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January 16th 2022 SAINT HELENA CHURCH - wwww.sainthelena-centersquare.net
               Center Square
1489 DeKalb Pike Blue Bell PA 19422     January 16th
  610-275-7711 (P) - 610-275-7610 (F)
January 16th 2022 SAINT HELENA CHURCH - wwww.sainthelena-centersquare.net
+ JANUA RY 16,, 2022 +
    N ARY                                                         + SEECOND SUNDAY
                                                                                 YOOF ORDINARY TIME +

                                                              Oʐʇ Fʃʏʋʎʛ

                         United as members of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, we are committed, as
                          ONE FAMILY, to be messengers of God’s love and presence in the world, and to welcome
                                     and invite others to become part of this family and this mission.
                                                               Oʐʇ Hʇʃʔʖ
                              Called by our Baptism to a life of service in the Lord, we are committed, with
                         ONE HEART, to live in charity, practice the works of mercy, and work for peace and justice.
                                                               Oʐʇ Fʃʋʖʊ
                            Strengthened by God’s Word and nourished by His Sacraments, we are committed, in
                            ONE FAITH, to promote lives of learning, living, and proclaiming the Gospel message,
                            as we continue to grow in the knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of all that
                                                    embodies these awe-inspiring truths.

PRIESTS/DEACONS:                                              CHAPEL HOURS:
Parish Priest: Rev. Monsignor Joseph J. Nicolo                The Saint Theresa Chapel is open Monday - Friday from
Parochial Vicar: Rev. Brian T. Connolly                       6:30 AM to 9PM; Saturday from 8 AM - 5 PM; & Sunday
Deacon: Deacon A. Kenneth Belanger                            from 7 AM to 5 PM. On First Thursdays & Fridays,
                                                              special devotions are prayed at Mass.
Phone: 610-275-7711                                           SACRAMENT OF BAPTISM:
Web Site: www.sainthelena-centersquare.net                    Baptisms are celebrated the 2nd Sunday of each month
Email: parish@sainthelenachurch.org                           after the 11:00 AM Mass. Please stop by the Parish
                                                              Office for information on scheduling Baptism for your
Monday through Friday: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM                     child. Pre-Jordan classes are required for parents &
Business Manager: Ms. Cathy Neugebauer                        optional for Godparents, and are usually offered the
Parish Administrative Assistant: Mrs. Gina Malony             first Monday of the month at 7:00 PM in the Convent.
                                                              Call the Parish Office to register for class. Letters of
EDUCATION CENTER:                                             eligibility are due at the Parish Office before a date can
1499 DeKalb Pike Blue Bell PA 19422                           be confirmed for Baptism.
Phone: 610-279-3345  Fax: 610-279-3272
Interim School Principal:    Miss Denise Britt                SACRAMENT OF MARRIAGE:
School Secretary:            Mrs. Rene Ryan                   Arrangements must be made with a priest at least 6
School Nurse:                Mrs. April Maxwell               months prior to your desired wedding date.
                                                              The Archdiocese of Philadelphia requires that all cou-
PREP:                                                         ples attend a Pre-Cana class before marriage.
Phone: 610-277-3573                                           Contact the Parish Office to schedule an appointment
Director of Religious Education:                              with a Priest and for information about attending a
Mrs. Madeleine Fitzgerald                                     Pre-Cana Class.
Phone: 610-930-0349
                                                              SACRAMENT OF ANOINTING OF THE SICK:
                                                              Arrangements can be made by calling the Parish Office.
Mr. Christian Thompson
FACILITIES MANAGER:                                           SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION/
Phone: 610-322-5749                                           CONFESSION:
Mr. Vince Thompson                                            Saturdays at 3:00 PM in the Church or contact the Parish
DIRECTIR of FACILITIES:                                       Office to make an appointment.
Robert Malony                                                 MEMORIALS:
PARISH MASS SCHEDULE:                                         Mass Cards, Candles, Bread & Wine...in honor of the living
     Saturday Vigil is celebrated at 4:00 PM            or in memory of the deceased. If you would like to have
                                                              a spiritual memorial offered in memory or in honor of
Sunday:    7:30 AM, 9:00 AM, & 11:00 AM                       a loved one, please contact the Parish Office.
Weekdays: Mon - Sat 9:00 Holy Day Vigil: 7:00 PM
Holy Days: 7:00 AM, 9:00 AM, & 12:15 PM                       SANCTUARY FLOWERS:
                 (Except on Saturdays)                        If you are interested in having fresh flowers placed on
                                                              the Altar in either the Church or the Chapel, please call
SPIRITUAL DEVOTIONS:                                          THERESA SMITH at 215-646-7636 to learn about details
Most Holy Rosary:        Mon-Sat 8:25 AM (Chapel)             and availability.
                         Wednesdays: 11: 30 AM (Grotto)
Eucharistic Adoration:   Mon-Fri 9:30 AM-7:30 PM
Divine Mercy Chaplet:    Mon-Sun 3:00 PM (Chapel)

