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International Schools Guide

International Schools Guide

March 2018 International Schools Guide

International Schools Guide

1 EDITOR’S MESSAGE International schools set fine examples for an all-rounded education The growing popularity of international schools is a direct result of parents’ general dissatisfaction with the mainstream education system where the emphasis lie on quantity instead of quality, where rote learning predominates over reasoning and imagination, and where examination results override every other consideration, not to mention the intense drilling for primary school students created by the TSA, or BCA, or whatever new acronyms the education bureaucrats can come up with!

International schools offer a welcome alternative, and are increasingly held in high regard by parents because of their innovative curriculum and liberal teaching methodology. Traditional schools focus on dishing out information en masse in order to complete a demanding syllabus, whereas international schools encourage and support students to seek the knowledge and answers for themselves. The holistic education is effective in nurturing children to become intelligent, all-rounded whole persons who can realize their full potentials.

Many students dread school because of the totally unjustifiable load of homework that they must finish every night, robbing them of time to develop their interests outside text books, and the precious opportunities of bonding with parents and siblings.

Term breaks and vacations do not bring relief as assignments would multiply from each and every subject teacher. Some over-zealous parents are partly to blame because they put pressure on the school for rigorous drilling, and complain when their children seem to have too much spare time at home for iphones, TV games and other electronic gadgetries. It is perfectly correct to pay attention to children’s schooling and personal development, but an overprogrammed, over-protected or over-reliant child could turn out to be a misfit and a failure later in life. Positive reinforcement and encouragement for our children is one thing, relentless pressurization and regimentation is quite another.

In assembling experts from this education sector, The Standard’s International Schools Fair will provide you with the most updated information, and answers to a comprehensive range of questions to help you make the optimum choice for your children. Features Editor

International Schools Guide

International Schools Guide 2018 2 01 06 10 08 12 14 16 18 Editor’s Message YCIS Embraces Integrated Subject Learning The primary education specialist Co-curricular programme develops a child’s full potentials A Unique International Community School Personalized learning with a holistic approach Embedding joyful and lasting memories in every student’s heart Contents NAIS Hong Kong Campuses shine with excellence 20 Cultivating curious students with the passion to learn Terms and Conditions Apply LONDON ¥ HONG KONG ¥ NEW YORK Venture Studios Hong Kong venturestudioshk Find us on: COME & ENJOY A VENTURE PHOTO EXPERIENCE FOR ONLY HK$500 PACKAGE INCLUDES: - 1 HOUR PHOTO SESSION - 1 HOUR EXCLUSIVE PHOTO REVIEW - PROFESSIONAL PHOTO EDITING EXPERIENCE - 7” x 5” SOLID WOOD, PAINT COATED DESK FRAME HANDMADE IN UK (ORIGINAL PRICE $2,500) Exclusive Offer!


International Schools Guide

March 2018 International Schools Guide | International Schools Guide 2018 4 “International Schools Guide” is published by The Standard Display Advertising Department 3/F, SingTao News Corporation Building, 7 Chun Cheong Street, Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate, Tseung Kwan O, NewTerritories, Hong Kong Advertising Hotline: (852) 3181 3311 Fax: 2758 3579 All rights reserved. 22 24 26 28 30 31 33 Students learn best with strong academics foundation coupled with remarkable peak moments ESF students shine with stellar university offers Letting Children Lead: Developing Skills for the Next Generation Go green by staying home Directory Revival of the Han dynasty Preparing Today’s Children for Tomorrow’s World Features Editor: Andy Ng Reporters: Ambrose Li Business Director: Irene Chan Website: Email: Contents Global Education YCIS prepares students to face the challenges of the unknown future and equips them to embrace the world with confidence.

To learn more, contact us now to book your private tour or register for an upcoming information session. Tel: 2338 7106 | | Nowwelcoming applications for 2018-19 Going Beyond Borders Strong bilingual focus Ages 6 months to 18 years International curriculum 100% university acceptance Multicultural environment Up to 7 years of Secondary scholarships Why choose YCIS?

International Schools Guide

International Schools Guide 2018 7 6 YCIS Embraces Integrated Subject Learning The Integrated Curriculum for Years 7 to 9 is the new Middle School programme at Yew Chung International School (YCIS), reinforcing the school's vision of a vibrant learning community of self-directed, globally minded and enthusiastic life-long learners. Students at YCIS are engaged in authentic educational experiences that develop and nurture them as they develop into young adults. YCIS uses flexible teaching methods to ensure that the needs of all students are met, whatever their learning style, helping them to develop life-long skills so that they graduate as global citizens.

