YEAR G U I D E 2 0 21

FROM HOPE TO ACTION THROUGH KNOWLEDGE                         w w w. s t u d e n t. u w c. a c. z a
To do li s t. ..
                                                         WELCOME TO
                                                         UNIVERSITY OF THE
                    1. A cc ep t of fe r                 WESTERN CAPE
                                                         It is with pleasure that we welcome you to UWC an engaged

                    2 . Reg is te r
                                                         u n i v e r s i t y, f a c i n g t h e f u t u r e i n a w a y t h a t t r a n s c e n d s t h e p a s t
                                                         and embracing the complex reality of transformation and
                                                         g l o b a l t e c h n o l o g i c a l a d v a n c e s. We a r e c o m m i t t e d t o
                                                         excellence in teaching, learning and

                    3. Ch ec k yo ur ti me ta ble
                                                         research, to nurturing the cultural
                                                         diversity in South Africa, and to
                                                         responding in critical and creative
                                                         ways to the needs of society in transition.

                    4. Co lle ct yo ur St uden t Ca rd   Professor Tyrone Pretorius
                                                         Rector & Vice-Chancellor

                    5. At te nd Or ie nt at io n

                     6. Ge t to Cl as s

1 S T Y E A R R E G I S T R AT I O N G U I D E
1   UWC Citizenship 					PG1
2   Orientation Information 			               PG2

3   Registration Information 			              PG3
4   Financial Matters 					PG6

5   Residence 						PG9
6   Support Services 					PG10

7   Sport Administration     			              PG12
8   Our Campus 						PG13

9   General Dates					PG14
10 Contact Information				PG15

                      REGISTRATION & ORIENTATION GUIDE 2019
UWC STUDENT CITIZENSHIP                                                                                        1                    O R I E N TAT I O N I N F O R M AT I O N                                        2
      During 2021 we would like to invite you to become a UWC Student Citizen.                                                        Our staff and students will facilitate your induction and transition to the campus and
                                                                                                                                      university life, and the development of supportive peer networks.
      Some of your responsibilities for obtaining full Student Citizenship:
                                                                                                                                      ORIENTATION GOES VIRTUAL
      • Abide by the university rules and policies as indicated in the General                                                        The Student Orientation Programme will be conducted online. UWC has implemented a
                                                                                                                                      reverse billing service which allows registered students access to UWC information and
         Calendar Part 1 and your faculty calendar.                                                                                   resources (such as UWC iKamva, Gmail and other websites) without incurring data costs.
         You will receive this at registration.                                                                                       A VPN (Virtual Private Network) provides a mechanism whereby a computer outside of
                                                                                                                                      the university ’s trusted network can securely access the university ’s resources which are
      • Take ownership of your academic administrative affairs. Consult your                                                          normally only available on campus. During the Covid-19 pandemic, registered students
         respective Faculty Office and the Student Administration Helpdesk.                                                           will incur no data charges if you use sim cards from Cell C, MTN, Telkom or Vodacom
                                                                                                                                      when connecting to the VPN in South Africa.
      • Attend curriculum advising before registration.
      • Visit the university website ( and click on                                                                     Please go to for instructions on how to connect to your VPN.
                                                                                                                                      If you experience problems using the VPN contact the UWC Information and
         “View All Programmes” for more information on your curriculum
                                                                                                                                      Communication Services (ICS) Helpdesk at (021) 959 2000 or email us at
         structure and module content.                                                                                      
      • Plan and manage your finances.
                                                                                                                                      We will only orientate students who have completed their registration as only registered
      • Ensure that you do not have any class timetable clashes.                                                                      students can access the iKamva platform.
      • Note the deadlines in the university calendar for administrative processes.
                                                                                                                                      Student Orientation Week
      • Keep copies of correspondence with the university and official                                                                Orientation Week for full-time first-year students kicks off virtually on Monday, 1 March
         documents received.                                                                                                          2021. The programme is as follows:

      • Always use your student number when corresponding with the university.                                                        9h00 - Official Welcome by the Rector on the UWC YouTube Channel and
      • Update your personal and contact information on UWC student portal or at                                                      UWC Facebook Page.

         the Student Administration Helpdesk.                                                                                         13h00 - Live Orientation Session to familiarise yourself with the Online Learning Platform
      • Activate student card for access to university facilities and services.                                                       ‘iKamva’ (zero rated data) by CIECT. If you miss this session click here to learn how to
                                                                                                                                      access and login to iKamva.
      • Check your UWC student email account regularly.
                                                                                                                                      14h00 - Deans’ Welcome on the UWC iKamva portal.

