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Director, Human Resources - Information for Candidates - Fisher ...
Director, Human
Information for Candidates
Director, Human Resources - Information for Candidates - Fisher ...
  James Cook University                             3

  Strategic Direction and Intent                    4

  Values and Beliefs                                5

  Position Overview                                 6

  Position Context                                  7

  Organisation Chart                                8

  Principal Accountabilities                        9

  Generic Accountabilities                          11

  Key Selection Criteria                            12

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James Cook University | Director, Human Resources
           Information for Candidates
Director, Human Resources - Information for Candidates - Fisher ...
James Cook University
James Cook University (JCU) aims to create a brighter future for life in the tropics and
worldwide, through graduates and discoveries that make a difference. Ranked in the top
300 tertiary institutions in the world (ARWU) and with international renown for its
excellence in teaching and learning, the University has 21,498 students and 4,463 staff
across campuses in Townsville, Cairns, Singapore and Brisbane, with additional study
centres in Mackay, Mount Isa and Thursday Island. JCU proudly boasts one of the highest
full-time employment rates for undergraduates immediately following graduation (78.7%,
QILT 2022) and has five star ratings in the Good Universities Guide for employment
following graduation; skills development; learner engagement; student support and social
JCU is strongly committed to equity and diversity in the workplace and aspires to
continue developing a workforce that reflects the diversity, capacities and capabilities of
people from the regions in which it operates. It is committed to developing future
leaders, building upon the wealth of wisdom and experience embodies by its current
academic leaders and identifying and nurturing those who will take JCU into the future.
For further information about JCU, please visit
JCU acknowledges Australian Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islander people as the
first inhabitants of the nation and acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the lands where
its staff and students live, learn and work.
JCU is pledged to achieving genuine and sustainable reconciliation between the
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the wider community.

                        James Cook University | Director, Human Resources
                                   Information for Candidates
Director, Human Resources - Information for Candidates - Fisher ...
Strategic Direction and Intent
James Cook University has many different strategies, plans, statements and reports that
capture the University’s strategic direction across its core activities.
An international University as reflected in its people, places, and research, its aims to
support the people and societies, natural world, built environment, and health systems
that the populations of the Tropics depend on, creating a brighter future for life in the
Tropics worldwide through graduates and discoveries that make a difference.
The University’s teaching and research focuses on four key themes:
• Tropical ecosystems and environment
• Industries and economies in the Tropics
• People and societies in the Tropics
• Tropical health, medicine and biosecurity

The Tropics is a vast geographic area that Aristotle called the Torrid Zone, JCU’s three
tropical campuses are complemented and extended by regional and remote study
centres and research stations. Students are at the heart of the University and are inspired
them to make a difference in their fields of endeavour and in their communities by:
• Delivering high quality teaching and learning programs in a research-rich environment;
• Fostering their professional expertise and intellectual curiosity.

JCU’s communities are diverse, featuring distributed populations requiring innovative and
sustainable solutions.   Its world-class research generates new knowledge and
understanding to meet the challenges facing the peoples of the tropics.
For further information, please download the Statement of Strategic Intent and visit the
University’s website to view documents including the University Plan, Academic Plan,
International Engagement Strategy, Innovation Strategy and statements of Reconciliation,
Sustainability, Diversity and Inclusion, and Modern Slavery.

                        James Cook University | Director, Human Resources
                                   Information for Candidates
Director, Human Resources - Information for Candidates - Fisher ...
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                              Values and Beliefs

                              Master title
                               JCU’s actions are underpinned by
                               its values and beliefs.

                               • Excellence
                               • Authenticity
                               • Integrity
                               • Sustainability
                               • Mutual respect
                               • Discovery
                               • Creativity and innovation

                               • We recognise that that
                                 knowledge has the power to
                                 change lives.
                               • We ignite and support a passion
                                 for learning in our community.
                               • We are enriched by and
                                 celebrate our communities’
                               • We understand that a
                                 sustainable environment is
                                 central to our lives and our work.
                               • We strive to anticipate and
                                 respond to our community’s
                                 needs, delivering education and
                                 research in flexible ways.
                               • We uphold our commitments.

