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               RPI PRovIdes
            for basketball season

                                    JR ROBINSON
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Vol. 12 No. 2            Life   Wednesday, December 11, 2019

                      'Shop With
 4   Opinion             a Cop'
 8   Showcase            brings
12   Life                Gifts,
20   Sports             Joy to
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         The Piano                             Guys

        Duo brings Spirit of Christmas to Cedar City • Page 8
                                                                           corey baumgartner
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2   Wednesday, December 11, 2019                                               NEWS   Iron County Today

New series to address
 opioid awareness in
     Iron County
        from Kirby Harris                one is struggling. Deaths caused
        For Iron Count y Today           by prescription drug overdoses are
                                         not uncommon in Utah, and our
    Southwest Behavioral Health          community is not an exception.
Center and the Iron County Today         Far more common though are
are happy to announce a new series       those among us who are living
coming in 2020 that will address the     with the overwhelming burden of
opioid epidemic and prescription         an addiction. In a town hall event
drug misuse in our community. The        last spring, the DEA agent in charge
series will focus on stories of people   of Utah, Brian Besser, referred to

in our community                                          these people as “the
who have struggled
with substance
                           We want our                    walking dead.” He
                                                          stressed that we not
abuse and will              community                     forget these people
highlight the efforts           to know                   who are in desperate
being made to                                             need of help. Now is
address this issue.     about the issues                  a great time to seek
Our hope is that we       we are facing                   out those who are
can reduce some                                           struggling, whether
of the stigmas and          and what is                   it is with addiction
misconceptions            being done to                   or another burden.
that surround this                                             We hope that
topic. We want our
                            address the                   for each of you this
community to know              problem.                   season can be, as
about the issues we                                       Charles Dickens
are facing and what is being done to     perfectly put it, “A good time; a kind,
address the problem.                     forgiving, charitable, pleasant time...
    It can be hard sometimes to          when men and women seem by
understand another’s struggles,          one consent to open their...hearts
especially when we have not expe-        freely, and to think of [others] as if
rienced them ourselves. When we          they really were fellow-travelers to
don’t understand those struggles, it     the grave, and not another race of
may even be hard to recognize when       creatures bound on other journeys.”

                                                                       getty images
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Iron County Today                                                               News                                             Wednesday, December 11, 2019       3

Amendment to short-term rental
ordinance considered by council
         by Kelsey Keener                 law I was required to disclose what a
           Iron Count y Today             neighbor’s floor plan was.”
                                              Romeril added that upon bringing
    Cedar City Council is considering     this to attention of the council, it was
amending the short-term rental            requested that the issue be brought
ordinance in Chapter 23 to strike the     forward for discussion. Romeril
requirement of submitting a floor plan suggested what the ordinance could if
with the application.                     the language requiring bedrooms to be
    City Attorney Tyler Romeril           labeled was removed while retaining

explained that the                                        the requirement that
ordinance as currently                                    parking spots be
written requires short-            …by law                disclosed.
term rental owners to
submit a diagram of
                                      I was                    Council members
                                                          suggested replacing
the home’s floorplan
in order to identify the
                                   required               the bedroom diagram
                                                          requirement with an
number and location of          to disclose               affidavit stating how
bedrooms. This was put
in place to ensure that              what a               many bedrooms are in
                                                          the home, so the city
                                                                                                                                                           courtesy photo
                                                                                              Each year Brian Head is transformed into a winter wonderland and
the city could enforce
the maximum occu-
                                neighbor’s                still has grounds to
                                                          enforce maximum occu-
                                                                                                                    powdery playground.

pancy requirements for
short-term rentals.
    “One of (the)
                                 floor plan
                                                          pancy requirements.
                                                               “Couldn’t we achieve
                                                          what the schematic was
                                                                                            Winter roars into
requirements stated
that they needed
to draw a diagram
                                                          intended to achieve by
                                  » Tyler Romeril, adding to that applica-
                                      City Attorney tion some form of an
                                                                                           Brian Head Resort
labeling the bedrooms                                     affidavit saying ‘we have                                                 In addition to our 7 open lifts,
                                                                                              from Mike Saemisch
in their home, as well as parking,” he    this many bedrooms?’” Councilman                                                      Giant Steps Snow Tubing Hill and
explained. “Since doing that, one of      Craig Isom said.                                      For Iron Count y Today
                                                                                                                                the “Training Grounds” Terrain Park
the unintended consequences, I think          Councilwoman Terri Hartley                                                        are open and operating 7 days a
                                                                                            Over 7 feet of snow has already
for everyone, is that application then    echoed the statement, and Romeril                                                     week (Friday and Saturday night
                                                                                        fallen this season on the slopes of
becomes a government record –             said that could be added to the                                                       sessions available) as well. Effective
                                                                                        Brian Head Resort! This abundant
which is subject to a GRAMMA request. application.                                                                              Saturday, we will be moving to full
                                                                                        blessing of “The Greatest Snow
We had a concerned citizen come in            The amendment is on tonight’s                                                     lift-ticket pricing.
                                                                                        on Earth” has created skiing and
and do a GRAMMA request and by            City Council Action Agenda.                                                               And don’t forget to stay for
                                                                                        riding conditions more typical of
                                                                                        mid-January than early December.        dinner with John’s Kansas City style

    Vicinity plans
                                                                                            All runs off open lifts will also   BBQ ribs, an assortment of tasty
                                                                                        be available. This means that with      craft beers because the food and
                                                                                        the exception of Chair 7, we will       entertainment scene is sure to be in

  approved last week
                                                                                        now have all lifts and runs open.       mid-season form too.
                                                                                        Early-season conditions still exist         Be sure to check http://www.
                                                                                        in certain areas, and guests are and/or https://www.
                                                                                        encouraged to stay on groomed 
                                                                                        trails.                                 for the latest info and conditions.
         by Kelsey Keener                  Residential Development Overlay.
           Iron Count y Today              This phase is located at approximately
                                           2800 west 1800 South and will consist
    Cedar City Council approved two        of 37 single family lots ranging from
vicinity plans and a zone change           12,000 to 23,000 square feet. Traffic
during last week’s meeting.                concerns were raised by the council,
    The vicinity plan for the Paradise     so the vicinity plan was approved
Townhomes planned unit develop-            under the condition that the developer
ment, which will be located near           and city engineering department will
821 south Spruce Street, was one of        work together to find a solution for
two approved plans. The PUD will           increased traffic in the area.
consist of four units approximately            An accompanying zone change,
1400 square feet in size and the area      from Residential/Agricultural to
is zoned R-3-M and designated for          R-1, was also approved for the
mixed use.                                 Saddleback Subdivision. The zone
    Also approved was the vicinity         change is consistent with the RDO
plan for the Saddleback Subdivision        that was approved and the city’s
Phase I, which is part of the Iron Horse   General Land Use Plan.
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4       Wednesday, December 11, 2019                                                          NEWS                                                                 Iron County Today


         R. Gail Stahle
                                     From the Editor
            Publisher       Traditionally speaking
     Deborah Martineau
        Office Manager                                              hether you
                                                                    say Merry
                                                                    Christmas or
       Advertising                                       Happy Holidays, how
                                                         will you be spending
          Scott Stahle                                   this “most wonderful
        Sales Manager
                                                         time of the year?” Do
           801.755.5999                                  you and your family/
                                                         friends volunteer at
          Patti Bostick                                  the local food pantry
     Sales Representative            Corey           or shelter? Maybe you
            435.592.1030            Baumgartner          become a Secret Santa
                                     Managing Editor     for a family in need? Do
         Editorial                                       you enjoy the adventure
                                   of going up the mountain and braving the
     Corey Baumgartner
       Managing Editor
                                   elements to find and then decorate your       own Christmas tree? Do you still have those

                                                                                                              Thought of the Week
                                   ornaments you made in school? Perhaps
         Kelsey Keener             you prepare a special meal and watch a
        Senior Reporter     favorite movie such as, A Christmas Carol, A
                                   Christmas Story, or the Grinch? Maybe your                                         from the desk of R. Gail Stahle, publisher
         Tom Zulewski              version of enjoying the season is a simple
         Sports Writer
                                   cup of apple cider and some peace and
                                                                                                “We must remember that intelligence is not
          Shay Baruffi             quiet. Whatever your traditions are, new                     enough. Intelligence plus character—that is
            Reporter               or old, I hope that you embrace and enjoy                           the goal of true education.”
          Trinity Pajón            them. And if you get a moment, share them
            Reporter               with us here at the newspaper.                                                       » Martin Luther King Jr.

