2018 Volunteer Awards - Canadian Institute of Actuaries

2018 Volunteer Awards - Canadian Institute of Actuaries
2018 Volunteer Awards
2018 Volunteer Awards - Canadian Institute of Actuaries
Message from the President
                    Members of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries can         year at our Annual Meeting. This year, the Institute
                    look at 2017 and feel great pride in the work our          will present 20 gold awards, 15 silver awards, and
                    dedicated and hard-working volunteers completed.           24 bronze awards to those members who qualified
                    Over 540 members on volunteer groups contributed           in 2017 for volunteer service recognition.
                    to diverse activities:
                                                                               You will note a rather large number of gold award
                    • Research, standards, and guidance development;           winners this year. This is because we have changed
                    • Education matters, including our relationship            the period-of-service criteria to include service
                      with outside providers as well as the continuing         in an elected position. This recognizes the very
                      professional development offerings at our                significant commitment that Board members and
                      meetings and seminars;                                   Officers make. On behalf of all members of the CIA,
                    • International relations, including the ongoing           I want to personally thank those receiving awards
                      development of international standards and               for their commitment to assist our profession in
                      guidance for a new regime of financial reporting;        fulfilling its mission.
                    • Development of submissions in response to
    Sharon Giffen     requests from a variety of regulators; and               The Institute strives to support the contributions of
    CIA President                                                              its many volunteers. The Volunteer Management and
                    • Development of our own public statements on
                                                                               Development Committee has developed initiatives
                      topics relevant to actuaries.
                                                                               to do so and to make the volunteer experience more
                    Of course, an additional group of volunteers provides      rewarding; these will be rolled out over the next year.
                    guidance and oversight to these groups and reports
                    on progress to the Board. A really big THANK YOU           Through the dedication and support of its volunteers,
                                                                               the CIA can make an even greater contribution to
                    to all volunteers.
                                                                               Canada in the future.
                    The CIA recognizes members who have made a
                    significant volunteer contribution to the Institute each   THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO!

                                                                                                                 2018 Volunteer Awards
2018 Volunteer Awards - Canadian Institute of Actuaries

                                      2018 Volunteer Awards
2018 Volunteer Awards - Canadian Institute of Actuaries
Louis Adam |                                     FCIA (1989)
                           Professor, Université Laval

                               Louis sums up his career as a CIA volunteer with the following      Board/Council Service
                           words: impact, contribution, and involvement. His role as a             • CIA Board
                           member of the Research Committee from 2008–2014 led to
                                                                                                   Committee Service
                           the CIA establishing, in 2014, the first mortality table based
                                                                                                   •   1992 Congress Committee: Scientific
                           entirely on Canadian data. Previously, the mortality tables used        •   Communications
                           in Canadian pension practice came mainly from American data.            •   Electronic Services
                           The profession needed a modern table based on Canadian data,            •   Research
                                                                                                       - Pension and Group Annuity Experience
                           and Louis helped devise a solution to this problem.
                               Louis also served on two committees whose work helped the               - Pension Experience Subcommittee
                           CIA enter the modern communications era by setting up services
                                                                                                   Task Force Service
                           such as the CIA website and listservs from 1996–2009. It radically
                                                                                                   • Enhancing the Demand for Actuaries
    FIRST VOLUNTEERED IN   changed the way members interacted and transmitted documents            • Internet Services
            1990.          and information, which in turn affected exchanges by CIA members,       • Mortality Improvement

       SERVED ON 9         be it in their interactions among themselves or with the Head Office,
    VOLUNTEER GROUPS.      or in connection with the work done by committees or task forces.
                               Volunteering with the CIA allowed Louis to exchange ideas
                           with talented people who were also interested in contributing to
                           the work done by the CIA. Beyond gaining a better understanding
                           of the issues, he had the privilege of working alongside intelligent,
                           dynamic, and hardworking people and of learning about
                           important issues from a variety of perspectives. His exchanges
                           with them developed his communication skills.

                           “Don’t hesitate to get involved! Choose an area that interests
                           you and that you care about. Talk to your colleagues to
                           understand the objectives of the various committees and
                           councils. Once you’re on board, don’t be afraid to ask
                           questions of those with more experience on the committee.”
                                                                                                                               2018 Volunteer Awards
2018 Volunteer Awards - Canadian Institute of Actuaries
Gavin Benjamin |                                               FCIA (1993)
                           Senior director, retirement, Willis Towers Watson

                               Volunteering has given Gavin many opportunities to give back       Board/Council Service
                           to the public and the actuarial profession, particularly through his   • Actuarial Standards Board (ASB)
                           work on the Committee on Pension and Post-retirement Benefit             - Designated Group (DG) Stochastic Models for
                                                                                                      Shared Risk Plans
                           Accounting Discount Rates and the Committee on Pension Plan              - DG on the Development of Revisions to Standards
                           Financial Reporting (PPFRC).                                               for Assumptions for Hypothetical Wind-up and
                                                                                                      Solvency Valuations for Pension Plans
                              As chair of the former, Gavin developed guidance on the               - DG on the Development of Revisions to the
                           creation of a corporate AA spot curve that many Canadian                   Standards for Pension Plan Incremental Cost and
                           pension plans use to calculate pension accounting liabilities.           - DG on the Development of Standards with Regard
                           For the PPFRC, he developed a process for providing pension                to Pensions Hypothetical Wind-up and Solvency
                                                                                                      (Round 2)
                           actuaries with quarterly guidance on group annuity pricing
                           using a combination of insurer illustrative pricing and actual         Committee Service
    FIRST VOLUNTEERED IN   transactional data. These contributions have improved the              • Pension Plan Financial Reporting
            2005.          measurement of pension obligations and costs.                          • Research
                                                                                                    - Pension and Group Annuity Experience
       SERVED ON 11           Gavin credits volunteering for improving his technical                  Subcommitee
    VOLUNTEER GROUPS.      knowledge and his ability to collaborate with others. Being              - Pension Experience Subcommittee
                           seen as an expert in his field has helped his career.
                                                                                                  Task Force Service
                                                                                                  • Contents of Pension Actuarial Reports
                                                                                                  • Pension and Post-retirement Benefit Accounting
                                                                                                    Discount Rates

