HANDBOOK 2021-2022 - Manhattan-Ogden USD 383 1-to-1 iPad Program

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Manhattan-Ogden USD 383
  1-to-1 iPad Program

iPad 1:1 Program
            Procedures and Information for Students and Parents

The purpose of the Manhattan-Ogden USD 383 Information Technology’s 1-to-1 iPad Program is to
create a collaborative learning environment for all learners that is consistent with advances in
technology and facilitates resource sharing, critical thinking, innovation, research, creativity,
communication, collaboration, increased productivity and mobile learning. It is the expectation of the
board that district staff and community members will all play a role in the development of these
effective and high quality educational experiences.

To extend the Strategic Framework and the Objectives and Strategies in that plan, Manhattan-Ogden
USD 383 is supplying all students with an iPad tablet. The iPad will allow student access to educational
applications, web-based tools and many other useful sites. The iPad is an educational tool not
intended for gaming, social networking or high-end computing, and all users will be expected to follow
the district’s Code of Conduct as well as all other state and federal laws, board policies and
administrative procedures.

This document provides students with information about the general use of technology, ownership of
the iPad, rights and responsibilities for possession of the device, care of the iPad, its educational use
and good digital citizenship.

Table of Contents

Use and Ownership                                                 3

Care of the iPad                                                  4

Fees, Damages, Repairs and Warranties                             5

Educational Use of the Device                                     8

Digital Citizenship: Acceptable and Ethical Use Policy            11

Frequently Asked Questions                                        13

Manhattan-Ogden 1-To-1 iPad Project Student iPad Loan Agreement   17

Technology Code of Conduct                                        18

Appendix                                                          21


What is an iPad?
An iPad is a personal computing device that runs iPad iOS as its operating system. iPads are most
effective while connected to the Internet and support apps like Microsoft Office that reside on the
Web as well as on the tablet.

Ownership of the iPad
Although students will be issued an iPad for the duration of each school year, Manhattan-Ogden USD
383 retains ownership of the iPad.

Receiving the iPad
Every student in grades 4-12 will be issued an iPad, power adaptor/cable and protective case for
educational use in school and at home (students K – 3 will all have a device available for use at school).
The iPad and peripherals will be distributed within the first two weeks of each school year.

All parents/guardians are required to read and acknowledge understanding the Manhattan-Ogden USD
383 Code of Conduct before an iPad will be issued to their student.

Disciplinary iPad Actions
To address any inappropriate use of technology of Manhattan-Ogden USD 383, students who have
violated the Code of Conduct, School/District handbooks, policy or any other provisions included in the
iPad Program Handbook may have restricted use of the iPad as determined by the school administrator or
their designee. This can range from having the iPad secured during the evening then checked out for
daily use during school to having the system locked for certain time periods to even having the iPad
being taken from the student. The school leadership in conjunction with the Information Technology
department will determine the appropriate measures to be taken when all information is collected.

Returning the iPad
iPad, along with all peripherals and accessories, will be collected at the end of each school year (a
process will be organized with buildings on the return of these devices for summer collection). Failure
to turn in an iPad (as well as charger, cable and case) will result in the student being charged for those
missing items up to the full replacement cost of the device ($390). Additionally, if the device has been
identified as lost or stolen, a report of stolen property with the local law enforcement agency will be
filed by the district.

Any student who transfers, withdraws, graduates or is expelled will be required to return their iPad,
and peripherals (including cable, charger and case) upon termination or completion of enrollment.
Failure to turn in the iPad to the school office on the last day of attendance will result in the student
being charged the full replacement cost of the device. Unpaid fines and fees of students leaving
Manhattan-Ogden USD 383 may be turned over to a collection agency. Additionally, a report of stolen
property with the local law enforcement agency will be filed by the district.

Care of the iPad
Students are responsible for the general care of the iPad they have been issued by the school. iPads
that are broken or fail to work properly must be reported to the library media specialist, Lead Building
Technician or Information Technology Helpdesk (785-587-2077) soon as possible so that the issue can
be addressed. The iPad should NEVER be taken to an outside computer service for any type of repairs
or maintenance.

General Precautions
    • No food or drink is allowed next to the iPad while in use.
    • Cords and cables must be inserted carefully into iPad.
    • Do not use the iPad with the power cord plugged in when the cord may be a tripping hazard.
    • Never transport the iPad with the power cord plugged in.
    • Never store the iPad in the carry case or backpack while plugged in.
    • The iPad and its protective case must remain free of any writing, drawing, stickers and labels.
    • Heavy objects should never be placed on top of iPad.
    • Never cover or otherwise obstruct the iPad’s vents while the device is turned on.
    • Always transport iPad with care. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action.

