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                                              GIRO D'ITALIA
                                          JOIN U S FOR ITALY'S GRAND TOU R

Savor the excitement of Italy's largest cycling event and treat yourself               $4 899
to a week of incredible riding in simply stunning scenery. The Giro was
                                                                                       Ri der Type
started in 1909 by La Gazzetta dello Sport, an Italian newspaper, to                   Avid
showcase the glory and beauty of Italy from north to south. Today, it
                                                                                       Hotel Styl e
still lives on as the world's hardest race in one of its most beautiful                Explo rer
places. It rivals the Tour de France in size and scope, but the climbs are
steeper and there are days when the drama runs deeper. We'll see it all                Durati on
                                                                                       7 days | 6 night s
on this very special race viewing vacation, as we grind famous climbs
like the Zoncolan, Tre Croci and Passo Giau days before the pros                       Start | End
themselves. You'll get a taste of true race action with VIP access to                  T reviso , It aly | Vero na,
                                                                                       It aly
three stages, behind the scenes tours of the team bus and equipment
and a special visit with the Trek-Segafredo team. We'll even ride the                  Dates
                                                                                       Dat es C o ming S o o n
official time trial course and cross the finish line just like the pros on the
day of the race. Top it all off with breathtaking scenery, first class guide
support, warm Italian hospitality, mouthwatering food and charming
hotels-and you have the recipe for the pro race trip of a lifetime! Our
Giro d'Italia trip was covered in the Washington Post. Read Coverage»

Ride on the official Giro Time Trial course and cross the finish line with a podium experience in Roverto
Ride on the official race course of Stage 15 and experience a fly-by viewing on the Tre Croci climb
Ride the legendary Monte Zoncolan just before the Pros on Stage 14, then watch them tackle "the hardest climb
in the world" with VIP access
Meet the Trek-Segafredo team for cocktail hour and get the chance to tour the team bus
VIP access on ITT course and stage finish viewing in the town of Roverto
Enjoy delicious Italian cuisine and wines blending local Italian and Austrian flavors

                                                    DAILY ITINERARY

             TOD AY 'S RID E:

Day          S a n D a n ie le d e l F r u ili a A r t a
             T erm e
             Approximately 32 miles with 2,760
             f eet of climbing

 1           D ESCRIPTION:
             Molto bello! The bellissimo world of Italy welcomes you. Your Trek Travel guides will meet you at the Treviso
             Centrale train station at 11:00 AM on the f irst day of the trip. The Giro d’ Italia adventure begins with a scenic 90-
             minute shuttle to the Friuli region, known f or its romantic medieval castles and f amous San Daniele cured ham.
             You’ll arrive at a picturesque spot perf ect to enjoy a light, local lunch. Your guides will then ensure a comf ortable
             f it to your Trek Domane road bike and you’ll take to the open road to shake of f the travel and test your legs. We'll
             ride on the of f icial course of stage 14 which will introduce you to the Dolomites and town of Arta Terme, your
             home f or next three nights. Relax and get settled, f or tonight your guides will host a rousing round of
             introductions f or you and your travel companions over cocktails and a savory welcome f east in town.

             Grand Hotel Gortani                           MEALS:
             VIS IT WEBS IT E                              Lunch | Social Hour | Dinner

Day   A r t a T e r m e t o Pa sso D u r o n
      Approximately 4 6 miles with 5,325
                                                   TOD AY 'S TEAM ACCESS:
                                                   B e h in d t h e sc e n e s wit h T r e k-
      f eet of climbing                            S ega f redo

      Today's scenery will take your breath away and provide a perf ect warm-up bef ore tomorrow's challenge. We'll get
      ahead of the pros and cover part of tomorrow's mountain stage, including the climb of Passo Duran and descent
      into the village of Ravascleto. We'll stop short of Monte Zoncolan, but you'll get a view of our challenge
      tomorrow. We'll break f or lunch along the way and discuss the "charms" of climbing Zoncolan, one of the hardest
      climbs in the world. When we're done riding, you can change and ref resh bef ore tonight's big outing: a team
      meeting with Trek-Segaf redo members, riders and mechanics. You'll get a f irst-hand view of the team bus and
      equipment as well as a cocktail hour with the team! Prepare your most strategic questions about the race and
      racing, and bring your team gear f or autographs. This will be a night you'll never f orget.

