01 INTRODUCTION     5

      02 PROJECTS
          ACTIVAGE       12

          AUTOPILOT      16

          IoF2020        20

          MONICA         24

          SyncroniCity   28

          CREATE-IoT     32

          U4IoT          34
          This brochure presents the IoT European Large-Scale
          Pilots (LSPs), providing an overview of the overarching
          goals of this initiative, and some facts and figures
          about each of the 7 EU-funded projects that comprise
          the Programme.

          The IoT LSPs Programme was launched in 2016 with
          the aim to foster the deployment and evolution of
          Internet of Things (IoT) solutions through the integration
          of advanced IoT technologies, from development to
          testing and integration, and at as close as possible
          to operational conditions.

          Each of the funded projects are applying IoT
          approaches to specific real-life challenges across
          different use cases, based on European relevance,
          technology readiness and socio-economic interest in
          Europe. With a total funding budget of €100M, these
          LSPs address five different and specific domain
          areas, from smart living environments for ageing well,
          smart farming and food security, wearables for smart
          ecosystems, reference zones in EU cities and to autono-
          mous vehicles in a connected environment.

          To promote and foster the take-up of IoT in Europe and
          to enable the emergence of an economically sustain-
          able IoT ecosystem, the LSPs are seeking to involve
          the IoT community across the value chain, from supply
          side to demand side.

          Enjoy your reading!

          Kind regards,
          IoT European Large-Scale Pilots Programme Team

The IoT European Large-Scale Pilots
Programme includes the innovation consortia
that are collaborating to foster the deployment
of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions in
Europe through integration of advanced
IoT technologies across the value chain,
demonstration of multiple IoT applications at
scale and in a usage context, and as close as
possible to operational conditions.

     SPECIFIC PILOT CONSIDERATIONS                 The programme projects are targeted,     across complete value chains
                                                   goal-driven initiatives that propose     with actual users and proving its
                                                   IoT approaches to specific real-life     socio-economic potential. Support
                                                   industrial / societal challenges. They   actions provide consistency and
                                                   are autonomous entities that involve     linkages between the pilots and
                                                   stakeholders from supply side to         complement them by addressing
Mapping of pilot architecture approaches with      demand side, and contain all the         horizontal challenges critically im-
 validated IoT reference architectures such as     technological and innovation ele-        portant for the take-up of IoT at the
IoT-A enabling interoperability across use cases
                                                   ments, the tasks related to the use,     anticipated scale.
                                                   application and deployment as well
                                                   as the development, testing and          The projects together form the
                                                   integration activities.                  IoT European Large-Scale Pilots
                                                                                            Programme and a coordination
                                                   IoT European Large-Scale Pilots          body ensures an efficient inter-
Contribution to strategic activity groups that     Programme includes projects ad-          play of the various elements of the
were defined by the projects to foster coherent    dressing the IoT applications based      IoT-Focus Area and liaise with rel-
   implementation of the different LSPs
                                                   on European relevance, technology        evant initiatives at European Union,
                                                   readiness and socio-economic in-         Member State and international
                                                   terest in Europe. IoT Large-Scale        levels. The coordination is imple-
                                                   Pilots make use of the rich port-        mented by creating activity groups
                                                   folio of technologies and tools so       that address topics of common
                                                   far developed and demonstrated           interest across the large-scale
 Contribution to clustering their results of       in reduced and controlled environ-       pilots. Research and innovation
horizontal nature (interoperability approach,      ments, and extend them to real-life      efforts in specific IoT topics ensure
standards, security and privacy approaches,
   business validation and sustainability,         use case scenarios with the goal of      the longer-term evolution of the IoT.
       methodologies, metrics, etc)                validating advanced IoT solutions

6                                                                                                                    INTRODUCTION


                                                              Breaking barriers for a
                                                              sustainability Active and
                                                              Healthy Ageing through IoT
             AUTOPILOT                                                                             IoF2020

             Unlocking the potential of IoT to                                                     Strengthen competiveness
             take autonomous driving to the                                                        of farming and food chains
             next level.                                                                           in Europe.

SYNCHRONICITY                                                                                                   MONICA

Single digital city market of                                                                                   Sound and security solutions
Europe.                                                                                                         for large open-air events in the
                                                                                                                smart city.

CREATE-IoT                                                                                                      U4IoT

Stimulate collaboration between IoT                                                                             Actively engage end-users and
initiatives, by supporting the development                                                                      citizens to achieve IoT societal
and growth of IoT ecosystems based on                                                                           acceptance.
open technologies and platforms.

                                                                KEY OBJECTIVES

Integration, further research and         Operation at large scale to      Validation of user acceptability        Validation of the related
 development where needed of               respond to real needs of          by addressing, in particular,       business models to guarantee
the most advanced technologies          end-users (public authorities,   issues of trust, attention, security       the sustainability of the
     across the value chain            citizens, businesses), based on   and privacy through pre-defined         approach beyond the project
(components, devices, networks,         underlying open technologies         privacy and security impact         and the provision of solutions
 middleware, service platforms,        and architectures that may be       assessments, liability, coverage      based on open standards and
     application functions).          reused across multiple use cases       of user needs in the specific                platforms.
                                         and enable interoperability        real-life scenarios of the pilot

By 2020 the European IoT Market is expected
to reach €200B. Most of EU companies
already see IoT as strategic to their business

STRATEGIC                                                                                                                       60 %
helps my organization compete more effectively,
reduce costs, improve productivity

TACTICAL                                                                                                                          18 %
solves a specific business problem with a single solution

TRANSFORMATIONAL                                                                                                                  16 %
helps my organization innovate and generate
additional revenues

The IoT LSPs
are addressing                                          European wearables market is
                                                        expected to take a step forward
                                                                                              EU Government IoT spending to foster
                                                                                              IoT-enabled smart city scenarios
                                                        reaching by the end of 2020           is expected to grow with a 14.5%
the European                                            approximately €9B in terms of
                                                        value (with a 23.8% CAGR*
                                                                                              CAGR* (2016-2020). Among major
                                                                                              use cases Environmental Monitoring

IoT market                                              2016-2020) and about 42 B in
                                                        units. The bulk of this market is
                                                                                              Detection, Intelligent Transportation
                                                                                              Systems, Public Infrastructure Asset

in different
                                                        represented by watches (about         Management, Public Safety and
                                                        80% of total spending).               Emergency Response emerge.

domains                                                 MONICA                                SYNCHRONICITY

     Spending of IoT based solutions                    IoT for connected vehicles and        IoT solutions deployed to foster
     and services supporting smart                      intelligent transportation            farming and food chains in
     living environments and personal                   systems is expect to double its       Europe are expected to increase
     wellness (smart home, remote                       level by the end of 2020 in Europe,   with a 9.7 % CAGR* (2016-2020),
     health monitoring, bedside                         reaching €14.6 B. The growth will     reaching €1.9 B by the end of
     telemetry) in Europe is expected                   be mostly driven by German and        2020. Major use cases include
     to grow with a 22% CAGR*                           French markets.                       animal tagging, food traceability
     (2016-2020) , driven by hardware                                                         and field monitoring.
     and services spending.

