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Holy Spirit School Pre-Kindergarten Handbook
Welcome to Holy Spirit’s Pre-Kindergarten Program. We are looking forward to a very special year of
learning and growing together in God’s love. The Pre-K handbook is a supplement to the school wide
Parent Handbook. It contains information specific to Pre-Kindergarten. Please read all the information
carefully. If you have questions or concerns, please contact your student’s teacher, the Pre-K Director,
the assistant principal, or the principal.

          Holy Spirit School is one of 12 schools part of the Drexel School System. The Drexel
School System is a resource-rich, cutting-edge approach to Catholic education. Committed to
redefining student engagement through robust technology and data-driven instruction, the
Drexel School System is Transforming Catholic Education. In a Catholic Pre-Kindergarten,
religious development is of primary importance to us. It will be approached simply and in the
total context of the child’s life. We believe values are cultivated in a child not only through
direct teaching, but also through example experienced in everyday situations. We will learn
short prayers to be said at meals and at group times. Songs, stories and activities will often be
of a religious nature.

We will provide a loving environment, stressing a positive approach to success in daily activities.
We will encourage the development of self-respect for others, and to respect authority in and
out of the classroom. We will provide growth in the child’s five developmental areas:
religion/spirituality, social, emotional, cognitive, and physical. In alignment with the Drexel
School system, we utilize blended learning and centered rotations while focusing on the
following curriculum:
     • Reading/Phonics Readiness                           • Science
     • Writing                                             • Technology with iPads
     • Religion                                            • Music
     • Literature                                          • Art
     • Mathematics                                         • Fine & Gross Motor Skills
     • Social Studies                                      • Communication & Critical Thinking

Faculty & Staff Contact List

Please allow teachers 24 hours during school days to reply to voicemails and emails. Please schedule a
time to meet with teachers to discuss any questions or concerns. During the school day, the teachers
are instructing and supervising students. This also allows teachers to be fully prepared to discuss any
questions or concerns. Thank you.

                                     Position             Voicemail            Email Address

 Graves, Bob             Co-Principal                   1108            rgraves@dsj.org

 O’Bannion, Colette      Asst. Principal                1115            cobannion@dsj.org

                         Pre-K Director/Teacher         408-268-        ddamico@dsj.org
 D’Amico, Debbie

                         Pre-K 2 Teacher                408-268-        adominion@dsj.org
 Dominion, Anne

                         Pre-K 2 Teacher                408-268-        kojeda@dsj.org
 Ojeda, Katie

 Aquino, Lisa            Librarian                      1103            laquino@dsj.org

 Dickson, Jennifer       Art                            8102/5106       jdickson@dsj.org

Schedule & Attendance
1. Schedule:
   Drop off Time: 8:15 AM – 8:30 AM for all students
   Half-day Program: Pick up 12:15 PM – 12:30 PM
   Full-day Program: Pick up 3:15 PM – 3:30 PM
   Pre-K does not follow the school’s minimum day or early day schedule. During the week of
   Parent-Teacher conferences all 12:15 PM and 3:15 PM students must be picked up by 12:30
   PM, unless enrolled in Pre-K Extended Care. On the last day of school before Christmas
   Break and Summer Break, the entire school, including Pre-Kindergarten and Pre-K Extended
   Care, releases early at the time stated on the school calendar.
2. Drop Off and Pick Up: You must walk your child in. Pre-K students are not eligible for drop
   off or pick up at the front of the school. The Pre-K sign in/out log is where you will sign in or
   out your student. As this log is a legal document, there are requirements through California
   State law for Child Care Licensing that must be followed every day:
    1. You must use a full signature (no initials) when signing your child in and out.
    2. You must be at least 18 years of age to sign a student in or out.
    3. An Authorization to pick-up list must be filled out for each student by a
     parent/guardian. Individuals must be listed on the form in order to sign-out and pick-up
     your child. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.
    4. You must write the exact time you are signing the student in or out.
3. Late Pick Up & Fees: Students signed up for the half-day program must be picked up by
   12:30 PM. Students signed up for full day program, but not extended care must be picked
   up by 3:30 PM. For any student who is picked up after the 12:30 PM or 3:30 PM pick up
   time, a late fee of $5.00 per minute will be charged to your FACTS account.
4. Absences:
    1. If a student is absent, parents are required to contact Pre-K staff before 9:00 AM each
     day. Please contact the Pre-K staff at either 408-268-0775 or ddamico@dsj.org.
    2. A written note (explaining the reason for the absence) dated and signed by the parent
     or guardian, is required in order for the student to return to school following an absence.
     Reminder that any child returning to school after having a communicable disease, needs a
     note from a physician in order to return to school.
5. Tardiness: All Pre-K students are considered tardy at 8:31 AM. Please go directly to the Pre-
   K classroom for your tardy slip. Pre-K students are not given detention for multiple tardies,
   but will begin to receive detention for every five tardies in Kindergarten.
6. Late Arrival/Early Dismissal (Due to Medical/Dental Appointments): Students arriving late
   or returning to school after an appointment can go directly to the Pre-K classroom. Students
   leaving school before dismissal may be picked up directly from Pre-K.

