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HOPE& SUPPORT Through Life's Challenges - Pressley Ridge

Through Life’s Challenges.
HOPE& SUPPORT Through Life's Challenges - Pressley Ridge
                                           THERE WHEN I NEEDED THEM—AT SCHOOL
                                           MEETINGS, MAGISTRATE MEETINGS, AND HOME
                                           AND VIRTUAL VISITS
                                                                               — Parent receiving Community-Based Services

Table of Contents

                  3    President’s Message

                  4    Vision/Mission

                  4    Core Services

                  5    Strategic Plan

                  6    Success Stories

                  9    2021 Leadership

               10      Outcomes & Demographics

               11      Financial Performance

               11      Donor Honor Roll

Hope & Support Through Life’s Challenges   Pressley Ridge 2021 Annual Report                                             2
HOPE& SUPPORT Through Life's Challenges - Pressley Ridge
 We made it through                                                                              MESSAGE
 another difficult year.
  During the past year, we saw first-hand the impact of the               intervention, counseling and
  pandemic on kids and families. Uncertainty, isolation, and              life-skills education for families
  disrupted schedules — in addition to the added stress of                who have children at imminent risk
  families having to educate their children at home — led                 of placement in state-funded care.
  to increased anxiety and depression. Waiting lists for
  our community-based mental health programs are the                      As we look ahead to fiscal year 2022 and beyond,
  longest they have ever been.Yet, despite the struggles                  we are excited to embark on a new strategic plan
  experienced in the past year, there were many bright                    that was designed in response to the diverse needs of
  spots and accomplishments to be proud of.                               our clients. At the center of our strategic goals is our
                                                                          continued effort to increase racial equity within our own
  This year, we celebrated 40 years of our Treatment Foster               organization, as well as in the communities we serve.You
  Care program. When we developed the program in 1981,                    can read more about the 2022-2024 Strategic Plan on
  it was the first of its kind in the U.S. Now, after 40 years            page 5 of this report.
  of experience and research, more than 180 foster care
  agencies are currently training their foster parents using              Also in this report, you will meet just a few of the 7,178
  our proven methods. We are proud to say that ours is the                individuals who relied on our programs and trusted staff
  only evidence-based Treatment Foster Care Pre-Service                   for the hope and support they needed to keep going
  Curriculum in the country.                                              during the pandemic.

  Once again, our foundation, corporate and individual                    We are grateful to have experienced so much success in
  partners made it possible for us to not only continue to                a year that was marked by disruption and loss, and we
  support our kids and families but to further expand our                 couldn’t have done it without you. On behalf of all our
  services to meet their needs. Foundation grants helped us               kids and families, thank you for supporting Pressley Ridge.
  to provide resources for parents in Delaware to care for
  their children after exiting treatment foster care. These
  parents and youth learned skills and were connected to
  services aimed at keeping the children healthy, continuing                                   Susanne L. Cole
  to progress, and avoiding future out-of-home placements.                                     President and
                                                                                               Chief Executive Officer
  Our corporate partners enabled us to respond to
  the increasing need for support for families affected
  by opioid and other substance abuse by funding the
  expansion of the HOMEBUILDERS® program into Central
  Maryland. We can now provide intensive, in-home crisis                                        Jeremy Gill
                                                                                                Board of Directors

Hope & Support Through Life’s Challenges   Pressley Ridge 2021 Annual Report                                                           3
HOPE& SUPPORT Through Life's Challenges - Pressley Ridge
                                                                 “All Kids Thrive”
                                                                 All of us at Pressley Ridge share a dream that one day all kids
                                                                 may thrive. All of our efforts every day are directed at creating
                                                                 a world in which our vision can become a reality

                                                                 “Whatever it takes to create success for
                                                                 children and families”
                                                                 Our mission statement speaks to our complete and
                                                                 unequivocal commitment to do all in our power to improve
                                                                 the lives of children and families everywhere and especially
                                                                 those whose lives we touch. There is no challenge too big or
                                                                 barrier too strong to keep us from doing our utmost on their
                                                                 behalf. We succeed when they succeed.

Core Services
       Community-Based Mental Health Services                                    Foster Care and Adoption
       Individualized services designed to strengthen,                           Trained foster parents ensure children are safe and well
       preserve and keep families together in order to                           cared for in a secure and stable home while we work
       overcome whatever challenges they may be facing,                          to reunite them with their biological families or find an
       so that children can remain at home, and in their                         adoptive family when reunification isn’t an option.
       own schools and communities. Office-based and
       school-based outpatient mental health services
                                                                                 Residential Treatment Services
       support children, adolescents, adults and families
       in the community.                                                         Short-term programs in a supportive live-in
                                                                                 environment with 24-hour treatment staff to help
                                                                                 youth learn the skills that will enable them to
       Private Academic Schools                                                  return home, strengthen family relationships and
       Education with an individualized, strength-based,                         become better connected to their community.
       holistic approach to academic and behavioral growth                       Services include working with the biological family
       with an added focus on social and life skills to help                     in order to ensure asuccessful transition home.
       students reach their maximum potential. Specialized
       services include education for students with serious                      Supportive Services for Transition-Age Youth
       emotional and behavioral challenges, as well as                           Programs offering youth between the ages of 16-24
       children impacted by autism and those who are                             the essential skills and support to make a sound
       Deaf or hard of hearing                                                   transition into adulthood, including workforce
                                                                                 development and independent living.

Hope & Support Through Life’s Challenges   Pressley Ridge 2021 Annual Report                                                          4
HOPE& SUPPORT Through Life's Challenges - Pressley Ridge
STRATEGIC                                                         The following strategic priorities will be the focus of
                                                                  Pressley Ridge (FY2022 – 2024):

PLAN                                                               Racial Equity

OUTLINE                                                            Racial equity is just one part of racial justice, and thus we will work
                                                                   to address the root causes of inequities, not just their manifestation.
                                                                   This includes the elimination of policies, practices, attitudes, and
                                                                   cultural messages that reinforce differential outcomes by race or fail
                                                                   to eliminate them. We will continue to advance data-driven strategies,
Pressley Ridge’s strategic plan                                    employ racial equity principles, and hold true to our commitment to
ensures that our organizational                                    continual evaluation, assessment, and transformation throughout our
priorities meet the diverse needs                                  organization.

of our ever-evolving clients. The
urgency of this plan matches the
                                                                   Workforce & Leadership Development
                                                                   We must ensure that our organization can continue to meet our
dynamic environment brought about                                  present workforce needs, as well as grow to meet future demands,
by the COVID-19 pandemic and its                                   with a highly skilled, diverse and culturally competent workforce to
                                                                   handle the complexity of clients we serve. We must also create an
cascading effects on the communities                               internal pipeline of job-ready candidates to assume supervisory and
served by Pressley Ridge.                                          leadership roles within Pressley Ridge as opportunities present.

