Issue 5 September 2017 - John Tonkin College

Issue 5 September 2017 - John Tonkin College
Issue 5
                             September 2017
From the Principal & Board Chairperson
Possible Changes to the Board and P&C                       JOHN TONKIN COLLEGE ATHLETICS CARNIVAL
Over the past couple of years it has become
increasingly challenging to attract parents and             The 2017 annual John Tonkin College athletic’s carnival held on Friday the 15 th
community to the JTC P&C. The operations of the             of September was welcomed by blue skies, radiating warmth, and the fun
P&C have primarily been focussed on running of the          loving atmosphere that accompanied the one day of the year when both the
canteen across both sites and distribution of the           Tindale and MET campus’ would come together.
profits from the canteen to support school programs.
                                                            Throughout the day students from years 7-12 competed in different events
Sadly, with increased shops in the areas                    such as; 100m sprints to 1500m long distance runs, the throws such as javelin,
surrounding JTC, there has been a downward trend            discuss and shot-put and of course everyone’s favourites, the novelty events.
in purchasing form the canteen on both sites and the        When walking around from event to event, it was hard to not recognise the
canteen has now run at a loss. We are in process of         sense of unity and community that filled the air, whether it was the smiles
surveying students and we will soon be                      from the volunteers working to provide a great variety of food such as the
implementing some new strategies to make                    sausage sizzle or the excitement that couldn’t be contained in the sidelines as
purchasing at the canteen more attractive.                  students cheered for their friends. Although not everyone competed,
                                                            everyone was involved. The craziness of the day didn’t stop there, we saw
In the meantime, it is necessary to ensure that the         people supporting their factions by dressing up, painting themselves and
canteen has appropriate oversight and the P&C can           spraying their hair with the same colour as their faction. Even Spiderman
not currently do this. We are in process of applying        made a visit!
to the Department of Education to change our
unincorporated board to an incorporated board so            The day was topped off by the four best girls and boys of each year in each
that the board can take on the management of the            faction coming together to compete in the 4 x 100m relay where we saw not
canteen. To enable this process, the P&C will need to       only competitors battle it out for their colours but the huge uproar of support
be disbanded so that it can relinquish the                  embodied in the side lines. After all events were complete and points were
management of the canteen. A Special Meeting of             tallied, runner up and champion girl and boy were presented to each year
the P&C will be held in Term 4, Tuesday 21                  group (Winners listed on page 2).
November at 7:30pm to table this motion.
                                                            At the time of 2:30 the day had come to an end… almost. The moment
Parent Feedback is important in all schools and as          everyone had now been waiting on was upon us, not home time but in fact
part of our new business plan to commence in 2018,          the overall winning faction which was indeed Sutton and that is now 4 times
it will be a priority to improve our communication,         in a row. The 2017 John Tonkin college athletics’ carnival was and always will
marketing and feedback processes. We are mindful            be a day to remember.
that times have changed and parents have different          Article written by Letiesha Van Bekkem (Year 12 student)
needs and different means of making a contribution
to their child’s school. We are seeking expressions of
interest from parents who would like to form a
working group to explore how we can better engage           NEWS FROM THE STUDIO
parents within the school community. Your
contribution to this working group could be managed
electronically if you are not able to attend meetings.      The music department will be hosting an informal evening to celebrate the
If you are interested in participating in this working      musical achievements of students on Thursday 2 November at 6:00pm-7:00 in
group, please email your details to                         the staff room at the Tindale campus. Entry is free and refreshments will be and outline             served.
any experience you have had in contributing to your
child’s schooling previously. It is not essential to have   We have many talented students at John Tonkin College and they are looking
had experience, you could outline why you want to           forward to showcasing their musical ability.
be part of this new process.
We will aim at establishing the working group to
commence in the second half of Term 4.
Issue 5 September 2017 - John Tonkin College
JTC News                                              SURFING WA STATE SCHOOL
                                                                SURFING TITLES 2017
            1st Place             SUTTON
                                                                On Friday 25th August eleven
            2nd Place             EACOTT                        students from John Tonkin
                                                                College competed in the Surfing WA
            3rd Place              HALL                         Peel Regional School Surfing Titles for
                                                                a chance to represent our school at the State Surfing
            4th Place             TUCKEY                        Titles. Conditions were challenging for our surfing and
                                                                bodyboarding teams with solid overhead sets.

