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                                                                                                   welcome 5

                                       Dear producers, filmmakers, programmers and
                                       industry professionals,

                                       we are delighted to present to you the 2021 / 22
                                       online guide of Europe’s most prolific world

                                       sales companies. This compendium gives you         °efp president
                                       up-to-date profiles of each company, useful        Markéta Šantrochová
                                       for your work at international film festivals
                                       and markets where the sales agents represent
                                       Europe’s rich diversity of films.

                                       Promoting European films and talent to the
                                       world is what drives all of EFP’s activities.
                                       As gender balance, diversity & inclusion and       °efp managing director
                                       sustainability are important to us, we want        Sonja Heinen
                                       Europe’s diverse films to travel in the most
                                       environmentally respectful manner to the
                                       farthest corners of the world. With our Film
                                       Sales Support (FSS) initiative – backed by
                                       Creative Europe – MEDIA of the European
                                       Union – which complements EFP’s manifold
                                       international promotion programmes, FSS
                                       incentivises sales agents to invest in primarily
                                       innovative digital promotion campaigns as
  5   welcome                          they reach out to audiences beyond Europe.
  6   about film sales support
                                       Let’s keep up the good work on promoting
  8   european world sales companies
                                       Europe’s rich cinema!
100   about °efp – what we do
102   °efp – the network               Markéta Šantrochová & Sonja Heinen
104   partners and imprint             September 2021
°efp – film                                                                                                                                                7

sales support

EFP (European Film Promotion) is the international network of national       FSS is backed by the Creative Europe – MEDIA
film promotion institutes from 37 countries from throughout Europe,          Programme of the EU, our longstanding partner,
each representing their national films and talent abroad. Under the EFP      the Nordisk Film & TV Fond, and, in 2021, by
flag, these organisations team up to jointly promote the diversity and       the member institutes German Films and the
spirit of European cinema and talent at key film festivals and markets, in   Instituto de la Cinematografíay de las Artes
particular outside of Europe.                                                Audiovisuales (Spain).                           Head of Film Sales Support
                                                                                                                              Susanne Davis
The Film Sales Support (FSS) scheme addresses European world                 Please consult with the FSS team, Susanne
sales companies and their (digital) marketing and sales campaigns of         Davis and Cornelia Klimkeit, who are happy to
European films to countries outside of Europe. The sales companies           advise.
have to be based in the European Union and in countries participating
in Creative Europe – MEDIA which are registered with and validated
by the Participant Register of the European Commission and by the
respective national film promotion institutes.                               www.efp-online.com                               Project Management
                                                                                                                              Film Sales Support
                                                                                                                              Cornelia Klimkeit
FSS is also available for the promotion of films from Switzerland thanks                                                      klimkeit@efp-online.com
to the international measures by the Federal Office of Culture, the
Media Desk Suisse and SWISS FILMS.
°efp – film                                                                                                                             9

sales support                                                          31  Copenhagen Bombay                  H
                                                                           (Denmark)                      51	Heretic (Greece)
                                                                       32	Coproduction Office
                                                                           (France)                             I
                                                                                                          52    Indie Sales (France)
                                                                           D                              53    Intramovies (Italy)
                                                                       33	Deckert Distribution
                                                                           (Germany)                            K
                                                                       34  DFW International              54    Kinology (France)

                                                                           (The Netherlands)
                                                                       35  Dutch Features                     L
                                                                           Global Entertainment           55  Latido Films (Spain)
world sales companies                                                      (The Netherlands)              56  Le Pacte (France)
                                                                                                          57	Les Films du Losange

in alphabetical order                                                      E
                                                                       36	EastWest Filmdistribution      58
                                                                                                              LevelK (Denmark)
                                                                           (Austria)                      59  Loco Films (France)
                                                                       37  Elle Driver (France)           60  Luxbox (France)
                                                                       38	Endorphin (Greece)
                                                                       39  Eyewell AB (Sweden)                M
Page   Name                                                                                               61	Magnetfilm
                                                                           F                                  (Germany)
                                                                       40  Fandango (Italy)               62  m-appeal world sales
    A                                                                  41  Feel Content (Spain)               (Germany)
14	102 Distribution (Italy)      21   Begin Again Films (Spain)       42  Feelsales (Spain)              63  Media Luna New Films
15  Alfama Films Production       22   Bendita Film Sales (Spain)      43  Film Factory Entertainment         (Germany)
    (France)                      23   Best Friend Forever                 (Spain)                        64  Media Move (Poland/Germany)
16  Alpha Violet (France)              (Belgium)                       44  Film Seekers France (France)   65	Memento Films
17  atlas international film      24   Beta Cinema (Germany)           45  Filmax (Spain)                     International (France)
    (Germany)                                                          46  Filmdelights (Austria)         66	Minerva Pictures Group (Italy)
18	Autlook Filmsales (Austria)        C                               47  Filmotor (Czech Republic)      67  mk2 films (France)
                                  25   Capricci Films (France)         48	Films Boutique                 68  Moonrise (Spain)
       B                          26   CAT&Docs (France)                   (Germany / France)	           69  MPM Premium (France)
19     Bac Films Distribution     27   Celluloid Dreams (France)       49	First Hand Films
       (France)                   28   Charades (France)                   (Germany / Switzerland)              N
20     Be for Films               29   Cité Films (France)             50	Fizz-e-Motion (Austria)        70    New Europe Film Sales
       (Belgium / France)         30   Coccinelle film sales (Italy)                                            (Poland)
    Pathé Films (France)
                                    86	The Bureau Sales (France)        european                                                    11

                                                                         world sales
72	Picture Tree International      87	The Match Factory
    (Germany)                           (Germany)
73  Playtime (France)               88	The Open Reel (Italy)
74	Pluto Film (Germany)
75  Pulsar Content (France)
                                        The Party Film Sales (France)
                                        The Playmaker Munich             companies
76	Pyramide International
    (France)                        91
                                        The Yellow Affair (Finland)
                                        Totem Films (France)
                                                                         per country
       R                            93  True Colours (Italy)
77     Reel Suspects (France)       94  TrustNordisk (Denmark)
78     REinvent (Denmark)           95  TVCO (Italy)
79     Reservoir Docs (France)                                           Page   Name
80     Rise and Shine World Sales       U
       (Germany)                    96	Urban Distribution
81     Rushlake Media (Germany)         International (France)                  Austria                    France
                                                                         18     Autlook               15   Alfama Films Production
    S                                      W                                    Filmsales             16   Alpha Violet
82  Shellac (France)                97     Wide (France)                 36     EastWest              19   Bac Films Distribution
83  Slingshot Films (Italy)         98     Wild Bunch (France)                  Filmdistribution      25   Capricci Films
84  Sola Media (Germany)            99     WTFilms (France)              46     Filmdelights          26   CAT&Docs
85	Summerside Media (Italy)                                             50     Fizz-e-Motion         27   Celluloid Dreams
                                                                                                      28   Charades
                                                                                Belgium               29   Cité Films
                                                                         20     Be for Films          32   Coproduction Office
                                                                         23     Best Friend Forever   37   Elle Driver
                                                                                                      44   Film Seekers France
                                                                                Czech Republic        52   Indie Sales
                                                                         47     Filmotor              54   Kinology
                                                                                                      56   Le Pacte
                                                                                Denmark               57   Les Films du Losange
                                                                         31     Copenhagen Bombay     59   Loco Films
                                                                         58     LevelK                60   Luxbox
                                                                         78     REinvent              65   Memento Films
                                                                         94     TrustNordisk               International (MFI)
                                                                                                      67   mk2 films
                                                                                Finland               69   MPM Premium
                                                                         91     The Yellow Affair     71   Pathé Films
                                                                                                      73   Playtime
                                                                                                      75   Pulsar Content
     Pyramide International
     Reel Suspects
                                             The Open Reel
                                             True Colours                 °efp unites       13