General Information
A. Uniform Policy:
    1. All Pre-K students must follow to the Holy Spirit School Parent Handbook uniform policy
     with the exception that Pre-K students should not wear belts to school.
    2. Please make sure to label your child’s jacket and/or sweaters with their name.
    3. All Pre-K students must follow to the Holy Spirit School Parent Handbook free dress
     policies. Free dress is on the last Thursday of each month with a free dress pass, unless
     noted otherwise.
B. Room Parents: Each Pre-K classroom will have the following room parents:
    1. Head Room Parent
    2. Celebration Parent
    3. Auction Parent
    4. Birthday Parent (for Teacher’s Birthdays)
    5. Project Cornerstone Docent
C. Toileting: All students in Pre-K must be fully potty trained. No diapers or pull-ups allowed.
   Children are expected to be able to wipe themselves. In the event of a potty accident, we
   are typically able to provide a change of clothes to borrow depending on sizes available.
   However, if your child has an accident, they must be able to clean themselves up after the
   accident, otherwise a parent or guardian will be called to assist in changing the child.
D. Sharing: The students are encouraged to bring in a sharing item they made related to the
   letter, color, or shape of the week. The sharing should be fun and educational. No play
   weapons, such as toy guns and swords. We advise you not to bring sentimental items
   because we cannot guarantee they won’t be misplaced. Please help your student think of
   three things to say about their sharing. Their classmates will ask them three questions as
   well. Sharing encourages the following communication skills: listening to a peer, speaking in
   front of a group, speaking clearly and loudly, asking a question, and the difference between
   asking a question and telling a story.
E. Snack:
    1. Please send a small nutritious snack and drink with your child each day in a bag or
     reusable container with your student’s name on it. Please place it in the AM Snack Basket.
     Please keep in mind your student has only 15 minutes for snack time to eat what they can.
    2. If your child is signed up for Pre-K Extended Care, you will also need to provide a
     nutritious snack for the afternoon. Please label it with your child’s name and place it in
     the PM Snack Basket when your child arrives in the morning.
    3. Please cut grapes, carrots, and any other fruits/vegetables/food items that are a choking
     risk. Please do not send in large marshmallows and fruit by the foot for
     they are all choking hazards. Please do not send candy.

4. We do not have a microwave in our classroom. We cannot heat up any snack. If your
     child’s snack needs to be kept cold, please send in an ice pack with it. We are unable to
     store snacks in the refrigerator.
F. Lunch:
    1. If your student is signed up for the full-day program, you will need to provide a
     nutritious lunch. You are welcome to sign up for the hot lunch program through Pasta
     Market and/or the Friday pizza fundraiser. Please sign up online for each, more info is on
     Parent Square.
    2. Keep in mind on early dismissal days (twice a month) noted on the school calendar,
     when the school releases at 12:30 PM, there will be no hot lunch for Pre-K students and
     you will need to provide a lunch from home.
    3. We do not have a microwave in our classroom. We cannot heat up any lunches. If your
     child’s lunch needs to be kept cold, please send in an ice pack with it. We are unable to
     store lunches in the refrigerator.
G. Nap Time: California State Licensing requires that all preschool students enrolled in our full-
   day program have a 1-hour rest period. Please provide a rolled nap bag (see example
   below). No sleeping bags, please. On Friday, we will send the nap bag home over the
   weekend to be laundered. Please bring it back the following Monday. If you forget your
   child’s nap bag, we can provide a blanket to borrow. Please wash it and return it to class the
   next day. Pre-K provides the floor mats to put their nap bag on, and they are cleaned daily.