                           “Start volunteering as soon as you can and get involved
                           with things you enjoy.”
                                                                                                                             2018 Volunteer Awards
2018 Volunteer Awards - Canadian Institute of Actuaries
Richard Bisson                                      | FCIA (1977)

                               Of all the volunteer groups Richard has been a part of, he     Board/Council Service
                           is most proud of his achievements on the Committee on Life         • CIA Board
                           Insurance Financial Reporting (CLIFR) and the Publications         • Eligibility and Education Council
                                                                                              • Member Services Council
                           Committee. In CLIFR, Richard represented small and medium-
                           sized life insurance companies when introducing new valuation      Committee Service
                           methods like Method 78 and CALM. In the Publications               • Actuarial Evidence Practice
                           Committee, he was active in matters pertaining to the University   • Application of Rules and Standards
                                                                                                - Life Annual Questionnaire Subcommittee
                           Accreditation Program (UAP). He helped review universities
                                                                                                - Peer Review Subcommittee
                           vying for accreditation and participated in audits examining       • Compliance
                           whether universities should keep their accreditation. Richard’s    • Editorial
                           impact on the profession through these committees and others       • Liaison with Labour, Employer and Plan Sponsor
                                                                                                Organizations on Pension Matters
    FIRST VOLUNTEERED IN   led to the modernization of the criteria for obtaining the ACIA
                                                                                              • Life Insurance Financial Reporting
            1984.          designation via university programs, and valuing the work of       • Program
                           Appointed Actuaries.
       SERVED ON 13                                                                           Task Force Service
    VOLUNTEER GROUPS.          Richard has developed familiarity with how the CIA
                                                                                              • The CIA’s 50th Anniversary
                           operates. This in turn helps him promote the CIA to students,
                           communicate with actuaries from across Canada, and encourage
                           the actuaries working for his employer to volunteer for the
                           CIA. Volunteering has helped him acquire the knowledge to
                           promote professionalism, work ethics, and communication with
                           colleagues and clients. It allowed Richard to further appreciate
                           the profession and the dedication of its members.

                           “It’s gratifying to play a role in growing the profession.
                           You get a lot out of it. It’s also in some respects a way to
                           pay it forward.”
                                                                                                                           2018 Volunteer Awards
2018 Volunteer Awards - Canadian Institute of Actuaries
Robert Boeckner                                               | FCIA (1968)

                              As a volunteer, Robert spent time reflecting on the goals of       Board/Council Service
                           the profession and thinking about ways to achieve them. He            • Former CIA Council
                           learned how to promote his ideas while listening to those who
                           hold differing opinions to achieve a common goal.                     Committee Service
                                                                                                 • Actuarial Careers
                               Robert worked with colleagues on the Task Force on the            • Budget
                           Implementation of the Proposed Changes to the CPD Requirements        • Education and Examinations
                           to develop the new qualification standard aimed at ensuring that        - Advisory Subcommittee
                           CIA members obtain relevant continuing education to meet the duty     • LIMRA–Financial Management Research (Liaison
                           of the profession to the public. He also helped develop the process
                                                                                                 • Persistency
                           to roll out the new qualification standard to the membership.         • Program
                              This is just one of many volunteer roles that helped Robert        • Public Relations
                           develop his ability to work with others as a team leader and team     • Special Studies
    FIRST VOLUNTEERED IN                                                                           - Persistency Subcommittee
            1968.          member, great skills for his career where teamwork is necessary
                           regardless of the position. Also, he met other members of the         Task Force Service
       SERVED ON 10        profession outside his firm with whom he could exchange ideas.        • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Review
                              To Robert, volunteering is important, as all CIA members benefit
                           from the work of previous CIA volunteers. He believes current
                           members have a duty to “pay it forward” for future members.
                           He adds that the profession would be much weaker if it relied
                           completely on staff, competent as they are. Only practitioners
                           who deal with the issues under consideration every day bring the
                           perspective needed to develop solutions that will work.

                           “Always find time for volunteering. It requires you to
                           balance the demands of work, family and the profession
                           but that is a good thing. I always learned something in
                           each volunteer position that I could take back to my job.
                           Also, I met other actuaries with whom I could interact
                           even years later to get a fresh perspective on an issue.”
                                                                                                                           2018 Volunteer Awards
2018 Volunteer Awards - Canadian Institute of Actuaries
Alan Brereton |                                     FCIA (1971)

                              Veteran volunteer Alan Brereton describes himself as a “nerdy   Board/Council Service
                           actuary” who appreciates how his volunteer opportunities           • Former CIA Council
                           perfected his social skills. Meeting and engaging with others in
                                                                                              Committee Service
                           the profession helped his career, as it increased his knowledge
                                                                                              • Actuarial Careers
                           and understanding of the profession.                               • Budget
                               Another important aspect of volunteering for the CIA is how    • CICA–Accounting Standards Committee–Central
                                                                                                Section (liaison representative)
                           it provides a way to give back what the profession has provided    • Compliance
                           to Alan and its members.                                           • Life Insurance Financial Reporting
                                                                                              • Public Relations
                                                                                              • Review of Membership Categories