Each year, the integrated programme will be introduced to the next year level and will eventually run from Year 7 through to Upper School (Year 10 and above). At each stage, teachers will concentrate on nurturing this approach in order to help students connect with their peers, their classroom area, their teachers and the school as a whole.

The new curriculum combines the traditional classroom, where teachers are the subject experts, with the ‘integrated programme,’ where students approach the topics with a skills-based emphasis as they gain expertise. The new learning areas will be used in many different ways so that students benefit from the flexibility of their new learning space. The current high standards of YCIS will be maintained as students gain the necessary skills to outwardly communicate the knowledge they are inwardly gaining.

Collaborative learning spaces YCIS is the first school to bring the concept of learning communities from USA company Fielding Nair International (FNI) to Hong Kong.

Students from Years 7 to 9 and their teachers have already been enjoying the benefits of this concept and have made the transition towards deeper, more integrated subject learning. Now the other parts of the YCIS Secondary campus are transforming as well, in order to facilitate flexible and collaborative learning communities. How subjects are combined For selected periods of the timetable the whole year group of Middle School and all relevant teachers can unite and link subjects. For example, students exploring why and how people write autobiographies in an English lesson were able to link their research to a major river in Asia—the Yangtze.

Looking at the river's birth point, its trickle to gain momentum and the landmarks along its journey towards the sea became a fascinating 'life journey'— an autobiography from the river’s viewpoint. Students could choose to work in small groups or pairs to plan and present a unique piece of creative written work.

A ‘non-classroom’ environment Students and year group teachers are now able to use the open-air podium space, which offers a 'nonclassroom' environment, intended to inspire. Their various subject teachers collectively plan and execute the sessions, mixing and overseeing the students’ work. The flexible learning spaces have been specifically designed to facilitate observational, information-based, project-based, spontaneous, peer and individual learning. With a range of seating and gathering options, students are able to select the optimum setup for their own personal learning needs.


Amar Sharma, Head of Year 7 has found the new arrangements to work exceptionally well, saying, “In just a short time, we have already seen advanced student collaboration and positive responses. The Learning Communities do help maximizing students’ engagement and inspire them in a lot of ways.” Mrs. Cecille Nazareno, Year 8 Team Leader added, “Because of the free flow design of the learning areas, it really supports the integrated subjects learning. The whole floor is their classroom.” The designs have been developed over several months, with input and guidance from academic leaders and specialists, and the project is set to significantly enhance the YCIS learning spaces and bring them up to speed with the school's progressive international curriculum.

Flexible learning spaces are created to provide areas for a range of activities, albeit in an individual setting, peer learning or group settings. Another advantage of collaboration with such an environment is the limitless adaptation options, as per learning objective calls for.

With a range of seating and gathering options, students are able to select the optimum setup for their own personal learning needs.

International Schools Guide

International Schools Guide 2018 8 Co-curricular programme develops a child’s full potentials Students at Mount Kelly School go through an extended, rewarding school day as they participate in a variety of intellectual, social and physical activities and co-curricular programmes. O pen since September 2017, Mount Kelly School Hong Kong (MKSHK) provides an outstanding curriculum developed by eminent educators in the UK. Aside from adopting the world’s best in contemporary educational practices, it also offers quality opportunities for students to develop their interests and realize their full potentials.

In line with the school pattern in Mount Kelly in the UK, a school day in MKSHK runs from 8.30 am till 4.30 pm each day. The school of course recognizes the importance of children making significant academic progress. There is, for example, a strong emphasis on incorporating the Chinese language as an integral part of a student’s overall knowledge. And the importance of information technology in the modern world is underlined by lessons in coding, robotics, programming and usage of state-of-the-art technologies. But the school also ensures that every child is given opportunities to discover interests and talents beyond the classroom, helping them build character, teamwork skills and self-confidence.

Having an extended school day means that children can complete homework in their 20-minute ‘Prep’ session after lessons, and then they have access to school clubs each day from 3.30 to 4.30 pm when they can try something new, or focus on improving their development in a specific area, from sports, music, arts, computing, public speaking, to learning a new language or calming skills, such as yoga and mindfulness through art. The school prides itself on, for example, its very popular table tennis programme which is designed by world champion Wang Hui ( 王輝 ), and taught by China’s National Coach Jin Yin Hua ( 金恩華 ).

The beauty of this arrangement is that it bolsters family bonding. When pupils return home, they can have a relaxing time for interest pursuits, read, talk to family members, have dinner together and go to bed at a good time so their brains are fully rested for the next day. This schedule obviates bad practices like completing tedious hours of homework, being argumentative with parents and going to bed very late and exhausted. The co-curricular programmes encompass a diverse range of sports, performing arts, technology, communication and leadership training, such as the Shackleton Programme designed to develop and celebrate leadership qualities and teamwork.

