ADMISSION POLICY

1. Legal Framework
1.1 Taking in consideration
1.2 Admissions Committee
2. Different roles
2.1 Admissions Committee
2.2 District
2.3 HOD
2.4 District Admission Team
2.5 Provincial Admission Team
2.6 Provincial Appeals Team
2.7 Role of the School Principal
2.8 Role of the SGB
3. Criteria for Waiting Lists
3.1 Waiting list A
3.2 Waiting list B
4. Process of Admission
4.1 Re-Registration
4.2 Registration of new learners
4.3 Admission of learners
4.4 Placement of learners
4.5 Late Registration
4.6 Declaring school full
4.7 Admission of non citizens
4.8 Age of learners
4.9 Overaged learners
4.10 General Remarks
4.11 Language of learning
4.12 Possible reasons for refusal for admission
5. Process of objections and appeals
5.1 Objections
5.2 Appeals
6. Rights and Obligation of the Parents
7. Compulsory Attendance
8. Attachments / Annexures

Laerskool Roodebeeck Primary
                             Admissions Policy

1. Legal Framework

1.1 The admissions Policy is drawn up taking the following into

1. Constitution of the Republic of South Africa (Act No 108 of 1996), as amended.
2. National Policy Act (Act No 27 of 1996), as amended.
3. South African Schools Act, 1996 (Act No. 84 of 1996), as amended.
4. Employment of Educators Act, 1998 (Act No. 76 of 1998) as amended.
5. Promotion of Administrative Justice Act (PAJA) (Act 3 of 2000).
6. Refugees Act, 1998 (Act No. 130 of 1998).
7. Aliens Control Act, 1991 (Act No. 96 of 1991).
8. Gauteng School Education Act, 1995 (Act No. 6 of 1995).
9. Education Policy Act, 1998 (Act no 12 of 1998).
10. Admission of Learners to Public Schools (General Notice 4138 of 2001).
11. Education White Paper 6: Special Needs Education (Building an Inclusive
    Education and Training System, 2001).
12. Education White Paper 5 as promulgated in 2004.
13. Provincial Gazette Extraordinary No. 187 transforming ECD in Gauteng.
14. Regulation on admission 2012
15. GDE Notice - Online Applications 2018

1.2 Admission Committee

    Admin Clerk
    HOD Foundation Phase
    Parent (SGB)

The policy is compiled by the SGB of Roodebeeck. A copy will be
submitted to District office and will be revised annually by all stakeholders.

2. Different roles

2.1 Admission Committee
    Find out what grade learner/s are applying for
    See if there is space available
    Give application form to parents to complete
    Remind about the required documents
    If successful - give acceptance nr
    Capture learner on microscope
    Copy of application + birth certificate to educator
    Finance dept capture info
    Add to class

2.2 The role of the District
 To ratify and certify the schools admissions policy submitted by the SGB.
 Providing of support and monitoring of the process.
   D12 Jhb West -
   District no      -      011 831-5300

2.3 The Role of the Head of Department (HOD)
   Section 5(7) of the South African Schools Act, (SASA), Act No 84 of 1996 (as
   amended) stated that – “...application for the education Department in a manner
   determined the the Head of Department.”

   The Head of Department (HOD) has developed this circular and established the
   following structures to manage the admissions process:

2.4 District Admission Team: Consisting of the Chief Educational Specialist
responsible for Institutional Development and Support, Institutional Development and
Support Officials (IDSOs), and staff from the Educational Support Services Unit.

2.5 Provincial Admissions Team: Consisting of a representative from Head Office
(H/O): General Education and Training (GET), and District Admissions Co-ordinators.
2.6 Provincial Appeals Team: Consisting of representative from H/O: (GET) and
Legal Section: in consultation with relevant district admission coordinator.

        These structures will ensure that issues of access, equity, redress and
        compulsory attendance of learners at school are realized through monitoring
        compliance of the admissions process.

        It remains the prerogative of the Head of Department to withdraw the
        delegated powers to the principal, if there is serious non-compliance which
        compromise the constitutional principles which prohibit indirect and direct
        discrimination and transformational imperatives (e.g. access; equity and


          The HOD hereby delegates the responsibility for the administration of the
          admission of learners to the principals of schools. The Principal is hereby
          entrusted to ensure that procedurally, and in line with this circular and
          related legislation, the administration of admissions is carried out and time
          frames are adhered to.

          The Principal remains accountable for the administration                    of
          admissions and should not delegate this authority further.