Three themes emerged which                                         Clinical Mastery
helped shape the plan: prioritization,                             We will ensure our services and practitioners can meet the increasing
consistency of approach to services,                               complexity exhibited by the children and families we serve with
                                                                   the most effective and consistent clinical interventions. We will also
and centralized direction. The end                                 ensure that we have the highest quality of clinical supervision for the
product is a strategic plan that is                                continued advancement of skill and knowledge, while being responsive
data-informed, future-focused,                                     to the ever-evolving community and programmatic needs.

and actionable.
                                                                   Financial Health
                                                                   Pressley Ridge will meet our obligations, withstand temporary
                                                                   financial challenges, and plan for our growth and future needs by
                                                                   maintaining a strong cash position, generating consistent surpluses
                                                                   from operations, maintaining acceptable debt ratios, deriving revenue
                                                                   from a diverse pool of sources, and providing for capital project

                                                                   Business Development
                                                                   We will strategically position ourselves for growth by evaluating
                                                                   mission-aligned expansion and acquisition opportunities which
                                                                   return the highest margins, while most efficiently delivering impactful
                                                                   outcomes where there may be gaps in services in communities. We
                                                                   will also actively seek opportunities for coordinating care model
                                                                   expansion in states looking for managed care solutions, and mergers
                                                                   and acquisitions with complementary organizations or in desirable
                                                                   geographic locations.

Hope & Support Through Life’s Challenges   Pressley Ridge 2021 Annual Report                                                           5
HOPE& SUPPORT Through Life's Challenges - Pressley Ridge
Success Stories

  After struggling to find success in public school, Michael James came to the Pressley Ridge Day School
  Pittsburgh. At the time, anger and self-control issues made him act out and become aggressive in the
  classroom. Using the 12 principles of Re-Education, which focuses on the strengths of each child and
  family and the belief that a child’s behavior can change, the teachers and support staff worked with
  Michael to identify his strengths and helped him learn to stop and think before reacting.

  In addition to the support Michael was receiving in the                       In December, Michael went
  classroom, the James family relied upon Pressley Ridge                        on to win the national title
  staff for emotional support. The family’s Home Community                      at the U.S.A. Boxing National
  Liaison helped Michael’s mother see that she was a capable                    Championships in Shreveport,
  and competent caregiver and connected the family to other                     Louisiana. At the age of 15, he
  community resources and supports. Seeing the confidence his                   is currently ranked number
  mother put in Pressley Ridge led Michael to also become more                  one in his age and weight class
  trusting in the staff.                                                        in the United States and was
                                                                                selected to join the U.S.A.
  In an effort to redirect Michael’s fighting instinct in a more
                                                                                Boxing National Team, which
  positive, structured way, the liaison introduced him to the 412
                                                                                travels and fights internationally
  Boxing Team at the 3rd Avenue Gym in Downtown Pittsburgh
                                                                                representing the United States.
  in late 2019. There, he quickly found a nurturing environment
  where he experienced a strong sense of belonging. For                         Throughout his time at Pressley
  Michael, or “Spoonie” as he is known in the boxing world,                     Ridge and particularly within
  boxing tapped into his natural abilities, provided an appropriate             the past year, Michael has demonstrated an intense drive to
  outlet for his anger, and forced him to become more self-                     do things that challenge him. While he has had the support of
  disciplined—and he was really good at it!                                     a strong community of family, friends, school staff and coaches
                                                                                along the way, Michael has put in the effort and done the hard
  Since joining Team 412, Pressley Ridge staff have seen a new
                                                                                work himself, and it has paid off.
  level of maturity from Michael. He has opened up, formed
  more genuine relationships with the staff, and has developed                                Now as a student at the Pressley Ridge Day
  more self-control. He has seen the benefits of being part                                    School’s Career Development Center, Michael
  of a community, which has inspired him to participate in                                     knows that his teachers and staff won’t give
  community service projects at school, such as volunteering                                   up on him. In a recent class exercise, he and
  with Allegheny CleanWays and helping at a local bicycle shop.                                 his classmates were asked to identify their
                                                                                                personal values. Michael chose these words:
  In July 2021 after less than a year with Team 412, Michael traveled
                                                                                                humility, responsibility, world peace, self-control,
  to the USA Boxing National Junior Olympics in Lubbock,Texas.
                                                                                     mastery, and growth. Pressley Ridge is proud to have
  He defeated three worthy opponents on three consecutive days
                                                                                played a part in instilling these values to help Michael become
  to win the gold medal in his weight and age class.
                                                                                a successful young man. We look forward to cheering him on
                                                                                as he continues to excel in his boxing career!

Hope & Support Through Life’s Challenges    Pressley Ridge 2021 Annual Report                                                                   6
HOPE& SUPPORT Through Life's Challenges - Pressley Ridge
Success Stories

  Candace King began her foster care journey in
  2011. Though many foster parents are hesitant
  to take in older kids, Candace’s natural ability to
  connect with girls over the age of seven and into
  their teens made her an ideal foster parent. For
  the past decade, she has provided more than
  two dozen young girls with a stable home life
  and the patience, warmth and love they need
  during a formative time in their lives.
  In the beginning, adoption was not part of the plan. That changed in May 2017 when Faith and Jurnee were placed in her
  care after witnessing their mother’s tragic death when she was hit by a car. The children’s father was unable to care for
  them. So, in addition to the trauma of losing their mother, the children were uprooted from their home, and the girls were
  separated from their three siblings. Jurnee, who is intellectually disabled, and Faith, who was already behind in her academics,
  both needed a great deal of support. They also needed extensive grief counseling due to the circumstances surrounding the
  loss of their mother.