                                                                                              Task Force Service
                                                                                              • CIA Organization
                                                                                              • Compliance Review

       SERVED ON 10

                           His advice for new members who want to volunteer in the
                           CIA is simply: “Go for it”.
                                                                                                                       2018 Volunteer Awards
2018 Volunteer Awards - Canadian Institute of Actuaries
Steven Easson |                                      FCIA (1986)
                           Vice-president and chief actuary, Canadian Life and Health Insurance

                              As a volunteer, Steven demonstrates how one can               Board/Council Service
                           successfully balance work, family, and volunteerism at the       • CIA Board
                           Canadian Institute of Actuaries.                                 • Practice Council

                              From 2007–2010 and 2013–2016, Steve was a member of           Committee Service
                           the CIA Board. In his first Board term, he had the challenging   • Emerging Issues
                           task of a double workload for two years as he served on the      • Expected Experience
                                                                                              - Individual Life Subcommittee
                           Society of Actuaries board at the same time.
                                                                                            • International Insurance Accounting
                                                                                            • Joint Risk Management Section (liaison
                                                                                            • Public Policy
                                                                                            • Public Relations
                                                                                            • Risk
            1986.                                                                           Task Force Service
                                                                                            •   Appropriate Treatment of Reinsurance
       SERVED ON 13
                                                                                            •   CPC Membership
                                                                                            •   Financial Economics
                                                                                            •   Develop a CIA Public Position on the Evolution of
                                                                                                Government Sponsored Plans

                                                                                                                           2018 Volunteer Awards
2018 Volunteer Awards - Canadian Institute of Actuaries
Patricia Hladun                                        | FCIA (2002)
                            Senior manager, actuarial, rewards & analytics, Deloitte

                                Patricia started to volunteer for the CIA right after becoming   Board/Council Service
                            an FCIA in 2002. Out of her volunteer roles, including many          • Actuarial Standards Board (ASB)
                            involving exams on Canadian regulations and financial reporting,       - Designated Group (DG) for the General Review
                                                                                                     of Secton 2000 (Insurance) of the Standards of
                            she cites her work as a member and a regulatory liaison for              Practice
                            the Committee on Property and Casualty Financial Reporting
                            (PCFRC) as one that stands out. As an actuary working on             Committee Service
                                                                                                 •   Accreditation
                            financial reporting, the PCFRC was an excellent way to keep up
                                                                                                 •   CIA Exam 6 Canada Syllabus
                            with and take the lead on current practices.                         •   Communications
                                According to Patricia, networking opportunities are one of       •   Property and Casualty Insurance Financial
                            the great benefits of her CIA volunteer work. During her years           - Discounting Subcommittee
                            on the CAS exam committee, she has engaged with over 150                 - Fair Value Subcommittee
     FIRST VOLUNTEERED IN   Canadian P&C actuaries. She also recognizes that volunteering            - Materiality Subcommittee
             2004.          and her own role are important to the evolution of the profession        - Round Table Subcommittee

        SERVED ON 12        as it strives to keep up to date and relevant.
                                                                                                 Task Force Service
     VOLUNTEER GROUPS.                                                                           • Materiality
                                                                                                 • Develop Skills and Knowledge Inventories for
                                                                                                   Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

                            “Don’t be scared that you don’t have the knowledge or
                            experience to volunteer. Seasoned committee members
                            will guide your experience!”
                                                                                                                              2018 Volunteer Awards
James Jeffery                                     | FCIA (1973)
                            Senior actuary and firm principal, Dilkes, Jeffery & Associates

                               Another one of our experienced volunteers, James points              Board/Council Service
                            to two volunteer opportunities where he made significant                • Actuarial Standards Board (ASB)
                            contributions. The first is as a member of the Actuarial Standards        - Designated Group (DG) for Part 4000 Actuarial
                            Board (ASB), where he enhanced the visibility of the actuarial            - DG to Develop General Standards for Reporting
                            evidence practice area within the CIA and influenced ASB                    of Assumptions, Margins, Methods and Related
                            considerations and decisions from that perspective and the
                                                                                                      - Designated Group for Linkages between General
                            perspective of the sole practitioner.                                       and Practice-Specific Standards

                                Secondly, as Vice-chair of the Actuarial Evidence Committee,
                                                                                                    Committee Service
                            he feels very satisfied with the work he accomplishes. Practitioners    • Actuarial Evidence
                            regularly consult him for advice and guidance on technical,             • Education and Examinations
                            professional, and ethical issues they encounter in their practices.       - Operating Subcommittee
     FIRST VOLUNTEERED IN                                                                           • International Relations
                                James’ work for the actuarial evidence practice is significant
             1974.                                                                                    - IAA Participation Subcommittee
                            and personally satisfying. The CIA recognizes this practice area        • Life Insurance Financial Reporting
        SERVED ON 12        as a relatively small but important contributor to the profession       • Revisions to the Bylaws
     VOLUNTEER GROUPS.      as a whole, and particularly to the public face of the profession.      • Younger Actuaries

                                James asserts that volunteering is a key element of real            Task Force Service
                            professionalism. In the actuarial evidence practice area, personal      • CIA Legal Services Provider Evaluation
                            reputation is crucial. Volunteering has been an important contributor   • Pension Value Consistency

                            to his personal reputation within and outside of the CIA.

