Excellence Shri Guru Ram Rai University - Information Brochure 2020-21 - SGRRU

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Excellence Shri Guru Ram Rai University - Information Brochure 2020-21 - SGRRU

 Shri Guru Ram Rai
(Estd. by Govt. of Uttarakhand, vide Shri Guru Ram Rai University Act No. 03 of 2017)
                     Recognised by UGC u/s (f) of UGC Act, 1956

                        Quest for
Excellence Shri Guru Ram Rai University - Information Brochure 2020-21 - SGRRU
Excellence Shri Guru Ram Rai University - Information Brochure 2020-21 - SGRRU
History Speaks

                                                   Shri Guru Ram Rai Education Mission

               Brahmleen                           Shri Darbar Sahib has been involved in social and educational
                                                   activities right from its inception. In 1952, Shri Guru Ram Rai
   Shri Mahant Indiresh Charan Dass Ji             Education Mission was established by Brahmaleen Shri Mahant
                Founder,                           Indiresh Charan Dass Ji Maharaj to impart quality education to
                                                   all sections of the society, at a nominal cost. The mission is
         SGRR Education Mission                    committed to work for the upliftment of socially and
                                                   economically deprived masses of society. The organization is
                                                   fully devoted to societal and humanitarian activities.
                                                   SGRR Education Mission has been providing quality education
                                                   and health care to lakhs of people in North India. It has 125
Darbar Shri Guru Ram Rai Ji Maharaj                schools and well- equipped 1500 bedded Multi Super Speciality
                                                   Shri Mahant Indiresh Hospital, Shri Guru Ram Rai Institute of
Shri Guru Ram Rai Darbar Sahib is a 344 years      Medical and Health Sciences with 150 MBBS seats & 98 PG
old Social, Religious and Philanthropic            (MD/MS) seats in all disciplines which makes it a centre of
                                                   excellence for medical education, SGRRIM&HS, College of
Organization established by Shri Guru Ram Rai      Nursing wherein the spiritual and biological aspects with
ji, the eldest son of the seventh Guru of the      modern technology are integrated, School of Pharmaceutical
                                                   Sciences which is equipped with state of the art facilities to
Sikh, Shri Har Rai ji. It dates back to 1676AD.    undertake research in drug development and delivery, School
                                                   of Management with industry relevant academic inputs, School
The city of Dehradun was christened so, when       of Computer Application and Information Technology intended
Shri Guru Ram Rai Ji put up his "Dera"             to provide a modern, industry oriented education in computer
                                                   application, School of Basic and Applied Sciences which deals
(Settlement) in Doon Valley. Then "King of         with advance Sciences such as Recombinant DNA technology,
Tehri" gifted the town of Dehradun (in its         Microbiology, Biotechnology, School of Agricultural Sciences.
                                                   SGRRIM&HS, College of Paramedical Sciences which is rated as
original splendour, it was of 6 villages) to the   the best college in Uttarakhand for its infrastructure, lab
Guru. The rich heritage and golden history is      facilities and for the use of ultramodern equipments.

quite evident in the architectural splendour of    Shri Guru Ram Rai University

the Shri Darbar Sahib. Large number of             (Established under Shri Guru Ram Rai Education Mission)
                                                   Shri Guru Ram Rai Education Mission was established to
devotees from the country and abroad come          provide Quality Education and Quality Health Care to the
to pay their respect and obeisance.                people. The Mission is one of the largest Educational
                                                   Organization in the country. Under the dynamic and visionary
The Jhanda fair, the largestfair of Northern       leadership of "Sajjada Nashin" ofShri Guru Ram Rai Darbar
                                                   Sahib and Chairman ofthe Mission and Chancellor SGRR
India is celebrated to commemorate the birth       University, Shri Mahant Devendra Dass Ji Maharaj. All the
anniversary of Shri Guru Ram Rai ji Maharaj. At    constituent colleges are known as epitome of excellence in
                                                   academics while Shri Mahant Indiresh Hospital is synonym of
present Shri Mahant Devendra Dass Ji is the        "Quality Health Care". The work being done by the Mission has
tenth Shri Mahant in the sacred tradition ofShri   been well recognized at National & International level.

Darbar Sahib.                                      It is logical culmination of years of eminence that Shri Guru Ram
                                                   Rai University has been constituted by incorporating
                                                   institutions of higher & professional education under the aegis
                                                   of Shri Guru Ram Rai Education Mission.

Excellence Shri Guru Ram Rai University - Information Brochure 2020-21 - SGRRU
"Education is the most powerful weapon
                                                                       which you can use to change the world."
                                                                                                             -Nelson Mandela

                                                                              From the desk of

    "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."              dynamic and competitive, we have to be ready and
    Education is not only one of the most important ingredients       equipped with required abilities and capacities to acquire
    for the preparation of life, it is 'life' itself a happy and      the latest knowledge through advance technology.
    successful life.
                                                                      My hearty welcome to all the aspirants who are joining Shri
    As Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other,       Guru Ram Rai University, Dehradun. Over the years, it has
    it is for this very reason Shri Guru Ram Rai mission entered in   been our deep and rich value system that has made Shri
    the field of education about 72 yrs ago. The mission brought       Guru Ram Rai University a leader in education. It has been
    a revolutionary change in the education system by                 my dream to empower society with enlightened, skilled and
    providing a platform for holistic growth. Shri Guru Ram Rai       sociable citizens who can contribute to the development of
    Darbar Sahib is a 344 year old social, religious and              society. University leadership and teaching faculties
    philanthropic organization established by Shri Guru Ram           understand this core vision of ours, hence vest their interest
    Rai Ji Maharaj and has been involved in social and                in making future generation to be ethically, morally and
    educational activities right from the beginning. This mission     intellectually elite. They practice art of teaching with a
    is one of the largest educational organizations in the            student-centered approach. I strongly believe that SGRR
    country.                                                          University is marching ahead in the right direction and plays
                                                                      a positive role in nation building. As it has been rightly said:
    It is my firm belief that for the harmonious evolution of the
    society, the enlightenment of an individual's heart, mind         The countries with a high level, effective and more focused
    and soul is inevitable. Only knowledge can bring about this       system of education are the leaders of the world both
    fusion foster growth and opportunities. Education is much         economically and socially.
    more than employability. It includes evolving with a
                                                                      The rich legacy of the SGRR Mission remains our inspiration.
    different view, developing different perspective and
                                                                      We continue the pursuit of excellence with full vigor. SGRRU
    opening your mind to enormous possibilities, ultimately
                                                                      is ready to take up challenges not only in the field of
    emerging as a world class human resource.
                                                                      education but also in serving society and making lives
    Society is changing rapidly in many ways which evokes the         happy and healthy.
    best services on the part of the Universities. So, in this
                                                                      Once again, I extend my warmest welcome to the parents,
    regard, SGRR University offers an intellectually challenging
                                                                      families, friends and the well wishers for their valuable
    and rewarding atmosphere. A splendid temple of learning
                                                                      association with us.
    seeking "Quest for Excellence" sets benchmark in quality
    teaching and innovative research. It caters to provide quality    Best Wishes
    health care and public service. Alongside extensive research
    work is being done in every discipline for achieving
                                                                                      (Shri Mahant Devendra Dass Ji Maharaj)
    excellence in higher education.
                                                                                             'Sajjada Nashin' Shri Darbar Sahib,
    Since technical education in our country has become quite                                       Chancellor - SGRR University