                                                                          85 european
79   Reservoir Docs                     95   TVCO
82   Shellac
86   The Bureau Sales                        Poland
     The Party Film Sales
     Totem Films
                                             Media Move
                                             New Europe Film Sales        world sales
     Urban Distribution International
     Wide                                    Spain                        companies
98   Wild Bunch                         21   Begin Again Films
99   WTFilms                            22   Bendita Film Sales
                                        41   Feel Content

     atlas international Film
                                             Film Factory Entertainment
                                                                          film sales
     Beta Cinema
     Deckert Distribution
     Films Boutique
                                             Latido Films
49   First Hand Films
61   Magnetfilm                              Sweden
62   m-appeal world sales               39   Eyewell AB
63   Media Luna New Films
72   Picture Tree International              The Netherlands
74   Pluto Film                         34   DFW International
80   Rise and Shine World Sales         35   Dutch Features
81   Rushlake Media                          Global Entertainment
84   Sola Media
87   The Match Factory
90   The Playmaker Munich

38   Endorphin
51   Heretic

14   102 Distribution
30   Coccinelle film sales
40   Fandango
     Minerva Pictures Group                                                        www.efp-
     Slingshot Films
     Summerside Media                                                              online.com
102                                                Italy
                                                                                 Alfama Films                                   France                   15

Distribution                                                                     Production

102 Distribution is a film Production,                                           Created by Paulo Branco in 2006, Alfama
Distribution and World Sales Company                                             Films Production is an independent
based in Rome, whose main activities                                             production company whose catalogue
are buying and producing Italian and                                             already contains films by talented and
International films, exploiting rights on all                                    varied directors, such as David Cronenberg,
Distribution channels, and also handling the       Managing Director &           Raùl Ruiz, Jacques Doillon, Christophe         Managing Director
marketing and promotion for each release           Head of Distribution          Honoré, Mathieu Amalric, Wim Wenders,          Paulo Branco
                                                   Tommaso Cerqueglini
as well as all activities regarding territories.   tommaso@102distribution.com
                                                                                 Benoit Jacquot, Andrzej Zulawski …             Head of Sales &
                                                                                                                                International Festival
At the beginning the Company focused                                             Alfama Films has its own international sales   Jason Bressand
on the acquisition of rights for only Italian                                    and distribution services.                     jason.alfamafilms@orange.fr
territory, however, in recent years 102
Distribution has broadened its Distribution
activities acquiring multi-territorial rights
of films and in some cases all world rights,
managing International sales and also
releasing directly in countries such as USA,
Canada, UK, Asia and many others.

102 Distribution’s objective is to focus on
high quality Italian and International
products which have a strong authorial             contact                                                                      contact
and commercial potentials.                            Via Flaminia 441                                                             78 rue de Turbigo
                                                      I - 00196 ROME                                                               F - 75003 Paris
                                                      phone + 39 06 62205901                                                       phone +33 1 4201 0705
                                                      www.102distribution.com                                                      alfamafilms@orange.fr
Alpha                                        France
                                                                              atlas                                          Germany                17

Violet                                                                        international
                                                                              Wonderworld Entertainment

Alpha Violet is an independent sales                                          atlas international film was founded in
company based in Paris, founded by                                            February of 1967 by Dieter Menz and with a
Virginie Devesa and Keiko Funato in 2011.                                     corporate history of more than 50 years,
We are seeking edgy author-driven films                                       it is one of the oldest film sales companies
that grab our hearts. Our efforts are to                                      in the world. Through worldwide contacts
offer transparency to our filmmakers and     CEO, Sales & Acquisitions        atlas today sells features, TV-movies          Managing Director
producers, as we help them launch their      Virginie Devesa                  animation, documentaries and series in all     Michel J. Vandewalle
careers worldwide.                                                            media. atlas arranges production financing
                                                                              and structures co-productions for theatrical
We adapt our sales strategies to the                                          and television product.
specificities of the films so that we can
meet the expectations of the production                                       atlas international represents more than
companies we work with.                                                       100 individual producers from all over the
                                             CEO, Sales & Acquisitions        world. In the years since it was founded,
Our line-up includes many first films such   Keiko Funato                     atlas has made more than 12,000 license
as Identifying Features by Fernanda                                           agreements with clients from all over
Valadez (Sundance 2020, Gotham Award                                          the world. From sales and marketing to
for Best International film), Apples by                                       servicing and deliveries, all aspects of
Christos Nikou (Venice Opening film                                           international program sales are handled
Orizzonti 2020, Greek Oscar Entry), The                                       by specialists. This has given atlas the
Cemil Show by Baris Sarhan (Rotterdam                                         flexibility and fast response demanded
2021).                                       contact                          by today’s competitive market.                 contact
                                                47, Avenue de la République                                                     Kolpingring 16 D
                                                F - 75011 Paris                                                                 D - 82041 Oberhaching
Upcoming films are Utama by Alejandro
                                                phone +33 1 47 97 39 84                                                         phone +49 89 2007 1909
Loayza Grisi, Small Body by Laura Samani        info@alphaviolet.com                                                            info@atlasfilm.com
and Fishbone by Dragomir Sholev.                www.alphaviolet.com                                                             www.atlasfilm.com
Autlook                                         Austria
                                                                              Bac Films                                      France                    19

Filmsales                                                                     Distribution

Autlook Filmsales is one of the leading                                       For over 30 years, Bac Films has been
sales outfits for feature documentaries and                                   amongst France top independent
series. We are offering filmmakers the full                                   distributors and has distributed over 500
spectrum of distribution in-house plus                                        films (9 of which have won the “Palme d’Or”
customised sales and festival strategies that                                 in Cannes). Launched in 2002, the inter-
help maximise revenues, reach audiences         CEO, Acquisitions &           national sales department is focusing on       CEO
as well as impact and foster the career of      Theatrical Sales              new auteurs coming from all over the world.    David Grumbach
                                                Salma Abdalla                                                                Direction@bacfilms.fr
the film’s director and producer.                                             We dedicate ourselves to finding those
                                                                              films which bring a new and different vision   Head of International Sales &
We are currently representing: Try Harder!      Head of Sales                 to the motion pictures landscape.              International Acquisitions
by Debbie Lum (Sundance premiered),             Andrea Hock                                                                  Marine Goulois
                                                andrea@autlookfilms.com                                                      sales@bacfilms.fr
Belushi by R. J. Cutler, Writing with Fire by
Rintu Thomas & Sushmit Ghosh (Sundance                                                                                       Head of International Sales
2021 awarded), All Light, Everywhere by                                                                                      Andréa Dos Santos
Theo Anthony (Sundance 2021 awarded),                                                                                        Sales@bacfilms.fr
The Painter and the Thief by Benjamin Ree
                                                                                                                             Head of Acquisitions
(93rd OSCARS® shortlist), For Sama by Waad                                                                                   Alexis Hofmann
Al Kateab & Edward Watts, (Golden Eyes                                                                                       a.hofmann@bacfilms.fr
Best documentary Cannes 2019 + 47 awards,
Emmy® Awarded, 92nd OSCARS® nominee),
The Box Office hit Caught in the Net by Vít
Klusák, Barbora Chalupová, Acasa, My            contact                                                                      contact
Home by Radu Ciorniciuc (Sundance 2020             Spittelberggasse 3 / 14                                                      9 rue Pierre Dupont
                                                   A - 1070 Vienna                                                              F - 75010 Paris
awarded) Of Fathers and Sons by Talal Derki
                                                   phone +43 670 208 7881                                                       phone +33 1 8049 1000
(91st OSCARS® nominee).                            welcome@autlookfilms.com                                                     sales@bacfilms.fr
                                                   www.autlookfilms.com                                                         www.bacfilms.com
Be for                                      Belgium /
                                            France                              Begin Again                                      Spain                        21

Films                                                                           Films

Be For Films is an independent film sales                                       Begin Again Films is a Spanish distribution
company based in Brussels and Paris.                                            and sales company based in Madrid and
We are primarily focused on independent                                         Almería, Spain, made up of professionals with
films, whether fiction or documentaries,                                        extensive experience in film production,
comedies or dramas, dealing with societal                                       distribution, sales and promotion.
and strong women issues. We cure to         Managing Director                                                                    Partner / Manager Director
international festivals, distributors and   Pamela Leu                          We are focused on high quality independent       Head of Sales
                                            pamela@beforfilms.com                                                                Gloria Bretones
broadcasters a dozen new features                                               films, fiction and documentaries. Our team are
annually from Belgian and international     Sales Assistant                     always looking for new talents. We want to
directors.                                  Alix de Montblanc                   show the best cinema made in Spain: exciting
                                            sales@beforfilms.com                and risky stories for new audiences.