          Devin Christ
      Creative Director
                                             Holiday reflections and rituals
       Circulation                 The opinions stated in this article are solely those   which means more pie for me.                    The Thanksgiving Turkey
                                     of the author and not of Iron County Today.             Here are other changes I have noticed:           It was once common for employers to

           Lisa Greer
                                                                                                                                          distribute turkeys to employees. Seemingly,
                                                                                          Company Christmas Dinner
          S. Cedar City
                                          he holidays are often a time for                                                                it appears a rising number of employers
            435.261.2384                  traditions. From tiny gifts stuffed in             Statistics show that fewer companies         simply give out a grocery gift card or no gift
                                          the Christmas stockings to a special            are hosting evening dinners attended by         at all. I suspect one reason is that a large
      Stormee Anderson
     N. Cedar City/Enoch
                                   Thanksgiving recipe or an inspirational                employees and their spouses. Reasons            number of younger employees do not have        family message prior to the                                                                            the cooking facilities in their apartments
        435.592.5724               opening of the Christmas gifts,                                                                        or even the knowledge of how to cook a
                                   many practices are a rewind of                                                                         turkey without viewing a YouTube video.
        Wendy Hanson
     Parowan/Paragonah             past holiday seasons and even

                                                                                                     Cyclops      past generations.                                                                                      Family Dinner
           435.477.9100                But it seems to me that there                                                                          Advice columnists will tell you they
                                   are cracks in traditions, both                                                                         receive a surprising number of letters from
         Iron County Today is      those practiced by employers and                                                                       people objecting to family visits. The people
     distributed free of charge,
     thanks to our advertisers.    by family members. One obvious                                                                         express a range of discomfort, from argu-
    It is hand-delivered to over   change, for instance, stems from                                         by Bryan GRAY
    14,000 households in Cedar                                                                                                            ments about politics to previous comments
      City, Enoch and Parowan      geography. In past generations,                                              Columnist
                                                                                                                                          about living arrangements or strained
     and is available in several
     rack locations in Iron and
                                   family members often lived                                                                             relationships with brothers and sisters.
           Beaver Counties.        near each other, a convenience for family              include costs, alcohol liability, and the       One woman wrote to a Salt Lake Tribune
                                   events. Due to changes in the economy, it is           reluctance for spouses to spend time            columnist with the suggestion that families
     389 N 100 W, Suite 12         common for some family members to live                 interacting with their wife’s or husband’s      should never invite anybody who supports
    Cedar City, Utah 84721         on opposite coasts or separate states. My              co-workers. Instead of a full-blown             Pres. Trump. (The columnist answered that
        Ph: 435-867-1865           wife and I, for instance, have four children:          dinner, many companies – especially             a more productive alternative would be to
       Fax: 435-867-1866
                                   two reside in Las Vegas, one is Oakland,               small offices – either celebrate with an
                                   California, and the other in El Salvador.              employee-only shortened (and some-
                                   None will return to Utah for the holiday,              times) catered lunch.                                                      see cyclops    »5
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Iron County Today                                                                 News                                                 Wednesday, December 11, 2019      5

Utah gets 'A' for fighting child sex trafficking
                 from Richard Piatt                                                                                    in the nation with a grade based on the strength
             Utah At torney Gener al’s Office                                                                          of their laws related to the commercial sexual
                                                                                                                       exploitation of children. Grades are based on an
    SALT LAKE CITY — The State of Utah is now                                                                          annual review of state laws as analyzed under
ranked among the top in the nation for its dedi-                                                                       the Protected Innocence Challenge Legislative
cation to the fight against minor sex trafficking,                                                                     Framework.
according to Shared Hope International. See Utah's
report card here.                                                                                                      States are graded on the analysis and
    In its yearly rankings, Utah received an ‘A’ for                                                                   review of six areas:
its dedication and strength of the state’s laws                                                                        »»Criminalization of Domestic Minor Sex
related to the commercial sexual exploitation of                                                                        Trafficking
children. In 2011, Utah received an ‘F’. The amount                                                                    »»Criminal Provisions for Demand (those who
of progress is due to many factors and dedicated                                                                        buy)
partners, including the tireless efforts of Utah                                                                       »»Criminal Provisions for Traffickers (those who
Attorney General Sean D. Reyes, the Attorney                                                                            sell)
General SECURE Strike Force, the UTIP Task                                                                             »»Criminal Provisions for Facilitators (those who
Force, legislation passed by the Utah Legislature                                                                       help)
and the dedication and commitment of the                                                                               »»Protective Provisions for Child Victims
Governor’s office.                                                                                                     »»Criminal Justice Tools for Investigation &
    “Combatting human trafficking is an absolute                                                                        Prosecution
priority for our office,” said Utah Attorney General                                                    getty images

Sean D. Reyes. “There are incredible, dedicated             heinous activity.”                                            Shared Hope International is a non-profit
people who work hard every day as part of this                 Every year, Shared Hope International, a non-           organization that works to prevent sex trafficking
effort, and that work is far from over. We will             profit organization dedicated to eradicating minor         and to bring justice to women and children who
continue to do everything we can to fight this              sex trafficking, releases report cards for each state      have been victimized through sex trafficking.

« Continued from page 4

alert everyone in advance that politics would be off
the table at the dinner.) Another person showed a
hesitancy to attend a family dinner since the “head
of the household” had made previous slurs against
the gay community.

The Christmas Tree
    You are no longer a Scrooge if you decorate an
artificial tree. Whether it be less cost, less hassle, or
less clean-up, the trend is nothing new.

Christmas Spending
    While spending continues to increase, there
appears to be less money spent on traditional gifts,
especially clothing. In many cases, parents write
out checks to adult children letting them “buy what
they really want”. There is also a trend for parents
giving sons and daughters “experiences” rather than
material gifts (a spring Disney cruise or a vacation
in Paris, for instance). One of my clients rejoices in
giving each of his grandchildren a bound pad of 100
$1 bills. “Then I take them to the Dollar Store and
watch as they gleefully shop the aisles,” he laughs.
Charitable Gifting
    While current tax laws limit tax deductions, more
of my friends are involving their family in making
major charitable gifts rather than spending on
typical presents. This is especially true for high-in-
come families, which could have a serious economic
impact since the top 10% of income households
account for nearly half of all economic activity.
    Hopefully, one tradition in the Cyclops household
won’t change…Taking time for a peaceful nap…after
eating the coconut cream pie of course!
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6      Wednesday, December 11, 2019                                                                 NEWS                                                          Iron County Today

