Health & Social Care at Disneyland Paris - Information Pack For AS/A Level, GCSE and Diploma Students - Study Experiences

Health & Social Care at Disneyland Paris - Information Pack For AS/A Level, GCSE and Diploma Students - Study Experiences
                                          For AS/A Level,
                                               GCSE and

Health & Social Care
at Disneyland Paris
Information Pack
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Health & Social Care at Disneyland Paris - Information Pack For AS/A Level, GCSE and Diploma Students - Study Experiences
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Health & Social Care
Learning Objectives
We cover key material from the most
popular Health and Social Care examination
specifications. Our aim is to bring classroom
teaching alive through an exploration of the
working practices at Disneyland® Paris. No other
educational travel specialist has the knowledge
or backstage access to provide this vital learning
Key Topics
Meeting Individual Needs
● Guest safety, accessibility and empowerment
● The effects of a theme park attraction on the
  human body
● Hotel facilities for the impaired
● First aid facilities – staff and equipment

Food and Beverages Services
● Catering for those with allergies and
● Food packaging safety

Working with Children
                                                     Health & Social Care
● Communicating with children
● Learning through play in the park
                                                     for AS/A Level, GCSE and Diploma students
● Creativity and interactivity
● Physical activity and movement skills
                                                     The Health & Social Care Study Experience is a residential education
Customer Service                                     programme based at Disneyland® Paris, a world-class entertainment
● Addressing guest needs                             and leisure business. The Resort is part of the massive Disney empire
● Consumer knowledge
                                                     and leads the way in customer service, human resources and health
● Guest surveys
● Research, planning and analysis                    and safety. It’s a must-visit case study for any Health and Social Care
Human Resources                                      student seeking to improve their examination results.
● Equal opportunities and discrimination
                                                     This Study Experience provides you with               Interactivity and student involvement are at
● Accessibility in the workplace
                                                     everything you need to undertake a truly              the heart of the Study Experience and no other
● Sheltered environments
                                                     curriculum-led trip to Disneyland® Paris and          educational travel specialist offers such a rich
● Recruitment, selection and progression
                                                     is designed to meet clearly defined learning          educational experience and a real enhancement
Through the Seminars, Workshops and                  objectives.                                           to the teaching of Health and Social Care.
Assignments, the Health and Social Care Study        It includes two Health and Social Care seminars,      As a result of our exclusive access to Disneyland
Experience will show how Disneyland Paris aims
                                                     an expert-led interactive workshop and a              Paris’ senior management during the creation
to meet the needs of guests and Cast Members
                                                     number of specialist assignments.                     of the Study Experiences, members of the
(employees). Please note that topic areas may
                                                     We also include entry to the resort’s two             Disneyland® Paris management team and
change to reflect specification changes and
                                                     theme parks, Disneyland® Park and Walt Disney         many other Disney backstage experts add their
developments at Disneyland® Paris.
                                                     Studios® Park, allowing your students the             personal input to the seminars.
                                                     opportunity to have fun and experience at first-      This input is regularly updated through new
                                                     hand, the application of their subject in real-life   video footage, filmed behind-the-scenes at the
Contents                                             environments.                                         Resort and at Disney’s London offices by Study
                                                                                                           Experiences. This exclusive content is therefore
                                                                                                           only available to students and teachers
Learning Objectives                            2                                                           attending the Study Experience.

Educational Content                            3     Meeting exam board specifications
                                                     All content is mapped against the major English and Welsh AS/A Level and GCSE examination
Travel Choices                                 4     specifications, as well as the comparable Scottish National Qualifications N4 and N5. This includes:

Dates and Prices                               5     • AS/A Level Health and Social Care • GCSE Applied Health and Social Care
                                                     • NVQ Health and Social Care • Society, Health and Development Diploma
Disneyland® Paris                            6&7     • SQA Health and Social Care • Diplomas in Child Care
                                                                                        Examination Specifications
Meals & Activities                             8         Edexcel            AQA            OCR          WJEC                    SQA             CCEA
Booking Form                                   9             ✓               ✓                 ✓                ✓                ✓                ✓
Support Information                            10    This Study Experience will also be of benefit to students studying additional vocational
                                                     qualifications in Health and Social Care and Child Care.