                                                                                Our films have been selected in Rotterdam,
                                                                                Berlinale, San Sebastian, Mar de Plata,
                                                                                Jenjou, HotDocs, Sevilla, Thessaloniki,          Partner / Productions &
                                                                                Cinema du Reel, New York, Bafici, IDFA…,
                                                                                                                                 Belén Bernuy
                                                                                winning prestigious awards.                      belen@beginagainfilms.es

                                            contact                             Begin Again Films is a young company,            contact
                                               23 Rue Fourcroy                                                                      Plaza Parque del
                                                                                but we are working hard every day to get the
                                               F - 75017 Paris                                                                      Generalife, 2 6ºC
                                                                                trust of cinemas, festivals programmers,            ES - 04006 Almería
                                               Avenue des Villas, 28 boite 0A   domestic distributors, international VOD
                                               B - 1060 Brussels                platforms and TV channels around the world.         Paseo Santa María de
                                                                                                                                    la Cabeza, 42Bis
                                                                                There are no limits for good cinema.
                                               phone +33 6 1434 3755                                                                E - 28045 Madrid
                                               www.beforfilms.com                                                                   phone +34 9 1522 1343
Bendita                                       Spain
                                                                              Best Friend                                     Belgium                23

Film Sales                                                                    Forever

Bendita Film Sales is an independent                                          Best Friend Forever is a Brussels-based
international sales agency and production                                     film sales and management company
company based in Spain.                                                       focused on bringing carefully selected
                                                                              arthouse features to the international
Our selective catalogue of feature films is                                   market. BFF supports brilliant producers
full of unique stories and talents that       Managing Director               and directors, emerging or confirmed,           Partner
challenge the conventional.                   Luis Renart                     bringing their projects to life through         Martin Gondre
                                              sales@benditafilms.com                                                          martin@bffsales.eu
                                                                              international sales, development financing,
                                                                              as well as offering legal and financial

                                                                              BFF’s mission is to create a unique home
                                                                              base to support and foster the best creative
                                                                              talent of today and tomorrow, offering          Partner
                                                                              innovative distribution and marketing           Charles Bin
                                                                              solutions. As BFF, we value friendship,
                                                                              transparency and long-term relationships
                                                                              with our partners.

                                                                              The company was created in May 2019 as
                                                                              part of the Indie Sales Group. Our slate
                                              contact                         includes titles such as Souad by Ayten Amin     contact
                                                 Bethencourt Alfonso, 23 8º   (Cannes 2020 + Berlinale & Tribeca 2021),          Varkensmarkt, 23
                                                 E - 38002 Santa Cruz                                                            B - 1000 Brussels
                                                                              Valentyn Vasyanovych’s Atlantis, (Best Film
                                                 de Tenerife                                                                     sales@bffsales.eu
                                                 phone +34 922 926 541        Award in Venice Orizzonti 2019), Los               www.bestfriendforever.be
                                                 info@benditafilms.com        Conductos by Camilo Restrepo (Best First
                                                 www.benditafilms.com         Feature in Berlinale 2020) or Oleg by Juris
                                                                              Kursietis (Cannes Directors’ Fortnight 2019).
Beta                                           Germany
                                                                                 Capricci                                        France                   25

Cinema                                                                           Films

BETA CINEMA, a subsidiary of Jan Mojto’s                                         Capricci is a French distribution and sales
European media group Beta Film, is a                                             company of award-winning arthouse
world sales and co-financing company for                                         films from all over the world. We collaborate
quality feature films that combine great                                         with high-profile filmmakers such as Albert
stories, commercial viability and artistic                                       Serra, Jean-Luc Godard, Hong Sangsoo,
integrity.                                     CEO                               Abel Ferrara, Wang Bing, Philippe Garrel etc.   Managing Director
                                               Dirk Schuerhoff                                                                   Thierry Lounas
BETA CINEMA’s footprint ranges from                                              Capricci Editions, founded in 2007, is one of
                                               Executive Vice President                                                          Head of Sales & Aquisitions
Oscar® winners to worldwide B.O. and           Acquisitions, Sales & Marketing   the most important cinema book publisher        Jim Martín
streaming hits, such as The Lives of Others,   Thorsten Ritter                   in France, including essays, interviews with    jimmy.martin@capricci.fr
Il Divo, Downfall and two time Oscar®-         thorsten.ritter@                  directors or unpublished screenplays.
nominee Never Look Away, to Netflix hit
Calibre and multiple award-winning B.O.        Head of Sales & Acquisitions      Three main titles: 9 Fingers by FJ Ossang,
successes like Woman at War and System         Tassilo Hallbauer                 Rise and Fall of a Small Film Company
Crasher.                                       tassilo.hallbauer@                by Jean-Luc Godard, Atlal by Djamel Kerkar.

Current highlights include Berlin 2021
Competition entries I’m Your Man by Maria
Schrader (winner Silver Bear) and Next
Door by Daniel Brühl, Venice entry
Nowhere Special and the psychological
thriller Kindred starring Fiona Shaw           contact                                                                           contact
and Jack Lowden.                                  Grünwalder Weg 28d                                                                103 rue Sainte Catherine
                                                  D - 82041 Oberhaching                                                             F - 33000 Bordeaux
                                                  phone +49 89 6734 698 28                                                          phone +33 5 3554 5192
                                                  beta@betacinema.com                                                               contact@capricci.fr
                                                  www.betacinema.com                                                                www.capricci-
CAT&Docs                                           France
                                                                               Celluloid                                        France                  27


CAT&Docs is a Paris-based sales company                                        Celluloid Dreams has been at the forefront
specialised in promoting and distributing                                      of international sales, production, and
documentaries from all over the world,                                         financing of quality independent films for
worldwide. CAT&Docs is looking for original                                    more than 30 years. Its ‘Directors Label’
documentaries, investigative documentaries,                                    stands for the discovery and subsequent
always associated with a high standard             President                   promotion of a large number of the most          President
of content and form. Pertinent and                 Catherine Le Clef           important, awarded and respected film            Hengameh Panahi
impertinent films on topical questions and                                     directors of our times, the “future classics”.   Vice President
timeless subjects; documentaries that              Sales                                                                        Charlotte Mickie
rigorously explore the subject matter, that        Aleksandra Derewienko       Celluloid Dreams’ 2021 line-up includes          charlotte@celluloid-
are audacious, open to the diversity of            aleksandra@catndocs.com     Hit the Road by Panah Panahi (Directors’         dreams.com
the world and that have their place in the                                     Fortnight 2021), Death of a Ladies’ Man          Sales & Marketing
international scene; documentaries that                                        by Matthew Bissonnette, I Am Chance by           Adam Ibourk
question the world and propose new ways                                        Marc-Henri Wajnberg, Memory House                adam@celluloid-dreams.com
of looking at documentaries that keep                                          by João Paulo Miranda Maria (Cannes, TIFF
us from closing our eyes.                                                      and San Sebastian Official Selection 2020),
                                                                               Sun Children by Majid Majidi (Venice
CAT&Docs’2021 line-up includes : The Earth                                     Official Competition 2020), Miss Marx by
is Blue as an Orange, Wake Up On Mars,                                         Susanna Nicchiarelli (Venice Official
All-In, Life of Ivanna, Fly so Far, Belly of the                               Competition 2020) and The Book of Vision
Beast, Raise the Bar, The New Gospel,                                          by Carlo Hintermann (executive producer
A Life Parked, Citizenfour, Cameraperson,          contact                     Terrence Malick).                                contact
just to name a few.                                   23–25 Rue Jean Jacques                                                       2 rue Turgot
                                                      Rousseau                                                                     F - 75009 Paris
                                                      F - 75001 Paris                                                              phone +33 1 4970 0370
                                                      phone +33 1 4461 7748                                                        www.celluloid-dreams.com
                                                      info@catndocs.com                                                            info@celluloid-dreams.com
Charades                                      France
                                                                               Cité                                                                   29