     Below are bookings as reported by the Iron County Sheriff’s
    Department and Cedar City Police Department. Those arrested
                                                                            Iron County realtors receive awards
     are innocent until proven guilty. For a juvenile the name is
    “(Male/Female) Juvenile Offender” and juvenile is of age less                 from Mari Eddy                 »»Citizen of the year: Scott        »»President’s Award: Heather
                            than 18 years.
                                                                                 For Iron Count y Today            Phillips – Cedar City Council       Ashdown Roundy – ERA Realty
December 3              MITCHELL                December 8                                                       »»Awareness Award: Carter             Center
                                                CHRISTOPHER W                 The Iron County Board of             Wilkey – IPro Realty              »»Realtor of the Year: Yvonne
                        Cedar City, UT
                        Aggravated Assault,
                                                MOREN                     Realtors would like to congratu-       »»Distinguished Service: Diane        Simonds – Century 21
Cedar City, UT                                  Castle Rock, CO
Assault (2), False
                        Intoxication, Poss of
                                                DUI, Open Container       late their members who received          Janes – Coldwell Banker
Info, Intoxication
                        Dangerous Weapon
                        by Restrc, Resist/
                                                in Veh                    the following awards for 2019.         »»Rookie of the Year: Coby Zobell      Congratulations for your hard
(2), Accident Prop
Damage, Duties of       Interfere w/Arrest      JOHN C KURZAWA                                                     – ERA Realty Center               work and service to our board
                                                Cedar City, UT
                                                Aggravated Assault,
                                                                          »»Affiliate of the year: Roger         »»Broker of the Year: Joel          and to the community.
                        December 6                                         Thomas – Choice Builders                Hickert – Stratum Real Estate
JERRY G NICHOLS                                 Intoxication, DV –
Cedar City, UT          JEFFREY O               Threats Against Life/
Assault                 LANGSTON                Property
MALE JUV                Cedar City, UT          ASHLEY M HUDDY
OFFENDER                Retail Theft            Las Vegas, NV
Cedar City, UT          BRENNEN J               DRUG – Poss C/S
Rape                    TEEPLES                 Marijuana/Spice,
                        Enoch, UT               Poss of Stolen
                                                Credit Cards, Poss
OFFENDER                Witness Tampering
                                                of Forged Writing/
Cedar City, UT          ADAM J GREEN                                                                                                                                     Finance
                                                Device, DRUG – Poss
Burglary of a
                        Cedar City, UT          C/S Sched I/II/Analog,                                                                                               Director Jason
                        Protective Order        Identity Fraud, Mail                                                                                                Norris reads his
MALE JUV                Violation, Failure      Theft – Less Than                                                                                                  nomination for and
OFFENDER                to wear seat belt/      $1000
Cedar City, UT
                                                                                                                                                                   introduces Accounts
                        properly adjust belt    CARL A GRAVES
Intoxication,                                                                                                                                                      Payable Clerk Rhean
                        JASON E. ORTEGA         Cedar City, UT                                                                                                     Carlson, December's
Disorderly Conduct,
                        Cedar City, UT          DRUG – Poss C/S
Fail to Stop at
                                                                                                                                                                     Employee of the
Command of Police,      Assault, Interlock                                                                                                                                Month.
                        Device Req, Drive       DRUG – Poss C/s
Resist/Interfere w/
                                                Sched I/II/Analog
Arrest                  on Susp/Revoke DL,
                        Threats Against Life/   SHAWN G ORTON
December 4              Property                Cedar City, UT
                                                DRUG – Poss w/
                                                Intent to Dist C/S,
Cedar City, UT          Cedar City, UT          DRUG – Poss of Drug
Retail Theft,           Intoxication            Paraphernalia
Obstructing Justice     MALE JUV                COREY D HILL
TYRELL T                OFFENDER                Cedar City, UT
ROBINSON                Cedar City, UT          Protective Order
Cedar City, UT          Poss/Purchase of        Violation (2), Theft/
Fail to Remain at       Tobacco by Minor        Firearm or Operable
Accident – Damage                               Veh, Purch/Trans/
                        MALE JUV
                        OFFENDER                Poss/Use of Firearm
                                                by Rstrc, Assault
                        Cedar City, UT
December 5              Telephone
                                                Against Police/Mili-
                                                tary Member, False
CHRISTOPHER D           Harassment              Info to Police Officer,
FERGUSON                                        Criminal Mischief
Delta, UT               December 7              (2), Aggravated
Assault                                         Burglary, Assault w/
                        MICHAEL T               Substantial Body
Cedar City, UT                                  injury, DV -Presence
                        Iron County Jail,       of Child, Child
Criminal Mischief –     Cedar City, UT                                                                                                                                       kelsey kkener
Intentional Damage,                             Abuse – Inv Phys Inj,
                        DRUG – Poss/Use of      DV – Interruption
Deface, Destroy

                                                                          Carlson named December Cedar
                        Controlled Substance    Comm Device
Property (2 Counts)
                        DANA A
CHRISTOPHER A           LANGSTON                December 9
                        Cedar City, UT

                                                                            City Employee of the Month
Kanosh, UT                                      ANDRE ADAMS
                        Retail Theft
DUI, DRUG – Poss                                Cedar City, UT
C/S Marijuana/Spice,    BRYSON H                DRUG – Poss C/S
DRUG – Poss/Use         LINDSEY                 Marijuana/Spice
of C/S                  Cedar City, UT
LEXAS J TURNER          Burglary of a           CORNISH
Ogden, UT               Dwelling, Theft,        Baltimore, MD                             by Kelsey Keener                         to have a quick turnaround time in invoice pro-
Impaired Driving        Purch/Trans/Poss/       Purch/Poss/Consume
                                                                                            Iron Count y Today                     cessing,” Norris said. “(Carlson) is a strong team
                        Use of Firearm by       by Minor Measurable
ELIZABETH V             Restrc                  Amount
                                                                                                                                   member on our staff and is a great coworker.”
Enoch, UT               LANCE D MANN            GRANT F IRIS
                                                                              Accounts Payable Clerk Rhean Carlson was                Norris added that Cedar City is fortunate to
DRUG – Poss C/S         Las Vegas, NV           Cedar City, UT            named the December Employee of the Month                 have Carlson on staff for all she does within the
Sched I/II/Analog,      DRUG – Poss C/S         Purch/Poss/Consume        during last week’s city council meeting.                 department.

DRUG – Poss of Drug     Marijuana/Spice,        by Minor Measurable
Paraphernalia           DRUG – Poss C/S I/      Amount                        Finance Director Jason Norris nominated
Cedar City, UT
                        II/Analog, Poss of
                        Stolen Credit Cards,
                                                LEXIS S KELLER
                                                West Jordan, UT
                                                                          her for the award and said in addition to
                                                                          managing accounts Carlson helps the city’s
                                                                                                                                          (Carlson) is a strong
Forgery, Theft - $500
to $1500
                        Poss of Forged
                        Identity Fraud
                                                by Minor Measurable
                                                                          finance department with things like grants and
                                                                          fixed assets. Norris added Carlson is efficient
                                                                                                                                            team member on
                                                                                                                                             our staff and is a
CHAVARRIA               THOMAS T                ALYSON M                  and accurate, and has recommended process
                        WELLINGTON              LAMOREAUX
Cedar City, UT                                                            changes in order to accommodate vendors more
DUI, Open Container
in Veh, DUI – 21 w/
                        Cedar City, UT
                        Aggravated Assault,
                                                Cedar City, UT
                                                Purch/Poss/Consume        effectively.                                                        great coworker.”
Passengers under        Damage/Interruption     by Minor Measurable           “She effectively resolves difficult situations
21 (2)                  Comm Device             Amount
                                                                          for vendors and is diligent in working with staff                                         » Jason Norris
Iron County Today                                                                       News                                                             Wednesday, December 11, 2019     7

    Iron County Pioneers helped survey the
          Transcontinental Railroad
                by Jay M. Jones                                                                                                         other. Martineau writes:
                For Iron Count y Today                                                                                                      “It was a fearful moment. Once I felt the bush
                                                                                                                                        loosen a little, as I thought, and my heart flew into
    One of the early pioneers to Iron County went                                                                                       my throat with the awful feeling that I was about
on to contribute to important events from Montana                                                                                       to be dragged over the cliff to the rocks beneath
to Mexico, including surveying part of the first                                                                                        — eighty or ninety feet! But the bush held, and in a
transcontinental railroad of 1869.                                                                                                      moment, Larkins was up and crawling rapidly to the
    James Henry Martineau arrived in Parowan in                                                                                         level top on hands and knees.”
April 1851 as a single young man 23 years of age,                                                                                           Not knowing where the Union Pacific rail line
three months after the first pioneer company came                                                                                       (coming from the east) would meet the Central
to Southern Utah. During his first year, he was                                                                                         Pacific lines from the west, the Union Pacific survey
elected as Parowan City Recorder and clerk of the                                                                                       crew continued surveying west of the Promontory
county court. He taught school for the month before                                                                                     range. Martineau mentions that the party suffered
Christmas, and was married to Susan Johnson in                                                                                          much from thirst and from eye inflammation due to
January of 1852 at Johnsons Fort (now Enoch).                                                                                           sun glare on the salty desert.
    In following years in Parowan, Martineau learned                                                                                        After the completion of the transcontinental
surveying under the direction of William Dame,                                                                                          railroad, Martineau helped with the Central Utah
became a notary public, helped form a dramatic                                                                                          Railroad. Later, the Utah and Northern Railroad
company, and led the choir. He had Barney Carter                                                                                        was created to build a line from Ogden to the
make him a Base viol, which he believed was the                                                                                         mines around Butte, Montana. Martineau was
first one made in Utah.                                                                                                                 involved in surveying, mapping and engineering
    In 1860 he moved to Logan and was kept busy                                                                                         for this railroad.
surveying many settlements and towns in Cache                                                                                               In 1883 Martineau moved to St. David, Arizona,
Valley. He was one of the founders of the Logan                                                                                         where he continued his work as a surveyor. He
Dramatic Association.                                                                                                                   was also involved with explorations into Mexico,
                                                            A transcontinental railroad survey party                                    and in 1890 moved to Colonia Juarez in the state of
Railroad Surveyor                                              poses for an 1868 photo showing difficulties                             Chihuahua, Mexico.
    Martineau describes part of his experience                encountered in the northern Utah mountains.
surveying for Union Pacific during the summer of         Courtesy A. J. Russell, Photo Collection at the Oakland Museum of California   “A World Transformed” Exhibit
1868:                                                   it sweltering hot.”                                                                The Southern Utah Museum of Art (SUMA) is
    “While assisting in the Union Pacific railroad           On one occasion, the survey path led along a                               currently hosting a traveling exhibit commemorat-
survey down the Weber Canyon we had a very hard         narrow ledge of a cliff. One of the chainmen named                              ing the completion of the transcontinental railroad
time. The river had overflowed the bottoms on each      Larkins panicked, and Martineau told him to hold                                150 years ago. One of the panels in the exhibit tells
side from one to five feet deep, and to make it worse   still and not look down. Martineau then climbed                                 about James Henry Martineau, surveyor for the
our survey line ran through a dense growth of tall      above Larkins, reaching down with a pole with                                   Union Pacific Railroad.
willows which shut out every breath of air, making      one hand while holding onto a small bush with the
8                                                                                                                                  Wednesday, December 11, 2019

