr. Ilse Snoeks
Dr. Elisabeth Muhlenfeld Wollan					             Mr. Lee Krumbein and Dr. Susan Kornstein
Mrs. Deborah Wyld					Dr. and Mrs. Aaron Vinik
					Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Watts
Bravo Society ($2,500 - $4,999)					             Mr. and Mrs. Paul Winslow
                                                 Ms. Evangeline Yoder
Ashley Home Store					Benefactor Society ($1,500 - $2,499)
Birdsong Corporation					                        Corporate
Palladium Registered Investment Advisors					    McGuire Woods, LLP
Shepherd Financial Group				Rutter Mills, LLP
Southern Bank					                               Westminster Canterbury of Richmond
Virginia Opera Guild
Foundation					                                  The John A. Cable Foundation
Community Foundation for a Greater Richmond 					Eugenia Smith Kennedy Fund
H. Lee Kanter Fund
WE McGuire Charitable Foundation					            Individual
Ula and Janne Motekat Fund					                  Ms. Donna Allen
Rouse-Bottom Foundation					                     Ms. Jeannie P. Baliles
					Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Bayliss
Government					                                  Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Boglio
                                                 Ms. Valerie Brookeman
Virginia Beach Arts and Humanities Commission
					Mr. Paul Campsen and Dr. Carrie White
Individual            				                       Dr. and Mrs. Glenn R. Carwell
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Ambler					               Ms. Peggy Kriha Dye
Anonymous					Mr. and Mrs. Frederick S. Fisher
Simeon and Marlys Austin					                    The Garner Family
Mr. Robert A. Baker					Adm. Harold W. Gehman Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley G. Barr Jr.					            Mr. and Mrs. Robert & Lynne Glasser
Mrs. Miriam R. Blake					                        Mr. and Mrs. John E. Holloway
Col. James F. Deming and Major Mark E. Board					Mr. and Mrs. Chris Kadish
Drs. Bruce and Cassianne Booth					              Mr. and Mrs. John Klemenc
Capt. and Mrs. Malcolm P. Branch					            Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Kuhlo
Dr. and Mrs. O. Christian Bredrup Jr.					       Mr. and Mrs. William B. McAree II
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cooper					                 Harry E. and Martha Lee McCoy Fund
Mrs. Bess P. Decker					Susan and Dale Oller
                                                 Mrs. Mary B. Perkins
Mr. James A. Satterwhite and Mrs. Linda T. Dorsey
Ms. Karen Eldredge					Mr. and Mrs. Gary Pitts
Mr. and Ms. James J. Gildea					                 Mr. Richard Pulley IV
Capt. and Mrs. Joel B. Heaton					               Ms. Mary K. Rotert
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Holmes					                 Mr.and Mrs. Laurens Sartoris
Mrs. Sarah B. Huber					Dr. and Mrs. James Schneider
Mrs. Courtney Hyers					Mr. and Mrs. Mark B. Shaw
Mrs. Valerie R. Neff and Mr. Edward J. Kelly					Mr. Lawrence L. Steingold
Ms. Esta Kornstein					Mr. and Mrs. Paul K. Stockmeyer
Cdr. Kenneth A. Krantz					                      Ms. Nancy Swaim
Diana Rupert Livingston					                     Hon. Lydia C. Taylor
Ms. Sue Messmer					                             Mr. John S. Theon
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Modlin
Mr. William O’Connor
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pacek
Drs. Daniel Alonso and Powers Peterson

                                                                    Opera Sustainer ($500 - $999)
                                    Opera Partner ($1,000 - $1,499)

    					 Corporate                 				              Corporate
     					 Cooper Hurley, PLLC				                    Wilcox & Savage, PC
           Fort Norfolk Retirement Community, Inc
           Kaufman & Canoles, P.C.

   					 Foundation					                              Anonymous
   					 Elmwood Fund					                            Mr. and Mrs. Vern Barham
    					 					Mr F.J. Barnes

           Individual               				              Ms. Katherine L. Bennett
           Mrs. Leslie Bading					                    The BFF Book Group
           Mrs. Judy Bland					                       Mr. Clement Brown
           Rev. Dr. J.P. Blankenship				              Mrs. Barbara L. Carr
   				 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bradley				              Mr. and Mrs. C. Robert Clark
   					 Brent Family Foundation				                  Mrs. Mary Clingenpeel
           Rejena Carreras					                       Mrs. Robin R. Covatta