      HOTEL:                                       INCLU D ED MEALS:
      Grand Hotel Gortani                          Breakf ast | Lunch | Social Hour |
      VIS IT WEBS IT E                             Dinner

      TOD AY 'S RID E:                             TOD AY 'S RACE ACCESS:

Day   A r t a T e r m e t o Z o n c o la n
      Approximately 22 miles with 5,200
                                                   R id e o n r a c e c o u r se o f S t a g e
                                                   1 4 a n d V I P live r a c e fi n ish
      f eet of climbing                            vie win g

      Today is the day. Climbing specialists all over the world have called Monte Zoncolan "the hardest climb in the
      world," in the same rarif ied company as Spain's Angliru and Italy's Mortirolo. It's a mix of steep grades over a long
      ascent, and has been f eatured in the Giro f ive times. We'll take the same route as the pros starting f rom Ovaro.
      Take your time, pace yourself and snap some photos as you ride to the roof of the Dolomites, gaining almost
      4 ,000 f eet over six miles! This is hallowed ground, the road that has created Giro champions like Simoni, Basso
      and Nibali. At the summit, your Trek Travel guides will be waiting with f ood and the perf ect VIP viewing spot to
      watch the race unf old just a short time later. Af ter the pink jersey has been decided f or the day we'll descend
      into the valley and take a short shuttle to the hotel. Your epic climb will be in the books and you'll have bragging
      rights f or the rest of your lif e.

      Grand Hotel Gortani                          INCLU D ED MEALS:
      VIS IT WEBS IT E                             Breakf ast | Lunch | Dinner

      TOD AY 'S RID E:

Day   F o r n i d i S o t o a C o r t in a wit h
      T re Croc i
                                                   TOD AY ’S RACE ACCESS:
                                                   R id e o n r a c e c o u r se o f S t a g e
      Approximately 56 miles with 7,000            1 5 a n d fl y b y vie win g o n t h e
      f eet of climbing                            T r e C r o c i c lim b

      This morning we will say goodbye to Arta Terme and move in the direction of the Giro. We'll take a short shuttle
      to get on course and then ride through the jewels of stage 15. That includes Cortina, a small village known
      inf ormally as the capital of Dolomites, which hosted the Winter Olympics in 1956 and has provided the backdrop
      f or movies and other major sporting events. It's here where we start climbing the f amous Tre Croci. During World
      War I, it was part of the 'Sbarramento Passo Tre Croci' of the 'Vallo Alpino'; a def ensive line that ran all through
      the eastern Alps, close to what was then the f rontier with Austria.You can still see some military bunkers along
      the road, an artif act of an age gone by. The scenery is unimaginably beautif ul with sweeping views of mountains
      and valleys, all blue-hued against a crystal sky. Af ter the race has f inished, we will descend back to Cortina and
      relax. Tonight you can enjoy an evening on your own and explore the town f or dinner.

      Hotel Ambra Cortina                          INCLU D ED MEALS:
      VIS IT WEBS IT E                             Breakf ast | Lunch

Day            C o r t in a t o M o e n a via G ia u e
               S a n Pe le g r in o
               Approximately 4 7 miles with 8,215
               f eet of climbing

 5             D ESCRIPTION:
               It's a rest day f or the pros, but not one f or us. Today we tackle another mighty member of the Dolomites hall of
               f ame: the Passo Giau. This climb is on every climber's bucket list of Italian monoliths and has been f eatured in
               the Giro most recently in 2013. It boasts an average gradient of 9% f or six miles, with the harshest grades at the
               very beginning. Celebrate your accomplishment at the top with an apple strudel and hot chocolate bef ore
               descending down into a pasture of mountains and lakes, a short break bef ore you conquer the next climb, St.
               Pellegrino. Af ter your legs stand up to the test, we will descend into the charming village of Moena f or beer and
               pizza bef ore hopping a shuttle to Trento to rejoin the race course f or one f inal day of drama!