Carole Baraton, Yohann Comte and Pierre       Co-Founder                       CITE FILMS is a production and sales
Mazars founded Charades in January 2017,      Carole Baraton                   company founded in 1997, wholly-owned
following successful tenures as head and                                       and managed by Raphaël Berdugo, who
VPs of International Sales at Wild Bunch,                                      has more than 30 year experience in the
Gaumont and StudioCanal. Constantin                                            movie business, especially in production
Briest, founder of Asuna, is the financial                                     and international sales. He has coproduced    President, Producer &
partner. A dynamic sales and co-production                                     around 30 movies through various              Head of Sales
                                                                                                                             Raphaël Berdugo
company based in Paris but with a global      Co-Founder
                                                                               production companies, mostly arthouse
reach, Charades offers a fresh perspective    Yohann Comte                     films that have been selected by
and wealth of experience in international                                      prestigious festivals such as Cannes,
sales.                                                                         Berlin, Venice and Toronto, winning
                                                                               numerous awards.
Charades’s slate includes Kirill
Serebrennikov’s Leto (World Premiere in                                        He was previously manager / owner
Cannes Official Selection 2018), Mamoru                                        of ROISSY FILMS for more than 15 years,
Hosoda’s Mirai (Directors’ Fortnight 2018 /                                    a well-known French independent
                                              Pierre Mazars
Academy Award and Golden Globe                                                 production and sales company, which
nomination), I Lost my Body by Jérémy         Acquisitions Manager and Sales   he sold to EUROPACORP (Luc Besson)
Clapin (Cannes International Critics’         Lucie Desquiens                  in 2008. He was also President of the
Week Grand Prix 2019 / Academy Award                                           France’s Association of Film Exporters
nomination), On a Magical Night by            contact                          (ADEF) for six years. Cité Films activities
Christophe Honoré (Un Certain Regard             17 Boulevard Jules Ferry      include production and international          contact
2019) and Horror film phenomenon                 F - 75011 Paris               sales of new movies and also management          56 rue Perronet
                                                 phone +33 1 4970 0370                                                          F - 92200 Neuilly sur Seine
Host by Rob Savage. Currently on their                                         of library titles from world acclaimed
                                                 carole@charades.eu                                                             phone +33 1 8264 5298
line-up are the new Kirill Serebrannikov’s       www.charades.eu               directors including ARGOS FILMS’ classics        contact@citefilms.com
Petrov’s Flu and Mamoru Hosoda’s                                               unique catalogue.                                www.citefilms.com
latest animation Belle.
Coccinelle                                          Italy
                                                                                  Copenhagen                                        Denmark                31

film sales                                                                        Bombay

Coccinelle film sales is an international                                         Copenhagen Bombay is an international
distributor that launched a REVOLUTIONARY                                         media house working with a broad range of
BUSINESS MODEL on the “producer’s side”.                                          projects cross platforms. The business
In fact, Coccinelle offers independent                                            foundation is strong storytelling for children,
producers and filmmakers a new concept of                                         youth and families.
personalized distribution without binding           CEO                                                                             CEO & Owner
their film to distribution contracts for years      Francesca Breccia             The Copenhagen Bombay Group represents            Sarita Christensen
and without deducting expenses from the                                           three business areas:
                                                                                                                                    Head of Sales
producer’s revenue share.                                                         • IP production                                   Alexandra Cruz
                                                                                  • Distribution and world sales incl.              Alexandra.cruz@
Our films travel to worldwide A-festivals and                                       the agency “Holy Cow”                           copenhagenbombay.com
are theatrically released in several territories.                                 • Learning products

Coccinelle film is member of the European                                         All productions are based on the
Film Academy (EFA), of Europa International                                       Copenhagen Bombay values: Quality content,
(EI) and Unefa and often joins several                                            original design, high ethical standard and
industry events, such as EAVE workshops                                           humor as the foundational ingredients.
and Cannes Producers on the Move                                                  Copenhagen Bombay’s vision is to stimulate
meetings as a decision maker.                                                     the inquisitive child to remain curious. This
                                                                                  generates innovation and entrepreneurship.

                                                    contact                       Today the Copenhagen Bombay Group                 contact
                                                       Via della cisterna, 1      represents seven companies located in                Refshalevej 147, 1st floor
                                                       I - 00153 Rome                                                                  DK - 1432 Copenhagen K
                                                                                  Denmark, Sweden, and China. Ownership of
                                                       phone +39 3388 1588 62                                                          phone +45 72 420 800
                                                       info@coccinellefilm.com    30 original IP productions inclusive own             info@copenhagenbombay.com
                                                       www.coccinellefilm.com     animation studio and bureau specialized in           www.copenhagenbombay.com
                                                                                  brand strategy and digital content. Bombay’s
                                                                                  projects have won numerous awards and
                                                                                  recognition in Denmark and internationally,
                                                                                  and sold to more than 98 countries.
Coproduction                                     France
                                                                                   Deckert                                           Germany                33

Office                                                                             Distribution
Societe Parisienne
de Production

Based in Paris and Berlin, Coproduction                                            Deckert Distribution is a world sales
Office is an international distributor and                                         company for documentaries and stands for
producer of bold, award-winning films.                                             excellent, director-led, award-winning
                                                                                   films, such as the 2020 OSCAR nominated
Coproduction Office’s CEO and founder                                              Honeyland by Ljubomir Stefanov and
Philippe Bober has worked with prominent         Managing Director &               Tamara Kotevska, EMMY Award winners               Managing Director
ground-breaking directors from early on in       Acquisitions                      Miners Shot Down by Rehad Desai and               Heino Deckert
                                                 Philippe Bober
their careers and has produced thirty-two                                          No Burqas Behind Bars by Nima Sarvestani,
                                                                                                                                     Sales & Acquisitions
films to date. The majority of these films       Head of Sales and Acquisitions    the 2010 OSCAR nominated Rabbit à                 Executive
were selected for the main competitions in       Sophie Cabon                      la Berlin by Bartek Konopka and Piotr             Vaidute Fischer
Cannes, Venice and Berlin, where they            sophie@coproductionoffice.eu      Rosolowski, German Documentary Award              vaida@deckert-
have received over 30 prizes, most notably                                         winner Heimat is a Space in Time by Thomas
                                                 Head of Sales
the Venice Golden Lion in 2014 for Roy           Nadine Rothschild                 Heise, ¡Vivan las Antipodas! by Victor            Sales & Acquisitions
Andersson’s A Pigeon Sat On a Branch             sales@coproductionoffice.eu       Kossakovsky, as well as Under the Sun,            Liselot Verbrugge
Reflecting on Existence, and the Palme d’Or                                        Putin’s Witnesses and Gorbachev. Heaven           liselot@deckert-
in 2017 for The Square by Ruben Östlund.                                           by Vitaly Mansky.