     ACTIVAGE                                           AUTOPILOT                             IoF2020

     * Compound Annual Growth Rate                                                                                        Source: IDC, 2018

LAYER                               COMPONENTS               DESCRIPTION

                   COLLABORATION    Business System          Enables integration with existing enterprise
                   & PROCESSES      Integration              and other external systems

                   APPLICATION      Visualization            Presents device data in rich visuals and / or
                                                             interactive dashboards

                   SERVICE          Development              Provide integrated development environment
                                    Environment              to simplify development of apps
                                    Service Orchestration    Supports mashup of different data streams,
                                                             analytcs and service components
                                    Advanced Analytics       Allows insights from data to be extracted and more
                                                             complex data processing to be performed

                   ABSTRACTION      Event & Action           Simple rules engine to allow mapping of low level
                                    Management               sensor events to high level events and actions
                                    Basic Analytics Action   Provides basic data normalization, reformatting,
                                                             cleansing and simple statistics

                   STORAGE          Storage / Database       Cloud based storage and database capabilities
                                                             (not including on premise solutions)

                   PROCESSING       Device Management        Enables remote maintenance, interaction and
                                                             management capabilities of devices at the edge

                                    Edge Analytics           Capabilities to perform processing of IoT data at devices
                                                             at edge as opposed to cloud
                   NETWORK &
                   COMMUNICATIONS   Connectivity Network /   Offers connectivity networks/HW modules
                                    Modules                  enabling air interface connectivity
                                    Edge Gateway             Offers IoT gateway devices to bridge connectivity from
                                    (HW based)               IoT nodes into the cloud based platform

                   PHYSICAL /
                   DEVICE LAYER     Operating System         Offers low-level system, SW managing HW / SW and
                                                             runs applications
                                    Modules & Drivers        Offers adaptable modules, drivers, source libraries that
                                                             reduce development and testing time
                                    MPU / MCU                Offers multi-purpose programmable electronic
                                                             devices at Microprocessor/Microcontroller level



ACTIVAGE is building the first European interoperable and open IoT ecosystem
enabling the deployment, at large scale, of a wide range of Active & Healthy
Ageing IoT based solutions and services. To achieve this, ACTIVAGE is integrating
thousands of devices to collect and analyse older adults’ environmental and
lifestyle information, identify their needs, and provide customized solutions,
ensuring users’ data privacy and security.

                                                                         USE CASES

                                          Europe is undergoing major so-             aim to ensure the sustainability of
                                          cio-economic changes that make             social and health systems in Europe.
                                          the welfare state’s foundations
                                          teeter; namely, an increased life          This large-scale pilot will actively
                                          expectancy and a drop in birth rate.       involve nearly 10,000 older persons
                                          And the numbers seem to have an            across nine deployment sites in seven
                                          upward trend.                              different European Union countries.

                                          Projections indicate that the older        It is important to highlight that
                                          population ( > 65 years) in the            ACTIVAGE ambition is that end
                                          European Union will grow from the          users from the different sites are
     WEBSITE & SOCIAL MEDIA               current 18% up to 28% by 2060. In          involved in the piloting of several               addition to the above demographic          use cases, in such a way that it is
        @ACTIVAGEproject                  change, the increasing growth of so-       considered a single pilot and not
        ACTIVAGE project                  cial and health costs jeopardizes the      the sum of different pilots with
                                          sustainability of the current social       diverged ambitions.
                                          and health system models.
     TOTAL EC FUNDING                                                                This has been thought intentionally
     €20M                                 The ACTIVAGE project takes base            to simulate real conditions that
                                          on these arguments, with the primary       will emerge in an IoT-enabled Eu-
                                          objective of developing evidence           ropean society sharing an homog-
     COUNTRIES                            and bringing to life the positive          enized offering of interoperable
     CH, DE, ES, FI, FR, GR, IE, IT, UK   impact of the technologies and             services, in order to maximize the
                                          solutions that are based on the            adoption and minimize the effects
                                          IoT in order to improve the quality        of market fragmentation.
     COORDINATOR                          of life, the health and the autonomy
     Medtronic Ibérica SA (ES)            of older adults. And all this, with the

12                                                                                                        PROJECTS – ACTIVAGE

                             TECHNOLOGIES &                                          OPEN SOURCE                                               COMMERCIAL PLATFORMS /
                             STANDARDS USED                                          SOFTWARE USED                                             SOFTWARE USED
                             OSGI, IETF, W3C, Bluetooth, OASIS, WiFi,                FIWARE, OpenIoT, SENSINACT, IoTIVITY,                  SOFIA2, SENIORSOME, CareLife
                             OMA, Zigbee, OCF, Docker, W3C/OWL,                      UniversAAL, NodeRed, INTER-IoT, IoT
                             SAREF, SSN, ETSI ISG CIM                                Eclipse, OneM2M


                             RUNNING PERIOD                                          TOTAL FUNDING                                      OBJECTIVES
                             I. JULY– OCTOBER 2018                                   €900k                                              Support of third parties introducing
                                                                                                                                        complementary IoT enabled technologies
                                                                                                                                        in the existing deployment sites and
                                                                                                                                        within the existing IoT platforms.

                             II. APRIL– JULY 2019                                    €600k                                              Introduction of new use cases and new
                                                                                                                                        deployment sites for extending, validating
                                                                                                                                        and evaluating the technologies
                                                                                                                                        introduced in ACTIVAGE.


                                      SERVICES LAYER

                                                    ACTIVAGE MARKET PLACE                                     ACTIVAGE APPLICATION TOOLS

                                                APIs           Services       Apps                       Develop       Deploy       Analytic        Data

                                                                                                                                                                               SECURITY MANAGEMENT

                                      AIoTES API

                                                         API F1                                    API                                     API FN

                                      Semantic Interoperability Leyer
                                                       FUNCTION 1                               BROKER                                  FUNCTION N


                                       PLATFORM LAYER

                                           Platforms       A              B           C             D              E            F               G

                                      DEVICE LAYER


                                      Medical devices & wearables                                                         Ambient & alarms sensors-actuators

ACTIVAGE architecture is designed to                                          far as they comply with the defined                   living services within a common eco-
serve as common framework to build                                            interoperability framework and stan-                  system of solutions. The architecture
interoperable smart living solutions                                          dards. The ACTIVAGE architecture is                   includes management components to
in the form of apps, software tools                                           in compliance with the IoT-A refer-                   support the deployment in new sites;
and services that can be deployed,                                            ence model, and it has been designed                  security and privacy by design in or-
extended and replicated at deploy-                                            to provide semantic interoperability,                 der to meet the different regulations;
ment sites across Europe. In other                                            that enables and orchestrates the in-                 a global API for the development of
words, to allow future support of any                                         terconnection of heterogeneous IoT                    third party services and applications
additional platforms and services as                                          devices, open IoT platforms and smart                 and a market place to locate them.