H. Buckets: Pre-K will provide a bucket instead of a backpack. This will be picked up on Meet
   the Teacher Day.

A. Pre-K Extended Care: The Pre-K Extended Care is separate from the K-8th Extended Care for
   the rest of the school. Extended Care in Pre-K is only available to students enrolled in full
   day (3:30PM dismissal). Our Pre-K Extended Care is not a drop off care center, but is paid by
   a one-time fee at the beginning of the school year via your FACTS account. Pre-K Extended
   Care is closed on Staff In-service Days. There is no afternoon Extended Care the last school

day before Christmas Break. There is no Pre-K Extended Care in the morning or afternoon
   on the last day of school.
    1. Pre-Kindergarten Extended Care Hours:
                     a. 7:00 AM-8:10 AM
                     b. 3:15 PM-6:00 PM
    2. Pre-K Extended Care Late Pick-Up Policy: Pre-K Extended Care closes at 6:00PM every
     night. Failure to pick up before 6:00 PM will result in a late fee of $5.00 per minute
     charged to your FACTS account. This policy will be strictly enforced.

                                      School Policies
A. Progress Reports: Progress reports go home mid-trimester during both the First Trimester
   and the Second Trimester.
B. Report Cards: Report cards go home at the end of each Trimester.
C. Parent-Teacher Conferences: Parent Teacher Conferences are during conference week, the
   same week as the rest of the school. Conferences during that week are by appointment and
   sign-ups will be available on Parent Square. Parents and teachers are welcome to request
   conferences during the year to discuss questions and concerns at mutually agreed upon
   times before or after school.
D. Pre-K Grading System
         X    Student demonstrates skill
         P    Student is progressing in skill
         T    Student requires additional time to develop skill
E. Behavior Policy
   Behavior guidelines for Pre-K are age appropriate expectations to promote each individual
   student’s development. For many of our Pre-K students, this will be their first experience in a
   formal classroom setting. At the beginning of the year, we will go over the classroom expectations
   and will work as a team to help the students follow these expectations. Unpredictable behaviors
   (both positive and negative) are a common occurrence in our Pre-K classroom which is why we work
   as a team with the parents to help each student reach their fullest potential. Knowing that the
   students love attention and specific praising of positive behavior or action, we help to reinforce
   them and assure that they will be repeated. We hope to make each student as successful as
   possible as they enjoy their first year here at Holy Spirit School. We know that young children
   need to know, see, and practice what is expected of them and we love seeing the growth of every
   student throughout the year.

Health & Safety
A. Nut Free Classroom: Our Pre-K classroom is a completely nut free classroom. Any food with
   a nut product (almond milk, almond butter, peanut butter, Nutella, etc.) will be sent home
   to be consumed. Please help us keep our students with nut allergies safe by frequently
   checking ALL labels on food for nut products, as ingredients sometimes change. Labels that
   state “May contain traces of nuts/tree nuts/peanuts” are not allowed in the Pre-K
   classroom, as they can have enough nut products to cause anaphylaxis. We check labels
   frequently, but please help us be vigilant. Especially check the labels of the following:
   candy, cookies, bread products, and granola bars. When sending sun butter/wow butter or
   any other peanut butter alternative, please label it as such so your teachers know the
   contents. If we are unsure of the contents on a food item that is not labeled, it will be sent
B. Illness Policy: Pre-K complies with the school’s illness policy. In addition, please note the
     1. If a child has vomited at home, they must wait 24 hours after the last episode before
      returning to school. If a child vomits at school, they will be sent home. The child will be
      kept in the Pre-K classroom until they are picked up by a parent/guardian or emergency
      contact. They may return if they have not vomited for 24 hours.
     2. If your child has a fever, they can return after they are fever free (without over the
      counter medication) for 24 hours. If your child has a low-grade fever while at school, a
      Pre-K staff member will give you a courtesy call. If your child has a fever or 100.0 degrees
      Fahrenheit or above, they will be sent home. They will remain in the Pre-K classroom until
      they are picked up by a parent/guardian or emergency contact.
     3. If your child runs fever of 103.0 degrees Fahrenheit or higher at school, they must be
      picked up from the Pre-K by a parent/guardian or emergency contact within 20 minutes of
      the phone call. If the child is not picked up in that time, an Administrator will come to
      determine whether or not 911 will be called.
     4. If a child has two instances of diarrhea in a day, they must wait 24 hours after the last
      episode before returning to school. If a child experiences two instances of diarrhea at
      school, they will be sent home. They will remain in the Pre-K classroom until they are
      picked up by a parent/guardian or emergency contact.
C. Communicable Diseases: We comply by the Holy Spirit School Parent Handbook policies on
   communicable diseases. Please let us know by phone call or email if your child has the
   following: amebiasis, campylobacter, E. coli 0157:H7/Shiga Toxin producing E. coli, giardia,
   hand foot and mouth disease, impetigo, pinworms, ringworm, roseola (Sixth disease),
   salmonella, scabies, shigella, typhoid/paratyphoid fever, pink eye, chickenpox,
   streptococcus infections (strep throat), German measles, mumps, measles, whooping
   cough, hepatitis, scabies, or Fifth Disease. An exposure notice will go out if your child was

