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                                      NGĀ IHIRANGI

     STUDENTS                                  Please note: The information contained in this publication is indicative of
15   MASSEY DOCTORATES                         the offerings available in 2020 and subsequent years. This information may
                                               be subject to change. While all reasonable efforts will be made to ensure
16   WHAT CAN I STUDY?                         listed programmes are offered and regulations are up to date, the University
20   A-Z OF POSTGRADUATE PROGRAMMES            reserves the right to change the content or method of presentation, or
                                               to withdraw any qualification or part thereof, or impose limitations on
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Mahinarangi Kerehoma
Te Aho Paerewa:
Postgraduate Diploma Māori Medium
Teaching and Learning
                                                                                                                                                POSTGRADUATE STUDY
                                                                                                                                                  AT MASSEY IN 2020

WELCOME                                                                     HE MIHI
FROM THE VICE-CHANCELLOR                                                    E te huinga tauira e tau nei, nau mai, haere mai.

Among New Zealand universities, Massey is unique. Throughout its            Haere mai rā ki Te Kunenga ki Pūrehuroa. Tomokia te whare ako, te whare
90-year history Massey has played a defining role in the development of     o te mātauranga, kia tīkina mai ai ngā kete o te wānanga. Mā tēnei ara,
New Zealand through its ground-breaking research, contribution to land-     e tutuki ai ngā wawata me ngā tūmanako e ngākaunuitia ana mō te
based industries, distinctive mix of internal, distance and international   rangi āpōpō. Haere mai ki ōna whenua kura, ko Turitea ki Manawatū, ko
teaching, commitment to innovation and close links with the community.      Otehā ki Ōkahukura, ko Pukeahu ki Te Ūpoko o Te Ika. Ko Te Pūrehuroa
Massey staff and students have led the way in business innovation,          e whakahuatia nei, he rarangi whetū ki te rangi, he hīnātore ki te
creative arts, food, animal and general sciences, health, humanities and    māramatanga. Inā hoki, ahakoa he tīmatanga, kāhore he mutunga o tēnei
social sciences, many of these delivered through New Zealand's largest      mahi te whai i te mātauranga. Nō reira, nau mai, kia mārama ai ngā
and most successful distance learning service.                              pūmanawa, kia pakari ai ngā pūkenga. Ka ea te kōrero, mā tini, mā mano
Massey is recognised as a leading teaching university and is host to the    ka rapa te whai, ka hua ai te wānanga.
National Centre for Tertiary Teaching Excellence. It is also a research     Koia tēnei ko te reo maioha o Te Kunenga Pūrehuroa, e tukuna atu ana
leader and has numerous collaborations with other researchers at            ngā mihi manahau ki a koutou katoa. E rarau ki te tapuwae nui o Tāne,
institutions in New Zealand and around the world.                           ko Tāne-i-te-Wānanga, ko Tāne-nui-ā-Rangi. Kia ū ki te ara, kia mau ki te
We are proud of our commitment to Māori and Pasifika students and our       mātauranga, kia manawanui ki te ako, hei oranga mātauranga mōu, mō
international focus has seen Massey establish a strong presence in Asia.    tātou katoa. Kia toi te mana, kia tau te mauri, kia tupu te māramatanga ki
By joining Massey you are making a decision to carry on a tradition that    a tātou katoa.
has shaped New Zealand and made significant contributions around the        The name Te Kunenga ki Pūrehuroa is a symbolic reference to the
world. It is that history which makes Massey students so in-demand.         knowledge journey that you are about to embark upon. Te Pūrehuroa
Employers like the mix of values, practical competencies and relevant       represents the infinite constellations of stars that radiate the skies
knowledge that a Massey graduate represents.                                above us, illuminating a pathway towards a future that you will cultivate
Wherever you choose to study you will be able to access a comprehensive     and forge during your time here at Massey University. The acquisition
range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes covering                 of knowledge brings with it a lifelong commitment to learning and is a
everything from education to humanities and social sciences, to sciences,   journey without end – from inception to infinity. We encourage you to
engineering and health, to arts and business.                               draw inspiration from the many kōrero, or ancient narratives, that make
This prospectus showcases all of our postgraduate offerings. You will       Massey University so distinctive. In the spirit of the great knowledge
learn about our three campuses at Auckland, Manawatū and Wellington         seeker Tāne, we hope that you prepare yourself well for the challenges
and the flexibility of distance learning. There is information about        ahead and that you may aspire to attain ultimate success.
resources and services available for postgraduate students at Massey.
The back of the book is a listing of postgraduate programmes offered at     Nāku noa, nā
Massey, with brief descriptions and information about availability.
Whatever you choose to do, Massey is committed to ensuring you are          Professor Meihana Durie
prepared to take on whatever challenges you may encounter in the future.    Te Pūtahi-a-Toi, Massey University.

Professor Jan Thomas, Vice-Chancellor

                                            WHAT IS
                                   PAERUA? STUDY?
                              HE AHA TE AKO

            Postgraduate study enables you to take your career to the next level,         FINDING TIME FOR STUDY
            through in-depth study in a particular area of interest. It helps you take    Studying at university requires a significant time investment. Students
            your prior experience and knowledge, and use your initiative as you           often comment that balancing their everyday commitments with study
            research, and contribute to your field of expertise. It requires planning,    requirements can be challenging. It is important to carefully consider how
            dedication and will take time away from your everyday life, but ultimately    many courses you should take, especially when beginning your study.
            your hard work could open the door to new opportunities and greater           You should be realistic about the number of courses you can take in a
            responsibility.                                                               semester and consider all your existing commitments. You will need to
                                                                                          spend approximately 10 to 12 hours each week for a 15-credit single
            HOW DOES IT DIFFER FROM UNDERGRADUATE STUDY?                                  semester course, or about 5 to 6 hours per week for a 15-credit double
            During your undergraduate study, you will have learned many of the            semester course.
            skills required to study successfully at postgraduate level. However,
            it is important to realise that postgraduate study requires greater           PATHWAYS TO POSTGRADUATE STUDY
            independence, and you’ll need to use your own initiative in completing        Most postgraduate students enter their study already possessing a
            course work and undertaking research projects.                                bachelor’s degree. However, if you want to change the direction or focus
            You’ll generally be expected to have some knowledge and prior experience      of your study, you may need to begin with a graduate diploma. Master's
            in your subject area, however postgraduate study can also be used to          degrees can be one or two year programmes, depending on your entry
            support a career transition. As an example, a person with a science PhD       route. They can be mainly coursework, a combination of coursework and a
            may contemplate an MBA. You’ll be supported and encouraged by your            research project or thesis, or a thesis only. Doctoral degrees are awarded
            supervisors in a range of ways, but in many circumstances, you’ll be in the   entirely for research reported in your thesis (PhD) or for a combination of
            driving seat when it comes to getting work done.                              coursework and a thesis (the ‘Named’ doctorates).
            Postgraduate study is more strongly focused on theory and research in
            the discipline, and many postgraduate qualifications have a research          TYPES OF PROGRAMMES AVAILABLE
            component. You’ll also be expected to possess a higher level of critical      HONOURS DEGREE
            thinking and analysis, show that you read extensively, and can develop        Honours degrees are postgraduate qualifications comprising an
            your own views, and defend them.                                              additional year of study beyond the bachelor’s degree in the discipline.
                                                                                          Entry to an honours degree requires prior high academic performance in
            ARE YOU READY FOR POSTGRADUATE STUDY?                                         undergraduate degree study. Students selected for an honours degree
            Postgraduate study requires time, commitment, and a range of skills           will enrol in the postgraduate degree after completing the undergraduate
            beyond those you may have needed as an undergraduate. We have                 degree. Completing an honours degree may qualify you for doctoral study
            provided a series of online tools and resources to help you think about the   if your achievement is high enough.
            different aspects of studying at a distance, and to assess your abilities,
            time commitments and motivations for study. Check them out on the             MASTER’S DEGREE
            Massey website:                                         A master’s programme allows you to undertake advanced study – usually
                                                                                          on the main subject in your qualifying undergraduate degree. Some
                                                                                          master's programmes allow you to move into a different discipline from
                                                                                          your undergraduate study.