IoT ARCHITECTURE LAYERS                             COMPONENTS                                         COVERED BY THIS PROJECT

COLLABORATION & PROCESSES                           Business System Integration
APPLICATION                                         Visualization
SERVICE                                             Development Environment
                                                    Service Orchestration
                                                    Advanced Analytics
ABSTRACTION                                         Event & Action Management
                                                    Basic Analytics Action
STORAGE                                             Storage/Database
PROCESSING                                          Device Management
                                                    Edge Analytics
NETWORK & COMMUNICATIONS                            Connectivity Network / Modules
                                                    Edge Gateway (HW based)
PHYSICAL / DEVICE LAYER                             Operating System
                                                    Modules & Drivers
                                                    MPU / MCU


··   AJT Wohn- und Quartierzentrums GmbH            ··   HOP UBIQUITOUS SL (ES)
     & Co KG (DE)                                   ··   IBM Research GMBH (CH)
··   Aurora Domus Cooperativa Sociale               ··   Institut du Bien Vieillir KORIAN (FR)
     Onlus (IT)                                     ··   Institute of Communication and
··   Azienda USL di Parma (IT)                           Computer Systems (GR)
··   Centre Expert en Technologies                  ··   Inter Mutuelles Assistance (FR)
     et Services pour le Maintien en                ··   Intermunicipal Development
     Autonomie a Domicile des                            Company Digital Cities of Central
     Personnes Agees (FR)                                Greece SA (GR)
··   Commissariat a L’Energie Atomique              ··   Iniciativa Social Integral per al
     et aux Energies Alternatives (FR)                   Benestar (ES)
··   Consiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche (IT)        ··   Leeds City Council (UK)
··   Cruz Roja Espanola Fundacion (ES)              ··   MEDEA SRL (IT)
··   CSEM Centre Suisse D’electronique              ··   Medtronic Iberica SA (ES)
     et de Microtechnique sa – Recherche            ··   MSYPHERA SL (ES)
     et Developpement (CH)                          ··   Municipality of Metamorfosis (GR)
··   CUP 2000 SPA (IT)                              ··   National University of Ireland, Galway (IE)
··   Departement de L’Isere (FR)                    ··   SageLiving GmbH (DE)
··   Dimos Pylaias Chortiati (GR)                   ··   Samsung Electronics (UK) Limited (IE)
··   Efarmoges Exypnou Logismikou                   ··   SE Innovations Oy (FI)
     Kykloforias & Metaforon AE (GR)                ··   Servicios de Teleasistencia SA (ES)
··   eSeteli Palveluverkko Oy (FI)                  ··   Servizo Galego de Saude (ES)
··   Ethniko Kentro Erevnas Kai                     ··   STMicroelectronics Grenoble 2 SAS (FR)
     Technologikis Anaptyxis (GR)                   ··   TECHNOSENS (FR)
··   Fraunhofer Gesellschaft zur                    ··   Televes SA (ES)
     Foerderung der Angewandten                     ··   Tercera Edad Activa SL (ES)
     Forschung EV (DE)                              ··   Turun Ammattikorkeakoulu OY (FI)
··   Fundacion de la Comunitat Valenciana           ··   Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (ES)
     para la Promocion Estrategica el               ··   Universita degli Studi di Parma (IT)
     Desarrollo y la Innovacion Urbana (ES)         ··   Universitat Politecnica de Valencia (ES)
··   Fundacion Tecnalia Research & In-              ··   University of Surrey (UK)
     novation (ES)                                  ··   WIND Telecomunicazioni SPA (IT)
··   Fundacion Vodafone Espana (ES)
··   Gestio Sociosanitaria al Mediterrani SL (ES)
··   GNOMON Informatics SA (GR)
··   GoodLife Technology (FI)

14                                                                                                                               PROJECTS – ACTIVAGE

PILOT SITE       USE-CASES                                DESCRIPTION

GALICIA (ES)                                              Providing knowledge-intensive services and products related to active
                 Daily monitoring at home                 ageing and a healthy lifestyle, focusing on the integration of social and
                 Integrated care for chronic conditions   health care services aiming at increasing the security and quality of life
                 Emergency trigger                        of the older people.
                 Cognitive stimulation
                 Prevention of social isolation

VALENCIA (ES)                                             Demonstrating how IoT solutions make easier, safer and helpful the
                 Daily activity monitoring at home        environment for elderly people and give peace of mind to their care-
                 Monitoring outside home                  givers, providing a continuous monitoring of elderly wellbeing inside
                                                          and outside home.

MADRID (ES)                                               Focusing on the early detection and prevention of cognitive perfor-
                 Monitoring outside home                  mance decrease and on the falling risk of elderly individuals providing
                 Exercise promotion                       a non–intrusive monitoring of activities of daily living (ADLs) in their
                 Cognitive stimulation                    living environment.
                 Prevention of social isolation

REGIONE EMILIA                                            Supporting independent life and ageing in place, especially focused
ROMAGNA (IT)     Daily activity monitoring at home        on delivering better outcomes for people with cerebrovascular
                 Integrated care for chronic conditions   pathologies living at home by enabling better communication between
                 Exercise promotion                       the user and the caregivers.
                 Prevention of social isolation

GREECE (GR)                                               Identifying open-source low-cost AAL services offering better
                 Daily activity monitoring at home        prevention, innovative home care and community-based solutions
                 Integrated care for chronic conditions   to make the old people to live healthy and independently at home
                 Emergency trigger                        as long as possible at minimum cost.
                 Support for transportation & mobility

ISÈRE (FR)                                                Proposing modular personalized IoT packs to enhance safety, comfort
                 Daily activity monitoring at home        and social link to enable elderly to stay autonomous at home as long as
                 Emergency trigger                        they wish, following persons evolving needs along the ageing stage and
                 Exercise promotion                       supporting carers’ intervention.
                 Prevention of social isolation
                 Safety, comfort & security at home

WoQuaZ (DE)                                               Evolving construction projects for seniors to address the need for
                 Emergency trigger                        technical assistance in residential construction that enables safer
                 Safety, comfort & security at home       and more comfortable environments for elderly, providing IoT
                                                          infrastructure for added value AHA services.

                 Daily activity monitoring at home        Deploying services around fall detection, emergency triggers, remote
                 Emergency trigger                        monitoring of vital health stats and non-intrusive behaviour /anomaly
                 Prevention of social isolation           detection system to help give confidence for elders sustain their lives
                                                          in their homes for longer time.

FINLAND (FI)                                              Creating an IoT based ecosystem focused on Digital Rehabilitation
                 Daily activity monitoring at home        involving the elderly, their informal carers but also professionals of
                 Integrated care for chronic conditions   health and care to achieve a more effective rehabilitation process.
                 Exercise promotion


AUTOPILOT will develop an IoT connected vehicle platform and IoT architecture
based on the existing and forthcoming standards, as well as open source
and vendor solutions. The IoT ecosystem will accommodate vehicles, road
infrastructure and connected IoT objects, with particular attention to safety
critical aspects of automated driving.

                                                                        USE CASES

                                       Automated driving is expected to             eventually participating in BigData
                                       increase safety, provide more comfort        for Mobility. AUTOPILOT brings IoT
                                       and create several new business              into the automotive world to trans-
                                       opportunities for mobility services.         form connected vehicles into highly
                                                                                    and fully automated vehicles.
                                       The market size is expected to
                                       grow, steadily reaching 50% market           AUTOPILOT will develop a range
                                       penetration by 2035. IoT is about            of services combining autonomous
                                       enabling connections between ob-             driving and IoT, such as car sharing,
                                       jects or “things”. It is about connecting    autonomous valet parking, and
                                       anything, anytime, anyplace, using           better digital maps for autono-
     WEBSITE & SOCIAL MEDIA            any service over any network.                mous vehicles.

