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LEARN MORE LIVE MORE BE MORE - Institute of Technology Sligo

                         WELCOME TO
                            IT SLIGO
LEARN MORE LIVE MORE BE MORE - Institute of Technology Sligo
FACULTY OF                                                                                                                FACULTY OF                                                                                                          FACULTY OF
BUSINESS AND SOCIAL SCIENCES                                                                                              ENGINEERING AND DESIGN                                                                                              SCIENCE
                                          CAO		 Duration            CAO		                         Entry   Common                                                        CAO		 Duration      CAO		                     Entry   Common                                                 CAO		 Duration      CAO		                    Entry   Common
Course                                    Code Level Years         Points Webpage                 Req.     Entry   Page   Course                                        Code Level Years   Points Webpage             Req.     Entry   Page   Course                                 Code Level Years   Points Webpage            Req.     Entry   Page

BUSINESS                                                                                                                  GENERAL ENGINEERING                                                                                                 GENERAL SCIENCE
Business                                  SG141      8        4    252       itsligo.ie/SG141      2 Yes            58    Engineering                                   SG341   8   4      NEW     itsligo.ie/SG341    4       Yes      86    Science                                SG444   8   4      308    itsligo.ie/SG444    2       Yes     134
Business                                  SG536      7        3    183       itsligo.ie/SG536      2 Yes            60    Engineering                                   SG330   7   3      233     itsligo.ie/SG330    3       Yes      87    Science                                SG401   6   2      175    itsligo.ie/SG401    2       Yes     135
Business                                  SG101      6        2    126       itsligo.ie/SG101      2 Yes            60    Engineering                                   SG300   6   2      190     itsligo.ie/SG300    3       Yes      87
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              LIFE SCIENCES
Business (Online)                         SG103      6        2    NEW       itsligo.ie/SG103      2		              61
                                                                                                                          MECHATRONIC ENGINEERING                                                                                             Medical Biotechnology                  SG449   8   4      329    itsligo.ie/SG449    2		             136
Business Administration                   SG535      7        3    186       itsligo.ie/SG535      1		              62
Business and ICT                          SG145      8        3    NEW       itsligo.ie/SG145      2		              63    Robotics and Automation                       SG350   8   4      NEW     itsligo.ie/SG350    4       Yes      89    Biomedical Science                     SG436   7   3      268    itsligo.ie/SG436    2		             138
Accounting                                SG146      8        3    307       itsligo.ie/SG146      2		              65    Mechatronic Engineering                       SG334   7   3      288     itsligo.ie/SG334    3       Yes      90    Pharmaceutical Science with            SG445   8   4      339    itsligo.ie/SG445    2		             141
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Drug Development
MARKETING, TOURISM & SPORT                                                                                                MECHANICAL AND MANUFACTURING ENGINEERING                                                                            Pharmaceutical Science with            SG431   7   3      262    itsligo.ie/SG431    2		             141
                                                                                                                          Mechanical Engineering                        SG344   8   4      NEW     itsligo.ie/SG344    4       Yes      92    Drug Development
Marketing and Sales                       SG537      7        3     206      itsligo.ie/SG537      2		              66
                                                                                                                          Mechanical Engineering                        SG333   7   3      216     itsligo.ie/SG333    3       Yes      94    Forensic Investigation and Analysis    SG448   8   4      306    itsligo.ie/SG448    2		             142
International Marketing with French       SG142      8        4     270      itsligo.ie/SG142      2		              68
                                                                                                                          Precision Engineering and Design              SG336   7   3      263     itsligo.ie/SG336    3       Yes      95    Forensic Investigation and Analysis    SG437   7   3      237    itsligo.ie/SG437    2		             142
International Marketing with Spanish      SG144      8        4     280      itsligo.ie/SG144      2		              68
Tourism with Event Management             SG148      8        4     246      itsligo.ie/SG148     2, 5		            70    CIVIL ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION                                                                                  ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES
Tourism with Event Management             SG135      7        3     187      itsligo.ie/SG135     2, 5		            70                                                                                                                        Environmental Science with Ecology     SG450   8   4      NEW    itsligo.ie/SG450    2		             144
                                                                                                                          Civil Engineering                             SG342   8   4      403     itsligo.ie/SG342    4 Yes            96
Sport with Business                       SG147      8        3     269      itsligo.ie/SG147     2, 5		            71                                                                                                                        Environmental Science with Ecology     SG439   7   3      NEW    itsligo.ie/SG439    2		             144
                                                                                                                          Civil Engineering                             SG338   7   3      226     itsligo.ie/SG338    3 Yes            96
Applied Sport with Business               SG134      7        3     AQA      itsligo.ie/SG134     2, 5		            72                                                                                                                        Environmental Science with Ecology     SG404   6   2      NEW    itsligo.ie/SG404    2		             144
                                                                                                                          Construction Economics                        SG302   6   2      190     itsligo.ie/SG302    3		              97
SOCIAL SCIENCES                                                                                                           Quantity Surveying                            SG343   8   4      261     itsligo.ie/SG343    3		              98    Applied Archaeology                    SG446   8   4      289    itsligo.ie/SG446    2		             146
                                                                                                                          Quantity Surveying                            SG339   7   3      188     itsligo.ie/SG339    3		              98    Applied Archaeology                    SG438   7   3      279    itsligo.ie/SG438    2		             146
Social Care Practice                      SG243      8        4    297       itsligo.ie/SG243     1, 5		            75
                                                                                                                          Construction Project Management               SG346   8   4      286     itsligo.ie/SG346    2		              99    Applied Archaeology                    SG403   6   2      297    itsligo.ie/SG403    2		             146
Early Childhood Care and Education        SG242      8        4    278       itsligo.ie/SG242     1, 5		            76
                                                                                                                          and Applied Technology                                                                                              Occupational Safety and Health         SG442   8   4      289    itsligo.ie/SG442    2		             147
Sociology and Politics                    SG248      8        3    282       itsligo.ie/SG248     1, 5		            77
                                                                                                                          Advanced Wood and Sustainable                 SG332   7   3      180     itsligo.ie/SG332    2		             100    Occupational Safety and Health         SG433   7   3      224    itsligo.ie/SG433    2		             147
English and Psychology                    SG247      8        3    306       itsligo.ie/SG247     1, 5		            78    Building Technology
Law and Business                          NEW        8        3    NEW       itsligo.ie/courses    2		              79    Applied Construction Technology               SG308   6   2      337     itsligo.ie/SG308    2		             102    HEALTH AND NUTRITIONAL SCIENCES
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Health and Medical Information         SG530   7   3      NEW    itsligo.ie/SG530    2		             148
                                                                                                                          COMPUTING AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING                                                                                Science (Online)
                                                                                                                          Electronics and Self-Driving Technologies     SG349   8   4      NEW     itsligo.ie/SG349    4       Yes     104    Health Science and Physical Activity   SG447   8   4      316    itsligo.ie/SG447   2,5		            150
                                                                                                                          Electronic and Computer Engineering           SG337   7   3      255     itsligo.ie/SG337    2       Yes     105    Health Science and Physiology          SG435   7   3      288    itsligo.ie/SG435   2,5		            151
LEAVING CERTIFICATE ENTRY REQUIREMENTS                                                                                    Computing                                     SG246   8   4      295     itsligo.ie/SG246    2       Yes     107    Health and Exercise Science            SG406   6   2      367    itsligo.ie/SG406    2		             152
Level 8: Min Subjects 2H5 & 4O6/H7 (O6/H7 English or Irish)                                                               Computing                                     SG138   7   3      271     itsligo.ie/SG138    2       Yes     107    Human Nutrition                        SG443   8   4      357    itsligo.ie/SG443    2		             155
Level 6&7: Min Subjects 506/H7 (O6/H7 English or Irish)                                                                   Computing                                     SG102   6   2      190     itsligo.ie/SG102    2       Yes     107    Human Nutrition                        SG434   7   3      288    itsligo.ie/SG434   2,5		            155
                                                                                                                          Computer Networks and Cloud Infrastructure    SG253   8   4      273     itsligo.ie/SG253    2       Yes     108
                                                                                                                          Computer Networks and Cloud Infrastructure    SG137   7   3      244     itsligo.ie/SG137    2       Yes     108
                                                                                                                          Software Development                          SG252   8   4      300     itsligo.ie/SG252    2       Yes     111
ENTRY REQUIREMENTS                                                                                                        Software Development                          SG136   7   3      207     itsligo.ie/SG136    2       Yes     111
1. Maths Not Required                                                                                                     Games Development                             SG131   7   3      168     itsligo.ie/SG131    2       Yes     112
2. Maths F2/O6/H7 Required                                                                                                Computing (Smart Technologies)                SG251   8   4      289     itsligo.ie/SG251    2       Yes     114
                                                                                                                          Application Design and User Experience (UX)   SG250   8   4      290     itsligo.ie/SG250    2       Yes     115
3. Maths O6/H7 Required
4. Maths H5 Required                                                                                                      YEATS ACADEMY OF ART, DESIGN AND ARCHITECTURE
5. Garda Vetting Required                                                                                                 Creative Design                               SG245   8   4       254    itsligo.ie/SG245    1		             117
                                                                                                                          Creative Design                               SG232   7   3       207    itsligo.ie/SG232    1		             117
6. Interview
                                                                                                                          Architecture                                  SG347   8   5       345    itsligo.ie/SG347    3		             118
                                                                                                                          Interior Architecture and Design              SG348   8   3      400**   itsligo.ie/SG348    3		             120
                                                                                                                          Interior Architecture and Design              SG331   7   3       213    itsligo.ie/SG331    2		             121
CAO Points = 2019 Round 1 Points listed. Students were admitted at lower                                                  Fine Art (Restricted Entry)                   SG244   8   4      355**   itsligo.ie/SG244   1,6		            122
points than those published if places were available in subsequent rounds.
                                                                                                                          Fine Art (Restricted Entry)                   SG231   7   3      248**   itsligo.ie/SG231   1,6		            122
                                                                                                                          Writing and Literature                        SG249   8   3       279    itsligo.ie/SG249   1,5		            124
						                                                                                                                    Writing and Literature (Online)               SG254   8   3      NEW     itsligo.ie/SG254   1,5		            124
** Points are awarded for portfolio and added to the Leaving Certificate points
                                                                                                                          Performing Arts                               SG241   8   4       279    itsligo.ie/SG241   1,5 Yes          127
                                                                                                                          Performing Arts (Acting)                      SG236   7   3       225    itsligo.ie/SG236   1,5 Yes          128
                                                                                                                          Performng Arts (Theatre Design)               SG235   7   3       216    itsligo.ie/SG235   1,5 Yes          129
LEARN MORE LIVE MORE BE MORE - Institute of Technology Sligo
      ALL ABOUT US                        LEARNING
                                          ENVIRONMENT                        ALL ABOUT US
     Welcome from the President     02
     A Technological University     04
                                         Library               32
     6 Reasons to Choose IT Sligo   06
                                         Student Supports      34
     Where we are                   07
                                         Academic Supports     36
     This is IT Sligo               08
                                         Pathways to Success   38
     Our Campus                     10
                                         Work Placement        40
                                         Study Abroad          42

