INDUSTRY UPDATE - 109 - Building & Decor

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INDUSTRY UPDATE - 109 - Building & Decor

                               WILKINSON   109
INDUSTRY UPDATE - 109 - Building & Decor
dream homes, to large corporate
                                                                    PRODUCTS & SERVICES                       developments that won’t compro-
                                                                    From beautifully designed sliding         mise on quality and performance.
                                                                    doors to highly advanced curtain
                                                                    walls, Alsysco Aluminium Systems          Another primary focus is equipping
                       ALSYSCO ALUMINIUM                            designs and assures the installation      accredited fabricators with cutting-
                                 SYSTEMS                            of premium aluminium systems.             edge product solutions to make the
                                                                                                              customer experience with every
                                          Head Office:              Designed for the African environ-         Alsysco system a pleasurable one.
                        Unit 6, Gillits Industrial Park             ment, Alsysco systems are tested
                                         31 Gillits Road            and approved in the market place
                                            Westmead                and meet strict international
                                                 Durban             standards.

                               Tel: +27 31 701 1725                 The company is constantly innovat-
                        E-mail:                  ing to provide the latest solutions
                       Website:                   to customers – from knowledgeable
                  Region/s: Durban, Johannesburg,                   homeowners who require only the
                                        Cape Town                   best high-end products for their

                                                                    PRODUCTS & SERVICES                       Domestic, which consists of sealed
                                                                    Africa Thermal Insulations (ATI), a       bubbles with foil facing on both sides
                                                                    division of West Rand Engineering         for residential and school projects.
                                                                    (WRE), manufactures, sells and            Their latest addition, Alucool®, which
                                                                    distributes building insulation           achieved an A1 fire rating, consists of
                                                                    products, and operates within the         a foil facing bonded together with a
                         AFRICA THERMAL                             stringent disciplines of the ISO          non-itchy, glass-mineral wool which is
                          INSULATIONS, A                            9001:2015 Quality Management              free from phenols, acrylics and with
                  DIVISION OF WEST RAND                             System, using a state-of-the-art labo-    no added formaldehyde, artificial
                            ENGINEERING                             ratory and product testing facility.      colours, bleach or dyes.
                                                 2019/04/29 11:55

                                                                    ATI’s signature, market-leading           Alububble®, Alutherm® and Alucool®
                                         Head Office:               product, Alububble®, consists of          products are
                                        95 York Street              sealed plastic bubbles laminated to       available in
                                         Krugersdorp                an aluminium foil. Alutherm® is a bulk    standard rolls and
                                                                    thermal insulation product, incorpo-      special lengths,
                                  Tel: 011 462 9122                 rating either a polyester or fibreglass   reducing waste
                    Email:                blanket with an aluminium foil            material (off-
                    Website:                    facing laminated to one side and an       cuts).
                      Region/s: South Africa and                    Alububble® facing on the other side.       sealant for
                                  African countries                 ATI also manufactures Alulite®            sealing joints.

                                                                    PRODUCTS & SERVICES
                                                                    BMI Coverland has evolved
                                                                    to become one of the largest
                                                                    concrete roof tile manufac-
                               BMI COVERLAND                        turers in Southern Africa.
                                                                    Their concrete tile range now
                                               Head Office:         boasts a 30-year guarantee,
                      Constantia View Office Estate,                and their range of roofing
                                                    Block 6         components and systems are