James Cook University | Director, Human Resources
           Information for Candidates
Director, Human Resources - Information for Candidates - Fisher ...
Position Overview

The Director, Human Resources is accountable for the strategic leadership, vision,
management, and operational performance of the Human Resources Directorate, and will
ensure that the objectives and activities of the Directorate are integrated and aligned with
the strategic priorities of the Division of Services and Resources, and the University Plan.
The Director will provide high level strategic advice to the University governance and
executive, developing implementing and maintaining an effective HR support network to
promote all aspects of human resource management. Utilising exceptional change
management and communication skills to enhance employee engagement, the Director
will promote core University values and implement human resource best practice
strategy, policy, processes and systems.
Developing and maintaining the trust and confidence of the University, the Director
Human Resources will partner with organisational units to collaboratively identify and
implement strategy around organisational growth, building capability and maximising the
contribution of employees toward the achievement of business goals.
The Director, Human Resources will provide strong, effective, visionary leadership,
management, mentoring and professional development, (including performance review),
to the staff of the Human Resources Directorate, optimising the use of available resources
and establishing a culture of teamwork, transparency and openness and maintaining
strong communication channels at all times.

                        James Cook University | Director, Human Resources
                                   Information for Candidates
Director, Human Resources - Information for Candidates - Fisher ...
Position Context

Division of Services and Resources
The Division of Services and Resources comprises a number of Directorates and Offices,
including Financial and Business Services; Estate; Human Resources; Planning,
Performance and Analytics; Technology Solutions; and the Work, Health and Safety Unit,
whose activities foster and promote innovation and best practice in the delivery of its
services and provide the frameworks and support to assist the Academy and Service
Divisions achieve their goals and objectives.
The Division is responsible for overall strategy in relation to: the planning, performance
and budgeting framework; strategic procurement; digital, financial and human resources;
business intelligence and statistical reporting; strategic commercial activities, including in
relation to the Controlled Entities, the TropiQ project and Retail outlets; policy framework;
capital infrastructure planning and maintenance and delivery of capital projects for
information technology and the Estate; health and safety management and compliance;
provision of campus services including cleaning, grounds maintenance, security and
student accommodation.
The Division has a strong customer service ethic and continuous improvement culture.
We are receptive to new ideas and ways in which we can enhance our delivery of
services for the University.

Human Resources Directorate
The Human Resources Directorate designs and delivers people management initiatives
and practices which assist managers and staff to contribute effectively to the Strategic
Intent of the University. The Directorate will contribute to the development of an
organisation that promotes and embraces diversity, innovation, flexibility and high
performance. The Human Resources Directorate is responsible for all aspects of
employment related matters including attracting high calibre employees, developing
organisational and people capabilities that are aligned with University needs, and
retaining talent. Functions include HR Services, Policy Development, Talent,
Organisational Development and Equity, Industrial Relations, Remuneration and
Superannuation services and management of the Human Resource Information Systems.

                        James Cook University | Director, Human Resources
                                   Information for Candidates
Director, Human Resources - Information for Candidates - Fisher ...
Organisation Chart

          James Cook University | Director, Human Resources
                     Information for Candidates
Director, Human Resources - Information for Candidates - Fisher ...
Principal Accountabilities
Key responsibilities for the role include:
1.   Contribute to the achievement of the University's goals
     and objectives through the provision of a strategic
     human resource management framework, supported by
     best practice human resources systems, policies,
     processes and practices.
2.   Oversee, direct and lead a range of high-level human
     resource related activities and projects including their
     design, development, coordination and implementation
     in order to help attain institutional goals, and monitor
     and evaluate their impact and outcomes.
3.   Provide leadership with regard to industrial and
     employee relations including developing the framework
     for negotiation and implementation of the University
     Enterprise Bargaining Agreement, and implementing
     industrial and employee relations strategies to create
     and maintain a productive and harmonious workplace
4.   Provide strategic direction to the University with regards
     to the attraction, selection, recruitment, induction,
     retention, performance management and professional
     development of staff to ensure the University maintains
     a staffing profile that positions the University for the
5.   Utilise communication, diplomacy and negotiation skills
     to develop and maintain a partner relationship with the
     University community and liaise and coordinate with
     senior staff across the institution to implement strategic
     HR initiatives, ensuring that the necessary relationships
     are in place to cultivate organisational development and
     manage cultural change.
6. Be accountable for the effective and efficient leadership,
   management and operation of the services and
   functions of the Human Resources Directorate, including
   change management, maintenance of the human
   resource management and information systems, the
   achievement of significant organisational objectives and
   programs and oversight of the Directorate's budget,
   ensuring recommendations, advice and guidance lead
   to continuous improvement, in accordance with
   professional standards and best practice.

