ISCRAM BOARD CANDIDATES - Election 2012 2013


                       Election 2012 - 2013

Candidates in alphabetical order:

   1. Banuls-Silvera, Victor (Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Spain)
   2. Franco, Zeno (Medical College of Wisconsin, USA)
   3. Grant, Tim (Netherlands Defense Academy, the Netherlands)
   4. Haselkorn, Mark (University of Washington, USA)
   5. Jul, Susanne (Amaryllis Consulting llc, USA)
   6. Norris, Tony (Massey University, New Zealand)
   7. Ristvej, Jozef (University of Zilina, Slovakia)
   8. Song, Yan (Harbin Engineering University, China)
   9. Turoff, Murray (New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA)
   10. Unen, H. Can (Istanbul Technical University, Turkey)
   11. Wickler, Gerhard (University of Edinburgh, Scotland)
   12. Yang, Lili (Loughborough University, UK)
   13. Zhuang, Jun (University at Buffalo, USA)

                          ISCRAM Board Candidates Election 2012 - 2013
1. Victor Bañuls-Silvera

Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Spain


Dr. Victor A. Bañuls is Associate Professor of Management Information Systems at the
Universidad Pablo de Olavide (UPO) at Seville (Spain). He also has served as visiting research
scholar at the New Jersey institute of Technology (NJ, U.S.A.), the Tilburg University (Tilburg,
The Netherlands) and the UFRJ (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).
Before his current position, Dr. Bañuls has been working as financial, quality and information
systems manager. He has participated in several national and international research projects.
He is principal investigator of the foresight research group PROSPECTA and Vice-president of
the Intec Research Institute. He also is principal investigator of a competitive project founded
by the Spanish Minister of Science and Technology in the Emergency Management field. His
research is published in several professional journals, being editor of two books. Recently
he has being guest editor of the journals Upgrade, Novatica and Technological Forecasting
and Social Change. This last issue is Emergency Preparedness. He is the chair of several
postgraduate programs at the Pablo de Olavide University, including an Executive Master
program on Integrated Management Systems and an Executive Security Management program.
His present research efforts are focused on foresight and emergency management.

Previous ISCRAM Activities and Contributions

I am the co-chair of the track planning and foresight with Profesor Turoff since 2010.
I have attended to three ISCRAM conferences and contributed with three full papers, two
posters and one short paper. One of my PhD students has participated in the PhD colloquium.

My ambitions and plans as a board member when elected

I would like to focus on enhancing the academic visibility of the ISCRAM association.

                            ISCRAM Board Candidates Election 2012 - 2013
2. Zeno Franco

Medical College of Wisconsin


I am an assistant professor in the Department of Family and Community Medicine and the
Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) at the Medical College of Wisconsin,
USA. My research focuses on improvisation in disaster response teams, simulations for
disaster medical education, and community engaged information systems design for disaster
management. I served for three years as a US Department of Homeland Security Fellow
attached to the National Center for Terrorism Psychology during graduate school. My
dissertation was funded by the National Science Foundation through an STTR (small business
technology transfer) award, and focused on improvisation and an empirical evaluation of the
US Incident Command System (ICS). I have also done research on the social psychology of
heroic action - an area related to leadership in the context of crisis. I recently published a paper
in this area in the Review of General Psychology with Dr. Philip Zimbardo (emeritus professor of
psychology, Stanford University).

Previous ISCRAM Activities and Contributions

My graduate career started in many ways at the ISCRAM PhD Student Colloquium in 2006 in
Newark New Jersey. From there, I presented in the research track in Delft in 2007 and later
took best paper at ISCRAM2009 for my dissertation work, although I was not able to attend
the conference because my second child was on the way. Since that time, I co-chaired the
Research Track with David Mendonça (2010), and later chaired the track with Bas Lijnse
(2011). For me the research track at ISCRAM has been an area of central personal and
professional development and an the arguments and discussions that evolved there among
some of the most compelling I have encountered as ISCRAM represents most fully the
transdiciplinary space I occupy as a researcher. In 2011 I also co-chaired the PhD Student
Colloquium and presented a brief talk, "Transdiciplinary & Translational Dissertation Process
– Disaster, Information Science, Psychology" (
wp-content/uploads/2011/05/ISCRAM_2011_Presentation_4_web.pdf). Most recently, I have
served for the past year as one of the program co-chairs and co-editor of the ISCRAM2012
conference, working primarily with the track chairs to guide the review process.