                            “Volunteering provides exposure to a variety of other
                            actuaries and their perspectives, and to the leading
                            edge of technical and professional developments, both
                            of which would be difficult or impossible to replicate any
                            other way.”
                                                                                                                                2018 Volunteer Awards
Minaz Lalani |                                    FCIA (1985)
                            Executive chairman and CEO, Besurance

                               Among the 10 volunteer groups that Minaz has served on,            Board/Council Service
                            two volunteer experiences stand out, especially in the field of       • CIA Board
                            enterprise risk management applications (ERMA).
                                                                                                  Committee Service
                                On the ERMA Committee (ERMAC), he participated in the
                                                                                                  •   CIA Education Syllabus
                            development of two booklets: ERM – Should you be doing it? and        •   Education
                            ERM – Who is doing it?. He also worked with other ERMAC members       •   Elections
                            to advance ERM by presenting sessions on the topic for non-           •   Enterprise Risk Management Applications
                            insurance actuaries.                                                  •   Governance
                                                                                                  •   Public Relations
                               On the Task Force on Canadian Eligibility Requirements, his past
                            expertise as the Chair of the Society of Actuaries’ ERM Curriculum    Task Force Service
                            Committee gave him excellent insight into incorporating risk          • Canadian Eligibility Requirements
                            management topics throughout the syllabus. He also assisted           • Indvidual Savings and Financial Literacy
             1998.          the committee in developing the risk management portion of            • Transfer Values
                            the Canadian syllabus.
        SERVED ON 10           Minaz has benefited from volunteering, especially as a non-
     VOLUNTEER GROUPS.      traditional actuary. He acquired better understanding of actuarial
                            work in other fields (e.g., life insurance, property & casualty).
                            Volunteering gave him the opportunity to work with diverse
                            individuals from other actuarial practice areas, and the ability to
                            better understand differing views and approaches. Volunteering
                            has improved his leadership skills.
                               For Minaz, volunteering allows actuaries to contribute
                            their time and knowledge, thereby ensuring the long-term
                            sustainability of the profession and leaving the Institute in a
                            better state for the benefit of future actuaries.
                            “You get more out of volunteering than the effort you
                            put into it. You develop long-lasting relationships and
                            friendships, you broaden your knowledge base, and you
                            acquire invaluable lifelong personal skills.”
                                                                                                                              2018 Volunteer Awards
Thomas Levy |                                      FCIA (1970)
                            Senior vice-president, chief actuary emeritus, The Segal Group

                                When Thomas began volunteering in 2000, he was the              Board/Council Service
                            only private-sector member on the Actuarial Standard Boards         • Actuarial Standards Board (ASB)
                            (ASB) Designated Group on ISAP 2 (Social Security). His               - Designated Group for ISAP2
                                                                                                  - Working Group to Review ISAP2
                            accomplishments with this group include drafting the first          • Practice Council
                            actuarial practice standards for social security actuarial work     • Practice Standards Council
                            in Canada. Thomas also successfully used his leadership skills
                            as vice-chair of the Practice Standards Council to set actuarial    Committee Service
                                                                                                • International Relations
                            practice standards for all CIA member actuaries in Canada.
                                                                                                  - International Pension and Employee Benefits
                               For Thomas, volunteering is the cornerstone of his profession.       Standards Subcommittee
                            As chief actuary of the Segal Group, volunteering allowed him to    • Pension Plan Financial Reporting
                                                                                                • Organization of the Pension Seminar
                            demonstrate to his colleagues the firm’s commitment to giving
     FIRST VOLUNTEERED IN   back to the profession.                                             Task Force Service
                                                                                                • International Pension and Employee Benefits
        SERVED ON 11                                                                            • Multi-Employer Pension Plans
     VOLUNTEER GROUPS.                                                                          • MEPP/TBPP Funding
                                                                                                • Status of Defined Benefit Plans in Canada

                            “If you don’t participate, you may find that others create
                            guidance with which you must comply even if you don’t
                            agree with it.”
                                                                                                                           2018 Volunteer Awards
C. Ian Markham |                                              FCIA (1980)
                            Managing director, Willis Towers Watson

                               Of the 11 volunteer groups that Ian has participated in, his       Board/Council Service
                            time on the Committee on Pension Plan Financial Reporting             • CIA Board
                            (PPFRC), Consolidated Standards of Practice Committee, and            • Former CIA Council
                            Board are where he feels he made the biggest contribution.            • Practice Standards Council

                               He saw the modernization of many of the then-existing              Committee Service
                            pension standards and helping pension actuaries judge whether         • Actuarial Education Research Fund (AERF) (liaison
                            the “green monster” (draft consolidated standards) reflected            representative)
                            the existing pension standards and, if not reflected, the logic for   • Consolidated Standards of Practice
                                                                                                  • Economic Statistics
                            the modernization. His work on creating consistent standards
                                                                                                  • Pension Plan Financial Reporting
                            across all practice areas where consistency was feasible (via
                            the General Standards) has impacted the actuarial profession.         Task Force Service
     FIRST VOLUNTEERED IN       Volunteering on the Board gave him broad actuarial                •   Compliance Review
                            knowledge within and well beyond his practice area as he              •   Professional Conduct
                                                                                                  •   Status of Defined Benefit Plans in Canada
                            advocated change to the broad membership (especially
                                                                                                  •   Whistle-Blowing
        SERVED ON 11        pension actuaries) and met senior pension regulators and
     VOLUNTEER GROUPS.      other professions. His career has also benefited from enhanced
                            visibility and credibility in his chosen field (pension consulting)
                            and gave him a far better sense of how pension actuaries and
                            others regard their work, their standards of practice, and how
                            they operate within them. This is why he feels volunteering is
                            so important, as it gives back to the profession that launched
                            our careers, and our volunteering efforts will be paid back in
                            spades (pride, visibility, breadth, financial gain).
                            “The actuarial community is friendly and invariably
                            generous in helping you develop your opinions and views.
                            What you learn through volunteering will hold you in great
                            stead as you apply your skills to clients and stakeholders
                            who will be judging and paying for your performance and
                            skills (not just in your work as an actuary, but well beyond).”
                                                                                                                                2018 Volunteer Awards
Donald McIsaac |                                               FCIA (1973)