      YOUR NEW
                                         Careers               44
                                         Our Alumni            46

     Discover Sligo                 14
     Accommodation                  16

      STUDENT                                                        OUR                             YOUR JOURNEY
      EXPERIENCE                                                     COMMUNITY                       STARTS HERE
                                                                    International Students    48    How to Apply                       160
     Transition to college          18
                                                                    Mature                    50    Index                              172
     Clubs & Societies              20
                                                                    NI Students               52
     Student Union                  22
     Sports for All                 24

                                                                     FIND YOUR
     Sport scholarships             30

                                                                    Faculty of Business and   54
                                                                    Social Science
                                                                    Faculty of Engineering    80
                                                                    and Design
                                                                    Faculty of Science        130

vi   IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021                                                                                       IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021   1
LEARN MORE LIVE MORE BE MORE - Institute of Technology Sligo
                                 THE PRESIDENT
                               IT Sligo is now more than 50 years old, traditional and grounded but also modern, innovative and
                               forward thinking. It is this blend that has given students the best experience over the past five
                               decades. IT Sligo has grown to an internationally recognised third-level college providing university-
                               level education with a reputation that transcends the globe.

                               This year IT Sligo will submit our plans to become a       Education life isn’t all about academia and we
                               Technological university. Already offering university-     want our students to have a memorable third-level
                               standard teaching and learning, students who join          experience. With over 70 Clubs & Societies from
                               us in 2021 will graduate from a university that is         Surfing to Gaming and Dancing to Debating,
                               globally recognised.                                       you will experience a student life here like no other.

                               We specialise in educating people for life and             When you come to Sligo you get the best of
                               employment, we supply the talent pipelines for all         everything. A beautiful coastline, a busy town,
                               of Ireland and beyond. We, more than any other             convenient travel, affordable accommodation,
                               college or university in Ireland, work in partnership      excellent social life and a college experience that
                               with employers to ensure our graduates are well            can prepare you for your future careers.
                               qualified for the workplace. Lecturers that teach
                               on our programmes come from industry, with the             At IT Sligo you will, ‘learn more, live more, be more’.
                               knowledge and expertise of the most relevant               All our lives have been impacted recently, and in a
                               and up-to-date skills needed by our graduates.             post-covid world, we all will continue to adapt.
                               We nurture 21st century skills of curiosity, initiative,   This experience will make you a stronger person,
                               grit, persistence, adaptability and leadership.            ready for the future, whatever it may bring. IT Sligo
                               Through applied learning and implementation, we            is more agile than most other universities because
                               work hard to help you develop the skills to think          we are the leaders of online education in Ireland.
                               critically, analyse complex issues, to make clear          Did you know we have worked directly with tech
                               decisions, to communicate effectively and to work          giants such as Google, Facebook and Amazon to
                               well with others. You will achieve these goals, not        deliver their online training? We have developed the
                               only with the expert tuition by our lecturers but also     best possible solutions for offering online education
                               with the range of academic and student supports            for the past 20 years.
                               available free of charge to all our students.
                                                                                          We would like to reassure you and your families;
                               IT Sligo is the top performing Institute of Technology     you will have a great student experience at IT
                               in Ireland and in the top 5 of all Universities and        Sligo with our blended approach to on-campus/
                               Institutes in Ireland according to U-Multirank.            remote learning. We are well equipped to give our
                               This independent scoring is based on the end-              undergraduates a truly 21st century education,
                               user needs – our students, they scored IT Sligo in         embracing technology to our advantage, offering
                               teaching & learning, research, knowledge transfer,         seamless access to learning from your laptop
                               international orientation and regional engagement.         wherever you choose to study from. I advise you
                               Outperforming many established Universities,               don’t defer, don’t put off your plan, embrace your
                               IT Sligo is determined to be the best at everything        future, make it happen.
                               we do and our students benefit from this ambition.

                                                                                          This is your time – make the most of it!

                                                                                          Dr Brendan McCormack

2   IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021                                                                                            IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021    3
LEARN MORE LIVE MORE BE MORE - Institute of Technology Sligo
      Do you want to graduate from a university?
                                                                                                                       GALWAY MAYO.
    The new Technological University (TU) for the West and                                                             INSTITUTE OF.
    North-West of Ireland will be one of the largest multi-
    campus universities on the island, bringing together                                                               TECHNOLOGY.
    students, enterprise and communities spanning a unique
    geographical region in transition on the periphery of Europe
    which has a predominantly dispersed rural population.

    The TU will be a leader in the provision of access to                                     LYIT

    Higher Education by offering programmes from                   LYIT
    pre-degree to doctoral level on campus, online or as           Killybegs
    remote learning. As a TU, we will deepen
    collaborative partnerships with Further and                                    IT SLIGO
    Higher Education institutions and organisations
    in the public and private sectors. As one
    entity, the new distinctive Technological                          GMIT
    University will act in a coherent manner
    supporting the needs of enterprises,                       GMIT
    especially SMEs, across the region through
                                                                               GMIT                       DUBLIN
    collaborative research and enabling
                                                                                                                       INSTITUTE OF.
                                                              GMIT             Mountbellew
    technology transfer to support economic
    and social prosperity. It will provide research-
    informed teaching and access to emerging
                                                                         Centre for
                                                                         Creative Arts
                                                                         and Media
    technologies for all learners.
    The TU will have the critical mass and academic
    depth to attract, educate, nurture and retain
    talent in the West, North-West and cross-                                                 WATERFORD
    border region and will strengthen and
    benefit our region socially, economically
    and culturally. As a TU of scale, quality and                      CORK

    impact, we will have greater capacity for
    collaboration with international partners
    and our graduates will have excellent
    employment potential nationally
    and internationally.