           Mrs. Donna Case					                       Mr. Raymond DeFrank
           Dr. Sarah B. Clarkson and Dr. John Herre			Mrs. Dorothy Eide
  					 Ms. Karen Crowley					                        Mr. Howard J. Ellis
     					 Ms. Helle Dresdner					                    Dr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Fiveash Jr.
    					 Dr. William J. Frable					                  Mr. Arthur A. Fleming
								   Mrs. Dorothy P. Grandstaff				             Mr. and Mrs. Carter B. Furr
   				 Mr. Thomas A. Grant				                       Mr. Brian Gilbert
  					 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hamerschlag			            Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Gold
   					 Mrs. Joyce Hanson					                       Dr. and Mrs. T. Winston Gouldin
   					   Mr.  and Mrs.   Peter Huber				            Mr. and Mrs. Russell Gregor
    					 Mr. Richard Hudgins & Ms. Angela Hurst			   Dr. and Mrs. Fred Gross
   					 Dr. and Mrs. Bernard F. Jamison			           Mr. and Ms. Welford L. Harris Jr.
           Mr. James Johnsen
       					                                          Mr. and Mrs. Barry A. Hodges
     					 Capt.  and  Mrs.  Keith  Larson				        Thomas Hodges
           Col. and Mrs. David Maltby				             Dr. and Mrs. Charles Horton Jr.
     					 Mr. Howard T. McLoughlin				               Dr. Robert E. Howard Jr.
           Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds Monach			            Connie Jacobson
    					  The  Thomas    More   Fund				             Dr. David E. Johnson
      					Ms. Melissa O’Brian					                   Mary Johnson
     					 William O’Connor					                      Mr. and Mrs. William L. Johnson
    					 Mr. and Mrs. Donald Perry				               Ms. Melanie K. Day and Mr. Roland A. Karnatz
    					  Col. and  Mrs.  Eric F. Peterson				       Dr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Kent III
    					 Ms. Patsy Pettus					                       Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Koste
      					Mr. Frank Raysor					                      Mr. and Mrs. Robert Laibstain
      					Mr. Myron H. Reinhart				                  Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Lowry
           Mr. and Mrs. David W. Rennolds			          Dr. Velimir Luketic
           Mr. Peter Reuss					                       Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Mastracco Jr.
   					 Mr. Claus Ihlemann and Mr. Robert Roman		    Mr. Stephen Middlebrook
           Mr. & Mrs. John Schiffer				               Mr. Brian Moody
           Mrs. Gudi Stambuk					                     Mr. and Mrs. James Noone
     					 Mr. & Mrs. James E. Ukrop				              Mr. and Mrs. Michael Overstreet
     					 Mr. and Mrs. William D. Ungerman			        Ms. Concetta Pagley
    					 Mr. and Mrs. J. Dirk Walecka				            Mr. Glenn Palatini
    					  Ms.  Crystal  Wass					                    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Powders
     					 Dr. and Mrs. G. Byron Work				             Mr. and Mrs. S Randall McDaniel
           Howard and Martha Zaritsky					            Mr. and Mrs. John R. Ratigan
           					Mr. Sean Reilly
                                                      Ms. Cornelia Serota
                                                      Andy Sherrer
Capt. and Mrs. Robert J. Swain			              Dr. John C. Marsh
Ms. Kimberley D. VanHuss			                    Dr. James L. McDaniel
Ms. Vicki Wallshein				                        Mr. and Mrs. Bernie McDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Webster			                 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Melhuish
Juan and Linda Whittington			                  Ms. Elizabeth A. Miklos
Mrs. Laura Willard			                          Edward Miller
Ms. Barbara Wolstenholme				                   Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Molzahn
					                                          Ms. Mayra Montrose

            Family     ($250    - $499)        Ms. M. Elizabeth Moore
                                               Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Olson
Corporate            			                       Ms. Carolyn Olson
Amazon Smile				                               Mr. Richard G. Parise
Scherzo Music Club					                        Mr. and Mrs. Brian R. Payne
			                                            Dr. Thomas C. Phelps
                                               Mrs. Helen Raney Pinckney
Individual           			                       Ms. Lorraine W. Polik
Ms. Patricia Arant				                         Ms. Kathy Preisinger
Ms. Margie Armen				                           Mrs. Ann D. Prince
Mr. John M. Barr				                           Ms. Ann Reeves
Mr. Richard Barry and Ms. Linda Cox		          Mr. Jeff Reisenfeld
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Beck			                    Mr. & Mrs. William R. Richardson Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce T. Bishop			                Mr. and Mrs. Joe Riss
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Buckley				                 Mr. Richard Rivin
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Burchianti			              Ms. Arlene G. Robinson
Mr. Ian Cheyne				                             Mr. and Mrs. Haydon Rochester
Dr. Benjamin Chopski				                       Carole D. Royall
Dr. Martha C. Coffield & Mr. David R. Coffield
                                               Mrs. Nancy K. Scoggins
Mr. James M. Compton				                       Mrs. Miriam Seeherman
Mr. and Mrs. Britton B. Culpepper Jr.			       Dr. Gayatri Kapur and Dr. Rasesh M. Shah
Mr. Bruce Curran				                           Mr. Ron Shaw
Ms. Nicole De Jesus				                        Mr. and Mrs. John Sheppard
Mr. Paul Denig				                             Mrs. Rosalind W. Siegel
Mr. and Mrs. Stanwood Dickman			               Mr. and Mrs. Russell Singer
Mr and Mrs. Marvin Ennis				                   Dr. Viviana Skansi
Mr. and Mrs. Wilford Forbush				               Mrs. Mary A. Smith
Ms. Denise E. Freeland				                     Dr. and Mrs. David C. Smith
Sheila Graham and Steve Epstein Giving Fund		  Mr. William Sneath
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Grandle			              Dr. Marc C. De Solminihac
Mr. and Mrs. Greene				                        Dr. Valerie Stallings
Ms. Ruth E. Hansen				                         Ms. Julia Stevens
Ms. Karen Hays				                             Mr. and Mrs. John Stewart
Dr. and Ms. H. Keith Hellems				               Mr. William K. Stulb
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Hickok				                 Ms. Kathleen Sullivan
Mr. Filipe Ho				                              Mr. and Mrs. William Summers
Mrs. Catherine N. Holloway				                 Mr. Tommy Tavenner and Ms. Stephanie Richmond
Sheralyn Jackson				                           Adele M. Thomas Charitable Foundation, Inc
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Johnson			             Dr. and Mrs. Olmedo Villavicencio
Mr. Edward Joyce III				                       Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Wallenta
Mr. Edward J. Kelly				                        Adam Webber
Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. King				                Mrs. Barbara Weisner
Mr. Doug Kleffner and Mr. James Hill			        Mr. Tom Wylie
Mr. Lawrence F. Kruger				                     Mr. Alan Yanofsky
Mrs. Kamala H. Lannetti
RayNan Loughran
Ann Maddox
Capt. and Mrs. Carl V. Mallett

