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Student Guide - Weeroona College Bendigo

          Weeroona College Bendigo
Student Guide - Weeroona College Bendigo
R        RESPECT
                         I treat everyone with respect and value differences in others. - I am a positive role
                         model in everything that I do
                         • I proudly wear my uniform and care for my environment
                         • I encourage others to share their ideas
                         • I am a positive role model in everything that I do
                         • I respond positively to feedback from my teachers to help me improve my learning and behaviour
                         • I treat everyone with respect and value differences in others

                 I       INTEGRITY
                         I take responsibility for my actions and the rewards/consequences that come with them
                         and I participate in all learning and personal development activities.
                         • I manage my time effectively
                         • I am prepared to think about my strengths and limitations to support my learning and development
                         • I take responsibility for my actions and the rewards/consequences that come with them
                         • I participate in all learning and personal development activities
                         • I complete all my learning tasks as required
                         • I contribute to all class activities

                P        PERSONAL EXCELLENCE
                         I will challenge myself to do my best and work hard to achieve my goals.
                         • I set goals that mean I will challenge myself to do my best
                         • I work hard to achieve my goals and meet learning targets
                         • I always come to class on time and ready to learn
                         • I take advantage of every opportunity and am willing to try new things
                         • I accept challenges and persist when things get tough

                 I       INNOVATION
                         I am willing to seek new experiences, taking every opportunity to solve problems and
                         apply creativity in my learning.
                         • I teach others or I help to coach others
                         • I am a team player
                         • I look for patterns to solve problems
                         • I connect and collaborate
                         • I show creativity
                         • I look for new and creative ways to further develop my knowledge
                         • I think outside the box
                         • I use technology to deepen my learning

                R        RESILIENCE
                         I accept challenges and persist when things get tough.
                         • I learn from difficult and challenging situations in spite of mistakes
                         • I am prepared to seek new experiences and take opportunities
                         • I persevere
                         • I am realistic, think rationally and look on the bright side
                         • Take feedback and implement
                         • I bounce back
                         • I may fail before succeeding

Student Guide - Weeroona College Bendigo



                           12                      MULTICULTUR AL COMMUNIT Y
                           13                      Weeroona College Bendigo offers a range of support and opportunities for our
                           14                      EAL, First Nations and PSD students, parents and families.



                                     SCHOOL UNIFORM                                                      PATHWAYS
                           25        Noone will supply school uniforms to
                                     WCB families in 2021. Discover all the
                                                                                                         Transition to your bright future. We
                                                                                                         connect your student to a bright
                           26        details, options and guidelines.                                    future full of opportunities.
                                18                                                      35
                                     DE VICE PURCHA SING                                                 C AMP S
                           38        Device purchasing instructions and
                                     the support you need to make a
                                                                                                         2021 Camps will once again be a
                                                                                                         huge week, not to be missed. All the
                           39        successful device purchase.                                         early locations, dates, deposit and
                                                                                                         payment due dates.

                                                                   W E E R O O N A .V I C . E D U. A U         WCB STUDENT GUIDE                03
Student Guide - Weeroona College Bendigo
WCB                                                                                                               15

School                                                                                                                      16


                         12                     7                                                                 6

                                                                    4                                                       5
                 8                                  3
                                                              1         2
                                                                                                      10               9


                                             Map Key                                           10. Workout Room - Gym equipment, spin bikes
                                                                                               11. Performing Arts, Music
                                               1. Administration Office, Public Entry          12. Technology - Metals, Woods, CAD, Textiles,
                                                 2. Global Learning Centre - Library, IT       Engineering, Energy Breakthrough Centre
                                                  3. Home Eco Kitchen                          13. Napier Street Carpark entrance, Office access
                                                    4. Canteen
                                                      5. Merin Learning Community              Top map view
                                                       6. Kappen Learning Community            14. Multisport Oval
                                                         7. Wannop Learning Community          15. Cricket Nets
                                                           8. Katyil Learning Community        16. Synthetic Turf Soccer Feild
                                                            9. Gymnasium - Basketball Court    17. Energy Breakthrough Track

04   WCB STUDENT GUIDE        W E E R O O N A .V I C . E D U. A U
Student Guide - Weeroona College Bendigo
Welcome to Weeroona College Bendigo

                             IN T RODUC T ION

                             We Create Brilliance
                                                                      offered for Year Seven and Eight students and Year Nine and
                                                                      ten students undertake a mixture of core and elective studies.
Dear Parents/Carers and Grade Six Students                            Recently we have introduced a STEM (Science, Technology,
                                                                      Engineering and Mathematics) based curriculum across the
It gives me much pleasure to introduce you to our wonderful           College. Our Year 10 students have access to VCE courses and our
school and thank you for wanting to learn more about Weeroona         Year 9/10’s to VET programs with successful pathways to Bendigo
College Bendigo.                                                      Senior Secondary College, our year 11 and 12 provider.

Weeroona College Bendigo (WCB) operates across two campuses,          WCB has a strong culture of extracurricular programs. We have
with our main campus located on the northern side of Bendigo,         a proud tradition in the Performing and Visual Arts including a
with a population of 700 Year Seven to Year Ten students. Our         well-supported instrumental music program, bands and arts
second campus (BFLO- Bendigo Flexible Learning Options) is an         spectaculars and College productions. The College also has very
alternative setting and is a collaborative partnership between the    high standard sporting programs, where our students compete
five Bendigo secondary colleges and Kalianna Specialist School        as the Weeroona Warriors. We are proud of our students who
that aims to re-engage learners from Year Seven through Twelve.       perform exceptionally well in a broad range of interschool sports
The current enrolment at BFLO is 50 students.                         activities. We have forged community partnerships with the
                                                                      YMCA Harriers, the Bendigo Umpires Association, the Sandhurst/
We have very strong educational partnerships with our associate       Weeroona Cricket Club and the Bendigo & District Cricket
primary schools in the White Hills cluster, the other three Bendigo   Association as part of our Building Stronger Links Program.
Year Seven to Ten colleges and Bendigo Senior Secondary College       We are also part of the Bendigo Education Plan and Athlete
where our students transition for Years Eleven and Twelve.            Development Program with the other Bendigo secondary schools.
                                                                      Another highlight of our College program is our participation in
Our modern learning spaces provide for a wide range of flexible       the RACV Energy Breakthrough competitions. The College has an
teaching and learning activities including: independent study,        outstanding record of success over many years and the students,
peer tutoring, small and large group work, project based learning,    staff and families involved have benefitted enormously from this
lecture based learning, seminar style learning, research,             program.
performances and presentations by students and learning by
building and doing.                                                   We have developed a culture of high expectations for all our
                                                                      students and have embedded a Learning Protocol Framework
WCB has a firm commitment to maximising the educational               based on our school values: Respect, Integrity, Personal
opportunities for each and every one of our students and we place     Excellence, Innovation and Resilience – We are R.I.P.I.R people.
a high emphasis on all students achieving personal excellence,        To support this, we have also developed a learning support plan
which is one of our five core values. Each student has a Personal     that clearly articulates a consistent set of expectations by all staff
Learning Plan where teachers and parents can track progress with      through the use of a restorative approach.
their students to ensure that individual learning needs are met.
Literacy and Numeracy are a high priority at Weeroona College         I look forward to meeting with you and to you becoming a part of
Bendigo where we work to ensure that our teaching supports all        our community of learners at Weeroona College Bendigo.
students across the curriculum. We are a community of readers
and encourage reading opportunities at school and at home and         Sincerely
we have a personalised learning model for teaching Mathematics
that supports individual learners.