 Year 7    Jordan Bobby            Cameron Blake                Our boys started the day off with some credible waves both
           Champion Boy            R/Up Champion Boy            on the stand up and bodyboards. Unfortunately the seniors
                                                                were unable to make their way through to the second rounds.
           Farrah Evans            Holly Halden
                                                                The junior boys managed to get through the first round of
           Champion Girl           R/Up Champion Girl
                                                                body boarding thanks to a couple of nice waves by Corey
 Year 8    Nian Beer               Liam McLenaghan              Phillips but unfortunately went down in the stand up. In
           Champion Boy            R/Up Champion Boy            round 2 our bodyboarding boys run was cut short losing to
                                                                Halls Head and MCC.
           Jade McDonald           Kara Tinsley
           Champion Girl           R/Up Champion Girl           Last but not least our junior girls endured
 Year 9    James Carr              Corey Acton                  back to back heats with the same two girls
           Champion Boy            R/Up Champion Boy            competing in both the stand up and
                                                                bodyboarding. The girls came out with a win,
           Adele Evans             Zoey Torrent                 taking them straight to the State Titles to be
           Equal Champion Girl     Equal Champion Girl          held at Trigg the following week. At the State
                                                                Titles Isis Naisbitt and Maison Turner found themselves up
 Year 10   Jack Wicks              Jake Genefini
                                                                against a very strong first heat, including 11x State
           Champion Boy            R/Up Champion Boy
                                                                Champions, Margaret River SHS. Although it was short lived
           Sahrai Heller-Pari      Shakira McCarthy             the girls put in 100%, surfed their hearts out and enjoyed
           Champion Girl           R/Up Champion Girl           another fine day of school surfing. An awesome couple days
                                                                of surfing, teamed with good weather and a fun crew of JTC
 Open     Marquis Williams         Beau Wyllie                  students saw us finish 3rd overall for the Peel Region.
 Division Champion Boy             R/Up Champion Boy
           Rogan Marshall          Shanae Jefferies            JAPANESE EXCHANGE STUDENTS
           Champion Girl           R/Up Champion Girl
                                                               John Tonkin College recently welcomed a group of twelve
                                                               short-term Japanese exchange students from Osaka, Japan. The
                                                               students were hosted by families from JTC and the wider
JTC CAMPUSES                                                   Mandurah community and buddied with senior school students
                                                               who will join the JTC Japan Tour in late Term 4.
John Tonkin College has experienced vandalism and thefts
at each of its campuses that is unnecessarily wasting school   The Japanese students were able to participate in a variety of
funds and resources that could be spent more beneficially      engaging and interactive activities with their buddies and host
on our students and programs. For information on how to        sibling during classes at both campuses and also braved Peel
report suspicious behaviour please click on the link below     Zoo in the inclement weather!
                                                               This experience provided participating students the opportunity
                                                               to not only improve their ability to communicate effectively in
CHANGES TO MINIMUM AGE FOR                                     Japanese and English and to form lifelong friendships, but to
WHOLE BLOOD DONATIONS                                          also expand their knowledge and understanding of culture and
The Australian Red Cross Blood Service
advises that, from 14 January 2018, the minimum age for        We would like to express their appreciation to the host families
whole blood donations will increase from 16 to 18 years of     and buddy students for making this short-term exchange
age.                                                           program both an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

