Embracing New Technology! - Mr. Z's Robotics Class - Pillager School District #116

Embracing New Technology! - Mr. Z's Robotics Class - Pillager School District #116
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          Embracing New Technology!

                                                                     Mr. Z’s
Embracing New Technology! - Mr. Z's Robotics Class - Pillager School District #116
Pillager HD Video Production Class
“Lights, camera, action!” The start of the 2020 school year signaled the start of a brand new program
at Pillager High School. Video Production class is the newest offering in the CTE (Career and
Technical Education) department in Pillager. The class is taught by local resident Chad Koel who is
also the owner of Koel Communications LLC, a local video production company. “We are very
excited to bring video production education to Pillager High School.” Koel said, “This is a fun, fast-
paced, creative trade that offers a wealth of future opportunities for students who might choose to
pursue video production as a career.”

As part of the recently passed referendum, the district made a serious investment in CTE. Part of
that investment includes a new video production studio, new camera gear, video editing software and
computers. “We’ve also invested in digital live production equipment that will allow us to live-stream
sports and other events like plays and musicals, with multiple cameras, graphics, announcers, the
whole show,” said Koel, “the kids will learn all the different jobs from camera operation, directing, play
-by-play announcing, audio, you name it. And they will be the ones pushing all the buttons.”

The class will be project-based with students producing a number of videos throughout the semester
from a video version of a children’s book to a music video to a newscast and even a full-fledged
documentary. Along the way they will learn how video cameras work, the importance of audio,
lighting techniques, interviewing, writing scripts and storyboarding, editing and graphic design among
other things. “And we will have a whole lot of fun doing it!” Koel added.

So keep an eye out for the camera crews and smile pretty because the bright lights of video
production have arrived at Pillager High!

Pillager Robotics Class
Technology education is expanding at Pillager Middle and High Schools. This fall semester saw the introduction of new Robotics courses
as well as quarterly offerings of tech-ed classes being offered to students. These new courses, a tangible sign of the expanding commit-
ment to new Career and Technical Education (CTE) class offerings at Pillager, enable students to explore different learning pathways
along their educational journey.
“These new technology and robotic courses are a natural progression of the latest offerings in 21st century science, technology, engi-
neering and mathematics (STEM) courses that are being offered by schools around the world”, said Mr. Brent Zeise, the instructor who
is piloting these new courses. Mr. Zeise, who recently joined the Pillager School community after
serving as a Director of Technology at different international U.S. Embassy schools around the world
for the past fifteen years, was impressed by the enthusiasm of the students who are just beginning to
enroll in these classes. “They really enjoy these classes and are learning great life skills that will
benefit them for years to come.”
The benefits of a robotics program are many and varied. To begin with, students are introduced to the
new technologies that are already changing our current and future work environments. Creativity is
emphasized via problem-solving challenges that promote student engagement with the dual engineer-
ing challenges of building and programming robots. While building their robots, students learn perse-
verance by working through the inevitable frustrations that arise, which is crucial for any technological
or scientific undertaking. Finally, the role of teamwork cannot be underestimated. Students learn from
each other in an environment that promotes collaboration and communication and builds a level of
interest, self-confidence and excitement that resonates with learners of all ages.
Mr. Zeise has already seen these benefits amongst the students. “It’s heartwarming to see the willing-
ness of the students to assist each other and lend a hand in troubleshooting issues with their peers.”
This collaborative mindset is especially critical now, as teams are navigating having members who
are not always present in class due to our current learning environment. Teams collaborate with their
remote members via individual team video conferencing. This way, students are keeping their peers
involved and participating on a regular basis.
Overall, the program is off to a great start. Important life skills are being learned, buzz is being
generated, and interest is intensifying in our Pillager Robotics program. Students are definitely
benefitting from yet another great educational opportunity offered by Pillager Schools.
Embracing New Technology! - Mr. Z's Robotics Class - Pillager School District #116

Thursday, October 8, 2020

To: Constituents in Aitkin, Cass, Crow Wing, Hubbard, Morrison, Todd, and Wadena counties:

We’re writing to you today to ask for your help.

We are four weeks into the year and already schools in our seven-county region have had to adjust their learning models from either
in-person to hybrid or hybrid to distance learning due to sharp increases in positive COVID-19 cases. This is disappointing for every-
one involved.

We have been given requirements from the Minnesota Department of Health that we are following, and it is working. Across the state,
there has been minimal transmission within schools. However, officials at MDH have said the COVID-19 virus is, for the most part,
spreading outside of school – transmission is happening in community settings and at family and social gatherings.

We want our kids in school as much as possible. You, the great people in our communities, have said you also want our kids in
school. We know of only one way that gives us the best chance at safely keeping our kids in school, sports, and activities.

We need your help. This information is nothing you haven’t already heard, but bears repeating as it’s going to take all of us to make
a difference. Please – help us keep cases low and our kids in school by following the very clear guidelines offered by MDH:

        Avoid crowds.
        Keep family and social gatherings outdoors.
        Stay 6 feet from others.
        Wear a mask.
        Wash your hands.
        Stay home when sick.

     Dan Stifter, Aitkin Public Schools                                Patrick Rendle, Northland Community Schools
     Eric Koep, Bertha-Hewitt Public School                            Lance Bagstad, Park Rapids Area Schools
     Laine Larson, Brainerd Public Schools                             Chris Lindholm, Pequot Lakes Public Schools
     Scott Vedbraaten, Browerville Public School                       George Weber, Pierz Public Schools
     Jamie Skjeveland, Crosby-Ironton School District                  Michael Malmberg, Pillager Public Schools
     Eric Weber, Freshwater Education District                         Jonathan Clark, Pine River-Backus Schools
     Stephen Jones, Little Falls Community Schools                     John A. Phelps, Royalton Public Schools
     Jon Kringen, Long Prairie-Grey Eagle School District              David Fjeldheim, Sebeka School District
     Kevin Wellin, Menahga Public School District                      Eugene Harthan, Swanville Public Schools
     Gregg Parks, Nevis Public School                                  Vern Capelle, Upsala Area School District

                                      We love our students and our community!
                                            Please be safe and healthy!
Embracing New Technology! - Mr. Z's Robotics Class - Pillager School District #116
My name is Bridgette Brown. I was a Husky from Kinder-
                                                                                                               garten through 12th grade. My family is deeply rooted in
                                                                                                               the Pillager community. My husband and I live on a ranch
                                                                                                               north of Pillager. We raise beef cattle and sheep. Our four
                                                                                                               children are all currently attending Pillager. They will be
                                                                                                               4th generation Huskies! I am also the owner of Double B
                                                                                                               Wild Rags. I make and sell western neck scarves online
                  November 3                                                                                   through various platforms

  Local, State, and National General Election                                            What motivates you to want to become a board member? I am a Christian
   Check with your township about absentee ballots and/or mail-in ballots.               woman who cares deeply for her community. I want to be a part of the Pillager
                                                                                         board to help guide our school in remaining a small hometown school with a big
                                                                                         heart. I believe giving our kids a great education doesn't require lots of thrills
     There will be three (3) SCHOOL BOARD                                                and pretty things. It is the heart of the community and teachers that create a
                                                                                         great education.
          seats open and on the ballot.
                                                                                         What is your vision for education in this community? If elected, my deci-
                                                                                         sions will be based on what is best for our students. I firmly believe in the im-
            See the information below for                                                portance of the basic curriculums of Math, Science, and Reading with an em-
                                                                                         phasis on the trade industries. I believe it is the school's responsibility to ready
           each of the seven (7) candidates.                                             our students in these three basic subjects to give our students the best oppor-
                                                                                         tunity to succeed after graduation.