    The Connacht Ulster Alliance (CUA) of GMIT, LYIT and IT Sligo has made significant progress towards
    meeting the Technological University (TU) criteria, development of collaborative projects and preparations
    for applying to be designated as a TU. The CUA plans to be in a position to submit its application,
    subject to meeting the TU criteria, by the end of 2020.
                                                                                                                       INSTITUTE OF.
4   IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021                                                                                               IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021   5
LEARN MORE LIVE MORE BE MORE - Institute of Technology Sligo
      IT SLIGO                                                            DUBLIN
                                                                          3 Hours

                                                                          1 Hour
                                                                          1.5 Hours
                                                                          2 Hours

                                                                          1 Hours
                                                                                                                 DONEGAL .
                                                                          2.5 Hours
                                                                          KILKENNY      SLIGO .                       ENNISKILLEN .
                                                                          3.5 Hours
                                                                          3.75 Hours
                                                                                                   KNOCK .
                                                                          THE BEACH                INTERNATIONAL .
                                                                          10 Minutes               AIRPORT .

YOU’LL BE IN DEMAND             GET MORE FOR YOUR MONEY                                           45 Minutes from Sligo

96% of our graduates go         Cost of accommodation starts at €56.                                              ATHLONE .
straight into employment        Not only that, you will save on food,                                                                             DUBLIN .
                                                                                             GALWAY .
or further education.           transport and entertainment.

OUR FOCUS                       Be part of a campus that offers state
We work closely with industry   of the art facilities and a lovely                                  LIMERICK .                 KILKENNY .
to tailor our courses so that   environment to study in.
when you graduate, you have
a qualification which           AN AMAZING PLACE TO LIVE
employers recognise
and want.                       Sligo combines a vibrant urban centre
                                with stunning natural beauty.

                                                                                                         CORK .
                                IT’S PERSONAL
                                Small class sizes mean students benefit
                                from individual attention and support
                                from our dedicated staff.

6   IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021                                                                                                  IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021   7
LEARN MORE LIVE MORE BE MORE - Institute of Technology Sligo

                  10 MIN

                   5 MIN                                                              THE
                   8 MIN
                                                                                                                     THE GROVE
                                                                        BENBULBEN                                     STUDENT
                 THE                                                      COURT                                       COMPLEX
                                                                                                      YEATS ACADEMY OF
                                KNOCKNAREA                                                             ART, DESIGN AND
                                  ARENA                       STUDENT                                   ARCHITECTURE
                  10 MIN                                                              FACULTY
                                                                                  OF ENGINEERING
                                                                                    AND DESIGN
                                                                               FACULTY             OF BUSINESS AND
                                                                              OF SCIENCE            SOCIAL SCIENCE

                                                                         YEATS                                            YEATS
                                                                        LIBRARY                                          VILLAGE

               MILLIGAN COURT
                                       ARD NUA
                       UNI             VILLAGE

8   IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021                                                                                         IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021   9
LEARN MORE LIVE MORE BE MORE - Institute of Technology Sligo
          Our 72-acre single-site campus combines modern buildings, .
          state-of-the-art facilities and landscaped grounds. .
          This, plus a real sense of community, makes IT Sligo .
          an amazing place to study..

                                                                        Located on the outskirts of Sligo Town,
                                                                        our campus is just a ten-minute walk
                                                                        from the centre. A town bus service stops
                                                                        on campus over 30 times a day which
                                                                        connects students with lots of different
                                                                        places. Student villages surround the
                                                                        campus, whilst our location along the
                                                                        Wild Atlantic Way means beaches,
                                                                        mountains and countryside are all
                                                                        just a short trip away.

                                                                        From the minute you first come through
                                                                        the gate, it is hard not to be impressed
                                                                        by what you see. Modern, architecturally
                                                                        designed buildings first greet you and
                                                                        this theme is continued throughout. A
                                                                        bright, contemporary feel runs through
                                                                        everything from our lecture halls to
                                                                        library and cafes to chill-out zones.

                                                                            IN IRELAND FOR STUDENT TO
                                                                            LECTURER RATIO ACROSS ALL
                                                                            UNIVERSITIES AND INSTITUTES
                                                                            OF TECHNOLOGY.*
                                                                            *Good University Guide 2020

10   IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021                                                             IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021   11
LEARN MORE LIVE MORE BE MORE - Institute of Technology Sligo
FACILITIES                                    ACADEMICS
                                We have invested heavily in our facilities    Our academic staff are passionate and engaging meaning
                                to ensure our students get the best           advice and help is always on hand. From all corners of the
                                experience possible. Whether it is the        globe, numerous academics are regarded as leaders in their
                                labs in engineering and science, Apple        respective fields. They not only bring academic knowledge, they
                                Mac computer lab or the new creative          also bring real-world experience. With many having previously
                                hub for art, design and architecture;         worked in industry, our students gain valuable insights that you
                                our students have access to some of the       can’t get from books alone.
                                best facilities of any third-level provider
                                in Ireland.                                   GREEN
                                                                              Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. IT Sligo are
                                COMMUNITY                                     committed to environmental change on campus and we hope
                                One of the major plus points to life in       to be awarded our first Green Flag in 2021. The Green Campus
                                IT Sligo is the sense of community.           Committee is led by students and supported by staff across
                                With four thousand full time students         the college.
                                on campus, this is smaller than most
                                other third-level providers. And that’s

                                how we like it. More than just a number,
                                our students get to know all their
                                classmates and lecturers on a first-name
                                basis. You will never go too far without
                                meeting a friendly face.                          IN IRELAND FOR INVESTMENT
                                                                                  IN FACILITIES ACROSS ALL
                                                                                  UNIVERSITIES AND INSTITUTES
                                                                                  OF TECHNOLOGY. *
                                                                                  *Good University Guide 2020

12   IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021                                                                                         IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021   13
                                                                                                                                                      EVENT                         DATE
                                                                                                                                                      WALKING FESTIVAL              FEBRUARY
                                                                                                                                                      ST. PATRICK’S DAY PARADE      MARCH
                                                                                                                                                      CHAMBER MUSIC FESTIVAL        MAY
                                                                                                                                                      BIG COUNTRY WEEKEND           MAY
                                                                                                                                                      WILD ATLANTIC SEA SHANTY JUNE
                                                                                                                                                      SLIGO COUNTY                  JUNE
                                                                                                                                                      FLEADH CHEOIL
                                                                                                                                                      CÁIRDE FESTIVAL               JULY
                                                                                                                                                      JAZZ PROJECT                  JULY

            DISCOVER .
                                                                                                                                                      SLIGO RALLY STAGES            JULY
                                                                             FOOD                                                                     PRIDE FESTIVAL                AUGUST

                                                                             There is something to suit every taste and budget in Sligo’s             YEATS INTERNATIONAL           AUGUST
                                                                                                                                                      SUMMER SCHOOL
                                                                             thriving culinary scene. As an established “foodie destination”,
                                                                             you will find everything from sushi, vegan and tapas to Mexican,         WARRIORS RUN                  AUGUST

            SLIGO .
                                                                             Italian and Thai. A large selection of chain and independent             WILD ROOTS                    AUGUST
                                                                                                                                                      MUSIC FESTIVAL
                                                                             coffee shops are also waiting to be discovered.
                                                                                                                                                      FESTIVAL OF BAROQUE           SEPTEMBER
                                                                             NIGHTLIFE                                                                SLIGO LIVE                    OCTOBER
                                                                             Sligo has every type of night out you can imagine. Whether you           SCARECROW FESTIVAL            OCTOBER
                                                                             are looking for a traditional Irish pub or a trendy cocktail bar,
                                                                                                                                                      SO FUNNY SLIGO                NOVEMBER
                                                                             a live music venue or an energetic nightclub, there is something         COMEDY FESTIVAL
                                                                             to suit every mood. A ten-screen cinema has all the latest               SPILT MILK FILM               NOVEMBER
                                                                             blockbusters whilst The Hawk’s Well Theatre, The Model and               & ARTS FESTIVAL

           Located along the Wild Atlantic Way, Sligo combines a vibrant .   The Factory host a diverse range of arts and entertainment on            CHRISTMAS MARKETS             DECEMBER
                                                                             a weekly basis.
           urban centre with stunning natural beauty..
           With an added community feel throughout, it’s easy to see why .   SHOPPING
           Sligo is such a popular student destination. .                    Known as the shopping capital of the Northwest, Sligo is home         NATURE
                                                                             to four shopping centres and retail parks. Independent shops
                                                                                                                                                   An amazing aspect of life in Sligo is that
                                                                             are nestled in between popular high street brands, catering for
                                                                                                                                                   you get the best of both worlds. Just ten
                                                                             everything from clothes to computers and vintage to vinyl.
                                                                                                                                                   minutes from the hustle and bustle of the
                                                                                                                                                   town centre is breathtaking nature. World
                                                                             MUSIC                                                                 class beaches include world class waves,
                                                                             You can find up-and-coming acts and established artists at            whilst the iconic Benbulben mountain
                                                                             venues all around Sligo on a weekly basis. Lissadell House,           is just one option when you want to get
                                                                             which is set to become one of Ireland’s most important music          away from it all. To read more about
                                                                             venues, attracts crowds of 15,000 with world-class concerts.          Sligo’s stunning scenery and abundance
                                                                             Sligo Live and Sligo Jazz Festival are just some of the numerous      of activities available, go to page 28.
                                                                             festivals and concerts which take place throughout the year.