Our College has made the development of a high quality
curriculum, that caters for the needs of all students, a major        Jason Bysouth                                         Sarah Trew
priority over the past few years. A balanced core curriculum is       Principal                                             Assistant Principal

                                                                                      W E E R O O N A .V I C . E D U. A U            WCB STUDENT GUIDE   05
Student Guide - Weeroona College Bendigo

Student Voice, Student Action

                                                  What we do in the SRC
                                                  The Student Representative Council is a student led organisation that provides voice for
     Matthew Reeves 
                                                  students at WCB. They seek feedback from students, report to school leadership, organise
     SRC Leader                                   and run school events as well as fundraise. Membership is open to all students that attend
                                                  WCB. SRC provides a wonderful opportunity to contribute positively to any students’ time at
                                                  WCB. It also provides a chance for students to build skills in leadership, teamwork, planning,
                                                  management and reflective practices.

                                                  A word from some past students…
                                                  "Being a part of SRC has provided me with so many opportunities and taught me lifelong skills
                                                  such as: communication, teamwork, organisation, presentation and leadership skills that I will
                                                  never forget and will need later throughout life."

"...students build                                "In SRC, we were able to collaborate with other inspiring leaders at the school to make positive
                                                  changes, as well as plan events that everyone will enjoy. This included the ‘Community Games’

leadership, teamwork,                             to get students to interact and have fun as well as ‘Out of Uniform’ days to help fundraise."

planning, management                              "Some of my favourite parts about being in SRC were making new friends, having a
                                                  contribution to the school’s direction and the leadership opportunities that it provided. I

and reflective practices."                        would highly recommend for you to join SRC if you are interested or want to be involved in the
                                                  school’s leadership opportunities."

                                                  How to join the SRC
                                                  Become a part of the SRC by signing up in Term 1. Keep an eye on Compass where the
                                                  information you need will be posted.

06         WCB STUDENT GUIDE   W E E R O O N A .V I C . E D U. A U
Student Guide - Weeroona College Bendigo

College Leadership
Becoming Community & Professional Leaders

Leaders in their chosen fields                                        •
                                                                          Providing leadership to the student body
                                                                          Demonstrating a caring and supportive manner
Weeroona College Bendigo is committed to preparing our students
                                                                      •   Taking a leading role with student leadership within the
to become community and professional leaders in their chosen
fields. Students are provided with a rich array of opportunities to
                                                                      •   Participate in regular school planning meetings with the
develop the confidence and skills which they can take with them
                                                                          College Principal and Assistant Principal
after graduating.
                                                                      •   Assisting with the organisation and conduct of general
Apart from the formal leadership roles described here there are
                                                                      •   Speaking on behalf of students and the school at school
many other daily opportunities for students to develop their
                                                                          functions and other special events.
leadership skills. Leadership development at all levels of our
                                                                      •   Representing the school at events and functions as required.
school is encouraged and valued.
                                                                      •   Reporting to the school community via regular contributions to
                                                                          the College website, the Newsletter and other forums.

Why take on a Student Leadership                                      •   Mentoring other students.

Role?                                                                 Student Representative Council
•   Learn new skills and build personal leadership capacity.
                                                                      Our Student Representative Council is an important part of our
•   To be a voice and make a difference within the College.
                                                                      whole-school leadership development program. Students are
•   Work with and get to know new people.
                                                                      encouraged to nominate for year-level leadership roles as part
•   Represent the school at community events.
                                                                      of their growth, development and contribution to school life. SRC
•   Undertake special leadership training programs and activities.
                                                                      representatives play a vital role as trusted conduits between
                                                                      students, staff and the broader school community.

College Captains
The College Captains are role models for our whole school. As
one of our College Captains, you are known and respected by all
                                                                      Sports Captains
                                                                      Each of our Learning Communities has a Senior and Junior
members of the school community because of your outstanding
                                                                      Captain and Vice-Captain to lead their respective communities in
history of performance and contribution. The College Captains
                                                                      athletic and swimming competitions and recognises leadership,
play an important role in organising and presenting at important
                                                                      outstanding achievement and sportsmanship on and off the field.
school events. You will: actively promote the school values at all
times, by:

                                                                                     W E E R O O N A .V I C . E D U. A U   WCB STUDENT GUIDE   07
Student Guide - Weeroona College Bendigo
                                                                                                                Schools have
                                                                                                                a critical role
Wellbeing                                                                                                       in supporting
Support at School                                                                                               students to make
                                                                                                                healthy lifestyle
                                                                                                                choices and
                                                                                                                to understand
                                                                                                                consequences on
                                                                                                                lifelong health and
                                                                                                                wellbeing. The link
                                                                                                                between health
                                                                                                                and wellbeing and
                                                                                                                positive academic
                                                                                                                performance is well
                                                     We can Listen and Help
     Matthew Reeves                                  Student life can be tough at times, especially balancing school, work, family and friends.
     Positive Education Leader                       Challenges with any of these issues can make it difficult for you to study or get on with life.

                                                     Having someone to listen can help lighten the load and ease the situation. The Student
     Julie Nicol
                                                     Wellbeing Team can support you and work with you to help sort out the problem. We can also
     Wellbeing Team Member
                                                     help work through issues you may be having with friends or at home.

     Bridget Chambers
                                                     Wellbeing Access
                                                     Students who wish to make appointments during class time with Student Wellbeing are required
     Wellbeing Team Member
                                                     to have their appointment card signed by a Wellbeing Team Member and co-signed by their
                                                     Classroom Teacher.

