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Admissions Guide
UBC Law is one of Canada’s
leading Law schools. We offer an
inspiring environment that combines
rigorous professional legal training
with a comprehensive awareness
of the role of law in society. We are
committed to being one of the world’s
great centres for legal education
and research.
Welcome from the Dean

It is a great honour and privilege to be the Dean of the Faculty of Law at the
University of British Columbia – one of Canada’s leading law schools.

For the past 69 years, UBC Law has educated leaders in both the community and the profession.
Our incoming students join a distinguished family of graduates that have excelled in all areas of
law and government and have made a significant impact on some of today’s most pressing issues
around the world.

Every year we attract some of the brightest minds across the country and around the globe.
Our students are academically outstanding and intellectually curious, and our faculty members
are passionate, innovative and internationally recognized.

What brings these individuals to UBC Law? The opportunity to learn and teach at one of the most
beautiful campuses in the world while joining a community that has produced outstanding
scholarship with local, national and global impact.

This is an exciting time to be considering a legal career. The national and world economies are
becoming increasingly interconnected by complex rules governing matters that range from
international trade to human rights, while new methods of commerce and advances in science
and biotechnology challenge traditional legal categories and policies. Our faculty, students and
graduates look forward to taking leadership roles in responding to these global challenges
while also helping shape the future of our society.


Mary Anne Bobinski
Dean and Professor of Law
1 Career Services Office
                                     Our Career Services Office is dedicated to providing support to students in their individual
                                     career-related goals. Their services include one-on-one counselling, professional development
                                     workshops, recruitment and networking events, a resource library and an online careers portal.
                                     Learn more by visiting: law.ubc.ca/career-services.


We are proud of our outstanding JD program.
Our students receive a first-rate legal education that balances traditional areas
of practice with emerging fields of specialization. First year consists of a common
curriculum with classes in Canadian Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law
and Procedure, Property Law, Torts, Legal Research and Writing, Public Law
and Transnational Law. Most classes are taught in groups of approximately 45,
providing students with more opportunities to receive detailed feedback from
their professors than is possible in larger classes. Diverse evaluation methods
are used to accommodate a broad range of learning styles.

We offer a wide range of courses and many opportunities for specialization,
international exchange and experiential learning.

pictured above
right: The Richards Buell Sutton Reading Room is located on the second floor of the UBC Law library.
Environmental and Natural Resources Law                         Feminist Legal Studies
Our internationally recognized program draws on the talents     Through a dynamic curriculum that engages in leading
of a highly distinguished and dedicated team of faculty.        socio-legal feminist research, a regular lecture series, a
We offer a broad array of core and specialty courses, and       monthly publication and a student-run club, this program
the opportunity to obtain a specialization in Environmental     provides opportunities for students, scholars and the wider
and Natural Resources Law.                                      feminist legal community to come together, build networks,
                                                                collaborate on research and exchange ideas.
Business Law
UBC Law is home to the Centre for Business Law, which           Law and Social Justice
provides a robust, interdisciplinary and empirical research     Students have the opportunity to take a variety of courses
environment for research and scholarship in business law and    relating to the use of law to achieve social justice, or pursue
finance policy, focused on both domestic and international      a Specialization in Law and Social Justice. Courses included
comparative law. Our faculty are leading scholars in many       in this field examine the role of law in constructing and
areas of business law. Students have the option of graduating   maintaining social, economic and political inequalities.
with a Business Law Concentration.
                                                                International Opportunities
Aboriginal Law                                                  Our Joint Legal Education programs allow students to start
UBC Law is a leader in Aboriginal legal education in North      their studies at UBC Law and complete them in another
America. The Indigenous Legal Studies Program offers a broad    jurisdiction. At the end of the program, students are able
range of courses covering Aboriginal law and Indigenous         to pursue professional qualifications in both jurisdictions.
legal issues, taught by distinguished faculty. Students can     UBC Law currently has arrangements with the University of
gain valuable experience through the Indigenous Community       Hong Kong and the University of Hawai’i. UBC Law students
Legal Clinic which serves urban Indigenous clients in           also have opportunities to spend a term abroad on exchange,
Vancouver’s downtown eastside, build oral advocacy skills       with more than 60 law schools worldwide to choose from.
through participation in the national Aboriginal moot, or
become involved with the vibrant UBC Indigenous Law             Dual JD / MBA
Students’ Association. UBC Law also offers a Specialization     The four-year JD/ MBA program allows students to graduate
in Aboriginal Law, a course of study open to all JD students    with a JD from the Faculty of Law and an MBA from the
that thoroughly prepares them for a demanding practice in       Sauder School of Business.
Aboriginal law.
Professor Emma Cunliffe                                             Professor Nikos Harris