Screen Care
    • The iPad screen can be easily damaged if subjected to heavy objects, rough treatment, some
        cleaning solvents and other liquids. The screens are particularly sensitive to damage from
        excessive pressure, heat and light.
    • Do not lean or put pressure on the top of the iPad.
    • Do not place anything near the iPad that could put pressure on the screen.
    • Do not place anything in a carrying case or backpack that will press against the screen.
    • Do not poke the screen with anything that will mark or scratch the screen surface.
    • Clean the screen with a soft, dry microfiber cloth or anti-static cloth only.

Manhattan-Ogden Labels
   • All iPads will have a Manhattan-Ogden asset label.
   • Labels may not be covered, modified or otherwise tampered with in any way.
   • Students may be charged up to the full replacement cost of the iPad for tampering with the
       label or turning in an iPad without the Manhattan-Ogden label in place.

iPad Left Unattended
     • Under no circumstances should the iPad be left in a car or any unsupervised areas.
         Unsupervised areas include the school grounds, the lunchroom, vehicles, bathrooms,
         computer labs, library, unlocked classrooms and hallways. Any iPad left in these areas is in
         danger of being stolen. If an iPad is found in an unsupervised area, it should be taken
         immediately to the office. Multiple offenses may result in disciplinary action.

Fees, Damages, Repairs and Warranties
All iPad problems must be reported to the library media specialist, building lead technician or Information
Technology Helpdesk. The district will repair or replace damaged equipment resulting from normal use.

Repairs for damage within the vendor warranty period:
    • The equipment vendor has a hardware warranty on the iPad.
    • The vendor warrants the iPad from defects in materials and workmanship.
    • This limited warranty covers normal use, mechanical breakdown or faulty construction and will
         provide normal replacement parts necessary to repair the iPad or iPad replacement.
    • The vendor warranty does not warrant against damage caused by misuse, abuse, or
    • Students are responsible for any of their actions that void the warranty (i.e. take the iPad apart;
         remove its parts, etc.). Students will be held responsible for the full cost of any parts replaced and
         associated labor costs due to such actions up to and including the cost of total replacement of the

   •   Students grade 4 – 12 will be assessed a $25 yearly fee for the maintenance and upkeep of
   •   Students qualifying for Free and Reduced Meals will have their fees adjusted according to
       Business Office policies ($13 for those identified as Reduced and $0 for those identified as Free).

If Lost (Cable/Charger)

   •   Notify the Library/Media, Lead Technician, Information Technology Helpdesk staff or administration
       when it is determined that the charger is lost.
   •   A letter will be sent home informing parents of a $15 replacement fee.
   •   Student will be issued a replacement charger as soon as staff are able and a fee assessed to their

If Damaged (Cable/Charger)

   •   If Hardware Issue – Student will be issued a replacement cable/charger as soon as staff are able with
       no additional fee assessed
   •   If Accidental Damage
           o If First Incident – Student will be issued a replacement cable/charger as soon as staff are able
               with no additional fee assessed
           o If Second Incident or additional incident
                       A letter will be sent home informing parents of a $15 fee.
                       Student will be issued a replacement cable/charger at that time and a fee assessed to

The removal of an iPad from the case that it was provided may void protection from additional fees. The
case provided by the district was identified to maximize protection of the iPad. Any changes or
modifications may incur additional fees.
If Lost (Case)

    •   A letter will be sent home informing parents of a $15 replacement fee for 4th grade students and $45
        replacement fee for 5-12 students.
    •   Student will be issued a replacement case as soon as staff are able and a fee assessed to account.

If Damaged (Case)

    •   If Manufacturing defect – Student will be issued a replacement case as soon as staff are able with no
        additional fee assessed
    •   If Accidental Damage
            o If First Incident – Student will be issued a replacement case as soon as staff are able with no
                additional fee assessed
            o If Second Incident
                        A letter will be sent home informing parents of a $10 fee for 4th grade students and
                        $30 for 5-12 students.
                        Student will be issued a replacement case as soon as staff are able and a fee assessed
                        to account.
            o If Third Incident
                        A letter will be sent home informing parents of a $15 replacement fee to 4th grade
                        students and $45 replacement fee for 5-12 students.
                        Student will be issued a replacement case as soon as staff are able and a fee assessed
                        to account.

If Lost (Device)

    •   Inform Library/Media staff, Lead Tech or IT HelpDesk as to the lost device.
    •   Parents will be contacted informing them of a $390 replacement fee if device is not located.
    •   Student will be issued a replacement device and a fee assessed to account.
    •   If a replacement device is lost, a fee of $390 will be charged.

If Stolen (Device)

    •   Notify the Library/Media staff, Lead Tech or IT HelpDesk of stolen device, a police report will be
    •   Arrange with Library/Media staff, Lead Tech or IT HelpDesk to obtain a replacement device.