           Arts &
      in Iron County

      Christmas Together
                  Piano guys bring holiday cheer to Cedar City

       by Corey BAUMGARTNER                  Dreams” from the movie, “The                                             as Schmidt played the piano
              Iron Count y Today             Greatest Showman” and then                                               upside down and Nelson fell asleep

                                             took the audience back to their                                            playing the (boring) Cello parts
                ith their signature sounds   favorite Christmas with a song                                               of “Pachelbel’s Canon.” Which,
                and inspiring words and      “Christmas Morning,” dedi-                                                     thankfully, the Guys changed it
                music, the piano guys,       cated to his son, Spencer. He                                                   to Rock-elbel’s Canon, making
    Jon Schmidt (Piano) and Steven                                                                                            it more palatable for the ears
    Sharp Nelson (Cello), brought                                                                                             while Schmidt’s dancing
    the spirit of Christmas to Cedar                                                                                          entertained the eyes. The
    City during their “Christmas                                                                                              Guys also did a Jingle Bono
    Together” tour. Their seasonal                                                                                           Christmas song mashup with
    songs included several                                                                                                  their famous version of U2’s
    special guests: violinists                                                                                            “With or without You.”
    from Canyon View High                                                                                                    During a brief pauses in their
    School, bagpipe players, and                                                                                      performance, Nelson, who has roots
    Nelson’s talented wife, Julie,                                                                                    with the Orchestra of Southern
    on violin. During his own                                                                                         Utah, shared heartfelt messages that
    cello solo, Nelson played                                                                                         not only applied to the Christmas
    all 12 cello parts of “Carol                                                   also dedicated one of their most   season, but to every season in our
    of the Bells”, renamed “Jack                                                  famous and requested songs,         life. He spoke to those learning to
    Sparrow of the Bells”, because                                               Christina Perri’s “A Thousand        play an instrument and shared his
    it is reminiscent of music from                                            Years” to his wife of 28 years,        empathy of the difficulty, but also
    Pirates of the Caribbean.                                                  Michelle.                              the beauty. “It gets better” he said.
         Schmidt followed playing his                                              There was plenty of witty banter
    beautiful rendition of “A Million                                          and humor throughout the concert                     see Piano guys       » 10
                                                                                                                                            photos by corey baumgartner
Iron County Today                                                             showcase                                                   Wednesday, December 11, 2019          9

Holiday concert features
    Many Miles duo
       from Jim Howells                   “The Solitude of Here” in 2006
        For Iron Count y Today            to international critical acclaim
                                          and soon gained the attention of
    Iron County Acoustic Music            Swedish singer/songwriter Victoria
Association (ICAMA) presents a            Lagerström who reached out to him
very special holiday show with            to collaborate. Victoria, a former
the talented acoustic duo, Many           Miss Sweden, soon booked a ticket
Miles 7:00 pm, Friday, December           to Utah to write and record their
13 at Community Presbyterian              first album. After a whirlwind                                                                                              courtesy photo
Church, 2279 N Wedgewood Lane,            romance, they were married on
Cedar City. All are welcome. A $5
suggested donation supports the
shows and promotes live acoustic
                                          a sagebrush hill in Zion National
                                          Park. Victoria never used her return
                                          ticket to Sweden.
                                                                                          14th Annual Red Rock Film
music in Iron County.
    Drawing inspiration from
their home of Zion National Park,
                                              The couple has several albums
                                          to their credit and has toured
                                          extensively in the US and Europe.
                                                                                          Festival schedule announced
the sound of Many Miles is best           Many Miles music was recently                  Nov. 4-7, 2020 • Cedar City                   Nov. 13-14, 2020 • St. George
described as a blend of John Mayer,       featured in a commercial on all                The Red Rock Film Festival is Southern        Red Rock Film Festival’s RFM Conference
Amy Winehouse, Dave Matthews              national and global American                   Utah’s annual international film festival     This is the Red Rock’s larger film festival
Band and Adele. With two power-           Airlines flights. The newest Many              featuring several red-carpet premieres,       with seminars and workshops on the
house songwriters/lead vocalists          Miles album “Rising Up” will be                panels, seminars, and parties with            art of film and marketing indie films.
                                                                                         approachable, professional people. The        Several films make their way to Southern
Many Miles connects with a wide           released in the Summer of 2020                 film competitions with award-winning          Utah from small studios to pros and new
range of audiences with their funky       and will be the tenth of their com-            judges include several from Fiction and       filmmakers with new stories. Get behind
soul/pop/rock sound and unique            bined albums. The couple will be               Documentary features to Animation Shorts,     the scenes of films “on the Red Grid” that
blend of styles.                          touring across the western United              Music Videos and even student categories.     are awaiting broader distribution. www.
    Dave Tate’s early musical             States to support the album.                   Audience members are invited to score
                                                                                         their favorites with remote control voting.
influences include Paul Simon, Jeff           More information and band        
Buckley, Sting, and Dave Matthews.        tracks can be found www.many-
Tate released his solo album,   

                                                                        courtesy photo
 The live acoustic music of Many Miles is sure to put many smiles on the faces of
                    those who attend their upcoming concert.
10    Wednesday, December 11, 2019                                               showcase                               Iron County Today

How to shop: principles                                     piano guys
                                                            « Continued from page 8

   or pocketbook?                                           “It will get so good you will feel like you’re flying.” He
                                                            added passionately, “It’s worth it, don’t give up.”
          by Mary Anne ANDERSEN                                 Before playing the “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel”
                Cedar Cit y Arts Council                    he also expressed the importance of the Christmas

                                                            story being more important than ever to share.
         he world is competing for our attention at         “With fear and anxiety threatening to become our
         this time of year, especially for our time and     captors, the hope the Christmas story brings gives
         money. It is hard to decide whether to stick       us the ability to overcome the world and replace
to your principles or succumb to the enticing of            fear and darkness with hope and life…ransoming us
our over-wrought consumer society. We have
                                                            away from these captors.”
choices: big-store brick and mortar shopping,
on-line shopping, or local mom-and-pop shop-                    With gratitude for all those involved in not only
ping. My principles tell me to support our small,           making the concert at the America First Event
local shops, and I do. But this time of year, that can      Center at SUU a success, they thanked all their
be a tough call.                                            dedicated fans for helping them get to where they
     It was all so visual a couple of weeks ago when        are today. “We couldn’t be the piano guys without
we went to Salt Lake City for the weekend to see            you, Utah,” they shared. What a gift for us, the dorky
a play, eat out, and do some shopping. Our first            dads you helped make into rock stars.” They also
restaurant meal was at a well-known chain. The              took a moment to give thanks to God for “miracles
decor was beautiful—wonderful Christmas gar-                stitched end to end” throughout their career.
lands, trees, ribbons and bows wherever we looked.              Their final song “Fight Song” was a tribute to
The display cases were bursting with breads and             superheroes, but not the Hollywood type. Nelson’s
desserts; the menu was standard but beautifully             superhero is his dad, who took care of his mom for
prepared and presented. We sat at a table by the            18 years when she had a brain tumor. “Superheroes
fireplace and were served by teenagers who were             are the ordinary people that overcome extra ordi-
scrubbed, cheery, and identically dressed. I loved          nary challenges. Those who meet struggles face to
it. The next day, we ate lunch at a hole in the wall        face and smile at it. They rescue us from our own
with mis-matched furniture, servers with pierced            self-pity because they handle more than us with
everything, and tattoos abounding. When I asked             grace and gratitude,” he shared. He also asked the
for a soda, the reply was withering: they don’t             audience to think of what their own superheroes
serve products of big corporations. The food was            have taught them during life’s unfair, uncertain
                             anything but standard,
                                                            fights. Nelson said to turn their battles over to grace
                             and all from local
                             resources. It was good and     and let grace do the fighting for us.
                             I felt like I was saving the       The evening ended perfectly and peacefully with
                             planet.                        the audience joining in the singing of “Silent Night.”
                                  The shopping was          Sleep in heavenly peace Cedar City.
                             the same. We went
                             to City Creek and
were completely dazzled by the beauty and
ambience. It was warm, with piped Christmas
music, and every store window was a work of
art. The associates in each store were beau-
tifully dressed, eager to please, and offering
great sales. It seemed like the thing to do to
patronize these palaces of capitalism. We were
ready to spend money.
     But then, things started to go awry. My sister
was looking for sets of pajamas for her grandkids
and they had some sizes but not all. Another
sister had looked for a book for her daughter-in-
law at a little local book store; $26.00. The size
of shoe I wanted was not available, but did I like
this other style?
     We re-grouped on a bench and went—you
guessed it—online. The pajamas were available in
all required sizes with a choice of colors. Shipping
was free. The book was available on Amazon for
$9.00. Shipping was free, would arrive the next day.
I don’t buy shoes on line, but I checked anyway. My
size was available in two colors. Shipping was free.
     So, the lessons were clear: buy online and
get exactly what you want, for much less, or
walk the malls and take what is available, for
more cost. My principles were taking a beating.
I believe in local—food, merchants, resources
– but I also know a bargain when I see one. If I
buy local, I must spend more and compromise.
It’s a toss-up on the restaurants.
Iron County Today                                                          showcase                                               Wednesday, December 11, 2019        11

