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Harvard Public School Safe Return to Learn Plan 2021-22 - Harvard Public Schools
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                                       Harvard Public School
                                 Safe Return to Learn Plan 2021-22
Harvard Public School intends to be prepared to meet the health and safety needs of its students and staff during the 2021-22
school year, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. This framework is structured to allow the district to be responsive to the
current health climate and to articulate expectations for students, staff, and parents, amid changing school and community
health conditions. The tiered structure of this framework coincides with the “Risk Dial for COVID-19” from the South
Heartland District Health Department. This framework may be adjusted, as needed, to meet the needs of students, staff, and
parents of Harvard Public School. A committee of the Board of Education will give guidance to the Superintendent in
regards to any change of protocol due to changes in the Risk Dial and will determine the appropriate local level of Risk.

                                                             Risk Dial Zones

                                                     Click picture to go to South Heartland District Health Department

                                 Description & Rationale for Use of Risk Dial Zones:
South Heartland District Health Department provides a Covid-19 “Risk Dial” for the geographic area it serves, which informs the public about the
activity level of COVID-19 virus in its service area and the area medical services’ ability to respond to current demands. This “risk dial” will serve
as a barometer for the school’s operational response to the virus. The school will use the “risk dial” in conjunction with the school’s monitoring of
the virus activity within the school to determine which “risk dial operational zone” the school will operate in. The current “risk dial operational
zone” will be clearly communicated to students, staff, and parents through the school’s website and through the school’s messaging system, along
with specific guidance based on the school’s current operational zone. By fostering collaboration between the South Heartland District Health
Department, the school’s nurse, and the school’s administration to closely monitor current health conditions relevant to the COVID-19 virus, the
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administration will be able to assess the safest and most non-restrictive educational environment for students, staff, and parents at Harvard Public

                                                                      Risk Zone Indicators
            Green--Low Risk                          Yellow---Moderate Risk                     Orange--Elevated Risk                         Red--Pandemic

    ●   No confirmed cases in the              ●     Limited confirmed case(s) in the       ●    Confirmed and increasing             ●   Widespread confirmed case(s)
        immediate geographic area (Clay              immediate geographic area (Clay             case(s) and transmission in              and transmission in the
        County or Health District) or                County or Health District) or               the immediate geographic                 immediate geographic area
        within in the school                         within the school                           area (Clay County or Health              (Clay County or Health District)
    ●   No Directed Health Measures            ●     Consultation with Health                    District) and/or within the              or within the school
        that limit the school building               Department                                  school                               ●   Consultation with Health
        capacity                               ●     Directed Health Measures               ●    Consultation with Health                 Department
    ●   A vaccine for the virus is             ●     Governor or Commissioner of                 Department                           ●   Directed Health Measures
        available                                    Education Guidance                     ●    Directed Health Measures             ●   Governor or Commissioner of
                                                                                                 which limit building                     Education Guidance
                                                                                            ●    Governor or Commissioner
                                                                                                 of Education Guidance

                                                     District Procedures - Local Risk Determination
                 Green--Low Risk                               Yellow--Moderate Risk                    Orange--Elevated Risk                    Red--High Risk

 School/Academ        ●   School conducted as              ●   Increased social distancing          ●    Possible limited student         ●     School moves to remote
 ic Plan                  normal                           ●   Buildings open                            contact depending on                   learning. If possible,
                      ●   Buildings open                   ●   Students may enter building at            Health Department                      teachers / staff will still
                      ●   Students may enter                   7:30 a.m. or later                        recommendations.                       report and all services
                          building at 7:30 a.m. or                                                  ●    Possible implementation of             will be provided.
                          later                                                                          Orange phase of School
                                                                                                         Closure Committee
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                                                                                             ●   Increased social distancing
                                                                                             ●   Students may enter building
                                                                                                 at 7:30 a.m. or later

