Deakin English Orientation Handbook 2018 - Deakin University English Language Institute (DUELI)

Deakin English Orientation Handbook 2018 - Deakin University English Language Institute (DUELI)
Deakin University English
Language Institute (DUELI)
Handbook 2018

Deakin English Orientation Handbook 2018 - Deakin University English Language Institute (DUELI)
Welcome to DUELI
Deakin University is a multi-award winning university with an
international focus. We are a young and innovative university,
offering excellent courses and facilities for international students
from over 60 countries.

Deakin University English Language Institute (DUELI) is Deakin’s
English language centre, based on our Melbourne Burwood and
Geelong Waterfront campuses. At DUELI we are proud of our
reputation as being one of the best English centres in Australia.

Studying English at DUELI provides you with a wonderful chance
to meet new people and make life-long friends. It is a fantastic
opportunity to share knowledge, ideas and experiences.

Students from all over the world come to study English at Deakin.
Whether you are planning to learn English to study an award course
at Deakin University or for your own personal or professional English
language development, our aim is to help you improve your English
quickly at the best English language centre in Australia.

I am pleased to welcome you to DUELI, and, with all the staff here, I
look forward to helping you become a successful Deakin student.

Ben Stubbs
Deakin University English Language Institute
Deakin English Orientation Handbook 2018 - Deakin University English Language Institute (DUELI)
Deakin University English
Language Institute

Deakin University English Language Institute (DUELI) offers a wide range of English language

courses from beginner to advanced level.

DUELI Melbourne is based at Deakin University’s Melbourne Burwood Campus, Building LA,
Entrance 3, 70 Elgar Road, Burwood VIC 3125.

For information about DUELI’s location, maps and travelling go to

DUELI courses
Courses are integrated and involve the development of reading, writing, listening, and
speaking skills using texts and materials from a wide range of media. A strong emphasis is
placed on helping students become independent learners. We encourage you to develop
your own learning style, set your own goals and draw up your own study plans.

Course progress and assessment
DUELI is legally required to check your course progress to ensure that you are doing well in
your studies. Language skills are assessed throughout the teaching block at regular intervals
so that you can revise your study goals.

There are several assessment tasks within each level, which you must pass in order to
progress to the next level. You must pass the level specified in order to meet the English
language requirement allowing you to enter the intended award study.

Marks are final and cannot be changed. In the case of borderline marks, teachers get a
second opinion from the coordinator before giving you the final mark. However, if you
disagree with your mark you can follow the DUELI Grievance Procedure. Students who have
failed at a given level three times will be unable to extend their study.

Plagiarism occurs when a student copies somebody else’s work without acknowledging its
author. Plagiarism leads to severe penalties in Australia, as it is an example of academic
misconduct. Teachers at DUELI will explain how to properly reference your work in order to
avoid plagiarism.

Deakin English Orientation Handbook 2018 - Deakin University English Language Institute (DUELI)
DUELI student code of conduct
                  Studying at Deakin University is a co-operative relationship between students and staff.

                  Deakin University recognises that students are entitled to have the following expectations
                  during their time at DUELI:

                  • To study in a safe, secure and supportive environment
                  • To be treated with respect and courtesy in an environment free from harassment and
                  • To have personal privacy respected
                  • To have access to clear, appropriate procedures for dealing with complaints and
Code of Conduct

                  This Code of Conduct sets out standards of behaviour based on co-operation, mutual
                  responsibility, respect, self-discipline, and tolerance of others by which everyone is accepted
                  as an individual and where all cultures are highly valued.

                                   Value                                        Behaviors
                  Responsibility                            •   Co-operate with teachers and students.
                                                            •   Be punctual and fully prepared for class.
                  Being accountable for your own ac-        •   Complete class work as assigned by your
                  tions and learning                            teachers.
                                                            •   Practice behaviours that keep everybody safe.

                  Respect                                   • Listen carefully to others.
                                                            • Be understanding and tolerant.
                  Caring about yourself, others and         • Treat everybody with respect.
                  the environment around you                • Behave in a manner that is non-discriminatory.
                                                            • Practice behaviours that are not disruptive to
                                                            • Care for University and personal property.