Son of a Nutcracker                                                                   Festival of Trees
I                                                                                    offers holiday spirit
     t’s the time of year people pre-    (?) as they perform in a culturally
     tend “The Nutcracker” ballet is     stereotypical fashion. Prince
     a fun holiday activity. If you’re   Nutcracker sits next to Clara
one of the lucky few who never
sat through this weird production
involving multi-headed vermin,
                                         cracking walnuts with his jaw like
                                         some football jock.
                                             Mother Ginger shows up in
                                                                                       and family fun
living toys and one unsettling old       drag with a skirt full of tumbling
man, here’s a recap.                     children, then there’s a flower                  by Kelsey Keener                      didn’t always feel like they had a
     Picture a festive house in the      waltz and dancing pipes and tons                   Iron Count y Today                  place to come together,” he said.
late 1800s with dozens of dancing        more pirouetting before the Sugar                                                      “So we thought that by doing this it
guests, skipping children and            Plum Fairy takes the stage to               The seventh annual Festival of             would be some way to just invite the
happy servants, basically it’s the       make everyone else look clumsy           Trees took place last week at the             community in without admission. It’s
“12 Days of Christmas” come to           and insipid. It’s all performed          Randall L. Jones Theatre.                     a way to sort of give back what we
life. Young Clara and her obnox-         to Tchaikovsky’s musical score              The festival consisted of deco-            can, and all the money and proceeds
ious brother, Fritz, are the ballet      that stays in your head through          rated Christmas trees donated by              go to the (Iron County) Care and
version of little kids crazy-excited     January.                                 members of the community, and the             Share.”
for Christmas. (The ballet version           In the end, it turns out it was      Christmas Village set up by Southern             Community members were
differs from real life because           all a dream, as most stories involv-     Utah University dance and theatre             welcome to view the trees on display,
ballet dancers don’t speak, where        ing young girls and adventure turn       arts students.                                participate in a coloring contest and
real children don’t shut up from         out to be.                                  Theatre Arts and Dance Chair               encouraged to donate non-perish-
Thanksgiving to Christmas                    I told you that story to tell you    Brian Swanson said the festival offers        able food items for the Iron County
morning.)                                this story.                              a chance for the community to come            Care and Share. The festival also
     Dr. Drosselmeyer, Clara’s               When I was a gangly 11-year-         together.                                     included Christmas book readings
super-creepy godfather, appears          old, still full of hope, I auditioned       “It felt for years that it was the         and a silent auction for the various
at the party dressed                                                              university and the community; it              trees.
like Count Chocula
and presents her

                                                       Life &
with a wooden
nutcracker. Clara
is over-the-top
ecstatic, for reasons
I’ll never understand.
I guess children
                                                      by Peri Kinder
had a different
relationship with                                         Columnist
nutcrackers in the
19th century.                            for Ballet West’s “The Nutcracker.”
     Clara’s brother is SO jealous       As the audition drew nearer, I
of the gift (right??) that he flings     practiced every spin and ara-
the nutcracker across the room,          besque I’d ever learned. I played
because really, what else can you        the music all day until my dad
do with a nutcracker? Clara’s            walked into my room, removed
despondent. She wraps his broken         the album from the turn table and
wooden body in a sling (like ya          smashed it into pieces with his
do) and falls asleep on the couch,       bare hands.
snuggled to her nutcracker.                  I showed up at the audition
     During the night, the Rat King      with my hair pulled into a bun
and his minions sneak into Clara’s       so tight it closed my eyes. An
home, because why not? She wakes         elegant dancer performed several                                          The Festival of
up and freaks out. The nutcracker        steps that we practiced for a few                                       Trees is a beautiful
                                                                                                                 annual tradition that
turns into a handsome soldier and        minutes, then we performed for                                           brings SUU and the
wields his sword to defeat the           the judges. It was over so quickly.                                     community together
rodent army.                             As dancers were given roles as                                             for the holidays.
     “Nutcracker! You’re my hero!”       soldiers, party goers and mice, I
screams Clara, if people in a ballet     held my breath.
could talk.                                  But my number wasn’t called. I
     “That’s Prince Nutcracker to        was heartbroken.
you, peasant,” he sniffs in panto-           Maybe decades later I’m
mime, before taking her to the           insulted that the ballet judges
magical Land of the Sweets ruled         couldn’t see my awkward talent.
by the Sugar Plum Fairy who has          Or maybe I’ve endured enough
an unclear but definite sexual rela-     versions of this tale to see it’s
tionship with Prince Nutcracker.         craziness. And if “The Nutcracker”
     While in the Land of Sweets,        is your family’s favorite holiday
Clara watches dancers from               tradition, ignore my opinion. It’s all
Russia, Spain, China and Arabia          a dream anyway.
                                                                                                                                                      photos byKelsey Keener
12                                                                                                                           Wednesday, December 11, 2019

         Community &
      Personal Interest
        in Iron County

      Shop With a Cop
                                                  brings Gifts, Joy to Local kids
                                                          by Kelsey Keener                       Hopefully in their youthful minds they’re thinking,
                                                           Iron Count y Today                    ‘they’re doing this for me and how can I maybe pay that
                                                                                                 forward,’” Chief Adams said. “I would like to think that
                                             Students selected by the Iron County School         perhaps that does send a bit of a message and certainly
                                        District went shopping for gifts with local emer-        I hope for the community it shows that if we can come
                                         gency responders from various agencies during           together as a community and raise money and select
                                           the annual Shop With a Cop last Saturday.             these children and then come and execute the plan on
                                                    Every year during the holiday season the     this Saturday morning that it’s a good model for service
                                                 ICSD selects students who may be expe-          far and wide.”
                                                   riencing difficult circumstances to
                                                    participate in the event. Fundraisers
                                                     such as Tip a Cop and the Jubilee of
                                                     Trees are held to provide funds for
                                                    the children to shop with, and other
                                                  donations are collected throughout the
                                                  year as well.
                                                       “We work through the school
                                                  district: around 100 kids are selected;
                                                  those that have fallen on hard times or
                                                  otherwise wouldn’t have a very merry
                                                     Christmas,” Cedar City Police
                                                      Chief Darin Adams said.              After an
                                                      “We meet at Canyon View          early morning
                                                       High School Saturday             breakfast at
                                                       morning at 6:30. We           Canyon View High
                                                                                     School, the children
                                                       pair every child with a      received a police escort
                                                       first responder, pictures      to Wal-Mart where
                                                      with Santa are taken,          they were greeted by
                                                   the Lady Elks organization             Santa Claus.
                                     provides breakfast for all of us and then we
                                    convey lights and sirens up main street from
                                     canyon view all the way to Wal-Mart.”
                                          The kids are given $100 to shop with and a
                                      certificate for a new pair of shoes, also provided
                                       by the Lady Elks.
                                             Chief Adams explained many of the partici-
                                         pants shop for others, not just themselves.
                                             “It’s not uncommon for children to
                                         purchase things that may not be toys – cloth-
While the police                         ing, necessity items,” he said. “Even more than                In
  can sometimes                          that, it’s becoming more and more frequent that            addition to helping provide for the children who
  be the bearers                                                                                    participate, Chief Adams said the event helps foster
of bad news, last
                                         they are thinking of others, ‘I’d really like to get
 saturday they had                       my sister something or my mom something.’” That community relationships.
 the opportunity to                     causes some emotions to surface in our public                   “Many of these children come from unfortunate
  create good news                     safety officials because, they’re there for them-            circumstances and so in addition to the benefit of this
 and help make the                     selves, the spotlight is on them in those moments            money and gifts that perhaps they wouldn’t otherwise
 lives of children in
need more bearable                    and they’re thinking not only of themselves but of            have, it’s building relationships with these kids and
and enjoyable with                    others and how they can serve others.”                        our public safety partners to set a foundation of trust
a special Christmas                      He added that he hopes the event helps serve as a and understanding about what we do,” he said. “And
   shopping trip at                  model for service and helping others.                          also building relationships to where, if they’re ever in
      Wal-Mart.                                                                                     need, they trust the police and they know that they can
                                        “We go out and we volunteer our time to serve,
                                    which really doesn’t feel like service or work, but             come to us because they’ve had a positive experience
         photos courtesy of ccpd    hopefully we’re modeling this behavior for others.              shopping and building those memories.”

