First Reformed Church - God's Power in Prayer Acts 12:1-19 - FRC of Platte SD

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First Reformed Church - God's Power in Prayer Acts 12:1-19 - FRC of Platte SD
God’s Power in Prayer
                Acts 12:1–19

      First Reformed Church
               101 N. Main / PO Box 418
                   Platte, SD 57369
                    (605) 337-3251
     Office Hours: Tuesday – Friday 8:00 am – 3:00 pm
Pastor Gary Mulder & Pastor Mike De Jager
                       Our Vision ***********************
**                                       *
     Here at First Reformed we desire to be a Nurturing
     Family where we actively reflect Christ’s Love and
               Build Trusting Relationships.
First Reformed Church - God's Power in Prayer Acts 12:1-19 - FRC of Platte SD
Order of Worship
                      Sunday, January 24 – 10:30 AM
                          Pastor Mike De Jager
     Welcome to all who have joined us in the house of our Lord on this Sunday
                    morning. We are glad to have you with us.

   Call to Worship
 *Praise & Worship
   Children’s Message
   Congregational Prayer
  *Hymn: (#342) “Just As I Am” (verses 1-3)
          (Children are dismissed to Promise Lambs)
   Scripture: Acts 12:1–19

   Message: “God’s Power in the Midst of the Impossible”

   Celebration of Communion
   *Hymn: (#322) “In Remembrance”
   *Closing Hymn: (#342) “Just as I am” (verses 4 & 5)
*Please stand as you are able.

*We are now supplying a nursery as a service to our families with little ones.

                           Jan. 24 Promise Lambs lesson:
                               “Three Men in a Fire”
          Teacher: Jamie
                    Opportunities for Helpers:
                         VanDerWerff   WorshipNikki
                                                       Alec VanDerWerff
                                                              this week
Opportunities for Worship and Service this week
                      Sunday, Jan. 24, 2021
Sunday School: 9:30 Worship: 10:30 a.m. Fellowship: 11:30 a.m.
Praise Team: Duane Strand, Pianist: Kay Hubers, Media: Robyn Mulder
Nursery: Kinsey Schuman
Coffee servers: Randy & Carla Sybesma
Promise Lambs: Jamie VanDerWerff, Helpers, Nikki & Alec VanDerWerff

             Opportunities for Worship and Service next week
                       Sunday, Jan. 31, 2021
Sunday School: 9:30 Worship: 10:30 a.m. Fellowship: 11:30 a.m.
Praise Team: Amanda/Robyn, Pianist: Amanda Groon, Media: Joni Van Zee
Coffee servers: Mike & Susie Schoenrock
Promise Lambs: Renita VanZee, Helpers, Janie Smith, Hadley Hanson

                           Praises and Concerns
➢ Ken Lucas had back surgery last week. Pray that his pain will be minimalized and that
  he will recover quickly.

➢ Those dealing with health issues: Les Strand, Jack Pranger, Shirley Vanderheiden,
  Donna Ringling, Noah Brondsema, Marilyn Strand, Tom Tatum, and Norma VanZee.

➢ Those who are in Nursing homes, Assisted Living Homes or are homebound:
  Leanne Bultsma, Margie Dyk, Les Strand, Don Meyerink, Jeanive Solheim, Delores
  Anderson, Shirlee Rougemont, Jim Wesseling, Vonnie Koopal, Alvin & Dora Dykstra,
  Joyce Polly, Marilyn Tatum, Fran Brummel, Dwight DeJong, Jennie Hubers, Altha
  Vander Wey, and Arlene Fiscus

➢ Please be in prayer for the missions and missionaries we support :
  Keith & Denise Krebs serve as a chaplain at American Mission Hospital and as the
  assistant pastor of the National Evangelical Church in Bahrain, KGRD Christian radio
  out of O’Neill, NE, Living Stone Prison Church and Dan Ebbens at the Mike Durfee
  State Prison in Springfield, SD
Upcoming Events
                 Worship Team Meeting: Tuesday, Jan. 26 at 5:30 p.m.
        Junior High Youth Group each Wednesday from 6:30-8:15 p.m. @ CRC
          Senior High Youth Group Each Wednesday from 7:15-9:00 p.m. @
                                 Trinity Lutheran Church
                         Awana: Each Wednesday @ 6:30 p.m.
        Our children’s choir will be singing and playing bells next week (Jan. 31).
             Congregational Meeting: February 7 after the morning service.
          Ordination and Installation of new Consistory members: February 28.