     Carl Rusbridge
                                                     Additional Support
                                                     The Student Wellbeing Team have access to a wide range of services such as: Headspace,
                                                     St. Lukes and Bendigo Community Health. We can assist students with referrals to these and
                                                     other organisations.
     Tammy Nancarrow
     School Nurse
                                                     Dogs Connect Program
                                                     In 2019 we were fortunate to be able to introduce the Dogs Connect Program to WCB. We
                                                     welcomed our school puppy Yindi in March 2019. Introducing Yindi into our learning settings
     Christine Henty
                                                     has given us the ability to work on various levels of wellbeing – for students, staff and school
     Student Support - ASD Leader
                                                     communities. Dogs Connect worked very closely with the school community to design a long
                                                     term, sustainable program to meet the specific needs of the students and staff.
                                                     For more information see:
     Megan King
     Mental Health Practitioner

08          WCB STUDENT GUIDE     W E E R O O N A .V I C . E D U. A U
Student Guide - Weeroona College Bendigo

WCB Multicultural Community
Inclusive, Supportive Environment

Multicultural Students                                                  The First Nations program looks at
Weeroona College Bendigo offers a range of support and
                                                                        ways to build community engagement
opportunities for our multicultural students, parents and families.
                                                                        in learning and development so
This includes:                                                                                                               Yinmu Liu
                                                                        that, through partnership and
                                                                        collaboration, services work together                EAL Leader
•   Weeroona Additional Learning Support (WALS) Homework
                                                                        with Koorie people to find innovative
    Club (Wednesdays after school)
                                                                        ways to improve outcomes in local
•   Virtual EAL classes through the Victorian School of Languages
                                                                        communities.                                         Eh Soo She
    for newly arrived students to Australia
                                                                                                                             EAL Translator
    Sports and Come and Try Days
    Excursions based around Australian culture, flora and fauna
                                                                        At Weeroona College Bendigo we pride
•   Access to interpreting and translating
                                                                        ourselves on our engagement with the
•   Support for all aspects of education through EAL classes and                                                             Ryan Currie
                                                                        Program for Students with Disabilities
    our Multicultural Education Aide (MEA)
                                                                        (PSD) and inclusive practices for all                First Nations Leader
First Nations Program                                                   students. Our school strives to be an
                                                                        inclusive community, where students
Weeroona College Bendigo has been developing a First Nations
                                                                        can participate in everyday schooling
program for the Koorie students and families and wider WCB
                                                                        activities and events on the same basis
community. WCB aims to develop positive relationships with
                                                                        as their peers, regardless of their individual circumstances.
students involved to generate a sense of pride and belonging.

                                                                        All PSD students, along with a number of others, have Individual
Our staff collaborated effectively with the KESO in the design
                                                                        Education Plans written to reflect their personal strengths,
of the program and the connection to various community
                                                                        interests and challenges. These are constructed in consultation
stakeholder groups. Our First Nations leader liaises with WCB
                                                                        with students, parents or carers and teachers to create the best
staff in developing support mechanisms for Koorie students to
                                                                        chance of success in the school setting. Communication is the key
achieve academic success in classrooms.
                                                                        to ensuring the ongoing viability of these plans and as a result,
                                                                        regular reviews are scheduled throughout the school year.
At Weeroona College Bendigo we strive to create a positive climate
for learning and development, where services demonstrate the
                                                                        Through careful planning, open communication and ongoing
highest levels of respect and inclusion. As a result, Koorie children
                                                                        support from school staff and outside experts every student is
and learners of all ages feel strong in their identity within all
                                                                        provided with the opportunity to thrive.

                                                                                       W E E R O O N A .V I C . E D U. A U   WCB STUDENT GUIDE      09
Student Guide - Weeroona College Bendigo

School Nurse/Doctors in Schools
                                              Role of the WCB Nurse                                        Doctors in Schools
                                              The key role of the secondary school nurse is to             The Doctors in Secondary School Program at
                                              support health promotion and primary prevention              Weeroona College Bendigo has almost completed
                                              in secondary schools. Through identifying and                its 2nd year at our school. Our general practitioner
                                              building on existing school initiatives and providing        (GP) Rachel Lee and practice nurse (PN) Michelle Den
                                              appropriate preventative health care, secondary              Elzen attend our school one day a week on Tuesdays.
                                              school nurses assist schools to better support the           The GP provides medical advice and health care to
                                              health and wellbeing needs of their students.                WCB students most in need.

                                              The role encompasses:                                        The objectives of the program are to:
                                              •      health promotion and primary prevention               •   make primary health care more accessible to
                                              •      school community development activities                   students
       Tammy Nancarrow
                                              •      small group work focusing on health related           •   provide assistance to young people to identify
       School Nurse                                  discussion and information                                and address any health problems early
                                              •      individual student health counselling                 •   reduce the pressure on working parents
                                              •      advice and referral to assist young people in         •   parents/carers will not incur out of pocket
                                                     making healthy lifestyle choices                          expenses for student consultations with the GP

                                              Secondary school nurses are involved at various              Many of our students have benefited from visiting
                                              levels in the school, with their involvement                 the school doctor onsite at WCB and parents are also
                                              dependent on the needs of the school. Nurses are             encouraged to attend appointments with their child..
                                              typically part of a school’s student wellbeing team,         The school looks forward to continuing to provide
                                              working collaboratively to address student health            medical and healthcare advice to our students in
                                              and wellbeing issues.                                        2021.

                                              Secondary school nurses may be involved in                   Please contact Bridget Chambers – School Wellbeing
                                              supporting the development of health related                 on 5443 2133 if you require further information.
                                              curriculum and policy, the delivery of health
                                              education in partnership with teachers, providing
                                              input in to school planning processes, and the
                                              delivery of various programs for students.

Sun Smart
Weeroona College Bendigo is a Sun Smart School. We take great care to exercise               •   Wear longer styled shorts and
our duty of care to ensure that students are protected against foreseeable                       dresses (as per the school uniform).
harm.                                                                                        •   Students are also encouraged to
                                                                                                 wear close fitting, wraparound
Skin cancer is a significant public health problem in Victoria and Australia.                    sunglasses that meet the
Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world, with two in three                    Australian Standard and cover as
people developing skin cancer at some time in their lives.                                       much of the eye area as possible.
                                                                                                 This is encouraged during PE
Families and students as well as staff are encouraged to protect themselves                      classes and during recess/lunch
against harmful UV radiation whilst at school. This can be done by:                              time.
•     Wearing a broad brimmed or bucket hat.
•     Putting on SPF 30+ broad spectrum, water resistant, sunscreen before                   At Weeroona College Bendigo, we encourage all staff to act as good role models
      coming to school. Sunscreen is available at the Administration Office,                 by using a combination of sun protection measures when outside. Families and
      PE/Stadium and all Learning Communities. We encourage students to                      visitors are also encouraged to use a combination of sun protection measures
      bring their own if they suffer from sensitive skin or skin allergies and the           when participating in and attending outdoor school activities.
      sunscreen we provide is not suitable.                                                  Please refer to the school website for the latest information via the UV Alert
•     Use shaded areas during lunch times.                                                   Widget or via the Sun Smart website:

010             WCB STUDENT GUIDE                 W E E R O O N A .V I C . E D U. A U

Medical Conditions
Action Plans/Vaccination
Weeroona College Bendigo (WCB) considers the health and wellbeing of your
child to be of the utmost importance. We, as a school community, have an               Tammy Nancarrow - Secondary School Nurse
overall responsibility and duty of care to implement and develop strategies  
and processes, to ensure a safe and supportive environment is afforded to all
students. If your child has a diagnosed medical condition, the school needs to         Martine Elms - First Aid
be made aware of it to deliver and monitor their state of health and wellbeing.
Medical conditions may include, but are not limited to: Anaphylaxis, Asthma,
Diabetes etc.                                                                          Wendy White - First Aid
Action Plans for medical conditions are essential, and in some cases is a
mandated requirement as governed by governmental bodies. Printable copies
of particular action plans are on the WCB website, for
your convenience in fulfilling these requirements. If you have trouble accessing
these action plans, please notify administration staff to assist you or your local
GP can print one out in order for it to be completed. Please be aware, most
action plans need to be renewed annually and it is the responsibility of you, as
the parent and/or carer, to have these filled out and a copy given to the school to
                                                                                       Further Information
provide optimal care to your child.
Depending on your child’s medical condition, prescribed and/or approved
medication is kept in the Administration Office.

Secondary School Vaccination Program                                                        school-vaccine-programs/

Immunisation is a proven and safe way to protect your child against diseases
that can potentially cause serious illness and sometimes lead to death. The
protection provided by some childhood immunisations fades over time,
therefore, needs to be boosted in adolescent years. Secondary school students
are at an age when vaccines are most effective, providing the needed protection
for possible exposure to disease and illness. Immunisations will be given by the
City of Greater Bendigo Council on the school grounds. You must fill out and
return the immunisation card to the school, in order to receive your free vaccine.
If for whatever reason, you do not wish for this to occur, it is still a requirement
that the card be returned indicating the refusal of consent. Information
regarding the immunisation will be attached to the card for your convenience
and education.
If you have enquiries relating to medical concerns and/or immunisations please
feel free to contact:

"...the health and
wellbeing of your child is
of utmost importance."

                                                                                       W E E R O O N A .V I C . E D U. A U   WCB STUDENT GUIDE   011

School Uniform
Noone Uniform Price List

                                 ACADEMIC UNIFORM                                   SIZE              PRICE
                                 Softshell Jacket with logo                         10C-3XL           $79.00

                                 Pullover – Navy with logo                          75-80-85-90       $81.00
                                                                                    95-100-105        $85.00
                                                                                    110-115-120-125   $93.00
                                 Rugby Top                                          12C-3XL           $89.95
      21 Queen Street
      Bendigo Victoria 3550      Summer Dress                                       4J-16J            $69.95
                                                                                    6A-22A            $71.00

                                 Polo Shirt maroon with logo                        10C-3XL           $38.95
                                 Shorts with logo                                   10-97             $39.95
      03 7018 4199
                                 Trousers with logo                                 10-117            $46.50
                                 Winter Skirt                                       8A-20A            $73.95

      TRADING HOURS              Winter Tights                                      S-XTALL           $8.95

      Monday - Friday            Bucket Hat / Surf Hat                              S-M-L-XL          $16.95

      9.00am - 5.00pm            Back Pack                                          Large             $71.95
                                 SPORTS (PE) UNIFORM                                SIZE              PRICE
      10.00am - 1.00pm
                                 Polo Top – navy with Warriors logo & school logo   12C-7XL           $39.95

                                 Shorts – stretch microfibre with logo              10C-2XL           $36.95

                                 Track Pant – fleecy with logo                      8C-2XL            $43.00

012          WCB STUDENT GUIDE   W E E R O O N A .V I C . E D U. A U

School Uniform
Student Uniform Guidelines

The Weeroona College Bendigo uniform is available through the
Noone School Uniform Shop in Queen Street Bendigo.
                                                                      Outer Garments
                                                                      •   Navy woollen jumper with College crest.
                                                                      •   Soft Shell Jacket
Practical subjects have specific requirements with respect to
                                                                      •   College Rugby Top
protective clothing, including footwear in designated areas.
                                                                      •   Year 10 students have the option of wearing the current Year
                                                                          10 Rugby Top.
Excessive make-up, nail polish and jewellery are not permitted.

Exceptional circumstances may lead to a student coming to school
                                                                      •   College Polo Shirt with crest
not in full uniform. This must be clearly explained by written note
                                                                      •   Long sleeve navy T Shirt to be worn under polo shirt.
from a parent/guardian on that day. Students may be expected
to change into ‘spare’ uniform items which are kept within
each Learning Community. Ongoing failure to comply with this
                                                                      Trouser, Slacks & Shorts
                                                                      •   Navy College trousers or slacks - No labeling eg Nike, Adidas
requirement may result in further consequences.
                                                                          (Choice of styles and fittings available from shop.)
                                                                      •   Navy College shorts are a summer option for all students.
Parents must apply to the Learning Community Leaders with a
medical certificate to gain an exemption for uniform items.
                                                                      •   College winter skirt and navy tights or white/navy socks.
It is important to clearly name all your children’s belongings,
                                                                      •   College summer dress and navy or black tights or white/navy
particularly clothing that they are likely to remove at school.
                                                                          ankle socks.
Please check occasionally that the labels are intact.

Families who experience financial hardship in meeting the costs of
                                                                      Physical Education & Sport
                                                                      •   Choice of 2 styles of navy shorts
school uniform are encouraged to contact the College.
                                                                      •   College navy track pants

Footwear                                                              •   College navy/white polo top with crest to be worn on physical
                                                                          education or sports days
•   Black leather or lace up school shoes or black leather runners
    that are cut under the ankle. Shoes must be totally black
    including laces.
                                                                      Optional Uniform Items
                                                                      •   College tie
•   Physical Education - Lace up runners with non- marking soles.
                                                                      •   College Scarf
•   Must be OH&S compliant
                                                                      •   Navy gloves

Hats                                                                  •
                                                                          College Blazer
                                                                          College Beanie
•   Choice of navy bucket or navy surf hat embroidered with logo.
•   Students must wear the college hat for physical education
    and sport and are encouraged to wear their hat when they are
                                                                      Uniform Policy
                                                                      Please find our uniform policy on the WCB website on the Policies