  As a Pressley Ridge treatment parent, Candace worked directly alongside our staff to provide therapy and treatment.
  Through consistent behavioral and trauma-based interventions, clinical consults, and unconditional love and care, Candace
  gave support and encouragement, and most importantly, she was there to help Jurnee and Faith feel safe.

  Candace formed a tight bond with the girls and knew in her heart that she wanted Faith and Jurnee to join her growing
  family. She officially adopted the sisters in November 2020.

                                                  Thanks to Candace’s love and guidance and the support of the Pressley Ridge
                                                  staff, Jurnee is receiving the help she needs, and Faith is gaining ground in
                                                  school. Their lives are full and busy as both girls sing with the church choir,
                                                   Jurnee loves photography, and Faith enjoys dance and cheerleading. Above all,
                                                   the sisters are thriving in their forever family with Candace and their three
                                                    new sisters.

Hope & Support Through Life’s Challenges   Pressley Ridge 2021 Annual Report                                                         7
HOPE& SUPPORT Through Life's Challenges - Pressley Ridge
Success Stories

  As a toddler, Sarah began showing signs of
  severe mental health issues. She experienced
  episodes in which she felt confused,
  annoyed, short-tempered and disoriented.
  She would act out in unpredictable and violent ways, often directing her
  anger and aggression at her mother. Eventually, Sarah’s mother could no longer care for her,
  and throughout the early part of her life, she was placed in numerous treatment facilities,
  psychiatric hospitals, foster homes, and residential facilities due to her behavior.
  In 2018, Sarah was placed with Kim. As a Treatment Parent with Pressley Ridge, Kim has received advanced training to work
  directly with youth like Sarah on changing behaviors and building new skills. For 11 years, Kim has opened her home to help
  children with chronic mental health and behavioral issues.

  When she first came to live with Kim, Sarah’s behavior was very erratic. She had episodes in which she would go into a rage
  slamming her bedroom door repeatedly trying to break it. Kim responded by removing the door to let Sarah know that this
  type of behavior would not be tolerated. Sarah suffered from extreme mood swings and anxiety. She also had low impulse
  control and often became so agitated and enraged that she would destroy furniture, as well as Kim’s personal property.
  During these episodes, Kim emphasized to her that all she was doing was breaking “things.” Kim cared more for Sarah than
  the items she destroyed.

  Kim used the training she received from Pressley Ridge to gain Sarah’s trust and support her emotional needs. When
  Kim learned how much Sarah loved to read, she began using books as a tool to reward good behavior. Over her time
  with Kim, Sarah has amassed quite a library of books.

  Sarah was used to her behavior resulting in being moved, but Kim chose to show her that she was in a place now where
  someone cared about her and would not give up on her, no matter what. Kim was the first person in Sarah’s life who was
  willing to work through her difficult behavior. The longer she was with Kim, the less frequent the extreme behaviors became.

  Though it wasn’t an easy road, Kim remained steadfast in her dedication to Sarah. For the first time in her life, Sarah did not
  have to be hospitalized during the three years she has spent with Kim. Sarah recently turned 18, which marks her entry into
  adulthood and a new chapter in her journey. She is learning self-regulation and remains in Kim’s home as she prepares to
  transition into adult services. A plan is in place for her to get a job and, hopefully, one day live on her own. Finally, there is
  hope on the horizon for Sarah.

Hope & Support Through Life’s Challenges   Pressley Ridge 2021 Annual Report                                                           8
HOPE& SUPPORT Through Life's Challenges - Pressley Ridge
2021 Leadership
       Executive Leadership                                                        Board of Directors
       Susanne L. Cole, MA, MBA                                                    Jeremy Gill, Chair
       President and Chief Executive Officer                                       Tisha D. Germany, Vice Chair
                                                                                   Jennifer Novotny Mulrooney, 2nd Vice Chair
       Laurah Currey, MA, LPC, LSW
                                                                                   Louise Urban, Secretary
       Chief Operating Officer
                                                                                   Eileen Stevens, Treasurer
       Douglas A. Mullins, CPA                                                     Jeffrey Alex
       Chief Financial Officer                                                     Brian Bronaugh
                                                                                   Robert Butter
       Tina L. Myles, Esq., SPHR
                                                                                   Brij Dhanda
       Chief Human Resources Officer
                                                                                   Kara Eaton
       Richard Nedelkoff, MS, JD                                                   Chase Fisher
       Chief Business Development and Governmental Affairs Officer                 Mary Graaff
                                                                                   Robert Johnson, Jr.
       Sonia Welch, MD
                                                                                   Frances O. Mosle
       Medical Director
                                                                                   Diane Watson
       Coni Grant, MPA, LCSW
       Executive Director: Maryland & Delaware                                     Pressley Ridge Foundation Board of Directors
       Angie Gee Thomas, MA, LPC, LSW                                              John D. Culbertson, Chair
       Executive Director: West Virginia & Virginia                                Douglas A. Mullins, Treasurer
                                                                                   Susanne L. Cole, Secretary
       Jesse McLean, MA                                                            Robert Butter
       Executive Director: Western Pennsylvania                                    Jeremy Gill
       Matthew Mitchell, MS, LISW-S                                                Sherin H. Knowles
       Executive Director: Ohio                                                    Brian Mullins
                                                                                   Richard Reed
       Tammy Relken, MS                                                            Steve Silberman
       Executive Director: Central Pennsylvania                                    Sandra R. Tomlinson
       Ron Gruca
       Senior Director of Development
                                                                                   Pressley Ridge Maryland Board of Directors
                                                                                   Susanne L. Cole, Chair
                                                                                   Eileen Stevens, Treasurer
                                                                                   Douglas A. Mullins, Secretary
                                                                                   Christina Block
                                                                                   Robert Johnson, Jr.