                  Integrity                                 • Treat others fairly.
                                                            • Allow others to study in a positive environ-
                  Being honest and fair                       ment.
                                                            • Submit work that is your own.

Deakin English Orientation Handbook 2018 - Deakin University English Language Institute (DUELI)
What to expect at DUELI
Classes                                          Teaching Staff
• Held between 8:30am and 4:30pm                 Teachers at the Deakin University English
• Monday to Friday                               Language Institute are highly qualified and
• Courses are run in five-week blocks.           experienced professionals who have:
• Several assessment tasks within each           • postgraduate qualifications

                                                                                                  		What to Expect
   level, which you must pass in order to        • qualifications in TESOL
   progress to the next level                    • extensive teaching experience in
• Average of 15 students per class                  Australia and overseas specialist skills in
   (Generally, DUELI classes ranges from six        curriculum, materials, and study program
   to 18 students.)                                 design
                                                 • IELTS preparation and examining
Student Services                                    experience
• Student advisers to help, advise, and
   guide you                                     Attendance
• Medical and health services on campus
• Personal, confidential, and free               • You have to attend at least 80% of your
   counselling on campus                           scheduled DUELI classes
• Award-winning careers centre where you         • DUELI is legally obliged to report students
   can obtain information about a range of         with unsatisfactory attendance (under
   local and international careers                 80%) to the Department of Home Affairs,
• Free ten-week introductory membership            which in turn may result in a cancellation
   to Deakin’s gyms                                of the student visa. No refund will given
• Optional one-year free membership to             in this situation.
   the Deakin University Student Association     • DUELI teachers monitor your attendance
   (DUSA)                                          every hour of class.
• Assistance with finding accommodation          • If you are late for more than 15 minutes
                                                   for the first class of the day, and more
Facilities                                         than 5 minutes for any subsequent class,
• An Australian university campus                  you will be marked absent for that whole
   environment                                     one-hour class.
• Modern, well-equipped classrooms with          • DUELI will notify you in writing if you
   the latest in smartboard technology             are at risk of falling below 80% and of its
• University cafes with halal dishes               intention to report you for unsatisfactory
• 24-hour computer labs (over 350                  attendance.
   computers at DUELI)                           • If you disagree with the decision to report
• Independent Learning Centre (ILC)                you, you can appeal against it, following
• Access to all of Deakin’s library facilities     DUELI procedure.
• Multifaith spiritual centre                    • If you are absent for more than 10
• Sporting facilities including a gym and          consecutive business days, your
   sports hall                                     enrolment and CoE will be cancelled. No
                                                   refund will given in this situation.

Deakin English Orientation Handbook 2018 - Deakin University English Language Institute (DUELI)
Things to remember

                 • You must tell DUELI reception your address in Australia when you
                   arrive and any time it changes.

                 • DUELI requires that you attend all classes. Your attendance must
                   be above 80%. If your attendance falls below 80% it may put your
                   student visa in danger and you may not be able to extend your
                   DUELI course.

                 • If you are sick please ask your doctor for a medical certificate. Keep
                   all medical certificates in case you have to show them to DUELI or


                 • If you are more than 15 minutes late for your first class, you will be
                   marked absent for that class.

                 • If you are more than 5 minutes late for any following class, you will
                   be marked absent for that class.

                 • If you fail the same DUELI level three times, you cannot get a course

                 • The information provided to DUELI may be shared with BUPA if
                   BUPA is your Overseas Health Cover provider as arranged by Deakin.

                 • ILC/Library items must not be removed from the ILC/Library without
                   being issued.

                 • Lost property will be kept at DUELI Reception for 1 month before
                   being disposed of.

                 • Re-printing certificates/statements of results will cost you $30 per
Deakin English Orientation Handbook 2018 - Deakin University English Language Institute (DUELI)
Great apps for DUELI students

                 OWA - Get your Deakin email on
                 your phone - never miss out on

                                                            		Great Apps
                 important emails!

                 Campus Compass - Never get lost
                 on campus, this app will help you
                 find classrooms easily.

