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Melton South Primary School
Melton South Primary School
                                        PO Box 2043
                                        Melton South, 3338
                                        Tel: (03) 9743 2922
                                        Fax: (03) 9743 0986
THURSDAY 14TH FEBRUARY 2019             Website:
                           Melton South Primary School Mission:
              Melton South Primary School is a progressive community who lead the way.
             Together we create motivated, respectful learners who achieve excellence.

  This newsletter is available from our school website or
                       the Melton South Primary School Skoolbag App.

Friday 15th February            Book Club Orders Due
Wednesday 20th February         2019 PREPS DO NOT ATTEND SCHOOL TODAY
                                Parent/Teacher/Student Getting to Know You Interviews
Friday 22nd February            Grade 5/6 Summer Sports—Round 1
Monday 25th February            2019 Preps commence full time school this week
Tuesday 26th February           MPSSA Swimming Carnival
Thursday 28th February          2nd Hand Uniform Stall—2.30pm gymnasium foyer
Friday 1st March                Grade 5/6 Summer Sports—Round 2
Friday 8th March                Grade 5/6 Summer Sports—Round 3
Monday 11th March               Labour Day Public Holiday—No School
Tuesday 12th March              Grade 5 Mind and Body Incursion
Thursday 21st March             Twilight Bat Tennis Competition
Friday 22nd March               Grade 5/6 Summer Sports—Lightning Cup
Friday 29th March               Ride 2 School Day
                                House Cross Country
                                Regional Swimming
Tuesday 2nd April               Back up day for House Cross Country
Friday 5th April                Last day of School for Term 1 - Early Dismissal 2.15pm
Tuesday 23rd April              Term 2 commences today
Thursday 25th April             ANZAC Day—Public Holiday—No School
Monday 29th April               Alpha Show—$10.00 per student

           BOOK CLUB: Book club orders have been sent home with students. Please return all
           orders with payment by this Friday 15th February. For your information, parents can
           order and pay for their book club orders online. Refer to your book club order form for
           more details.
Melton South Primary School
                                EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO BE SAFE
                              EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO BE RESPECTED
                                 EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO LEARN

      Our school song which the students sing at assembly each week incorporates our key values:
                                   We are the kids from Melton South.
                                    We are the best without a doubt.
                                      We love to learn, run and play,
                                    School is great in a special way.
                                  There’s tolerance, care and honesty,
                                   Fairness, respect and responsibility.
                               Co-operation and when the day is done
                                Fulfilment through learning is really fun.

SCHOOL COUNCIL ELECTIONS: School Council elections are now open. Nomination forms are available at
the office. The completed form must be returned to the office before the end of the school day on
Monday 18th February. There are 4 parent vacancies, if the number of nominations exceed the number of
vacancies we will have an election. I would like to thank the members of the 2018 School Council for their
ongoing commitment to MSPS.
ALPHA SHOW: On Monday the 29th of April students will have the opportunity to attend a production of
the SNOW QUEEN at school. The cost of this incursion was not part of the 2019 subject contributions. Notes
will be sent home later this term and the cost will be $10.00 per student. The show includes full lighting,
props and costumes. The company has performed a number of shows at our school and students and
staff are always engaged and enthralled with the performance.

         SCHOOL HATS: It is compulsory for all students to wear a school hat in term 1. We are an
         accredited Sun Smart school so if students are not wearing a hat they need to stay in undercover
         areas during recess and lunchtime.

         SCHOOL CROSSINGS: Students and parents are reminded to always
use the school crossings around our school. Please do not cross at the speed
humps and only use the designated supervised crossings.

SCHOOL WIDE POSITIVE BEHAVIOUR: We are currently in our third year of being part of the School Wide
Positive Behaviour training. All classrooms have a learning matrix in their room outlining expected
behaviours in learning time, the yard, canteen and toilets. Students receive tokens acknowledging these
expected behaviours both in the classroom and in the yard, which they trade in for a prize after reaching
a designated number.
EVACUATION DRILLS: We have regular fire drills, both internal and external, so in the case of an
emergency students are prepared and follow the procedures. Reviews are held after each drill by
members of the Occupational Health and Safety team to discuss any issues such as what went well and
what may need improvement.
banned on school grounds and within 4 metres of any school entrance. We seek your co-operation in this
EARLY ARRIVALS: I have noticed that many students arrive at school before 8am. There is no supervision for
the children at this time. Supervision in the yard begins at 8:35am. Even though many teachers are at
school before 8am they are in the classroom preparing for the day. Many of our students attend the
before and after school program at St. Anthony’s across the road. The students are collected at school
after school and in the morning bought to the office to be signed in by our office staff.

Mrs Marilyn Costigan, Principal
Melton South Primary School
If you have not already done so, please pay the school level charges as soon as possible. Bulk order
supplies are arranged by the school in order to reduce costs to families. So that your child starts the year
with all items, please ensure you pay the school level parent payment charges of $180 (prep students)
and $170 (grade 1 to 6 students) to the office as soon as possible. These charges also cover school
diaries, lanyard, access to computer programs for literacy and numeracy, bulk class room supplies and
Art supplies. If you are experiencing financial hardship, please make an appointment with the Principal
to discuss a payment plan.