Excellence Shri Guru Ram Rai University - Information Brochure 2020-21 - SGRRU
"Education is the passport to the future,
for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today."
                                                          - Malcolm X

         From the desk of

To strive, focus and achieve success is all about Shri Guru       on learning for the rest of their life: to cope with new
Ram Rai University's vision 'Quest for excellence'. It is a       emerging and challenging situations.
matter of immense pleasure for me to be a part of Shri Guru
                                                                  The University is equipped with state-of-the-art labs,
Ram Rai University family as its Vice Chancellor. The
                                                                  modern equipments, instruments, computers, teaching
University established on 7th April 2017 by Govt. of
                                                                  aids, multimedia and other audio-visual facilities, library
Uttarakhand vide Act No.3 of 2017, specifically endeavours
                                                                  with online access required for effective modern teaching.
to provide education and facilities to the downtrodden
                                                                  We intend to develop it as a lively and throbbing centre for
strata and rural youth of society. Shri Guru Ram Rai
                                                                  research and learning. SGRR University is ardent in
University imparts quality teaching, innovative skills and
                                                                  developing research culture among faculties and students.
practical wisdom to the students. In order to make a
                                                                  Students also get benefitted from our collaborations with
prosperous nation, especially in this changing world, society
                                                                  renowned International/National Universities/ Institutes.
needs a good human being. Hence the University actively
works to make one to meet dynamic needs of the changing           We offer wide range of professional programmes in the
world. The University also takes cognizance of the regional       form of diplomas, undergraduates, post graduates and
business industry and the public service as well as social and    doctorate courses in Education, Humanities & Social
cultural needs of Uttarakhand.                                    Sciences, Agriculture & Life Sciences, Nursing, Medical &
                                                                  Health Sciences, Paramedical Sciences, Biotechnology,
The student is the primary concern of our University. The
                                                                  Engineering & Technology, Computer Applications & IT,
curriculum, activities and services of the University help
                                                                  Pharmacy, Management & Commerce Studies etc.
students understand their physical, cultural and social
environment better. Keeping this perspective in mind,             In capacity of a Vice chancellor, I extend a cordial welcome
University provides a conducive and friendly environment          to all the new entrants for being a part of SGRR family.
to the students who enter our home from far off places in         Besides teaching, training and preparing the students to
their quest for knowledge. We nurture them with love and          achieve higher degree of excellence in their career, we
affection so that they feel it as their 'second home'. The        prepare them well in advance to confront any situation in
faculties, seniors and peers, all form an extended family, to     their life. I wish them a very promising and successful
whom they can look up for any guidance, support and help.         professional career ahead.
The university has highly qualified faculties in their             Best Wishes.
respective fields of expertise. There is an active interaction
between the faculties and the students yielding a
harmonious ambience in the campus. The learning                                                        Prof (Dr.) U.S. Rawat
experiences on the campus pave a strong path for
                                                                                                              Vice Chancellor
enhancement of overall development of learners. It gives
them competence, knack, self confidence and desire to go                                                      SGRR University

Excellence Shri Guru Ram Rai University - Information Brochure 2020-21 - SGRRU
"We want that education by which characters is formed strength of
    mind is increased the intellect is expanded, and by which one
    can stand on one's own feet."
                                 - Swami Vivekanand

    From the desk of

    "Plants are shaped by cultivation
    and Men by education."
                         - Jean Jacques Rousseau

    The present era offers unique opportunities to student to       plans that meet their individual goals. Among other things,
    become leaders in various disciplines, who not only advance     we offer our students a personalized learning environment
    the knowledge of specific professions but who are also           with a great deal of flexibility and continuous mentoring.
    sensitive to protect environment and preserve the wealth of     Moreover, we integrate technical knowledge with strong
    natural resources.                                              ethics and leadership skills to churn out the best.
    At SGRR University, we are committed to mould world-class       Whether you are a student, parent, or a curious individual,
    leaders who make a difference to society. Students are          we invite you to visit our campus to witness state-of-the-art
    guided and motivated to implement the principles learnt in      facilities and excellent teaching-learning atmosphere we
    classrooms through experimentation in laboratories              are offering. Our enthusiasm knows no bounds and our
    making them confident and skilled professionals. As we           dedication to take education to new heights is indeed
    strive to be at the forefront of education, we collaborate      strong.
    with and maintain excellent relationship with industries and
                                                                    Here at SGRRU, we inspire dreams, ignite curiosity, motivate
    leading research centers for joint projects, trainings and
                                                                    actions, and define the vision for tomorrow. I am happy that
    internships. The university envisages to forge long term
                                                                    you are considering SGRRU for your studies and I look
    relationships and networking with reputed international
                                                                    forward to help you to take this exciting step in your life.
    institutions/ universities for students and faculty exchange,
    joint research projects and value addition programmes,
    giving our students an edge, which reflects fully in our high
    placement records year after year.
    SGRR is more than just a university it has become a
    movement that transforms the lives of youngsters.
                                                                                                        Prof. (Dr.) Manoj Rana
    Welcome to the SGRR University whose top priority is to
    help students fulfill their aspirations and dreams. We work
                                                                                                                SGRR University
    in tandem with students to design customized educational

Excellence Shri Guru Ram Rai University - Information Brochure 2020-21 - SGRRU
     SGRR University?
                                                                                                       Years of

                                                                                                       Number of
  SGRR University is committed to the ethos of SGRR education mission                                  studying
  which focuses to impart excellence in education and research. Our
  holistic model of education has enabled us to be at the forefront of
  education. The university strives to provide the tools of unremitting
  edification which helps to imbibe skills of creativity, nurture attitude of
  problem solving and leadership in its students. We instil critical
                                                                                                       1 Lac+
  thinking, intellectual growth and a passion of attaining excellence                                  of Alumni
  amongst the students. At SGRR University students are channelized and
  motivated to practically implement the principles learnt in classroom
  through experimentation in the laboratories, so that they inculcate
  skills and confidence to become a leader in the opted field.                                           80+
                                                                                                       Acres of
What sets us apart ... ?
Centrally located campus: The SGRRU campus is centrally located and is very near to Railway