Temperature   All students and staff should      All students and staff should perform   All students and staff should
Checks        perform “self screening” before    “self screening” before reporting to    perform “self screening” before        ●   The school will be
              reporting to school each day. If   school each day. If students or staff   reporting to school each day. If           secured and only
              students or staff display any of   display any of the following            students or staff display any of the       authorized personnel will
              the following symptoms, they       symptoms, they are advised to stay      following symptoms, they are               be allowed to enter the
              are advised to stay home:          home:                                   advised to stay home:                      facility.
                  ● Flu-like or COVID-like           ● Flu-like or COVID-like                ● Flu-like or COVID-like           ●   Administration will
                       symptoms                           symptoms                               symptoms                           determine staffing
                  ● Temperature of 100.4 or          ● Temperature of 100.4 or               ● Temperature of 100.4 or              assignments and/or
                       greater                            greater                                greater                            required procedure
                  ● Difficulty breathing             ● Difficulty breathing                  ● Difficulty breathing                 modifications.
                  ● Sore throat                      ● Sore throat                           ● Sore throat                      ●   Cleaning of buildings
                  ● Cough                            ● Cough                                 ● Cough                                     ○ The school will
                                                                                                                                              be cleaned as
              Temperature checks for students Temperature checks may be conducted Temperature checks will be                                  directed by the
              riding the bus will be performed upon first entrance to school each day. conducted twice per day.                               Health
              by parents in the morning. If a     ● Students with a temperature of        ● Students with a temperature                       Department, with
              student’s temperature is 100.4 or        100.4 or greater will be               of 100.4 or greater will be                     heightened
              greater, the parent will need to         required to stay home 24               required to stay home 24                        disinfecting and
              inform the driver that the student       hours and be fever free,               hours and be fever free,                        cleaning
              will not be riding the bus and                                                                                                  performed.
                                                       without medication, before             without medication, before
              report the student’s 24-hour
                                                       returning to school.                   returning to school.
              required absence to the school’s
              office.                             ● An earlier return to school           ● An earlier return to school
                  ● An earlier return to               may be possible with a                 may be possible with a
                       school may be possible          doctor’s return to school note.        doctor’s “return to school”
                       with a doctor’s “return to ●    Temperatures    for tardy              note.
                       school” note.                   students will be taken in the      ● Temperatures for tardy
                                                       office prior to going to class.        students will be taken in the
              Other screenings / temperature         ○ Temperature checks                     office prior to going to
              checks may be implemented                   indicating a temperature of         class.
              upon Administrative discretion.             100.4 or greater will be
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          verified by the School                  ○      Temperature checks
          Medical Staff or Office Staff                  indicating a temperature
          through a second                               of 100.4 or greater will be
          temperature check before                       verified by the School
          sending a student home.                        Medical Staff or Office
                                                         Staff through a second
                                                         temperature check by the
Staff Temperature Check:                                 School Medical Staff or
    ● Staff will take their own                          Office Staff before
        temperature every morning                        sending a student home.
                                              ●       Temperatures will be taken
All students or staff who have a                      in the morning upon arrival
temperature of 100.4 or greater will be               and prior to the start of the
sent to the School Medical Staff or                   school day and again before
Office Staff.
                                                      lunch, while in the lunch
                                                      line. Elementary classes
                                                      that have PE immediately
                                                      before lunch will have their
                                                      temperatures taken prior to
                                                      PE. Temperatures will not
                                                      be taken immediately after
                                                      recess (preK-6) or open
                                                      gym (7-12) to minimize
                                                      false elevated temperature
                                                      readings due to physical

                                          Staff Temperature Check:
                                              ● Staff will report to their
                                                  assigned staff person upon
                                                  arrival to have their
                                                  temperature taken.
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                                                                                   All students or staff who have a
                                                                                   temperature of 100.4 or greater will
                                                                                   be sent to the School Medical Staff
                                                                                   or Office Staff.

                                                                                   A screening log will be maintained
                                                                                   by the school district for all school
                                                                                   district personnel and students who
                                                                                   record temperatures at or above

Custodial   ●   All normal custodial         ●   Staff members may spray high          ●   Administration, Head            ●   Custodians will take
                routines will be in effect       traffic / contact spaces during           Custodian, Medical Staff            measures to clean to keep
                with an emphasis on              school day. For example:                  and possible other staff will       facility ready for
                specific duties related to            ○ Classrooms when                    meet to discuss what                necessary staff.
                disinfecting due to                        students are at                 appropriate steps should be
                COVID.                                     specials, etc.                  taken above and beyond the
                                                      ○ Lunch tables before,               measures in place from
                                                           between, and after              Yellow risk phase. The
                                                           lunches.                        broadened measures will be
                                                      ○ Lockers and hallways               based upon current
                                                           between passing                 knowledge and
                                                           periods.                        understanding of issue and
                                                      ○ All horizontal                     experience to date.
                                             ●   Staff members may spray at
                                                 the end of the school day.
                                                      ○ Lockers
                                                      ○ Classrooms and desks
                                                      ○ Common Areas
                                                           including lunch room.
                                                      ○ All horizontal

                                             ●   Spray bottles / wipes with
                                                 disinfectant provided for all
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                                                PK-12 classrooms, athletic
                                                areas, vehicles
                                            ●   Hand sanitizing dispensers
                                                will be placed strategically
                                                around the building.
                                            ●   Staff members will encourage
                                                / teach about handwashing /

Lunch and      ●   All normal routines in   ●   Social distancing may be in     ●                        NA
Breakfast          place.                       place along with dividers.
                                                Students may eat in the
                                                Multipurpose room sitting
                                                only where directed (one
                                                student per table per side).
                                            ●   Students may social distance
                                                in the lunch line and when
                                                dumping trays.
                                            ●   All kitchen staff may wear
                                                gloves and face coverings
                                                while serving meals.
                                            ●   All ‘choice’ items may be
                                                served - no buffet self serve
                                                may be available.