                                                                                                                                      14h30 - Session by your Peer Facilitator (PF) via Google Meet virtual meeting space.
                                                                                                                                      Orientation continues on Tuesday to Friday, 2 - 5 March 2021.
                                                                                                                                      You will be assigned a Peer Facilitator (PF) who will engage with you via WhatsApp,
                                                                                                                                      iKamva and Google Meet sessions during Orientation Week.
      Leave home a little earlier. With about 5 000 students and their parents arriving on campus, traffic becomes congested,         Orientation activities will be conducted online. We have arranged a dedicated Student
      even on the main routes into campus. Parking is not always available close to specific venues, so allow for sufficient time     Orientation page on iKamva and the UWC Student Orientation 2021 Facebook page to
      for parking and reaching a venue on foot.
                                                                                                                                      access relevant documents and videos (e.g. presentations about your subjects, student
      Remember that January / February is mostly very hot; therefore make provision for cool clothing, comfortable shoes,             support services) which will be accessible even after Orientation Week.
      bottled water and a sun hat as you will be touring our wonderful campus on foot.
PG1                                                                                                                                 PG2

R E G I S T R AT I O N I N F O R M AT I O N                                     3
        Online Registration: 25 February to 05 March

       • PhD and Masters (new and returning) - 11 January 2021
       • Undergraduate (returning) and Honours and PG diploma/certificate - 25 January 2021
       • New First Time Entry - 23 February 2021

         Registration will take place ONLINE via the UWC
         Student Portal STUDENT.UWC.AC.ZA.
       Applicants/Students will need to access the Student Portal at various stages of their
       registration. Your log in details are as follows:
       • Student Number
       • Enter !St followed by your full South African ID number. International Students
         enter your passport number, select “next”
       Please ensure that you adhere to the registration dates listed below, as no late
       registrations will be accepted, unless permission is sought from and granted by the
       Faculty in question.


                                                                                               REGISTRATION & ORIENTATION GUIDE 2019
STEPS TO BECOMING A REGISTERED                                                                             STEP 2          G E T F I N A N C I A L LY C L E A R E D

      STUDENT AT UWC                                                                                             Student should pay the required upfront payment via EFT or via the online card payment link.
                                                                                                                 Students not in University residences R4290 (to be paid before registration)
                                                                                                                 Students placed at University residences R4840 (to be paid be fore registration)
                                                                                                                 SELF-FUNDED STUDENTS
                                                                                                                 All self-funded students are required to make a first fee payment (UPFRONT PAYMENT)
      If you have completed the National Senior Certificate or an equivalent school-leaving qualification in
                                                                                                                 towards fees BEFORE registration. This is a standard amount of R4290 (this includes the
      2020, you will receive an Email and/or SMS in February 2021 after the final results have been
      announced, confirming your offer status.                                                                   registration fee of R1445) that is applicable to all South African students. Students will
                                                                                                                 not be able to register if this amount is not paid. Payments via EFT should be made 3
      You may also check your status online via You must accept the offer via student. or by calling the Contact Centre on 021 959 3900/01 within 3 days to secure your place           days in advance in order to clear before registration.
      (no confirmations via email will be accepted). Should you not do so, the offer will be withdrawn, and
      the place will be offered to another student.                                                              STUDENTS APPROVED BY NSFAS FOR FUNDING
                                                                                                                 • Students funded by NSFAS will be facilitated via the Financial Aid Office
                                                                                                                 • Financial Aid will receive funding confirmation from NSFAS and after vetting will
                                                                                                                   provide Student Credit Management with financial clearance instructions
                                                                                                                 • When received Student Credit Management will provide clearance and students will
                                                                                                                   receive a SMS confirming clearance and to proceed to register
                                                                                                                 • All NSFAS funding queries should be directed to