Station and Bus stand. Local transport facility is readily available around the campus.
Holistic Approach: Our curriculum is designed by academic stalwarts and our class rooms are
well equipped with state-of-the-art technology to deliver a 21st century teaching experience.
Eminent Academician: Sincere, committed, motivated and highly qualified faculty is the strength         Members
of SGRR University. Low faculty attrition rate speaks volume of university's healthy and cohesive
Employability: We take pride in making our students employable. The Training and Placement
Cell at SGRR University bridges the gap between academic and corporate world by regularly
organizing visits to industries & CSIR laboratories, conferences, seminars, workshops and guest
lectures. Students are offered pre placement opportunities on the basis of their achievements in
                                                                                                       Number of
the summer training by various companies.                                                              Courses/
Learning Resource Centre (LRC): SGRR University has fully equipped libraries which cater to the
need of students, faculties and research scholars. LRC is also equipped with numerous e-learning
resources including WHO publications, NPTEL and access to e-journals of Science Direct, Emerald,
Inflibnet, Delnetetc.
Personality Grooming: We focus on all round grooming of our students by repeatedly organising
personality development sessions. A well equipped Language Laboratory conducts English
                                                                                                       Numbers of
Language Finishing Classes to make students English savvy and confident.                                Specialization
Edge in Research aptitude: Stress on nurturing a research driven atmosphere, is evident by its         (Imparting Ph.D)
publications in peer reviewed journals with good impact factors. Research projects, consultancy
services, financial grants for participation to students and faculty in academic and research related

platforms propel the research acumen in students and faculty alike.
Exceptional value to diverse community of students by guiding them to achieve their career
aspirations through personalised, well supported and industry relevant learning opportunities
makes SGRR University as the best selection to ain excellence.                                         Number of

Excellence Shri Guru Ram Rai University - Information Brochure 2020-21 - SGRRU
SGRR Institute of
    Medical and Health Sciences

               Dr. Anil Kumar Mehta
               Dean, SGRR Institute of
                  Medical Sciences

    SGRR Institute of Medical and Health
    Sciences is a comprehensive medical
    institute having excellent infrastructure and
    maintaining high Academic standards.
    School of M&HS is offering 150 seats in
    MBBS and 98 seats in various Postgraduate
    (MD/MS) courses. SGRR Institute of M&HS
    is stretched over gigantic 30 acres of land. A
    team of dedicated and learned faculty
    members in the departments of Anatomy,
    Physiology, Biochemistr y, Pathology,
    Microbiology, Pharmacology, Forensic
    Medicine, Community Medicine,
    Ophthalmology, ENT & Speech Therapy,
    M e d i c i n e , S u r g e r y, G y n e c o l o g y &
                                                              doctors to deal efficiently with delicate human beings
    Obstetrics, Anaesthesia, Orthopaedics, Radio-
                                                              in future. All departments comprise of computer
    diagnosis, Pediatrics, Dentistry, Respiratory Medicine,
                                                              facilities including a campus wide LAN internet
    Dermatology, Venerology & Leprosy, Psychiatry
    makes it a centre of excellence for medical education.
    Lecture theaters, laboratories, museums and               Approved by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare,
    dissection hall are all equipped with utmost modern       Govt. of India and Medical Council of India, New
    gadgets to facilitate learning, so as to enable budding   Delhi.

Excellence Shri Guru Ram Rai University - Information Brochure 2020-21 - SGRRU
College of
Paramedical Sciences

              Dr. Kunal Kishore
           Dean Incharge, College of
             Paramedical Sciences

College of Paramedical Sciences deals with pre-hospital
emergency services. A person working in this field is
called a Paramedic. The major work areas in the
paramedical science are obstetrics, fracture
management, spinal injury management, general
incident scene and so on. With an increase in demand
for skilled paramedics, various career opportunities
have opened for young aspirants.
Like always, SGRR University, College of Paramedical
Sciences never compromise on our quality of education
and to maintain the same, we have hired trained and
incredible faculties to shape the future of each and
every aspirant.
The ultimate aim of the college is to prepare the
admitted students into a highly skilled human resource      individuals, families and communities.
in the area of medical teaching, research and health
                                                            To demonstrate critical thinking skill and making decisions
technology that not only get good employment but could
                                                            in all situations in order to provide quality care. Utilize the
in turn contribute in creation and enhancement of such a
                                                            latest trends and technology in providing health care.
work force in the future.
                                                            Participate effectively as members of the health team in
The main Objectives of SGRR College of Paramedical          healthcare delivery system. Conduct need based research
Sciences is to apply knowledge from physical, biological,   studies in various settings and utilize the research findings
and behavioral sciences, medicine including alternative     to im rove the quality of care. Demonstrate awareness,
systems and nursing in providing nursing care to            interest, and contribute towards advancement of self and of
                                                                       the profession.
                                                                     Presently our Hi-Clasinfrastructure is well
                                                                     equipped with modern facilities where we train
                                                                     students ever y year. Facilities like Librar y,
                                                                     Ultramodern Class Rooms, Play Ground, Modern
                                                                     Sports Kit, Cafeteria, Common Rooms for Boys and
                                                                     Girls are our salient features. We are supported by
                                                                     Medical & Radiological Labs with modern
                                                                     equipment like
                                                                     Auto analyzer, Elisa test, 3 Tesla MR1128, Slice CT
                                                                     Scan, Multi reader CR, Fully DR and OT equipments
                                                                     and many more in SGRRIM&HS.
                                                                     Approved by Uttarakhand Paramedical

Excellence Shri Guru Ram Rai University - Information Brochure 2020-21 - SGRRU
College of Nursing

                  Prof. G. Ramalakshmi
                    College of Nursing

                                                                                   Conduct research and utilization of research
                                                                                    findings in nursing care.
                                                                                The mission of the College of Nursing is to
                                                                                produce globally competent nursing graduates
                                                                                through integrated education that blends
                                                                                f u n d a m e n t a l s , re s e a rc h a n d h a n d s - o n
                                                                                experience, state of the art facilities, effective
                                                                                delivery of high quality education by qualified
                                                                                faculty members, promoting the exchange of
                                                                                scholars and students within international and
                                                                                national academic and research institutions,
                                                                                thereby creating employment opportunities to
                                                                                young men and women in the profession of
                                                                                  As a part of its professional emphasis, the
                                                                                  University provides an opportunity to gain
                                                                                  practical work experience and clinical learning
     The purpose of nursing education is to integrate the
                                                                      skills in Shri Mahant Indiresh Hospital with a capacity of
     technical and practical knowledge with a holistic and
                                                                      more than 1500 beds with well-equipped infrastructure, all
     compassionate perspective of humanity and human
                                                                      modern equipments and treatment facilities.
     relationships, also the harmonious development of the
     physical, mental and spiritual powers of individual to help in   Approved by Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi,
     reaching highest potentials for health.                          Uttarakhand Nurses and Midwives Council.

