Benefit Plans

          October 15
         – November 2nd
Welcome to 2019 Open
       Elections you make during Open Enrollment will become effective January 1, 2019.

There will be no increases to payroll deductions for 2019 for the Cigna CDHP with HSA benefit plan, dental plan, and
vision plan for 2019.

Important information to keep in mind as you make your elections:
            1. If you have questions, you can contact a member of the benefits team at benefits@convatec.com or you
               can contact our Health Advocacy with any benefit or claim questions by calling 1-866-695-8622 or
               between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. EST.
            2. If you want to enroll in a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) for 2019, you
               must actively enroll during Open Enrollment. FSA and HSA elections will not carry-over.
            3. If you already have an FSA or HSA with Discovery Benefits, new debit cards will not be sent. Your
               current cards will be reloaded with your applicable 2019 remaining balance.
            4. If you have dependents that are age 26 or over, you must remove them from your benefits.
            5. If you do not actively enroll in benefits during Open Enrollment, your benefit elections will remain the
               same, (FSA & HSA will reset to $0) or where the carrier has changed, default as follows:
                                         Hyatt Legal         LegalEase

                                                                                                              1|P a g e
New for 2019
Legal Plan
Provider is changing from Hyatt Legal, a MetLife Company to LegalEase, a Nationwide Company. See page 10 for details.

Benefits Website
We are launching a new Benefits Website. A convenient website that you can access from your phone or online. See page 10 for

      This is a “passive” enrollment event which means                   For step-by-step instructions, go to
      that if you wish to remain in the same or similar                  www.convatecbenefits.com or email
      medical, dental, vision, legal and life insurance                  benefits@convatec.com to have the instructions e-
      plans that you are in today, you don’t need to do                  mailed to you.
      anything. Your elections will be carried over to the               Problems logging in? Send an email to
      2019 plan year.                                                    workday@convatec.com for assistance.
      However, if you wish to make any changes to
      your existing elections, eligible dependents or
      wish to elect to participate in the Health, Limited
      Purpose or Dependent Care Flexible Spending                        CHANGING YOUR ELECTIONS
      Accounts, or Health Savings Account, you must
      log onto Workday to actively make those                            You can make changes to your elections during
      elections.                                                         Open Enrollment each year or if you experience a
                                                                         qualifying life event during the year.
      WHO IS ELIGIBLE?                                                   A qualifying life event would include getting
      EMPLOYEES                                                          married, getting divorced, having a baby, a
                                                                         spouse’s job change or other similar life changing
      Eligible employees include those who are designated                event.
      as regular, full-time, and are working a minimum of 30
      hours per week.                                                    Once you experience a qualifying life event, you
                                                                         will have 31 days from the effective date of your
      DEPENDENTS                                                         life event to enroll in or change your benefits.
      Your legal spouse and children up to age 26.

                                                                         NEW HIRES DURING OPEN ENROLLMENT
                                                                         If you have recently been hired, your new hire
      HOW TO ENROLL IN BENEFITS                                          benefits will need to be processed prior to you
      Log onto https://www.myworkday.com/convatec and                    being eligible to elect benefit plans for 2019.
      click on the “Open Enrollment” task in your inbox.                 Please contact HR or benefits@convatec.com for
      Select the option “No CVT email or New Starter”. You               assistance making these elections in Workday or
      will then use your credentials you use to log onto your            with any other questions.

                                                                                                                      2|P a g e
PLAN OPTION #1: CIGNA OPEN ACCESS PLUS (OAP) - CDHP with Health Savings Account (HSA)
(ConvaTec will contribute $19.23 per pay to an HSA for single coverage and $38.46 per pay for all other tiers
of coverage)
Through this Consumer Driven Health Plan (CDHP) you can utilize In-Network and Out-of-Network services with no referrals. The
differences between services are the out-of-pocket costs (copayments, deductibles, and coinsurance) and the level of services
covered. You do not need to select a primary care physician (PCP). You may see any doctor you choose. To reduce your out-of-
pocket expenses, we encourage you to use participating in-network health care professionals. The deductible cross-accumulates for
both in and out-of-network care; therefore, you are only meeting one deductible and not separate deductibles.