               Hotel Everest                                  INCLU D ED MEALS:
               VIS IT WEBS IT E                               Breakf ast | Lunch

               TOD AY 'S RID E:

Day            T r e n t o t o R o ve r t o T im e t r ia l
               c o u r se
                                                              TOD AY 'S RACE ACCESS:
                                                              R id e o n t h e o ffi c ia l IT T
               Approximately 22 miles with 1,000              c o u r se a n d c r o ss t h e fi n ish
               f eet of climbing                              lin e

 6             D ESCRIPTION:
               Today is perhaps the most dramatic day on the race schedule—the individual time trial! We'll wake up in the host
               village, and take a stroll to watch the pros prep f or their race of truth. They'll be warming up, giving interviews
               and shaking out their pre-race jitters all just steps away. Today your VIP pass will allow you to ride on the of f icial
               course, even crossing the f inish line in Roverto and snapping your own picture on the podium! Raise your arms
               and gaze out on the race f inish; only the cherished f ew get a view like this. We'll have reserved VIP viewing at the
               f inish line and can witness this f undamental stage that's sure to shake up the general classif ication. Af ter the
               f inish we'll come back to Trento and walk to a local restaurant f or a f arewell dinner. Raise a glass and celebrate
               a week of cycling in a beautif ul place with new f riends!

               HOTEL:                                         INCLU D ED MEALS:
               Hotel Everest                                  Breakf ast | Lunch | Social Hour |
               VIS IT WEBS IT E                               Dinner

               TOD AY 'S ACTIV ITY :

Day            D epart ure

               D ESCRIPTION:
               What a week! Take your chance this morning to sleep in or enjoy a f inal stroll through the town of Trento. Savor

 7             one last relaxing breakf ast with a cappuccino while taking in the views bef ore you bid this charming town a
               f arewell ciao! You’ll say goodbye to your guides at 10:00 AM at the Hotel Everest and then shuttle one hour to
               Verona Train Station (Verona Porta Nuova), arriving at approximately 11:00 AM. Please allow adequate
               connection time f or any ongoing travel to accommodate possible delays.

                                                              INCLU D ED MEALS:
                                                              Breakf ast

                                                     WHAT'S INCLUDED

For us, the details matter most
Every moment of a Trek Travel bike t rip has more t han you could have ever dreamed. More romance. More scenery. More
choice. It 's t he lit t le addit ions t o every Trek Travel cycling vacat ion t hat make it t ruly special. And t hat 's how we help you
creat e more memories.

What's Included
• 6 night s of accommodat ion at handpicked hot els
• Two experienced guides t o provide local knowledge, support , and camaraderie
• Daily rout e support wit h bot h guides and our support van
• Daily breakfast , 6 lunches and 4 dinners
• 2 social hours of drinks and hors d'oeuvres
• Ride a Trek Domane SL 7
• Up t o t hree daily rout e opt ions on riding days
• Snacks and drinks for each day's ride
• Trek Travel Bont rager cycling jersey and socks t o keep
• Trek-Segafredo pro t eam kit t o keep
• Cust omized Road ID
• Trek Travel wat er bot t les t o keep
• Each bike is equipped wit h a Garmin Edge 1030 GPS comput er, flat pack, front and rear Bont rager Flare R light s, a
Bont rager saddle and pedals (Shimano clipless road pedals, Shimano clipless mount ain pedals, caged or flat pedals)
• All grat uit ies for drivers, local expert s and hospit alit y st aff
• All luggage t ransfers and t ransport at ion during your t rip
• A personalized phot obook of your t rip
• Ent rance fees for all act ivit ies, privat e t ours and event s