January 16th 2022 SAINT HELENA CHURCH - wwww.sainthelena-centersquare.net
+ JANUARY 16,, 2022
                  2+                                                     + SECOND SUNDAY OF ORDINARY TIME +
                                                                                    In your Christian charity and mindful
                                                                                        of the Communion of Saints,
                                                                                             please pray for our
Mon., Jan. 17        9:00 AM - Saint Anthony
                     IMO GERALD WOODS
                     Requested by Sandy Loschiavo &                                       Dൾർൾൺඌൾൽ,
                     Howard White                                                       especially the following:
Tue., Jan. 18         9:00 AM                                             Jඈඌൾඉඁ Bൺඋඋඒ, Rඈඇൺඅൽ Bൺ඄ൾඋ,
                      IMO ED KUREK ~                                           Jൺඇൾඍ Wඈඋඍඁංඇ඀ඍඈඇ,
                      Requested by Rita Kurek
Wed., Jan. 19         9:00 AM
                                                                       Rඈൻൾඋඍ Wංൾඅൺඇൽ ๟ Mංർඁൺൾඅ Kൾඅඅඒ
                      FOR WORLD PEACE                                    May their souls and the souls of all the Faithful
                      Requested by Suburban Woods                       Departed through the mercy of God rest in peace.
                      Health & Rehab.                                                        Amen.
Thu. Jan. 20         9:00 AM - Saint Fabian
                     IMO CAROL ANN SANTANGELO                                  The Flowers at the Blessed Mother
                     Requested by Janice & Gene Guidi                             were donated in memory of
Fri., Jan. 21         9:00 AM - Saint Agnes                                          ELEANOR TOTO’S
                      IMO NOLEN & COLONNELLO                                           1st Anniversary,
                      FAMILIES                                         requested by Karen & Michael Ciaccio &
                      Requested by Dennis & Alex Nolen                                 Family.
Sat. Jan. 22          9:00 AM
                      The living & deceased members
                      of the Saint Theresa Guild                                      PRAY FOR OUR SICK 

                                                                                    In your charity, please pray for our
                                                                                     sick & home-bound parishioners,
                   MEMORIALS FOR THE                                                  as well as those living in health/
                                                                                       nursing facilities. In particular,
                  WEEK OF JANUARY 16TH                                                 please remember the following
        The Sanctuary Candle in the Church burns                                          individuals:
                           in memory of                                    Patrick Banicki, Marie Marrongelli,
                      BETTY BOTSCHELLER                                     Linda & Chuck Basile, Kathy Foley,
          Requested by the Heinbach & Ruppert Families                McGrail & Flynn Families, Bernice Zwigaitis,
                 The Sanctuary Candle in the Chapel burns                   Peter J. Cissone, Jr., Dave Colman,
                             For good health of                         Ed Mitchell, Teri Smyth, Diane Bambino,
                            ALINE MCGRAIL                              Becky, Forest & Ezra Beitzel, Marie Becker,
                       Requested by Donna & Gina                            MaryAnn McCauley, Tom Collins,
                                                                             Mary Reedy, Ann Marie Steppler,
           A Candle burns at the Altar of the Blessed Mother
                         For good health of
                                                                            Patricia Leedom, Maureen Barron,
                         Aline McGrail                                Jennifer Young, Maryann Tinti, John Leedom,
             Requested by Michele & Paul Grestemeier                         Yen Smink, Samantha Hunsecker,
                                                                                Eleanor Burke, Linda Burke,
           A Candle burns at the Altar of the Blessed Mother              Christina Hoffmann, Thomas Pomager,
                              in memory                                John Thurston, Tracy Porter, Daniel Kerns,
                Eleanor Toto’s 1st Anniversary                            Ann Jolly, Megan Martin, Juan Barba,
              Requested by Karen & Michael Ciaccio
                                                                          Claudia Restrepo, Juan Carlos Valencia,
                A Candle burns at the Altar of the Sacred Heart        Claudia Valencia, John Sajda, Ronald Agresti,
                                in memory of                             Marco Martinelli, Matthew McDonnell,
                   ELEANOR TOTO’S 1ST ANNIVERSARY                       Baby Benjamin Berkowitz, Isaiah Bradwell,
                    Requested by Karen & Michael Toto                        Elizabeth Foster & Marie Valerio.

January 16th 2022 SAINT HELENA CHURCH - wwww.sainthelena-centersquare.net
+ JANUARY 16,, 2022
                  2+                                                  + SECOND SUNDAY OF ORDINARY TIME +

           Nic NOTES                                              We ask that anyone who has a loved
           D EAR P ARISHIONERS ,                                   one on our list contact the Parish
                                                                  Office to let us know their status.
             It is amazing to think that we are about
halfway through the month of January and that it is a new
year, 2022. Time just seems to fly even though all kinds
of things happen and exist in the present world and we are
                                                                                 A PRAYER for
still in the midst of COVID 19 – omicron. Reflecting                             our MILITARY
back we are about two months short of two years when
everything closed down because of the COVID 19                          Lord God, Almighty Father, Creator of
pandemic. A lot of the time during the pandemic,                    humankind and Author of peace, we are ever
especially, in the beginning and for months and months                mindful of the cost paid for the liberty we
everything was a “blur”. We have been through a lot and             possess, we ask You to bless the members of
many people have suffered because of it. Let us just take         our Armed Forces. Give them courage, hope and
a moment to thank God for what He has done for us and               strength. May they ever experience your firm
ask Him to continue to give us the strength that we need          support, gentle love and compassionate healing.
to move forward and let us also continue to pray for the             Be their power and protector, leading them
many other people who have suffered during this difficult            from darkness to light. To You be all glory,
time. We need also to pray for all those who have                     honor and praise, now and forever. Amen.
assisted us over the last 22 months.