Coproduction Office’s international sales                                          Throughout the year, we present our slate
division distributes a catalogue composed                                          at international markets like MIPDOC /
of films produced by Philippe Bober as                                             MIPTV / MIPCOM in Cannes, and at festivals
well as acquired titles and restored classics,                                     with attached markets, such as IDFA, DOK
including Roberto Rossellini’s key films.        contact                           Leipzig, or Sheffield Doc / Fest. You can         contact
The catalogue is unique for its artistic            24, rue Lamartine              find us at major festivals like Cannes, Berlin,      Gottschedstr. 18
                                                    F - 75009 Paris                                                                     D - 04109 Leipzig
strength, with films that have an individual                                       Venice, Toronto or Rotterdam.
                                                    phone +33 1 5602 6000                                                               phone +49 341 2156 638
and distinctive cinematic language, and             leonie@coproductionoffice.eu                                                        info@deckert-
often daring content.                               www.coproductionoffice.eu      Deckert Distribution GmbH was established            distribution.com
                                                                                   by managing director Heino Deckert in                www.deckert-
                                                                                   2003 in Leipzig, Germany.
DFW                                            The
                                               Netherlands                     Dutch                                          The

International                                                                  Features
                                                                               Global Entertainment

Established in 2019, DFW International                                         Dutch Features Global Entertainment is
is the international sales division of Dutch                                   a specialized world sales and distribution
FilmWorks.                                                                     company with offices in Amsterdam and
                                                                               Los Angeles. Renowned for its expertise,
DFW International focuses on the                                               boutique style and award-winning portfolio,
worldwide sales of its own (co)productions.    CEO                             the company markets and sells thrillers,       CEO
With a broad catalogue of series, features,    Willem Pruijssers               high concept television drama, and             Pim van Collem
documentaries and kids content, DFW            VP International Sales &
                                                                               acclaimed television series and family films   International Sales
International aims to bring the best of        Distribution                    through ‘Prime’ and ‘Family’ labels.           Francoise Nieto-Fong
the Benelux to the world.                      Angela Pruijssers                                                              francoise@dutchfeatures.com
Recent global successes include series                                         Dutch Features represents the Emmy
                                               International Sales                                                            Acquisition & Marketing
Undercover and Women of the Night and          Charlotte Henskens
                                                                               Award-winning film Rhubarb, in addition to     Executive
features Black Widow, Men at Work –            CHenskens@dfw.nl                the Emmy Award-winning TV series Floor         Fulko Kuindersma
Miami and Pirates Down the Street.                                             Rules! and Casper and the Christmas            fulko@dutchfeatures.com
Upcoming titles include documentary                                            Angels. Upcoming family films include Sihja
series The Art Dispute and Belgian                                             the Rebel Fairy and The Ghastly Brothers.
drama Rookie.                                                                  Dutch Oscar entry Tonio, revenge thriller
                                                                               The Columnist, Syrian war drama Brothers
                                                                               and cyber-thriller Silk Road are some of the
                                                                               highlights of the company’s film portfolio.

                                               contact                         The company is actively co-developing          contact
                                                  Burgemeester Verderlaan 15   new content such as: #annaismissing, the          Hogeweg 56D
                                                  NL - 3544 AD Utrecht                                                           NL - 2042 GJ Zandvoort
                                                  phone +31 88 1202017
                                                                               hugely anticipated sequel to their Emmy           phone +31 23 8880 168
                                                  chenskens@dfw.nl             Award-winning drama #martyisdead and              jacqueline@
                                                  www.dfw-international.com    Ava, a half hour family series from the           dutchfeatures.com
                                                                               producers of Floor Rules!                         www.dutchfeatures.com
EastWest                                         Austria
                                                                                    Elle                                             France                   37

Filmdistribution                                                                    Driver

Founded in 2004, EastWest Filmdistribution                                          Elle Driver is a sales and acquisitions
is an international film distributor promoting                                      company based in Paris committed to
and selling quality films from Europe                                               represent the world’s most creative rising
and around the world. We seek films that                                            and well-established talents. Across a
astonish, fascinate and keep audiences                                              broad spectrum of budgets and content, the
engaged long after the lights go back on –       Managing Director &                slate emphasizes a diversity of films each       Director & Co-Founder
films with high production value and             Acquisitions                       with a unique universe and sensibility. Rising   Adeline Fontan Tessaur
                                                 Sasha Wieser                                                                        adeline@elledriver.eu
worldwide appeal. And we represent our                                              to every challenge, the line up knows no
films with dedication to ensure they             distribution.com                   limits of ambition or genre.                     Sales & Acquisitions
reach their markets. We focus on thriller /                                                                                          Alexis Reybet-Degat
horror, drama, family / comedy, TV or                                               Created in 2008, Elle Driver is considered       alexis@elledriver.eu
projects that are simply exceptional. Based                                         one of the leading sales outfits worldwide       Sales & Acquisitions
in Vienna, we operate with a strong                                                 with a catalogue of over 130 titles including:   Renan Artukmac
international network of experienced film                                           Love Affair(s) by Emmanuel Mouret (Official      renan@elledriver.eu
professionals. Quality and passion:                                                 Selection – Cannes ‘20), The Vigil by Keith
where East meets West.                                                              Thomas (TIFF Midnight 2019), Adults in the
                                                                                    Room by Costa-Gavras (Official Selection –
                                                                                    Venice ‘19 & Donostia Award – San Sebastian
                                                                                    ‘19), Piranhas by Claudio Giovannesi (Best
                                                                                    Screenplay – Berlin ‘19), Girls of the Sun by
                                                                                    Eva Husson (Competition – Cannes ‘18),
                                                 contact                            Vision by Naomi Kawase (San Sebastian &          contact
                                                    Lerchengasse 24 / 25            TIFF ‘18), The Miseducation of Cameron Post         44 rue Blanche
                                                    A - 1080 Vienna                                                                     F - 75009 Paris
                                                    phone +43 1 890 8376
                                                                                    by Desiree Akhavan (Grand Jury Prize –              phone +33 1 5643 4870
                                                    office@eastwest-                Sundance ‘18), Standing Tall by Emmanuelle          sales@elledriver.eu
                                                    distribution.com                Bercot (Opening Film – Cannes ‘15), 20 Feet         www.elledriver.fr
                                                    www.eastwest-distribution.com   From Stardom (Best Documentary – Oscars
                                                                                    ‘14), and Dead Snow I & II cult genre films
                                                                                    by Tommy Wirkola.
Endorphin                                     Greece
                                                                                 Eyewell AB                                     Sweden                    39

Endorphin is an independent boutique film                                        Eyewell is a world sales company of
sales company based in Athens, founded                                           scripted commercial films and tv-series.
in 2020 by Viki Antonopoulou and Christina                                       We focus on content for an international
Pelekani. Both are very experienced film                                         audience with marketable elements
industry professionals, having worked                                            and clear target groups.
for studios and indies (Paramount, Studio     Partner                                                                           CEO & Managing Director
Canal, Warner Bros, Village Roadshow          Viki Antonopoulou                  We selectively acquire 3–5 projects a year,    Michael Werner
& Feelgood). Viki has a strong financial                                         that benefits our producers by allowing us
background and an expertise in the                                               to give undivided attention to our partners.
international film industry. Christina’s
expertise is in marketing and acquisitions                                       Besides licensing readymade content,
and she is also a regular speaker                                                we also offer remake rights to most of our
at industry events, film festivals and                                           titles. Moreover, using our vast network,
development workshops.                        Partner                            we track and enter into developing new
                                              Christina Pelekani                 features and tv-series with the same
Our films are carefully selected and our                                         selection criteria as above.
pivotal goal is to work closely with the
filmmakers to develop tailor-made festival,
marketing and distribution strategies.
Our catalogue includes films such as Bebia
à mon seul désir, a debut feature by Juja
Dobrachkous (IFFR, Seattle, best director &   contact                                                                           contact
FIPRESCI best fiction award at the GoEast        GR - Athens                                                                       Upplandsgatan 69
                                                 www.endorphinfilmsales.com                                                        S - 113 28 Stockholm
Festival, ND / NF, etc).                                                                                                           phone +46 70 733 28 55
One of our upcoming titles is Kick &                                                                                               info@eyewell.se
Scream, a debut feature from Croatia                                                                                               www.eyewell.se
by actress Nina Violic.
Fandango                                     Italy
                                                                              Feel Content                                   Spain                      41