If Damaged (Device)

•   If Hardware Issue – Student will be issued a replacement device as soon as staff are able with no
       additional fee assessed.
   •   If Accidental Damage
            o If First Incident – Student will be issued a replacement device as soon as staff are able with
               no additional fee assessed
            o If Second Incident
                        Notify the Library/Media staff, Lead Tech or IT HelpDesk as soon as possible.
                        A letter will be sent home informing parents of the following fees:
                            • Screen - $50
                            • Other System Damage - $30
                            • Systems with multiple issues will be assessed $80
                        Student will be issued a replacement device as soon as staff are able and a fee
                        assessed to account.
            o If Third Incident and Above
                        Notify the Library/Media staff, Lead Tech or IT HelpDesk as soon as possible.
                        A letter will be sent home informing parents of the following fees:
                            • Screen - $75
                            • Other System Damage - $45
                        Student will be issued a replacement device as soon as staff are able and a fee
                        assessed to account.
   •   If Intentional Damage – intentional defined as the deliberate choice (e.g., throwing a device)
                        Notify the Library/Media staff, Lead Tech or IT HelpDesk as soon as possible.
                        A letter will be sent home informing parents of the following fees:
                            • Screen - $100
                            • Other Damage - $75
                        Student will be issued a replacement device as soon as staff are able and a fee
                        assessed to account.

In case of theft, vandalism or other criminal acts, a police report MUST be filed with the local police
department and a copy submitted to building administration.

If a student has forgotten their iPad, they may come to the Library/Media Center to request a one-day
loaned iPad (subject to availability).

No Expectation of Privacy
    • Students have no expectation of confidentiality or privacy with respect to any usage of their iPad,
       regardless of whether that use is for school-related or personal purposes, other than as specifically
       provided by law.
    • The school may, without prior notice or consent, log, supervise, access, view, monitor and record
       use of student iPad at any time for any reason related to the operation of the school. By using
       the iPad, students agree to such access, monitoring and recording of their use.
    • Teachers, school administrators and the technology department staff may use monitoring
       software that allows them to view the screens and activity on student iPad.

School-issued iPad should be used for educational purposes. Students are to adhere to the Code of
Conduct and all of its corresponding administrative procedures at all times.

Using the iPad at School
The iPad is intended for use at school every day. In addition to teacher expectations for iPad use,
students may be asked to access school messages, announcements, calendars, handbooks and grades
using their iPad. Students are expected to bring a fully charged iPad to school every day and bring the
iPad to all classes unless specifically advised not to do so by their teacher. Students who fail to bring
the iPad to school are responsible for getting the coursework completed as if the iPad were present.

iPad Damage
     • A limited number of iPads have been assigned to each building. These iPads are available for
       replacement devices.
     • The student will be responsible for any loss or damage to their iPad.

Charging iPad
    • iPad must be brought to school each day with a full charge.
    • Students should charge the iPad at home every evening.
    • An uncharged iPad is in violation of the Code of Conduct. Repeat violations will result in
        disciplinary action.

User Settings and Preferences
    • Sound must be muted at all times unless permission is obtained from a teacher.
    • Headphones may be used at the discretion of the teachers.
    • Students should have their personal set of headphones for sanitary reasons.

Printing and Sharing
     • Students will have the ability to print, digitally publish and share their work with their teachers
         and peers when appropriate. See Appendix on how to connect with school printers.

Account Access
    • Students will log into their iPad using their school-issued Office 365 account.
    • Students must never share their Office 365 account password with others, unless needed
        by building administration to address time-sensitive issues.

Managing and Saving Your Digital Work
   • The majority of student work will be stored in Internet/cloud-based applications and can be
       accessed from any computer with an Internet connection and most mobile Internet devices.
   • Some files may be stored on the iPad’s local storage.
   • Students should remember to save frequently when working on digital media.
   • The district is not responsible for the loss of any student work.
   • Students are encouraged to maintain backups of their important work on a portable storage
       device or have multiple copies stored in different Internet storage solutions such as their
       Office 365 or Apple Classroom accounts.

Content Filter
    • The district utilizes an Internet content filter that is in compliance with the federally mandated
        Children’s Internet Protection act (CIPA). All iPads, regardless of physical location and Internet
        connection, will have Internet activity filtered. Even with a filter, the district cannot
        guarantee that all controversial or inappropriate materials will be blocked.

Using the iPad Outside of School
Students may use the iPad at home and other locations outside of school. A Wi-Fi Internet connection
will be required for the majority of iPad use; however, some applications can be used while not
connected to the Internet. Students are to follow the Manhattan-Ogden Code of Conduct,
administrative procedures, state and federal laws and all other guidelines in this document wherever
and whenever they use the iPad.