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Health & Social Care at Disneyland Paris - Information Pack For AS/A Level, GCSE and Diploma Students - Study Experiences
Educational Content                                                                                        Study Experiences
                                                                                                           Key Benefits
The Health and Social Care Study Experience           requirements. Working in teams of eight,
                                                                                                           This highly interactive learning experience
immerses students in the practical applications       students will use their knowledge to help plan
                                                                                                           includes all of these educational activities:
of health and social care principles at this          a ride, garden, themed area or other activity for
world-famous theme park resort in a number of         Disneyland Paris using some of the principles        Subject-Specific Seminars
different and engaging ways:                          heard in Seminar One and experienced in the          Groups will attend two forty-minute
                                                      resort.                                              multimedia seminars, delivered to an
●   Through attending two Seminars hosted by
                                                                                                           audience of 100-200 students.
    facilitators with considerable experience of      Students will need to combine their
    working with Disneyland Paris and featuring       understanding of health and social care              Led by one of our team of Paris-based
    back-stage video interviews and footage           principles with the practicalities of creating       facilitators, with considerable experience
    filmed exclusively for Study Experiences          a new attraction within the Disney values.           of the Resort and its working methods,
●   By taking part in our interactive Workshop        Particular emphasis will be given to working as a    students will explore how Disneyland Paris
    which encourages the students to use their        team, communicating and meeting a deadline.          uses many key examination topics to carry
    knowledge of health and social care principles                                                         out its planning and day to day activities.
                                                      At the end of the Workshop teams will present
    and practices
                                                      their plans to a mock ‘Disney management             Our facilitators will engage your students
●   Completing subject-specific Assignments
                                                      panel’ comprising of the facilitator and             in thinking about how their subject is seen
    during their time in the Parks and at the
                                                      participating teachers, who will ask questions       in action in the Resort.
                                                      and provide feedback to each team. Once back
Seminar One                                           at school or college, students will be able to use   Interactive Workshop
                                                                                                           For the workshop, students will initially
‘Meeting Individual Needs’                            this feedback to complete their attraction and
                                                                                                           be divided into groups of 30-40, then split
                                                      enter the Student Challenge, should you wish
(Impairment and Empowerment)                                                                               into smaller teams of 8-10 and encouraged
                                                      them to do so..
                                                                                                           to participate in a fun, interactive learning
Meeting Individual Needs: We begin with a                                                                  experience with our professional facilitator.
welcome and brief introduction to Disneyland          Seminar Two
Paris. Students will then be asked to consider the    Working with People                                  They will be treated as though they are
work of the resorts ride design and guest service                                                          Disney professionals and the facilitator will
                                                      Working with children: Seminar Two begins            guide and inspire them to work as a team,
teams in the development of accessibility and
                                                      by considering the training given to cast            meet a realistic deadline and communicate
safety throughout the parks and hotels. We will
                                                      members who work with children, and the              their ideas persuasively – as well as testing
also explore the effects of a visit to a theme park
                                                      development of attractions specifically for the      some core subject skills.
on the human body.
                                                      young. The seminar will focus on observation,
Food and Beverage Services: An introduction           communication, creativity, interactivity and         It is highly recommended that teachers
to the work of the food and beverage teams                                                                 play an active part in the workshops by
                                                      learning through play. We will also see how the
in implementing the best in food hygiene and                                                               encouraging their students in their work
                                                      resort creates in-room videos specifically on
HACCP and providing options for those with                                                                 and assisting the facilitator in providing
                                                      safety for children.
allergies and intolerances. We will also consider                                                          feedback.
                                                      Customer service: We next explore the
the importance of a balanced diet.                    importance of good consumer knowledge,               Education Support
Medical Facilities: Next on the agenda are the        particularly when dealing with many different        Group leaders will receive a copy of the
on-site medical facilities, occupational health       nationalities, cultures, languages and needs. Plus   Teacher Education Guide complete with
and training. We will consider the services           the importance the resort places on making           an introduction to the Study Experience,
available to both guests and cast members,            everyone aware of the benefits of recycling.         learning objectives and outcomes, a
including the emergency equipment used in             Direct correlations will be drawn between            workshop and background information.
the “life pack”. In addition, we will examine the     working within hospitality and care sectors.         You will also receive copies of the Student
Disney values of emotion, service and creativity,     Human resources: We will be also be exploring        Workbook.
an essential aspect of everyone’s work at the         how the resort’s 15,000 cast members are             The Student Workbook includes space
resort and something that can be replicated in        selected, trained and motivated. We will discover    for note taking, including bulleted notes
our own lives.                                        the chain of command at the resort, and also the     of the content; background information
Assignments relevant to Seminar One include:          importance an effective communication cycle.         for the workshop task; assignments,
● Understanding personal development, a               Assignments relevant to Seminar Two include:         some of which are directly based on past
   balanced diet (based on a past GCSE exam                                                                examination papers, to develop students’
                                                      ● Visiting Disneyland Paris with small children
   paper)                                                                                                  subject knowledge further through their
                                                      ● Recycling
● Health and safety in a theme park setting
                                                                                                           experiences in the Resort and a visit
   (based on a past GCE exam paper)                   Assignments                                          planner.
● Food hygiene in food preparation areas              The Student Workbook contains Health and             There is also an education email “hotline”
● Medical treatment                                   Social Care assignments closely linked to the        for group leaders to use should they
● Safety restrictions                                 seminars and workshop as shown above.                have any queries on the content of the
● Facilities for visually & aurally impaired guests   These are designed to be allocated by teachers/      Seminars, Workshop or Assignments.

Interactive Workshop                                  group leaders to students as part of their study
                                                      programme, to be completed during their time
The Workshop provides a practical and                 in the parks. Assignments are directly relevant
fun opportunity for students to apply their           to their studies and a selection are based on past
knowledge to a real-life task – to create an          GCSE or GCE exam papers.
attraction specifically for those with special

Call: 020 8335 4455                                   Email:                                                                3
Your Itinerary Choices
                                                     Study Experiences offers a choice of itineraries to suit your
                                                     requirements, all staying on-site at Disneyland® Paris, ensuring that for
                                                     the duration of your tour, you are based within the secure environment
                                                     of the Resort.
                                                     Seminar & Workshop Timings                         Five Day Tour with crossings
                                                     The seminars and workshops will take               Hull-Zeebrugge
                                                     place during the course of your stay at the        Ideal for groups based in the north of England
Your Group Size                                      Resort. The timings of these will be available     and Scotland.
Our three and four day tours are available for       approximately four weeks prior to the event.
groups of any size. For schools and colleges                                                            Days One & Two
travelling by coach, if you have a group size of     Three Day Tour by Coach                            You will be collected by coach from your school
between 44 and 49 passengers, then we will           Day One                                            or college and take an overnight crossing on the
provide you with exclusive use of your own                                                              ferry, with cabin berths included. On arrival in
                                                     Your coach will collect you from your              Zeebrugge, you will travel on to Disneyland®
48 or 49-seat coach (contact us for details of
                                                     school or college early in the morning             Paris, where there will be some time in the late
what we can provide for groups of more than
                                                     for the journey to the Channel port and            afternoon to enjoy admission to Disneyland®
49 passengers). We can tailor your itinerary to
                                                     your crossing to Calais. Once in France,           Park and Walt Disney Studios® Park.
suit your plans, for example arranging specific
                                                     the journey from Calais to Disneyland®
visits in Paris or an extra day’s admission to the                                                      Day Three
                                                     Paris takes approximately five hours.
Disney Parks.                                                                                           Enjoy a day’s admission to both Disneyland®
                                                     On arrival at Disneyland Paris, you will be met
Groups of fewer than 40 students will be                                                                Park and Walt Disney Studios® Park.
                                                     by the Study Experiences resort team, who
allocated a shared coach with another school                                                            Days Four & Five
                                                     will assist you with check-in at your hotel. The
or college for the journeys to and from
                                                     resort team will also be on hand to answer         This morning you have the opportunity
Disneyland Paris to ensure that you do not
                                                     any questions you may have throughout              of visiting Paris en-route to Zeebrugge in
have any coach under-occupancy costs to pay.
                                                     your stay. For dinner we recommend that            time for your overnight crossing back to
Some teachers choose to combine with other
                                                     you pre-book one of our meal deal options.         Hull, once again with cabin berths included.
departments to bring their student numbers
up to 40 and therefore enjoy the added               Day Two                                            On arrival in Hull you will complete your
benefits and comforts of having exclusive use        After breakfast, your students will enjoy          journey back to your school or college.
of their own coach. Study Experiences also           unlimited access to both Disneyland®
hosts education programmes for Mathematics,          Park and Walt Disney Studios® Park,                Eurostar Travel Option
Science, ICT and Computing, Media                    with their One-Day Hopper Ticket.                  We are able to offer both the three and four
Studies, Performing Arts, Design & Technology,       To round off your day, we recommend once           day tours with return Eurostar travel from
Business Studies, STEM and for Key Stage 3, our      again booking one of our meal deal options.        London St Pancras, Ebbsfleet or Ashford
special “Discover the Magic” programme for                                                              International Stations to Disneyland Paris.
                                                     Day Three                                          The Eurostar high-speed rail service brings
11-14 year olds.
                                                     During the morning, you will reboard your          you to the centre of Disneyland Paris from
Our five day tour is only available to groups of
                                                     coach and begin the journey back to Calais         London in just over two and a half hours.
40 or more students.
                                                     for your return Channel crossing, arriving at      As the Eurostar service arrives during the early
Study Experiences’ Safety                            your school or college during the evening.         afternoon and departs in the evening, we offer
Management System                                                                                       the option to pre-book additional days’ entry
                                                     Four Day Tour by Coach                             to the Disney Parks. Please note that you will
At Study Experiences, the safety and
                                                     We offer the opportunity for you to                need to make your own travel arrangements
wellbeing of you and your students is our
                                                     stay an extra night at Disneyland Paris,           to St Pancras, Ebbsfleet or Ashford stations.
absolute priority. We operate a detailed Safety
                                                     with a choice of further full day in the
Management System, with all suppliers chosen                                                            Flight Travel Option
                                                     Disney Parks or a visit to Paris.
for the quality of their services, compliance
                                                     If you choose to visit Paris, which will be        We are also able to offer both the three
with our safety management standards and
                                                     on either the second or third day of your          and four day tours with flights to Paris
experience in working with school and
                                                     tour, your coach driver will provide a short       from your choice of Belfast, Birmingham,
college students.
                                                     tour of the main sights prior to dropping          Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds Bradford,
                Study Experiences is an              you off at a suitable central location. You        Liverpool, London Luton, London Gatwick,
                Assured Member of The                will then have free time for sightseeing.          Manchester and Newcastle airports.
                School Travel Forum, a
                                                     Many groups choose to book a Bateaux               In France, we will then provide return coach
                group of leading school tour
                                                     Mouches Seine River Cruise or visit the            transfers between the airport and Disneyland
                operators that promote good
                                                     observation deck at Tour Montparnasse              Paris, however please note that you will need
                practice and safety in school
                                                     56, providing fabulous views of Paris.             to make your own travel arrangements to
                                                     See page 8 for more details.                       and from your chosen UK departure airport.
                Study Experiences has been                                                              On confirmation of your flight times,
                                                     The Four Day Tour is an excellent option for
                awarded the Learning Outside                                                            should timings permit, we will offer
                                                     all groups. We particularly recommend it for
                the Classroom Quality Badge,                                                            the opportunity to purchase additional
                                                     groups travelling from the west and north of
                a recognisable and trusted                                                              days’ entry to the Disney Parks.
                                                     England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
                Quality Badge for all types
                of Learning Outside the
                Classroom providers.