PLAN OPTION #2: CIGNA OPEN ACCESS PLUS -OAP (No HSA Available with this plan)
Through this plan you can utilize In-Network and Out-of-Network services with no referrals. The differences between services are
the out-of-pocket costs (copayments, deductibles, and coinsurance) and the level of services covered. You do not need to select a
primary care physician (PCP). You may see any doctor you choose. IMPORTANT NOTE FOR OUT OF NETWORK CARE
If you use an out-of-network provider, you will be responsible for satisfying the deductible in addition to the co-insurance, as well as
any amount exceeding the reasonable and customary allowance for all eligible services. A reasonable and customary fee is the base
amount that is treated as the standard or most common charge for a medical service when rendered in a geographic area.

          COVERAGE LEVEL           PLAN OPTION #1        PLAN OPTION #2         FINDING A PROVIDER
                                      HSA PLAN              OAP PLAN            https://hcpdirectory.cigna.com/web/public/prov
 Employee                                $0.00                $65.00*           iders
 Employee + Spouse
 Employee + Child(ren)
                                                                                      Select “Open Access Plus, OA plus,
                                                                                         Choice Fund OA Plus WITH Carelink”
                                                                                         medical plan.
                                                      *increased from $39.00
                                                              in 2018

                                                                                FINDING A PHARMACY
PHARMACY VENDOR – EXPRESS SCRIPTS                                               www.express-scripts.com/NATPLSNATPREF14
Pharmacy benefits are included with whichever medical plan you choose.               Find a pharmacy
                                                                                     View the formulary
With Express Scripts, you’ll have access to:                                         View drug exclusions and alternatives

           Convenient home delivery services through the Express Scripts Pharmacy. You’ll be able to have up to a 90-day supply of
            long-term medication delivered directly to you for one copayment. Long-term medications are those taken to treat an
            ongoing condition, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes.
           Pick up a 90-day supply of long-term medication for the mail order copay at any CVS Pharmacy. This is in addition to mail
            order/home delivery.
           A large network of over 70,000 participating retail pharmacies including CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Kroger, Safeway,
            Target, Wal-Mart, Giant Eagle, Winn-Dixie and many local pharmacies.
           Express Scripts Member Services representatives, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist with questions about
            your benefit or orders.

With the Express Scripts member website and mobile app, you can view your ID card, locate a pharmacy, order refills or prescription
renewals, price medications and much more.

                                                                                                                             3|P a g e
                  2019                     CIGNA CDHP with HSA                                  CIGNA OAP
                                       IN-NETWORK           OUT-OF-NETWORK           IN-NETWORK           OUT-OF-NETWORK
       Medical Benefits                  YOU PAY                 YOU PAY               YOU PAY                 YOU PAY
                                                              Reasonable &                                  Reasonable &
BASIS OF REIMBURSEMENT                Negotiated Rates                             Negotiated Rates
                                                             Customary (R&C)                               Customary (R&C)
Annual Deductible
                                     (deductible cross accumulated in and out of       $400/$800            $2,000/$4,000

Coinsurance                          10% after deductible   30% after deductible   10% after deductible   30% after deductible

Out-of-Pocket Maximum (includes
                                       $5,000/$10,000         $10,000/$20,000        $5,500/$11,000         $7,500/$15,000
deductible and pharmacy)
Doctor’s Services – Office Visit
                                     10% after deductible   30% after deductible   10% after deductible   30% after deductible
(Primary Care)
Doctor’s Services – Office Visit
                                     10% after deductible   30% after deductible   10% after deductible   30% after deductible
Preventive Care                                                     30%                                          30%
                                     $0, covered at 100%                           $0, covered at 100%
Annual Physicals, etc.                                         (no deductible)                              (no deductible)