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Issue 5 September 2017 - John Tonkin College
Tindale Campus News                                                                            Years 7—9
It has been a very busy and eventful term three at Tindale        PRIMARY ASPIRANT PROGRAM
Campus with students participating in a range of educational
and extra- curricular                                             Term 3 saw 20 year 5 and 6 students
activities.                                                       from Mandurah, North Mandurah,
                                                                  Lakelands and Meadow Springs
One highlight of term three                                       primary schools participate in the
was witnessing the Year 12                                        English Primary Aspirant Program.
students opening their Time
Capsules that they created in                                     Students attended three sessions
2013 whilst in Year 8 at                                          and engaged in a range of activities
Tindale Campus. It was lovely                                     aimed at challenging their reading, writing, speaking and
to see so many students and                                       listening and critical thinking skills. Students were also
family members attend the                                                                          introduced to a number of AVID
afternoon tea at the MET Campus and there were lots of                                             critical reading and writing
laughs as students sifted through their Time Capsules and                                          strategies including: Cornell
reminisced about what was important and significant to                                             Notes, numbering the
them as 12 and 13 year olds. Since 2013, each year group has                                       paragraphs, charting the text,
participated in the Time Capsule project and students look                                         quick-writes, philosophical chairs
forward to opening them once they reach Year 12.
                                                                                                   and even a Socratic Seminar.
I hope students, parents, carers and staff members have a
restful and enjoyable break.

Donna Heath
                                                                  Students commented that they
Associate Principal, Tindale Campus
                                                                  enjoyed the sessions with a
                                                                  particular enthusiasm for the
                                                                  Socratic Seminar focusing on
UWA ASPIRE                                                        the role of technology in the
Six Year 7-10 students recently                                   21st century classroom.
attended the University of
Western Australia Aspire
program. The program is
designed to support aspirant                                         Canteen Menus
leaders who get the
opportunity to participate in                                        Can be found on our website
workshops and collaborate with
students from a range of schools. The JTC students attended
a very enjoyable Macbeth production by Bell Shakespeare
and then participated in a workshop
activity that required leadership skills, creative thinking and

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                                                                   communication for updates and newsletters.
                                                                   The app is ready for download on iPhone, iPad, Android and
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complete homework?                                                 Windows, simply click on the button above.
Could they do with some extra
assistance with their work?                                        YEAR 8 IMMUNISATIONS

If so, they can come along to Homework Club on                     Round 3 immunisations will take place on the following dates
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday between 3.00 pm.                     for our year 8 students.
and 4.00pm in Block G.                                             Round 3-       24 and 25 October

Issue 5 September 2017 - John Tonkin College
MET Campus News                                                                               Years 10—12

On Thursday 31 August 20 year 10-12 students
                                                                          On Friday 18th August, the John Tonkin College Year 11 and 12
participated in the annual School Sport Touch Rugby
                                                                          Drama and Dance students attended a camp in order to
competition. Both teams continually upheld the values of                  rehearse for their ‘Youth On Health Festival' (YOH Fest)
the school showing:
                                                                          performances at Mandurah Performing Arts Centre on 5th
RESPECT both on and off the field, honouring the umpire’s
decisions and displaying excellent sportsmanship.                         The theme for YOH Fest this year was, ‘It Starts with Me,’ and
COMMITMENT to their training, the team and the game.
                                                                          the JTC students participating in YOH Fest slept outside to
EXCELLENCE within their games.
                                                                          experience what homeless people go through most, if not
                                                                          every night.
The males’ team won 3 out of 5 games, narrowly missing
out on a place in the quarterfinals. The females won 4 out
                                                                          The students collected money from people in the community to
of 5 games and progressed into the quarter finals against                 sponsor them for the sleep out in order to raise funds to donate
Willeton Senior High School. The game was highly                          to the homeless in the form of blankets, backpacks, toiletries
competitive and close, with the girls having to compete in
                                                                          and other necessary, personal items. The students involved
their first overtime drop off. The girls achieved victory and
                                                                          believed this was one way we could make a difference in the
competed in the semi-finals afterschool on Monday 4th                     lives of others in the community and help spread the message
September. Unfortunately the girls didn’t win but they had                of, ‘It starts with me.’
a fantastic experience playing against the top schools in
                          the state which included a
                                                                          Everyone was excited when the local Mayor, Marina Vergone
                          specialist Rugby, Touch Rugby and               paid a visit during the camp, shortly after they had enjoyed
                          Sport school.
                                                                          some delicious homemade soup and rolls provided by the Food
                                                                          Science Students.
                        Overall it was a successful and
                        highly enjoyed event. We look                     The total amount raised was $700.70. Items to this value were
                        forward to future competitions
                                                                          purchased and presented to a representative of Passages
                        and the opportunity to further
                                                                          Resource Centre, at MANPAC on the performance day.
develop as a team. It was a pleasure taking such a                        'Passages' assist local homeless or street present young people
committed and great group of students.                                    between the ages of 12 and 25.