                                                                                          POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMA
                                                                                          A postgraduate diploma builds on your prior academic achievement, and
                                                                                          generally takes one year of full-time study to complete. It can lead to
                                                                                          further study at master's or doctorate level.
                                                                               POSTGRADUATE STUDY
                                                                                 AT MASSEY IN 2020

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree is the qualification to kick-start
your research career. It is the highest degree Massey offers and can be
acquired in most of the disciplines. It may involve external supervisors
from a research institute. It is Massey’s most supervised, fully research-
based degree.
A PhD is awarded for a thesis, which is an integrated and coherent report
demonstrating your ability to carry out independent research and analysis
at an advanced level in a particular field, or an advanced creative-practice
work including a substantial written component. Your thesis should make
an original contribution to knowledge of the subject it focuses upon.
It will be assessed by three independent examiners in a process that
includes thesis assessment reports and an oral examination. It normally
takes at least three years of full-time study to complete a PhD. If you’d
prefer to study part-time, you need to allow five to six years to complete
the research and writing.

Massey University offers two named doctoral degrees:
>> Doctor of Clinical Psychology (DClinPsych)
>> Doctor of Social Work (DSW)

These are specially-designed degrees involving high-level study and
research. They are ideal professional development options for existing and
prospective senior managers and leaders.
Named doctorates comprise one-third course work/practicum and two-
thirds supervised research. In all other respects, including the examination
procedure, they’re equivalent to a PhD, especially in the standards of
discipline, rigour and scholarship required.

Entry requirements for each programme vary, so it’s best to talk to the
team at Massey University to find out what level of postgraduate study is
right for you.

                       Te Ara Hihiko College of Creative Arts building

                                          REPUTATION AND
                                 TAUMATA RANKINGS
                           TE RONGO ME TE

            Each year more than 20% of Massey University’s student population study       COLLEGE OF HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES
            at postgraduate level, including 1000 Doctoral (PhD) degree students.         TE KURA PŪKENGA TANGATA
            Massey University has an international reputation for its research            The College of Humanities and Social Sciences has a strong research
            innovation, practices and results, which are applied to postgraduate          tradition and profile, representing a diverse range of themes, research
            programmes of study. The University also has strong international links       methods and groups, from individual researchers to major research teams
            across the globe, with accreditation and endorsements across a number         and centres. It also has a strong outreach focus, and is well-connected to
            of programmes.                                                                government departments including the Ministry of Education, the Ministry
            Massey University's teaching and research departments are divided into        of Social Development and Treasury. The College is also connected to
            five colleges:                                                                national and international research and policy communities, including the
                                                                                          Health Research Council, the Asia New Zealand Foundation and the Max
            COLLEGE OF CREATIVE ARTS                                                      Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity.
            Based in Wellington and Palmerston North, the College of Creative             COLLEGE OF SCIENCES
            Arts is a world-class art, design, music and creative media college           TE WĀHANGA PŪTAIAO
            offering courses across a broad range of creative arts subjects, from         The College of Sciences' world-leading scientists are internationally-
            undergraduate through to doctoral level.                                      acclaimed and ranked. Its programmes of study and research attract
            >> It is ranked in the top two for the Asia-Pacific region by international   world-leading academics and we have active research collaborations with
               design awards agency RED DOT, giving Massey a distinctive seal of          the world's most prestigious scientific institutions.
               quality for its design programmes                                          The College demands excellence in its research and brings together
            >> It was the first art and design school outside North America to be         experts from several disciplines to focus on four fields to further
               awarded “substantial equivalency” by the US accreditation body             knowledge and make a difference in New Zealand and the world. Those
               NASAD – the most comprehensive international benchmark for art and         fields are:
               design education in the world                                              >> Agriculture, veterinary and life sciences
            >> The College of Creative Arts has the largest number of top-ranked          >> Land, water and the environment
               researchers in design and visual arts and crafts of all tertiary           >> Industrial innovation through engineering and technology
               institutions in New Zealand, with 77% of our research staff ranked A       >> Natural and fundamental sciences
               or B. With their global connections and our outstanding facilities, the
               College offers a stimulating and highly innovative learning environment    MASSEY BUSINESS SCHOOL
               for creative innovators who wish to make a positive difference to our      TE KURA WHAI PAKIHI
               world through creative practice and scholarship.                           As one of the country’s leading and largest business schools, Massey
            >> Postgraduate programmes at the College are predominantly practice led.     Business School (MBS) is ranked among the top two per cent of business
            >> The College has a legacy of more than a century of creative education.     schools globally and is AACSB accredited. Massey’s business and
                                                                                          management programme has been ranked in the top 250 universities in
            COLLEGE OF HEALTH                                                             the world by Quacquarelli Symonds (QS). The School has programme-
            TE KURA HAUORA TANGATA                                                        specific endorsements in accountancy, finance and aviation.
            As the University’s newest college, established in 2013, the College of       Massey Business School's discipline areas rank highly in the 2019 QS
            Health partners with national and international stakeholders to lead the      ranking, with accounting and finance ranked in the top 200, and business
            improvement of health, wellbeing, equity, and social justice. Its approach    and management studies in the top 250.
            to learning, teaching and research is to view health and wellbeing as         MBS is also highly accredited having achieved AACSB (general),
            the outcome of multiple factors encompassing individual differences,          AACSB (accounting) and AMBA accreditations, and many professional
            diversity, social determinants, and environmental interactions.               accreditations including, accountancy (ACCA, CPA, CIMA, CAANZ), finance
            The College connects people across four collaborative units with              (CFA teaching partner), property/construction (RICS) and communications
            outstanding expertise and programmes in nursing, human nutrition and          (ACEJMC).
            dietetics, health science, physiology, public health, sport and exercise,
            social work, environmental and occupational health, and disability and
                                                                                                                                                     POSTGRADUATE STUDY
                                                                                                                                                       AT MASSEY IN 2020