                                                           THE FOSTER FAMILY HAS BEEN REALLY
                                                           NICE AND SUPPORTIVE, AND EVERYONE
                                                           IS WORKING SO HARD FOR MY KIDS.
                                                                                                — Mother with youth in Foster Care

Hope & Support Through Life’s Challenges       Pressley Ridge 2021 Annual Report                                                 9
HOPE& SUPPORT Through Life's Challenges - Pressley Ridge
July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021

      2021 Fiscal Year
       Upon Completion of Services (Measure of Impact Achieved)
         95%                                                     of individuals have achieved their goals

         83%                                                     of individuals were living independently or with family

         93%                                                     of individuals have an increased sense of well being

         95%                                                     of individuals reported feeling that they have a support system

         76%                                                     of individuals showed positive growth or change

         98%                                                     of individuals are attending school or have graduated

      At One Year Follow-Up (Measure of Sustained Impact)

                 85%                       100%                       99%                           99%                     90%

           of individuals were         of individuals          of individuals were          of individuals were        individuals
            living with family        had maintained            free from abuse              free from drugs       maintained positive
            or independently          stable housing                or neglect                  and alcohol        change and growth

     Demographics                                                                                                        Number of
                                                                                                                         Individuals Served
                                                          Length of Stay                                                 by Service Line*
                                                                                                                         * Individuals who received more than
       Female 48%                                                                          36%                             one service are counted multiple times.

       Male 51%               Gender                       23%     21%
       Transgender 1%                                                               7%

                                                            >3     3-6     7 - 9 10 - 12 12+
                                                                                                                         Community-Based 4,227 (59%)

                                                           Age Groups
                       White 56%
                                                                                                                         Foster Care 1,813 (25%)
                       Black or African American 29%
      Race             Bi- and Multi-Racial 10%
                       Hispanic/Latino 3%
                                                             5 and
                                                                         6-12      13-20
                                                                                           21 and
                       Native American 0.4%                  12%                            15%
                       Other 1%                                                                                          Transition-Age Youth 615 (9%)

                                                                                                                         Education 342 (5%)
                                                                                                                         Residential 181 (2%)

Hope & Support Through Life’s Challenges   Pressley Ridge 2021 Annual Report                                                                        10
Fiscal Year 2021

      Financial Performance

                                                                 Revenue by State
                                                                  Other Services..............$1,000,000

                                                           Total revenue: $80,400,000

                                                                                  Other services
                                                     Residential                                                      Community Based
                                                     $12,700,000                                                      $28,900,000

                                                                                       Revenue by

                                                                                                        Foster Care

Hope & Support Through Life’s Challenges   Pressley Ridge 2021 Annual Report                                                      11
Donor Honor Roll                                                                           Thanks to the following individuals, foundations,
                                                                                           corporations, and organizations that have supported
July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021                                                               our work with children and families.

Individual Donors                                            Mr. & Mrs. W. Clark C. Luster, Jr.
                                                             Mr. Robert McDonough
                                                                                                                          Ms Sandra Jean Kennedy
                                                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Clark M. Kerr
                                                             Mr. & Mrs. James and Jennifer Moon
Patrick Kelly Society                                        Mr. Dan Morra
                                                                                                                          Ms. Kristine King
                                                                                                                          Mr. Nicholas Koch
Just like the father, Patrick Kelly, who in 1832             Ms. Arlene M. Palmeri                                        Ms. Elizabeth Krisher
reluctantly surrendered his three daughters to the           Mr. Theodore Schroeder & Ms. Margaret A. Davison
Orphan Asylum when he was unable to care for                                                                              Mrs. Susan Krol
                                                             Mr. Dale Skoff
them, these donors who gave $1,832 or more set                                                                            Mrs. Shirley K. Lewellen
                                                             Mrs. Mandy Ticknor
the foundation for the success of Pressley Ridge.                                                                         Ms. Katherine Fisher Martinez
                                                             Ms. Sharon Tyler
                                                                                                                          Mr. John Marty
Mr. Robert Butter                                            Mr. Nathan Walvoord
                                                             Mr. Christopher Welch                                        Mr. Ricky McAdoo
Ms. Kathy Dunst                                                                                                           Mr. Bill McCartney
                                                             Mr. Keith Willochell
Ms. Kara Eaton                                                                                                            Ms.Vicky McDevitt
Mr. & Mrs. David and Melissa Eisenreich                      $100 – $499                                                  Mr. Lane McDonough
Mr. Chase Fisher                                             Ms. Jessica Adams                                            Mr. Richard McKenzie
Mrs. Linda C. Fisher                                         Mr. Nicholas Andy                                            Mr. & Mrs. Donald P. Monti
Mrs. Jennifer Fox Rabold                                     Ms. Elizabeth Arnett                                         Mr. & Mrs. Jim and Susan Morris
Mr. Jeremy Gill                                              Mr. Andrew Baldwin                                           Mr. Ian Morrison
Ms. Mary Graaff                                              Mr. & Mrs. Wayne and Jane Bond                               Ms. Anne Mosle & Mr. Jim Whitney
Mr. Robert Johnson                                           Ms. Cynthia Booth                                            Mr. Joseph Motto
Mrs. Sherin H. Knowles                                       Mr. Travis Brannon                                           Mr. Peter Mussomeli
Mrs. Frances Lawler Family Donor Advised Fund                Mr. & Mrs. Jim and Debbie Breisinger                         Mr. Barry Nelson
Mr. & Mrs. Brian and Sandy McInerney                         Mrs. Tracy Broccolino                                        Ms. Jessica Nethers
Mrs. Frances O. Mosle                                        Mr. Geoff Burke                                              Ms. Brandi Patterson
Mr. Brian C. Mullins                                         Mr. & Mrs. Rick and Sally Burke
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey and Jennifer Mulrooney                    Mrs. Lee Ann Caliendo
Mr. Richard W. Reed, Jr.                                     Mr. Jeff Caruso
Mrs. Peggy Runnette                                          Dr. and Mrs. Howard A. Cohen
Mr. Steven Silberman                                         Mr. Kevin Colosimo
Ms. Eileen Stevens                                           Ms. Susan Conforti
Mrs. Sandra R. Tomlinson                                     Mr. Denis Conway
Ms. Louise Urban
Ms. Diane Watson
                                                             Ms. Karen Cotter
                                                             Mr. Wesley Creese
                                                                                                                THEY WERE THERE WHEN
$1,000 – $1,831
                                                             Mr. & Mrs. James Crockard                          WE NEEDED THEM, NO
                                                                                                                MATTER WHAT OR WHEN.
                                                             Mr. Ronald Cruikshank
Mr. Jeffrey Alex
                                                             Mr. Jeffrey Dellenbaugh
Mr. Christopher Amar
                                                                                                                WE GOT ALL THE SERVICES
                                                             Ms. Mary Ellen Dipasqusle
Mrs. Kimberly Antestenis                                     Mr. James R. Doncaster