Through the programme, students and their parents participate in various activities like mountain hikes and kayaking whereby they gain valuable life skills. The teachers at Mount Kelly all are highly qualified and committed to nurturing student’s confidence, social development, physical well-being, intellectual growth and academic success. All campuses feature state-of-the-art facilities, and pupils are given the opportunity to transfer between campuses.

  • All Mount Kelly School Hong Kong graduates will be granted guarantee placement at Mount Kelly UK Senior School in Devon, England. This advantage provides seamless transition from Preparatory school into one of the UK’s leading Senior Schools, which in turn will lead to excellent university placements across the world. Mount Kelly School Hong Kong Admissions Office Shop 1, G/F, Austin Tower, 152 Austin Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong Tel: 2157 9557 Email:
  • Mount Kelly School Hong Kong EDB Provisional Registration Number: 609781
  • Mount Kelly International Preschool EDB Provisional Registration Number: 608092 C M Y CM MY CY CMY K
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With 465 years of heritage, Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong offers a long standing tradition of primary education excellence and exceptional learning experiences within a world class facility. Founded by Royal Charter in 1552, Shrewsbury School is one of Britain’s best reputed schools and among the original nine ‘Great Schools’ of Britain. This August, it will be bringing its almost 500-year heritage and commitment to excellence to its world class site in Tseung Kwan O for primary students.

Unique and tailored education for students Shrewsbury welcomes children into a community that pursues both academic success and personal development.

Students are given outstanding opportunities to shine in class as well as in other areas, such as the concert hall, art studio, design centre or sports grounds. Classrooms and curriculum have been designed to foster partnership and participation, allowing every child to experience the unique blend of traditional educational values and innovative teaching methodology that will benefit them for life.

Students are encouraged to explore the ideas, principles and beliefs of others, while developing a refined understanding of their own strengths through a programme of study founded upon the rigour of the English National Curriculum. With an understanding that children learn as much from one another as they do from their teachers, the provision at Shrewsbury is driven by the benefits of collaboration, fostering academic excellence within a nurturing and stimulating environment and bringing out the best in every child. Remarkable benefits of the English National Curriculum Young children learn best when they are engaged and enthralled.

Shrewsbury delivers a topic-based curriculum to immerse students fully within a rich and enveloping series of lessons, considerately designed to best embed key learning concepts. The school’s close connection with the English National Curriculum provides a rigorous structure upon which student performance can be accurately gauged, allowing for helpful school performance comparisons, and improving consistency when reporting to parents.

State-of-the-art purpose-built site The school’s attention to detail and commitment to specialist provision are instantly visible through its newly built site. The design of a purposebuilt school facility has enabled the development of a range of functionspecific spaces for students to learn within and be inspired. This determined focus extends to the care with which the age-specific needs of students have been carefully considered, nurturing them in the refurbished facility that has been designed with great diligence and driven by specific expertise.

  • Seamless and personalised transition Shrewsbury understands that every child is unique and this purposeful clarity has inspired a truly bespoke programme of student transition. Working closely with families, staff help to identify and shape the emerging strengths and ambitions of each student during their primary years. Drawing upon the practice of its sister school in the UK, Shrewsbury will offer a personalised programme of transition that begins with a family meeting as children enter Year 4. Gathering together crucial thoughts and ideas at this early stage will allow parents to make a careful selection and a considered application. The individual characteristics of each child and the personal circumstances of each family will also be considered, shaping the selection process. Shrewsbury’s detailed knowledge of schools both within Hong Kong and beyond will provide the context required for parents to make an informed decision. Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong 10 Shek Kok Rd, Tseung Kwan O Tel: 2480 1500 Fax: 2480 1231 Website: Email: The Mr Ben Keeling, Principal of Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong primary education specialist Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong is a brand new British curriculum Primary School in Tseung Kwan O Meet our teachers at the Site Welcome Centre Learn more about our British Curriculum Date: 22 March 2018 Time: 1 PM / 3 PM / 5 PM Date: 14 March 2018 Time: 1 PM - 2 PM Hear more about Personalised Learning at Shrewsbury Date: 24 March 2018 Time: 1 PM - 2 PM | +852 2480 1500 | Exceptional People
  • Outstanding Opportunities
  • Academic Excellence BRIGHT FUTURES FOR RIGHT START The School opens in August 2018 th th nd Register Online C M Y CM MY CY CMY K
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International Schools Guide 2018 12 With the aim of creating inquisitive students that seek to see the world beyond them, Discover Bay International School provides a curriculum that supports learning everywhere you go. Discovery Bay International School (DBIS) is very different from other international schools in Hong Kong. Centered in the wonderful community of Discovery Bay on the beautiful island of Lantau, the school derives much strength from its tranquil location and surrounding active community. Establishing and maintaining strong, caring, respectful, and supportive personal relationships is key to the DBIS ethos.