                                                                                         What are the current challenges facing education or the Pillager School
                  My name is Elizabeth Ausland. Most people know me as Beth. I           District? With the current conditions of our society, curriculum is of the utmost
                  have lived in this community for 25 years. I have managed the          importance. Not just the content, but the way it is being offered to students.
                  Pillager Area Charter (ISD#4080) school and district office for the    Teachers are having to change the way they have taught for years. For some
                  past 20 years.                                                         this has not been a challenge, others it has been extremely hard. I would hope
                                                                                         that I can bring a voice of reason to the table. I would like to work with the
                    What motivates you to want to become a board member? I               teachers and faculty to find the best solution for these changing times in educa-
                    love the community of Pillager and the values of the people who      tion.
live here. I have lived and raised my children in this community for 25 years. I know
very well the ins and outs of a school and what needs to happen behind the scenes        What qualities and behaviors do you think is expected of you as a school
so that it runs as smoothly as it can for the students and staff.                        board member? A board member needs to be a Husky at heart through and
                                                                                         through. We expect our children to show Husky P.R.I.D.E on a daily basis, so
What is your vision for education in this community? My vision for education in          why would that be any different for those leading our school.
this community is Students First, Teachers Empowered
                                                                                                                Hi my name is Brian Grimsley. I have lived in the Pillager
What are the current challenges facing education or the Pillager School Dis-
                                                                                                                School District for 22 Years. I have 4 children Gabe,
trict? The current challenges that are facing education now are different than they
                                                                                                                Grace, Grant and Gretta that are enrolled in the school
have ever been in history. Every school board in the country is having to make deci-
                                                                                                                along with my wife Penny, who has been an educator in
sions that are History book making, future shaping decisions. Now more than ever
                                                                                                                the district for the last 22 years. I am on the Board of
the Pillager School Board’s challenge is how do they put the needs of the students
                                                                                                                directors for the Pillager Booster Club board. We fund-
first and empower their teachers during this global crisis.
                                                                                                                raise within the community and spend all the revenue in
                                                                                                                the district. Some of my interests are coaching baseball
What qualities and behaviors do you think is expected of you as a school
                                                                                                                and basketball in the district along with spending time with
board member? I believe the Pillager School board has a strong history of having
                                                                                                                family hunting and fishing.
down to earth logical thinking people on their board. If I am elected, I will continue
that tradition. I believe the board needs to make logical decisions that are Student
                                                                                         What motivates you to want to become a board member? I have been on
First, Teacher Empowered.
                                                                                         the board the last 4 years and what motivates me is the fair and equita-
                                                                                         ble education of all the Pillager students. By all students, I mean starting in
                   My name is Paul Noskowiak. I am a father of 5! (10,8,6,4x2) dad,      Kindergarten to the transition from elementary to middle school and high school
                   school bus driver, ski coach, pilot, and I love camping and spend-    helping them into the trades or placing college bound students. What also moti-
                   ing as much time outside with the kids as possible.                   vates me is seeing the education that we provide is giving our kids the best
                                                                                         chance to succeed in their future endeavors.
                   What motivates you to want to become a board member?
                   Leading by example, offering time, and talents when and where         What is my vision for education in this community? My vision for this dis-
                   they can be best used.                                                trict is to make sure the students have all the tools and resources they need to
                                                                                         be successful. By providing the best educators, technology, leadership and life
                   What is your vision for education in this community?                  experiences that we can afford to give the students the best chance to succeed.
Continuing the already great path the district is paving, expanding and diversify-
ing our tech programs.                                                                   What are the current challenges facing the Pillager School District? The
                                                                                         Challenges that face us now as a district are teacher shortages, budget short-
What are the current challenges facing education or the Pillager School Dis-             falls from lack of funding in rural school districts, but the biggest one for year
trict? Corona! These are certainly unprecedented times, and challenges we are            2020 is COVID and the uncertainty of where we will go in the future.
facing. I believe our most immediate challenge is adapting for and defining what our
future looks like.                                                                       What qualities and behaviors do I think is expected from a school board
                                                                                         member? Some of the qualities and behaviors that I think are expected from a
What qualities and behaviors do you think is expected of you as a school                 school board member is to be available, deliberative, and enthusiastic because
board member? Husky P.R.I.D.E, listening to the community, parents, and faculty,         the education of our children in the community should be priority number one.
making the most responsible decisions for the district, present, and future.
Embracing New Technology! - Mr. Z's Robotics Class - Pillager School District #116
My name is Randy Posner. I have a bachelor’s degree in                                My name is Sue Van Hal. I have lived in the Pillager School dis-
                     Criminal Justice and have been in Law Enforcement for                                 trict for 15 years. My husband, Greg, and I have two children who
                     over 30 years as a Conservation Officer and Deputy                                    both graduated from Pillager School. For the past 14 years I was
                     Sheriff. I have 3 wonderful children. My two daughters                                employed at Pillager School in the office serving as Athletic Sec-
                     have graduated from Pillager and my son is a junior.                                  retary, Community Ed secretary, and Communication/Community
                                                                                                           Connection Coordinator. I have been very involved in the Pillager
                     What motivates me to become a school board member?                                    community and served as the Pillager mayor for two years. I now
                      The Pillager area is a fantastic community. The current                              work at Central Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge in Brainerd.
administration and recent board members have developed a great plan for our
school to be successful. I want to continue to help implement that plan. My          What motivates you to want to become a board member? I loved my job at the
hope is for our students to thrive and be successful as they leave school and        school and enjoyed being a leader and connector in the Pillager community. I believe
enter the job market.                                                                that I can serve in the reverse role of representing the community to the school in an
                                                                                     effective manner.
What is my vision for education in this community? Continue to build on
the great success of our past. I will promote reasonable growth and fiscal           What is your vision for education in this community? I believe that our school is a
responsibility without sacrificing the things that make us great. Support the        vital part of the community and know that the community has so much to offer to the
recruitment and retention of great staff that will provide the best education for    students and their education. We have an excellent school and staff who want the very
our kids.                                                                            best for our students. Serving each other is what builds strong communities.