                                                                                                                WE NEEDED.
Ms. Lois Bachman                                             Mr. George B. Duffey
Mr. & Mrs. John and Laurie Culbertson                        Mr. Christopher Farrell
Dr. Dennis Daley
Mr. Brij Dhanda
                                                             Mr. James Farrell                                                                   — Parent receiving
                                                             Mr. Michael Farrell
Ms. Beth Dolce                                               Mr. Benjamin Fisher
                                                                                                                                            Community-Based Services
Ms. Tisha Germany                                            Ms.Virginia Crawford Fisher
Mr. Richard P. Long                                          Ms. Caity Freas
Mr. Charles K. Marsh                                                                                                      Mr. Matthew Pope
                                                             Ms. Ashley Gaworski
Ms. Ashley Noeth                                                                                                          Mr. Bart Rauluk
                                                             Mr. Ric George
Dr. Ryan D. Pensyl                                                                                                        Mr. Cleveland Rea, Jr.
                                                             Mr. Roger Graziano
Mr. John A. Staley, IV                                                                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Riordan
                                                             Ms. Gail Gross
Dr. & Mrs. Michael D. Swanson                                                                                             Mr. Joel Santolla
                                                             Mrs. Michele Gutman, Esq.
Mr.Victor Wilreker                                                                                                        Ms. Judith Schagrin
                                                             Mr. Bruce T. Hall, CPA
Ms. Christina Block                                                                                                       Ms. Heather Scheele
                                                             Ms. Laurie Hope
                                                                                                                          Mr. Trevor Scheid
                                                             Mr. & Mrs. Jeff and Lyn Hopkins
$500 – $999                                                                                                               Mrs. Jolie Schroeder
                                                             Mr. Peter Horne
Mr. Michael Barnard & Ms. Alicia Avick                                                                                    Mr. Eric Schumann
Ms. Wilma Brockington-Parker                                 Ms. Wendy Hudak
                                                                                                                          Mr. William H. Shillingsford
Mr. Brian Bronaugh                                           Mrs. Alice J. Jenkins
                                                                                                                          Mr. William Simpson
Mr. John Michael Cain                                        Mr. Steven Jewell
                                                                                                                          Mr. Travis Sollinger
Mr. Michael Diianni                                          Ms. Anna Johnson
                                                                                                                          Ms. Deborah Speights
Mr. Thomas Engler                                            Mr. Martin Joyce
                                                                                                                          Ms. Samantha Stewart
Mr. & Mrs. David M. Hillman                                  Ms. Eileen Kaplan
                                                                                                                          Mr. Gary Swanson
Mr. Michael Joyce, Esq.                                      Mr. Ray Kauffman
                                                                                                                          Mr. Michael Tallent

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of these listings. If your name is incorrect or omitted, we sincerely apologize. Please let us know so we can correct our records.

Hope & Support Through Life’s Challenges                Pressley Ridge 2021 Annual Report                                                                                     12
Donor Honor Roll
July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021

                                                       Massey Charitable Trust                              $500 – $999
                                                       Philadelphia Insurance Company                       Alliance Bernstein
                                                       The Bernita Buncher Education Advancement Fund       CME Management LLC
                                                         of the Pittsburgh Foundation                       St. Francis De Sales School
                                                       The Donald B. and Dorothy L. Stabler Foundation      Menasha Foundation
I LEARNED HOW                                          Ticket to Dream Foundation                           Railey Realty

                                                                                                            The LaSalle Trust
                                                       $5,000– $14,999                                      The Pittsburgh Foundation
                                                       Bayer Healthcare LLC
THINGS AND HOW                                         Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh
                                                                                                            WN Tuscano Agency, Inc.
                                                                                                            Orbital Engineering

                                                       Highmark Inc.                                        Solenture LLC
                                                       Maher Duessel                                        J.P. Morgan Securities
WHEN I NEEDED IT.                                      MassMutual Pittsburgh
                                                       Partlow Insurance Agency, LLC
                                                                                                            Tetra Tech
                                                                                                            SSM Industries
                                                       Pittsburgh Magazine                                  Duquesne Light Company
            — Youth in Residential                     Robert Wood Johnson Foundation                       Williams
                       Treatment                       Roy A. Hunt Foundation
                                                       Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP                       $100 – $499
                                                       Silberman Family Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation   Aces Retail LLC
                                                       Staley Capital Advisers, Inc.                        ACMEGive Back Where it Counts Program
Ms. Leslie Theiss
                                                       The Foundation for Enhancing Communities             AmazonSmile Foundation
Ms. Donna Thomas
                                                       United Way of Allegheny County                       Apples for the Students
Ms. Alyce Thompson
                                                       UPMC Health Plan                                     Buchart Horn, Inc.
Ms. Joanne Thornburg
                                                                                                            Equitrans Midstream Corp.
Ms. Jamie Timm
                                                       $1,000 – $4,999                                      Essential Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Tomick
                                                       Allegheny Intermediate Unit                          Exelon Corporation
Mr. Andrew Vance
                                                       Annie E. Casey Foundation                            First Baptist Church
Mr. Joseph Vincent
                                                       BBL Fleet                                            Front Stream
Mr. Edward Vogeley
                                                       Blue Phoenix Inashco USA                             GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare
Ms. Christine Wagner
                                                       Carefirst BlueCross BlueShield                       Kiwanis Club of Lititz Area
Mr. Wesley Walker
                                                       connecTel, Inc.                                      Ladies Aid Seventh Day Baptist Church
Mr. Edward Wight
                                                       Domani Wealth                                        Mr. T. Painting, Inc.
Mr. Kyle Wolfe
                                                       Donnelly Boland & Associates                         Paul L. & Margie R. Smith Charitable Foundation
Mr. Phillip R. Novak
                                                       East End Food Co-op                                  Presbyterian SeniorCare
Ms. Charlette Tipton
                                                       Erie Indemnity Company                               Scarpelli Funeral Home, P.A.
Ms. Stefani Hunnell
                                                       Green Heron Fund of the Community Foundation of      Schneider Electric North America Foundation
Mr. Karl Schwartz
                                                          Collier County                                    Security Benefit Life Insurance Co.
Mr. Shane Powell
                                                       Henderson Brothers                                   The First Presbyterian Church
Ms. Rachel Waitlevertch
                                                       J.P. Morgan Private Service Bank                     The Paul B. Zimmerman, Inc. Fund
$99 and under                                          Kappa Sigma Pi of WV                                 The Richmond Heights Church of the Nazarene
We would like to express our appreciation to the       LOLA Energy PetroCo, LLC                             Total Energy Resources, LLC
128 individuals who made gifts at this level.          Metro Benefits, Inc.                                 United Way of Capital Region
                                                       OWL Chiropractic Center, LLC                         VFW Aux to Northfield Post 6768
                                                       Priority Rental Equipment                            Vision Benefits of America, Inc.
Foundation and                                         Reed Smith LLP                                       The Matthew & Christina Wyskiel Family Charitable
Corporate Donors                                       RM Creative                                             Gift Fund
                                                       Shannon Magleby Fund of the Community Founda-
$50,000+                                                  tion of Utah                                      $1– $99
Buhl Foundation                                        St. John Episcopal Church                            Beta Sigma Phi — Alpha Iota Master
Edith L. Trees Charitable Trust                        St. Joseph Catholic Church                           Box Tops for Education
FedEx Ground Package System, Inc.                      Steel Taco LLC                                       Eagle Development
Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Delaware               T.Rowe Price                                         Midland Sportsman Club, Inc.
Huntington National Bank                               The Ann and Frank Cahouet Foundation                 Network For Good
United HealthCare Services, Inc.                       The Burke Foundations                                Rise and Shine Jewels Rise and Shine Jewels
                                                       The Carey Group LLC                                  TisBest Philanthropy
$15,000 – $49,999
                                                       Tucker Arensberg                                     United Way of Lancaster County
The Huntington Foundation
                                                       United Way of Laurel Highlands                       WELCA of St. Luke’s Lutheran Church
Baltimore Community Foundation
                                                       United Way of York County
Ideal Integrations, Inc.
                                                       William and Ella Bates Fund
James F. McCandless for Charities Through the PNC
                                                       Zimmer Kunz PLLC
  Charitable Trusts Grants Review Committee