 4                        Call: 020 8335 4455                                  Email:
Three Day Study Experience
Study Experiences Dates & Prices                                                                      includes:
                                                                                                      ●   Return coach travel and Channel crossings
                   Three Day Study Experience at Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne*                                 from your school or college to Disneyland®
                                                                                    Sequoia Lodge         Paris
        Departure Date                Coach         Eurostar           Flight        Supplement           OR Return Eurostar travel from London or
                                                                                                          Ebbsfleet or Ashford to Disneyland Paris
        Weds 22 Jan 2020               £229           £309              £369              £45
                                                                                                          OR Return flights to Paris and return coach
        Mon 27 Jan 2020                £229           £309              £369              £45             transfers between the airport and
                                                                                                          Disneyland Paris
        Weds 5 Feb 2020                £229           £309              £369              £45
                                                                                                      ●   Two nights’ hotel accommodation
        Mon 10 Feb 2020                £245           £335              £385              £65         ●   Continental breakfasts
       Mon 17 Feb 2020                 £275           £365              £415               n/a        ●   One day Hopper Ticket to Disneyland®
                                                                                                          Park and Walt Disney Studios® Park
 Also available on Mon 18 Nov 2019 from £229                                                          ●   Two curriculum-led seminars, hosted by
                                                                                                          Study Experiences facilitator
                    Four Day Study Experience at Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne*                             ●   Interactive workshop
                                                                                    Sequoia Lodge     ●   Teacher Education Guide
        Departure Date                Coach         Eurostar           Flight        Supplement       ●   Student Workbook, with subject-specific
        Tues 21 Jan 2020               £319           £399              £459              £70
        Sun 26 Jan 2020                £319           £399              £459              £70         ●   The services of the Study Experiences
                                                                                                          resort and education teams
         Tues 4 Feb 2020               £319           £399              £459              £70
                                                                                                          One free teacher place for every
                                       £335           £425              £475             £100
        Sun 9 Feb 2020                                                                                    ten students
       Sun 16 Feb 2020                 £379           £469              £519               n/a        ●   Fully comprehensive travel insurance
                                                                                                      ●   Government taxes and service charges
 Also available on Sun 17 Nov 2019 from £319
                                                                                                      Four Day Study Experience
                    Five Day Study Experience at Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne*                             also includes:
                                                                                    Sequoia Lodge         One extra night’s accommodation
        Departure Date                Coach with overnight ferry crossings                            ●
                                                                                                      ●   Continental breakfast
        Sun 19 Jan 2020                               £309                                £45         ●   Visit to Paris or second day’s admission to
        Sun 26 Jan 2020                               £309                                £45             both Disneyland Park and Walt Disney
                                                                                                          Studios Park
        Tues 4 Feb 2020                               £309                                £45
       Sun 9 Feb 2020                                 £325                                £65         Five Day Study Experience
       Sun 16 Feb 2020                                £359                                 n/a
                                                                                                      also includes:
                                                                                                      ●   Two night’s cabin accommodation on
                                                                                                          return overnight crossings
 Also available on Sun 17 Nov 2019 from £309
                                                                                                      ●   Admission to both Disneyland Park and
                                                                                                          Walt Disney Studios Park on Day Three