What are the current challenges facing the Pillager School District? The             What are the current challenges facing education or the Pillager School District?
recent dramatic changes to our world. The demands of providing a safe, quali-        The budget will be a challenge in the coming years as a byproduct of the COVID-19
ty education to our kids seem to be the most obvious. Covid-19 and the               shuffling of students. The school will also face the challenge of preparing students for
change of how we educate. Pillager staff has done a remarkable job adapting          jobs that aren't even thought of yet. And the bottom line of a successful school must
to this ever changing environment. Balancing the needs of the kids and every-        be a focus on the relationships between all levels of individuals in the building to create
one’s health and safety.                                                             the best learning environment.

What qualities and behaviors do I think is expected from a school board              What qualities and behaviors do you think is expected of you as a school board
member? My experience as a father, husband, a Conservation Officer, a                member? A good school board member must be trustworthy and a good listener. I
community volunteer and coach. I can promise everyone that I love our school         think a school board member should be present. She should be seen in the community
and our community. The Pillager area has been a wonderful source of support          and in the school so that people know she has a good understanding and will make
for me and my family. I will approach the job with care, understanding and           wise, unbiased decisions based on all of the facts.
respect for all.

                     My name is Kassandra Nelson (Sullivan). I am married to Eric Nelson and have 3 children, Jett (7), Jay (5), and Josie (2). I have lived in the Pillager
                     community my whole life and I attended Pillager School. Now, I work in the community at Essentia Health Pillager Clinic as a nurse practitioner.

                     What motivates you to want to become a board member? I want to be an active member in the community. My family lives in the Pillager School
                     District. I want Pillager Schools to excel because the students are our future. Being a nurse practitioner has given me the knowledge to help individu-
                     als in all stages of life. I want to share my skills so all students can excel in every aspect of their life.

                    What is your vision for education in this community? As I look into the future, quality education is vital for our generations to come. The Pillager
                    School District needs to provide a stable, well-rounded facility so students can excel in every aspect of their life. We need well-rounded individuals in
our community, so it can continue to grow in a beneficial way to enhance society needs and demands.

What are the current challenges facing education or the Pillager School District? There are currently resources in the community and within the school that assist
students and their families with health needs. Mental health resources in Minnesota are minimal and overwhelmed but I feel that the Pillager district and community has
amazing resources in place. These resources need to be enhanced and highlighted so all students can have access whenever it is needed. I will push for programs that
create community awareness and encouragement by having key individuals at the table. These goals will be accomplished by having realistic timelines so students can
actually utilize it when they attend Pillager School.

What qualities and behaviors do you think is expected of you as a school board member? Board members need to be trustworthy, realistic, and reliable. These
individuals need to care about the community as a whole so it can surpass all of our aspirations.

                                                                   Veterans Day Program
                                 Pillager School has always had a strong tradition of having an excellent Veterans Day program
                                 to honor our military and those who served our country. With the current COVID-19 epidemic
                                 and the guidelines that we are under, this year the program will be revised somewhat and it will
                                 be virtual and streamed on Facebook and on the District website. The program will begin at
                                 10:00a.m. on Wednesday, November 11.This year's program will feature Wendy Hall and
                                 family as presenters. Also joining Wendy will be our elementary students singing several songs
                                 and our high school students with a special rendition of Flanders Field. The Pledge of
                                 Allegiance will be recited and other special music will be played. We hope you join us this year
                                 for this unique event, honoring our veterans and their service to the United States of America.
Embracing New Technology! - Mr. Z's Robotics Class - Pillager School District #116
From the desk of Mr. Michael Malmberg, District Superintendent
                       Pillager Schools Appreciates Your Patience and Understanding
                       As you are all aware, we are managing our schools during a unique time. There are so many variables and questions
                       that we work through on a daily and weekly basis that we could not have ever anticipated. I am proud of the work
                       that our staff and administrators have done to get us to this point. We will have some more struggles in the near
                       future as things do arise, but I do want to thank all of you for your words of encouragement, support, and patience
                       that you have shown the last few months.

School Refinances the 2011 Building Project
The Pillager School Board approved the refinancing of the 2011 building project at a lower rate, which will save an estimated $1,700,000 of
debt over the remaining ten years of the project that is due in 2031.The district will be able to pass those savings on to the residents to help
lower the tax levy on our residents. That is great news for the residents of our district.

2020-2021 Budget Revision
At the regular September School Board meeting, the budget committee presented the first revision of the 2020-2021 budget. The first
revision of the budget will show a budget that will be in the negative of $600,000. The original budget was anticipated to be in the negative
of $400,000 as a result of planned and anticipated costs of new district wide technology purchases. The additional loss of revenues has
been generated based on lower than expected enrollment numbers and also additional operational costs with COVID. Our student
enrollment is also thirty students lower than last spring with families opting for home schooling and private schools. We also had less
student growth than expected from previous years. We did receive some additional COVID relief funding and the district is anticipating a
positive audit this October, which will help offset the loss in the revenue for this year. The good news is that we also do have a healthy
unreserved fund balance that we have recently built up to help in these situations. However, the enrollment number will have to be watched
and studied as we move forward with planning for the future.

School Board Sets Preliminary Levy Amount
The School Board recently set the proposed preliminary levy amount at the September regular meeting. The board set the preliminary
amount at the full allowable amount with the final levy being set in December. Keep in mind the levy can always be reduced in December
but can never be increased. The past practice of the Board has been to set the full levy amount in the preliminary budget and then make
changes as necessary to the final levy in December. The good news is that even with the full amount levied, we anticipate a reduction of
around 4% on the school levies portion on tax statements for next year.

Building Construction Update
The construction process is moving along. The remodeled areas are mostly completed now except that we are waiting for some equipment
for the video room to be installed. Technology was finished and installed in all the classrooms right before the start of the school year and
we continue to work through some glitches in that area. The new construction areas are the main focus throughout the school year as we
hope to have one wing in the elementary completed by the end of January and work continues on the new woodshop and auditorium.

Husky PRIDE!

                                                                                Pillager School YouTube Channel
                                                                               We've created a Pillager YouTube channel for the
                                                                               school district. This will serve as a central location
                                                                              where we can offer live-streaming and manage school
                                                                               related videos and more. We need subscribers!