                               Donald began his volunteering career right after receiving his     Board/Council Service
                            FCIA. Of the 10 volunteer groups Donald participated in, two really   • Former CIA Council
                            stand out for him: his role as secretary-treasurer on the Board,
                                                                                                  Committee Service
                            and as a member of the Committee on Life Insurance Financial
                                                                                                  • 1992 Congress Committee: Finance
                            Reporting (CLIFR). As the secretary-treasurer, much progress          • Budget
                            was made in the development of professional standards for the         • Consider Broadened Role for the Valuation Actuary
                            organization. As a member of CLIFR, he developed and helped           • Dividend Principles and Practices
                                                                                                  • IAA Supranational Relations (liaison representative)
                            adopt new standards for life insurance company financial reporting.
                                                                                                  • Life Insurance Financial Reporting
                            This was a great collaboration with the accounting profession.        • Society of Actuaries–Book Revisions (liaison
                                Donald is also proud of his impact on the profession by             representative)
                                                                                                  • Special Interests
                            working with the Office of the Superintendent of Financial
     FIRST VOLUNTEERED IN   Institutions (OSFI). He assisted in the development of new federal    Task Force Service
             1973.          legislation that, in addition to many other features, entrenched      • Publicity for Disciplinary Procedures

        SERVED ON 10        the role of the Appointed Actuary in legislation and practice.
     VOLUNTEER GROUPS.          Volunteering has enhanced his ability to communicate
                            with other professionals, government officials, and officials
                            representing other countries and other actuarial organizations.
                            This led to a wonderful opportunity to initiate the annual meetings
                            of the International Actuarial Association and executives of the
                            World Bank. Volunteering is the ideal means of continuing
                            professional development following completion of formal

                            “I would seize any opportunity to volunteer. Organizations
                            such as the CIA must rely on volunteers to manage their
                            heavy agenda. Volunteers are best equipped to carry the
                            message of what actuaries seek to achieve into other
                            arenas and to other professions.”
                                                                                                                               2018 Volunteer Awards
Peter Muirhead |                                          FCIA (1968)
                            Actuary, PBI Actuarial Consultants

                               For Peter, being a part of a volunteer group helps make the     Committee Service
                            Institute what it is today and without it, the profession would    • Accreditation
                            be marginalized. Two of the 17 volunteer groups he served on       • Continuing Education
                                                                                                  - Group Life and Health Subcommittee
                            are evidence of this impact. On the University Accreditation       • Emerging Issues
                            Program, he worked with education groups and universities          • Expected Experience
                            to streamline the education and assessment of actuaries               - Group Life and Health Subcommittee
                            in Canada. On the Committee on Expected Experience –               • Research
                                                                                                  - Group Life and Health Experience Subcommittee
                            Group Life and Health, Peter helped produce the inaugural
                                                                                               • Society of Actuaries –Education Working Groups
                            Canadian disability study which included a life waiver valuation     (liaison representative)
                            component for continuation of benefits while disabled.             • Society of Actuaries –ASA Level Education Working
                                                                                                 Group (liaison representative)
                               Volunteering has provided Peter with insight into alternative   • Workers’ Compensation
     FIRST VOLUNTEERED IN   methods and opinions. It has also helped his career immensely
             1994.          by creating a network of contacts and friends.                     Task Force Service
                                                                                               • Recommend a Future Education Model for the CIA
        SERVED ON 17                                                                           • Review the Merits of the Accreditation Program for
     VOLUNTEER GROUPS.                                                                           UAP
                                                                                               • Workers’ Compensation

                            “Find an area you are interested in and passionate about
                            and dig in. You will never regret it.”
                                                                                                                           2018 Volunteer Awards
Daniel Pellerin |                                         FCIA (1983)
                            Senior vice-president and chief actuary, ivari

                                For Daniel, volunteering with the CIA keeps the profession         Board/Council Service
                            relevant in an ever-changing world. He believes it is not only his     • CIA Board
                            duty but the duty of the membership to get involved and change         • Member Services Council
                                                                                                   • Practice Council
                            the profession for the better.
                                Out of the 10 volunteer groups he has been involved with,          Committee Service
                            he is most proud of his work on the Member Services Council            • Continuing Education
                                                                                                   • Risk Management
                            (MSC) and the Board. Daniel oversaw the development and
                                                                                                   • Risk Management and Capital Requirements
                            adoption of the current CIA logo, the design of the current format       - Solvency Framework Subcommittee
                            for e-mail communications with members, and the creation
                            of the Research Committee. With the Board, he simplified the           Task Force Service
                            Rule of Professional Conduct #13. In addition, he worked on            •   Blue Ribbon Task Force on Public Policy
                                                                                                   •   Communications
     FIRST VOLUNTEERED IN   several files aimed at growing the profession by bringing an
                                                                                                   •   Member Communications
             1995.          internal efficiency perspective to the table and encouraging the       •   Review Rule of Professional Conduct #13
                            profession to expand beyond its traditional boundaries.
        SERVED ON 10
     VOLUNTEER GROUPS.         Daniel was able to further express and develop his
                            leadership abilities and acquire better communication skills.
                            His volunteering also helped his career by allowing him to work
                            with distinguished professionals. It is a great opportunity to learn
                            how to manage individuals with different personalities and from
                            a variety of backgrounds.