Three & Four Day Tours                              Free Teacher Places                               ●   Option to visit Paris en-route to port on
                                                                                                          return journey
Regional Coach Supplements                          We provide one free teacher place for every
Since the cost of coach hire is determined by       ten students that you book. Teachers are
the driving distance of your school or college      accommodated on the basis of two sharing a
from Disneyland® Paris, we have to charge a         room. For all teachers accommodated in single
supplement per student for journeys which           rooms a supplement of £120.00 for the Three
involve significantly extra mileage.                Day Study Experience, £180.00 for the Four Day
                                                    Study Experience and £240.00 for the Five Day                    How To Book
●   Scotland, Wales (except Cardiff, Newport,       Study Experience will apply.
    Torfaen, Caerphilly, Monmouthshire),                                                              Secure your places on the Study Experience
                                                    If you wish to bring more than one teacher for    with a provisional booking by calling us
    Cornwall £10.00
                                                    every ten students, the cost of each additional   on 020 8335 4455. Places will be held
●   Northumberland, Cumbria, Tyne & Wear,           teacher corresponds to the student price.         WITHOUT OBLIGATION, to allow you time
    Durham £9.00
                                                                                                      to collect deposits.
●   Lancashire, Yorkshire, Merseyside, Greater
                                                                                                      To confirm your students places on the
    Manchester, Cheshire, Derbyshire,                 Prices                                          Study Experience, please complete and
    Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Norfolk,           Prices shown are valid for all bookings         return the Booking Form with your deposit
    Staffordshire, Shropshire £6.00                   received by 31 July 2019.                       payment by the deadline date we will
●   Devon, Cardiff, Newport, Torfaen, Caerphilly,                                                     agree with you.There’s nothing further to
    Monmouthshire £5.00                                                                               pay until the final balance due date, 12
●   All other counties No supplement                                                                  weeks before your trip.

Call: 020 8335 4455                                 Email:                                                                5
Your Choice of Hotel
For tour dates up to and including week
commencing 09 February 2020, you can
                                                   Disneyland® Paris
choose from one of two of Disneyland Paris’
uniquely themed hotels, Disney’s Hotel
Cheyenne and Disney’s Sequoia Lodge:
                                                   A complete resort experience
Like a scene from a Wild West movie, the
14 frontier style buildings of Disney’s Hotel                           Disneyland® Paris is the perfect venue for students
Cheyenne are grouped around a main street
of covered porches and wooden walkways.
                                                                        to enjoy the full benefits of learning outside
The Western styling runs right through to the                           the classroom. It offers a great standard of
bedrooms, which have one double bed and                                 accommodation and, outside of the time devoted
two single beds, bathroom, TV and telephone.
Students are accommodated on the basis                                  to the seminars and workshops, you are assured
of three sharing a room at Disney’s Hotel                               of non-stop fun and entertainment in Disneyland®
Named after the majestic American
                                                   Park, Walt Disney Studios® Park and Disney® Village! The price of your
redwoodtrees, Disney’s Sequoia Lodge               Study Experience includes admission to both Disneyland Park and Walt
is reminiscent of the famous hunting               Disney Studios Park.
retreats found in the U.S. National Parks.
Accommodation is in the main building itself
or in one of the five lodges. Bedrooms have                                                            Prepare to be amazed as you enter
two double beds, bathroom, TV and telephone.
Hotel facilities include an indoor swimming                                                            a world of magic and make-believe
pool. Students are accommodated on the basis                                                           unlike no other, where five themed
of two sharing a room at Disney’s Sequoia                                                              lands radiate from the classic Disney
                                                                                                       Main Street, U.S.A.® and fairytale
For tours departing week commencing
16 February 2020, your group will be                                                                   Sleeping Beauty Castle.
accommodated at the B&B Hotel Disneyland
Paris. This new hotel is just a short drive away
from the Disney Parks. The modern spacious         Whether its the forty or so thrilling rides and     « Indiana JonesTM and the Temple of Peril
bedrooms benefit from air-conditioning, free       attractions, the chance to meet some of your           – prepare yourself for a whip-cracking
Wi-Fi and can sleep up to 4 students. Teachers     favourite Disney Characters, the shops and             adventure as you enter the Temple of Peril
are accommodated on the basis of two sharing       stores crammed with Disney souvenirs, the              and find yourself in a runaway wagon
a room. The hotel operates a free shuttle          wonderful restaurants or spectacular parades,          speeding through the ancient ruins. Tummy-
service to/from the Disney® Parks which                                                                   turning action!
                                                   Disneyland® Park captures the hearts of kids of
can be used by all groups. Study Experiences
does NOT charge any supplements for under-
                                                   all ages.                                           « Star Tours – Say * # ¤ (Hi!) to R2D2 as
occupied student rooms where this is due to                                                               you pass through a droid workshop. Then
your breakdown of male or female students
                                                   « Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast® – Zap the                take a thrilling virtual reality ride to the
                                                       Evil Zurg in this ride inspired by the             Moon of Endor and on the way destroy the
not fitting exactly into rooms of three at
                                                       Disney•Pixar’s movie Toy Story 2                   Empire’s headquarters on the Death Star.
Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne, rooms of two at
Disney’s Sequoia Lodge or rooms of four at the     «   Pirates of the Caribbean – A thrilling voyage      Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a
B&B Hotel. Breakfast is included in the price          with the meanest pirates of all!                   bumpy ride.
of the Study Experience. We offer a range of       «   it’s a small world – Fantasyland’s timeless     « Meet Mickey Mouse – Everybody’s favourite
optional evening meals, bookable in advance –          musical cruise                                     Mouse is taking time out! Meet him
see page eight for prices and sample menus.        «   Big Thunder Mountain – climb aboard                in the rehearsal room of his theatre in
Study Experiences’                                     Frontierland’s hair-raising runaway train!         Fantasyland. Enjoy classic clips featuring
Seminar & Workshop Venue                           « Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain – with a               Mickey and his friends before joining Mickey
                                                       frenzy of red and green blaster fire, the          who will share some of his favourite props
The Gaumont multi-screen cinema, where                                                                    and costumes – and pose for a special photo
                                                       wicked whirr of TIE fighters and a stunning
your seminars and workshop are held, is                                                                   souvenir with you!
                                                       Star Wars™ score, Star Wars Hyperspace
situated at the entrance to Disney Village, just
                                                       Mountain is a jaw-dropping experience fit
a few minutes walk from Disneyland® Park and
                                                       for the most fervent followers of the Force.
Walt Disney Studios® Park.