         HE AHA I WHIRI AI                           WHY CHOOSE MASSEY
              PŪREHUROA?                             UNIVERSITY?
For more than 80 years, Massey University has helped shape the lives and       THE SUPPORT YOU NEED
communities of people in New Zealand and around the world. Its forward         We want to help you succeed in your postgraduate studies. Massey
thinking spirit, research-led teaching, and cutting-edge discoveries make      offers student services and workshops designed to give students
Massey New Zealand’s defining university.                                      assistance where it’s needed. Our student services can assist you with
                                                                               accommodation, health, counselling, recreation, childcare, and other
INNOVATIVE RESEARCH                                                            personal services, while our workshops and seminars will help you
Massey has a reputation for research excellence on an international            develop the academic and research skills needed to excel in your studies.
scale with inspirational people, stimulating subject matter and extensive
resources and support.                                                         FLEXIBILITY
We offer a wide-ranging academic portfolio designed to satisfy global          We offer three locations for on-campus study, in Auckland, Palmerston
research needs and pave the way for future generations. We are                 North and Wellington. We also have an extensive distance learning
associated with and receive public funding from leading organisations          (extramural) programme, so you can choose where and when you want to
such as the Marsden Fund, the Health Research Council and the Ministry         study instead of being forced into regular lectures and timetables. Nearly
of Education.                                                                  half of all our students study via distance learning, with about a fifth of
Massey is home to many innovative research initiatives:                        them being postgraduate students.
>> New Zealand’s most powerful nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer
>> The EpiCentre
>> New Zealand Institute for Advanced Study
>> The Centre for Public Health Research
>> Riddet Institute

Massey works closely with businesses and the wider community. These
links have helped ensure our postgraduate degrees are highly sought
after, with great value and relevance in the marketplace.
We also encourage students to build relationships with external partners
by undertaking research projects off-campus. Often this research is with
staff in the private sector, the government, and industry research entities,
both domestically and internationally.
Recent initiatives include:
>> Biocommerce Centre, established adjacent to the Manawatū campus,
   to grow the Biotechnology industry in the Manawatū region of New
>> The Centre for Organisational Excellence Research
                                                                                                                                                             Manawatū Campus, Palmerston North

>> Auckland’s Albany-based ecentre, a highly successful incubator for new
>> Te Pūmanawa Hauora: Research Centre for Māori Health and
                                                                                                                                                             Sir Geoffrey Peren Building


Massey is also active in national and regional business incubators that
bring together the skills of industry and academia, such as Creative HQ.
Many of New Zealand’s defining people undertook postgraduate work at
Massey. They’ve gone on to make significant contributions to both New
Zealand and the wider world. A postgraduate qualification from Massey
could set you on the path to becoming one of New Zealand’s defining

                           Ā MĀTOU TAUIRA                           OUR STUDENTS
            nnJESSICA PAWLEY                                                                   friendly, and helpful. Most significantly,
              Master of Arts (MA)                                                              the extramural availability is excellent.
              New Zealand author                                                               This was the option that fit in the best
                                                                                               with my existing life commitments.
               Her e-books for teens have already attracted more than one million
               readers. She has huge international and New Zealand fan bases. Now              WHAT WAS THE BEST PART ABOUT
               Massey University Master of Arts (MA) graduate Jessica Pawley has               YOUR EXPERIENCE?
               signed off international screen adaptation rights for her just-published        Seeing my own growth and
               science fiction novel 'Air Born'.                                               improvement not just in my own writing
               Published as J L Pawley, she was picked up by award-winning New                 skills, but also in my appreciation for
               Zealand publisher Steam Press in 2016, and Air Born was launched in             others' craft, from teaching how to
               Auckland and hit New Zealand bookstores in October 2017. The Russian            write essays to appreciating poetry.
               and Chinese translation rights have also been sold – huge markets for           Daring to present my own interpretation
               the young writer who graduated with a first class Master of Arts in 2017.       and having it not only accepted but
               Air Born is the first novel of her young adult sci-fi series Generation         praised by my teachers, and the encouragement to pursue professional
               Icarus, an earlier version which she self-published through an e-book           academic publication was exceedingly validating. The thrill of
               streaming app. Through this platform, she cultivated a strong relationship      discovering new aspects of our language and culture that no one else
               with her fan base. The feedback from readers contributed to the                 had studied in the same way before was a little addictive!
               evolution of the series, and their love for the books led to the enthusiastic
               creation of fan art, fan fiction, and social media accounts.                    HOW DID IT HELP YOU SUCCEED IN BUILDING A CAREER AS A
               The story centres on a group of diverse teenagers – including a Māori           WRITER?
               main character, who unexpectedly grow wings – and are forced to band            I chose to do a MA because I could take creative writing courses,
               together for survival as they are caught between extremists of both             but I could also study other aspects of English such as the teaching
               science and religion. It has had excellent public and critical feedback         of academic (essay) writing, and examining NZ fiction and poetry
               and, less than two months after launch, Steam Press are already                 alongside well-known international works. I felt this widened my future
               preparing for a second print run.                                               opportunities rather than narrowed my expertise. I was also able to
               An avid reader since childhood, Jessica’s long-held dream was to write          focus my academic research on a developing aspect of English that
               full-time. She says being driven, determined and disciplined helped             is highly relevant to my own career; online reading platforms, and the
               achieve international success. She even researched the physics and              social media and digital community structures that develop within and
               biology of animal flight to create a believable sense of being a winged         around the e-books, including my own. Understanding how my readers
               creature. Currently immersed in meetings with film producers and busy           relate to each other and the books helps me contribute much more
               working to tight deadlines on television project development as well as         effectively as a provider of content, which in turn benefits my career.
               honing her next book in the series, she says; “It’s still very surreal.” And
               real: “I’ve got so much work to do!”                                            WHAT’S YOUR TOP ADVICE TO SOMEONE WHO MAY BE
                                                                                               CONSIDERING TAKING THIS PROGRAMME?
               WHY DID YOU CHOOSE TO STUDY AT MASSEY UNIVERSITY?                               Remember that it will be much more work than you think it will be. Be
               As a former student, I was already familiar with Massey's academic              humble, but don't be afraid to stick up for yourself and your well-
               quality and structure. Administration and support was very smooth,              informed, evidence-based opinion.
                                                                                                                                                     POSTGRADUATE STUDY
                                                                                                                                                       AT MASSEY IN 2020