•   Trek Domane SL 7 carbon road bike wit h Shimano Di2 elect ronic shift ing
•   Trek Travel Bont rager cycling jersey and socks t o keep
•   Trek-Segafredo pro t eam kit t o keep
•   Trek Travel wat er bot t les t o keep
•   Shimano clipless road pedals, Shimano clipless mount ain pedals, caged or flat pedals
•   Bont rager helmet and saddle
•   Bont rager front and rear Flare R light s and a flat pack
•   Garmin Edge 1030 GPS comput er
•   Upgrade your bike t o include carbon wheels (+$200)
•   Coupon valued up t o $500 off a new Trek Bicycle. Your coupon will be delivered via email prior t o your t rip.
•   You may bring your own pedals and saddle on the trip. Your guides will install your gear on the first day during your bike fit.

Grat uit ies for your Trek Travel guides are not included in your t rip price. We recommend t ipping 7.5-10% of your t rip price
for t he guide t eam. Local currency is preferred and unless you want t o t ip separat ely, guides will divide t ips amongst
t hemselves. Please t ip your guides at your discret ion, based on t heir level of professionalism, guest care and service.

What’s Not Included
• Airfare and t ransport at ion t o and from t he t rip pick-up/drop-off locat ions
• Lodging before and aft er t he t rip
• Personal it ems purchased during t he t rip
• Opt ional act ivit ies not scheduled by Trek Travel
• On select t rips some meals are not included. On t hese t rips, Trek Travel invit es you t o explore t he local cuisine at your


GRAND HOT EL GORTANI                             HOT EL AMBRA C ORT INA                         HOT EL EVERES T
A R TA TE R M E , I TA LY                        C O R TI N A , I TA LY                         TR E N TO , I TA LY
The Grand Hot el Gort ani is a short             Hot el Ambra Cort ina is t he perfect          Hot el Everest is one part bed and
ride from t he foot of t he Zoncolan             spot t o enjoy everyt hing t hat               breakfast –run by a cycling-crazy
and t he perfect escape aft er a hard            Cort ina has t o offer. It s classic           family for over 60 years–and one
ride. This 19-cent ury hot el is                 alpine look exudes luxury while t he           part modern get away wit h new,
brimming wit h charm and includes a              modern amenit ies make for a                   luxuriously appoint ed rooms t hat
full spa, heat ed swimming pool and              decadent escape. This is a t rue               include all t he amenit ies you could
plent y of mount ain mot ifs.                    luxury bout ique experience in t he            ever want . It 's also t he perfect
                                                 heart of t he Dolomit es.                      place t o roll out and access t he
                                                                                                race village of St age 16 as well as
t he t ime t rial course.

                                                          MEETING &

How To Get There                                   Meeting Time And Location
We suggest t hat you arrive at least               Your Trek Travel guides will meet you at t he Treviso Cent rale t rain st at ion at
one day prior t o t he t rip st art ,              11:00 AM on t he first day of t he t rip. The Giro d’It alia advent ure begins wit h a
which will enable you t o adjust t o               scenic 90-minut e shut t le t o t he Friuli region, known for it s romant ic medieval
t he t ime zone and minimize t he                  cast les and famous San Daniele cured ham. You’ll arrive at a pict uresque
risk of missing t he t rip st art due t o          spot perfect t o enjoy a light , local lunch.
flight -relat ed delays.
                                                   If you will be lat e for t he pick-up or are going t o miss it alt oget her, please
We recommend t hat you fly int o                   inform your guides. You will receive an email a week before t he t rip st art wit h
Verona, It aly (VRN). From t he                    t heir names and cont act det ails. If you cannot reach t hem, please call our
Verona, It aly airport (VRN), you can              first hot el, Grand Hot el Gort ani (+39 0433 928754) and leave a message wit h
t ake a t rain t o Treviso, which                  your expect ed arrival t ime and cont act det ails.
leaves every couple of hours and
t akes about 1.5 hours.
Alt ernat ively, you can fly int o
Marco Polo Int ernat ional Airport in              Departing Time And Location
Venice (VCE) and t hen t ake a t rain
from Venice Sant a Lucia t rain                    You’ll say goodbye t o your guides at 10:00 AM at t he Hot el Everest and t hen
st at ion, which t akes about a half               shut t le one hour t o Verona Train St at ion (Verona Port a Nuova), arriving at
an hour. It alian t rain schedules can             approximat ely 11:00 AM. Please allow adequat e connect ion t ime for any
be found on www.TrenIt                   ongoing t ravel t o accommodat e possible delays.