        AUTOPILOT Project EU           There is little doubt that automated         AUTOPILOT IoT-enabled autonomous
        @AUTOPILOT_EU                  vehicles will be part of the IoT             driving services will be tested in
                                       revolution. Indeed, connectivity             real conditions at large-scale pilot
                                       and IoT have the capacity for dis-           sites in the Netherlands, Italy, France,
     TOTAL EC FUNDING                  ruptive impacts on highly and fully          Finland, Spain and South Korea.
     €20M                              automated driving along all value
                                       chains towards a global vision of            The test results will allow multi-
                                       Smart Anything Everywhere.                   criteria evaluations (technical, user,
     COUNTRIES                                                                      business, legal) of the IoT impact
     BE, CH, CZ, DE, ES, FI, FR, GR,   In order to stay competitive, the            on advancing the level of autono-
     IE, IT, KR, NL, NO, SE, UK
                                       European automotive industry is              mous driving.
                                       investing in connected and automated
     COORDINATOR                       driving, with cars becoming moving
     ERTICO - ITS Europe (BE)          “objects” in an IoT ecosystem and

16                                                                                                        PROJECTS – AUTOPILOT

      TECHNOLOGIES &                                     OPEN SOURCE                                      COMMERCIAL PLATFORMS /
      STANDARDS USED                                     SOFTWARE USED                                    SOFTWARE USED
      Python, QT, C++, MQTT, HTTP REST, JSON,           Mosquitto, OCEAN                                  Windows 10 Pro, Intempora RTMaps,
      OneM2M, 4G, NoSQL, 3GPP LTE, NB-IoT,                                                                Amazon AWS
      LTE-V2X, PexSi platform



                                                          AUTOPILOT APPLICATIONS

           IoT LAYER

                                          CONTEXT MANAGEMENT                                                       SECURITY

            Process & service              Analytics               Device                    Semantics
              management                                         management

           NETWORK LAYER

                                  END TO END                           NETWORK                              HOP BY HOP
                                COMMUNICATION                        COMMUNICATION                        COMMUNICATION

           EXTERNAL SERVICES                      AUTOPILOT THINGS

             Web            Public                Pedestrians       Public       Autopilot     Airlines   Traffic lights Other devices
           services         offices                             transportation   vehicles                                 & vehicles

The AUTOPILOT reference architecture             architecture consists of a set of                 include smart phones, cameras,
is developed to leverage autono-                 services that have various capabil-               roadside units, traffic lights and
mous driving and innovative mobility             ities including processing, commu-                signs, autonomous vehicles, and
services based on open IoT plat-                 nication, resource management,                    drones. Within the IoT layer, open
forms. The AUTOPILOT architecture                context management, and security.                 IoT platforms based on interoperable
is used as a common framework to                 This architecture is composed of an               and federated models support
realise IoT-based automated driving              applications layer, an IoT layer, a               IoT applications and services of
use cases. IoT components are de-                network layer and an external ser-                the different use cases and the
ployed at several permanent pilot                vices (e.g. web services) as well as              European pilot sites.
sites across Europe. The reference               IoT devices layer. The IoT devices


IoT ARCHITECTURE LAYERS                             COMPONENTS                                       COVERED BY THIS PROJECT

COLLABORATION & PROCESSES                           Business System Integration
APPLICATION                                         Visualization
SERVICE                                             Development Environment
                                                    Service Orchestration
                                                    Advanced Analytics
ABSTRACTION                                         Event & Action Management
                                                    Basic Analytics Action
STORAGE                                             Storage/Database
PROCESSING                                          Device Management
                                                    Edge Analytics
NETWORK & COMMUNICATIONS                            Connectivity Network / Modules
                                                    Edge Gateway (HW based)
PHYSICAL / DEVICE LAYER                             Operating System
                                                    Modules & Drivers
                                                    MPU / MCU


··   AKKA Informatique et Systemes (FR)             ··   NXP Semiconductors (NL)
··   AVR (IT)                                       ··   Peugeot Citroën Automobiles (FR)
··   CEA – Commissariat a l’Energie Atomique        ··   SENSINOV (FR)
     et aux Energies Alternatives (FR)              ··   SINTEF (NO)
··   Centro Ricerche FIAT (IT)                      ··   STMicroelectronics (FR)
··   CERTH – Ethniko Kentro Erevnas Kai             ··   Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (NL)
     Technologikis Anaptyxis (GR)                   ··   Technolution (NL)
··   CETECOM (DE)                                   ··   Thales Italia (IT)
··   CNIT – Consorzio Nazionale                     ··   The German Aerospace Center DLR (DE)
     Interuniversitario per le                      ··   TIM – Telecom Italia Mobile (IT)
     Telecomunicazioni (IT)                         ··   TNO - Nederlandse Organisatie Voor
··   Communaute d’Agglomeration de                       Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk
     Versailles Grand Parc (FR)                          Onderzoek (NL)
··   Concello de Vigo (ES)                          ··   TomTom (NL)
··   Continental (FR)                               ··   T-Systems (DE)
··   CTAG – Fundacion para la Promocion             ··   UITP – Union International des
     de la Innovacion, Investigacion y                   Transports Publics (BE)
     Desarrollo Tecnologico en la Industria         ··   University of Leeds (UK)
     de Automocion de Galicia (ES)                  ··   Valeo Comfort and Driving Assistance (FR)
··   Easy Global Market (FR)                        ··   VEDECOM – Fondation Partenarial
··   ERTICO – ITS Europe (BE)                            Mov’eotec (FR)
··   ETRI – Electronics and Telecommu-              ··   Vicomtech-IK4 – Fundacion Centro
     nications Research Institute (KOR)                  de Tecnologias de Interaccion Visual
··   FIA – Fédération Internationale de                  y Communicaciones (ES)
     l’Automobile (FR)                              ··   VTT Technical Research Centre of
··   Gemalto (CZ)                                        Finland Ltd (FI)
··   Gemeente Helmond (NL)
··   Huawei (DE)
··   IBM Ireland (IE)
··   IBM Research Zurich (CH)
··   IDIADA Automotive Technology (ES)
··   ISMB – Instituto Superiore
     Mario Boella (IT)
··   Metabuild (KOR)
··   NEC Europe (UK)
··   NEVS – National Electric Vehicle Sweden (SE)

18                                                                                                                             PROJECTS – AUTOPILOT

USE-CASES                 PILOT SITE              DESCRIPTION

URBAN DRIVING                                     The Urban Driving use case requires automated driving vehicles to
                          Eindhoven (NL)          identify, predict and react in an array of complex situations. Fully
                          Livorno-Florence (IT)   automated vehicles will be tested driving from point A to B, without
                          Versailles (FR)         any action from the driver. However, the driver will be able to override
                                                  and get back to manual driving at any time.
                          Vigo (ES)
                          Tampere (FI)
                          Daejeon City (KR)

AUTOMATED VALET PARKING                           In the Automated Valet Parking (AVP) use case, the driver is able to leave
                          Eindhoven (NL)          the car at some predefined drop-off location and is able to retrieve it
                          Vigo (ES)               once he /she needs it back. The operations of parking and manoeuvring
                          Tampere (FI)            the car in the parking area (inside or outside), retrieving it, and possibly
                                                  other additional services, such as fueling, recharging or cleaning, will
                                                  be managed by the parking management system.