nnMARIE-LYNE BOURNIVAL                                                       nnNICK SNEDDON
  Master of Nursing (MN)                                                       Post-doctoral Fellow in Dairy Systems,
  Nurse Practitioner                                                           Institute of Veterinary, Animal and
  HeiHei Health Centre, Christchurch                                           Biomedical Sciences; PhD in Animal
                                                                               Breeding and Genetics, Graduated 2016
  After 29 years of nursing in primary and                                     Forest View High School, Tokoroa
  secondary care, Marie-Lyne Bournival
  knew she was capable of achieving                                            I became interested in genetics at high
  much more. So she completed her                                              school. Coming from a dairy farming
  Master of Nursing at Massey University                                       family, animal breeding was able to
  in 2015. That led her to her role as                                         combine both interests.
  a nurse practitioner (NP) intern at                                          Massey gave me the opportunity to
  Wigram Health, an integrated family                                          study with some of best dairy cattle
  health centre in Christchurch, serving                                       geneticists in the world, and use
  10,000 patients. In 2016, she obtained her NP registration. In 2017, she     the university's links with international researchers and institutes. It
  was nominated as the co-chairperson of the International Council of          has been an enjoyable challenge, with new techniques and areas of
  Nurses Nurse Practitioner/Advanced Practice Nursing (ICN NP/APN)             knowledge to learn.
  Network. Today while she works as a nurse practitioner, establishing         I had two-and-a-half months studying at Moorepark dairy research
  her own patient base, she also leads a team of 20 as the General             centre in Ireland during the second year of my PhD. This gave me
  Manager.                                                                     the opportunity to see another country and work with internationally-
  "The MN is critical to advance your career. I chose Massey for its           renowned researchers.
  extensive choice of courses and the support I got from the word go!          My PhD topic was "A Genetic and Economic Evaluation of Lactose in
  All my lecturers were amazingly engaged, wanting us to succeed. To           the New Zealand Dairy Industry". I estimated the heritability of lactose in
  achieve a balanced life working four days a week and running a house         the New Zealand dairy industry, and the effect of including lactose into
  with three teenagers, I focused on one course at a time. Massey is           the dairy breeding objective. I found that including lactose could save
  ahead of the game – academic and clinical expertise, library and IT          the industry $60 million a year. In 2016, I presented more results from
  support, and supportive lecturers. Being the number one nursing school       my research at the joint New Zealand Society of Animal Production/
  for research in New Zealand meant my lecturers were at the forefront of      Australian Society of Animal Production conference in Adelaide.
  research, teaching and leadership. I met fantastic nurses from all over      Working with my supervisors was a great experience. I have continued
  the country who are now lifelong friends.”                                   to work with them on different projects now that I have completed my
  Without a doubt, Massey was the best decision for my career and for          degree.
  improving the outcomes of our patients. It’s my mission to make primary      Since graduating, I have worked on projects with several national
  healthcare nursing a career pathway.”                                        organisations and have made new connections with researchers both
                                                                               nationally and internationally. I hope to stay within research in the dairy
                                                                               industry – either continuing here at Massey or with a national industry
                                                                               body such as DairyNZ or LIC.

                                                                  TAHUA NGORE                     SCHOLARSHIPS
                                              MASSEY MASTERATE SCHOLARSHIP                                                  medical and travel insurance and a living allowance. Applicants must
                                              Masterate Scholarships are offered for the purpose of encouraging             have an offer of place before the application deadline, or the application
                                              postgraduate research at Massey University. Applicants must be enrolled       will not be considered. Download the application form or visit the New
                                              or eligible to enrol full-time in a 120-credit research programme towards a   Zealand Aid Programme website:
                                              master’s degree at Massey University.                                         The New Zealand ASEAN Scholars Award provides postgraduate
                                                                                                                            scholarships for applicants from Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines,
                                              MASSEY DOCTORAL SCHOLARSHIP                                                   Lao PDR, Myanmar and Vietnam. Selection criteria are determined by
                                              Massey University Doctoral Scholarships are offered to encourage full-        partner governments. Applicants must apply for the scholarship via their
                                              time doctoral studies at Massey University. They are open to domestic         home country. Scholarships cover tuition, return airfare, medical and
                                              and international students. Applicants require an excellent academic          travel insurance and a living allowance. Funding is no longer available
                                              record and must be enrolled or eligible to enrol in a 120-credit doctoral     for dependants. Candidates from Myanmar need to directly apply to the
                                              research course. The Vice Chancellor’s Doctoral Scholarships are awarded      institution. Download the application form or visit the New Zealand Aid
                                              on academic ranking in October each year to the top domestic doctoral         Programme website:
                                              recipients who start their scholarship within the funding year.
                                              The Massey Doctoral scholarships are offered through the Colleges.            COMMONWEALTH SCHOLARSHIPS
                                              Please see the regulations for the individual college you wish to study       These are offered to students from other parts of the Commonwealth
                                              with. Currently Creative Arts, Health, Humanities and Social Sciences, and    under the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan. The
                                              Sciences have specific information for interested students.                   scholarships aim to provide opportunities for students to pursue advanced
                                                                                                                            courses or undertake research at a university in New Zealand. Candidates
                                              INTERNATIONAL POSTGRADUATES                                                   are required to be Commonwealth citizens or British protected persons
                                              NEW ZEALAND INTERNATIONAL DOCTORAL RESEARCH SCHOLARSHIPS (NZIDRS)             and must have graduated from an institution in their own country.
                                              New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarships provide
                                              financial support for postgraduate students seeking doctoral degrees by       ENGLISH LANGUAGE AWARDS FOR PHD STUDENTS FROM THAILAND, VIETNAM OR INDONESIA
                                              research in New Zealand universities. Up to 10 scholarships are awarded       Massey University offers English Language education awards, covering
                                              annually. These scholarships are funded by the New Zealand Government         tuition fees for up to six months per student, to selected students from
                                              and administered by the Education New Zealand Trust.                          Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia who have been offered a place in a PhD
                                                                                                                            research degree at Massey University.
                                              NEW ZEALAND DEVELOPMENT SCHOLARSHIPS
                                              New Zealand Development Scholarships are available to candidates from         HIGHER EDUCATION COMMISSION SCHOLARSHIPS
                                              the following countries: Bolivia, Ecuador, Honduras, Kenya, Mongolia,         These are offered by Pakistan’s Higher Education Commission (HEC) for
                                              Nepal, Nicaragua, South Africa, Tanzania, and Zambia. Candidates              Pakistani students seeking to pursue PhD degrees at Massey University.
                                              independently apply for scholarships that covers tuition, return airfare,
      Buildings on Massey's Auckland Campus
      Albany, Auckland
                                                                                                                                               POSTGRADUATE STUDY
                                                                                                                                                 AT MASSEY IN 2020

          KIA WHITA E
           KNOWLEDGE                                MĀORI AT MASSEY
E NGĀ ĀKONGA MĀORI                                                          SCHOLARSHIPS
Piki mai, kake mai, nau mai, haere mai ki Te Kunenga ki Pūrehuroa.          The Pūrehuroa Scholarship Awards are available for Māori students
                                                                            studying at postgraduate level. These awards include financial, academic
We look forward to supporting your journey to knowledge and                 and mentoring support across a range of fields of study.
achievement. We have a team of staff dedicated to ensuring student          Te Rau Puawai is a highly successful scholarship programme providing
achievement and committed to academic research that nurtures te ao          support to Māori students studying in the area of mental health.
Māori. We have more than 100 Māori courses available, taught by top
academics in their field across our campuses in Auckland, Manawatū,         MĀORI STUDENT RECRUITMENT ADVISERS
Wellington and distance.                                                    Māori student recruitment advisors can help with advice about which
We offer qualifications with a Māori focus:                                 courses to choose and how to enrol. Contact them at
>> Postgraduate Diploma in Arts (Māori Studies)
>> Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Māori Studies)                        FIND OUT MORE
>> Postgraduate Diploma in Health Science (Māori Health)                    Visit and connect with us on Facebook:
>> Postgraduate Diploma in Māori Visual Arts                      
>> Te Aho Paerewa: Postgraduate Diploma of Teaching and Learning in
   Māori Medium
>> Master of Arts (Māori Studies)
>> Master of Education (Māori Studies)
>> Master of Health Science (Māori Health)
>> Master of Māori Visual Arts
>> Doctor of Philosophy

Study te reo Māori with courses that build into an arts degree. Available
at Manawatū, Albany (Otehā) and Distance.
>> Te Reo Whakawhitiwhiti: The Language of Everyday Communication
>> Te Tau-Ihu o te Reo: Advanced Māori Literature

We have passionate teams dedicated to helping Māori students succeed.       Te Rau Tauawhi – Māori Student Centre
There are Māori study and whānau spaces on each campus and Māori
Student Associations organise events and whanaungatanga for students.