                            “Don’t be intimidated by people who are more experienced
                            at volunteering or who have tons of professional
                            experience. It’s essential to express your ideas and opinions,
                            as they can be a catalyst in finding a solution to complex
                            problems. Making an active contribution teaches you how
                            to express your opinions and prepares you to defend your
                            point of view within a context of collaboration.”
                                                                                                                                2018 Volunteer Awards
Catherine Robertson |                                                     FCIA (2004)
                            Principal/actuary, Eckler

                               Catherine has volunteered for an impressive 20 CIA groups         Board/Council Service
                            over the course of 14 years.                                         • Actuarial Standards Board (ASB)
                                                                                                   - Designated Group (DG) for ISAP 3
                               Among those groups, Catherine points to the Actuarial               - DG on the Promulgation of Current Mortality Table
                            Standards Board and the Committee on Pension Plan Financial              for Pension Commuted Values
                            Reporting (PPFRC) as two of her many great accomplishments.            - DG on the Development of Standards with Regard
                                                                                                     to Pensions Hypothetical Wind-up and Solvency
                            On the ASB, Catherine contributed her own area of expertise,             (Round 2)
                            but also provided meaningful input across all areas of actuarial       - DG on the Development of Revisions to Standards
                                                                                                     for Assumptions for Hypothetical Wind-up and
                            practice. On the PPFRC, she was able to directly support the             Solvency Valuations for Pension Plans
                            pension practice.                                                    • International Relations Council

                               Volunteering has allowed Catherine to gain some key
                                                                                                 Committee Service
                            knowledge and skills such as a deeper understanding of how
     FIRST VOLUNTEERED IN                                                                        • International Pension and Employee Benefits
                            standards of practice and actuarial guidance evolve, which in turn     Standards
                            have enabled her to become a better consultant. Additionally, her    • International Relations
                                                                                                    - International Pension and Employee Benefits
        SERVED ON 20        career has also benefited from her involvement in CIA volunteer
                                                                                                   Standards Subcommittee
     VOLUNTEER GROUPS.      groups, as collaborating with actuaries working in different         • Pension Plan Financial Reporting
                            practice areas has broadened her perspective.                        • Research
                                                                                                   - Pension and Group Annuity Experience
                                                                                                   - Pension Experience Subcommittee
                                                                                                 • Rules of Professional Conduct

                                                                                                 Task Force Service
                                                                                                 • IFRS Readiness
                                                                                                 • International Pension and Employee Benefits

                            “Don’t hesitate. You’ll not only give back to the
                            profession, but you will most definitely learn something
                            along the way.”
                                                                                                                             2018 Volunteer Awards
Josephine Robinson                                                   | FCIA (1982)

                                Josephine noted two meaningful experiences as a CIA               Board/Council Service
                            volunteer: the Committee on Life Insurance Financial Reporting        •   CIA Board
                            (CLIFR) and the Task Force on Communications. On CLIFR, she           •   Former CIA Council
                                                                                                  •   Member Services Council
                            learned something new at every meeting, and a number of those         •   Practice Council
                            committee members became valued colleagues. As the chair of           •   Practice Standards Council
                            the Member Services Council’s Task Force on Communications,           •   Actuarial Standards Board (ASB)
                            she helped develop a communications template for the Head
                            Office to follow when communicating with members. The format          Committee Service
                                                                                                  • Editorial
                            allowed members to view the material at a glance.                     • Emerging Issues
                                Josephine notes that leading a team of volunteers was critical      - Membership Survey Subcommittee
                                                                                                  • International Relations
                            in developing her leadership skills. She found influencing
                                                                                                  • Life Insurance Financial Reporting
     FIRST VOLUNTEERED IN   committee members to contribute and share the work                    • Program
             1983.          fulfilling and productive. Additionally, participating on various
        SERVED ON 12        committees allowed her to meet and work with actuaries from           Task Force Service
                            a number of companies as well as different practice areas and         • Communications
                            levels of management. She had underestimated the personal
                            value of volunteering until a fellow committee member sought
                            her out to work for him. It was an opportunity to go to work for
                            a great company.

                            “I encourage members to volunteer and contribute to
                            the profession. It will also benefit you personally.”
                                                                                                                               2018 Volunteer Awards
Martin Roy |                              FCIA (1990)

                               With over 25 years of experiences as a volunteer, Martin       Board/Council Service
                            selected his work on the Committee on Investment Practice         • CIA Board
                            (CIP) and the Board as his most memorable experiences. On
                                                                                              Committee Service
                            the CIP, he organized the Investment Seminar and reviewed and
                                                                                              • Finance
                            read the research papers for the chair of the committee. On the   • Investment Practice
                            Board he served as secretary-treasurer.                             - Economic Statistics Working Group
                                                                                                - Investment Symposium Organizing Committee
                                Volunteering allowed Martin to acquire the skills needed
                                                                                              • Younger Actuaries
                            to plan and manage projects, and helped him stay current on
                            professional topics. It also benefitted his career, as he made    Task Force Service
                            lasting friendships with other actuaries.                         • The CIA’s 50th Anniversary
                                                                                              • CIA Legal Services Provider Evaluation
                               For Martin, volunteering is important if we want the           • Develop a CIA Public Position on the Evolution of
                            profession to stay relevant, as we need volunteers to keep us       Government Sponsored Plans
                            up to date with the changing economy/world. Volunteers keep       • Liaison with Banks and Trusts

        SERVED ON 10        our profession relevant in a changing world.