“I find it very exciting to teach intelligent and articulate        “Our students will soon play a critical role in decisions which
 people, to introduce students to new ideas and to listen to         will have profound impacts on individuals and our entire
 their perspectives. I learn a lot from teaching and it’s a great    society. My challenge is to teach them two things to prepare
 privilege for me to be able to discuss difficult legal and moral    them for this onerous responsibility: an understanding of the
 questions with students while they are learning foundational        law of today, and the tools they can use to shape the more
 legal principles. I start from a position of respect for how        just laws of tomorrow. I am privileged to teach the diverse and
 much they already know and try to find ways in the classroom        creative group which arrives on our campus each fall.”
 to connect what they’re learning with what they are
 already good at.”
2 “I chose UBC Law because it offered everything I was looking for – top notch faculty and
                   staff, incredible co-curricular activities, and a supportive group of students. But my most positive
                   experience was that I fell in love with the law. My first reading in constitutional law class opened my
                   eyes to just how important the legal system is – a judicial decision can change the lives of millions.
                   It was so exciting! I had similar experiences in my other classes, and my professors encouraged my
                   love of the subject matter. They were clearly passionate about teaching, and just as excited about the
                   cases we read as I was. I couldn’t be happier that I chose UBC Law, and that I will spend my career
                   learning about such an exciting subject.”
                   Rachel Lehman / JD student


UBC Law is committed to recruiting outstanding teachers and scholars who
are leaders in their fields of research. With over 45 full-time professors, we are
home to a remarkably dynamic, accomplished and diverse group of faculty who
produce innovative and influential legal research. Many are globally recognized
for their groundbreaking work in numerous areas of law, from human rights and
sustainability to Aboriginal and family law.

They are also dedicated teachers, committed to equipping our students with
the skills that will enable them to become productive and socially responsible
lawyers and citizens.

In addition to our full-time faculty, each year we invite industry-experienced
practitioners to teach in their areas of expertise. These passionate and inspiring
adjunct professors offer students a valuable connection to the profession.
3 “The thing that has impressed me most about UBC Law is the collegiality of the students,
                                   faculty and staff. The collaborative and open nature of the Faculty has made it an exceptional
                                   place to study and grow as a student. It provides an inclusive and supportive community where
                                   students are supported by faculty, staff and fellow students to achieve their personal goals.
                                   Students not only receive a world class legal education but are also prepared to practice in the
                                   real world. Students should choose UBC Law because it is a world class institution with world class
                                   professors; the student body is diverse and accomplished; and the resources available to ensure
                                   academic and professional success are unparalleled.”
                                   Yvan Guy Larocque / JD student


Law school is much more than classes and seminars.
It offers incredible opportunities to get involved outside of the classroom
through student-run publications, student government, community advocacy
and outreach and numerous social and academic events and activities held
throughout the year. There is a strong sense of community here and UBC Law is
committed to creating a supportive and respectful environment for its students.