                 Safezone - A direct line to campus
                 security, and a great way to stay

                 PTV (Public Transport Victoria) -
                 Information about buses, trams,
                 and trains - all in one app!

                 Rent Right - Be informed about
                 your rights if you rent a house, all
                 of the correct information that
                 you need.
                 Insider Guides - Insider Guides
                 are a great way to learn about
                 Melbourne. Download yours

Deakin English Orientation Handbook 2018 - Deakin University English Language Institute (DUELI)
DUELI 2018 intake dates

        Intake                 Orientation            Start Date             End Date              Holiday
        Intake 1               4 January              8 January              9 February            26 January
        Intake 2               8 February             12 February            16 March
        Intake 3               15 March               19 March               27 April              30 March - 3 April,
                                                                                                   25 April
        Intake 4               26 April               30 April               1 June                18 May
        Intake 5               31 May                 4 June                 6 July                9 - 13 July
        Intake 6               12 July                16 July                17 August
        Intake 7               16 August              20 August              21 September          24 - 28 September
        Intake 8               27 September           1 October              2 November            5 - 9 Nov
        Intake 9               8 November             12 November            14 December           30 November

        DUELI 2019 intake dates

        Intake                 Orientation            Start Date             End Date              Holiday
        Intake 1               4 January              7 January              8 February            28 January
        Intake 2               7 February             11 February            15 March
        Intake 3               14 March               18 March               18 April              19-25 April

        Intake 4               26 April               29 April               31 May                17 May
        Intake 5               30 May                 3 June                 5 July                8-12 July
        Intake 6               11 July                15 July                16 August
        Intake 7               15 August              19 August              20 September          23-27 September
        Intake 8               26 September           30 September           1 November            4 October
                                                                                                   4-8 November
         Intake 9            7 November          11 November          13 December                  29 November
        For more information about important dates go to:

        Minimum entry level for Deakin University Award course and Deakin College pathway programs
                                                                   Deakin University Postgraduate programs and Fac-
        Deakin University‘s Bachelor of Nursing
                                                                   ulty of Health Undergraduate programs
        IELTS 7 (no band lower than 7)
                                                                   IELTS 6.5 (no band lower than 6)
        TOEFL iBT 94 (Writing 27)
                                                                   TOEFL iBT 70 (Writing 21)
        DUELI English for Nursing (60%)
                                                                   DUELI EAP 4 (60%)

        Deakin University Undergraduate and Study
        Abroad programs, Deakin College Diploma of Me-             All other Deakin College Diploma and Certificate IV
        dia and Communication                                      Foundation Studies programs
        IELTS 6.0 (no band lower than 6)                           IELTS 5.5
        TOEFL iBT 65 (Writing 21)                                  DUELI EAP 2 (60%)
        DUELI EAP 3 (60%)

        Available to student visa holders as their principal course. Courses are also available to other visa holders
        provided that the length of enrolment at DUELI does not exceed the conditions of their visa.

Deakin English Orientation Handbook 2018 - Deakin University English Language Institute (DUELI)
DUELI English language program information

The following table lists the programs offered at DUELI and related requirements.
Please note that placement into DUELI classes is based on the results of the DUELI Placement Test taken
upon arrival.
 IELTS Entry      Exit         GE       EAP       ESP            DUELI Pathway to Further Study
 Level*           Level
 7.0              7.5                             English for    Successful completion of DUELI’s English
                                                  Teaching       for Teaching program is required for direct