HIGHWAY PILOT                                     In the Highway Pilot use case, a cloud service merges the sensors’
                          Eindhoven (NL)          measurements from different IoT devices in order to locate and
                          Livorno-Florence (IT)   characterize road hazards. The goal is then to provide the following
                                                  vehicles with meaningful warnings and adequate driving recommen-
                                                  dations to manage the hazards in a safer or more pleasant way.

PLATOONING                                        The platooning use case demonstrates vehicular platoons consisting of
                          Eindhoven (NL)          a lead vehicle and one or more highly automated or driverless following
                          Versailles (FR)         vehicles which have automated steering and distance control to the
                                                  vehicle ahead. The control is supported by V2V communication.

REAL TIME CAR SHARING                             The objective is to allow commercial and individual car sharing services
                          Eindhoven (NL)          to use automated driving cars. The service platform collects the end
                          Versailles (FR)         user needs and uses relevant data in the IoT platform to suggest car
                                                  sharing (pick-up / drop-off) possibilities.


IoF2020 is dedicated to accelerating the uptake of IoT technologies in
the European farming and food chains and ultimately strengthening their
competitiveness and sustainability. How? By demonstrating, together with
end-users, the use of IoT in 19 use-cases spread throughout Europe, and
focusing on 5 areas: dairy, meat, arable crops, fruits and vegetables.

                                                                         USE CASES

                                          The IoF2020 consortium gathers             This development will be enhanced
                                          more than 70 partners, under the           by an open IoT architecture and in-
                                          leadership of Wageningen University        frastructure of reusable components
                                          & Research.                                based on existing standards and
                                                                                     a security and privacy framework.
                                          The project builds on and leverages
                                          the ecosystem of previous key projects     Anticipating technological develop-
                                          (e.g. FIWARE, IoT-A) to foster the         ments and emerging challenges for
                                          end-user acceptance and adoption           the farming and food industry, a €5M
                                          of IoT Solutions in agriculture.           mid-term open call will allow to test
                                                                                     intermediate results and extend the
     WEBSITE & SOCIAL MEDIA               At the heart of the project, 19 use-       project to new technical solutions                       cases distributed in 5 trials: Arable,     and test sites.
        @IoF2020                          Dairy, Fruit, Vegetables and Meat.
        @IoF2020                          Under each trial, IoT integrators          IoF2020 is designed to generate
                                          will make the business case for            maximum impact right from the
                                          innovative IoT solutions applied to        outset and in the long-run, bringing
     TOTAL EC FUNDING                     a large number of areas.                   closer together and integrating the
     €30M                                                                            supply and demand sides of IoT
                                          A lean multi-actor approach focusing       technologies in the agri-food sector.
                                          on user acceptance, stakeholder en-
     COUNTRIES                            gagement and the development of            IoF2020 will pave the way for
     AT, BE, CZ, DE, DK, ES, FR, GR,      sustainable business models will           data-driven farming, autonomous
     IT, KR, NL, NO, PT, RS, SE, UK
                                          boost technology and market                operations, virtual food chains
                                          readiness levels and push end-user         and personalized nutrition for
     COORDINATOR                          adoption to the next stage.                European citizens.
     Stichting Wageningen Research (NL)

20                                                                                                         PROJECTS – IoF2020

        TECHNOLOGIES &                                         OPEN SOURCE
        STANDARDS USED                                         SOFTWARE USED
        LoRa Network, 365 Farmnet, Zoner, Crop-R               Initiatives and platforms: FIWARE,
        and Akkerrweb platforms, Cloudfarm FMIS,               FIspace, CRYSTAL, SOFIA, EPCIS, Fosstrack,
        Arvalis platform, ThingWorx IoT platforms,             AgroSense, Apache Cassandra, Apache
        UNB technology, SigFox, oData, FiWare                  Flink, Apache Spark
        Analytics, infrared IoT sensors, collar-based
        cloud-based analytics, GPRS/4G and
        long RF communication, SensiNact IoT
        Platform, wireless sensor networks
        (HSPDA, UMTS, GPRS, GSM), ZIgbee
        technology, LinkSmart, Bluetooth 4.0
        SmartBands, Google Fit LiveLog


        RUNNING PERIOD                                         OBJECTIVES
        2018                                                   The objective is to develop additional IoT applications, and further deploy IoT technologies in new
                                                               segments of the agri-food chain and in other regions of the EU.

                                                               ·· New regions: Welcoming test sites from other regions to improve IoF2020’s coverage of the
                                                                  EU territory;
        €5M                                                    ·· New areas: Diversifying the fields of application of IoT in agriculture;
                                                               ·· New technologies: Addressing technology gap and including new technologies to test on site.


               USE CASE LEVEL
                                                                USE CASE REQUIREMENTS

                                   Use case                 Use case IoT              Use case IoT                  Use case IoT
                                 architecture            system developed         system implemented              system deployed

                                 instance of                  reuse                        reuse                      services & data
               PROJECT LEVEL

                                                          IoT CATALOGUE                                     IoT LAB
                                IoT reference                Reusable               configurations &
                                 architecture              components                  instances                 Collaboration Space


IoF2020 follows a multi-stakeholder                     organisations work in close collabo-                    focuses on interoperability and aims
approach, whereby trials and use-                       ration to quickly develop minimum                       to provide a catalogue of re-usable
cases form the core of the project                      viable products and create synergies                    system components, which can be
and are the basis for knowledge and                     through technical integration, gover-                   integrated in the IoT systems of mul-
applications development. Stake-                        nance and business modelling, and                       tiple use-cases of the project.
holders from research and business                      ecosystem development. IoF2020


IoT ARCHITECTURE LAYERS                           COMPONENTS                                           COVERED BY THIS PROJECT

COLLABORATION & PROCESSES                         Business System Integration
APPLICATION                                       Visualization
SERVICE                                           Development Environment
                                                  Service Orchestration
                                                  Advanced Analytics
ABSTRACTION                                       Event & Action Management
                                                  Basic Analytics Action
STORAGE                                           Storage/Database
PROCESSING                                        Device Management
                                                  Edge Analytics
NETWORK & COMMUNICATIONS                          Connectivity Network / Modules
                                                  Edge Gateway (HW based)
PHYSICAL / DEVICE LAYER                           Operating System
                                                  Modules & Drivers
                                                  MPU / MCU