                                                                                                                 FULL COST AND PARTIAL CORPORATE BURSARIES
                                                                                                                 • Students with full cost bursaries and partial funding must submit their bursary
                                                                                                                   documentation to be vetted by the Financial Aid Office
                                                                                                                 • Bursary information is to be sent to
                                                                                                                 • Financial Aid will vet the bursary documents and will provide Student Credit
                                                                                                                   Management with financial clearance instructions
                                                                                                                 • When received Student Credit Management will provide clearance and students will
                                                                                                                   receive a SMS confirming clearance and to proceed to register
                                                                                                                 • All bursary and funding queries to

                                                                                                                 Students who may require financial clearance should make contact with Student
                                                                                                                 Credit Management via the following Hubs:
                                                                                                                 Call Centre: 021 959 3558
      Should your status indicate Pending or Awaiting Final Decision, this means you have been placed on a       Email a consultant:
      waiting list. Decision-making is an ongoing process, and you may check your status online regularly, as
      all decisions will reflect immediately if a decision is made.                                              Debit Order Document - CLICK HERE
                                                                                                                 PERSAL Document                      - CLICK HERE
PG4                                                                                                             PG5

STEP 3         REGISTER ONLINE                                                                               3.4        SUBMIT YOUR COMPULSORY DOCUMENTS
                                                                                                                    Kindly note that you will need the following for registration purposes:
      Registration opens online from 23 February 2021 to 05 March 2021 (these dates will                          3.4.1 S O U T H A F R I C A N S T U D E N T S
      include requested assisted on-campus registration). No late registration will be allowed
                                                                                                                    1. Your Identity Document (original or certified copy) to be uploaded to
      unless permission is obtained from the Faculty directly.
                                                                                                              (for 2020 matriculants only).
      Before you begin your academic year at UWC, you will need to complete your                                       Use your new student number when uploading.
      registration with the University. There are two different options available for you to                        2. Application for exemption and proof of payment (only if applicable)
      officially register as a student, self-registration (online registration) or the assisted                        For more information contact
      registration process (due to the current alert level assisted registration will only be
      possible if requested for and on specific days, please consult your Faculty).                               3.4.2 I N T E R N AT I O N A L S T U D E N T S
      We encourage all students to register online
                                                                                                                    1.   Foreign Advice of Results
      HOW TO REGISTER ONLINE:                                                                                       2.   Confirmation of Studies (HESA/USAF)
      • Log-on to the Student Portal (                                                           3.   Your Passport (original or certified copy)
      • To login enter your Student Number and ID/Passport number .                                                 4.   A certified copy of your Study Permit
                                                                                                                    5.   Proof of medical cover (SA Medical cover only)
      • Follow the registration steps on the main menu (not sure about your module choices,
                                                                                                                    6.   SAQA Documentation (Postgraduate students)
        see the the curriculum advising option below)

      Upload a certified copy of your SA Identification Document, (2020 matriculants                                For more information around these and other matters pertaining to International
      only), using your ID number and student number.                                                               Students Services Office website:
      Click here to upload your ID                                                                         or contact

                                                                                                                    International Students Services Office
                                                                                                                    Tel: +27 (21) 959 2115
      Planning your academic career as a student can be a daunting task. It is important to
      be informed about your programme registration requirements before you register, and
                                                                                                                    Office situated at Student Administration, Admin Building West Wing
      to ensure that potential barriers are addressed and resolved. Curriculum Advising is a
      process that equips you with the relevant programme information and provides helpful
      tips about how to go about choosing your modules for the remainder of your degree.
      To access the Curriculum Advising hub or speak to an Advisor, CLICK HERE.

      Avoid crowds, be socially responsible and REGISTER ONLINE! Click here for the step-
      by-step guide to registering online.