My ambitions and plans as a board member when elected

My ambitions for the ISCRAM conference include ensuring that the proceedings become
indexed by the time ISCRAM2013 comes around, working to ensure that track chairs have a
greater voice in the governance and direction of the conference -- as in many ways they are the

                             ISCRAM Board Candidates Election 2012 - 2013
backbone of our organization. I would also like to work toward deeper integration of practitioners
and members of industry working as reviewers for both academic and practitioner papers to
ensure bidirectionality and translation of ideas in this transdiciplinary space. I would also like
to work toward greater involvement with industry as a whole, through increased corporate
sponsorship of the conference, and integration of industry needs and questions into workshop
oriented offerings at ISCRAM. I would also like to see continued efforts toward integration of
the various subfields represented at ISCRAM through both formal and informal mechanisms
at the conference. I would also hope to foster ongoing interest in research methods and theory
building specific to crisis information systems.

                            ISCRAM Board Candidates Election 2012 - 2013
3. Tim Grant

Netherlands Defence Academy, the Netherlands


Royal Air Force officer, UK & Singapore, 1966-87
Global IT services supplier, Atos Origin, Netherlands, 1987-2004
Visiting professorship, University of Pretoria, 2001-2009
Professor Operational ICT & Communications, Netherlands Defence Academy, 2004-2012

Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering, Bristol University (UK)
Defence Fellowship (Master), Brunel University (UK)
PhD in Artificial Intelligence, Maastricht University (NL)

Previous ISCRAM Activities and Contributions

Board member, 2010-2012
Publications & Academic Standards Committee chair, 2010-2012
Best Paper committee, ISCRAM 2008, 2009, 2011 & 2012
Tutorials, ISCRAM 2007, 2011, and 2012
Command & Control session chair, ISCRAM 2006
Presented papers, ISCRAM 2005 & 2008-2012

My ambitions and plans as a board member when elected

ISCRAM is improving its services to members in response to pressures in the academic world.
My ambition is to continue the process I have started as chair of the Publications & Academic
Standards Committee to raise the academic standing of ISCRAM Proceedings through
guaranteed reviewing, indexing and archiving and through exploring links with IEEE. There
should be a clear route for good conference papers to be chosen for journal publication. These
changes should be made while preserving ISCRAM's open character and its accessibility to
academics and practitioners alike.

                            ISCRAM Board Candidates Election 2012 - 2013
4. Mark Haselkorn

University of Washington, USA


Dr. Haselkorn is a Professor of Human Centered Design & Engineering at the University
of Washington (UW). He is PI of the UW partnership in the National Center for Cognitive
Informatics and Decision Making in Healthcare and Director of the UW's Interdisciplinary
Program on Humanitarian Relief. Dr. Haselkorn has completed an NSF initiative to define the
emerging frontier of "Humanitarian Service Science & Engineering" and has worked with the
military on a number of projects, including the integration of DoD and VA electronic medical
records and the Air Force’s strategic management of ICT under the threat of Y2K (a study
published by the National Research Council). He has conducted foundational research in
the area of intelligent transportation systems, including development of the first Web-based
real-time traveler information system (Traffic Reporter, 1990). Dr. Haselkorn is a past board
member of the international society on Information Systems for Crisis Response & Management
(ISCRAM) and Past President of the IEEE Professional Communication Society.

Previous ISCRAM Activities and Contributions

Board Member 2010 - 2012, ISCRAM 2010 Conference Chair, Chair of Bylaws Committee,
Best Paper Co-author 2011, Presenter, Panel Organizer and Reviewer for numerous ISCRAM

My ambitions and plans as a board member when elected

Continue to expand and codify ISCRAM Bylaws, Policies and Proceedures. Continue to work
with Publications Committee on future publication strategies, help establish partnerships with
other global organizations and activities.

                           ISCRAM Board Candidates Election 2012 - 2013
5. Susanne Jul

amaryllis consulting, llc, USA


Susanne integrates a professional background in software engineering, usability design and
requirements analysis with a research career in human-computer interaction and technology
for disaster management. She is the Director of User Experience for the Ocean Observatories
Initiative, an NSF-funded project to develop a national infrastructure for ocean-driven science
and research. Her research interests lie in methods for preparing individuals and organizations
to assume leadership unexpectedly in unfamiliar situations, combining sustainable management
practices with creative problem-solving and decision-making. Susanne holds a PhD in
Computer Science and a BA in Theatre Arts. She was a National Research Council Post-
Doctoral Fellow at the Pacific Disaster Center, is current Vice-President of ISCRAM, and is a
volunteer with American Red Cross Disaster Services.