                                                   Disney Village
                                                   Set between Disneyland® Park and Walt
                                                   Disney Studios® Park, Disney Village is the
                                                   hub of entertainment at Disneyland® Paris.
                                                   Themed bars, restaurants, an IMAX cinema,
                                                   15 multiplex screens, street artists, and
                                                   a Games arcade add to the fun. The vast
                                                   Disney Store and other themed outlets are
                                                   open during the day for Disney souvenirs and

 6                       Call: 020 8335 4455                                 Email:
© Disney

                                                                                                                                                          “This was our second year for
                                                                                                                                                        Health & Social Care students at
                                                                                                                                                        Disney, when last year’s students
                                                                                                                                                         found out we were going again
                                                                                                                                                      they came with deposit in hand and
                                                                                                                                                       asked if we would take them back!
                                                                                                                                                      We all had an excellent experience,
                                                                                                                                                        can’t wait to take another group
                                                                                                                                                       of students next year, and maybe
                                                                                                                                                           some from previous years!”
                                                                                                                                                               Chichester College

                                                                                                                                                        “All our pupils, and staff, really
                                                                                                                                                      enjoyed the experience and I would
                                                                             Enter through the Hollywood-style                                         recommend this to any school to
                                                                             gates and begin to explore the                                             take part in. Looking forward to
                                                                             wonders of television and movies,                                             doing it all again in 2019.”
                                                                             with fascinating tours, interactive                                              Stewarton Academy
                                                                             shows, some of the Resort’s biggest-
                                                                             thrill rides and the chance to meet                                      “Disneyland Paris trip is an amazing
                                                                             yet more favourite Disney characters.                                    experience for the pupils, as it gives
It’s “Lights, camera... and lots of action!” all                              « Animagique – Join Mickey, Donald and                                   them an opportunity to see Maths
the way as you wander through the studio                                            friends as the wonderful world of animation                       in action in a fun way. It has helped
lots, finding yourself on set at Disney Studio 1,                                   is brought to life in this endearing Toon                           to develop our pupil’s social and
witnessing jaw-dropping stunts and awesome                                          Studio show
special effects, behind-the-scenes glimpses of
                                                                                                                                                            independence skills too.”
                                                                              «     Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin2 – Enjoy a madcap
the colourful world of Disney animation, and                                        ride as Slinky® Dog chases his tail!                                        Priestnall School
learning some of the secrets of TV and cinema
                                                                              «     Ratatouille: The Adventure – This newly-
                                                                                    opened, state-of-the-art dark ride combines
                                                                                                                                                      “Very pleased with how smoothly
« Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop1 – join the green                                     technology, effects and storytelling as never
      soldiers for a simulated parachute drop                                       before in a Disney attraction, including                            the trip went, the educational
« Studio Tram Tour®: Behind the Magic – This
                                                                                    trackless ride vehicles and 3D projections                         content of the seminars is very
      innocent journey through Production                                     « The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror™3 – Faded                             suitable for trainee engineers.
      Courtyard® takes a wrong turn!                                                Hollywood glamour and eerie goings-on                                Would definitely go again.”
                                                                                    before you plunge – literally – into The
« Armageddon Special Effects – Prepare to                                           Twilight Zone™                                                               Truro College
      take cover in Backlot’s whirlwind tour
                                                                              «     Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith –
« Moteurs... Action! Stunt Show Spectacular® –                                      This is the ultimate high-energy, adrenaline-
      Take your seats in the grandstand for a jaw-                                  fuelled Roller coaster!                                             “The team at Study Experiences
      dropping, high-octane display now featuring
                                                                              «     RC Racer4 – Squeeze into Andy’s speediest                         cannot do enough to ensure a good
      Lightning McQueen from Disney•Pixar’s
                                                                                    toy car and ride Toy Story Playland’s                              trip. Every interaction from initial
                                                                                    25-metre-high half-pipe coaster                                     booking to working with staff in
1) Inspired by Disney-Pixar movie Toy Story 2) Slinky® Dog is a registered trade mark of Poof-Slinky, Inc. All rights reserved.
3) Inspired by The Twilight Zone ® a registered trademark of CBS Inc. All rights reserved. 4) Hot Wheels® is a registered trademark of Mattel, Inc.    resort is excellent. They definitely
Hot Wheels® Trademark and Track used with permission ©2009 Mattel, Inc All rights reserved.
                                                                                                                                                                take care of you.”
                                                                                                                                                             Balwearie High School
                                                                             Meal Deals
                                                                             Study Experiences offers a range of optional                             “The students and staff thoroughly
                                                                             meal packages in Disney Village, including the                           enjoy the enrichment of travelling
                                                                             Earl of Sandwich, Planet Hollywood and King                               abroad and the use of the park for
                                                                             Ludwig’s Castle restaurant. We also provide
                                                                             you with the opportunity to book Buffalo
                                                                                                                                                       the rides and seminars. The whole
                                                                             Bill’s Wild West Show...with Mickey and                                    experience is an added bonus to
                                                                             Friends, a unique dinner-show that ends with                                  their learning every year.”
                                                                             a real ranch-style hoedown! See page eight
                                                                             for more information including meal prices.
                                                                                                                                                                Weston College

Call: 020 8335 4455                                                            Email:                                                                         7
Optional Meals, Activities and Travel Arrangements
To ensure that you and your students are able to plan all your arrangements in advance and budget for your time away, Study Experiences offers a wide range of
pre-bookable optional meals, activities and excursions.
At Disneyland Paris, we can arrange meals, extra day Disney Park tickets, and evening entertainment with dinner at Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. Should you
choose to book the Four or Five Day Study Experience and visit Paris, we can also arrange the excursions detailed below, which you can pre-book.

        Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show... with Mickey and Friends!                                                      Dinner at Planet Hollywood
                  £40 per student and £45 per teacher                                                               From £22.00 per person per meal
    Available at 2130hrs on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. What a premier!                        Available every day. This famous restaurant chain, with its Hollywood
    Mickey and his friends - Minnie, Goofy, and Chip & Dale, invite you to a                   memorabilia collection featuring props from blockbuster movies and classic
    whole new Wild, Wild West! Go back to the Old West and live a spectacular                  TV shows, offers a choice of set menus. The restaurant is located in Disney
    show starring Buffalo Bill, Sitting Bull, Annie Oakley and the Rough Riders.               Village. We will confirm your meal reservation time prior to travel.
    And what’s more, you’ll enjoy a Texan-style barbecue and receive a                         £22.00 per person Menu: Choice of burger or pasta + soda.
    magnificent souvenir cowboy hat!                                                           £27.50 per person Menu: Choice of burger or pasta + ice cream or
    N.B. As live animals are used during this Show and the cavalcades                          chocolate mousse + soda.
    raise dust, it is not suitable for people suffering from asthma or other                   (Please note: you will need to select your choice of burger/pasta and ice cream/chocolate
    respiratory disorders.                                                                     mousse prior to travel.)