      Due to current alert level regulations students will be notified when they can collect their student card
      and goodie bag.
PG6                                                                                                               PG7

F I N A N C I A L M AT T E R S                                    4
                                                                                             4.1       FINANCIAL AID
                                                                                           National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS)
                                                                                           NSFAS is a statutory body, funded primarily by South Africa’s National Department of Education,
                                                                                           providing academically but financially needy students who wish to study at one of South Africa’s
                                                                                           public higher education institutions. Consult Nsfas website for information on the online NSFAS
                                                                                           application process at

                                                                                           UWC Financial Aid office administers internal and external bursaries which includes UWC Bursaries
                                                                                           Corporate funding, Semi-state and State funding. Bursaries are available to fulltime South African
                                                                                           undergraduate students and are normally allocated for one academic year at a time.
                                                                                           Application forms for new first-year students are available during Registration and Orientation.

                                                                                           All bursary information is available on the university website.

                                                                                           Contact Details
                                                                                           Tel: +27 (21) 959 9753
                                                                                           Office situated at UWC Prefabs behind Student Administration Building

                                                                                           Operating Hours
                                                                                           Office Hours: 08H30 -16h30 (Extended hours during registration period)

                                                                                           4.2       STUDENT FINANCES
                                                                                           Students should make allowance for the following expenses in their financial plans:
                                                                                           • Tuition fees
                                                                                           • Text books and Stationary
                                                                                           • Residence Fees (where accommodation is applicable)
                                                                                           • Personal Expenses
                                                                                           • Meals/food (where applicable)
                                                                                           • Traveling (to and from University)

                                                                                           The council of the University of the Western Cape reserves the right to amend all
                                                                                           fees without prior notice. Tuition fees are charged per module within a prescribed
                                                                                           programme. Students who register for more or fewer that prescribed will be charged

                                                                                           To calculate an estimation of what your modules will cost you visit the university
                                                                                           website ( and click on “Quotes & Pro-forma Invoices” link to view the
                                                                                           costs associated with the modules. Please consult the student finance department
                                                                                           or the website for the terms of payment.
                                                                                           The Student Finance Department comprises of 3 operational areas which are:
      PLEASE NOTE                                                                          • Student Accounts and
      • All payment transactions (e.g. cash payments) must be completed at the cashiers.
        No cash must be handed to any person on campus other than at the cashiers.         • Student Credit Management (SCM)
PG8                                                                                        • Cash Office

                                                                                                                                       REGISTRATION & ORIENTATION GUIDE 2019
4.3     STUDENT ACCOUNTS                                                                 4.6      PA Y M E N T I N F O R M AT I O N
       The Student Accounts department is responsible for:                                      • Your student number must be used as reference to ensure prompt credit allocation
       • Student fee quotations (online)                                                          to the student fees account
       • General Account enquiries                                                              • Cheques and bank transfers must be made payable to the “University of the Western Cape”
                                                                                                • A Service levy will be charged on cheques dishonoured by the bank and deregistration will
       • Refund requests
       • Fee adjustments
                                                                                                • The University accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards at the University
       • Account billings                                                                         Cash Offices