Previous ISCRAM Activities and Contributions

I joined the ISCRAM community in 2006, was a member of the founding board of the
Association and currently have the honor of serving as Association Vice-President. In addition
to presenting and reviewing papers, I have organized special sessions, been a plenary panel
member, and was Program Co-Chair for ISCRAM 2009. In my board role, I have sought
to improve our use of remote collaboration technologies and participatory decision-making
techniques to ensure vibrant and effective working processes. I have also worked to engage
the broader community in conference organization and Association activities, drawing on my
experience with ACM conference organization to help develop and formalize standard operating

My ambitions and plans as a board member when elected

My vision of ISCRAM is an member-driven umbrella organization that promotes regional and
cross-regional activities – including multiple conferences and educational opportunities – to
enrich research and ensure its relevance and dissemination to practice. I believe that the
coming Board should focus on strengthening management practices, broadening member
participation in Association operations and management, creating career development
opportunities for members through collaboration with partner organizations, and on increasing
the impact and intellectual quality of ISCRAM publications. My personal goal is to help the
Association to establish a clear vision and direction for meeting members’ long-term needs, and
to develop and execute a viable management plan for moving into the future successfully.

                           ISCRAM Board Candidates Election 2012 - 2013
6. Tony Norris

Massey University, New Zealand


Tony Norris is Professor of Information Systems and Head of the Institute of Information and
Mathematical Sciences at Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand. His main research
interests are in the strategic role of information technology and information management
particularly in the areas of mobile and telehealth, and in emergency disaster management.

Prof Norris is the author of two books, Computational Chemistry and Essentials of Telemedicine
and Telecare and he has nearly 150 publications in the fields of health informatics, chemistry,
mathematics, and disaster management.

Prof Norris holds his PhD from Imperial College at the University of London. He has taught
physical chemistry, computing and mathematics at several universities in the UK and business
information systems at the University of Auckland before joining Massey University in 2005. He
has previously held a Research Fellowship at Keble College, Oxford University, a Universitas 21
Travel Fellowship at Auckland University, and a Visiting Professorship at Universiti Kebangsaan

Previous ISCRAM Activities and Contributions

I am relatively new to ISCRAM and the world of emergency management. Since 2009, I have
been supervising a PhD student from Pakistan who has direct experience of a major earthquake
disaster and the role of information systems in post-crisis support.

We have been working on the design, implementation, and evaluation of a prototype decision
support system to improve the situation awareness of emergency managers. The goal is to
ensure that emergency team members have a comprehensive understanding of the situation,
not just for their individual roles, but also for the roles of their colleagues.

The research has led to nine referred publications in two years including presentations eat
ISCRAM 2010, ISCRAM 2011 and now at ISCRAM 2012.

My ambitions and plans as a board member when elected

At ISCRAM 2011 in Lisbon I met up with Franco Zeno, Simon French, Julie Dugdale and
others and we discussed the importance of healthcare organization and delivery in and after

                           ISCRAM Board Candidates Election 2012 - 2013
The topic has assumed significant importance following major disasters such as the Sri Lanka
tsunami, the Katrina hurricane, and the Christchurch earthquakes. Whilst we know something
about how ER units and hospitals cope with the injury impact of disasters, we know very little
about how best to deal with short-term issues such as stress-related heart conditions and
induced pregnancies, and long-term effects such as mental illness. Similarly, we have little
understanding of how general practitioners handle the aftermath of natural disasters that disrupt
whole communities.

As a consequence of these discussions, we successfully proposed a Healthcare Crisis
Management Systems track at ISCRAM 2012 for which I am pleased to act as a Co-Chair.

If appointed to the ISCRAM Board I would like to collaborate on developing this theme further. I
am also interested in the education and training of both professional and volunteer emergency
workers, especially to improve situation awareness.

I would also like to involve Massey's Joint Centre for Disaster Research (http://
research/disaster-research_home.cfm) in the work of ISCRAM.

