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Doctors in Training
            AMA MHS Salaried Doctors Agreement
            On 19 December 2012 the Association lodged a log of claims on the Minister for
            Health on behalf of medical practitioners employed under the following agreements:

    • Department of Health Medical Practitioners           Despite these difficulties the Association reached
      (Metropolitan Health Services) AMA Industrial        a formal agreement with the Department of Health
      Agreement 2011;                                      immediately prior to Christmas 2013. The agreed
    • Department of Health Medical Practitioners           changes are reflected in the revised industrial
      (WA Country Health Service) AMA Industrial           agreements. The MHS Industrial Agreement
      Agreement 2011;                                      was registered in the WA Industrial Relations
    • Department of Health Medical Practitioners (Drug     Commission on 23 December 2013 and the
      and Alcohol Office) AMA Industrial Agreement         remaining agreements, with the exception of the
      2011;                                                Clinical Academics Agreement, were registered on
    • Department of Health Medical Practitioners           27 February 2014. The Association believes that the
      (Director General) AMA Industrial Agreement          agreements provide excellent outcomes for medical
      2011                                                 practitioners in the public system and ensures that
                                                           WA practitioners remain amongst the best paid in
    • Department of Health Medical Practitioners
                                                           the country. The increases provided under the new
      (Clinical Academics) AMA Industrial Agreement
                                                           agreements are the highest of any state and territory
                                                           in Australia.
    The log of claims was developed after extensive
    consultation with practitioners across the public      At the time this booklet went to print, the Clinical
    system and was designed to ensure that medical         Academics Agreement had not been registered. It is
    practitioners remain best placed to continue to        expected to be registered in the near future.
    provide high quality healthcare to the WA community.   The new Agreements will be collectively referred to
    Negotiations between the Association and the           as ‘the 2013 Agreements’. For practitioners within
    Department of Health (DOH) commenced in March          the North West please refer to the salary schedule
    2013. These negotiations were difficult given the      on the AMA (WA) website for specific details of
    state of the economy, the loss of WA’s AAA credit      applicable rates.
    rating and the recent bargaining outcomes for
    medical practitioners in the eastern states.

2                                                                    Negotiated by the AMA for and on behalf of AMA Members
       This summary details specific changes applying to Doctors in Training (i.e. Interns through to Senior Registrars)
       employed under the above named Agreements. For those Registrars and Senior Registrars who may soon be
       employed within the system as Senior Practitioners reference should also be made to the details contained
       within the Senior Practitioners reference guide.

       Details of Specific Changes
       1. Salaries
       The Government’s original position was to offer a salary increase in line with Government Wages Policy which
       resulted in an offer of 7.5% over three years. Given Government Wages Policy the only option to improve the
       offer was to identify efficiencies that would deliver productivity improvements in return for salary increases
       beyond 7.5%. During the latter part of negotiations, and shortly before the initial offer was made, the WA
       Government lost its triple A credit rating. Despite a more difficult negotiating environment the Association was
       able as part of the further negotiations to secure an increase of 11% over three years (i.e 3.75%, 3.75% and
       3.5% payable from 1 October ’13, 1 October ’14 and 1 October ’15 respectively). The quantum increase will
       also apply to all applicable allowances that are outlined later in this summary.

       The following base rates will apply:
                                                                      3.75%              3.75%              3.50%
                                                                 First pay period   First pay period   First pay period
                                                                    on or after        on or after        on or after
         Classification                                  Level      01-Oct-13          01-Oct-14          01-Oct-15

         Intern                                           1        $69,892            $72,513            $75,051
         Resident Medical Officer Yr 1                    2        $76,882            $79,765            $82,557
         Resident Medical Officer Yr 2                    3        $84,570            $87,741            $90,812
         Resident Medical Officer Yr 3                    4        $93,026            $96,515            $99,893
         Registrar Yr 1                                   5        $97,678           $101,340            $104,887
         Registrar Yr 2                                   6        $102,562          $106,408            $110,132
         Registrar Yr 3                                   7        $110,254          $114,389            $118,392
         Registrar Yr 4                                   8        $115,767          $120,109            $124,312
         Registrar Yr 5                                   9        $121,555           $126,113           $130,527
         Registrar Yr 6                                   10       $127,633           $132,419           $137,054
         Registrar Yr 7                                   11       $134,014          $139,039            $143,906
         Senior Registrar Yr 1                           12        $144,066          $149,469            $154,700
         Senior Registrar Yr 2                           13        $151,269          $156,941            $162,434
         Supervised Medical Officer Yr 1                  5        $97,678           $101,340            $104,887
         Supervised Medical Officer Yr 2                  6        $102,562          $106,408            $110,132
         Supervised Medical Officer Yr 3                  7        $110,254          $114,389            $118,392
         Supervised Medical Officer Yr 4                  8        $115,767          $120,109            $124,312