                                                                                        W E E R O O N A .V I C . E D U. A U   WCB STUDENT GUIDE   013

Recognition of Achievement 2021
Our awards program here at Weeroona College                                                                             The Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning: Is
                                                                  Special Significance
Bendigo aims to recognise the amazing things                                                                            presented to a participant in the VCAL program
                                                                  These awards are sponsored by a variety of groups
that our young people do. These awards relate                                                                           who is committed to their studies and upholds the
                                                                  and individuals, and recognise those students who
to exemplary achievement in areas of academic                                                                           College values.
                                                                  have done that bit extra over the year.
achievement, community involvement and                                                                                  Service Above Self Awards: This is awarded to
                                                                  The Angelica Stockwell Avid Reader Awards:
displaying the College values. Below is a list of                                                                       a student in each Learning Community who has
                                                                  These awards are presented to students at each
Awards that are on offer in 2021.                                                                                       consistently demonstrated the College values
                                                                  year level who have demonstrated a passion for
                                                                                                                        of Respect, Integrity and Personal Excellence
                                                                                                                        throughout the year.
                                                                  Bendigo Chaplaincy Committee – John Boquest
Recognition of a Leadership role
                                                                  Memorial Award: This award is in recognition of
throughout the Year                                               a student who has been compassionate towards
Students have an opportunity to nominate for these                others within the College Community and who has       Academic Excellence Awards
awards in the previous school year.                               worked to create a better College environment.        The awards are presented to students who have
College Captains                                                  School Council Citizenship Awards: These are          achieved scholastic excellence over the course of
College Community Leaders: Awarded to students                    presented to two Year 10 students who, by their       the year.
for their leadership within each community.                       actions, have shown themselves to be exemplary        Personal Endeavour Awards: These awards
College Council representatives: These awards                     citizens within the College Community.                recognise those students who have shown
recognise the students that have been the student                 The College Council Award: Is awarded to a Year 10    improvement across the year and have been
voices on the College Council.                                    student who has been motivated, hardworking and       a positive influence in class. They have shown
SRC Members                                                       committed to their studies over the whole year.       a cooperative attitude towards their teachers
Sports captains: Awarded to two junior and two                    The Otto Tiringer Junior Language Award: Is           and peers, and have worked consistently and
senior members of each community, they lead the                   awarded to a Year 8 student who has shown             productively in their learning. These successful
way in being active members of the College.                       application and promise in a foreign language, who    students have been nominated for their award by at
                                                                  has demonstrated personal excellence in their study   least eight of their subject teachers over the year.
                                                                  of a language and who is planning to continue to      Certificates Of Excellence: These are presented to
                                                                  study a language in years 9 and 10.                   students who achieve an average academic grade of
Sports Awards                                                     The Otto Tiringer Senior Language Award: Is a         B in their subjects over the year.
College Council Sports Awards: The College Council                for Year 10 student who has shown application         Curriculum Awards: Are awarded to Years 7, 8 & 9
sponsor these awards with the aim of recognising                  and promise in a foreign language, who has            students who have excelled in specific curriculum
high levels of sporting achievement both within                   demonstrated personal excellence in their study of    areas. The areas of study are The Arts, English,
the College and in the wider community. These                     a language and is planning to continue to study a     Health & Physical Education, Humanities, LOTE,
awards are presented to two junior and two senior                 language in VCE (years 11 and 12).                    Mathematics, Science, Technology and STEM.
students.                                                         Work Experience Award: This award is in recognition   Dux Award: These are awarded to 2 students in
Barry Findlay One On One Cricket Award: Is awarded                of the student who received the best feedback and     Years 7, 8 and 9.
to the student who displays outstanding potential                 showed maturity and commitment during their           College Dux: Awarded to a Year 10 student that has
and dedication throughout the school cricket                      placement on Work Experience.                         excelled in all areas of study.
season.                                                           Bendigo Senior Secondary College VCE Award: This      Student of the Year: Presented to the student
Golden Square Football Club AFL Award: This award                 award is sponsored by Bendigo Senior Secondary        who has demonstrated outstanding application
recognises commitment, ability, teamwork and                      College. It is presented to a student studying VCE    to education, achieved excellent results and set a
potential in Australian Rules Football.                           who has shown commitment and application to           positive example to other students through their
The Northern Flames Most Outstanding Netballer:                   their studies.                                        attitude to studies and College life.
This award recognises a student who displays                      The First Nations People: Is presented to an
outstanding potential in netball.                                 indigenous student within the College who has
The Athletics Award: Recognises prowess and                       shown commitment to their studies and to their
potential in athletics for a junior boy and girl, and a           cultural heritage.
senior boy and girl.                                              The English as an Additional Language (EAL) Award:
                                                                  To be awarded to a student that consistently
                                                                  upholds the College value of Personal Excellence
                                                                  and is motivated and committed to their studies.

014             WCB STUDENT GUIDE              W E E R O O N A .V I C . E D U. A U

Transition to your bright future

2021 Work Experience Program
All Year 10 students must complete a minimum 5 days Work Experience during the last week of Term 2, from                      Sue Pollard
Monday the 21st to Friday the 25th of June 2021.                                                                              Pathways
All students undertaking Work Experience must complete two online safe@work O
                                                                             ccupational Health
and Safety Modules. These Modules are completed within classes in Term 1. The General Module and the
Industry Module Certificates must be handed in with the work arrangement form.                                                Ryan Pollard
                                                                                                                              Transition and Pathways
Vocational Education & Training Program (VET)
Students who have enrolled in a VET Subject in Year 10 are permitted to have this as a credit towards their
VCE/VCAL. They also require a number of different forms and permissions to be signed. These will be given
to students during class.

Career Education and Planning
Throughout the year students and parents may contact the Careers Staff for an a
                                                                               ppointment to investigate
individual programs to increase engagement or support t ransition from school. This may involve work                       "We connect your
placements, external short and long term courses, career planning or support to make choices about schooling.
                                                                                                                            student to a bright
Headstart Program/Employment Opportunities
Opportunities to participate in the Headstart Program and part time jobs are advertised on Compass                          future full of
throughout the year. Often they have a set timeline, so students who wish to apply for those opportunities
need to have an up to date resume.                                                                                          opportunities."
2021 Transition Program to BSSC
During Term 3, all Year 10 students will be asked to make a decision about study in 2021. VCE or VCAL? Students have the opportunity to book
individual counselling sessions with Careers Staff where parents can come in and discuss: career paths, subject requirements, and university
preferences and prerequisites to ensure smooth university applications for 2023. A range of resources are available in the P
                                                                                                                            athways Office throughout
the year. Formal transition interviews occur for most of Term 3, with study for 2022 finalised in Term 4.

Exiting School to a Non Government School
The National Youth Participation Requirement states the minimum school leaving age is now 17. Students wishing to exit school must have an
exit interview to complete formal exit documentation, provide written proof of a permanent employment offer or evidence of fulltime enrolment
to another Training Organisation. Alternative options to Weeroona College Bendigo and Bendigo Senior Secondary College can be discussed by
appointment at the Pathways Office.

