STUDY GUIDE - Harry Potter Committee

STUDY GUIDE - Harry Potter Committee

STUDY GUIDE - Harry Potter Committee

Muharrem Hasbi Anatolian High School Model United Nations Conference 2018 Harry Potter Committee STUDY GUIDE TopicA: Battle of Hogwarts Under Secretary Generals: Bican KUTLU & Aybüke ERGÜL Academic Assistants: Batuhan AKYAZI & Yiğitcan DEMİR

STUDY GUIDE - Harry Potter Committee

CONTENTS LETTER FROM SECRETARY GENERAL . 4 LETTER FROM UNDER SECRETARIES GENERAL . 5 LETTER FROM ACADEMIC ASSISTANTS . 6 BACKGROUND OF DEATH EATERS . 7 Who is Voldemort . 7 Where does the name of “Death Eaters” come from . 11 Who are the Death Eaters . 11 Lucius Malfoy . 12 Severus Snape . 13 Bellatrix Lestrange . 13 Draco Malfoy .

13 Peter Pettigrew . 14 Igor Karkaroff . 14 Rodolphus Lestrange . 14 Corban Yaxley . 14 Antonin Dolohov . 14 BACKGROUND OF THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX . 15

STUDY GUIDE - Harry Potter Committee

The Order of the Phoenix . 15 Origin . 16 The Prophecy . 17 Disbandment . 18 Reconstruction . 18 Members Of The Order Of The Phoenıx . 19 Minerva Mcgonagall . 19 Remus John Lupin . 20 Harry James Potter . 20 Hermione Jean Granger . 20 Ronald Bilius Weasley . 21 Nymphadora Tonks . 21 Arthur Weasley . 22 Kingsley Shacklebolt . 22 Bill Weasley . 22 Rubeus Hagrid . 22 Fleur Isabelle Delacour . 23 Molly Weasley . 23 AIMS OF BATTLE . 23 DEATH EATERS . 23 ORDER OF THE PHOENIX . 23

STUDY GUIDE - Harry Potter Committee

LETTER FROM SECRETARY GENERAL Most Esteemed Participants of Harry Potter Committee, It is my utter honor and pleasure to welcome you all as the Secretary General, to the first edition of Muharrem Hasbi Anatolian High School Model United Nations Conference 2018, MHALMUN’18.

Before moving on with the letter, ı thank you all on behalf of all the Academic and Organization Team Members, for your great enthusiasm on MHALMUN’18. In this year’s conference we set up various committees with the consideration of current global issues that we face in our today’s world and affects our and future generations’ lives, as well. Besides those, we have a fan committee which is Harry Potter. There is no doubt that you will gain a brand new scope to the global and crucial issues. Within the help of our truly experienced and great committee board members, you will feel the academic privilege.

During four days of conference, participants of Harry Potter Committee will have the agenda of Battle Of Hogwarts. All of the Harry Potter participants will have a character that they represent. And every action that you take will have different outcomes that will effect the committee. Before ending my letter, I would like to express my utter appreciation to Under Secretary General Ms. Aybüke ERGÜL and Ms. Bican KUTLU, Academic Assistant Mr. Batuhan AKYAZI and Mr. Yiğitcan DEMİR for their huge efforts. Also I thank our committee directors Mr. Efe BABUŞÇU, Mr. Kayra BALIKÇI, Ms. Aleyna BAKAR and Ms.

Derya CEBECİ. They will also help you during the sessions. I hope you are so ready to experience the magical universe that you want. Without further ado, I wish you all an unforgettable conference for you all and i am looking forward to seeing you in Balıkesir.

Yours Sincerely, Emir ŞALK Secretary-General

STUDY GUIDE - Harry Potter Committee

LETTER FROM UNDER SECRETARIES GENERAL Distinguished Delegates, With our utmost pleasure, we would like to welcome you to the Harry Potter Committee. My name is Aybüke ERGÜL and i am a master student at Kadir Has University and studying International Relations. With Harry Potter Committee, we aim to establish an environment where every action will have a consequence that would affect the future of the committee. We wish all of the participants to enjoy a realistic and fruitful committee experience, along with sweet memories.