     The College of Nursing at SGRR University offers Diploma,
     Undergraduates. Postgraduate programs in Nursing with an
     objective to:
        Utilize the domains of Nursing to provide clinically
         competent and culturally sensitive nursing care to
         diverse patients/clients, families, groups, and
         communities in diverse settings.
        Build collaborative relationships with the health care
        Practice nursing within established ethical and legal
        Communicate effectively, orally, in writing and
         electronically using appropriate verbal and non-verbal

College of Education

          Prof. (Dr.) Kritima Upadhyay
               College of Education

The College of Education had its
origin in 2006 with the S.G.R.R. (P.G.)
College affiliated to the National
Council for Teacher Education
(NCTE), the body that takes care of
the quality of teacher training in
India. Shri Guru Ram University came
into existence, It become the
constituent college of University.
The College of Education sharpens
the expertise and broaden the
understanding to impart quality
education. The College offers two
years Bachelor of Education (B.Ed),
Master of Education (M.Ed), Post
Graduate in Guidance and
Counselling and Doctor of
Philosophy in Education (Ph.D).                              build a broad theoretical and practical understanding of the
                                                             education sector for those aiming to enter in the field of
The teaching programs involve not only practicing new
                                                             education and wish to build a career in the field of
ideas and concepts but also acquiring understanding and
                                                             education. It provides students with a range of skills that are
articulate the same. B.Ed program trains students so that
                                                             needed in order to work and improve in global and
they become capable of teaching relevant subjects from the
                                                             multinational society.
streams of science, arts and commerce. These courses will
                                                                                               The college has
                                                                                               committed, competent,
                                                                                               responsible and highly
                                                                                               qualified faculty members
                                                                                               as per the prescribed
                                                                                               norms of the NCTE. The
                                                                                               faculty has an excellent
                                                                                               placement records with the
                                                                                               majority of our student
                                                                                               trainees being placed in
                                                                                               the leading education
                                                                                               institution and prestigious
                                                                                               schools in government and
                                                                                               private sectors.
                                                                                               Approved by NCTE, New

School of
     Management & Commerce Studies

         Prof. (Dr.) Deepak Saini
             School of M&CS

                                    In recent years due to increase in the size and
                                    complexity of organizations, turbulent
                                    environment and growing responsibilities, the
                                    importance of management has increased
                                    tremendously in every walk of life. Management is
                                    the catalyst without which no individual or
                                    organization can survive and grow and this feature
                                    of management brands it as an ideal choice for
                                    anyone wanting to fast-track their career or learn
                                    more about the realities of the modern business
                                    The school of Management & Commerce Studies
                                    offers high quality education at undergraduate
                                    and post graduate level with a objective to build a
                                    generation of leaders and entrepreneurs. The
                                    school runs course of MBA, MHA, BBA, B.Com (H),
                                    B.Com and M.Com for Commerce students. The
                                    school differentiates itself from other
                                    Management Institutions by providing its student
                                    with a culture of innovation, creativity, strategic
                                    thinking, problem solving ability, team spirit. Our
                                    faculties work hard to add value to the pursuer of
                                    the course as individual and industry as a whole.
                                    The school aims to collaborate and benchmark its
                                    systems and process to match the best education
                                    in world. The University is associated with
                                    researchers and practitioners devoted to discover
                                    and establishing innovative ideas and managerial
                                    vision in their respective fields. Along with a focus
                                    on academic excellence, school lay a lot of stress
                                    on the holistic development of students in areas
                                    other than core academics, which is the need of the
                                    hour and keeping in mind the fast moving
                                    Corporate World.

School of
Computer Application and
Information Technology

            Dr. Anil Kumar Mehta
            Dean, SGRR Institute of
               Medical Sciences

The School of Computer Application & Information             Application. The students acquire knowledge of computer
Technology at SGRR University has been established to        and programming oriented environment in IT and
prepare competent IT professionals with relevant             knowledge of advanced IT applications in different business
education, knowledge, skills and training. The School        sectors. The School has Software Development Cell (SOC),
provides a flexible academic program to study the             responsible for development of software for Live Projects,
emerging disciplines of IT sector. It offers undergraduate   solely managed by students. It prepares students for a
program in Computer Application & Information                computer-oriented career to keep up with the rapid
Technology and postgraduate program in Computer              advancement of technology.

School of
     Pharmaceutical Sciences

                  Dr. Alka N. Choudhary
                      Dean, School of
                 Pharmaceuticals Sciences

     School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, a pioneer in
     Pharmaceutical education with rich legacy of
     academic excellence and incredible achievements
     offers an array of courses in D.Pharm-2 years, B.
     Pharm-4 years, M.Pharm-2 years in five
     specializations (Pharmacy Practice,
     Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical
     Quality Assurance, and Pharmaco nos ), Pharm D -
     6 ears, Pharm D (Post Baccalaureate) - 3 years and
     Research center in Pharmaceutical Sciences. The
     school aims to provide quality pharmacy
     education to fulfill the requirements of
     pharmaceutical industry and health care needs of
     the society at large and achieve excellence in
     pharmaceutical research. The school exemplifies
     student centered education, hands on learning
                                                                    D, Pharm D (PB) and M.Pharm (Pharmacy Practice)
     experience and holistic approach.
                                                                    programs. The Pharm.D program at SGRRU gives a global
     To meet the growing international demand, SGRR                 edge to the students and enables the pharmacist to advise,
     University carries a unique distinction of being only          consult, and help Doctors in dispensing medicines to
     university in the entire state of Uttarakhand offering Pharm   patients. It is a six-year training based course wherein a
                                                                                             student is exposed to actual
                                                                                             pharmacy practice or clinical
                                                                                             pharmacy ser vices in hospital
                                                                                             settings. Practical training is
                                                                                             conducted at Shri Mahant Indiresh
                                                                                             Hospital, a 1500 bedded super
                                                                                             specialty tertiary care Hospital
                                                                                             funded by the parent body of the
                                                                                           The School possesses modern and
                                                                                           state-of-the art infrastructure,
                                                                                           highly qualified, dedicated and
                                                                                           experienced faculty members,
                                                                                           enriched library, information center
                                                                                           and modular labs with high tech
                                                                                           Approved by Pharmacy Council
                                                                                           of India New Delhi.

School of
Basic & Applied Sciences

               Dr. Kumud Saklani
         Dean Incharge,School of Basic &
                Applied Sciences

Science is a systematic way which involves
objectives and experimentation in order to get
knowledge and improve skills. New innovations in
the field of science and technology playa great
role in daily life of people and improving the
quality of life. On one hand, life science industries
have witnessed a boom due to an increase in
process of invention, innovation and
consumption while on the other, there is an
upsurge in the demand of knowledge and
professional skills to face the challenges and
opportunities brought by the innovative mind.
Our aim is to accomplish excellence in education
with our undergraduate, postgraduate and
doctoral programmes. The uniqueness of the
School of
                                                              principles of basic and advanced sciences in all living
Basic and Applied Sciences is the eminent faculties who are
                                                              systems. Through emphasis on professionalism the various
active researchers representing the diverse area of modern
                                                              programmes provide an opportunity to the students for
biology. We also have a substantial research portfolio
                                                              gaining practical work experience by interacting with
supported by well equipped laboratories to achieve and
                                                              pioneers of the field at different platforms. The School
impart research excellence across this range.
                                                              ensures that our students will learn in a newly developed
The School of Basic & Applied Sciences has developed a        learning process with lab oriented environment and
teaching programme which focuses on the uniformity of         research driven prospects.
                                                                       The School of Basic & Applied Sciences ensures
                                                                       that you are leading and are being prepared as a
                                                                       skilled life sciences professional with plethora of

SGRR Institute of
     Humanities & Health Sciences

                    Dr. Geeta Rawat
           Dean Incharge, School of Humanities
                    & Social Sciences

                                                                              Department of
                                                                              Mass Communication
                                                                               Department of Mass Communication sets high
                                                                               standard of media education and training
                                                                               providing a rigorous media education that
                                                                               enables students to develop potential within a
                                                                               collaborative working environment with
                                                                               accomplished faculty. The department offers UG
                                                                               & PG in Mass Communication which focuses on
                                                                               theory and practice, so that students gain
                                                                               mastery over a broad set of flexible concepts and
                                                                               skills. This has become increasingly important in
                                                                               our rapidly changing communication
                                                                               environment. The department aims in providing
                                                                               comprehensive education that foster the
     Department of Humanities                                       students in direction of making a meaningful contribution
                                                                    to the society .
     The Department of Humanities is established on the
     conviction that the Humanities give purpose, direction and
     value to education, and that they are no less important to
     society than scientific and technological disciplines, The
     department aims at providing a centre of common
     awareness of human responsibility, The department is
     committed to the achievement of academic and linguistic
     excellence, creativity and all- round development of
     students, The UG & PG course programs offered in the
     college reflect these objectives and concerns.