                                                                                      W E E R O O N A .V I C . E D U. A U      WCB STUDENT GUIDE   015

Work Experience Program
Valuable workplace experience

                                Work Experience Program
                                Monday 21st June - Friday 25th June
                                All year 10 students are given an excellent opportunity to participate in the Work
                                Experience Program and it is expected that you take advantage of this opportunity.

                                         Benefits Of Work Experience:
                                         •     Improve understanding of the work environment
                                         •     Experience work behaviour and the range of jobs people do
                                         •     Learn skills and competencies of occupations
      Sue Pollard                        •     Explore possible career options and assess your suitability

      Work Experience                    •     Learn interpersonal skills in making phone calls and approaching potential employers
                                         •     Improve writing and application procedure skills
                                         •     Obtain a formal evaluation which can be used in a resume and as a reference for
                                               future employment
                                         •     Gaining the possibility of obtaining part time/casual employment

                                Organising A Work Placement:
                                •      You are responsible for obtaining your own work placement.
                                •      Parents, friends and family are an excellent source of information, contacts and potential for securing a
                                       placement. Pathways and other staff will support you in contacting employers, but do not find specific

"Take full                      •
                                       placements for you.
                                       Potential placements/employers need to be discussed with Pathways Staff to ensure they meet legal

advantage of                    •
                                       guidelines (number of employees, type of industry, hours of work etc.)
                                       Placements in medical, healthcare, childcare, education, police force, law courts or banking occupations

the excellent                          must be made through the Pathways Staff. Please see a staff member as soon as possible to secure
                                       placements in these areas.

opportunity                     How Do I Go About Organising A Placement?
that is our Work                1. Contact a potential employer.
                                2. Introduce yourself and ask if they would host you for a placement on the specified dates.

Experience                      3. Once you have found an employer, you must collect a Work Experience Arrangement Form from the
                                          Pathways Office.

Program."                       This must be filled in and signed by :
                                •      The employer
R APHAEL HENRY                  •      The student
                                •      The parent/guardian
                                •      The Principal
                                You cannot go on Work Experience unless this form has been submitted, signed and processed.

016         WCB STUDENT GUIDE       W E E R O O N A .V I C . E D U. A U

Work Experience Program Continued
Legal Work Experience Requirements: Other Considerations:
•   Will be discussed with you in class.                               •    If you are absent for any reason during your placement, you
•   A copy of prohibited tasks is sent to your employer.                    must notify the employer AND the school as soon as possible.
•   Includes workcover and insurance information.                      •    Any problems whilst on Work Experience need to be referred to
•   You can only work between the hours of 6.00am – 11.00pm.                the Pathways Office/Staff.
•   You MUST be at least 15 years of age on the first day of           •    You do not need a Working With Children Check.
    placement.                                                         •    You do not need a White Card.
•   You must complete two Safe@work Modules (Occupational              •    Work Experience placements may be considered outside of
    Health and Safety and an Industry Specific Module) and                  Weeroona College Bendigo’s designated dates with the approval
    submit them to the Pathways Office before being permitted to            of the Principal.
    undertake your Work Experience placement. These will be done
    in class.                                                          Any queries please contact our Pathways Co-ordinator, Sue Pollard
•   You can work a maximum of eight hours with appropriate lunch       on 5443-2133 or email Sue on:
    and rest breaks as per the industry in which you are working.
•   Employers are required to complete an assessment on your
    placement. You may request a copy of this to include as a          Alternative Work Experience Dates
    reference for future employment. These are available from the      5 July 2021 - 9 July 2021 (this is during the 2nd week of Term 2
    Pathways Office.                                                   School holidays)
•   Payment is $5.00 per day minimum. Government, education,           OR
    welfare, charitable or any not-for-profit organisations do not     4 October 2021 – 8 October 2021 (limited placements available on
    give payments to students.                                         this 1st week of Term 4)
•   You will need to complete a Travel / Accommodation Form to
    be signed by all parties if your Work Experience requires you to
    travel or live with someone other than a parent/guardian as part
    of your placement.

Year 11-12 Options at WCB
The Victorian Certificate of Applied
Learning (VCAL) is a 'hands-on' option
for students in Years 11 and 12.
The program incorporates a focus
on Literacy, Numeracy, Personal
Development and Work Related
Skills. Students have options of being
involved in work placement and
applied learning projects throughout
the course of the year. 2021 will see
students involved in the Year 11
program with several extending to
complete the Year 12 certification.
Participants receive direction but are
encouraged to grow independently in
their learning.

                                                                                      W E E R O O N A .V I C . E D U. A U   WCB STUDENT GUIDE   017

Learning/Learning Support Plan
Learning Designed For Every Student
At WCB our program for student learning is designed to cater
for every students learning needs. Students at Weeroona                                                                                                                                         Student
College Bendigo are actively engaged in their learning, which is                                                                                                                               Learning
personalised according to their needs and interests. Our students                                                                                                                               at WCB
are independent; know what they need to learn and our teachers
challenge and support them to achieve personal excellence.
                                                                                                                                                             Year                                                                       Year
When students begin their secondary school journey at Year 7
                                                                                                                                                             7&8                                                                        9 & 10
they study 6 core subjects for the first 2 years, whilst sampling
subjects from our specialist areas for a semester each.
                                                                                                                                  Core Subjects                           Taster Subjects                   Core Subjects                        Elective Program
During Year 8 students are asked to begin thinking about                                                                              (All Year)                        (2 per semester)                       (All Year)                           ( 4 Electives
pathways for their future studies. They then have the opportunity                                                                        English                               Textiles                         English                           per semester)
to select from a range of electives, which offer pathways through                                                                 Mathematics                                  Foods                        Mathematics
to post year 10.                                                                                                                         STEM                                  Woods                            Science
                                                                                                                                   Humanities                                  Metals                        Humanities
During Years 9 and 10 students study four core subjects and are                                                                     PE/Health                                  Vis Com
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     VCE / VET
expected to select a specialist PE elective. Within the elective                                                                     Language                                  Music
program, students are able to choose from a range of introductory                                                                                                              Drama
electives though to VET and VCE options. During Year 10, students                                                                                                                Art
begin planning their pathways in VCE, VET and VCAL.