We would like to thank to Secretary General Emir ŞALK and Deputy Secretary General Eren TEKİN, for giving us a chance to serve as an Under-Secretaries General for this committee and for their constant support. We are very thankful to the organization team which led by Director General Çağla CANGAZA and Deputy Director General Sude MEŞE. Furthermore, We would like to thank to our amazing assistants Batuhan AKYAZI and Yiğitcan DEMİR for being our life saver throughout the preparation of this committee.

If you have any questions regarding the committee and the topic, please do not hesitate to contact us via; and Sincerely, Aybüke ERGÜL & Birgül Bican KUTLU Under - Secretaries General responsible for Harry Potter Committee

STUDY GUIDE - Harry Potter Committee

LETTER FROM ACADEMIC ASSISTANTS Distinguished Participants, We would like you to welcome you to the Harry Potter: Battle of Hogwarts committee. Our names are Batuhan Akyazı and Yiğitcan Demir, studying Translation Studies in Yeditepe University and Civil Engineering in MEF University. To provide you a comfortable committee experience, we gave our best effort in order to construct a reliable committee structure and crisis management system.

We would like to remind you that you will be representing characters that have various distinctive roles and your actions will affect the whole committee. Realism and Universal dynamics will be considered when judging on what to happen.

We also would like to thank our Under-Secretaries General Birgül Bican Kutlu and Aybüke Ergül for making this committee possible. Without their efforts and the outstanding team of MHALMUN ’18, it would not be possible for us to serve you a great committee experience. Thank you for your participation and we wish you the best of luck, Sincerely, Batuhan Akyazı and Yiğitcan Demir Academic Assistants responsible fot Harry Potter Committee

STUDY GUIDE - Harry Potter Committee

BACKGROUND OF DEATH EATERS WHO IS VOLDEMORT? (31 December, 1926 – 2 May, 1998 ) Before taking Lord Voldemort's name, one anagram of his name, he was called Tom Marvolo Riddle and was a black-haired boy arisen from a mother Wizard and from a father Muggle.

Her mother, Merope Gaunt, died while giving him birth. He is an heir of Slytherin through her. His father, abandoned him before his birth when he discovered that his wife was a wizard. Shortly after his birth on December 31st, he was placed in an orphanage of Muggle where he will cross the first 11 years of his life until Albus Dumbledore comes to declare to him that he is a wizard. At the age of 11, Tom seems already very aggressive, and he is conscious to be 'special'. He already has certain control over his powers. His experiences are sadistic and cruel. He wants to be different, and don't want to be an ordinary person.

Tom likes collecting trophies of his glorious feats, as objects were stolen from his orphan companions whom he terrorizes (it is suspected of having hung the rabbit of one of them). According to Dumbledore, Tom has never had a friend and has never wanted it.

During his studies in Hogwarts, he was a member of Slytherin and even he becomes Head Boy. Voldemort is a name which he already uses at the time for his closest friends. The summer he returns to the orphanage but; he would prefer to stay in Hogwarts. Teenager, he turns to see his paternal family, which he kills with a wand stolen from his uncle Morfin, who will be accused of these murders. He also gets back the ring of Gaunt. It was during his 5th year when he opens the Chamber of Secrets and releases the Basilisk on Moaning Myrtle before arranging to make accuse Hagrid. He will receive moreover a medal

STUDY GUIDE - Harry Potter Committee

of the magic for services provided for the school. Only Dumbledore suspected something and watched Tom closely. Voldemort was already interested in Horcruxes while he was a student. To become immortal, he splits his soul into 7 pieces, and position 6 of them in Horcruxes. So, he cannot be overcome if there will be one of these Horcruxes. Once awarded a diploma, Tom wishes to obtain professor's post of Defence Against the Dark Arts, but Dippet, considering him too young, refuses. Later, Dumbledore will also refuse him the post, and since the post is cursed. Having gone out of Hogwarts, Tom works at Borgin.