Their approach allows the school’s outstanding teachers to work in tandem with supportive and inspirational parents in focusing upon the individual. It also allows students to concentrate on the challenging task of learning, growing, and developing as individuals. international curriculum with British characteristics and a distinctive learning journey that begins in Early Years (age 3-5), progresses to the Primary school (age 6-11), and culminates in the Secondary school (age 12-18). The DBIS student experience is characterised by small class sizes, creative approaches to teaching and learning, and a broad range of extracurricular activities.

DBIS is incredibly ambitious for their students. They are intent on ensuring that every learner is supported and encouraged to reach their individual potential. The school sees itself as an international community committed to the constant pursuit of excellence in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for all students.

High expectations and the pursuit of excellence are fundamental to their approach to learning at DBIS. From the Early Years, to the Primary and into Secondary, the school is focused on developing independent learners who are curious about the world around them and have desire to explore and enquire. They want to create learners who thrive when faced with a challenge and who are increasingly exposed to dynamic, active and engaging opportunities and experiences both inside and outside the classroom. Students are encouraged to take part in the wider life of school through participation in the extensive extracurricular activities programme.

DBIS offer over 30 different activities throughout the academic year. Students have the ability to pursue their individual passions and interests or challenge themselves with something new.

Discovery Bay International School Discovery Bay, Lantau Island, Hong Kong Tel: Early Years: 2914 2142 Primary/Secondary: 2987 7331 Email: A Unique International Community School

International Schools Guide

International Schools Guide 2018 14 Every child is unique. American School Hong Kong (ASHK) addresses each child’s needs - academically, socially, and emotionally – with an accurate individual assessment and provides the specific supports, guidance, and learning experiences aligned to these needs. The learning experiences at the American School Hong Kong are unique in that they incorporate world renowned programs into an integrated approach to learning that supports and encourages innovation and creativity.

Personalized learning experiences start from the use of formative, summative, and standardized assessment data to drive instruction around the needs of the child. For example, teachers use reading benchmark data (obtained from a comprehensive US standardized assessment administered in the classroom by the teacher) along with each child’s Rasch Unit (RIT) score (obtained from an additional standardized assessment - Measures of Academic Progress - MAP test) to develop a personalized learning plan.

Each child’s learning can then be compared and analyzed in great depth, allowing the school to provide a comprehensive program that prepares each child to continue their academic journey in any top school in the world. All-rounded education ASHK offers a holistic American and international education program taught by North American teachers. Its rigorous curriculum includes the US Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) with an IB Diploma option. Lessons are lively and interactive using a STEAM integrated approach that incorporates science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics.

Rather than looking at the blackboard and listening to never-ending lectures, students are guided to ask, imagine, plan, create, and improve. As a result, they are able to share their understandings using different modalities, allowing for a more individualized experience.

Learning is a pleasure in a caring and nurturing environment where children feel safe, secure, and respected. In addition to academic studies, a school counselor is there to provide social and emotional support in the classroom as children learn how to resolve conflict and how to offer support for each other. These lifelong skills are invaluable as they bloom and grow. Interested applicants are invited to forward an expression of interest to Admissions Director at: Personalized learning with a holistic approach Standing at the forefront of education, American School Hong Kong develops wellrounded, motivated, and thoughtful global citizens, equipping students with the academic, social, and entrepreneurial skills required for success in the 21st century.

American School Hong Kong 6 Ma Chung Road, Tai Po, New Territories, Hong Kong Tel: 3919 4111 Email: Website: MAKING A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE World-class American School in Hong Kong American School Hong Kong (ASHK) is a KG to Grade 12 non-profit, college preparatory school offering a holistic American and international education taught by qualified North American teachers who inspire, motivate and challenge students to achieve excellence.