                                                                             ARTS AND CULTURE                                                    “ One of my favourite places to film would
                                                                                                                                                   probably have been Sligo. It was just
                                                                             The Model, home of the Niland Collection, is one of Ireland’s
                                                                             leading contemporary arts centres. Dance, jazz, theatre and           the most jaw-dropping entrance to
                                                                             comedy are some of the events hosted by The Hawk’s Well               any place I’ve ever experienced.
                                                                             Theatre, The Model and The Factory. Famous for its connection         When you see Benbulben in the distance,
                                                                             to WB Yeats, Sligo is a hub for literary events and home of the       it’s just immense.
                                                                             Yeats Society. The Coleman Irish Music Centre is a celebration
                                                                                                                                                   DAISY EDGAR-JONES
                                                                             of Irish music, culture and heritage. For those looking to get
                                                                                                                                                   Plays Marianne in Normal People
                                                                             outside, there are over 5,000 archaeological sites to discover.

14   IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021                                                                                                                                           IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021   15

                                                                                                                                                                                      Uni Rooms
                                                                                                                                                                                      Benbulben Court Apartments
 For many students, Sligo will become a home
                                                                                                                                                                                      Clarion Village
 away from home for the next few years.                                                                                                                                               www.thevillageclarion.com
 Therefore, finding the right accommodation                                                                                                                                           Gateway
 is really important.                                                                                                                                                                 www.gatewayapartments.ie
                                                                                                                                                                                      The Grove Student Complex
                                                                                                                                                                                      Milligan Court
                                                                                                                                                                                      Student Accommodation
                                                                                                                                                                                      Yeats Village
                                                                                                                                                                                      Ard Nua

With a diverse and plentiful range
of options available, Sligo has
                                            THAT EXTRA TOUCH                                                       TYPES OF..
                                            There are some extras that make accommodation in Sligo
the perfect accommodation to suit
                                            that bit more special. The Student Union organise a free bus
every individual.
                                            from campus to a local supermarket every Monday evening so
                                            students can do their weekly shop. Some student villages offer
MAKING MEMORIES                             free return shuttle buses to the train and bus station which will     STUDENT VILLAGES
                                            save on taxis and walking. A laundry service where you drop           There are seven purpose-built student villages located around
Sligo is renowned for its sense of          off your laundry and collect it the next day fresh and folded is      IT Sligo. All are within one to 12 minutes’ walking distance.
community. It is a safe, friendly and fun   available. Some accommodation villages offer smart TV’s and           These self-catering student villages have been designed with               STARTING PRICE
place to live. This community feel gives    free Netflix. Healthy, subsidised meals at any of our on-campus                                                                               OF ACCOMMODATION IS
                                                                                                                  the needs of the student in mind.
a uniquely supportive environment.          cafes and restaurants mean students don’t always have to cook.
Students will quickly form friendships
and make memories that will last                                                                                  DIGS
a lifetime.
                                            CAMPUS, CITY OR COAST                                                 This can be a popular choice with students who are moving
                                            The Sligo City bus service stops on campus over 30 times a day        away from home for the first time. Digs is when a student lives
                                            which gives students more options when it comes to where to           with a local family in their home. The benefit here is that all
                                            live. Some choose to live close to the campus. Others choose          meals are provided also.                                               PER WEEK WHICH MAKES
                                            City Centre accommodation in the hustle and bustle of cafes,                                                                                SLIGO A VERY AFFORDABLE
                                                                                                                                                                                              PLACE TO LIVE
                                            restaurants, shops and nightlife. Some opt for the coastal            PRIVATE RENT
                                            towns of Strandhill and Rosses Point with their stunning
                                                                                                                  The area around the college has an excellent selection of private
                                            natural beauty.
                                                                                                                  apartments and houses. This is organised through private
                                                                                                                  landlords and can be popular amongst students wishing to live
                                            AFFORDABILITY                                                         with friends.
                                            The cost of student accommodation is so much more affordable
                                            compared to many of Ireland’s other college towns and cities. A

                                            cost of a twin room starts at €56 per week whilst a single room
                                                                                                                        in a student village in first year was great for
                                            is €63. The savings mean you can enjoy your student life without
                                                                                                                 making friends. There is an amazing community feel
                                            worrying it will break the bank.
                                                                                                                  STEPHEN O’HEHIR
                                                                                                                  BBs in Business Administration

16   IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021                                                                                                                                                                     IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021   17
Welcome to the start of your college experience....
                                It’s an exciting time, but a nerve-wracking one too....
                                We know what it’s like to make the transition and...
                                we also know how to help you make it. We have a...
                                number of supports in place to help you enjoy these...

           TRANSITION TO.       first steps on the journey that will lead to your independence,...
                                your education and eventually, your career....

           COLLEGE.              INDUCTION                                       STUDENT PROFILER
                                 Induction is a programme of events              During Induction, each student will have the opportunity
                                 we’ve designed to help you settle into          to complete a Student Profiler Assessment. The Student
                                 college life, it takes place before classes     Profiler will give you a better understanding of your strengths
                                 commence for the year. During induction         and challenges. You will receive a report at the end of
                                 you will receive important items such as        the assessment providing you with instant guidance. The
                                 your timetable and student ID. A campus         assessment will also highlight any undiagnosed learning
                                 tour will help locate the different labs,       difficulties and point you in the direction of all the amazing
                                 lecture theatres and classrooms you             supports available. This information and guidance will be
                                 will use in the coming year. You will           instrumental as you start your journey here at IT Sligo.
                                 also meet and speak with your lecturers,
                                 learn about the different subjects in           STUDENT MENTORING PROGRAMME
                                 your course, get familiar with the              The Student Mentoring Programme gives new students a peer
                                 support services and library facilities         to peer support network. You’ll be placed in a group with your
                                 available and, of course, you’ll meet           classmates and assigned a student mentor. Student mentors
                                 your new classmates.                            are fully trained 2nd, 3rd or 4th year students who are studying
                                                                                 the same course as you. They have gone through everything
                                                                                 you will face in the coming year. They are available to answer
                                                                                 basic questions via email, text message or phone call. They can
                                                                                 answer practical questions about timetables and room locations
                                                                                 or even just where to buy the best coffee!
                                    IS OUR PRIORITY TO HELP
                                    YOU TRANSITION TO
                                                                               “ Iand
                                                                                   was really nervous about starting college, not knowing anyone
                                                                                      starting my new course. Induction really helped me to get
                                    COLLEGE LIFE WITH EASE                       to know my classmates and find my way around the campus.
                                                                                 Before I knew it, I settled into student life really easily
                                                                                 SULIAT JOY OLAYODE
                                                                                 BSc Biomedical Science

18   IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021                                                                                             IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021   19
                                                                                                                                           THE CLUBS AT IT SLIGO
                                                                                                                                           Aikido                Motorsport
                                                                                                                                           Basketball            Rugby

           CLUBS AND .
                                                                                                                                           Badminton             Strongman/

           SOCIETIES .
                                                                                                                                                                 Sub Aqua
                                                                     FUN AND FRIENDSHIP                                                                          Table Tennis
                                                                     College life is more than just study. It is also about having fun                           Volleyball
                                                                     and making friends. Clubs and societies play a big role in this,                            Disability Inclusion
                                                                     and we encourage all students to join at least one. It can often                            & Sports
                                                                     be the start of a new passion or a lifelong friendship.               Golf
                                                                                                                                                                 Mauy Thai /
                                                                                                                                           Karate                Kickboxing
                                                                     THE CHOICE IS YOURS
                                                                     There are over 70 clubs and societies to choose from. These
                                                                     cover everything from archaeology to aikido and gaming to
                                                                     golf. Also, new clubs and societies are formed every year which
                                                                     means you can even start your own!