     Department of Yogic Science
     There is no doubt about the benefits of yoga for students
     even in today's modern world. We are well aware of the
     endless emotional and physical disorders that an adult faces
     due to unhealthy lifestyle choices and how the practice of
     Yoga can help them overcome these problems and lead a
     healthy lifestyle. Therefore, the university has started
     diploma, UG and PG courses in Yogic Science.

School of Engineering

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech]-Computer
Science Engineering is a four year UG
program has been established to prepare
competent IT professionals with relevant
knowledge, skills as per trends in the IT
industry. The Program provides a flexible
academic program to study the emerging
disciplines of IT sector like Ar tificial
Intelligence, Big data Analytics, Cloud
Computing, loT etc. It prepares students for a
computer-oriented career to keep up with the
rapid advancement of technology.

                                                 Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech]- Agriculture
                                                 Engineering is a four year UG program which
                                                 applies science and technology for agriculture
                                                 processes, production, food processing.
                                                 Students are prepared to excel in the field of
                                                 agriculture by applying technology so that all
                                                 agriculture processes are automotized,
                                                 monitored, evaluated to maximize the yield of
                                                 crops, vegetables, fruits with good nutrition
                                                 value etc.

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech]- Civil
Engineering is a four year traditional UG
program which enables students to learn to
design, plan and structuring roads, multi-
storey buildings, dams, canals, bridges etc.
students learn how to build a cost effective,
safe, reliable, durable and energy efficient
structures .

School of
     Agricultural Sciences

                   Dr. Maneesha Singh
                      Dean Incharge
               School of Agricultural Sciences

     In the present scenario agriculture rank among the              post graduate and Ph.D. programs in various fields of
     foremost professions charting the economic growth and           Agriculture and Horticulture. The School of Agricultural
     destiny of the nation. The agriculture professionals are        Sciences have more than 50 hectares of land for students
     emphasized to achieve the agriculture knowledge through         practical work including practical crop production,
     education, research and extension activities. The School of     orchards, poly houses, vermicomposting unit, mushroom
     Agricultural sciences is envisioned to be an academic and       production unit, seed production farm, high-tech nursery
     research institute of the global standards to evolve the best   etc. to develop well-trained manpower for academics, agro
     agricultural practices for the farming community through        based industry and extension oriented applications as
     education and participatory research.                           recommended by the fifth Dean's committee guidelines of
                                                                     Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), New Delhi.
     The School of Agricultural Sciences offers under graduate,

Student Ready                                                                      Earn while
                                                                                           you learn

      Mushroom cultivation unit                                                                  Vermicompost unit

                                                Hi tech poly house for off season
                                                 cultivation of crops/vegetables
The Student READY (Rural Entrepreneurship Awareness                municipalities for managing organic waste. The unit is one
Development Yojana) programme incorporated by ICAR in              of the leading choices of new start ups. Students are
to recent B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture curriculum aims to             involved from maintaining the raw materials input to the
provide the students rural entrepreneurship awareness,             final packed compost.
practical experience in real-life situation and creating
                                                                   Organic Farming: In near future Uttarakhand state is going
awareness to students about practical agriculture and allied
                                                                   to become the Second Organic State of India. In this regard
sciences. Under this program, SGRR University focuses on
                                                                   Shri Guru Ram Rai University has also taken an initiative to
grooming students outside the four corners of the
                                                                   convert more than 1000 bighas farm area of Agriculture
classroom. "Earn while you learn" program is a novel
                                                                   department in to organic cultivation.
initiative taken by the university to hone entrepreneurship
skills and inculcate the spirit of hard work and toil in them in   Seed Production: Seed production school of agricultural
following areas of agriculture:                                    sciences crops is going on for students to know the
                                                                   techniques of seed production and testing. School of
Mushroom Cultivation: A mushroom cultivation unit
                                                                   Agriculture is also producing seeds of pulse crops in
located inside the campus is maintained by the students.
                                                                   collaboration with Pant Nagar University.
Students are regularly sent to various training centers for
learning mushroom cultivation technique at National and            Apiculture: Apiculture or, Bee keeping is an economically
State level to attain expertise &exposure.                         sustainable occupation, offering attractive avenues for self
                                                                   employment with multiple benefits. At the same time,
Vegetable Garden: Many entrepreneurs are taking benefit
                                                                   enhanced pollination by the bees make a manifold increase
of the large demand in city markets to make quick profits by
                                                                   in the crop yield. Students are involved in conducting the
farming vegetables. Around 30 different varieties of
                                                                   field work and extraction methodology of it.
vegetables are maintained by the students under guidance
of respective mentors in the university's agriculture field.        Production of farm inputs such as vermicompost, bio-
The harvested vegetables are marketed by the students to           pesticides, bio-fertilizers etc. required for organic farming is
gain the exposure of agricultural corporate sector.                managed by Agriculture students under supervision of
                                                                   faculty members. We also train our student in other
Vermicomposting Unit: Vermicomposting is increasingly
                                                                   important cultivation practices for organic farming.
being adopted by businesses institutions, farms and

                                                         Seed production

            Organic Farming                                                                           Apiculture

Facilities & Other Amenities
                                                                         Hospital Facilities
                                                                             Ultra Modern & Sophisticate diagnostic and
                                                                              therapeutic equipments.
                                                                             State-of-the-Art Central Molecular Research
                                                                              Laboratory (CMRL).
                                                                             Wellequipped24hrsBlood blank.
                                                                             Well equipped ICU, CCU, RICU, PICU & NICU.
                                                                             Emergency care & intensive care facility available
                                                                              round the clock.
                                                                             Modern operation Theatres & Radiology
                                                                              Department with MRI.

     Drug Information Center (DIC)
     Drug Information center managed by School of Pharmaceutical
     Sciences at Shri Mahant Indiresh Hospital to disseminate the
     information on drugs and its safe use, a step towards providing
     better health care services and promoting rational use of drugs.

                                                        ADR Monitoring Centre (AMC)
                                                        Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring Centre (Pharmacovigilance Centre)
                                                        under NPvPI, Govt. of India is attached to Shri Mahant Indiresh Hospital
                                                        where the ADR data of drugs are collected and sent to National Co-
                                                        ordinating Centre of Pharmacovigilance at IPC Ghaziabad through
                                                        VIGIFLOW software. The same is further sent to Uppsala Monitorin Centre
                                                        (UMC), Sweden.