Founded on principles of whanaungatanga, manaakitanga and
mātauranga Māori, Te Rau Tauawhi is the on-campus whānau support for
all Māori students. Our services include:
>> Provision of culturally relevant learning environments
>> Mentoring and advocacy support
>> Whanaungatanga events and activities

The Pukeahu, Wellington campus is creating a new state-of-the-art
marae that will provide a safe cultural space for students, staff and
the community to connect and learn. Te Pūtahi-a-Toi, School of Māori
Knowledge in Manawatū, provides a Māori cultural space and wharekai,
Te Toi Ora, as the Māori heart of the campus.                               Te Rau Tauawhi – Māori Student Centre staff

                 KIA ORANA, NI SA
                 BULA, TALOFA NI,
              FAKAALOFA LAHI ATU,
               MĀLŌ E LELEI, HALO
                 OLAKETA, KAM NA
             MAURI, IA ORANA, KIA
                ORA, TALOFA LAVA,
                  FAKATALOFA ATU                                PASIFIKA AT MASSEY
            Warm Pacific greetings to you.                                                nnFA’ALOGO SIMAILE NIKO TOLUONO
            Welcome to Massey University, where success is the norm and                     Master of Business Administration.
            achievement is celebrated.
            We are committed to providing services that support Pasifika students           My name is Fa’alogo Simaile Niko Toluono.
            whether you have chosen to study on-campus or by distance learning.             I migrated from Samoa at the age of 22.
            To support our Pasifika students during their academic journey, Pasifika        My career progression to date is a legacy
            Advisers are able to give academic guidance to students, helping students       of years of experience in developing
            to reach their academic goals. Our Pasifika staff are empathetic to student     strategic alliances and relationships at
            needs, as they understand the diverse backgrounds and values of Pasifika        senior levels across a range of clients,
            students.                                                                       suppliers, and various other stakeholders.
            Our students can access services, including student-based learning              In addition, marketing and advertising,
            workshops, mentoring programmes, and developmental resources                    media and digital communications
            in the online learning environment 'Stream', via the 'Pasifika Stream           developed through operational, managerial and strategic roles and
            Community'.                                                                     responsibilities across a multitude of industries.
            To provide a welcoming environment, we have established a Pasifika              The MBA was an opportunity to up-skill whilst challenging myself. While
            common learning facility on each campus where students can discuss              I was very happy with my career achievements, I felt there was more to
            their study progress with Pasifika Learning Advisers. You can network           learn and gain, so I enrolled in Massey University’s Executive MBA. The
            with like-minded students and attend academic preparation workshops             MBA was such an important pathway for me and my career. I was able
            within culturally sensitive surroundings.                                       to connect my vast experiences and MBA learning to improve Snakk
            We provide twice-yearly writing retreats for postgraduate students.             Media’s financial position. The lessons I learned from the MBA also led
            We have made a commitment to the Pasifika community through our                 to the improvement of my property investment business, and the launch
            Pasifika@Massey strategy – "Growing Pearls of Wisdom" – written                 of my own app development and website business which allow me to
            by Pasifika people to benefit Pasifika peoples in New Zealand and               work with organisations of various sizes.
            throughout the region. The strategy aims to increase gains for Pasifika         I forged strong relationships with other MBA students which could be
            peoples through teaching, research and consultancy services, and to make        of benefit in the future. I also met a good friend on the MBA, Mosotele
            a positive contribution to Pasifika communities and Pasifika nations by:        Seta Efaraimo, with whom I launched MEASINA, a smartscreen app
            >> Strengthening the capability of Pasifika people to build Pasifika            that strives to preserve the Samoan language and culture, catering to
               communities                                                                  diaspora Samoans. Our business broke-even three months after the
            >> Making tertiary study accessible to Pasifika learners through learning       launch – while we were still studying. The app is such a success that we
               communities, and campuses located in Auckland, Palmerston North and          see ongoing downloads from all over the world even including places
               Wellington                                                                   such as Alaska, Japan, and Afghanistan. Our business also boasts
            >> Providing supportive environments and Pasifika staff and students to         retention rate in the 90% bracket.
               mentor and encourage (internal and distance learning) students               The MBA gave me the competitive advantage to be appointed onto
            >> Reinforcing ties with Pasifika nations, student and staff exchanges,         Board of Director roles which means being highly involved in making
               joint research projects, mentoring and guardianship                          decisions that help future-proof organisations.
            >> Undertaking research using Pasifika research methodologies, and              The MBA is for anyone who wants to get into business or to move up to
               sharing the knowledge with Pasifika communities.                             a senior role. It allowed me to connect the dots, putting my previous skills
                                                                                            to good use, and come up with business ideas that can be scaled and
                                                                                            will be relevant for many years to come, whilst adding value to people’s
                                                                                            lives and communities.
                                                                                            I would not have been able to do well in this MBA without the support
                                                                                            of my Pasifika Family at Massey. It was a huge advantage for me and I
                                                                                            encourage all students to use the student support services available,
                                                                                            as these offer guidance as you get into the rhythm and habit of being a
                                                                                                                                                   POSTGRADUATE STUDY
                                                                                                                                                     AT MASSEY IN 2020

                                      PAEARU WHAKAURU                          ADMISSION
Postgraduate programmes include honours and master's degrees as well
as postgraduate diplomas and certificates. Graduate programmes include
graduate diplomas and certificates.
Students applying for admission to a doctoral programme should refer to
the Graduate Research School web pages for admission procedures. See for more information.
Recognised entrance qualifications for graduate and postgraduate
programmes differ by programme and you should refer to the admission
requirements for your programme of choice on the Programmes and
Courses website at
Generally, postgraduate programmes require students to hold one or more
of the following:
>> A relevant Massey University degree with above-average achievement
   as measured by grade average
>> A relevant degree from another New Zealand tertiary institution with
   above-average achievement as measured by grade average
>> A relevant degree from a recognised tertiary institution offshore with
   above-average achievement as measured by grade average
>> Relevant practical, professional or scholarly experience equivalent to
   that of a graduate. Not all graduate and postgraduate qualifications
   permit entry on this basis.