                                                                     CHECK THEM OUT                                                                     BE
           Joining a club or society is a great way to meet people
           with similar interests, try out something new or pursue
                                                                     Our clubs and societies day is held early in the college year. This
                                                                     is an opportunity to check out in more detail the wide range on
           your passion. College life is more than just study.       offer and sign up to as many of them as you like. Almost all our                   GET
                                                                     clubs and societies are free to join.
           It is also about experiences and friendships.
           That is why we encourage students to join at least
                                                                                                                                                      JOINING A CLUB
           one club or society – and with over 70 to choose from,                                                                                     OR SOCIETY IS A
           we have something for everyone!                                                                                                             GREAT WAY TO
                                                                                                                                                     MEET LIKE-MINDED

                                                                                                                                           BELOW ARE JUST SOME OF
                                                                                                                                           THE SOCIETIES AT IT SLIGO
                                                                                                                                           Ag Caint Society      Environmental
                                                                                                                                           African Society
                                                                                                                                                                 Gospel Choir
                                                                                                                                           Society               International
                                                                                                                                           Architecture          LGBT+ Society
                                                                                                                                           & Design
                                                                                                                                                                 Macra na Feirme
                                                                                                                                           Art Society
                                                                                                                                                                 Mental Health
                                                                                                                                           Bio Med Society
                                                                                                                                                                 Organic Farming
                                                                                                                                           Christian Union
                                                                                                                                                                 Tea Society
                                                                                                                                           Coding Society
                                                                                                                                                                 Trad Society
                                                                                                                                           Digital Art Society

20   IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021                                                                                                                                IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021   21

       THE .
                                                                                                                 FRESHERS’ WEEK
                                                                                                                 A WEEK FULL OF ON-CAMPUS AND OFF-
                                                                                                                 CAMPUS EVENTS TO HELP YOU SETTLE

       STUDENTS’ .
                                                                                                                 INTO COLLEGE LIFE.

                                                                                                                 FRESHERS’ BBQ

       UNION .
                                                                                                                 A GREAT WAY TO MEET OTHER FIRST YEARS.

                                                                                                                 DAY AT THE RACES
                                                                                                                 GET THE GLAD RAGS ON AND SPEND A
                                                                                                                 DAY AT SLIGO RACECOURSE FOR THE
                                                                                                                 STUDENT RACE DAY.

                                                                                                                 SILENT DISCO
                                                                                                                 JUST ONE OF THE MANY ENTERTAINMENT
                                                                                                                 NIGHTS THE STUDENT UNION ORGANISE.
                            The IT Sligo Students’ Union (ITSSU)
                            is a democratic organisation run by students                                         (SEXUAL HEALTH IN FIRST TERM)
                            for students. Once you join IT Sligo you automatically                               & SHAG
                            become a member of the Students’ Union.                                              (SEXUAL HEALTH AND GUIDANCE)
                                                                                                                 WHILE THE STUDENTS’ UNION MAKE SURE
                                                                                                                 THIS A FUN WEEK, THEY ALSO COVER VERY
                                                                                                                 IMPORTANT TOPICS SUCH AS CONSENT
                                                                                                                 AND PROTECTION.

                                                                                                                 MENTAL HEALTH WEEKS
Whilst they organise lots of               CALL IN OR HANG OUT                                                   SEVERAL MENTAL HEALTH WEEKS
fun events throughout the year,                                                                                  TAKE PLACE THROUGHOUT THE YEAR
                                           The Students’ Union office is located in the Student Services         HIGHLIGHTING SUPPORTS AVAILABLE,
they are also a valuable support
                                           center. You can drop in to the office if you need someone to talk     COPING SKILLS AND THAT IT IS OK NOT
to students who may be having
                                           to, need some advice or want to raise any concerns you have           TO BE OK.
issues. They represent you,
                                           – their door is always open. Not only that, there is also a cool
support you and make sure                                                                                        RAINBOW WEEK
                                           hang-out space with pool tables, sofas and a place to charge
you have an unforgettable                                                                                        WORKSHOPS AND EVENTS TO
                                           your phone. In this building you will also find the Students’ Union
college experience.                                                                                              CELEBRATE ALL LGBTQI+ STUDENTS.
                                           shop which has food and supplies at reduced prices.
                                                                                                                 EXAM DE-STRESS WEEKS
                                           STUDENT VOICE AND SUPPORT                                             FREE FRUIT AND WATER IN THE LIBRARY
                                                                                                                 AS WELL AS HANDY TIPS AND TRICKS
                                           The Students’ Union is a representative voice and source of
                                                                                                                 FOR STUDYING.
                                           support for all students. The President attends important
                                           college meetings to ensure that students are the focus of             STUDENT GALA BALLS
     AWARD                                 every decision made. The Welfare Officer focuses on campaigns
                                           to improve every students physical and mental wellbeing
                                                                                                                 ANOTHER CHANCE TO GET THE GLAD RAGS
                                                                                                                 ON AND GET GLAMMED UP. THE STUDENTS’

     WINNING                               alongside assisting with any accommodation issues.                    UNION RUN NUMEROUS BALLS FROM THE
                                                                                                                 CLUBS & SOCIETIES BALL TO INDIVIDUAL
                                           The Education Officer can help with any concerns you                  FACULTY BALL.
                                           may have with your course, timetable or modules.
     TARA REILLY                           REPRESENT YOUR CLASS
     WINNER OF 2 AWARDS                    You could become your class representative. Class reps are
     MENTAL HEALTH                         the spokesperson for each individual class and are elected by
     ACTIVIST OF THE YEAR                  their fellow classmates. They are the first point of contact for
                                           the Student Union and IT Sligo departments. Class reps acquire                   SLIGO’S ONLY
     CAMPAIGN OF THE YEAR                  lots of new skills such as negotiation, organisation, leadership
     #LIFTINGTHESILENCE                    and advocacy.

                                                                                                                       IS LOCATED IN THE
                                                                                                                    STUDENT UNION BUILDING
                                                                                                                           ON CAMPUS

22   IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021                                                                                                                             IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021   23
Whether you are an elite level athlete,
                                                                       a talented amateur or someone who
                                                                       is looking to keep fit and healthy,
                                                                       we have something to suit all abilities
                                                                       and interests.

        SPORT .
                                                                       ACHIEVING ATHLETES
                                                                       bb Develop your talent with the help
                                                                          of our top-class coaches.

        FOR ALL .
                                                                       bb Compete at National or International
                                                                          level - individually or on a team.

                                                                       bb Get the supports needed to excel with
                                                                          our Sports Scholarship Programme.

                                                                       PART-TIME PLAYERS
      Sport and physical activity play an important role in campus .   bb Play in a sociable environment
                                                                          – with a slight competitive edge.
      life at IT Sligo. Our belief is that sport is for everyone. .
                                                                       bb A choice of soccer, dodgeball,
      We understand the positive impact it can have on an .               badminton, volleyball and
      individual’s physical and mental health. That is why we .           lots more.

      have developed a wide range of facilities and activities .       bb A great way to try out something
                                                                          new and meet new people.
      to suit everyone. .
                                                                       HEALTHY HEROES
                                                                       bb If you just want to have some
                                                                          fun and keep active.

                                                                       bb Daily exercise classes ranging
                                                                          from spinning to yoga.

                                                                       bb Use the campus fitness suite,
                                                                          outdoor gym or walking trail.

24   IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021                                                                                     IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021   25
          We have made significant investment in our sporting .
          facilities over the last number of years. This has resulted .
          in the state of the art facilities we see on campus today. .
          With access available seven days a week, keeping active .
          has never been easier. .

                                                                          At the centre of our facilities is the Knocknarea Arena. This
                                                                          sporting hub is where you will find our multi-purpose sports
                                                                          hall, state-of-the-art fitness suite and specialised exercise
                                                                          studios. Students can also avail of free fitness consultations
                                                                          and personalised exercise programmes with a member of our
                                                                          qualified fitness team.