··   365FARMNET Group GmbH & CO KG (DE)                Center GmbH                                     ··   Neways Technologies BV (DE)
··   Aarhus Universitet (DK)                      ··   Et Venture – Startup Hub (DE)                   ··   Nileas – Synetairismis Pistopoiimenon
··   Agricultural University of Athens (GR)       ··   EuroPool System International Ger-                   Agrotikon Proionton Dimou Nestoros
··   Agrointelligence APS (DK)                         many GmbH (DE)                                       Messinias
··   AGROM KG (AT)                                ··   EXAFAN S.A. (ES)                                ··   NXP Semiconductors GmbH (DE)
··   Agrotikos Synetairismos Poliseos             ··   Fresh Care Convenience BV (NL)                  ··   Orange SA (FR)
     Xiron Kai Nopon Stafylion Kiatoy             ··   Fundación Tecnova – Fundación para las          ··   Philips Lighting BV (NL)
     Korinthias Pigasos (GR)                           Tecnologias Auxiliares de la Agricultura (ES)   ··   PORPHYRIO (BE)
··   Apofruit Italia - Soc. Coop. Agricola (IT)   ··   GRIMME Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH                 ··   Qlip BV (NL)
··   ARVALIS – Institut du Végétal                     COKG (DE)                                       ··   Schuttelaar & Partners, Public affairs
··   ATB - Institut für Angewandte                ··   Grupo Hispatec Informatica                           & Communications Consultation on
     Systemtechnik Bremen GmbH (DE)                    Empresarial S.A. (ES)                                Food and Lifesciences NV (NL)
··   Bayer Cropscience AG (DE)                    ··   Grupo SADA P.A. S.A. (ES)                       ··   Sensolus (BE)
··   BioSense Institute – Research and            ··   GS1 Germany GmbH (DE)                           ··   Spanish Co-op – Cooperativas
     Development Institute for Information        ··   IFOAM-EU – International Federation                  agro-alimentarias de Espana, Coop
     Technologies in Biosystems (RS)                   of Organic Agriculture Mouvements,                   Sociedad Cooperativa (ES)
··   BOLT Accelerator (ES)                             European Union Regional Group (EU)              ··   Steketee Machinefabriek B.V. (NL)
··   CEA – Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique      ··   IK4-TEKNIKER (ES)                               ··   Stichting HAS Opleidingen
     et aux Energies Alternatives (FR)            ··   ILVO – Instituut voor Landbouw en               ··   Stifterlsen SINTEF (NO)
··   CEMA – European Committee of                      Visserijonderzoek (BE)                          ··   STMicroelectronics Grenoble 2 SAS
     Agricultural Machinery (EU)                  ··   INAGRO, Provinciaal extern                      ··   Synelixis Lyseis Pliroforikis Automatismou
··   CIHEAM-IAMB – Centro Internazionale               verzelfstandigd agentschap in                        & Tilepikoinion Monoprosopi EPE (FI)
     di Altistudi Agronomici Mediterranei (IT)         privaatrechtelijke vorm, VZW (BE)               ··   Sysman Progetti & Servizi SRL (IT)
··   CNH Industrial Belgium (BE)                  ··   INiTS – Innovation into Business (AT)           ··   Telefonica Investigacion y
··   COEXPHAL – Asociación de                     ··   Institut polytechnique de Bordeaux (FR)              Desarollo S.A. (ES)
     Organizaciones de Productores de             ··   ISMB – Istituto Superiore Mario Boella          ··   Universidad de Almeria (ES)
     Frutas y Hortalizas de Almería (ES)               Sulle Tecnologie Dell’Informazione e            ··   University of Strathclyde (UK)
··   Connecterra BV (NL)                               delle Telecomunicazioni Associazione (IT)       ··   UNPARALLEL Innovation LDA (PT)
··   Corizon B.V. (NL)                            ··   ISVEA SRL (IT)                                  ··   Valoritalia SRL (IT)
··   CT Tecnova (ES)                              ··   Koninklijke KPN NV (NL)                         ··   Vinidea SRL (IT)
··   DCOOP – Sociedad Cooperativa                 ··   Korea Advanced Institute of Science             ··   VION Food (NL)
     Andaluza (ES)                                     and Technology (KOR)                            ··   Wageningen University & Research (NL)
··   Denis Dubourdieu Domaines (FR)               ··   Kühne Logistics University GmbH (DE)            ··   Wirelssinfo (CZ)
··   Donau Soja – Verain zur Fordering der        ··   KvG Mechatronics - Kverneland Group             ··   ZLTO - Zuidelijke Land- en
     Europäischen Sojaproduktion (AT)                  Mechatronics BV (NL)                                 Tuinbouworganisatie Vereniging (NL)
··   EEPC – European EPC Competence               ··   Mieloo & Alexander BV (NL)

22                                                                                                                                   PROJECTS – IoF2020

TRIALS       USE-CASES                                DESCRIPTION

ARABLE       Within field management zoning           Defining specific field management zones by developing and linking
                                                      sensing and actuating devices with external data, mainly in potato.
             Precision crop management                Introducing smart wheat crop management thanks to sensor data
                                                      embedded in a low-power, long-range network.
             Soya protein management                  Improving protein production by combining sensor data and translating
                                                      them into effective machine task operations.
             Farm machine interoperability            Dat exchange between field machinery and farm management inform-
                                                      ation systems for supporting cross-over pilot machine communication.
DAIRY        Grazing cow monitor                      Monitoring and managing the outdoor grazing of cows by GPS tracking
                                                      within ultra-narrow band communication networks.
             Happy cow                                Improving dairy farm productivity through IoT technology and machine
                                                      learning technologies.
             Silent herdsman                          Managing herd alerts through a high-node count-distributed sensor
                                                      network and a cloud-based platform for improved decision-making.

             Remote milk quality                      Assuring remote quality of accurate instruments, analysis and pro-active
                                                      control in the dairy chain.
FRUITS       Fresh table grapes chain                 Implementing real-time monitoring and control of water supply, crop
                                                      protection of table grapes, and predicting shelf life.
             Big wine optimization                    Optimizing the cultivation and processing of wine by sensor-actuator
                                                      networks and big data analysis within a cloud framework.
             Automated olive chain                    Performing automated field control, product segmentation, processing
                                                      and commercialisation of olives and olive oil.
             Intelligent fruit logistics              Achieving smart fresh fruit logistics by increasing the traceability of
                                                      Returnable Transport Items (RTI) for fruit products thanks to intelli-
                                                      gent trays within a low-power long-range network infrastructure.

VEGETABLES   City farming of leafy vegetables         Implementing value chain innovation for leafy vegetables in conve-
                                                      nience foods through integrated indoor climate control and logistics.
             Chain-integrated greenhouse production   Developing a full sensor-actuator-based system in tomato green-
                                                      houses to integrate the value chain and quality innovations.
             Added value weeding data                 Boosting the value chain by harvesting weeding data of organic veget-
                                                      ables, obtained thanks to advanced visioning systems.
             Enhanced quality certification system    Achieving enhanced trust and simplification of quality certification
                                                      systems through the use of sensors, RFID tags and intelligent chain

MEAT         Pig farm management                      Optimising pig production management through interoperable on-farm
                                                      sensors and slaughterhouse data.
             Poultry chain management                 Optimising the production, transport and processing of poultry meat
                                                      through automated ambient monitoring and control, and data analyses.

             Meat transparency and traceability       Enhancing the transparency and traceability of meat based on
                                                      monitored chain event data in an EPCIS-infrastructure.


MONICA is a large-scale demonstration of how cities can use existing and new
IoT solutions to meet sound, noise and security challenges at big open-air
cultural and sports events, which attract and affect many people. Innovations
include the establishment of sound zones at outdoor concerts for noise mitigation
as well as security measures improving crowd information and management.