Lab, X-Ray, MRI, CT Scans            10% after deductible   30% after deductible   10% after deductible   30% after deductible

Inpatient Hospitalization, Pre-
admission Testing, Outpatient        10% after deductible   30% after deductible   10% after deductible   30% after deductible

                                                            30% after deductible                          30% after deductible
Emergency Room / Urgent Care /
                                     10% after deductible   (Telehealth n/a out-   10% after deductible   (Telehealth n/a out-
                                                                of network)                                    of network

Routine Vision Care (once every 12                          Up to $45 allowance                           Up to $45 allowance
                                     $0, covered at 100%                           $0, covered at 100%
months) – Exam Only                                              for exam                                      for exam

                                     Employee: $500 annually or $19.23 per
                                     pay period
HSA Employer Contribution                                                                       Not Applicable
                                     Employee plus one or more: $1,000
                                     annually or $38.46 per pay period

     Pharmacy Benefits                          Express Scripts                               Express Scripts
     RETAIL 30 DAY SUPPLY              90 Day Supply at any CVS Pharmacy             90 Day Supply at any CVS Pharmacy
Generic                                       20% After Deductible                               $10 Copay
Preferred Brand                               20% After Deductible                  20% no deductible ($30 min/$60 max)
Non-Preferred Brand                           20% After Deductible                  20% no deductible ($50 min/$80 max)
Generic                                         $0 After Deductible                             $25 Copay
Preferred Brand                                20% After Deductible                10% no deductible ($75 min/$150 max)
Non-Preferred Brand                            20% After Deductible                10% no deductible ($125 min/$200 max)

                                                                                                                 4|P a g e

If enrolling in the CIGNA OAP CDHP you will automatically be enrolled in the HSA through Discovery Benefits.
Please Note: If you enrolled in a Flexible Spending Account or Health Savings account in 2018, your Discovery debit card will be re-
loaded for 2019 with your elections. You will not receive a new debit card unless you are 1) newly enrolling for 2019 or 2) contact
Discovery to request a new card.

An HSA is a tax-advantaged savings account that you can use to pay your deductible and coinsurance until you reach your out-of
pocket maximum. HSA’s offer a “triple tax” advantage. (Funds are not taxed going in, funds are not taxed while the account grows
and funds are not taxed when used to pay for health expenses). Funds roll over year after year and are portable if you change
employers. Funds can also be passed on to your beneficiary.

An HSA can be funded by both Employer and Employee contributions. If you choose to sign up for the CIGNA OAP CDHP with HSA,
ConvaTec will contribute $500 annually towards an election of employee only coverage and $1,000 annually towards an election of
employee + spouse, employee + child(ren) or family coverage. The employer contribution will be made on a per pay basis. You can
also elect to contribute to your HSA up to the IRS maximum listed below. The amount you elect will be deducted, pre-tax, on a per
pay basis and funded to your HSA account.
Please note: The 2019 IRS maximum contribution amount is $3,500 employee only and $7,000 for all other coverage tiers. The
maximum includes the employer contribution as well as the amount you elect to contribute via payroll deductions. You can also
contribute an additional $1,000 annually if you are age 55 or older.

When you enroll, you will receive a debit card to pay for eligible expenses. For a complete list of eligible expenses, go to
www.irs.gov/publications/p502. You will also be able to pay for expenses on the Discovery Benefits employee portal, once you open
your account.

                                                                                                                          5|P a g e
EyeMed vision benefits offer a comprehensive eye exam every 12 months covered at 100%, $100
frame allowance every 12 months, $10 lens copay plus fixed pricing on options every 12 months and
$100 contact lens allowance with coverage for fit and follow-up every 12 months. By electing
EyeMed, you will be eligible for discounts such as 40% additional pair of glasses discount, 15% off
Lasik, 40% off hearing exams and discounts on hearing aids and much more.