                            ISCRAM Board Candidates Election 2012 - 2013
7. Jozef Ristvej

University of Zilina, Slovakia


Jozef Ristvej, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor, Department of Crisis Management, University of
Zilina, Vice-dean for Development and International Relations at the faculty. Active member
of The ISCRAM, national representative of IAEM-Europe, member of The Society for Science
and the Public. Gained his Ph.D. in 2007 at the University of Zilina, Slovakia – E.U. in Crisis
Management. Since that time he received postdoctoral position as assistant professor at the
Department of Crisis Management, University of Zilina and Vice-dean for Development and
International Relations at the faculty. In his work is focusing on support of decision making
process in crisis management. He is Editor in chief of the European Journal of Security and
Safety, established by the eSEC consortium. He is member of several project teams and is
member of ISCRAM, IAEM and The Society for Science and the Public.

Previous ISCRAM Activities and Contributions

Active member of ISCRAM from the beginning.
Active member of the organizing committee of ISCRAM 2012 in Vancouver.

My ambitions and plans as a board member when elected

To be even more active within the association.

                           ISCRAM Board Candidates Election 2012 - 2013
8. Song Yan

Harbin Engineering University, China


Song Yan, female, born on Feb. 14, 1974. 1991~1995, Now vice Dean School of Economics
and Management in Harbin Engineering University, in charge of Education Management and
International Communication, also a professor engaged in Teaching and research about E-
commerce, Crisis Management, Information System, and Decision-making. At the same time
the director of Research Institute of Disaster and Crisis Management in Harbin Engineering
University. She got Bachelor’s degree of Computer Technology and Application, Master’ degree
of Computer Technology, Doctor’s degree, Management Science and Engineering in Harbin
Engineering University. During 2006, Collaborative Research of Information Management
System for Crisis Response and Management In Tilburg University, the Netherlands, Sponsored
by China Scholarship Council. Member of Editorial Board of Journal of Marine Science and

Previous ISCRAM Activities and Contributions

Founder and Program Chair of ISCRAM-CHINA Conference from 2006 to now. We have held
5 editions of ISCRAM-CHINA and succeeded in all the programs. Now I’m also Founder and
Co-Chair of Heilongjiang Provincial Research Association on Crisis Science and technology
from 2011 to now, which is a local organization to develop ISCRAM. Also a Board member of
ISCRAM Community from 2009 to 2010. I was Associate Editor of The International Journal of
Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management (IJISCRAM). During the past years
I attended ISCRAM 2005, 2006, 2009 as an author or a session chair. I also attended ISCRAM
SUMMER SCHOOL in 2006 and sent my team member to join ISCRAM SUMMER SCHOOL in

My ambitions and plans as a board member when elected

Now I’m co-leading with ISCRAM to develop ISCRAM-CHINA to ISCRAM-ASIA. In 2012 we will
have the first edition of ISCRAM-ASIA in Beijing, CHINA. Now we have had many partners to
share the conference as a platform, like Tsinghua University, Institute of Disaster Prevention,
etc. And we are extending the network as much as possible not only in China but also in
Asia. We hope to have more researchers, policy-makers and companies to join in this field to

Based on the network, hope to call for people to co-apply some international research projects.

                           ISCRAM Board Candidates Election 2012 - 2013
We had tried twice to apply for European FP7 projects. Although we did not yet succeed, we
had good experiences and hope to win a proposal soon. Creating an international journal about
ISCRAM in CHINA is still my dream. I hope to start that in the near future.

                           ISCRAM Board Candidates Election 2012 - 2013
9. Murray Turoff

NJIT Information Systems, USA


Dr. Turoff's career has focused on the design of Computer Mediated Communications and
Information Systems since his early work at the Office of Emergency Preparedness in the late
1960's where he designed the first nationwide emergency management Information System.
His research in recent years since 2001 has largely focused on the design of Emergency
Management Systems. He is a coauthor and editor of the recent book: Information Systems for
Emergency Management, in the Advances in Management Information Systems monograph
series for AIS, 2010. More information may be found on his website:

Dr. Turoff is currently a Distinguished Professor Emeritus but is still working with PhD
students and very active in research in Collaborative Systems very relevant to the Emergency
Preparedness and Management

Previous ISCRAM Activities and Contributions

Murray Turoff was one of the cofounders of ISCRAM and a keynoter at the 2004 workshop
which led to the establishment of the yearly meeting that is now an active professional society.
He was the program chair for the 2006 meeting held at NJIT. Currently, Dr. Turoff is the primary
editor of a special issue of Technological Forecasting and Social Change on Emergency
Planning and Foresight and has led a number of successful tracks at ISCRAM meetings. He
has recently conducted a study of emergency threats deserving increased preparedness, with
the participation of some forty professionals in the Emergency Management area. The group
produced 81 separate threats in 12 different categories.