          The Principal should ensure that:
             Admission process commences on 2 May 2017.

   Stakeholders’ meetings are organised to discuss the admission
       process and this circular in June of the applicable year. Proof of such
       a meeting must be produced when required.
      NO parent / guardian is required or expected to pay an
       “Admission/Registration Fee”, because this is unlawful in terms of the
       South African Schools’ Act.
      NO learner is denied admission due to non-payment of school fees by
       his / her parent.
      NO learner is denied admission due to the previous misconduct.
      ALL parents who applied for the registration of their children receive
       written responses from principals timeously. The written response
       may only be issued after the District has notified and signed off the
       applicable waiting lists.

       The following Admissions Documents are prepared:
       (i)       Management Plan;
       (ii)      Advocacy Programme;
       (iii)     Admissions Policy;
       (iv)      Application Forms and response letters.

Administration of admissions includes: (Gr. R, 2 - 7)
   The issuing of application forms to parents;
   Assisting parents in completing the form when such assistance is
   Receiving completed admissions application forms from parents;
   Ensuring that all required forms are attached and correctly
   Ensuring that ALL parents who applied for registration of their
     children receive a waiting list number in writing immediately;
   Ensuring that ALL successful and unsuccessful parents / applicants
     receive a written response by the end of October;
   All current learners are re-registered by end April 2017.
   Information sharing with existing Grade 7’s parents/learners.
   Forwarding all the applications together with the supporting
     documents to the District Admissions Team;
   Keeping a register of admissions;
   Maintaining the required waiting lists – A + B.
   Liasing with the District Admissions Team; and
   Forwarding admission data to the District Director on a weekly basis.
   The admission age of a learner to a public school to Grade 1 is age
     five (5) turning six (6) by 30 June in the year of admission.
   Where there is an approved GDE Grade R site at a public primary
     school, the principal must admit learners into Grade R as per
     administration measures as indicated in this circular and in line with
     the age requirements as indicated in the Education Law Amendment
     Act of 2002.

      If the Principal refuses to admit a learner to a school, he or she must
       provide reasons in writing for his or her decision to the HOD and the
       parent. The HOD must then either confirm or set aside the decision
made by the principal. The Principal must keep a record of such
                 All Gr. 1 - learners for 2018 must register online at
                 Parents must then come to school to verify / submit documents. The
                  same criteria as stipulated in 3 is applicable for waiting list A / B.

NOTE: It is not the function or role of the Principal to determine whether
      a learner is to be admitted to a school or not, other than if the
      school has been declared full. A school can only be declared full by
      the District Director.
      Language preferences of learners should be managed through the
      provisions of the Language in Education Policy.

All Principals are required to follow the policy without fail. Failure to do so
will leave the Department with no option but to charge such a Principal
with misconduct in terms of Employment of Educators’ Act.

2.8 The Role of the Schools Governing Body

    The School Governing Body of the school should:

       Determine the admissions policy of a school in terms of section 5(5) of the
        South African Schools Act, the Admission of Learners to Public Schools (General
        Notice 4138 of 2001) and in accordance with the guidelines stipulated in
        section 5 (1) of the Education Policy Act, 1998 (Act 12 of 1998).
       Develop a language policy for the school only after learners have been
        admitted. It must be emphasized that the language policy of the school needs
        to be reviewed in line with parental choice for their children who are learners
        after prescribed due processes have been complied with.
       Encourage parents to apply for admission of their children before the end of
        the preceding school year and specifically between May and June.
       Inform all parents of learners admitted to a school of their rights and
        obligations in terms of the South African Schools Act, 1996 and any applicable
        provincial law.
       Make a copy of the signed admission and language policies of the school
        available for ratification by the District Director.


3.1 Waiting list ‘A’ preference must be given to:

   Learners whose parents’ home address or work address is the closest address to
    the school. The place of residence/work for the parent must be within 5km radius
    of the school.
   Learners from primary schools in the Geographical area.
   Learners with siblings who are already attending at the school.
   Admissions Policy of school.

3.2 Waiting list ‘B’ should be:

      Learners who do not qualify in terms of 3.1 above.

   A parent of a learner who does not qualify according to 3.1 is not precluded
   from seeking admission to our school, but will be placed on waiting list “B” and
   immediately provided with a written response (Annexure A Form 2B) and also
   requested to apply to a school closest to the place of residence / work address.
  (Annexure 5B)


4.1 Re-registration

4.1.1 The School must ensure that all current learners are re-registered by
      28 April 2017 (Annexure A Form 1)

       All learners must re-register annually

4.2 Registration of new learners to the school:

4.2.1 The application period commences on 2 May 2017 and closes on
      12 June 2017.

4.2.2 Gr. 7 learners need to be informed via letter/meeting to also register at a
      High School within the same period.