                                                   ESCALUS LUXURY SUITES

Before & After: Verona,                            The exclusive choice of t hose seeking elegance, sublime at t ent ion t o det ail
                                                   and a refined welcome, t his bout ique hot el is just a st one’s t hrow from t he
Italy                                              Arena and Piazza Bra.

A t own rich in hist ory and cult ure,    | ~$235
Verona is a gem of nort hern It aly
and celebrat ed by Shakespeare,                    HOTEL ACCADEMI
who made it famous as t he
romant ic set t ing for Romeo and                  A hist oric mansion dat ing t o t he lat e 16t h cent ury, t his elegant hot el is
Juliet . A splendid, ancient corner                locat ed in t he cent er of Verona. Well placed on t he via Mazzini, in t he cent er
of t he Venet o region, Verona is                  of Verona’s exclusive shopping dist rict , t his hot el is convenient ly posit ioned
nest led bet ween t he river Adige                 bet ween Piazza Bra, t he Arena and Erbe Square wit h Giuliet t a’s House and
and Lake Garda, and is int imat ely                it s legendary balcony.
linked t o t heir wat ers. Here, you’ll
find plent y of at t ract ions t o keep   | ~$200
you occupied. We recommend t he
following accommodat ions for                      HOTEL SAN PIE TRO
your pre and post -t rip hot el:
                                                   The hot el was finely renovat ed in 2005 wit h a cont emporary It alian design.
                                                   Close t o t he cit y cent er, t rain st at ion, and Arena, all can be easily reached on
                                                   foot , free shut t le service offered by t he hot el, or free bike rent al offered by
                                                   t he hot el.
                                                   www.Hot elSanPiet | ~$175

* Hote ls liste d above are loc al prope rtie s we love . We do not have spe c ial rate s available .

What Are The Daily Rides                What are the options for a non-rider travel companion?
                                        This dest inat ion is best suit ed t o guest s who want t o cycle every day.
• Rider Type | 4 - Avid                 Because of t he t errain and/or remot eness of t he hot els and riding rout es,
                                        t here are few, if any, non-riding opt ions available. If a non-rider want s t o
• Average Daily Mileage | 32            accompany a rider guest on t his t rip, t hey would need t o spend many hours in
• Terrain | Mount ainous                t he van and/or at t he hot els on t he t rip. Due t o t his, we st rongly discourage
• Average Daily Elevat ion | 4,214      non-riders from t his dest inat ion. As an alt ernat ive, call a Trek Travel Trip
feet                                    Consult ant at 866.464.8735 for t rip suggest ions where more non-rider
• Tot al Miles | 225                    act ivit ies are available, such as:
• Tot al Elevat ion | 29,500 feet
                                        • Tuscany
Averages and t ot als are calculat ed   • Barcelona Villa
from our "Avid Ride" opt ions.          • Provence

The t errain is challenging, wit h
st eep climbs followed by long          Trip Changes
descent s. Giro d’It alia is best
suit ed for our Type 4 riders. Our
Trek Travel guides can also easily      See it inerary for specific daily ride dist ances and elevat ion opt ions. On all of
accommodat e Type 3 riders, who         our vacat ions, Trek Travel st rives t o find quiet , paved secondary roads or
seek less mileage or fewer uphills,     bike pat hs t o experience a region; busy roads are avoided as much as
wit h a boost in t he van.              possible. Our it ineraries are an approximat ion of our t rips. Trek Travel st rives
                                        t o offer every guest a vacat ion of a lifet ime on every t rip. At t imes rout es,
                                        hot els, act ivit ies, et c. list ed here may change at t he discret ion of t he t rip
                                        designer or guides t o improve t he t rip experience.
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