Entrance to graduate and postgraduate study is usually programme and          nnPAWEENA CHATSUNGNOEN
major-specific, and may have conditions attached. Applications require at       PhD student in Education (2015)
least 15 working days to process. You should apply well before the start of
the semester in which you intend to study.                                      Studying my PhD in New Zealand has been the best experience, and I
Verified transcripts from all of your previous tertiary study are essential     have been blessed with the opportunity to live and study here with my
unless you completed your previous degree at Massey University.                 family over the past five years. The Massey Institute of Education has
                                                                                a strong reputation among New Zealand universities so I am proud to
ENGLISH LANGUAGE REQUIREMENTS                                                   study here.
All students studying at Massey University are expected to be able              I completed an English language course at Massey followed by a short
to write grammatically correct English, read English actively and with          course in qualitative and quantitative research in education. These short
understanding, listen to and discern key points in spoken English and           courses gave me a strong foundation to begin my PhD project.
speak English freely and clearly. Procedures also exist for those students      The best thing about Massey is the strong team of international student
who wish to submit written work or examinations in Māori.                       support. I am very appreciative of the support and guidance I received
All international students whose first language is not English will be          from them, and they would kindly help us anytime that we want. Also,
required to provide satisfactory evidence of their English language             my supervisors looked after me very well. They provided lots of valuable
proficiency in the form of an academic IELTS or TOEFL score. More               suggestions for my study and encourage me to continue my writing.
information is available on the international students web pages:               They also gave me spiritual support during my PhD journey, allowing me                                                      to maintain a balanced life between my study and family.
                                                                                I plan to move back to Thailand with my family and be an assistant
                                                                                professor at Maejo University teaching English language to
                                                                                undergraduate science students. I hope to develop a master's
                                                                                programme in TESOL which will hopefully enter a MOU with Massey.
                                                                                My vision is to use my knowledge and insight from my studies to develop
                                                                                students in my country.

                                       RESOURCES AND
                                       SERVICES FOR
                       NGĀ RAUEMI, NGĀ POSTGRADUATE

                         TAUIRA PAERUA STUDENTS
                       RATONGA MĀ NGĀ

            We understand the challenges of student life and provide services to help    PRINTED RESOURCES
            you achieve your academic and personal goals. Make the most of your          WORKSHOPS AND SEMINARS
            time at Massey University and take advantage of all the services and         Throughout the year, each Centre for Teaching and Learning holds
            resources available to you.                                                  workshops and seminars providing useful strategies on topics such as
            >> Academic and study skills         >> Disability services                  essay writing, referencing and advanced writing. See the workshop and
            >> Career and employment services >> Health and counselling                  seminars web page for information on topics, dates, and venues. If you
            >> Chaplaincy and religious services >> Library services                     missed a session, some workshops are viewable through the OWLL.
            >> Child care centres                >> Māori student services
            >> Computer labs and wireless        >> Pasifika student services
               networks                          >> Sport and recreation services
            >> Course advice

            Get in contact with one your student advisers. We're available to help you
            with any questions you might have about studying with us and can help
            with advice about which courses to choose and how to enrol. There are
            also dedicated advisers for Māori and Pasifika students.

            We have a wealth of academic support resources available online for all
            Massey University students. Materials have been developed by experts
            and are designed to enhance your academic skills. You can learn about
            useful strategies to help you with your time management, note taking and
            memory skills.

            OWLL contains detailed information, interactive content, and online
            workshops on essay and report writing, referencing, study techniques,
            computer skills, and more. See

            Stream is your online learning community to support you in your studies.
            It allows you to share and exchange ideas with fellow students and the
            course coordinator. You will find two useful services here:

            ACADEMIC Q AND A
            You can ask questions in this forum for academic issues relating to study
            and assignment writing skills.

            This service is available to all distance students and first-year students
            studying on-campus. Postgraduate students studying taught courses
            via distance can submit a draft assignment and a writing consultant
            will look it over and provide feedback on structure and focus, style and
            presentation, sources and referencing.
                                                                                                                                           POSTGRADUATE STUDY
                                                                                                                                             AT MASSEY IN 2020

                TOHU KAIRANGI                        MASSEY DOCTORATES
The doctoral degree is the highest degree            COLLEGE OF CREATIVE ARTS                    COLLEGE OF SCIENCES
awarded at Massey. The degree constitutes a          >> Design                                   >> Agribusiness
significant piece of research in the form of a       >> Fine Arts                                >> Agricultural and Horticultural Systems Mgmt
thesis or exegesis of up to 100,000 words or a       >> Māori Visual Arts                        >> Agricultural/Horticultural Engineering
series of publications that make a substantive       >> Music                                    >> Agriculture and Horticulture
and original contribution to knowledge. At                                                       >> Animal Science
Massey the research must be defended before          COLLEGE OF HEALTH                           >> Biochemistry
a panel of experts and takes three to four years     >> Anatomy/Physiology                       >> Chemistry
maximum to complete for a full-time student. The     >> Ergonomics                               >> Computer Science
professional doctorates also include course work     >> Health Sciences                          >> Conservation Biology
and in some cases internships/practicums.            >> Medical Laboratory Science               >> Construction
                                                     >> Nursing                                  >> Decision Science
INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNISED                           >> Nutritional Science                      >> Earth Science
Massey University is consistently ranked in the      >> Public Health                            >> Ecology
top 3% of universities worldwide.                    >> Rehabilitation                           >> Engineering
We are a global university. Our PhD students         >> Social Policy                            >> Food Technology
come from more than 25 different countries,          >> Social Work                              >> Genetics
and we have agreements with more than 200            >> Thesis Doctor of Social Work             >> Information Technology
institutions worldwide.                              >> Sport and Exercise Science               >> Logistics and Supply Chain Management
                                                                                                 >> Mathematics
We create an excellent experience and provide        >> Applied Linguistics                      >> Nanoscience
great support to Massey's doctoral students. Our     >> Creative Writing                         >> Natural Resource Management
campuses are innovative, creative and host some      >> Defence and Security Studies             >> Physics
of the world’s leading research centres.             >> Development Studies                      >> Plant Biology
                                                     >> Emergency Management                     >> Plant Science
PROFESSIONAL DOCTORATES                              >> English                                  >> Soil Science
Massey offers two 'professional' doctorates          >> Geography                                >> Statistics
which have more specific requirements than the       >> History                                  >> Veterinary Science
general PhD programme:                               >> Linguistics                              >> Zoology
>> Doctor of Clinical Psychology                     >> Māori Studies
>> Doctor of Social Work                             >> Media Studies                            MASSEY BUSINESS SCHOOL
                                                     >> Museum Studies                           >> Accounting
EXPERTISE ACROSS MANY                                >> Philosophy                               >> Aviation
DISCIPLINES                                          >> Politics                                 >> Banking
Massey's internationally-recognised research-        >> Psychology                               >> Communication and Journalism
led qualifications are hugely relevant in today’s    >> Public Policy                            >> Economics
world. Massey can offer PhD-level supervision in     >> Resource and Environmental Planning      >> Finance
the following fields. For a more complete listing,   >> Social Anthropology                      >> Human Resource Management
visit and view      >> Sociology                                >> Information Systems
the 'Areas of Research' document.                                                                >> Management
                                                                                                 >> Marketing