GEOGRAPHY- ANDREI SANCHEZ:                                                On behalf of the Year 11 and 12 Drama and Dance Students
1ST IN WA                                                                 along with their teachers, we would like to thank those that
                                                                          contributed, for your generosity and the contribution you made
Our college congratulates Year 12                                         to improve the lives of those in need. The students have worked
student Andrei Sanchez for his                                            extremely hard on their performance pieces and enjoyed
outstanding achievement of- Top Student                                   sharing their message at the ‘Youth On Health Festival’.
in WA in the annual Australian Geography
Competition. Andrei’s result also placed him in the top 1%
of all students in Australia. Well done Andrei!                           MANDURAH ROTARY CLUB FOUR WAY
                                                                          SPEECH COMPETITION
                                                                          Cara Riberi, one of our exceptional Year 10 students,
PLANS 2017/2018                                                           represented John Tonkin College at the Mandurah Rotary Club
Bushfire zone register - John Tonkin College MET Campus                   Four Way Speech competition on Wednesday 16th August
has been added to the Bushfire Zone Register. This means, the             2017. The delivery of her speech, ‘The Heroes Journey’, was
MET Campus, Years 10-12 may be required to evoke pre-emptive              eloquent and sophisticated and she was certainly a worthy
                                                                          competitor. The English department are incredibly proud of
closure on a day for which a Catastrophic Fire danger rating (FDR)
                                                                          her resilience and tenacity during her preparation for the
has been declared. This means that if a fire starts, it is likely to be
                                                                          presentation and her performance on the night. She was an
uncontrollable, unpredictable and fast moving.
                                                                          exceptional ambassador for John Tonkin College. Well done
What does this mean for our school? -                                     Cara!
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Issue 5 September 2017 - John Tonkin College
Community News
                                  Important Dates - Term 4, 2017
                               5-13 October
                                Year 12 School Based Exams
                               10 October
                                Term 4 Commences
                               13 October
                                Year 12 General Pathway Students Final Day
                               16-18 October
                                Year 11 ATAR Outdoor Ed Camp
                               19 October
                                Interschool Athletics Carnival
                               19-25 October
                                Year 10 Kalbarri Camp
                               20 October
                                Year 12 ATAR Students Final Day
                                Years 7-9 AFL Girls Carnival
                               1-20 November
                                WACE ATAR Exams
                               6-10 November
                                Years 7-10 Exams
                               17 November
                                Year 11 General Pathway Students Final Day
                               20-24 November
                                Year 11 Exams
                                Year 11 ATAR Students Final Day
                               21 November
                                Year 12 Valedictory Ceremony
                               22-24 November
                                7S Point Perron Camp
                               24 November
                                Whole Campus Assembly—Tindale
                               27 November
                                Year 7, 2018 Orientation Day
                                Year 10, 2018 Orientation Day @ MET
                               14 December
                                Years 7-10 Term 4 Ends
Issue 5 September 2017 - John Tonkin College Issue 5 September 2017 - John Tonkin College Issue 5 September 2017 - John Tonkin College Issue 5 September 2017 - John Tonkin College Issue 5 September 2017 - John Tonkin College
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