                                                                                 Please visit: https://www.youtube.com/channel/
                                                                                 UC3uVK9QGbs7NKvQY7wTNw7w/ and click on
                                                                                             the SUBSCRIBE button.
Embracing New Technology! - Mr. Z's Robotics Class - Pillager School District #116
Move to Standards-Based Grading Continues
                                          By David M. Olson, Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Technology
Last year Pillager School District/ ISD #116 began the move toward standards-based grading at Pillager Elementary. This year, the community will contin-
ue to see the impact of Standards Based Grading and Reporting as it moves into the Middle School. Parents of Pillager Middle School students will only
see feedback from teachers during upcoming conferences - not full report cards. Elementary report cards and conferences will not happen until mid-year,
when those teachers have completed more standards, students have had sufficient opportunity to demonstrate mastery in their grade level standards, and
a more clear picture of what students are able to do and demonstrate has emerged. While Middle and High School Parent-Teacher Conferences will be
similar to what you have been familiar with, the content of Middle School conferences may look a bit different - for the aforementioned reason (students will
need more time to master the prioritized standards and demonstrate proficiency).

Please note the actual grades themselves in Middle School will also match those of the Elementary instead of the more customary “A-F” grades of the
High School. Now all students in grades K-8 will receive grades of “M” (Meets Standard), “P” (Partially Meets Standard), and “D” (Does Not Meet Stand-
ard”). Because grades in a traditional grading system are averaged over an entire quarter, and teachers may assign points for behavior or extra credit, a
student’s true understanding of a concept can be masked and grades inflated. A standards-based grading system, on the other hand, measures a stu-
dent’s mastery of content standards by assessing their most recent and consistent level of performance. Standards-based grading more clearly communi-
cates how students are performing on a set of defined learning targets called standards and identifies what a student knows, or is able to do, in relation to
the pre-established targets. Thus, a student who may struggle when they first encounter new material at the beginning of a course may still be able to
demonstrate mastery of the standard by the end of a grading period.

              Traditional Grading System                                                               Standards Based
An emphasis on averaging a percentage score over the grading period.           Emphasis on looking at the most recent evidence of student work and the
                                                                               students’ entire body of work to determine a grade.
Scores on quizzes, tests, projects, attendance, behavior, or other criteria are Scores on assessments are given on a 3-letter scale based on a clearly
added and divided to determine a percentage up to 100.                          defined performance rubric (proficiency scale).
Points are often added or deducted based on the student’s behavior, work       No points are added or taken off. Students are graded based on what they
completion or participation.                                                   know and are able to do.
Student behavior is often mixed in with academics to determine the grade.      Student behavior is reported separately based on a specific set of criteria.
Teachers may determine their own criteria for what constitutes an “A”, based Teachers work collaboratively to determine proficient work on the standards
on a variety of factors.                                                     using a clear rubric called a proficiency scale.
As the new grading system becomes familiar, you’ll get more comfortable. The important thing is that your child is learning and making progress. Celebrate
learning, and the grades will follow. As always, anytime you have questions about your child’s performance, contact his/her teacher right away. Our
dedicated, professional staff have the goal of helping your child achieve his/her goals! If you need more information around Standards Based Grading,
please call or email Mr. Olson.

Technology Tidbits                                  By David M. Olson, Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Technology
           There are several technology tidbits that I would like to share at this time. Some are changes to our previously communicated technology plan.
Thank you for your patience and flexibility as we continue to work through technology issues. Also thank you for completing necessary paperwork and/or
fee submissions. Moving to a 1-to-1 district is quite an undertaking that many districts take years to do - we accomplished this in six months! Please make
sure you and your child understand the contents of the Chromebook Handbook and Agreement that was signed. Here are some changes to take note of:
           *Our original plan was to be 1-to-1 in grades K-12, but only 5-12 would transport their devices back and forth to and from home. Beginning in
October, all students K-12 began transporting Chromebooks to and from school. This change is necessary for this year to accommodate any sudden
attendance changes that need to be made from the COVID-19 virus. This change will also allow us to have E-Learning days when any weather-related
school cancellations occur! Due to this change, please make sure all elementary students return the Chromebook Handbook Agreement and either $25.00
tech fee or a Free/Reduced Lunch application. Thank you for your cooperation with this matter.
           *The procedure for repairing Chromebooks has also been modified. Earlier communications had students (or teachers in Elementary) bringing
needed repairs to the Media Center for a loaner. The new procedure is to bring Chromebooks in need of repair to the District Office. Students will get
a temporary replacement until their device is fixed. Any charges for repairs (due to neglect or violations of Chromebook Agreement) will be communicated
prior to receiving your original device back.
           *New chargers have been purchased for elementary students so they can leave those chargers at home until the end of the year. Each class-
room in the Elementary will continue to have a Chromebook cart for in-school charging.
           *Please help your child remember to charge his/her device each evening and pack it for school each day. We will not be able to loan out comput-
ers or chargers for students who forget to charge their device or leave it at home. This also disrupts learning in most classrooms so while everyone forgets
sometimes, having a fully charged computer every day helps us capitalize on as much learning as possible.
           *Lastly, a protective cover or sleeve for transporting the device is highly recommended and MS/ HS students putting his/her name on their charg-
ing cord if they bring it to school with a piece of masking tape is also highly recommended. The commitment and investment the School Board has made to
update and enhance technology will surely serve to help Pillager students be prepared for college and careers after graduation, and we will continue to
monitor and adjust our needs as we work to implement this technology in our classrooms.
Embracing New Technology! - Mr. Z's Robotics Class - Pillager School District #116
High School Principal, Jason Savage
                    Our High School National Honor Society Coordinator, Jamie Prax, adopted the slogan "WE ARE PILLAGER," and I
                    couldn't think of a more appropriate motto to represent our students and staff's mentality at Pillager High School this
                    fall. As the world continues to change and evolve around us, we are very comfortable because we know WE ARE

                      The school year started at Pillager High School with a full in-person format where students and staff had to wear
                      masks, change how they used their lockers, where they ate their lunch, how they walked in the hallway, and interacted
with one another. It started with NO football, NO Volleyball, No Pepfests, No Dances. It started in the middle of a global pandemic with
many new policies and procedures to keep our students, staff, and community safe. It started with new classes like Robotics, Audio/Visual
Productions, CIS Chemistry, Ag Mechanics, and others. It started with a new emphasis on new technologies like Interactive TVs, Document
Cameras, 1 to 1 student Chromebooks, and all the learning and challenges with that new technology. It started with a new Athletic Director
and new instructors in English, Chemistry, Mathematics, Art, and Special Education. It started with teaching the students in front of you and
the students who chose or had to stay home. SO... How's the school year going at Pillager High School Principal Savage? It's going
GREAT and our students and staff are doing amazing!! How can that be? because... "WE ARE PILLAGER".