Negotiated by the AMA for and on behalf of AMA Members                                                                     3
AMA MHS Salaried Doctors Agreement 2013–2016

                                                         3.75%               3.75%                3.50%
                                                    First pay period    First pay period     First pay period
                                                       on or after         on or after          on or after
     Classification                         Level      01-Oct-13           01-Oct-14            01-Oct-15

     Supervised Medical Officer Yr 5         9       $121,555             $126,113             $130,527
     Supervised Medical Officer Yr 6         10      $127,633             $132,419             $137,054
     Supervised Medical Officer Yr 7         11      $134,014             $139,039             $143,906
     Supervised Medical Officer Yr 8        12       $144,066             $149,469             $154,700
     Supervised Medical Officer Yr 9        13       $151,269             $156,941             $162,434
     Trainee Medical Administrator Yr 1      6       $102,562             $106,408             $110,132
     Trainee Medical Administrator Yr 2      7       $110,254             $114,389             $118,392
     Trainee Medical Administrator Yr 3      8        $115,767            $120,109             $124,312
     Trainee Medical Administrator Yr 4      9       $121,555             $126,113             $130,527
     Trainee Medical Administrator Yr 5      10      $127,633             $132,419             $137,054
     Trainee Medical Administrator Yr 6      11      $134,014             $139,039             $143,906
     Trainee Medical Administrator Yr 7     12       $144,066             $149,469             $154,700
     Trainee Psychiatrist Yr 1               7       $110,254             $114,389             $118,392
     Trainee Psychiatrist Yr 2               8        $115,767            $120,109             $124,312
     Trainee Psychiatrist Yr 3               9       $121,555             $126,113             $130,527
     Trainee Psychiatrist Yr 4               10      $127,633             $132,419             $137,054
     Trainee Psychiatrist Yr 5               11      $134,014             $139,039             $143,906
     Trainee Psychiatrist Yr 6              12       $144,066             $149,469             $154,700
     Trainee Psychiatrist Yr 7              13       $151,269             $156,941             $162,434
     Trainee Public Health Physician Yr 1    6       $102,562             $106,408             $110,132
     Trainee Public Health Physician Yr 2    7       $110,254             $114,389             $118,392
     Trainee Public Health Physician Yr 3    8        $115,767            $120,109             $124,312
     Trainee Public Health Physician Yr 4    9       $121,555             $126,113             $130,527
     Trainee Public Health Physician Yr 5    10      $127,633             $132,419             $137,054
     Trainee Public Health Physician Yr 6    11      $134,014             $139,039             $143,906
     Trainee Public Health Physician Yr 7   12       $144,066             $149,469             $154,700

4                                                                Negotiated by the AMA for and on behalf of AMA Members
2. Professional Development Allowance
       The Professional Development Allowance has been escalated in line with salary increases.
                                                             3.75%                    3.75%                    3.5%
                                                         1st pay period           1st pay period          1st pay period
                                                           on or after              on or after             on or after
         Classification                                     1-Oct-13                 1-Oct-14                1-Oct-15

         Intern                                            $5,114                   $5,306                   $5,491
         Resident Medical Officer                          $5,114                   $5,306                   $5,491
         Registrar                                         $8,948                   $9,274                  $9,609
         Senior Registrar                                 $12,783                   $13,262                 $13,727
         Supervised Medical Officer                        $8,948                   $9,274                  $9,609
         Trainee Medical Administrator                     $8,948                   $9,274                  $9,609
         Trainee Psychiatrist                              $8,948                   $9,274                  $9,609
         Trainee Public Health Physician                   $8,948                   $9,274                  $9,609