                                                                                                           USE CASES

                                             Several sound, security and user          and networks with a low probability
                                             experience applications are deployed      of interference.
                                             at large events in six European cities,
                                             involving more than 100,000               Six pilot sites will demonstrate the
                                             application users in total.               technology solutions at concerts,
                                                                                       festivals, sports events and city
                                             The applications are based on the         happenings, which attract millions
                                             use of IoT-enabled devices such as        of people. Each of the sites will
                                             smart wristbands, video cameras,          choose a number of relevant ap-
                                             loudspeakers, smart glasses, airships     plications that they wish to deploy.
     WEBSITE & SOCIAL MEDIA                  and smartphones.                          Whereas some cities emphasise op-                                                             timal concert sound and enhanced
        @MonicaIoTforCities                  The applications offer enhanced           noise control, and others security
        @MonicaProject                       monitoring and management of              and service, all pilots will actively
                                             sound levels and crowds as well           involve their end users, engaging
                                             as value-added functionality for          more than 10,000 people in the
     TOTAL EC FUNDING                        customers, crowds and citizens. To        evaluation process.
     €15M                                    support the applications, MONICA
                                             deploys a cloud-based IoT platform,       Central to the project is the in-
                                             wirelessly connecting and handling        volvement of multiple stakeholders
     COUNTRIES                               the devices, whether fixed, worn or       in the design, deployment and
     DE, DK, FR, GR, IT, NL, SE, SK, UK      moved around.                             evaluation of the applications.
                                                                                       Additionally, several innovation
                                             As a first mover, MONICA will             tools are made available in terms
     COORDINATOR                             demonstrate how it is possible to         of open data, development kits,
     Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung   securely operate a very dense cloud       entrepreneurship packages and
     der angewandten Forschung e.V. (DE)
                                             of different IoT-enabled devices          business models.

24                                                                                                            PROJECTS – MONICA

      TECHNOLOGIES &                                        OPEN SOURCE                                      COMMERCIAL PLATFORMS /
      STANDARDS USED                                        SOFTWARE USED                                    SOFTWARE USED
      SO/IEC/IEEE 42010:2011, AIOTI HLA;                    LinkSmart, RioT, SCRAL                          Azure
      Bluetooth BLE / DASH7 / WiFi – IEEE
      802.11, UWB – IEEE 802.15.4a / ETSI EN
      300 220-2 V3.1.1 subGHz wristbands, ETSI
      EN 302 065-2 V2.1.1 for UWB wristbands,
      Oauth / OASIS XACML; oneM2M Network
      Service Capability Layer / GW; OGC
      SensorThings API


      RUNNING PERIOD                                        TOTAL FUNDING                                OBJECTIVES
      2018                                                  €150k                                        The objective is to foster innovative
                                                                                                         applications for user involvement and
                                                                                                         enhanced user experience in different
                                                                                                         event settings.



                                                  MONICA PROFESSIONAL / PUBLIC APPS

             SERVICE LAYER

                                                 MONICA PROFESSIONAL AND PUBLIC APIS

                                                                                                                                                 External IoT Platforms
                                  Open-Air Event         Common                  Ontology        Data                ONEM2M NSCL
                                   App Services      Operational Pictures                      Repository
                                                                                                                       Pilot APIs
                                                    HIGH LEVEL DATA FUSION AND DSS

                                                   IoT LAYER (SCRAL AND LINKSMART)
             IoT LAYER

             NETWORK LAYER

             EDGE LAYER                                                              SCRAL

                                    Wristbands            Security               Sound Level         Sound Field           OneM2M
                                       GW               Fusion Node               Meter GW          Control System           GW

          DEVICE LAYER

         Wristbands              Glasses          Cameras             Blimps          Microphones    Loudspeakers    Environmental

The MONICA IoT platform consists of                incidents, supporting operators in                Based on open standards and architec-
control systems which monitor the                  assessing the situation and making                tures, the platform can be incorporated
data collected and which can perform               decisions. To ensure data security                with existing smart city systems, rep-
automated actions. Components                      and trust, the solutions are built on             licated to fit other settings or used to
analyse data and detect critical                   Privacy by Design principles.                     develop new smart city applications.


IoT ARCHITECTURE LAYERS                       COMPONENTS                       COVERED BY THIS PROJECT

COLLABORATION & PROCESSES                     Business System Integration
APPLICATION                                   Visualization
SERVICE                                       Development Environment
                                              Service Orchestration
                                              Advanced Analytics
ABSTRACTION                                   Event & Action Management
                                              Basic Analytics Action
STORAGE                                       Storage/Database
PROCESSING                                    Device Management
                                              Edge Analytics
NETWORK & COMMUNICATIONS                      Connectivity Network / Modules
                                              Edge Gateway (HW based)
PHYSICAL / DEVICE LAYER                       Operating System
                                              Modules & Drivers
                                              MPU / MCU


··   Acoucité (FR)
··   Atos IT Solutions and Services (SK)
··   Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration
     Measurement A/S (DK)
··   CERTH Information Technologies
     Institute (GR)
··   City of Bonn (DE)
··   City of Copenhagen (DK)
··   City of Hamburg (DE)
··   City of Torino (IT)
··   CNet Svenska AB (SE)
··   Dexels BV (NL)
··   DigiSky SRL UAV & Robotic Systems (IT)
··   Fraunhofer Institute for Applied
     Information Technology (DE)
··   Hamburg University of Applied
     Science (DE)
··   HW Communications Ltd (UK)
··   In-JeT ApS (DK)
··   Istituto Superiore Mario Bella (IT)
··   Kingston University (UK)
··   Leeds Beckett University (UK)
··   Leeds Rugby (UK)
··   Movement Entertainment Srl (IT)
··   Optinvent S.A. (FR)
··   Praesidio Group ApS (DK)
··   Ring Advocacy ApS (DK)
··   Technical University of Denmark (DK)
··   Telecom Italia S.p.A. (IT)
··   Tivoli A/S (DK)
··   VCA Technology Ltd (UK)
··   Vaeksthus Zealand (DK)
··   Yorkshire County Cricket Club Ltd (UK)

26                                                                                                       PROJECTS – MONICA

PILOT SITE   DESCRIPTION                                                                     USE CASES

BONN         1. The open-air festival Rhine in Flames has up to 90,000 visitors per
             day. With three performing stages, a central aim is to achieve the best         Monitor sound level (1)
             sound experience for the visitors and performers. Interest is also in           Detect & redirect high-risk queues (1 & 2)
             crowd and capacity monitoring, health incidents and locating people.            Monitor & manage crowd based on capacity (1 & 2)
                                                                                             Detect, report & handle a health incident (1 & 2)
             2. The five-day funfair Pützchens Markt brings together one million
             visitors in a residential area with narrow streets. Here, crowd and ca-         Report & locate missing person (1 & 2)
             pacity monitoring is key, together with health incidents and locating           Report found person (1 & 2)
             people.                                                                         Locate parent/guardian & staff member (1 & 2)

COPENHAGEN   Tivoli Gardens is a world-famous amusement park and pleasure gar-
             den located in Copenhagen. The focus is on Tivoli’s Friday Rock con-            Monitor & control sound level
             cert series that takes place during the park’s summer season. Over the          Detect & redirect high-risk queues
             last 20 years, Friday Rock alone has attracted between 400,000 and              Monitor & manage crowd based on capacity
             500,000 guests. Due to its central location in residential areas, sound
             monitoring and control is a central issue together with crowd manage-           Detect, report & handle a security incident
             ment and locating missing persons.                                              Report & locate missing person
                                                                                             Report found person
                                                                                             Locate parent/guardian

HAMBURG      1. During the Anniversary of Germany’s largest port, more than one mil-
             lion visitors join the exciting atmosphere generated by ships from all          Monitor & manage crowd based on capacity (2)
             parts of the world. In this setting, locating people is of special interest.    Handle security incident (2)
                                                                                             Report & locate missing person (1 & 2)
             2. Hamburger DOM is Northern Germany’s biggest funfair with more
             than 250 attractions and up to ten million visitors during the 91 DOM           Report found person (1 & 2)
             days per year, which are divided into three individual events (spring,          Locate parent/guardian & staff member (1 & 2)
             summer, and winter DOM) of one month each. Of interest are solutions
             for crowd and capacity management and locating people.