                            James Cook University | Director, Human Resources
                                       Information for Candidates
Director, Human Resources - Information for Candidates - Fisher ...
Principal Accountabilities
7.   Provide leadership in ensuring that the University
     achieves its health, safety and rehabilitation goals and
     meets its obligations under the Workplace Health and
     Safety Act (2003), Workers' Compensation and
     Rehabilitation Act, Disability Discrimination Act and other
     safety and health related legislation.
8. Provide leadership and direction to enable the
   University to fulfil its strategic intent with respect to
   equity and diversity in employment, including planning
   associated with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
   recruitment and retention.
9. Maintain appropriate business continuity and disaster
   recovery operations across the human resources
10. Ensure business risks are identified and managed
    through effective risk management strategies and
11. Promote a collaborative approach within the Directorate
    by providing strong, effective, visionary leadership,
    management, mentoring and professional development,
    (including performance review), establishing a culture of
    teamwork, transparency and openness, maintaining
    strong communication channels at all times.
12. Utilise technical knowledge, interpersonal skills and
    creativity and operate with considerable autonomy,
    exercising a high level of responsibility to make
    decisions and resolve a diversity of complex issues
    which arise, or are delegated from the Deputy Vice-
    Chancellor, Services and Resources.
13. Lead, promote and facilitate the integration of strategies
    and initiatives that support the University's commitment
    to the principles of reconciliation, which exemplify
    respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage
    and the valuing of justice and equity for all Australians.
14. Demonstrate a commitment to the University values and
    Divisional attributes.
15. Lead and promote a culture that ensures that WH&S
    legislation is enforced across all areas of the Directorate
    and that staff have an understanding of their
    responsibilities in this area.
16. Lead, support and promote the inclusion of sustainability
    initiatives in all aspects of operations, support the
    principles of the TropEco program and engage in
    commitment to JCU sustainability goals and objectives.

                             James Cook University | Director, Human Resources
                                        Information for Candidates
Generic Accountabilities

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                                          There are generic responsibilities
                                          that apply to all James Cook
                                          University staff. Your specific level
                                         Master title
                                          descriptor may be found within the
                                          Enterprise Agreement.

                                          1. The Director, Human Resources
                                             is required to observe the lawful
                                             and reasonable directions,
                                             policies and decisions of the
                                             University Council, understand
                                             and comply with the Enterprise
                                             Agreement, the Statutes and
                                             Rules of the University, and
                                             other appropriate University
                                             authorities, as in force from time
                                             to time.
                                          2. The Director, Human Resources
                                             is required to demonstrate a
                                             personal commitment to ensure
                                             personal safety and the safety
                                             of others and contribute to the
                                             continuous improvement of our
                                             WHS performance. This
                                             includes the effective
                                             implementation and compliance
                                             with James Cook University
                                             WHS policies, procedures and
                                             safe systems of work, together
                                             with all relevant legislation,
                                             duties and obligations.
                                          3. The Director, Human Resources
                                             is required to exercise proper
                                             discretion in all matters
                                             affecting the well-being of the
                                             University which involve public
                                             writing or speaking in
                                             accordance with the University’s
                                             Code of Conduct.

           James Cook University | Director, Human Resources
                      Information for Candidates
Key Selection Criteria
1. Postgraduate qualifications in human resource
   management or equivalent level of knowledge
   gained through any other combination of
   education, training and/or experience.
2. Extensive experience at a senior level in the
   strategic, professional and operational leadership
   of a human resource function in a complex
   service delivery environment.
3. Demonstrated superior leadership, managerial
   and problem-solving skills.
4. Proven capability in leading and managing a
   diverse team to deliver a high-quality service at all
   levels, including the ability to manage
   organisational, cultural and systemic change.
5. Demonstrated understanding of budgetary and
   financial procedures including the ability to
   oversee the management of a substantial budget.
6. Demonstrated ability to perform high level
   strategic planning, program and managerial
   functions with clear accountability for
   performance and quality management and to
   develop best practice policies and processes.
7. Advanced oral and written communication,
   particularly the ability to articulate concepts and
   present complex analysis with clarity and
   professionalism, with the utmost discretion and
   confidentiality in all matters.
8. A strong customer focus with demonstrated
   facilitation, interpersonal, negotiation and
   networking skills, and the ability to establish and
   maintain effective, collaborative and productive
   partnerships with a wide range of internal and
   external stakeholders.
9. Demonstrated understanding and knowledge of
   industrial legislation, enterprise bargaining
   experience, and the ability to work within a
   legislative framework.