       3. Long Service Leave
       The Association has identified, following consultation         entitlements. It should be noted that the break in
       with members, that DiTs were concerned about the               employment shall not count as service but shall
                                                                      not constitute a break in continuous service for the
       loss of their Long Service Leave (LSL) entitlements
                                                                      purposes of the LSL clause.
       should they work with the private sector as part of their
       training requirements thus breaking their continuous           4. Part Time Employment
       service with WA Health. The 2011 Industrial                    The Association has for a number of years received
       Agreement provision enabled a practitioner to work or          enquiries regarding the prospect of undertaking
       study overseas or interstate and return to work within         internships on a part time basis. Previously this
                                                                      has not been possible. The Association was happy
       WA Health within 24 months to ensure that their LSL
                                                                      to advocate for change as long as the substantive
       entitlements previously accrued were maintained.
                                                                      principle that an Internship was a full time position
       However should that practitioner previously have               was maintained. The parties have reached agreement
       wanted to undertake their further training requirements        that an Intern shall be employed on a full time basis.
       within WA they were disadvantaged.                             However at the request of the intern the Employer
                                                                      may approve employment on a part time basis.
       The Association has managed to secure agreement
       for DiTs, subject to employer approval, to work in a           5. Hours and Rostering
       privately operated public hospital e.g. Joondalup to
                                                                      During negotiations the Association was keen to
       further their skills and return to WA Health within
                                                                      push for better conditions for Doctors in Training with
       24 months to maintain their previously accrued LSL             regard to hours and rostering. During consultation
       entitlements. Further a DiT can, subject to employer           with members it became apparent that several
       approval, undertake a period of employment in a                provisions included in the previous Agreement were
       private hospital e.g. SJOG Subiaco, for the purposes           not being interpreted in the way that was envisaged
       of progressing through a College Training Program              during the last round of negotiations. Furthermore,
       and subsequently return to WA Health within                    there were several provisions which Doctors in
       24 months to maintain previously accrued LSL                   Training flagged as needing review.

Negotiated by the AMA for and on behalf of AMA Members                                                                          5
AMA MHS Salaried Doctors Agreement 2013–2016

    The Association was able, after much negotiation             The Association was not prepared to either include
    and argument with the Employer, to reach agreement           or remove any clauses in the Agreements which
    on the following issues:                                     would result in a diminution of conditions or place
    • The term ‘all duty’ has been clarified so it is            significant additional responsibilities on practitioners.
      explicit that it refers to both rostered duty and any
                                                                 The 2013 Agreements contains several ‘efficiencies’
      periods of call back for the purposes of the 8 hour
                                                                 which the Association believes, given the current
      break between shifts. If a practitioner is required
                                                                 economic climate, are fair and do not place
      to resume rostered duty before having eight
      consecutive hours free from all duty (including            additional responsibilities on practitioners. The
      call back) the subsequent hours shall attract              agreed provisions are summarised below:
      a 50% loading. Whilst it was always intended               • All practitioners with the ability to charge private
      that the term ‘all duty’ included call-backs, the            and compensable patients and others on whom
      Association wanted to ensure that there was no               a fee can legitimately be raised will maximise
      room for error and sought an amendment to                    their right to bill. The health service will provide
      make it explicit as to what “all duty” involved.             timely assistance to mutually achieve this goal.
    • The term ‘where practicable’ has been removed              • Heads of Department will ensure that practitioners
      to ensure that all practitioners must have at least          at all levels will adhere to activity and cost of
      two consecutive days off in each 28 day roster               service targets that are set for their departments
      cycle free from all duty including on call.                  under activity based funding.
    • The new Agreement includes a provision which               • All practitioners will work with and promote the
      makes it clear that split shifts are not to be               targets under the National Emergency Access
      rostered or worked.
                                                                   Target (NEAT) and National Elective Surgery
                                                                   Target (NEST) policies.
    6. Resident Medical Officers
    The definition of a Resident Medical Officer (RMO)           • All practitioners will work with the health service
    has been clarified such that a Resident Medical                to achieve the 10 mandated standards of the
    Officer is defined as a practitioner in the second or          Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in
    subsequent years of relevant experience following              Healthcare.
    graduation and who is not performing the duties of a         • All practitioners who have accrued in excess of
    Registrar. It should be noted that if a RMO is directed        2 years of annual leave will apply to take and
    by the Employer to act in a higher classified position         will take at the operational convenience of the
    and who performs the full duties and accepts the               hospital sufficient leave to ensure their annual
    full responsibility of the higher classified position for      leave does not exceed 2 years entitlement. Leave
    more than ten consecutive working days they shall              vacancies will not be back filled for leave that is
    be paid the higher salary rate whilst so engaged as            two weeks or under except on urgent clinical or
    if the practitioner were permanently appointed to              service grounds and only then on the approval of
    the higher classified position. These parameters are           the hospital or health service Executive Director.
    defined within the Higher Duties clause (Clause 19)            Where practitioners cannot take that excess leave
    contained with the DiT Section of the Agreement.
                                                                   (defined as annual leave accrued beyond 2 years
                                                                   entitlement) because of operational requirements
    7. Professional Responsibilities
                                                                   or extenuating personal circumstances they will
    After the loss of WA’s triple A credit rating, the DOH
                                                                   be expected to make a personal plan with their
    made it clear to the Association that ‘efficiencies’ would
    need to be included in the 2013 Agreements in order            manager for the taking of their excess leave.
    to recoup some costs associated with the increased
    entitlements the new 2013 Agreements provide.