     Herbal Garden                                                        Charak Ayurveda
     Self sufficient Herbal Garden having around 50 species
     of medicinal plants is available to provide students, an
                                                                          Wellness Centre
     insight into the natural habitat of the plants, collection           Wellness centre at Pathri Bagh campus to provide holistic
     methods, identification techniques etc.                               treatment to revitalize bod, mind and soul.

For an educational institution an auditorium is not just a place
for college events, or simply a meeting place, it is a space
where students and scholars assemble- to celebrate, to
debate, to discuss. SGRR University boasts of 3 air conditioned
auditoriums and numerous seminar rooms that serve as a
regular venue for workshops, conferences seminars and other
co-curricular activities.

                                                                   In many ways, hostel life defines
                                                                   the life of a student in campus and
                                                                   make them experience the life
                                                                   and socializing. A fully furnished
                                                                   hostel for girl students is available
                                                                   within campus providing all the
                                                                   amenities for comfortable stay
                                                                   and a very conducive
                                                                   environment for learning. A well
                                                                   maintained, hygienic mess facility
                                                                   is available round the clock.

Air-conditioned, modern, hygienic and spacious multi cuisine
cafeterias with snacks counter catering to gastronomic
delights of all, are the nerve centres of student fraternity.
The cafeterias are managed & run by a highly professional &
renowned catering agencies.

Wi-fi fully
Network Campus

                                                                   One of the finest tricks making sure you get your
                                                                   workout is to do it with a friend at the gym.

     Banking & ATM
     To serve the banking needs of the students, extension
     ranch of Bank operates within the university campus.
     Along with this, for the convenience of the students, ATM
     facility is also provided within the campus.

                                                            Fleet of buses is available for transportation needs of students and

                                                            Safety & Security
                                                            to ensure proper safety & security in the campus, a team of well
                                                            trained guards and supervisors remains available round-the-clock
                                                            within its premises. The University is under constant surveillance
                                                            through hi-tech CCTV cameras. To face exigencies arising out of
                                                            fire, modern fire fighting equipments are available.

     Animal House
     SGRR University has an independent, modern, air-
     conditioned animal house facility & reeding centre with
     recognition from Committee for the Purpose of Control
     and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA)
     under the Ministry of Environment and Forest, Govt. of
     India. The animals are housed ethically in accordance
     with standard protocols and guidelines of Govt. of India.


                Dr. Arun Kumar
                 Dean, Research

Research activities facilitate academics and sharpen skills.      advise and propagate the culture and initiate research in
SGRR University is keep in developing and sharpening the          twenty nine fields the university enrols interested applicants
research acumen of faculty and students alike and                 to its Ph.D programme, presently eing offered in the
encourage research aptitude amongst students and instil an        following areas:
innovation prone thought process. Efforts are put in place to

    S.No. Faculty/Department                 S.No. Faculty/Department                 S.No. Faculty/Department
    1.     Agronomy                          11.     History                          21.     Pharmacognosy
    2.     Biotechnology                     12.     Mass Communication               22.     Pharmacology
    3.     Botany                            13.     Management (Marketing)           23.     Pharmaceutics
    4.     Chemistry                         14.     Management (Finance)             24.     Pharmacy Practice
    5.     Commerce                          15.     Management (HR)                  25.     Physiotherapy
    6.     Clinical Psychology               16.     Medical Anatomy                  26.     Political Science
    7.     Computer Science                  17.     Medical Biochemistry             27.     Statistics
    8.     Education                         18.     Medical Physiology               28.     Yogic Science
    9.     English                           19.     Microbiology                     29.     Zoology
    10.    Geography                         20.     Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Ph.D Admission Guidelines                                             or Candidate such as Advocate/Doctor/Artist/lndustry
                                                                      Professional! Employee of Government/ Semi-
    Applicant who has passed Post Graduate Degree with
                                                                      Government Organizations with Post Graduate Degree
     55% marks or with an equivalent Grade Point Average
                                                                      (at least 55% marks) and 10years of professional
     (GPA) can apply for Admission.
                                                                      experience shall be exempted from RET.
    Relaxation of5% in the required percentage of marks will
                                                                     RET would comprise of evaluating the applicant in two
     be given to applicants belonging to SC/ST/OBC/SGRR
     Alumni (non-creamy layer)/differently-abled categories.
                                                                     Both papers will have 50-50 (100) multiple choices
    For admission to Ph.D program in a related subject, an
                                                                      questions of one mark each. There will be no negative
     applicant has to appear for RET (Research Entrance Test)
     conducted by the University twice in a year (tentatively
     in May and October) followed by personal Interview.             The Entrance Test shall be of two hour duration (i.e. 120
                                                                      minutes). All selected applicants based on the RET; will
    Applicants who have qualified in NET/SET/GATE/GPAT
                                                                      have to appear for a personal Interview which would
     examination of the apex bodies as CSIR/UGC/ICAR/
                                                                      carry 50 marks. List of selected applicants would be
     ICMR/DBT/AICTE or M.Phil Degree in a relevant subject
                                                                      displayed on university web site.
     obtained from any recognized university or senior
     citizen of age of60years and above with Master's degree      For more details, please visit www.sgrru.ac.in

     Social Responsibility (ISR)
     SGRRU aims to provide a holistic education that trains           charitable associations and volunteer service programs.
     students with sound knowledge, civic awareness,                  Charity trips to slums, health camps at villages, cleanliness
     compassion & empathy. Social responsibility is at the core       and plantation drives are a regular feature.
     of SGRR University. To move on its practice of "Education for
                                                                      SGRRU endows students by providing opportunities to
     Service", the University is committed to contribute to
                                                                      partake in community outreach programmes of the
     society in various ways.
                                                                      University so as to empower them to serve the deprived
     The students, staff, faculty and alumni at our University have   segment of the society
     been enthusiastically involved in numerous social and

                                                                            World Tobacco Day
                                                                            16 May, 2019

                    Rally against Pulwama Attack
                                16 February, 2019

                                                                            Glaucoma Day
                                                                            13 March, 2019

                                                                       BAD PHOTO QUALITY

                     Swatch Bharat Abhiyan Diwas
                                  2 October, 2019

World Breastfeeding Week
                              by College of Nursing
                              1-7 August. 2019

         World Health Day
             7 April, 2019

                              World Kidney Day
                              14 March, 2019

      Blood Donation Camp
        25 September, 2019

                              Plantation Drive

School Health Program 2019
       for Health Awareness

Learning Resource Centre
                                        LRC- "A Centre that make every
                                          effort to help you succeed."

     Whether you are first year student or a doctoral candidate,       Central Library - II
     learning takes time. The learning resource centre at SGRRU
                                                                      The central library-II is located at first floor of SGRRU Patel
     provides information and reference services, circulation of
                                                                      Nagar campus. This central library has a huge collection of
     print and non print resources, Computer & network
                                                                      books, periodicals, magazines and supports the School of
     services, audio visual equipments services, etc. Our libraries
                                                                      Management & Commerce Studies, Computer Application
     are the most important resources within our educational
                                                                      & Information Technology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Basic
                                                                      & Applied Sciences. LSEase software is used to automate
     Central Library - I                                              this central library. Library works on open access system.
                                                                      The competent and friendly officials in the library are
     The central library-I located at first floor of School of
                                                                      available for assistance of any sorts.
     Medical & Health Sciences caters to the need of students,
     faculty, researcher of School of M&HS, School of
     Paramedical Sciences and School of
     Nursing. In addition the school libaries
     support the teaching and extension
     programmes of the SGRRU. The Library
     is fully automated using "SOUL"
     (Software for university library) under
     command of N-LiST Centre,
     Ahmedabad, and well equipped with
     modern facilities and resources in the
     form of books, journals, back volume of
     journals, WHO publications, CD ROMs
     and internet services. The library strives
     to provide timely, accurate and current
     information, and also provides an
     appropriate and vibrant academic
     environment for the users.