                                                                          We have an International standard eight-lane tartan-surface
                                                                          running track with throwing and jumping facilities. Our newly
                                                                          developed 3g Astro turf pitch is fully floodlit and FIFA approved.
                                                                          We also have three floodlit grass pitches – A championship
                                                                          standard pitch for GAA and Rugby, FAI certified Soccer pitch and
                                                                          a high-quality training pitch. An outdoor gym is located along
                                                                          the campus walking trail, Sli na Sláinte.

                                                                          NEAR OUR DOOR
                                                                          Off-campus, students can avail of various sporting facilities
                                                                          at heavily discounted rates. The Clayton Hotel, just a 2 minute
                                                                          walk from IT Sligo, provides access to a swimming pool, sauna,
                                                                          steam room and jacuzzi. Or for the more competitive swimmer,
                                                                          Sligo Regional Sports Centre has a 25m indoor heated
                                                                          swimming pool. A five-minute drive from campus is Sligo Tennis
                                                                          Club - home to six outdoor floodlit Omni courts, an indoor tennis
                                                                          court, five badminton courts and four squash courts.

26   IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021                                                                                                                  IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021   27
           FACILITIES .

                                                                       SAND AND SEA
                                                                       Strandhill and Rosses Point beaches are located just a
                                                                       10-minute drive from IT Sligo and are part of Sligo Town’s
                                                                       bus route. Here you will find an array of water sports such
                                                                       as surfing, windsurfing or the more relaxing SUP boarding.
                                                                       The North West is renowned for having some of the best waves
                                                                       in the world! Both seaside towns are also home to 18-hole links
                                                                       golf courses – challenging courses, distracting beauty!

                                                                       TREKS AND TRAILS
                                                                       If walking, hill walking or mountain climbing take your fancy
          IT Sligo’s stunning location along the Wild Atlantic Way .   then look no further. Sligo’s rural landscape includes the
          lends itself to some breathtaking natural facilities .       world-famous Benbulben Mountain, the Queen Maeve trail on
                                                                       Knocknarea, woodland walks such as Hazelwood and Slish
          that few, if any, colleges can boast. .                      Wood, megalithic sites in Carrowkeel, the beautiful wilderness
                                                                       of the Ox Mountains and so much more. Cycling trails vary from
                                                                       easy to difficult providing the perfect setting for a challenging
                                                                       circuit or a recovery ride. Equestrian enthusiasts or beginners
                                                                       can benefit from numerous riding stables close to the IT Sligo
                                                                       campus - all accompanied by beach or countryside treks.

                                                                       RIVERS AND LAKES
                                                                       The Garavogue River and Lough Gill provide complete opposites
                                                                       for our keen kayakers – rapid or relaxing, the choice is yours.
                                                                       For those looking to get away from it all, angling options
                                                                       are plentiful. Sea, river or lake – we just hope your catch
                                                                       is as prolific!

                                                                          SLIGO IS NAMED THE

                                                                          SURF COAST OF THE
                                                                          WILD ATLANTIC WAY
                                                                          FOR GOOD REASON. WHAT MAKES SLIGO SO POPULAR FOR
                                                                          SURFING IS THAT IT HAS THE MOST CONSISTENT SWELL
                                                                          OF ANYWHERE IN EUROPE. ITS SURF IS WORLD-FAMOUS!

28   IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021                                                                                   IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021   29
SPORTS SCHOLARSHIP .                                                                                                                                LAUREN CADDEN


                                                                                                                                                        BSC (HONS) HEALTH SCIENCE
                                                                                                                                                        AND PHYSICAL ACTIVITY
                                                                                                                                                        Lauren is a talented runner. She represented
 The IT Sligo Sports Scholarship Programme gives talented                                                                                               Ireland at the 2019 Under 20 Championships
                                                                                                                                                        in Sweden and is the Irish Juvenile 200m
 athletes the supports needed to excel in their chosen sport.                                                                                           record holder.

Each academic year up to 60 sports scholarships are awarded. Alongside financial support,
our sports scholars have access to top-class sporting facilities, sports science supports and
academic supports. This ensures our student athletes can achieve their sporting goals whilst
maintaining academic excellence.
                                                                                                            RYAN O’REILLY
Each scholarship may also include:

bb Elite Level Coaching                                 bb Strength and Conditioning Programmes             CAVAN
bb Free Gym Membership                                  bb Sports Psychology                               BBS (HONS) IN BUSINESS
bb Full use of Sporting Facilities                      bb Sports Performance Testing                      Ryan is a versatile defender. He has
bb IT Sligo Sports Scholarship branded sportswear       bb Academic Support and Mentoring                  represented the Republic of Ireland from
                                                                                                           U15 to U19 Level and played for Stoke City
bb Sports Nutrition and Diet advice                     bb Lifestyle Management advice                     between 2011 and 2016.
bb 10% bonus on CAO points
For more information or to apply go to www.itsligo.ie/study-at-it-sligo/scholarships/

                                                           JAMIE BRENNAN                                                                                 CIARA GINTY
                                                           DONEGAL                                                                                       MAYO

                                                         BSC (HONS) HUMAN NUTRITION                                                                     BSC (HONS) HEALTH SCIENCE
                                                         Jamie is a prolific inter-county footballer. He                                                AND PHYSICAL ACTIVITY
                                                         was nominated for a GAA All Star in 2019 after                                                 Ciara is a talented boxer. Amongst her
                                                         an outstanding season for Donegal as they                                                      successes are 10 National Titles, a World
                                                         retained their Ulster title.                                                                   Gold Medal, Youth Olympic Silver Medal
                                                                                                                                                        and a European Bronze Medal.

      CLIODHNA MALONEY..                                                                                    DÁIRE MARTIN
      GALWAY                                                                                                MONAGHAN

     BBS (HONS) SPORT WITH BUSINESS                                                                        BBS (HONS) SPORT WITH BUSINESS
     Cliodhna is an Irish International star who                                                           Dáire is a leading strongman competitor.
     plays her club rugby with London Wasps.                                                               He has competed in National Strongman
     Cliodhna only took up rugby during her first                                                          competitions and the World Strongest Man
     year at IT Sligo.                                                                                     Championships in Florida.

30   IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021                                                                                                                                                      IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021   31
           LIBRARY .

                                 Located in the heart of the campus, the recently refurbished
                                 Yeats Library is an architectural space with student focus
                                 at the core of its design. Spread over three floors, this world-class
                                 facility provides all the resources a student needs to excel
                                 in their programme of study. Open seven days a week from early
                                 morning until late night, there are no excuses for not
                                 getting stuck into some study!

                                QUIET ZONE (TOP LEVEL)
                                A traditional library area for focused study. Individual study
                                spaces and a strict no talking policy make it the perfect place
                                to go when you don’t want to be distracted.
                                INFO ZONE (CENTRE LEVEL)
                                                                                                  ONLINE ACCESS
                                Experienced library staff at the information desk are here
                                to help with all your queries. This zone has networked PCs,
                                printing and photocopying services, books journals and so
                                much more. You can even rent DVDs – it is important to
                                unwind after all!

                                LEARNING ZONE (LOWER LEVEL)
                                An open-plan study area with a choice of seating options          WORKSPACES
                                make it a very flexible workspace. An ideal location to
                                plug in your laptop or sit and discuss group projects
                                with your friends.

                                   140,000+                                                       PRINTED BOOKS

                                    E-BOOKS AND E-JOURNALS

32   IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021                                                                         IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021   33
ACCESS OFFICE                                     ADMISSIONS OFFICE
                                                               If you have special learning needs, a             The Admissions Office provide ongoing
                                                               disability or any circumstances which             support in areas such as admissions,
                                                               might need individual consideration, our          registration, grants, fees and
                                                               Access Office is here to help. Alongside          examinations. With an on-campus office
                                                               coordinating these services, the Access           open from Monday to Friday plus options
                                                               Office also deals with financial supports         to contact them through phone or email,

                                                               such as The Student Assistance Fund               staff are always on hand to help with any
                                                               and The 1916 Bursary Fund. Additional             queries you may have.
                                                               supports for our Higher Education Access
                                                               Route (HEAR) and Disability Access Route          COUNSELLING