ASHKisoperatedbyEsolEducation,theworld'slargestoperatorofinternationalAmeri canschools,with40yearsofexperience in establishing and operating high standard international schools worldwide. Currently, more than 10,000 students attend Esol’s nine schools across three continents. Graduates from Esol Education schools are now attending leading universities, including Stanford, MIT, Yale, Columbia and the London School of Economics. Now accepting applications for KG to Grade 8 (ages 5-13). Join our Open House to discover the ASHK difference. Limited seating, please register early at

ASHK features include: v Photocredit:EsolEducation’sAmericanSchoolHongKong Chinese Program with Multiple Streams IB Diploma Standards-Based US Curriculum Apple Technology Program Pathway to Leading Universities Student Learning Support Services for 21st Century Learning Stanford Summer Program MAKING A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE Photocredit:EsolEducation’sAmericanSchoolHongKong C M Y CM MY CY CMY K

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International Schools Guide 2018 16 Message from the Principal KIS is a school filled with smiles and laughter. “I want to make our school an 'oasis in the heart of Hong Kong' that when you walk in you feel that this is a place where everyone cares,” says Mr C.Chadwick, Principal. ‘I believe that if my students are happy they will want to learn and want to come to school. How will I encourage this? Well, they will be engaged through challenging and interesting teaching. The students will follow a well -structured UK curriculum which the teachers and I will monitor. The curriculum we follow is distinctive and customized for all of our children’s needs, carried out by a team of topquality professionals from around the world who have chosen to devote their lives to teaching young people how to think and learn.

School History and Curriculum Korean International School (KIS) stKorean International School (KIS) started out in 1988. It started its first class in 1994 and today KIS runs two separate curricula, the Korean Section and International Section. The Korean section teaches in Korean, while the international section teaches in English. At the primary level of the International Section, the core subjects of the curriculum, i.e. Mathematics, Sciences and English, are designed in accordance with the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), while other subjects are based on the broad curricular outline of the National Curriculum for England.

Students have to complete the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint external examinations in the core subjects at the end of Year 6. Chinese, Spanish and Korean classes are offered as elective subjects. At the secondary level, students continue to take the core subjects plus Art, PE, Information Computer Technology, Korean/Mandarin, and Music, from Year 7 to 9 following the Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme (CLSP). At the end of Year 9, students will complete the Cambridge Checkpoint external examinations in the core subjects. Years 10 and 11 follow a programme of studies leading to the group award of the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), an international certificate based on a syllabus and examinations developed by Cambridge for students in countries outside of England.

In Years 12 & 13, students follow the Cambridge International AS and A2 Level Courses. Year 12 students should complete up to four subjects at the Cambridge International AS Level and select three of the subjects in Year 13 to complete the Cambridge International A2 Level. A unique feature of KIS is its special unit provision called Springboard. Springboard is a special unit which caters to children and young adults with Special Educational Needs. KIS supports students with a wide range of learning difficulties, constantly striving to empower Springboard students to maximize their potential and where possible, transition into mainstream education for some lessons.

All Springboard students have an Individual Education Plan which caters to each student’s needs. Facilities The Korean International School is known for its world class facilities. The school embeds technology into its learning using iPads, Crome books, computers and introducing Virtual Reality into its curriculum. The school sport facilities include a 25 meter swimming pool, 2 football pitches, basketball court, tennis court, and sprint track. KIS also has two laboratories, media studies studio, a Music Room, two art studios, Canteen, Technology center and a brand new state of the art library.

Korean International School 55 Lei King Road, Sai Wan Ho, Hong Kong Tel: 2569 5500 l Fax: 2886 2545 International Section: Korean Section: Embedding joyful and lasting memories in every student’s heart KOREAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL DIVERSITY | TEAMWORK | EXCEL Applications Now Open! 55 Lei king Rd, Sai Wan Ho, Hong Kong - Tel: +852 2569 5500 - WWW.KIS.EDU.HK

International Schools Guide 2018 18 NAIS Hong Kong Campuses Nord Anglia International School Hong Kong is passionate about ensuring that every single child experiences success during their time with the school, providing a learning experience that combines creativity and academic rigour to create the very best educational platform for students. Nord Anglia International School teachers are UK trained and qualified, and have the opportunity to continue to develop professionally through Nord Anglia University which gives all staff access to high quality research, courses and the opportunity to share experiences and best practice.

Teachers are committed to a wide range of professional learning activities including a Masters Programme, which is delivered by Kings College London in collaboration with Nord Anglia. This is to ensure that the highest level of education is being provided throughout the schools, especially with the addition of the two brand new Early Years campuses in Tai Tam and Sai Kung that have helped expand Nord Anglia’s vision of educational excellence further. These brand new campuses are both located in beautiful locales and benefit from large outdoor play areas and an abundance of natural light. The Sai Kung campus is located close to the harbour, providing great views of boats passing by.

The grassy outdoor area is filled with climbing frames, bicycles, and a play area that has a sand pit and sensory activities. The Tai Tam campus is surrounded by beautiful green views of the mountains and the turquoise ocean and the rooftop play area allows children’s imagination to run wild during playtime.