Recess      Schools will continue to have   ●   Schools may implement zones Same as yellow zone
            recess as scheduled with            for recess for assigned                                  NA
            handwashing or hand sanitizer       students to support physical
            upon entry.                         distancing.
                                            ●   Schedules may be modified to
                                                ensure max of 1 grade level on
                                                the playground at one time.
                                            ●   Cleaning will be completed
                                            ●   No balls, jump ropes, or hula
                                                hoops available.
                                            ●   Students cannot bring their
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                                                             own equipment for recess.

PK-12 Field     Regular field trip opportunities     Field trips may not be available.        No field trips will be available
Trips           can be scheduled. Field trips        Virtual events may be explored.
                will only be taken to locations
                that are also listed in the green
                for COVID risk.

Specials        Students transition to music, art,   Students transition to music, art, PE,   Some specialist teachers transition       All specialist teachers transition
                PE, and media                        and media                                to classrooms if needed.                 to classrooms to support learning
                                                                                                                                       as needed..

Handwashing         ●   Sanitize when entering           ●   Sanitize when entering any           ●   Sanitize when entering any
and hand                any classroom.                       classroom.                               classroom.
sanitation          ●   Hand washing before              ●   Hand washing before lunch            ●   Hand washing before lunch
                        lunch                            ●   Hand sanitizing stations will        ●   Hand sanitizing stations
                    ●   Hand sanitizing stations             be set up in hallways for                will be set up in hallways
                        will be set up in                    additional access.                       for additional access.
                        hallways for additional

Hallways            ●   PK-5 students transition         ●   PK-5 students transition and         ●   PK-5 students don’t
                        normally with staff                  some specialists come to                 transition and all specialists
                        support                              classrooms.                              come to classrooms.
                    ●   6-12--Regular transitions        ●   6-12--Some areas of the              ●   6-12 students may be in
                        with encouraged social               building off limits. Scheduled           isolated classrooms with
                        distancing                           transitions.                             only limited and scheduled
                                                                                                      hallway access.

Lockers             ●   Buildings will                   ●   Buildings may implement a            ●   Buildings will implement a
                        implement a limited and              limited and staggered use of             limited and staggered use of
                        staggered use of lockers             lockers                                  lockers

Beginning of                                                                                      ●   Teachers will report for         Teachers will report based on the
the day staff       ●   Teachers will report for         ●   Teachers will report for duty            duty as assigned.                schedule created and direction
                        duty as assigned.                    as assigned.                                                              provided by the administration.
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Beginning of                                                                                Students will report based on the      All learning will most likely be
the day             ●   Students will enter the      ●   Teachers should be in their        schedule created and direction         via remote access.
students                building when doors              rooms by 7:45.                     provided by the administration.
                        open at 7:30am and go
                        directly to their assigned
                        areas as determined by
                        the principal or they may
                        go to breakfast.

End of the day      ●   Regular dismissal.           ●                                          ●
                    ●   All students will be
                        required to leave the
                        building at the end of the
                        day unless in an
                        approved activity or
                        working with a teacher.

Building            ●   Activities and events        ●   Temp checks for visitors that          ●   No outside visitors or
Access                  will not require a mask,         enter the building.                        groups allowed.
                        but masks or face            ●   Masks or face coverings may
                        coverings are                    be required for all visitors and
                        encouraged if needed             not provided by the district.
                        with appropriate social
                        distancing utilized when

Facemasks        Face masks will be provided but     ●   Staff may be required to wear          ●   All individuals in buildings
                 not required.                           face masks.                                are required to wear masks.
                                                     ●   Students are not required to           ●   Masks will be provided but
                                                         wear masks but encouraged to               individuals may provide
                                                         wear one.                                  their own.
                                                     ●   Masks will be provided but
                                                         individuals may provide their
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Restrooms         Regularly scheduled                    ●   Restroom use during passing         ●    K-5 teachers will schedule
                                                             periods is discouraged.                  restroom breaks.
                                                         ●   Students are encouraged to          ●    Students are encouraged to
                                                             use the restroom with                    use the restroom with
                                                             permission from their                    permission from their
                                                             classroom teacher.                       classroom teacher.