Hope & Support Through Life’s Challenges           Pressley Ridge 2021 Annual Report                                                                      13
Donor Honor Roll
July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021

The Hobbs Society                         Ms. Heather Iser
                                          Ms. Satin Jackson
Nicholas Hobbs was a visionary leader.
                                          Ms. Tanya Johnson
As the architect of Re-Education, he is
                                          Mr. Michael S. Kaelin
recognized as a pioneer in the treat-
                                          Ms. Lisa Kahle
ment of troubled kids and families.       Mr. Aram Kolesar
At Pressley Ridge, his vision continues   Mrs. Jan Kubiska
to give meaning to our work, just as      Ms. Cha-Tanya Lankford
Re-ED continues to be our foundation      Mr. Mark LeVan
of excellence. The Hobbs Society rec-     Mrs. Nancy Lindahl
ognizes the Pressley Ridge employees      Ms. Patti McCloud
who give 1% or more of their salary in    Mr. Jesse McLean
the annual employee giving campaign.      Ms. Amy McQuillan

Ms. Kim Bash
                                          Mr. Matthew Mitchell                  Employee Contributors    Ms. Anndolyn Coleman
                                                                                                         Ms. Nicole Commero
                                          Mr. Douglas Mullins                   Mr. Dominic M. Addis
Dr. Alan Bedell                           Mr. Jim Natural                                                Ms. Nicole Conti
                                                                                Ms. Rhonda Alkire
Mr. Ty Best                               Ms. Lacenda E. Plunkert                                        Ms. Tina Cooper
Mrs. Lori Birchman                                                              Mrs. Lisa Allomong
                                          Ms. Tammy Relken                                               Ms. Arati Corso-Jones
Ms. Angela Bottino                                                              Ms. Shayla Amin-jones
                                          Ms. Zandra Robinson                                            Mr. Shayne Couch-Murray
Mrs. Susanne Cole                                                               Ms. Chandra Arlet
                                          Mr. Richard Schuessler                                         Ms. Wendy Criner
Ms. Lisa Coleman                                                                Ms. Carla Arp
                                          Ms. Quartney Settle                                            Ms. Erica M. Crisp
Mr. Thomas Conley                         Ms. Mary Shaw                         Ms. Raquel Austin
                                                                                Ms. Stephanie L. Barns   Ms. Traci L. Croker
Mrs. Laurah Currey                        Ms. Emily Star
                                                                                Ms. Amy L. Barton        Ms. Randi Dalton
Ms. Alyssa DeLuca                         Mrs. Amy Strickler
                                                                                Ms. Nicole Bartrug       Ms. Tara Danko
Ms. Mary Beth DeMartino                   Mrs. Rhonda Sullivan
Ms. Kirsten Evans                                                               Ms. Alexa Bean           Ms. Melissa Davis
                                          Ms. Lisa Sutton
Ms. Amy Fenn                                                                    Mr. Gerry Bear           Ms. Samantha Dawson
                                          Ms. Allison Taylor
Ms. Melanie Ferree-Wurster                                                      Ms. Jennifer Benner      Ms. Maria DeFelice
                                          Ms. Jeanne Templeton
Ms. Regina Fike                           Ms. Megan Vaji                        Ms. Holly Berkebile      Ms. Uricka Demus
Mrs. Patricia Folmer                      Ms. Torian Veney                      Ms. Mikaela Bernard      Mr. Steven B. Denlinger
Ms. Constance Grant                       Ms. Joanna Weidner                    Ms. Randi Blanchard      Ms. Ashley Digan
Mr. Michael Gregory                       Mrs. Kelly Weimer                     Ms. Traci M. Boyle       Mr. James P. Dowd
Mr. Ron Gruca                             Ms. Brittany West                     Ms. Deborah Bragg        Ms. Norah Doyle
Ms. Angela Hamilton                       Mr. Jeff Winters                                               Ms. Rachel Duvall
                                                                                Ms. Samantha Bragg
Ms. Rachael Hoy                           Ms. Kaitlyn Wolfe                                              Mr. Eric S. Eidson
                                                                                Ms. Emily Braunbeck
Ms.Veronica Huber                                                                                        Ms. Taylor Ellis
                                                                                Mr. Michael Breeland
                                                                                Ms. Serena Bridges       Mr. Joel Erwin
                                                                                Ms. Jessica Britvich     Ms. Hanna Estep
                                                                                Ms. Susan Brodbeck       Ms. Cindy A. Facciani
                                                                                Ms. Meghan Brooks        Ms. Heather Fike
                                                                                Ms. Amanda Brown         Ms. Monica Filipovitz
                                                                                Mr. Josh C. Brown        Mr. Rod Fisher
                                                                                Ms. Gianluca Bruno       Ms. Rachel Ford