                         HE AHA HEI AKO MĀKU                                WHAT CAN I STUDY?
             Area of study              ProgrammesPage                                Area of study             ProgrammesPage
                                        Postgraduate Diploma in Accountancy      20                             Postgraduate Certificate in Business     21
                                        Master of Business Studies               21                             Postgraduate Diploma in Business         21
                                        Master of Professional Accountancy and         Business                  Master of Analytics                      20
                                         Finance                                 20                             Master of Creative Enterprise            23
                                        Postgraduate Diploma in AgriCommerce     20                             Master of Management                     21
                                        Master of AgriCommerce                   20                             Executive Master of Business
                                        Bachelor of Science with Honours         32   Business Administration    Administration                          22
             Agricultural Science       Postgraduate Diploma Sci & Tech          32                             Master of Business Administration        22
                                        Master of Science                        32   Chemical and Bioprocess   Master of Engineering                    26
             Agriculture                Master of Agriculture                    20    Engineering

             Analytics                  Master of Analytics                      20                             Bachelor of Science with Honours         32
                                                                                       Chemistry                 Postgraduate Diploma Sci & Tech          32
                                        Bachelor of Science with Honours         32                             Master of Science                        32
             Animal Science             Postgraduate Diploma in Sci & Tech       32
                                        Master of Science                        32                             Master of Clinical Psychology            22
                                                                                       Clinical Psychology
                                                                                                                 Doctor of Clinical Psychology            22
                                        Bachelor of Arts with Honours            20
                                        Postgraduate Certificate in Arts         20                             Bachelor of Communication with Honours   22
             Arts                                                                                                Master of Business Studies               21
                                        Postgraduate Diploma in Arts             20   Communication
                                        Master of Arts                           20                             Postgraduate Diploma in Communication    22
                                                                                                                 Master of Communication                  22
                                        Postgraduate Diploma in Specialist
             Autism Spectrum Disorder    Teaching                                33   Communication             Master of Management                     21
                                        Master of Specialist Teaching            33    Management