     R P I pr o v i d e s
     intrigue                 o n
    ba s k e t ba l l s e a s
                                    JR ROBINSON

2   Winter Sports 2019-'20   | cedar high school   Iron County Today
a s k e t b a l l

                                                  h B y C o a c h e s ,
T-birds                            Selected Fourt
                                                   fifth By Media in
                                                                                                                                          0    Damani McEntire
                                                                                                                                               Jakolby Long

                                                Big Sky Preseason Polls
                                Poll                                                                                                                                      G
   Big Sky Coaches                                                                                                                             John Knight III
                                Points                                                                                                    3
 Team                                                                                                                                                                     G
                          (1st-place votes)                                                                                               4    Dre Marin
                                96 (8)                                                                                                                                    F
 1. Eastern Washington                                                                                                                         Maizen Fausett
                                 87 (3)                                     by Bryson Lester                                              12
 2. Montana                       86                                                                        on                                                            G
 3. Weber State                   71                              SUU Ath let ics Str
                                                                                      ate gic Commu nic ati
                                                                                                                                          13   Chase Verdugo
 4. Southern Uta    h                                                                                                                                                     C
 5. No rth ern Co lorad o         65
                                                                                 ults of the 2019-20 Big
                                                                                                               Sky Preseason Men's        14   Daouda (David) N'Diay
                                  59              FARMINGTON — The res                                 wit h   the Thunderbirds being                                     G
 6. Portland State                42                     lls Po lls we re  rel eased on Thursday,                                              Harrison Butler
                                              Baske  tba                                                   dia.
                   te                                                       ches and fifth by the me
       nta  na Sta                                                                                                                        15
 7. Mo                                                                                                                            poll
 8. Northern Ari  zon a           35          picked fourth by the coa              nd erb ird s ha ve  been picked in either                  Josh Cornish
                                  32                  s is the  hig he st the   Thu                                   3 sea son .         21
                                                  Thi                                                         201 2-1
 9. Sacramento State                                                         Conference ahead of the                                                                      F/C
 10. Idaho State
                                  21          since joining the Big Sky r program to be selected the highest ever                        22    Ivan Madunic
                                   11             "It is encouraging for                                   Todd Simons aid. "The                                          G/F
 11. Ida ho                                                                   polls," SUU head coach                                           Cameron Oluyitan
                                              in the Big Sky preseason                                ism ,  which has really            23
                                                          y  an d cam  pu s  ha s had great optim                                                                         F
                                                                                                                                               Dwayne Morgan
                                              commu    nit
                                              energized the program."
                                                                                                               favorite by the
                                                                                 s picked as the league                                                                   F
     Big Sky Media Po
                                  ll              Eastern Washington wa                 ies  we  re pic ked   as  the favorites by the         Andre Adams
                                                                          ntana Grizzl                                                   32
                                Points        coaches, while the Mo                                                                                                       F
 Team                     (1st-place votes)   media members.                                                  gram and those are the     33    Jarryd Hoppo
                                                                                p aspirations in our pro
                               354 (13)           "We have championshi                                 day ,"  Simon added.
 1. Montana                                                                 d on each and every
              te               345 (12)       standards we are focuse
 2. Weber Sta                   330 (9)
 3. Eastern Washington
                                                                                                                  p us has

 4. Northern Co  lorad  o       275 (2)
                                                                                           m u n it y  a nd  ca m
 5. Southern Utah
                                 220                                             The com                   m  , wh ic h  has
 6. Portland Sta
 7. Montana State
                                                                                   had grea  t o p  ti m is
 8. Northern Ari  zon a           150

                                                                                           en e rg  iz ed  the  pro gram.”
 9. Sacramento State               92
 10. Idaho Sta
 11. Idaho
                                   48                                                                               U head coach         » Todd Simons, SU

Iron County Today                                                                                                     Southern utah University    | Winter Sports 2019-'20   3
Schedul es

mens Basketball                                    Womens
Nov 5	Bethesda College W, 110-66
Nov 9         Nebraska       W, 79-78        Nov 1	Ottawa, Arizona W, 104-59
Nov 13           BYU         L, 63-68        Nov 7    Cal State Fullerton W, 79-63
Nov 18           UCLA         L, 61-76       Nov 9         Utah Valley       W, 71-58
Nov 23  Charleston Southern W, 80-45         Nov 14      Grand Canyon        L, 65-69
Nov 24  East Tennessee State L, 58-70        Nov 19           UNLV       W, 72-68 OT
Nov 29  West Coast Baptist     12 pm         Nov 21      Oregon State        L, 45-95
Dec 1    Loyola Marymount        2 pm        Dec 3	Oral Roberts                12 pm
Dec 7       Utah Valley         2 pm         Dec 6          UC Irvine       6:30 pm
Dec 14   UC Santa Barbara       2 pm         Dec 16           Denver            11 am
Dec 19    Long Beach State       8 pm        Dec 19      UC Riverside       6:30 pm
Dec 30     Portland State        8 pm        Dec 30     Portland State      6:30 pm
Jan 2         Montana            7 pm        Jan 2           Montana             7 pm
Jan 4      Montana State        2 pm         Jan 4      Montana State            2 pm
Jan 9        Idaho State         7 pm        Jan 9        Idaho State       6:30 pm
Jan 16	Northern Arizona          7 pm        Jan 16    Northern Arizona      6:30 pm
Jan 18	Sacramento State          1 pm        Jan 18    Sacramento State      2:05 pm
Jan 25  Eastern Washington       3 pm        Jan 25	Eastern Washington          2 pm
Jan 27          Idaho        7:30 pm         Jan 27           Idaho         6:30 pm
Jan 30      Weber State          7 pm        Jan 30       Weber State            7 pm
Feb 1       Idaho State          7 pm        Feb 1         Idaho State           2 pm
Feb 6	Northern Colorado          7 pm        Feb 6     Northern Colorado         7 pm
Feb 8      Portland State       2 pm         Feb 8       Portland State          3 pm
Feb 13    Sacramento State       8 pm        Feb 13	Sacramento State        6:30 pm
Feb 15    Northern Arizona       4 pm        Feb 15	Northern Arizona            2 pm
Feb 20   Northern Colorado       7 pm        Feb 20	Northern Colorado 6:30 pm
Feb 22      Weber State          7 pm        Feb 22      Weber State            2 pm
Feb 27	Eastern Washington        7 pm        Feb 27   Eastern Washington     7:05 pm
Feb 29          Idaho            7 pm        Feb 29           Idaho              2 pm
Mar 5      Montana State         7 pm        Mar 4      Montana State       6:30 pm
Mar 7          Montana           7 pm        Mar 6          Montana         6:30 pm
                                             Mar 9-14 Big Sky Tournament          TBA
                                                             @ Boise
Jan 9	Nebraska                     12 pm
Jan 11 Best of Utah @ Rio Tinto      7pm
Jan 18      New Hampshire           5 pm
Jan 24	BYU                          7 pm
Jan 31        Utah State            7 pm
Feb 7      Central Michigan         7 pm
Feb 14        Utah State            7 pm
Feb 21        Iowa State            7 pm
Feb 24        Pittsburgh            7 pm
Feb 28	Boise State                  7 pm
Mar 5         Boise State           6 pm
Mar 14            BYU               7 pm
Mar 21 Conference Championship      6 pm
             @ Boise State
Apr 2-4        Regionals             TBA
Apr 17-18 NCAA Championship          TBA