Last Saturday, January 8, our children in the PREP, 7th
                                                                              Please pray for all our military
level classes, had their retreat day. I am very grateful to                        personnel especially:
Mrs. Fitzgerald and the Confirmation teachers, Mrs.                 POI E LIZABETH F ENERTY , CPT K EVIN M AGUIRE ,
Brown and Mrs. Erthal, for conducting such a beautiful              SFC J AMES K ILGORE , CDR D ANIEL N EVEROSKY ,
retreat day for the children. I had an opportunity to pray           TSGT J AMES L A P ORTE , SGT J OHN Z. M ATEJA ,
with them and to speak to them about the Sacrament of                           LT N ICHOLAS H UMES ,
Confirmation and how they are to witness to Christ.                          CPL A NTHONY J. C ICCARONE ,
I continue to be edified by Ms. Denise Britt and our                      CPT E MILY M. L ORENZO -W OMACK ,
teachers in St. Helena School for all that they do, have                     CPT J ONATHAN R. W OMACK ,
done, and I know will continue to do to make our school                       SSGT J OSEPH P. L ORENZO ,
children’s day as normal as normal can be. I’m very                      LT C HRISTINA T AORMINA -L A P ORTE ,
grateful to our Maintenance Staff who have worked and                          LTJG B RENDAN J. K OCH ,
work so diligently to make our Education Center “so                           LTJG A NDREW J. S CHUTTA
sanitized” and clean for our children and faculty. There is                  & LTC E LIZABETH A NNE C AIN
nothing more important than keeping our children safe.
I am deeply grateful to Mrs. Fitzgerald and our PREP
teachers for all that they are doing, have done, and I know
will do to make our PREP children’s religious education
as normal as possible.

Let us pray for an end to this pandemic and pray also for                  RESPECT LIFE
all healthcare workers and all the essential workers,
including our teachers, who have so heroically served us
and our community. We are deeply indebted to them.

 May God, through the intercession of Saint Helena,
                     bless us!

                     Love & prayers,
                                                                  Join the Respect Life Ministry, the Knights of Columbus
                     Monsignor Nicolo                             and the Young Adult Group for the Rosary and Holy
                                                                  Hour Saturday, January 22, 12:00 noon, St. Theresa
                                                                  Chapel. Also available on livestream.

January 16th 2022 SAINT HELENA CHURCH - wwww.sainthelena-centersquare.net
+ JANUARY 16,, 2022
                  2+                                                    + SECOND SUNDAY OF ORDINARY TIME +

          L i tu r gi ca l M i n i s t ri ess
          S U N D A Y , J A N U A R Y 23 , 2 0 22                                PARISH EVENTS:
                                                                         Januar y 166 too Januar y 23
Saturday, January 22
                                                                    SUNDAY, January 16
4:00 PM - Msgr. Nicolo
                                                                    x   Masses: 7:30, 9:00, 11:00 AM - Church
Sunday, January 23
7:30 AM - MSGR. NICOLO                                              x   CYO Basketball Tournament : Social & Rec. Ct.
9:00 AM - Fr. Brian (Deacon Ken)                                    x   High School Youth Group: 7:00 PM - Convent
11:00 AM - Fr. Brian
                                                                    MONDAY, January 17
                                                                    x   Daily Mass: 9:00 AM - Chapel
Saturday, January 22
                                                                    x   Prayer Shawl Mtg.: 12 PM - Convent
4:00 PM - T. Yezzi, R. Henry
                                                                    x   CYO Basketball Tournament: Social & Rec. Ct.
Sunday, January 23
                                                                    x   Walking with Purpose: 6:45 PM - Convent
7:30 AM - C. Neugebauer, M. Neugebauer
9:00 AM - P. Boylan, L. Fickett
11:00 AM - A. Ilano, P. Lorenzo                                     TUESDAY, January 18
                                                                    x   Daily Mass: 9:00 AM - Chapel
EXTRAORDINARY MINISTERS OF                                          x   Adult Basketball: 5:30 PM - Social & Rec. Ct.
HOLY COMMUNION                                                      x   PREP: 6:30 PM - Education Center & Cafeteria
Saturday, January 22                                                x   3 on 3 Basketball: 7:30 PM - Social & Rec. Ct.
4:00 PM - J. Coyle, J. Eisele, D. Galanti, T. Reigle
Sunday, January 23                                                  WEDNESDAY, January 19
7:30 AM - Deacon Ken, T. McGarvey, J. Oberlies                      x   Daily Mass: 9:00 AM - Chapel
9:00 AM - L. Buella, S. Iannello, L. Iannello, L. Montgomery,       x   CYO Basketball: 4:30 - Social & Rec. Center
          D. Nolen                                                  x   RCIA: 7:00 PM - Our Lady of Mercy
11:00 AM –M. Catalde, K. Krumenacker, M. Okenquist,
          N. Tagliamonte, V. Thompson                               THURSDAY,, January 20
                                                                    x   Mass: 9:00 AM - Chapel
ALTAR SERVERS                                                       x   Walking with Purpose: 11:00 AM - Convent
Saturday, January 22                                                x   CYO Basketball: 4:30 PM - Social & Rec. Ct.
4:00 PM - H. Elliott, S. Morrissey, C. Zapalac, R. Weber            x   Scripture Study: 7:00 PM - Virtual