                                                                 entry into education programs
 6.5              7.0                             English for    Successful completion of DUELI’s English
                                                  Nursing        for Nursing program is required for direct
                                                                 entry into the Bachelor of Nursing
 6.0              6.5          GE9      EAP4      IELTS          Successful completion of DUELI’s EAP 4
                                                  Preparation program is required for direct entry into
                                                                 Deakin University Postgraduate programs
 5.5               6.0         GE8        EAP3                       Successful completion of DUELI’s EAP
                                                                     3 program is required for direct entry
                                                                     into Deakin University Undergraduate,
                                                                     Exchange and Study Abroad programs,
                                                                     and Deakin College Diploma of Media and
 5.0               5.5         GE7        EAP2                       Successful completion of DUELI’s EAP 2
                                                                     program is required for direct entry into
                                                                     Deakin College Diploma and Certificate
 4.5               5.0         GE6        EAP1
 4.0               4.5         GE5
 3.5               4.0         GE4
 3.0               3.5         GE3
 2.5               3.0         GE2
Deakin English Orientation Handbook 2018 - Deakin University English Language Institute (DUELI)
Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
                                                                                 If you go to a hospital
                  How do I get my membership card?                               If you become ill during the night or on the
                  Cards can be collected as part of the Orientation              weekend, you might go to the emergency area of a
                  activities, or you may contact Deakin International            hospital. In Australia, there are public and private
                  Reception, Building LB, Monday - Friday, 10 - 5 pm.            hospitals. All public hospitals and some private
                                                                                 hospitals accept the BUPA OSHC card and will bill
                  Notify BUPA OSHC of your contact details                       BUPA directly - but you will have to pay around $500
                  IIf you change your address or any other personal              upfront. If you are required to pay, keep the receipt
                  details, please update this information by sending an          and you will be able to claim back some, or the full
                  email to                                      amount paid, from BUPA.

                  How your BUPA OSHC works                                       Contact
                                                                                 Toll free number
                  Direct/Bulk Billing                                            Helpline: 1800 888 942 (available 24 hours 7 days
                  Show your BUPA OSHC card and BUPA will directly                a week)
                  pay your bill. Note: In some clinics there may be a            Email:
                  co-payment that you will have to pay for seeing a

                  doctor (usually $15-30) and you pay this directly to           In person: Melbourne Burwood Campus, level 2,
                  the doctor or clinic.                                          Building LB, Deakin Reception
                                                                                 Monday to Friday 10 - 5pm
                  NOT Direct/Bulk Billing                                        Website:
                  You will need to pay for your consultation. Make
                  sure that you get a receipt so that you can make a
                  claim. Claim online at

                                                            Complaints procedure

                                                                                        Academic Manger
                                                              TEACHER                      (please make an
                                        CLASS                                            appointment at DUELI
                                    PLACEMENT/                                                reception)

                                    ENROLMENT                RECEPTION

                                                                                                                  Equity and Equal
                                                                                                                 Opportunity Officer
                                                                                        DIRECTOR, DUELI
                                                                                           (please make an
                                                                                                                    (EEO Officer)
                                                          DUELI STUDENT                  appointment at DUELI       Deakin University
                                    ATTENDANCE                                                                       (03) 9244 6232
                                                            ADVISER                           reception)
                                                            (please make an
                                                          appointment at DUELI

                                       ISSUES                 Senior
                                                         Academic Manager
                                                            (please make an
                                                          appointment at DUELI                                                  Page 2 of 2

Your student visa
                                                          Reporting and disclosure of information
For information and enquiries about your visa             DUELI must, by law, report to the Department of
contact the Department of Home Affairs on 131 881         Home Affairs any changes to your enrolment as well
or visit The Department           as breaches of your student visa conditions relating
of Home Affairs is located at: Casselden Place, 2         to your attendance and/or academic progress.
Lonsdale Street, Melbourne 3000.                          DUELI may be obliged to share the information you
                                                          provide with Australian government departments,
Student visa conditions                                   such as the Department of Home Affairs and the