                        Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne Buffet                                                                    Earl of Sandwich Meal Deal
                         Meal £27 per person per meal                                                                          £13.75 per person
     The hotel offers an all-you-can-eat buffet meal. There is a large selection                Earl of Sandwich offers great value hot sandwiches. Study Experiences’
     of starters, main courses and desserts and the price also includes 1 soft                  exclusive meal deal includes a choice of sandwich (choose from Best BLT;
     drink (33cl) or 1 mineral water (50cl). Sample menu:                                       Cannon Balls; Frenchy; Ham; Ultimate Grilled Cheese) or House Salad +
                                                                                                Crisps + soda + cookie/brownie/piece of fruit. Highly recommended.
     Starters: Pasta salad, rice salad, choice of soups, selection of French
     cheese.                                                                                                           Dinner at King Ludwig’s Castle
     Main Courses: Chicken, sausages, spare ribs, roast pork, omelettes, pasta,                                         £20.00 per person per meal
     rice, potatoes, vegetables, baked salmon, nuggets, pizza, French fries.
     Desserts: Fruit tart, crème caramel, chocolate mousse, jelly, fruit salad.                 Available every day. Good-value set menu consisting of main course + ice-
                                                                                                cream + soda. King Ludwig’s Castle Restaurant is located in Disney Village.
                                                                                                We will confirm your meal reservation time prior to travel.

               Three Day Tour - Second Day in the Disney Parks                                              Four Day Tour - Third Day in the Disney Parks
                               £30 per person                                                                              £30 per person
     Available for groups who book the 3-day tour, if either based south east                   Available for groups who book the 4-day tour, if either based south east
     of Birmingham with exclusive use of their own coach or travelling by                       of Birmingham with exclusive use of their own coach or travelling by
     Eurostar. We may be able to offer this option for groups on 3-day flight-                  Eurostar. We may be able to offer this option for groups on 4-day flight-
     inclusive tour once flight timings are confirmed.                                          inclusive tour once flight timings are confirmed.

                      Bateaux Mouches Seine River Cruise                                                  The Paris Observation Deck at Montparnasse 56
                              £8.50 per person                                                                           £9.50 per person
     Available to all groups choosing to visit Paris on the 4-day Study                         Available to all groups choosing to visit Paris on the 4-day Study
     Experience. Enjoy the very best views from the River Seine. Lasting for an                 Experience. Take in the very best view of the Eiffel Tower and everything
     hour and ten minutes, with English-language commentary, this is a popular                  else Paris has to offer on the amazing 56th floor of the Montparnasse
     way to experience some of the City of Light’s prestigious monuments and                    Tower. Fully interactive visit.
     grand buildings from a unique vantage point.

                           Exclusive use of your Coach                                                               Three & Four Day Tour by Coach –
                       for groups of less than 40 students                                                            Channel Crossing Arrangements
     We appreciate that some schools and colleges may wish to have                              Your Channel crossing will either be by ferry from Dover to Calais, or by
     exclusive use of their coach, however are unable to organise a                             Eurotunnel from Folkestone to Calais, at our discretion. We will advise
     group of 40 or more students. We are able to provide these                                 you of your method of crossing with your Travel Documentation.
     smaller groups with exclusive use of their own coach for a                                 Should you wish, you can request your choice of Eurotunnel or Ferry
     supplement related to their group size.                                                    crossings (subject to availability) for groups of over 40 students and for
    Students           3 Day Tour              4 Day Tour              5 Day Tour               smaller groups paying for exclusive use of their own coach.
                       Per Group    Per Pers   Per Group    Per Pers   Per Group    Per Pers
    35-39              £280         £8         £385         £11        £525         £15
    30-34              £690         £23        £900         £30        £1,050       £35
    25-29              £1,000       £40        £1,250       £50        £1,375       £55
    20-24              £1,400       £70        £1,600       £80        £1,800       £90
    15-19   paying pax £1,650       £110       £1,800       £120       £2,025       £135

8                          Call: 020 8335 4455                                                 Email:
Booking Form
                                                                                                             Health & Social Care at Disneyland® Paris 2020
                                                             Please return your completed Booking Form to:
                                Study Experiences, Cantium House, Railway Approach, Wallington, Surrey SM6 0BP Telephone: 020 8335 4455

    GROUP LEADER DETAILS (To whom all correspondence will be addressed)                                                                                                                PROVISIONAL BOOKING REF: (if known)

    Have you travelled with Study Experiences before? YES/NO

    SURNAME:                                                                                       INITIALS:                                  TITLE:                                   PLEASE BOOK PLACES FOR: (state number)

    JOB TITLE:                                                                                                                                                                         Students:                                                    Teachers:

    SCHOOL/COLLEGE:                                                                                                                                                                     GROUP DETAILS

    ADDRESS:                                                                                                                                                                            COURSE STUDIED:

                                                                                                                                                                                        EXAMINATION LEVEL & BOARD:
                                                                                                  POST CODE:
                                                                                                                                                                                        STUDENT AGE RANGE:
    TELEPHONE:                                                                                    FAX:
                                                                                                                                                                                        YEAR GROUP:
                                                                                                                                                                                       ADDITIONAL DISNEY PARKS ENTRY:
    OUT-OF-HOURS EMERGENCY CONTACT NUMBER:                                                                                                                                             (Please tick choice if required. 3 & 4-day tour only)

                                                                                                                                                                                       q DAY OF ARRIVAL (Eurostar travel only) @ £30pp
   CHOICE OF TOUR & TRAVEL DATE: (Please complete as appropriate)
                                                                                                                                                                                       q DAY OF DEPARTURE @ £30pp
   Health & Social Care Seminars & Workshop                                                                                                                                            (Coach travel groups with exclusive use of their own coach
                                                                                                                                                                                       and Eurostar travel only)
   q 3-Day Tour. Travel date:
   q 4-Day Tour with visit to Paris. Travel date:                                                                                                                                      TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS: (Please tick choice)

   q 4-day tour with 2 days in Disney Parks. Travel date:                                                                                                                              q COACH
   q 5-day tour with visit to Paris on return journey. Travel date:                                                                                                                    q EUROSTAR from:

  NUMBER OF STUDENTS:                                                                                                       HOTEL (SEE PAGE 5 & 6):                                    q FLIGHT from:
  BOYS:                                                   GIRLS:                                                            q CHEYENNE                                                 If travelling by coach, please tick box q if you want exclusive
                                                                                                                                                                                       use of the coach for the tour (Guaranteed for groups of 40
  NUMBER OF TEACHER ROOMS REQUIRED:                                                                                         q SEQUOIA LODGE                                            or more students, available for smaller groups paying coach
  TWIN ROOMS:                                             SINGLE ROOMS:                                                     q B&B HOTEL                                                under-occupancy supplement)