Sunday, January 23                                                  FRIDAY, January 21
7:30 AM -                                                           x   Daily Mass: 9:00 AM - Chapel
9:00 AM - C. Albertelli, N. Albertelli, L. Buella,                  x   Senior Club: 10:00 AM - Social & Rec. Ct.
          B. Sutch                                                  x   CYO Basketball: 4:30 PM - Social & Rec. Ct.
11:00 AM - L. Fallouh, A. Kern, M. Merone, A. Ormond
                                                                    SATURDAY, January 22
                                                                    x   Mass: 9:00 AM - Chapel
                                                                    x   Confessions: 3:00 PM - Church
     THANK YOU                                                      x   Vigil Mass: 4:00 PM - Church

   FOR YOUR TITHE!                                                  SUNDAY, January 23
                                                                    x   Masses: 7:30, 9:00, 11:00 AM - Church
Collection for the
weekend of                                                          x   CYO Basketball: 1:00 PM - Social & Rec. Ct.
January 8                                                           x   High School Youth Group: 7:00 PM - Convent
PLATE:               $ 22,513
E-GIVING:            $ 3,245
MAIL-IN:             $ 8,150

January 16th 2022 SAINT HELENA CHURCH - wwww.sainthelena-centersquare.net
+ JANUARY 16,, 2022
                  2+                                                   + SECOND SUNDAY OF ORDINARY TIME +
KEN’S KACHE                                                        in general. We can be quite happy for Lazarus, who
                                                                   surely deserved to receive great comfort with Abraham
The Gospel of Luke assures us that the Kingdom of God,             after such a miserable life.
in its fullness, will confound all our expectations and will       But what of the rich man? What was his crime that he
overturn our experiences. In fact, in the Kingdom of God           should deserve such torment? Jesus makes it clear that it
everything will be turned upside down.                             was not his wealth that was the problem. He is not
This is especially true when it comes to power, privilege          condemned simply for being rich and well-fed; he is
and wealth. Luke assures us time and again that in God’s           condemned because his good fortune blinded him to the
Kingdom those who struggle in life now - those who are             moral responsibility he had toward Lazarus. The rich
at the bottom or on the edges of human society - will              man failed to take care of the poor, a religious obligation
suddenly find themselves at the top and in the center.             made abundantly clear in the teachings of Moses and the
                                                                   prophets (see, for example, Deuteronomy 15:7-11, Amos
On the other hand, he warns those who now enjoy the                6:1-14 and Isaiah 58:6-9).
greatest human security and social advantage that their
experience may be very different. As Jesus tells His               As we begin another year, it would seem appropriate as
listeners on one occasion, “Behold, some are last who              part of the resolutions we intend to make and keep, that
will be first, and some are first who will be last” (Luke          one would be the care and concern for the poor, the
13:30, New American Bible, also used for other quotes).            destitute, the lonely, the sick and homebound and those
This notion that in the end God will turn everything we            who care for them including the local church. The
know upside down is often called the “Great Reversal.”             “Great Reversal”, the notion that in the end God will
It is a hallmark of Luke’s Gospel, where it appears                turn everything we know upside down should concern
frequently.                                                        each of us not because we might lose everything, but,
                                                                   that we have withheld everything from those who have
The announcement of the Great Reversal appears early in            so little. In other words we have been deaf to God’s
the Gospel in the Magnificat (1:46-55), Mary’s great song          command. May God’s graces enable you to keep his
of praise. Shortly after she consents to become the mother         commands.
of Jesus, the young girl from the little town of Nazareth
hurries to visit her cousin Elizabeth who, she has learned         Happy New Year! Deacon Ken
from the Angel Gabriel, has conceived a child in her old
age. When the two meet, Elizabeth bursts into a joyous
welcome for “the mother of my Lord”(1:43).                          MADELEINE’S
                                                                              S MESSAGE
Mary responds by offering praise to God for what he has             Level One is a child's first experience in a religious
done for her:                                                       education setting. Although faith formation begins at
   “My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord,                    home, a child attends religious education to enrich
      my spirit rejoices in God my savior.                          what has begun to be taught through family life
   For He has looked upon His handmaid’s lowliness.”                experience.
                                        (1:46b-48a)                 Here a child is invited to grow in a personal
God’s Great Reversal will become a significant, and                 relationship with God.
disturbing feature of the teaching of Jesus. In His                 Saint Helena Level One, under the direction of
Sermon on the Plain (6:20-49), Jesus proclaims these                Natalie Coughlin, Maria Mitchell, and Amanda Hunt
four blessings (or beatitudes):                                     have been concentrating on being a friend and a
    “Blessed are you who are poor, for the Kingdom of               follower of Jesus.
    God is yours.
    Blessed are you who are now hungry, for you will be             They have learned about God‘s abundant love for us,
    satisfied.                                                      and the way Jesus teaches us to love God, ourselves,
    Blessed are you who are now weeping, for you will               and each other.
    laugh.                                                          Level One students are also learning about the
    Blessed are you when people hate you, and when they             Sacraments, focusing on Baptism - when we first
    exclude and insult you and denounce your name as                become children of God; and becoming well versed
    evil on account of the Son of Man.                              with their prayers: “Our Father,” “Hail Mary,” and
    Rejoice and leap for joy on that day!                           “Glory Be to the Father.”
    Behold, your reward will be great in heaven.”
                                          (6:20b-23a)               We are blessed to have Natalie, Maria, & Amanda
                                                                    here at Saint Helena.
Once again, we have the Great Reversal, this time written
in the lives of two individuals, Lazarus and the rich man.          It is encouraging to witness the enthusiasm their
Their situations in this life and the next can perhaps be           students come to class with each week.
understood to represent those of the poor and the rich              Have a great week!      Madeleine