THE GROUPS AND HUDDLES                                                          Ms. Laura Burlbaugh      Ms. Brenda Fragmin
                                                                                                         Mr. Kevin Francis
                                                                                Mr. Brett Butler
                                                                                Mrs. Marchanel R. Byus   Ms. Angela Gallo
                                                                                                         Mr. Joseph J. Garvey, III
                                                                                Mr. Alexander Cameron
                                                                                Ms. Cassandra Campbell   Ms. Kristina Gibson

I’M REALLY CAPABLE OF WHEN                                                      Ms. Oyamo J. Caracci     Ms. Mackenzi Goebel
                                                                                Ms. Erin Carlson         Ms. Cheryl Goforth

I PUT MYSELF FORTH.                                                             Ms. Shaylee Carson
                                                                                Mr. Christopher Carter
                                                                                                         Ms. Gina Gordon
                                                                                                         Ms. Teresa Gouch
                      — Youth in Residential Treatment                          Ms. Lauren Casey         Ms. Rebecca Graber
                                                                                Ms. Karen Celedonia      Ms. Mia Greene
                                                                                Ms. Gloria Chacon        Ms. Samantha Gregg
                                                                                Ms. Catherine Clark      Mr. Michael Griffith
                                                                                Mr. Jonathan Clark       Ms. Rachael Grigg
                                                                                Ms. Teresa Clark         Ms. Wendy Grossman
                                                                                Ms. Jennifer A. Clarke   Ms. Emily A. Guess
                                                                                Ms. Jennifer Clarke      Mr. George Hairston
                                                                                Ms. Shantyl Cole         Ms. Alicia J. Hall
                                                                                Ms.Victoria Cole         Ms. Amy L. Hall

Hope & Support Through Life’s Challenges          Pressley Ridge 2021 Annual Report                                                  14
Donor Honor Roll
July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021

Ms. Kinsey Hall                   Ms. Lora Kost                                PRESSLEY RIDGE SCHOOL FOR
                                                                               THE DEAF HAS GIVEN MY CHILD
Ms. Brianna Hancovsky             Ms. Erin Kovak
Mr. Kennedy Hanes                 Ms. Stacy Krajewski
Ms. Erin Harper
Ms. Rebecca Harr
                                  Ms. Mary Kuhar
                                  Ms. Lee Kuhner-Harrison                      ACCESS TO LANGUAGE/ASL.
Ms. Amanda Harris
Ms. Melissa Hathaway
                                  Ms. Angela Kutz
                                  Ms. Jill E. Kyle
                                                                               THEY HELP HIM COMMUNICATE
Ms. Jessica Henry                 Ms. Caitlin Laffey                           HIS NEEDS AND WANTS AND
                                                                               HELP HIM MANAGE AND
Ms. Hannah G. Herbert             Mr. Kenneth Lang
Mr. Michael Hermetz               Ms. Angela Leist
Ms. Mallary Hinkle
Mr. Chris K. Holt
                                  Mr. Christopher Lengyel
                                  Ms. Malinda Leonard                          UNDERSTAND BEHAVIORS.
Ms. Casey Holtzapple              Ms. Diana L. Lewis
Ms. Cetara Holyfield              Ms.Yvonne Lewis                                                    — School for the Deaf Parent
Ms. Natasha D. House              Ms. Deb Lidle
Ms. Kizziah Howard                Ms. Allison Lighty
Ms. Rebecca N. Hudson             Mr. John Lilley
Ms. Sarah Hughes                  Ms. Mandi Linz                         Ms. Michelle Mohring           Ms. Rachel E. Rose
Ms. Tiffany Huntley               Ms. Kimberly Lohrfink                  Ms. Shenequal Monday           Ms. Donna J. Ruff
Mr. Dion Inge, Sr.                Mr. James L. Macgill                   Ms. Traci Monroe               Ms. Kristen E. Rutzler
Ms. Kesha Jackson                 Mr. Neil Macgill                       Ms. Jessica H. Mooney          Ms. Debra Ryan
Ms. Ashley Jacobs                 Ms. Brittany Mack                      Mr. Antonio Moreno             Mr. Kenneth Sachs
Mr. Aaron James                   Ms. Dorothy Marek                      Ms. Jennifer L. Morgan         Mr. Ben Sagucio
Ms. Joyce Jankov                  Ms. Danielle Martin                    Ms. Ashley Morris              Mr. Justin Saunders
Mr. Allen Jenkins                 Ms. Jennifer J. Masilunas              Ms.Victoria H. Morris          Ms. Liana M. Scalise
Ms. Jaimee Jenkins                Ms. Ayla Mathias                       Ms. Tina Myles                 Ms. Helen Schoss
Ms. Kenya S. Johns                Ms. Tamar Matthews                     Ms. Rachel Nazay               Mr. Samuel A. Schurer
Ms. Sarah Johnson                 Ms. Kathleen Mauldin                   Ms. Amanda Neace               Ms. Shannon Scott
Ms. Emily Johnston                Ms. Morgan D. Maze                     Mr. Wesley O. Neal             Ms. Natasha Seasoltz
Ms. Stephanie L. Johnston         Mr. Derek McCauley                     Mr. Richard Nedelkoff          Ms. Jill M. Shaffer
Ms. Debra Kagan                   Ms. Celeste McCloud                    Ms. Angela Needham             Mr. Jacob S. Shanklin
Ms. Sonya Keenan                  Mr. Luke C. McDonough                  Ms. Christine Newcomer         Ms. Rachelle L. Shea
Mr. Darrell S. Kehr               Ms. Goldie Meadows                     Mr. Steven Nicholas            Ms. Patricia Shearer
Ms. Danielle Keller               Mr. Eric Meckler                       Ms. Robin Nickel               Ms. KaraMari Shelton
Mr. Paul Keller                   Ms. Amber R. Miller                    Ms. Emma O’Donnell             Ms. Hillary Sing
Ms. Morgan Keys                   Ms. Kimberly Miller                    Ms. Joann Olmedo               Ms. Sierra H. Smearman
Ms. Michelle Kleckner             Ms. Mary H. Miller                     Mr. Adam Osborne               Ms. Kaitlin Smith
Ms. Brittany Klinestiver          Ms. Patricia Miller                    Ms. Nellie Oslowski            Ms. Melissa Smith
Ms. Sherri A. Klingensmith        Mr. Mark W. Mitchell                   Ms. Maria Parise               Ms. Tiffanee Smith
                                                                         Ms. Daria Patterson            Ms. Janelle L. Spiller
                                                                         Ms. Rita Pauley                Ms. Stefanie Spolter
                                                                         Ms. Kiaira Perdue-Jackson      Ms. Elaine J. Sprague
                                                                         Ms. Jessica Phillippi          Ms. Melanie D. St. Clair
                                                                         Ms. Ashley Pickett             Mr. Mark Stahler
                                                                         Ms. Tonya M. Pinkney           Ms. Dena Staples
                                                                         Mr. Breon Powell               Ms. Shanika Stephens
                                                                         Ms. Courtney Powell            Mr. Bryan Stephey
                                                                         Ms. Camile A. Price            Ms. Tobie Stewart
                                                                         Mr. Walter Randolph            Ms. Rebecca Stover
                                                                         Ms.Vanessa Reckner             Mr. Anthony Strickland
                                                                         Mr. Ronald Redding             Ms. Candi L. Strunk
                                                                         Ms. Brandy Reese               Ms. Deane Stuckey
                                                                         Ms. Amber Rhodes               Ms. Danika L. Stuffer
                                                                         Ms. Danah Richter              Ms. Danielle Sullivan
                                                                         Ms. Jennifer Ritter            Ms. Lauren Tart
                                                                         Ms. Andrea Roberts             Ms. Taylor N. Thatcher
                                                                         Mr. Stanley L. Roberts         Ms. Amy Thomas
                                                                         Ms. Anna M. Robinson           Ms. Rebecca M. Thomas
                                                                         Ms. Brandi Rodriguez           Mr. Brandon Thompson
                                                                         Ms. Christina Rodriguez        Ms. Jennifer S. Thompson