             These students and staff were chosen for being ROCK SOLID in their work at PHS!
                             Tahlia Craft, Greta Hall, Cole Hiltner, Sadie Hopman
                     Larae Thomas, Kent Janicke, Kelly Savage, Jamie Prax, Zach Karelis

                                                                                  ALC (Alternative Learning Center)
                                                                         ALC through Freshwater Education District is offered after school at
                                                                         the Pillager High School. This is for students who are behind
                                                                         credits and need to make them up in order to graduate.
Pillager High School offers a work experience program for high
school students. This program supports students in high school           Classes are held on Tuesdays after school depending on student
completion and assists in their enthusiasm to join the work world.       scheduling needs.
Students participate in a paid position with academic and career              If you have any questions regarding ALC you may contact:
related skills being instilled through training and supervision.
Progress reviews are scheduled with mentors in the workforce.                Ann Hutch at 218-746-2164 or email at ahutch@isd116.org
Interested students or employers can contact Ann Hutchison at                Sue Turner at 218-746-2116 or email at sturner@isd116.org
(218)746-2164 for further information.
Embracing New Technology! - Mr. Z's Robotics Class - Pillager School District #116
Campaign Encourages Students to “Make A Plan”
Pillager High School launched a campaign to educate students on career and college planning options. Sparked by alumni-featured
posters throughout campus, students can explore career pathways by visiting www.isd116.org/MakeAPlan.

                                                   Each student should determine what are their best skills and interests. This is key to
                                                   successful career planning. Enjoying work and doing what you’re good at makes a career
                                                   more rewarding.

                                                   There are dozens of free, easy-to-do assessments (visit the Career Assessment page)
                                                   on the website that allow students to explore ALL career opportunities.
                                                   Are you good at math or problem-solving?
                                                   Do you like to work with your hands to make things?
                                                   Would you rather work outside, or sitting at a desk?
                                                   Are you creative?
                                                   Answering questions like these help determine types of jobs that offer work you’d enjoy.

Once interests and skills narrow down the options, research careers to determine what sort of training or education you’ll need to qualify for
this new career. Website content (and posters!) are organized according to primary industry groups, as depicted in the MN Department of
Education’s Career Pathways Wheel. Careers with the same knowledge and skills are grouped in the same color. Each industry cluster,
though, includes hundreds of different careers.

Luckily, Huskies don’t have to wait until after graduation to start preparing for their career of choice. Bridges Career Academies are select
courses combined to focus knowledge and skills within a specific career field, or a career pathway. Each course includes technical skills
and employability skills with real-world business and industry experiences that prepare students for a career.

Students can “Make A Plan” utilizing their required and elective classes to
create a pathway that is suited for them. This could be through one of the
nine currently offered Bridges Career Academies, or another pathway
developed and customized due to a student’s interests, ability or drive.

“Making the most of the elective class options offered can trigger a drive
toward a career,” added Principal Jason Savage. “High School is a time of
great exploration, and by selecting electives and planning ahead for the four
years of high school, our students can graduate more than prepared for their

Help is available to work through the planning process and help evaluate
options. Reach out to High School Counselor Sue Turner, or a favorite
instructor, and share likes and dislikes about classes, activities and interests.
They can help guide decision-making to make the most of your high school
class options.

To learn more about career and college planning, or to research a career,
industry or pathway at Pillager, visit www.isd116.org/MakeAPlan.
Embracing New Technology! - Mr. Z's Robotics Class - Pillager School District #116
Middle School Principal, Wade Mortenson
                   We have had a fantastic start to the school year here in the Middle School! Having the students walk the
                   halls once again after being away for over six months is great to see. Our staff and students have been
                   working extremely hard each day to make sure that everyone is having a positive experience.

                  I have been so impressed with how our Middle School students are handling some of the adjustments we
have made this year. Their behavior and work ethic has truly been amazing. HUSKY PRIDE is as strong as it has ever
been! The same work ethic has been seen by the Middle School Team. All I can say is......WOW! A huge THANK YOU to our
teachers and support staff. It is amazing what is being accomplished on a daily basis in our classrooms.

I also want to say THANKS to our families for being flexible as we worked through some kinks to get the year started. It is going
to be a great school year. We are off to a great start and look forward to what our students and staff will accomplish this
year. As always, please give me a call or shoot me an email if there is something that I can help with.

                     Middle School Championship Belt
                                                                                                         Congrats to Mr. Petersen!
                                                                                                     Today some students came to the MS office
                            Congrats to Katie Schaefer!                                             hinting to us that Mr. Petersen should get the
                             Thank you for everything you do for                                       Staff Championship Belt. We agree! Mr.
                         our staff, students, and families. The Middle                                  Petersen’s calm demeanor and caring
                                 School is lucky to have you.                                          approach for our kids is appreciated. He
                            Your attention to detail and work ethic                                 always goes above and beyond to make sure
                          is amazing. Thanks for being the “brains”                                     his students have a great educational
                              of the operation in the MS office!                                    experience. FYI...he said he does not intend
                                                                                                          to ever give the Championship Belt
                                                                                                             up!! Sounds like a challenge!!

                             Congrats to Mrs. Johnson!                                                   Congrats to Mrs. Kimman!
                            Thank you for all of your hard work and                                   Each day Mrs. Kimman goes above and
                            dedication you provide for our students                                   beyond for her students. She is always
                           and other staff members. Mrs. Johnson                                    looking for ways to enhance learning in her
                            has provided a lot of guidance to some                                  classroom. Mrs. Kimman spends countless
                         of our new staff to get them up and running                                hours preparing for each class to make sure
                                   to start the school year.                                         she meets her students academic needs.
                                     Thanks for all you do!                                                  Thanks you Mrs. Kimman!

                                                                               Snow Days as Possible E-Learning Days

     Please use extra                                                    The change to have all students transport chromebooks daily will
                                                                         also allow the district to consider having E-Learning days when any
                                                                         weather-related school cancellations occur. The school board will be
    care when handling                                                   discussing the E-Learning proposal for snow days. E-Learning days
                                                                         are similar to distance learning days as instruction and attendance

        the school’s                                                     are still occurring and staff will be
                                                                         available for students. Families will
                                                                         be notified if the board approves the
       Chomebooks!                                                       plan. This would allow all vacation
                                                                         days to remain as vacation days on
                                                                         the school calendar.
Middle School
          Husky PRIDE Wall
The Middle School Husky Paw Wall is up and
running! The way our kids are demonstrating
  Husky Pride.....this wall be full in no time!!

                                                                        Congratulations to our Homecoming Royalty
                                                                               Queen Gretta Hall and King Gabe Grimsley
                                                                                         Homecoming Court
                                                                             Rachel Wilson, Delaney Pikus, Sadie Hopman,
                                                                                Blake Clark, Griffin Decker, Cole Hiltner

                       National Honor Society                                             Junior Attendants
                       Reception and Induction                                     Sidney Berent & Garrett Grossman

                          November 9 7:00 p.m.
                           Site and format TBD
                                                   The Pillager Education Foundation is a group of volunteers who support our
                                                   school through fundraising for classroom grants and student scholarships.