Not only does Nord Anglia encourage more exploration and activity for students, the school also constantly seeks to spark their interest from an early age with specialist teachers in Music, Art, Drama, Mandarin and PE. Their highly qualified teaching staff and purpose designed equipment provide students with the tools to promote and fuel their curiosity further. All parents are welcome to visit the schools to experience firsthand just how wonderful the school campuses and teaching staff truly are. Regular small group tours at all of the campuses are offered, which provide the perfect chance to chat to teachers about the school’s educational philosophy, ask specific educational questions, discuss the enrolment process; and the full school campus tour will grant a clear view of exactly where children will be spending their school time which they will cherish.

Nord Anglia International School Pre-schools: Tai Tam and Sai Kung Primary and Secondary: Lam Tin Tel: +852 3958 1428 Website: Email: shine with excellence +852 3958 1428

International Schools Guide 2018 20 Cultivating curious students with the passion to learn Foundation Academy (The ISF Academy) is a non-profit private independent primary and secondary school providing a unique inquirybased Putonghua and English bilingual immersion education. It is a Chinese school with a global perspective. The school believes that learning is the active construction of knowledge best experienced through meaningful activities that foster exploration and creativity.

An ISF education emphasizes probing discussions, passionate debates, and free thinking. As cheerful high achievers, ISF learners exude a joy of learning that drives the development of culturally agile and confident communicators who possess the social, creative, critical thinking skills necessary to succeed and lead in a complex world. The ISF Academy is a strong proponent of learning by doing. Its hallmark Experiential Learning Program features unfamiliar settings and novel challenges that build character and confidence. An ISF learner is at home building a school hall in Yangshuo, researching ancient texts in Cambridge, or exploring the rich history of the Silk Road.

The Academy is an accredited International Baccalaureate (IB) World school. Its Diploma results place it in the top tier of Hong Kong IB schools; and more than two thirds of its graduates achieve the coveted Bilingual Diploma, twice the global average. Its graduates receive offers from the world’s most prestigious universities.

To submit an application or register for a visit, please go to Friends of The ISF at StudyingtheIBatTheISFAcademy Personalized University Counseling Our systematic and personalized university guidance and careers program spans from Grade 9 to 12 and allows our students to make informed decisions for their DP subject choices and subsequent university applications. Small Class Size ISF Academy students benefit from small class sizes which range from 5 to 16 students per class. The overall student teacher ratio for all grades is 6:1. Bilingual Diploma and BilingualTheory of Knowledge We offer both English and Chinese as first language options (Group 1).

Students also receive Theory of Knowledge instruction in both English and Chinese, and may choose either language for their written paper. University offers received in the last three years include: Canada: McGill University, University of British Columbia, University of Toronto Hong Kong: Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology U.K.: Durham University, Imperial College London, London School of Economics and Political Science, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, University of St Andrews U.S.A.: Brown University, Cornell University, Princeton University, Stanford University, University of California, Los Angeles, University of Pennsylvania The Admissions Office Tel: 2202 2028 Email: Address: 1 Kong Sin Wan Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong Website:

International Schools Guide 2018 22 Students learn best with strong academics foundation coupled with remarkable peak moments The American International opportunities for students to grow holistically as global citizens. Founded in 1986, the American International School (AIS) has served the local and international communities of Hong Kong for 32 years. The distinctive red-brick campus on Waterloo Road, Kowloon Tong, is home to 885 students from early childhood through elementary, middle, and high school.

Over the years, AIS has built a strong reputation for the rigor of its academic program and successfully preparing its graduates to enter the finest universities in the United States and worldwide (visit http://www. for details.) Fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), AIS is an accredited center for College Board’s SAT Exams. AIS offers a robust US Advanced Placement program to help prepare students for the demands of university education, as well as being one of the first schools in the world offering the exclusive AP Capstone Program™ in High School.

As a compulsory part of the AIS High School curriculum, the Outdoor Education and Leadership Program (OELP) aims to build a deeper understanding of our environment, the responsibilities we share as global citizens, and adds significant value to a student’s college application through a dedicated community service hours program. This is important as many colleges and universities are seeking students with a strong academic background combined with evidence of a well-rounded education. Since 2005, AIS has partnered with leading nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) from around the world in implementing community service projects through this program.

Through each carefully-designed program, students face challenges, work together in teams to problemsolve, overcome fears, and learn more about living in a global community. The students focus on a service project such as helping to construct homes for the underprivileged, or exploring a specific global issue surrounding animal or environmental conservation. Each overseas program enables students to experience a different culture, make connections with the locals that they work closely with, and often live among the local villagers. The feedback from the school’s survey reassures that students are not only having fun and developing friendships, but are also maturing in their roles as citizens of the world.