Hope & Support Through Life’s Challenges   Pressley Ridge 2021 Annual Report                                                       15
Donor Honor Roll
July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021

                                                                         Gift In-Kind Donors                  Ms. Caitlin Schweighardt
                                                                         Aldi, Inc.                           Seven Springs Mountain Resort
                                                                         Amcom Office Systems                 Tamarack
                                                                         American Eagle Outfitters            The 304

I’M LEARNING BETTER WAYS                                                 ASCEND Pittsburgh
                                                                         Ms. Lisa Bosco
                                                                                                              The Vault Taproom
                                                                                                              Ticket to Dream Foundation
TO COPE AND TALK TO MY                                                   Bridge Haven Golf Club               Top Golf
                                                                                                              Treesdale Golf & Country Club
                                                                         Ms. Jamie Bruess
                                                                         Chick-fil-A                          Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease, LLP

LEARNED HOW TO GET OUT                                                   Chili’s Grill & Bar                  Ms. Erica Wachtler
                                                                         Cool Ridge, Inc.                     Walmart

OF A BAD SITUATION, TO TAKE                                              Corner Gas and Grill
                                                                         Mr. Casey Cunniff
                                                                                                              Water Stone Outdoors
                                                                                                              Wexford Beer

CONTROL OVER MY ANGER,                                                   CyberCrunch                          Mr. Brett Wiley

                                                                         Dr. Dennis Daley
                                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Charles Davis

SKILLS WHEN NEEDED.                                                      Ms. Alyssa DeLuca
                                                                         Dickies Barbeque
                                                                         Ms. Rachel Duvall
                               — Transition-Age Youth
                                                                         Mr. John P. Englert
                                                                         FedEx Ground Package System, Inc.
                                                                         Ms. Caity Freas
                                                                         Giovanni’s Pizza
                                                                         Go Ape
                                                                         Graeter’s Ice Cream
                                  Ms. Radonna Thompson                   Guyandotte Church of Christ
                                  Ms. Tesha Tinsley                      Hatch Engineers
                                  Ms. Autumn Tinta                       Heinz Healey
                                  Ms. Nancy A. Travis                    Mr. & Mrs. Keith Johnson
                                  Mr. Martin Tremper                     Mr. & Mrs. Brian Kahle
                                  Ms. Trisha Trescartes                  Ms. Shana Kelly
                                  Ms. Dawn R. Triplett                   Lamar Advertising
                                  Ms. Allison Turner                     Larrimor’s
                                  Mr. Michael Valenti                    LeMont Restaurant
                                  Ms. Marcy Vaughan                      Lewis Automotive
                                  Ms. Jessica Vineyard                   McCandless Corporate Center
                                  Ms. Kimberly Vogel                     Michael Baker International
                                  Ms. Laura Walker                       Ms. Kendall Mitchell
                                  Ms. April Wall-Parker                  Mr. Joe Motto
                                  Ms. Sonia Welch                        Mountaineer Miniature Golf
                                  Mr. Nathan West                        Ms. Jenna O’Connor
                                  Ms. LeeAnna Wiles                      Darcy Osby
                                  Ms. Becky Wiley                        Pa’ar Beauty Studio & Spa
                                  Ms. Autumn Williams                    Penn Brewery
                                  Ms. Dianne Williams                    Pennsylvania Macaroni Company
                                  Ms. Marnie L. Williams                 Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber
                                  Mr. Paul Wolfe                         Pittsburgh Steelers
                                  Ms. Stefanie Wolfe                     Ms. Johanna Pratt
                                  Mr. Zachary Wolfe                      Qdoba Mexican Eats
                                  Ms. April Woodley                      Mr. LeMarquis Redd
                                  Ms. Michele L. Woodward                Mrs.Victoria Rhea
                                  Ms. Jill Wysocki                       Rural King
                                  Ms. Summer Zueger                      Saints John & Paul Catholic Church
                                                                         Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP

Hope & Support Through Life’s Challenges   Pressley Ridge 2021 Annual Report                                                                  16
5500 Corporate Drive, Suite 400 | Pittsburgh, PA 15237

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