                            “Don’t be scared to volunteer. Even if you are not an
                            expert in that specific field, you can still contribute and
                            help advance the profession. Along the way you will
                            become more knowledgeable and one day an expert.”
                                                                                                                           2018 Volunteer Awards
François Vachon |                                                   FCIA (1965)

                               Out of the 10 volunteer groups François has served on, he is           Board/Council Service
                            particularly proud of his work on the Education and Examinations          • Former CIA Council
                            Committee. For five years he helped prepare examination questions
                            as well as correcting exams. In addition, he participated in the          Committee Service
                                                                                                      • Education and Examinations
                            discussions on the content of the syllabus and study materials.
                                                                                                        - Advisory Subcommittee
                                He eloquently expresses his impact on the profession by               • Expenses
                            describing the Institute as a living organism. He considers               • Life Insurance Financial Reporting
                            making examination questions and marking examinations part                • Program
                            of the reproductive cycle of the Institute, and reviewing and             • Québec Committee to Consider Bill 7
                            modifying the syllabus as part of the evolution of this living
                            organism. François’ work on the Education and Examinations
                                                                                                      Task Force Service
                                                                                                      • Bilingualism
                            Committee has ensured the continuity of the progress of that              • Contribution Holidays
     FIRST VOLUNTEERED IN   living organism that is our Institute.                                    • Professional Liability Insurance for Members
                                His experience with marking examinations gives him some
        SERVED ON 10        key knowledge and skills such as reconciling, when needed,
     VOLUNTEER GROUPS.      different opinions of two correctors when that difference is such
                            that it determines whether a candidate will pass or fail. The essential
                            skill for reconciliation is the ability to see and appreciate others’
                            different points of view. Additionally, meeting with actuaries
                            outside his organization allowed him to see more than just one work
                            environment and to establish relationships with other actuaries.

                            “When, during a meeting of the Institute, you attend a
                            session or a workshop presented by a working group on a
                            subject that interests you, take note of the speakers and,
                            thereafter, contact one or more of them. There is a good
                            chance that the group will be happy to welcome a new
                            member. However, remember that you must be prepared
                            to sometimes meet and listen to people who have a
                            different point of view.”
                                                                                                                                  2018 Volunteer Awards
Tony Williams                                   | FCIA (1985)
                            President and consulting actuary, PBI Actuarial Consultants

                                Of the 13 volunteer groups Tony has volunteered on,            Board/Council Service
                            his proudest achievements have been on the Committee on            • Actuarial Standards Board (ASB)
                            Investment Practice (CIP) and the Actuarial Standards Board          - Designated Group (DG) on Disclosure
                                                                                                 - DG on Stochastic Models for Shared Risk Plans
                            (ASB). Tony served as both member and chair on the committee
                            where he helped reintroduce the investment seminar and worked      Committee Service
                            to bridge the gap between pension and insurance investment         • Actuarial Careers
                            practice. In various roles on the ASB he helped shape the ASB’s    • Continuing Education
                                                                                                 - Investments Subcommittee
                            direction as well as setting specific standards. He has been
                                                                                               • Investment Practice
                            exposed to new ideas and alternative points of view in pension       - Pension Investment Practice Subcommittee
                            and investment practice. Volunteering has helped him increase      • Pension Advisory Committee
                            his network of contacts and keeps him current with developments
     FIRST VOLUNTEERED IN   in the actuarial profession.                                       Task Force Service
                                                                                               • MEPP/TBPP Funding
             1990.              For Tony, volunteering for the CIA allows the profession to    • Pension Advisory
        SERVED ON 13        maintain high quality and professional independence through        • Pension Funding and Transfer Values
     VOLUNTEER GROUPS.      self-education and regulation while controlling membership fees.

                            “Volunteering is very rewarding and I would encourage
                            actuaries to become volunteers early in their career.
                            I have had a great career as a consulting actuary and am
                            glad that I could help the profession as a volunteer.”
                                                                                                                           2018 Volunteer Awards
A. Kim Young |                                      FCIA (1994)
                            Specialist, estate & financial planning services, Sun Life Financial

                                Kim believes that volunteering for the CIA is important         Board/Council Service
                            because if you want to be part of the profession, it is             • CIA Board
                            imperative that you give back to it as well. In thinking of his     • Eligibility and Education Council

                            past volunteer experiences, Kim highlighted his roles on the
                                                                                                Committee Service
                            Pension Experience Subcommittee and the CIA Board. As chair         •   Eligibility
                            of the Pension Experience Subcommittee, he was primarily            •   Governance
                            responsible for project management, and as a Director, he           •   Pension and Social Security Liaison
                                                                                                •   Professionalism
                            participated in Board discussions.
                                                                                                •   Research
                                Kim gained valuable project management and presentation             - Pension Experience Subcommittee
                            skills that allowed him to be more visible within the profession.
                                                                                                Task Force Service
                                                                                                • Define Professionalism Within the CIA
                                                                                                • Implementation of Proposed Changes Regarding
                                                                                                  the Protection of Public Interest

        SERVED ON 10

                            His advice for actuaries thinking about joining a volunteer
                            group: “Just do it! It will broaden your horizons when
                            thinking about our profession”.
                                                                                                                             2018 Volunteer Awards

                                        2018 Volunteer Awards
Jeremy Bell                           | FCIA (2005)
     “By volunteering, I developed a deeper understanding                • First volunteered in 2009.
     of what it means to be an actuary. I know how education,            • Served on 9 volunteer groups.
     guidance, and rules are set, both functionally and politically.
     I have interacted with actuaries with different preconceived
     notions than me and my peers in consulting, and have a better
     understanding of where they come from.”