 2019 PLAN DESIGN                                                                   EYEMED
 Benefit                                                             IN-NETWORK                           OUT-OF-NETWORK
                                                                        You Pay                          Reimbursement Up To
 Eye Examination – once every 12 months                                   $0                                     $40
 With Dilation as Necessary
 FRAMES– once every 12 months
 Any available frame at provider location $0 copay, $100 allowance, 20% off balance over $100                      $70
 CONTACT LENSES-once every 12 months
 (Contact Lens allowance includes materials only)
 Conventional                               $0 copay, $100 allowance, 15% off balance over $100                    $100

 Disposable                                        $0 copay, $100 allowance, plus balance over $100                $100

 Medically Necessary                                             $0 copay, Paid in Full                            $210

 Single Vision                                                       $10 copay                                     $30
 Bifocal                                                             $10 copay                                     $50
 Trifocal                                                            $10 copay                                     $70
 Lenticular                                                          $10 copay                                     $70
 Standard Progressive                                                $75 copay                                     $50
 Premium Progressive Tier 1                                          $95 copay                                     $50
 Premium Progressive Tier 2                                         $105 copay                                     $50
 Premium Progressive Tier 3                                         $120 copay                                     $50
 Premium Progressive Tier 4                         $75 copay, 20% off charge less $120 allowance                  $50

 COVERAGE LEVEL                2019 EMPLOYEE                               Participating Providers
                                PER PAY COST
                                                                           To find a provider, go to: www.Eyemed.com.
 Employee                           $3.27
                                                                                 Select the “Insight” network
 Employee + Spouse                  $6.22
 Employee + Child(ren)              $6.54                                  National retails include Independent Provider
 Family                             $9.62                                  Network, LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, Optical, Sears
                                                                           Optical and JC Penney Optical.
                                                                           Online Retailers include glasses.com and

                                                                                                                          6|P a g e

Many dentists in the country participate in the network covered in the ConvaTec Delta Dental Plan.
However, if you go to a Premier or non-participating dentist, your out of pocket cost could be higher. To
lower your out of pocket cost, go to a Delta Dental PPO Dentist which you can find in the provider

Delta Dental offers Carryover Max (SM) so you can increase your benefit. This feature allows you to carry over a portion of your
unused standard annual maximum benefit limit into the following year.

                                                                   DELTA DENTAL PPO PLUS PREMIER PLAN
              2019 PLAN DESIGN                                     Delta PPO Dentists        Delta Premier & Non-
                                                                                              Participating Dentists
              BASIS OF REIMBURSEMENT                             Percent you pay based     Percent you pay based on
                                                                  on negotiated rates       reasonable & customary
              Annual Deductible (Individual/Family)                                   $50/$150
              Preventive Services                                          0%                           0%
              (Routine Oral Exams, Cleanings, Routine
              Basic Restorative Services                          10% after deductible         20% after deductible
              (Fillings, Oral Surgery, Root Canals,
              Periodontics and Endodontics)
              Major Restorative Services                          40% after deductible         50% after deductible
              (Crowns, Bridgework, Dentures)
              Orthodontia Services – Children Only                40% after deductible         50% after deductible
              Annual Maximum Limits                                $2,000 per person            $1,500 per person
              (Preventive, Basic and Major Restorative
              Lifetime Maximum Limits (Orthodontia -                 $1,500 per child             $1,500 per child
              under age 19 children dependents only)

       DELTA DENTAL PLAN                    2019                      FINDING A PROVIDER
                                       EMPLOYEE PER PAY
                                                                      www.deltadentalnj.com or download the mobile app.
       Employee                               $0.00                           Click on “Find a Dentist”
       Employee + Spouse                      $12.00                          Select Delta Dental PPO plus Premier
       Employee + Child(ren)                  $14.00                          Enter your zip code.
       Family                                 $24.00

                                                            Dental ID Cards:
                                                   New ID cards will not be mailed
                                                   unless you are newly enrolling in
                                                   Delta. You can also view your ID
                                                    card on the mobile app as well
                                                      as print a copy on member

                                                                                                                         7|P a g e
The Health Care Reimbursement Account is a pre-tax savings account to be used for unreimbursed eligible medical expenses for you
and your eligible dependents. For the 2019 plan year, you can contribute between $52 and $2,650 to your Health Care
Reimbursement Account. This plan contains a $500 carryover provision.