Domenico Procacci’s Fandango was                                              FEEL CONTENT, S.L is an international          CEO & Founder & Sales
founded in 1989. Since then Fandango                                          sales company founded in 2020 by               Geraldine Gonard
produced more than 100 films, Italian                                         audiovisual professionals with over 25 years   geraldine.gonard@
and International, participating in all                                       of experience: it has been created backed
international film fes­­tivals and winning                                    by Géraldine Gonard (CEO of INSIDE
numerous awards amongst two Grand Prix       Managing Director                CONTENT) & Luis Collar (CEO of the
in Cannes with Gomorra and Reality, which    Domenico Procacci                CIRCULAR GROUP) and aims to explote
were both directed by Matteo Garrone.                                         new distribution and acquistion
                                             Head of International Sales
                                             Raffaella Di Giulio              opportunities of Spanish-language and
Nanni Moretti, Paolo Sorrentino,             raffaella.digiulio@fandango.it   European films.                                CEO & Founder & Acquisitions
Michelangelo Antonioni, Emir Kusturica,                                                                                      Luis Collar
Rolf De Heer, Milcho Mancevski,                                               We are passionate about cinema and our
Emanuele Crialese, Richard Lowenstein,                                        main objective is to connect with both
Gabriele Muccino, Daniele Vicari, Luciano                                     European and Latin American emerging           Acquisitions
Ligabue, Ferzan Ozpetek are only some                                         talents and renowned film directors, to        Yvettes de los Santos
of the directors Fandango has worked with.                                    ensure that their films gain international
Along with Eric Abraham (Portobello                                                                                          Acquisitions & Festivals
Pictures UK) Procacci has owned Fandango                                      We put everything we’ve got into stories       Manuela Díaz
Portobello Sales an International Film                                        that the public is looking to find.
Sales Company from 2007 to 2013. Since       contact
then he owns Fandango Sales, his own            Viale Gorizia, 19                                                            contact
International Sales Company.                    I - 00198 Rome                                                                  Av. Concha Espina, 65, 2°
                                                phone +39 06 8521 8155                                                          E - 28016 Madrid
                                                info@fandango.it                                                                phone +34 6 34 71 63 49
                                                sales@fandango.it                                                               info@feelcontentintsales.com
                                                www.fandango.it                                                                 feelcontentintsales.com
Feelsales                                         Spain
                                                                                 Film Factory Spain                                                        43


Feelsales is an international sales agency                                       Film Factory Entertainment is an
devoted to documentary films and                                                 independent international sales agency
short films. It is part of The Circular Group,                                   based in Barcelona, Spain. Film Factory’s
toghether with the Freak Independent                                             objective is the international sale of Spanish
Film Agency, an agency specialised in                                            Cinema’s most important productions,
international film festival distribution and      Managing Director              working with a selective slate, choosing          Managing Director
Feelmakers.com, a VOD platform dedicated          Luis Collar                    films with the highest international potential    Vicente Canales

to documentaries, animation and short                                            and also collaborating with Europe and
                                                  Sales & Acquisitions
films.                                            Pablo Briseño Galván           Latin America’s most prominent production
                                                  pablobriseno@                  companies.
The three companies together offer a              feelsales.com

complete comercialising service for films:                                       Film Factory has established itself
film festival distribution, international sales   Yvette de los Santos           in the market as a sales agent capable of
and VOD worldwide, creating together a            yvettedelossantos@             taking on projects at an early stage and
unique strategy to achieve the best results       feelsales.com                  ensuring that they achieve pre-sales. Film
for the films.                                                                   Factory’s line-up is based on two main
                                                                                 principles: the first focuses on original films
                                                                                 from up-and-coming directors with
                                                                                 groundbreaking and novel subject matters,
                                                                                 while the second emphasizes quality films
                                                                                 with broad commercial potential and the
                                                  contact                        most important productions of the year,           contact
                                                     Av. Concha Espina, 65, 2°   from the most important and elite directors.         Calle Lincoln 11, 2°–4a
                                                     E - 28016 Madrid                                                                 E - 08006 Barcelona
                                                     phone +34 91 590 3920                                                            phone +34 933 684 608
                                                     info@feelsales.com                                                               info@filmfactory.es
                                                     www.feelsales.com                                                                www.filmfactory.es
Film Seekers                                  France
                                                                          Filmax                                          Spain                     45

France                                                                    Castelao Pictures

Film Seekers France, the newly launched                                   Based in Barcelona, Filmax is one of
branch of international sales agency Film                                 the most important audiovisual companies
Seekers, focuses on commercially driven                                   in Spain. The company, which provides
European feature films. Working with new                                  development, production, distribution,
and established filmmakers alike, assisting                               exhibition and international sales, responds
from script development to distribution,      Managing Director           fully to the business opportunities within      CEO
the company has established itself as a       Caroline Couret-Delègue     the European and international                  Carlos Fernández Rodríguez
specialist in uplifting feel-good dramas                                  entertainment sectors.
                                                                                                                          Head of Sales
and elevated genre films, currently                                                                                       Ivan Diaz
representing four to six films a year.                                    In its role as an International Sales           i.diaz@filmax.com
                                                                          Agency, Filmax is strongly positioned within
                                                                                                                          Head of Acquisitions
Recent Film Seekers successes include                                     the film industry, handling the international
                                                                                                                          Carlos Rojano
Edie, released theatrically from 2018                                     distribution and sales of all movies produced   c.rojano@filmax.com
and named “One of the year’s biggest                                      by the Filmax group. Its International
independent theatrical success stories’                                   Catalogue also includes a wide range of
by UK Trade Magazine, The Witch in                                        high quality products from other production
the Window which sold on multi-territory                                  companies.
deals worldwide and had a fantastic
international festival run, and most                                      Furthermore, in recent years Filmax has
recently UK / German co-production                                        also successfully branched out into the TV
Love Sarah, which was released in more        contact                     market.                                         contact
than 50 countries worldwide.                     phone +33 6 8228 1430                                                       Calle Metalurgia 38, 4ª planta
                                                 info@film-seekers.com                                                       E - 08038 Barcelona
                                                 www.film-seekers.com                                                        phone +34 93 3368 555
Filmdelights                                     Austria
                                                                                    Filmotor                                          Czech

Filmdelights is an innovative world sales                                           Founded in October, 2017 by Michaela
and distribution company for classical                                              Cajkova in Prague. Filmotor is a world sales
(theatrical, TV, Pay TV, DVD, educational                                           company dedicated to the international
distr.) and digital film distribution. With a                                       distribution of creative and independent
passion for different and well-narrated                                             feature documentaries.
stories, sensibility and humour, we believe      Managing Director;                                                                   Managing Director
in films that increase awareness in various      Head of Sales &                    The catalogue of the films consists of the        Michaela Cajkova
                                                 Acquisitions                                                                         michaela@filmotor.com
ways. Customised cross-marketing and                                                strong festival titles that enjoy international
                                                 Christa Auderlitzky
distribution strategies support our goal to                                         success at A-festivals such as Venice,
exploit the optimal commercial potential                                            Locarno, Berlinale, Toronto, IDFA, Hot
of each individual film.                                                            Docs, CPH:DOX, Visions du Reel… Some of
                                                                                    the recent titles are Victoria, Holgut and
Aside from world wide distribution                                                  As I Want. We are searching for films with
(filmdelights sales) and national distribution                                      powerful stories and innovative aesthetic
in Austria (filmdelights verleih) we offer                                          elements.
consulting for filmmakers and producers
in finding the optimal marketing and                                                For our filmmakers, we offer the festival
distribution strategy for their film.                                               and sales representation with the goal to
                                                                                    make the films visible internationally. We
We support them to reach their target                                               deliberate the dynamic changes in the
audience and establish a fan community at                                           market and make our films available in the
a very early state of production, using all      contact                            digital and educational platforms. Our            contact
the possibilities of Social Media and Web           Lerchenfelderstr. 88–90 / 22a   services include sales to TV broadcasters,           Kaprova 42 / 14
                                                    A - 1080 Vienna                                                                      CZ - 110 00 Prague
X.0. to find a global audience.                                                     theatrical distributors and all rights regional
                                                    phone +43 670 559 03 24                                                              phone +420 721 006 421
                                                    office@filmdelights.com         distributors.                                        michaela@filmotor.com
The company was founded in Vienna in                www.filmdelights.com                                                                 www.filmotor.com
February 2010 by film professional Christa
Films                                            Germany /
                                                 France                         First Hand                                     Germany /

Boutique                                                                        Films
                                                                                Weltvertrieb GmbH