             Aviation                   Master of Aviation                       21                             Postgraduate Diploma in Specialist
                                                                                       Complex Educational
                                                                                                                  Teaching                                33
             Banking                    Master of Business Studies               21    Needs
                                                                                                                 Master of Specialist Teaching            33
                                        Bachelor of Science with Honours         32                             Bachelor of Science with Honours         32
             Biochemistry               Postgraduate Diploma in Sci & Tech       32                             Postgraduate Diploma in Information
                                        Master of Science                        32   Computer Science           Sciences                                28
                                        Bachelor of Science with Honours         32                             Master of Information Sciences           28
             Biological Sciences        Postgraduate Diploma in Sci & Tech       32                             Master of Science                        32
                                        Master of Science                        32                             Postgraduate Diploma Sci & Tech          32
                                                                                       Conservation Biology
                                        Master of Health Science                 27                             Master of Science                        32
                                        Postgraduate Diploma in Health Science   27   Conservation Veterinary   Master of Veterinary Studies             35
                                        Postgraduate Diploma in Specialist              Medicine
             Blind and Low Vision        Teaching                                33                             Postgraduate Diploma in Construction     23
                                        Master of Specialist Teaching            33   Construction
                                                                                                                 Master of Construction                   23
                                        Postgraduate Diploma in International                                    Postgraduate Diploma in Education        24
             Border and Biosecurity                                                    Counselling
                                         Security                                28                             Master of Counselling Studies            23
                                        Master of Construction                   23   Creative Enterprise       Master of Creative Enterprise            23
             Building Technology
                                        Postgraduate Diploma in Construction     23
                                                                                       Creative Writing          Master of Creative Writing               23
                                                                                                                                                 POSTGRADUATE STUDY
                                                                                                                                                   AT MASSEY IN 2020
Area of study             ProgrammesPage                                  Area of study               ProgrammesPage
Dairy Science             Master of Dairy Science and Technology    22                               Bachelor of Science with Honours            32
                          Bachelor of Arts with Honours             20    Exercise and Sport Science Postgraduate Diploma in Sci & Tech          32
                          Postgraduate Diploma in Arts              20                               Master of Science                           32
Defence and Security      Postgraduate Diploma in International            Expressive Arts             Bachelor of Communication with Honours 22
 Studies                   Security                                 28                                Postgraduate Diploma in Construction       23
                          Master of Arts                            20    Facilities Management
                                                                                                       Master of Construction                     23
                          Master of International Security          28
                                                                           Fashion Design              Bachelor of Design with Honours            24
                          Bachelor of Design with Honours           24
                          Master of Design                          24                                Master of Business Studies                 21
Design                                                                                                 Master of Finance                          26
                          Master of Fine Arts (Fine Arts/Design)    26    Finance
                          Postgraduate Diploma in Design            24                                Master of Professional Accountancy and
                                                                                                        Finance                                   20
                          Postgraduate Diploma in Education         24
Digital Education                                                          Financial Economics         Master of Management                       21
                          Master of Education                       24
                          Postgraduate Diploma in Education         24                                Bachelor of Design with Honours            24
Early years                                                                Fine Arts                   Master of Fine Arts (Fine Arts/Design)     26
                          Master of Education                       24
                                                                                                       Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Arts          26
                          Bachelor of Science with Honours          32
Earth Science             Postgraduate Diploma Sci & Tech           32    Food Safety and Quality     Master of Food Safety and Quality          27
                          Master of Science                         32    Food Technology             Master of Food Technology                  27
                          Bachelor of Science with Honours          32                                Bachelor of Science with Honours           32
Ecology                   Postgraduate Diploma Sci & Tech           32    Genetics                    Postgraduate Diploma Sci & Tech            32
                          Master of Science                         32                                Master of Science                          32
                          Bachelor of Arts with Honours             20                                Bachelor of Arts with Honours              20
                          Postgraduate Diploma in Arts              20                                Bachelor of Science with Honours           32
                          Master of Arts                            20                                Postgraduate Diploma in Arts               20
                          Master of Business Studies                21                                Postgraduate Diploma Sci & Tech            32
                          Bachelor of Arts with Honours             20                                Master of Arts                             20
                          Postgraduate Certificate in Education     24                                Master of Science                          32
                          Postgraduate Diploma in Arts              20    Geospatial Science          Postgraduate Diploma in Arts               20
                          Postgraduate Diploma in Education         24                                Postgraduate Diploma in Specialist
                          Master of Arts                            20    Gifted and Talented          Teaching                                  33
                          Master of Education                       24                                Master of Specialist Teaching              33
Educational Administration Postgraduate Diploma in Education        24                                Postgraduate Diploma in Health Science     27
 and Leadership            Master of Education                      24                                Postgraduate Diploma in Health Service
                          Master of Educational and Developmental                                       Management                                27
                           Psychology                                25                               Master of Analytics                        20
Educational and
                          Postgraduate Certificate in Educational and                                  Master of Management                       21
                           Developmental Psychology                  25                               Master of Health Science                   27
                          Postgraduate Diploma in Educational and                                      Bachelor of Arts with Honours              20
                           Developmental Psychology                  25   History                     Postgraduate Diploma in Arts               20
Electronics and Computer Master of Engineering                      26                                Master of Arts                             20
 Engineering             Master of Engineering Studies              26                                Bachelor of Science with Honours           32
                          Master of Emergency Management            25                                Postgraduate Diploma in Sci & Tech         32
                          Postgraduate Diploma in Emergency                                            Master of Agriculture                      20
Emergency Management       Management                               25                                Master of Science                          32
                          Postgraduate Certificate in Emergency                                        Bachelor of Science with Honours           32
                           Management                               25    Human Nutrition             Postgraduate Diploma Sci & Tech            32
                          Master of Engineering                     26                                Master of Science                          32
                          Master of Engineering Studies             26    Human Resource              Master of Business Studies                 21
                          Bachelor of Arts with Honours             20     Management                 Master of Management                       21
English                   Postgraduate Diploma in Arts              20                                Postgraduate Diploma in Education          24
                          Master of Arts                            20    Inclusive Education
                                                                                                       Master of Education                        24
                          Postgraduate Diploma in Health Science    27                                Bachelor of Design with Honours            24
Environmental Health                                                       Industrial Design
                          Master of Health Science                  27                                Postgraduate Diploma in Design             24
                          Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental            Industrial/Organisational   Postgraduate Diploma in Industrial/
                           Management                               26     Psychology                  Organisational Psychology                 27
                          Master of Environmental Management        26
                                                                                                       Postgraduate Diploma in Inf Sciences       28
                          Master of Agriculture                     20    Information Sciences
Equine                                                                                                 Master of Information Sciences             28
                          Master of Veterinary Medicine             35
             Area of study                ProgrammesPage                                  Area of study             ProgrammesPage
                                          Postgraduate Diploma in Information                                        Master of Engineering                    26
             Information Technology        Sciences                                  28                             Master of Engineering Studies            26
                                          Master of Information Sciences             28                             Bachelor of Arts with Honours            20
                                          Postgraduate Diploma in International                                      Bachelor of Communication with Honours   22
                                                                                           Media Studies
             Intelligence                  Security                                  28                             Postgraduate Diploma in Arts             20
                                          Master of International Security           28                             Master of Arts                           20
             International Business       Master of Management                       21   Medical Laboratory        Master of Health Science                 27
                                       Postgraduate Certificate in International            Research
                                        Development                                  28   Medical Laboratory        Postgraduate Diploma in Health Science   27
             International Development Postgraduate Diploma in International                Science
                                        Development                                  28   Mental Health             Postgraduate Certificate in Nursing      30
                                       Master of International Development           28
                                                                                                                     Bachelor of Science with Honours         32
                                          Postgraduate Certificate in International        Microbiology              Postgraduate Diploma in Sci & Tech       32
                                           Security                                  28                             Master of Science                        32
             International Security       Postgraduate Diploma in International
                                           Security                                  28                             Postgraduate Diploma in Museum Studies
                                          Master of International Security           28   Museum Studies                                                  30
                                                                                                                     Master of Arts                        20
             Journalism                   Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism         29
                                                                                                                     Bachelor of Science with Honours         32
             Leadership Practice          Master of Advanced Leadership Practice     29   Nanoscience               Postgraduate Diploma in Sci & Tech       32
              (Advanced)                                                                                             Master of Science                        32
                                          Postgraduate Diploma in Specialist Teaching                                Postgraduate Certificate in Nursing      30
             Learning and Behaviour                                                 33                              Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing          30
                                          Master of Specialist Teaching             33    Nursing
                                                                                                                     Master of Health Science                 27
                                          Postgraduate Certificate in Learning Support                               Master of Nursing                        30
                                                                                     29   Nutrition and Dietetics   Master of Science                        32
             Learning Support
                                          Postgraduate Diploma in Learning Support
                                                                                     29   Occupational Health and   Postgraduate Diploma in Health Science   27
                                                                                            Safety                   Master of Health Science                 27
                                          Master of Agriculture                      20
             Life Cycle Management                                                         Organisational Technology Master of Management                     21
                                          Master of Engineering Studies              26
                                          Bachelor of Communication with Honours     22
                                          Postgraduate Certificate in Applied                                        Master of Engineering                    26
                                                                                           Packaging Technology
                                           Linguistics                               29                             Master of Engineering Studies            26
                                          Postgraduate Diploma in Applied                                            Bachelor of Arts with Honours            20
                                           Linguistic                                29   Philosophy                Postgraduate Diploma in Arts             20
                                          Master of Applied Linguistics              29                             Master of Arts                           20
                                          Postgraduate Diploma in Education          24                             Bachelor of Design with Honours          24
             Literacy Education
                                          Master of Education                        24   Photography               Postgraduate Diploma in Design           24
                                          Postgraduate Diploma in Logistics and Supply                               Master of Design                         24
             Logistics and Supply Chain
                                           Chain Management                         29                              Bachelor of Science with Honours         32
                                          Master of Supply Chain Management         29    Physics                   Postgraduate Diploma in Sci & Tech       32
                                          Postgraduate Diploma in Education          24                             Master of Science                        32
             Māori Education
                                          Master of Education                        24                             Bachelor of Science with Honours         32
                                          Postgraduate Diploma in Health Science     27   Physiology                Postgraduate Diploma in Sci & Tech       32
             Māori Health                                                                                            Master of Science                        32
                                          Master of Health Science                   27
                                          Bachelor of Arts with Honours              20                             Postgraduate Certificate in Planning     31
             Māori Studies                Postgraduate Diploma in Arts               20                             Postgraduate Diploma in Planning         31
                                          Master of Arts                             20                             Master of Resource and Environmental
                                                                                                                      Planning                                32
                                          Postgraduate Diploma in Māori Visual
             Māori Visual Arts                                                                                       Bachelor of Science with Honours         32
                                           Arts                                      30
             Toioho ki Āpiti                                                               Plant Biology             Postgraduate Diploma in Sci & Tech       32
                                          Master of Māori Visual Arts                30
                                                                                                                     Master of Science                        32
                                          Master of Business Studies                 21
             Management                                                                                              Postgraduate Diploma in Sci & Tech       32
                                          Master of Management                       21   Plant Breeding
                                                                                                                     Master of Science                        32
                                          Master of Business Studies                 21
             Marketing                                                                                               Bachelor of Arts with Honours            20
                                          Master of Management                       21
                                                                                           Politics                  Postgraduate Diploma in Arts             20
                                          Bachelor of Science with Honours           32                             Master of Arts                           20
             Mathematics                  Postgraduate Diploma in Sci & Tech         32
                                          Master of Science                          32   Primary Education         Master of Teaching and Learning          24

                                          Postgraduate Diploma in Education          24                             Postgraduate Diploma in Psychological
             Mathematics Education                                                         Psychological Practice
                                          Master of Education                        24                              Practice                                31
You can also read