January 16th 2022 SAINT HELENA CHURCH - wwww.sainthelena-centersquare.net
+ JANUARY 16,, 2022
                  2+                                                         + SECOND SUNDAY OF ORDINARY TIME +

             High School
             Youth Group
  2022 Calendar HSYG Meeting Dates
   Sunday evenings 7 – 8:30 p.m. in the
            Parish Convent.
                                                                                    Sൺංඇඍ Hൾඅൾඇൺ
        January 16 – “The Patriarchs”
                                                                                 Yඈඎඇ඀ Aൽඎඅඍ Gඋඈඎඉ
 January 23 – “Egypt & Exodus, Joshua,                                            Mਅਅਔਉ਎ਇ Sਃਈਅ਄ਕ਌ਅ
             and Judges”
                                                                                 January 20 - “Jesus Prays”
        January 30 – Service Event –
                                                                              January 27 - “Hunger and Thirst”
       Writing Cards to the Elderly/Sick
                                                                           February 3 - “Jesus Calls & Empowers”
            February 6 - No meeting
                                                                          February 10 - “Jesus’ Power over the Evil
February 13 - “Why should I pray a Holy                                                    One”
                                                                             Rosary at 6:45 P.M. followed by our
 “Dear young people, let yourselves be                                    meeting in the parish convent from 7 - 8:30.
  taken over by the light of Christ, and                                   Join us for the continuation of the series
                                                                           “Metanoia” by Fr. Dave Pivonka, TOR
   spread that light wherever you are.”
         Pope Saint John Paul II                                          Contact…Christian Thompson at
  Visit the Church & Chapel Live                                          or by phone at (610) 930-0349.
              Go to the Parish Website and
                 on the Homepage select
                                                                           St. Therese of Lisieux, pray for us!
               Church Live or Chapel Live
            on the right hand side of the page.

                           is a an educational process of instruc-
                 tion, faith sharing, prayer and spiritual edifica-
                 tion. It is a personal and communal journey
                 toward Full Communion with the Catholic
                 Church. Participants may be unbaptized,
                 baptized in another Christian faith tradition,
                 or a baptized Catholic whose faith journey has
                 been interrupted. To learn more about RCIA,
please call                        at the parish Rectory at
610-275-7711/                               at 610-909-1909.
This group meets weekly and follows COVID precautions.

January 16th 2022 SAINT HELENA CHURCH - wwww.sainthelena-centersquare.net
+ JANUARY 16,, 2022
                  2+                                                  + SECOND SUNDAY OF ORDINARY TIME +
                        St Helena Knights #14210
                                                                        CORPORALL WORKS
                        Grand Knight George Gillin
                                                                           OF MERCY:
                    Join Online Free www.kofc.org                              FEED
                                                                                  D THE HUNGRY……
Help Needed for ESL Classes                                                    CLOTHEE THE NAKED..
   The Knights plan to facilitate English as a                    R@@QHRG @LHKX~VDRTOONQSL@MXNENTQMDHFGANQR~
  Second Language (ESL) classes for adults at                     MNVHRSGDSHLDSNL@JDRTQDSG@SVD“UDMNSENQFNSSDM
 St. Patrick's School in Norristown - to be held
      weekly on Tuesday or Thursday from
            7 - 8:30 PM at the school,                            THE
                                                                    E BROTHER
                                                                            R HOUSE
      beginning January 18 and until May.
 Can you help? You do not need to speak Spanish nor
                                                                  The Brother House is in need of new Men's
  have any teaching experience. We will train you on              underwear, white socks, gently used clothing
   how to run a class - using the ESL textbook and                and monetary donations for the homeless
teacher’s manual. Contact Jack O’Doherty to find out              men in Norristown. We
      more or to volunteer jodoherty@aol.com
                                                                  have a container in the
January 22 - Pray for the Legal Protection of the                 Information Room off
Unborn                                                            the Narthex.
      In all United States Catholic Dioceses,
  January 22 shall be observed as a day of prayer for             Thank you for helping
the full restoration of the legal guarantee of the right to       to cloth the poor!
 life and of penance for violations to the dignity of the
  human person committed through acts of abortion.
     Find out more www.respectlife.org/january-22                 THE
                                                                    E PATRICIAN
                                                                              N SOCIETY
                  ST. MARTHA CLEANERS                                               RSNBJDCVHSGSGDMNM§ODQHRG@AKDENNC
                      We are Seeking New Volunteers                                 SG@SNTQBGHKCQDM@MCRDUDQ@K
                We have a current need of volunteers
                                                                  G@UDRDUDQ@K NNCNKKDBSHNMRSGQNTFGNTSSGDXD@Q@RVDKK
                to assist us with light cleaning of the
                Church and Chapel, once a month, on               @RNTQMMT@K@MM@@FNKKDBSHNMHM@X EXNTB@M
                Friday mornings.                                  GDKO~OKD@RDAQHMFXNTQMNM§ODQHRG@AKDHSDLRSNGTQBGNM
               For additional information or                       MENQL@SHNMNNLQDOQDRDMS@SHUDEQNLGD@SQHBH@M
questions, please contact Gina Malony at the Parish               NBHDSXTRT@KKXBNLDRHMNMNMC@XLNQMHMFRSNOHBJTO
Office, 610-275-7711.                                             NTQCNM@SHNMR