        Rationale: The purpose of this LSP is to be effective and consistent in the implementation of student
             learning. This plan will support effective student teacher relationships. Note: if student are

                                                                                                                                                                       Learning Support Plan – Weeroona College Bendigo
        repeating the same behaviours it is expected that appropriate escalation of LSP will be commenced
          i.e. it is not expected that the friendly word will continue every time the behaviour is exhibited

                   Prevention                               Ready to Learn                                               Response (Teacher)
                                                                                                                                                                                   (Learning Community Leader, Assistant Principal, Wellbeing Team, Principal)

                                                                                                         Step 1                 Step 2                        Step 3                        Step 4                     Step 5                        Step 6
            Our school and individual
              teachers put in place
          strategies that minimise the                         No Equipment
          risk of student management                                                                                     Friendly Discussion                Implement
                                                                                                    Friendly word
                 and misconduct.                                Late to class                                                                              consequence
                                                                                                                           Refer to previous
                                                                                                     Refer to the
                     Strategies                                    Uniform                                                interactions; try to      1. Implement
                                                                                                  appropriate value
                                                                                                                          identify issues that         Consequence
       • Explicit articulation of the                       Non completion of                       that requires
                                                                                                                           may be leading to        2. Record on
         school values which describe                             work                                attention
                                                                                                                            the behaviours.            Compass
         the schools commitment to                                                                                                                  3. Contact Home
                                                              Leaving Learning                                           Record on Compass
         learning and understanding                                                                                                                    (phone, email
                                                               Space without
         of college values                                                                                                                             etc)
       • Strong student/teacher                                                                                                                                                        Collegial Support
         relationships                                    Refusing a reasonable                                                                                                                                      Collegial
       • High quality curriculum                               instruction                                                                                                          Learning Community             intervention
         planning                                                                                                                                                                    Leaders meets with
                                                                                                                                                                                       the teacher and          Community Leaders
       • Effective lesson model
                                                                                                    Friendly word            Intervention                  Intervention            student to discuss why             take over
         implemented                                         Using a portable
                                                                                                                                                                                    the problem remains         management of this               Formal Process
       • Student voice and choice                            electronic device                        Request that        Device taken from              Device taken from
                                                                                                                                                                                         unresolved              issue (at this point
       • Technology rich programs                           without permission                    student places the       the student and                the student and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                assistance from the                Case formally
       • Teach like a champion                              (phone, iPod etc.)                     device away, out          given to the               taken to the general        Ensure Level 1, 2 & 3       Assistant Principal/             reviewed; formal
         strategies                                                                                  of sight where            Learning                   office for parent
                                                              Misuse of BSD or                                                                                                        responses have               Wellbeing team               procedures may be
       • Theories of action e.g.                                                                    they will not be     Community Leader                     collection                 occurred                                              implemented by the
                                                                  netbook                                                                                                                                          may be sought)
         Learning Intentions/success                                                                tempted to use       Record on Compass                                                                                                         principal class
         criteria                                                                                         again                                                                                                   Development of
       • Assessment As, For & Of                                                                                                                                                                                   ILP/Behaviour
                                                                                                                                                            Implement                                            Management plan
                                                                                                       Negotiation        Classroom teacher                consequence
                                                           Non submission of an                                                                                                                                 in conjunction with
                                                                                                                            runs a catch-up
         Teaching and Learning Vision                        assessment task                         Negotiate with                                1.     Implement                                             parent, teacher etc.
                                                                                                                            class at earliest
                                                                                                   classroom teacher            possible                  Consequence
         “Students at Weeroona College
         Bendigo are actively engaged in
                                                                                                   when this task will       convenience           2.     Record on
         their learning which is                                                                      be submitted                                        Compass
         personalised according to their                         Serious                            (amend due date                                3.     Contact Home
         needs and interests. Our                             physical/verbal                      on learning tasks)                                     (phone, email
         students are independent; know                    abuse, possession of                                                                           etc.)
         what they need to learn and our                    dangerous/banned
         teachers challenge and support                      items, damaging
         them to achieve personal
                                                           property and serious
                                                           incidents in the yard

                                                                                                 We expect everyone @ WCB to demonstrate – Respect, Integrity & Personal

018                 WCB STUDENT GUIDE                                            W E E R O O N A .V I C . E D U. A U

Attendance Process at WCB
Parent/Carer Responsibility                                                Student responsibility
It is your responsibility to ensure your child attends school every        SIGNING IN/OUT
day. Schooling is compulsory for young people up to the age of 17.         Any time you arrive late, or need to leave school within school
More information at DET:                             hours (9.00am - 3.15pm), you are required to sign in/out via the
                                                                           Administration Office with permission from a parent/carer in the
If your child/student will be absent for the day, arriving late, or        form of a note or phone call.
needs to leave school early; you are required to notify the school.
You can do this in either of the following ways:                           It is essential that you have your Student ID card with you at ALL
1. LOG ON TO COMPASS                                                       times. You need your card to sign in/out by using the Compass
      Log onto Compass to explain the absence.                             Kiosk, located at the attendance window in the Administration
      Link to Compass               Office. If you are unsure of how to use this, please ask the
      You can do this in advance, such as a family holiday or a            Attendance Officer for help.
      medical appointment; or on the day of the absence if unwell.
      *If you do not have your Compass log on, or are unsure how           You will be given a pass in which you need to give to your teacher
      to access Compass, please do not hesitate to contact the             so they can adjust the roll on your arrival.
      Administration Office.                                               If you need to leave school early, the Attendance Officer will give
2. CALL THE ABSENCE LINE                                                   you a leave pass to get out of class early.
      Call the Administration Office on 03 5443 2133 and select
      Option 2, this will take you to a recorded message. Please           Top attendance tips for parents
      leave a brief message stating your child/student’s name and          •   Schools want to work in partnership with parents – act early
      the reason for their absence.                                            if you have any concerns by contacting your child’s school and
3. PARENT/CARER NOTE                                                           asking for advice and support
      We will accept a signed, hand written note from the parent/          •   Remember that every day counts
      carer explaining the reason for the late arrival/early               •   There is no safe number of days for missing school – each
      departure or absence.                                                    day a student misses puts them behind, and can affect their
      This can be handed to the Attendance Officer when your                   educational outcomes and their social connectedness
      child/student signs in at school. Please include the child’s full    •   Talk positively about school and the importance of attending
      name, Advisory, date of the absence and explanation.                     every day
                                                                           •   Open and prompt communication with your child’s school
Late Arrival/Early Departure                                                   about all absences is a good idea
We understand that, at times, students arrive late or need to leave        •   Avoid making routine medical and dental appointments during
early. If your child is arriving late to school or needs to leave early,       the school day or planning family holidays during the term
we ask that you come to the Administration Office to sign them             •   Seek help from your school if you are concerned about your
in/out in person. Please be aware that we will ask you to show                 child’s attendance and wellbeing.
us a form of ID when collecting your child/student. In unforeseen
circumstances when you cannot pick up your student please call             Being away from school for 1 day a fortnight equals missing 1.5
the Attendance Officer to advise them of alternate arrangements.           years over 13 years of school.