My ambitions and plans as a board member when elected

Professor Turoff is hoping to use the results of his recent Delphi study of threats to launch some
online discussions of major threat categories with respect to what sort of efforts can be fostered
for preparedness and mitigation. These will be open to interested professionals and sponsored

With the growing expansion of meetings and activities worldwide among professionals through
ISCRAM and other professional groups, I would hope ISCRAM can be a leader in encouraging
online seminars, information exchanges and basic professional discussion boards. This will be
the major activity I will concentrate on as a board member, beyond the fundamental business
of the board in fostering the yearly conference, regional conferences, and PhD seminars. I
believe in ISCRAM becoming a true professional society and facilitating the recognition of

                            ISCRAM Board Candidates Election 2012 - 2013
Emergency Management as a highly interdisciplinary field requiring innovative and collaborative
professional and educational programs.

                           ISCRAM Board Candidates Election 2012 - 2013
10. H. Can Unen

Istanbul Technical University, Turkey


Born in Ankara, Turkey in 1982. Graduated from Middle East Technical University, Civil
Engineering Department in 2004. M.Sc. from Istanbul Technical University Informatics Institute
in 2006 on spatial modeling of earthquake ground motion. Conducted my Ph.D. research
as a research scholar of the Mid-America Earthquake Center within the University of Illinois
at Urbana-Champaign between 2008 and 2009. Completed my Ph.D. in Istanbul Technical
University, Geomatics Engineering Department in 2011 on seismic serviceability assessment
of interdependent utility network systems. Currently working as a research assistant in Istanbul
Technical University Geomatics Engineering Department.

Previous ISCRAM Activities and Contributions

I attended ISCRAM Summerschool 2009 in Tilburg and participated in the workshops. I
contributed to the "ISCRAM Ambassador" idea which was adopted by the ISCRAM board for
ISCRAM 2010 but later not initiated. I could not attend ISCRAM 2010 due to other commitments
but attended ISCRAM 2011 in Portugal.

My ambitions and plans as a board member when elected

My aim as an ISCRAM board member will be at first to help maintain and sustain the
organization's stature and extend its already wide network consisting of established
academicians, professionals, and organizations in the long term. I will do my best to increase
the recognition level of ISCRAM among academia by introducing ISCRAM related events to
peers and actively participating in the organization.

                            ISCRAM Board Candidates Election 2012 - 2013
11. Gerhard Wickler
University of Edinburgh, Scotland


In 1996 Gerhard Wickler moved to Edinburgh to start his PhD studies in the area of AI
planning, which he successfully completed in 1999. He went on to hold research positions
in Italy, Belgium, and Germany, working in several areas of AI. Since 2004 he has been
senior researcher at the Artificial Intelligence Application Institute (AIAI) within the School of
Informatics at the University of Edinburgh, one of the highest-ranked universities in the field.

Gerhard Wickler regularly publishes in AI-related conferences and journals, reporting on his
research in planning and intelligent agents applied to emergency response. He is an active
reviewer for a number of conferences and journals. He has been a member of the programme
committees for various workshops and conferences, including the Intelligent Systems track at
ISCRAM. He was principal investigator and grant holder of an EOARD-funded research project
in the area of AI planning and plan execution. He now is co-investigator on an EPSRC-funded
project on machine learning for planning domain models.

Previous ISCRAM Activities and Contributions

Gerhard Wickler has published and presented regularly at the ISCRAM conference since 2006,
the 3rd international ISCRAM conference. He co-chaired the special session on agents and
later the track that was built on it, the Intelligent Systems track which is now well established
within the ISCRAM conference. He also helped with the PhD colloquium when needed. In
November 2011, Gerhard was an invited keynote speaker at the ISCRAM CHINA conference
where he reported on his research and several applications in the area of emergency response

In 2010, Gerhard was elected as a member of the board of the ISCRAM Association and shortly
after he joined the management team and took up the role as secretary of the association. In
2011 he received the ISCRAM distinguished service award for his work on the board. Gerhard
is also a member of the Marketing and Communications Committee, and has in this role been
one of the main drivers of the new ISCRAM website, helping with the technology and creating
new content.