4.2.3 The admission period shall be the period from 2 May 2017 to 12 June 2017.

4.2.4 Upon application, parents need to submit an application forms + all relevant
    Original or certified copy of birth certificate
    Immunisation records
    Transfer card
    Most recent school report
    Prove of residential address or work address. If any of the above isn’t
      available, learners will be admitted without that, but the outstanding
      documents should be handed in within 3 months.
    Offer to purchase and affidavits are not regarded as bona fide proof of
    Learners will be placed at alternative schools in cases where the applications to
      preferred schools are unsuccessful.
    The placement of learners shall be guided by the criteria of first-come-first-
      served, for waiting List A or B, hence the importance to request a waiting list
      number in the event that the school fails to provide such number, in writing.
    The provision of falsified information will lead to legal action being taken
      against the applicant and possible deregistration and consequent placement at
      relevant schools.
      (Annexure A form 3); learners must be recorded on waiting lists 'A' or 'B'
(Annexure A form 4 (i) and be immediately provided with a communiqué
      informing the parent of waiting list number (Annexure A Form 2 A/B).

4.3 Admission of Learners

4.3.1 Laerskool Roodebeeck is a dual medium school. As by discussion of the
      Governing Body, the LOLT of the school is Afrikaans as/well as English.
      Afrikaans and English classes will be enrolled annually from Gr 1-7.

4.3.2 The School must admit learners registered on waiting list ‘A’ or ‘B’ chrono-

4.3.3 The District Director must, after having satisfied him/her of the correctness of
      the school’s waiting list ‘A’ under their jurisdiction
      (24 July 2017), sign off such waiting list prior to a
      parent being notified of the outcome of their application.

4.3.4 Learners on waiting lists ‘A’ and ‘B’ that are not placed by the school must be
      managed centrally by the District Office, in consultation with the school
      principals, in affected Geographical areas.

4.3.5 After the District Director has signed the school’s waiting list ‘A’ the Principal
      must communicate with the successful / unsuccessful parents.
      (Annexure A form 5 A/B) from 24 June - 28 July 2017.
      The successful parents must submit the return slip
      (at the bottom of Annexure A form 5A within 7 days) indicating their
      acceptance/decline of the place allocated to the learner. Any vacancies
      arising from this process will be filled by the District Office as outlined in
      Section 4.4.1 below. This process must be concluded by 28 July 2017.

4.4 Placement of learners on waiting lists ‘A’ and ‘B’ who were not placed
    according 4.3.

4.4.1. All learners remaining on waiting lists ‘A’ and ‘B’ after the completion of the
       process outlined in 4.3.2. to 4.3.4. MUST be placed by the District Director
       by no later than 10 August 2017, through a consultative process of
       cluster meetings of Principals in the affected Geographic areas.

4.5 Late registration of learners

4.5.1. The school principal remains responsible for receiving late registration

4.5.2. Applications received after 12 June 2017 must be acknowledged
      (Annexure A Form 6) and recorded in the late registration waiting list
      ‘A’ or ‘B’ form (Annexure A form 4 (ii) provided.

4.5.3. The school principal must submit the late registration waiting list form to the
        school’s District Office, for attention District Director, on a weekly basis.
                                             7 Late registration, for whatever reason, is managed in accordance with
        legislation, by the District Director in consultation with the school principals,
        in affected Geographical areas, after receipt of the late registration waiting
        lists from the schools.

4.5.5 Notwithstanding the above, the Head of the Department has the discretion to
      admit learners to a school when a need arises.

4.6. Declaring schools full

4.6.1. No school will be declared full before the admission process is finalised.

4.6.2 The District Director’s decision, in declaring a school full, will be informed by
       the school’s capacity, admission data and the 2016 tenth day statistics.

4.6.3 The District Director shall consider declaring a school full upon receipt of a
      written application, together with supporting evidence, from the Principal.

4.6.4 The learner enrolment capacity of a school is determined by the Head of

4.6.5 A school that is declared full by the District Director will be informed in

4.7 Admission of Non-Citizens
Non Citizens can apply for admission if:

      The parents are in possession of a permit for temporary/permanent residence
       issued by the Department of Home Affairs.
      A learner can show a study permit in admission to all the other required
      "Illegal" foreigners must supply prove that they have applied to the
       Department of Home Affairs to legalise their stay. The above documents must
       be submitted within 2 weeks.
      Only the District Director may extend the six weeks period for submitting the
       required application documents on good cause shown by the parent.