             ELIGIBILITY: This plan is only for employees that are enrolling in the CIGNA OAP CDHP with
             HSA plan for 2019 and can only be used for reimbursement for dental and vision expenses.

If you elect the Health Savings Account Plan (HSA), you may only use the Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) for “limited purpose”
which is dental and vision. You will use your HSA for pre-tax healthcare reimbursements. The FSA will allow you to set aside pre-
tax dollars to pay for eligible dental / vision and medical care expenses that may not be covered by these plans. For the 2019 plan
year, you can contribute between $52 and $2,650 to your Dental and Vision Reimbursement Account. This plan contains a $500
carryover provision.

The Dependent Care Reimbursement Account is a pre-tax savings account for elder care and child day care expenses only. (child
must be age 13 or under). You must be using a day care services provider so that you and your spouse can work. In addition, your
provider of care must furnish you with his/her Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number. By law, the maximum amount
that you may contribute to any Dependent Care Reimbursement Account for your family is $5,000, or $2,500 if you are married and
filing a separate return each calendar year. The minimum contribution allowed by ConvaTec is $52. This plan contains a “Use It or
Lose It” provision so plan carefully!

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) allow you to set aside pre-tax dollars to pay for eligible health care and dependent care expenses
that may not be covered by insurance. The plans provide a significant tax break because you pay for these expenses with your pre-
tax dollars, as opposed to paying for them with money that has already been taxed. The money you deposit is exempt from both
Federal Income Tax and Social Security Tax. Your contribution is deducted from your salary each pay period before taxes are
calculated, so you pay taxes on a reduced amount.

For healthcare expenses, you can use your Discovery Debit Card or complete and submit a paper claim form via fax, mail, mobile
phone or online.
For dependent care expenses, you must complete and submit a paper claim form via fax, mail or online.

What happens to my current 2018 Flexible                                 YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE NEW DISCOVERY DEBIT
Spending Account funds?                                                   CARDS. Funds will be loaded to your existing
If you have $500 or less in your FSA as of December 31, it will                          debit card.
automatically be carried over to your FSA for 2019. Any
funds in excess of $500 as of December 31 will be forfeited
under the ‘use it or lose it’ provision.

                                                                                                                          8|P a g e
          Basic Life Benefit                                    Basic coverage is 2x’s annual salary up to a
                                                                maximum of $2,500,000. Benefit reduced by 50%
                                                                at age 70.
          Accidental Death & Dismemberment                      24-Hour Accidental Death & Dismemberment
                                                                Benefits. No waiting period. 2x’s base annual salary
                                                                subject to a maximum of $2,500,000.
                                      OPTIONAL COVERAGE – EMPLOYEE PAID
          Employee Optional Life                               Purchase or increase your coverage in increments
                                                               of 1x-5x’s your base annual salary to a maximum
                                                               benefit of $2,500,000. Benefit reduced by 50% at
                                                               age 70. Above 4x subject to Evidence of
          Spouse Life Insurance                                Purchase coverage in flat amounts of $25k, $50k,
                                                               $75k or $100k not to exceed your base annual
                                                               salary. All changes or new enrollments subject to
                                                               Evidence of Insurability for amounts over $50k.
                                                               Rates are based on Spouse’s age.
          Child(ren’s) Life Insurance                          Purchase a flat amount of $5,000 per child.
                               You must elect Optional Employee Life to elect Spouse or Child Life

                         Employee (Supplemental Life) & Spouse (Dependent Life)
                    Age            Cost/$1,000              Age              Cost/$1,000

LegalGUARD “LegalEase” is a legal insurance plan underwritten by Nationwide® Mutual
Insurance that provides support and protection for unexpected personal legal issues.