He steals the pendant of Slytherin and the cup of Hufflepuff to Hepzibah Smith before killing him and putting the blame on Hokey, the Elf of House of this one.

Afterward, Lord Voldemort is going to become a powerful wizard who, in his big time, corrupted and set the power on the other wizards, killing those who resisted. We suppose that he wanted to attract Potters on his side to occupy himself, and the day of Halloween he killed them. In reality he was influenced by the portion of Prophecy which was brought back to him, and which implies according to him their child, Harry, still the baby. He is annihilated when he tries to kill Harry. His power then broke, and it disappeared. He has killed Lily Potter because this one tried to protect Harry: he cannot understand love which she carried him.

Almost killed, he takes refuge to the forest of Albania where he eventually crosses the way of Quirrell, where he possesses. He tries then to put the hand on the Philosopher's stone but Harry, then in the first year to Hogwarts, prevents him from it by killing in spite of him Quirrell. Deprived of a host, Voldemort takes refuge then again to the forest. Meanwhile, through its personal diary, Tom's memory will use Ginny to open again the Chamber of Secrets.

STUDY GUIDE - Harry Potter Committee

Voldemort remains as he can until Wormtail unmasked at the end of Prisoner of Azkaban, joins him by bringing him Bertha Jorkins, one member of the Ministry knowing information susceptible to interest Voldemort.

The latter kills then the wizard. Wormtail manages to make him find a rudimentary body, and Voldemort undertakes then to become again human. It is necessary for him to find the blood of an enemy: that of the Harry Potter. By means of his most faithful servant Barty Croupton Junior, he sets a trap to Harry by forcing him to participate in the Triwizard Tournament. During the final test, when Harry affects the trophy, the latter was in reality Portkey which transports Harry in the face of Voldemort and his Death Eaters.

After its revival in Goblet of Fire, Voldemort has scarlet eyes, pupils vertical as those of a cat, a flat nose, and cracks for nostrils as snakes. He then wishes to become allied to Dementor and to the Giants. His ultimate purpose: overcome the death itself. Once which became again human being Voldemort causes Harry in a duel but a strange magic phenomenon prevents them from being in confrontation: The Phoenix feather of their wands result from the same bird and when they dash a fate simultaneously Prior Incanto is thrown. Harry succeeds in escaping but Voldemort was uninjured. Voldemort was very good regarding Legilimency: he always knows when somebody lies to him.

It seems that the only wizard that Voldemort was never afraid was Albus Dumbledore. Being student to Hogwarts 50 years previously, it can be inferred that Voldemort is at the moment old about 65 years.

Under the advice of Ollivander, that he holds the prisoner, Voldemort borrows the wand of somebody else (that of Lucius Malfoy) to free itself from the link between its wand and that of Harry. But when he tries to throw a fate on Harry during his departure from Privet Drive, Harry's wand seems to act on his own and destroys that carried by Voldemort.

STUDY GUIDE - Harry Potter Committee

Voldemort is capable of flying without a broom. Voldemort having inherited of Resurrection Stone (the ring of Gaunt), one of the 3 Relics of the Death, without knowing his nature, he was the descendant of one of the brothers Peverell.

Voldemort puts himself in search of the Wand of Elder, one of the 3 Relics of the Death and the very powerful wand, without knowing the existence of the other Relics. He pursues at first Gregorovitch, who was stolen the wand by Grindelwald at the appropriate time, then Grindelwald himself, whom he kills when he discovers that he is not anymore in possession of the wand: it is Dumbledore who got back her at the end of their legendary confrontation. Thus Voldemort is going to plunder the grave of Dumbledore to get back the Wand of Elder there. But he does not succeed in exploiting his powers.