In Honor Of
In Honor of Russell P. Allen from Anonymous
In Honor of Fran Zehmer from Cheryl Yancey

In Memory Of
In Memory of Alvin Margolius from Paul and Marta Conkling
In Memory of Lottie Waters from Lynne Eklund
In Memory of Edwin Beaumont Hodge from Pat Hodge
In Memory of Wilson Jenkins Browning Jr from Mary
Katherine Browning Berger
In Memory of Dr. Kenneth George Skena from Wayne Hill
In Memory of James Cales from Mark and Martha Lee Shaw
In Memory of Nancy J. Parker from Annette S. Field
In Memory of Margaret W. Freeman from Reid Williamson
In Memory of Richard Hudgins:
Judge Robert B. Edwards and La Verne Edwards
Robert and Carol Laibstain
Dr. Patricia Sloan
In Memory of Lelia Koplin:
            Jay and Risa Levine
            Sydney Garber

In Memory of Joseph and Philomena Formica:
            Anne O’Neil
            Cynthia V. Bailey
            Jane Hickey

Although space limitations only allow us to list donations of
$250 or more, we gratefully acknowledge the generosity of
all our contributors. Every gift received helps us fulfill our
commitment to quality opera in your community. We thank all
of you.

If your name was inadvertently omitted or incorrectly
listed, please advise us by calling Jamie Wilson at
804-644-8168 ext. 3397

Contributions and pledges received after August 4, 2021
will be acknowledged in future programs.
Thank you for your support.
Matching Gifts Corporations
Bank of America
Caterpillar Foundation
Dominion Energy
Dominion Virginia Power
Exxon Mobil Foundation
Norfolk Southern
Wells Fargo

     We proudly support
                                    destination opera.
   Virginia Opera
   47 years of incredible

                                    F L U X 21 SE A SO N
           (800) 846-6666
                                    v i c t o r y h a l l o p e r a . or g
       Davenport & Company LLC
      Member: NYSE | FINRA | SIPC

                    2021/22 SEASON
                     Changing lives through
                      the power of music.

RICHMONDSYMPHONY.COM • 804.788.1212 x2
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Take the Challenge!
Thank you! Virginia Opera is truly grateful for the many donors to
our Annual Fund Campaign. These donations are vital to our ability
to present you with amazing opera productions and to serve our
communities with thoughtful programming.

$100,000 MATCH If you have not yet done so this year, please
make your gift to the 2021-2022 Annual Fund Campaign. As added
incentive we have a $100,000 challenge grant from an anonymous
donor that will match all new or increased donations dollar for dollar
through November 15, 2021.

Visit vaopera.org to make your donation online.
River Tower Has Arrived.
Now Is the Time to Make Your Reservation.

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Harbor’s Edge has a rich history of exceeding the
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individuals. And with the opening of River
Tower, our shimmering new waterfront
monument to opulence, style and
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elegance to unmatched heights.
Whether you’re taking in the
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                                   One Colley Avenue | Norfolk, VA 23510
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“What light through
   yonder window
    Well, actually, it’s a 750-watt
    spotlight equipped with an
        ellipsoidal reflector.
Although we prefer working behind the scenes, Dominion
Energy is proud to support the performing arts and all the
talented and dedicated people who bring them to life on
stage. From powering the tools that help build the sets, to
ensuring the lights go up on cue, to keeping the theater cool
in the summer and warm in winter, we’re happy to play a
supporting role. In 2020 Dominion Energy and the
Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation invested nearly
$58 million in programs that help make life brighter for
the communities we serve. To learn more about how
Dominion Energy is putting our energy to work for the
arts, visit DominionEnergy.com/Foundation.
You can also read