                    alucool advert.indd 1                                                                                                     2019/04/29 11:55
                                          2 Hogsback Street         designed to cover a variety
                                                 Quellerina         of functional aspects of roof
                                              Johannesburg          construction. The company’s
                                                                    mission is to continue to
                               Tel: +27 11 222 7300                 deliver high-quality roofing
                     Email:                    solutions, pioneering inno-
                   Website:                     vations, technical expertise
                    Region/s: South Africa (export                  along with giving best in class
                                           available)               service.
INDUSTRY UPDATE - 109 - Building & Decor
PRODUCTS & SERVICES                            concrete repair and protection,
                                                        •  Concrete – including accel-                 Silicones/sealants and adhesives
                                                           erators, colour pigments,                   as well as general construction.
                                                           decorative, drycast, durability,       The Group’s service offering encap-
                                                           dust suppressants, fibres, high        sulates combining its wide range of
          CHRYSO SOUTHERN                                  early strength, mining, mortars,       products and services with expert
             AFRICA GROUP                                  pumped, readymix, release              advice to increase their customers’
           a.b.e.® is a CHRYSO Group                       agents, high performance, and          daily business performance in key
                            Company                        wetcast.                               areas such as equipment, supply
                                                        •  Construction systems for               chain solutions, training and
                        Head Office:                       flooring, waterproofing,               technical assistance.
      101 Main Reef Road, Boksburg
          North, East Rand, Gauteng

              Tel: + 27 11 306 9000
Website: /
   Region/s: Gauteng, Free State,
    KwaZulu-Natal, Eastern Cape,
                      Western Cape

                                                    R   PRODUCTS & SERVICES                       latest worldwide trends and provides
                                                        Cemcrete manufactures distinctive         the products that can be used to
 Manufacturers of Distinctive Decorative Coatings
                                                        cement-based coatings, as well as         achieve these trendy decorative
                                                        building materials to finish and aid      cement finishes.
                                                        construction projects. Cemcrete’s
                             CEMCRETE                   range of over 80 products includes
                                                        cement-based finishes for walls,
                           Showroom:                    floors, countertops, pools and other
                227 Jan Smuts Avenue,                   surfaces.
                       Parktown North
                                                        The finishes are favoured by
              Tel: +27 11 447 3149                      homeowners, architects and the
      Email:                        construction industry in general due
    Website:                         to their superior quality. Cement-
  Region/s: South Africa, Lesotho,                      based coatings are a unique
  Swaziland, Mozambique, Malawi,                        alternative to generic coatings,
      Botswana, Namibia, Zambia,                        offering excellent value while
  Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Cameroon,                         finishing projects with striking style.
    Mauritius and export available                      Cemcrete stays up to date with the

                                                        PRODUCTS & SERVICES                       Mirrorfix-MS is a professional
                                                        Den Braven’s range of sealants and        adhesive with extremely high initial
                                                        adhesives are GBCSA compliant and         tack for mirror bonding.
                                                        used in projects requiring durabil-
                   DEN BRAVEN SA                        ity, UV resistance and good joint
                        (PTY) LTD                       movement capabilities.

                          Head Office:                  High Tack is the “all in one” high
                2 High View Boulevard                   tack adhesive for use on a multitude
              High View Business Park                   of substrates and applications that
                                                                                                                                          DIRECTORY C - D

                       Ferndale Ext 26                  requires no fixation or technical
                             Gauteng                    support during curing and offers
                                                        mechanical resistance of up to 20kg
              Tel: +27 11 792 3830                      within 24-hours of application. Den
    Email:                        Braven Silicone NO and Structural
   Website:                         Glazing Silicones are internation-
   Region/s: Gauteng, Cape Town,                        ally renowned sealants used for
   KwaZulu-Natal, SADC and other                        connecting and bonding curtain
            sub-Saharan countries                       wall modules and in shop glazing.
INDUSTRY UPDATE - 109 - Building & Decor
PRODUCTS & SERVICES                          tion from traditional construction
                                                                       Marley Building Systems, now                 to alternative lightweight building
                                                                       Trading as Etex South Africa is a            technology.
                                                                       leading supplier of cladding and
                                                                       dry construction materials. They are         The product line locally includes
                      ETEX SOUTH AFRICA
                                                                       operational in 42 countries and have         Siniat (Plasterboard, Plasters and
                  BUILDING PERFORMANCE
                                                                       100 factories globally.                      Steel) and Kalsi (Fibre Cement).

                                                        Head Office:
                                                                       Inspiration is at the core of what Etex
                                                     2 Setchell Road
                                                                       believes in and what they offer as
                                                                       a company in the construction and
                                                                       industrial sectors.