He supposes that it is because it will obey only that having overcome her former owner, that is Snape. Thus Voldemort releases reluctantly Nagini on the one that he always considers as his most faithful soldier (even if we discover later that Snape was in reality always near Dumbledore and near the Order).

When Harry is engaged in him, he throws him Avada Kedavra: however, instead of killing Harry, he has just destroyed Horcrux which was in him, created the first time when it tried to kill him while he was a baby. Voldemort considers it dead until Harry does not react when he tortures Neville. The fights continue inside Hogwarts, and he faces finally Harry. The Wand of Elder does not reveal its powers to Voldemort in spite of the death of Snape yet, because it was not his last master, but Drago, who had removed him of the hands of Dumbledore without knowing the consequences ... And as Harry stole the wand of Drago there are a few weeks, it makes of his

new master of the Wand of Elder. And whereas Voldemort throws Avada Kedavra on Harry, the wand changes hands for those of Harry, and it is Voldemort who receives the mortal fate. It is the end of Voldemort … WHERE DOES THE NAME OF “DEATH EATERS” COME FROM? Lord Voldemort's followers are called Death Eaters. Given Voldemort's fascination with death and immortality, it is likely that he chose this name, rather than it being one they created for themselves. They were apparently calling themselves this by the time they and Voldemort, who was still known as Tom Riddle, graduated from Hogwarts. While the name seems, at least initially, to be used for all of Voldemort's followers, we find out that it actually applies only to those who are in Voldemort's inner council.

The true Death Eater will carry the Dark Mark on his forearm, placed there by Voldemort himself. WHO ARE THE DEATH EATERS?

Death Eaters are the faithful partisans of Lord Voldemort. They are essentially black witches of pure blood. They carry the Mark of the Darkness. We recognize them by the big cape with hood and by the fact that they leave the Mark of the Darkness everywhere where they pass. Many of his members enlisted by conviction, but others by fear as Peter Pettigrew. Some of their crimes are famous, as the torture of Frank and Alice Londubat or still the murder of Gideon and Fabian Prewett. At the end of the first war of the wizards, some of settled the Death Eaters claimed to have acted under the influence of the spell of the Imperium.

Others, as Igor Karkaroff, relieved their punishment by denouncing the Death Eaters.

LUCIUS MALFOY BIRTHDAY: c. 1954 WAND: Eighteen inches, elm, dragon heartstring. After the Battle of the Seven Potters he began using an unknown wand. HOUSE: Slytherin PARENTS: Abraxas Malfoy (father) SKILLS: Skilled duellist and potioneer

SEVERUS SNAPE BIRTHDAY: 9 January 1960 HOUSE: Slytherin PATRONUS: Doe PARENTS: Tobias Snape (Muggle) and Eileen Snape (witch, Prince) SKILLS: Extremely skilled at potions and Occlumency BELLATRIX LESTRANGE BIRTHDAY: 1951 WAND: Twelve and three-quarter inches, walnut, dragon heartstring HOUSE: Slytherin PARENTS: Cygnus Black III and Druella Black SKILLS: She is a duellist of great skill and an experienced Occlumens HOBBIES: Obsessed with her master and blood- purity, intensely happy to torture any that cross her DRACO MALFOY BIRTHDAY: 5 June 1980 WAND: Hawthorn and unicorn hair.

Ten inches precisely HOUSE: Slytherin PARENTS: Lucius Malfoy and Narcissa Malfoy ( Black)

PETER PETTIGREW HOUSE: Gryffindor SKILLS: Animagus; being a rat, in every sense of the word IGOR KARKAROFF SKILLS: Skilled in the Dark Arts HOBBIES: Encouraging a culture of fear and intimidation during his post as Headmaster of Durmstrang RODOLPHUS LESTRANGE HOUSE: Slytherin SKILLS: Dark magic CORBAN YAXLEY SKILLS: Imperius curse, undercover work ANTONIN DOLOHOV SKILLS: Duelling. Fought and killed Molly Weasley's brothers and Remus Lupin Walden Macnair SKILLS: Liaising with giants HOBBIES: Killing

BACKGROUND OF THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX The Order of the Phoenix was a mystery association established by Albus Dumbledore to battle against Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters in their campaign against Muggles.