NEEDED EXTRAORDINARY MINISTERS OF                                 CARING
                                                                       G FOR
                                                                           R FRIENDS
                      We as a parish serve our
                      homebound parishioners by                    MENQL@SHNMNNL   
                      visiting them weekly with Prayer             §           
                      and Holy Communion.                          DG@UDCHMMDQBNMS@HMDQR@MCRNTO
                         We are reaching out to you, our
                        parishioners to consider becoming
an Extra Ordinary Minister for Homebound Parishioners.
       If interested or have questions, please call
           Jim McLaughlin at 610-587-6186 or
              e-mail mcassoc.1@gmail.com

January 16th 2022 SAINT HELENA CHURCH - wwww.sainthelena-centersquare.net
+ JANUARY 16,, 2022
                  2+                                              + SECOND SUNDAY OF ORDINARY TIME +
                                                                           Dൾඏඈඍංඈඇඌ ංඇ ඍඁൾ Cඁൺඉൾඅ.
                                                                                   Dൺංඅඒ Mൺඌඌ
           Spiritually Adopted Baby Update                       9:00 AM ~ Monday - Saturday
           Our spiritually adopted baby’s brain waves             Rඈඌൺඋඒ Rൾർංඍൺඍංඈඇ
           are detected. The brain now controls                 8:25 AM ~ Monday - Saturday
           movement of muscles and organs. Baby can             11:30 AM ~ Wednesdays
           dream, open the jaw and sigh! Also, the              3:15 PM ~ Monday—Saturday
           heart has completed its division into 4
separate chambers. Nails start to develop on the hands
& feet. Vital organs have further developed & now,             Give the gift of prayer of the
begin to function!                                             New Year - a Spiritual Bouquet!
Please continue to daily pray for the baby and parents         Come and pray the Rosary for your intentions -
and that Baby’s mother will wait in awe for the
miracle of life she carries within her.                        Wednesdays, 11:30 in the                 Saint
Prayer                                                         Therese Chapel.
Oh, my Jesus, by the intercession of Mary, your mother,
who bore you so lovingly, and of Saint Joseph, strong
                                                                       Dංඏංඇൾ Mൾඋർඒ Cඁൺඉඅൾඍ
man of faith, who protected you both, I pray to you for             3:00 PM ~ Mon. - Sun., followed by the Rosary
the life of the unborn child I have spiritually adopted,           Cඁൺඉൾඅ ංඌ Oඉൾඇ ൿඈඋ Dൺංඅඒ Mൾൽංඍൺඍංඈඇ
who is in danger of abortion. Please give the parents of
this child the grace and courage they need to bring this               6:30 AM - 9:00 PM ~ Monday - Friday
baby to birth. Amen.                                                       8:00 AM - 5:00 PM ~ Saturday
                                                                            7:00 AM - 5:00 PM ~ Sunday
March For Life ~                                                        Qඎൾඌඍංඈඇඌ? Cൺඅඅ Mൺඋඒ Jൺඇൾ Mඋൺඓං඄
                                                                                  ൺඍ 610-733-0814.
Washington, DC on Friday, January 21
Join pro-life advocates in the fight to end abortion.               ƩUƺǖPƩDŽN ƯƣǟNT
The bus will leave St. Maria Goretti Parking Lot at
5:45 AM. There will be a Mass at 10:00 AM at the                     NNJXT ƻƾƳMER
Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate
Conception. A rally will begin at Noon and the                    Sʙʋʖʜʇʔʎʃʐʆ, Lʃʍʇ Cʑʏʑ & Mʋʎʃʐ
                                                               You are invited to join Monsignor Nicolo on a
March will begin at 1:00 PM. The bus will leave the
                                                               Spectacular Switzerland, Lake Como and Milan trip
Shrine parking lot at 4:00 PM. Tickets must be
purchased in advance and the cost is $10.00.                   from August 14, 2022 to August 26, 2022. The
                                                               price of the trip is $5,450 double occupancy and
For more info contact Bob McCormick at                         single supplement is $1,380.
Bobmcc52@gmail.com or call 215-362-1247
                                                                   For more information call Theresa Smith at
    We’re Looking for Leaders =                                215-646-7636 or email theresacsmith@verizon.net.
            That’s You!
  Children’s Liturgy of the Word is seeking
Volunteer Leaders for the 9 & 11 AM Masses
Things to Know:
x   All materials supplied; no teaching experience is
    needed - just a joyful contagious attitude!
x   There are 2 groups: Pre-school/K & 1st/2nd.
x   A great opportunity to witness faith to the youngest
    members of our parish.
x   You only have to lead once a month!
        Please Contact Christian Thompson at
                  610-930-0349 or