                                Tel: +27 11 389 4500
                                                                       Their innovative, sustainable and
                                                                       complete solutions under the banner
                                                                       of sustainable construction are
                                                                       cutting-edge and redefine building
                  Region/s: National and Sub Sahara
                                                                       methodology as markets transi-

                                                                       PRODUCTS & SERVICES                          the product supply management,
                                                                       International Slab Sales (ISS) is a          ensuring that projects are on time.
                                                                       proudly South African and a level
                                                                       4 BBBEE verified wholesaler of               The team's professional association
                                   Distributors of

                                                                       quartz, granite, marble and porcelain        with quantity surveyors and contrac-
                                                                       surfaces, including Caesarstone,             tors ensures the best pricing and
                               INTERNATIONAL                           Infinity Surfaces, Eezi Quartz and           after-sale service.
                                   SLAB SALES                          Rudi's Choice natural stone.

                                         Head Office:                  Their slabs are perfect for modern
                                   69 Serenade Road                    or classic kitchen countertops,
                                        Elandsfontein                  bathroom vanities, splashbacks and
                                       Johannesburg                    various wall, flooring and furniture
                                Tel: +27 11 822 1350
                                                                       The ISS Projects Department
                                                                                                                 Distributors of
                      Website:                     actively collaborates with archi-
                   Region/s: Johannesburg, Durban,                     tects and interior designers across
                   Cape Town, Pretoria, George, Port                   Southern Africa, to specify functional,
                         Elizabeth, Nelspruit, Harare                  high-quality products, along with

                                                                       PRODUCTS & SERVICES:                        rubber adhesive. iTe Tools carries
                                                                       iTe Products provides a complete            a complete range of high-quality
                                                                       range of high-performance floor             preparation and installation tools.
                                                                       preparation and application
                                                                       products, plus skim-coating for             All iTe products carry warranties to
                                                                       external and internal use.                  protect the customer.

                                 ITE PRODUCTS                          Products include PATCHiTe patching
                                      (PTY) LTD                        compound, VAPORiTe moisture
                                                                       barrier, LEVELiTe F10, F30, F50 &
                                        Head office:                   F100 self-levelling compounds, as
                               7 Clarke Street South                   well as iTe SLURRY keying promoter.
                                              Alrode                   DURALiTe D50 skim coat can be

                                            Alberton                   applied on both external and internal
                                                                       surfaces. The iTe range of adhesives
                                Tel: +27 11 864 4918                   includes GRIPiTe V10, V20, V30,
                     Email:                    V50, GRIPiTe C60 contact adhesive
                    Website:                     and recently added is GRIPiTe
                                 Region/s: National                    H80 multi-purpose wood, turf and
INDUSTRY UPDATE - 109 - Building & Decor
Pinterest:                     The range includes varnishes in matt,
                                              jaxoleum/                                         satin or gloss finish, soft wax and
                                              Region/s: The whole of RSA and                    cleaners, all developed to further
                                              sub-Saharan Africa                                protect and enhance wood surfaces.

                         JAX OLEUM            PRODUCTS & SERVICES
                                              Jax Oleum is a single coat oil-based
                           Head Office:       wood stain. The product is effective
                            18 Southway       and highly durable with 1 litre
                         Georgian Place       covering up to 50m², and it takes
                                  Block K     only one coat to colour and protect
                         Kelvin, Sandton      your wood against water, heat and
                                              sunlight. In one application, the
                   Tel: +27 (11) 444 7221     colour of any uncoated natural wood
             Email:       product can be changed to one that
          Website:         enhances the grain and transforms
       Instagram:          the aesthetic. It can be used inside
                                jaxoleum/     and outside for window frames,
Facebook:           flooring, decking, doors, furniture
    Twitter:         etc. as well as on veneer products.

                                               PRODUCTS & SERVICES
                                               The MAPEI Group is a leader in the
                                               construction industry for supplying
                                               durable products for all types of
                                               wall coverings such as tile adhesives
                                               and grouts, products for luxury vinyl
                                               tile (LVT), textile and resilient instal-
                                               lations and repair solutions.
                      MAPEI GROUP
                                               Their diverse walling system
              Head Office & Showroom:          solutions are ideal for residential,
                           50 Smith Rd         commercial, industrial, hospitality
                             Roodekop          and medical environments.
                              Gauteng          With over 80 years in the construc-
                                               tion industry and international
                   Tel: +27 11 552 8476        expertise, MAPEI is the worldwide
              Email:         partner in construction offering
             Website:          solutions from the foundation to
             Region/s: Southern Africa         the roof!