The first Order was established in 1970. It was built after Lord Voldemort came back to England and began his battle to take control over the Ministry of Magic and victimize Muggle-borns. The Order worked with the Ministry of Magic to restrict the Dark Lord’s and his devoted Death Eaters’ actions and their effort took a vital part in the First Wizarding War. Their first victory came in 1981, with Voldemort's curse hit back from Harry Potter. The victory came with the death of huge numbers of their individuals.

The Order disbanded, however, was reconvened in 1995 after Harry Potter told Dumbledore of Lord Voldemort's return. The Ministry declined to concede that the Dark Lord had returned, in this way the Order alone attempted to ensure Harry Potter and The Prophecy

concerning him and Lord Voldemort in the Department of Mysteries. After an extreme fight happened there on 18 June 1996 between the Order, Dumbledore's Army, and the Death Eaters, the Ministry finally conceded reality. The next year would see the Order losing their leader Albus Dumbledore and the Ministry being vanquished by Voldemort.

The Order remained an underground opposition, attempting to ensure the security of Muggles and broadcast the truth during the Second Wizarding War. They answered the invitation to battle by Dumbledore's Army on 2 May 1998, battling Voldemort and his Death Eaters for the last time at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

ORIGIN Dumbledore formed the Order to battle Voldemort's expanding danger and power. Aurors from the Ministry of Magic also joined the Order to take action in more undercover, sudden strikes that aim to end the Dark Rebellion. Dumbledore made a method for secret communication among Order individuals by making Patronuses to talk. In spite of the fact that the Death Eaters had been assaulting generally Muggles and Muggle-borns to spread fear, they soon started to assault "blood traitors”, such as Order individuals.

Fabian and Gideon Prewett were killed by a gathering of five Death Eaters drove by Antonin Dolohov.

Caradoc Dearborn vanished, the Bones family was totally annihilated, Benjy Fenwick was mercilessly killed, and Marlene McKinnon and her family were killed by Death Eaters, including Travers. Even the Order endured great losses,

they kept on battling, and four of their individuals — James Potter, Lily Potter, Frank Longbottom, and Alice Longbottom — resisted Voldemort himself three times. THE PROPHECY This resistance influenced the two couples and their baby children Harry Potter and Neville Longbottom focuses on a prophecy concerning a child with the ability to kill the Dark Lord. Death Eater Severus Snape heard a piece of prediction and told it to Lord Voldemort, who believed it points to Harry Potter. He decided to chase down the Potters, picking the half-blood Harry, like Lord Voldemort himself, rather than the pureblood Neville.

The Potters, who were hiding from everything under the Fidelius Charm, made Snape change his side since he had been in love with Lily Potter and wanted to give her something for the friendship the two had shared years before.

It was not enough to save them, however; Dumbledore offered to be the Potters' Secret- Keeper in doubt that a member from the Order who was a close friend to the family has turned spy for the Death Eaters. James Potter demanded that Harry's godfather Sirius Black was better for the part, yet Black had an alternate plan; he suggested to James and Lily to use him as a fake Secret-Keeper while another Order member took part that role. So Peter Pettigrew took the Secret-Keeper position. Since he was the Death Eater spy Dumbledore was suspicious of, Pettigrew sold out the Potters seven days after the Fidelius Charm was performed, and Voldemort went to their home in Godric's Hollow on 31 October 1981.

He summarily killed James, however, offered Lily an opportunity to live, as asked for by Severus Snape. She dismissed the offer, asking for

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