                                                                                                                    		Visa Info
                                                          Department of Education and Training. For instance,
•   You must maintain at least 80% and above              when asked, DUELI must give the Department
    attendance throughout the length of your              of Home Affairs information about your current
    course.                                               address and contact numbers, your enrolment
•   You must remain at the institution that originally    status and your grades.
    recruited you for the first six months. If you want
    to change, you must obtain a Release Letter           Visa extension
    from Deakin University and get permission from        It is your responsibility to hold a valid Australian
    the Department of Home Affairs.                       visa at all times. If your visa is due to expire before
•   You must tell DUELI Reception your current            the end of your course, you need to apply for its
    Australian address, within seven days of              extension with the Department of Home Affairs at
    starting DUELI, or moving house.                      least two months before the expiry date.
•   Health insurance (OSHC - BUPA, NIB, Allianz 
    etc) must be held for the whole length of your        students/compliance-and-visas
    student visa.
                                                          Work rights
Important student visa responsibilities                   International students are only allowed to work
                                                          a maximum of 40 hours every two weeks when
•   DUELI is legally obliged to report students with      lessons are in session.
    unsatisfactory attendance (under 80%) to the
    Department of Home Affairs, which in turn may         Tax File Number (TFN)
    result in a cancellation of the student visa.
•   If you disagree with the decision to report           You need to provide your tax file number (TFN) to:
    you, you can appeal against it, following DUELI        • Your bank, when opening a bank account
    procedure.                                             • Your employer, when applying for a part-time
•   If you are absent for more than 10 consecutive            job.
    business days, your enrolment and CoE will be
    cancelled. No refund will given in this situation.    It is not compulsory to have a tax file number but
•   Students must keep all medical certificates as        if you do not have one, any money or interest you
    the Department of Home Affairs and DUELI may          earn in Australia will be taxed at a higher rate.
    ask for proof of illness if attendance falls below    To apply, visit
    80%. It is the student’s responsibility then to
    provide the Department of Home Affairs with
    any medical certificates if requested.
•   Extended absence - In the event that a student
    is hospitalised or absent due to circumstances
    beyond their control, the Director of DUELI will
    determine whether the student’s absence will be
    excused. Each request is on a case-by-case basis,
    and must be supported by medical certificates
    or other relevant documentation and approved
    by the Department of Home Affairs.

Examples of misuse                                      Student services
                   • Violation of copyright.
                   • Using the facilities for commercial reasons
                                                                           Deakin Medical Centre
                   • Invading of individual’s privacy.
                                                                           (Building B, level 2)
                   • Harassing individual through the use of email.
                                                                           The campus nurses and doctors are able to provide:
                   • Sharing passwords.
                                                                           • Medical attention and referrals
                   • Tampering with other users’ electronic
                                                                           • Health check-ups and advice
                                                                           • Flu, travel and course related vaccinations
                   • Accessing offensive or inappropriate materials.
                                                                           • Information and advice on diet and nutrition,
                                                                               sexual health and stress relief.
                   Deakin University will communicate important
                                                                           To make an appointment, call 03 9244 6300 and ask
                   information to you by email, so it is important that
                                                                           for Student Life Burwood. A current OSHC card is
                   you regularly check your Deakin email account.
                                                                           necessary when seeing a doctor.
                   Your Deakin email can be accessed from your home
                                                                           If you would like to get medical advice, including
                   or other computer as well as from the computers
                                                                           information about the closest Direct Billing doctor
                   on campus. From choose ‘Current
Student services

                                                                           in your area, contact BUPA 1800 888 942. For more
                   students’, then ‘email’, log in and go to your inbox.
                                                                           information about how your OSHC works, go to the
                   Your Deakin email address is your
                                                                           Overseas Student Health Cover section in
         , for instance
                                                                           this booklet.
                   Download the OWA mail app to get Deakin email on
                                                                           Contact numbers for other medical services
                   your phone.
                                                                           Deakin Medical Centre
                                                                           Melbourne Burwood Campus
                   Printing in the computer lab costs 5 cents per A4
                                                                           Student Life, Building B, level 2
                   sheet for black and white printouts and 10 cents for
                                                                           Phone: 03 9244 6300
                   colour. You have to load money onto your Deakin
                   card. (Google: “deakin card top up”)
                                                                           Hospitals (For Emergency medical conditions only)
                                                                           Box Hill Public Hospital
                                                                           Nelson Road, Box Hill
                   Standard photocopying services are available
                                                                           Ph: 03 9895 3333
                   throughout Deakin University using credits on your
                   Deakin card.
                                                                           Alfred Hospital
                                                                           Commercial Road, Prahran
                   IT Service Desk
                                                                           Ph: 03 9276 2000
                   Building LA, level 2, common area near Reception
                                                                           Sexual Health Services
                   Monday and Tuesday: 10am - 2 pm
                                                                           Family Planning Victoria
                   Wednesday: 10 am - 1 pm
                                                                           267 Burwood Highway
                   Phone: 924 46888 or 1800 463 888 (7 days)
                                                                           Ph: 03 9257 0100
                                                                           Melbourne Sexual Health Centre
                   You can also access the IT Service Desk at the
                                                                           580 Swanston Street, Carlton
                   Library Front Desk.
                                                                           Phone: 03 9257 0100, 03 9347 0244