Rights and Responsibilities
Use of district technology is a privilege and not a right. Everything done on any district-owned
computer, network or electronic communication device may be monitored by school authorities.
Inappropriate use of district technology will result in the associated disciplinary action as identified in
the student handbook, the 1-to-1 handbook, district administrative procedures and board policies.

Student Responsibilities
    • The student will treat the iPad with care by not dropping it, getting it wet, leaving it
        outdoors or using it with food or drink nearby.
    • The student will not lend the iPad to any friends or siblings; it will stay in his/her
        possession or secured at all times.
    • The student will not load apps onto the iPad without direction of the teacher.
    • The student will not remove apps or files from the iPad.
    • The student will follow all board policies and administrative procedures when using the
        iPad both at and away from school.
    • The student will not give personal information when using the Internet.
    • The student will not attempt to repair the iPad, unless instructed by district Information
        Technology staff.
    • The student will report damage or needed repairs immediately.
    • The student will recharge the iPad each night.

•   The student will bring the iPad to school every day.
    •   The student will keep the iPadOS up to date on the device.
    •   The student will keep the apps on their iPad up to date.
    •   The student will submit to an iPad audit when requested.

Parent Responsibilities
    • The parent/guardian will supervise their child’s use of the iPad at home.
    • The parent/guardian will supervise their child’s use of the Internet when away from school.
    • The parent/guardian will not attempt to repair the iPad.
    • The parent/guardian will report any problems with the iPad immediately to the school or
        district personnel.
    • The parent/guardian will not load or delete any software from the iPad.
    • The parent/guardian will make sure their child recharges the iPad battery nightly.
    • The parent/guardian will make sure their child brings the iPad to school every day.
    • The parent/guardian will assist their student with keeping the iPadOS and apps up to date on
        the device.


Student Conduct
While working in a digital and collaborative environment, students should always conduct themselves as good
digital citizens by adhering to the following:
      1. Respect Yourself: I will show respect for myself through my actions. I will select online names that are
           appropriate. I will use caution with the information, images, and other media that I post online. I will
           carefully consider what personal information about my life, experiences, or relationships I post. I will not
           be obscene. I will act with integrity.

     2. Protect Yourself: I will ensure that the information, images and materials I post online will not put me at
         risk. I will not publish my personal details, contact details or a schedule of my activities. I will report any
         attacks or inappropriate behavior directed at me while online. I will protect passwords, accounts and

     3. Respect Others: I will show respect to others. I will not use electronic mediums to antagonize, bully,
         harass or stalk people. I will show respect for other people in my choice of websites. I will not visit sites
         that are degrading to others, pornographic, racist or inappropriate. I will not enter other people's private
         spaces or areas.

     4. Protect Others: I will protect others by reporting abuse and not forwarding inappropriate materials or
         communications. I will avoid unacceptable materials and conversations.

     5. Respect Intellectual Property: I will request permission to use copyrighted or otherwise protected
         materials. I will suitably cite all use of websites, books, media, etc. I will acknowledge all primary sources.
         I will validate information. I will use and abide by the fair use rules.

Inappropriate Use
All students are expected to abide by the board’s Computer Use policy (IIBG). The following is a non-exclusive list
of conduct prohibited while using district technology. Violation of these items or those in the Code of Conduct,
student Handbook or district policies could lead to removal of rights, decreased access to the device, or collection
of the device by district personnel. Decisions will be made after information is collected and collaboration with
district Information Technology staff.

     1. Using, creating, accessing, uploading, downloading, retaining or distributing defamatory, obscene,
         profane, sexually-explicit, pornographic, threatening or illegal content or materials.
     2. Violating any federal, state or local law or administrative regulation or failing to follow any other policies
         or guidelines established by the district or building administrators/supervisors.
     3. Violating copyright or otherwise transmitting or using the intellectual property of another individual or
        organization without permission, specifically including, but not limited to, the unlawful downloading of
        music, movies, computer software or pictures.
     4. Vandalizing, which is any unauthorized access and/or malicious attempt to damage computer
        hardware/software or networks or destroying the data of another user, including creating, uploading or
        intentionally introducing viruses.