                        James Cook University | Director, Human Resources
                                   Information for Candidates
Further Information

This position is responsible to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Services and
Resources and has six direct reports. It is offered on a full-time basis at the
Bebegu Yumba, Townsville campus.

Application Instructions
To apply, please visit and choose ‘APPLY ONLINE’ from the
menu. Submit your application, quoting reference JCUdhr0222 and addressing
your cover letter and resume to Andrew Norton.
Your application should include:
1.   A covering letter clearly quoting JCUdhr0222 and including a statement
     detailing your experience relevant to the position in line with the key
     selection criteria outlined, citing evidence to support your claims.
2.   A complete and current CV providing details of relevant achievements in
     recent appointments, in addition to your educational and professional

For a conversation about the opportunity, please contact Andrew Norton on +61
1300 347 437.

                     James Cook University | Director, Human Resources
                                Information for Candidates
JCU Campuses

Over 13,000 students study at the Bebegu Yumba campus,
Townsville, including over 1,500 international students. The JCU
Townsville, Douglas campus has been named Bebegu Yumba,
which means ‘Place of Learning’ in the Birri-Gubba language.
JCU Townsville, Bebegu Yumba campus is located in the
Townsville Tropical Intelligence and Health Precinct (TropiQ) in
the suburb of Douglas. Set in a 386-hectare natural bush and
parkland setting, 13 kilometres from the Townsville CBD, the
campus houses teaching and research facilities, the main JCU
library, cafes, bard, fitness and sporting facilities and a wealth of
student clubs and societies. Around 1,400 students live on
campus in colleges and halls of residence, giving the campus a
true community atmosphere.

                                       Around 3,000 students study at JCU Cairns, including around 355
                                       international students. They are immersed in a dynamic learning
                                       environment with a world of experiences available for study,
                                       work, and play.
                                       JCU Cairns, Smithfield campus has been named Nguma-bada
                                       (pronounced nom-ah-bud-ah), which means belonging to
                                       tomorrow: ‘Place for tomorrow's learning, knowledge and wisdom’
                                       from the Yirrgay (Yirrganydji) coastal dialect of Djabugay.
                                       Located in the heart of city, JCU Cairns, CBD campus has been
                                       named Bada-jali (pronounced bud-ah-jal-lee) and means
                                       flowering of the Cocky Apple tree: ‘Place and time for new
                                       beginnings and growth’, also from the Yirrgay (Yirrganydji) coastal
                                       dialect of Djabugay. The campus offers a range of flexible study,
                                       teaching, and meeting areas.

James Cook University, Singapore Campus (JCU Singapore) was
established in 2003 as JCU's first international campus, bringing
programs direct from Australia and resident senior academic
staff from JCU to ensure academic quality.
Students studying at JCU Singapore are assured of the same
enriching university education as our students in Queensland
Australia. It has achieved the highest level of accreditation from
the Singapore Government, the EduTrust Star.

                                       With a modern campus in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD, JCU
                                       Brisbane offers courses in accounting, business, education,
                                       hospitality and tourism, social work, and information technology.
                                       Students in Brisbane can access dedicated student support
                                       including opportunities for enhanced job-support services,
                                       academic learning advisors, counselling, and employment
                                       assistance, as well as English language and academic pathways.
                                       The JCU Brisbane campus features interactive learning spaces,
                                       comfortable student lounges and a resource centre where
                                       students can mingle with university staff and fellow students
                                       from over 88 countries.
                            James Cook University | Director, Human Resources
                                       Information for Candidates
As Australia’s only
                                                              university established
                                                              to focus on the issues
                                                              of Northern Australia
                                                              and the Tropics
                                                              worldwide, James
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