Adventure Week taught me not to take things for granted and made me realize how truly lucky I was.” Research shows, “students learn best when the learning is punctuated by truly memorable peak moments.” (What schools can do to help students engage more in learning by Chip & Dan Heath, an article published online in Education Week, January 10, 2018). In many ways, this is what occurs during the OELP program, as students engage in activities that connect to the real world and make a difference. These experiences challenge them personally and positively impact their attitudes and behaviors. The experiences have a lasting impact on students which often remain a highlight for them throughout their time at high school, and beyond.

American International School 125 Waterloo Road, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong Tel: 2336 3812 Email: Website: Remaining true to the founding mission of providing an affordable option for families seeking an American international educational p ro American International School has instinctively resisted the introduction of a debenture scheme.

125 Waterloo Road, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong T (852) 2336-3812 E W WELCOMING APPLICATIONS FOR 2018-2019 APPLY: 19 8 6

International Schools Guide 2018 24 Dedicated to helping students pursue their dreams to study abroad, Foundation Global Education brings out the best qualities in each individual throughout the admission cycle. Since its establishment in 2001, Foundation Global Education (FGE) has provided one-on-one counseling to students in order to help build an impressive portfolio based on their academic achievements and extracurricular activities.

In addition, the group explores the personalities and talents of each student and offers a thorough curriculum which helps them determine their positioning. Advices from FGE are not based only on rankings, but also on their extensive understanding of the schools, and the years of experience communicating with admissions officers. FGE is confident that their close relationships with admission directors will allow them to establish positive connections between families and schools, while sharing industry insights to help students stand out from the crowd.

The group’s network spans over 61 cities in 15 countries, and over the last 17 years, they have directed admission efforts to over 1,000 top independent schools. applications are a family affair, hence they meet with families as a whole to determine the best approach for every case. Through establishing a longterm relationship with every family, counselors are able to strategically develop a tailor-made training program for students to express themselves confidently and effectively. FGE recommends the best strategy after taking the time to understand each child’s personality, interests, strengths, and goals.

C international schools in Hong Kong, it is crucial that families visit each one to personally see what is on offer. During the visit, FGE’s counselors will also be there to help with all the intricate details that go with international school applications, while helping to consolidate positive relations between students and the schools. Hands-on Education Foundation Academy believes in a creative and holistic approach to mentoring every child enrolled in its programs which not only hone creative skills but also develop critical thinking. The teachers at the academy will support their students through their academic journey from primary school to university, imparting necessary skills every step of the way.

Students can explore their talents in a variety of unique and interactive courses that will forge their creativity and unleash their potential. For those interested in visual media, there is ‘Filmmaker’ which inspires students to utilize their imagination to create their own short films while gaining hands-on training in various filming techniques. ‘Novelist’ leads students to become proficient writers as they publish their own book through learning the art of characterization and different writing styles. Finally, ‘Orator’ helps students discover the ways to captivate audience with their voices via body, breath, and vocal variety, which culminates in their own audio drama production.

  • Foundation Global Education 13/F Chinachem Hollywood Centre, 1 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong Tel: 3107 8810 Email: Preparing Today’s Children for Tomorrow’s World Profile Analysis & School Selection Fundamentals & Portfolio Building Interview Training & Entrance Test Support Campus Visits
  • Discover Strengths
  • Strategic Profile Building Based on Students’ Personality, Interests, Strengths and Goals
  • Strategic Training
  • Portfolio Preparation to Demonstrate Students’ Abilities, Skills and Achievements
  • Comprehensive Interview Training
  • Extensive Question Bank
  • Entrance Test Preparation
  • Consolidate Intricate Details
  • Better Understanding of Schools
  • Bridge Positive Relations Between Family and Schools Foundation Global Education Foundation_HongKong 13/F Chinachem Hollywood Centre, 1 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong 3107 8810 foundationglobal foundationge Hong Kong Beijing .
  • Shanghai Shenzhen Tokyo Call Us to Register a FREE MOCK INTERVIEW Now! 3170 8810
  • Story Writing and Authorship
  • Imagination
  • Vocabulary Building
  • Varied Writing Styles
  • Creative Thinking
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International Schools Guide 2018 26 ESF students shine with stellar university offers An impressive 15% of ESF leavers enter the top 30 universities in the world in 2017.