  OPTIONAL MEALS AND VISITS: (Please tick choices and state dates and preferred times for meals)
  q MONTPARNASSE 56 in PARIS                                                                                                                             q KING LUDWIG’S CASTLE MEAL. DATE:
  q BATEAUX MOUCHES RIVER CRUISE in PARIS                                                                                                                q EARL OF SANDWICH. DATE:
  q BUFFALO BILL’S WILD WEST SHOW. DATE:                                                                                                                 q PLANET HOLLYWOOD £22 MENU. DATE:
  q CHEYENNE BUFFET MEAL. DATE:                                                                                                                          q PLANET HOLLYWOOD £27.50 MENU. DATE:

   I ENCLOSE PAYMENT AS FOLLOWS: Cheques payable to Study Experiences
                        deposits @ £...                                                                                                                   £

                        NB: Deposits are non-refundable                                                                                                   Total £

  I have read the booking conditions and accept for myself and on behalf of others travelling, the terms and information.

  SIGNED: .............................................................................................................................................................................................................. DATE: ....................................................................

  Study experiences is a trading brand of WST Travel Ltd.                                                    ABTA V6133                                ATOL 9233

Call: 020 8335 4455                                                                                    Email:                                                                                                                                                             9
‘Responsibility and Accountability’ Declaration
     It is the group leader’s responsibility specifically to ensure that participants act in a responsible manner during the tour and do not behave in a way likely to cause
     damage to property or damage or offence to other people.
     It is also the group leader’s responsibility to ensure that no participant under 18 years of age consumes alcoholic drinks. No participant should consume alcohol to
     excess and all local laws relating to the consumption of alcohol are to be obeyed by the participants at all times.
     If the behaviour of any group member causes distress, damage, danger or annoyance to other persons or property, suppliers of accommodation and transport
     services reserve the right at all times to demand payment to cover damage caused, cancel arrangements immediately or to eject the person(s) responsible. In such
     circumstances, our responsibility will cease and we will not be obliged to cover expenses, which may be incurred on the part of the party. Similarly we will not
     consider or accept any claims for compensation.
     As group leader I have read the booking conditions and accept responsibility for the good conduct of all participants during the tour and warrant that at least one
     responsible adult will be on active duty at all times to ensure this.
     I accept that if the behaviour of any group member causes distress, damage, danger or annoyance to other persons or property, suppliers of accommodation and
     transport services reserve the right at all times to charge the group for any damage caused, cancel arrangements immediately or to eject the person(s) responsible. I
     accept that the school/college will be held responsible for any charges incurred and that payment will be payable before departure.

 Completing the Booking Form
 We require a completed rooming list from you detailing       By signing the booking form you agree to the                   changes due to misspelt names etc will result in costs
 your teacher and student names, titles and ages (on date     declaration of responsibility regarding your role as group     being charged to your booking. Our flight-inclusive tour
 of departure). We will email you the “Study Experiences      leader and the conduct of your students. This will also act    price includes one piece of light hand luggage per
 Rooming List Spreadsheet” for you to complete. Please        as your declaration of ‘Responsibility and Accountability’     person. Should you wish, you are able to add one
 therefore write your email address in the appropriate        that will be passed to Disneyland Paris’ security              suitcase (one piece of hold luggage) for a supplement of
 space overleaf.                                              department.                                                    £40 to £50 per person, as charged to ourselves by the
 If you are travelling by coach, we will pick your group      If you are booking our flight travel option then you           airline.
 up from the address you provided on the Booking Form         will need to submit specific passport information with         PRIVACY POLICY
 overleaf. If your pick-up point is difficult to find, then   your Booking Form and deposit payment in order for us          Please visit our website to view our privacy policy http://
 please submit a local area map with your desired pick-       to be able to book your airline seats. We will email you
 up point clearly marked. If you wish to be picked up         the
 from an alternative address, please advise us in writing.    “Study Experiences APIS Spreadsheet” for you to
                                                              complete with
                                                              all required information. All information provided must be
                                                              accurate as once seats have been booked, any

 Support Information
 TOUR PLANNING SUPPORT                                        OUR RESORT SERVICES TEAM                                       booking as early as possible in order to secure
 The Teacher Support section of our website provides          Study Experiences’ resort services team is based at            availability for your chosen method of travel.
 valuable support and information for you when                Disneyland Paris throughout your stay. On your arrival         EUROSTAR TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS
 arranging your group’s booking. It contains our Learning     at the resort, they will meet you with your check-in pack,     Eurostar travel is based on the once-a-day direct service
 Outside the Classroom Quality Badge Certificate, full        hotel room keys and Disney Parks entry tickets. They           from the UK to Disneyland Paris. However as there is
 details of our Safety Management System, our travel          will assist you throughout your stay and are available         naturally limited availability on this service, we reserve
 insurance policy, passport information, suggested letter     whenever you need, day or night.                               the right to use the services that require a change of train
 to parents and the information you need to obtain from       24 HOUR EMERGENCY OFFICE SUPPORT                               in Lille. In this instance, we will advise you of these
 your students.                                               Study Experiences operates a 24-hour emergency                 arrangements with your booking confirmation invoice.
 FIVE DAY TOUR – RETURN FERRY CROSSING                        paging system to provide complete security and peace of        Please note that we cannot guarantee that seats will all
 ARRANGEMENTS HULL–ZEEBRUGGE                                  mind throughout your trip. Most problems can be dealt          be allocated together for groups travelling by Eurostar.
 Your overnight crossings include cabin accommodation,        with quite satisfactorily by our resort services team and      YOUR HOTEL ACCOMMODATION
 based on 4 students sharing a cabin and 2 teachers           Disneyland Paris hoteliers, but it is reassuring to know       In certain circumstances we reserve the right to transfer
 sharing a cabin. Study Experiences does NOT charge           that our office-based Operations Department is there to        bookings at Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne® to Disney’s Hotel
 any supplements for under-occupied student cabins            provide a friendly and professional service at whatever        Santa Fe® or an alternative hotel in the surrounding
 where this is due to your breakdown of male or female        time of the day or night you might need them.                  area, such as the B&B Hotel at Disneyland Paris.
 students not fitting exactly into 4-sharing.                 PASSPORTS AND VISAS                                            Should this change be necessary, you will be advised in
 You are welcome to pre-book the dinner and breakfast         Group leaders are entirely responsible for ensuring that       your Travel Documentation.
 package for the crossings, the price is £21 per child and    all members of the group have the correct and valid            ROOM OCCUPANCY
 £35 per adult (aged 16 and over) for each overnight          documentation. We cannot accept responsibility for any         Please note that should you choose to accommodate
 crossing. Both dinner and breakfast are hot, freshly         failure to comply resulting in any costs or fines being        fewer than three students per room at the Hotel
 cooked buffet meals. On receipt of your booking, we will     incurred.                                                      Cheyenne, four students per room at the B&B Hotel or
 send you the Cabin Sharing Chart to complete and also        YOUR FINANCIAL PEACE OF MIND                                   two students per room at the Sequoia Lodge,
 the Overnight Ferry Meal Package Booking Form.               Study Experiences is a trading brand of WST Travel Ltd.        supplements will apply to our prices.
                                                              In line with the EC Directive on package travel, all           DISNEY® VILLAGE
 PAYMENT BY BACS                                              customers enjoy complete financial protection through          Disney® Village is the hub of Resort entertainment.
 For details of deposit payments, please refer to our         our ABTA bond and ATOL licence, so all payments are            Located within walking distance of your hotel and the