                                  Notes of Thanks
I want to thank the church for thinking of me with the large bag of Christmas goodies
brought to my door by Wanda Qualm. It really brightened my day to think of how much
time and effort went into this project. May God bless each and every one of you with a
healthy, happy New Year. –Char Uilenberg

(This fall, Ben Patzlaff enrolled in the Distance Education program of Western Seminary,
with the intent of becoming a pastor. He sent this letter in response to our church’s
commitment to support him financially as he pursues this goal.)

Dear First Reformed Congregation,
        A happy and blessed New Year to you all! I hope this note finds you well during
these difficult times we find ourselves in. I wanted to thank everyone in the congregation
for your generous support as I follow God’s call into seminary. Some of my professors at
Western Seminary have commented about First Reformed providing or receiving great
seminarians like Jeff Hubers and Harry Koops, so they are sure I will do well following in
their footsteps. I pray for you all often, especially since last March, for safety, growth, and
that faithful discipleship may continue as we are challenged by Covid. I’m thankful to
have grown up in such a congregation that taught me what it means to faithfully follow
Christ even during difficult times and helped lead me to where I am today. I look forward
to when I can worship with you all when I come visit.
                        In Christ, Ben Patzlaff
Attention young families and couples:
                      A New Bible Study Option: Want to get some helpful
                                  information about marriage?
           Pastor Mike will be starting a Zoom Bible Study on Tuesday, Jan. 26.
           This will be a four-week course addressing marriage and how to grow in
           one’s love for each other. The class will be done over Zoom in an effort to
           help young families who have children. It will be from 8:15 to 9 PM so
           you can have time to get the kids in bed and also not worry about a
           babysitter. You can enjoy the class right from your own home. It will
           include video teaching from Andy Stanley along with discussion. If you
           would like to be a part of it or have any questions, contact Pastor Mike.

                        Nominees For Elders and Deacons- 2021
         Elder Nominees – 2021              Deacon Nominees – 2021
                 Doug Meyerink                         Joel Dykstra
                   Heath Feiok                          Chris Zwart
                   Ken Lucas                           Mike Kuiper
                 Jason Veurink                      Tyler Samuelson
                  Mark Kuipers                     Adam Houdeshell
                 Bill Samuelson                   Brandon Feddersen
                  Joel Dykstra                       Jarod Meyerink
                   Mike Kuiper                        Ryan Ringling
                 Harlan Veurink                       Dana Kimball
                  Dana Kimball                          Heath Feiok
                   Kay Hubers                         Ross Van Zee
                 Lonnie Tutsch                        Lonnie Tutsch
                Carmen Dykstra                       Bill Samuelson
                Tyler Samuelson                        Keith Porter
                  Mark Kimball                         Josh Oolman

                                               General                    General/Mission
Average Weekly Giving Dec. 2020                $8,124.90                      $9,558.70
Average Weekly Giving Budgeted 2020            $6,506.49                      $7,654.69
            Shortage                           $ 1,618.41/week                $ 1,904.01

Average Weekly Giving YTD                      $5,632.50                      $6,667.50
Average Weekly Giving Budgeted 2020            $6,506.49                      $7,654.69
                   Shortage                    $ 873.99/Week                  $ 987.19
Quick Glance at the Budget:   Actual           Budgeted      Difference           Percent
General/Mission –December     $ 38,234.81      $ 30,618.76   $ 7,616.05         about 124.9%
General/Mission – YTD         $340,042.56      $390,389.15   $50,346.59         about 87.1%
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