Stewart Redden, ESF’s Learning and Teaching Adviser – Post-16, shares with Ambrose Li about the institution’s commitment for academic excellence and diversity. As a provider of world-class education in Hong Kong for over half a century, English Schools Foundation (ESF) has nurtured generations of highachieving students, as shown by offers from leading universities all over the world and the diversity of disciplines to which students have been admitted. According to Redden, the United Kingdom is the most popular among the 23 destinations ESF leavers go to for university, accounting for 44% of students in 2017, with 13 students gaining Oxbridge (University of Oxford and University of Cambridge) places.

The affinity for the UK could be attributed to not only traditional links between Hong Kong and the country, but also to the cost and quality of the courses,” he observes. Other popular destinations between 2013 and 2017 include Hong Kong (21%), USA (16%), Canada (11%), and Australia (6%), plus countries such as Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, China, South Korea, India and Switzerland. Redden points out the growing popularity of universities in Hong Kong over the past decade, with the percentage rising from 16% in 2009 to 22% in 2017. Of these students, 73 went to the University of Hong Kong and 53 to the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Commenting on the subject choices, Redden says there is a good balance. Social Economic Sciences stands out as a top choice with 22% of students studying relevant degrees ranging from Law to Psychology. Business-related courses are also popular among students at 16%. Science and Technology (14%) has gained favor in the past decade, followed by Creative Arts (9%) and Performing Arts (6%). “It is really encouraging to see that balance – which says something about how we prepare students at ESF schools,” Redden says. “We are not only focused on one area, and are enabling access to a wide range of courses at universities.” Communications Manager adds, “We organize a university fair every year for all Year 12 students.

This year, it took place in January with 185 universities and institutions from all over the world participating. It was a great opportunity for students and the institutions to explore and learn more about each other.” To ensure students get as much support as they need in the university application process, each ESF student is assigned a counselor to assist them along the way. All the schools have a well-qualified team of counselors who have close contacts with universities’ admission teams from around the world.

Redden highlights that the counseling team in each school is very involved in listening to students regarding their career aspirations and advising them on which pathways and options during their decision-making processes. “Parents are also welcome to consult counselors on advice for their children,” he adds. “I believe the quality of the educational programs, the teaching and learning that goes on within the schools, as well as the extra-curricular activities we provide, definitely help our students achieve their university goals,” Redden says.

Stewart Redden

International Schools Guide 2018 28 Letting Children Lead: Developing Skills for the Next Generation How can young children direct their own learning? Will they not just want to play? These are common questions we hear at Fairchild where we provide an emergent curriculum based on children’s interests and where we make learning through play meaningful, impactful, fun and memorable.

We observe children’s interests, we pose questions, and before we know it, there is room full of children engaging in discussion, asking questions, solving problems, and coming up with ideas. These ideas are the basis for the children’s class projects delivered in the Reggio Emilia inspired approach of learning through play and inquiry.

A t Fairchild, we understand that children are innately curious and when given the space, time and guidance they are able to learn naturally in an authentic and safe environment which allows them to make sense of the world around them. In creating this learning experience, each class is guided by an emergent curriculum where children’s own interests set the “theme” or “topic’” for exploration. Through the emergent curriculum not only are all children’s interests taken into account, but children take ownership of their learning, making decisions from an early age. Children are intrinsically motivated and invested in learning when they have chosen to explore something of interest to them and their authentic experiences make learning memorable and long lasting.

The demands of an ever-changing world, mean that skills required for the next generation are different to those deemed important in the past. Employers now list problem solving, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, creativity and effective communications with people, as critical work skills. It is incumbent now on educators, parents and the community as a whole, to prepare and equip children with the necessary skills for future success. Moving away from the traditional style of teaching where teachers share pre-determined information, and adapting the learning environment, are key factors in preparing the upcoming generations to meet these needs.

Many parents are new to the emergent curriculum concept, relating learning only to their own school experiences. An example of an authentic emergent learning project was when our K1 children, guided by their teacher began a discussion about flying, airplanes and travel. This led to children creating their own airplane from materials in the classroom and they worked together to add details like suitcases, passports, seat belts and tray tables. This project and the many others children initiate at Fairchild are layered with learning, and cross all areas of early childhood learning including emotional, social and physical development, literacy, numeracy, the concept of problem solving, negotiation and collaboration with peers.

By respecting children's choices, we empower them to feel confident and capable in their decision making, which connects and reflects the world they live in. The children at Fairchild have fun, the smiles on their faces are proof of that and all the while, they are learning. For more information about Fairchild and Fairchild’s approach to learning please visit www.fairchild. academy or contact +852 2803 2638 to arrange a visit or free trial class.

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