January 16th 2022 SAINT HELENA CHURCH - wwww.sainthelena-centersquare.net
+ JANUARY 16,, 2022
                  2+                                               + SECOND SUNDAY OF ORDINARY TIME +

FROM THE BROTHER HOUSE                                                We are hiring!
Dear Monsignor Nicolo and St. Helena parishioners,
                                                                Saint Helena Church/School Staff
Wow! We are again overwhelmed by the abundant                                  Positions Needed
generosity of the St. Helena donors to the parish
Advent Giving Tree, who donated over $1000 in gift              School Custodians (2 positions open)
cards, for the Legion of Mary Brother House! This
material support will go to purchase basic clothing             x  40 hours guaranteed
items and other material aid to help serve the needy            x  Full-paid medical insurance offered
and homeless men in Norristown, many of whom                    x  Vanguard retirement fund
lack the basic necessities of daily life. This Christian        x  Vacation time after first year employment
charity calls to mind Christ’s words in the Gospel of           x  Position 1: Mon-Fri 7AM - 3:30PM
Matthew; “I say to you, whatever you did for one of             x  Position 2: Mon-Fri 1PM - 9:30PM
these least brothers of mine, you did for Me.”. On
behalf of our active Legionary brothers, including              x  Responsibilities –
St. Helena’s parishioner Br. Mike Piskai, and the                  - General cleaning in school
guests of Brother House, please extend our heartfelt               - General cleaning in auxiliary buildings
thanks to the St. Helena’s parishioners and let them               - Setup and break down events
know that their intentions will be remembered in our               - Outdoor lawn and landscaping care
Rosary prayers at every Brother House social.                      - General maintenance projects
May Jesus and Mary bless them and you!
                                                                   - Snow and ice removal
                                                                   - Other miscellaneous duties
Br. Bob Nowak
Treasurer Mother of Mankind Praesidium
Legion of Mary, Norristown Comitium                             Please contact our Director of Facilities,
                                                                Robert Malony at:
                                                                Rmalony@sainthelenachurch.org, or
             Y                                                  call the Parish Office at 610-275-7711 to
                                                                inquire more about these positions.
"TheSaint Helena Music Ministry is recruiting
new members for singing and hand bells.”
The choir meets on Monday evenings starting                                             Stewardshipp throughh
February 7, at 7:00 PM in the church. All voices
are needed. The Saint Helena Hand Bell choir                                             Electronicc Fundss
will be starting rehearsals on Thursday evenings
Feb.10 at 7PM in the church. High schoolers are                                              Transfer””
also welcome. For information contact Cheryl
Platco at email chmo32759@aol.com or
call 610 505 3038."                                              Inn justt a few
                                                                               w minutes,, youu cann greatlyy enhancee
                                                                yourr personall Stewardshipp effortss byy loggingg onn
                                                                   too ParishGiving.orgg andd beginn makingg yourr
                                                                 weeklyy offeringg throughh Parishh Giving,, a divi-
                                                                        sionn off Johnn Patrickk Publishing,, LLC..

                                                                   Pleasee Note:: Continuee too usee yourr weeklyy
                                                                   Sundayy envelopess whenn attendingg Mass..

+ JANUARY 16,, 2022
                  2+                                                 + SECOND SUNDAY OF ORDINARY TIME +