5. Intentionally wasting limited resources, including, but not limited to, storage of excessive amounts of
      personal electronic mail, movies, music and picture files on district computers or servers.
6.    Using district technology to create or access personal electronic mail accounts to engage in conduct
      that would violate any district policy.
7.    Using the district’s network or district technology for commercial purposes or for any personal
      financial gain, including, but not limited to, selling items and maintenance of a personal or business
      website or electronic mail accounts.
8.    Harassing, bullying, insulting or attacking others.
9.    Accessing or transmitting electronic mail or other electronic files containing inappropriate and/or
      offensive material that is aimed at members of any protected class (examples would include jokes
      targeted at person(s) based upon gender, race, ethnicity, disability, etc.).
10.   Using district technology to distribute messages to large groups of people for non-district purposes,
      including, but not limited to, “everyone e-mails,” “mass e-mails,” global e-mails,” and “Spam,” unless
      expressly approved by the superintendent.
11.   Gaining unauthorized access to the files or other informational resources of other persons or entities
      without permission, whether stored on or off the district’s network.
12.   Using others’ passwords.
13.   Invading the privacy of individuals and/or revealing personal information online about any other
      district staff or student.
14.   Installing equipment on or making modifications to district technology, such as altering the setup of
      the iPad (e.g., icons, wallpapers, screensavers or installed software) without pre-authorization from
      the Information Technology department or designee.
15.   Utilizing proxy sites or other means to circumvent the district’s filter and/or other security measures.


 1.     Will students/parents/guardians have to purchase an iPad?
No, Manhattan-Ogden will provide an iPad for every student grades K-12.

 2.      Is there a technology fee at enrollment?
Yes, a $25 fee will be assessed for students grades 4-12 to support the maintenance and protection of the iPad
during enrollment (those who applied for Reduced or Free Lunch Status will have their fees adjusted accordingly -
$13 for Reduced and $0 for Free).

 3.      Is there an option to buy the iPad?

 4.      Will students be able to take the iPad home?
Yes, those students in grades 4-12 will be able to take the device home during the school year.

 5.      Will students have to turn the iPad into the school for the summer?
Yes, students will turn in the device for the summer and receive a device upon their return for the
following school year (unless previous arrangements have been made).

  6.     How will iPad be inventoried?
Manhattan-Ogden will inventory the iPad devices by using the serial number. Students will be assigned an
iPad according to the serial number and asset information.

  7.      Can students personalize their iPad?
No. To maintain the protection and ongoing use of the cases and devices no personalization beyond the district
inventory sticker will be allowed. Please see Lost/Damaged (Cases) for additional information. Students can identify
their iPad when turning on the machine, the name of the student will be visible on the Home Screen.

  8.      What if an iPad is damaged or broken?
If the iPad is damaged, the student will contact the building media center staff, Lead Technician or Information
Technology HelpDesk for repair. If the device is damaged beyond repair, the student will be responsible for the
replacement cost of the device, see Lost, Stolen, Damaged (Device). If the device was intentionally broken, the
building discipline policies may also be in effect.
                   • A limited number of iPads have been assigned to each building. These iPads are available to
                       students who have damaged an iPad. For process see Lost, Stolen, Damaged (Device).
                   • The student will be responsible for any loss or damage to the replacement iPad as well.

  9.      What happens if the iPad is lost?
If a device is lost, the student will be charged the cost of the iPad and will be issued a replacement. See Lost (Device)
for more information.

 10.     Will there be an insurance policy parents/guardians are required to purchase or is one offered?
 Manhattan-Ogden provides district support for these devices (this is the assessed fee during enrollment as well as
 other fees identified). For additional protection parents are encouraged to explore their homeowners’ insurance
 and other insurance as options.

11.     If I have to replace an iPad, would I have to pay the same replacement cost, even if the iPad is not brand
Yes. No matter the age of the device, the cost is the same to replace it.

 12.      What happens if someone steals my student’s iPad?
As with any theft, the building or district staff should be contacted immediately, a police report should be filed, and
the school administrator should be contacted. It will be possible to track the last location of an iPad with the Mobile
Device Management (MDM), which will help locate the device. The iPad will also be placed in Lost Mode, thus
disabling the device so that others are not able to use the device. See Stolen (Device) for more information.

 13.     What if a student forgets his/her iPad at home? Is the student provided a loaner iPad for the day?
Students who forget their iPad will be loaned a device by the media specialist in the building for the duration of the
day. These loaner iPads are not to be removed from the building. Limited numbers of iPads are available.

 14.    I am concerned about the iPad being in bags with textbooks and the weight of the books damaging the
 iPad; do you have any suggestions of how I can protect the device in my student’s book bag?
Our recommendation is to carry the iPad in a separate bag.

  15.      Will a case be required? If so, will the school purchase the case/cover?
Yes, a case will be required and provided by the school district. It is expected that these cases remain on the iPad at
all times. These cases serve two purposes: 1) to help protect the iPad from every day wear and tear; and 2) to help
absorb some of the impact associated with regular use of the iPad. Keep in mind that no case will protect the iPad
from severe or negligent treatment. It is up to each student to practice good care of their iPad. Students are
responsible to maintain and return the case that was provided by the district.

 16.      What if the device malfunctions? Can my student access their online files with another device other than
          the iPad?
Students can access their documents stored in their Office 365 account or iCloud account wherever they can access
the Internet.