                                            PRODUCTS & SERVICES:                           light-gauge steel products for roof truss
                                            MiTek is a diversified global supplier         manufacturer and hardware stores.
                                            of engineered products, collaborative
                                            software, services and machinery
                                            automation to the residential and
                                            commercial construction sectors.
                                            MiTek Industries’ passion for its asso-
             MITEK INDUSTRIES               ciates’ well-being, and its customers’
                SOUTH AFRICA                success, is the company’s hallmark.
                     (PTY) LTD              Founded in 1955 and a Berkshire
                                            Hathaway company since 2001,
                       Head Office:         MiTek has operations in more than 40
                                                                                                                                        DIRECTORY J - M

                      754 16th Road         countries on six continents.
                 Randjespark Ext 34
             Halfway House, Midrand         With its manufacturing facility in
                                            Gauteng and regional offices in Cape
                   Tel: 011 237 8700        Town, Port Elizabeth and Durban,
     Email:           MiTek is best placed to supply the
    Website:         building industry with the widest
                    Region/s: Africa        range of timber connectors and
INDUSTRY UPDATE - 109 - Building & Decor
PRODUCTS & SERVICES:                    Sika has subsidiaries in 101 countries
                                                      Sika is a speciality chemicals          around the world and manufactures
                                                      company that develops and produces      in over 300 factories.
                                                      systems and products for bonding,
                                                      sealing, damping, reinforcing and
                                                      protecting in the building sector.
                      SIKA SOUTH AFRICA
                               (PTY) LTD              Its product lines include interior
                                                      and exterior systems from the
                                   Head office:       basement to the roof, which consist
                                9 Hocking Place       of high-quality concrete admixtures,
                              Westmead, Durban        waterproofing, roofing, speciality
                                                      mortars, sealants and adhesives,
                            Tel: +27 31 792 6500      structural strengthening systems,
                  Email:       industrial flooring and coatings.
                    Website:     The focus is on providing sustain-
              Region/s: KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng,       able solutions in order to improve
               Free State, Eastern Cape, Western      material, water and energy efficiency
                       Cape, Namibia, Botswana        in construction.

                                                      PRODUCTS & SERVICES:
                                                      Summit XPS insulation boards,
                                                      cornices, trap doors and Knauf insu-
                                                      lation range set a new standard in
                                                      quality and affordability.
                    SUMMIT XPS PART OF                Install Summit XPS insulation board
                           SWARTLAND                  in your home, office, factory or
                                                      agricultural structure and keep the
                                      Head office:    temperature comfortable all year
                                    3 Kotze Street    round. XPS is eco-friendly, reduces
                                    Moorreesburg      energy costs and requires no main-
                              Tel: +27 861 110 2425   A proud member of the Swartland
              Email:,      family, all Summit products are made
                  from high-quality materials to ensure
                Website:          long-lasting performance, peace of
                  Region/s: Available Nationally      mind and value for money.

                                                      PRODUCTS & SERVICES:
                                                      Swartland has been supplying
                                                      the building trade with quality
                                                      products since 1951. Their
                                                      world-renowned production
                                                      excellence is applied to their vast
                                                      range of products that include
                                                      wooden windows and doors;
                                                      aluminium windows, doors and
                                SWARTLAND             shower doors; garage doors and
                                      Head office:    automation; XPS insulation board,
                                    3 Kotze Street    cornices, awnings and manu-
                                    Moorreesburg      factured products. “Experience

                                                      Quality” is not just a slogan. It
                           Tel: +27 861 110 2425      is Swartland’s commitment to
                                           Email:     hold themselves to the highest
             standards and to ensure that
                  Website:        every experience with them is a
                  Region/s: Available Nationally      quality one.
INDUSTRY UPDATE - 109 - Building & Decor
                     Summit XPS insulation
                     boards, cornices, trapdoors
                     and our Knauf insulation range
                     set a new standard in quality
                     and affordability. A proud

ALL THE INSULATION   member of the Swartland family,
                     all Summit products are made

AND CEILING          from high-quality materials
                     to ensure you get long-lasting

SOLUTIONS UNDER      performance, peace of mind
                     and value for money.