Central Library - III
The Central Library III comprises of School of
Humanities & Social Sciences, School of
Agricultural Sciences & School of Education. It is
located at Pathribagh Campus and equipped with
the latest edition of Books, Periodicals,
Newspapers, Print Journals & Modern facilities
with Internet access. It also provides physical &
digital access to material automated with the
KOHA Software. The library serves as the
backbone of knowledge by providing accurate
and current information to the students &
support system to the faculty with friendly and
competent staff. The library works in an open
access system for reference & borrowing by
providing a comfortable academic environment.

                                                                                   e-learning Centres
                                                                                   The university has various e-
                                                                                   learning centres in its constituent
                                                                                   schools for fullfiling the concept of
                                                                                   global village for the purpose of
                                                                                   providing access to the latest and
                                                                                   complete information with the
                                                                                   help of 455 computer systems
                                                                                   having internet connectivity along
                                                                                   with reprographic facilities.

Books                                               Magic Software for visually
Number of books available with Shri Guru             handicapped students
Ram Rai University: Approx. 750282 Vol. &           SPSS Software
5288 titles.
Journals/Magazines/Newsletters                  Micromedx Solution
Current Journals             :       301        EBESCO MEDLINE HOST
(140 Indian & 83 Foreign Journals)              MEDLAR - Medical Literature Analysis
EBSCO Medline e-Journals :         2323          Retrieval System
e-Books                      : 31,35,000        DELNET
e-Journals                   :     6000         INFLIBNET
Back Volume of Journals      :       618
Periodicals                  :       102
Newsletters                  :        07

 NPTEL- National Programme on
 Enhanced Learning
 Smart Classes
 K-Hub
Other Facilities
 Book Alert Service
 Newspapers
 Reprographics Section

Cultural &
                                     Other Activities
     The University focuses on various sports, cultural and      Winners of various events and pride of SGRR University are
     extracurricular activities:                                 honoured during week long extravaganza.
     The annual function is the most awaited event at SGRR       The University provides a platform to students to come out
     University. Events like ABHIVYAKTI, CHIASMA are organized   with their talents in various activities like music, dance, role
     annually wherein different sports and cultural events are   play, painting, fusion, fun and frolic, drama, innovation,
     orgainised to celebrate the fraternal bonding. Achievers/   fashion and various other curricular activities.

           58th National Pharmacy Week &
            World Pharmacist Day 2019-20

                                                                     Himalayan Day Celebration by Agricultural
                                                                     Sciences held on 19.09.2019

                       Educational visit Basic
                           Applied Sciences

                                                                                                  Maha Yogdhyan

               Nurse Day, Lamp
           Lighting Day held on

Sports and Cultural Fest 2019,
                                                      College of Nursing

          College of Paramedical
                Sciences ALOHA

                                                Yoga Olympiad

       Sports Meet of
Nursing & Paramedical

              Humari Sanskriti Humari Virasat held on 28.12.2019

Learn from the Best Brain
     SGRR University is creating an ambience of      Exchange of knowledge and ideas to provide
     academic excellence by bringing together        an in-depth analysis of subjects and update
     academicians and experts from different parts   the knowledge of the students is the prime
     of the country and abroad.                      objective.

                                                           6 Days WorkShop on Sales force by
                                                           School of CA & IT and ICT Academy from
                                                           23-28 Sep 2019

             AWS Cloud Literacy Day
       organized by School of CA & IT
                   on 18-19 Oct 2019

                                                           Curriculum Implementation
                                                           Support Program by SGRRIM&HS
                                                           from 20-22 June 2019

      Indian Academy of Pediatrics &
         National Neonatology Forus

Popular Lecture Series at School of Basic and
                                           Applied Sciences Guest Speaker Dr. Surendra
                                           Singh Suthar 20-11-2019

              Pradhanmantri Ki Charcha

                                           Seminar on Ethical Hacking by Everything
                                           can be hacked by School of CA & IT on
                                           20 Nov 2019

    TLC-5- TOT programme Conducted by
NITTTR, Bhopal & Organised by College of
               Education 16-20 Sep 2019

                                           Workshop on
                                           Medical Ethics

Collaborations & MOU's
     In pursuit of excellence, the constituent Institutes of SGRR                                                                              among the universities and to generate high-quality
     University have collaborated with various International and                                                                               knowledge, capacity, and skills for sustainable mountain
     National Universities and Institutes. These collaborations                                                                                development in the Hindu Kush Himalayan region. The
     expand the student experience, faculty growth,                                                                                            Consortium was incepted by the participants of a
     contributions and impact of our research.                                                                                                 consultation workshop on
     Collaborations with our foreign colleagues are essential to                                                                               'Mountain-focused University Consortium Development
     the success of our global activities. Collaborations have                                                                                 with Universities in the Greater Himalayan Region' held at
     been formalized through Agreements/MOU's that have                                                                                        the International Centre for Integrated Mountain
     documented our relationship with our partners and                                                                                         Development (ICIMOD) in Kathmandu, Nepal. The moto of
     expectation of each Institute.                                                                                                            the consortium is to construct a dynamic mountain
                                                                                                                                               knowledge partnership among universities, ICIMOD, and
     The SGRR University has signed a MoU with Himalayan
                                                                                                                                               regional member country partners to promote research and
     University Consortium (HUC). The vision of the Himalayan
     University Consortium (HUC) is to enhance collaboration

         MOU with Hazen International for Promoting                                                                                                       MOU with GB Pant Univ. of Ag. & Tech.
            Value added product of Mushroom                                                                                                           Pantnagar (Under Seed production Programme)

     International Collaboration

                        Alberta University of Canada                                                  Kansas University of Medicine                      McMaster School University                     Himalayan University Consortium
                                                                                                                  USA                                            Canada

                                                              The International Centre for Integrated
                                                                      Mountain Development                                       Tribhuvan University, Nepal                Agriculture & Forest University, Nepal

                                                                                                                                       National Collaboration

          IPER (Institute of Pharmaceutical                                                G.B. Pant University of Agriculture                                 AIIMS, Rishikesh                                 Uttarakhand Techincal University
            Education & Research), Pune                                                              & Technology                                                                                                         Dehradun
                                                                                                Pant Nagar, Udham Singh Nagar
                                                lR;eso t;rs
                                                                 Uttarakhand Science Education & Research Centre
                                                                 Department of Science & Technology
                                          mÙkjk[k.M 'kklu        Government of Uttarakhand

                                                                           USERC, Uttarakhand                                                  UCOST, Uttarakhand                                Friends of Himalaya