       Contact Details
                                                                                                4.7      E L E C T R O N I C PA Y M E N T
       Ground floor
       Administration Building                                                                  (To be made 3 working days prior to faculty registration date)
       Counter no 6                                                                             Via the University bank account:
       Tel: +27 (21) 959 2154 / +27 (21) 959 3108                                               Bankers: ABSA Bank
       Fax: +27 (21) 959 3512                                                                   Name of account: UWC Student Deposits
       Email:                                                             Branch: Public Sector Western Cape
                                                                                                Address: 1st Floor, Tygerpark 4, Willie van Schoor Drive, Bellville, 7530
                                                                                                Branch Code: 632005
       4.4     STUDENT CREDIT MANAGEMENT (SCM)                                                  Bank Account Number: 40 4960 4740
                                                                                                Swift Code: ABSAZAJJ
       The Student Credit Management office manages the collection of tuition fees owed
       to the University of the Western Cape and is responsible for:                            Direct Deposit                                           Credit Card
       • Financial clearance for registration                                                   A copy of the deposit slip MUST be faxed or              Credit card payments can either be
       • Management and collection of arrear tuition fees                                       emailed to ensure accurate and timeous                   made at the cashier ’s office, or
                                                                                                processing of funds.                                     online CLICK HERE
                                                                                                Fax: +27 21 959 1556, +27 21 959 2986
       Payment arrangement facilities available:
       • Debit Order: Requirements – copy of ID, proof of residence, proof of income,           Telephone: +27 21 959 3900
         3 months bank statement
       • PERSAL: Requirements – recent pay advice, copy of ID (pertains to government
         employees only)                                                                                 PLEASE NOTE
       All Students seeking assistance with financial clearance for registration for the new    1. Payments may take up to 2 business days for local and 7 business days for
       academic year are required to visit Student Credit Management.                              international to reflect on our system.
                                                                                                2. Credit Card payments may take up to 10 business days to reflect on our system.
       4.5     CASH/DEBIT CARD (UNAVAILABLE AT PRESENT)                                         3. Deposit slips or UWC receipts must be retained in case any queries should arise.
                                                                                                4. Please ensure that you use your student number in all future communication with
                                                                                                   the University
       At the cashiers (Counter1-3)                                                             5. A service levy or R70.00 will be raised on cheques dishonoured by the bank.
       Ground Floor - Administration Building Main Campus
                                                                                                CONTACT INFORMATION
       Office hours – 8h20-16h30
                                                                                                For all payment (credit card) related enquiries use the following contacts:
       Contact Telephone Number : +27 21 959 3107
                                                                                                Tel: +27 (21) 959 2479
                                                                                                Fax: +27 (21) 959 1556 / 2986
PG10                                                                                           PG11

RESIDENCE                        5
       The Residential Service Department allocates and manages accommodation in
       university residences. We house an average of 3300 students across 12 residences.
       8 residences are situated on-campus. Our residences are named after great modern
       day heroes and heroines.

       We provide a shuttle service between the 4 residences which are situated
       off-campus and the university main campus. Residences are grouped into clusters.
       Computer labs are available at the residences. Computer labs are accessible after
       working hours to enable students to type assignments, do research and social

       There are various extramural activities organized annually which include inter
       residences sport tournaments, covering various sport codes. The Residence
       Community also hosts a Mini Olympics, which is an annual event in the Residence
       Community calendar. Dance, drama, inter-residences debating competitions are
       some of the other activities which are also established.

       Contact Details
       Tel: +27 (21) 959 2569 or +27 (21) 959 2999
       Fax: +27 (21) 959 2671 or +27 (21) 959 2671
       Email: or

       Experience the benefits of staying on campus with Kovacs, greatly reducing travel
       time and costs. The robust access control system offers peace of mind and a safer
       living location. For costs and payment options, FAQ’s and the online application, visit
       our website at

       Contact Details
       Tel: +27 (21) 959 9500
       Fax: +27 (21) 959 9501


                                                                                                 REGISTRATION & ORIENTATION GUIDE 2019
SUPPORT SERVICES                                         6
        6.1       CENTRE FOR STUDENT
                  SUPPORT SERVICES (CSSS)
       The Centre for Student Support Services (CSSS) seeks to develop an exciting,
       stimulating and supportive campus environment which enhances student learning
       on multiple levels. The focus is to engage students’ potential in order to assist them
       in achieving their personal and academic goals, and to develop responsible and
       responsive citizens for the future.

       The CSSS provides broad student-centered development and professional services,
       programs, training opportunities and resources aimed at enhancing students’
       academic experiences, graduate attributes and quality of life.

       Our dynamic, multidisciplinary team actively create an enabling environment to
       enhance the student experience for holistic student development and success.

       Contact Details
       Tel: +27 (21) 959 2299
       Fax: +27 (21) 959 2882

        6.2       C A M P U S H E A LT H & W E L L N E S S C E N T R E
       The Campus Health & Wellness Centre (operated by Dr. Bagwandeen & Associates)
       is a dispensing medical practice, staffed by doctors, primary health care nurses
       and counselors. Conveniently located on the 1st floor of the Community Health
       Sciences Building, the Health Center provides an extensive range of services to
       both students and staff on campus.