                                                                           East Burwood Dental Group
                                                                           267 Burwood Highway
                                                                           Burwood East
                                                                           Phone: 03 9802 2399

Help lines                                             Emergency phone numbers
• Lifeline (personal problems): 13 11 14               •   Ambulance: 000
   or                                  •   Police: 000
• Poison Information: 13 11 26                         •   Fire Brigade: 000
• Gambling Helpline: 1800 156 789
                                                       You can dial 000 for free. Ask the operator for the
Sexual assault/violence                                service you want and wait to be connected. Answer
• Deakin University Health/Counselling Service:        all their questions and do not hang up the phone
   03 9244 6300                                        until they tell you to.
• South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault:
   1800 806 292                                        Deakin University Security
• Men’s Referral Service: 03 9428 2899                 Melbourne Burwood Campus: 03 9244 6222
                                                       or 1800 062 579.
Personal Counselling (Building B, level 2)

If your studies/life is being affected by personal,    Box Hill Police Station: 03 8892 3200
family or other circumstances, you could find it
helpful to talk with a counsellor. Counselling at      Legal advice
Deakin is professional, completely confidential, and
free. Counselling can help with                        For information about free legal advice go to:
• stress, loneliness, or homesickness         or call 9269 0120. Alternatively,
• course concerns, including advice on special         contact an International Student Adviser (ISA) at
     consideration and referral                        Division of Student Life.
• conflict resolution and anger management
                                                       For legal advice about academic issues and housing,
                                                       you can contact DUSA (below). All Deakin University
Contact Student Life on 03 9244 6300
                                                       students can access initial consultation; however
                                                       for further details or representation, you may be
Chaplains, prayer room, multi-faith space
                                                       required to become a DUSA member.
Deakin’s chaplains offer a multi-faith approach to
belief and spirituality. You are welcome to drop in
to chat about issues of faith, for information about   Deakin University Student Association –
where to worship, and other personal concerns.         DUSA
Building B                    All currently enrolled DUELI students are entitled to
                                                       a free one-year membership at Deakin University
Career planning                                        Student Association (DUSA) (subject to change
Career advisors offer counselling and advice on        without prior notice). DUSA facilitates the following
career planning, including advice on course and        activities and services:
career direction, developing self-awareness of your    • provides free legal aid for students
skills and interest and deciding on postgraduate       • organises trips and events, such as concerts and
study. The service also provides information for            dance nights
students on how to look for a job, write a resume      • runs short courses in the evenings on many
and prepare for an interview.                               different subjects
Building B                                             • has many clubs, including sporting clubs, and                          societies that you can join
                                                       • can provide advocacy if you find yourself in a
Deakin TALENT                                               dispute with the University over academic issues
If you are looking for a part-time job or voluntary    • provides academic and social support to all
work, visit             female students at Deakin via the Women’s

                                                       For more information, contact a DUELI Student
                                                       Adviser or go to

Deakin University student ID card                       Accommodation
             (Deakin card)
                                                                     Renting a room
             Your Deakin card allows you to use a variety of         Before you decide to rent a house or a flat, you
             services around the University, including:              should get as much information as possible about
                                                                     renting. Get the Rent Right app to find information
                 •   libraries                                       on bonds, contracts, and other rules for renters.
                 •   computer labs
                 •   printing                                        To find a share house or rent a house or a flat you
                 •   cafes                                           should:
                                                                     • Visit the which has
             To put money onto your Deakin card top up online            a range of online self-help services to support
             at               students with finding accommodation, both long
             facilities/deakin-card/deposit-cash-online.                 and short term
                                                                     • Check classified advertisements in The Age and
             LIBRARY                                                     the Herald Sun newspapers on Wednesday and
                                                                         Saturday. Houses and flats for rent are usually
             For opening hours and more information about the            not furnished.
             Library, go to, which you can     • Visit,, or
                                                                for rental properties or share
On Campus

             access through the library computers, computer
             labs or at home.                                            accommodation.
                                                                     Once you have found a place that you would like
             Library access                                          to rent, make sure you understand all the terms
             In order to borrow books and other materials from       and conditions of your lease before you sign it.
             Deakin University libraries, you must have your         Download the Rent Right app to make the renting
             current Deakin University student ID card.              process easy.