                                                   Our mission statement is: “Working with our communities, we will support innova-
                                                   tive approaches and enhance student excellence in academics, arts, athletics and

For more information on how you can get involved or how to donate funds to the Pillager Ed Foundation, please see our website at
Elementary Principal, Josh Smith
                      There are a lot of adjectives to describe what has been the start to the school year! Hectic, chaotic, and
                      challenging are just a few that come to mind. On the other hand, the start to this school year has been
                      nothing short of amazing. Watching students and staff interact and build the relationships that are so
                      important to what education is all about has been nothing short of inspiring.

                     I want to thank everyone involved in the planning that went into making in-person learning as safe as it can
be so that our students can come into the building each day and learn face-to-face with educators who sacrifice so much to
insure kids learn! I also appreciate the difficult decisions families have made to choose distance learning and the parents and
students that have made logging into Google Classroom or attending Google Meets daily a top priority!

As we continue to adapt to the ongoing situation facing our schools in the coming months, I encourage everyone to keep
Husky PRIDE in the front of our minds. Together, we can take the adversity and make it an opportunity for growth!

As always, contact me with any questions or concerns. I can be reached at 218-746-2110 or jsmith@isd116.org

The Pillager Elementary School "Dime Dash" will have a new look this year, but the money raised will go toward the same great
cause...making the holiday season just a little brighter for families who could use some support! Donations will be collected November 2
through November 30.

Students who are able to contribute can bring their donation to their classroom teacher. The classroom teacher will
turn the money in to the elementary office where it will be counted and a daily school total will be displayed.

The goal this year is to raise $1,000 which will be used to support our very own Pillager Elementary School
families this holiday season. A special "celebration" will be held for every $100 raised:

$100     Mr. Davoli will wear a wig for a day.
$200     Ms. Ashley will test her taste buds with some secret jelly beans in a game of Beanboozled.
$300     The Kindergarten teachers will be all tied up with silly string.
$400     Students will vote on the most stylish hair color for Mrs. Grimsley.
$500     Mr. TH will cruise the halls for the day on a tricycle.
$600     Mrs. Bouc will wear a blindfold, reach into 3 buckets, and guess what mystery creatures or objects are in each container.
$700     Officer Bouc will see if he can take the heat as he eats a HOT pepper.
$800     Mrs. Spreiter will pucker up and kiss a pig.
$900     Mr. Foster will shave his head at school.
$1,000   Mr. Smith will spend a night in the school. Random prizes will be awarded to students throughout the night via Facebook.

                                                                                            JMC Alert System
                                                                                     Pillager School uses a recorded alert
                                                                               system to notify families of special school events,
                                                                              school closings, or emergencies. The numbers and
                                                                               email addresses are from the contact information
  The elementary parent and teacher conferences will                             that you have provided to the District Office.
   take place at the end of the first reporting period,
       January 18, 2021 and January 21, 2021.                                 If you are not getting these messages, or would like
                                                                                 other phone numbers or email addresses used,
   Please feel free to reach out to your child's teacher
                                                                                 please call the District Office to update your file.
   if you have any questions or concerns throughout
                       the semester.

                                                                                                     Clothes that are not claimed will
                                                                                                     be washed every two weeks and
                                                                                                     then donated on about the
                                                                                                     1st and 15th of each month.

                                                                                                     The Elementary lost and found is
                                                                                                     located by the elementary gym.
                                                                                                     Students should check this every
 If you see this label, use the new Box Tops app to scan                                             day!
 your receipt. Box Tops are still worth 10¢ each for your
 school. The app will find participating products purchased
 at any store and instantly add cash to our school's earnings         Please contact Brenda at 746-2111 if you would like her to look
 online. Go to BTFE.COM for more information.                         for your child’s belongings.

     September Elementary Students of the Month
Congratulations to these students: Brody Meyer, Sam Robinson,
Chloe Harne, Emma Ray, Emma Votaw, Alayna Kalis, Weston Lind,
Roslyn Todd, Kiptyn Lester, Emily Cueva, Lyla Welch, Paisley
Jaeckels, Hudson Sheik, Ella-Mae Swanberg, Logan Lund, Jason
Clark, Gavin Niles, Lola Goetze, Meadow Rooney, Jeremiah Sprau

                     Golden Apple Award
                Jamie Shypkowski, School Nurse

                        This year the PBIS team will be recognizing
                        our staff with the Golden Apple Award.
                        Jamie puts in so much time and energy
                        keeping us all safe and she does it with a
                        positive attitude and smile. She has been
                        forced to juggle all of the challenges from
                        COVID procedures, policy, and protocols
                        with the normal medical issues that face
                        students and staff. Jamie has created
                        channels of communication while providing
                        timely information and guidance.

 According to Food Allergy Research & Education, 1 in 13 children
have a food allergy. The most common food allergies in children are
         allergies to peanuts, milk, shellfish, and tree nuts.

    If your child has a food allergy and you have not notified the
            health office, please call our staff at 746-2114.
All School Yearbook
                         Pricing: $45 until January 29        The District would like to thank
                             Price increase on January 30     Jim Burns, Custodian for his
                   You can order online at www.jostens.com    service to our students and staff.
                                                              He has a great level of
                                                              commitment, dedication and
                    If you have photos you think would be     talent that he shares everyday.
                  appropriate for the yearbook, please send   Jim is an asset that we rely on to
                          them to ckoel@isd116.org            keep the school looking good but
                                                              safe for all.

Notes from the Nurse
First and foremost, we look
forward to having students back
in school! With the coronavirus
pandemic, our health office
                                                              The District would like to thank
will run a little differently this                            Dakota Gunderjohn for his
year. We have far more                                        service to our students and
requirements to follow when it                                staff. He has a great level of
comes to symptoms expressed by students than                  commitment, dedication and
                                                              talent that he shares everyday.
before. We need to have your help in keeping your
child home when sick, even if you normally might send
them with more minor complaints. More information
will follow regarding what symptoms you should be
looking for and how long to keep your child home.
Before the first day of school, most kindergartners
and 7th graders have additional immunizations due
that must be on file in the health office. A notarized
exemption form is also acceptable.
Please email me at jshypkowski@isd116.org or fax
records to 218-746-4236.

              NOW HIRING SCHOOL

    The right candidate will be trained, must have a clean
     driving record, and have a valid CDL with S & P
    Competitive pay and HIRING BONUS!
    Full-time daily route,
     substitute, and extra-curricular
     positions available.

    Call Fornshell Bus Service for
     information: (218) 746-3770
* Calendar is subject to change based on current model.
                                                                  Please see the web-site for the most current.