Films Boutique is an independent inter-                                         International sales, theatrical distribution
national sales company specialized in                                           and a producer, based in Zürich.
distribution of innovative feature films by
filmmakers from all over the world.                                             Run by Esther van Messel since 1998, has
                                                                                sold thousands of licenses worldwide,
Only 10 to 15 new titles are added to our        CEO                            turned over more than twenty million Euro      CEO
line-up per year as we are going back            Jean-Christophe Simon          and its films have won many awards             Esther van Messel
to basics: treat films as works of art and                                      including Emmies, Golden Roses and Oscar
                                                 Head of Acquisitions                                                          firsthandfilms.com
concentrate ourselves on a limited               Gabor Greiner                  Nominations.
number of high profile titles.                   gabor@filmsboutique.com
                                                                                Since 2013 releases films theatrically in
                                                 Head of Sales
We are proud to serve our producers and                                         Switzerland, international fiction and
                                                 Julien Razafindranaly
distributors, who trust us in building up long   julien@filmsboutique.com       non-fiction.
lasting relationships and a reputation for
new and confirmed talents.                                                      For selected projects FHF acts as Executive

                                                    Köpenicker Str. 184
                                                    D - 10997 Berlin                                                           contact
                                                                                                                                  Prinzessinnenstrasse 29
                                                    5 rue Nicolas Flamel                                                          D - 10969 Berlin
                                                    F - 75004 Paris                                                               phone +49 30 2852 9088
                                                    phone +49 30 69 53 78 50                                                      www.firsthandfilms.com
Fizz-e-Motion                                   Austria
                                                                               Heretic                                          Greece                     51

Fizz-e-Motion is an international                                              Heretic supports and encourages films and
sales company which specializes in thrillers,                                  filmmakers to reach broad global audiences
rom-com and great drama, mostly from                                           by becoming a key creative partner with the
Europe. The company was founded in 2018                                        film team in utilizing strategies for festival
in Cannes but has been recently relocated                                      play, sales, and alternative distribution
to Vienna, Austria. The general manager         Managing Director              models.                                          CEO
is Yannick Rudynski.                            Sales & Acquisitions                                                            Giorgos Karnavas
                                                Yannick Rudynski                                                                giorgos@heretic.gr
                                                                               In 2021, Heretic landed its first Golden
Year after year Fizz-e-Motion is growing,                                      Bear Award with Radu Jude’s political satire
following its strategy of acquiring good                                       Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn. In 2019,
and popular European films, with the aim                                       Heretic handled world sales for Retablo,
of showing them to the World.                                                  Peru’s official submission to The Academy
                                                                               Awards for Oscar® consideration. Retablo
Businesswise our main focus is to sell our                                     was also nominated for BAFTA’s Outstanding       CEO
films to distributors but we also understand                                   Debut Award, and Best International Film         Konstantinos Kontovrakis
how important festivals are and we put a                                       for the Film Independent Spirit Award.
lot of effort into this matter.                                                                                                 Head of Sales &
                                                                               Other titles on Heretic’s varied sales slate     Acquisitions
                                                                               includes, Ralitza Petrova’s Golden Leopard-      Ioanna Stais
                                                                               winning debut, Godless; Keltek’s critical
                                                                               darling, Meteors; Isabella Eklöf’s Sundance
                                                contact                        competition title, Holiday; Mahmut Fazil         contact
                                                   38 Obkirchergasse           Coskun’s Venice Orizzonti Special Jury              36, Alkmanos street
                                                   A - 1190 Vienna                                                                 GR - 11528 Athens
                                                                               Prize-winning film, The Announcement;
                                                   phone +43 66 4510 4166                                                          phone +30 210 6005260
                                                   yannick@fizz-e-motion.com   Ena Sendijarevic’s festival hit Take Me             outreach@heretic.gr
                                                   www.fizz-e-motion.com       Somewhere Nice; and Muayad Alayan’s,                www.heretic.gr
                                                                               IFFR Hivos Tiger award-winning
                                                                               film, The Reports On Sarah And Saleem,
                                                                               among others.
Indie                                           France
                                                                             Intramovies                                     Italy                     53


Indie Sales has established itself as a major                                Intramovies is an independent international
player in independent international sales                                    distributor, with particular focus on high
with a high quality catalogue of more than                                   quality first – and second – feature films by
70 films from the widest range possible. The                                 talented directors.
complementary professional backgrounds
of both co-founders Nicolas Eschbach and        Co-Founder & Head of Sales   Established almost fifty years ago, it has      CEO
Eric Névé has brought a solid and unique        Nicolas Eschbach             constantly been the helping arm for creative    Paola Corvino
structure to the international film                                          producers and new directors.                    Head of Acquisitions &
distribution business.                          Acquisition Manager                                                          Production
                                                Simon Gabriele               The yearly lineup is composed by feature        Marco Valerio Fusco
Indie Sales is proudly representing             sgabriele@indiesales.eu      films of high artistic value that go on to      marco@intramovies.com
world-renowned directors such as Jasmila                                     participate at major international festivals.   Sales Manager
Žbanić, Bruno Dumont, Lav Diaz,                                                                                              Geremia Biagiotti
Ziad Doueiri, Stefano Sollima or Gabriele                                    Intramovies also boasts a wide catalogue        geremia@intramovies.com
Muccino, and to be accompanying                                              that includes some of the most prestigious
                                                                                                                             Sales Manager
up-and-coming talented filmmakers: Justine                                   Italian classics directed by acclaimed          Manuela Tambascia
Triet, Clément Cogitore, Alice Winocour,                                     authors such as Fellini, Antonioni, Visconti,   manuela.t@intramovies.com
Claire Burger. We also have a special focus                                  Argento, Pasolini, De Sica and many others.
for high profile animation titles (The
Crossing, Calamity, My Life as a Zucchini,
Moomins on the Riviera). Our films have
been awarded in the most prestigious            contact                                                                      contact
festivals (Cannes, Berlin, Venice…) and            32 rue Washington                                                            Via E. Manfredi 15
                                                   F - 75008 Paris                                                              I - 00197 Rome
nominated for top international awards
                                                   phone +33 1 4483 0227                                                        phone +39 06 45 777 931
such as the Oscars or the Golden Globes            info@indiesales.eu                                                           mail@intramovies.com
(Quo Vadis, Aida?, The Insult, My Life             www.indiesales.eu                                                            www.intramovies.com
as a Zucchini).
Kinology                                    France
                                                                       Latido                                         Spain                     55


A Paris-based world sales and                                          Latido is a sales agency founded to
(co)-production entity representing some                               commercialise all-film rights of titles from
of the most ambitious and innovative                                   all over the world with a focus on Spain
European feature films starring                                        and Latin-America and lately Eastern
international talent such as Deniz Gamze                               Europe, handling a lineup of a maximum
Ergüven’s Mustang, Harmony Korine’s         President                  of 15 titles per year. In 2018, Latido         Managing Director &
Spring Breakers, David Cronenberg’s         Grégoire Melin             was awarded Animation Distributor of           Head of Acquisitions
                                                                                                                      Antonio Saura
Cosmopolis, Michel Gondry’s The                                        the year in Cartoon Movie.
                                            Sales & Development                                                       latido@latidofilms.com
We And The I, Ana Lily Amirpour’s           Assistant
A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night,           Hugo Revello               We collaborate with prestigious filmmakers     Head of International Sales
and Rodrigo Cortés’ Buried.                 hrevello@kinology.eu       such as Juan José Campanella (The Secret       Juan Torres
                                                                       in Their Eyes – Oscar for Best Foreign
Also recently, they fully produced the                                 Language Film), Carlos Saura, Arturo
US$25M heist action lingo Overdrive in                                 Ripstein and Krzysztof Zanussi, established
2016 / 2017, Terry Gilliam’s long-awaited                              directors such as Javier Fesser, Mariano
The Man Who Killed Don Quixote in 2018,                                Cohn & Gastón Duprat, José Luis Cuerda,
and the Sony-distributed romance fantasy                               Álvaro Brechner, Carlos Moreno and
A Mermaid in Paris in 2020, aside from                                 also award-winning new talent such as
coproducing or executively producing                                   Marysia Nikitiuk, Laura Mora and Rodrigo
many other films.                                                      Sorogoyen.