             WE REMEMBER                                                           BEQUESTS
 and we gratefully acknowledge the following                         The following people have prayerfully made
   families who so thoughtfully asked that                          bequests in their Wills to Saint Helena Church.
donations in memory of their loved one be sent                        Please remember them in prayer as well.
           to Saint Helena Church.                                  Vivian Becker, Alice P. Devlin, Mary E. Flanagan,
        We ask that you please keep them                           Hon. Robert W. Honeyman, Concetta Marchesani,
                in your prayers:                                        Mary Ellen Sullivan, Laura E. Wisniewski,
                                                                   Estelle Noska, Elizabeth Ann Quillinan, Jean Stock,
             James Adams, John Botto, Mary Ellen Brogan,                  Lawrence Marinari, Catherine Frawley,
            Dr. Elwin S. Carlin, Audrey F. Crause,                   Mary Rosciola, Marian Curran, Charles Loeper,
          Harry DeFazio, Ann Kelly, Jennie Dinardo,
       Michael Frawley, Nicholas Grant, Ann Gerlach,                    Rev. John Coates, Kathleen Schoemaker,
         Eugene P. Kenworthy Sr., Peter J. Kelly, Sr.,            Regina Zaleski, Margaret Donahue, Lorraine Gigliello,
    Orville Johnson, John S. Maguire, Jane O’Doherty,                        Margaret (Peg) Tannenbaum &
Lucille Mazur, Grace Migliarese, George T. McCool, Jean                           John H. Quillinan, III.
         P. McQuade, Dorothy Nicolo, Joanna Roth,
            Thomas Oakes, Matilda M. Schoppet,
 Mary Ellen Sullivan, Gertrude Usher, Virginia Valentine,
                 Louise Vanelli, Jean Vereb,                               Wඈඎඅൽ ඒඈඎ අං඄ൾ
                                                                             ඍඈ උൾආൾආൻൾඋ
             Mary C.& Raymond F. Uccelletti, Sr.,
              Margaret Wright, Carmen Pagliaro,
   Dottie Monastra, William Curran, Shawn Henry, Jack
Gambone, Gasper Butera, Helen Borkowski, Mary Ryan,
      Edward Garbacz, John Cantarini, Dave Landers,                         Sൺංඇඍ Hൾඅൾඇൺ
       Joseph Nicolo, Sr., Ron Miles, Harold Rodgers,
     Marge Fitzpatrick, Mildred Dulin, Candida Barone,                      ංඇ ඒඈඎඋ ඐංඅඅ?
             Stanley Lentz, Sr., Walter P. Piecyk,               Ask your attorney to include such words as these in your
 Henry Orzechowski, Gasper Sclafani, Rose Trombetta,
  Brad Souders, Peter Nicolo, Joseph Yaccarino, Irene            will: “I give, devise, or bequeath to Saint Helena Church,
            Koziol, Frances Lavin, Anna Silvaggio,               1489 DeKalb Pike, Blue Bell, PA 19422, for its general
       Vincent J. Petrone, Stanley Toscani, Rita Rego,           purposes all, (or state a fraction or percentage) of the
   Charles Halfpenny, Sr., Gerard Geisel, Carol Piskai,
            Stephen Imms, Betty Haly, Ed Sciarra,                rest, residue, and remainder of my estate, whether real or
         Ralph Martino, Thomas Keane, Mary Russo,                personal.” OR “I give to Saint Helena Church, 1489
  Marlin Souders, William Guerrini, William Schmitz, Jr.,
        Andy Ortlieb, Nicola Rocco, Richard Duszak,              DeKalb Pike, Blue Bell, PA 19422 ($X..00) to be used
              Salvatore Giuffrida, Harry Neff, Sr.,              for the general purposes of Saint Helena Parish.”
 Ronald Lattanze, Katherine Roth, Maria Begley, Peggy
Guerrini, Daniel Staffieri, Norma Leuallen, John Frawley,
 Rae Bordo, Veronica Graff, Thomas & Anne Yuengling,
         Francis Nolan, Thomas Swan, Dixie Katrina,                Prayer of the Week—
          Anna Marie Esposito, Karen DeGennaro,
       Catherine Murphy, Rita Curran, Ann Yaccarino,
  Tom Gaasche, Catherine Swanick, Agnes Dougherty,
                                                                 “Alma Redemptoris Mater”
          Vera Lentz, Marg Agresti, James Frawley,
 Suzanne Bottinger, Jack Fitzpatrick, Antoinette Cannon,
                                                                  This hymn/prayer was composed by
    Harvey Kreitzer, Nancy Cavan, Theresa Tomczak,                 Palestrina in the late 1500s and is
        John Barry, Nicholas Machion, Daniel Begley,
            Joseph Monastra, Catherine Frawley,                   sung as a prayer about the Blessed
         Rev. John T. Coates, Linda Taormina Kuhn,
 Dorena Colonnello, Marian Curran, Alexander Piermani,
                                                                   Virgin Mary and her virgin birth.
  III, Kathleen DePietro, Francis Zuest, Joseph O’Hara,
         Steve Bacino, Phyllis D’Amico, Emil Bilinski,           Sweet Mother of the Redeemer, the passage
   Carol Mignogna, Edward Stimmler, Marie Neff, Joan
   Schmitz, Yolanda Marinari, Deacon Donald Kretsch,             to the heavens,
        Charles Walters, James F. “Smitty” Smith, Sr,            the gate of the spirits of the dead,
            Edward Sciarra, Jr., Daniel Fitzgerald,
     Marie Litman, Elaine Thompson, Carmen Branco,               and the star of the sea, aid the falling.
   Matthew Mazza, Edward Lock, Phyllis Galanti, Mary             Mother of Him who cares for the people:
 Scarafone, Anne Burr, James Bozzelli, Margaret (Peg)
    Tannenbaum, Barbara Souders, Joseph Smee, Sr.,               you who brought forth
       James Bottinger, Anne Nolen, Martha Flannery,             the wonder of Nature, your Creator.
           Joan Cannon, Hilda Carr, Joseph Wallin,
        Kathleen & James Fenerty, Louis R. DiMaria,              Virgin before and after,
       Jim Dougherty, Elsie McDermott, Rita Sciarra &            who received of Gabriel
                       Maria C. Salvitti.
                                                                 with joyful greeting, have pity on us sinners.

+ JANUARY 16,, 2022
                  2+        + SECOND SUNDAY OF ORDINARY TIME +

+ JANUARY 16,, 2022
                  2+        + SECOND SUNDAY OF ORDINARY TIME +

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