             Conditions of loan and library use                      On-campus accommodation
             Library items must not be removed from the library      To find out about on-campus accommodation see
             without being issued by library staff. If you are       Deakin’s webpage
             found in possession of damaged library items, you
             must pay for the replacement costs, and you will be
             suspended from borrowing for one month. Library
             users must observe the conditions of loan and
             library use posted in the Library.


             The Deakin University Student Association (DUSA)
             has clubs for most sports, find out more:

             DeakinACTIVE has a wide range of sporting and
             fitness facilities and equipment, including a gym,
             sports hall, and basketball courts. All currently
             enrolled DUELI students are entitled to 10 weeks
             FREE membership at DeakinACTIVE (subject to
             change without prior notice). In order to join, go to
             DeakinACTIVE in Building HE, or to DUELI Reception
             on level 5 in building LA. Learn more at

Living in Melbourne                                           IT information
Melbourne’s people
The city of Melbourne has a population of around four         IT passwords
million people. It is exciting, safe, cosmopolitan, and       For detailed instructions on activating your IT
culturally rich. One in four people in Melbourne were         access, please refer to ‘How to Get an IT Password’
born overseas. There are more than one hundred ethnic         in the appendices.
groups, making Melbourne a very exciting city to live in.
We have great public transport, a large number of parks,      Deakin Internet access
beaches, public spaces, a thriving arts culture, and a        Your Deakin internet access depends on the status

                                                                                                                        		IT Info
unique blend of historical and modern architecture.           of your enrolment at DUELI. In order to receive
                                                              access, you have to be enrolled and have a valid
Weather and clothing                                          Deakin University student ID number/card. If your
The weather in Melbourne is pleasant and mild with            enrolment has been delayed for various reasons,
four distinct seasons: summer, autumn, winter and             for instance, the University has not received your
spring. Melbourne generally does not experience               payment on time, please contact a DUELI Student
severe extremes of heat, humidity or cold; however, the       Advisor for help and information on alternative
weather can be very changeable and hard to predict. It is     access options.
a good idea to wear layers of clothing and to carry a small
umbrella or a waterproof jacket.                              Deakin University Internet use
                                                              Deakin has a quota system that provides each
Water restrictions                                            student with 5GB for DUELI students per trimester.
Due to ongoing dry weather, water restrictions are
sometimes introduced in Melbourne to help save our            If this quota is exceeded, your Internet access will be
diminishing water resources.                                  locked until the beginning of the following trimester
                                                              unless you call the IT Service Desk for a quota
Travelling to DUELI                                           addition for legitimate purposes.
Melbourne is a large city, with few people living in its
centre. Many Melbournians travel up to 90 minutes to
go to work or school. DUELI is located on the Melbourne       Tips to reduce Internet cost
Burwood Campus, which is in Zone 1 for all tram travel        • Always log out when you leave the computer
but is otherwise Zone 2. For maps, please visit deakin.       • Think about the size of files that you download, For information about travelling in             e.g. audio and video files should be considered
Melbourne, please visit                           very carefully before downloading.
                                                              • Do not share your password with anyone else or
MYKI                                                              you will be held accountable for their use as well
Tickets for public transport are called MYKI. You can buy         as your own.
a MYKI card from, train stations, some
news agencies and the Deakin Burwood bookshop. You            Your responsibilities
must touch on with your MYKI when you travel. If you          • You must follow all Australian laws and
do not have a valid MYKI while travelling, you may be            regulations relevant to Internet use.
fined $220-$500. Ticket inspectors often check tickets        • You must not access inappropriate or offensive
outside the campus. Always have a valid MYKI.                    material.
                                                              • You must not allow others to access your
Tourist information                                              password.
For tourist information on Melbourne and Victoria visit:      • You must report any unauthorised use of your
Victoria Visitor Information, Federation Square                  account to ITS (phone ext: 46888).                                          Consequences of misuse
                                                              • Possible loss of computing access.
Deakin International’s website                                • You may have to reimburse the University for
Check out Deakin International’s website for up-to-date          additional costs.
information on living matters, financial information,         • Possible disciplinary or criminal action.
academic support, campus facilities and services. Go to

How to get an IT password
              1.   Press CTRL + ALT + DELETE         7.
                   to log on to a Deakin computer.