                                         Academic Period   Vacation Period
                Monday - Friday           08h30 - 16h30     08h30 - 16h30
          Public Holidays and weekends       CLOSED           CLOSED

       Staff and students who wish to see the doctors and nurses at the clinic can now
       conveniently book an appointment through the website
       The website provides all the available times and dates via an online calendar.
       The booking service is free of charge, and appointments can be made 24/7.

       Contact Details
       Tel: +27 (21) 959 2875/6

       The Office for Students with Disabilities (OSwD) is committed to promoting and facilitating the right
       to quality education for persons with disabilities in higher education. We advocate for intentional
       inclusion imperatives which will enhance student’s meaningful engagement within the campus
       environment and apply our efforts towards eliminating barriers and build pathways for students with
       disabilities to achieve their full potential. As an office within the Division of Student Development
       and Support, our mandate is to support student success and well-being by aligning our services to
       the strategic guidelines which governs the sector. All students who therefore qualify for disability ac-
       commodations within this mentioned scope, should be embraced into the UWC culture of care and
       student-centredness by which the OSwD also prides itself as a collaborative partner for the success
       of students with disabilities. Our students are the heartbeat of our services rendered, and are viewed
       as the champion in their own learning. In order to facilitate students with disabilities’ adjustment to
       the overall university environment, we encourage early disclosure and pre-admission engagement
       around disability related needs in order to allow sufficient time for all preparations to be arranged.

       As a registered UWC student, you are strongly encouraged to disclose your disability. This will allow
       you to access our disability specific learning support services as you contact our office.
       Services provided include reasonable accommodations within the following areas:
       • Facilitation of disability related learning needs to be communicated to relevant departments
       • Assisting with venue accessibility for persons with mobility impairments
       • Providing academic study material in an accessible format to students, i.e. text conversions to
         audio or enlarged print
       • Providing students with assessment venues for tests and exams
       • Arranging academic assessment administrative support for students with disabilities
       • Supporting students’ disability related academic skills training needs through liaison with
         specialised organizations
       • Facilitation of peer mentoring support to students registered with OSwD
       • Facilitating individual and group psycho-social support to students registered with OSwD
       • Advancing a shared positive culture of inclusivity and belonging amongst fellow students and staff,
         by creating intentional opportunities for engagement
       • Monitoring the physical and built environment for compliance with acceptable and approved
         standards to ensure students’ safety

       Contact Details
       For general enquiries, please email us at:
       For strictly confidential matters, please connect directly with Mrs. Verushka Daniels,
       Manager: Office for Students with Disabilities
       Tel: +27 (21) 959 4170


                                                                                                                  REGISTRATION & ORIENTATION GUIDE 2019
S P O R T A D M I N I S T R AT I O N                                      7
       Sport at the University of the Western Cape has, as everything else associated with this
       institution, grown rapidly over the past five decades when the university was established in 1959.
       From one sport offered in 1965, UWC boasts 22 sporting codes today and our athletes
       consistently excel on the field of play.

       This we have achieved through strategic investment in our infrastructure, facilities and coaching
       staff. Because at UWC we believe that we must strive to be excellent in all our activities, be it in
       the realm of learning and teaching, research and innovation or on the sports field.

       The result of our investment and commitment to our athletes is shown in UWC being ranked in
       the Top 6 tier of South African university sport.

       But what we are most proud of is the development of our student athletes across many codes,
       particularly the five – cricket, rugby, football, athletics and swimming – that we have identified
       as our flagship disciplines.

       At UWC, we believe in our students’ potential to develop their skills and broaden their horizon
       and we extend this philosophy to our entire campus community. It is for this reason that we
       place significant emphasis on our ongoing plans to foster a health and wellbeing culture on

       Ours is an abiding commitment to developing sports within the University because it plays a vital
       role in the full educational experience of all students at UWC.