 17.       If a student has an out-of-town game and will not be home until late and needs to study or do
           homework on the bus, can the student bring his/her iPad with them?
 It is the student’ responsibility to secure the devices when off campus. Please consider that students will have the
 ability to print from their iPad while at school. Therefore, if they have study guides or notes they wish to have with
 them while traveling to and from events, they could print these before leaving for the event. Documents can also
 be accessed in local mode if the document has been setup prior to traveling.

  18.     If a student uses the iPad inappropriately, what discipline procedures are in place?
Students in violation of contents in this document as well as anything identified in student handbooks or district
policy are subject to disciplinary action by building administration with supporting information from District
Information Technology staff.

19.      Will there be restrictions on the iPad?
There is a filter on the device so that no matter where the students are when they access the Internet, they are
accessing a filtered environment. Students will not be allowed to download other apps beyond those available in the
Mobile Device Manager or delete apps on the device unless directed by teachers, building administration, district
administration or their designee.

 20.      Does the district plan on blocking certain websites such as NetFlix?
The limiting of access to certain websites and services is an ongoing process that involves several variables. We
welcome parent input with this process. If there are other sites that are deemed inappropriate that have made it
through the filter, please notify a Manhattan-Ogden Information Technology staff member at the Information
Technology HelpDesk (785-587-2077).

  21.      What if a student does not have Internet at home?
Many Office 365 items can be accessed when not on the Internet if they were set up to do so. Students will receive
instructions on how to make their files available offline. All educational buildings in the district have exterior access
to district Internet. The Manhattan-Ogden school district has a limited number of hotspots for home use to checkout.
Please see the district website for more information. Additionally, the district believes that there are a number of
free options to access the Internet around Manhattan that Internet service for everyone will not be provided by the
district. The following website shows some of the free, open WiFi hotspots around Manhattan:

 22.      Does the iPad automatically accept hot spots? If not, how do I go about getting the iPad to recognize a
 new hot spot?
The iPad will pick up Internet connections that are within range. If it is the first time on that hot spot or if there are
several options available, the user will have to select the connection and enter the security password (if there is one).
After the first time, that process will be automatic.

 23.      Do the iPads have a place where my student can plug in a jump drive? If so, where is the port located?
Yes. The Lightning port is at the bottom of the device, although it is suggested that documents be kept in the cloud
storage (either Office 365 or iCloud). The jump drive must be compatible with a Lightning port

 24.     Will students be able to print at home (wireless)?
Students will be able to print from their iPad while at school; however, they would only be able to print from their
iPad at home if they have access to a Cloud/AirPrint compatible printer. An alternative to purchasing a new printer is
for students to log into their Office 365 account from a home device (desktop or laptop computer) that is connected
to a home printer, pull up their work that is stored in their O365 or iCloud Drive and print from that home device. It is
anticipated that more school work will be handled online, thus reducing the dependency on printing and reducing the
amount of paper used at all levels.

 25.     What is the readability of the font size, types, and brightness for the programs and documents,
         spreadsheets, presentations, and forms?
There are multiple controls on the iPad to help with these functions. Brightness is controlled from the Setting section-
Display and Brightness. To increase font size, go to Settings – Accessibility – Display and Text Size.

 26.     Who sees the information my student saves or posts (photos or documents)?
Students can control who sees docs, spreadsheets, presentations and Office sites by setting sharing permission. It is
anticipated that students will share various classroom assignments with others as part of the collaborative process.

Manhattan-Ogden administration has the ability to access all content on Manhattan-Ogden-owned devices and
managed accounts.

 27.      How is the technology/software updated?
The students are required to update their iPadOS and apps on their iPad when they are made available. When
possible students should update their iPads when at school. These updates are typically available 30 days after their
general release from Apple.

 28.       Are all classes moving to electronic textbooks?
No. Replacement of textbooks will take place over the next several years. The district follows a schedule for review
and replacement of instructional materials that does not overburden the district budget with purchase of new texts
for all classes. Access to online textbooks will be purchased as new textbooks are purchased.

 29.     Is the iPad Handbook included with the paperwork we encounter during the online registration?
The Loan Agreement is part of the online registration information; however, the iPad Handbook is not. You can
access the iPad Handbook on the district webpage.
Additionally, there are Board of Education policies that specifically address iPad and the use of technology IIBG-
Computer Use.

 30.    If my student already has a device will they be required to get a tablet from the district?
 Assignments created by district teachers and staff are directed to the use of the iPad. Using other devices may not
 match the instructions provided in the classroom. The district recommends that students use the device that is
 provided by the district to complete directed assignments.

Manhattan-Ogden 1-TO-1 iPad Project
Student iPad Loan Agreement

One iPad, power adapter/cable and protective case are being loaned to the Student/Borrower and are in good
working order. It is Student/Borrower’s responsibility to care for the equipment and ensure that it is retained in a
safe environment.