                   Username: deakin
              2.   Password: deakin

IT Password

                               Click here

              4.                                     9.

              5.                                     10. Check the blog for class
                                                          placement, timetables, and

                                                          Press CTRL + ALT + DELETE
                                                          to log off.


Locality guide
This guide contains practical local information about shopping, banking and transport, to help you to settle
into the Burwood community.

Food                                 Other markets                        How to get to:
Woolworths Supermarket                 • Box Hill                         • Box Hill: Bus 767, 732, 733,
42-50 Burwood Highway,                 • Camberwell                          700, 765

Burwood East                           • Queen Victoria Market            • Chadstone: Tram 75 (to City)
Tel: 9808 0200                         • Prahran Market                      change Bus 700 (at corner
Tram 75 (stop 66)                      • South Melbourne                     of Warrigal Road and Toorak
                                                                             Road); Bus767
Box Hill Central,                    Transport                            • City: Tram 75 (to city)
562 station street, Box Hill         Those interested in buying cars,     • Camberwell: Tram 75 (to City,
Tel: 9808 0200                       please check:                           Stop 40)
Bus 732, 733, 767                    •
                                     •                    Internet providers
Coles Supermarket                    Those interested in renting cars,    • Telstra
Cnr. Burwood Highway &               please check:                        • Optus
Blackburn Rd                         •                        • TPG
Tel: 9802 2244                       •
Tram 75 (stop 70)                    Car insurance (examples):            Sporting Facilities
                                     •                        • DeakinACTIVE, Building HE,
IGA Supermarket                      •                 
1424 Toorak Road, Camberwell         •
                                                                          Police Stations
Tel: 9889 5120
                                                                          • Burwood (Scott Grove. Near
Tram 75                              Victorian road regulation
                                                                              McDonald’s Burwood)
                                                                          • Box Hill (off Whitehorse Road)
IGA Supermarket            
                                                                              Open 24 hours
535 Middleborough Road,
                                                                          • Dial 000 for emergency: fire,
Box Hill                             Public transport
                                                                              ambulance, police
Tel: 9890 8807                       • Public Transport Victoria:
Bus 733                       
                                     • Tram No.75 - To city or to East
Chinatown, City, Tram 75 (to City)      Burwood
                                     • Bus No.767 - Box Hill to
Queen Victoria Market                   Southland (via Chadstone)
Tram 75 (to City, Stop 4) change     • Bus No.732 - Box Hill to Upper
to Tram 19, 57, 59 or 68 at             Ferntree Gully (via Knox City)
Elizabeth St. (get off the tram at   • Bus No.733 - Okleigh to Box
Stop 6); Bus 732, 733, 767              Hill Ventura (767, 732, 733)
                                     • Online timetables:
Halal food                    
Please contact the Islamic Society   • Nightrider Bus Timetable
of Deakin University (ISDU)             (weekends late nights):  
                                     • Online Tram timetable:
                                     • Online Train timetable:

Melbourne Burwood Campus
Campus map

How to get to DUELI
If you require further information, please contact:
International Student Adviser (DUELI)
If you require further information, please contact:
Melbourne Burwood Campus
International Student Adviser (DUELI)
70 Elgar Road, Burwood
Melbourne Burwood Campus
Postal: 221 Burwood Highway
70 Elgar Road, Burwood
Burwood Victoria 3125 Australia
Postal: 221 Burwood Highway
Tel. 9244 5425 Fax. 9244 5421
Burwood Victoria 3125 Australia
Tel. 9244 5425 Fax. 9244 5421
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most up-to-date information, please view our website at

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