My ambitions and plans as a board member when elected

If elected to the board for a second term, I will offer to continue as the secretary of the
association, ensuring a smooth running of the regular meetings and keeping things organized. I

                            ISCRAM Board Candidates Election 2012 - 2013
will try to help with the documentation of procedures for regular activities, ensuring that ISCRAM
is run professionally and efficiently.

I also want to continue to work on the new website to improve the outreach to members of the
association and implement new services that we intend to offer to members and non-members.
This will involve close collaboration with the other committees in the association. As a first goal,
this will make the work of the board more accessible to members. In the long run, new services
will be added to help ISCRAM members in all aspects of their work and careers.

                             ISCRAM Board Candidates Election 2012 - 2013
12. Lili Yang

Loughborough University, UK


Dr Lili Yang is a Reader in Information Systems & Emergency Management in the School of
Business and Economics at Loughborough University in the UK. She is a fellow of the British
Computer Society (FBCS) and a Chartered IT Professional (CITP). She obtained her MSc
and PhD in the UK. Her research interests focus on emergency information systems design
and development, risk management, and multi-criteria decision making. Her recent research
has been supported by many research funding bodies and industries, such as EPSRC, the
Technology Strategy Board (TSB), British Council, the Royal Society, the Royal Academy of
Engineering, UK Fire and Rescue Services, BAE Systems etc. As the principal investigator,
she has led over eight projects and the total budget reached to over £1.4 million. She has
published over 60 journal papers, conference papers and books. Recent publications appear in
Information Systems Research, European Journal of Operational Research, IEEE Transactions
on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC), Information and Software Technology, Knowledge
Based Systems.

Previous ISCRAM Activities and Contributions

I have attended the ISCRAM every year since 2009 when I knew this prestigious conference,
actively served the roles as a member of scientific committee, a paper reviewer and a session
chair. I have been invited and gave a keynote speech in ISCRAM_China workshop in Harbin in

My ambitions and plans as a board member when elected

I would like to be involved in more activities for the ISCRAM community, liaise with quality
journals and help seeking opportunity for ISCRAM conference papers to be selected as
subsequent publication. Hope one day the ISRAM conference could be held in the UK.

                           ISCRAM Board Candidates Election 2012 - 2013
13. Jun Zhuang

University at Buffalo, The State University of New York


Jun Zhuang has been an Assistant Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the
University at Buffalo, since he obtained his Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering in 2008 from the
University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Dr. Zhuang's long-term research goal is to integrate operations research and game theory to
better mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from both natural and man-made hazards.

Dr. Zhuang's research has been supported by the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF), by
the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, by the U.S. Department of Energy, and by the U.S.
Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR). Dr. Zhuang is a fellow of the 2011 U.S. Air
Force Summer Faculty Fellowship Program (AF SFFP), sponsored by the AFOSR. Dr. Zhuang
is also a fellow of the 2009-2010 Next Generation of Hazards and Disasters Researchers
Program, sponsored by the NSF.

Dr. Zhuang has published 24 peer-reviewed journal articles. His research has been highlighted
in The Wall Street Journal, Industrial Engineer, Stanford GSB News, among others. He is on
Editorial Board of Decision Analysis, is the co-Editor of Decision Analysis Today, and has
reviewed proposals for NSF/ASEE/DOD/NASA, book chapters for Springer, and articles for 40+
academic journals and conferences for 150+ times.

Previous ISCRAM Activities and Contributions

I got to know ISCRAM in the past year and found the society and the conferences very relevant
to my professional interests. I am going to attend ISCRAM 2012 in Vancouver and present one
poster by myself. I am also supporting one of my Ph.D. students to attend the same conference
and participate the associated Ph.D. Colloquium. My student will also present a poster as part of
the program, co-authored by myself. I am also serving one of the mentors for the 2012 ISCRAM
Ph.D. Colloquium program. Although my previous ISCRAM activities and contributions were
limited, I am eager to contribute much more in the near future.

My ambitions and plans as a board member when elected

I am generally passionate about and dedicating myself to serving societies that I belong to.
In the past 5 years I have already served numerous leadership and service roles, and spent
countless hours in my other professional societies, including Institute for Operations Research

                            ISCRAM Board Candidates Election 2012 - 2013
and the Management Sciences, Decision Analysis Society, Society for Risk Analysis, and
Institute of Industrial Engineers. I have enjoyed those services and the process of co-working
with other members of the societies. I fully understand significant services by voluntary
members are necessary for any society to sustain.

                           ISCRAM Board Candidates Election 2012 - 2013
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