This equipment is, and at all-time remains, the property of Manhattan-Ogden (District) and is herewith lent to the
Student/Borrower for educational purposes only for the academic school year.

Student/Borrower may not deface or destroy this property in any way. Inappropriate use of the machine may
result in the Student/Borrower losing his/her right to use this iPad. The equipment will be returned to the school
when requested by the District, or sooner, if the Student/Borrower withdraws from the District prior to the end of
the school year.

The District property may be used by Student/Borrower only for non-commercial educational purposes, in
accordance with the District’s Computer Use policy (IIBG), as well as local, state and federal statutes and

Student/Borrower may not install or use any apps other than those owned or approved by the District and made
available to Student/Borrower in accordance with this iPad Loan Agreement.

One user account with specific privileges and capabilities has been set up on the iPad for the exclusive use of the
Student/Borrower to which it has been assigned. The Student/Borrower agrees to make no attempts to change or
allow others to change the privileges and capabilities of this user account and also agrees to make no attempts to
add, delete, access or modify another user’s account.

The District network is provided for the academic use of all students and staff. The Student/Borrower agrees to
take no action that would interfere with the efficient, academic use of the network.

Identification and inventory labels have been placed on the iPad. These labels are not to be removed or modified.
If they become damaged or missing, the student must contact the student help desk for replacements. Additional
stickers, labels, tags or markings are not to be added to the iPad or the protective case unless approved by the
school administrator.

A Microsoft Office 365 as well as an Apple Education account is available for each Student/Borrower to use for
appropriate academic communication with other students and staff members.

Students will be charged replacement cost for any intentional, negligent or repeated damage to, loss of, or failure
to return the iPad. Student/Borrower acknowledges and agrees that his/her use of the iPad is a privilege and that
by Student/Borrower's agreement to the terms hereof, Student/Borrower acknowledges his/her responsibility to
protect and safeguard the iPad and to return the same in good condition and repair upon request by the District.

I have read and agree to conditions listed above. I have also received a copy of the 1-to-1 iPad Program
Handbook and have read, understand and agree to abide by its terms and all other Manhattan-Ogden Board of
Education Policies and administrative regulations.

Student Signature:      Student ID:      Date:

Technology Code of Conduct

Students’ lives today are filled with media that gives them mobile access to information and resources at
all times. The opportunities are limitless, borderless, and instantaneous. In an effort to empower
students to engage actively in their own learning, Manhattan-Ogden USD 383 provides the opportunity
for students to use technology devices (both district and personally owned) within district locations or in
connection with a school sponsored event. Students wishing to use the technology must do so in a
responsible manner as stated in the Computer Use Policy (IIBG -
http://www.usd383.org/home/showdocument?id=1016) as well as in accordance with the following
requirements. Issues surrounding personally owned devices are addressed in the student handbooks at
each school. (see Addendum at the end of this Code of Conduct).

Device Types:
For the purpose of this Code of Conduct, the word “device” refers to any district or privately owned
digital electronic equipment that includes but not limited to: laptops, netbooks, e-readers, tablets/slates,
iPod Touches, cell, Smart phones and wearable technology. Devices created specifically for gaming are
not allowed (e.g., Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Portable PSP, etc.) unless otherwise approved by an

Students using an electronic device (personal or district owned) within Manhattan-Ogden USD 383
buildings or at district events need to read and check that they understand the information in this
1. A student may only use a device if permitted by Manhattan-Ogden USD 383 faculty or staff.
Permission may be withdrawn at the teacher or administrator’s discretion. Flagrant and/or repeated
violations will be reported to the principal or appropriate administrator for further action, if needed.

2. The student takes full responsibility for the electronic device at all times. The district is not
responsible for the security of the device while being used by the student.

3. The student is responsible for the proper care of the device (with the possibility of: costs of repair or
replacement) needed to use during school hours or activities. Students provided devices are responsible
for their care during the time they are issued/checked out to them.

4. Programs, applications, apps, and sites used within district classrooms have been evaluated and
identified for their educational value to students and alignment with the curriculum. A review of the
resources has identified the equipment or materials appropriate for students and are necessary for the
educational process. Students will utilize these programs, applications, apps, sites as a classroom
resource in a manner required to meet curricular objectives. Students needing modifications will need to
submit requests to administration and responsible staff.

5. Students using digital devices will be provided resources for the appropriate use of the technology
and good digital citizenship. Teachers will make all efforts possible to direct students to online resources
that address curricular needs. Students that come across inappropriate materials, or witness others on
these sites, should contact a teacher or other responsible staff immediately.