 4   Winter Sports 2019-'20       | Southern Utah University                            Iron County Today
b a s k e t b a l l
                                                                                                     Sr.     G
                                                                      2    Rebecca Cardenas
                                                                                                     R-Sr.   F
                                                                      4    Ashley Larsen
                                                                                                     So.     G
                                                                      10   Claudia Armato
                                                                                                     R-Jr.   F
                                                                      11   Megan Kamps
                                                                                                     Fr.     G
                                                                      12   Halle Livingston
                                                                                                     Fr.     F
                                                                      14   Shalyn Fano
                                                                                                     Fr.     G
                                                                      20   Madelyn Eaton
                                                                                                     Sr.     G
                                                                      21   Kiana Thomas
                                                                                                     Sr.     G
                                                                      23   Harley Hansen
                                                                                                     R-Jr.   F
                                                                      24   Jessica Chatman
                                                                                                     Fr.     G
                                                                      25   Margarita Satini
                                                                                                     Fr.     G
                                                                      30   Alexa Lord
                                                                                                     R-So.   F
                                                                      32   Rebecca Black
                                                                                                     So.     C
                                                                      34   Hannah Robins
                                                                                                     Jr.     F
                                                                      40   Darri Frandsen

   G y m n a s t i c s
                     Jr.   Madison McBride
Morgan Alfaro                                     Sr.
                     Fr.   Megan McBride
Celine Barney                                     So.
                     So.   Karley McClain
Mayson Bentley                                    So.
                     Jr.   Shylen Murakami
Mikaela DeFilippo                                 Jr.
                     Fr.   Hannah Nipp
Ruby Hernandez                                    Sr.
                     Fr.   Becky Rozsa-Thompson
Kayla Horton                                      So.
                     Sr.   Rachel Smith
Autumn Jorgensen                                  Fr.
                     Jr.   Tiffani Stufflebeam
Molly Jozwiakowski                                So.
                     So.   Stephanie Tervort
Caitlin Kho                                       Fr.
                     Fr.   Nikki Thomas
Kaylee Kho                                        So.
                     Jr.   Emma Wissman
Alyssa LaDieu
Madison Loomis

Iron County Today                                       Southern utah University   | Winter Sports 2019-'20   5
e s i n t ri g u e
                               RPI provid
                                                                        for basketball season                                                                           debated over the sum
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Hills and
                                                                                            re have                 another game back.                                       In girls soccer, Desert
                                                                While media around he                                                                any of them                                                   ion title.
                                                                                            gion 9 is                   The RPI wasn’t kind to                          Snow Canyo     n sha  red   the     reg
                                                                                         Re                                                             t at UVU.                                                   w were
            by Tom Zulewski                                 gushed abou  t ho  w  go od
                                                                                                                    despite all four ear   nin g a  spo
                                                                                                                                                            t seed at   Hurricane, Cedar and
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Pin   e    vie
                                                                                     ha t quite
                                                                                         sn’                                                       hig hes                                                              order,
               iro n Cou nt y Tod ay                        against each other, it                                      Snow Canyon was the                    came     the next thr   ee  in the   fin   ish    ing
                                                                            e  pla yof f time.                                          wa   s nin th, Ced  ar                                        tie    the    Tig  ers
                                                            translated com
                                                                                            ion title, but          No. 7, Desert Hills                ned   No . 11,   separated by a single                               top 11
                                                                Dixie didn’t win the reg                                                                                                                               the

                                                                                                                                              ngs ear                                                       re    in
                                               of sports                                       mp Pine              in 10th and the Musta                               earned. All fiv  e  tea  ms   we
          ith the winter season                             was seeded No   . 3. Re gio n  cha                                          tha  t gra bbe d  a  bye .                                     rrio   rs   we   re  hig hest
                  g  an    en   tra nce    ,  the                                      Hil ls No . 8 and            the very last spot                  ion, No. 12     of the RPI, and the Wa
          makin                                                                      t                                                              reg
                                                 h the      View was No. 5, Deser                                       Amon  g the res  t  of the
                                                                                                                                                                        at No. 3.
          reaction brought on wit                                                  d pa  st Ce da r late to                                      ie didn’t let their                                               d out in the
                             ke   all  ga    me  s count    Snow Canyon    pu she
                                                                                              Pan thers and         Hurricane and No. 15 Dix                                 Snow Canyon got knocke
RPI – designed    to  ma
                                                            finish as the No. 9. On
                                                                                     ly  the                                                                                               by  Uin   tah   ,  bu   t all other
                                  ss    – ha   s bee n                                                                                                                  opening round
for postseason worthine                                                                                                                                                                                          Hil ls was the
                                                                                            , dissection
                                                                                                                                                                                                       ser   t
                                                                                                                                                                        seeds held to form. De

mixed to this   po  int .
    For some teams, the ben
                                          efits were
                                                                      Let the spec u la tion                                                                            only region tea    m   to  rea   ch     the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        1 Ogden
                                                                                                        .                                                                                               ine   .  No

                                                                                and craziness begin
                    ers   ,  it lef t  som     e puzzling                                                                                                               but lost to No. 2 Ridgel                         big
valuable. For oth                             of “why did                                                                                                               beat the Riverh     aw  ks  to   win      the
                                 est  ion
feelings and the big qu                                                                                                                                                 tro ph y.
we end up here?     ”                                                                                                                                                                                          ds leading to
                                       ll season                                                                                                                             With all basketball roa
    As the region basketba                                                                                          play-in games stop the
                                                                                                                                                  m as they won                                       ry,    let   the specula-
                    n 9    thi  s  we   ek, here’s a                                      es Stadium for the                                          rode the wave     Weber State in Februa                         begin. As
begins for Regio                         what’s to          Flyers got to Rice-Eccl                                 and advan   ced . The   Fly ers
                                                                                                                                                                        tion, dissectio  n   an d  cra   zin  ess
primer to get you ready
                                  for                                        d   bo  th we   re beaten pretty                              sem   ifin als – beating                                      a   rep   eat    as state
                                             dow along      semifinals, an                                          all the way to the                                  the Cedar girls look for
come in the col   d-w  eat      he r win                                                      ds – Park City                                             along the                                                          RPI will
                                 mp   ion    shi ps from    badly by the top two see                                Cedar in  a lat e-n igh  t ma   tch
                                                                                                                                                                        champion – un     bea   ten   or   no    t –  the
with a recap of the cha                                                      res   pec  tiv ely  .                                         g  to  eve  ntu al cham-                                        lon    g  run  .
                                                            and Sky View,
                                                                                      go t eve   n stranger.        way – before fallin                                 only be a number in the
the fall:                                                       In vol ley ba ll, it                                pion Green   Ca nyo  n.
                                      sketball will be                                            had a major
    First big-deal thing: Ba                                    The top fou    r  tea  ms   all
                                                                                                                         And the Wolves’ oppo
                                                                                                                                                      nent was the
                                                                                                                                                                             Follow Tom Zulewski
                                                                                                                                                                                                              on Twitter @
                 to  be     inc  lud  ed for the RPI.                                       in the    region, but                                      No. 4 in the                                               inator19@
the only sport                             ans the top      dogfight for first place                                Thunder.  No . 9  go t bea   t by
                                                                                                                                                                        TommyZee81       or   em  ail    tom
With 21 teams in 4A, tha
                                  t  me                                       d   Sno  w   Ca nyo   n  emerged                               t the   re were upset
                     kin    gs   ear  n   the    bye and    Desert Hills an
                                                                                              3.   Ce da r was      final. Whether or no                and will be
11 in the final ran                         nd   of the     to share the crown at
                                                                                                                    specials alo ng   the   wa  y  can
                              ond    rou                                                             ffs  was
a free pass to the sec                                      a game back an      d  Cri ms   on   Cli
state playoffs.