Water                ●   Regularly scheduled             ●   Students are encouraged to        Same
Fountains                water breaks.                       bring individual water bottles.
                     ●   Students are encouraged         ●   Water fountain may be closed,
                         to bring individual water           but students may use filling
                         bottles.                            stations.
                                                         ●   PreK-5 will work with
                                                             individual water plans.

Classroom            ●   Regular                         ●   Desks may be separated and          ●    Students will be limited to
Seating/Materi           classroom/teacher                   not in pods. (Avoid face to              specific classrooms.
als                      preferred arrangement               face seating options)               ●    Locations in the building as
Usage/Sanitizat      ●   Social distancing will be       ●   Row seating                              determined and outlined in
ion                      utilized when possible.         ●   May require student                      the alternate schedule.
                     ●   Regular classroom                   individual supplies                 ●    Increased sanitization
                         supply usage.                   ●   Minimize furniture and center            measures
                              ○ Encourage                    items                               ●    Some materials will not be
                                  individual             ●   Contaminated materials will              allowed. Only necessary
                                  student supplies.          be isolated for cleaning each            items
                     ●   Regular classroom                   day
                                                      Note: In classrooms where students
                                                      are working in small groups for
                                                      activities such as experiments or
                                                      cooking, masks may be required and
                                                      provided by the teacher.

Transportation       ●   Regular transportation          ●   Drivers may be required to          ●    Drivers required to wear
                         schedule and practices.             wear masks.                              masks.
                     ●   Drivers will spray down         ●   Regular transportation              ●    Regular transportation
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                          bus with sanitizer at the           schedule                                 schedule
                          end of each route.              ●   Temperature checks may be            ●   Temperature checks upon
                                                              required upon entering bus               entering bus
                                                          ●   Masks provided for students          ●   Masks required for all
                                                              but not required                         individuals on bus
                                                          ●   Drivers will spray the bus           ●   Drivers will spray the bus
                                                              down with sanitizer at the end           down with sanitizer at the
                                                              of each route.                           end of each route.

Technology            ●   Regular use of devices          ●   Regular use of devices with 1        ●   Devices will remain at         Devices will remain at home.
                          with 1 to 1 students in             to 1 students in grades 3 - 12           school, unless learning plan
                          grades 3 - 12                       Chromebooks remain at                    requires some remote
                          Chromebooks remain at               school..                                 learning.

6-12 Activities   Activities and Athletics will be    Activities and Athletics will be         Activities and Athletics will be       Activities and Athletics will be
                  conducted in accordance with        conducted in accordance with             conducted in accordance with           conducted in accordance with
                  NSAA guidelines.                    NSAA guidelines.                         NSAA guidelines.                       NSAA guidelines.

Student               ●   All students in grades          ●   Same                                 ●   All students in grades             ●   Remote learning.
Attendance                PK-12 will attend school                                                     PK-12 will attend school in
                          in person.                                                                   person and / or on a
                      ●   Accommodations will be                                                       modified attendance
                          made for students in                                                         schedule in addition to
                          K-12 who are unable to                                                       remote portions.
                          attend in person to
                          utilize synchronous if
                          possible or
                          asynchronous if needed
                          online learning through
                          Zoom and other remote
                          learning tools.
                          Synchronous means that
                          students log on to
                          receive instruction with
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                       their class at certain set
                       times during the school
                   ●   Students will only have
                       this option with a
                       medical excuse provided
                       by a doctor with a
                       specified period of time
                       notated and COVID
                       related reason.

Staff              ●   All staff will report as     ●   All staff will report as        ●   All staff will report as    ●   All staff will report as
Attendance             normal.                          directed.                           directed.                       directed.
                   ●   Any questions or             ●   Any questions or concerns       ●   Any questions or concerns   ●   Any questions or
                       concerns relative to             relative to work expectations       relative to work                concerns relative to work
                       work expectations                should be directed to their         expectations should be          expectations should be
                       should be directed to            direct supervisor.                  directed to their direct        directed to their direct
                       their direct supervisor.                                             supervisor.                     supervisor.

*Masks means face coverings

This plan includes addressing each of the following:
a) Universal and correct wearing of masks
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b) Modifying facilities to allow for physical distancing (e.g., including use of cohorts/podding)
c) Handwashing and respiratory etiquette
d) Cleaning and maintaining healthy facilities, including improving ventilation
e) Contact tracing in combination with isolation and quarantine, in collaboration with the State, local, territorial,
or Tribal health departments
f) Diagnostic and screening testing
g) Efforts to provide vaccinations to school communities
h) Appropriate accommodations for children with disabilities with respect to the health and safety policies
i) Coordination with State and local health officials. Including the needs for support and technical assistance to
implement strategies consistent to the greatest extent practicable, with relevant CDC guidance.
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