6                                                                           Negotiated by the AMA for and on behalf of AMA Members
• All practitioners will support and be actively           9. Professional Development Leave
         involved in assisting in the implementation of health    Practitioners notified the Association of difficulties
         and hospital reforms including the establishment         they had encountered in utilising their Professional
         and operations of new facilities including but not       Development Leave (PDL) entitlement to undertake
         limited to the Fiona Stanley Hospital and Perth          their research projects which are a clear expectation
         Children’s Hospital.                                     of their training programs. Due to these difficulties
       The Association will jointly monitor adherence to          the Association has managed to achieve agreement
       these commitments with the employer through a              with the Employer to expand the definition of how
       joint oversight committee. The composition and             PDL can be used such that it can now be used “to
       membership of the committee will be determined by          undertake clinically significant research associated
       agreement between the parties.                             with obtaining or maintaining higher medical
                                                                  qualifications with the approval of the employer in
       8. Annual Leave                                            relation to its educational value”.
       The DOH has agreed to include a provision for
       additional purchased leave. These entitlements
                                                                  10. On Call and Call Back
       are already contained in the Registered Nurses,            The on-call hourly rate has been escalated in line
       Midwives and Enrolled Mental Health Nurses,                with salary increases.
       Australian Nursing Federation, WA Health Industrial               3.75%             3.75%              3.5%
       Agreement 2007 and WA Health, Health Services                 1st pay period    1st pay period    1st pay period
                                                                       on or after       on or after       on or after
       Union PACTS Industrial Agreement 2011.                           1-Oct-13          1-Oct-14          1-Oct-15
       At the request of a practitioner the Employer may               $10.41            $10.80            $11.17
       agree to an arrangement whereby the practitioner
       can take a reduced salary spread over 52 weeks             11. Contract of Service
       of the year and receive the following amounts of           The contract completion payment provisions for
       purchased leave:                                           Supervised Medical Officers have been improved to
                                                                  include payments on the basis of proportions of years
           Number of weeks salary     Number of weeks purchased
            spread over 52 weeks                leave             of service completed, rather than completed years.
                                                                  The calculation is made on the basis of completed
                    42                           10
                                                                  months of service up to a maximum of 5 years.
                    43                            9
                    44                            8               Conclusion
                                                                  The range of remuneration and condition changes
                    45                            7
                                                                  is substantial and provides significant improvements
                    46                            6               both remuneratively and professionally.
                    47                            5               They have been secured after several years work
                    48                            4               by your AMA in formulating and negotiating its
                                                                  claims on your behalf. The capacity to achieve such
                    49                            3
                                                                  outcomes is the product of you and your colleagues’
                    50                            2               membership and the consequential resources
                    51                            1               and professionalism able to be brought to the
                                                                  Without your support, the outcomes and benefits
                                                                  you accrue would not have been achieved. You and
                                                                  your colleagues support is greatly appreciated.

Negotiated by the AMA for and on behalf of AMA Members                                                                     7
These Agreements have been negotiated by the
Australian Medical Association (WA) on your behalf.
Securing changes to your employment terms
and conditions, including salary and allowance
increases, involves a significant amount of effort.
This is financed solely by AMA members.

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