Our orientation program is designed to ensure that first-year students enjoy their
introduction to the study of law and to all that UBC has to offer. Additionally,
small class sizes allow students to get to know their fellow classmates better,
receive the support they need to succeed and ensure their law school experience
is an enjoyable one.

pictured above
right: Meet the 2014 – 15 Student Ambassadors.
Competitive Mooting                                                 events throughout the year and members sit on various
UBC Law has an exceptionally strong competitive mooting             Faculty committees to represent the student body on issues
program, with numerous teams participating in competitions          such as curriculum, admissions and examinations.
at the regional, national and international levels. These
competitions cover a broad range of legal topics. The local         Academic Publications
bench and bar actively contribute to the mooting experience         The UBC Law Review and The Canadian Journal of Family Law
by acting as advisors, coaches and judges for our teams. With       are journals produced by UBC Law to which students can
this strong support, our students have enjoyed great success        contribute. Contributing to these publications is both a
in competitive moot competitions.                                   rewarding experience and an opportunity to meet leading
                                                                    scholars and work with members of the judiciary and
In the Community                                                    legal community.
There are many opportunities for students to get involved
in the community and apply their learning from law school.          Student Clubs and Organizations
The Law Students’ Legal Advice Program is a student-run             There are many opportunities to get involved in student clubs
organization providing free legal advice to those who would         and organizations. Whether it is the Asia Pacific Law Club,
not otherwise be able to afford it. It is the largest provider of   Law Revue, Environmental Law Club or Women’s Caucus,
free legal services in BC and advises 5,000 clients each year at    students are sure to find a club or organization that matches
clinics located throughout the Lower Mainland. Other clinical       their interests.
experiences can be obtained through Pro Bono Students
Canada, the Indigenous Community Legal Clinic and the               Student Ambassadors
Innocence Project. The Judicial Externship Program provides         The Student Ambassador Program assists prospective and
students with the opportunity to serve as interns to the judges     admitted students in making an informed decision about
of the BC Provincial Court.                                         applying to or accepting an offer from UBC Law. The student
                                                                    ambassadors are second and third year students from diverse
Student Government                                                  backgrounds and experiences, and provide information and
The Law Students’ Society is the elected government for the         impressions about the law school experience, life at UBC Law
JD student body and represents students’ interests, both            or living in Vancouver. Find out more at:
socially and academically. The group hosts numerous social          law.ubc.ca/ambassadors .
Admissions Information