What you get with a LegalGUARD Plan:

• An attorney with expertise specific to your personal legal matter
• Access to a national network of attorneys with exceptional experience that are matched to meet your needs
• In and out-of-network coverage
• Concierge help navigating common individual or family legal issues

The value of a LegalGUARD Plan.

As a LegalGUARD plan member, you have access to a national network of over 18,000 attorneys who are matched to
your specific legal needs. Being a LegalGUARD member also saves you time and costly legal fees. But most importantly,
it gives you confidence and provides coverage* for:

• Home and residential (Buying, selling, refinance, foreclosure, tenant dispute)
• Financial and consumer (Debt collection defense, bankruptcy, document preparation)
• Auto and traffic (Traffic ticket defense, license suspension) METLIFE Legal PlanLe                   2019 EMPLOYEE COST
• Family (Divorce, adoption, name change)                                                                    PER PAY
• Estate planning and wills (Will, living will, power of attorney)                        Employee              $8.11

To learn more about your legal benefits plan, visit www.legaleaseplan.com/convatec or call 1(800) 248-9000.

We are excited to introduce our new U.S. Benefits Website. On this website, you will now be able to view
all your benefits in one place, from anywhere. The site can be accessed online or via your mobile phone.
Go to www.convatecbenefits.com or open your camera app on your mobile phone to scan the following QR

                                                                                                              10 | P a g e
                    ADDITIONAL BENEFITS
As your employer, we are interested in your total wellbeing. ConvaTec offers counseling services in an effort to help you manage
problems before they adversely affect your personal life, health and job performance. The ConvaTec Employee Assistance Program
(EAP) is provided through Cigna at no cost for all employees and their families.
An EAP is a confidential counseling service that is available 24/7 365 days a year. The service is available via a toll-free number or
website and is staffed by professional and experiences clinicians to help address personal issues which might be affecting you and/or
your dependents.
When you call the EAP, a counselor will spend time with you or your family member on the phone to identify the issue, gather
information and provide assistance. When appropriate, the EAP counselor will help schedule an appointment with a Cigna
Behavioral partner for face-to-face meetings.
                                                                              NEW URL:
The Cigna EAP offers:
                                                                              www.mycigna.com Register using full name,
 Phone and electronic access to expert Cigna behavioral consultants
                                                                              birthdate, address and Cigna ID number or SSN.
 3 in-person counseling sessions, per instance
 Financial Services & Referral                                               Non-Cigna members will need to create a
 Legal Consulting & Pet Care & Senior Care solutions                         username and password using full name,
                                                                              birthdate, employer ID.

Save up to 60% on tickets, travel and shopping. It’s no cost to you to join.
        Movie ticket discounts
        Theatre & Event tickets
        Online shopping discounts and more!
                       For more information, visit www.workingadvantage.com or call 1.800.565.3717


 Reach your goals and get rewarded for it!
 With Global Fit Rewards, your commitment to a healthier lifestyle won’t go unnoticed. As an eligible employee, you can
 earn rewards for participating in well-being activities.
 Getting started.
 If you haven’t already, register by going to www.fitbucksrewards.com/convatec. You will need to use your home zip code.
 All full-time employees are eligible to participate after 30 days of hire.
 Once on the landing page, you will have activity tiles to select from that include: physical wellness, emotional wellness and
 financial wellness. You will also see on the landing page the reward associated with each activity.