     Jacques Y. Boudreau                                               | FCIA (1991)
     Genetic Testing                                                     • First volunteered in 2003.
     “I presented on Parliament Hill on four occasions about the         • Served on 7 volunteer groups.
     impact of the genetic non-discrimination bill [S-201], updated
     the CIA position on genetic testing, and commissioned two
     technical papers to support the CIA position.”

     Mathieu Boudreault                                                | ACIA (2010)
     “Sitting on the EEC and chairing committees have given              • First volunteered in 2010.
     me the abilities and confidence I need to take on key roles         • Served on 7 volunteer groups.
     within the department, which will eventually enable me
     to hold important positions in the Dean’s or Chancellor’s
     office. It has also made it easier for me to manage ambitious
     research projects involving dozens of researchers and scores
25   of students needing supervision.”
                                                                                             2018 Volunteer Awards
David Burke                              | FCIA (1984)
     Quotation not provided.                                           • First volunteered in 1989.
                                                                       • Served on 5 volunteer groups.

     Pierre Caron                              | FCIA (1977)
     “Make sure to fully grasp the true implications of volunteering   • First volunteered in 1982.
     (in terms of how much time you’ll have to invest, for example)    • Served on 6 volunteer groups.
     to be able to make a significant contribution. Don’t look on
     this opportunity as a way to enhance your résumé, but rather
     as a way of contributing to the profession.”

     Douglas Chandler                                           | FCIA (1991)
     “I’ve learned about perspectives beyond my own firm,              • First volunteered in 2001.
     including the perspectives of regulators and accounting           • Served on 6 volunteer groups.
     standards boards. That expertise increased my profile and
     led to new responsibilities and opportunities within my firm.”

                                                                                           2018 Volunteer Awards
Peter Douglas                               | FCIA (1991)
     University Accreditation                                      • First volunteered in 2003.
     Member from the start of the committee, and indeed prior      • Served on 6 volunteer groups.
     to that as a member of the joint CIA/CAS/SOA committee.
     Involved in design of the University Accreditation Program
     (UAP) plus initial on-site visits to several universities.

     Edward Gibson                                   | FCIA (1994)
     “Volunteering is a great way to improve your understanding    • First volunteered in 2005.
     of actuarial science and a great way to meet actuaries from   • Served on 6 volunteer groups.
     other organizations.”

     Kathryn Hyland                                   | FCIA (1982)
     “A good way to reacquaint myself with Canadian practice       • First volunteered in 2008.
     (after 15 years of living and working elsewhere).”            • Served on 6 volunteer groups.

                                                                                       2018 Volunteer Awards
Bruce Jones                           | FCIA (1989)
     “Professional volunteer work is recognized and valued by        • First volunteered in 2010.
     Western University, my employer.”                               • Served on 7 volunteer groups.

     Isabelle Périgny                                  | FCIA (1991)
     “Volunteering at the CIA has helped me gain a more holistic     • First volunteered in 2005.
     understanding of the issues facing the profession and thus      • Served on 7 volunteer groups.
     act more strategically in my work. My exchanges with
     colleagues from different backgrounds have enabled me
     to broaden my horizons and learn!”

     Jean-François Poitras                                          | FCIA (2004)
     “Regardless of how much time you have to devote, there’s        • First volunteered in 2010.
     something for everyone and for all needs. The worst that can    • Served on 9 volunteer groups.
     happen is that you come out of it a better person.”

                                                                                         2018 Volunteer Awards
Jean-Yves Rioux                                 | FCIA (2005)
     “My volunteering activities placed me at the forefront of    • First volunteered in 2007.
     what is happening in the profession, which allowed me to     • Served on 6 volunteer groups.
     stay current, anticipate things to come, and influence the
     direction in some instances.”

     Dean Stamp                            | FCIA (2001)
     “Highly recommended! Volunteering can be highly engaging     • First volunteered in 2002.
     and often provides meaningful career development             • Served on 5 volunteer groups.

     Anne-Marie Vanier                                        | FCIA (1991)
     “Volunteering has helped my career by forcing me to stay     • First volunteered in 1992.
     more current than I otherwise would have and enabling me     • Served on 9 volunteer groups.
     to better anticipate changes to come.”

                                                                                      2018 Volunteer Awards

                                         2018 Volunteer Awards
Faizel Alladina     Jill Knudsen

      Laura Anders      Hrvoje Lakota

      Paul Burnell     Leslie Lohmann

     Maxime Carrier    Scott McManus

     Sylvie Charest    Ricardo Mitchell

     Anna Doudina       Simon Nelson

      Marc Drouin      Nathalie Ouellet

     Claudia Gagné      Myriam Roux

      Jia (Jenny) Ge   Yeh Ching Seto

     Andrew Gillies      June Smyth

        Ling Guo        Taylor Wasko

      Brian Jenkins         Si Xie

                                     2018 Volunteer Awards
                        Distribution by Practice Area                                                                                                      Geographical Distribution


                                                                                                                         60%                                                                               Volunteers                  Members


                                                 Volunteers                   Members                                    40%






     0%                                                                                                                      0%
           Life   P&C     Pension   AE         ERM             Investment   Retired            Other                              Ontario                   Québec                        Western Canada        Atlantic Canada          Outside of Canada

                                                                                       Distribution by FCIA Year

                                         35%                                          Volunteers                  Fellows







                                                 5 years or less              From 6 to 10 years       From 11 to 15 years           From 16 to 20 years             More than 20 years

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  2018 Volunteer Awards
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