exposed via Parent Square, or paper copy in your child’s class. A note from your child’s
   physician is required to return to class after an absence due to a communicable disease.
D. Food allergies: Students with food allergies are required to sit at a specific table that we
   monitor and keep allergen free the best to our ability. Non-allergy student’s snacks/lunches
   are checked thoroughly before being seated at the allergy table in Pre-K. We continue to
   check food and labels at ALL tables. The child with a food allergy at any mealtime is first
   sent to the bathroom to wash hands with soap and water prior to eating. On classroom
   party days and celebrations, please be prepared to send an alternative allergen free snack
   or lunch for your student. A teacher will communicate with you during those times. Please
   keep in mind, we use play dough, Cheerios, Froot Loops, and other food materials during
   class time and class parties.
E. Medications:
    1. Pre-K staff will store prescriptions if the medication is in the original container showing
     the physician’s name, prescription number, and current dosage. Prescriptions include, but
     are not limited to: EpiPen and inhaler. A parent and physician must complete and sign the
     forms required through Pre-K, California State Licensing, Holy Spirit School, and the
     Diocese of San Jose. Please see the attached at the end of this handbook.
    2. Pre-K staff are not allowed to administer any medication other than an EpiPen.
    3. When any medication is administered, it will be entered into a logbook kept in Pre-K.
    4. All medication must be stored in a small lock box, which must be labeled with your
     student’s name, student’s photo, and the key attached.
    5. At no time should children be given medicines to store in their pockets, buckets, or
     lunches. This includes cough drops, chap stick, lotions, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, vitamins,
     fluoride, etc. This is for the safety of all students.
F. Classroom Safety: For the safety of Pre-K students, please keep any siblings/relatives with
   you at all times. Do not allow them to have free run of the classroom, touch toys, touch, or
   handle items on the Pre-K recess cart. We are most concerned about cross-contamination
   of any nut product coming from outside of our classroom, especially since nut products are
   allowed in grades K-8 on campus.
                        Communication & Organization
A. Parent Square: This is used to post information for the whole class, grade, or school wide.
   Please check frequently to stay current. Please make sure you have a Parent Square log in
   as this will be vital for the school year. The information to sign up for Parent Square will
   come in your first week pack from the Front Office. The following information will be found
   or posted on Parent Square throughout the year:
      1. Hot lunch sign-ups and menus
      2. Reminders and newsletters
      3. Calendar updates

4. Information from the school
      5. Sign-ups for volunteers and items for various class activities
      6. Forms and Handbooks
B. Volunteer Requirements: We adhere to the Holy Spirit Volunteer Requirements in the
   number of required hours, as well as guidelines. Anyone volunteering in the classroom must
   make arrangements for sibling care. We also have Pre-K specific guidelines to volunteer. In
   order to help out in the classroom the following guidelines must be met by any Pre-K
    1. All volunteers who interact directly with children are required by the Diocese and
     California State Licensing to have an FBI/DOJ fingerprint clearance.
    2. All volunteers who interact directly with children are required by the Diocese and
     California State Licensing to have completed the online Safe Environment Training and
     have the completion certificate on file in the school office prior to working with the
    3. All volunteers must show proof of the following immunizations per California State
     Licensing: MMR, TDAP, TB/PPD, and a current flu vaccine for that year.
C. Volunteer Hours Available in Pre-K: There will be some volunteer opportunities in Pre-K,
   such as class parties, cutting projects, room parents, assistance with classroom and
   cleaning. However, we cannot guarantee we can help you meet all of your required
   volunteer hours. Please attempt to find volunteer hours outside of Pre-K when possible.

2018-2019 Holy Spirit School Pre-Kindergarten Handbook

The Pre-Kindergarten Handbook, located on Parent Square, is a compilation of information that
is necessary for the safe and successful operation of Holy Spirit School’s Pre-Kindergarten
Program. It is a supplement in addition to the Holy Spirit School Parent Handbook. It is required
that you read and are familiar with the material contained in both the Pre-Kindergarten
Handbook and the Parent Handbook. I have read and understand the Pre-Kindergarten
Handbook. I understand that the handbook is also posted on Parent Square.

We have read and understand the Holy Spirit School Pre-Kindergarten

Student Name: _________________________________________ Class: _____________

___________________________                         __________________________

Print Parent / Guardian Name                        Parent / Guardian Signature Date

___________________________                         ___________________________

Print Parent / Guardian Name                        Parent / Guardian Signature Date

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