Degree Offerings and Part-Time Program              Frequently Asked Questions                             type of situation by taking into account factors
                                                                                                           such as disability or special needs, financial
Each year the UBC Faculty of Law admits             When is the application deadline?                      disadvantage, age, membership in a historically
approximately 180 to 190 students to first-year     The application deadline for first year is             disadvantaged group and any other factors
law, for a total population of approximately        December 1st. The deadline for those applying          that the applicant wishes the Admissions
550 students in the JD program.                     in the upper level categories is April 30th.           Committee to consider. Learn more about this
                                                                                                           and other admissions categories at:
JD Program                                          How much is the application fee?                       law.ubc.ca/jdadmissions.
In order to graduate, students must complete        The application fee is $85.00 and is non-refundable.
92 credits consisting of a variety of compulsory    It can be paid either by cheque or credit card         Can I transfer from another law school?
and elective courses, seminars, workshops           (credit card if you are applying online and cheque     Applicants who have started their JD at another
and directed research projects. The JD is a         if you are sending in a paper application).            Canadian law school may apply to transfer to
three-year degree program with a compulsory                                                                UBC Law after completing their first year. If the
first-year curriculum (32 credits) and broad        How much does it cost to attend law school?            first year curriculum differs from that offered
course selection available in second and third      Tuition for domestic students starting first year      at UBC Law, an applicant may be required to
years (60 credits over two years).                  in 2014 / 2015 is $357.75 per credit ($11,448.00       complete one or more first year class(es) in
                                                    for first year and $10,732.50 for each of second       conjunction with their upper level classes.
Indigenous Legal Studies Program                    and third year – note that the amount for              Applicants who are currently attending law
UBC Law has a strong Aboriginal law                 upper years can vary depending on how many             school elsewhere may apply to attend for one
curriculum that attracts a high number of           credits are taken in each year). For international     year or one term for credit back to their home
Aboriginal law students each year. Applicants       students, it is $776.93 per credit. Student fees are   law school within the Letter of Permission
with Aboriginal ancestry and demonstrable           approximately $880 per year. Tuition and fees are      category. If you have a law degree from a
Aboriginal community connections may apply          subject to change. For current tuition information,    foreign jurisdiction and have been reviewed
as discretionary applicants in the Indigenous       visit: law.ubc.ca/tuition.                             by the National Committee on Accreditation,
category. For more information, please contact                                                             you may apply to our NCA Category and will
the Associate Director of the Indigenous            What is the minimum CGPA I require to apply to         not be permitted to enroll in any first year law
Legal Studies Program at ilsp@law.ubc.ca or         UBC Law? What about the LSAT?                          courses. Foreign-trained lawyers also have the
604.822.2177.                                       There is no specific minimum LSAT score or CGPA        option of taking the Master of Laws Common
                                                    for students applying to UBC Law. Over the years,      Law Program (LLM CL), a full-time, year-long,
JD/ MBA Program                                     successful applicants within the Regular Category      course-based master’s program that provides
This four-year program is administered jointly      had an average CGPA of 83% – approximately             foundational training in Canadian common law
by the Sauder School of Business and the            3.8 – with an LSAT score of 165. The CGPA and          for foreign or non-common law trained lawyers.
Faculty of Law. The program prepares students       LSAT are given equal weight and the personal           Please see the graduate program admissions
for the practice of law and / or a career in        statement is also factored into the admissions         guide for more information on the LLM CL or
business administration. Interested applicants      decisions. CGPAs have ranged from 73% to 93%           visit law.ubc.ca/graduate.
are required to apply directly to both Faculties,   and LSAT scores can range from 156 to 179.
indicating their desire to be considered for                                                               What about awards, bursaries and financial aid?
the combined JD/ MBA Program.                       Do I have to have a four-year undergraduate            Each year we distribute more than $800,000
                                                    degree prior to applying to law school?                to incoming and current students in recognition
Joint Legal Education Programs                      To be considered for admission, applicants             of their achievements as well as to those who
UBC Law has Joint Legal Education programs with     must have successfully completed three years           demonstrate financial need. All accepted
the University of Hong Kong and the University of   (minimum 90 credits) of an approved course             applicants are automatically considered for
Hawai’i. Students may apply to these programs       of studies leading to an undergraduate degree          entrance scholarships based on academic
in their second year at UBC. Upon completion        at an approved university no later than the end        merit. If you require further information about
of these programs, students are able to pursue      of April in the year of entry. Please note, when       government student loans or grant programs,
professional qualifications in Canada and           applying with three years, a full year (30 credits)    or if you have general questions, please
Hong Kong, or Canada and the United States.         of upper-level courses must also be completed          contact an Enrolment Services Professional at
                                                    by the end of the spring semester.                     es.lawsupport@ubc.ca.
Part-Time JD program
There are opportunities to attend law school on     What are other categories that I can apply under?
a part-time basis for students who have family      There are other degree-granting admissions             For more information on admissions, please
responsibilities or other barriers preventing       categories, one of which is the Discretionary          visit: law.ubc.ca/admissions. International
them from full-time studies. Learn more at:         Category. Because of special circumstances, an         students, please visit: connectionsforlife.ubc.ca.
law.ubc.ca/admissions.                              applicant may not satisfy the regular admissions       For all other inquiries, please contact our
                                                    requirements but may have other relevant               Admissions Office at admissions@law.ubc.ca
                                                    achievements and experience. The Admissions            or 604.822.6303.
                                                    Committee has the discretion to respond to this
Consistently rated one of the best places in the world to live, Vancouver offers wonderful balance
between bustling city life and the great outdoors. Bordered by mountains and beaches, Vancouver is
a city of energy and new ideas.

Our stunning Vancouver campus is situated in a park-like setting of over 1,000 hectares across a forested
peninsula overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Coast Mountains. The university is easily accessible by
public transit. To learn more about housing options at and around UBC, visit: housing.ubc.ca .

                  LIVING IN VANCOUVER
Faculty of Law at Allard Hall
the university of british columbia
1822 East Mall · Vancouver BC · Canada · v6t 1z1

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