                                                                                                                         11 | P a g e
If you have an illness or injury, planned or unplanned, of
more than five business days, you must file a claim for Short-    A 401(k) plan is a “defined contribution retirement
Term Disability (STD) benefits. Before you can receive STD        plan” with annual employee contributions limited to
benefits you must satisfy a waiting period of five business       $19,000 for 2019. You can contribute an additional
days, during which you are required to use five days of paid      $6,000 for total of $25,000 if you are age 50 or over in
time off. The benefit for your first approved disability during   the 2019 calendar year.
the calendar year will be paid based on a sliding scale of        Plan Highlights:
tenure as follows:
                                                                     Eligible to enroll after 30 days of service.
  Length of Service      # of Weeks at        # of Weeks at          Automatic enrollment at a 6% pre-tax deferral rate
                              100%                 70%                after 30 days of service.
                         Of pre-disability    Of pre-disability
                                                                     Company matching contributions begin
                             earnings             earnings
                                                                      immediately upon enrollment at 100% of the first
  Less than 1 year          4 weeks              22 weeks
                                                                      4% and 50% of the next 2% that employees defer
  1 up to and               8 weeks              18 weeks
                                                                      up to a total match of 5% of eligible compensation.
  including 4 years
  >4 up to and              16 weeks             10 weeks            Employees are immediately vested at 100% on both
  including 9 years                                                   employee and employer contributions.
  >9 years                  26 weeks             0 weeks             Post-tax Roth 401(k) elections available.
                                                                     Auto-annual increase of 1% each July.
Any subsequent disability filings for STD benefits in the same
calendar year will require an additional 40 hours of paid time
off to be used for the waiting period and the entire approved     TUITION REIMBURSEMENT
disability period will be paid at 70%.                            Reimbursement is limited to $5,250 annually.
                                                                  Reimbursement will be approved by the line
                                                                  Manager with appropriate GOA and Human
LONG-TERM DISABILITY - PRUDENTIAL                                 Resources. The reimbursement for approved courses
                                                                  will be 80% for a grade of A or B and 0% for a C and
If you are disabled for more than 26 weeks, income
                                                                  below. Please reach out to your manager and/or HR
protection may be available under the Long-Term Disability
                                                                  Business Partner for further guidance.
plan (LTD). The LTD plan will pay a benefit of 60% of eligible
pay to a maximum monthly benefit for the duration of the
disability or the Maximum Benefit Period. Please note:

        Receipt of benefits from any other source during
         any period of disability may result in a reduction of
         benefits under the ConvaTec plan.
        Any employee approved and placed on LTD will be
         considered to have an inactive status with ConvaTec
         and is subject to termination with severance if no
         immediate return to work date is known.

                                                                                                           12 | P a g e
Important Benefit Contacts
    Name/Benefit              Telephone             Email/Website                 Mobile App
Benefits                                           benefits@convatec.com
Deanna Baamonde               1.732.515.1693   Deanna.baamonde@convatec.com
Sharon Vance                  1.908.202.2480     Sharon.vance@convatec.com
180 Medical HR                                    HR-Questions@USHDG.com

Benefits Portal                                   www.convatecbenefits.com

Payroll                                              payroll@convatec.com
Workday                                             workday@convatec.com
Advocacy – Health             1.866.695.8622     answers@healthadvocate.com
Medical – Cigna (Group        1.800.244.6224      General: www.cigna.com
#3340291)                                        Members: www.mycigna.com

Dental – Delta (Group         1.800.452.9310        www.deltadentalnj.com
Vision – EyeMed (Group        1.866.800.5457          www.eyemed.com
Pharmacy – Express
Scripts                       1.800.669.3617       www.express-scripts.com
Rx Group: CVTECRX / Bin:
FSA & HSA – Discovery         1.866.451.3399      www.discoverybenefits.com
Group #26267
Employee Assistance           1.877.622.4327          www.mycigna.com
Program (EAP) - Cigna                                Employer ID: convatec

Legal –LegalEase              1.888-416-4313    www.legaleaseplan.com/convatec
Auto & Home - MetLife         1.800.GET.MET8           www.metlife.com
401(k) – Fidelity (Group      1.800.835.5095            www.401k.com
Disability – Prudential       1.800.842.1718    www.prudential.com/mybenefits
(Group #0052939)
Wellness – Global Fit         1.800.591.9900   www.fitbucksrewards.com/convatec
You can also read