6. The district reserves the right to inspect a student’s device or district accounts at any time if there is

reason to believe that the student has violated Board policies, administrative procedures, school rules, or
has engaged in other misconduct involving other students or staff while using the device. These devices
or accounts may also be inspected if there is a concern for the health, safety or welfare of district

7. Violations of any Board policies, administrative procedures, or school rules involving a student’s use
of a device may result in the suspension of technology access within the district and/or disciplinary
action, up to and including suspension or expulsion. If there are curricular requirements for technology
use then adjustments will be made by the administrator and staff.

8. The student must comply with a teacher’s request when using technology. If directed, students will
shut down or close a device.

9. Any recordings or photographs made at school, on school or related property, or in connection with a
school sponsored event may become the property of Manhattan-Ogden USD 383. If students transmit, or
post content in violation of any Board policies, administrative procedures, or school rules, it is understood
that Manhattan-Ogden USD 383 has discretion over the use of such recordings and photographs.

10. While on school grounds a technology device should be used for school approved activities, unless
otherwise directed.

11. The student must only use his/her own username and password when accessing district network,
sites or apps (including but not limited to the wireless network, Student Information System, Learning
Management System, district drives, or other resources). Use of another student/staff usernames and
passwords may result in the loss of technology privileges and/or disciplinary action.

Addendum: Personal Devices – Student Handbook Statements:
From Elementary Handbooks:
Cell Phones
Students shall not use cell phones, audio or visual recording devices, or other electronic devices during
school hours, except as authorized by the principal. Recordings, audio or visual, made in violation of
board policy or school rules are the sole property of USD 383, and may be used only with permission of
the Superintendent of the district. Students are responsible for cell phones they bring to school. The
district shall not be responsible for loss, theft or destruction of devices brought onto school property.
Students shall comply with any additional rules developed by the school concerning the appropriate use
of cell phones or other electronic devices.

Equipment Connected to the Network
Non-approved district equipment (e.g., laptop, e-reader or other wireless device) will not be connected to
the network or computing system without the signed Technology Code of Conduct by parent/guardian or
responsible adult. This Code of Conduct will outline the responsibilities of the user and the district with
respect to these devices. Any network device (e.g., printer, server, access point, hub/switch) is not to be
installed without the prior approval of the Director of Technology (or designee).

Electronic Media Games and Toys
Students should leave toys, trading cards, media players and electronic games at home unless they have
the permission of the principal to have them at school for instructional purposes. Students are
responsible for electronic devices they bring to school. The district shall not be responsible for loss, theft

or destruction of devices brought onto school property.

From Middle School and High School Handbooks:

Electronic Devices
Unless students have been given permission by a classroom teacher to bring electronic devices to his or
her class for educational purposes, all electronic/communication devices including, but not limited to cell
phones, Kindles and iPods or MP3’s are to be silenced/powered off and secured in the student’s personal
locker during school hours as they interfere with the learning environment. The staff or administration is
not responsible for searching for or finding lost or stolen items. Students engaging in unauthorized use of
these devices or in unauthorized audio or video taping on school grounds or activities, or with school
equipment on or off school grounds, are subject to school consequences up to and including suspension
or expulsion. Recordings, audio or visual, made in violation of board policy or school rules are the sole
property of USD 383, and may be used only with permission of the Superintendent of the district.

Above all, when using technology, all Manhattan-Ogden USD 383 students shall:
  Be Safe:                                   Be Responsible:
  Use online safety                          Report inappropriate behavior
  Research and use approved sources          Demonstrate appropriate care and use of equipment
  Keep personal information confidential     Cite sources when using others’ work

  Be Respectful:
  Use equipment appropriately
  Use proper online etiquette in all digital formats
  Be kind when communicating with others

As a student I understand and will abide by the above policy and guidelines. I further understand that
any violation of the above may result in the loss of my network and/or device privileges as well as other
disciplinary action, up to and including suspension and/or expulsion.

As a parent I understand that my child will be responsible for abiding by the above policy and guidelines.
I have read and discussed them with her/him, and my student understands her/his responsibility for the
use of any device. I understand that the devices, applications, sites identified by Manhattan-Ogden
personnel are for educational purposes and have been reviewed for student use. I agree to assume all
risks regarding the student’s device, and I release Manhattan-Ogden USD 383 and its employees and
agents for all liability regarding the device, including their negligence.

Revised 03/19



   1. Click on the “sharrow” (box w/ upward facing arrow -         ) or the share menu inside of most
      productivity apps/browsers.
   2. Tap one of those choices and choose the “Print” option.
   3. A dialog box will appear with “Select Printer” with a > next to it
   4. When this is tapped it leads the user to printers that have been registered. This is a list of all
      printers connected in the district (additional work is being done to narrow this search).
   5. Once a printer is chosen, it will return to the Printer Options dialog box.
   6. Tap “Print” in the upper right-hand corner to print the document to the desired printer.

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