                                            contact                    Multi-audience animations and                  contact
                                               30, rue Moret           ground-breaking documentaries are                 Calle San Bernardo 20,2–8
                                               F - 75011 Paris                                                           E - 28015 Madrid
                                                                       also a must in our catalogue.
                                               phone +33 9 5147 4344                                                     latido@latidofilms.com
                                               episarra@kinology.eu                                                      www.latidofilms.com
Le Pacte                                         France
                                                                            Les Films                                       France                    57

                                                                            du Losange

Le Pacte is a distribution, sales agent and                                 Created in 1962 by Barbet Schroeder and
coproduction company based in Paris.                                        Eric Rohmer, the company “Les Films du
It was founded in December 2007 by Jean                                     Losange” has always been the partner of
Labadie, with a team of experienced                                         film directors from all over the world. Since
executives whose common goal it is to                                       1975, Margaret Menegoz has ruled the
develop an efficient, talent-friendly tool       CEO                        company.                                        Managing Director
dedicated to cinema from all over the            Jean Labadie                                                               Margaret Menegoz
world, in all its styles. The only criteria is                              With passion and perseverance the
                                                 Head of Sales                                                              Head of Sales & Acquisition
enthusiasm, quality and passion.                 Camille Neel               company has expanded and diversified            Alice Lesort
                                                 c.neel@le-pacte.com        from production to nation wide distribution     a.lesort@filmsdulosange.fr
Le Pacte handles international sales for                                    and International Sales. Today we account
                                                 Senior Sales Manager
feature films and documentaries by famous                                   for over 100 films, including Eric Rohmer,
                                                 Nathalie Jeung
directors such as Abderrahmane Sissako,          n.jeung@le-pacte.com       Barbet Schroeder, Jacques Rivette, Alain
Wim Wenders, Nanni Moretti, Jaco                                            Guiraudie, Mia Hansen-Love, Michael
Van Dormael, Joachim Lafosse, Catherine          Head of Acquisitions       Haneke.
                                                 Thomas Pibarot

                                                 contact                                                                    contact
                                                    5 Rue Darcet                                                               22, av Pierre 1er de Serbie
                                                    F - 75017 Paris                                                            F - 75116 Paris
                                                    phone +33 1 4469 5955                                                      phone +33 1 4443 8728
                                                    y.tamer@le-pacte.com                                                       sales@filmsdulosange.fr
                                                    www.le-pacte.com                                                           https://filmsdulosange.com/en/
LevelK                                          Denmark
                                                                                 Loco                                          France                      59


LevelK is handling international sales and                                       Loco Films is a Paris-based world sales
aggregation.                                                                     and production company created in 2015
                                                                                 by Laurent Danielou – who co-founded and
We are specialized in rights optimizations                                       ran Rezo Films International for a decade –
that are reflected through our innovative                                        and Enrique Gonzalez Kuhn, director of
approach to cross-platform / cross-country      CEO                              Spanish indie distribution company Caramel    CEO, Sales & Acquisitions
distribution combining theatrical and           Tine Klint                       Films who joined forces in order to find      Laurent Daniélou
traditional means – alongside digital                                            and reveal the finest of independent movies
                                                Head of Sales                                                                  Partner
distribution and marketing. Our goal is to      Debra Liang                      worldwide.                                    Enrique Gonzalez Kuhn
bring our films to the market with an           debra@levelk.dk                                                                egonzalez@
individual strategy so the film finds its own                                    Our first film was the WWII epic Battle for   caramelfilms.es
                                                Sales & Acquisitions Manager
path to its audience and hereby increase                                         Sevastopol sold to over 25 Territories. We
                                                Lauren Valmadre                                                                Head of Sales &
royalties.                                      lauren@levelk.dk                 handled Berlinale title Don’t Call Me Son,    Acquisitions
                                                                                 by Anna Muylaert, Berlin’s Crystal Bear and   Arnaud Godart
We are working with edgy, original films that                                    Grand Prix winner Fortuna, by Germinal        arnaud.godart@loco-films.com
we can market worldwide and that will                                            Roaux, starring Bruno Ganz and Directors’
resonate with international audiences.                                           Fornight’s The Pluto Moment. Our lineup
                                                                                 includes Once in Trubchevsk (Official
Our profile includes high quality                                                Selection – Un Certain Regard Cannes
productions across all genres, working with                                      2019), Journey to a Mother’s Room by Celia
established and emerging international                                           Rico Clavellino (Jury and Critics awards –
talents in both English and foreign language.   contact                          San Sebastian FF 2019), Let There Be Light    contact
Films must have strong festival potential,         Gl. Kongevej 137 B, 3rd Fl.   by Marko Skop (Karlovy Vary FF – Official        42 rue Sedaine
                                                   phone +45 20 1085 80                                                           F - 75011 Paris
international marketability and digital                                          selection in Competition 2019) and Pavel
                                                   DK - 1850 Frederiksberg C                                                      phone +33 7 62 99 49 19
possibilities as we work across all areas.         info@levelk.dk                Lungin’s war / epic Leaving Afghanistan.         info@loco-films.com
                                                   www.levelk.dk                                                                  www.loco-films.com
Luxbox                                       France
                                                                            Magnetfilm                                      Germany                 61

Luxbox is a Paris-based company,                                            Magnetfilm is a Berlin-based boutique world
dedicated to international sales and                                        sales company and strategic consultant
co-production of select projects. Based                                     dedicated to maximising audience and
on a solid film catalogue and a passionate                                  exposure for an annual slate of up to
pool of world cinema directors, the                                         15 documentary films and a handful of
company began in 2016 by winning Best        CEO, Head of Sales &           carefully selected short films.                 Sales and Acquisitions &
First Feature Film and Silver Bear for       Acquisitions                                                                   Managing Director
                                             Fiorella Moretti                                                               Georg Gruber
Best Actor, with the film Hedi by                                           We handle worldwide licensing across all
                                             fiorella@luxboxfilms.com                                                       georg.gruber@magnetfilm.de
Mohammed Ben Attia.                                                         platforms, supporting both established and
                                                                            emerging filmmakers. Our approach is            Acquisitions & Festivals
Luxbox’ line-up include, Las Herederas                                      hands-on, agile, creative and transparent –     Frauke Knappke
by Marcello Martinessi (Silver Bear Best                                    focused on nurturing long-term partnerships
Actress, Alfred Bauer Prize, FIPRESCI                                       and working closely with filmmakers and
Prize) Rojo by Benjamin Naishtat (Silver                                    producers to develop tailor-made marketing
Shell Best Director and Best Actor, Jury     CEO, Head of Sales &           and distribution strategies for every title
Prize Best Cinematography), Joan of                                         throughout the entire film lifecycle.
                                             Hédi Zardi
Arc by Bruno Dumont (Un Certain Regard       hedi@luxboxfilms.com
Award Special Mention), Sole by Carlo                                       We are looking to acquire films with strong
Sironi (Venice IFF Orrizonti Competition:                                   narratives, compelling subjects and a clear
Laterna Magica Award), Spring Blossom                                       appeal to a worldwide audience. We have
by Suzanne Lindon (Cannes Official                                          eclectic tastes and distribute films we love.
Selection), Natural Light by Dénes Nagy      contact                                                                        contact
(Silver Bear Best Director), Moon, 66           6 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud   Magnetfilm was founded in 2003 by Georg            Ilsensteinweg 35
                                                F - 75011 Paris                                                                D - 14129 Berlin
Questions by Jacqueline Lentzou                                             Gruber and maintains a presence at the
                                                phone +33 1 71 37 9934                                                         phone +49 163 801 0753
(Berlinale Encounters), The Dog Who             info@luxboxfilms.com        most important international documentary           info@magnetfilm.de
Wouldn’t be Quiet by Ana Katz (VPRO Big         www.luxboxfilms.com         film festivals and content markets.                www.magnetfilm.de
Screen Award) and Bela Tarr’s catalogue.
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