Unexplained Absence Letters                                                For any queries or concerns, please don’t hesitate in contacting
Unexplained absence letters are sent out every month. This                 the Attendance Officer on 03 5443 2133 for assistance.
letter lists ALL UNEXPLAINED absences and late arrivals for your
child/student. We ask that you write a reason next to the date
explaining the absence before returning it in the replied paid
envelope provided. Any absences which are left unexplained will
be sent out again the following month for follow up by yourself.
The Wellbeing Team are available to talk to you if you need
support getting your child/student to school each day.
If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate in calling the
Administration Office.

                                                                                           W E E R O O N A .V I C . E D U. A U   WCB STUDENT GUIDE   019

Device Purchasing
IT Recommendations/Support
What is the BSD program at WCB?                                                      If purchasing independently:
The Bring a Specified Device program operates at WCB to allow students               1. Please avoid buying a second hand device, contact WCB first to
to have a reasonable amount of choice over what Windows device they                       discuss options.
purchase and use at school, whilst also allowing WCB to give guidance                2. Please be aware that touch screens can be very expensive to
and recommendations as to what device will be best suited at school.                      replace if broken outside of insurance cover.
                                                                                     3. Older/larger laptops (particularly those with 15”+ screens) are not
Best purchasing option?                                                                   acceptable due to short battery life. Also, older operating systems
Ideally, every 2021 student will have a Windows device purchased                          before Windows 10 are no longer supported and they tend to give
through our Learning with Technologies Portal. LWT is a company that                      poor performance.
specialises in providing technology, sales and service to schools. WCB               4. Wherever possible, do not buy a device with a 32GB or smaller hard
Technicians help facilitate warranty claims via LWT providing an easy,                    drive because after installing Windows and Office software there is
straightforward experience should any issues arise. Our primary goal is                   very little space remaining for saving work or personal data. *There
that every student has access to appropriate Windows based technology.                    are a selection of these devices for approx. $300 (don’t pay more). If
                                                                                          lowest price is the priority and you are willing to find other solutions
LWT Purchasing Portal                                                                     to space issues (such as SD Card plugged in) then these devices
The LWT Portal is open, but may update during the year. Please find a link                can be an option, but not an option WCB recommend (Sometimes
on the WCB website at that will allow you                     you will need to replace one of these cheaper devices because of a
to navigate to the correct LWT portal for browsing and purchasing. To link                simple issue ie. Broken keyboard can’t be repaired).
directly to LWT use: or for more information                 5. Please consider purchasing a bag or clip on case and extend the
and device samples:                                           warranty to 3 years. (Warranty jobs handled by a larger retailer will
LWT purchasing process:                                                                   be sent offsite to fix, often taking between 3-5 weeks for repair
1. Families select a device from a list of devices pre-approved by the                    and return). Insurance is highly recommended.
      College. The cost of devices currently (22nd October 2020) begins
      at $634.70 + shipping (including a 3 year ONSITE warranty). Price              For more details
      may change without notice.                                                     Please visit the WCB website for the latest details and login via links to
2. Three year onsite warranty - all warranty claims can be processed                 the LWT purchase portal at:
      and repaired at the college by LWT certified technicians. This means           For more information please contact James Ginnivan (eLearning Leader)
      less hassle and time wasted for families with short wait times.                at WCB:
3. Insurance options - insurance can be purchased to protect against                 Families experiencing financial hardship should contact the WCB
      accidental damage with repairs carried out onsite by LWT certified             Business Manager on 5443 2133 to discuss available options.
      technicians. This is highly recommended. (Eg. Acer insurance up
      front cost of $139.70 when purchasing the new device, allows one               *Microsoft Office Software is supplied free of charge at WCB after
      claim per year free of any extra charge for 3 years).                          school commences in 2021.
4. The new device is delivered to your door ready to use at WCB.                     ** Virus protection is now built into the windows platform; you do not
      Microsoft Office software is supplied free of charge at WCB.                   need to purchase additional software.

 CRITERIA                                REQUIREMENT
 OPERATING SYSTEM                        Windows 10

 SCREEN                                  Between 10" and 14" – Please note touch screens can be more expensive to replace

 MEMORY                                  4GB RAM

 WIRELESS                                Yes

 HARD DRIVE                              64GB minimum (flash/eMMC/SSD preferred) (See point 4 below for more information)

 KEYBOARD                                Yes

 BATTERY                                 7 hours minimum

 CAMERA                                  Preferred

020             WCB STUDENT GUIDE              W E E R O O N A .V I C . E D U. A U

Computers at WCB
Learning Designed For Every Student
Student Computers and Devices                                          Escalating Incidents
All students in Years 7-10 are required to bring their own specified   For students who do not attend an allocated Lunch Detention
device. Refer to the college website      or Catch Up Session the incident escalates to a ‘Second Chance’
                                                                       session. If they still do not attend, this escalates further to an
Compass                                                                ‘After School Session’. Parents will be notified of each of these
All conduct measures are recorded on Compass and are guided            escalations via SMS.
by whole college processes as outlined in our School Community
Wellbeing Policy available on the College website. The chronicle       Learning
function allows teachers to record instances of exemplary              Through Compass students can access learning resources,
behaviour, misconduct and overdue assessment tasks.                    view due dates, submit completed tasks and view teacher
                                                                       assessments. Support videos and documentation can be accessed
                                                                       via the Knowledge Base.


Learning Space Protocols
WCB Community Buildings
                                                                       •   Locker doors are not to be covered with stickers, texta
Access to the Community before school                                      or whiteout markings. Any markings will be removed
and at Lunch and Recess times                                          •   Students may keep their timetable inside their locker door
                                                                           with blutack.
The Communities will be open at 8.50am. Students are only
                                                                       •   Locker doors will be replaced, at a cost to the student, if they
permitted into the Communities at lunch time and recess under
                                                                           are damaged.
the direct supervision of a teacher.

Entry to the Community                                                 Student bags
                                                                       Student bags are to be kept in bag rooms in Community buildings.
The main access points for students in the community will be the
double doors into the Einstein Studio.
                                                                       Maintenance and care of Learning Spaces
                                                                       Students and teachers have a right to learn and teach in clean and
Lockers                                                                well organized spaces.
•   Students will be provided with a locker. WCB will provide locks.
                                                                       This means:
•   Lockers will be placed in close proximity to their Advisory
                                                                       •   Students should be sitting on chairs correctly, without feet on
    meeting area.
                                                                           chairs or tables.
•   Students must not share lockers and should not divulge their
                                                                       •   No junk food, chewing gum or drinks, apart from water, in class
•   Students will have access to their lockers after 8.50am in the
    morning and after the music at lunchtime and recess.
•   Students must take equipment for the next session. This
    means taking books for the next two sessions each morning.
•   Students do not have access to their locker during class time.
    Teachers will not allow students from other classes to access
    their lockers while they are teaching in these spaces.

                                                                                      W E E R O O N A .V I C . E D U. A U   WCB STUDENT GUIDE   021
You can also read