November 2020                          December 2020
Su    Mo   Tue   We    Th   Fri   Sa   Su   Mo   Tue   We   Th       Fri   Sa      November
1     2    3     4     5    6     7              1     2    3        4     5
                                                                                   24       MS/HS Conferences 4-730 pm
                                                                                            (Elementary only as needed)
8     9    10    11    12   13    14   6    7    8     9    10       11    12      25-27    NO SCHOOL
15    16   17    18    19   20    21   13   14   15    16   17       18    19
22    23   24    25    26   27    28   20   21   22    23   24       25    26      23        Early Dismissal (1:00)
29    30
                                                                                   24-Jan. 3 Christmas Break
                                       27   28   29    30   31

January 2021                           February 2021                               January
Su    Mo   Tue   We    Th   Fri   Sa   Su   Mo   Tue   We   Th       Fri   Sa
                                                                                   4       Back to school
                            1     2    31   1    2     3    4        5     6       18      NO SCHOOL
                                                                                           Elem Conferences 1-4 pm
3     4    5     6     7    8     9    7    8    9     10   11       12    13
                                                                                   21      Elem Conferences 4-8 pm
10    11   12    13    14   15    16   14   15   16    17   18       19    20      22 Semester 1 ends

17    18   19    20    21   22    23   21   22   23    24   25       26    27
24    25   26    27    28   29    30   28                                          15       NO SCHOOL
                                                                                            (possible snow make-up day)
March 2021                             April 2021
Su   Mo    Tue   We   Th    Fri   Sa   Su   Mo   Tue   We   Th      Fri    Sa
                                                                                   15            NO SCHOOL
     1     2     3    4     5     6                         1       2      3
                                                                                                 (possible snow make-up day)
7    8     9     10   11    12    13   4    5    6     7    8       9      10      30            MS/HS Conferences 4-730 pm
14   15    16    17   18    19    20   11   12   13    14   15      16     17

21   22    23    24   25    26    27   18   19   20    21   22      23     24      April
                                                                                   2             NO SCHOOL
28   29    30    31                    25   26   27    28   29      30
                                                                                   5             NO SCHOOL
                                                                                                 (possible snow make-up day)
May 2021
Su   Mo    Tue   We   Th    Fri   Sa                                               May
                                                                                   21            Commencement
                                                                                   21            Last day of school
2    3     4     5    6     7     8                                                              Early Dismiss at 1:00 p.m.
9    10    11    12   13    14    15

16   17    18    19   20    21    22

23   24    25    26   27    28    29

     Distance Learning grades 6-12.
Footings for New Auditorium             New PAES Lab             New Elementary Entrance

Work Continues on Elementary Wing          New PAES Lab              New Health Clerk Office

  Footings Poured for Wood Shop     New Elementary Special Ed Room   New video CTE Cassroom
Activity Schedule
                                                                            Activity       Day                      Versus
                   Winter Coach Line-up                                     Volleyball     11/2    7:30pm      H    Sebeka
                                                                                           11/5    7:30pm      H    Verndale
Jim Bentson                                                                               11/10    7:30pm      A    New York Mills
Head Boys Basketball Coach                                                                11/12    7:30pm      H    Bertha-Hewitt
This is my 12th year as the Boys Head                                                     11/17    7:30pm      A    Henning
Basketball Coach. From 1999-2008, I was
                                                                                          11/19    7:30pm      H    Wadena-Deer Creek
deployed on two separate occasions. Jerry
Fornshell and Scott Mudgett coached in my                                                 11/24    7:30pm      A    Menahga
absence during the season. Overall I am
currently 191-104. Kent Janicke (JV) and                                    JH VB          11/2    4:30pm      A    Sebeka
Chris Berent (C) will be my assistants. I look
forward to a good season and competing in                                                  11/5    4:30pm      A    Verndale
the Park Region Conference. The MSHSL                                                     11/10    4:30pm      H    NYM
has limited our games to 18, so we will play
                                                                                          11/12    4:30pm      A    Bertha-Hewitt
14 in the Park Region Conference and four of our closest Class 2A
rivals, Staples-Motley, Pequot Lakes, Crosby-Ironton and Aitkin.                          11/17    4:30pm      H    Henning
                                                                                          11/19    4:30pm      A    Wadena-Deer Creek
We have a number of seniors and juniors returning from last year’s team                   11/24    4:30pm      H    Menahga
which placed second in the Park Region Conference. Griffin Decker
(12th) and AJ Gratke (12th) are two starters who will return along with
others who saw significant time last year. Cole Hiltner (12th), Eli Shin-   Football       11/6 6:00pm         H    West Central Area
gledecker (12th) & Grayson Beard (11th) return after contributing on the                  11/11 4:00pm         A    Roseau
varsity the last two years. Seniors Gabe Grimsley, Jimmy Winkelman,
Noah Meinecke, Logan Michelson & Blake Clark will look to compete for
a starting position and provide depth on a team that will look to run. We   Boys BB      JH        season: Nov. 30-Jan 22
will use team speed and athleticism to push the tempo of the game. We       Boys BB      Varsity   season starts: Nov. 23
will continue to “give it up, to get it back.”                              Girls BB     JH        season: Jan. 25- March 12
Dave Peterson                                                               Girls BB     Varsity   season starts: Dec.7
Head Girls Basketball Coach
                                                                            Two fans per player are allowed per MSHSL
Dave is a native of Thompson, ND and gradu-
ated from the University of ND. He served as
a school teacher and girls basketball coach
for over 25 years in Velva, ND. He is married
to Renee and have 3 children: twins Cassidy
and Christopher and a junior daughter, Olivia,
at Pillager.                                                                    Pillager Husky Coach of the Month
"I am very excited to be coaching the girls this
winter. We have an excellent coaching staff to                                                         Congrats to Terry Hollingsworth on
help our team improve as the season goes                                                               being selected the Country Financial
on. Our goal is to be an exciting team to watch. We’re hoping to have a                                Pillager Husky Coach of the Month
team that plays well together and cares about each other on and off the                                for September. Terry was chosen for
court. Play Hard and Go Huskies!”                                                                      his hard work and dedication to the
                                                                                                       Boys & Girls Cross Country
JV Coach: Penny Grimsley          C-team Coach: Tatum Sheley
          Kent Janicke                          Chris Berent                                           program. He has been our first coach
                                                                                                       to navigate the COVID guidelines
                                                                                                       and is willing to help out at various
                                                                                                       activities in Pillager. It is very unlikely
                                                                                                       that you won't see Terry at a Pillager
                                                                                                       Husky home event.

                                                                                                       Thanks Terry for all your hard
                                                                                                       work and Go Huskies!!!
Husky Gear
                                     If you are looking for School Spirit clothing, check in the High School office. Online sales will be
                                     made throughout the year as well. Please visit the Booster Club Facebook page to order.

                                     Each month two students are recognized as HUSKY OF THE MONTH. This recognition includes
                                     their name on the school Huskies Page and a t-shirt. These students are recommended by the
                                     Pillager coaches and are endorsed by the Pillager Huskies Booster Club.
                                     Congrats to our Pillager Booster Club Husky of the Month winners....Greta Hall (girls CC) and
                                     Gabe Grimsley (boys CC). They were nominated by their coach who said they do an outstanding
                                     job of demonstrating HUSKY pride on a daily basis. Congrats to Greta and Gabe!