   6   Winter Sports 2019-'20                                                                                                                                                                     Iron County Today

Iron County Today   canyon view high school   | Winter Sports 2019-'20   7
Schedul es

Boys Basketball                             Girls Basketball
Dec 17        Snow Canyon           7 pm    Dec 11             Dixie            7 pm
Dec 19          Richfield           7 pm    Dec 18	Snow Canyon                  7 pm
Dec 20           Kearns             7 pm    Dec 26-28 Hodson Cancer Classic
Dec 26       SHCC San Juan          7 pm    Jan 8           Hurricane           7 pm
Dec 27     SHCC Rowland Hall     6:30 pm    Jan 10         Desert Hills         7 pm
Dec 28         SHCC Uinta       12:30 pm    Jan 15            Cedar             7 pm
Jan 7           Hurricane           7 pm    Jan 17          Pine View           7 pm
Jan 9         Desert Hills          7 pm    Jan 22        Crimson Cliffs        7 pm
Jan 14            Cedar             7 pm    Jan 24            Dixie             7 pm
Jan 16          Pine View           7 pm    Jan 29        Snow Canyon           7 pm
Jan 21       Crimson Cliffs         7 pm    Jan 31          Hurricane           7 pm
Jan 23            Dixie             7 pm    Feb 5          Desert Hills         7 pm
Jan 28	Snow Canyon                  7 pm    Feb 7             Cedar             7 pm
Jan 30         Hurricane            7 pm    Feb 12          Pine View           7 pm
Feb 4          Desert Hills         7 pm    Feb 14       Crimson Cliffs         7 pm
Feb 6             Cedar             7 pm    Feb 18          1st Round             TBA
Feb 11         Pine View            7 pm    Feb 21          2nd Round             TBA
Feb 13       Crimson Cliffs         7 pm    Feb 27-29   State Tournament          TBA
Feb 18        4A 1st Round            TBA                @ Weber State
Feb 21        4A 2nd Round            TBA
Feb 27-29 4A State Tournament         TBA
             @ Weber State                         Wrestling
                                            Dec 12             Dixie            7 pm
       Swimming                             Dec 13-14 Mustang Stampede          3 pm
                                            Dec 17       Millard Tri-Duals      5 pm
Dec 17     Dixie, Snow Canyon   6 pm        Dec 19            Cedar         7:30 pm
Dec 20         Desert Hills     6 pm        Dec 20-21 Desert Storm Tourney      3 pm
Jan 3       Red Rocks Invite    3 pm        Jan 9           Pine View           7 pm
Jan 4       Red Rocks Invite    2 pm        Jan 10-11    Iron Town Duals        3 pm
Jan 10    Cedar January Invite 3 PM         Jan 16	Snow Canyon                  7 pm
Jan 11    Cedar January Invite 2 PM         Jan 17-18 Page, AZ Tournament      11 am
Jan 17     Meet with SLC Team   6 pm        Jan 23         Desert Hills         7 pm
Jan 18     Meet with SLC Team  11 am        Jan 24-25 Enterprise Tournament     3 pm
Jan 24-25	Region Swim Meet	TBA              Jan 30          Hurricane           7 pm
Feb 7-8     State Swim Meet      TBA        Feb 7-8 Divisional Tournament         TBA
                  @ BYU                                 @Mountain Crest
                                            Feb 13-15 State Tourney at UVU        TBA

Iron County Today                                                                       canyon view high school   | Winter Sports 2019-'20   11
Schedul es

Boys Basketball                                Girls Basketball
Dec 5           Enterprise           7:00 pm   Dec 11          Hurricane        7:00 pm
Dec 7          Juan Diego           7:00 pm    Dec 12         Timpanogas        7:30 pm
Dec 10          Hurricane           7:00 pm    Dec 13           Bingham         7:00 pm
Dec 13         Cedar Valley          7:00 pm   Dec 14         Copper Hills      2:00 pm
Dec 14             Lehi                  TBA   Dec 18             Dixie        7:00 pm
Dec 15             Dixie             7:00 pm   Dec 26-28    Hodson Classic          TBA
Dec 26-28 Hodson Cancer Classic          TBA   Jan 8          Desert Hills     7:00 pm
Jan 3            Parowan            7:00 pm    Jan 10      Pine View Middle     7:00 pm
Jan 7          Desert Hills          7:00 pm   Jan 15        Canyon View        7:00 pm
Jan 9           Pine View           7:00 pm    Jan 17       Crimson Cliffs     7:00 pm
Jan 14        Canyon View            7:00 pm   Jan 22	Snow Canyon              7:00 pm
Jan 16        Crimson Cliffs         7:00 pm   Jan 24          Hurricane       7:00 pm
Jan 21        Snow Canyon            7:00 pm   Jan 29             Dixie         7:00 pm
Jan 23          Hurricane            7:00 pm   Jan 31         Desert Hills      7:00 pm
Jan 28             Dixie            7:00 pm    Feb 5           Pine View       7:00 pm
Jan 30         Desert Hills         7:00 pm    Feb 7         Canyon View       7:00 pm
Feb 4           Pine View            7:00 pm   Feb 12        Crimson Cliffs     7:00 pm
Feb 6         Canyon View           7:00 pm    Feb 14        Snow Canyon        7:00 pm
Feb 11       Crimson Cliffs         7:00 pm    Feb 19      1st Round Playoff        TBA
Feb 13	Snow Canyon                  7:00 pm    Feb 21     2nd Round Playoff         TBA
Feb 18 First round state playoffs        TBA   Feb 27-28 State @ Weber State        TBA

        Swimming                                     Wrestling
Jan 3     Thunder Cat Invitational 5:15 pm     Dec 12        Crimson Cliffs       7 pm
Jan 4     Thunder Cat Invitational 9:30 am     Dec 17 Millard vs. Iron County	TBA
       Swimming Academic All-State             Dec 19      Canyon View Duel       7 pm
  Applications Accepted Jan 7th - Feb 4th      Dec 20-21     Holiday Classic        TBA
Jan 10     January Invitational 5:15 pm                        @ Las Vegas
Jan 11     January Invitational 9:15 am        Jan 9       Snow Canyon Duel       7 pm
Jan 24	Region 9 Championships 5:15 pm          Jan 10-11    Iron Town Duels	TBA
Jan 25	Region 9 Championships 9:15 am          Jan 15        Pine View Duel       7 pm
    Practice for all swimmers that were        Jan 17-18    Rockwell Rumble         TBA
   submitted for state Jan 27th – Feb 7th                     @ Farmington
Feb 7-8    4a State Meet @ BYU         TBA     Jan 23        Hurricane Duel       7 pm
                                               Jan 24-25 Enterprise Tournament      TBA
                                               Jan 28          Beaver Duel          TBA
                                               Jan 30       Desert Hills Duel     7 pm
                                               Feb 7-8 Division/Region Division B   TBA
                                               Feb 14-15      State @ UVU           TBA

 12   Winter Sports 2019-'20        | cedar high school                                   Iron County Today
schedul es

Boys Basketball                               Girls Basketball
Dec 13          Gunnison              7 pm    Dec 13       Buffalo Classic       6:30 pm
Dec 18         South Sevier           7 pm    Dec 14       Buffalo Classic            TBA
Dec 20          Duchesne              7 pm    Dec 19          Gunnison              7 pm
            Hodson Classic                    Jan 7           Enterprise            7 pm
Dec 26          Hurricane              4 pm   Jan 14	Kanab                          7 pm
Dec 27           Uintah            12:30 pm   Jan 16           Millard              7 pm
Dec 28       Crimson Grand          3:30 pm   Jan 21           Beaver               7 pm
Jan 3             Cedar               7 pm    Jan 23	Enterprise                     7 pm
Jan 8           Enterprise            7 pm    Jan 30            Kanab               7 pm
Jan 11            Piute               7 pm    Feb 4            Millard              7 pm
Jan 15	Kanab                          7 pm    Feb 6	Beaver                          7 pm
Jan 17           Millard              7 pm    Feb 11-12   State First Round           TBA
Jan 22	Beaver                         7 pm    Feb 14-15 State Second Round            TBA
                                                           @ Snow College
Jan 24	Enterprise                     7 pm
                                              Feb 20-22     State Tourney            TBA
Jan 31            Kanab               7 pm
                                                        @ Sevier Valley Center
Feb 5            Millard              7 pm
Feb 7            Beaver               7 pm
Feb 11-12   State First Round           TBA
Feb 14-15 State Second Round            TBA             Wrestling
             @ Snow College
Feb 20-22     State Tourney            TBA    Dec 14     Parowan Tourney          9 am
          @ Sevier Valley Center              Dec 17       Dual-Panguitch         7 pm
                                              Dec 20    Virgin Valley Tourney     4 pm
                                              Dec 21    Virgin Valley Tourney    10 am
                                              Jan 4        Milford Tourney        9 am
                                              Jan 7       Dual-Enterprise         6 pm
                                              Jan 10      Gunnison Tourney     1:30 pm
                                              Jan 11      Gunnison Tourney        9 am
                                              Jan 16         Dual-Beaver          7 pm
                                              Jan 21         Dual-Milford         7 pm
                                              Jan 24     Enterprise Tourney         TBA
                                              Jan 25     Enterprise Tourney         TBA
                                              Jan 28         Dual-Kanab           6 pm
                                              Jan 31     Divisional Tourney	TBA
                                              Feb 1      Divisional Tourney	TBA
                                              Feb 7-8       State Tourney           TBA
                                                        @ Sevier Valley Center

Iron County Today                                                                           parowan high school   | Winter Sports 2019-'20   13
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