ONE ROOF             For more information visit
            or call us
                     on 0861 22 3444.
INDUSTRY UPDATE - 109 - Building & Decor
                                                        Hydro Garage Doors is a proud
                                                        member of the Swartland family
                                                        and the only end-to-end garage
                                                        door manufacturer in South Africa
                                                        with a national footprint that
                                   SWARTLAND            specialises in garage doors, auto-
                                      – HYDRO           mation and spares to suit. With
                                                        distribution centres across the
                                        Head office:    country, their fleet of trucks can
                                      3 Kotze Street    deliver to hardware retail chains
                                      Moorreesburg      around South Africa and sub-Sa-
                                                        haran Africa. The Hydro garage
                                Tel: +27 861 223 444    door range consists of aluminium
                                               Email:   sectional doors, wooden sectional
             doors, single skin steel sectional
                     Website:      doors as well as steel roll-up
                       Region/s: Available Nationally   doors.

                                                                                                  and production experts offer clients
                                                        PRODUCTS & SERVICES:                      a wide range of highly functional
                                                        Technopol Southern Africa (Pty)           and largely customizable solutions.
                                                        LTD, established in 1993, is a            Technopol is ISO 9001, 14001 and
                                                        leading manufacturer of Expanded          45001 certified.
                                                        Polystyrene (LiteCel™ EPS) products
                     TECHNOPOL SOUTHERN                 and solutions primarily for insulation
                         AFRICA (PTY) LTD               and construction applications. They
                                                        are also a member of the Thermal
                                        Head office:    Insulation Products & Systems
                                     9 Wright Street    Association SA (TIPSASA).
                                            Springs     Technopol has been producing EPS
                                                        products, which are manufactured
                                Tel: +27 11 363 2780    in block and shape format using
                       Email:      modern equipment in three factories
                     Website:       of 18000 square meters, situated in
                        Region/s: Manufacturing in      Springs, Gauteng. The professional,
                     Gauteng, Supply Country Wide.      dynamic team of technical, sales

                                                        PRODUCTS & SERVICES:                      They also offer:
                                                        WILKINSON Architectural Metals            •   Providing of material samples.
                                                        (Pty) Ltd is a supplier of high-quality   •   Connecting customers with
                                                        roofing and facade cladding products          reliable manufacturers.
                                                        and a registered distributor of           •   Recommendations of profession-
                                                        RHEINZINK (Titanium zinc), AURUBIS            al and experienced craftsmen.
                              WILKINSON                 (Nordic copper) and HAUSHAUT
                   ARCHITECTURAL METALS                 (Aluminium products).
                               (PTY) LTD
                                                        Given their many years’ experience
                                        Head office:    in the cladding industry under the
                                 PostNet Suite #450     directorship of Stephen Wilkinson,

                                     Private Bag X16    they offer extensive advice about
                                          Constantia    selecting the best-suited materials
                                               7848     and systems for projects. Teams of
                                                        specialist recommended contractors
                                Tel: +27 21 671 2600    and fabricators based in both Cape
                  Email:     Town and Gauteng, manufacture a
                   Website:      range of facade panels, gutters and
                   Region/s: South Africa / Namibia     downpipes to specification.
INDUSTRY UPDATE - 109 - Building & Decor

your products                                       Tel: 011 363 2780
                                                    9-17 Wright Road Ext.

digitally to our                                    Nuffield

highly engaged
   audience.                 Manufacturers of Thermally Insulated Solutions:

                             LiteSpan Roofs and Ceilings

                             LiteCore Walls and Floors
   012 347 7530              LiteCel EPS Products
INDUSTRY UPDATE - 109 - Building & Decor
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