           Subscribe to the Pillager School You Tube channel to live-stream school happenings!
Please visit: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3uVK9QGbs7NKvQY7wTNw7w/ and click on the SUBSCRIBE button.

                                                                                      SUPPORT OUR SCHOOL’S
                                                                                         ACTIVITIES, ARTS,
                                                                                          AND ATHLETICS
                                                                                     JOIN THE BOOSTER CLUB!

 Gymnastics            Dance Team                     Nordic Skiing Grade 6         Wrestling Grade 6             MRR Diving Grades 6-12
 Grades 7-12           Grades 7-12                    register through LF           register through LF           MRR Lap Swim
                                                      Com.Ed                        Com.Ed                        --Both of these programs
 Register through      Register through                                                                           are Club Swimming.
 Athletics (MSHSL)     Athletics (MSHSL)              Grades 7-12                   Grades 7-8Register            --Register through LF
                                                      Register through              through Athletics             Com.Ed
                                                      Athletics (MSHSL)             (MSHSL)

 Fees:                 Com.Ed fees will be based on Little Falls registration fees (plus transportation fee).
                       MSHSL co-op and 7/8 wrestling will be our regular activity fees (plus transportation fee).
 Transportation:       Will be provided to and from Little Falls for both MSHSL sports and these Com. Ed sports for after school practices.
                       Parents will be responsible for games/contests.
 Contact Information   MSHSL Co-op activities & 7/8 wrestling contact Matt Moen (746-2096)
                       For all Com. Ed activities contact Matthew Moen (746-2115)
School Calendar Summary
Elections                    Tue       11/03/2020                                             Saturday, November 24 2-4 pm
Distant Learning (gr.6-12)   Wed       11/04/2020
                                                                                                    Enter through door H
                                                                                                    Taught by Jamie Prax
NHS Induction Banquet        Mon       11/09/2020              7:00pm
                                                                                               $40 per adult Min=4, Max=15
Distant Learning (gr.6-12)   Wed       11/11/2020
Com.Ed: Sign Making class    Sat       11/14/2020              2:00pm
                                                                                              Come hand paint a wooden sign
                                                                                               with guidance and all materials
School Board meeting         Mon       11/16/2020              6:30pm
                                                                                             provided. Several templates will be
Distant Learning (gr.6-12)   Wed       11/18/2020                                             made available along with many
Early Childhood Screening    Fri       11/20/2020                                                        paint colors.
MS/HS P/T Conferences        Tue       11/24/2020            4-7:30pm                        Registration forms available at the
No school                    Wed-Fri   11/25-11/27                                            school or on the Com.Ed page of
No school                    Thu       11/26/2020                                                    the school website.
No school                    Fri       11/27/2020
Distant Learning (gr-6-12)   Wed       12/02/2020
Middle School Musical        Fri       12/04/2020              7:00pm
Middle School Musical        Sat       12/05/2020              7:00pm
Middle School Musical        Sun       12/06/2020              2:00pm
Choir Concert                Mon       12/07/2020              7:00pm
Distant Learning (gr.6-12)   Wed       12/09/2020
Band Concert                 Mon       12/14/2020              7:00pm
Distant Learning (gr.6-12)   Wed       12/16/2020
School Board meeting         Mon       12/21/2020              6:30pm      The above picture for illustration only. This does NOT represent
                                                                             all drivers over 55. Most of us are much better looking! 
Early Dismissal @ 1:00       Wed       12/23/2020
No school                              12/24-1/1                                This class is still being planned, but due to
Distant Learning (gr.6-12)   Wed       01/06/2021                                 COVID-19 we do not have a date yet.
Distant Learning (gr.6-12)   Wed       01/13/2021                            Please contact the school if you would like to be
No School: P/T Conferences   Mon       01/18/2021                1-4pm           notified when the date has been chosen.
                                                                                  Call (218) 746-2105 to get on the list.
Teacher Conferences          Thu       01/21/2021                4-8pm
Early Childhood Screening    Fri       01/29/2021

                                        Tentative plans for concerts
                                                grades 5-12.
                                          Choir Concert
                                        December 7 at 7pm
                                                                         A Driver’s Ed course for students, age 14+, will be
                                          Band Concert                    offered through the school. More details will be
                                       Monday, December 14               sent home with students when they are finalized.
                                            7:00 pm                                kjanicke@isd116.org (218) 746-2071

                                                           Auditions for group A:               Tuesday, November 3
                                                           Auditions for group B:               Thursday, November 5
Look for us online:                                                                 Now accepted in the
                            www.isd116.org                                                                          District office for
                            www.pillagerfair.com                                                                registration fees and
                            www.pillagerfamilycenter.org                                                             lunch accounts.
                            www.pillageredfoundation.org                                                   Online registration and
                            www.pillagermn.com                                                              credit card payments
                                                                                                                          are also
                            Follow us on Twitter                            available for all athletics, youth sports, community
                            @Pillager_School                                           education classes, and lunch payments.

                            “Like Us” on Facebook
                            Pillager Photography
                            Pillager JO Vball
                            Pillager Football Family
                            Fun Stop –Before & After
                            Pillager Huskies Football
                            Pillager Huskies Booster Club
                            Pillager Education Foundation           The following businesses have supported Pillager School
                            Pillager PTO
                                                                         and programs through the past several months:
                            Pillager School Alumni
                            Pillager Family Center                 July: Lincoln Area Business Association, Pillager Area
                            Pillager Boys Track and Field
                                                                   Business Association
                            Pillager Huskies Girls Basketball
                            Pillager Boys Basketball
                                                                   August: Pillager Area Business Association, Pillager
                            Pillager Schools                       American Legion Auxiliary
                            Pillager Huskies Fishing Team          Donated school supplies: Pine River State Bank, Lions Club

                                                                                In Memory of Ron Johnson,
                                                                                Our beloved bus mechanic.
                                                                   If you called the Fornshell Bus Garage at any time over the last 13
Are you interested in being a educational assistant or             years, you likely had the privilege of speaking to “Ron the Mechanic”.
custodian?                                                         You were speaking to someone who made a bus driver’s job possi-
                                                                   ble. You were speaking to someone who looked out for hundreds of
For Educational Assistant or custodian positions, please contact   kids every single day without even seeing
Penmac Staffing in Brainerd at (218) 824-9675 or                   their sweet faces. You were speaking to
www.penmac.com Must pass an extensive background check.            someone who knew the name of every kid
                                                                   on every route. He showed up to work
Educational Assistant candidates with an AA Degree or have         every day with a drive to do his best. And
completed paraprofessional testing are preferred.                  for that, we will be forever grateful. Thank
                                                                   you, Ronald, for all you did for Fornshell
You can see complete information on all employment options on      Bus Service and the Pillager Community.
the school website at www.isd116.org/employment.                   You will be missed!
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