                     Resource Centre
   SGRRU placement record has been                    spokespersons from big corporate house
    excellent over the past years.                     that share their experiences with our
   The institute's graduates have been                students and enlighten them about the
    working successfully in different                  current conditions.
    organizations throughout the country.             It is our goal to make sure that our students
   The main endeavor of the centre is to get          are prepared for any recruitment or
    students placed in reputed multinationals,         selection process and we have been very
    government organizations, the private              successfully doing so by achieving cent
    sector, etc.                                       percent placement for the past few years.
   It also acts as an interface between the
    industry and the students; and primarily
    enables the students to select from their
    career options.
   Our team has also been successful in
    conducting various seminars which include

                                                          Consultancy              Industrial
                                                            Service                  Visits

                                                                     Corporate                   Soft
                                                                     Resource                    Skills

                                                             PDF                   Academic

Placement Trend
                             in Last                                       4 Years


                                                                                                        Series 3
                                                                                                        Series 2
             6                                                                                          Series 1



                        2016          2017                  2018                    2019

      Placement opportunities
                                    have shown an                      50%
                             increasing trend from

     SCHOOL                           SCOPE
     Medical and Health Sciences      Any hospital/ laboratory/ clinics across the globe/ entrepreneurship
     Nursing                          Any hospital across the globe
     Paramedical                      Any hospital/ laboratory across the globe/ entrepreneurship
     CA&IT                            Software Engineer/Web Designer and Developer/IT Officer at Bank/Learn while
                                      earn programs from Wipro, TCS, Accenture/ entrepreneurship
     Pharmaceutical Sciences          Drug development/ Quality Assurance/ Manufacturing & Production/ Analysis
                                      & Testing/ R&D/ Entrepreneurship / Clinical Pharmacy Practices / Medical
                                      Writing / Pharma covigilance
     Basic & Applied Sciences         R&D/ Manufacturing & Services/ Quality & Regulatory affairs/ Food
                                      Processing/ Agriculture/ pharmaceutical & chemical industries/
     Management & Commerce Studies    Business Development/ Managers/ Financial Advisors/ Administrators/
     Humanities & Social Sciences     Public Relations/ Advertising/ Publishing/Editing/Direction/ Scripting/
                                      Production/ Journalism/ Entrepreneurship
     Agricultural Sciences            Research & Development/ Agriculture/ Chemical Industries/ entrepreneurship
     Education                        Higher Secondary School / Career Counsellor / Teacher Education /

Our Recruiters

General Information
             Registration forms along with information brochure can be                  admission fee subject to full filling the other criteria of
              obtained from the University on payment of a prescribed fee                University/AICTE/UGC/ PCI/INC/MCI whatever applicable.
              (non refundable) in cash or demand draft in favour of Shri Guru           Students seeking admission in hostel will have to apply at the
              Ram Rai University, Patel Nagar, Dehradun payable at                       time of admission separately. Hostel will be allotted on first
              Dehradun.                                                                  come first serve basis. Annual fee and mess charges will have to
             Candidates wishing to receive the application form through                 be deposited at the time of admission.
              post should send his/her request along with a prescribed fees.            University without any prejudice reserves the right to change or
             Candidates are advised to carefully check their own eligibility            delete any information, fee structure etc without prior notice.
              before applying for registration.                                         Any dispute will be subject to the jurisdiction of Dehradun
             All information given in the form must be correct and complete.            District Court only.
              Incorrect and misleading information is liable for cancellation of        An undertaking (in the prescribed format) has to be submitted
              admission at any stage.                                                    by Parents/Guardians seeking admission for their ward in
             Registration form duly completed must reach the University                 School of Nursing stating that:
              (Admission Cell) on or before the date mentioned in Admission              "I am aware that if any untoward circumstances arise and he/she
              Notice.                                                                    is forced to discontinue that course, I shall pay all the fees as
             If applying for more than one course, a separate form for each             prescribed in the prospectus for the entire duration of the said
              course has to be submitted duly filled.                                     course".
     Points to be noted                                                                 An Anti-Ragging undertaking has to be submitted by the
             Student who fails to deposit the academic fee within given time            Parents/ Guardians of students seeking admission in any
              will cease to be a regular student of the University. However re-          programme of
              admission can be granted on payment of Rs. 1000/- as re-

     Refund Policy
         S.No. Percentage of Refund of Aggregate Fees               Point of time when notice of withdrawal of admission is served
         1.        100% (except non-refundable fee)                 15 days before the commencement of program OR the formally notified last date of
         2.        80% (except non-refundable fee)                  Not more than 15 days after the commencement of program OR the formally
                                                                    notified last date of admission.
         3.        50% (except non-refundable fee)                  More than 15 days but less than 30 days from the commencement of program OR
                                                                    the formally notified last date of admission.
         4.        0%                                               More than 30 days after the commencement of program OR the formally notified
                                                                    last date of admission.

     Student's Grievance Redressal System: The University has                        ensures that the campus is ragging free & it generates a high level of
     established a 'Student's Grievance Redressal Cell' which provides               confidence with the new students & their parents & guardians.
     friendly mechanism to the students to report their grievances and
                                                                                     Pride and sense of belongingness: All student will look upon
     the cell provides effective solution to the grievances as and when
                                                                                     themselves with pride and sense of belongingness to the SGRRU
     they are reported. This promotes friendly environment in the
                                                                                     family with good conduct, discipline and maintain the decorum of
     University by promoting Student-Student & Student- Staff
                                                                                     the university.
                                                                                     All students shall follow code of conduct of the University: Use of
     Internal Complaint Committee: To evolve a permanent
                                                                                     alcoholic beverages, drugs, smoking, gambling possession of lethal
     mechanism for the prevention and redressal of sexual harassment
                                                                                     weapon, anti- social activity, theft, property damage are all strictly
     cases and other acts of gender based violence at the University. This
                                                                                     forbidden in the campus of the university
     committee ensure the implementation of the policy in letter and
     spirit through proper reporting of the complaints and their follow-             Use of cell phone: Use of cell phone is strictly prohibited inside,
     up procedures. The committee create a secure physical and social                class rooms, library, laboratories, computer lab, language lab,
     environment to deter any act of sexual harassment and to promote                conference hall and during functions of the university.
     a social and psychological environment to raise awareness on sexual             Valuables: No students shall be in possession of any valuable or
     harassment in its various forms.                                                heavy cash amount while in the university campus. In case of any
     University Proctorial Board: In order to maintain a cordial                     loss, it will be entirely individuals responsibility.
     atmosphere in the University, the Proctorial Board has been set up              Driving motorized vehicles: Students driving two wheelers shall
     which is the highest disciplinary authority of the University. The              be in possession of valid driving license. Use of helmet is
     board helps students in solving any problems and also ensures that              compulsory. Hostlers are not allowed four/two wheelers in the
     disciplinary rules are properly followed.                                       hostel.
     Anti Ragging Committee: Ragging is criminal offence and lowers                  Dress Code: Wearing of prescribed uniform by students is
     the standards of education. In order to curb the menace of ragging,             mandatory
     the University has formulated an 'Anti Ragging Committee' which

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