                                                                                                              CONTACT DETAILS

                                                                                                               Trout, Clement		      E 2318 Cricket, Basketball and Chess
                                                                                                               Barends, Hayward		    E 2023 Brand & Project Coordinator
                                                                                                               Bavuma, Zoleka		      E4150  High Performance Administrator
                                                                                                               Bentley, Glen		       E 2017 Manager: Support Services, Athletics
                                                                                                               Cloete, Elmien		      E 2791 Rugby, Volleyball			       
                                                                                                               Gagayi, Mandla		      E 2207 Director
                                                                                                               Hess, Brent		         E 3534 High Performance Coordinator
                                                                                                               Heyns, Adrian		       E 2980 Netball, Dance Sport		     
                                                                                                               Langeveld, Avril		    E9732  Administrative Officer		   
                                                                                                               Le Roux, Eugene		     E3142  Rugby Office
                                                                                                               Kensley, Colin		E3675        Support Services
                                                                                                               Makinana, Simpiwe     E      Squash Courts			           
                                                                                                               Mgulwa, Nadia		       E 2548 Cheerleading, Hockey, Karate
                                                                                                               Orderson, Derick		    E 2018 Aquatics, Table Tennis, Rowing
                                                                                                               Security Front Office E4319
                                                                                                               Sobekwa, Hassan 		    E 2056 Football, Boxing			        
                                                                                                               Sport Council		E3131
PG12                                                                                                           Wrankmore, Andrew     E 3449 UWC GYM 			                

Faculty of Community

                                                   Faculty of Dentistry           Faculty of Law
                          & Health Sciences     (Off Campus Tygerberg Hospital)                      Student Admin       Main Hall

       OUR CAMPUS       Faculty of Economic &     Faculty of Education            Faculty of Arts   Faculty of Natural
                        Management Sciences


                                                                                                           REGISTRATION & ORIENTATION GUIDE 2019
R E B AT E S              9                                                              C O N TA C T I N F O R M AT I O N                             10
                                                                                                     Physical Address                 Postal Address
       All rebate application forms and substantiating documents must be processed via               University of the Western Cape   University of the Western Cape
       UWC HR Department this includes UCT and CPUT, who in turn will confirm the approval           Robert Sobukwe Rd                Private Bag x17
       of the student eligible for registration and rebate amount to SCM for financial               Bellville                        Bellville
       clearance                                                                                     7535                             7535

       Staff Rebate - 100% rebate
       • The student will be required to complete a rebate form issued to them by their
                                                                                                     FACULTY HELPDESK CONTACTS
         HR consultant. (HR-16)
       • The rebate form must be completed, approved and signed by the HOD, the staff                Faculty of Arts						021 959 2152
         member or student and HR.                                                                   Undergraduate –
       • Registration fee must be paid prior to submitting the rebate form to SCM for                Postgraduate –
         processing the financial clearance.
       • Registration fee can be paid via EFT or the online card payment link.
                                                                                                     Faculty of Community and Health Sciences                      021 959 2852
       Staff Rebate – 50% rebate                                                           
       • Staff qualifying for a 50% rebate must pay the full registration.
       • Registration fee can be paid via EFT or the online card payment link.                       Faculty of Dentistry					021 937 3000
       UCT & CPUT Rebates
       • The University has a reciprocal agreement with UCT and CPUT which entitles staff
         and their children to a rebate of their tuition fees.
                                                                                                     Faculty of Education 					                                    021 959 2276
       • Students qualifying for UCT and CPUT rebate receive a rebate of the tuition fees;           Undergraduate –
         therefore all UCT and CPUT students receiving rebates must make a payment for full          Honours –
         registration fee applicable.                                                                PGCE -
       • Registration fee can be paid via EFT or the online card payment link.                       Masters/PHD –

                                                                                                     Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences                   021 959 3164
                                                                                                     Undergraduate –
                                                                                                     Postgraduate –
                                                                                                     Part-Time –

                                                                                                     Faculty of Law						021 959 3291
                                                                                                     Undergraduate -
                                                                                                     Postgraduate -

                                                                                                     Faculty of Natural Science				                                021 959 3426
                                                                                                     Undergraduate -
PG16                                                                                          PG17   Postgraduate -

                                        REGISTRATION & ORIENTATION GUIDE 2019
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