4.8. Age of learners
      The ideal age of learners in each grade:
       Grade R     -      5-6 years            Grade 4          -      10   years
       Grade 1     -      7 years              Grade 5          -      11   years
       Grade 2     -      8 years              Grade 6          -      12   years
       Grade 3     -      9 years              Grade 7          -      13   years

        Change in the schooling Act has made provision for younger learners to
        attend grade R and 1. Grade 1 learners can be 5 turning 6 before the end of
        June. School readiness is taken into account.
4.9. Overaged learners
       If learners differ 3 years or more from the ideal age per grade, they will be
         put in the “fast track programmes’ enforce with the District.
       Learners old than 16 whom have never attended school will be advised to
         attend ABET.

4.10. Overaged learners
       If learners differ 3 years or more from the ideal age per grade, they will be
         put in the “fast track programmes’ enforce with the District.
       Learners old than 16 whom have never attended school will be advised to
         attend ABET.

4.11 Language of Learning / Teaching (LOLT)

            The Language of Learning and Teaching (LOLT) will remain the same from
            Grade 1-7. They can’t move from Afrikaans to English after eg. GR 1 –
            Because the basics of every Language differs. Learners experience severe
            problems if they change from Afrikaans to English & Visa Versa.

    The school/grade is officially declared full by the District Director.
    A learner is no longer of compulsory school going age in terms of SASA and
     may be referred to an ABET Centre.
    A learner is too young.
    A learner lives outside the feeder zone provided that there is no space
    The LOLT of a learner was not ENGLISH/AFRIKAANS.


5.1 Objections

       Representation to the District Director
       A parent of a learner, who wishes to lodge an objection against the decision of
       the school principal, has to complete (Annexure B1). This form must be
       accompanied by the following documents within seven (7) days after receipt of
       the notification that the applicant was unsuccessful:

        Copy of the communiqué informing the applicant that their
         application has been unsuccessful; and
        Copy of the waiting list number provided on registration;

5.2 Appeals

5.2.1. A parent of a learner who wishes to appeal against the decision of the
       District Director has to complete the MEC’s appeal form (Annexure B4.)

5.2.2 The appeal form must be accompanied by the following documents:
    District Director’s decision (response from the district);
       Copy of the communiqué informing the applicant that their application has
        been unsuccessful; and
       Copy of the waiting list number provided on registration.

5.2.3 The MEC will refer any queries back to the District Director/Head Office
      Admissions team, should Annexure B1 and B2 not be completed and/or
      accompanying letter from the school not be attached. Once all completed
      documentation is received by the MEC, a decision will be made within
      fourteen (14) days of receipt of the appeal.

5.2.4 It is important to note that an appeal is not a guarantee of placement at a
       preferred school.

    General Remarks
          Learners may not be turned away because of discrimination due to the
            following: race, colour, gender, disability, religion, culture, language,
            HIV/Aids, sexual orientation or any illness.
          Parents need not approve the mission / vision or act of conduct of the
            school, agree to the Code of Conduct or contract not holding the school
            accountable for their child.
          Learners may not be turned away if the parents can’t afford the school
            fees, pay a registration fee.

 Attachments / Annexures

   1. Annexure A Form 1
   2. Annexure A Form 2A              -   Acknowledgement to Application
                                          Waiting list A
   3. Annexure A Form 2B              -   Acknowledgement to Application
                                          Waiting list B
   4.   Annexure   A   Form   4(1)    -   Waiting list A
   5.   Annexure   A   Form   4(1)    -   Waiting list B
   6.   Annexure   A   Form   4(ii)   -   Late Registration Waiting list A
   7.   Annexure   A   Form   4(ii)   -   Late Registration Waiting list B
   8.   Annexure   A   Form   5A      -   Response from school to parents
                                          (Successful applications)
   9. Annexure A Form 5B              -   Response from school to parents
                                          (Unsuccessful applications)
   10. Annexure A Form 6              -   Acknowledgement of late registration
   11. Annexure B1                    -   Objection against refusal of admission
   12. Annexure E                     -   Checklist for parents –
                                          Payment of School fees.

___________________________           ___________________
Chairman School Governing Body        Principal

Date:______________                   Date:_______________

__________________                    ___________________
District: IDSO                        District Director

Date:______________                   Date:_______________

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