                                                               (DARE) applicants are also organised              Our Professional Counselling Service
                                                               through this office. Find out more about          is free-of-charge to all students. The
                                                               HEAR and DARE on page 163.                        service gives individuals the opportunity
                                                                                                                 to explore any issue which may be
                                                               LEARNING SUPPORT                                  impacting on their mental health and
 Our Student Supports Team are here to help you with           Our dedicated learning-support tutors             general well-being, all in a confidential
 any concerns or worries you may have.                         support students who have dyslexia                setting with our experienced team.
                                                               or other specific learning difficulties.
 If it’s important to you, it’s important to us. Our warm,     Students have access to the latest                HEALTH
 friendly staff will deal with your concerns or worries in a   assistive technology and can engage               The Health Service Team provides care
                                                               with the learning support tutor on a
 confidential and sensitive manner. They will take care        one-to-one or group basis. Reasonable
                                                                                                                 to all students free-of-charge. The team,
                                                                                                                 which is made up of doctors and nurses,
 of your wellbeing and ensure you get through                  accommodation at exams and liaising               can help with the diagnosis and treatment
 any difficulties you may have.                                with relevant staff are other ways our
                                                               learning-support tutors can help.
                                                                                                                 of health problems, alongside providing
                                                                                                                 services such as issuing prescriptions
                                                                                                                 and repeat prescriptions.
                                                               DISABILITY SUPPORT
                                                               Our disability-support service provides           PASTORAL CARE
                                                               an individual support plan tailored               The Pastoral Care Team supports
                                                               to the specific needs of the student.             students in their personal and spiritual
                                                               Engagement with other relevant staff              growth during their time at IT Sligo.
                                                               ensures appropriate plans are in place.           Students are always welcome to drop
                                                               This plan combined with ongoing advice,           into the team for a chat. The pastoral
                                                               assistive technology and support allows           care service is available to students
                                                               students to reach their full potential.           of all faiths and those who have none.
                                                                                                                 The multi-faith prayer room known as
                                                               ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY                              The Sanctuary offers a quiet space for
                                                               A range of comprehensive and extremely            reflection and prayer.
                                                               modern assistive-technology supports
                                                               are available at IT Sligo. It is central to our
                                                               facilitation of students with disabilities
                                                               or learning difficulties. Supports here
                                                               include an assessment matching the
                                                               student to technology which maximises
                                                               productivity and independence, training in
                                                               how to use the technology and full access
                                                               to our dedicated assistive-technology
                                                               suite. Some of the technologies include
                                                               text-scanning pens, Echo Smart Pens,
                                                               magnifying technologies, Mind Genius and
                                                               Read and Write Gold.

34   IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021                                                                                                      IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021   35
           SUPPORTS .
          Support is our priority. We have invested heavily .
          in our learning facilities to ensure our students have .
          access to the latest enhancements in technology and .
          are supported throughout their academic journey. .

                                                                     ACADEMIC WRITING CENTRE                                            TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT
                                                                     The thoughts of the first assignment can be a daunting prospect    Technology continues to play a pivotal
                                                                     for many. Therefore, students of all ages and abilities can        role in our everyday lives – and education
                                                                     benefit from our Academic Writing Centre. Supports include         is no different. That is why we have
                                                                     getting started with assignments, effective notetaking, report     several structures in place to support our
                                                                     writing, avoiding plagiarism and successful writing in exams.      students learning experience. We have
                                                                     And of course, the writing process – generating ideas, drafting,   free Office 365 to download to your own
                                                                     revising and editing. Students can access these facilities on a    devices plus free unlimited One Drive
                                                                     one-to-one basis or as a small group. Online resources such        data storage. This allows students to
                                                                     as a grammar checker, academic phrasebank and an essay             study or access their data anywhere in
                                                                     planner are also available.                                        the world, at any time. Discounted offers
                                                                                                                                        on PCs, Macs, tablets and broadband will
                                                                     MATHS SUPPORT CENTRE                                               help with costs. Alternatively, just ask
                                                                     Maths is a subject that even the most capable student can          about our short-term free IT Equipment
                                                                     struggle with. That is why we have established the Maths           rental. IT Sligo has free campus-wide
                                                                     Support Centre. This innovative and friendly centre offers the     high-speed WIFI also.
                                                                     supports many students need. Services include consultations,
                                                                     tutorials, computer-based tutorials and access to relevant text
                                                                     materials. You can even submit maths problems for correction.
                                                                     Students can access these facilities on a one-to-one basis,
                                                                     as a small group or online. Leaving Cert students can also
                                                                     avail of our Free Maths Revision course which takes place
                                                                     over Easter each year.

36   IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021                                                                                                                            IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021   37
                                                              It is not always easy to know exactly what area to study.
                                                              It is even more difficult to decide what area to specialise in.
                                                              That is why our common entry programmes are so popular.
                                                              They offer great flexibility. We have a common first year built
                                                              in to all our Level 8 Engineering and Computing programmes
                                                              and four of our Science programmes. The common entry allows

       PATHWAYS .
                                                              students to understand where their true passion lies. Students
                                                              study a broad range of subjects for one year, before choosing
                                                              what area to specialise in.

       TO SUCCESS .                                           TEACHER TRAINING
                                                              A number of our Honours degree programmes meet Teaching
                                                              Council subject requirements. To become a fully qualified
                                                              secondary school teacher, students need to complete a
                                                              Professional Masters of Education after they graduate. The
      There are multiple ways to achieve your career goals.   Honours degree itself will allow students to pursue numerous
      A degree from IT Sligo will open many doors, allowing   other careers. Therein lies the beauty of these degrees - go
                                                              straight into the working world or use it as a stepping stone to
      you to follow numerous career paths. Your future can    teaching. These options will allow much more career flexibility.
      take you anywhere and we can help take you there.       To see a full list of these programmes, go to page 159.

                                                              ALTERNATIVE ROUTES
                                                              There is never just one way to accomplish your goals. Here
                                                              at IT Sligo, we want to help each student achieve these goals.
                                                              If there is something you are passionate about or dream of a
                                                              career in a certain profession, there may be alternative routes
                                                              you are not aware of. For example, our Health Science degrees
                                                              have routes into areas including physiotherapy, radiography and
                                                              occupational therapy. Our Writing & Literature course can lead
                                                              to a career in journalism. As you read this prospectus, study
                                                              carefully the graduate destinations on each programme page to
                                                              see all these wonderful routes.

                                                              PROFESSIONAL ACCREDITATION
                                                              Many of our degrees have the added bonus of professional
                                                              accreditation. Professional accreditation is a kitemark of
                                                              quality that demonstrates a programme meets or exceeds
                                                              standards developed by experts in the profession. The benefit
                                                              to our graduates is increased employability. It gives employers
                                                              confidence knowing that an individual has reached this industry
                                                              standard. This, alongside our commitment to academic
                                                              excellence in applied learning, makes IT Sligo graduates stand
                                                              out. As you read the programme pages in this prospectus,
                                                              look out for all these wonderful accreditations.

38   IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021                                                                          IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021   39

The opportunity to translate academic     REAL-WORLD EXPERIENCE
knowledge into a hands-on employment
                                          An excellent starting point for your career and it will look
experience is why we are so passionate
                                          great on your CV. Real-world experience makes you much
about work placement. From start-ups
                                          more employable.
to social care, teaching to technology,
our varied placement options mean you
can easily find something to suit you     MAKING AN IMPRESSION
and your career aspirations. Although     The old saying getting a “foot in the door” is very apt here. As
you will not be on campus during work     we have seen many times before, leaving a good impression
placement, we are still here to support   during work placement can lead to job offers. Translating book
you fully.                                knowledge into a working situation is a valuable skill employers
                                          look for.
                                                                                                               ““I believe the wide range of business modules
                                          NETWORKING                                                            covered, practical project research, team-work
                                          Even if you don’t get a job offer, the networks you build             and work experience gained during my time at
                                          through work colleagues and industry experts can open
                                          all sorts of opportunities.
                                                                                                                IT Sligo gave me an advantage in progressing
                                                                                                                my career. My 4 month work placement allowed
     90%                                  INSIGHTS
                                          You gain insight into something you are passionate about.
                                                                                                                me gain extra knowledge that I could apply to
                                                                                                                my course, and helped me decide what area of
                                          This can reinforce your career path choices. It can also highlight
     WORK PLACEMENT                       new career opportunities you may not have known were an               business I wanted to pursue my career in. ”
                                          option. Or, it could fuel your desire to progress your studies
                                          to the next level.
                                                                                                                BBS BUSINESS (HONS) 2010
                                                                                                                GLOBAL HEAD OF CUSTOMER OPERATIONS, ADROLL GROUP, NEW YORK

40   IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021                                                                                                                                    IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021   41