 Booking Conditions.                                          safe.                                                          Disney Parks, it is open throughout the day and evening.
 For BACs payments, our bank account details are:             GROUPS OF FEWER THAN 10 STUDENTS                               It offers great shopping opportunities and has themed
                                                              Groups of fewer than 10 students may have to make              restaurants to
 Handelsbanken                                                their own way to another school, college or motorway           suit a wide range of tastes and budgets, including Earl of
 Account No: 57200435                                         service station to be picked up by their Study                 Sandwich, Starbucks, McDonalds, King Ludwig’s
 Sort Code: 40 51 62                                          Experiences coach.                                             Castle, Planet Hollywood, Rainforest Café and
                                                              EUROSTAR AND FLIGHT SEATS BOOKINGS                             Annette’s Diner.
 Please include your Booking Reference as the
                                                              We are unable to hold Eurostar or flight seats on a            DISNEYLAND® PARIS
 Payment Reference.
                                                              Provisional Booking basis. If you wish to travel by            Disneyland® Paris reserves the right to cancel and/
 Please email your remittance advice to:
                                                              Eurostar or fly to Paris, call us to discuss your plans, as    or close certain shows, parades, shops, attractions
                                                              seats are strictly subject to availability and we process      and celebrations without notice.
 If paying by cheque, please make payable to Study
                                                              bookings on a first-come first served basis. In the unlikely   LEARNING OBJECTIVES
                                                              event that we are unable to secure Eurostar seats, or          Study Experiences will show how Disneyland Paris
                                                              flight seats from your chosen departure airport, at the        selects and applies business techniques and methods
                                                              budgeted cost, we reserve the right to increase the            in both their day-to-day delivery and their strategic
                                                              student price. If this is not acceptable to you, you may       planning. Please note that topic areas may be amended
                                                              choose to travel by an alternative method, or have all         to reflect specification changes and developments at
                                                              monies paid to us returned to you in full. We therefore        Disneyland Paris.
                                                              recommend that you make your confirmed
                                                                                                                             FINAL PAYMENT
                                                                                                                             Final payment is due 12 weeks prior to travel.

10                         Call: 020 8335 4455                                               Email:
Your Choice of Subject-Specific

                                                                        Education Programmes at
                                                                        Disneyland Paris



                                                                                                                 For AS/A Level                                                                   For AS/A Level                                                                           For AS/A Level
                                                                                                                      and GCSE                                                                         and GCSE                                                                                 and GCSE
                                                                                                                       Students                                                                         Students                                                                                 Students

                                                                             Business Studies                                                           STEM Roller Coaster Experience                                                      Design & Technology
                                                                             at Disneyland® Paris                                                       at Disneyland® Paris                                                                at Disneyland® Paris
                                                                             Information Pack                             December 2017 Edition         Information Pack                                   December 2017 Edition            Information Pack                                        December 2017 Edition

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     © Disney                                                                          © Disney/CBS, Inc
                                                                         © Disney

              Our exclusive curriculum-led
              education programmes at
              Disneyland® Paris include
                                                                                                © Disney/Pixar                                                             © Disney/Pixar                                                                      © Disney/Pixar

              subject-specific seminars and
              workshops, multimedia presentations,




              video interviews with subject experts,
                                                                                                                 For AS/A Level
                                                                                                                                                                                                       For GCSE                                                                              Key Stage 3
                                                                                                                      and GCSE
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Students                                                                                   Pupils

                                                                             ICT and Computing                                                          GCSE Science
              together with comprehensive                                    at Disneyland® Paris
                                                                             Information Pack                             December 2017 Edition
                                                                                                                                                        at Disneyland® Paris
                                                                                                                                                        Information Pack                                   December 2017 Edition            Information Pack                                        December 2017 Edition

              education resource materials and                                                                                      © Disney
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Cross-curricular Learning
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Adventure with Creative
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Workshop, Research
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Assignments and fact-filled
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Pupils will focus on:

              student assignment projects.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       • Mathematics
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 • Science
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 • ICT
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 • Design & Technology
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 • English
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 • PLTS

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     © Disney
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      © Disney

                                                                                                © Disney/Pixar                                                             © Disney/Pixar                                                        © Disney                       © Disney

              “Our examination results have
              improved significantly since we                                                                                            2018/2019


                                                                                                                                                                                                  For AS/A Level                                                                           For AS/A Level
                                                                                                                    For GCSE                                                                                                                                                                    and GCSE
                                                                                                                                                                                                       and GCSE

              introduced our annual educational
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Students                                                                                 Students

                                                                             GCSE Mathematics                                                           Media Studies                                                                       Performing Arts
                                                                             at Disneyland® Paris                                                       at Disneyland® Paris                                                                at Disneyland® Paris
              tour with Study Experiences.                                   Information Pack                             December 2017 Edition         Information Pack                                   December 2017 Edition

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     © Disney
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Information Pack                                        December 2017 Edition

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              © Disney

              My experience of their service, the
              quality of their travel arrangements
              and the attention to detail of their                                                                                  © Disney

                                                                                                                                                                                            © Disney

              educational content has been                                                      © Disney/Pixar                                                             © Disney/Pixar                                                                      © Disney/Pixar

              exceptional and the trips themselves
              have provided my students with the
              best experiences imaginable outside
              of the classroom.”
                   Jenny Heredge, The Weald School

                                                                                                                                                     © Disney

 Call: 020 8335 4455
 Study Experiences, Cantium House, Railway Approach, Wallington, Surrey SM6 0BP
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