                                         GETTING TO KNOW YOU INTERVIEWS
Bookings must be finalised by 10.00pm on Tuesday 19th February when
bookings for this event will close.
For parents that do not have internet access please see your child’s
classroom teacher. Interviews are strictly 10 minutes and spaces are
limited. If you require more time, please contact your teacher directly to
make alternative arrangements.
To make a booking go to   
Enter our school code               esbr3

AFTER SCHOOL SPORTS: will start on Monday 25th February and Thursday 28th February and will run for the
next 6 weeks every Monday and Thursday after school. Sports for this term will be Cricket and Minor
Sports (variety of mini games). This is a free program funded by Sporting Schools and students MUST
attend both Monday and Thursday sessions from 3.30pm to 4.30pm. There are limited number of places
available for this program so the first 30 students to register will be accepted. If your child is interested in
participating please collect a form from the school office.

                           SCHOOL UNIFORM                                        SECOND       HAND
From the 1 March, the uniform shop will run on Monday’s                          UNIFORM SHOP:
2:30-3:45 (during assembly) and Thursday’s 2:30-3:45.                            will be open on
Parents are able to purchase uniform from the shop which will                    Thursday       28th
be located in the corridor near room 10. Cash and EFTPOS                         February      from
facilities will be available.                                                    2.30pm to 3.15pm in the
If you are unable to attend during these times, orders can be                    gymnasium foyer. Any donations
placed and we can fill these and send the items home with                        of unwanted uniform items that
students.                                                                        your children have outgrown
More details of how to order will be advised shortly.                            would be greatly appreciated.

CSEF (Camp, Sport, Excursion Fund) is provided by the Victorian Government to assist eligible families to
cover the costs of school trips, camps and sporting activities. If you have a valid concession card or are a
temporary foster parent, you may be eligible for CSEF. This allowance is paid to the school to use
towards expenses relating to camps, excursion or sporting activities for the benefit of your child. The
annual CSEF amount per student is $125 for primary school students. If you have not already done so,
please drop by the school office and collect an CSEF application form, complete the form and return to
the office.
Melton South Primary School
                                     SOUTH PRIMARY SCHOOL

                                   Our chickens
                                   have had the
                                   yearly health
                                  Hopefully next
                                  week the baby
                                 chickens will be
                                 out and be able
                                 to play with the
                                 all their friends.

Attending school every day is vital for students of all ages to
fully achieve.
As a parent/guardian:
     Commit to sending children to school every day.
     Make sure children arrive at school on time.
     Inform the school when they are away, sending medical
      certificates and other evidence of genuine absence.
     Consider catching-up on missed work.
Melton South Primary School
Congratulations to the following students who have received awards this week. These awards are made to students in recognition
    of achievement and will be presented at school assembly on Monday 18th February at 2.30pm in the school gymnasium.

GRADE STUDENT                          REASON FOR AWARD
 PA     Chayse Hook                    For showing the school values and being a good friend.
 PB     Anabelle Mizzi                 Being a role model showing whole body listening.
 PC     Jayden Kuchel                  For his dedication to learning and being a great role model.
 PD     Mikayla Moscatiello            For pointing under each word as she reads - great work!
 PF     Zakiah McDonald                For great work on hearing the first sound in words.
 PG     Shahd Abdelmohsen              For always giving her best effort at school, great job!
 1A     Jai Casley                     For doing an amazing job with his writing, awesome effort!
 1B     Jerusha Daniel                 For always trying her hardest and completing 5 star work!
 1C     Eva Heimrich                   For her fantastic writing this week!
 1D     Manha Rayan                    For a fantastic job with all her counting and for a great start at MSPS!
 1E     Noah Brien                     For doing an amazing job during writing, Keep it up!
 1F     Dakota Shallcross              A super effort in writing. You worked hard! Well done!
 1G     Amora-Lee Aiolupotea           For showing whole body listening throughout the whole week.
 2A     Isharveer Singh                For displaying a positive attitude to learning and being a respectful class member.
 2C     Shaoshyan Shingcum-Lam         For her effort when summarising a story.
 2D     David Kazadi                   For a great effort summarising a story.

 2E     Allayna Batta                  For always having very neat writing and listening carefully to instructions.

 2F     Jude Saunders                  For assisting others in the grade to feel included.
 3A     Paul Betteley                  For showing resilience when completing a place value activity.

 3B     Holly Curtiss                  For co-operating with other students and helping around the classroom.

 3C     Vitorina Seu                   For being a caring class member and working hard in writing.

 3D     Eliza Hinchcliffe              For being caring and displaying a helpful attitude towards her peers.
 3E     Aiden Bastiaan                 For being caring and displaying a helpful attitude towards her peers.
 4A     Cohen Southcott                For an excellent effort when writing his reflection piece during our Bounce Back task.

 4B     Lili Casey                     For her effort in creating a heart map to generate writing ideas in her writer’s notebook.

 4C     Sucrae Johnston                For being attentive and ready to learn. An excellent role model for our class.
 4D     TJ Leahy                       For always trying your best when completing tasks.

 5A     Acsa Williams                  For her insightful responses during our sisters and brothers lesson.

 5B     Akoul Bol                      For an excellent writing piece and showing the school values consistently.

 5C     Braeden Mayhew                 His excellent effort on his writing piece on “The Killer”!!
 5D     Emilie Pamintuan               Applying great effort toward her listening, learning and team activities.

 5E     Karina Markovski               Showing the classroom values of respect and consideration.
 6A     Kawana Kidwell                 Writing an informative reflection based on an inspirational speaker.
 6B     Fritz Filemoni Molesi          Consistently applying his best effort in his learning time.

 6C     Andre Mizzi                    His determined attitude to improving learning.

 6D     Indie Kapitan                  For her positive attitude to all aspects of her school work.

LOTE    Joshua Valasinavicius (4C)     For doing his best in french and being always ready to help others.
Melton South Primary School
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