LEEDS        The Emerald Headingley Stadium is home to Yorkshire County Cricket
             Club and Leeds Rugby which in 2017 attracted 187,750 and 266,300                Detect & redirect high-risk queues
             visitors, respectively. In MONICA, the Stadium is looking to enhance the        Monitor & manage crowd based on capacity
             visitor experience at its matches through improved communication                Detect, report & handle a security or health incident
             and management of crowds.
                                                                                             Locate staff member

LYON         1. Lyon hosts the famous light festival, Fête des Lumières, where the res-
             idents of Lyon express gratitude towards Virgin Mary for sparing the city       Monitor sound level (1 & 2)
             of the 1643 Plague. During four days, the city fills up with performers         Control sound level (2)
             and millions of visitors in the city centre. Both sound and security solu-      Detect & redirect high-risk queues (1)
             tions are focus areas.
                                                                                             Monitor & manage crowd based on capacity (1)
                                                                                             Detect a health incident (1 & 2)
             2. Nuits Sonores is a huge electronic music festival which brings to-
             gether various artists from France and all over the world with con-             Report & handle a health incident (1)
             certs, performances and shows. The main focus is on sound moni-                 Report & locate missing person (1)
             toring and control.                                                             Report found person (1)
                                                                                             Locate parent/guardian & staff member (1 & 2)

TORINO       1. Movida is a spontaneous and crowded night happening in the San
             Salvario District with bars, restaurants, shops and lively nightlife. The       Monitor & control sound level (1 & 2)
             aim is to strike a balance between amusement, security and quality of           Monitor & control free access in the area (1)
             public space, reducing noise and annoyance for people living in the district.   Detect & redirect high-risk queues (1 & 2)
                                                                                             Monitor & manage crowd based on capacity (1 & 2)
             2. The FuturFestival is an electronic music summer festival that takes
             place every year with two-day concerts and events in Parco Dora, close          Detect, report & handle a security or health
             to a residential area. The festival attracts up to 50,000 people, thus          incident (1 & 2)
             challenging crowd management, security and sound propagation.                   Locate staff member (1 & 2)
                                                                                             Event information (1)


The SynchroniCity consortium brings together 39 partners with worldwide
outreach. The project represents the first attempt to deliver a digital single
market for IoT-enabled urban services in Europe and beyond - in 8 European
cities and more worldwide - connecting 39 partners from 13 countries over
3 continents.

                                                                               USE CASES
                                                                                                                OPEN CALLS

                                              Building upon a mature European              SynchroniCity will pilot these
                                              knowledge base, derived from initia-         foundations in the cities together
                                              tives such as OASC, FIWARE, EIP-SCC,         with a set of citizen-centered services
                                              FIRE, and including partners with            in three high-impact areas, showing
                                              leading roles in standardization             the value to cities, businesses and
                                              bodies, e.g. IETSI, SF-SSCC, ITU, OMA,       citizens involved, linked directly to
                                              IETF, SynchroniCity will deliver a har-      the global market.
                                              monized ecosystem for IoT-enabled
                                              smart city solutions where IoT device        With a running start, SynchroniCity
                                              manufacturers, system integrators            will serve as frontrunner initiative
                                              and solution providers can innovate          to inspire others to join the estab-
     WEBSITE & SOCIAL MEDIA                   and openly compete.                          lished ecosystem and contribute
     www.                                                             to the emerging market place.
        @SynchroniCityiot                     With an already emerging foundation,         SynchroniCity takes an inclusive
        @SyncCityIoT                          based on OASC Minimal Interoper-             approach to growing the ecosystem
                                              abilityMechanism (MIMs),SynchroniCity        by inviting businesses and cities to
                                              will establish a reference architecture      join through an open call, allowing
     TOTAL EC FUNDING                         model for the envisioned IoT-enabled         them to participate on the pioneering
     €15M                                     city market place with identified            market place enabling a second
                                              interoperability points and inter-           wave of successful pilots. They will
                                              faces and data models for different          strengthen the ecosystem by creating
     COUNTRIES                                verticals. This will include tools for       a positive ripple effect throughout
     BE, CH, DK, ES, FI, IT, KR, NL, PT, UK   co-creation and integration of legacy        Europe, and globally, to establish
                                              platforms and IoT devices for urban          a momentum and critical mass for
                                              services and enablers for data discovery,    a strong European presence in a
     COORDINATOR                              access and licensing lowering the bar-       global digital single market of IoT-
     Aarhus University (DK)                   riers for participation on the market.       enabled urban services.

28                                                                                                             PROJECTS – SynchroniCity

       TECHNOLOGIES &                                               OPEN SOURCE
       STANDARDS USED                                               SOFTWARE USED
       OASC, FIWARE, NGSI, DCAT AP, OAuth 2.0                       Orion Context Broker, Biz Ecosystem,
       and XACLM, OneM2M, CoAP                                      CKAN, Backend Device Management -


       JUNE 2018                                                    Open Call launches
       1ST WEEK OF JUNE 2018                                        Open Call events will be held in Antwerp, Caruoge, Eindhoven, Helsinki, Manchester, Milan, Porto & Santander

       JUNE 2018                                                    Webinar Open Call information

       10   TH
                 SEPTEMBER 2018                                     Webinar Open Call information

       OCTOBER– NOVEMBER 2018                                       Selection of winning projects and announcement
       NOVEMBER– DECEMBER 2018                                      Finalising of administration and assignments

       JANUARY 2019                                                 Start of piloting phase in all partnering cities
       JANUARY– FEBRUARY 2019                                       Workshop in London with the 8 partnering cities and the winning projects and project partners

       OCTOBER 2019                                                 End of piloting phase


                                                                 SMART CITY END-USER APPLICATION

                                                                 NORTHBOUND UNIFORM INTERFACE

                                                                       BUSINESS ECOSYSTEM
                                                                                                                                           MONITORING & MANAGEMENT

                                                                                                             Basic services
                             SECURITY & PRIVACY

                                                  Historical data               Open data
                                                                                                             & applications

                                                  Context data management                           IoT management

                                                                 SOUTHBOUND UNIFORM INTERFACE

                                                   IoT devices                   Sensors                User generated data

Design of the SynchroniCity architec-                     In order to make the in-depth compari-                       the starting point to provide a com-
ture model started from the standard                      son uniformed and straightforward,the                        mon SynchroniCity framework for cit-
technologies and uniform analysis of                      analysis was conducted using a survey                        ies and they have been reflected into
relevant studies, coupled with a base-                    approach, by identifying the key points                      the design of the SynchroniCity frame-
line of existing deployments in the                       that showed the relevant aspects of                          work.
partner cities. The analysis has been fo-                 core technologies and functionalities
cused on finding commonalities of the                     that underpin smart city platforms.
similar works from the other studies.                     The identified commonalities were

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