If you are looking for an unforgettable    CAREER BENEFITS
experience during your time with
                                           This will look great on your CV. It demonstrates your confidence
us, then studying abroad might just
                                           and ambition – valuable skills that can give you an edge with
be for you. We encourage students
                                           future employers. In the internationalised job market, employers
to consider the option of spending a
                                           are increasingly looking for graduates who have a demonstrated
year or semester at one of our partner
                                           ability to succeed in an international environment.
institutes. With locations across Europe
and the world, your dream destination
might be closer than you think.            PERSONAL BENEFITS
                                           You will gain new knowledge and develop language skills. You
                                           will develop as a person as you step out of your comfort zone.
                                           There will be opportunities to travel to new destinations. You
                                           will take in world famous scenery and landmarks, all whilst you
     OUR DEDICATED                         immerse yourself in a new culture.                                 ““Taking up the opportunity to
                                                                                                               travel around different parts
     INTERNATIONAL                         SUPPORT                                                             of Spain has given me so many
     OFFICE ARE ON HAND                    Our dedicated International Office is on hand to make this
     TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN                   happen. Not only will they help you make this dream a reality,
                                                                                                               memories and helped me grow
                                           they will fully support you for the duration of your time away.     mentally and emotionally. If I
                                                                                                               had the chance to do this all over
                                           Erasmus+ offers financial grants to students who wish to study
                                                                                                               again, I would in a heartbeat. ”
                                           abroad. These grants are in addition to, and independent from,
                                           other educational supports such as SUSI.                            SWET MEI TIANG
                                                                                                               BBs INTERNATIONAL MARKETING & LANGUAGES
                                                                                                               (SPANISH), 2020

42   IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021                                                                                                                IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021   43

Our dedicated careers team are            CAREERS OFFICE
passionate about finding every student
                                          In the heart of our campus is the Careers Office. Here, students
a career and future they will love.
                                          can book an appointment with a member of our careers team.
Through a variety of supports, they can
                                          They advise on career options and postgraduate studies. The
help you realise your career goals. The
                                          careers team can also assist with searching for jobs, completing
team work closely with the graduate
                                          applications and compiling CVs and cover letters. They also hold
recruitment market to know exactly
what skills employers are looking for.
                                          mock interviews to help with interview techniques.                 ““I met with Amazon at the IT Sligo
From your first year of study though
                                                                                                              Careers Fair. Shortly after this,
to graduation and during your working     CAREERS WORKSHOPS                                                   I completed my application and
life, the team will be here for you.      Throughout the year, the Careers Team delivers several
                                          workshops. Topics include effective Job searching, CV writing,
                                                                                                              received a job offer as a Graduate
                                          Interview skills and how to fill in an Application form.            Cloud Support Associate before
                                                                                                              I had finished my studies.
                                          CAREERS FAIR
                                          Each year, the team organises a careers fair on campus.
                                                                                                              My starting salary was €44,600. ”
                                          Over 100 companies attend, offering careers advice and
                                          hundreds of job opportunities. Abbott, AbbVie, Bank of Ireland,     MATTHEW MCMEEKIN
                                          SISK, Pramerica, Aurivo, Overstock and Intel are just some of       BSc (HONS) IN COMPUTER NETWORKS
                                          the companies who attend.

                                                                                                              AND CLOUD INFRASTRUCTURE, 2019

     *Graduate Outcome Survey,
       Class of 2018

44   IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021                                                                                                               IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021   45
10 Lígia Sell,                        14 Tanya Herarty,                    18 Niall Canning,
                                                                                                                                                          BB Business, Youth

                                                                                BA Interior Architecture,           BSc Medical Biotechnology,
                                                                                Marketing Director at               Biotechnologist at Lonza,             Recruitment Officer
                                                                                Pixel, Brazil                       London UK                             at Bank of Ireland, Sligo

                                                                          11 Brendan Curran,                    15 Tara O Malley,                    19 Catalina Zurard
                                                                                BB Business, Director of            BSc Biomedical Science,               BSc Pharmaceutical
                                                                                Service Delivery with Ten           Analytical Chemist with               Science, Pharmacist, GSK,

       Where IT Sligo Graduates Are Now .
                                                                                Lifestyle Group, South              Astra Zeneca in Australia             Argentina
                                                                                                                16 Colm Hamrogue,                    20 Nicola Murphy,
                                                                          12    Martin Gallagher,                   BB Business, Group                    Diploma International
                                                                                BB Business Studies,                General Manager for                   Marketing, Head at Global
                                                                                Head of Public Diplomacy            Transport, HW Richardson              Customer Support at
                                                                                and Humanitarian Affairs,            Group, New Zealand                    Amazon, Seattle
                                                                                the UN, New York
                                                                                                                17 Luiz Fernando Zago,               21 Aaron Heavey,
      1     David Hannon,
                                                                          13    Claire Muldrew Kiely,               BB Business, Escalations              BSc Software Development,
            BSc Construction                                                    BA Architectural Design             Specialist, Facebook                  Business Department
            Management, Consultant                                              RIBA part 1, Designer at            Ireland Ltd, Dublin                   Manager at Gartan, Australia
            at SBC International,                                               MenaAt Work Design
            Russian Federation                                                  Build, Toronto, Canada                                               22 Christina Egan,
                                                                                                                                                          BA Early Childhood Care and
      2     Zhi Hao Chin,                                                                                                                                 Education, Centre Director,
            BA Architectural Design                                                                                                                       New Zealand
            RIBA part 1, Project                                 17
            Manager at Tong Hai Yang                    9                         7
            Construction, Singapore                                        8
      3     Kahna Gilligan                                                                                                          1
            BA Accounting,                                        14        5
            Auditor at FedEx,                 13
            United Arab Emirates
                                        20                            6
      4     Ah O,                            12
            BSc Pharmaceutical
            Science, Product Owner,                                                                                                                                 4
            External Supply in GSK,

      5     Tomasz Chanusiak,                                                                               3
            BEng Electrical and
            Computing Engineering,
            Engineer at Airbus,

      6     Dr. Thais Diniz Oliveira,
            PhD, Postdoc Researcher,                                                                                                             2
            CIRED, Paris France

      7     Oisín Foley,                           10
            BSc Computing Software
            Development Engineer
            at Beijer Electronics,
            Malmo, Sweden

      8     Andres Diez,
            BB Finance, Chief Risk                                                                                                                                   15
            Officer (CRO) at Santander                                                   11
            Consumer Bank – Nordics,                                                                                                                                        21
            Oslo Area, Norway                 19                                                                                                                                          22
      9     Ruben Illera,
            BSc International                                                                                                                                                      16
            Marketing, Community
            Manager at Bustravel,

46   IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021                                                                                                                                  IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021   47
           STUDENTS .

                                                               Our community is made up of over 36 nationalities, giving us
                                                               a vibrant and inspiring campus. We pride ourselves on being
                                                               friendly and welcoming, so asking questions, meeting new
                                                               people and making new friends couldn’t be easier.
                                                                                                                                      THERE ARE

                                                               INTERNATIONAL OFFICE
                                                               Our dedicated International Office will help with the admissions       322
                                                               process and support you throughout your time at IT Sligo.               FULL-TIME
                                                               No matter what the question – the International Office               INTERNATIONAL
                                                               are always on hand to help. You can contact them on                     STUDENTS
                                                               internationaloffice@itsligo.ie                                        REPRESENTING

                                                               INTERNATIONAL INDUCTION
                                                               This specially tailored induction takes place before the start
                                                               of term. Students meet members of staff, go on a campus tour,         COUNTRIES
                                                               take part in icebreakers and lots more. It is also a great way to     WORLDWIDE
                                                               make new friends.

                                                               INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY
                                                               This society has over 150 members. Their goal is that each
                                                               member gets to know as many new people as possible.
                                                               They do this through organising a range of field trips,
          Starting college is a massive step for anyone. .     nights out and weekends away.
          When you add in moving to a new country at the .     INTERNATIONAL DEGREE
          same time, then this step is even greater. .         Whilst experiencing a new culture and way of life is important,
          From your first day through to graduation, .         we also understand your education is top priority.
                                                               An IT Sligo degree can take you anywhere in the world.
          we will make you feel welcome and .
          part of the IT Sligo family. .

                                                             “Iifwould encourage all International Students to take this journey
                                                                 they have the opportunity. IT Sligo is a very safe place and you
                                                               won’t be long making new friends.
                                                               ANGELA KOSKO
                                                               BSc in Human Nutrition

48   IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021                                                                                                           IT SLIGO PROSPECTUS 2021   49
You can also read